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Big Bloody Moon Portal

May 15, 2022

One of my favorite Frank and Ernest cartoons is the one where the tall one says “I just get my budget balanced, and along comes a big surprise, like rent or a weekend.” These days we don’t have time to get Grounded and get our Mind-Body back to Balance before another Big Portal comes along. While we’re barely – if at all – done with the 12 May 2022 Doubt/Confidence Portal,1 the next one, the 15 May TripleKarmic Total Lunar Eclipse “Blood” Full Super Moon2 is upon us.

We interpret an Eclipse as Illumination, because any Constant that we usually Take For Granted or Deny or just plain Don’t Notice, suddenly becomes Obvious by its Absence when it’s Eclipsed or Occulted, or newly Hidden. Like driving on a busy 2-lane road at night with lots of blinding oncoming headlights when suddenly that white line on the right-hand edge of your lane disappears, and it feels like you may have just reached the Edge of the Earth, but you aren’t certain! All that’s left is Hope till that line reappears.

Then at 8:21 pm PDT 16 May (1:21 pm AEST 17 May), the Moon goes Out of Bounds, wherein what we feel is likely to derive more from our Karmic Experiences than from the Present Moment, and wherein we may allow Our Thoughts About Our Emotions to lead us away from the Inherent Meaning of the Emotion itself. Moon OOB lasts till 4:36 pm PDT 20 May (9:36 am AEST 21 May) and spans 10 Scorpio through 8 Aquarius. It’s OOB over the Southern Hemisphere. The OOB Moon crosses the Locus of our Climate Change et al issues around 4:20 pm PDT 18 May (9:20 am AEST 19 May).3

  • 1 Station of dwarf planet Chariklo in 9 Aquarius; see previous posts. That portal would have peaked at 11:44 am on the 12th, unless we Experienced it as a Victim, in which case it will take longer.
  • 2 The Total Eclipse of the Moon occurs at 9:14 pm PDT 15 May 2022 (2:14 pm AEST 16 May) in 26 Scorpio Conjunct both the South Node (Held Emotions, the most entrenched form of Karma), and asteroid Karma (Inertial Patterns), which is Out of Bounds (Exaggerated ) and Retrograde. It’s a Super Moon because the Moon, in its Elliptical Orbit, is at its closest approach to Earth, thus appearing larger than usual. It’s called a Blood Moon because the Moon typically turns Blood Red when it’s totally Eclipsed, because some of the Sun’s Light makes it around the edge of the Earth, in the process getting bent toward the Infrared. The impact of New and Full Moons and Eclipses is generally felt during the following two or more weeks.
  • 3 Pholus and Quaoar still in 8 Capricorn, where the et al includes at least War, Oil, Climate, Old Men Groping around in our Wombs, Inflation, Recession, our Food Supply, the Bees, and the End Times in general. See

Confusion is the first stage of Growth in Consciousness, but most of us have been trained by Patriarchal Culture to Rush to try to understand Why we’re Confused so we can Fix it and get back to Certainty. For most of us, this attempted Rush to Certainty immediately Cancels our Potential Growth, because it’s a Mental exercise, and it’s our Mental Concepts that form the Cage within which our Current Consciousness exists. So it’s impossible, or rather, Forbidden, for us to reach beyond the bars of this Cage to Grow in Consciousness. To do so we need to use Intuition or Guidance or PIAVA rather than Intellect or Logic.

One of our foremost sources of Confusion occurs when two Energies Merge. An excellent example is the Reaction of Conservatives to Gender Fluidity. Male and Female are strictly Separate Energies in their Minds – their Old-Testament Worldview is wrapped around Adam’s Suzereignty over Eve. Their Story usually Eliminates, or Banishes as Evil, Adam’s original partner Lilith, who Chose to be his Equal or be Gone. He was incapable of Equality, so she was Went. Our Stories construct our Mental Prisons. Since the various planets and asteroids represent different Energies, when two or more planets Merge, or Conjoin, our Reaction is usually Confusion.

The Duality between Safety and Danger is even more basic than that between Male and Female. Gender Differences can sometimes Trigger profound Changes in our Physiology (such as Lust, or Fear, or Homophobia – the Old-Testament Story is big on Banishing Homophilia, which may have been good advice before Hot Water and Soap became readily available), but Safety and Danger always Trigger profound Changes in our Physiology, even if we Deny it.

This 15 May Blood Moon Total Eclipse is replete with Potentially Confusing Mergers…

  • Our Instincts (Moon) Merge with our Karma (asteroid Karma), which takes us directly out of the Present Moment, as we Review, mostly Unconsciously, all of our Past Experiences with what we’re Feeling or Experiencing. We end up Reacting to Ancient History rather than Responding to Present Moment Reality, and mostly we have no idea we’re doing it, because our Concept of our Personal History (Karma) has Merged with our Concept of Present Moment (Moon). If we can wrench ourself out of this Conundrum, we may be able to Ask ourself, Are the Strength of my Emotional Reactions appropriate for the Concrete Present-Moment Threats that I’m Encountering?
  • Our Instincts Merge with our Held Emotions (South Node). Our Held Emotions are the ones we’d rather Die than Feel. We usually interpret this as I’d rather DIE than Feel that, but it’s really I’D have to die before I could Feel that, namely that our Present-Moment sense of Who We Are, our Identity or Ego, will have to Molt in order to Allow ourselves to acknowledge that Feeling in our Body. Our Held Emotions are the Deepest of our Karmic Patterns. In Past or Parallel Lives they probably got us Dead, or worse. Ego Deaths are usually No Fun, but Ego Death is a synonym for Portal on the road to 5D.

Our Instincts Merge with Every Concept once a month, as the Moon circles the Earth, so these Mergers aren’t really rare. However, our Held Emotions and our Karma Merge only every seven years or so, and having the Moon Merge with both while Karma is Exaggerated or Amplified, which should make it more Obvious, is remarkable, especially since the Moon is Eclipsed, or Illuminating it! Our goal in 5D-seeking is to Notice, to bring our Karma up into Consciousness, because when our usually-Unconscious multi-Lifetime Inertial Patterns become Conscious, we can Choose to Break the Pattern and do something Different. Doesn’t even matter as much what we do instead, because like Muscles, every Repetition of our Inertial Patterns cements them more in place even more, while every Repetition of a New Response weakens the Karmic Pattern.

  • Our Essence (Sun) Merges with Fear (dwarf planet Sedna). We interpret Sedna as Converting Fear to Power, but the Fear comes first, and Fear is usually pretty physiological, attention-grabbing, and often prevents us from even being Present, let alone Capable. We can Spin this many ways. Fear plus Breathing Equals Excitement. Fear plus Tapping Equals Grounding. Fear plus Kegels Slows Time enough that we can Convert Fear to Power. You’ve seen sports heroes accomplish amazing feats when they’re “in the Zone,” like swinging at exactly the right time in exactly the right place to knock a 100-mph fastball out of the ballpark. They have to swing before the ball gets to them, so it’s not at all like hitting off a Tee. They may not have been purposely doing Kegels, but they’ve not only Slowed Down Time, but also correctly Intuited the trajectory of the pitch. Remember too that Fear is the Absence of Love, and Love is the Ultimate Power.
  • Our Essence (Sun) also Merges with Our Mission in the Lifetime (North Node). Now that’s Scary – Failing at our Lifetime Mission is a lot different than losing a ballgame or being sent back a grade. At least, that’s what it feels like. Of course the only one Judging us is ourself,4 so this is another case of our Emotions being out of proportion to the Present Moment. But it’s a huge Opportunity, since our Life Mission is Multidimensional and generally available to the Dualistic Mind only as a Metaphor. So if we can set aside the Judgment, we can simply Attune to the fact that we’re Identified with our Lifetime Mission! This doesn’t always happen! Sit with that. Roll your current Conscious and Semi-Conscious Values and Goals over it, to see how well they Align. And look to see where you Fear your Mission, or Fear Failure. You know what FDR said about Fear. If we can escape Self-Doubt (which we just practiced last week!), it’s incredible Grace!
  • Our Essence (Sun) also Merges with the Truth of our Mind (asteroid Veritas) AND the Truth of our Heart (asteroid Aletheia). Like watching CNN versus Faux News versus ESPN, our Essence will verify One or the Other of our Truths once a year, as the Sun goes around the Zodiac. But the Truth of the Mind and the Truth of the Heart will only Merge every several years.5 Each time that occurs we have the Opportunity to review them together relative to our Goals to see if either is leading us into dead ends. However, this time they’re Merging with one another at the same time they’re Merging with our Essence AND with our Lifetime Mission AND our Conversion of Fear to Power, AND being writ large across the Sky by an Illuminating Blood Moon! Talk about getting led around by the ring in our nose!!
  • 4 Someone else may concur with our Self-Judgment, but if we Believe them, we’re looking at our Codependence – another possible Revelation from this Illuminating Blood Moon Eclipse.
  • 5 The Orbits of Aletheia and Veritas are quite similar, so they chase one another around the Zodiac, getting behind or ahead of one another depending on the timing of their Retrograde periods. So their Cycles don’t follow the usual Pattern that develops between slower and faster Patterns. We can interpret that as a suggestion that neither is inherently Hierarchically “Superior” to the other, though given the Excessively Intellectual character of the Patriarchy, we give the Truth of the Heart many extra points at this phase of the Millennia. Carlos Castaneda’s The Power of Silence is an excellent assessment of their Respective Merits. If you Journal, you can check September 2019 to see if you were working with your two Truths then, the last time they Merged.

All that’s just the Eclipse itself and its Energy Mergers! In a Full Moon or a Lunar Eclipse, Our Instincts and Our Essence are Debating.6 So the Depths of Our Karma and Our Held Emotions – which, while keeping us in 3D, are also keeping us in Comfort – are Negotiating with Our Life Mission, Our Fear/Power, and our Truths that can presumably lead us to 5D. So we have the Ego (Karma et al ) Working out Win-Win with our Soul (Life Mission et al ). We were just working with a planet that meant exactly that last week – dwarf planet Salacia. No wonder Salacia has been Out of Bounds and showing up in all of the 8-9 Degree charts. I almost Expect to see the Sabian Symbol of a Cat arguing with a Mouse pop up!7

There’s much more. There are two more Mergers associated with the Full Moon itself, a Pluto Merger, and a Challenge about the Merger of The Most Important Thing and Our Unconscious Limitations. That’s almost a synonym for our Karma, but it’s tied up with yet more Mergers! But my “day” is burned out, so, next installment. It’s gonna be a busy fortnight!

  • 6 A Full Moon is an Opposition, and an Opposition is the Second Harmonic, which symbolizes Tradition (the Priestess), introducing the Duality of Right and Wrong, Sacred and Profane, Praise and Blasphemy. Think of it as Negotiation. The Challenge is Argument; the Adept use is Listening
  • 7 The Symbol for the 26-Scorpio Eclipse is “Native Americans making camp after moving into new Territory.” How appropriate, and suggesting that we’ll be “winning” this Debate! The Sun (Essence) is 48 Degrees from Salacia – that’s 2/15ths of the way ’round the Loop (a Waxing “Biquindecile” Angle). The 15th Harmonic is Pan, the Nature God, in 5D our best friend who will guide us in our Collaborations with Nature. R. Ogilvy Crombie’s Encounters with Nature Spirits: Co-creating with the Elemental Kingdom and Michael J. Roads’s Through the Eyes of Love trilogy are fabulous sources for working with Pan. The Second Harmonic is again, Tradition, so the Sun-Salacia Relationship here is about the Fairy Tradition.
  • The Moon is 133 Degrees from Salacia (a Waning “Septnovundecile” Angle), seven 19ths of the Loop. The 19th Harmonic is The Sun, symbolizing Partnership, Teamwork, Collaboration (Angeles Arrien, The Tarot Handbook, p.92); the 7th Harmonic is The Chariot, symbolizing Timing. It’s Time for 5D in other words.

A Doubtful Portal

May 10, 2022

This week’s Portal is about Doubt, specifically Self-Doubt and Self-Confidence, but that includes Doubt about our own Intuitions.1 That’s when Chariklo Stands Still in the Sky, when its Self-Doubt and Self-Confidence Issues peak. The normal Pattern is that this Energy increases till then, and fades afterward. If we’re Conscious that this is happening and, if it Impacts us, Realize that it’s just another Cosmic Opportunity to bring our Doubt Karma into Consciousness so we can Choose Confidence or Worthiness instead, then we’ll carry less Baggage into the Full Moon and the Panic-Inducing Moon-Out-of-Bounds that follow. Our Doubt Karma will be diminished.

If we don’t Recognize that it’s happening and Decide, if we’re working toward Creating something, that we don’t have the Skills or Worthiness to Create it, that Decision will carry the Chariklo-Stationary Doubt Energy forward into the rest of our Life, and add another layer onto our Doubt Karma, since each Repetition reinforces a Pattern, for good or ill. It’s Either/Or Decisions that Create Karma, especially Life-or-Death Either/Or Decisions. Karma is Inertia, not Retribution.

We can use Doubt Constructively, but not while it has us Humpty-Dumptied. If we’re Doubting that we can pull something off, and we Recognize that we’re Feeling Doubt, as Opposed to Identifying with the Doubt, then we can Wonder, Aha, how might I Shift to make Success more likely? And wait for the Universe to Give us an Answer. If we Train ourself to hear Self-Doubt Voices as Self-Doubt Voices, rather than as the Believed Voice of whoever Doubted us, then we can shift the Energy by just saying to ourself, “You Poor Sweetheart, you’re Feeling Doubt, aren’t you.” And then Change the Subject so the Mind doesn’t bend us back to Believing the Self-Doubt Voice.

Confidence isn’t a Silver Spoon either. If we’re Habitually Overoptimistic, we may Dismiss Doubt as an unnecessary Hindrance, or as one of those Negative Thoughts that we need to Cancel-Neutralize-Update-Forget quickly, before it Manifests. Denial Manifests only what’s being Denied, often in a Form that’s different enough from our Conscious Patterns, that we just consider it’s a Downer rather than another Opportunity to fine-tune our Manifestation Skills. The Hurrier we go, the more likely we’ll miss the cues that would point us in a better direction.

In one of the comments to Dr. Joe Dispenza’s recent blog posts on Worthiness,2 a commenter (“bj”) advises us…

“It helps me to not be specific when visualizing my future self. Instead I connect with the energy of the beingness that I want to embody, with complete faith that the infinite creative powers of the Universe will figure out the exact perfect details that match the vibration of that beingness. There’s a VAST difference between ‘what do I want to have’ or ‘what do I want to accomplish’ and ‘who do I want to BE.’ And for me, the only question worth focusing on when you are in the ‘no-body’ state is ‘Who do I want to BE?’ Because EVERYTHING that is created in my world is created in alignment with that. You don’t get what you want. You get what you ARE.”

I highly recommend Dr. Joe’s blog on Worthiness.2 He talks about what Worthiness ain’t – it ain’t Blame, Entitlement, Self-Importance, or Exclusivity. Then he reinterprets Unworthiness as Resistance,3 and talks about many ways in which Resistance can Manifest for us. And how “When we talk about worthiness, then, we’re talking about meeting yourself with love and compassion in this moment. About accepting and allowing what is – with gratitude and humility.” In the second part he talks about how Worthiness amounts to Showing Up for Ourself and how “before we can identify the thoughts, behaviors, and feelings we want to change; before we can identify parts of our personality we want to change … we have to first acknowledge and own those aspects of ourselves – and [of] our lives.”4 He also hints about a third part to follow.

In her blog today, Natha Jay talks about how Heavy the Energies have been lately…5

“The timelines are collapsing so fast I feel nauseous and scared. I never feel scared. Fear and I don’t usually have a relationship beyond an occasional nod. The weather is joining in this circus with wind so strong it could rip away a whole reality. In fact, I think it is. Gaia herself is shifting into a different timeline, and the whole Elemental kingdom is making way. Fanfare and fear. Lovely.

“I do have the strong feeling this will pass soon, and we will all be walking a slightly (or greatly) different path. I know that this is just the in-between phase of becoming. I have moved through this part several times on my individual journey, but it’s much more impressive as a collective… and as a planet. I suspect we’ll be doing this again at the next eclipse gateway this [Northern] fall.”

This helps to Explain why I’ve been walking around like a Zombie for the last week – though that’s A Thought About My Feelings, sure to lead me off-course. We talked about how Heavy the 30 April Eclipse was in the Mandatory Growth Eclipse series below,6 including one of its Major Teachings – its Flashback to the late-February Climate Change et al Energy and its Flashforward to the repetition of that Energy during the first week of May.7 That Energy is Lit Up again this week, with several Changes,8 plus the Opportunity for us to Let Go of Ego-Attachment to Climate Change et al, so we can be Neutral about it – as Dr. Joe points out, nothing Changes till we Accept it Exactly as it Is.9

At the Eclipse, the base Energy was Uncertainty about whether we had the Moxie to Ascend, Challenged by Climate Change et al.10 Our Emotional Involvement with the many terms of Climate Change et al kept drawing us back to 3D. This week, its not so much about our Moxie to Ascend, as it is about our Commitment to Ascend.

At the Eclipse, the base Energy was Uncertainty about whether we had the Moxie to Ascend, Challenged by Climate Change et al.10 Our Emotional Involvement with the many terms of Climate Change et al kept drawing us back to 3D. This week, its not so much about our Moxie to Ascend, as it is about our Commitment to Ascend.

At the Eclipse, the base Energy was Uncertainty about whether we had the Moxie to Ascend, Challenged by Climate Change et al.10 Our Emotional Involvement with the many terms of Climate Change et al kept drawing us back to 3D. This week, its not so much about our Moxie to Ascend, as it is about our Commitment to Ascend,11 which is the defining characteristic of Worthiness in Dr. Joe’s blog! Meanwhile, our Manifestation Skills have become more Instinctive and less Deliberate.12 And Mary Magdalene has taken charge of Creating a whole New Timeline around Climate Change et al, which will become Clearer in late October and early November – along with, as Natha suspected, the October Partial Solar Eclipse!13

Here’s a Partial Solar Eclipse on Mars, where the Moon (Phobos) is a bit smaller than ours, when compared to the apparent diameter of the Sun. Not sure it will restore the Martian Climate Change, but then, why Reject the notion! Elon and Jeff may need it some day…

  • 1 Dwarf planet Chariklo Stationary till at least 11:44 am PDT 12 May (which is the same as 4:44 am AEST 13 May), in 9 Aquarius.
  • 2 and (no “f”).
  • 3 In note 2, part ii. Akin to Gay Hendricks’s Upper Limits in The Big Leap: Conquer Your Hidden Fears and Take Life to the Next Level, pp. 37-61.
  • 4 Which helps me make sense of Gay’s proposition that the difference between Isaac Newton Time (we’re Time’s Victim) and Einstein Time (We’re Time’s Creator), op.cit., pp. 176-184.
  • 5
  • 6 Starting at
  • 7
  • 8 In the 30 April Eclipse chart Pholus-Quaoar T-Squared the Opposition between Makemake and Chiron-Salacia (see note 7). In the 12 May Chariklo Station chart Pholus-Quaoar is joined by asteroids Magdalena and Klotho, Chiron has been replaced by Venus Conjoining Salacia, and the Moon sits on Makemake.
  • 9 See notes 3-4 above. The Chariklo Station at 9 Aquarius is Unx to (one Sign from) Pholus-Quaoar at 8 Capricorn. The Unx Angle represents the 12th Harmonic, The Hanged Man, who as he hangs from his ankles sees the World from a Different Perspective. This is the Pattern-Breaker Harmonic. When two planets or events are related by an Unx Angle, we only need to Open our Eyes to Break the Patterns of Relationship between them. Note that Accepting Climate Change et al (including War, Oil, Climate, Old Men Groping around in our Wombs, Inflation, Recession, our Food Supply, the Bees, and the End Times in general) in no sense Condones it. Rather, it leaves us Free to Work to turn it around, without the Limitations of our Ego Karma.
  • 10 That is, our Manifestation Skills (Makemake) Debating with (Opposing) a complex Contest: our Tendencies-toward-Despair-and-possible-Resistance-to-Miracles about the ongoing arm-wrestling between our Ego’s-Attachment-to-3D and our Soul’s-Mission-to-push-us-toward-5D (Chiron-Salacia). This Opposition was T-Squared by Pholus-Quaoar.
  • 11 Venus (our Values) replacing Chiron (Despair/Miracles) Merging with (Conjunct) Salacia (Ego vs. Soul Struggles). Salacia, by the way, is Out of Bounds (Amplified) from March 2021 through April 2098, so don’t Expect that the Pressure to move toward 5D is any sort of Fad!
  • 12 The Moon (Instinct ) Conjoining Makemake (Manifestation).
  • 13 Asteroids Klotho (New Karma) and Magdalena (Mary Magdalene) Conjoin Pholus-Quaoar (Climate Change et al ) in this week’s Chariklo Station chart. While they haven’t moved a lot since the Eclipse, the Eclipse occurred in 11 Degrees, whereas the Chariklo Station occurs in 9 Degrees. Klotho and Magdalena did not appear in the Eclipse chart because they were out of Orb or Sensitivity to the Eclipse.
  • The Eclipse occurs October 25, 2022 in 3 Scorpio, “A house-raising party in a small village enlists the neighbors’ cooperation: The feeling of community demonstrated in a basic joint effort.” Sounds pretty 5D! This Eclipse is within a few Degrees of a Sextile (Grace, after the Hupers take the Initiative) of the Initiations of New Pholus-Magdalena, Quaoar-Magdalena, Pholus-Klotho, and Quaoar-Klotho Cycles, in 5 (Pholus Cycles: “Indigenous Peoples on the Warpath” ) and 6 (Quaoar Cycles: “Ten Logs under an Archway leading to darker Woods” ) Capricorn, which all occur between 28 October and 9 November. Indigenous Peoples on the Warpath is positive in the sense that their Traditions hold the secret to Resolving at least the Climate Change part of Climate Change et al. The Species and the Planet could even Benefit from the collection of a few selected Scalps. Ten Logs Promise Abundance through a Portal into the Unknown, ie, where we have Abandoned our 3D Expectations, and potentially replaced them with our We-Create-What-we-ARE 5D Manifestations.

Big Rush II

May 8, 2022

Desmene in her comment to the More Climate Change et al post has added Natalie Glasson’s Arcturian Channeling at I agree with Bob that it’s right on! I’ve never read any Channeling by Natalie that hasn’t been mind-blowing, and her breadth of sources is absolutely flabbergasting!

Someone else who absolutely “gets it right” is George Monbiot, and this time he really nails it. A tiny sample…

“Already, farming is the world’s greatest cause of habitat destruction, the greatest cause of the global loss of wildlife and the greatest cause of the global extinction crisis. It’s responsible for about 80% of the deforestation that’s happened this century. Of 28,000 species known to be at imminent risk of extinction, 24,000 are threatened by farming. Only 29% of the weight of birds on Earth consists of wild species: the rest is poultry. Just 4% of the world’s mammals, by weight, are wild; humans account for 36%, and livestock for the remaining 60%.

“Unless something changes, all this is likely to get worse – much worse. In principle, there is plenty of food, even for a rising population. But roughly half the calories farmers grow are now fed to livestock, and the demand for animal products is rising fast. Without a radical change in the way we eat, by 2050 the world will need to grow around 50% more grain. How could we do it without wiping out much of the rest of life on Earth?”

I dare you to read the whole article…


More Climate Change et al

May 6, 2022

Did I emphasize that today was another big Portal in the ongoing saga of Climate Change et al? 1 The “Can Opener” – so called because this type of astroevent2 usually introduces a Can of Worms – occurred in late February, just as 🦨Pootin’ sent his country’s youth into a 20th-Century version of an Attila-the-Hun- or Conan-the-Barbarian-type Wormcan in Ukraine, featuring Demolition, Murder, and Pillage on a massive scale, approaching Genocide.

Subsequent repetitions of this type of astroevent,3 including today’s are called “Expositions” because they Expose more about our Reactions to the original event. That is, they bring the Karma that was triggered by the original event up into Consciousness more clearly. This is obviously true on a Global level as well as Personal.

The last recurrence, however, is called a “Confidence-Builder,” as the Challenge recurs all over again but now, if we’ve been Paying Attention to the Expositions, we’ve Let Go of the Karma and we have the Experience to deal with it Effectively.

In addition, the Moon is still Out of Bounds until tomorrow evening.4 Moon Out of Bounds often causes Panics of various types and scales, including Global, as Hupers follow their Habits, the Social Minia, and the News Minia to Focus on Their Thoughts About Their Feelings. This Focus reduces their View of the World to the Mind’s Divisive Two-Dimensional Either/Or or Political Perspective, in the process Abandoning the Intuition’s Unifying Multidimensional and Multifarious Both/And or Spiritual Perspective that Emotions provide when they aren’t imprisoned by the 2D Mind.5

Plus, Trust/Mistrust is Lit Up today,6 exacerbating Either/Or Political Misinformation, and Energizing the Social Minia like Metafaceplant and Musktwit that salivate over the profits they accumulate by inflaming and feeding on Distrust and Dysfunction.

While the Climate Change et al event has passed its peak, its Energy continues to be Strong,7 and will stay relatively Strong for several months. If we’ve extinguished the Karma involved with our Initial Reaction to the original 21-24 February event, no worries. If we haven’t, it’ll continue to bug us till we do. If you’re still getting Excited by War, Oil, Climate, Old Men Groping around in our Wombs, Inflation, Recession, our Food Supply, the Bees, and the End Times in general, then pick your favorite Poison and work with it. Ask your favorite Deity or Energy, “Change Me so that My Reaction to Thoughts of [this Toxin] is to Send Blessings and Light to it.” Otherwise we Contribute to the Confusion and Carnage. We want to Contribute to the Healing instead. That’s why we Accepted the Assignment and vacated the Heavenly Spa to come down here.

Change Me Prayers8 are Intense. They often initiate a big, transparent (for me anyway, so far!) Ego Death. You can wake up tomorrow and not Recognize the World you’re in because it Feels so different. We never know what Karma is standing between us and What We Want, whether What We Want is our Ego speaking, or our Soul. Frankly, other than Addiction, I believe that What our Ego Wants is just What our Soul Wants, translated into the best form that our current Ego is capable of understanding. And even Addiction is a form of Denial, Denial being what we do to prevent a Total Humpty-Dumpty Meltdown of the sort that Regresses us further away from our Goals and Mission. We’re Asking that All Karma associated with [that Toxin] be Extinguished, and we have no idea what else that will Change.

  • 1 Retrograde Pholus Conjunct Retrograde Quaoar till at least 9:30 am 6 May 2022, still in 8 Capricorn. By now you know that et al includes War, Oil, Climate, Old Men Groping around in our Wombs, Inflation, Recession, our Food Supply, the Bees, and the End Times in general.
  • 2 The first occurrence in a Cycle of a major Angle such as a Conjunction, Square, or Opposition. The first occurrence in a Cycle of a Conjunction Initiates the New Cycle.
  • 3 Subsequent recurrence of the same Angle in the same Cycle. Many outer-planet Angles recur thrice – Direct, then Retrograde, then Direct again, but there are innumerable exceptions to this Pattern. The Cycles of Outer outer planets or planets with irregular (mostly elliptical) orbits can have many Expositions.
  • 4 Till 7pm PDT 7 February 2022, in 8 Leo.
  • 5 If this distinction isn’t Clear, it’s because we’ve been brainwashed to Believe that the World is really 2D. You might make fun of “Flat-Earthers,” but at least they operate in 3D. If you’re still Stuck in Either/Or, you’re working with a Dimension less than the Flat-Earthers are! Either/Or “Facts” are nothing more than Opinions. If you don’t Believe that, talk to the eight blind men who interviewed the Elephant. Either/Ors might give you Brownie Points for Obedience to some Dogma, but they won’t get you Enlightenment.
  • 6 Asteroid Eurydike Stationary until at least 12am PDT 7 May, in 12 Virgo.
  • 7 An astrological Angle that’s closing in on Completion or Exactitude, is referred to as “Approaching” or “Applying.” Once an event has Peaked and the two planets have consummated their Angle, and now begin to move apart, the Angle is considered “Separating.” The Impact of Approaching Angles increases till the event is Complete. If we’re Conscious of the event and/or the nature of its Impact, and use this information to Let Go of any relevant Karma, the Impact of a Completed Angle fades rapidly. If we succumbed to being the Victim of the event, failed to Own our Reactions to it, and made Decisions accordingly, like “I’ll Never Do That Again!” then we actually Deepen the Karma, and the Impact stays with us till we finally Let It Go. One Degree of Sensitivity or “Orb” is appropriate. The current Pholus-Quaoar event is within one Degree of Sensitivity till 25 August, 2022.
  • 8 Tosha Silver, Change Me Prayers: The Hidden Power of Spiritual Surrender.

Mandatory Growth Eclipse 6

May 5, 2022

So far we’ve found our recent Partial Solar Eclipse to be associated with Ego Struggles1 and Climate Change et al, where the al includes Focusing on Our Thoughts About Our Feelings about War, Oil, Climate, Old Men Groping around in our Wombs, Inflation, Recession, our Food Supply, the Bees, and the End Times in general.2 The second potentially troublesome Configuration is about the Challenges standing between us and Hope, which include Guilt introjected as Anger at ourself, and our Trust that this Rehearsal for the End Times is What We’re Letting Go Of rather than What We’re Manifesting.3

  • 1 That is, the Ego’s Resistance to our Ascension. The Eclipse itself Conjoined both Uranus and asteroid Hybris, plus Chiron Conjoined Out of Bounds Salacia – see previous posts.
  • 2 Chiron-Salacia Opposite Makemake T-Squared by Pholus-Quaoar – see previous post.
  • 3 A T-Square to asteroid Pandora (Hope), which is Out of Bounds (Amplified or Exaggerated ), from Mars-Nemesis (Anger and Guilt ) Opposite Eurydike-Orcus (Trust and Oath-Breaking).

The Emotions we Feel are Content-Neutral. Many of them aren’t even Ours. Emotions can be like the Weather. They’re Energy Vibrations, they’re Contagious, and like Viruses or Radio, they broadcast through the Air. If we’re at all Sensitive, we’ve picked up on a Cloud of Negative Energy in our neighborhood at least once.

As an extreme example, once I was beginning a walk with a friend in a local park, and a hundred or so feet into the walk, the Air quite suddenly Felt Thick and Sick. It wasn’t a smell, but it felt like we were walking into a cloud of vomit smells. It felt like the Air was Attacking us, like Alfred Hitchcock’s Birds. We looked at each other, saw the grimace in each other’s face, turned back to the car, and left without hesitation or discussion. We had no idea what it was we were Feeling, but neither of us wanted any part of it. The next day there was a story in the newspaper about how someone was being assaulted and brutally murdered about a half-mile from where we were.

That was so severe, and so obviously place-specific, that neither of us were Tempted to Own the Emotions and make up Stories to Explain why we were Feeling them. It’s different when a neighbor is Depressed. That’s familiar enough that we immediately start reviewing all of the reasons we might have, or make up, for Feeling Down. Conversely, I was reading yesterday about the Relationship between Graham Nash and Joni Mitchell and how people across a room from them would wonder out loud about the “glow” that surrounded them.

Most of us have been to concerts where we left Feeling Uplifted, or sometimes Feeling Bummed – like a Steve Stills solo concert I once went to where he was so drunk he had trouble standing. Or the time I walked out of a small concert hall on Bob Dylan, early on, when he played one set of the Folk Music that I loved at the time, then The Band appeared and filled the hall with cacophonous Noise that I hadn’t learned to Enjoy yet.

95% of our Experience arises from the Unconscious, and that especially includes the Emotions that we consider Ours because they seem to occur in our Bodies. We don’t usually think of our Bodies as Receivers and Amplifiers. If you’ve ever stopped to consider how much of an Emotional Reaction was appropriate to the then-Present Moment, and how much of it was Amplified by your own Sensitivities, you’ve Experienced Emotions arising from the Unconscious. In that circumstance we probably Projected our Emotional Reserves into that Experience. What Emotions are Easy for you to Experience and then Let Go of? Which ones Cling to you like Satanwrap? Which Emotions – if any – are you likely to Feel as Present-Moment Sensations in your Body, without assigning Stories to them?

We’re also Transmitters. We Feel the neighbors’ Feelings, and they Feel ours. Most of the time we just aren’t tuning in to those Frequencies to Ask which – if any – are really “ours” and which aren’t. It’s untoward enough when an Emotion gets Stuck inside us and can’t Flow like they eMotion they’re meant to be. But then we aren’t in the Habit of Discriminating the difference between our Emotions and Our Thoughts About Our Emotions, and nothing makes an Emotion Stick like a good Story. So when we get Stuck on War, Oil, Climate, Old Men Groping around in our Wombs, Inflation, Recession, our Food Supply, the Bees, and the End Times in general, we start Broadcasting that Stuckness, and in that process we Drag Down Gaia’s Ascension. We’re here to Assist Her Ascension, not Drag it Down.

So what do we do? Ultimately we want to Experience Emotions as Sensations in our Bodies, Recognizing that their Origin is Unknown and Mysterious, and Avoid Thinking About Them at all, because Thought only makes Emotion Sticky, stopping its Motion, its Flow. Like a Dream, we’ll Allow our Emotion to Educate us Intuitively and Multidimensionally, on its own time, instead of trying to Squeeze it into a 2D Box. It’ll take us all a while to cultivate that Skill, so what do we do in the interim?

We do what we can to Avoid Broadcasting Energies that will Drag Down Gaia’s Ascension and ours with it. Which means that We Ask God/Goddess to Change us so that we become Aware of our Karmic and Acculturated Habit of Focusing on Our Thoughts About Our Feelings, we Notice our Emotions, and we Notice when we start to Think About Our Emotions. Instead, we Choose to Send Blessings, Send Light, Visualize Grace and Peace and Conscious Awareness around Hupers, War, Oil, Climate, Old Men Groping around in our Wombs, Inflation, Recession, our Food Supply, the Bees, the End Times in general, and whatever else we’re Tempted to Think About. We Move Toward the Light.

Mandatory Growth Eclipse 3

May 2, 2022

Just a quick note to summarize the week…

We’ll talk more about the Heavy 30 April New Moon (New Beginnings) Partial Solar Eclipse (Insight ) soon; we can expect it to impact the next two weeks. Lots of people asking me what the heck was going on over the weekend – clearly the Eclipse Merged with the Pluto Station (Amplified Compulsion), as the Heaviness was characteristic of an Exaggerated Pluto, though it Felt more the way Amplified Pluto Felt several decades ago (when I used to describe Pluto Station as Swimming through Jello) than it’s Felt more recently. The Angle between Saturday’s Eclipse and Friday’s Pluto Station was a Waxing Biseptile (“Rules” about Timing – the Seventh Harmonic is about Timing, and the Second is about Traditions).

It was very obvious over the weekend that Time has Changed – several people remarked about how Saturday (Eclipse Day) evening felt like it was closer to a week from Saturday morning than a day. I can barely remember Friday, and the Memories are fuzzy (and I wasn’t Stoned, though I sometimes felt like I was). I was definitely working with my Compulsive Karma – Chocolate, for instance, and failing to “properly” (to meet my goal of moderating Sugar input) Time and Measure its consumption. Yet at times I did remember to take Time Out and Go Inside to Inquire about any Bodily Sensations that preceded or accompanied the cravings, some of which Inquiries felt successful. So a Deeper Perspective was more about Learning to Time my Attention to my Feelings as Sensations and to Turn Off my Habitual Thoughts about Them than about Chocolate per se.

While it Feels much less Heavy now than it did Friday and Saturday, we may re-Experience the Sensations later in the Fortnight. The Moon goes Out of Bounds again at 11pm PDT 2 May 2022, Monday evening in the Western US, and Venus (Values) moves into Aries (Reboot) at 9:10 am PDT Monday. Moon OOB means that it’s very tempting to Follow the Herd and use the News Minia or the Gossip Channel as our Oracle for interpreting our Emotions, or otherwise Believing Our Thoughts About Our Emotions rather than Listening to Our Emotions themselves, as Intelligent Sensations in our Bodies. The Moon stays OOB till Saturday, 7pm PDT 14 May.

Stay Alert to situations where your Values are Lit Up, where you’re Asked to do or say something that might Betray your Values, because our Values are likely to be quite Different today than they were last week. Venus in the last few Degrees of Emotional, Karmic Pisces, where it would have Sextiled (Grace) the Pluto Station, probably contributed to how Heavy it Felt. Part of that Sensation was probably Confusion, as some of our Deepest Karmic Limitations and Held Emotions rose to the Surface of our Consciousness, perhaps Contrasting Sharply with whatever was going on in then-Present Moment Reality.

The other Big Event this week is Friday’s 9:30 am PDT 6 May Retrograde Conjunction of Pholus (Ability and Willingness to Respond ) and Quaoar (Survival Instincts), in 8 Capricorn. Their Initial Conjunction at the end of February corresponded to the Invasion of Ukraine, and the following Retrograde Conjunction(s) will Expose more Information about What Was Really Going On at the Initial Conjunction, and What was Really Going On in the Cauldron of our own Reactions to it. Lord knows we’ve all been in Wars in various capacities over the course of our many Past/Parallel Lives, and War breeds Trauma. So it we’re Open to it, we’ll probably be Invited to be Loving and Gentle with Past Traumas this week.

The Ukraine War is a Surrogate for Climate Change and for the End Times we are as a Species Working hard to Ignore, because of its Inconvenience, to quote an ex-VP of the US, so there are also likely to be Developments around those Trends. We could start hearing more about the Impending Famines, for instance, and the New Mexico Wildfires could Ask for more of our Attention. And the Fossil Fuel Issues will certainly be likely to Command a prominent place on the Minia.

Also on Friday, until 11:56 pm PDT, asteroid Eurydike (Trust ) is Stationary (Exaggerated ), in 12 Virgo. The Timing implies that Trust/Distrust Merges with our Response/Non-Response to our Survival/Denial Issues. As if War doesn’t Emphasize Trust, or the lack thereof, plenty already, and the Perp here has proven to be duplicitous already. The Station is Conjoined by asteroid Nemesis (Guilt ) and dwarf planet Orcus (Oath-Breaking). So the Minia should be full of War/Climate/Fuel/Famine/End Times Dramas that will Tempt us toward allowing Panic to Exaggerate our Emotions. There is Grace, as the Eurydike Station participates with Active Pholus-Quaoar and Uranus in a Grand Trine (Dumb-Luck Blessings). Focusing on our Gratitude that it’s not Worse than it is, would be a good bet.

I’ve found the Washington Post article on Ambivalence and the way it Inhibits Healthy Change, at , to be very useful. Ambivalence is very different from “I Don’t Really Care – Do You?” as an ex-US First Lady put it. The Persona that Enjoys our Compulsive Karma, and the one that Shoulds Us about how Harmful it is, aren’t often in the same Body at the same Time, and that’s part of the definition of Ambivalence. Awareness is one Tool that the article recommends, as it’s not Easy to get these two Personae together in the same Time Frame, and that’s Essential to finding a Solution to Self-Sabotaging Karma.

Mandatory Growth Eclipse 2

April 29, 2022

Like Chiron, dwarf planet Damocles is a Messenger planet, journeying out to the environs of Uranus, picking up a Message from our Soul, and bringing it back to the Ego realm. Chiron in its 50-year orbit spends many years Dancing with Saturn between it’s Forays into the Furthur Reaches. Damocles has a 40-year orbit like a yoyo. When it’s out flirting with Uranus it takes 30 years to span one Sign, Aquarius. But it only takes three years to run from mid-Pisces to mid-Capricorn, ten Signs. In the middle of that span it’s no further from us than Mars. So Chiron delivers Soul Messages to our Ego, while Damocles delivers Soul Messages to our Body.

The Healing Message of Chiron is about What do we Dread, What is so Hopeless to us, that we don’t even Dream of the possibility of Healing from it. Kind of like the Held Emotions of the South Node, the ones we’d rather Die than Feel, the ones that require a serious Ego Death. With Chiron, the Unhealable Healer, we know that Empathy is what Heals, so we can Heal ourself just by saying to ourself, You Poor Sweetheart, You’re Feeling Despair, Aren’t You.

Of course we have to Hold that Vibration, but we can do that by Changing the Subject, Relentlessly, so the Mind doesn’t rush us back into Dread by doing what it does best, namely Regurgitating Old Bummers. If we do that, we usually find Miracles, in the sense that such things were absolutely not Possible from our old Dread Perspective. “You can’t solve a Problem using the same Thinking that Created the Problem,” some sage once said, perhaps Einstein.

The Healing Message that Damocles brings is about What makes us Anxious, What could go Wrong. The Mythical Damocles was so taken with Power that he begged an Emperor to let him sit on the throne for a while, to Experience how much Control he would have over People. The Emperor agreed, but suspended a Sword over the throne, to Teach Damocles about Liability and Responsibility, about how many things could so easily go Wrong. That was in Ancient Sicily, and Damocles is still Running. So Damocles Teaches us about what we have to Stop and Stand Still For.

The Natives of the islands off the British Columbia Coast have a Legend about Sisiutl, a two-headed Sea Monster so Terrifying that you turn to Stone if you catch its gaze. When it approached, you Healed your Terror by closing your eyes and Standing Still. Once the Monster got so close to you that you were between its two heads, it would see its other head, and turn itself to Stone. That would take a lot of Guts, but that’s exactly what we need to do with Whatever we Run From.

Thing is, we often don’t know what it is that we’re Running From. When Anxiety arises, we depend on the Mind to Inform us what that is, but the Mind is very Forgetful when it comes to Trauma, and because it’s so handy, the Mind substitutes what the News Minia tells us is so Scary. We’ll be there again next week, when the Moon goes Out of Bounds again, from 2 May (11pm PDT) till 7 May (7pm PDT) 2022, and we get stuck on Our Thoughts About Our Feelings again instead of working with our Feelings Directly, as Sensations in our Body. Our Intuition will translate the Information we need from that, but we won’t be able to Hear our Intuitions when our Thoughts are making so much noise.

I’ve heard several people comment lately about how their To-Do list is so much longer than their Time Available. Gay Hendricks (The Big Leap, pp.159-184) calls that Newtonian Time, the 3D Belief that Time is Fixed and Limited, and thus like Money, it’s Scarce. He describes how he accidentally discovered Einstein Time, a 5D Belief that We Make Our Own Time, and he tells us how to make the Shift. For me at least, it’s counterintuitive, but it works. We Ask ourself, Where in my Life am I not Taking Full Ownership? Kind of Stops us Cold, doesn’t it. I’ve Discovered that we don’t have to Open this Crypt all at once. I have lots of Shoulds and lots of Unfulfilled Wants and Needs.

For instance, who needs the Minia to divert our Thoughts from Feelings we routinely Avoid, when we have Chocolate. I wasn’t Taking Full Ownership of my using Chocolate in that way. That’s not something I can do Intellectually, I have to do it Intuitively. So I PIAVAed 1 that I Take Full Ownership of my use of Chocoate. I have to Declare the Intention, then wait to see what pops up as a possible Process that might take me in that Direction.

  • 1 PIAVA stands for Prayer, Intention, Asking, Visualizing, Affirming, all of which are Magnetic or Feminine Processes for Creating. There are many more in the references at If you aren’t routinely Visual, you can substitute your own mode of Projecting Intention – Feeling, Hearing, Smelling, Imagining, etc.

Since I’ve Declared the Intention (and several others), and easily made several small steps in that Direction, which presented themselvesI didn’t have to go looking for them, they found me – I’m much more Aware of when I start to Stress about Enough Time, and I’ve made many small steps that feel like movement in the Direction of Fulfilling more of my Wants and Needs. Gay takes 25 pages to Teach this Process, and he’s an excellent Teacher. If Time Anxiety Stresses you, I recommend that chapter in The Big Leap. He acknowledges that it takes Awareness and Persistence to Trap and Transform all of our Newtonian Time Habits.

At any rate, Damocles is now Dancing with Saturn. We interpret Saturn as The Most Important Thing, so we might interpret the Saturn-Damocles Cycle as The Most Important Thing Right Now Is Ferreting out the Roots of our Anxiety. Anxiety has no place in 5D, and our Anxiety is almost never what the News Minia tells us it Should be. The Root of our Anxiety is the Trauma That We Touch, Just Out of Our Awareness, When we Identify with that Faux News. The News itself may be True, but our Assignment of it to our Anxiety is faux. We can Declare our Intention to Lovingly and Gently Take Full Ownership of the Edges of the Trauma that is Limiting Our Goals in this moment.

We don’t have to Open the full Pandora’s2 Box of the Trauma itself, we just need to Recognize that we must be Touching our own Karmic Trauma when we Identify with Our Thoughts About Our Feelings of Anxiety, whether the Thoughts are our own, or given to us from other sources. Do we Recognize that our Thoughts are just that, Thoughts? Or have they taken on an element of Reality for us? What do we Feel in our Body, and Where do we Feel it, when we are Distressed about something?

The Dance between Priority and Anxiety (the Saturn-Damocles Cycle) is Lit Up just now, and it’s tied up with Respect and Self-Love.3 We could also read the Saturn-Damocles Dance as Our Relationship to our Anxiety is the Most Important Thing for us to Focus On right now. Saturn begins a New Cycle with Damocles in March 2023, so it will be Lit Up for the next year.

The New Cycle is about A Farmer’s Market, a Profound symbol of Community. The Old Cycle that we’ve been working with since 1950 has been about A Flag at Half-Mast Outside a Public Building. Like our Thoughts, it’s a Flag, a Symbol, it’s not Real, it’s a Cartoon of something Real. Something has Died since 1950. Is it our Concept of what a Government or other Public Institution should be about? Is it the sense that the Institution should do it for us, rather than our Taking Full Ownership in our Communities? The Hope that Public Institutions would Rescue us from our Demons has certainly Died.

I can’t help but see 5D as being organized not around a Central Authority, but around Individual Communities, with Frequencies so far apart that Communities that would otherwise be at War with one another, are actually unable to See one another, the way that most of us are unable to see the Fairies that make Nature and Life function. Michael Roads’s Through the Eyes of Love trilogy describes this pretty well, and actually R. Ogilvie Crombie’s (“ROC”) Encounters with Pan and the Elemental Kingdom does as well.

  • 2 Asteroid Pandora is prominent in Saturday’s Eclipse chart.
  • 3 In the 29 April Pluto Station chart, Sappho (Self-Love) is T-Squared (Challenged ) by the Opposition between Saturn-Damocles and Hopi-Requiem (Respect for Death, Reverting the Death of Respect ). Hopi is Out of Bounds (Amplified ). Abusive Lack of Respect is certainly Lit Up, and perhaps will reach it’s Herxheimer Nadir with Musk’s takeover of the Twit Program.

Mandatory Growth Eclipse

April 27, 2022

Now that the Moon is spending the better part of a week Beyond the Pail each time it goes Out of Bounds, which it does every fortnight, for most of the next decade we’ll only have about a week to Recover from our Collective Panic Attacks before the next one strikes.1 The last Moon OOB ended 23 April 2022, the next one begins 2 May. And before the Moon tucks back into the Pail again on 7 May, while Panic still reigns, we encounter the next major Portal of 🦨Pootin’s Reduction of Ukraine to Rubble and Attempted Genocide, his Comprehensive Sabotage of Worldwide Climate Change Mitigation Progress, and his Single-Handed Creation, by destroying more than a quarter of the World’s Grain crops, of the impending End-Times Famines.2 🦨Pootin’ makes Mansion look more like an outhouse, and smells worse in the process.

Before that happens, though, we have to make it through this weekend’s Dual Portal – an Exaggeration of Compulsive Denial until Friday,3 and a Colossal Contest between the Ego and the Soul, both Collectively and Personally, starting on Saturday.4 If we’re Lucky on Thursday or Friday, our Denial may become so Exaggerated that it becomes Laughable to us, and turns into Compulsive (ie, Defenseless) Acceptance of what we’ve been Denying. This whole Soliloquy is all about our Self-Love and Self-Respect, and may involve our Denial crashing suddenly to the floor and shattering like a glass piñata, at which point we either Laugh at ourself, or Skillfully and/or Comically Pretend like we Knew It All Along.5 We also get a Frightening Glimpse of what it will be like to Live Without Our Codependence.6

Somewhere in this Enforced Enlightenment, we’re likely to Discover that we need to give up All Dualities. Most of us won’t be able to Hold this Frequency steadily, but we’ll begin to Experience the Edges of it more often now. This includes many minor issues like Good and Evil, Life and Death, Us and Them, Past and Future, Me and You, 🦨Pootin’ and Us. Little things like these. You always knew you’d have to Give then Up eventually, you just didn’t think you’d have to be doing it so soon.

  • 1 When the Moon goes Out of Bounds, anyone who deals with their Emotions through Their Thoughts About Their Emotions, will have a hard time avoiding Panic. Thoughts are to Emotions as Viruses are to Influenza – they’re the vehicle of Contagion, driven by the News Minia. If you deal with your Emotions as Sensations in your Body, they’ll just be a bit more Intense than usual.
  • 2 Retrograde Pholus (Being Fully Responsive) Conjoins (Merges With) Retrograde Quaoar (Our Survival Instincts) until 9:35 am PDT 6 May (numerologically 8, Adjustments), still in 8 Capricorn (Joyously Singing Domesticated Birds). The 8-Capricorn Avian Sabian Symbol emphasizes that 🦨Pootin’s Misadventures are a Herxheimer of the Patriarchy. The Invasion of Ukraine began at the previous Conjunction of Pholus and Quaoar, which was the simultaneous Initiation of their new 125-year Cycle.
  • 3 Pluto (Compulsion) Stationary (Amplified) 11:35 am PDT 29 April (num. 12, New Perspectives), in 29 Capricorn (Grokking Meanings), Square to (Challenged by) Moon (Instincts) and Eris (Revelation of Denial ) in 27-28 Aries (Rotten Tomatoes).
  • 4 New Moon (New Beginnings) and Partial Solar Eclipse (Illumination) Conjunct Uranus (Soul ) and Hybris (Hubris or Ego) 1:28 pm PDT 30 April (num. 4, Dominion), in 11 Taurus (Woman watering Flowers). More to be said about this, which will be strong over the following two weeks, next time.
  • 5 Friday’s Pluto Station chart features a T-Square to asteroid Sappho (Self-Love) at 29 Taurus (Collaborating for the Common Good ) from an Opposition between Hopi-Requiem (Respect for the Death of Judgment ) and Saturn-Damocles (Anxiety about the Most Important Things). The Odds favor your Self-Love, but it may be an Intense Challenge (Sappho Opposite the Galactic Center.
  • 6 The Pluto Station chart also includes a naked Square between Chaos, Asbolus, and Lilith (Mean Lunar Apogee) at the end of Gemini, and Neptune, Jupiter, and Venus at the end of Pisces.

Denial and Respect

April 19, 2022

The week we’re working primarily on the Issue of Respect for All Things,1 with a major subtheme of Codependence and Self-Sovereignty.2 We also have recent Initiations of two 5-or-so-years-long Cycles having to do with Denial.3 One Analysis of Conservatism tells us that Conservatives Rely on Authority; they haven’t Learned how – or don’t Believe it’s Safe – to Trust their own Thoughts or Intuitions. We could propose a similar origin for Codependents, some of whom evidently don’t Believe it’s Safe to have their own Opinions and Actions, without the Approval of their Codependence-Partner, namely the person who appears to need a Follower to Validate their Worthiness.4

  • 1 Asteroid Hopi (Respect for All Things, or the Converse, Judgment of Some Things), Out of Bounds (Amplified ), Stationary (Exaggerated ) until at least 9:02 am PDT 24 April 2022.
  • 2 Dwarf planet Hylonome (Codependence and Self-Sovereignty) Stationary (Exaggerated ) at least till 8:50 pm PDT 24 April.
  • 3 Dwarf planet Eris (Revelation of Denial ) Initiated asteroids Moira (Fate and Choice) 4 April, and Pallas (Boundaries) 16 April, in 25 Aries, “Walking in Two Worlds” (3D and 5D). Our Karma is our Fate, till we bring it into Consciousness. Once we Recognize our Karma, we can Set Boundaries around it, and then Choose Alternatives. We already know that the Drama between Fate and Free Will is Spurious, because it’s a Duality, and we know that Either/Or Dualities are Political Gimmicks of the Huper Mind, whereas Reality is Unitary and Multifarious, or Both/And.
  • 4 Not that some Codependent Relationships aren’t doubly Codependent…
“What are we going to do tonight, Brain?
I don’t know, Pinky, what do you want to do?”

Lately we’ve been witnessing a major Collision between Conservatism, Codependence, Denial, and Boundaries, in the form of the “Don’t Say Gay” Drama being Acted Out in Florida and elsewhere. I was raised in a Culture that violently rejected Homosexuality, so I’m very conscious of the Cultural Taboo of Appearing to be Gay, or to fraternize or sororize with folks of the LGBTQ+ persuasion. Here’s a big discussion of the whole Balloon, in today’s “News” Minia…


It was very clear growing up, that the whole Balloon is driven by a need to Appear a certain way to your peers, because if you didn’t, they were likely to beat you to a pulp – that was a popular form of Entertainment in the 1950s. Driven by the ancient Fear of Abandonment, in other words. Except in many Indigenous Walkabout or Vision-Quest Cultures, Abandonment by your Community meant likely Death in them there Olde Dayes. Wouldn’t it be great if this Balloon spurs some people to Confront their Cultural Codependence around this Issue, and Claim their Free Will.

In her blog post today, Nafta Jay describes this 3D Drama from the 5D side…

“Last night in dreamtime I was working all night. It has been a while since I’ve been busy all night. I was helping to balance both the collective and a few individuals, while major archetypes were changing or being removed. I remember telling someone, ‘It’s okay, that’s just the fear being removed from the collective. It isn’t you, you’re fine.’ All night was spent calming energy down as layers of programming was removed, like blankets from a bed. After you remove a blanket, the lower layers need to be smoothed out. My job was the smoothing. There was a lot of smoothing.”

Where Are We?

April 19, 2022

Always a good question when there’s a lot going on…

A good place to start is the Moon Out of Bounds that begins 19 April 2022 11:17 am PDT, in 10 Sagittarius. It’s “OOB” over the Southern Hemisphere. I’m on the Northern half of the Globe, and so far I’ve noticed that things in “my World” are impacted more when the Moon is OOB North, so from that I’d hypothesize that Moon OOB South will impact the Southern Hemisphere more, but I haven’t verified it. I’m open to comments from the Southern half of our Big Blue Rock, letting me know whether this week was more of a challenge than usual for youalls. The Moon returns In Bounds 23 April 11:06 am PDT, in 7 Aquarius.

When the Moon is Out of Bounds, people seem to be more willing to Believe their Thoughts About Their Emotions, that is, their Stories. Our Stories Organize our Life, so No Blame. But they also Separate us from our Life, because they wall us out of the Present Moment, which is the only Moment there is. Many if not most of us gather our Stories from the News Minia, which is unfortunate, because the News Minia just reports the day’s Party Line, from whichever Party is running the Minia you frequent. It’s a fun way to Enjoy Group Hysteria, which may be our most rewarding way to Experience the Illusion of Power. But it’s as Evolutionarily Nutritious as a Big Mac.

For instance, your favorite Minia has probably informed you that the Patriarch of 🦨Poot has declared a new national anthem…

Since Moon OOB has been so disruptive lately, I looked ahead to see what it will be doing in its next several episodes…

  • Moon OOB N 2 May 10:58 pm PDT to 7 May 6:56 pm PDT, 10 Gemini-8 Leo.
  • Moon OOB S 16 May 8:21 pm PDT to 20 May 4:36 pm PDT, 10 Sagittarius-8 Aquarius.
  • Moon OOB N 30 May 4:30 am PDT to 4 June 1:29 am PDT, 10 Gemini-7 Leo.
  • Moon OOB S 13 June 7:00 am PDT to 17 June 1:33 am PDT, 10 Sagittarius-7 Aquarius.

Notice how it’s messing with our same natal planets every time, as if we’re stuck in a Loop. Seems kinda Karmic, don’t it. Last year in May, on the North side, it spanned 18 Gemini-4 Leo, less Zodiacal territory because the 11-year Moon OOB Cycle was just getting warmed up. In May 2023 it’ll be OOB from 3 Gemini to 9 Leo. I assume the span will grow till halfway through its 11 years, then start to shrink again, if it’s symmetrical. After that we go 11 or so years without a Moon OOB – boring! For the Minia at least, though I’m sure they can make stuff up to Entertain us. I checked the previous Cycle, using 2003 as a sample, and it was the same span – 10 or so of Gemini through early Leo. That’s very curious. Usually Patterns rotate around the Zodiac, they don’t stay in the same place. In May 1983, the span was 24 Gemini to 29 Cancer, so there is some movement from Cycle to Cycle.1

  • 1 The Moon is OOB whenever it is North of the Tropic of Cancer (23:27 N Declination) or South of the Tropic of Capricorn (23:27 S Declination), which occurs for several days every two weeks for about 11 years, then for the following roughly 11 years, it doesn’t go OOB at all.

Shortly after the Moon returns In Bounds on the 23rd, asteroid Hopi (Respect for All Things) Stands Still.2 This means that Respect, or Lack thereof, will be a Prominent Issue between now and then. Later the same day, dwarf planet Hylonome (Self-Sovereignty and Codependence) will also Stand Still,3 which will create all manner of Confusion as Codependents complain that they aren’t getting the Credit they Deserve for their Loyalty, while everyone else feels like their Sovereignty is not being Respected. Since no one is always fully Sovereign or Dependent, or for that matter Respectful, counterparties to these Expressed or Silent Judgments are unlikely to understand the Issue, and Feel unjustly Attacked.

  • 2 9:02 am PDT 24 April, in 25 Leo. Hopi is Stationary while Conjoining and Initiating asteroid Requiem (Respect for Death), which consummates 4:57 am PDT 27 April, in 25 Leo of course, “A large Camel crossing a vast and forbidding desert.” A vast and forbidding Desert is certainly a place of Death, but a Camel is exactly the friend we want for such a trek. This is a 10-year Cycle, so keep in mind that when you’re overwhelmed by the Vast and the Forbidding, Respect is your Camel!
  • 3 8:50 pm PDT 24 April, in 23 Capricorn. Notice that everybody here is in the Third Decanate (20-30 Degrees) of their Signs, as were and will be…
    • The 4 April Initiations of Moira (Fate and Choice) by Eris (Revelation of Denial) in 25 Aries and
    • Of Mars (Action) by Saturn (The Most Important Thing) in 23 Aquarius,
    • The 12 April Initiation of Jupiter by Neptune in 24 Pisces,
    • The 16 April Full Moon in 27 Libra and
    • Initiation of Pallas (Boundaries) by Eris in 25 Aries, and
    • The 29 April Station of Pluto (Compulsion) in 29 Capricorn.
  • The Third Decanate of any Sign symbolizes the Relationship between that Sign and the Sign that’s eight Signs ahead of it – Aries with Sagittarius, Taurus with Capricorn, Gemini with Aquarius, etc. In general this is the Changeable Nature of a Creative Sign, the Creative Nature of a Stable Sign, and the Stable Nature of a Changing Sign. So, for instance, it would represent…
    • The Flexibility of Creative Capricorn or Aries or Cancer or Libra,
    • The Innovations of Stable Leo or Scorpio or Aquarius or Taurus, and
    • The Essence of Changeable Pisces or Gemini or Virgo or Sagittarius.

Remember that Confusion is the first Sign of Growth, as long as you Allow Confusion to Exist on it’s own as a Feeling, and don’t Indulge Your Thoughts About It, particularly any Habits you have to regard Confusion as an Issue that needs to be Figured Out, and Reject the Potential Growth by Anal-yzing it to Death. Analysis is Thoughts, in case you haven’t Thought of it that way. If you can get your Thinker to Back Off while you Focus on Where in your Body you Feel Confusion, and What Sensations accompany it there. This is a great time to have Respect for All of your Feelings, and Honor them as they are, without having to Change them.

Even the most uncomfortable Feelings are likely to be Transient as long as you don’t Cage them with Thoughts. Ask your genuine Uncaged Feelings what Information they have for you, and then Listen, without Talking Back. You may not get an Answer right away, because if your Feelings are used to being Caged, they won’t Trust that your Question is sincere. You’ll need to Practice this Skill for a while before they Learn that you’ve Learned to Play Nice (and Respectful ) with them. They’re unlikely to Answer in Words anyway. They’re likely to Answer by Manipulating your Surroundings. Like when you can’t find your carkeys and finally give up trying to Figure Out where they went, so you sit down and an article in the paper on the table catches your eye, so you pick up the paper, and Voilà, there they are, under the paper.4

  • 4 And you probably don’t really Believe me when I tell you that every Entity is Conscious. Most of them just don’t like to Walkabout while Hupers are watching, because they know that it would Freak Out the Huper’s Belief that they’re the only ones around that are Conscious. As if most of us are more Conscious than the average carkey.