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Survival or Bust VII Eclipse

December 24, 2019

Lets start with a review of essential research…

And, thanks to alchemist0310 and Starhawk, a Prayer for the Solstice…

When the center of the Moon crosses in front of the center of the Sun, but the Moon is distant enough from Earth in its ovalish Orbit that the Moon doesn’t fully cover the face of the Sun, then rather than a Total Eclipse it’s called an Annular Eclipse.  That’s what happens at the 25 December 2019 (9am PST) New Moon.  It would look something like this…

…if we were in the narrow red band in this next picture…

And look like a Partial Solar Eclipse in the partially-shaded areas below…

The more heavily shaded areas are nighttime.

Eclipses are, Paradoxically, about Illumination, because the best way to make us Aware of something that we Take For Granted, is to Remove it.  Like Birdsong, for instance.  During a Total Eclipse, all of our Feathered Brothers and Sisters are eerily Silent.  It’s like someone throws a switch and turns off the background Music the moment Totality hits.  Then turns it back on again as soon as Daylight resumes.  It Feels as Strange as the Midday Semi-Darkness.

The Eclipse falls on the Cusp of Capricorn.  What else have we been reading about lately that’s falling on that Cusp?  It’s within our usual three-Degree Sensitivity of Jupiter/Expansion, Quaoar/Survival Instincts, and Pholus/Full Respond-Ability.  If we stretch our Sensitivity a bit, it’s also Merged with the South Node/Held Emotions and Ixion/Forbidden Genius.  Busy busy busy.  These are the planets we’ve been equating to the Climate Crisis, not to mention the Confusion about whether the Political Economy of the World is about to Surge or Collapse.

It’s at a corner of two Configurations that look like Take-Out Boxes from a Chinese restaurant (or, as we usually package them, a Square Fez with a Chinstrap, that is, a Zodical Loop consisting of Square-Sextile-Square-Sextile-Sextile).  The Configuration features three Challenges (Squares) and four Pay Attention! Flags (Fingers of God).  The Four planets/Energies we’re Asked to Pay Attention to are…

  • The Climate and Existential Crisis (Eclipse-Jupiter-Quaoar-Pholus).
  • Manifestation (dwarf planet Makemake).
  • Vitality (dwarf planet Varuna).
  • Intrusive Memories (dwarf planet OR10).

Our three Challenges are…

  • Are we Skillful Enough with Abundance to Survive the Climate Crisis and it’s accompanying Disruptions (Eclipse et al Square Makemake)?  Our recommendation for maximizing this is to Strive for as much Neutrality as you can muster, by Seeking and Embracing your Held Emotions (South Node).  Neutrality doesn’t mean Absence of Passion or Action.  It just means that our Actions and Non-Actions are Well Conceived and Effective, and we’re Not Attached to Outcomes.  Our best portal into our hidden Held Emotions may be through our Judgments, which often mask What We’d Rather Die than Feel.  Our Judgments are different from our Preferences, though the latter is often used to try to hide the former.
  • Are we Conscious Enough about the Descent of our Soul into Flesh, to be Loving with the Changes in our Body and Vitality that are needed to Make Room for it (Varuna Square Uranus)?  We may be Challenged by what appears to be Illness, which mainstream Medicine may or may not have Diagnoses for.  We’re probably better off if it doesn’t, because then we won’t also have to Struggle against the Soul-Numbing Drugs and Body-Crippling Surgeries they want to foist on us.  A possible best-of-both-worlds strategy?  Go with Acupuncture.
  • How do we Interpret all those weird Voices and seemingly-Random Memories, Dreams, and Hallucinations we’re having (asteroid Klotho/New Beginnings Square OR10)Those Movements you keep seeing out of the corner of your Eye?  Faeries?  Visitors from the Other Side?  Just your Imagination?  Are they Friendly, or are you Afraid to find out?  Those “Random” Flashes from Childhood?  Do you Welcome them?  What do you Feel when they arise?  They may be other doorways to Held Emotions you can Choose to Let Go Of.  The people we’re running into that we haven’t seen in years?  The unexpected events that Mirror Ancient events?  Do we Embrace them as more Opportunities?

Here’s the Eclipse chart…

Survival or Bust III

December 12, 2019

From the previous post…

“The peak of the US Stock Market just prior to the 2007-09 Derivatives Crash, in October 2007, occurred within a few days of the previous Quaoar-Jupiter Initiation, 11 October 2007 in 16 Sagittarius.  Three Twentieth-Century Quaoar-Jupiter Initiations (out of eight) also occurred near major market turns, but these turns were all bottoms rather than tops, and the turns were several months (out of twelve years) removed from the Initiations.  These market bottoms were in October 1920, July 1932 (the low for the Century), and May 1982.”

Intriguingly, the man generally considered to be responsible for the turnaround at the 1982 market bottom, Paul Volcker, died yesterday (8 December 2019).  Do you think he might have had a Connection to Quaoar/Survival and Pholus/Responsiveness?  In his natal chart…

  • Quaoar on his Sun/Essence.
  • Pholus on his Moon/Instincts.
  • Ixion/Forbidden Genius on his Venus/Values.
  • Jupiter/Expansion on his Uranus/Soul.
  • Makemake/Manifestation and Hylonome/Self-Sovereignty on his North Node/Life Mission.

Obama actually lured Paul back to work when he (Obama) first took over the US presidency with the economy in tatters, in 2009.  After a few months, realizing that his voice was not being heard because he was being outshouted by Dubya’s advisors that were still hanging around, loudly writing 8-digit Treasury checks to one another, he bailed.

The person who has his job now, for the 14 December 2019 (3:30 pm PST) Jupiter-Quaoar meeting, Jerome Powell, has a few relevant placements as well…

  • Quaoar on his Sun-North Node-Karma.
  • Ixion on his Moon.
  • Jupiter on his Hylonome/Self-Sovereignty and Nessus/Abuse.
  • Asteroid Atropos/Endings on his Venus.

But his Pholus stands alone, which is unfortunate, as it may indicate that he could be blindsided.  Volcker’s successful Strategy was to stop runaway inflation, causing a Recession in the process.  It’s not clear that Powell has a Strategy for this – his Greenspan-Bernanke-Yellen philosophical heritage has a strong allergy to Recessions.

What about Powell’s impeachable boss?

  • Quaoar stands alone.
  • Pholus is on his Vertex/Intuitive Channel.  You can see that easily in how readily he presents Obfuscation and Distraction to cover his tracks with a doting media.
  • Ixion stands alone.
  • Jupiter stands alone.

Then there are these additions…

  • Orcus/Pattern-Breaking and Atropos are on his Sun-North Node.
  • Asteroid Karma is on his Venus-Saturn.
  • Asteroid Aletheia/Truth is on his Mars/Action and Ascendant/Social Image.
  • Asteroid Veritas/Truth is on his Lilith/Self-Sovereignty.
  • Asteroid Hopi/Respect for All Things is Opposite his Uranus.

He also has two natal Configurations that could indicate Self-Destruction…

  • Pluto in the 12th House, traditionally jails and hospitals, which one Avoids through Meditation and Introversion, which it’s doubtful that he Enjoys.
  • Fixed Star Capulus/“Male sexual energy: focused, direct, penetrating action… passionate and at times brutal and violent [like] Jim Jones, the cult leader who instigated mass suicide… or Edward Gein, [the inspiration for] the films Psycho, Chainsaw Massacre, and Silence of the Lambs on his Midheaven/Community or Career.

The Patriarchy won’t Die without putting up a Struggle.  But here’s some positive news – Paul Bunyan has Converted!…

Paul Bunyan Was An Axe Murderer of Trees

Survival or Bust

December 5, 2019

That’s turning out to be kinda true for most of us as individuals, and certainly for the tattered remains of the Nation State as we’ve known it since at least 1900, as well as for our Habitat on Mother Earth – Survival or Bust.  Jupiter enters Capricorn on 2 December 2019 (9:30 am PST), which means we will no longer be Expanding (Jupiter) by Letting Go (Sagittarius), but by Fixing It (Capricorn).  The last time we made this transition was December 2007.  The problem with that, is that What needs Fixing seeps out of the woodwork.

But this time the Capricorn Cusp is already occupied.  Two dwarf planets have been Dancing there for quite a while now, the symbol for Survival Instincts (dwarf planet Quaoar), and that for Responsiveness (dwarf planet Pholus).  The Mythological Quaoar taught His people how to Survive in a hostile environment.  A part of the Unconscious whispers these messages to us still.  Are we Listening?

The Mythological Pholus was killed (along with many others) because he did not take explicit Responsibility for what he hadn’t thought about.  “Well, of course,” you say, “no one can do that!”  Well, We can, actually, by Asking (PIAVAing)…

“God/Goddess, Creator of All That Is, I Command To Be Shown What I Need to Respond To, in Order to Protect My Survival, and How I Need To Respond.  It Is Done; It Is Done; It Is Done.  Thank You, God/Goddess.  Show Me.”

…for example.  For many of us this is already happening, we just aren’t Interpreting it on that level.  Wouldn’t hurt to Ask some version of this on several levels – Personal, Community, National, Planetary at least.  And it wouldn’t hurt to Pay Attention and Follow Through.

The Jupiter Ingress into Capricorn features two Squares (Challenges).  From Jupiter-Pholus-Quaoar-Ixion (we’ll talk about Ixion a bit later) to Chiron, which tells us to Reframe any Victimhood we can find.  And from Eurydike to Sedna, which tells us to use Trust and Suspending Disbelief to Step Through any Fear that arises, Converting it to Power.

A number of astroevents carry us through this Portal.  They’ll span several weeks, and their combination is likely to be the predominant Energy through most of December.  Reframing Victimhood, Trusting, and Suspending Disbelief will be Powerful tools in our quiver.

Before we detail these astroevents, though, let’s talk about Ixion.  Jupiter crossed dwarf planet Ixion on 21 November, in 28 Sagittarius, which would have intensified the Abuse Memories that were likely surfacing at that time.  Ixion stands for our Forbidden Genius.  This Genius of ours, which is important to our ultimate Survival (and that of the Planet), was Repressed by our Programmers out of Jealousy or Fear.  Genius Transcends Social Boundaries almost by definition, so “for our own good,” our Programmers may have tried to Train us to Repress it, so we wouldn’t later be punished for it.  That was Abusive.

This Jupiter-Ixion Expansion-of-Genius Cycle isn’t about Innovation. It’s about Recovering Skills that we’ve almost Forgotten we had, or more likely, Skills we’ve been assuming aren’t useful, Skills we sorta think we’re a Weirdo for having, Skills that few if any others have ever Recognized – and if they did, we recalled our Programming and Discounted it.  In fact, that almost Defines them.  Genius is not Created in a single Lifetime, and chances are we have been Put to Death or Ostracized – which in many Cultural circumstances is the equivalent of Death – more than once for using our Genius to Betray the Emperor’s new Wardrobe.

We need to take the Risk to Speak our Truth, not Expect to be Validated.  If someone else takes the baton and runs with it, leaving us without Credit, that’s a huge Blessing, because we will have let our Genius Loose upon the World without having to suffer the inevitable Backlash.  The Mythological Ixion Fathered many of the Mythical Beings that were killed as a result of Pholus’s Inattention.  Coincidence?

The incipient thirteen-year Jupiter-Ixion Cycle (Expanding our Access to our Hidden Genius) that began 21 November in 28 Sagittarius will be about “An old bridge over a beautiful stream is still in constant use,” suggesting that our Genius may largely be about rediscovering ancient processes (such as Biochar). 

The thirteen years we just finished (since late January 2007, Initiated in 14 Sagittarius) was about “The Great Pyramid and the Sphinx,” or about erecting great monuments to the Mysteries.  Or its Opposite, as the central theme of the last thirteen years has been Material Greed, Denial, and the Worship of Wealth, based on the agglomeration of immense Debt.

The 21 November chart features two T-Squares (Big Challenges), one to Eurydike (Trust), and the other to Moon-Sappho (our Self-Love Instinct).  As we’ll see, both of these asteroids are tightly involved in this Jupiter-Capricorn Portal.  The Ixion-Jupiter Initiation was Merged with Venus (Challenging our Social Values), and Opposed by dwarf planet Chaos (offering Unlimited Potential).

The additional astroevents…

♥ Until 10 November…

  • The symbol for Trust (asteroid Eurydike) begins a new 4½-year Cycle with the symbol for Intrusive Memories (dwarf planet OR10).  The theme of the Cycle is about figuring out which of the flood of Memories we can Trust, and which accompanying Emotions to Let Go Of.  When they lead us to otherwise-hiding Held Emotions, it’s a Profound Service to us.  The theme is the same as that of the Cycle we’re finishing.  Remedial Repeats of astroevents imply that it’s really important for us to Learn the material.
    • Both Cycles began/begin at 4 Pisces, “Heavy car traffic on a narrow isthmus between two seaside resorts.”  The new Initiation is exact at 2:30 pm on 8 December; the previous Cycle began in early April 2015.
  • Expansion (Jupiter) begins a new 13-year Cycle with Responsiveness (Pholus).  We can expect one step backward for every two steps forward.  That means forward progress and much Trial and Success, and it’s important that we maintain a broad enough Perspective to avoid Discouragement.  Thomas Edison supposedly Celebrated every Lightbulb that didn’t work, because he knew each “failure” brought him closer to Success.
    • The upcoming Cycle begins at 2 Capricorn, “Three Rose windows in a Gothic church, one damaged by war.”  The Initiation Squares Chiron (Discouragement and Miracles).  It’s Exact at 1:30 am on 9 December.  All three Rose windows in Notre Dame Cathedral survived the April fire.
    • The ending Cycle began in mid-December 2006 at 5 Sagittarius, “An old Owl sits alone on a branch of a large Tree.”  Well, have we been Respecting Nature’s Wisdom for the last baker’s dozen years?  The media certainly says no, we’ve cut down and burned the Tree, and sold the Owl’s Feathers for fashion.  Underground, the Response has been better, as a whole lot of people have been working on their own to move us forward – yourself, for instance.
  • Self-Love (asteroid Sappho) begins a new 3-year Cycle with Manifestation (dwarf planet Makemake).  This is pretty Exciting, especially since the theme will be Self-Care.  Expect lots of Endings and Beginnings, and Challenges to Avoiding Victimhood.
    • The Sabian Symbol for the 7 Libra Initiation is “A woman feeding Chickens and protecting them from the Hawks.”  The Initiation, Exact at 8:30 pm on 10 December, Opposes asteroid Atropos/Endings, Trines asteroid Klotho/ Beginnings, and Squares the Nodes, with dwarf planet Ceres/Sustainability on the South Node.
    • The Cycle that’s ending began in mid-September 2016 at 3 Libra, “The Dawn of a New Day reveals Everything Changed.”  You can say that again.

From 11 December through the end of the year…

  • Full Moon at 9pm PST 11 December in 20 Gemini about Ego Death (Square asteroid Nemesis) and Eschewing Fate (Moira Square Saturn-Pluto-Venus-Chariklo).  We Eschew Fate by becoming Conscious of our Karma; Consciousness begets Choice.  As Seth said a long time ago (in The Nature of Personal Reality), Knowing our Karma is Easy – it’s writ large in our Personal History.
    • Asteroids Aletheia/Truth and Bee-Zed/Transcendence Conjoin the Sun, and dwarf planet Asbolus/Intuition Conjoins the Moon. 
    • The Full Moon chart includes a T-Square that’s a half-Degree beyond our usual three-Degree Sensitivity relative to the Full Moon, but it’s well within three Degrees when considered by itself.  That’s Pluto-Chariklo T-Square to Moira/Fate-vs-Choice Opposite Eris/Revelation-of-Denial.  Saturn and Pluto Exactly Square dwarf planet Eris in mid-January, joining the Uranus Station and Pluto-Saturn Initiation ( – with Eris Stationary!  We’ll have to write about this.
  • We can also Expect a fairly thorough Dress Rehearsal for January 2020 over the last half of December.

Until 14 November…

  • Expansion (Jupiter) begins a new 12-year Cycle with Survival Instincts (Quaoar).
    • The 4-Capricorn Sabian Symbol is “A Human Soul, eager for New Experience, seeks Embodiment.”  That’s a bit Oxymoronic, as the notion that Souls are “Human” is incredibly Anthropocentric.  The notion, though, is that there are likely to be a lot of Newcomers.  Let’s hope they bring their Genii on their shirtsleeves, as we need it.
    • The previous Cycle began in October 2007, within two days of the Dow Jones top preceding the last big Financial Crash, the one we haven’t really Recovered from because our Scary “Leaders” are still Denying that Infinite Debt is a problem.  For them it’s a Boon.  The theme of this Ending Cycle was 16 Sagittarius, “Seagulls fly around a ship, expecting Food.”  The paraphrase “Vulture Capitalists circle a Banking Crisis, Expecting a Feast” fits perfectly
  • The last time this happened…

Until 18 November…

  • Trust (Eurydike) begins a new 4½-year Cycle with Abuse and Privilege (dwarf planet Nessus)The theme is 9 Pisces, “A jockey spurs [ie, Abuses] his Horse, intent on outdistancing his rivals.”  

We’ll include the relevant charts in the next post.  In the interim, consider buying some Gold, because it’s sounding like the excrement could be about to hit the blower.

A Roadmap to 5D

November 20, 2019

I don’t know how long this will be available for free, but several days at least, I believe, maybe till about November 25, 2019?  At any rate, it’s worthwhile, four very concise fifteen-minute talks by Joe Dispenza, highly recommended…


January 2020 IV

November 17, 2019

At 9:45 pm PST 17 November 2019, the previous post, January 2020 III, was revised quite a bit.  If you read it before then, you may want to reread it.

The Fives V

October 27, 2019

Ready to be Stretched?  Here’s Lilou Mace interviewing Joe Dispenza about some of the Helpers who attend his Seminars…

The Fives III

October 25, 2019

This is another hour and a half Hay House Heal Summit interview with (or lecture by) Bruce Lipton, which does an excellent job of encompassing Matter, Energy, mind, Matter, Energy, Healing, Love, Fear, Immunity, Belief, Longevity, Power, and just about anything else you can imagine.  I believe this one will be online free through 29 October 2019…

One comment…

At one point Bruce says we can’t be Open/Move Toward (Love/Heal) and be Closed/Move Away (Fear/Protect) at the same time.  Once you get good with your Mirrors, though, you actually can do Both/And, and is that ever Healing!  Next time someone very Manipulative calls you and you normally wouldn’t answer, hold up an imaginary wardrobe Mirror facing them, then pick up the phone.  Have a conversation with them, but every time you feel like you’re being led, just say “Oh” very Neutrally, and hold tight to your Mirror.  When I do that, they get very Confused, and I sweat profusely as my Body burns off Power-Give-Away Karma – it’s a Virtual Sauna.

The Sky Is Changing

October 14, 2019

Brenda Hoffman gives us a great Perspective on the next few weeks – and years…

“You are shifting minute-by-minute even though you have difficulties believing such is so.  For there are several pieces within you that need to be in place before you enter 2020.  Not because the year is necessarily magical or even accurate for all calendar keepers, but instead that you are entering a double two year.

“For some, this double two year will mean finding a secure home base – whether a current home or a new home, or community.  Others will discover a new earth life perspective.  For many of you have been pining for another dimension or focus while of the earth.

“Such is logical given you have felt like an earth visitor since you arrived.  For you have refused to acknowledge you are fully of the earth in this lifetime.  Not because such an admission is terrible, but instead that you maintain too many memories of what was.

“Earth life has never been particularly easy.  And given your responsibility for helping earth shift from 3D to 5D as you achieved the same for yourself, this has been an exhausting lifetime.  As is often true in 3D, you probably are ready for a warm blanket and a comfy chair in front of the fire to satisfy your comfort needs.

“Instead, you are uncovering pieces of earth life you did not expect from environmental issues to leadership declarations.  You expected to rest and then receive hosannas after shifting the earth and yourself.  Instead, you feel as if you are walking through quicksand for your body, especially your feet, feels heavy and cumbersome.  Where is the joy?  Where is your completion party?

“So it is many of the pieces you now find almost unbearable, will ease in early 2020, and be completed by year’s end.  Not because such is an earth plan, but because of the internal drama, many of you are now undergoing.  You will likely find yourself exhausted, isolated, worried, and depressed for the next few weeks.  Not what you expected, but emotions pushing you through this final 2020 preparation stage.

“The glaring issues for you now have always been there, merely sugar-coated as a pretense that all was well.  Issues pummeling into your being with few, if any, ideas for change.  For changing the issues that now disturb you, is not within your role.  Such will be completed by those who follow.  You have accomplished your major steps.

“Many of you continue to request a role designation despite your exhaustion.

“Your exhaustion is that you do not know how to rectify the ‘wrongs’ you see so clearly.  Again, those wrongs have always been there; you merely refused to see or sense them.  So it is you are identifying that which is not appropriate for 5D you.  Those following will have the solutions.

“Your role now is to end your fear, your drama about how terrible everything is.  For you are functioning as ‘Chicken Little,’ saying over and over, ‘The sky is falling. The sky is falling.’  While in truth, the sky is changing.

“Your fears, your depression is based on what you cannot do.  Those solutions are for your followers.  So it is that by the calendar year 2020, you will likely allow yourself to know your joy role has little to do with social media or your leaders.

“Your role is to be in joy.

“Memories of past issues that haunt you – whether as a leader or of the groups negatively impacted by leaders – have little to do with new you.  Yet, before you can accept that piece, you must clear those memories related to what is now visible.  For just as you did not have solutions in the past as a leader or follower, you do not have solutions now.  For such is not your role.  Accepting that as your role merely forces you down the ‘rabbit hole’ of confusion and fear.

“Your piece is to shift yourself from fear to joy – knowing you are not responsible for shifting the quagmires you find in your leadership, social media, and the press.  If such were your role, you would be excited and joyful to tackle it, just as you were dedicated to helping the earth shift from 3D to 5D.

“Move toward joy, and you will find your role.  Continue to fear that which you do not have skills to shift, and you will stagnate in place.

“Trust those who follow, as we trusted you.  You have different skills – most importantly for 2020 and beyond – to display your joy.  For you are the sunbeams, those following will discover as they end earth fears through constructive shifts, just as you have done throughout your transition.

“Your fears are ghosts from past lives – lives that have little to do with who you are now.  That is what you will discover in the next few weeks.  For you cannot fully sparkle if you have fears that the earth – your creation and delight – is not able to circumvent the odious leaderships now destroying all that is important to you.  Allow yourself to delegate the next earth shift to those who have completed such roles time and time again – just as you created many planets and places in addition to the earth.

“You are the creator beings.  Those who follow are the social butterflies shifting those now of the earth – either more completely back into 3D or forward into 5D.  Your followers are social creators.  You are planet creators.  Allow you and your followers to work together to create a shining, loving example of Universal possibilities.

“For the earth was an experiment, that you changed into Universal reality.  Now allow the decorators, if you will, to brighten the earth and its inhabitants in ways you do not understand.  All you have to do to assist them is to shine your joy light day in and day out.

“So it is you will release your current fears through example and need the next few weeks.  So be it.”

With thanks to Camilla Blossom Bishop…

Still Chopping Cherry Trees 3

October 13, 2019

As we’ve mentioned previously, the Digital Age occupies two Centuries while the every-twenty-years Jupiter-Saturn Conjunctions occur in Air Signs.  The Industrial Age spanned the time when these Conjunctions occurred in Earth Signs.  There is a toggle between Ages – after eighteen or so Conjunctions in Earth, there was one in Air (1980), then one back in Earth (2000), then eighteen or so in Air.  The Digital Preview of 1980-2000 spanned, almost to the day, the time between the introduction of the IBM PC and the Dot-Com Crash.  The fact that computers reached practical desktop size at the dawn of the Preview could be a clue that Decentralization and Individual Creativity may indeed be part of the full Digital Age.

We’re in the last three months of the Industrial Debriefing that spans 2000-2020.  The Industrial Debriefing allows us to sort through the Meaning of the Industrial Age, and Decide what to take with us into the next Age and what to leave behind.  We’re getting down to the wire.  One characteristic of the Industrial Age was the development of the Wage Slave.  The decline of Unions, the development of the Gig Economy, the demise of pensions, and the return to a Dickensian economy, all imply that we may be leaving that behind.

Today, among the planets we track, there are 8 in Air Signs, but 15 in Earth Signs, pinning our Attention on our Decisions about which Karmic Habits to Abandon and which to Maintain.

Seven of the Earth 15 are in Capricorn, Creative Earth.  Capricorn basically means Just Fix It – these are the things we have to Just Fix if we want to transcend 3D…

  • Dwarf planet Quaoar, symbolizing our Survival Instincts.  We’ve seen how the end of the Industrial Age has decimated manufacturing jobs.  Coding will survive for a while, till the Robots take over it as well.  As anyone who’s ever tried to work there knows, social services are Poverty Country, until your Culture begins to Value Hupers more than Dollars, if it ever does.
  • Dwarf planet Hylonome, or Self-Sovereignty.  Is the Centralization of Power a permanent feature of Huperity, or will the End of the Patriarchy promote Decentralization?  Some pundits see the Blockchain accomplishing that, and its existence suggests that there may well be a Trend toward Decentralization of Power.  Centralization makes Self-Sovereignty much more Difficult.
  • The South Node, our Karmic Inertial Baggage, including our Held Emotions.  As long as we continue to Avoid our Held Emotions, it will always be Us Against Them, as Them is where our Intolerable Held Emotions appear to reside.  Any of us stuck in that kind of Duality will never make it out of 3D.
  • Saturn, aka The Most Important Thing.  Do we know what that is?  Well, at the moment Saturn is still Conjunct the South Node, so the Most Important Thing is Embracing our Held Emotions.
  • Asteroid Hopi represents Respect For All Things, which is more than a nice platitude.  Because We Are All One and All Mirrors for One Another, any Disrespect for anything is a departure from Unconditional Self-Love, which will keep us stuck in 3D.
  • Dwarf planet Chariklo is about Self-Doubt and Self-Confidence.  Thought operates in Duality; Intuition is Multidimensional, so it should be Obvious that we need to operate from our Intuition to stay in 5D.  Self-Doubt is a Thought.  We need to Learn to Trust our Intuition.
  • Pluto is about Changing Paradigms, which is what is Happening as we move from the Industrial to the Digital, from Obeying the Patriarchy to Trusting our Intuition, and from 3D to 5D.  Pluto doesn’t allow foot-draggingl; if we Resist the Changes, Pluto will just Drag us into the New Paradigm.  We’ll be much better off Surrendering to it.

Virgo is the Mutable Earth Sign – Mutable as in Mutation, or Change.  Like the Changing Lines in the I Ching.  Virgo, which stands for Ego Death, holds five planets here.  Of course we’ll need to Endure Ego Deaths if we are to move beyond our Old Industrial Paradigm…

  • Asteroid Nemesis itself means Ego Death, as She was the Goddess who Punished those who Felt Guilt (or should have), and Guilt Requires an Ego Death.  In Virgo it’s a Double Whammy – just what the Witch Doctor ordered for a Big Change in the Zeitgeist.
  • Dwarf planet Orcus is about Pattern-Breaking.  He was an Etruscan God whose job it was to Beat Up Oath-Breakers.  But our Obsolete Oaths are what Create Karma and Unconscious Limitation, as we Forget the Oath but the Habits we built to Serve the Oath remain for Lifetimes.  We need to enter New Ages with Clean Slates.
  • Asteroid Sappho symbolizes Self-Love.  As we mentioned earlier (see Hopi), Unconditional Self-Love is a prerequisite for Ascension.
  • Asteroid Asteroid Juno is about the Growing Edge of Consciousness, and any major Growth in Consciousness is likely to require an Ego Death, so Juno in Virgo can Accelerate our Growth.
  • Moira represents Fate.  Fate is what happens to us when we are Unconscious of our Karmic Patterns.  When we Grow our Consciousness enough to Recognize our own Patterns, we substitute Choice for Fate.  We can’t follow our Intuition if we don’t have Choice.

And finally, in addition to Uranus, two other planets are joined at the hip in Taurus, asteroid Vesta and dwarf planet Sedna.  Together they stand for all of our Unconscious Beliefs that have their Roots in Fear.  Even many of our original “Choices” to make those Ancient Karmic Vows were Motivated by Necessity or Fear.  They may have been the only Choice we had if we wanted to eat, which wasn’t a Choice at all.  Taurus is Fixed Earth – like Crystal, very Difficult to Change…

But very Powerful.  And as you know, Uranus (Soul) is also early in Fixed-Earth Sign Taurus (ie, Descending into Flesh).  That in itself has been, and will continue to be, Requiring Ego Deaths and Major Changes in our Self-Concept.  An Iteration of Ego can last anywhere from Moments to Lifetimes, but Soul is Immortal.  Most of us to one degree or another Identify with our Physical Body.  We can touch that, and we’ve Learned to Trust our Sense of Touch.  Learning to Trust an Immaterial and Invisible Soul is more Difficult, usually Requiring Lifetimes of Meditation and Study.  We all have many of those Lifetimes, or we wouldn’t be here on Earth at this Time.  We just need to Open Up to them.

Still Chopping Cherry Trees 2

October 12, 2019

Meanwhile, Pluto (Compulsion and Transformation) and dwarf planet Chariklo (Self-Doubt/Confidence) are still Merged, and with them asteroid Hopi (Respect for All Things).  We are in Truth Unlimited Spiritual Beings, so when we Judge anything that we Believe to be Other, we actually Judge ourself.  And deep down, we Know it, we just don’t like to admit it because so many of us Define our Ego by what we’re trying to Convince ourself that we aren’t.  You know, Those People that supposedly Do or Believe all those Terrible things.

And to top it all off, this Pluto-Chariklo-Hopi (Don’t Pretend Like That Isn’t Your Issue – Even If It’s Mine Too We’re Just Mirrors For Each Other!) Challenges (T-Squares) the Eris (Revelation of Denial) Full Moon.  These aren’t Games (well, unless we’re Clever enough to Understand that, to the Soul, Ego Is just a Game) – we’re being told pretty Clearly by the Universe that we need to get to Neutrality before the Poo really hits the fan.

Three months from today Pluto Initiates Saturn.  Pluto is the Master Timekeeper, determining the Zeitgeist of the Planet.  Saturn means The Most Important Thing, so the beginning of a new 30- to 40-year Saturn-Pluto Cycle is a Big Deal.  Let’s go back and look at the last Century through the lens of Saturn-Pluto…

  • October 1914 – Pluto Initiated Saturn in 3 Cancer, “A man bundled in fur leads a shaggy Deer,” a 33-year Cycle.  Sounds like we were in for a Cold third-of-a-Century.  The Initiation was three months after the start of World War I.
  • August 1947 – Pluto Initiated Saturn in 14 Leo, “A huper Soul seeking opportunities for outward manifestation,” a 35-year Cycle.  Mop-up begins after World War II, and the Cold War starts.  By twenty years later the US economy (as measured by the S&P 500) was worth five times as much as it was in 1947.  While the Cycle wound down, the size of the US economy was reduced by 60%.
  • November 1982 – Pluto Initiated Saturn in 28 Libra, “A person becoming aware of spiritual forces surrounding and assisting them,” the Cycle spanning 38 years.  1982’s Jupiter Effect, an Alignment of all nine then-planets within a quarter of the Zodiac, presaged the Harmonic Convergence of 1987-92, with its End of the nine Hell Cycles of the Mayan Calendar, which began when Cortez landed in Mexico.

Eighteen years later the US economy (S&P 500) was worth seven times as much as it was in 1982.  Nine years after that, as the Cycle began to wind down, it was worth half as much.  During the following (ie, most recent) ten years the US government printed tonnes of new money and gave it to the already-wealthy.  Without that Grift, er, Gift, the economy would probably have continued to fall.

  • January 2020 – Pluto will Initiate Saturn in 23 Capricorn, “A soldier receiving two award for bravery in combat,” to begin a new 33-year Cycle.  Well, we can Hope that the awards are delivered for past combat, though considering the likelihood that Climate Change will create Wars, Famine, Pestilence, Conquest, or all four, that may be in vain.

In December 2020 the Digital Age will begin in earnest.  We would Expect a major crash in the US economy of about 70%, as the anomalies created by the Grift of the 1% are worked off.  It’s entirely Possible that Jubilee could grant some degree of economic Freedom to everyone, which could produce a flood of small-scale Creative Entrepreneurship developing the beginning of the Digital Age while effectively addressing Climate Change.

It wouldn’t hurt Visualize that, or something better.  Focus on the World You Want To Live In, not the World You think Everyone Should Live In.  Everyone Wants something slightly (or hugely) Different, and there’s no reason why all of those Worlds can’t occupy the same Time and even the same Space – except Our Desire That Others Have To Live By Our Rules.  There should be plenty of room for soldiers to win multiple combat awards – which could even be in online Digital War Games.  Or, after the previous inhabitants have been evacuated, they could enjoy Analog War Games on Islands while they sink beneath the Sea.  Atlantis the Sequel.