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Surrendering to the Unknown III

September 21, 2017

Daniel Scranton’s Arcturian Channel clarifies Vesta-Makemake Square Juno-Hylonome (see previous post) for us…

“We want you to get as many perspectives as you can to round out your own so that you have all of the perspectives within you that are necessary in order for you to make an informed decision about your life and how to approach it.

“When you are contemplating taking a particular action, most of the perspectives that are influencing you are doing so on a subconscious level.  It is the little voice inside your head that has been so active within you throughout your life that you don’t even hear it anymore.

“We want you to make your decisions consciously, taking all different perspectives into consideration.  We know that there are other channeled beings out there, and they have their perspectives.  And we also know that if you are paying attention to us, you are probably also paying attention to some of them, and that is a good thing.  You want to have as many perspectives at your disposal as you can possibly obtain, and you also want to weed out those subconscious voices so that you can listen to your heart.

“Your heart is very well rounded.  Your heart guides you through the impulses that you get, but more importantly, your heart guides you through the vibration that it holds.  Your heart holds a high vibration like an eternal flame that you can always go back to.  And when you do, you will be holding that high vibration as well.  And then the perspective that is of the highest vibration will be the one that gets your attention.

“And that is what we want for you.  We want you to be able to determine for yourselves which perspective that is coming from outside of you is a vibrational match to that of your heart’s perspective.”

Meanwhile, there’s good news.  The 21 September Juno-Hylonome Conjunction was not an Initiation after all; it was only a Conjunction.  Only the first Conjunction of a Cycle is an Initiation, and the Initiation actually occurred 28 February at 8 Capricorn, “In a sun-lit home, domesticated birds sing joyously.”  That is the symbol that will overarch the 4-plus-year-long Cycle that began in February, not the War Dance image. 

The War Dance symbol applies only to this week.  So maybe the “Rocket Man” and the “Mentally Deranged Dotard” will meet on Bikini Atoll to have their own private High Noon, and leave the rest of us out of their tantrums.  Bikini Atoll is still radioactive from nuclear testing by the Dotard’s predecessors sixty years ago.

Surrendering to the Unknown II

September 21, 2017

One of the principle roots of astrology is the Cycle.  We talk about the month-long Lunar Cycle frequently, when we introduce the New Moon as the Beginning of an iteration of the Moon-Sun Cycle and the Full Moon as the Blooming of that Cycle.  A New Moon (Conjunction) is a Sun-Moon Initiation.  The Sun is in the role of Mentor, and the Moon in the role of Messenger.  The New Moon begins a period of Growth as the Message is spread.  The Full Moon (Opposition) begins a period of Transformation as the Message matures, is integrated with All Else, and is then Let Go, so a new Cycle can begin.

We’re now at the beginning of a new 4.3-year Cycle between asteroid Juno (the Edges of Consciousness) and dwarf planet Hylonome (Merging-Unmerging with Archetypes).  This is an important Cycle for anyone seeking Enlightenment or Ascension, because while you might be able to take your Money with you when you Die (in the form of “Abundance Karma“), you can’t take Karmic Baggage with you into Enlightenment, as only carry-on is allowed.

Here’s the chart of the 21 September (6am PDT) Hylonome-Juno Initiation…

We talked about the Sappho T-Square in the previous post.  The Hylonome-Juno Initiation is also Square (Challenge to Mastery) to the budding Makemake-Vesta Initiation…

…which occurs 24 September at 5pm PDT and begins a three-year Cycle on “Around a campfire a group of young people sit in spiritual communion: The necessity to unite with kindred spirits as one enters unbeaten paths illumined by the still-insecure light of a dawning intuition of new values.”

The Vesta-Makemake Cycle is about how – and Whether – our Unconscious Limiting Beliefs (Vesta) impact our Ability to Manifest (Makemake).  We can Plan/Execute and PIAVA all we want on something, but if we have Unconscious Beliefs that won’t allow it, we spin our wheels.  Of course All Prayers Are Answered, but if we aren’t Ready to Receive what we’re PIAVAing, what we’ll get instead is an illustration of why we haven’t Manifested it Effortlessly all along.  Which is why we, after we Change the Subject, have to Pay Attention (

Which is rather incredible; a Hylonome-Juno Initiation that will show us what is keeping our Glass Darkly, is Challenged by a Makemake-Vesta Initiation that will show us what Limits our Creativity – along with the message that we need to unite with kindred spirits to help us decode all of the information we’ll be getting.  It’s not easy to Create a Mutually Constructive Ego-Transcendence, even with one other person, let alone a group.  But is it ever Productive! 

Guide your group with a Crystal of Manganotantalite…

Manganotantalite has the Power to help you phrase what you observe about others in a way that will be Received as helpful.  That’s very important, because it’s our Judgments of another that indicate where we both have Limiting Beliefs; we just both need to be Neutral enough to Accept them at face value, be Honest about them, and then translate them from Judgment to Loving Observation.  This Crystal group happens to be shaped like a pistol for shooting down Egos, but it’s actually a Transmogrifier gun, transmuting Self-Rejection into Self-Love.

Manganotantalite may not be that easy to find; Lu Barbosa ( has been a reliable source, but Dan Weinrich ( may also be able to locate some; email them and ask them to keep an eye out for you.  If anyone locates a cache, let me know, and I’ll pass it on.

Another standout Configuration in the Hylonome-Juno Initiation is the interlocking Fingers of God (advising Pay Attention!) pointing at OR10-Nessus (Intrusive Memories of Abuse or Privilege) and Varuna (the Life Force).  These are both very strong clues. 

The first-named tells us to Let Go of our Habit of Avoiding such Memories, which may come in any form, even nausea or a sense that we’re getting sick.  If something catches and holds your Attention, Open your Heart and follow it.  Searching for an appropriate illustration to add to Intuitive Confidence VI – New Moon (, I was compelled to watch several Holocaust and Vietnam War videos, for instance.

Feeling Excited and Enlivened also points the way to Breakthroughs, as does feeling Dull and Enervated.  Go after the latter mercilessly with Poor-Sweethearts (  Like PIAVAs, Poor-Sweethearts are Miracle workers.  You may not feel much of anything when you do them, but if you Change the Subject and then later Pay Attention, you’ll usually see that unexpected Shifts have occurred, usually so subtle that you hardly if at all noticed them while they were occurring.

Surrendering to the Unknown I

September 20, 2017

We enter a new Calendar ( for the last week of September…

20-28 September 2017

Hylonome Initiates Juno in 5 Capricorn on 21 September (6am PDT).

September Equinox on 22 September (1am PDT).

Chaos turning Retrograde in 24 Gemini on 25 September (1am PDT).

Jupiter Opposes Uranus in 28 Libra-Aries on 27 September (9:30 pm PDT).

Pluto turning Direct in 17 Capricorn on 28 September (12:30 pm PDT).

The Hylonome-Juno Initiation, if we so Choose, can have a Powerful impact on our Efforts and Desires to Liberate ourselves from our Karmic Archetypal Limiting Beliefs.  Unfortunately, the way we bring these Karmic Archetypal Limiting Beliefs into Consciousness, which is usually a prerequisite to Liberation, is by Acting them Out again and again till we notice that we’re endlessly repeating the same Strategies and Actions and expecting different Outcomes.  The Initiation occurs at 5 Capricorn, Indians perform a War Dance in their canoe on the way to Battle.”

So some people will – or already are – Act Out their War Dance.  Remember that these people make hay on Disaster of any sort, because in their paradigm rebuilding adds to GDP, and if they’re in Construction it goes right to their bottom line.  Sociopaths don’t give a shit about The People (though they may be clever enough to recognize that they need to pretend like they do), only their own bottom line.  This Cycle runs until January 2022.

For those of us who want to Ascend out of our Archetypes rather than make hay from them, the Critical Issue will be Self-Love, as the Heart of the Hylonome-Juno Initiation chart is a T-Square to Sappho.  The Stress (Opposition under the T-Square) will be between Intrusive Memories of Abuse (Nessus-OR10) and whether or not we Allow our Values to Change (Venus-Atropos) from Fear and Avoidance of more Abuse, or Revenge (Mirroring the Abuse), to Self-Loving Empathy for ourselves and other Victims of the Abuse – including the Victims of those who profit from the Suffering of The People.

As Naomi Klein and John Perkins so clearly point out, their methodology is to set up their own catastrophes (such as War) or take advantage of natural disasters or other calamities (such as the Derivatives Crisis in 2007-8), then commit government funds to rebuilding.  Title to the rebuilt property goes to the Perps and their collaborators, while the debt to pay for it goes to The People.  In the case of 2007-8, they didn’t even bother to rebuild, they just took the cash straightaway.  Being Victimized by this ancient Political trick is one of the Archetypes that we as a Culture need to bring into Consciousness and Abolish – by going on the Warpath to Refuse to Accept War and ongoing Abuse of the Planet, for instance.

Make Ego Great Again II

August 13, 2017

A friend sent this link to a Vedic interpretation of Eclipses…

And then described how their Life has been bothered by bureaucratic snafus recently. 

Where we are Looking has a lot to do with how we Perceive Reality.  Consider the contrast between Looking at the Fear Propaganda on TV in the USofA, or Looking at, for example, or .  Not to imply that the Arcturians have any kind of monopoly on Relevance to what’s happening on the Planet.  You might resonate more to the Pleiadeans or or .

Vedic astrology has a tendency to Believe it does have a monopoly on Truth.  If it provides Perspective that is useful to you, then, as with any Perspective, by all means use it.  The more Lenses we have to see the World through, the closer we are to actually participating in Reality rather than our own Projections.  When any Perspective strikes Fear, though, we need to Tap Out the Fear before we use the Perspective.  If a Perspective is good for nothing more than bringing Unconscious Fear into Consciousness where you can Love it to Death, then it’s a very Powerful Perspective for you.  Alternatively, with a technique like Theta Healing, where the Outcome is immediately available to us, we can modify our Command until we find one that works, or alternate Theta and Tapping.

The root of the monopoly tendency in Vedic astrology is Religious Politics.  Simply put, if it’s Either/Or it’s Political.  If it’s Both/And, it’s Spiritual.  We make no claim that this is an absolute Truth, but we suggest strongly that it’s a very Reliable First Approximation and a very Useful Perspective.  Vedic astrology supported Political Hinduism, as distinct from Esoteric Hinduism.  Political Hinduism supported ongoing Abuse of the Dalit or Harijan caste just as Political Christianity supported ongoing Slavery and Abuse of Primary Cultures everywhere they were encountered.  Certainty is a Tool of Political Agendas.

We look at it this way.  Hinduism is frequently accused of promoting Fatalism, and Political Hinduism certainly appears to.  As with most Religions, I don’t believe that Esoteric Hinduism does promote Fatalism.  Fate and Free Will are usually seen as an Either/Or, so as with any Duality, we Know that this is a 3D Veil attempting to obscure the Both/And, Multifarious and Unitary Reality on the Other Side.

The difference between Fate and Free Will is that our Fate is what befalls us when we’re Captives of the Karmic and Generational and Social Archetypes that we usually refer to as our Limiting Beliefs.  Free Will is what we Obtain when we step outside of the Limited Reality of the these Archetypes.  Even the “Laws” of Physics are simply Archetypes, Projections of the Ego’s need for Stasis and the mind’s need for the Illusion of Understanding.  If you’ve ever had a Wannabe Guru Manifest in your bedroom in a pillar of shimmering colored pinpricks of light like on Star Trek, you’d understand this.  Or Channeled an Antarean, or met a Walk-In, or Encountered one of your Doubles.

To me Growth in Consciousness (which means Freeing yourself from some Archetype), which usually requires an Ego Death of some sort, is not about Discovery, but about Differentiation.  We See or Feel more layers of Reality when we start noticing that there are Trees in the Forest, Trees of different Colors, Trees that have Birds and Bears in them, Birds and Bear that may be different from one another and that eat different Foods, etc etc.  There is no better way to Illuminate an Archetype or Assumption that we’ve wrapped our Limited view of Reality around, than for it suddenly to disappear.

Would we notice if suddenly all the Birch Trees disappeared from the Forest?  We might only notice that something had Changed.  But if they reappeared while we were pondering what it was that Changed, then suddenly our Consciousness would have a whole new Perspective on Birch Trees.  This is precisely what happens during an Eclipse; that which we Assume is Constant blinks off for a short time, then returns to its former Glory.  And we’re talking about the Sun, which Symbolizes our Essence.  Hence we consider Eclipses to be about Illumination, and that’s precisely what they are. 

Remember that in the Unconscious there is no Negation.  When you Pray for No War, you’re most likely to get War, because the Unconscious does not have a No in its vocabulary.  As we usually put it, astrology and the Unconscious determine Dimension, but not Direction.  The Cat may still be Alive or Not.  Eclipse is the Absence of Light, as Fear is the Absence of Love.  The Dimensions in those statements are Light and Love.  The Direction – Absence or Presence – is a Political Decision by the Ego, by yourself.

When you make a Decision to Choose Light and Love rather than Absence on any Issue in your Life, you threaten the Karmic or Family or Cultural Archetype that would keep you in Scarcity, with Fire and Fury like the World has never known.  So guess what the Archetype does in return?  It threatens to surround your Ego with Missiles, while its Ally the Ego warns you to seek cover and “not” to look at the flash.  As if you would have time for anything approaching that.  Ego and Archetype are one and the same. 

Hence we always recommend adding “Lovingly and Gently and Rapidly and Completely” to our PIAVAs

PIAVAs directly address the Unconscious.  The Unconscious is in Charge, and one of its “Rules” is that no Prayer goes unanswered – that’s just a Perspective, but we suggest strongly that it’s a Reliable First Approximation and a Useful Perspective.   Use it as a filter to Examine your Life.  Every Negative thought you have is a Prayer.  Every Victim Emotion that you have is a Prayer.  Your Prayers specify the Dimension, and your Negativity and Victimhood specify the Direction.  Thoughts and Emotions are self-reinforcing, and their Negativity and Victimhood reinforce each other.  Your Negative thoughts and Victim Emotions are generated by your Archetypes.

When you PIAVA something and you’re ready to Receive it, the Universe will deliver it, just like Amazon or Taobao.  When you aren’t ready to Receive it, what the Universe will deliver, when you see the Universe through a Benevolent Lens, is Illustration of Why You Haven’t Been Manifesting That All Along.  That often looks like the Opposite of what you Asked for – the same principle as an Eclipse; often the fastest way to get you to Notice something that you’ve been taking for granted, is to Remove it.

There are some things which you have always been Abundant in.  Your Archetypes support your Ego in those arenas.  There are other things that have always been Difficult for you.  Those Define your Self-Sabotaging Archetypes.  Jane Roberts’s (Seth’s) The Nature of Personal Reality is an excellent exposition of this Lens.

Your thoughts and Emotions are not beyond your Control.  Your Ego can Choose to Intervene and Change the Direction.  It may take years of Persistence to shut down a strong Archetype, but never consider it Impossible.  You can PIAVA Assistance in Changing the Direction of the Archetype from Scarcity to Abundance – or vice versa for Abuse, though you’re better off Asking for Respect and Inviolate Boundaries, or whatever it is that you Want, rather than Asking for what you Don’t Want.

In Real Life this is an Either/Or Universe.  Fate is still going on.  If your Fate is to be Rich and Famous and Irresistible, then you may not want to Change it – though “Good” Karma is said to be harder to Change than “Bad” Karma, so when you start to get tired of being Rich and Famous and Irresistible, you may want to PIAVA Choice.  You may want to Choose Rich and Famous and Irresistible on Tuesdays and Fridays, Happy and Private on Wednesdays and Thursdays, and Surprised on Saturdays and Sundays and Mondays – but even that is an Archetype that will be Obsolete soon.

There isn’t much difference between Attention and Intention.  If your Attention is always on Negativity and Scarcity, whether in thought or Emotion, the Unconscious will consider that your Intention, and Manifest it for you.  Your Attention is under your Control.  You may have a nasty Habit of Focusing on your Negative thoughts and Bummer Emotions, and it may take a lot of Work to Change the Habit, but it is doable.  The Key is Noticing and Congratulating.

Rather than beating yourself up when you Notice that you’re Unconsciously indulging your Negativity, Congratulate yourself for Noticing.  You’re substituting Positive Reinforcement for Negative Reinforcement, and the more often you do this, the easier it becomes.  You’ll be surprised at how Effective this simple step is; Congratulate yourself for Noticing that you’re Repeating an undesired Habit, rather than cursing yourself for Repeating the Habit.

This particular Eclipse occurs while Mercury is Retrograde, and the Vedic Eclipse interpretation we linked to at the beginning of this article reads much like the average Western astrology’s interpretation of Mercury Retrograde.  Our approach to Retrogradations is the same as our approach to Eclipses.  But rather than Demanifestation of something routine, a Retrogradation may encourage Obsession on it – not a matter of Dimension, just a matter of Direction, so absolutely available to be Changed by the Ego with PIAVAs and Persistence. 

I usually find Retrogrades to be more Contemplative than Obsessive, but the same Energies apply – Contemplate What you Want, not What you Don’t Want.  If you’re particularly Skilled at Obsession, Obsess on What you Want, not on What you don’t Want.  We’ve already talked about Obsession and Changing the Subject, an important step in PIAVAing

If you can’t shake Negative Energy while you’re trying to Focus on What You Want, Tap it Out.  Be sure to measure the Intensity of the Energy before and after Tapping, and Recognize that you may need to Iterate, and even alternate with other forms of PIAVAing.  Persistence counts.

The dwarf planet that deals with our Unlimited Potential is Chaos, which is in the Air Grand Trine and Dynamic Grand Sextile of the recent Full Moon; see the previous post.  It’s joined in the Grand Trine by Haumea/Rebirth and South Node/Karma, but the other three, Fire, points in the Grand Sextile are North Node/Mission and Purpose, Eris/Revelation of Denial, and Lilith-Saturn-Ixion-Pholus/In Order to Achieve Self-Sovereignty the Most Important Thing is that we Become Responsible to our Unique and Probably Forbidden Genius.

The dwarf planet and Centaur Hylonome deals with Letting Go of Archetypes, and the asteroid Juno deals with the Edges of Consciousness.  It’s no Coincidence that they’re Conjunct as we speak.  Hylonome Initiated Juno in February 2017, starting a new 9-year Cycle at 8 Capricorn, “In a Sun-lit home domestic birds sing joyously.”  We’re in the middle of the Exposition (which actually peaked 28 July).  The Confidence-Builder occurs at the September Equinox.

Karmic Ring of Fire Bearing Gifts

February 25, 2017

As we described in our Karmic Ring of Fire post ( ), the 26 February Annular Solar Eclipse is the Heart of a very complex Knot of planets, the primary Focus of which is Breaking Free of our Karmic Limitations.  If you look, you’ll discover that you can Break Patterns here, that you’ve been trying and failing to Break your whole Life.  It will be particularly Easy to Ground Self-Sabotaging Emotional Patterns.  Once Grounded, it will be much Easier for you to step out of your Identity with them, look back, and “Poor-Sweetheart” your former Minor Self that used to get caught in their Grasp.

The Eclipse Knot of planets also has other Foci as well, and they can help advise us on how to Break Free with less Sturm und Drang.

One of the other Foci suggests that a key will  be Respect for All Things.  Look to see if there’s Judgment behind any Bummers that arise.  You can’t just Decide to Forgive; it’s more complex than that, though the Intention to Forgive is useful.  The Intention to Accept is even more useful, and often easier.  Accepting without Forgiving can allow you to set Healthy Boundaries without poisoning yourself with Chronic Anger.  The Acceptance of What Is is the first, and Necessary, step toward Changing Your World.  And Changing Your World is the same as Changing The World.

Among other things, the Pisces New Moon and Eclipse is the head of a Kite – that is, it’s at the Midpoint between two corners of an Earth Grand Trine, making it the Focus of all of the Grace in the Grand Trine.  This will make Breaking Free of our Karmic Limitations much easier than it otherwise would be.  

The asteroid Hopi (Respect for All Things) is the head of a second Kite.  Hopi is in Libra – Air or Mind, while its Grand Trine is in Fire – Spirit.  An excellent Opportunity to “clean up” our Thoughts – to Ask them to serve us as contributors to What We Want, rather than disserve us by dwelling on What We Don’t Want.  Daniel and the Arcturians even commented on this today…∞the-9th-dimensional-arcturian-council/

A third Gift is the Power to Trust our Intuition.  It’s our Intuition that’s telling us which elements of our Obsessions are actually Healthy Keepers, and which elements we can jettison with little Effort.  There’s no such thing as Absolute Negativity – Negativity is defined only by its Context.  Even if our “Negative” Self-Sabotaging Habits kill us, when we look at the process from a multi-Lifetime Perspective, what a Learning Opportunity that is.  Parts of our Forbidden Genius are actually hiding somewhere in the Obsessions we’re Dancing with here, among the Healthy Keepers.

A third Kite focuses on Asbolus-Veritas (the Truth in our Intuition) in Gemini, also on the Fire Grand Trine (Angelic Intervention).  Asbolus-Veritas Opposes Antares (Obsession), Square to the Eclipse and its Opposition to Karma-Orcus (Breaking Karmic Bonds).  The combination of a Grand Cross (Motivation) and a Grand Trine is one of the Strongest indications you can get from astrology.

The fourth Gift is Ease at the normally-Challenging process of divesting Archetypes from our Identity.  The only thing Negative about an Archetype – which otherwise represents a consummate Skill – is that it robs us of Choice.  When we Detach from the Archetype, if we do it without Judgment, we retain the Skill but gain the Ability to use it when it’s most appropriate and use better Tools when they’re more appropriate, rather than having to use the Archetypal Tool all the time whether we’re screwing or stapling.  Sort of like trading our running shoes in for a car and a pair of running shoes.  Now we won’t have to go to parties all sweaty and run home in the Rain.

This one is a Hylonome-Juno (Consciously Letting Go of False Identities We’ve Merged with) Diamond Star.  A Diamond Star is a T-Square and a Finger of God with the same foci.  The feet of the Finger of Yod create a Bowl of Grace (Double Trine Bridges) under the T-Square, greatly Easing its Challenges.  Hylonome-Juno is also one corner of the Earth Grand Trine, further amplifying the beneficial effect.

Hylonome Initiates Juno at 2pm PST 28 February, in 8 Capricorn, Domesticated Birds singing happily in a Sun-lit home.  Since Hylonome represents Merging and Demerging with an Archetype (especially Codependence) and Juno symbolizes the Edges of Consciousness, the five-year Juno-Hylonome Cycle is about Getting Conscious of our Karmic Patterns.  The Archetypal Birds sing happily because the Light of Consciousness has Liberated them from the Slavery of rote Performance.

Notice the Repetition – when several astrological Patterns suggest the same things we can be assured that this is what the Universe is teaching us, unequivocally.  We don’t have a lot of Choice but to go along – and why would we want to Resist such Gifts!