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Wants, Mission, Compromise 9

June 24, 2018

Today’s Channeling from Daniel Scranton…

“We have a wide array of experiences in our collective past, and these experiences have informed us as to what we would think would benefit the human collective.  When we were physical beings, we traveled throughout thegalaxy, and at times outside of the galaxy, in search of new philosophies, new ways of looking at existence.  We have not stopped looking just because we no longer inhabit physical bodies, but when we were physical, we had experiences similar to what you are experiencing.

“But of course, ours were different because we have been on a different path.  Now, each of you draws from your own experiences in developing your philosophies, your approaches to life there on planet Earth, and most humans tend to cling to those philosophies.  We are talking about something here that is bigger than a belief.  We are talking about a world view or a galactic view, something that you put a tremendous amount of time, thought, and energy into.

“And it would stand to reason that if you had more experiences, or different experiences, you would develop a different worldview.  But what if you could only create experiences for yourself that fit in that worldview?  What if you were only allowing yourselves to experience that which you or someone else had experienced previously?  How could you remedy that?

“Well, the first thing to recognize is that we are all one, and the next thing that you want to take note of is that if we experience something, then so do you.  And that is true because we are all one.  Therefore, we encourage you to stretch yourselves out beyond your normal scope of what you consider to be ‘real.’  Don’t just think in terms of what you or someone else has been able to experience there on planet Earth.

“Expand out to include all beings in the galaxy, all beings in all dimensions, or even all beings in existence, and recognize that you can widen that scope.  You can allow in more experiences than you can imagine, and it is as easy as letting go of the basis for that worldview.  Anything you can imagine and so much more. That is what is available to you in this now moment.”

Karma Full Moon

May 27, 2018

We’ll hopefully have time to map this out more carefully, but I wanted to be sure we at least covered the basics…

  • The Full Moon Conjoins asteroid Karma – all of our Archetypes and Self-Sabotaging Patterns will be Lit Up for the next several weeks.
  • The Full Moon Sun Conjoins asteroid Moira – giving us the Opportunity to Choose Otherwise than our traditional Reactions to the stimuli that trigger those Archetypes.  Most of us were raised to Believe that our Karma was not our Choice.  At one time that may have been the case, but From This Moment On, Continuing to Let Your Karma Run Your Life IS Your Choice.  Deny it all you want; all you’re doing is Choosing Suffering.  Good Habit to Break, eh?
  • From This Moment On, Continuing to Let Your Karma Run Your Life IS Your Choice.  Deny it all you want; all you’re doing is Choosing Suffering.  Good Habit to Break, eh?  If you aren’t sure what this means, just Intend Otherwise.
  • The Full Moon Squares dwarf planet Nessus (which is Strengthening as it slows for a 9 June Station) – Can’t find the quote so I’ll paraphrase; Michael Pollan says in How to Change Your Mind that one of the “flight instructions” for a typical LSD or Psilocybin therapy session is “If you encounter something scary, plant your feet, look it in the Eye if it has one, and ask, ‘What have you got to teach me?’ ”  I’ve been using that on things like Physical Pain, and it immediately changes the Water.  Try it when your Abuse Memories arise, whether you recognize them as Abuse Memories or just think someone is being Unfair.
  • The Full Moon also Squares dwarf planet Orcus (which thus Opposes Nessus) – Orcus is about Making and Breaking Oaths.  All Oaths Freeze us out of the Present Moment to some degree in some circumstances.  Here we’re obviously talking about Oaths, that we made as a result of Abuse (Nessus), that became Karmic, thus Masquerading as Fate (Moira).  Be Mindful that you can Choose Otherwise.
  • Asteroid Lachesis, which is about Choosing to Cut a Self-Sabotaging Timeline Short by Choosing Otherwise, Squares the Nodes.  In other words, we can Make Choices here that Short-Circuit our Karma and instead promote our Mission.
  • The Full Moon is at 9 Degrees, and OR10 is Stationary (Exact at 7pm PDT 30 May; the Full Moon is at 7am PDT 29 May) at 5 Degrees.  Not close enough for our usual 3-Degree Sensitivity applying to Current Events, but plenty close for applying to Projects Begun Under the Influence.  By this measure OR10 joins Nessus in Squaring the Full Moon-Moira-Karma and Opposing Orcus, meaning that your Abuse Memories are likely to be In Your Face.  No matter how you’re in the Habit of Reacting or Responding to that, This Time Choose Otherwise.
  • Making this Extension of Sensitivity also puts asteroid Lachesis (Square the Nodes) Conjunct asteroid Nemesis – Ego Death.  So Choosing Otherwise might be Painful.  When you encounter Choices that seem Scary or Painful (other than Asking them What They Have to Teach You), Ask your Guides (or the Great Spirit or …) whether this is “Real” or just a Challenge to your Ego.
  • This Extension also bring the Station of Eurydike (noon PDT 27 May at 2 Libra) into the equation.  Eurydike Conjoins Atropos (Endings) and Makemake (Manifestation), Opposes Chiron, and Squares Mercury Opposite Vesta-Quaoar, meaning that we can, if we Choose to Accept it, Choose to modify our Beliefs so that they create less Pain and better support our Survival.  Remember to Poor-Sweetheart yourself if Pain arises.
  • Eurydike-Atropos-Makemake also make a Grand Trine (Great Blessings) with Sun-Moira and Mars.  With Chiron, North Node (Conjunct Aletheia/Truth), and Moon-Karma, this makes a Grand Sextile (Even Greater Blessings, but we have to take Action to kick-start the process).
  • Mars, meanwhile, Conjoins newly discovered asteroid BZ509.

We’ll write about BZ509 tomorrow.


Identity and Perspective

May 11, 2018

Here’s a great short video essay on Identity, Yintegrity, Yindependence, and Perspective…

My considerable distractions are starting to wind down, so we should be able to return to our “regularly scheduled programming” shortly.

Gauntlet VIII – Chiron

April 16, 2018

Anybody who’s “been here” a while knows that Chiron can be a Bear. 

It’s about Getting Conscious of our Wounds.  Like Saturn helping to Educate us about which Traumas are Really Going On in the Moment and which are Flushbacks, if we’re Conscious of our Wounds we can Differentiate them from new Arrows.  For Present-Moment Traumas we want to improve our Boundaries to stop or dodge the Arrows and Prevent further Harm, and for Flushbacks we want to be very Loving with ourself in order to Heal the Wounds. These are very Different Responses.

That’s a hidden benefit of using our Mirrors to fend off apparent negative Energy coming at us.  Using a Mirror is very Powerful for any situation where you’re having Difficulty being Present with yourself (or Others) and staying Grounded… 

  • When you’re talking to someone and feel insulted for instance.  Is that your Wound, or are you being Attacked?  Or both?  It takes a bit of Practice to Imagine a big Mirror, facing them, while you’re talking to someone, but once you get the hang of it, it’s not too hard.  If the Mirror Changes your Feeling State almost immediately, you were being Attacked. If it doesn’t Change your Feeling State, then it may be “just” your Wound. 

Using Mirrors might seem like a silly game, but your Wound is a Hole in your Aura.  It was installed by your Programmers so they could Control you.  Being Persistent about using Mirrors like this will eventually become a Habit; you’ll start to do the Energetic Equivalent of using a Mirror, but without the Mirror, and without thinking about it.  And that’s just another way of saying that  you’ve Healed the Hole in your Aura and taken a big step toward Self-Sovereignty.

  • Another excellent Mirror situation is when you’re mind is stuck in a Helicopter Trip.  You keep going ’round and ’round, either about some Duality you can’t Decide about, or when you’re Imagining arguing with someone or justifying yourself to them.  Take the first person you think of (it may not be the same person you’re arguing with), and Imagine Mirroring them.  If the Cycling stops, you’re Golden.  If it doesn’t, try the second person that comes to mind.

For instance, one of my Programmers wanted very much for me to be a certain way.  It wasn’t a way I wanted to be.  I Mirrored them fairly often for months, maybe years.  They would “come around to the back door” when I set up the Mirror, and to find Peace I would have to use a miniature domed stadium lined with Mirrors on the outside.  Eventually it became a Habit. 

Often this is your only path toward improving your Relationship with someone who isn’t very Conscious – talking with them about it just isn’t in the realm of possibility.  My Programmer was certainly not Conscious that they were drilling a Hole in my Aura, and in the off chance that they were, would they admit it?  Unlikely.

  • Emotions are supposed to visit for a little while, then move on.  We think of Emotions as “ours,” but they aren’t really, they’re like weather, they blow in and then they blow away.  Sometimes they Resonate and we can use them; other times they feel like they came uninvited out of “left field.”  When an Emotion blows through and sticks to you like Velcro, it may be an imitation of one of your Held Emotions.

One of the principles of Emotional Healing is that it’s Impossible to Let Go of Other Peoples’ Feelings.  So if an unwelcome Emotion moves in and unpacks, use your Mirror on the first person who comes to mind, to see if you’re carrying someone else’s Emotions.  If you get almost-immediate Relief, just bring back the Mirror whenever you start to go back into that closet.  Some people are very accomplished at getting Other people to carry their Held Emotions for them.

In fact, it’s highly likely that you and I do the same.  We’re Scared Shitless of Power, so we Project our Anger (Envy really) on folks who throw Power around like it was a Frisbee.  Death of any sort is such a big Threat to our Ego that we wrap ourself in Grief whenever anyone Transitions to a New Lifetime instead of helping them Celebrate and get Grounded into their new Surroundings.  If their next Life is anything like this one, they’ll be pretty Helpless for a while, and can use all the Support we can Give them.

The Mirror will help you Distinguish your own Held Emotions from Other people’s Held Emotions.  If an unfriendly Emotion moves in to stay, and you Mirror everyone who you suspect might be Projecting it your way, all to no effect, then it’s probably one of your own Held Emotions.  Feels like a Bummer, but in fact it’s a tremendous Opportunity – our Held Emotions are Unconscious, aka Invisible to us.  When one becomes opaque, we can take steps to Heal it.

How?  Own it.  Locate it in your Body, and Love it to Death.  Love is Soft and Warm, Fear is Cold and Hard.  Imagine Softening and Warming around the place where it sits in your Body.  Put your hand over where you find it in your Body, to Warm it.  If it moves, follow it.  Actually, once it moves, you’ve “won.”  Follow it anyway, just to be sure.  You might well get Images of what caused the Emotion to get stuck in the first place, but you don’t need them, and in fact if they appear they may put you in your Anal-ytical mind and distract you from Softening and Warming.

Guess what.  This is what Illness is about.  If you’re very good at Denying your Held Emotions on every other Level, they’ll come to visit on the Physical Level.  Besides, they aren’t Levels, they’re Perspectives.  It’s All One Thing, we just think it’s Different because we’re seeing it from a Different Angle.  So you may not begin with a Held Emotion, you may begin with a Toothache or any Pain or Physical Discomfort, or even Diagnosis if you’re in the Habit of Delegating care and feeding of your Physical Vehicle to the Medical Cartel.

Deal with Physical Pain and Discomfort the same way – Locate it in your Body, and Love it to Death.  Love is Soft and Warm, Fear is Cold and Hard.  Imagine Softening and Warming around the place where it sits in your Body.  Put your hand over where you find it in your Body, to Warm it.  If it moves, follow it.  Actually, once it moves, you’ve “won.”  Follow it anyway, just to be sure. 

And anybody who’s “been here” a while knows that we always recommend “Poor-Sweethearting” ourself whenever Chiron is Lit Up, and at any other time when you aren’t totally Pleased with your internal or external Circumstances.  “You Poor Sweetheart, you’re Feeling [Insulted] [Invaded] [Confused] [Sick] [Pain], aren’t you.”

We bring all this up because after seven years in Pisces, Chiron is moving into Aries (1am PDT 17 April).  Emotions don’t go away when Pisces goes away, though they get less Prominent.  And there are plenty of other planets still in Pisces; for instance Confusion/Neptune will be there till 2026, and Abuse/Nessus till 2034.  So you’ll have plenty of Opportunities yet to Practice your Mirroring and Poor-Sweethearting Skills.

As for Chiron, rather than the Emotional Crises we’ve been Enduring since 2011, we’ll be Experiencing Spiritual Crises till Chiron moves into Taurus in 2027, then we’ll be Enjoying Material Crises for a while.  So our Practice with Emotions will serve us well while we’re doing “You Poor Sweetheart, you’re Feeling like God has Abandoned you, aren’t you” or “You Poor Sweetheart, you’re Feeling like the Planet is Failing, don’t you.”

If course, long before then we’ll have enfolded all these Healing techniques into automatic Habits, and firing them off so fast we won’t even be Aware that we’re doing it.  Right?

Ostara Bunny

April 1, 2018

Here’s a great white chocolate Easter Bunny…



Busy Week and Weekend

March 30, 2018

Based on how many folks are checking the Astrobuss home page, it appears that everyone is either doing fine, super busy putting out fires, or enjoying their long weekend looking for lost Eggs.  Just in case anyone’s still looking to put their Experience of the past week into Perspective, let’s review the Timeline.  The greater your Sensitivity, the earlier you’ll start to Experience these astroevents…

  • Around 20 March to 27 March (till 2pm PST 27 March or thereabouts), Forbidden Genius is Strong (Station of dwarf planet Ixion on the Galactic Center at 28 Sagittarius); see the recent Genius Forbidden posts.
  • Around 22 March to 29 March (till 9pm PST 29 March or thereabouts), Our Sense that Something Subtle is Wrong is Lit Up (Station of dwarf planet Pholus at 2 Capricorn); see the recent Capricorn posts, and below.
  • Around 25 March to 1 April (till 3pm PST 1 April or thereabouts), Our Survival Instincts are Strong (Station of dwarf planet Quaoar at 3 Capricorn); see the recent Capricorn posts, and below.
  • About 29 March through 15 April and beyond (peak 4:30 am PST 31 March), Paradox (Yin Gate) Full Moon in 11 Libra; see previous post.

Strong Sense that Something Subtle is Wrong – Station of Dwarf Planet Pholus (a week or so prior to 9pm PST 29 March)…

The first thing we need to know about Responsibility is that it’s very Different from Blame.  Blame looks backward to Assign Fault, while Responsibility looks forward to Improve Outcomes; it means the Ability to Respond Constructively, rather than React Defensively.  The Sense that Something Subtle is Wrong is the Emotion that informs us that there is something which is not yet within our Conscious Span of Awareness, that we need to Respond to.

The Mythic Pholus got burned (got Dead, actually) because he was Unconscious of the full extent of his Responsibility to Protect Sacred Wine from his house guest Heracles, who assumed that Pholus’s cave was an open bar.  Heracles was on a Mission to decimate what was then the Olde Order, the Matriarchy and its Magic Protocols, and, apparently Unconsciously, he triggered the decimation of the Centaur population by helping himself to the Wine.  Pholus, Hylonome, and others were killed, and Chiron wounded in this debacle.

The Bottom Line is that we have Responsibilities (places where we need to Respond in order to improve Future Outcomes) of which we may not yet be fully Conscious.  That Sense that Something Subtle is Wrong tells us to Pay Attention to our Intuition, and PIAVA an effective interpretation for what we’re Feeling.  We can even try “You Poor Sweetheart, you’re feeling Confused, aren’t you.”

For instance, I woke up in Anxiety on 29 March, and my usual sandwich of Theta and Tapping did not Resolve it.  I asked someone else what their Intuition was telling them, which did not validate how I was interpreting my Anxiety.  Finally, in the shower (running Water always facilitates Intuition), I realized that my Body was telling me to take it easy, as I had Worked my Muscles to failure the previous day, and if I Worked as hard that day I would Injure myself.

The Pholus Station chart features a Difficult Problem with an Easy Solution (a Diamond Star – a T-Square and a Finger of God pointing to the same planet).  The Difficult Problem here is how to Be More Responsive to Our Survival Instincts (Pholus and Quaoar Stationary at the same time, both on the Cusp of Capricorn).  The Difficulty is compounded by that Paradox, discussed below, between What-We-Want and What-We-Can-Manifest (Makemake Opposite Chiron).

The Graces coming to our Rescue (the “Bowl of Grace” or Trine-Sextiles under the T-Square in a Diamond Square) are Boundaries (Pallas) and Memories of the Life Force (Mnemosyne-Varuna).  We might have Memories of the Age of Aries, for instance, when the Creation of Physical Miracles by Heroes were routine.

There are also flies in the ointment, however, first in the form of Friction between our historical Oaths which have become Beliefs, and our Willingness to draw Appropriate Boundaries (Orcus Square Pallas).  Codependence may inhibit our Self-Sovereignty, for instance.  And second, Conflict between what we regard as our Soul’s Values (which may not be current to our Soul’s Evolution) and our Memories of the Life Force (Venus-Uranus Square Mnemosyne-Varuna).  “I’ll do Anything for Love, but I won’t do that!”

Strong Survival Instincts – Station of Dwarf Planet Quaoar (a week or so prior to 3pm PST 1 April)…

This is a very complex chart, but one of its major features is a Paradox School (Yin Gate) featuring the interplay between our Unhealed Held Emotions (Chiron) and our Ability to Manifest (Makemake; the central axis of the Yin Gate is the Opposition between these two).  Neither Healing Held Emotions nor Manifesting are straightforward objects that can be Analyzed Rationally.  We can make Progress on both fronts by PIAVAing, but not with Logic. 

Here our Power lies in recognizing that we Live in two very persistent and apparently incompatible Realities – on one hand We-Want-What-We-Want, and on the other hand It-Is-What-It-Is.  One way to deal with this Paradox is to extend your Arms out to your Sides with your Palms up.  Take a few minutes to assemble a good picture of What-You-Want in one Hand.  Then take a few minutes to assemble an honest picture of It-Is-What-It-Is in your other Hand.  Practice feeling both of them at once, and feeling how they’re Separate from each other and perhaps prohibit one another.

Now close your Eyes and very slowly bring your Hands closer together.  The instant you feel Resistance, stop and sit with the Resistance.  Feel how that feels.  No Analysis, no Conclusions, just Feel it.  If you get Insights, fine, but don’t get lost in them.  Just Hear or See them, then Let Them Go.  Then continue slowly bringing your Hands together.

When your Hands feel about halfway together, Recognize that in order for these two Realities to coexist, we must Allow Paradox.  If you’re able to do that, Resistance may Dissolve.  If Resistance doesn’t Melt Away, Reconsider what Paradox means to you.  You may need to study definitions of Paradox.  When your Hands come together, Notice which Hand ends up on top.

The four corners of the Golden Rectangle that holds the Yin Gate Paradox are Soul (Uranus) Dancing with (Opposite) Rebirth of the Goddess (Moon-Haumea), and Truth (Veritas) Arguing with (Opposite) your Committed Beliefs (Orcus).  Are you Willing to Allow your Soul to be Born into your Ego?  What will you have to Give Up to Allow that?  Can you Accept that some of your Committed Beliefs – some of the Oaths that you have Sworn – are Anti-Truth?  Are you Willing to endure the consequences of Recanting those Oaths?  (Hint: PIAVA that you Let Them Go Lovingly and Gently.)


February 7, 2018

While Eurydike was Stationary at the beginning of February, my Back “went out” and I could hardly walk.  It’s been gradually Readjusting since, so it’s pretty much back to “normal” by now.  How would I relate that to Eurydike?  Well, okay, the Station does make a T-Square to my natal asteroid Karma, so that’s interesting.  I don’t have a Back, I have an Archetype! 

That’s very helpful information; at this stage of our Ascension, Archetypes may be easier to Heal than Backs.  With Karma being Dead, we Realize that IT does not Grasp US, WE Grasp It.  All we gotta do is Let Go.  Probably not as easy as a Decision, but then when we Notice and Decide, we Notice sooner next time, and the sooner we Decide, the earlier we interrupt the Archetype, and the Easier it is to Change the Pattern – Our Virtuous Cycle.  So far so good.

Then I look at the sudden shift into Fear, once Eurydike finished its Station.  It’s not like Sedna just turned Stationary after Eurydike began moving again – Sedna was Stationary all along, its impact was just Masked by the more immediate Eurydike.  As if an 18-wheeler was bearing down on us but we didn’t notice because we were busy dodging the 2CV that was closer.  So my Back, like deep radar, was responding to Sedna, but I didn’t Notice because Eurydike was waving its Moons in the foreground. 

It makes sense that this kind of debilitating Pain would correlate with Sleeper Energy.  Kind of a metaphor for our Forbidden Genius – how many of our Chronic Aches and Pains and other Dis-Eases are just our natal Ixion trying to get our Attention the only way it can, since it’s other Communication avenues have been blocked?

So right now we’re Learning to Embrace Fear.  Big Lesson perhaps if you’re involved with equity markets anywhere in the World.  In a few hours (6:15 am PST 7 February) Sedna’s done with it’s Station.  So far the correction has correlated surprisingly as nicely with Sedna as it has with Fear; when Sedna Lets Go markets may pop up like a Phoenix – that’ll be interesting to watch.

Is there a Sleeper Energy behind Sedna’s Station?  Yes.  The 13 February Atropos Station Energy.  Which is great, because Atropos is about Endings.  Ending Archetypes, for instance.  We’re scheduled for all these Epiphanies and Ascensions, but each one requires that we Let Go of something.  It’s Easier when we know what we need to Let Go of.  And Letting Go is always much Easier, and the Grief more manageable, when we focus on What We’re Gaining rather than What We’ve Lost, even if we have to speculate on what we’re gaining.

I just read a fascinating article in Discover Magazine on Stuart Hameroff’s notions about Microtubules.  He thinks Consciousness is a Quantum phenomenon that happens inside our Microtubules, which are nanoscale structures that are ubiquitous in biology.  Many years back I was fortunate to take a workshop from John Veltheim, and he told a story about the breakthroughs that Computer-Aided Optical Microscopes were making by being able to view Living tissue at the scale that Electron Microscopes can use only on Dead tissue.

I believe it was James Oschman that he quoted as saying that our Mitochondria have access to All of the Information in the Universe, but they’re like Venetian blinds – they can be Open or Closed to it, or in between.  They can be Closed by two things – Toxic Chemicals and Held Emotions.  My visualization was that the Microtubules were the slats that rotated to Open or not.  But the information in the article about Hameroff presents a new picture – the Microtubules are like Semiconductors that either allow Current through or not, but unlike a Transistor that “forgets” what just passed through it, Microtubules act like “Memristors” that Remember what last occurred.

In the Periodic Table, Elements are grouped by their Chemical properties.  For instance, Cadmium and Mercury have behavior similar to Zinc, Aluminium similar to Boron, Lead similar to Iron, Polonium similar to Oxygen.  But when these Heavier Elements, with their larger atoms, substitute for their siblings in our Body Chemistry, they gum up the works, and not all of their properties work the way the Biological Elements work.  They become the Toxins that close the Microtubles to our Intuition.

The Microtubles are Electrically Active.  This is all Metaphorical (but then, we Believe it’s ALL Metaphor because Essence is Unknowable to the Dualistic mind), but an Emotional Overload could be Manifested as an Electrical Overload in the Microtubules, damaging their structure so they no longer conduct Intuition.  Many people Believe that Biology is capable of Atomic Transmutation, converting Silicon to Calcium for instance.  Of course that’s Blasphemy to Chemistry, but Science has as many Blasphemies as any other Fundamentalist Religion, so we can’t let that stop our Creativity.

The Philosophy of Science instruct us to evaluate Metaphors by their Effectiveness and their Parsimony, not by whether they “make sense” to our a priori mindset.  If we can improve our Bones and Teeth by drinking Silicon-rich Horsetail Tea, then that’s a pretty Effective and Parsimonious Metaphor that non-Religious Science happily allows us to use until a more Effective and Parsimonious Metaphor comes along.

All of which brings us to our Point.  When we are Emotionally Overloaded by an Energy symbolized by its astrological correlate (such as Fear symbolized by Sedna), and we Make a Decision (an Oath) based on our Overload – like maybe “I’ll never invest in equity again” – then the Memristors in our Microtubules may record that, and our future Intuitions about that arena and similar arenas of Life may be Blocked.  Rather than staying in the Present Moment when a similar circumstance arises, we’re stuck in the Held Emotion… 

Voila, we’ve created a New Archetype for ourself, Instant KarmaThat’s just speculation, but in Real Life I’ve Observed over and over again that when we aren’t Aware that an Exogenous Energy is Impacting us, and we get Emotionally Overloaded by it enough that we try to prevent it from happening again, and make a Decision accordingly, we cement the offending Energy into our Cells.  On the other hand, when we’re Conscious that a particular Energy is Impacting us, and we Open to it as a new Experience that we’re Learning to Cope with – or better yet we See it as an Opportunity to sweep away similar or related PTSD from the Past, then the Impact subsides as soon as the Energy subsides.

Angie Arrien tells us to Show up, Pay Attention, Tell the Truth, and Don’t be Attached to the OutcomeThe people who freaked out and sold on Monday (if it was actually people and not machines) will be left with diminished returns after Sedna turns Direct.  The people who Recognized Fear for what it is, maybe Kegeling it or Breathing it or Tapping it Out, and bought while equities were on sale, will Live with that Karma – whatever it will be.


4 July VII – Sedna in Real Time III and PIAVA

June 29, 2017

Laurel Asks…

“I’m a relatively new reader of your blog and find my spirit and curiosity expanding each time I read it.  I can’t quite figure out the acronym PIAVA.  Can you spell it out for me?  I want to learn and practice each step.  Thank you for all you do and share.”

Thanks for your note and kind words!  Please see…

for an overview, and…

for a list of all posts that describe elements of PIAVA.  For the especially useful Theta Healing method, see…

For “Poor-Sweethearting,” see…

For any other terms that aren’t clear, see the “Categories” list on the right of the page at… .

The Categories list doesn’t show up on individual posts such as… .

If you still have questions of any sort, always feel free to Ask!  I answer all questions that I can find time to answer.

Cutting the Cloth V

March 15, 2017

I’m realizing this morning that most of the Poignant Vignettes that I’ve been Encountering for the last while have been about Boundaries – Episodes of Missed Opportunities when my Boundaries were too tight, or Feeling like I’d made a Fool of myself when my Boundaries were too loose.  

Remembering of course that the Fool is the symbol of Courage, the Courage to follow one’s Instincts, Intuition, and Yintegrity in circumstances where they Conflict with our “Rationality,” our Programming, and/or our Unconscious Beliefs.  These are the very circumstances where they’re most Valuable because they provide Opportunities for us to become Conscious of our Programming, our Unconscious Beliefs, and the Archetypes which Constrain us.

And bearing in mind what Jung said about the “Rational”: when we operate from the “Left-Brain” or Mindstuff, we’re likely to be cut off from our Emotions.  But our Values are embedded in our Emotions.  So if we are operating in accordance with our Either/Ors but contrary to our own Values, how “Rational” is that?

Which connects directly to the Full Moon’s Stellium consisting of Sun Conjunct Pallas (Boundaries), Chiron (Letting Go of Pain), and Moira (Fateaka our Karmic Archetypes).  As we mentioned last time (“IV”), this Stellium Trine-Bridges the Klotho-Sedna Yin Gate Opposition.

Moira and Pallas, whose Orbit lengths differ by only a month, have been traveling together since mid-February, and Pallas Initiates Moira in late April.  

Chiron Initiated Pallas at 8pm PDT 14 March at 25 Pisces, “Watching the very thin Moon Crescent appearing at sunset, different people realize that the time has come to go ahead with their respective projects” – that’s both prophetic and oxymoronic.  Prophetic arriving as it does right at our Big Rebirth (there’s no astrological correlation – this is purely a Cosmic Validation), and oxymoronic because the end of Pisces is the Balsamic period, or Endings, while the Sunset Crescent Moon signifies Beginnings.  Of course this is a Yin Gate, where Paradox is our Teacher.

Chiron Initiates Moira in the same 25-Pisces Degree on 19 March at 5am PDT…

The Bottom Line with this (Sun-) Pallas-Chiron-Moira Boundaries-Pain/Release-Fate conglomeration is all about Extricating ourselves from our Karmic Archetypes.  By Karmic in this context, I mean arising from other Lifetimes.  We are subject to “Fate” whenever we are a Captive of our Archetypes.  When we become Conscious of them and gain Choice, we can sidestep what would have been our “Fate.” 

We’ve often spoken of Chiron as “Despair and Miracles” – we abolish Despair when we Change our Perspective, for instance by stepping outside of our Attachment to the Emotion and Poor-Sweethearting ourself.  With the right Perspective, what was not possible under Despair becomes Miraculous when seen from the new Perspective.  That’s one of the biggest reasons we’re always suggesting that Additional Perspectives are always Valuable, no matter how Ridiculous or Contrary-to-our-Values-and-Beliefs they seem.

Not to mention that Judging any Perspective as “wrong” puts us out of Unconditional Love, and Unconditional Love is a prerequisite for “Ascending” to Living a Life of Collaboration and Cooperation and Respect for All Things and Shared Abundance rather than a Life of Competition, Success and Failure, Privilege and Abuse, and Greed.

As is our wont as Hupers, we’re more likely to seek Alternate Perspectives for Despair and gain Insight into our Archetypes when our Unconscious Patterns act as thumbscrews, than when they serve as forks and spoons.  All of our Archetypes are Consummate Skills, but it’s damn hard to eat soup with a fork.  Weight-loss aside, the Freedom to Choose appropriate tools for each task will give us the World.

Which brings us to the T-Square (Mastery through Challenge) to Jupiter-Haumea (Expansive Rebirth) from Pluto-Nemesis (Mandatory Ego Death) and Vesta (Unconscious Beliefs)… 

Now, the correlation between the Archetypes that Constrain you to React a certain way to more situations that appropriate, and your Unconscious Limiting Beliefs is very close to 100%.  These Archetypes and Beliefs create a Birdcage that keeps us Safe.  Safe according to the wishes of our Programmers.  Some of our Programmers really were looking out for us, though they usually Programmed our Limits to be what they felt would be Safe, rather than inquiring what we would have wanted in the way of Safety – not that we could have communicated that if they’d asked.  

And some of our Programmers were just running their own Control Trip, and needed us to be a certain way so they could Feel Safe; didn’t matter what we Felt.  Like the Googles and Facebooks of the World, harvesting our personal information so they can sell it to the people who want to use it to harvest our Money and Energy.  And the Monsantos and Dows and Bayers who would have us Believe that their profitable Poisons are “good for us.”  Awareness, without Judgment, K?  Preferences, yes.

So what are some of our Beliefs that aren’t Serving us, that are keeping us in Bondage?  Maybe…

  • There isn’t enough Money [Food, Shelter, Love, etc] for everyone
  • I’ll be Greedy or Selfish – or even Evil – if I Want More
  • This Health Thing could kill me if I’m not careful
  • If I get what I Want, it will make Others very unhappy
  • This Planet is Limited, and we’re Destroying what there Is of it
  • What do I need to do to get People to like me
  • I’m not Enough
  • There isn’t enough Time for everything

A long time ago Seth told us that our Personal History was a good illustration of our Unconscious Beliefs.  We’ve already Cleared a lot of it, haven’t we.  But if we’re still Manifesting Limitation or Efforting to Create More, then we still have Unconscious Limiting Beliefs to Clear.  Sometimes it’s Enough to just have a flash of Insight and Realize that we do have a Limiting Belief, and that’s enough to lever it into Consciousness where we can make Choices we’d Enjoy. 

For instance, today…

  • Sun-Pallas-Chiron-Moira is Triseptile (the Moment for Miracles) to Jupiter-Haumea
  • Nessus (Abuse and Privilege) makes a Mjolnir (Epiphany) to the Square between Jupiter-Haumea and Vesta
  • Aletheia (Truth) makes a Mjolnir to the Square between Jupiter-Haumea and Pluto-Nemesis

Often though we need to add some Effort to stir the batter.  Manifestation occurs when we Focus our Energy, and what we Focus upon is what gets Created.  That’s True whether our Focus is Conscious or Unconscious, Positive or Negative.  An easy way to start shifting our Focus is to Consciously Revert any Unconscious Belief we suspect we may have.  For instance, we could Meditate upon or PIAVA

  • Imagine what it would be like if Everyone Shared All of the [Money, Food, Shelter, Love, etc]
  • Even though I Feel Greedy, Selfish, or Evil, I Love and Accept Myself Fully (while Tapping of course)
  • I Wonder if Feeling Soft and Warm and Loving toward this Health Thing would make it better
  • What if I got What I Want and Others get What They Want too
  • Nature knows how to Create Miracles – She does it every day
  • Even though I Feel Inadequate, I Deeply and Completely Love and Accept Myself
  • I have All the Time in the World

Don’t hesitate to PIAVA Contradictions, because there are no Contradictions in the Real World.  Only the mind is Dualistic, the Real World is Unitary and Multifarious.   Contradiction is always in the mind of the Observer, never a property of the Observed.

Cutting the Cloth

March 9, 2017

The asteroid Klotho is about setting up a new Timeline – a new Incarnation or a Walk-In or a new Ego-Lifetime.  Those of you with Strong natal Angles to your Nodes, Strong natal Pluto, or Strong natal Haumea – astrocharacteristics indicating that you are likely to squeeze several to many Lifetimes into one Incarnation by frequently Rebirthing yourself – will understand exactly what I mean by a new Ego-Lifetime.  If you’re still hanging out with your buds from secondary school, maybe not so much, unless you’re very Extroverted and very Self-Sovereign. 

However, Klotho does turn Retrograde for four months every year and a half or so, so to some degree we all have an Ego Turnover, so to speak, every few years.  The critical question is, who’s Observing.  If a person Operates totally from the Ego, they’ll Experience a small-to-medium Death, then claw their way back to Life.  If a person Operates without Self-Sovereignty, it will just feel more Confusing than usual (an Opportunity to break free from the Codependence Archetype).  If a person Operates from the Soul, they’ll just turn a page in their journal.  

There are a zillion intermediate Viewpoints somewhere between the Ego and the Soul, that a person can stand on.  From these standpoints, we’ll just Observe the usual Confusion-Surrender-Revelation-Reboot progression of Identity Molt, with varying degrees of Existential Angst.

Which is where we are today, just about to “Descend” into an Identity-Molt, as Klotho Stands Still and turns Retrograde on 14 March (4am PDT).  Its Shadow Period (the span of its Retrogradation) spans mid-December through early October, and 11-27 of Scorpio.  During this span it crosses Sappho (Self-Love) once and Sedna (Fear and Anger) thrice.  We’re familiar with this because it’s the Yin Gate we’ve been working with. 

Klotho’s Tryst with Sappho (via Conjunction, using three Degrees of Sensitivity) occurred between mid-September and early March (Initiation 27 January).

Klotho Dances (via Opposition, again using three Degrees of Sensitivity) with Sedna from early February through late April (Can-Opener 19 February, Exposition 4 April) and again from mid-September to mid-October (Confidence-Builder 2 October).

The Bottom Line is that our Opportunity to Ground our new Timeline in Self-Love spanned most of February and the first week of March.  During February we had the additional Opportunity to Embrace the Truth of our Unconscious Fear and Anger, as asteroid Aletheia joined the Sappho-Klotho-Sedna Yin Gate.  Aletheia has now moved on, but it’s still Opposing Sappho – so we’re still Exploring the Truth of our Self-Love.

That leaves the Yin Gate as “just” Klotho-Sedna, or the Temptation to Build a new Timeline Founded on Fear and Anger.  If you doubt that, just turn on the news.  So Choice awaits us between now and October as Klotho reconsiders its Shadow Period, crosses your Scorpio planets between 11 and 27 Degrees, Squares your Leo and Aquarius planets in the same span, and Opposes your natal Taurus planets there.  Do we Choose Soul-Enhancing Love, as Michael Roads always urges us to do, or do we succumb to Ego-Fortifying Anger or Karma-Reinforcing Fear?∞archangel-michael-2/