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The Bird of God

August 30, 2011

Bear with me here – this week we gotta do some heavy duty astrologizing.  We’ll try to make it palatable.

The meat is that Mercury went Direct (communication should be smoother) last Friday (3pm PDT), and Jupiter went Retrograde (large projects will be delayed for beneficial redesign) today (Tuesday 8/30, 2am PDT), with a New Moon (a reboot) halfway in between (11am PDT yesterday, 8/28).  The New Moon chart will flavor the next four weeks, the Mercury chart will flavor the next twelve weeks, and the Jupiter chart will flavor the next sixteen weeks.  And, in the Big Picture, they’re basically the same chart.  And that chart is…

Dominated by what might be called God’s Middle Finger.  A “Finger of God” configuration, recall, is a Sixth-Harmonic Sextile (Creatively positive) with a third planet at the far Midpoint, so that it forms a Quincunx (Curiosity) to each end of the Sextile.  That Finger of God puts us in one of our most productive frames of mind, where our Creativity flows easily, and it’s complemented by our Curiosity.  Curiosity is that child-like state where we reach beyond our Limiting Beliefs and discover new perspectives.  You know what Al said, you can’t solve a problem using the same thinking that formulated the problem, you gotta think outside the box.  That’s exactly where a Finger of God points us.

Well, a “Bird of God” configuration is a Fourth-Harmonic Square (Mastery through Challenge) with a third planet at the far Midpoint, so that it forms a Sesquisquare (Purging) to each end of the Square.  The Square is a Fourth-Harmonic angle because it divides the Circle into four.  The Semisquare divides the circle into eight – the Eighth Harmonic.  A Sesquisquare is three Semisquares, or three eighths of the way round the Circle.  In Traditional Medieval Western Astrology, the Semisquare and its derivatives are irritants.  They aren’t so much a perceived “problem” like the Square (which provides the ultimate Victim/Opportunity choice) as they are minor hassles, like the Pukwudgies would provide.

But Traditional Medieval Western Astrology basically gives us snapshots out of context.  So lettuce use a coupla different viewpoints.  For instance, from Rudhyar‘s perspective of the Cycle as a whole, the Semisquare hints at the Square that will follow.  The preceding Conjunction initiated a New Energy, which gradually waxes till at the Square it’s no longer possible to Deny.  The New Energy then blooms at the Opposition (and, I would add, fruits at the Phitile).  At each of the Eighth-Harmonic mileposts along the way, irritating disruptions invite us to release parts of our Old Perspective, to make room for the New Paradigm.  The spiritual purpose of irritation is to get us to stop and shift to Curiosity – Hmmm, I wonder why that didn’t go as I planned it.  Then, of course, as in any PIAVA, we have to Change the Subject – thoroughly shift our attention away from our question, so the channel is not clogged up with obsolete preconceptions when the new insight arrives.

Or, we can turn to Arrien‘s Thoth-Tarot perspective.  She refers to the Eighth Harmonic as the principle of balance, justice, realignment.  Hmm, kinda similar to Rudhyar’s take, aint it.  In the Crowley deck, the Goddess of Law, Truth, and Justice – Maat – “stands in a diamond, having pierced the webbed veils of illusion, delusion, and deception” with her “Sword facing downward, symbolizing the application of creative ideas in tangible, useful ways.”  Okay, so we’re getting pretty clear here – God’s winking when She gives us the Bird.

Then, what planets are involved in these Bird of God configurations?

Most important is a Bird of God to the budding Uranus-Pluto Square that 2012 brings us.  The Uranus-Pluto Initiation in the 1960s brought in a New Energy that allows us to express our True Self (Uranus) in harmony with the path of History and (especially) Herstory (Pluto).  The third planet?  That was the Direct Station of Mercury.  So loads of information (Mercury) will be flowing to us to help us navigate the bar that we’re all crossing.

Second in line would be a Bird of God to the Square formed with Vesta by the Stationary Jupiter.  Vesta represents that which we hold Sacred.  This Square is waning – we expand (Jupiter) by releasing (waning Square) that which we thought we knew to be Sacred.  The waning Square isn’t about releasing into a New Paradigm, it’s about releasing into Emptiness, into the Creative Void that is Pure Potential.  It’s about Trust and Faith, whether we can resist the temptation to steer ourself away from the challenging but educational shoals, and allow the Greater Current to carry our fragile little Ego away.  Or you can think of it as surrendering into Trusting your Soul to steer your terrified little Ego through another Metamorphosis, through another Ego Death.  The third “planet” in this Bird is The Moon Herself.  The Moon is the Implementer, the Energy that activates latent processes.  So we’ll have fun with this one.

Now, as long as we’re on the subject of Jupiter, and before you despair about another Ego Death, the Jupiter Station also forms a Grand Trine.  The Third-Harmonic Trine is about Grace, and the Grand Trine is Grace cubed.  The downside of a Grand Trine is arrogance – the danger that we’ll think God is on Our Side, rather than being Grateful for the Gifts.  Given the Jupiter Bird, if we do allow our Ego to inflate, we can expect it to be popped pretty quickly, and probably pretty messily.  Stick with Gratitude, and save yerself alotta Amends later.  Remember, Jupiter turned Retrograde, so most of these dramas will be going on in our Psyche, more than in Hardcopy Reality.  Fortunately, Maat’s Sword will be piercing the illusion that the two are any different from one another (Hint: you’re just looking at it from the other side).

The other two planets in the Grand Trine with Jupiter are Pluto, and Sun-Venus.  This tells us that all of this expansive reorg that’s going on in the Psyche will be Gracefully realigning us with the currents of History (Pluto), with The Light (Sun), and with the Values we hold inalienable in our Heart (Venus).  There’s a huge and important distinction between what we Value intellectually – our Ideals – and what we Value in our Heart.  If you get a little choked up, or start to tear a bit, you know you’re in your Heart.  If you feel justified, or feel like you’re right, or feel like it’s about time, yer in yer Head.  Move down about a foot, or you’ll miss the bus.

The third God Bird targets a waning Square from Mars to Saturn.  A waning Square from Mars (Action) to Saturn (Plans) tells us not to get too invested in expecting events to unfold as we expect them to unfold, or as we try to direct them to unfold.  The third “planet” in this Bird is the still-close Chiron-Neptune conjunction that we enjoyed last year.  We can easily blame our current economic malaise on Chiron-Neptune, as it has traditionally signaled a big revision in the way finances are handled, and despite our vaunted Big Brains, we aren’t clever enough to let go of our old programming till long after it’s become debilitatingly dysfunctional.  A new Chiron-Neptune Cycle signals a New Beginning as Big as any, as Chiron symbolizes our Paradigm, and Neptune our relationship with whatever is Larger than ourself.  Replacing Despair with Miracles is how we kernelized it last year, and it’s still right on.

In other words, if you relax, quit trying so hard (or at all), let go of what you believe you need, focus briefly on what you sorta might prefer, and let yourself tumble headlong into Emptiness…

you’ll probably end up feeling very Confused.  Which is precisely what you want!  Confusion, remember, is the first step toward liberating yourself from the birdcage of your Limiting Beliefs and your Scarcity.  The first step toward letting the Bird of God fly free!

Dyscrasite is an Antimonide of Silver.  Antimony substitutes for Sulfur, but it’s highly toxic.  One historical meaning for the word Antimony is Alchemist-killer.  Silver, a biocide and antimicrobial, is also a “heavy metal” that can be fatal in large doses.  But Silver is the most versatile metal on the Planet.  It carries heat and electricity better than anything known.  It’s in your mirror, your electronic gizmos, your teeth, your solar cells and wind turbines, your batteries, and, back when it was worth something, your money.  The best way to protect yourself against future economic damage is to go down to your local coin store and buy a bag of pre-1964 Silver dimes.  They should be about $3 each, and their value should rise at least as much as the cost of food and shelter over the next decade, while the value of your Dollars and Euros declines to nil.

When What Hits the Fan?

August 24, 2011

Well, speaking of Identity, our friend Juno is sidling up to Saturn’s back door, and about to begin a whole new five-year Cycle.  Juno represents our Unconscious Identity, who we really believe ourselves to be, regardless of who we think we are or how we feel about ourselves.  It also represents compulsive Merging – our tendency to unconsciously adopt other people’s perspectives, and act out other folks’ dramas, in our virtual headspace or in hardcopy Reality.  So if you find yourself getting conscious of how you’ve been Merged with somebody for the last millennium, congratulations, you’re right on schedule!  If you don’t find yourself doing that, WAKE UP and get conscious of it!  It’s pretty important.

Saturn, meanwhile, symbolizes Focus.  Some folks experience that as having their noses rubbed in it, but that’s only because they’re dragging their feet about Focusing on what the Universe has put in front of them.  Saturn’s also often interpreted as the Ego, or that part of ourself that’s in charge of keeping ourself Safe.  If Saturn feels like a wet blanket, that’s cuz we’re not Focused on what we need to make Priority Number One, whatever that is.  So Juno and Saturn together make a pretty foundational dance for us as psychological entities.  In other words, they can feel like a long-overdue transformation that takes us out of stagnant conditions and puts excitement back into our Life.  Or like a root canal.  Usually both, since it’s our own fingernails that are locked into those stagnant conditions.

The Juno-Saturn Cycle we’re finishing began in June 2006, at 10 Leo, “Early morning dew sparkles as Sunlight floods the field.”  Rudhyar interprets that as a happy (or at least relieved) ending to a dark night of the soul.  Whatever new adventures began for you in 2006, in terms of Identity, you are now graduating.  It’s not like those adventures are done, cuz we are sponges, we learn.  So when an Energy finishes with us, we don’t just drop the Energy, we take with us into the new Energy what the old Energy has taught us.  But we’re leaving that school, and moving on to the next one.

The Juno-Saturn Cycle that begins in mid-September (the 17th/18th) will be at 18 Libra, “Two men placed under arrest,” or, as Rudhyar tells it, “A breakdown in the constructive relationship between the individual and society.”  Or should we say, “between society and the individual.”  Hmmm, sounds kinda like the Chaos that the likes of Gerald Clemente and Marc Faber have been talking about – where the Elite and their government flunkies are suggesting that the Hungry Folk can eat cake, and the Hungry Folk decide that’d be a fine idea, but the only cake they can find is the Elite’s.  The kinda Chaos that has been visiting the UK.  At the same mid-September time (9/16), Pluto stands still at 5 Capricorn, “Indians on the Warpath.”

Sounds like it would be a very useful strategy to cooperate with the transformation of Identity, so we don’t need to get caught up in Chaos dramas in order to shake loose our old Karma.  Rather than PIAVA-ing stability or stasis, it might be better to PIAVA a smooth transition.  We are at the end of the current monetary system and the complex of employment/insurance/sustenance that it implies, and Denial helps no one.  Resistance is worse.  Folks in Denial will probably lose their means of supporting themselves, and folks in Resistance will probably fare far worse.  Humans being who they are, there’s a high probability that many will be hurt.  Doesn’t need to be you or your loved ones.

That’s Wavellite, an Aluminium Phosphate.

Silly Me

August 20, 2011

It’s the Sorosilicates, like Manganvesuvianite, not the Inosilicates, where the SiO4 ions are arranged in pairs.  They’re arranged in chains in the Inosilicates.  Shows ya the beauty of mistakes and the power of Intuition – had I not been mistakenly looking for an Inosilicate, I never woulda found those Frozen-Moth Angel-Wings in Wollastonite.

Oh Krap, Not Identity Again!

August 19, 2011

As Bobby Z said when he was stuck inside of Mobile with the Memphis Blues again,

What does it take, to get out of going through all this twice?

Lest we forget, we’re still in the throes of this big Identity thing.  Lotsa folks lamenting how their empathy skills are giving them big headaches.  Well, the natural state of the Universe is Union.  Separation is the aberration, the Big Experiment that Judeo-Christianity chronicles, and that Western Civilization flaunts most divisively here at the End of the Experiment.  This corner of the Universe is in the middle of a huge transition, and lotsa humans are in heavy Resistance, and Resistance is painful, so Union can feel pretty awful these days.  But as above, so below; it’s the Resistance that’s painful, even – no, especially – Resistance to pain.  Nothing changes till we accept it exactly as it is.

The illusion is our Individual Ego, our perceived Identity as an independent actor, rather than an Identity as a small part of a larger Whole.  Chinese culture is waxing in these End Times because they know themselves to be part of a larger Whole.  We so treasure our Individual Ego that we can’t allow ourselves to melt into the Whole, simply because it feels like Death.  And it is Death, Ego Death, the only Death there is.  All else is just transformation.  The lament, “Arrrggghhh, I am dying!” is never about dying, it’s about I.  Western culture is so brainwashed into it’s belief that We Are Not All One that few people in it have the perspective to understand what that means.

The lament, “Arrrggghhh, I am dying!” is never about dying, it’s about I.

In fact, the Individual Ego does carry through from lifetime to lifetime, just not in the form that we expect it to, because we don’t see ourselves as a Whole, we see ourselves as mirrored by segments of our perceptions.  Seth advised that if we want to know who we really are, we can just play the movie of our life history, with all of it’s successes and frustrations and joys and dramas and traumas.  Of course we then have to take Responsibility for that, and few folks here know the difference between Responsibility (willingness to Accept what is in the present, and Respond so as to change the future when appropriate) and Blame (willingness to feel Guilt about the past).  We all know how the Individual Ego carries from lifetime to lifetime – Karma – but we in the West misinterpret Karma to imply retribution (Blame) rather than what it is, simply inertia.

How many of us actually Identify with our Karma, rather than see it as something pressing on us from the outside?  Yet that’s precisely how we come to Accept it exactly as it is, in order to create the field where Change is possible.  As long as our Karma is external to “us,” we deny the immortality of the Individual Ego and the impossibility of Death.  But of course, were we to actually understand the immortality of the Individual Ego, we would see how it’s not Individual at all, but simply one thread in a grander fabric, a thread of colors that make little sense when pulled out of it’s tapestry.  Except in the narrow mind, it’s always Both/And.  What we deny we push into the Unconscious, and the Unconscious is a quantum field.  It has no firm boundaries, and no fixed conclusions.  Like the Zero Point Field, it is the home of unlimited potential.  What a place!  If we could stand to live there.

There is Life after (Ego) Death, be sure of it.  How to recognize Ego Death, so we can accept it and celebrate it as the Liberation that it is?  Easy, it feels like we’re dying, or it feels like we’d rather die than go through that again.  When you experience those feelings, shift your Identification.  Be neither the perp nor the victim in that drama, be an observer.  If you aren’t a disinterested observer, tap out your engagement.  If that doesn’t work, tap it out again, and if that doesn’t work tap it out again.  And again.  We aren’t talking about drinking water here, we’re talking about limiting beliefs we’ve held for many lifetimes.  We’re highly identified with them, or they wouldn’t be giving us fits.  Don’t expect them to let go of us easily.  But on the other hand, don’t be surprised when they do let go of us – it’s nothing but our own fear of the Void that keeps us grasping them.  Be Curious, and expect Miracles.

Like Moths, or Angels with our Wings frozen, the mineral is Wollastonite, a Calcium Inosilicate.  We needed an Inosilicate, because in the Inosilicates the SiO4 Silicate ions are bound together as pairs, symbolizing our Conscious Identity and our Shadow or Mirror Self.  It’s not just that We Are All One in the sense that we are in this together, it’s that We Are All One in the sense that we are infinite, we encompass the Universe – but for practical reasons, we screen most of ourselves out, and pretend we are infinitesimally smaller than we really are.  So The Rest of Us, that plethora of Qualities and Quantities we call the Universe, is the hidden member of our ionic pair, complementing the little piece we’ve broken off to focus our Individual Identity.  Yet from the perspective of the Individual Ego, the Universe half often looks smaller than the Us half.

Wollastonite illustrates how we get trapped by making a habit of our focus and creating the inertia which becomes Karma, and get, literally, ossified, turned to bone, by the Calcium.  It’s neither good nor bad, it’s just the nature of This Reality.  As Alan Watts said, it’s a lot more difficult to clear our “Good” Karma than it is to clear our “Bad” Karma.  Identity is always sticky, like the Briar Patch.  Wollastonite also perfectly illustrates the consequence of accepting and clearing our Karma – like Br’er Rabbit, we get our wings back!

Solar Blast

August 18, 2011

If anybody’s been wasted or otherwise off yer feed lately, here’s one reason why.  These are two movies that’ll take several minutes to download.  Open each in a new tab, then engage yerself otherwise for ten or fifteen minutes while they download.  Probably faster if you did them one at a time.  The first movie,

starts off with the Sun as a big blue ball, then pans out past Venus (the orange dot) to Earth (the blue dot that is at the left at the end of the 17-second movie).  The field is broken up into segments cuz there are several cameras.  The second movie,

shows the Sun blasting out Energy, a lot of it, toward Home.  Once you let the movies download fully, you can watch them several times, to get the hang of what’s going down.

The movie spans several days, and the Energy peaks here on August 16.  The movie is taken from STEREO-A, one of the Sun-watcher satellites a quarter-orbit ahead of us.

Sunstone is a Feldspar.  Feldspars are like Quartz in structure, but they make more square corners.  Their flat crystal faces do wonderful hypnotic things to light.  To get a Sunstone, you gotta get some Copper or Iron embedded into the middle of the Feldspar crystal structure.  The gleam is hard to capture in a photograph.


August 15, 2011

I’ve been too busy to listen to Lynne McTaggart’s Fairness Campaign, but I have tuned into the last session, a conversation between Lynne and Jean Houston, which offers quite a positive perspective on our End Times…

The session is free until 4pm PST Tuesday.  (The web page says “4pm PST,” but based on most people’s naivete about time, I’m going to guess that they really mean 4pm PDT.)

Night 5 of the Callemander, realm of the Lord of Darkness, begins on Wednesday.  The Lord of Darkness will have perspectives that folks like Helen Keller had in Jean Houston’s recollections from her childhood.  Penultimate Day 6, where the Goddess of Birth lives, begins September 4.

Fireweed will spread it’s glory just about anywhere, but  like the Phoenix its favorite habitat is Scorched Earth.

Do Gophers Have Weather?

August 11, 2011

Lest we forget it’s Both/And…

We gotta do both – be realistic about what’s happening on the Planet, and stay focused on what we’d rather see happening on the Planet.

You may need to tap on any unpleasant reactions you have to current events, and to other people’s potentially hysterical reactions to current events.

Lilies were created when Hercules spilt Juno’s Milk.  The Grand Cross is a good symbol for Both/And, or even more than that.

A Bit of Refreshing Honesty

August 9, 2011

Here’s somebody with a real proposal for shifting us out of Depression…

Curiosity and Miracles, eh?  With Courage included.

Would an Emerald Work?

August 8, 2011

Certainly Emerald would carry all of the healing properties that Goshenite carries, with a bit of added grounding from the Iron, plus a bit of strength of character from the Chromium.  If you want a deep, strong, bright, brilliant color in Wool, you cure your yarn with a Chromium salt.

I chose Goshenite though, because I was looking for a Clear or White Stone, like the Rock Crystal (Clear Quartz) above.  Identity and Mission merge or diverge through the Crown Chakra, the Clear White space that provides us with a Mirror for our Self Witness, even for a fearless and searching inventory of who we really are.  As measured by our actions and our effect on the Planet, as opposed to our self-judgements, good or ill.  And because it was a splattering of Milk from Juno’s Breast, spilt by the infant Hercules, that put the Milky Way in the Sky and the Lilies on the Planet.  And of course it could only be Zeus who tried to steal a drop of immortality for his illegitimate son Hercules, by putting the Bastard to his wife’s Breast while she slept.  Identity, Merging, Separation, Integrity, Perspective, Mortality, Assemblage Point, Mirroring, all symbolized by Juno.

So any Clear or White Stone would be relevant to the Identity and Soul Chord elements of the Day-5 New Moon and the currently culminating Grand Cross.  Emerald, the quintessential Stone of the Loving Heart (as opposed to Ruby, the Stone of the Fearless Heart), would be equally relevant to our need to be loving and gentle with ourself as our first priority.

Even White Opal, for the brave among us, would be a good Mirror.  Opal brings buried Emotion to the surface, which is exactly what we need to clear the Held Emotions that prevent us from sliding effortlessly from one Identity to the next.  I say brave because in ordinary circumstances such a Clearing could be painful, and call for some serious tapping.  But right now, near the End of Time, you’ll be surprised by how quickly Clearings such as these can pass.  We’ll spend more time dreading them than we will Passing them, though it still takes Courage to face the dread to find out.  On the other hand, it’s Milky Quartz that can just pull Held Emotion out of a person.  Hold it in your left or non-dominant hand.

Better to move toward Curiosity – be Curious and expect Miracles – with a Stone like Manganocalcite or Inesite.  They have the Power to open us to new experiences and new perspectives.  If you do move toward Opal, take a Ruby along, in Intention if not in person or in photo.

Our Old Friend Juno

August 8, 2011

Remember Juno, that symbolizes Identity?  We did a whole lotta Identity work a while back.  Identity’s more complicated than just Who Do You Think You Are?  Consciousness involves a lot more than just thinking, and of course Consciousness is just the “tip of the iceberg.”  I could weave alotta complex intellectualizations, but that’s not at all the point.  Just as Einstein said that you can’t solve a problem with the same thinking that postulated the problem, You can’t stretch into a new way of being with the same Identity that has been trying to run your life.

If you still haven’t been willing to read Stephen Levine’s Who Dies?, at least buy a copy, or check one out from your local library, or open a copy at a bookstore if there still is one near you, and just read a page or two at random.  Amazoo will sellya a used copy for $4, and that includes shipping.  If you can get hold of a copy for your nightstand or coffee table or breakfast nook, where you can open it and read a random page or two at random intervals, that’s enough to shift you.

The July 31 New Moon (beginnings) coincided with the beginning of Day 5.  After Day 5 (which ends August 17) there’s only two more Nights and two more Days to go on the Mayan Callemander, so time is running low.  You probably well know by now that a New Moon chart applies to the following four weeks, and in the July 31 New Moon chart, Juno was Opposing Uranus, which of course means it was Squaring Pluto.  Oppositions are about Awareness, and Uranus represents our Soul Chord, and as you recall Uranus recently did a huge new Century-Plus-Scale Download, so the opportunity here is to Leap forward many loops on the board without having to pass Go.  Squares are about gaining wisdom through experience, and Pluto represents Trance(re)Formation, expanding the opportunity exponentially.

The reason we bring this up now, is cuz that Juno-Uranus-Pluto T-Square is becoming “exact” – it was there at the New Moon, but it was a bit loose still, and now it’s tightening up.  In general, when affairs in your life don’t flow smoothly, it’s a sign that it’s time to switch to a new Identity, cuz your old Identity is tripping over the furniture in a Reality that was rearranged while you were napping.  You don’t want to hear that as a judgement, cuz here at the End-O’Days, we need alotta naps, and Reality thinks it’s a kaleidoscope, so being gentle and loving with ourself is first priority.  But that’s always a good way to respond to Confusion and Klutzhood, by PIAVAing (Pray or Intend or Ask or Visualize or Affirm) a new Identity that better matches the wallpaper.

Juno exactly Opposes Uranus in the early morning (PDT) on August 10, and exactly Squares Pluto in the morning (PDT) on August 13.  But, recall, we mentioned earlier that Mars gets involved with Uranus-Pluto around August 9-10.  Well, Mars did in fact complete the Grand Cross at the Day 5 New Moon.  A Grand Cross is four planets equally spaced around the Zodiac, making four Squares.  That actually gives us some stability, cuz the Juno-Uranus-Pluto T-Square, simply because it’s a T-Square, is inherently unstable.  A T-Square is three-fourths of a Grand Cross.  There is no “solution” to a T-Square, simply because a T-Square is not a “problem.”  But it definitely, always, feels like a problem!  Life is messy, and if we’re cursed with a need for Order, a T-Square can get terribly inconvenient.  While the Grand Cross asks for constant adjustments, at least it’s in balance.

So the Day 5 New Moon was actually a Mars-Juno-Uranus-Pluto Grand-Cross Day-5 New Moon.  Mars represents physical Energy, so it’ll be amplifying any dissonance between our current or Old Identity and the New Reality that’s unfolding around us and within us.  Separation is an illusion, a mass Trance.  We are, actually, All One.  Of course it’s Both/And, it’s always Both/And.  But when you ask What’s the Energy rather than What’s the Matter, there are no hard and fast boundaries.  As Above, So Below.  Those cliches, We Be All One, As Above So Below, and for that matter, All There Is Is Now, aren’t really cliches.  They’re the fundamental properties of the Universe that you spend much of your waking hours in.  The rest is mostly Trances of various kinds.

Mars exactly Opposes Uranus around 10am PDT on August 9, and exactly Squares Pluto around 10am PDT on August 10.  The Moon gets all tangled up in all this (the Moon is often the “actuator” for larger Cosmic Energies) from about 9-11pm PDT on August 9.  At any of the times we list, and before the times, the Energies could be enhanced, or not.  When we make opportunities into problems, we can get impaled on decisions.  For instance, suppose our Self-Rejection comes up on August 9.  Well, if it does, we have the option of responding as we do in Meditation – Oh, there’s my Self-Rejection again.  Hi!  Say Hi to Mom for me!  Or we could respond by allowing our Identity to slip into Self-Rejection – What a Rotten Apple Am I!

So let’s say we were about to do something really fun or really important, and we slipped into RottenAppleHood, and decided that we can’t do that.  Well, that decision will carry negative Mars-Uranus(-Juno-Pluto) Energy into the future.  Our Emotional Holding, which has the same effect in the body as Heavy Metals, got there through decisions like that.   If we responded with neutrality (Oh, Hi!), then the Energy will be finished by tomorrow morning, and we can go about our fun and important business unhindered.

The most useful thing I’ve found over the last several days, is that pushing through with volition is not very effective, compared to PIAVAing the Great Spirit (or God, The Universe, The Unconscious, The Goddess, or whatever name you usually address Her by) for what you want to accomplish.  So I’m PIAVAing the Great Spirit for help remembering to always PIAVA Her.

The magically glimmering fellow at the beginning of this contribution, the one that looks like a Wizard throwing his cloak across his chest, is a Goshenite crystal – essentially, a colorless Emerald.  The mineral name is Beryl, because it’s Beryllium Aluminum Cyclosilicate.  The Cyclosilicates are among the hardest minerals, cuz their Silicon atoms form tight rings, so they make good Gems.  Beryllium is of course element number 4 – only Hydrogen, Helium, and Lithium are lighter than Beryllium.  You know why the Angels can fly, eh?  Cuz they take themselves lightly.  The Beryls contribute that neutrality for us.  When mixed into Uranium, Beryllium improves thermal conductivity, making nucular fuel safer, more efficient, and longer lasting, cuz more heat gets to the turbine, and doesn’t build up to the meltdown stage.

When Beryl is relatively pure, you get Goshenite (clear) or Heliodor (yellow or yellow-green).  With a touch or Manganese, the resulting pink Beryl is called Morganite.  Add a bit of Iron, and Aquamarine (blue) results.  Mix in a little Chromium with the Iron, and you’re graced with an Emerald (green).