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the Most Important Thing 5

May 23, 2020

Before I forget, the Moon goes Out of Bounds again from 2:38 pm PDT 24 May till 1:23 pm PDT 26 May 2020.  Emotions run more Strongly when the Moon is Out of Bounds, which it does for several days every two weeks for 10-11 years, then not at all for the following 10-11 years.  We just started one of these decade-long “OOB” periods.  The Moon first went OOB on 19 February, the day the US stock market peaked.  The first day of the previous Moon-OOB decade was 11 September 2001 (“9/11”).

I’d call that Progress for Collective Huperity, to go from War to Pandemic in twenty years.  The Moon’s next OOB adventures were 4 March and 16-17 March.  On 23 March the US stock market finished 33% lower than its February high, the most rapid decline ever of that size.  Next up were 31 March-1 April, 12-14 April, 27-29 April, and 10-12 May.  Next month, the Moon will be OOB on 6-8 June and 20-22 June.  Watch for Emotional Reactivity and sharpened Instincts.

Well, I though we were getting a Break, but now I see that I was just looking at an incomplete calendar.  During and after our Big Expansion (Jupiter Station) event of 14 May, I missed astroevents about Truth (asteroid Veritas Stationary) on 15 May, about Boundaries (Pallas Station) on 17 May, about Self-Love (asteroid Sappho Stationary) on 19 May, and I was just about to miss an event about Oath-Breaking (Station of dwarf planet Orcus) on 23 May.  No wonder everything has felt so Rushed.

We aver that our Karma – which is Inertia from Obsolete Habits that we had cast in Stone in other Lifetimes – is the result of having made an Oath, then worked so hard to keep the Oath that we made the Habit Automatic, then Forgot that we made the Oath, and finally began to regard the Habit as “just the way it is,” without Realizing that Changing it is well within our Power.

We’re aghast at how slavishly the Antichrist’s minions lap up his ample excrement, but we React that way because we worked so hard to Forget that sucking up to Power was the only way to Survive in many situations in Times past.  We’re aghast that others haven’t Let Go of that Karma yet.  Even if we successfully maintained our own Homestead out in the Boonies, it was probably rare that one warlord or another didn’t send well-armed tax collectors and army recruiters by to help themselves to our harvest and our first-born.

The symbol for Oath-Breaking (dwarf planet Orcus) is also the symbol for Oath-Making, and it applies equally to Vows, Promises, Resolutions, and even Decisions.  As we move through this Quickening of our Journey to 5D, haven’t we been Making Oaths to Revert the Addictive and Abusive Karmic Patterns that keep us locked in 3D?  That’s good, but we also need to Recognize that we’re trading one Vow for another, and all Vows will be Hindrances in 5D.

In 5D we won’t need to use the mind’s Dualistic Habits as Enforcers, because we’ll be Living from Unconditional Self-Trust and Self-Love and Self-Acceptance.  Whatever happens, It Is What It Is, and what we think about What It Is will just put us back in 3D.  What did you Think we were Practicing when we spent the 1960s Stoned, Spaced Out, and just Grooving on everything?

The End of Time as We Know It in 2012 was about Making the 1960s Permanent, Remember (Uranus Waxing Square Pluto, following the remarkable 9 October 1965 Uranus-Pluto Conjunction at 18 Virgo, “A Ouija Board“)?  Isn’t it Curious that Maryjane is becoming Legal now, and Psilly with it.  Wouldn’t hurt to review that chart, since it’s the Fundamental chart of the Zeitgeist for the rest of this Century, Defining how we as Individual Souls (Uranus) relate to the Unconscious (Pluto), which is basically Everything that is Not-Me or Not-Ego-in-this-Moment.  Growth in Consciousness involves Stepping Into that Fathomless place, and by the way, did we mention that the symbol for Growth in Consciousness is Lit Up next week (asteroid Juno Stationary 8pm PDT 26 May).

Here’s the Orcus Station chart…

Flying Squirrels are unusually popular these days, and this one is missing its tail.  That’s a problem, because its tail is its rudder, which it would use to steer.  But then, the symbol for Oath-Breaking (Orcus) is Merged with the symbol for Ego Death (asteroid Nemesis), and yes, we can’t Revert a Karmic Oath without Enduring an Ego Death, and yes, by definition we have to Surrender Control when we descend into Ego Death.  This is Rocky’s left (Feminine) foot.

The other Players here are quite amazing.

Rocky’s right foot is the symbol for Fate and Choice (asteroid Moira) – whether we’re going to continue Denying that our Self-Sabotaging Patterns are Karmic and Accept them as the Way It Is, or Wake Up to the Realization that we can Choose to replace them with What We Want.

Rocky’s left front paw Merges his Karma (asteroid Karma) with the symbol for Consciously Ending Fated TimeLines (asteroid Atropos).  His right front paw is the symbol for Truth of the Heart (asteroid Aletheia).  His left ear is the symbol for his Soul (Uranus).

His head – literally, Where he’s Headed – is the Merger of Self-Sovereignty (Lilith) and Miracles (Chiron).  If we’re falling instead of soaring, we can also read this Lilith-Chiron as Despair over our Codependence.  But we know better.  We know that Despair is an  Emotion, and over our Codependence is grammatically an Object.  This reminds us that we’re Thinking about our Emotions, which is Toxic.  We need to Feel them instead.

We also know that the Miracle of Chiron is turning Despair inside out by Poor-Sweethearting ourselfThe Mythic Chiron was the Unhealable Healer.  When we shift from “I’m Discouraged” to “You Poor Sweetheart, you’re Discouraged, aren’t you” we shift our Identity from Despair to Empathy, and it’s Empathy that Heals the Unhealable.

Rocky’s right ear is at first puzzling.  His other extremities have all been codified instructions for Healing our Karma by Oath-Breaking.  But this one appears to be Sustainable Action about Abuse (dwarf planet Ceres [Sustainability], Mars [Action], and dwarf planet Nessus [Abuse], Merged [Conjunct]).  But the symbol for Abuse is also the symbol for Privilege (Nessus).  There is no Abuse without Privilege.  So we can read it as Action to Sustain Privilege.

Moving into 5D, where we Collaborate and Cooperate with every element of our entire Universe, and every element Collaborates and Cooperates with us, is an incredible Privilege.  Do we Deserve such a Gift?  Isn’t our Deservingness a key anchor into 3D for us?  As we’re Empathizing with the Suffering and Deprivation of the coronavirus victims and the suddenly Unemployed, how can we Justify Privilege to ourselves?  A key to Sustaining Privilege (it’s even hard to write without Feeling Guilt) is Gratitude.

And Realizing that Abundance means Having Enough to Share.  Do we seek the Privilege of Abundance, or the Privilege of Wealth (having enough to Hoard)?  As we Share our Abundance, what are we Feeling?  It would be a surprise if the Ego wasn’t Indulging a bit of Better-Than.  That’s what Egos do for a Living.  Do we Lovingly and Gently Acknowledge that, without Judgment?  Or do we Identify with the Better-Than hit, and Enjoy it?  Do we just Empathize with our Ego, agreeing with it that Privilege Feels Good, without Becoming it?

Are we Reliving the many times and Lifetimes when we’ve been Without, often unto Death?  Another huge Ego-Death Opportunity, to Let Go of our Addiction to Not-Having.  What Oaths might we have made in one or more of those Lifetimes, or in this one, that Allowed us to sink into Scarcity?  Vows of Poverty without accompanying PIAVAs for Grace?  We don’t need to wait for Answers to those Questions.

We just need to PIAVA Abundance and Grace, while we Lovingly and Gently and Rapidly and Completely Let Go of All Impediments to it.  (We avoid the term Release because we don’t want anyone thinking we want to Renew our Lease on the Impediments.)  It would be a good place to use that technique of alternating between Theta Healing and Tapping until we’re Satisfied that we’re Feeling Solid about our Direction and our Progress.  We’ve described that process in several posts recently.

Oh, wait.  What about the Vacancy that would fill in the Squirrel’s tail and complete the Configuration, so we can Soar and Coast to our Heart’s content and still retain Healthy Control?  After all, we always want Both/And, right?

The Vacancy is 11 Libra, “A professor peering over their glasses at their students.”  Well, we know the professor embodies Privilege, having considerable Power over their students.  And the professor probably Feels okay about having that Power.  We know that they’re Far-Sighted, to be peering over their glasses, like Chuck Schumer does.  I don’t detect any Judgment in their peering.  Perhaps they’re Feeling Wonder.

Any stray asteroids?  Aha, asteroid Elatus is at 14 Libra, within orb.  Anyone ever hear of Elatus?  Certainly not me.  Turns out the Mythic Elatus was a Centaur, and the poison arrow that Wounded Chiron passed through his arm (killing him) on its way to Chiron’s knee!  As my former Chief Asteroid Officer (who had some magical way to look these things up) used to say, You can’t make this stuff up! 

So how will this help us Steer our Flying Squirrel into 5D?  First we assume that Death is a Soul’s Choice, to move on to something more critical, or celebrate the completion of a task.  From this Perspective, we don’t seek 5D alone.  Even if we don’t know them, we make this Journey as a Tribe.  We are not Alone.

The Star Vindemiatrix, the Grape Picker and the right wing of Virgo, is also close by at 10 Libra.  She symbolizes carefully Harvesting what we have Sown, a hint at Deservingness. 

Several Stars of the minor Constellation Corvus are also within Orb.  Corvus the Crow is a Scavenger, but doesn’t seem Ashamed of his profession.  He’s reputed to be very smart, persistently pursuing What He Wants in clever and inventive ways.  Not Proud, but Competent and Self-Possessed.  He Defends his Lineage from the assaults of Eagle by enlisting help from his Kin.

Ego Death and Confidence III

May 3, 2020

Well, both our 30 April 2020 Nemesis Station Ego Death Seminar, and our 2 May Chariklo Station Confidence Workshop have technically finished, but as is often the case, the Impact lingers.  Sometimes there are good astrological reasons for that.  For instance, the Moon might be Completing a Related Angle, as the fast-moving Moon often serves as the Trigger for the Influence of slower astroevents.  Often when an astroevent lingers though, it’s because we didn’t know what was going on, we Personalized it, and we made Decisions and set Boundaries.

Such Decisions and Boundaries can continue the Impact of an astroevent beyond it’s Expiry Date.  Suppose for instance that someone who Abused us as a child wore a distinctive cologne or perfume, and last week we “happened” to meet someone wearing the same scent.  If we didn’t know that we were scheduled for an Ego Death around Abuse, and especially if we hadn’t Healed or even Opened Up to memories of that Abuse, then we would Eschew that person.  So if they had come into our Life to help us Heal our PTSD from the Abuse, we’d lose the Opportunity, and the Unconscious Impact of the PTSD would continue to Constrain our Life, perhaps Intensified by the astroevent’s Reminder.

Or, if we invested a lot of Time in the last few days, while Doubt was rampant, indulging our Fear of the Bolognavirus without Tapping it Out or Thetaing What We Want from it, we will have sent that Fear Vibration forth and increased the odds that our Future will contain What We Don’t Want, or at least What our Evil Twin in the Unconscious Wants.

And of course if we’ve made Big Life-Changing PIAVAs, whether we were Conscious of the astroevents or not, the Changes that those unfurl will likely continue to ripple through our Life for a loong time.  If we Asked that they be Loving and Gentle, which is always a good idea, they might take even Looonger, though being Loving and Gentle they’d have lower odds of meeting intractable Resistance.

And of course with two birthdays every few hours, we’re all Aging a lot faster than usual.  It’s probably a good time to increase our input of Resveratrol.  My fave, based on what works and doesn’t in my own Body, is Resveratrol from Blueberries, aka Pterostilbene.

Marilyn Raffaele, in her Arcturian Download for today, reminds us of our Mission…

To hold the light, help others awaken, and to bear witness to a new and higher reality, is why you are on earth at this time.  It is what you came to do and you are doing it dear ones, you are doing it.  You may think you are doing nothing but do not judge by appearances based in concepts of the third dimensional belief system, because a large part of your mission has been to clear remaining dense cellular memory and any present false beliefs, both of which only serve to perpetuate experiences of duality and separation…”

She continues…

“Ascension is simply the process of evolving into a higher state of consciousness through the experiences of every lifetime.  The Higher Self of every individual determines when they are ready for their next level of awareness.  This is why proselytizing is a useless and ego based activity.  Individuals cannot be forced into someone else’s consciousness of truth.

“You cannot make something out of nothing and thus everything seen, heard, tasted, touched, or smelled whether seemingly good or bad is a Divine reality being interpreted by individual and/or the collective mind according to the state of consciousness.

“Look deeply into every appearance, both the good and the bad, for good appearances are just as illusory as the bad ones.  By not judging according to three dimensional standards but rather seeking to understand the underlying reality of all appearances, you are living truth and opening yourself for more to unfold.

“Example; When in the presence of a sick person, know that in reality they are Divine Consciousness and because Divine Consciousness knows nothing of disease, you then realize that you are witnessing a manifestation of the belief in disease and separation.”

While the Chariklo Station Confidence astroevent is (just a day) past it’s Peak, it’s still Strong, and the Opportunity to Let Go of Belief in Manifesting Ill Health (dwarf planets Varuna [the Life Force] Opposing Chariklo [Confidence] T-Square Haumea [Rebirth]) is still very much in the air.  And even if it wasn’t, we could PIAVA it at any time.  Every Thought is a Prayer, and All Prayers are AnsweredThat’s why we have to be Hypervigilant with our Thoughts.

Chariklo [Healing Doubt, by Suspending Disbelief if you’re Unable to successfully PIAVA Confidence] of course is here The Most Important Thing (Conjunct Saturn), Expansive (Conjunct Jupiter), and all about appropriate Boundaries (Conjunct Pallas) with Other, including especially your Evil Twins in the Unconscious. In any given moment, if you aren’t Identifying with something, it’s Other).

The Confused COVIDiots threatening implicitly to massacre governors with their Kalashnikovs don’t realize that they’re Acting Out a scene from the two-Century Digital Age that begins in December 2020 (when Jupiter Conjoins Saturn in an Air Sign; yesterday’s Chariklo Station occurred at the Exact Jupiter-Saturn Midpoint, and we’re already under the Influence of next week’s Saturn and Jupiter Stations).  They’re unwittingly demonstrating against Unemployment, as Bernie would do, while Believing they’re Supporting the Antichrist’s Racist agenda.  Granolavirus Unemployment is only a dim preview of the Digital Age Unemployment that will likely Mirror the 1930s.

We introduce T-Squares as Challenges because that’s how most of us Experience them, when we aren’t Feeling Victimized by their Energy.  But bottom line, the Fourth harmonic (Squares) are all about Dominion, or Healthy Control.  How do we gain Dominion over anything?  Through the Wisdom that arises from Experience with it.  Our natal Squares and T-Squares indicate our Greatest Skills, even though they may feel like our biggest headaches. 

Our natal T-Squares and Squares are headaches when we Devolve into Feeling Victimized by them.  They become Skills as soon as we Embrace the Wisdom that we gain from repeatedly having to deal with their Challenges.  They become our Greatest Skills as soon as we Recognize that we have more Experience with their Teachings than anyone else, because we’re the one with the T-Squares!

Marilyn again…

“You are Divine Consciousness utilizing the material body you formed for yourself in order to function in the denser energies of the third dimension.  You have reached a point of spiritual readiness in which you must begin to identify with your real SELF rather than with the limited person you believed yourself to be.  If you were not ready you would not even understand these messages.

“The physical body is like a car that you use while on earth.  You utilize it as needed while keeping it clean and well maintained as best you can.  Occasionally the car may crash or get damaged for some reason but you never have been or ever will become the car [though of course you can Identify with it, and so lose this Realization].

“Once you can accept that you are Consciousness and not simply a material body subject to every belief floating about in the collective, you can begin to use your mind as it was intended, as an avenue of awareness rather than the ‘boss.’  The mind draws and then feeds information through one’s state of consciousness and as you begin to accept yourself as Divine Consciousness, allowing IT to express, everything in the outer begins to change…”

You have been removing veils for a very long time through many many lifetimes.  The intense high frequency energies of today are serving to speed up the process depending upon each one’s readiness and how thick and dense their veils.  As some intense long standing veils surface, their energy is frequently re-experienced physically, emotionally, mentally, or spiritually.  If or when this happens, do not resist but rather allow these energies/experiences to flow through and out without claiming them back in as your very own personal ‘problem’…”

“As each veil of false belief lifts from individual consciousness more of the already present Light Consciousness is able to shine without the need for prayers, candles, crystals, chants, ceremonies, or anything else meant to attract some separate God.  All that is or ever has been required is an intention for more Light and the ability and willingness to get out of the way.  Divine Consciousness needs no help from concepts of spirituality in order to express ITSELF.

“Release the belief that spirituality must be or look a certain way in order to be authentic.  Clear your mind of images of saints with folded hands and ascended masters bestowing light and blessings on adoring crowds.  These as well as most metaphysical ‘tools’ are valid in earlier and less awakened states of consciousness but relying on anything in the outer after once realizing that everything already exists fully present within will simply hold [you] in an outgrown state and perpetuate the experiences of separation…”

“Know that the one Omniscient, Omnipresent, and Omnipotent Divine Consciousness is and always has been manifesting ITself as infinite form and variety.  Know that every rock, every bird, every blade of grass, and every tree is just as much an expression of IT as are human beings.

“Every different form holds a unique pattern of wholeness and completeness representing the Divine plan for that particular expression/form of ITself.  Different, but not less than.  EVERYTHING is Divine Consciousness and to judge certain life forms as being better or of more value than another is three dimensional ego unawareness.

“Be aware that with every breath you breathe in the omnipresent Light of Divine Consciousness.

“Rest in the realty of your own soul’s perfection.

“Trust that all is as it needs to be at this time while releasing once and for all the belief that you need to do, do, do, in order to be.

“You will never be more spiritual than you already are. It is time to accept and allow…”


Tumultuous Week 2

March 28, 2020

In the following table, we list the peak times for the coming astroevents.  The Energies are likely to build up in the days prior to the peak, then come to a head, then soften and fade into the background.  That doesn’t mean they’ve become unimportant.  It just means that they’re surrendering the podium to give their Peers a chance to Speak Up.  The Energies marked with a *Timespan are likely to become very strong again after the indicated Timespan has elapsed.

  • 28 March 2020 9:30 pm PDT, The need to Express yourself (Chariklo Initiates Mars 29 Capricorn).  *6 Months.  See also next entry.

  • 30 March 1am PDT, There are Things you Feel strongly about Expressing, but you don’t Feel like you have Permission to Speak out about them.  Many of these Things aren’t very Clear to you yet, making it all the more important that you Talk about them, because Talking will help you Get Clear.  So Give Yourself Permission to Ramble, without having to Make SenseIf you do Feel at all Clear, Shout it Out.  You don’t have to be – or Want to be – Perfect.  If anyone tries to shut you up, find new Friends and Allies.  The Things you need to Talk About and Get Clear About and Shout Out will turn out to be Critical for the Repair of the Planet (Ixion Stationary 1 Capricorn).  *5 Months.
  • 31 March 8:40 am PDT, A Big Change in your Values allows you to Explore New Directions.  Yes, you do have Power and your Opinion and Input are Important to Solving these Problems (Sedna Initiates Venus 28 Taurus).  *3 months.
  • 31 March 10am PDT, Focus on What You Want, whether it’s Clear to you or not.  If it’s not, just make a stab and follow it with “…or something like that.”  It’s actually better if you’re vague.  If someone tries to pin you down or put you down, change the subject or suddenly remember an important appointment (Moon on North Node 4 Cancer).  *1 Week.
  • 31 March 11:30 am PDT, Don’t Argue with Anyone.  Just Express Yourself, when it Feels Safe, and be Open to others Expressing Themselves.  Spend as much time Listening to others, as you spend Expressing Yourself, and Suspend Judgment while you’re Listening.  If you’re Suffering a Noisy Fool, take a third party aside and Ask them about themself  (Saturn Initiates Mars 1 Aquarius).  *6 Months.
  • 31 March 7:30 pm PDT, Big Changes in our Boundaries with Other People that don’t Feel Optional.  Trust your Sense of what Feels Important (Pluto Initiates Pallas 25 Capricorn).  *1 Year.
  • 1 April 11am PDT, What are The Most Important Probabilities that you need to be Ready to Deal With?  What other Possibilities are you Discounting because you don’t Believe they’re Probable?  How would you Prepare for them if they suddenly became Probable?  What are you Ignoring? (Pholus Stationary 5 Capricorn).  *5 Months.
  • 2 April 6:20 pm PDT, Paying Attention to your Vitality and Taking Full Responsibility for it.  If that’s a Difficult assignment, Reorganize your Priorities till it becomes Second Nature (Moon on Varuna 2 Leo).  * 1 Week.
  • 3 April 6:15 pm PDT, Beginning to Understand Why you’re being put through this Gauntlet (Neptune Initiates Mercury 20 Pisces).  *3 Months.
  • 3 April 9:30 pm PDT, If the Threats to your Survival Feel Overwhelming, Tap Out your Vulnerability, then Pray that the Universe Give You All That You Need to Stay Safe  (Quaoar Stationary 5 Capricorn).  *5 Months.

  • 4 April 8:40 am PDT, The Emotions that you’re Feeling are Real, but you’re Attributing them to Current-Lifetime Events, and they’re Karmic, they’re not Present-Moment.  You have what amounts to an Addiction to these Emotions, so when they Arise you Grasp them.  Emotions need to be Felt and then Let Go, to make room for the Rest of Life.  What would it be like for you if you did that?

Would you Feel Differently?  Even if you Feel Guilty, that would be Progress – you’d have Let Go of your Addictive Feeling and made some room for the Rest of Life.  You’re still Alive, right?  Now go back to your Original, Addictive Emotion.  It’s Still There, right, it hasn’t gone anywhere?  You don’t have to Grasp it – it’ll always Be There.  When it arises, Let It Come then Let It Go (Moon opposes OR10 5 Virgo).  *1 Week.


No WWIII, Brenda Says We’re Okay

March 17, 2020

It’s been about four hours since the Moon went Out-of-Bounds, and I haven’t seen any reports of War yet, which puts us far ahead of 2001.  Lots of borders closing and even sheltering in place ordered, which is good – Introversion and Meditation is how we Avoid allowing our Twelfth House planets to plunk us into Hospitals and Prisons.  It’s painful for many trying to defend their nest-eggs, but the Bears are long overdue, and it is possible that we could get some sort of Recovery once we get a new gang of thieves in the capitol.

Look at those fingernails!  I’ve seen Huckleberries sliced neatly in half, so those things might look like awls, but they’re sharp as razors.

Brenda Hoffman’s Channeling for today…

“Many of you are frightened.  Not only about the possibilities of a disease, but also – and perhaps more importantly – that no one is telling you what to do.  You want someone, anyone, to take responsibility for your safety and that of others.  Instead, you sense a vacuum, an aloneness that makes you even more frightened.

“The thought, ‘Someone, please tell me what to do,’ resounds in your head.  Only to hear nothing that seems logical or right for you.

“Know that you are replaying your 3D tapes of, ‘Someone other than me is responsible for my welfare, for my life.’  But what you are discovering – with anger, we might add – is that there is no one taking care of you.

“Of course, family members and friends voice their concern and hope that no one they love becomes ill.  But what you have waited for the past few days is THE plan that will satisfy your fears.  That will make you feel all better.  Similar to a parent assuring a small child that there is no boogeyman under their bed.

“Such is not going to happen.  That 3D parent structure has fallen.  Now it is, ‘Every man, woman, and child for themselves.’  Which appears to be the worst curse possible for that phrase was only used in the most extreme 3D cases.  But if you dissect that phrase, you will discover the blessing.  For that phrase means earth entities are finally taking responsibility for themselves.

“Many of those frightening 3D phrases were road maps to new you.

“This time, this transition has been seeded for eons.  The messages we emphasize are not necessarily new.  The difference is your understanding of those messages.  Just as someone can say, ‘I hate you’ and mean a silly jest or a hateful reply.  The 3D words you express daily, have multiple meanings. So it is heart messages are becoming more fashionable than words.

“Anyone can and often does say whatever is convenient for them at the moment.  But are those words actionable or merely words to assure you when you have forgotten your powers?

“This is a time of falling 3D structures.  Until now, most 3D structures merely bent.  They are now crumbling.

“You often listen to words not followed by the related action.  Of course, you joke about that lack of symbiotic relationship.  At the same time, it frightens you.  Who are you to believe or follow?  What are you to expect from your leaders?  Your response can only be that you no longer want or require leaders – you have claimed your powers.

“The Wizard of OZ was one of your seeds for this transition.  If you remember, Dorothy believed that only the Wizard could return her to Kansas.  But after many struggles, Dorothy and her friends discovered the Wizard was merely a little man behind a curtain.  Dorothy always had the power to return home without anyone’s assistance.

“So it is for you now.  What feels right?  What gives you joy?

“Many of you respond that nothing gives you joy because your parent-leaders have taken away your life, your joy.  We remind you that you are a power in yourself.  During this global chaos, you might wish to isolate yourself, treat those who become ill, or continue other aspects of life that feel right.

“Perhaps you are concerned that allowing others to do what they want will harm you or your loved ones.  We remind you that if you are moving from your heart, you will not harm anyone, including animals, plants, or other humans.

“Your new inner guidance system is not part of the 3D social system.

“Will you infect others with a virus?  No, because to do so goes against everything you have dedicated yourself to for eons, most definitely including this transition.  You will do what you need to do with heart regardless of the fumbled messages of your leaders.  3D leaders are no longer relevant.

“Your advanced transition stage allows you to know who you are and where you need to be.  Even though some of you may not yet fully understand your inner messages, you will find yourselves in the right place because of your inner workings – not the convoluted dictates of 3D leaders.

“The world is no longer ruled by the leaders of yesterday.  Instead, those awakened or awakening will dictate the loving actions required to move the earth and its inhabitants beyond these crises. You, the people, are taking over.  Not as in ‘I’m in control,’ but instead, that ‘this needs to be done, and so does this and this.’  So it is the loving hearts of those of you who have shifted or are shifting beyond 3D, creating the solutions.  As those fully of 3D will bungle one action after another.

“Those fully of 3D are destroying the structures of fear.  While those of you with open hearts will create loving solutions that do not require 3D actions or words.  So be it.”

Survival or Bust VII Eclipse

December 24, 2019

Lets start with a review of essential research…

And, thanks to alchemist0310 and Starhawk, a Prayer for the Solstice…

When the center of the Moon crosses in front of the center of the Sun, but the Moon is distant enough from Earth in its ovalish Orbit that the Moon doesn’t fully cover the face of the Sun, then rather than a Total Eclipse it’s called an Annular Eclipse.  That’s what happens at the 25 December 2019 (9am PST) New Moon.  It would look something like this…

…if we were in the narrow red band in this next picture…

And look like a Partial Solar Eclipse in the partially-shaded areas below…

The more heavily shaded areas are nighttime.

Eclipses are, Paradoxically, about Illumination, because the best way to make us Aware of something that we Take For Granted, is to Remove it.  Like Birdsong, for instance.  During a Total Eclipse, all of our Feathered Brothers and Sisters are eerily Silent.  It’s like someone throws a switch and turns off the background Music the moment Totality hits.  Then turns it back on again as soon as Daylight resumes.  It Feels as Strange as the Midday Semi-Darkness.

The Eclipse falls on the Cusp of Capricorn.  What else have we been reading about lately that’s falling on that Cusp?  It’s within our usual three-Degree Sensitivity of Jupiter/Expansion, Quaoar/Survival Instincts, and Pholus/Full Respond-Ability.  If we stretch our Sensitivity a bit, it’s also Merged with the South Node/Held Emotions and Ixion/Forbidden Genius.  Busy busy busy.  These are the planets we’ve been equating to the Climate Crisis, not to mention the Confusion about whether the Political Economy of the World is about to Surge or Collapse.

It’s at a corner of two Configurations that look like Take-Out Boxes from a Chinese restaurant (or, as we usually package them, a Square Fez with a Chinstrap, that is, a Zodical Loop consisting of Square-Sextile-Square-Sextile-Sextile).  The Configuration features three Challenges (Squares) and four Pay Attention! Flags (Fingers of God).  The Four planets/Energies we’re Asked to Pay Attention to are…

  • The Climate and Existential Crisis (Eclipse-Jupiter-Quaoar-Pholus).
  • Manifestation (dwarf planet Makemake).
  • Vitality (dwarf planet Varuna).
  • Intrusive Memories (dwarf planet OR10).

Our three Challenges are…

  • Are we Skillful Enough with Abundance to Survive the Climate Crisis and it’s accompanying Disruptions (Eclipse et al Square Makemake)?  Our recommendation for maximizing this is to Strive for as much Neutrality as you can muster, by Seeking and Embracing your Held Emotions (South Node).  Neutrality doesn’t mean Absence of Passion or Action.  It just means that our Actions and Non-Actions are Well Conceived and Effective, and we’re Not Attached to Outcomes.  Our best portal into our hidden Held Emotions may be through our Judgments, which often mask What We’d Rather Die than Feel.  Our Judgments are different from our Preferences, though the latter is often used to try to hide the former.
  • Are we Conscious Enough about the Descent of our Soul into Flesh, to be Loving with the Changes in our Body and Vitality that are needed to Make Room for it (Varuna Square Uranus)?  We may be Challenged by what appears to be Illness, which mainstream Medicine may or may not have Diagnoses for.  We’re probably better off if it doesn’t, because then we won’t also have to Struggle against the Soul-Numbing Drugs and Body-Crippling Surgeries they want to foist on us.  A possible best-of-both-worlds strategy?  Go with Acupuncture.
  • How do we Interpret all those weird Voices and seemingly-Random Memories, Dreams, and Hallucinations we’re having (asteroid Klotho/New Beginnings Square OR10)Those Movements you keep seeing out of the corner of your Eye?  Faeries?  Visitors from the Other Side?  Just your Imagination?  Are they Friendly, or are you Afraid to find out?  Those “Random” Flashes from Childhood?  Do you Welcome them?  What do you Feel when they arise?  They may be other doorways to Held Emotions you can Choose to Let Go Of.  The people we’re running into that we haven’t seen in years?  The unexpected events that Mirror Ancient events?  Do we Embrace them as more Opportunities?

Here’s the Eclipse chart…

Survival or Bust III

December 12, 2019

From the previous post…

“The peak of the US Stock Market just prior to the 2007-09 Derivatives Crash, in October 2007, occurred within a few days of the previous Quaoar-Jupiter Initiation, 11 October 2007 in 16 Sagittarius.  Three Twentieth-Century Quaoar-Jupiter Initiations (out of eight) also occurred near major market turns, but these turns were all bottoms rather than tops, and the turns were several months (out of twelve years) removed from the Initiations.  These market bottoms were in October 1920, July 1932 (the low for the Century), and May 1982.”

Intriguingly, the man generally considered to be responsible for the turnaround at the 1982 market bottom, Paul Volcker, died yesterday (8 December 2019).  Do you think he might have had a Connection to Quaoar/Survival and Pholus/Responsiveness?  In his natal chart…

  • Quaoar on his Sun/Essence.
  • Pholus on his Moon/Instincts.
  • Ixion/Forbidden Genius on his Venus/Values.
  • Jupiter/Expansion on his Uranus/Soul.
  • Makemake/Manifestation and Hylonome/Self-Sovereignty on his North Node/Life Mission.

Obama actually lured Paul back to work when he (Obama) first took over the US presidency with the economy in tatters, in 2009.  After a few months, realizing that his voice was not being heard because he was being outshouted by Dubya’s advisors that were still hanging around, loudly writing 8-digit Treasury checks to one another, he bailed.

The person who has his job now, for the 14 December 2019 (3:30 pm PST) Jupiter-Quaoar meeting, Jerome Powell, has a few relevant placements as well…

  • Quaoar on his Sun-North Node-Karma.
  • Ixion on his Moon.
  • Jupiter on his Hylonome/Self-Sovereignty and Nessus/Abuse.
  • Asteroid Atropos/Endings on his Venus.

But his Pholus stands alone, which is unfortunate, as it may indicate that he could be blindsided.  Volcker’s successful Strategy was to stop runaway inflation, causing a Recession in the process.  It’s not clear that Powell has a Strategy for this – his Greenspan-Bernanke-Yellen philosophical heritage has a strong allergy to Recessions.

What about Powell’s impeachable boss?

  • Quaoar stands alone.
  • Pholus is on his Vertex/Intuitive Channel.  You can see that easily in how readily he presents Obfuscation and Distraction to cover his tracks with a doting media.
  • Ixion stands alone.
  • Jupiter stands alone.

Then there are these additions…

  • Orcus/Pattern-Breaking and Atropos are on his Sun-North Node.
  • Asteroid Karma is on his Venus-Saturn.
  • Asteroid Aletheia/Truth is on his Mars/Action and Ascendant/Social Image.
  • Asteroid Veritas/Truth is on his Lilith/Self-Sovereignty.
  • Asteroid Hopi/Respect for All Things is Opposite his Uranus.

He also has two natal Configurations that could indicate Self-Destruction…

  • Pluto in the 12th House, traditionally jails and hospitals, which one Avoids through Meditation and Introversion, which it’s doubtful that he Enjoys.
  • Fixed Star Capulus/“Male sexual energy: focused, direct, penetrating action… passionate and at times brutal and violent [like] Jim Jones, the cult leader who instigated mass suicide… or Edward Gein, [the inspiration for] the films Psycho, Chainsaw Massacre, and Silence of the Lambs on his Midheaven/Community or Career.

The Patriarchy won’t Die without putting up a Struggle.  But here’s some positive news – Paul Bunyan has Converted!…

Paul Bunyan Was An Axe Murderer of Trees

Survival or Bust

December 5, 2019

That’s turning out to be kinda true for most of us as individuals, and certainly for the tattered remains of the Nation State as we’ve known it since at least 1900, as well as for our Habitat on Mother Earth – Survival or Bust.  Jupiter enters Capricorn on 2 December 2019 (9:30 am PST), which means we will no longer be Expanding (Jupiter) by Letting Go (Sagittarius), but by Fixing It (Capricorn).  The last time we made this transition was December 2007.  The problem with that, is that What needs Fixing seeps out of the woodwork.

But this time the Capricorn Cusp is already occupied.  Two dwarf planets have been Dancing there for quite a while now, the symbol for Survival Instincts (dwarf planet Quaoar), and that for Responsiveness (dwarf planet Pholus).  The Mythological Quaoar taught His people how to Survive in a hostile environment.  A part of the Unconscious whispers these messages to us still.  Are we Listening?

The Mythological Pholus was killed (along with many others) because he did not take explicit Responsibility for what he hadn’t thought about.  “Well, of course,” you say, “no one can do that!”  Well, We can, actually, by Asking (PIAVAing)…

“God/Goddess, Creator of All That Is, I Command To Be Shown What I Need to Respond To, in Order to Protect My Survival, and How I Need To Respond.  It Is Done; It Is Done; It Is Done.  Thank You, God/Goddess.  Show Me.”

…for example.  For many of us this is already happening, we just aren’t Interpreting it on that level.  Wouldn’t hurt to Ask some version of this on several levels – Personal, Community, National, Planetary at least.  And it wouldn’t hurt to Pay Attention and Follow Through.

The Jupiter Ingress into Capricorn features two Squares (Challenges).  From Jupiter-Pholus-Quaoar-Ixion (we’ll talk about Ixion a bit later) to Chiron, which tells us to Reframe any Victimhood we can find.  And from Eurydike to Sedna, which tells us to use Trust and Suspending Disbelief to Step Through any Fear that arises, Converting it to Power.

A number of astroevents carry us through this Portal.  They’ll span several weeks, and their combination is likely to be the predominant Energy through most of December.  Reframing Victimhood, Trusting, and Suspending Disbelief will be Powerful tools in our quiver.

Before we detail these astroevents, though, let’s talk about Ixion.  Jupiter crossed dwarf planet Ixion on 21 November, in 28 Sagittarius, which would have intensified the Abuse Memories that were likely surfacing at that time.  Ixion stands for our Forbidden Genius.  This Genius of ours, which is important to our ultimate Survival (and that of the Planet), was Repressed by our Programmers out of Jealousy or Fear.  Genius Transcends Social Boundaries almost by definition, so “for our own good,” our Programmers may have tried to Train us to Repress it, so we wouldn’t later be punished for it.  That was Abusive.

This Jupiter-Ixion Expansion-of-Genius Cycle isn’t about Innovation. It’s about Recovering Skills that we’ve almost Forgotten we had, or more likely, Skills we’ve been assuming aren’t useful, Skills we sorta think we’re a Weirdo for having, Skills that few if any others have ever Recognized – and if they did, we recalled our Programming and Discounted it.  In fact, that almost Defines them.  Genius is not Created in a single Lifetime, and chances are we have been Put to Death or Ostracized – which in many Cultural circumstances is the equivalent of Death – more than once for using our Genius to Betray the Emperor’s new Wardrobe.

We need to take the Risk to Speak our Truth, not Expect to be Validated.  If someone else takes the baton and runs with it, leaving us without Credit, that’s a huge Blessing, because we will have let our Genius Loose upon the World without having to suffer the inevitable Backlash.  The Mythological Ixion Fathered many of the Mythical Beings that were killed as a result of Pholus’s Inattention.  Coincidence?

The incipient thirteen-year Jupiter-Ixion Cycle (Expanding our Access to our Hidden Genius) that began 21 November in 28 Sagittarius will be about “An old bridge over a beautiful stream is still in constant use,” suggesting that our Genius may largely be about rediscovering ancient processes (such as Biochar). 

The thirteen years we just finished (since late January 2007, Initiated in 14 Sagittarius) was about “The Great Pyramid and the Sphinx,” or about erecting great monuments to the Mysteries.  Or its Opposite, as the central theme of the last thirteen years has been Material Greed, Denial, and the Worship of Wealth, based on the agglomeration of immense Debt.

The 21 November chart features two T-Squares (Big Challenges), one to Eurydike (Trust), and the other to Moon-Sappho (our Self-Love Instinct).  As we’ll see, both of these asteroids are tightly involved in this Jupiter-Capricorn Portal.  The Ixion-Jupiter Initiation was Merged with Venus (Challenging our Social Values), and Opposed by dwarf planet Chaos (offering Unlimited Potential).

The additional astroevents…

♥ Until 10 November…

  • The symbol for Trust (asteroid Eurydike) begins a new 4½-year Cycle with the symbol for Intrusive Memories (dwarf planet OR10).  The theme of the Cycle is about figuring out which of the flood of Memories we can Trust, and which accompanying Emotions to Let Go Of.  When they lead us to otherwise-hiding Held Emotions, it’s a Profound Service to us.  The theme is the same as that of the Cycle we’re finishing.  Remedial Repeats of astroevents imply that it’s really important for us to Learn the material.
    • Both Cycles began/begin at 4 Pisces, “Heavy car traffic on a narrow isthmus between two seaside resorts.”  The new Initiation is exact at 2:30 pm on 8 December; the previous Cycle began in early April 2015.
  • Expansion (Jupiter) begins a new 13-year Cycle with Responsiveness (Pholus).  We can expect one step backward for every two steps forward.  That means forward progress and much Trial and Success, and it’s important that we maintain a broad enough Perspective to avoid Discouragement.  Thomas Edison supposedly Celebrated every Lightbulb that didn’t work, because he knew each “failure” brought him closer to Success.
    • The upcoming Cycle begins at 2 Capricorn, “Three Rose windows in a Gothic church, one damaged by war.”  The Initiation Squares Chiron (Discouragement and Miracles).  It’s Exact at 1:30 am on 9 December.  All three Rose windows in Notre Dame Cathedral survived the April fire.
    • The ending Cycle began in mid-December 2006 at 5 Sagittarius, “An old Owl sits alone on a branch of a large Tree.”  Well, have we been Respecting Nature’s Wisdom for the last baker’s dozen years?  The media certainly says no, we’ve cut down and burned the Tree, and sold the Owl’s Feathers for fashion.  Underground, the Response has been better, as a whole lot of people have been working on their own to move us forward – yourself, for instance.
  • Self-Love (asteroid Sappho) begins a new 3-year Cycle with Manifestation (dwarf planet Makemake).  This is pretty Exciting, especially since the theme will be Self-Care.  Expect lots of Endings and Beginnings, and Challenges to Avoiding Victimhood.
    • The Sabian Symbol for the 7 Libra Initiation is “A woman feeding Chickens and protecting them from the Hawks.”  The Initiation, Exact at 8:30 pm on 10 December, Opposes asteroid Atropos/Endings, Trines asteroid Klotho/ Beginnings, and Squares the Nodes, with dwarf planet Ceres/Sustainability on the South Node.
    • The Cycle that’s ending began in mid-September 2016 at 3 Libra, “The Dawn of a New Day reveals Everything Changed.”  You can say that again.

From 11 December through the end of the year…

  • Full Moon at 9pm PST 11 December in 20 Gemini about Ego Death (Square asteroid Nemesis) and Eschewing Fate (Moira Square Saturn-Pluto-Venus-Chariklo).  We Eschew Fate by becoming Conscious of our Karma; Consciousness begets Choice.  As Seth said a long time ago (in The Nature of Personal Reality), Knowing our Karma is Easy – it’s writ large in our Personal History.
    • Asteroids Aletheia/Truth and Bee-Zed/Transcendence Conjoin the Sun, and dwarf planet Asbolus/Intuition Conjoins the Moon. 
    • The Full Moon chart includes a T-Square that’s a half-Degree beyond our usual three-Degree Sensitivity relative to the Full Moon, but it’s well within three Degrees when considered by itself.  That’s Pluto-Chariklo T-Square to Moira/Fate-vs-Choice Opposite Eris/Revelation-of-Denial.  Saturn and Pluto Exactly Square dwarf planet Eris in mid-January, joining the Uranus Station and Pluto-Saturn Initiation ( – with Eris Stationary!  We’ll have to write about this.
  • We can also Expect a fairly thorough Dress Rehearsal for January 2020 over the last half of December.

Until 14 November…

  • Expansion (Jupiter) begins a new 12-year Cycle with Survival Instincts (Quaoar).
    • The 4-Capricorn Sabian Symbol is “A Human Soul, eager for New Experience, seeks Embodiment.”  That’s a bit Oxymoronic, as the notion that Souls are “Human” is incredibly Anthropocentric.  The notion, though, is that there are likely to be a lot of Newcomers.  Let’s hope they bring their Genii on their shirtsleeves, as we need it.
    • The previous Cycle began in October 2007, within two days of the Dow Jones top preceding the last big Financial Crash, the one we haven’t really Recovered from because our Scary “Leaders” are still Denying that Infinite Debt is a problem.  For them it’s a Boon.  The theme of this Ending Cycle was 16 Sagittarius, “Seagulls fly around a ship, expecting Food.”  The paraphrase “Vulture Capitalists circle a Banking Crisis, Expecting a Feast” fits perfectly
  • The last time this happened…

Until 18 November…

  • Trust (Eurydike) begins a new 4½-year Cycle with Abuse and Privilege (dwarf planet Nessus)The theme is 9 Pisces, “A jockey spurs [ie, Abuses] his Horse, intent on outdistancing his rivals.”  

We’ll include the relevant charts in the next post.  In the interim, consider buying some Gold, because it’s sounding like the excrement could be about to hit the blower.

A Roadmap to 5D

November 20, 2019

I don’t know how long this will be available for free, but several days at least, I believe, maybe till about November 25, 2019?  At any rate, it’s worthwhile, four very concise fifteen-minute talks by Joe Dispenza, highly recommended…


January 2020 IV

November 17, 2019

At 9:45 pm PST 17 November 2019, the previous post, January 2020 III, was revised quite a bit.  If you read it before then, you may want to reread it.

The Fives V

October 27, 2019

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