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TranceFormation 3

July 3, 2020

Better late than never.  In fact, we’ve always averred that we do Interpretation, not prediction, and since this blog is uncompensated, we often have to give precedence to paying the rent.  Besides, it’s only the Illusion of Linear Time that drives the Calendar.  These astroevents take place outside of Linear Time, and as such they are Timeless.  They’re not even about Learning, they’re about Remembering, as we are already Complete Energy Bodies.  It’s only the Huper Trance that makes us Forget huge portions of our Eternal Infinite Self.  The apparent Sequence of astroevents just helps us Remember Different parts of our Wholeness.

But we didn’t want to leave off the chart of the 29 June 2020 second, “Exposition,” Retrograde Jupiter-Pluto (Expansion-Transformation) Merger (Conjunction)

…because it’s an almost-perfect Self-Resolving Challenge or “Diamond Star” (a Challenging T-Square [the red triangle] combined with the Grace of a Double Trine Bridge [the blue lines] across the other half of the chart, connected by a Finger of the Goddess [the green wedge] pointing to the Focus of the T-Square).  The T-Square says that our Boundaries (asteroid Pallas) will be Challenged (T-Square) by the Necessity (Pluto) that we Expand (Jupiter) our Primary Cultural Trance (Pluto), and by the apparent Contradistinction (Opposition) between our Rebirth (Haumea) and the Persistence of our Forgetting (Eris) – we spoke in the previous post about how the Ego Resists Change.

You can see this Acted Out oh so Clearly on the streets, in the Dance between the Forces of Change (the BLM Protestors) and the Forces Defending the Status Quo (the Conservative Counter-Protestors, the Police Unions, and most of the Governments).  In the 4 July chart of the first, “Can-Opener,” Jupiter-Pluto Merger, the empty half of the chart opposite the Challenge (the red T-Square triangle) contains only (1) Unlimited Potential (dwarf planet Chaos) which is Scary because it’s so Unknown to most of our Consciousness, and (2) Converting Fear to Power (dwarf planet Sedna), which we initially Experience as Fear, till we do our Kegels.

The 29 June Exposition chart is Self-Resolving.  The 4 June Can-Opener chart contains Grace, but it’s Incomplete.  Unfortunately, it’s the 4 June chart that foreshadows the next dozen years.  The primary purpose of the 29 June chart is to help us Learn (Remember) more about the Changes that we’re beginning to put in place (in Linear Time).  In the 29 June chart, Unlimited Potential (Chaos) remains, but it’s augmented by our Intuition (dwarf planet Asbolus) and by our Ability to Choose to End Obsolete Karmic Habits (asteroid Atropos [Ending Patterns Consciously]).  Which means we’ll be more Able to moderate our Fear of the Unknown, for instance by PIAVAing that our Progress be Loving and Gentle.

And, the second foot (asteroid Lachesis [Ability to Choose to Change Habits]) of the green wedge (the Finger of the Goddess) has moved into place to make the Challenge Self-Resolving (a Diamond Star).  In other words, we’re now Graced with new (relative to early June) Skills that Allow us to Manipulate Patterns which previously Victimized us and kept us Frozen in Fear about our Rebirth into the Unlimited.  Consequently, in spite of the fact that you may feel like you Don’t Know What You’re Doing, you are actually Free to Act to Embrace What You’ve Always Wanted.  Your Mind will be very fuzzy about What and Why, but your Intuition will Know without Question.  Trust your Intuition.

The addition that makes the 29 June Self-Resolving Challenge not quite Perfect (as an astrological Configuration, not as an astroevent) is the Galactic Center (Headquarters) at the top of the chart (where it’s more Powerful than it otherwise would be).  It certainly doesn’t detract from the Self-Resolution in the rest of the chart, in fact it adds a whole lot of Grace (a Fire [Spirit] Grand Trine [Dumb-Luck Grace] with two Air [Mentality] Kites [Directed Dumb-Luck Grace], making an almost-Grand Sextile [Yet More Grace]).

The Vacancy in the Grand Sextile (26 Aquarius) – which we could easily argue is the most Important place in the chart, as it makes our Challenge to Expand into the Vacuum not just Self-Resolving, but also very Beneficial – is not occupied by a prominent asteroid or dwarf planet.  If you have a prominent planet there, you are hereby appointed to be our Fearless Leader.  You will have help from two important Stars in that Longitude…

  • Deneb algedi, aka Giedi, the tail of the Capricorn Sea-Goat (Remember that the Constellations have shifted in the Tropical Zodiac, due to the Precession of the Equinoxes, so the Star is in the Constellation Capricorn but the Sign Aquarius).  Bernadette refers to Deneb algedi as (Brady’s Book of Fixed Stars, pp.302-4) “the symbol of the law-giving, justice-oriented god trying to civilize his people…  the star of a person who is a benefic ruler, one who is trying to use wisdom and knowledge to protect and help the people around them.  Mother Teresa of India had two [astrological] contacts with Deneb algedi… this concept of the ancient, protecting god is connected to both her luminaries.”
  • Deneb Adige, the tail of Cygnus the Swan, (op. cit. pp.127-129) “a very subtle star associated with the strength and hostility of the swan, but at the same time holding within its symbolism the mystic, transcendental qualities of shamanistic legends of the creation of the World Egg.  A very good example of this is Mother Teresa… this majestic swan and its symbolism is connected both to how we see Mother Teresa, and to the belief systems and feelings that she lived by.”  “…the need to explore the mystical in the everyday…  …equally the strong fighting bird and the swan-god, the willingness to take the hero’s journey, to undertake the journey of self-awareness” – exactly what we need to Expand our Trance-Re-Formation.

Bernadette also says (p.304) that “Deneb algedi is not a strong star and it needs to be linked to… Libra – for social reform – …before you put too much emphasis on it … it does suggest the desire to help, not by serving but by leading.”  The Completed Grand Sextile does have another corner in Libra, advising that we need to opt for Touching the Jaguar (the Hero’s Journey) and throwing ourself into the Unknowns of our Rebirth (Haumea in 26 Libra).

In other words, forget Cause, Logic, and Excuses, and Trust that, once we get out of Kansas, the Ruby Shoes of our Intuition will Guide us.  All of which gives us two assignments.  How does the third, mid-November, Confidence-Building Jupiter-Pluto Merger relate to the US election?  What does Joe Biden have in Libra?  We’ll save those questions for later while we Focus on our Rebirth.

Heavy Fortnight 11

June 18, 2020

There are a few Stones yet to turn in this week’s astroenergy.  For instance, our Awareness around Compassion is heightened the week of 15-19 June 2020, as a primary symbol for Intellectual Awareness is Lit Up in the Sign of Nurturing (Mercury Stationary 17 June 10pm PDT in 15 Cancer).

Compassion has twelve stages, and four of them (in bold italics below) are lit up during June and July.  The twelve stages are…

  • Spontaneous Compassion (0-2½ Degrees of Cancer [Cancer “Duad” of Cancer]).
  • Ego Involvement with Compassion (2½-5° of Cancer [Leo Duad]).
  • Conflicts with our Values (5-7½° Cancer [Virgo Duad]).
  • Compassion and Codependence (7½-10° Cancer [Libra Duad]).
  • Deep Review of our Identity (10-12½° Cancer [Scorpio Duad]).
  • Recommitment to our Values (12½-15° Cancer [Sagittarius Duad]).
  • Adjustment of our Lifestyle (15-17½° Cancer [Capricorn Duad]).
  • Social Compromise (17½-20° Cancer [Aquarius Duad]).
  • Emotional Consequences (20-22½° Cancer [Pisces Duad]).
  • Rebooting Compassion (22½-25° Cancer [Aries Duad]).
  • Justification Phase (25-27½° Cancer [Taurus Duad]).
  • Surrendering Analysis and Experimenting (27½-30° Cancer [Gemini Duad]).

We started down the “bold-italic” path above in early June.  We can see these trends most clearly around our Reactions and Responses to the Coronavirus, to the “Economy” (do we still have food and shelter?), to the Selective Police State with its Obsolete but Deeply Ingrained Patterns of Privilege and Abuse, to Climate Change and Planet-Abuse, and to the extent that we “mind our own business” or fall into the Abyss of Ideology and waste our Life Energy on Emotional Attachment to Concepts, Unexamined Regressions, and Programmed Us-Versus-Thems, as opposed to the Be-Here-Now Realities that reflect 5DNot to mention Big Pictures that Mirror our Fears instead of Small Pictures that Project What We Want.

The timing looks something like this, give or take adjustments for time zones…

  • Confronting Dissonance between our Compassion and our Values, 2-3 June (Mercury enters “Shadow Zone” – the span of its impending Retrogradation, at 6° Cancer).
  • We discover places where our Compassion Conflicts with our Relationships, Encountering Judgment or Noticing Dissonance in our social circle, 4-6 June (7½-10° Cancer).
  • A lot of Soul-Searching over this Dissonance 7-9 June (12½-15° Cancer), evaluating our Yintegrity and our Yangtegrity.
  • Recommitting to our Values – or to our Codependence, or both – until 25 June (as Mercury slooows down, stops, and slowly starts moving “backwards”).

These are Big Opportunities.  5D works when everyone in your Community is in Yintegrity and of course in Neutrality.  (There’s more to it, but basically Yintegrity means you do what you feel like doing moment to moment, Yangtegrity means you do what you said you were going to do.)  We get to see what we React To rather than Respond To – Reaction is Emotional and Habitual and Unexamined, Response is Value-Based, Goal-Aware, and Outcome-Oriented.  We get to see where we tend to Betray our own Values.  We get to Wonder whether our Values themselves need Upgrading.  We get to Ask ourself whether “making a stand” is worth the Hassle – lots and lots of Opportunities to Expand our Consciousness.

And of course the Overarching Theme this week is about Expanding our Consciousness around our Manifestation Skills and Converting our Fate to Choice (dwarf planet Makemake Stationary Conjunct Juno and asteroid Moira Stationary).  If you have a hard time relating this Theme to Reaction versus Response, Value Betrayal, Value Upgrades, and Self-Sovereignty versus Codependence, let me know and we’ll Explore it further.

We next walk through our Compassion-Awareness Gauntlet backwards – Soul-Searching 26-30 June (12½-10 Cancer), Relationship Conflicts 1-4 July (10-7½ Cancer), Compassion-Values Dissonance and Repair 5-18 July (7½-6-7½ Cancer – Mercury goes Direct 12 July in 6 Cancer).  While our first (Direct) trip through the Gauntlet was likely to have been Shocking and Disruptive (we refer to the pre-Stationary-Retrograde portion of the Shadow Period as the “Can-Opener”), the second (Retrograde or “Exposition” phase) trip through it is likely to be Slower, and more Educational than Sensational.  We get a better chance to see what’s going on.

The third and final portion (Direct again – we refer to this third phase as the “Confidence-Builder”) will be something like Relationship Resolution 19-22 July (Libra Duad), Lifestyle Adjustment 23-24 July (Scorpio Duad), and Eliminating What’s No Longer of Service 25-26 July (Sagittarius Duad).

Our next Mercury-Retrograde Awareness-Amplification Shadow Period will be about the Consequences of our Relationships (including our Fantasy Relationships with people we’re unlikely to ever meet, like those with the Antichrist), and span 23 September to 19 November (26 Libra to 12 Scorpio, the Taurus-Gemini Duads of Libra and Scorpio-to-Pisces Duads of Scorpio).  The Fear-and-Loathing portion (Can-Opener) runs through 14 October (Mercury Stationary Retrograde 12 Scorpio), the Think-About-It phase (Exposition or Retrograde portion) lasts till US Election Day 3 November (Mercury Stationary Direct 26 Libra), and the Love-It-or-Hate-It period (Confidence-Builder) is finished 19 November – probably take that long to tally the votes. 

I don’t know yet what the Overarching Theme will be, but it will have something to do with the Life Force (dwarf planet Varuna Stationary 4 November in 6 Leo) and Respect for All Things (asteroid Hopi Stationary 7 November in 26 Cancer)We need to Remember that the Future is not Created yet, and that the Future Flows from the Energy that All Conscious Entities, including the Mother Planet, Project into the Present.  We can do our part by PIAVAing and Meditating on the Resurrection of the Life Force and of Respect for All Things, rather than greater Suppression of them.  The more you can Forget about Mechanisms and Focus on Outcomes, and the more you can Focus on What You Want, Locally, the more Power your Contribution will have.

If you can’t Break your Addiction to a Belief that we are under the Control of the Big Picture (Politics, Economy, Global and National Trends, Global Warming, etc.) that the Toxic Media feeds us, do this instead – PIAVA that you and your Local Community have the Freedom to Manifest Your Own Reality, with as many Ds as you’d like.  And then Do it.  We don’t need to drag an Unwilling World into our Reality in order to Manifest What We Want.  That’s not about Selfishness, it’s about Free Will (theirs) and Readiness (ours – their Readiness is up to them, not you).

The 1% have already been doing this for forty years, some far longer.  If their Motive has been Fear or Greed, that’s their Problem and their Karma, not yours.  Don’t Condemn them, Emulate them, but do so within the framework of your own Values and Desires.  We need to Consider that our Displeasure with them might actually be Envy.  That would be a more Honest Motive on our part than a Control Trip.

Eagles and Condors

March 31, 2020

John Perkins shares an excerpt from his new book Touching the Jaguar (due out in mid-June), and comments about it, in his email newsletter for 31 March 2020, titled The Eagle and Condor Prophecy and the Virus

“I hear over and over that this virus is telling us to reexamine who we are as individuals and as a species.  The message that the hurricanes, earthquakes, fires, and other ‘once in 100 years’ events that now happen every year or so failed to convey is now being heard around the globe – because of the coronavirus.  We once took satisfaction in knowing that if we survived the hurricane, earthquake or other catastrophe, within a week or two help would arrive from the ‘outside’ world: bottled water, food, medical help.  Now we know: There is no ‘outside’ world.”

Certainly very appropriate for a Big Moment in our Climate Change Drama astroevent (Strong Emotions [Moon OOB 31 March-1 April] while our Survival Instincts [dwarf planet Quaoar] and our Need for Eyes in the Back of our Head [dwarf planet Pholus] are also very Strong [both Stationary 1-3 April] – John’s newsletter hit my inbox just as the Moon crossed the Tropic of Cancer, outbound).  From Touching the Jaguar p.99…

” ‘Back in the mists of history, human societies took two routes.  The Eagle peoples flew the path of the mind, of science, technology, and industry.  The Condor peoples flew the path of the heart, of passion, intuition, and spiritual connections with nature.’  It goes on to explain that for centuries they would never meet.

“Then in the Fourth [half-millennium], which began in about 1500 AD on our calendar, their paths would cross; the Eagle would nearly drive the Condor into extinction.  But not quite.  The prophecy says that five hundred years later… – now – the opportunity arises for the Eagle and the Condor to fly together, to mate, and to produce a new offspring, higher consciousness.

“History confirms the first prophecy.  Columbus, 1492.  The Eagle swept into Condor territory and almost wiped out the Indigenous peoples.  But not quite.  Now, five hundred years later the prophecy is being fulfilled again.  The Eagle and Condor are coming together to create higher consciousness.  It is happening!  Indigenous teachers have invited us to learn their ways.  There is a deep interest in traditional nature-based wisdom and shamanism among industrialized people around the world.”

That’s particularly fascinating to me because by a series of coincidences I ended up helping to fund the Audubon Society’s rescue of the California Condor from extinction in the mid-1980s, just prior to the Harmonic Convergence, and to the Initiation of this blog’s predecessors.  I didn’t have that much money to contribute, but I guess because I was obviously contributing more than I could afford, it was inspiring enough to them that I ended up with special thanks in their annual Audubon Wildlife Report.

The Harmonic Convergence of course was, astrologically, a Convergence of major planets in Capricorn and on the cusp of Aquarius – just as in 2020.

And of course we can’t forget that the Eagle was prominent at the turn of the 21st Century, as an overarching theme for the Century (Sabian Symbol for the coincident Pluto-Chiron Initiation) is “A flag turning into an Eagle turning into a Chanticleer Saluting the Dawn.”

A friend and colleague of astrologer Demetra George has stumbled across an 5km, four-year asteroid named Wuhan, that “just happened to be” in Capricorn this year…

Asteroid Wuhan also “just happened to be” Dancing around Capricorn in 1987-8.  So far this year, Wuhan has crossed Ixion (5 January), Pholus (16 Jan), Quaoar (19 Jan), Jupiter (14 Mar), Mars (22 Mar), and Pluto (24 Mar).  It will cross Chariklo (12 Apr) and Saturn (25 Apr) in April, then enter Aquarius on 28 May.  It returns to Capricorn from 9 July to 12 November.