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Eclipse Three

April 14, 2014

We focus on the Angles between the planets here because the Angles tell us how the Energies relate to one another.  Not that planets in Signs aren’t important, we just think that the Angles provide deeper information.  Angles become more prominent when they combine into Configurations – by now you’re all familiar with Grand Crosses and Grand Trines, for instance, like the Uranus-Pluto-Jupiter-Mars Grand Cross that’s challenging our Identity this month, and the Sun-Juno to Pallas to Chariklo-Quaoar-Galactic Center Grand Trine we spoke of in Eclipse and Eclipse Too.

There is a whole class of Configurations based on a “Box,” where two Angles of the same Harmonic are parallel to one another.  The Mystic Rectangle is one, for example, with two parallel Trines separated by two parallel Sextiles.  Even the Grand Cross is a member of this class.  This Eclipse features a Biseptile Box, where two parallel Biseptiles are separated by two parallel Binoviles

DSCN4905Two Biseptiles (2 x 103) and two Binoviles (2 x 80) don’t quite add up to 360 degrees, so the “slop” (Orb or Sensitivity) between the Angles has to line up right.  We usually use three degrees of Sensitivity, so that’s not too hard.

Biseptiles manifest the Seventh Harmonic, or the principle of Power Applied at the Right Time for Maximum Impact.  It involves a lot of “keeping your powder dry.”  Binoviles are part of the Ninth Harmonic, the principle of Introversion, Self-Examination, and Meditation.  So a Biseptile Box would be about

Reviewing our Effectiveness at Using Power to further our Goals.  

We can’t shy away from Power; remember what the Wormwood Deva said in Findhorn Garden – something on the order of “We respect Power because it allows us to serve God better.”  And that very much includes PIAVA Power.

By and large, the Energies in the Boxes are driven by the Oppositions.  In the current example the Oppositions are the Eclipse itself, and Jupiter Opposite Pluto.

You understand that the major Energy in April is about the Uranus-Pluto-Jupiter-Mars Grand Cross, or a continuation and intensification of our 2012-2015 Work manifesting our True Self and dropping our Masks.  The relationship between this Yintegrity Work and the Eclipse is about

Reviewing our Effectiveness at Owning and Using our Power to Express our True Self.

Given the Asteroids and Stars that are showing up to help out,

We can expect to be confronted by our “Excuses” for avoiding our Yintegrity.  If you’re aware that awkward situations like these may be arising over the next while (the impact of an Eclipse spans 6-18 months), it can help you choose to support yourSelf instead of backing down and reverting to your customary subterfuges.

When that seems to run contrary to your programming – “Be Nice now” is a great example! – you need to PIAVA how you can “Be Nice” AND stay in YintegrityContradictions occur only in the mind, never in Reality.  To overcome your programmed Self-Abandonment, all you really need to do is stay Open to Both/And.