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Chaos III – Portal 9.21

September 21, 2014

ruby8140bpAh, Ruby!  Symbol of Heart and Courage.  The integrating, balancing, and synthesizing mind isn’t really the mind at all, but the Heart.

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Reviewing our basic format, since we use it a lot in this post:

For folks who just want to know what’s going on (no indent, bold italic)

For folks who also have some knowledge of astrology, or who want to accumulate same effortlessly through osmosis (indent, normal text)

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The first picture of Chaos II – Pictures (Portal 9.20) endures for about seven weeks, till around October 20.  It features 

  • Sharp focus on our ancient PTSD
    •   The enhanced Brilliant
  • Relative ease – though since we’re being asked by a Galactic Download to Let Go of our ancient PTSD, the ease will indeed be relative

    • The almost-Grand-Sextile

We talked about the first picture in Chaos I – Portal 9.20; we’ll try to make sense of the second picture here.

 * * * * * * *

Since the complete fancy footwork in the second picture in Chaos II – Pictures depends on the fast-moving Moon, Portal 9.21 is only open for twelve hours or so, starting around 2pm PDT September 21 and reaching a peak about 8pm PDT.

It’s quite a strange Configuration, which I don’t recall ever seeing before.  I’m not even sure what to call it.  If I turn it so the Sun is at the bottom, it kind of looks like a Sleeping Bat or a Flying Squirrel, and I guess those are as good a name as any.

A “Sleeping Bat” then would comprise two T-Squares whose base corners are separated by an Octile, and whose foci are separated by a Trioctile.  That gives us four Mjolnirs, and three fourths of a Grand Octile.  It’s also two interlocking Toadstools.  These subsidiary Configurations will give us ideas for approaching an interpretation.

Overall, what would we say about any Sleeping Bat Configuration?

Once the Bat metaphor is on the table, the whole concept of Mostly-Unfounded Fear arises.  Bats can be rabid, and some Bats do feed on blood, and occasionally Human blood, so there is some real danger to Humans from Bats, but it’s minimal.  Most Bats eat Bugs or Fruit (a few eat Fish!) and are useful to Humans by pollinating flowers, dispersing Fruit seeds, and reducing the numbers of noxious insects.

So the idea of Anxiety comes up – Anxiety usually has a Present-Moment source or trigger, but the Emotional Energy expended in the resulting thought helicopters usually far exceeds the weight of the source.  Most of the Energy is provided by reprocessing past or Karmic Trauma.  Anxiety is like Despair – once we step out of our fascination with the content of our thoughts and notice that we’re Anxious or Despondent, a bit of Empathy with the Identity we just exited is often enough to begin a cascade of Healing.  

The Dracula Stories are a teaching about how contagious Emotions are, whether positive or negative.  The Stories contain the seed of the notion that Emotions are Energy Fields independent of the folks who encounter them.

The Eighth Harmonic is all over the Sleeping Bat.  Angeles Arrien, whose Tarot Handbook is our personal guidebook to the Harmonics, tells us that the Eighth is about…

The universal principle of alignment and balance … reflecting the principle of negotiation and truth … having pierced the webbed veils of illusion, delusion, and deception … The integrating, balancing, and synthesizing mind … the application of creative ideas in tangible, useful ways

There are no blue lines in a Sleeping Bat, so Grace is not prominent in the Configuration.  However, the Eighth Harmonic is all about realignment and making adjustments to what’s already present, so Grace may not be as important as it otherwise would be.

Graceful gliding and ease of travel are obvious characteristics of a Flying Squirrel, and the Epiphanies involved in the many Mjolnirs reinforce that metaphor.

There is a whole lot of Grace in the first picture (which of course is the same chart for the same time as the second picture, just with different Angles emphasized) anyway, so any lack of Grace is no issue here!

Based on the number of Mjolnirs involved, Epiphanies should dominate a “Sleeping Bat” Configuration, especially Epiphanies that enlighten us on multiple dimensions.  Greater Anxiety and stronger Realizations should occur around the two T-Squares.

The foci of the T-Squares (and Toadstools) here are Juno and Mars, so…

Epiphanies that stretch our Consciousness, and that incite and educate our Actions, should be strongest in Portal 9.21.

The other two Mjolnirs point to Neptune and Eris-South Node (I didn’t draw in Eris, but she’s at 22:51), so…

It should also be an excellent time for the Spiritual purposes behind our Traumas to be revealed to us.  Interesting that it’s World Peace Day.

As with any Box Configuration, we should also Pay Attention to the dynamics embedded in the two Oppositions.  Since Angie emphasizes the Integrating, Balancing, and Synthesizing mind in the Eighth Harmonic, and since Oppositions illuminate the mind’s usual Dualistic and Reductionist modus operandi, these should provide special insights.

The two Oppositions are Moon-Neptune and the Nodal Axis, supplemented by Haumea on the North Node and Eris on the South Node.  The Nodal Axis is always a prime mover in any chart.

The major focus of our Realignment and Adjustment efforts in Portal 9.21 will be our Life Purpose and Limiting Beliefs – the Nodes.  We can conceive of any Lifetime as a great Mystery Puzzle about how to overcome or otherwise massage our Limiting Beliefs so as to allow ourselves to approach a step closer to our Deepest Desires.

In the bigger Portal (September and October’s primary Grand Trine), the dwarf planet Haumea is midwifing our Deepest Desire through Fire, and the largest dwarf planet Eris is “helping” us get Clear about our surplus Emotional Baggage.

In the modern interpretation of the Cell and the Soul, every Mitochondria in our body has a direct and instantaneous connection to the Quantum Vacuum, that is, to all of the information in the Universe.  But there are “microtubules” that can be tuned like Venetian blinds to block, temper, or unblock those connections.  Toxins and Held Emotions close these blinds.  So any uncleared Karma limits the Clarity that informs our Beliefs and Actions, and circumscribes our Power to Create.

Which gives us a clear guideline, both for this Portal and for the larger one –

Will yourself to be lovingly drawn like a Moth to any Discomfort or Resistance that you encounter!

Because that Discomfort or Resistance or Judgment or Pain or Despair or Anxiety is the tip of a Soul Fragment that’s begging to be reunited with your Integrity.  You reclaim the Fragment with Love, by Embracing the Pain or Resistance with Empathy and Love.  Love is soft and warm; Fear is hard and cold.  Where you feel rejection or chill, soften and warm it.  Use pillows, blankets, Intention, Gratitude, Words, and every other tool you have to soften and warm the Orphaned Emotions that are longing to return to You.

The Moon-Neptune Opposition is more subtle.

Neptune symbolizes anything larger than ourselves – the Unconscious, our Tribe, the Planet, the Universe, the Goddess, the Ocean, the Zero Point Field.  The Moon has three levels,

  • “Random Emotions,” which are really
  • Instincts, and
  • The Glue that creates Form and keeps it in place

So on the most profound level…

We’ll be reviewing our Place in the Universe, the Totems that mark our Place in the Universe, the Tools we use to work toward our Life Purpose, and Who “We” Are in that Place using those Tools, and making adjustments and realignments as appropriate.  Pay particular Attention to anything that seems “Random” or unrelated.  That will be a symbol for the next Expansion of your Consciousness.