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August 2020 Cycles 3 – Ceres-Orcus

August 11, 2020

The second Cycle in the 3 August 2020 Full Moon chart which is in the midst of Change, is Ceres-Nessus.  It’s about the Sustainability (dwarf planet Ceres) of our Response to Abuse and Privilege (dwarf planet Nessus).  Not much about this in the news these days, is there.  Or rather, not much about anything else, whether we’re talking police brutality, brutal politics, Pomonavirus and poverty, income inequality, or #MeToo!  And all the noise has drowned out Global Balming.

Ceres turned Retrograde before it reached Nessus, so Nessus won’t Initiate Ceres until 27 December 2020 (in 11 Pisces).  In the 3 August Full Moon chart Ceres is two Degrees behind Nessus and Separating.  When Ceres turned around in early July it was only 17 arcminutes from Nessus, but by the time it goes Direct again on 18 October, Ceres will be back in late Aquarius, 12 Degrees behind Nessus.  So, can we say that the Nessus-Ceres Initiation period has already begun?  If we were thinking of starting an NGO to teach Sustainable Responses to Abuse and Privilege, has the first shoe already dropped?

The first week of July featured Putin extending his term as Russia”s Big Boss till 2036, Beijing horsecollaring Hong Kong, and the Coronavirus passing 11 million cases and half a million deaths.  Those are certainly about Privilege and Abuse.  The question isn’t whether they’re about Sustainable Response thereto, it’s Is the Sustainability Axis involved?  I think so.  In my Experience with early Initiation Near-Misses, the elements are there, but nobody’s looking at it that way yet.

In December when the actual Initiation occurs, I Expect both Issues – Privilege/Abuse and Sustainability, and their interactions – to be Lit Up Big-Time.  Neither Antichrist Privilege/Abuse Issues nor BLM Abuse Issues made Wikipedia’s “Living History” list for the first week of July, but they were certainly there, and we can be sure they’ll be Lit Up again in December.

The Nessus-Ceres Initiation falls after the Beginning of the Digital Age (Saturn Initiating Jupiter in an Air Sign), but at the Solstice when it Begins, Ceres will be within two Degrees of Nessus, so we can be Assured that Sustainable Response to Abuse and Privilege will be a central Issue throughout the next two Centuries, because the impending Nessus-Ceres Initiation will be part of the Saturn-Jupiter Initiation chart.

The two Initiations will make a very close Novile (40 Degrees apart).  The Novile Angle is about Hermitage, implying that the “Losers” of whatever Abuse and Privilege turn out to be Sustained, may be forced Underground…

…which will be an excellent time to be in 5D.

The theme of the 20-year Jupiter-Saturn Cycle is “An old adobe Mission in California(1 Aquarius), unfortunately an excellent symbol for Colonialism.  The theme of the 4¼-year Ceres-Nessus Cycle is “People traveling a narrow path, seeking Illumination(11 Pisces).  5D Illumination perhaps.  So in an Ideal World (which in 5D we could Choose to Manifest, right?), the Folks traveling the Narrow Path seeking Illumination will be crafting a Replacement for Colonialism, one that eschews both Abuse and Privilege in favor of Respectful, Harmonious, and Sustainable Alternatives.

I know, it’s difficult to wrap our Dualistic minds around the notion that we can create an Ideal World, when the one we Live in is so rapidly descending into a Digital Dickensian cesspool.  It was just as difficult for me to Grok those books about the World “splitting in two.”  Who was that?  The Barbaras, Marciniak and Hand Clow?  And didn’t Delores Cannon talk about that as well?

Of course that’s part of the Root Limitation with our Manifestation Skills – we’re Programmed to Reject anything for which we can’t Imagine a Mechanism.  Suspending Disbelief and Accepting the Paradox is Bottom Line for our Ascension.  While you’re working on that essential but difficult Skill, Michael Roads talks about how it works, without naming it so, in his Through the Eyes of Love series and Stepping…Between…Realities.

Both Barbaras Channeled the Pleiadians, and of course the amazing Multidimensional Channel Natalie Glasson ( does too (  For instance…

“…As a civilisation, we the Pleiadians are mastering the balance between technology and the spiritual intuition, using both to gain a stronger understanding of the Creator and the way in which our reality works.  We do not say that this is an appropriate way to live but balance of any form is necessary, and our technology is born from spiritual expansion and awareness, so has a higher purpose within our civilisation.  It is important I share this information with you as your civilisation is and is wishing to move into a state of balance between the importance of technology and the spiritual beingness of intuition…”

Natalie’s Channeling never fail to Lift my Energies by a couple of Octaves, making me Feel like I’ve just jettisoned 50 pounds.

The Ceres-Nessus Cycle that we’re now Completing, began in February 2016.  Its theme has been “A Squirrel hiding from hunters(2 Pisces).  Most of us have Felt the Need to Hide our True Pursuits from most other People, just to avoid Involuntary Commitment.  Our Narrow Path will require less Hiding as we be become increasingly Invisible to those who Choose to remain in Fewer Dimensions.  I think dwelling in a Separate Reality counts as a Hermitage.

Purgative New Moon II

May 24, 2017

Here’s another relevant Stone, Tremolite, a Crystalline form of Jade, a Calcium Magnesium Chain Silicate…

It can move you “into consciousness of the next dimension… and stimulate creativity and imagination after periods of grief and loss,” says Marquist (p.153).  If you blow it up and stare at it (, it looks like an Old Soul and a Record Keeper. 

Makemake was a god-figure among the Rapa Nui of Easter Island, credited with saving them from extinction by teaching them how to Survive without Trees.  The connection between the name and Making is a “Coincidence,” but the Makemake discovery chart exudes Manifestation.  Makemake joins Nemesis and the New Moon to make a Grand Trine, the symbol of “Dumb-Luck” Grace created when three planets are equally spaced around the Zodiac.

The idea of “Creating Our Own Reality” is heresy to our Victim, “New Age Guilt” to our Blame, and anathema to religions and philosophies that refuse to give Power to the Individual.  And it’s a little off base.  “Taking Responsibility for What We’re Manifesting” or “Being Response-Able to Our Circumstances” is a more accurate description of the process of Owning One’s Own Power-With.  We tend to think first of Power-Over because Power-Over is the law of the land in the Colonial Patriarchy.

Nemesis, recall, is one end of the Yin Gate or Paradox School in the New Moon chart (see previous post).  This is a huge Blessing, as most of us don’t greatly relish most Ego Deaths, and the Grand Trine (the big blue triangle in the graphic below) will make them much Easier.  And if you know the geometry, you’ll know that, since it Opposes Nemesis, Vesta is at the top of a Kite formation (the smaller blue triangle sitting on the left side of the Grand Trine, giving both together the shape of a kite)…

This Channels the Energy – Grace – of the Grand Trine into our Unconscious Beliefs, which should make it much Easier to melt any Self-Sabotaging Beliefs that are Limiting us.

Notice also that Makemake makes a T-Square (red triangle) across the Opposition from Veritas (Truth) to Hylonome (Letting Go of Control by Archetypes), Challenging us to do exactly that – Let Go of Limits to our Conscious Growth, Limits to our Ability to Manifest exactly What We Want.

So, how exactly do we do that?  Dan Scranton has been telling us to just “Raise our Vibration.”  Okay, so how do we do that?  Well, I can think of a number of ways to attempt it…

  • Closing your eyelids while rolling your eyes up, for instance
  • Grounding yourself (Imagining Energy moving down your spine, and from there into the center of the Earth if you still feel jangly or Ungrounded), then Focusing your Attention into the center of your Chest
  • Sit in a quiet place with your back to a Tree, or even just lay on the Ground in a Grove for a half hour or so
  • Examine your thoughts for Judgments, and deliberately Choose Cuiosity instead
  • Forgiveness
  • Lovingly Embrace yourself exactly where you are, letting it be a lunch stop on your route, rather than an undesirable destination
  • Focus on what portions of your Wants you’ve already Manifested, rather than Focusing on What you haven’t Manifested yet; you may Want A+B+C (eg maybe Security+Freedom+Abundance), and have actually already Created A, B, C, and A+C, you just haven’t Created A+B, B+C, and A+B+C yet – now you know where your homework lies
  • Gratitude
  • Let your thoughts or Identity float into the space above your Head, above the roof even, and from there spread out and continue Expanding
  • PIAVA What You Want (especially after you’ve Expanded your thoughts or Identity)
  • Intention
  • Theta Healing (, where you can see or Feel the likely results, adjust, and iterate
  • Stop with the “I can’t”
  • Shift from “Yes But…” to “Yes And…”
  • Read a chapter in Dr. Kim’s Mind-Body Handbook
  • Let yourself Daydream

There Must Be Fifty Ways to Leave A Low Vibration, as Paul Simon might say.  Have a look at this…

Maybe today’s Energy is pretty Blessed all on its own, and all we need to do is Surrender into it.  Take a nap and let it infuse us.  I Wonder if thee’s any connection between this Ninth Wave and the Ninth Harmonic.  Any Ninth Harmonic Angles in the New Moon chart?  Well, yes, turns out there are many…

And we’ve only drawn the ones that congregate into a big Configuration; we’d have to call it a Novile Bowl.  There are also many others, just not as coherently related to one another, although there is an additional Novile Yod pointing at Ceres (Sustainability) from the Novile between Sappho (Self-Love) and Pholus-Quaoar (Response-Ability re Survival).  The Ninth Harmonic is about Introversion, Self-Reflection.  The planets in the big Bowl are…

  • The New Moon (5 Gemini is about A movement toward Revolution)
  • Uranus-Eris (Outing Denial of One’s True Self)
  • Neptune-Lachesis (Limiting Cultural Approval)
  • Nemesis (Ego Death)
  • Saturn-Ixion (Urgency in Recovery of Our Hidden Genius)
  • Klotho (Emergence of a New Timeline)

That seems like fertile ground for a Long Meditation!

Native American New Moon I

October 12, 2015

As we mentioned in the last post…

“There are actually two other Configurations in … Monday’s New Moon chart, [which] color it strongly.  One of them will provide Epiphanies about our Soul Self and [about] how [we might] adjust our Values and Identity to manifest [our Soul Self into our current Lifetime] more strongly (which Epiphanies will be multiplied by our intervening success at achieving Beginner’s Mind).  

“The other is about being Reborn into the Unimaginable through taking small steps toward Embracing our Orphaned Forbidden Genius.”

“Which are in turn, (1) a Uranus Mjolnir (a third planet at the far Midpoint between two planets that Square one another) on a base of Venus Square Saturn, and (2) a Golden Rectangle between dwarf planets Eris, Chaos, Haumea, and Ixion, with Centaur Pholus Conjunct Ixion, the New Moon Conjunct Haumea, and Uranus Conjunct Eris.”

Mjolnir is two Trioctiles from each end of a Square, merging on a third planet, which becomes the focus of the Mjolnir.  The Configuration is sometimes called “Thor’s Hammer,” and the term Mjolnir is Norwegian for just that.  Thor’s Hammer is often associated with destructive force, but that’s not quite accurate.  In the same sense that Uranus represents Disruption – Disruption of what is no longer in alignment with the Soul’s path for us in the Lifetime, Thor’s Hammer represents penetration of any Defense – as in any Defensiveness that protects the Ego from following the Soul’s path in the Lifetime.  Lightning is a good representation of the Mjolnir, as it is for the corresponding symbol in the Hindu tradition, the Vajra – sudden illumination of the Darkness, or Epiphany.

The Waxing Trioctile, 135 Degrees, combines the Eighth and Third Harmonics – Adjustment/Rebalancing and Love with Wisdom.  In the evolution of a Cycle, it sits between the Trine (120 Degrees) and the Biquintile (144); between the Grace that follows from aligning one’s path with the Zeitgeist (Trine), and the Realization of the Value of Tradition and the Power of Ritual (Biquintile).  The Biquintile in turn is followed closely by the Quincunx (150, Curiosity), the Triseptile (154) – Shamanic Power exercised for the Good of All, and the Quadrinovile (160) – Mastery gained through Self-Examination in Contemplation.  

This is a powerful section of the Zodiac, corresponding to Leo and early Virgo.  There are massive Changes going on, but they’re faced with the Courage of Leo, because the Uncertainty and Confusion of the earlier sections of the Zodiac have passed under the Bridge, and by now we kind of have a feel for what’s going down.  The notion that a Trioctile is a minor Square (often called a “Sesqui-Square”) is valid in only one sense: the sense that the Ego is a Trickster that can point one in the wrong direction if one focuses on Greed or Revenge.  Of course the zone of the Waning Trioctile and its near neighbors corresponds to Scorpio – the Debriefing that follows the Phitile.  While Leo embodies Courage, the defining quality of Scorpio is Fearlessness.

In today’s Mjolnir, the Waxing Trioctile is Venus to Uranus: Adjusting and Rebalancing our Values to better reflect the ongoing Descent of our Soul Self.  The Cycle Initiated in March at 15 Aries, “A Native American weaving a ceremonial blanket.”

The Waning Trioctile is Saturn to Uranus: Debriefing the Ego to discover what it has Learned about the Soul’s Intention as a result of its Experience with the Cycle that is beginning to unwind – which was “The Pope Blessing the Faithful,” 30 Sagittarius, February 1988, part of the Harmonic Convergence.

The Square is Waning, Venus to Saturn: Challenge to Ease up on the Ego’s role as the Protector of our Physical Vehicle.  The Cycle is “Native Americans making camp after moving into new territory,” – 26 Scorpio, November 2014.  In other words, some of our Beliefs about what we need to Survive have become Limiting Beliefs, that we’re Challenged to Let Go of.

So really, there are Big Questions here…

  • Ritual and Tradition are strong here.  What a “coincidence” that this New Moon occurs on Native American Day.
  • Since March, what have you connected or reconnected with, that you Feel is Sacred?  Have you established a Ritual, or Ritual Object, of some sort to honor it?
  • What has the Ego Learned since the Harmonic Convergence!  Wow.  Who were you in 1986?  What’s Changed in your Field since then?  What’s different now about the way you Defend your Health and your “turf” and the externalities that you Identify with (work? Relationship? Family? Money? Religion? Sports? Politics?)?  Does your current Perspective seem like Growth, or backsliding, compared to where you were in 1986?  Of course it’s Both/And; in what ways is it Growth, and in what ways is it backsliding?  Where are the razor-wire fences you can Levitate over?
  • Things in your Life were Changing rapidly in late 2014 and early 2015.  You made some Decisions about what you needed to do to Support yourself.  Decisions are like Instant Karma; they create Patterns that are useful in the short run, but which seldom come with their own Sunset Provisions.  We forget we made them, and we don’t revisit them to see if they’re still relevant.  What Decisions about Survival did you make in late 2014 and early 2015, and are they still relevant?  Or are they holding you back?  Both/And?  How to Rebalance/Adjust them to bring them into the Present Moment.  

Decisions don’t have to be explicit; recurring thoughts can have the same Power.  What were you thinking about in late 2014 and early 2015?  Were your thoughts Constructive, or Fearful in nature?  

So you don’t have to get bogged down in details, you may want to just PIAVA that obsolete Decisions and Patterns come to your Attention, gently and lovingly, and Adjustments appropriate to Now become Clear.  Make sure you include the gently and lovingly, because a PIAVA like this could turn your Life upside down if you didn’t also ask for Grace.  You may want to limit it to recent Decisions and Patterns, or, if you don’t, be watchful for Overwhelm, and respond to it with a compensatory PIAVA on the order of Visualizing or Affirming that the Changes in your Life occur at exactly the right speed, so you’re neither too early nor too late to synch with the Planetary Changes.  Or, you can just Levitate over the fence.

In the next installment, we’ll go into “The other [Configuration] is about being Reborn into the Unimaginable through taking small steps toward Embracing our Orphaned Forbidden Genius.”

Up Next (18.9.15)

September 18, 2015

4gcwallsA slot-canyon tributary of the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon of Arizona.

  λ    λ    λ    λ    λ 

We’ve a very nice bundle of Grace going for us for the next day or several, that will help us find a Sustainable Response to Fear and Anger and help us understand how to set good Boundaries that Protect our True Self without being offensive.

Respectively, a Grand Trine between Sedna, Ceres, and the Sun, and a Grand Trine between Pallas, Uranus, and Venus, the latter stretched into a Kite focused on the Mercury Station.

At least through the end of September, we’re still trying to find the Miracles that will allow us to tap our Unlimited Potential to Express our most Potent but most buried Selves.  The key is not to worry about Manifesting the Miracles, but Focus on what you’re Learning about Miracles, Self-Expression, and your Limiting Beliefs.

Chiron’s backing out of its long-term T-Square with Chaos and Ixion, but it’s got another Degree to go before it’s liberated.  Meanwhile, the Chaos-Ixion Opposition is getting very close, but Chaos turns Retrograde before it’s Exact.

Meanwhile, Expect the next week to be very Intense.  We’re likely to get glimpses of Bright Light, but shining through a haze of Jello.  The order of the week is Transformation into Unlimited Potential, but it could also feel like a dark tunnel into lack of definition.  Keep bringing the Focus of your Attention back to What you Want, while being careful not to limit yourself to any defined Mechanism.  Stay with What, and eschew How.  Sometimes talking about it helps make it Real, but here you’ll be better off Meditating on it rather than talking about it.

Both Chaos and Pluto are Stationary 23-24 September, Chaos turning Retrograde and Pluto turning Direct.  Pluto Stations often feel like swimming in Jello; I can’t say I recall my Experience of any recent Chaos Stations, but being prepared to Reach for the Stars will be a boon.  Pluto and Chaos are Quadrinovile to one another, four ninths of the way ’round the loop.  The Quadrinovile is about gaining Dominion through Solitude and Self-Observation.

Then the big Harvest Moon Total Eclipse on 27 September.  As we’ve said, we do have great respect for a Total Eclipse, as a Great Illumination of some element of Reality that for some reason we hadn’t paid any Attention to before this.  Like for instance, suppose the American “media” suddenly realized, “Omigosh, Bernie’s been right all along – there really are some pretty important issues here, like Sea Level Rise and Income Inequality and Racism and Women’s Rights, that we’ve inadvertently overlooked because we thought youall were more entertained by The Donald’s flatulence!  Sorry, we were just so focused on what he might say next!” 

If we’re awake to it, we should receive major Epiphanies about our Limiting Beliefs and What we might gain by dunking over them.  It’s often said that “If we can Visualize it, we’re halfway there.”  If we can Feel what it will Feel like when we are there, then we don’t even need to go there, we can just Enjoy the Feeling, because in fact we are there!  Imagine what it will Feel like when you have absolute Sovereignty over your Actions and Thoughts and Feelings, moment to moment.  Not the ability to censor your Feelings, but Mastery of them, so that you Respond to them appropriately, without being overwhelmed by them, dismissing them, or becoming their Victim.

The Eclipse is at 5 of Aries, “A Triangle with Wings.”  Elsie didn’t say whether it was a Grand Trine or a T-Square or a Finger of God.  The Mirror Point, 5 Libra (the Sun) is “A man revealing to his students the foundation of an inner knowledge upon which a ‘new world’ could be built.”  As the Chiron T-Square foresees, the Eclipsed Moon Conjoins Vesta (our Beliefs) while on the other end of the bar, both Juno (the Edges of Consciousness) and Lilith (Self-Sovereignty) Conjoin the Sun.


January 3, 2015

musco2921bpA Curandera napitating in Muscovite – a Potassium Aluminum Mica that raises the vibration of your Crown Chakra and helps you to contact your Spirit Guides.  Like many Crystals, the structure of Muscovite includes a Vacancy, a regular space in the Crystal lattice that lacks a constituent element.  The Vacancy invites Spirit, opening a space for your Channel.  Thanks to Collen Marquist (Crystalline Communion) for the tip.

ω  ω  ω  ω  ω

Here’s a good exercise in Reanimating the Planet…

Look at the fellow on the right in the picture, the big fella with his taloned left paw resting on the snow in the foreground, his multiple protruding eyebrows, his little curly toupée, his ear-to-ear smile and alligator-like nose, double chin, and self-satisfied belly, sitting with his Fellows enjoying his new Cool White Coat!  Like Nillson’s Rock Man in The Point, “All ya gots to do, is just to keep co-o-o-ol.”  That’s Doctor Rock Man to you, eh?

Have you noticed lately that more often you’ll see little twitches in the World with your peripheral vision, where there’s “nothing” there when you move your Attention directly to the twitch?  Those are Faeries.  Say “Hi” when you see them.  See if you can manage not to turn your head to look directly at them, but just greet them where they are, even closing your eyes so you can focus better on the Energy Exchange that’s happening.  You wouldn’t be seeing the twitch is they weren’t communicating with you – and you with them, just below the fully-Conscious level.  Getting to know these folk is important for Reanimating the Planet, as without them “we’re screwed,” as a 25-year-old suggested to me today.

The January 1, 2000 chart, the birth chart for the Century, included an Initiation of the South Node by Neptune, at 4 Aquarius, “A Hindu Yogi demonstrates his healing powers: The disciplined use of spiritual energies in restoring the natural harmony disturbed by man’s inharmonic attempts to transcend nature through mind.”  The Neptune-South Node Cycle is about the irruption of Unconscious Contents into Consciousness that will be Confusing, if not Disruptive.  That works fine if you’re Aware of and Compassionate with what’s going on, since it’s then greatly Liberating, relieving as it does our Limiting Beliefs.  However, if we aren’t Aware, or if we aren’t Compassionate, it can symbolize real difficulties for the Ego’s ability to Sustain a personality.

The current stage of the Neptune-South Node Cycle is a Waning Novile.

The Novile is the Ninth Harmonic, the Energy of Isolation and Withdrawal, or alternately Introversion and Meditation.  A meditative and introverted response to Ninth-Harmonic Energy is one of the best ways to counteract difficulties for the Ego and facilitate Liberation.  The Waning Novile is about “Let It Go” or “Shake It Off,” which happen to be the top songs on the two top-selling popular-music “albums” of 2014 in the US.  Curious how that happens, isn’t it.


December 17, 2014

van7163bpVanadinite, a Lead Vanadate Chloride, symbolizes Abundance.  The “-ate” ending means an Oxide, so it’s Lead Vanadium Oxide Chloride.


A couple of interesting questions from a regular reader…

“What do you think of Nick Hanauer?  I’ve only seen his TED…my cousin sent me this.  It
makes perfect sense on the first read and is generally what us plebs say–tho none of my
cronies understood about buybacks…”

WordPress’s practice of constant “improvement” still seems to be blocking me from using links, so you may have to block and copy the web addresses into the address line of your browser.  Sorry for the hassle.

I don’t believe that folks like Epstein are really that stupid.  Regulation has been declining since Reagan, during the period when the Middle Class collapsed.  Glass-Steagall for instance – which was just repealed again by a passage snuck into the “save the government” bill of 2014.  Folks like Epstein just believe that we’re really that stupid, that he and his cronies can follow Goebbels’s rule that “if you tell the same lie often enough, people will believe it.”  And the unfortunate truth is that it works.

And it’s entirely possible that Epstein has been told the same lie so often that he believes it, as a serious branch of modern academic economics actually believes it.  The bottom line on both this issue and the torture issue that was prominent for a few minutes in the US, is in Naomi Klein’s book The Shock Doctrine.  She doesn’t talk about their scales, but otherwise it’s mandatory reading to understand what the Lizards are about.

It’s not just buybacks.  There is a pack of lies around “Globalization” and “Trade” that’s every bit as insidious as the lies around “Trickle-Down Economics.”  The modern notion in academic economics is that Hufolk are “resources,” just like Coal or Lumber.  When you’ve burnt a lump of Coal, you dump it in the ashheap over there behind your lowest-paid employee’s house.  And when you’ve burnt out an employee, you dump them on the street and get a new one.

My father grew up during “The Depression,” and it was clear to him that he had to toe the line, because if he didn’t kiss ass there were a thousand folks waiting just the other side of the fence to take his place.  That Pluto-in-Cancer (Security über alles) notion is what us Pluto-in-Leo (Self-Expression über alles) folk were fighting against in the 1960s, when Uranus Conjoined Pluto.  Now that Uranus is Squaring Pluto, the same issue arises, but it’s reversed.  We’re back to realizing that we have no Security, often even if we do toe the line.

The reversal arises because Duality is an illusion.  We have to Ask, “What’s the Coin?”  Suppose Cancer meant Nurturance über alles, and Leo meant Self-Love über alles.  There would be choices, but not antagonism.  The Coin is that we Create what we Resist.  When we look at the World without Dualism, there is only Community and Self-Interest.  Hanauer sees these as complementary while Epstein sees them as competing.

The Planet will continue to go downhill till it’s top predator gets the message that once it eats its last Auk or Carrier Pigeon, it’ll have to “go back to eating clay,” as Quaoar puts it.  The alternative is cannibalism, but of course, if you’re really a shapeshifted Lizard, it isn’t cannibalism after all, is it.


The second question…

“and this was interesting.  I never realized about the general  gmo-vitamins link.

“what I dont understand, in the cereal case, is that those now missing vits were added in.. so does that mean the wheat or oats etc itself doesn’t contain vitamins since they don’t list them?

“i thought that the list of vitamins on food packaging was about what’s in the food, not what’s added in… unless it says ‘added.’  I so rarely eat anything packaged that it doesnt matter to me, but I thought it was interesting and am wondering about vit supplements… which I dont take regularly either.  And probably should since I dont really eat balanced-ly.”

Fascinating; they can’t make synthetic vitamins without GMOs.  I hadn’t thought of that, but I should have, since I do know that GM microbes are routinely used as “factories” to produce industrial inputs.  I try to pay a lot of Attention to the sources of the raw materials for the supplements I take, but it’s not easy.  Using normally-reliable brands (Swanson’s for instance) is often the best we can do.

What the NPR article omitted is that food which is not organically grown is grown in depleted soil.  Modern industrial agriculture adds nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium (and often toxins, if they use sewage sludge or industrial waste labeled as “fertilizer”) to the soil because plants don’t grow without those three elements, but they don’t routinely add the other minerals or the elements that the plants would use to make vitamins. 

Those other things come from compost, if the compost is made from certified-Organic fruits and veggies, or produce that’s grown the way certified-Organic produce is grown.  If you buy non-Organic produce or Cheerios and then compost your kitchen scraps, there’s no vitamins or minerals in that compost either, because there weren’t any in the non-Organic produce that you started with. 

I don’t mean to promote Organic certification per se; it’s expensive and small producers can’t afford it.  I’m using “certified-Organic” to indicate food grown with good compost and without chemical poisons, as opposed to the generic word “organic,” which just mean “based on Carbon.”  Note that there are no certifications for fertilizers, so when your local nursery or hardware store sells you “organic” fertilizers, that just means it’s based on Carbon, not that it’s been certified to have been made any certain way.

Yes, the nutrition you’ll get from Organically-grown or Biodynamically-grown or Permaculture-grown produce is usually far superior to the nutrition that you’ll get from the empty imposters that the big stores sell.  But if you care about future generations, it’s even more important to buy Organic for political reasons. 

First, in general, every non-Organic crop depletes the Soil more, so Hufolk in general are on a downhill Atlantean course with regard to health, and on an even faster downhill course with regard to Sustainability, as erosion and pollution kill off more arable land every year. 

And that doesn’t even consider the Carbon footprint of industrial agriculture and nonlocal food, the loss of fertile deltas to sea-level rise, nor the fact that in the developed World, and soon in the rest of the World, the most productive river-valley land has been covered with four feet of gravel in order to build massive single-story factories, warehouses, and malls to feed the advertising industry.  That land once fed the People.

Second, in general, Organic and Biodynamic and Permaculture standards treat Soil as a Living Source, rather than as a simple industrial input with only three components.  So each crop improves the Soil more, while protecting it from pollution and erosion with practices like no-till planting.  So each crop can have more nutrients than last year’s crop.

That’s idealized, but it’s accurate in general.

Ω Ω Ω Ω Ω 

It would behoove to consider the evolutionary implications of both of these interwoven trends.  Descent into Victimhood as we lose what little Power we had to control our own Destiny, and Descent into ill Health as we lose nutritional Power from our food, will perpetuate the concept of Hufolk as equivalent to lumps of Coal, as we Descend back into Slaves.  The historical reactions to overpopulation have been War, Famine, and Pestilence.

What are we doing to make this time different? 

And how will we do that so we don’t Create what we Resist?

Abundance means Having Enough to Share, and at least here in the Northern Hemisphere, winter is classically the time when Sharing is necessary.  The parable of “Buddhist Heaven and Hell” comes to mind.  In Buddhist Hell you’re starving and there’s a sumptuous banquet on the table, but your elbows are locked.  In Buddhist Heaven we feed one another.

These Linear-Time dramas ask us to examine where we are on the Ceres-Chiron Cycle, because clearly we need a Miracle – a complete change of Water in our thinking – to escape this slowly-warming cauldron.  Ceres and Chiron were both prominent in the 1/1/2000 chart, as Pluto was then initiating Chiron, and Ceres was Rising.

The Pluto-Chiron Initiation occurred at 12 Sagittarius, “A flag turns into an Eagle, the Eagle into a Rooster saluting the Dawn.”  The pattern is Patriotism and Us-against-Them-ism yielding to a more far-seeing Perspective, which brings the Light.

Ceres was Rising in early Libra – the birth of the realization of Other.

Ceres Cycles are only four years or so long, so we get rapid turnover on the Ceres-Chiron Cycle.  The Cycle is currently at the Waning Binovile stage.  The Waning Square occurred on November 28.

The Novile series represents the Ninth Harmonic, or the principle of Introversion and Meditation.  The Binovile, like the Biseptile, is the stage where we’re challenged to either get lost in an Either/Or, or find “the Coin” that inspires our Intuition.  The Waning portion of a Cycle is the winding-down and debriefing stage of that Cycle.

So the Ceres-Chiron Cycle that’s winding down began in late March 2011 at 4 of Pisces, “Heavy car traffic on a narrow isthmus linking two seashore resorts.”  And this Symbol was channeled in the 1920s, so we can bet that these were the cigar-chomping top-hatting one-percenters of their day and their knee-crossing molls, as cars were rare and expensive.

The next Cycle begins March 24, 2016 at 22 Pisces, “A disappointed and disillusioned woman courageously faces a seemingly empty life.”  Good thing Chiron is involved, though it sounds like a Challenge.  This cycle will carry us through 2020, when the World economy is likely to pick up again as the Jupiter-Saturn Cycle kicks it into gear.  The Jupiter-Saturn Cycle promises us two centuries of Air, where the intellectual dominates polite society and industry, so disappointment and disillusionment isn’t surprising.

How long will that Chiron-Pluto Cycle take to bloom?  We’re now just past the Waxing Sextile, meaning that it’s up to us to kick-start progress, though since we’re early in the game we should keep our Expectations low.  We’ll be lucky to give a few folks Perspectives that temper their Us-against-Them-ism.  The Waxing Square doesn’t occur until 2028.

So this Liberation and Illumination business is a long-term process.  One step at a time, and keep your Expectations low.  If you can educate one or two Folk per month you’re probably doing very well.  They’ll go on to educate a few other Folk, and before long it’ll be a Movement.

Portal 11.4 Plus

November 3, 2013

We recently encountered the Ninth Harmonic – Contemplation, Introspection, Inspiration, Integration, Wholeness, and Wisdom.  Just in time, as the Jupiter Station is the focus of a Novile Yod that’s in effect until around 2pm PST November 6.  The N-Yod, the brown Triangle pointing at Jupiter in the picture below, finishes up about seven hours before the Jupiter Station itself.  It’s not the only focus on Jupiter; the light blue lines represent a Jupiter Septangle, and the yellow lines a Short Jupiter Quintangle.

DSCN4652The Short Quintile joins Jupiter to the South Node and Ceres –

We’ll be Learning (Fifth Harmonic) how to Expand (Jupiter) our Consciousness by permanently (Ceres) Releasing our Karmic Limitations (South Node).

The Septangle links Mercury and Uranus to Jupiter –

We’ll be Learning to Expand (Jupiter) our Power by choosing when (Seventh Harmonic) to Speak (Mercury) our Truth (Uranus) and when it’s better to remain uncommitted. 

The Septangle is aided and abetted by Mars, which makes Seventh-Harmonic Angles to all three of the other planets –

We’ll be Learning to Expand (Jupiter) our Power by choosing when (Seventh Harmonic) to Speak (Mercury) and Act out (Mars) our Truth (Uranus) and when it’s better to remain uncommitted. 

The Fifth- and Seventh-Harmonic Influences persist into the Station and beyond.

The Jupiter Novile Yod with Juno and Venus implies that…

We’ll be Expanding (Jupiter) our Consciousness (Juno) by Contemplating (N-Yod) the places where we notice that our Emotional Values (Venus) and our Unconscious sense of Who we Are (Juno) are out of Harmony.

Notice that there’s also an interlocking Juno Novile Yod, with Jupiter and Pallas at the corners of its base.  This N-Yod remains in place after the Station.

Our Unconscious Identity (Juno) – which is the primary driver of our Intentions, Expectations, and Behavior – will Change as we are Inspired (Ninth Harmonic) to Expand (Jupiter) our Edges (Pallas). 

The interlocking N-Yods leave a Trine (Grace) between Venus and Pallas, implying that

As we Expand our Edges we’ll still find it easy to set appropriate Boundaries.

If Introverting or Meditating or just being Quiet appeal to you over the next couple of days, by all means go for it.  You won’t regret it.

Weirdo Solar Eclipse

November 2, 2013

The November 3 Eclipse, which occurs a few minutes before 5am PST (yes, PST, by a few hours), is unusual.  It’s called a “Hybrid” Eclipse because from a few places it’s Annular, from a few other places Total, and from most places where it can be seen, Partial.  It’s Total on land only from a narrow band of Equatorial Africa, and Partial in most of Africa and northern South America.  It begins Annular (where the Moon doesn’t appear quite big enough to cover the Sun completely) in the western North Atlantic, but ends Total, in Somalia.

It’s busy.  As you know by now,

I consider Eclipses to be about Expanding Awareness, as a previously “unseen” Elephant in the room becomes obvious by its sudden absence.

Imagine the impact that might have on our already-being-asked-to-expand Consciousness (Juno Squaring the Nodes) and our Compulsion to be more Authentic (Uranus Squaring Pluto).  Such as the galloping fascism that’s taking over the World…

Of course if emerging from Denial or Secrecy or Propaganda is part of anything, we’d want to know how it related to Eris, and we’ll get to that.  But there are bigger Fish to fry first.

The biggest fish is the Conjunction with Saturn – in Scorpio.

Saturn demands that we focus on The Most Important Thing, while Scorpio is relentless in its need to Get to the Bottom of Things.  Bottom line: don’t think about the Elephant.

Yeah, right.

The Eclipse is, along with Mars, a subsidiary corner of a Uranus Finger of God – that’s probably the second-biggest Fish.  This says

Get Busy (Mars) and Pay Attention! (Finger of Yod) to the Glaring Holes (Eclipse) in your Authenticity (Uranus).

The third-biggest Fish is that the Eclipse, along with Pluto, helps form a Bridge (Trine-Sextile) across the Mars-Chiron Opposition.  Translation:

The Elephant (Eclipse) is a big clue (Trine Chiron) in the puzzle (Opposition) you MUST solve (Mars Trine Pluto) about how to reframe (Chiron) Anger and Guilt (Mars) into Self-Love (which is a necessary prerequisite for Authenticity).

The fourth prize goes to a Square from the Eclipse to Juno, which as you know is also Squaring the Nodes.  We can surmise that

If we have a chat with the missing Elephant (Eclipse), she will give us a good deal of information about our Hidden Skills and our Deep Desires (Juno-Nodes). 

How do you talk to the Elephant if she’s missing?

You suspend your disbelief.

Simple, eh?  What if you can’t hear what she’s saying?

What if you did know?  What answers to that question has your Thinking Mind rejected out of hand before it would even let you consider them?  It’s not likely to be logical, said the Jabberwock.

Since Juno is Sextile to Uranus and Uranus Quincunx to the Eclipse, the Square to Juno creates a Challenge-Curiosity-Grace (Square-Quincunx-Sextile) Jewel; in other words,

If we have any difficulty (Square) manifesting Greater Authenticity (Uranus-Pluto), we can Wonder (Quincunx) what was so profane about the Elephant (Eclipse) that it needed to be secret (Juno), and maybe make a few guesses (Sextile).  

Not to figure it out, of course, because it’s all much bigger than the Thinking Mind can grasp.  But the exercise will put gear in motion that move you in the right direction.

There’s a Quintile to Pallas…

The Eclipse will be Teaching us (Quintile) how to Transcend our personal Limits (Pallas) by setting Boundaries (Pallas) against Social Pressures that value Conformity over Authenticity and Harmony over Intimacy (Scorpio).

The Eclipse is also Septile to Comet ISON;

If you want to snatch Freedom and Self-Love (ISON) from the jaws of Social Pressure (to repress the Pachyderm), then Timing Is Everything (Septile).

And finally, what about Eris?  Quinnovile to the Eclipse!

Whoa.  We haven’t talked about the Ninth Harmonic yet, and it’s obviously a good time to start.  The Ninth Harmonic is about Introversion, Meditation, and Healing through Sleep and Quietude.  The Quinnovile is five ninths of the way ’round the loop, so the Fifth Harmonic is involved as well – Learning when Introversion is appropriate or necessary.  So we could say that

The Eclipse will be Teaching us about when it’s appropriate or necessary to speak up and get involved, and when it’s appropriate or necessary to stand back and observe.

So let’s go back and see when the current Saturn-Eris Cycle began.  We could look at the Sun-Eris and Moon-Eris Cycles as well, but remember that the Eclipse Conjoins Saturn, and the Saturn-Eris Cycle will have by far the greater impact.  That Initiation was in June 1997 at 20 Aries, “A young girl feeding Birds in winter.”  We’ve seen that Symbol before, recently.  Rudhyar calls it “Overcoming crises through compassion.”

Rudhyar and others after him mirror the Zodiacal Cycle into Interplanetary Cycles, so that the first half of a Cycle is about developing a personal quality, and the second half of the Cycle about bringing that quality out into the World as we reintegrate our Expanded Self into Community.  From this perspective, the Quinnovile is the first meaningful Angle on the social side, and as such it’s the mold from which Future social relationships spring – a decision point between overwhelm, egoism, and the beginnings of social integration.

So after a sixteen-year lesson plan in choosing Compassion over Judgment, we’re ready to test our newfound skill in a social arena, and discover whether we will be overwhelmed by the enormity of the task and retreat into Judgment, gloat about how we’re more Compassionate than They are, or find out how our traditional Community responds to greater Compassion – or whether we need to seek a Community that mirrors Compassion back to us to a greater degree than we ourselves have mastered it.

That may be the Spiritual Function of all of the Polarization we’re working with this Century – it’s very difficult to even acknowledge, let alone Love, an aspect of the Self that isn’t mirrored in some fashion.  So perhaps as the Internet lets us seek mirrors in a broader arena, it will actually promote Self-Love, which eventually can evolve into Authenticity in the face of Difference, without Anger and Judgment and the need to Control.

Specifically, with Saturn and Eris, we’d be learning about the relationship between Denial and Authenticity.  Denial is a valuable skill that enables greater depth of focus on The Most Important Thing.  Yet Eris, hopefully at the appropriate moment, blows our cover.  Have we done enough work yet with The Most Important Thing to be able to open up to a larger arena?  In our relationships with Other, do we respect their Denial, but know when they’re ready to move beyond it?  Do we understand that it’s not possible to see anyone’s Denial but our own?

Mars-Jupiter-Lilith July 11-22

July 13, 2013

Next Wednesday’s Uranus Station makes a Ninth-Harmonic Angle to Mars, Jupiter, and Lilith.

The impending Lilith-Mars Initiation (1am PDT July 20) at 5 Cancer (“At a railroad crossing, an automobile is wrecked by a train” or as Rudhyar says, “The tragic results when an individual’s will pits itself carelessly against the collective will of society“) begins a two-and-a-half-year Cycle.  Lilith (pre-Intellectual Instinct, Equality, Collaboration) is the Initiator here, Mars (Action) the Initiate.  If Action is frustrated, Mars can manifest as negative Emotions and destructive tendencies.

Don’t miss Malala’s UN speech…

Her recovery and obvious Calling makes you believe that it’s Olde-Male Chauvinism that’s the wrecked automobile, not Malala.  In the US, the Olde Males are running roughshod over women’s rights in state after state – is this a defensive reaction to the demise of Olde Male suzerainty, or just another crude chest-thumping Power-Over?  The next couple of years may tell us whether the collective will of society is getting off the Olde-Male train or not.

Lilith, banished from polite society in the Book of Isaiah, represents the Shadow of Male-dominated culture – Shadow in the Jungian sense, namely that which is repressed.  The Lilith-Mars Initiation takes place while Mercury is Stationary, implying the likely eruption of repressed contents into Consciousness.  Repressed material seldom leaks out, it more often erupts – train-wreck style, as texts on mental health describe in great detail.  “Mental health” in Male-dominated cultures, that is.

When you see your Shadow, be mindful not to overreact.  We integrate our Shadow by embracing it.  That’s really all you need to do, open up space to be Loving with it, though if Shame or Guilt or Anger or Fear arises in the process, it’s even more important to be loving and gentle with that.  “Good” is as unproductive a word here as “Bad” is – you want to move toward Wholeness, not toward Good.

If there is conflict between your sense of what’s Right and your acknowledgment of your “Bad,” give yourself permission to Forgive.  You don’t want to isolate or eliminate the Bad to make room for more Good – you want to examine your motives for the Bad, to see how you can adjust your Actions and Words to be less hurtful to others and to yourself, but still fulfill your motives.  Flipping 100% leaves you on the same Coin – no Change.  A 10% shift will give you new perspectives and put you on a new playing field, where you have more Healthy Control.

It would be instructive to see what the Mars-Lilith Cycle has been up to for the last couple of years.  That would be 2 Aries, “A comedian reveals human nature” (April 2011).  That’s certainly an illuminating way to look at the events of the last few years, isn’t it.  The implication is an increase in Consciousness.  Even if it means Acceptance rather than Change, it’s still great progress, as Acceptance is actually much more effective at Pattern-Breaking than trying to Change.  Once we have Acceptance, we have Choice.

The Ninth Harmonic is about Contemplation, Introspection, Inspiration, Integration, Wholeness, and Wisdom.  The combination signifies an intense couple of years, as Lilith erupts, with Uranus standing behind her to Disrupt whatever is stagnant.  Pre-Intellectual Instinct is a critically important part of the Authenticity and Yintegrity that Uranus requires – and Lilith and Uranus are independent Energies.  When two independent Energies are both triggered, their impact is multiplied.

The Mars-Jupiter Initiation occurs at 12am PDT July 22, at 6 Cancer, “Game Birds feathering their nests,” or in Rudhyar’s view, “An instinctual dedication of self to new forms of life.”  An open book?  This would seem like a disadvantage of pre-Intellectual Instinct, as the Game Birds prepared for the next generation even as they themselves are destined for the oven – blind obedience to an old Pattern, without the Consciousness to Awake and Change the Pattern.  The Mars-Jupiter Cycle is about Action in service to Expansion.

The prior Mars-Jupiter Cycle began on MayDay 2011, Beltane, Conjunct Eris at 23 Aries, “A pregnant woman in a light summer dress.”  Eris would have had women telling it like it is.

While Jupiter and Lilith Conjoined on July 11 (the day before Malala’s speech), that was their fourth meeting of five.  The Initiation occurred in December 2011, at 1 Taurus, “A Clear Mountain Stream,” or in Rudhyar’s view, “The pure uncontaminated and spontaneous manifestation of one’s own nature.”  Couldn’t get much more relevant to a Uranus Station!

Jupiter-Lilith is a 35-year Cycle.  The previous Initiation was in January 1978, at 29 Gemini, “The first Mockingbird of Spring.”  Mockingbird is to Spring as Rooster is to Morning – this was about waking up.  And making noise, sounding the alarm.  I’m not sure that this characterizes Women’s Rights in the 1978-2011 span though.  In many ways the post-Watergate era for most people was about knuckling down and adjusting to both-parents-working, while incomes and prosperity peaked and began to fall.

How would the prior Cycle have motivated Rosie the Riveter?  The January 1943 Initiation was 18 Cancer, or “A Hen scratching the ground to find nourishment for her progeny.”  Fitting for the Self-abandonment of the Mad Men era as well, and if you postulate that the Feminism of the 1960s was motivated primarily by a desire for equal pay, maybe for the These Boots Were Made for Walking age as well.

We can’t help but blame other people for the ways we don’t have permission to be our True Self, and often it’s people we Love or Depend upon.  Next week we get to tell them off.  It’s important to get this out in the open.  Don’t tell them off with the intention of pushing them out of your Life.  Tell them off with the intention of being Honest about what you really feel.  If you “hurt their feelings” in the process, apologize for that, and ask them to tell you how they really feel.  Don’t candy-coat anything, but use the opportunity to deepen your relationship with them.

With Uranus, Eris, and Mercury all Stationary next week, the Mars-Lilith-Jupiter complex will open up tremendous opportunities for Collaboration, and Collaboration is probably the most important commodity lacking on the Planet in this time.