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Wegetwhatweaskfor Full Moon II

October 4, 2020

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This 1 October 2020 Full Moon chart is remarkable on several levels. 

It’s perfectly symmetrical around the 25 Gemini-Sagittarius axis, which is totally appropriate since the 25th Degree is where Self-Doubt and Self-Confidence was Lit Up Big Time (dwarf planet Chariklo Stationary in Capricorn) a few hours ago (1:20 pm PDT 3 October), and very near where Trance Re-Formation aka Ego Death is Lit Up Big Time (dwarf planet Pluto Stationary in 23 Capricorn) a few hours hence (6:20 am PDT 4 October).  And as regular readers know, there are at least a dozen major astroevents occurring in or near 25 Degrees in the waning days of 2020.

Symmetry generally means Ease, though in the context of a Pluto Station – often one of our tougher Experiences – we have to scrape off the Salt to find the Ease.  In other words, it could be a lot worse, since New and Full Moon charts usually apply to the following several weeks, in this case the first half of October. But in general, if you too feel like the World is going to Shit, hopefully it will improve once Pluto starts moving again.

The Full Moon chart above features two Flying Squirrels (with tail, sans one ear) crossing while flying in opposite directions. (The Bat analogy won’t work here because without one ear the poor fellow would lose his stereo echo-location and starve to death.) I know they’re hard to see, so I’ve emphasized each one in turn…

We know that the essence of a Flying Squirrel Configuration is Coasting. They don’t really fly, they climb high, jump off, spread their Wings, and Coast. But here we’re Coasting in two different directions, and being torn in two. No Fun. Certainly feels like that to me, as I keep trying to Do what I Do, while whoever that is in there that’s in Rebellion, tosses krapola like non-functioning editors in the way, obviously Asking that I go a Different Direction, but offering few clues about which Direction.

Unfortunately, that’s the nature of a Pluto Ego Death. The Universe is now going in a Different Direction, it is casting a Different Trance, and it’s kind of up to us to Learn to make our Lemonade out of it. Meanwhile, we have all this Momentum going from the Old Trance. Of course the New Trance will become much Clearer as we go forward. But in the interim we’ll probably have to make some decisions. With strong winds blowing in both Directions, we’ll have to PIAVA how to maximize our gain from Both/And, how to Pivot our Old-Paradigm Investments so they can Grow Corn under the New Paradigm.

When we draw the chart for the Pluto Station, we’ll probably see that it has some good suggestions for us (I’ve only sketched it out so far, but I can see that it’s substantially different from the 25-Degree chart we’ve been studying…

  • It advocates Trusting Respect for All Things, for instance (Eurydike-Hopi has moved in to Oppose Pluto-Chariklo-Saturn, so the overall Configuration is no longer a Challenging T-Square, but a more-Balanced Grand Cross).
  • The Challenge to What we Do with our Karma (T-Square to the Nodes) is still there, but it’s no longer about Getting Conscious about which Habits to Change (Lachesis), but about Starting New Habits (Klotho).
  • And it advises that we need to be Aggressive with Uncovering our Denial and Be Very Careful to Build new Structures that Eschew Guilt (Mars-Eris Opposite Nemesis-Haumea in the crossbar of the aforementioned Grand Cross).

Meanwhile, we find out more about what we’re Coasting toward by examining the green (Quincunx) Diagonals in the Fez that forms a Flying Squirrel’s airfoil – we interpret a Fez by interpreting the Diagonals. These are about Curiosity, so it’s very important that we Eschew Anal-ysis and Attempts to Understand them. They’re about Learning New Things that, relative to what we Believed we Knew beforehand, will seem Paradoxical at best and Ridiculous at worst, and our Old Ideas will cripple us if we let them.

The first Flying-Squirrel chart above has Just What Is It That We’re Creating? (Sun-Makemake) at it’s Head, so it should give us Input on Where We’re Actually Going. It’s Diagonals are Can We Be Open to Learning Brand New Relationships Between our Soul and our Fate, and Between our Soul and Choice? (Uranus Quincux Moira) and Can We Be Open to Learning Brand New Relationships Between Abuse and our Karma and Between Privilege and our Karma? (Nessus Quincunx asteroid Karma).

The second Flying-Squirrel chart above has Abuse and Privilege (Nessus) at it’s Head, so if we can succeed in staying out of our “Left Brain” – the part that Groks only Logic and Facts and not Heart and Intuition – it will probably give us a Surprising Education about how we might Maximize our Abundance without Harming Others, including All Non-Huper Entities. It’s Diagonals are Can We Be Open to Learning Brand New Relationships Between Our Soul and What We’re Manifesting? (Uranus Quincunx Sun-Makemake), and Can We Be Open to Learning Brand New Relationships Between Our Karma and the Facts? (asteroid Karma Quncunx Veritas).

Original Blessing 6

July 8, 2020

Okay, we’ve pretty well covered the Challenges (T-Squares) in the 9 July 2020 (11pm PDT) Rebirth (Station of dwarf planet Haumea) chart.  Before we move on to the 11 July (2pm PDT) Banishing-Victimhood (Station of Chiron) chart, is there anything else in the Rebirth chart that’s too important to ignore?

There’s significant, well-Grounded Grace, especially between our Guilt, our Fear, and our newly Expanding Confidence (Earth Grand Trine [Dumb-Luck Blessings] between asteroid Nemesis [Guilt, Ego Death], dwarf planet Sedna [Converting Fear to Power], and dwarf planet Chariklo [Self-Doubt and Self-Confidence] Conjunct Jupiter-Pluto [Expanded Trance]).

The overall Configuration is a Headless Flying Squirrel with Big Ears (or the shield of the Pennsylvania Railroad, if you ever played Monopoly).  Given the Ears, we should probably think of it as a Bat instead, though Bats have a rather ominous reputation, even though a lot more of them Enjoy Fruit than Jugulars.  We could wear a Turtle-neck just in case.  Actually, Bats are great for eating Mosquitoes and the like, and in most places they’re mostly invisible.  A Headless Flying Squirrel wouldn’t know where it’s going, which is a good omen for the Intuition we need to Navigate this Rebirth.  A Bat Navigates by echo-location more than Vision per se, and those Big Ears are great for that.  Flying Squirrels only Glide rather than Fly, while Bats are expert acrobatic Flyers, following the rapid zigs and zags of their Insect dinners.

The all-important Big Ears in the chart are our Rebirth (Haumea) and our Attention to Healing our Karmic Patterns and Recovering our Hidden Genius (Ixion-South Node-Galactic Center-Lilith).  Those are our Guides here.  You may not be used to being Guided by a Fetus, but it would be an excellent idea to Accept such a thing.  A New Identity is growing inside you, and you’d do well to strike up a conversation, and Listen more than you Talk.  Ask a lot of Questions, and PIAVA to Open All Possible Senses to “hear” the multi-dimensional Answers, or more likely, Stories.  Your Hidden Genius is its Invisible Friend, so it would be even better if you Inquired about them.  If you Think you Know what’s going on after that, you’re on the wrong track (Thinking is 2D, your Rebirth is at least 5D).  If you Kinda Feel like you have a Clue or two about your New Directions, you’ll be closer to Truth.

The Core of a Flying Squirrel Configuration is a Square Fez (a Trapezoid with blue top and bottom, and red sides, here Eris-to-Chariklo et al-to-Nemesis-to-North Node et al), and the key to any Fez lies in its Diagonals.  These are about Curiosity (Quincunxes, five Signs apart), the sort of Curiosity that’s about Awe or Wonder, more than any Answer-Seeking.  In fact, we need to be Vigilant about guarding against Answer-Seeking, because What We Want is the Discovery of Entirely New Insights that will Modify all of our other Concept Sets, not just moving the deck chairs around.  PIAVAs can help – in fact, might be Essential.  So the Quincunxes here are…

  • New Relationships between Guilt and Revelation (Nemesis [Ego Death] Quincunx Eris [Denial and Revelation]) – a possible Theta PIAVA… “God/Goddess, Creator of All Things, I Command that Life-Changing Insights Be Delivered to Me.  It Is Done, It Is Done, It Is Done.  Thank You, God/Goddess. … Show Me!”  The Insights may be so Delivered, but more likely your Show Me will show you a picture of you having your Mind Blown, and the Insights appear later, after you’ve Changed the Subject.  If you don’t get a picture of yourself having an Insight, you may want to Tap Out your Resistance, with something like “Even though I’m Blocking the Insights that Will Change My Life, I Deeply and Completely Love and Accept Myself,” and then do the Theta again.
  • New Relationships between Expanded Confidence and Unlimiting our Lifetime Mission (Chariklo-Jupiter-Pluto Quincunx Asbolus-Eurydike-Chaos-Atropos-North Node [Ending all Blocks to Trusting Your Intuition to Take You to a Greatly Expanded Vision of Your Mission]) – Our Mission will require us to Accomplish the Impossible, which is only Possible after we Abandon our Current Identity and our Current Mindset (this is Chiron territory, Poor-Sweetheart Country, and fortunately Chiron is also Stationary as we speak).  You could try a Poor-Sweetheart, like “You Poor Sweetheart, you can’t Do the Impossible, can you.”  Followed by Changing the Subject of course.  Or any of the other PIAVAs – Prayer, Intention, Asking, Visualizing/”Feelizing,” Affirmation, or any of the silent terms, like “C or E or W.”  I tried this one, and it was Amazing!  (Still is!)  Or, we could try Microdosing.

We’ll look at the 11 July Chiron Station next…

Orcus II

December 4, 2015 

We’re writing about Orcus just now because it’s Stationary, which means Strong, on Monday December 7.  It also happens to be Opposite Neptune, with Saturn T-Squaring the pair, which will compound the issues Orcus brings up.  As we wrote in our previous post, Orcus I, dwarf planet Orcus can bring up Conflicts between what we’ve Sworn to Do or who we’ve Sworn to Be, and what or who pops spontaneously out of the Unconscious, the Great Underwhere.  

Well, Saturn is the perfect reinforcement for what we’ve Sworn to Do or who we’ve Sworn to Be, and Neptune the perfect conduit for beautiful Insights bubbling up from the Deeps.  Pay Attention this weekend; The Most Important Thing is likely to be Interruptions that are pregnant with Meaning.  And while it’s not Neptune that’s Stationary, whenever Neptune is Activated, it’s good to remember that Confusion is the first stage of Growth, and that switching to a Spiritual Perspective will often provide Clarity.  Or, just savor the Confusion – use it to stimulate your Perpetual Curiosity.

We have to define a whole new Configuration for the second primary layer of Orcus’s Personality.  Till we think of a better name we’ll call it a Flying Yoda.  I still can’t draw a picture of it because of technical difficulties; we hope to get that fixed soon.  But we talked about and illustrated gliding Flying Squirrels, one with a tail and the other tailless, at 

To make a Flying Yoda we give the Squirrel long ears.

You could also see it as a Fez with a chinstrap.  But there’s a lot more going on with a Flying Yoda.  We have the same portentous Pentagram and Pentagon, the same Finger of Yod pointing to the Squirrel’s or Yoda’s head, or the chinstrap of the Fez, and the same Tricolors inflating the Wings.  But now the Squirrel grows long ears like Yoda.

In a Flying Yoda we have two T-Squares, the bases of which are the Oppositions in a Golden Rectangle.  The foci of the T-Squares – the hands of the Squirrel or Yoda – are Trine to one another.  The four corners of the Golden Rectangle are the Squirrel’s or Yoda’s feet and eartips.  A Flying Yoda would have three points of focus – the head is overlighting, but the foci of the two mutually complementary T-Squares will attract most of the Attention.  All three corners of each T-Square is either Trine, Sextile, Quincunx, or Unx to each of the three corners of the other T-Square, so you have two Masteries through Challenge that educate one another. 

In this case, Mars forms the overlighting head, and the T-Square-focusing hands are Saturn and a Conjunction between Uranus and the Centaur Asbolus (Intuition).  So Action rules the day, but again we have Order/Yangtegrity/Priority on one pole, and Truth/Yintegrity/Spontaneity on the other – but with consummate Cooperation between the Yin and the Yang.

The base of the Uranus-Asbolus T-Square is Chaos Opposite Ixion, with Chaos Stationary.  That’s a very Strong push toward the Unlimited Potential of our Pathological Genius, fueled by Spontaneity that’s likely to be irrepressible.  The base of the Saturn T-Square is Venus Opposite a Conjunction between Haumea (Rebirth) and Chariklo (Walking in Beauty), a very Strong push toward the unbreakable Confidence and Clarity that flows from Standing in one’s own Truth.

So the basic Energy in the Orcus Flying Yoda is the recommendation to Act in such a way that we Unite our Yintegrity and our Yangtegrity.  How would we do that?  Well, in a nutshell, we would withdraw from Commitments that do not serve our Soul’s Path.  How would we do that, having made those Commitments for good reasons.  Well, we’d have to carefully evaluate each Commitment, to see whether the Oath is still relevant, PIAVA to disentangle ourselves from any Archetypes that are not really or no longer Ours to ride, and renegotiate the Commitments that remain relevant so they better serve our own Mission, while we Lovingly and Gently Witness (Empathize with) any Emotional Baggage involved with either process.  

Easy Peasy, eh?  But it defines a Strategy – Both/And, while PIAVAing Peace between the poles of apparent Conflicts.

We usually think of Archetypes as hijacking our Integrity, but we can also think of them as Horses.  If we’re Unconscious of the Archetype that runs our life, it’s the equivalent of being tied to a wild Stallion.  If we Consciously align ourself with an Archetype that’s “going our way,” we may be able to dismount when we need to switch Horses.

We don’t know what time of day Mike Brown first noticed that Orcus was moving relative to the background Stars, so we don’t know if the Pentagram and it’s five-pointed star point up (White Magick) or down (Black Magick) or askew (Grey Magick), and we won’t go into the Mythology here, but suffice it so say that it’s portentous.  

In common parlance the word “Mythology” often refers to what is more or less considered a fanciful or fictional fabrication of how various aspects of Reality are constructed.  We don’t use the word that way; we consider a Mythology to be just another Perspective, and often one that has great Value.  For instance, when you’re dealing with Huper psychology, there are many Mythologies that are far more useful than the Scienterrific Perspective.  Here’s a great example, comparing antidepression drugs to Light Therapy:

Many Hands

April 10, 2015

FSQ2Another Flying Squirrel

  ψ    ψ    ψ    ψ    ψ 

Another Perspective to add to our Both/Ands, from…

  ψ    ψ    ψ    ψ    ψ 

“The Intersecting Dimensions: Magnetic Anomalies

“Huge jumps in the magnetic aspect of the Shift took place during the Equinox – Blood Moon Gateway.  Remember the personal, planetary, and collective veils are directly related to magnetics.  Many of you may be dazzled by, or concerned about, the visible activity of the higher realms around you at the moment.  There is a lot of movement in the astral/4D as the magnetics adjust.  Entities, programs and collective constructs which were trapped in that realm are being released in a stronger, more vivid way.  The removal during the last Gate was a bit ruthless; anticipate that showing up in the collective reality soon.

One of the goals of Light Service is to ensure that the collective does not wake up in a nightmare, hence the consistent clearing and transmutation of the past.  Now that a core magnetic shift has occurred, that work runs on auto-pilot.  You may support collective clearing if that is your role – however it will distract you from bringing in the Cosmic Christ if you are involved in Gatework this year.  You do not have to engage with low 4D at all; the mass exodus is not judgment, it is merely a side-effect of the new light.  As mentioned before; you will have to look beyond that activity when communing with 5D and above.  It is what it is, don’t focus on it.

“Even though there are seemingly thin veils at the moment – personal, collective, and planetary – know there is much more to come.  As expressions of your reality – lower and higher vibrational fields/dimensions – merge during the Shift, your self-imposed veils reveal layers of energies, truths, beliefs, and collective coping mechanisms for dealing with density.

“Understand that a full exposure to the realities without veils would overload your body, mind and emotions.  The old light magnetics of Gaia allowed for illusion, or veils, to be placed between dimensional expressions.  This is why there is a gradual lifting, now rapidly increasing due to planetary adjustments to the photonic light influx.  Collective agreements are dissolved by those willing to do the work, which energetically allows collective veils to be removed.  Practice, focus, practice.  The awakened and Ascending collective has tremendous power.  Please use it wisely.  This is an era of Responsible Creation.”

(Thanks to SoulSpeak – – for the introduction.)

  ψ    ψ    ψ    ψ    ψ 

The magnetics will pull each of us in different directions.  So while it’s Both/And it may not be six of One and half a dozen of the Other, it may be ten of One and two of Another.  And it never hurts to move from Heads or Tails to the “Coin.”  So in our previous post we were Bothing Awareness of Dystopia And Focus on Sustainability.  Sandra Walter in the above Channeling offers us one possible Coin: “It is what it is, don’t focus on it” – excellent advice.  Detachment is the first necessity for Compassion, no matter which direction we’re pulled.  But you want to be Aware of the “bad news,” so you can contribute to raising the Consciousness of someone you encounter who’s bought into the Lie.  Or not, depending on where you’re pulled.

The chart above – another Flying Squirrel – is short-lived, since the Moon makes up its right hand, but it’s prophetic.  The Yods point to the North Node – our Mission – and Juno – the Growing Edge of Consciousness.  But the head of the Squirrel, the focal point of the whole Configuration, is the impending (April 16) Initiation of Vesta by Neptune – a Change in our Unconscious Beliefs about our Culture.  So the “bad news” in our previous post may be useful to have in mind, so we can perhaps add some of the Changes to the Growing Edge of our Consciousness.

The Neptune-Vesta Initiation is in the Gemini Duad of Pisces.  In this Duad we’ve already Embraced or Projected the core of our Held Emotions or Karma.

If we’ve been Embracing our Rejected Emotions, we’ve since burned their core away, found our Grounding, and now we’re opening up to all of its tendrils, subsidiaries, and associations, so we can Embrace those.  It’s an analytical interlude, a treasure hunt. 

If we’ve been continuing to Project our Undesirable Emotions, and we’re still focused on what they did to us, then we’re being given a second chance to loosen our grip on this Karma.  From this view, the “bad news” in the previous post is a Paper Tiger that we’ve created to shield ourself from Responsibility.  We would Take Responsibility by seeking any place where we’re a Victim of our Culture, Embracing that Victimized part of ourself with Compassion (“You poor kid, they’ve beat you up, haven’t they.”), and being Open to dialog with them, without Judgment.  We don’t want to correct them, we want to Listen to them, get to know them, understand them.  They may be legion.

The body of a Flying Squirrel is a Square Fez, and the Squares in a Square Fez are resolved by moving to Curiosity as recommended by the diagonal Quincunxes, which Curiosity liberates the Grace in the Trine and Sextiles that complete the Fez and Squirrel.

The Squares are Mars to Juno – the Edge between Fantasy and Desire – and Moon to North Node – the Challenge to Follow our Bliss.  The Quincunxes are Moon to Juno – I Wonder how I can distinguish my Guidance from What I Want?!? – and Mars to North Node – I Wonder what Actions will bring me closer to my Mission?!?

So our recipe for the next several days is Curiosity about Action, Guidance, and Mission.  Remember that when Neptune is lit up, viewing the World through Material eyes creates Confusion; viewing the World through Spiritual eyes creates Clarity.  If you’re expert as sitting with Confusion, without having to resolve it, fine.  Otherwise, whenever you feel like you know what to Do, or what to Want, or where your Guidance is leading you, laugh it off.  If you make a Decision or succumb to Certainty before April 16, you’ll be Creating a Future based on cementing your Past into place.  Stay with “I Wonder how all this will evolve?!?”

Very Busy March 31

March 30, 2015

FlySqrlThe Flying Squirrel, gliding

The Drama on March 31 is intense, and it doesn’t lighten up much as we move into April.

Two Flying Squirrels, offset from one another by one Sign, plus a third Kite, all on cusps (representing Change) at 29-5 Degrees…

The Flying Squirrel is a Kite, where the crossbar of the Kite forms the base of a Square Fez.  While a Flying Squirrel is Energized by the Squares and the Grand Trine contributes Grace, it’s strongly focused on the top of the Kite, as the top of the Fez forms the base of a Finger of God whose apex is the top of the Kite, further emphasizing the Kite’s lead planet.  However, the diagonals of the Fez also form their own Fingers of God, pointing at the two planets atop the Fez.  So we have to grant the lead to the planet at the apex of the Kite, but without diminishing the roles of the two lieutenants.  Notice the asymmetrical five-pointed Star, symbol of Manifestation.  The sixth planet is much less prominent, yet without it we’d lose the Grand Trine and the Kite.  So we have to grant additional Powers to the sixth planet, operating behind the curtain.

First, a Vesta Kite peaking around 2pm PDT ( March 31 and six hours thereafter, with a halo starting about six hours before 2pm PDT and lasting for about twelve hours after 2pm PDT, as the Moon Opposes Vesta while Trining Mars and the Hylonome-Chariklo-Pallas-Quaoar Stellium.  Squares from the Stellium to Makemake, and from Mars to Juno, form the Fez and complete the Flying Squirrel.  Hylonome is Stationary.  Makemake and Chariklo are Out of Bounds.  This is the Flying Squirrel traced out in the picture above.

So much going on that it’s hard to find a central theme.  Your Limiting Beliefs will definitely be Challenged.  A Loss is inevitable, just because you’ll need to give up a favorite Limit that’s blocking what you’ve been trying to Manifest.  You’ve been Believing that this Limit Defines you, and (if you’re very lucky or very perceptive) you can see how this Identity and your Desire are in direct Conflict.  Which one will you surrender?  I hope you don’t give up your Dreams.  An Ego Death like this must be Grieved, but once you realize that it’s your Persona that’s Growing, and not your Self or Body that’s actually Dying, it’s actually a pretty easy Grief to endure.

The second Flying Squirrel isn’t drawn in above.  Imagine blue lines connecting Mercury, Saturn, and Juno, another blue line connecting Saturn to Makemake (“MM” on the picture), and a red spine from MakeMake to Mercury, and you’ll see the second Kite.  The Squares in the Fez connect Saturn to Vesta and Juno to Mars.  The only new players here are Saturn and Mercury, but the emphasis is entirely different, as the Kite and Yod point at the Out-of-Bounds Makemake rather than Vesta, and the Saturn-Vesta Square replaces the Makemake-Stellium Square.  This second Flying Squirrel, which peaked March 30, is a Portal that remains strong until about April 3, and open till around April 6.

There’s enormous support for choosing to Manifest your Deepest Desires here rather than choosing to defend obsolete Beliefs that aren’t even really yours – even if giving up the illusion of your “moral strength” may be temporarily painful.  Resolve that The Most Important Thing here is bringing your Beliefs into alignment with Current Moment Reality, and Embrace any Grief that results.

There are also many other Yods in this chart, including Quintile and Novile Yods to the North Node, a Quintile Yod to Juno, and a Septile Yod to Jupiter.

The third Kite is focused on Ceres – add blue lines connecting Ceres to Saturn and Mercury, and a red spine connecting Ceres to Juno.

Your Deepest Desires constantly evolve; you manifest something you Want, or part of it, and then you add another layer to the cake.  You discover something you don’t like after all, and you change the frosting from orange to chocolate.  But they don’t really change.  You still want the same cake you’ve always wanted, you just change the features.  Relative to Identity, Desire is permanent.  Identity should be fluid; if you try to go through Life being a platitude, you fall on your face fairly quickly.  Identify with your Desires instead.  Your Desires won’t Abandon you.

It’s an excellent time to review a timely quote from John Gray…

“Most of the problems people have in relationships (and life for that matter) are due to low levels of self love.

“Love, like life, travels in a circle.

“The more you love yourself, the greater freedom you feel to express yourself.  Then the more you express yourself, the easier it is for people to appreciate the real you and not simply the image you project.  Finally the more appreciation and love you receive, the more you can love yourself.

“This is a cycle of increasing love and honest self-expression. When you don’t love yourself, this cycle moves in the opposite direction of decreasing love and diminished self-expression.

“Here are four important steps to help you define what it means to love yourself and to help you feel self love in your life.

1. Appreciate yourself
“Many of us are taught from childhood that to appreciate ourselves is vain, and vanity is not good.  Modesty is an admirable quality, but we often do too good a job of being modest and therefore diminish our self-appreciation for those things that we have accomplished and do well.

2. Desire yourself
“We are taught to share early in life.  Again, this is an admirable quality.  The problem is that as we seek the love and acceptance of our parents and elders many of us become expert at self-sacrifice without learning that some of our dreams will only be accomplished if we focus on our own wants, needs, and desires.

3. Express yourself
“The effort to please your parents, family and friends often comes at the price of self-expression.  You become preoccupied with becoming like other people and surrender the chance to express your own uniqueness.  In time you learn to live with a sense of inner failure and frustration because you have buried your potential for success.

4. Be yourself
“If you experienced love being turned on and off to you as a child, you probably decided that your worth and goodness depends on your ability to please others.  Simply being yourself might have earned you little praise or recognition so you changed your behavior and actions…and yourself.

“Grow in love, John Gray”