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Manifestation Full Moon Appx

January 6, 2023

For you earlybirds, just to let you know that I’ve added a Crystal to the Manifestation Full Moon post.

Goddess of the Sea Forgotum

December 19, 2022

There’s so much going on in an astrological chart that it’s so easy to Forget something you meant to include. A Forgotum is Latin for an Addendum that includes what was unintentionally omitted.

I forgot to mention that the fourth corner of the 19 December 2022 Salacia OOB Station Grand Cross, the corner Opposite Salacia, is filled by asteroid Kassandra. Kassandra symbolizes the inverse of Pinocchio, completing the Deception theme. Kassandra is Lit Up when you’re Speaking Truth but no one Believes you. Kassandra has been in charge of the Climate Crisis since the first Hockey-Stick graph. The backlash against Science is more than warranted, it’s just misplaced.

December 2022 Out of Boundses

December 1, 2022

Mercury went Out of Bounds South on 23 November 2022 in 11 Sagittarius. Mercury OOB tends to mean that Awareness and Communication are for better or worse Emphasized. Contracts signed while Mercury is OOB often need renegotiation, if possible, after Mercury returns In Bounds. Travel can be Disrupted, though I’ve always found that threats of that, when Acknowledged and dealt with Patiently, often turn out to be minor.

Mercury Returns In Bounds 6:50 pm PST 21 December 2022, in 21 Capricorn (GMT 2:50 am 2nd December, IST 6:20 am 2nd, AEDT Qld 12:50 pm 2nd, AEDT NSW 1:50 pm 2nd).


Venus went OOB South in 29 Sagittarius at 9:55 am PST 1 December (GMT 5:55 pm 1st, IST 11:25 pm 1st, AEDT Qld 3:55 am 2nd, AEDT NSW 4:55 am 2nd). Our Values are likely to be Illuminated, and our Passions may be Aroused.

Venus returns In-Bounds 12:38 am PST (GMT 8:38 am, IST 2:08 pm, AEDT Qld 6:38 pm, AEDT NSW 7:38 pm) 24 December in 18 Capricorn.


Mars went OOB North in 26 Gemini at 11:15 pm 22 October (GMT 7:15 am 23rd, IST 12:45 pm 23rd, AEDT Qld 5:15 pm 23rd. AEDT NSW 6:15 pm 23rd). Our Actions may be more Impulsive or Intuitive, Focused Attention could be a Challenge, and Repressed Anger may burst out in unexpected ways. Mars doesn’t return In Bounds till 5 May 2023.


Moon goes OOB North in 7 Gemini at 1:38 am PST (GMT 9:38 am, IST 3:08 pm, AEDT Qld 7:38 pm, AEDT NSW 8:38 pm) 7 December. Instinctive Panic may be more common, and we may be more Emotional than usual. Likely Stronger in the Northern Hemisphere.

Moon returns In Bounds in 8 Leo at 2:44 am PST (GMT 10:44 am, IST 4:14 pm, AEDT Qld 8:44 pm, AEDT Qld 9:44 pm) 12 December.


Moon goes OOB South in 7 Sagittarius at 9:50 am PST 21 December (GMT 5:50 pm 21st, IST 11:20 pm 21st, AEDT Qld 3:50 am 22nd, AEDT NSW 4:50 pm 22nd) 7 December. Instinctive Panic may be more common, and we may be more Emotional than usual. Likely Stronger in the Southern Hemisphere.

Moon returns In Bounds in 7 Aquarius at 10:19 am PST 25 December (GMT 6:19 pm 25th, IST 11:49 pm 25th, AEDT Qld 4:19 am 26th, AEDT Qld 5:19 am 26th).


November 30, 2022

We’ve added 3 charts and a Crystal photo to the previous post.

Accountability, Denial, and Time II

November 17, 2022


Polymath, Genius, and MD Zach Bush and one of his foundations, Farmer’s Footprint, are presenting a free “Commune Course” or “Summit” sorta thing called A Path for Healing People and Planet, starting today 17 November 2022 and running through 20 December. More information and registration at

In John Perkins’s latest promo for his new edition of Confessions of an Economic Hit Man, 3rd Edition (due out in late February), John reminds us that “It is important to understand that we are all victims of the Economic Hit Man (EHM) strategy. Americans, Chinese, Russians, Africans, Asians, Europeans, Latin Americans, and people from the island nations, rich and poor – all living beings – are threatened. Many of us are also collaborators. We have bought into the idea that our country is doing the right thing. The strategy works because we support it. It is time to stop this strategy. We can disagree on political, governmental, religious, and other issues, but we must agree that none of those matter on a dead planet – one where the EHM strategy continues. If we want our children to survive, it is imperative that we come together and end the EHM strategy everywhere.”

In Alberto Villoldo’s Earthkeeper Summit interview with Bruce Lipton last week, Bruce pointed out that the Collapse of Western Civilization must occur if we hope to continue to Enjoy Life as we know it. If Western Civilization is allowed to continue, there is Zero Chance that Earth will continue to Exist as a Fun Home for Huperity. Good Point, Bruce! So we need to Shift our Emotional Response to the Apocalyptic Events going on, from Shock and Sadness, to Gratitude, Joy, and Celebration! Hard to Shift away from our Accustomed Empathetic Reaction to Suffering! Maybe if we Appreciate the Present-Moment Victims as Unconscious Martyrs that are Sacrificing their Present in order to Allow their Offspring – and Ours – to Survive. Or?

To be continued…

Purging Eclipse 1

November 8, 2022

We’re calling tomorrow’s US Election Day 8 November 2022 Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse a Purge because of Lonsdale‘s Degree Readings for it, which are usually terrifyingly accurate during this Colossal Transition. We of course consider an Eclipse to be about Illumination because what was formerly part of the Background is Suddenly Illuminated by its Absence. This Blood Moon is at 17 Taurus, Eruption of Unconscious Contents, while the Sun is at 17 Scorpio, Compulsive Quest to Root Out Our Karma.

Fortunately, the Moon (Our Instincts) is Merged With Our Soul and Our Life Mission,1a so it might be Our Good Karma that Erupts from the Underwhere. The Sun (Our Essence) meanwhile is Merged with Our Values, Our Awareness, and Our Held Emotions or Most Difficult Karma,1b which may well make our Held Emotions Easier to Let Go Of. Our Held Emotions are the ones We’d Rather Die than Feel, but while we tend to put the emphasis in that phrase on the Die, the emphasis is really on the We because Letting Go of our Held Emotions requires an Ego Death, or an Evolution of our Identity.

1 a. Moon Conjunct Uranus and the North Node. b. Sun Conjunct Venus, Mercury, and the South Node.

It’s called a Blood Moon because of its color, at least in Colombia, the Canadian Merrytimes, Sverdlovsk, Xinjiang, Singapore, and Woodside Australia, where it’s Complete.2 It can rub off though, if you watch a Blood Moon too long, like happened to these people

2 I’ve seen at least one other source that says just the Opposite. Not sure which is correct yet… I just saw my second Contradiction, in Isaac George’s blog

So it’s not only two to one in favor of Isaac, but methinks I misread the first map! The places I listed are on the Edge of the Eclipse Zone, not in the Center. I’m still not sure I understand that first map (and I’m a Geographer!), even though it has the Wizard of Eclipses, Fred Espinak’s name on it. The times are correct, but this is the map you want to use. Thanks to Isaac!

We’d Rather Die than Feel brings up a good point. If You’d Rather Die than Feel what it’ll be like with a Republican Congress and Senate in the US, face that Ego Death Directly. Instead of Avoiding the Feeling, Locate it in your Body, Warm it, Soften it, and Move your Attention Directly into its Center and Hold It There till it Moves. If you Fear Fascism and Resist the Fear, your Unconscious will Manifest Fascism for you so you can Clear it. You can’t Manifest what you Want from a place of Fear or Anger or Resistance or Denial; you need to be in a place of Love and Joy. Shut Yo Mouth and Breathe completely through your Nose. Take several Deep Breaths, then on the next several Inhales, fill your Lungs all the way from your Pelvis to your Head. If you’re Lucky, you can Feel Joy Rising up into the back of your Head. Breathing only through your Nose Triggers your Vagus Nerve and Turns Off your Nervous System’s Flight or Fight or Fright mode.

Having done this, you can then do what a Friend recommends (I’ve modified it somewhat)…

“I’m inviting you to join us, to do this with us and to use the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse tonight – Monday night/Tuesday morning, 8 November 2022 – anytime between 2:16-3:41 am Pacific Time, 5:16-6:41 am New York Time, 12:16-1:41 am Hawaii Time, 10:16-11:41 am London Time, 6:16-7:41 pm Brisbane Time, and 7:16-8:41 am Melbourne Time – the Eclipse is Total during that span – to Magnify the Intention. You can do it for five minutes or even for 30 seconds. You won’t see the Totality of the Eclipse itself unless you’re in Medellín or Halifax or Kolkata or Perth.

“Right now: Close your eyes, Ground yourself into the Earth, Focus your Intention on the Total Lunar Eclipse (3am Pacific, 6am New York, 1am Hawaii, 11am London, 7pm Brisbane, 8pm Melbourne), gather up feelings of Love, Gratitude, and Wonder within yourself.  Hold them for a bit and then launch those feelings into that time, to the Eclipse, seeing Love, Peace, Joy, and Wonder land in a splendid Crescendo of Beautiful Energy.  See it Radiate out, throughout the Universe.

“For those of you who have 5 minutes to spare, please also consider Focusing on Tuesday at 8am and/or every two hours after that, local time, till they announce the results.  And if you have a Tree, be with the Tree, in Person or in your Imagination, Grounding down through the Roots and sending the Love, Peace, Joy, and Wonder out to the World and Universe through the Roots of the Tree, into the Mycelial Network and beyond.

“We Women are Key (and the Feminine within Men) and we can Connect through Love.”

In his blog, Isaac George also generously gives us a chart of the Eclipse…

The chart shows one Challenge or SuperPower, all about how The Most Important Thing is to become Aware of Our Held Emotions and Attend to Our Soul and Our Life Mission.3a That’s Excellent Advice, and the SuperPower itself would be Remembering that routinely, while the Challenge would be Doubting it or worse, Being it’s Victim, as those Damn Held Emotions keep threatening My Ego! I don’t know who keeps Torturing me, but I know it wasn’t “My” Idea!

(Translation, in case you missed it – “My” is the Ego, and the Torturer is the Intention Our Soul Declared as We were Leaving the Lightworker’s Lounge to Take On an Earth Lifetime. No Blame, Huperity and Amnesia are synonyms – but it’s Time for us to Remember, at the Risk of being called “Woke” by Governor DiCostello! We’re Enduring this Torture in order to Learn to shift our Identity from Ego to Soul, where Soul is Delighted that we’ve seen through the Shadow Play and Let Go of the Suffering. We-as-Soul Chose this Assignment because we saw that a lot of Hupers were Suffering from it down here, and we Wanted to be able to Help them Understand, which we’ll do as soon as we Drop our Ego-Attachment to our Suffering. It’s also a Controversial Idea, so we’re Free to Reject it if we interpret it as “Blaming the Victim,” which from the Ego’s Perspective it most certainly Is. We might get our Lightworkers License suspended though. But no worries, it’s like the Bar for lawyers – we can retake the test as many times as we like, once we Remember that we Wanted to.)

The chart includes Inherent Grace, Advising that Its an Excellent Time to Give Our Sovereignty Over to Spirit.3b It’s a little different Interpretation than ours, but it’s no less Valid, and it’s closer to what most astrologers would find.

3 a. Saturn T-Square to Mercury-South Node-Sun (Awareness of Our Held Emotions) Opposite Eclipsed Moon-North Node-Uranus (Illumination of Our Soul and Life Mission). b. Grand Trine from Sun-Mercury-South Node (Awareness of Our Held Emotions) to Pallas-Black Moon Lilith (Boundaries Protecting Our Self-Sovereignty) to Neptune (Material Confusion and Spiritual Clarity).

Our chart will be a little different because we use a different set of asteroids and dwarf planets, ones we’ve Chosen because they seem most Relevant to our and Mother Gaia’s Ascension. In our chart we’ll have (when I draw it up) asteroid Hybris, which stands for Our Hubris, sitting Opposite Saturn at 14 Leo. An Opposition symbiolizes a Debate, so we have an Angel on one Should-er telling us that The Most Important Thing Is… and a Devil on the other Should-er asking What About Me? Am I Supposed to Just Sit Here and “Love” All These Emotions that Make Me Want to Die? Dad always made it very clear that anybody who Felt That would be better off Dead. Ah yes, our Victim of Our Own Emotions, one of the most Difficult Ego-Attachments to shake. I had to go through a little of that before I could give myself permission to take my chronic back pain to the Magician.

No Blame, our Negative Karma is there for a Reason, just for a Reason that’s Obsolete. Our Great-Great-Grandma may have had a similar Emotion that kept her from getting on the Boat to the New World, and she Starved to Death while G-G-Grandpa made a fortune Stealing Corn from the Natives in the New World, and Died Fat and Happy. His descendants ever since have rigorously taught, Never Feel That – You’ll Starve to Death! That’s one trick that can help us Wrestle with Held Emotions – Asking, Is this Really Going on in My Life in the Present Moment? That’s a Characteristic of Karma – it Resides in Our Expectations, and it only leaks out into Present-Moment Reality when we Start to Believe that it’s happening Now. I think it was Bruce Lipton (and undoubtedly others) that said, Believing Is Seeing, turning the old saw around backwards. It becomes Real when we walk around in a Fantasy and meet others who are walking around in corresponding Fantasies where the roles are reversed, and we fit together like a jigsaw puzzle.

But having Hybris there discounts nothing from the SuperPower in Isaac’s version of the chart. Hybris makes the T-Square into a Grand Cross, which has the Virtue of Balance, because it “fills the chart” – the Angles add to 360°. Balanced is a low-grade version of Self-Resolving. We still suffer from four T-Squares, but now to some extent the Hassles Complement one another, or even Cancel each other out. And if it’s a natal Grand Cross, we’re so used to having to Multi-Task to Keep It All Together, that we hardly notice any more. We think that’s “Just the Way Life Is”…

So it’s even more of a SuperPower – with a T-Square on the contrary, our Expectations of Perfection (another chunk of Obsolete Karma) “make” us feel like a Failure when we don’t execute the script perfectly. It’s not “Just the Way Life Is,” it’s Why Can’t I Ever Get This Right?!?! So we don’t worry about the Grand Crosses here – not at all because they aren’t Important, but because we don’t have All The Time In The World. The more asteroids and dwarf planets we add, the more Grand Crosses we see! We rank the T-Squares as more Important because we have more to Learn from them, and more to Gain from Becoming Adept with them, not because they’re inherently less Valuable than the Grand Crosses. Want an Idea for a blog? Write one Teaching people how to be Unconditionally Loving with the Grand Crosses!

We also add asteroids Nemesis next to Chiron, Hopi in Libra, Karma in Sagittarius, and Arachne next to Saturn. And dwarf planets Altjira in Gemini, Orcus and Thereus in Virgo (along with asteroid Kassandra), and Hylonome in Capricorn. Altjira, Hopi, and Karma are Out of Bounds. So if we assume that the Grand Crosses are taking care of themselves, we’re left with one other T-Square, to Hylonome (Codependence) from Chiron-Nemesis (Despair over Guilt and its Miraculous Letting Go) Opposite Hopi (Respect for All Things). We mentioned that earlier, and we’ll talk more about it later. For now, in addition to the Saturn-Nodes Grand Cross, we end up with another – Karma OOB in Sagittarius to Nessus in Pisces to Altjira OOB in Gemini to Orcus, Thereus, and Kassandra all in Virgo. Low-grade Self-Resolution or not, that’s a Nasty Combination.

We’ve been dealing with Karma Out of Bounds (Exaggerated ) since January 2022, and it will stay there till March 2023. It’s In Bounds for 14 months after that, then Out of Bounds for 10 months, then In for 10, then Out for 15. If it has a Pattern, it’s not Obvious in the short term. It should be Obvious that having our Karma Exaggerated is Useful, if not Fun, when we’re being Asked to Let It All Go.

Nessus (Abuse and Privilege) in Pisces (Emotional Baggage) has been Afflicting us since 2014, and will continue till 2033. Nessus in Pisces isn’t just about Abuse and Privilege, it’s about the Emotional Carnage of Abuse and Privilege. Not just PTSD, but also the impact on the rest of us from the Greed of the 1%. That’s been increasing since 1980. It’s heartening to see “Trickle-Down Economics,” the Greedheads’ favorite Fantasy about their own Aggrandizement being good for everyone, hit a brick wall in Britain lately, as their Teen-Fantasy PM found out in less time than it takes for Iceberg Lettuce to wilt, literally. But don’t think the Fatcats in the US won’t continue to pull out the same Fantasies. In the US, Wealth replaces Royalty, and it’s very much still the Dominant Godhead and the Dominant Religion.

So our Pain over seeing the Exaggeration of our own Emotional Carnage from Karma about Abuse and Privilege (asteroid Karma square Nessus) has been Extreme, especially when Nessus was Dancing with dwarf planet Gonggong (Intrusive Memories), from 2014 to 2018. Lately I’ve been Feeling far less Pain coming from Abuse Victims, as I was during those years. We’re constantly told by the Arcturians and others that Evil is so prevalent these days because it’s coming out from the closet. We’ve seen some progress in the successful prosecution of Famous Serial Abusers, while Fame was an impenetrable Veil several decades ago. But the Accountability still doesn’t seem very Comprehensive. Witness how casually T.rump’s Criminal Boasts to Billy Bush were disregarded in 2010, making no hindrance to his election, and how arduous it is to get Sports Royalty on the mat. I’m still Surprised when accused Abusers are actually prosecuted. It seems like repeated protests in vain are more common. One of the Saving Graces has been that Pillar of Catpiddlism, Advertising, as advertisers avoid having their ads placed next to Abusive content, which is bringing some Music and Sports Royalty and Musk’s Twitter down.

The third corner of our Karma Grand Cross is Altjira. Altjira was the Fertile Field from which Life first Sprung in the Australian Aboriginal Worldview. It’s Out of Bounds, or Amplified here. It’s in Gemini, which means it’s Changing. In this chart it’s Open to Creating Life on a Whole New Level, without the Emotional Baggage of Karmic Abuse and Privilege. Can Hupers Rise to that Threshold? For a few minutes. Is the Will to Competition Inherent in Huperity, or was that just in Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom where they were trying to sell us more Insurance? We know the Will to Collaboration is also Strong. Can it be done without Hierarchy, with Equality?

Orcus, Thereus, and Kassandra make unusual mates for the fourth corner of our Grand Cross – Orcus the Pattern-Breaker, Thereus the Rugged Bear-Wrestling Teacher, Kassandra the Oracle Condemned Never to Be Believed, and Ceres, who makes things Sustainable, like Food for instance. Well, we were just expressing Skepticism about Egalitarian Collaboration, weren’t we – Kassandra at Work. We already seem to have Broken some of the Patterns of Emotional Abuse. Few people that I read about seem to be praising Bullies any more, mostly just the Defensive color analysts from TV American Football. I don’t think Thereus, standing behind already-ferocious Orcus there, is the kind to take guff off of anybody. He’s not a Bully, but he won’t be Bullied, so watch out if you try! We’ve set up a Big Test of our Sustainability, with the shortage of Food caused by the folks who like Bullying more than Sustainability, and the resulting shortage of Climate-Destroying Fossil Fuels that will test our ability to embroider another Winter Count on our cape.

Which leaves us one more Square to interpret to complete the Loop, the one between Orcus-Thereus-Kassandra-Ceres and Karma Out of Bounds. I’m not sure we could have assembled a better Team to Challenge the Persistence of our Karma. Orcus who eats Habits for breakfast, Thereus who can’t be Outwitted by the Cleverest of Grifting Egos, Kassandra who Denies everything, and Ceres who Threatens to Unravel the whole damn Tapestry if we don’t Accept the Challenge and Master it! And what better Challenge to consider here than Cancer Karma. I’ve been hesitating to add Outsmarting Your Cancer: Alternative Non-Toxic Treatments That Work, by Tanya Pierce, to our Bibliography because it’s such a Sensitive Subject to people who are caught between Obedience to Authority and Their Own Research, about Life-or-Death Choices that may turn out to be more than Ego Deaths, if there ever really is such a thing. But it’s a book I sure wish I had known about when my brother was Dying from Cancer. He still Visits very often, and Goddess knows the topic fits this chart, so I’ve added it to the Bibliography.

Beyond the Pale 3

November 3, 2022

Wow! Marie Manuchehri is mind-blowing. I didn’t have time to watch any of the Live sessions today in the Beyond the Pale Summit, but I took the time this evening to watch Marie’s interview, and am I ever glad I did. When she’s Downloading, she talks a Blue Streak, as if she wants to talk so fast that it slips right past your Monkey Mind and goes straight into the Deeper Recesses – which might be exactly what’s going on. She describes Intuition (and many other things!) in ways I’ve never encountered, so Listening (and Watching!) her talk is very Expanding. Her Live talk was first thing (9 am PDT?) Wednesday morning, so her recording should stay up till about that time Friday morning. It’s the best session I’ve seen so far, so Highly Recommended. You can still register to watch it free if you haven’t already. If I had to tie down an overall summary, I guess I’d say her talk was about How to Get the Most Out of Your Chats with Folks on the Other Side. I’ll watch it again tomorrow.

If you Let It, this Phenacite Crystal may Raise your Vibration and Open you Up, the way Marie tries to Open Up her interviewer…

It looks for all the World like a Topaz (though Topaz doesn’t wear Pink), because both Topaz and this Phenacite have their Silicate units aligned in grids of little “islands,” separate from the other Silicate units. They’re called Nesosilicates, or Island Silicates. Topaz is an Aluminum Nesosilicate, while Phenacite is a Beryllium Nesosilicate. Beryls (Beryllium Aluminum Cyclosilicates, such as Emerald) are Powerful Healing Crystals. Phenacite is less well known because it’s relatively rare, but it Opens the Heart and Third Eye to 5D, and sharpens our Intuition. Pairing it with Fluoride (Calcium Fluoride) helps the Body Integrate the New Energies…

Anger & Guilt, or Action & Prudence 2

October 31, 2022

Forgot to Mention…

I meet so many people who Believe Hupers are Once-Born, and as Challenging as it is to Shift one’s Identity from the 3D Ego to the Soul without that (literally) Dead-End Belief, it’s got to be a lot more Difficult for them. We Oft-Borns should be Praying for them more than for the Twice-Born – at least they know where they’re going once they Leave Here. Not to Convert their Beliefs – that would Betray Free Will – but to send them extra Light, for their sake and for the sake of the Planet and all Her other Entities. Earth will be as Barren and Dusty as Mars before Mush even gets there if we don’t Change the Trajectory. So…

Several organizations, including the Academy of Energy Healing, the Center for Sacred Studies, and the Shift Network, have collaborated to present a five-day free “Summit,” or online workshop, on Beyond the Veil Summit: Explore the Science and Mysteries of Near-Death Experiences, Mediumships & the Afterlife, spanning 31 October to 4 November 2022. The presenters whom I know and admire, and I’m looking forward to seeing and hearing, include Robert Moss, Eben Alexander, Marie Manuchehri, and Lindsey Swope, but there are also 33 other speakers that I don’t know yet.

The way these Summits usually work, is that you register by giving your first name and email address. Then they inundate you (politely) with all of the many features that you’ll get if you’re willing to pay for them, usually with a big discount if you Act Now (often less than $100, usually including all of the video presentations and transcripts; full price is usually several hundred dollars, depending on how much material in how many formats you want), and usually including several to many bonus presentations. Whether or not you ignore these, they then broadcast the presentations, several per day. You get a schedule, and you can watch them live, and/or tune in to them within 48 hours afterward, all free. If you buy the package, now or later, you get the whole workshop and you can watch, or read the transcripts, any time you want. By signing up, you get on some emailing lists, but I’ve done many of these, and never felt at all intruded upon by the pitches I’ve gotten. Sign up free at…


With Uranus (Soul ) in Taurus (Hardcopy Form), we also need to help all we can to keep this Planet Livable and Worth It, so…

Starting the day after, 5 November, is Alberto Villoldo’s Four Winds Society’s free 3-day Earthkeepers Summit 2002, featuring (listing only the folks I know are worth Hearing) Eric Pearl, Mark Hyman, Sandra Ingerman, Bruce Lipton, Brooke Medicine-Eagle, Neale Donald Walsh, Deepak Chopra, Ocean Robbins, Lynne McTaggart, Gregg Braden, and 15 others that I don’t know yet. I believe it will be repeated live again December 20-22. Same deal as above – watch Live or within 48 hours of their Livestream, all free, with the option to pre-purchase the Whole Package to use anytime, at a steep discount at sign-up, or for more money later. Sign up free at…


Finally, I’m repeating most of Marilyn Raffaele’s current Arcturian Channeling below because I so often hear people obviously not understanding it, and because I so often don’t remember all of it myself! Especially note their comments on Guilt, since that’s what’s Lit Up today. Find the whole Channeling at…


(Sorry about the light blue type, which some of you may not even be able to see! WordPress seems to have eliminated their Indent for quotes, and they have no dark colors on their palette. If it’s not readable, block and copy it to another text app, where you can Choose a more readable text color.)

“Welcome dear ones. Once again we wish you to know that all is proceeding according to plan. We repeat this often because in the face of so many global and personal issues surfacing, many doubt this. Pockets of old but active energy continue to surface on all levels to be seen and cleared… Always remember that you are not physical bodies with a consciousness, rather you are consciousness with a material body that you yourself chose for this particular lifetime. Those born with or who at some point acquired a less than perfect physical body were aware of and chose the experiences of having that body before incarnation either for their own learning or that of parents or others.

“For those living fully in separation consciousness, life experiences are usually random expressions of duality and separation. However very little is random or accidental once a person begins living from a state of consciousness increasingly more in alignment with their Higher Self. The Higher Self then begins to provide those experiences necessary for spiritual growth and clearing. Learn to look deeper at all your life experiences in the realization that with the help of your Guides you yourself chose your parents, gender, needed experiences, and family dynamic before incarnating.

“A soul often chooses to incarnate into a family that will provide them with the opportunity to experience and reactivate some old energy they have been carrying and suffering from through many previous lifetimes but are now prepared to permanently clear. This is often true in family dynamics of abuse, rigid religious belief or traditions, and alcohol or drug addiction. Know that in every situation something more is taking place than what appearances testify to.

“Physical aches and pains always indicate dense energy that remains active. It could be as ordinary as the energy of belief in old age and deterioration or simply the physical cells remembrance and and expression of an injury or disease from a previous life. In your quiet time state your intention to gently and easily clear all old energy associated with the particular issue you may be experiencing in order that the already present reality can manifest.

“The surfacing of old energies often brings a person to seek relief through three dimensional solutions. Know that these will always be temporary because they only trim branches from the illusion tree, leaving the root intact. Until the root (the underlying belief) is removed the issue will continue to manifest in some form. You are ready and prepared to remove roots. Go deeper, ask for guidance, and state your intention to fully clear all remaining oaths, promises, vows, and any remaining energy from past personal actions (karma). Large pockets of old energy (Example–Having lived many lifetimes in the same belief system especially those of a particular religion) often clear in increments and take longer so do not be discouraged or think you have failed if you find certain issues reappearing after you thought you had moved beyond them.

“Do not get discouraged or depressed about clearing experiences for they indicate spiritual evolution and graduation into a new state of consciousness. Learn to laugh at the absurd situations that clearings often bring to what may have always been been a comfortable and familiar lifestyle. See them as being positive rather than negative even when they are uncomfortable physically, emotionally, mentally, or even spiritually. Always remember that you volunteered to be on earth for these times with awareness of what it would most likely entail. Trust that you are right where you need to be experiencing what you need to experience in spite of how things may seem to a three dimensional world. Earth is a spiritual universe peopled only with sons and daughters of God and the belief that it is anything other than that constitutes the illusion of material sense.

“You came to be the Light, love, and energy necessary to transform and lift a collective consciousness stuck in illusions of duality, separation, and two powers but which consciously and unconsciously is desperately seeking a way out. All souls on all levels of awareness seek to know and experience the reality of their being even though as of yet most do not know this.

“Forgiveness of self is a powerful facet of love and must be integrated as part of the clearing process. When actions of the past are seen with new and enlightened eyes it can and often does bring guilt and self loathing. Understand that every person is only capable of living and acting through their attained state of consciousness. Forgive and love yourself in the realization that the words you may have spoken or actions taken in your previous state of consciousness were the best you could do at that time.

“Make reparations if guided, but do not spend time in regret and guilt for these are negative emotions that reflect separation from your true Self. The belief in separation underlies every negative action in the world. If the person or persons you believe you have hurt in some way are on the other side you can still speak to them, sending them love and light. If they are still in physical, you can ask forgiveness or talk to them about what occurred but if they are not receptive, simply move on and do the work silently and secretly. Spending an inordinate amount of time on some old event that was probably meant to teach both, simply adds energy to the illusion.

“Love is the key to all things because Love, the realization of ONE Divine Consciousness, God, expressing ITself as the many, is the only reality–period. Love is not an action, it is a state of consciousness that manifests as action but must include one’s self for how could a self exist outside of ONE?

“Cease judging yourselves by three dimensional concepts of acceptability, worth, and value. You must begin to include yourselves in the ONE or you remain in the old energy of separation beliefs. Every single person has made mistakes and done things that have hurt others, but this is how the evolutionary journey works and you have moved on from the illusion based state of consciousness you once had.

“Know, accept, and be love incarnate for nothing else exists.”

Quiet for a Few Days

October 17, 2022

NOTE BENE: This post is all wrong!

My calendar confused me and I accidentally combined 23 and 30 October, and 24 and 31 October, causing me to thing we were having an Overwhelming 5 Stations and a Partial Eclipse in 4 days, while in fact we’re “only” having 3 Stations and a Partial Eclipse in 4 days – still a handful, but it turns out that the Challenges and SuperPowers are all Self-Resolving! We may still have to deal with our own Karma, but We don’t have to Do anything about It, It Will Evolve on its Own, as long as We Leave It Alone and don’t Try to Fix It!! Our Task here Is to Observe. We’ve added our mea culpas and a start at the “Real” events in the post that follows, Call Me Chicken Little.

Thankfully, the Moon is In-Bounds (Less Panic) from 19-26 October 2022, during all these events. It is Out of Bounds, over the Southern Hemisphere, for Halloween however, starting 27 October.

A week later, at All Hallow’s Eve, Samhain, the misplaced members, Mars (Action) and Nemesis (Guilt ), are Stationary (Strong). Their charts are Not Self-Resolving, in fact they’re Weird. But we’ll get to that a little later…

Here’s the original post…

👻 👻 👻 👻 👻 👻 👻 👻 👻 👻 👻 👻 👻

It gets busy again next weekend (22-25 October 2022), which of course the more Sensitive among us could be Feeling already, but other than that we get a welcome few days of rest. Let’s start with the minutiae before we tally up next weekend’s Action…

The Moon is Out of Bounds (Hupers are more Emotional) over the Northern Hemisphere, since 10:49 am PDT 13 October, until 12:53 pm PDT 18 October (8:53 pm BST 18th, 5:53 am AEST 19th).

Sisyphus Out of Bounds (Unendingly Interminable Tasks) moved into Virgo (Ego Death) at 1:32 pm PDT 14 October. Interminable Ego Death? What else is new! Other than Sisyphus-in-Leo review from 7 March to 9 June 2023, it stays in Virgo till 1 September 2022, and stays Out of Bounds till 7 September.

Atropos (Expiring Karma) moves into Capricorn (Just Do It! ) today 7:11 pm PDT 16 October until 12 December 2022. Karma has an Expiration Date, but The Date isn’t written on the wrapper. Karma is what we’ve become Accustomed to, so when it Changes, we miss it. We go looking for it. When it leaves, we Live it anyway because we Expect it. In terms of Occurrence, our Expectations are more important than the Karma itself. Karma Died with Linear Time in 2012. How can you have Cause and Effect without Linear Time? We have to retrain ourself to Expect Karma to be Done, to be Dead.

It’s Our Choice to Indulge Negative Feelings. It doesn’t feel like a Choice when They Overwhelm us, and It’s Important to Be Present with Them for a little while and not just Push Them Away. The Critical Shift is to Be Loving with Them, not Critical or Victimized. Locate Negative Feelings In Your Body and Love Them to Death. Love is Soft and Warm; Fear is Cold and Hard. The Energy coming out of the Palm of your Hand is the perfect Frequency of Far Infrared for Healing – put your Hand on Them. Imagine Softening in and around Them. Hold Them till They Move.

The Persona that Feels Victimized by Negative Feelings is only one of your many Internal Selves. Treat them as Gently as you would treat your own child with a Bee-sting (if you hate kids, use a Kitten with a thorn in its paw instead). Poor-Sweethearting yourself will bring Other Personae up out of the Dungeon that your Negative Feelings have Banished them to.

Klotho (Brand New Karma) also moves into Capricorn, 11:44 pm PDT 19 October. Karma is just Habit Patterns. It’s only Negative when it’s a Habit that goes off inappropriately and gets Triggered when you don’t want it to, like stepping on the gas when you meant to step on the brake. A Habit of Eating when you’re Hungry is Useful. A Habit of Eating when you’re Stressed, not so Useful. A Habit of Eating when you’re Feeling, not Conducive to Intuition.

Then there’s the Weekend, starting 22 October…

Mars (Action) goes Out of Bounds (Amplified ) at 12:04 am PDT 22 October (8:04 am BST, 5:04 pm AEST) till 5 May 2023. Use the Extra Energy, but be Watchful for Burn-Out, Exhaustion, Impulsiveness, Anger, and Attacks. Your Anger will be Stronger than usual, so you want to take a Deep Breath before yielding to a Temptation to cut a child or spouse or good friend or customer or boss down to size. Again, you can’t Repress it, you want to Locate It In Your Body etc. You can tell when you’re Repressing Anger because Others will Attack you, supplying an Unconscious Mirror for your Inner Goings-on. Mirror them back Consciously before you find a Safe place to Locate and Love.

Venus (Values) moves into Scorpio (Fearlessness) at 12:31 am PDT 22 October (8:31 am BST, 5:51 pm AEST) until 16 November 2022. Let this be a Fearless and Searching Inventory of Your Own Values, rather than a fully scathing review of Someone Else’s Values. Scorpio has Immense Intuitive and Analytical Power, but you want to keep it pointed, Lovingly, at Yourself. Pointing it elsewhere will only Win Enemies and Influence Other People Not to Like You.

Then come the Biggies – Five Stations and a Total Eclipse in four Days

  • Saturn (The Most Important Thing) Stationary till 9:07 pm PDT 22 October in 19 Aquarius (5:07 am BST 23rd, 2:07 pm AEST 23rd).
  • Juno (Growth in Consciousness) Stationary till 6:04 am PDT 23 October in 8 Pisces (2:04 pm BST, 11:04 pm AEST).
  • Mars (Action) Stationary till 6:25 am PDT 23 October in 26 Gemini (2:25 pm BST, 11:25 pm AEST).
  • Nemesis (Guilt ) Stationary till 1:49 am PDT 24 October in 19 Pisces (9:49 am BST, 6:49 pm AEST).
  • Partial Solar Eclipse and New Moon (Illumination) till 2:49 am PDT 25 October in 3 Scorpio (10:49 am BST, 7:49 pm AEST).
  • Aletheia (Truth of the Heart ) Stationary till 9:43 am PDT 25 October in 6 Cancer (5:43 pm BST 25th, 2:43 am AEST 26th).

Most or all of the Eclipse will be visible from Saamiland to Kashmir…

We usually Experience the Energy of a Station prior to the event, beginning several days to a week or more before, depending on our Sensitivity The Energy Builds as we get closer to the Station. If we don’t like the Energy, or what it Triggers for us, and we make a Decision that we Believe will Protect us from it (which usually means Blaming or Scapegoating something or someone), then we send the Energy into the Unconscious, where it can continue to Bother us till we Love It To Death.

Stations this close together in time aren’t usually Experienced Separately – we could Experience it as one cohesive Energy if we Tune to the Energy, and as a Barrage of Energies if we Tune to our Reactions to the Energies. With 3 Degrees of Sensitivity (“Orb”), they’ll Trigger all of our natal planets in the Whole Zodiac except for the Fifth and Sixth Duads (12-15 Degrees) of each Sign! A lot like a Green Coffee enema for our Karma. As they say at such times, We’re All Gonna Die!! Ego Death of course. That is, the only folks who will escape at least one Ego Death are the folks whose Egos are already worn to a frazzle so they won’t know the Difference. I suppose if someone with little Sensitivity was born with all their planets in 13-14 Degrees they’d escape some of the fireworks, though of course that’s unlikely to ever happen – the Solar System would tip over if all of its planets were gathered in 13-14 Degrees (just kidding).

It’s not constant, but my nervous system already feels like someone is running a thousand volts through it. So, how many sentences or Stories can you make up with “The Most Important Thing,” “Growth in Consciousness,” “Action,” “Guilt,” “Illumination,” and “Truth of the Heart” in them? Maybe something like…

When We Feel Guilty about Our (past or present or hypothetical) Actions that Violate Our Values, The Most Important Thing Is that We Expand Our Consciousness to Light Up Forgiveness for Ourself! We could even Feel Guilty about Other People’s Actions!

You can get out your Thesauri and substitute any synonymous words or phrases for each of the six terms, scramble the word order and meaning, and you’d probably come up with a tiny fraction of the Experiences that everyone on the Planet will have while this is the Ambient Energy on the Planet. Not only that, but most everyone will probably Experience as many Different Energies as they have planets in their natal chart between 16 and 11, and multiples of each! This is probably what has happening during the Tower of Babel times.

In other words, don’t try to Understand what the hell is going on for the next while. Let your “Reality” be a movie you’re watching, a Comedy! That’s probably more Real anyway, so it’s a good practice for helping retrain ourselves to Recognize Confusion as an Independent Emotion rather than an Invite to Analyze our Archives so we can tag what Confuses us with something out of our Old Concept Set. If we can pull that off, we can Avoid the Discomfort of Growth in Consciousness. Our Old Concept Set is the Cage that Protects us from Paper Pussycats when Granny isn’t Home.

Not So Phew!

October 7, 2022

Bob (in Coloniser Queensland) points out wisely that I missed a Station of Pluto 2:55 pm tomorrow 8 October 2022 (10:55 pm BST 8 October, 5:55 am AEST 9 October) in 27 Capricorn!! Many thanks, Bob! I always appreciate being notified of errors.

A Pluto Station is no sneezing matter – I used to describe it (to the asseveration of many readers) as Swimming Through Jello (a brand of Gelatin in the US). 27 Capricorn is The Ability to See through the Veil, which We Can Use to Ascend if We Choose to. Both 27 and 28 Capricorn emphasize how Sticky Karma is, however, because we’re So Used to Believing that our Karma is our Reality that we Reject it as Fantasy when we do see through the Veil – an excellent time to practice “Well, What If?” and at least Explore the Possibility. If the Vision is a good one that generates Positive Emotions, those very Emotions will Change our Body Chemistry and Open the Whole in the Sky wider for us – “Till the Light Behind the Sun Takes All” as Bruce Cockburn put it…

Oh well, Phew! was a nice Fantasy!