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Guilt that Ain’t 2

December 4, 2022

We got so swept away by Boundaries in the first Guilt that Ain’t post that we forgot to explain the title. Neptune should be Dominating the airwaves here, as it reaches Peak Vibes (Stationary) today 3 December 2022 4:14 pm PST (GMT 12:14 am 4th, IST 5:44 am 4th, AEDT Qld 10:14 am 4th), but I have to Reach to Detect it. Unusual. But as it Stands Still, asteroid Nemesis Merges with it, and we usually associate Nemesis with Guilt. But Neptune is a master of Subterfuge, so we could be Feeling sham Guilt, about things we have no reason to Feel Guilty about for instance. Or Regret that we didn’t follow through on Powerful and Meaningful Actions that would have Evoked Guilt, Inappropriately so in Retrospect. Or recalling places where someone else worked hard to make us Feel Guilty, when they were Power Tripping on us.

The 23 Pisces Degree Reading for the Neptune Station and Nemesis is intriguing – The Profoundly Impossible Search for Missing Soul Fragments When There Are No Clues, and the Miracle that Occurs When We Persevere with Our Intention to Embrace Them. Since we routinely interpret Neptune as Material Confusion and Spiritual Clarity, Neptune might just be trying to Confuse us. In the Neptune Station chart with three Degrees of Sensitivity or Orb, this Mysterious Neptune-Nemesis Energy Debates with a Strong Drive toward Resilience, and is Challenged by a Strong Need to be Aware of and Communicate Our Values.1

1 Neptune-Nemesis Debates (Opposes) Ceres-Sisyphus Out of Bounds (Emphasis on Resilience), which is Challenged (T-Squared) by Mercury OOB Merged with (Conjunct) Venus OOB (Emphasis on Awareness and Communication of Our Values). The Mercury-Venus OOB T-Square is Self-Resolving (a Diamond Star), and the root of the Self-Resolving Finger of the Goddess is the Sextile (Grace after Initial Huper Action) between Pan OOB (Spirit of Nature Embodied and Emphasized) and the Stellium (Group of Planets) of Veritas (Truth of the Mind), Black Moon Lilith (Self-Sovereignty), and Pallas OOB and Stationary (Boundaries Front and Center).

The latter, in my World at least, has been about Loosening my Boundaries with “Inanimate” Entities – Trusting Self-Sovereignty when it comes to Rejecting Codependence, but not when it comes to Rejecting Oneness With All. This evening I was cutting up Asparagus and Zucchini (literally, not just Vegetables A-to-Z) to steam when I realized that I needed to Apologize to the Asparagus for Treating Them like They were Inanimate, and then Ask for Their Permission to Merge, which They granted. But then a few minutes later I started cutting up the Courgettes without Remembering to Ask! So I had to apologize to Them and Ask for Their Permission. The Habits of Living Unconsciously Die Hard!

I hadn’t Connected till now that this was an Exercise in Respecting Pan and Becoming Aware of My Values in a Much Deeper Way. Thank you for the Loving and Gentle Teaching, Pan and Neptune! I’ve long been missing this kind of Deep Connection to the Natural World, without Seeing it as a Lost Soul Fragment that I haven’t been Owning! That blows the top of my head off, as I begin to Appreciate that my Muggletude may not be Terminal! What a Wonderful Epiphany!

Golden Barite (Barium Sulfate) is an Ancient Symbol for the Clarity and Integrity of Our Intentions.

Our Chief Astrology Officer has pointed out something we missed, that Mercury Out of Bounds (Emphasis on Communication and Travel) was Opposing Mars Out of Bounds (Emphasis on Action and Passion) on 29-30 November, and observed that such a Dance occurred less often than one would Expect. While the Outer planets like Neptune Strongly Influence our Inner Life, the Inner Planets like Mercury and Mars Strongly Influence our Outer Life and our Day-to-Day Surficial Reality. I did have some travel Challenges last week, which I’m hoping will Self-Resolve once this Energy fades. If I have time, I’ll write about this more before we get to the Full Moon.

Community and Accountability

November 23, 2022

Excerpts from Aluna Joy Yaxkin’s Newsletter from today…

“First, it’s clear that what is arriving for us now cannot be assessed alone. The monk-like sojourn experience is no longer valid, not for long term. This new world we are entering is inter-connected, but not dependent, and is fueled by community, and this community is to be connected to the earth and the cosmos… Secondly, we are being asked to hold a unique balanced presence and it was clear we do not understand what this is. . . Not yet anyway…

“I may not be totally clear about what this presence actually is, because it’s not something that can come from the mind, or can be explained with words. It radiates from the heart. There is no pretense or specialness emanating from this presence. In fact it’s anything but. It is an egoless quiet power, a presence. It is easy. It is simple. It is truth. It is love. It is about showing up authentically all the way.”

Her full message is at, right-hand column, scroll down.

Jupiter, whose Energy is Lit Up by Standing Still in the Sky till 3:02 pm PST 23 November 2022 (GMT 11:02 pm 23rd; IST 4:32 am 24th; AEDT Qld 9:02 am 24th), Expands Everything, including the Karmic Blocks that we’re Working on. That’s actually a Blessing, though it’s likely to Feel quite the opposite. One of quickest ways we have to Reject Emotions we don’t like, is to Blame them on someone else. “You make me Angry!” “It makes me so Sad when you say that.” “You’ve Made my Day!” Our favorite Emotions to Reject are our Abandonment and our Suffocation.

We Feel Our Abandonment when we Feel Lonely and “Miss” someone, when we Feel Ignored or Discounted, especially while Sharing Vulnerable Emotions, or when we’re Disrespected or Discriminated against. We Feel Our Suffocation when someone “crowds” us, Intrudes upon the Physical Space we want around us in the Moment, asks questions that are Uncomfortable for us in Moment, or when we feel like someone is “Interrogating” us about a Sensitive Issue, with little or no Empathy. When our Abandonment or Suffocation is Triggered, it is so Easy to Judge and Blame the other person and make them Accountable for Our Feelings, which is a Dead End Growth-Wise.

Most of Our Abandonment and Suffocation is Karmic. While every Child will Encounter Abandonment and Suffocation, it’s not likely to become much of an Issue for anyone if it isn’t Karmic. However, when we look at how much Abandonment and Suffocation influence History and Politics, we have to conclude that it’s a Big Issue for Huperity. How many Wars can be traced to Insults? Certainly All of the Religious Wars. Abuse is the epitome of Suffocation. “Feminism” is all about Abandonment (Lack of Respect) and Suffocation (Abuse). Abandonment is a major Enforcement tool for the Patriarchy, as in “You’re Fired!” So we’re dealing with Karma that’s more than Personal. Culturally Approved Karma is always harder to Let Go.

Abandonment and Suffocation are things that We Feel, and All of our Emotions Are Our Own. No one else ever makes us Feel Angry or Sad or Loved or Excited or Scared. What they say or do may Trigger Our Feelings, but those Feelings Are Ours, and if we ever want to be Free or Enlightened or 5D’d, we have to Own Them as Ours and Ours Alone. Failing to Own our Emotions can dump us out of having Control Over Time, and always Separates us from the Reality of Interpersonal Dynamics.

Marshall Rosenberg, a Rogerian psychologist, developed a way of Speaking and Hearing that he called “Non-Violent Communication,” or “NVC,” that shifts our Orientation toward our Feelings into Ownership. It’s simple to describe, but very difficult to adhere to in practice. Regardless, it teaches us about Ownership of our Emotions, so it’s very useful even if we never get it right. For instance, “You make me Angry!” becomes…

“When you called me an Asshole, I Felt Angry, which Feels Imbalanced to me. I Need to Feel Balanced, so I’m wondering if you could tell me what it was that struck you as Asinine.”

Or, these days, “I Need to Feel Safe, so are you willing to tell me whether or not you have a gun or a knife or a hammer?”

No guarantee that it will keep your Nose unbroken, but at least it Avoids Blame and Judgment, whether the other person recognizes that or not. Your aim isn’t to Own being an Asshole, or to get even, it’s to Create or Continue Connection with the other person, though Marshall always emphasized that how long or hard you want to Work at Creating or Continuing Connection is totally about your own Pleasure! Outside of practicing NVC or some other external Goal (like keeping a job or avoiding Injury or Death), you may have absolutely no Pleasure in Pursuing Connection with someone who calls you an Asshole. In which case, you back away, Carefully.

The Formula is a Neutral Observation about what occurred, followed by a Description of the Feeling it Triggered in us, followed by our Preference or Need to Feel or Be otherwise, and finished with a Request of the other person. Finishing with a Request keeps the Conversation Flowing, so you aren’t just making Proclamations. Here’s a super-simple introduction, with links to more detail…

If you click on the “Watch on =>YouTube” button, you’ll get a column of additional ‘Tubes, including several by Marshall himself. Like I say, it is very difficult to adhere to in practice. Here’s another ‘Tube on what it’s like when we’re Triggered…

NVC is especially useful in Cleaning Up our Self-Talk. For instance, replacing “You Idiot, there you go Doing That Again” with “Wow, I just Noticed How Self-Abusive I Can Be! Terrific! Now I can start to Change that Self-Sabotaging Habit!” There’s a Powerful article on this at, about psychologist and neuroscientist Ethan Kross’s Emotion and Self Control Lab at Michigan University.

Dr. Kross’s book Chatter: The Voice in Our Head and How to Harness It sounds like an excellent source for someone who gets stuck inside their head in what I used to call Helicopter Trips – eternal arguments between different points of view – before I Learned how to quell the rotors by moving from Heads-versus-Tails to the Coin between them.

In the 23 November Jupiter and New Moon chart, you may not have noticed that Damocles is still Lit Up. It Unxes (1 Sign or Pattern-Breaking) Jupiter (the Exaggerated Expansion of our Acceptance of Emotionality SuperPower), Squares (3 Signs or Challenges) the New Moon, and Trines (4 Signs or Dumb-Luck Blessings) the Rebirth into Unconditional Love SuperPower. Not only is it tightly entangled with the Jupiter-New Moon Meat of the week, it’s also tied up in a Deep Knot of other planets – Herakles (Zeus’s Hit Man for the Patriarchy), Vesta (Growth of Consciousness), Phaedra (Shame), and Gonggong (Intrusive Memories). What a mess!

The Stellium (Group of 3 or more planets) – the Deep Knot – is about Taking Ownership of Our Shame and Our Own Role in the Perpetuation of the Patriarchy. We may be dealing with Shame so Deep that we don’t even consider it to be Shame – we just don’t talk about it because we Fear it would Estrange everyone we know. Shame that isn’t even Ours, but was passed down to us from previous generations. It wasn’t that long ago that Men Believed that they Owned their Daughters and it was their Right and Privilege or even Obligation to “Teach” them about Sex. And not that long ago that Women had no Choice but to buy into that Regime if they wanted to continue Eating, and perhaps had no Choice because the Shame would have been Unbearable if it was out in the Open. Who among us are Immune from those sorts of Ancestors? Would we even Know?

We don’t have to Open Up to others about our Fears around these kinds of Shame, but it will be Powerful to Acknowledge this kind of Shame to ourself, and Accept Ownership of it – Very Carefully, as we have to be meticulous about Avoiding Blame, especially Self-Blame. This Energy is embedded in the very Core of Western European Colonialism and its cousin White Supremacy. We’re obviously already Feeling the next astroevent after Jupiter-New Moon – a Station of Nessus (Emphasis on Abuse and Privilege) at 3:01 am PST (GMT 11:01 am, IST 4:31 pm, AEDT Qld 9:01 pm) 27 November.

We aren’t going back to the Painful days of 2015-2017, when Nessus and Gonggong were traveling together in early Pisces, both Out of Bounds, Lighting Up everyone who was already Aware of their own childhood Abuse and Opening many others to theirs, in very Emotional (Pisces) circumstances. In the Jupiter-New Moon chart, Nessus has moved nine Degrees beyond Gonggong, far enough that our November adventures aren’t about Abuse per se, but about the Shame around it. The Degree Symbol for the Initiation of the new Nessus-Gonggong Cycle on 19 May 2015 in 4 Pisces was Total Chaos Of Time, Space, Emotion, Direction, Boundaries, Lifetimes, etc etc, with the Jewel in the Heart of Lotus Not Easy to Find, Requiring Union with the Soul.

Crazy-Making, in other words. This is a Journey we’re Stuck with for at least another century. Both planets have very elongated orbits, so Cycle times are not consistent. The previous Cycle was 150 years, but our estimates of their orbits from current knowledge runs only to 2100. Those of us who Remember those days in 2015-2017, are very Grateful that Reality has Settled Down quite a bit since then, even as Chaotic as it currently is. We’ve had a lot of on- and off-planet Allies helping us Seek the Jewel. Ajoite, a hydrated Potassium-Sodium-Copper-Aluminum Mica, often occurring as a subtle Aqua tint in Quartz Crystals, is one of those Allies that Mother Earth has given us, an Ally that’s Reputed to Power our Resurrection. Aho! – So Be It!…

A New Circle

November 6, 2022

Fitting for the Samhain Season, Death and Life have Merged.1 Where were your Thoughts facing just before you started reading this? Toward What You Don’t Want, or Toward What You Do Want? Toward Letting Go, or Toward Reaching For? Don’t turn around, but let your Imagination paint a picture of What’s Behind You. Did you Notice that the Eyes in the back of your Head were Opening? Did you even Know that you had Eyes in the back of your Head? If we’re going to Live in Duality, we at least have to Look Both Ways. As we Reach For, have we already Let Go, or are we Reaching Out with Hands that are already Full of what we haven’t Let Go Of yet? To Manifest, we need Clarity. Not about What We Want, but about What We Want To Feel. If our Hands are Full of What We Haven’t Let Go Of yet, we send a very Mixed Message to the Universe.

The nature of an astrological Merger is that we are unable to Distinguish One from the Other. Does that Emotion Motivate me to Live, or am I Sick to Death of it? Well, it’s Both, isn’t it. So how are we supposed to Get Clear?

Every Challenge and SuperPower2 comes with an Argument.3 It’s this Argument that Inhibits our Clarity and Mixes the Want List we send to the Universe. Believe it or not, the Universe Loves to Serve. All we need is Lack of Ambiguity, and She’s Right There to Provide. You can Think of it as an Angel on one Shoulder and a Devil on the Other, but it’s seldom that Clear-Cut. It could easily be two Devils, two Angels, or a Devil and a Deep Blue Sea. Too often it’s an Angel and a Preacherman. Do we Want Death, or Life? Truth Is, we need both. Reality is always Both/And. It’s Thought that’s Either/Or, which is why Thought and Reality so seldom align with one another. We Want certain Old Limiting Habits to Die, and certain New Unlimited, or a least Less Limiting, Habits to take their place. We just need Clarity about which is which.

In our Samhain Life-and-Death Both/And situation, the Argument is pretty Clear on one side (Clear, but not necessarily Clearly in the Live or the Die Category). That side is basically Unlimited Struggle.4 Doesn’t much sound like Fun. The other side of the Argument? It’s a cross between an Elephant and a Rhinoceros – ‘ElephIno! It’s a Merger of Intrusive Memories, and Growth in Consciousness,5 which could mean anything to you, depending on what Memories are Intruding, and whether your Karma with Growth in Consciousness is Life-Affirming or Deadly.

So it’s Complicated! But, fortunately, it’s Fully Self-Resolving! That means our Interventions to “Fix” any temporary Discomforts may Disrupt the Resolution. Does that apply to my Surrendering my chronic back pain to a Chiropractic Magician? I doubt it, because my back pain preceded this Challenge by a couple of Decades. But Time will tell; it may introduce new Complexities – like maybe the new set of Muscles I’m having to develop (a much more manageable style of pain) because I’m Walking differently.

This Fish-like Crystal should serve us on two counts. First, the Spodumene Mineral facilitates Growth in Consciousness, quite possibly by tempering any Discomfort we have around the accompanying Ego Death, since it’s a Lithium Crystal – Lithium compounds are even prescribed for Calming the Nerves. Growth in Consciousness doesn’t happen without an Ego Death. “Aha” Moments are usually Growth in our Concept Set, which stretches our Mental Cage a bit, but may actually hinder Growth in Consciousness, which occurs when we Escape from our old Concept Set. The more Certain we are that we Understand Intellectually, the more Difficult it’s likely to be for us to Open to the Real Mystery of Life Beyond Duality. This is a Kunzite Crystal, a form of Spodumene, a Lithium Aluminium Inosilicate. In the Inosilicates, the Silicate groups occur individually. The simplicity of the Silicate structure probably aids its Calming function.

Second, the Fish-scale pattern identifies it as a Record-Keeper Crystal, sort of the Crystalline version of the Akashic Records. So it may interact with our Intrusive Memories in Surprising ways. If you happen to find yourself able to Read it (which you may!), you could stumble into the equivalent of a complete Past or Parallel Life from it. Up close – see below – the Fish-scales are actually mostly Patterns of triangular indentations or etchings, as if some Wizard was writing hieroglyphics on it.

1 The chart is in the previous post. Cyllarus (Death/Ego Death) Out of Bounds (Exaggerated ) in 5 Leo (An Old Soul Who Discovers that the Old Rules No Longer Apply) and Varuna (The Life Force) in 8 Leo (A Charmed Life on the Edge between Pride and Modesty, with Need for Vigilance against Jealousy) are both Stationary (Amplified ) and Merged (Conjunct), Cyllarus 4:31 pm PDT 4 November (12:31 am BST 5th, 10:31 am AEDT 5th), and Varuna 8:34 am PST 7 November 2022 (4:34 pm GMT 7th, 2:34 am AEDT QLD 8th, 3:34 am AEDT NSW 8th, at least according to one source). When we Merge 5 Leo with 8 Leo, we get the Libra Duad of Leo. That’s Us Meeting Other, as we Inch toward 5D Community. Do you have any Fears or Judgments about Other. This would be a good time to Let Go of those; if we Wait, they’ll make Community more Difficult for us, and we’ll need Community in 5D.

2 T-Square.

3 The Opposition in the base of the T-Square.

4 Sisyphus (Infinite Tasks) Out of Bounds (Exaggerated ) in 11 Virgo (Totally Dedicated to Healing and Wholeness in a Very Unique Way) Merged with (Conjunct) Tantalus (Infinite Repeats of Temptation, with No Option for Satisfaction) in 5 Virgo (The Edge between Fear and Ego Death). The Greeks set up these Evil Spells on purpose. We want to Revert Evil Spells – Death to them! They describe Karma Perfectly. The Degree readings don’t help matters one bit. Problem Is, they also describe Life Perfectly! Our Wants are Never Satisfied, because as soon as they are, or at least after a few minutes of Victory Celebration, we Want Something Else! Same with Healing – we Heal one thing, and something else pops up! Infinitely. As is often the case, an Attitude Adjustment is Needed, and a cocktail won’t do the trick.

The Metaphor is Learn to Enjoy the Journey, because the Destination is a box in the ground. Seeing ourself as an Observer of our Life rather than a Controller can help. Instead of Oh Shit! and Yipee! we substitute Isn’t that Fascinating! Of course we can’t make it up, we have to Believe it. Keeping a Journal written as if it was a Novel might be one way to help make the Infinite Life-Affirming. As a friend used to say, Any Day above ground is a Good Day. Actually, I think he still says it. I’ve known him since kindergarten, which is a loong time, and he’s always been Remarkably Clear about What He Wants, totally Successful at Achieving it, and often Successful at Enjoying it. Another Strategy is the old notion of You Can’t Take It With You, which is total Bullshit. We Take With Us Everything We Learn. And actually, our Failures are our Biggest Learning Opportunities. Remember that when you’re Ruing your natal T-Squares!

5 Gonggong (Intrusive Memories) at 5 Pisces (Deep Deep Mystical Awareness Sheltered from Ego by Lack of a Need for Certainty) Merged with Juno (Growth in Consciousness, or Resistance of Same) at 9 Pisces (The Inescapable Need to Embrace the Shadow and Bring It to the Light). Again, the Degree readings don’t seem Helpful at first glance. Second glance is better. If we have a natal planet near 9 Pisces, we’re probably well aware of what’s Inescapable – we’ll already have Experience with Embracing the Shadow and Bringing It to the Light. So we’ll Know that to be Life-Affirming, if Difficult. And that Deep Deep Mystical Awareness of 5 Pisces should make us Receptive to Accepting our Intrusive Memories as streetlights on the road to Embracing our Shadow. If you don’t have natal planets or recent transits near 9 Pisces, this combo might seen very Threatening.

But overall, it’s pretty Clear – we can use our Intrusive Memories, and our Incongruous Feelings (which we can see as Unconscious Reactions to Vague Intrusive Memories) as an outline for our Searching and Fearless Inventory of the places where we have Ego Attached to our Shadow. That’s sort of what happened for me when I had to Embrace Anger with a very Obscure Source in order to be Open to getting my back Healed. I understand it a bit more (and I see more new Shadowy Implications) now, after the fact, but it’s still quite backhanded. So it’s our Shadow Attachments that need to go to the Ego-Death Tarpit, and our subsequent Liberation that should be Life-Affirming. Or something like that, as Eugene Gendlin wisely recommended we suffix any Conclusions about our own Psyche.

Beyond the 3D Gaol (4)

November 5, 2022

I’m glad to see folks beginning to accept Reality – Nothing Changes Till We Accept It Fully Exactly As It Is

An except from “Paradise Out of Disaster: Global Earth Repair – Plan B” by Michael Pilarski, in Permaculture Design: Regenerating Life Together, August/Fall 2022, p.31…

“Growing your own food may become imperative. It should be a human right to have a small patch of land to grow food. Paradise out of Disaster. An idea whose time has come? Out of the ashes can rise the phoenix. The better story wins. Collapse-induced localization may give us our best chance of a sustainable, resilient, humane future. Where we are headed in today’s world doesn’t look uplifting to me on any account. Take your pick, dystopian rule and ecological disaster, or local control and ecological restoration. No matter what happens, earth repair and ecosystem restoration must be pursued with all the vigor humanity can muster. It is, as John D. Liu calls it, the Great Work of our Time.”

Michael ( and was one of the first Permaculture students and practitioners in the US, has made a living foraging and growing medicinal herbs all his life, created the Fairy and Human Relations Congress and has sustained it for two decades, and single-handedly collected many of the World’s leading planetary regeneration experts in one place to present the Global Earth Repair Conference in 2019, sustaining it since – among other things!

About Cyllarus (Ego Death) and Varuna (the Life Force), both Stationary (Strong) as we speak…

After moving through an Intense Ego Death around Anger for some reason, I signed up for a session with Chiropractor Dr. Regan Golob (, In about 20 minutes, for less than a C-note, he fixed the lower back pain I’ve been living with for two decades. He poked, prodded, did a little muscle testing, asked a few questions, massaged a few tight muscles, and put my sacroiliac joint back together. Rather than telling me not to sit around writing, he told me to keep my feet positioned under my hips, not forward of them, when sitting, and to do a simple, quick exercise every time I get up from sitting – keeping my legs stiff, raise each heal a bit three times. He said it would take about six weeks or so for the tendons to strengthen and retrain themselves, and included a jug of Standard Process Ligaplex capsules to take daily for the duration. I’m still in the habit of moving cautiously – semi-consciously expecting pain at any moment – and feeling a little fragile, but already my back hurts much less and much less frequently. Huzzah!

Dr. Golob spends a good deal of his time on the road, traveling around Healing People and Horses (and Cats and Dogs and other Critters). He lives in Colorado, but he’ll spend the next week in Florida. So don’t worry about How it’ll happen, if you’re in pain or discomfort, just Declare that You’re Open to Instantaneous Healing. And then, Change the Subject!

After a three-hour power failure from a Big Windstorm, it’s late, so I’ll just include the Cyllarus-Varuna chart, and interpret it tomorrow…

The heavy lines show the single Fully Self-Resolving Challenge and SuperPower, Focusing max Energy on Pan (Chief Deva of Nature) Merged with Moira (Fate and Choice). We can Choose to Reintegrate with Nature, we don’t even need to know How, we just need to Declare the Intention. That step is probably the single most Powerful thing we can do to promote Planetary Ascension. It only takes a few seconds – I Choose to Reintegrate with Nature. Most of Huperity is obviously Accepting it as their Fate, but we don’t need to join them. The Zero-Sum segment of Huperity Fears that they have to Choose between Abundance (aka Using Nature Up, aka Survival, in some notable cases such as Corporate Profits, aka Greed) and Nature, but we’re ahead of that Game, because we know that there are no Contradictions in the Real World, only Paradoxes. Right? Haven’t we Learned that by now? We can Choose More Abundance and Reintegration with Nature. Declaring that Intention will put our Intuition right to Work.

When we PIAVA, it’s always Critical that we keep our Attention on What we Want and How We’ll Feel when we get it. If we spend any time at all thinking about How It’ll Happen, we’ve just Neutered our PIAVA. If we knew How It’ll Happen, we’d have done it a long time ago. We Don’t Know How It Will Happen. We’d probably be ahead to Declare that I Choose To Be Surprised By How I Reintegrate With Nature. This is one reason why it’s so important to Change the Subject after we PIAVA, to keep us out of our Habitual Negative Yes-But Thoughts about Mechanism.

Anger & Guilt, or Action & Prudence

October 29, 2022

That’s what we’re living with through at least 2 am PDT 31 October 2022 (10am BST, 7pm AEST). That’s the night or morning before Halloween (except in Oz), so this year’s Halloween may not be too Tricky, though the Moon remains Out of Bounds till 9:36 pm PDT 31 October (5:36 am BST 1st November, 2:36 pm AEST 1st), so Panic-Induced Backlash could get Tricky, especially in the Southern Hemisphere, where the Moon is Out of Bounds Overhead. Also, we’re scheduled for a rash of Ego Deaths next week, till 4:31 pm PDT 4 November (12:31 am BST 5th, 9:31 am AEST 5th), which could begin Early for any one or more of us.

The Anger or Action is Mars, which could also come across as “just” Anxiety. It’s Stationary (Strong) 6:35 am PDT 30 October (2:35 pm BST, 11:35 pm AEST). In your natal chart, the neighborhood of 26 Degrees will be Lit Up by it, especially in Gemini, Virgo, and Pisces. If you spend a lot of time in your Mind, Sagittarius as well. Lonsdale’s take on 26 Gemini is something like “Losing One’s Self in the Infinite Wonder of Inner Worlds.” Letting yourself Contemplate these Wavellite Crystal Clusters might Settle you Down a bit…

The Guilt or Prudence is Nemesis, Stationary 1:49 am PDT 31 October (9:49 am BST, 6:49 pm AEST), in 19 Pisces, which will also Trigger your natal planets close to 19 Gemini and 19 Sagittarius, and again, if you hang out in your Mind a lot, you could find yourself having Arguments with the planets you have near 19 Virgo. 19 Pisces reads “Always in Touch with Paradise,” or the like. If you’re Exercising your Prudence, don’t Judge folks who aren’t. Most non-Muggles these days are working on their Honesty more than their Obedience. Letting yourself get Lost in this Heliodor Beryl Crystal could reduce any Self-Judgement you could be Experiencing…

The Ego Deaths would be a Station of Cyllarus, 4:11 pm PDT 4 November (12:11 am BST and 9:11 am AEST, both 5 November), in 5 Leo (An Old Soul Who Discovers that the Old Rules No Longer Apply). Your natal planets near 5 Taurus and 5 Scorpio will Stand Out, and maybe those near 5 Aquarius as well. This Cacoxinite-Embedded Amethyst Crystal may help you Surrender Egos that aren’t working as well as you’d like and move on to something Better.

Of course the two Energies could, and probably will, Combine, leaving us with something like Discouragement. This Smiling Pink Calcite Crystal could help with that. Try it with a side of Poor-Sweethearting..

The Anger/Action Energy is likely to be Confusing, but Confusion is the First Step toward Expansion of Consciousness, so that’s good. To get there though we need to Forget the misconception that Confusion is a sign that you need to Figure Something Out, and just Enjoy Confusion as a Valid Emotion on its own. All we need to do is Relax into it, and our Intuition will take care of the rest of the Journey. See if this Hyalite Opal will help you do that…

The Mars Station is Waxing Square to Neptune (Material Confusion and Spiritual Clarity). In the 13 June 2020 Neptune-Mars Initiation chart, Mars and Neptune in 21 Pisces (Bouncing between the Compelling Safety of Karma and a Strong Longing to Let It All Hang Out ) are Merged with Requiem (Respect for Death) and the Focus of a T-Square from Hybris (Arrogance) Opposite (Arguing With) Sun-Asbolus OOB-Karma OOB (Clarity about our Karma). The Waxing Square is when a Cycle gets Serious. If you Look Deep into the Eye of this Long-Traveling Morganite Beryl Fellow, He may have some Wisdom for you about where to take your Ascension Journey next…

The Guilt/Prudence Nemesis Station features a Debate (Opposition) between Healing Codependence (Panacea-Hylonome) and Clarifying Boundaries (Veritas-Pallas). It also Lights up another Iteration of the Waning Square between Saturn and Uranus (Ego and Soul ). This Square is a couple of years old, so it’s not a Biggie by itself, but it does Connect us with the 13 February 1988 Initiation that began this Uranus-Saturn Cycle, began the predecessors of this blog, and began what José Argüelles called the Harmonic Convergence, a major Transition in the Mayan Calendar that led to the 2012 End of Time as We Knew It.

The 1988 Uranus-Saturn Initiation, in 30 Sagittarius (Reweaving the Tapestry of the Relationship between Soul and Ego), was the Focus of a T-Square from the Debate (Opposition) between the Truth of the Heart (Aletheia) and Fate (Moira). It Set the Stage for all of the Work we’ve been doing with our Karma since then. The Truth of the Heart speaks to our Unlimited Potential, not to our Limiting Beliefs and Habits. If we need a Reminder of the Essence of Reweaving this Tapestry, gazing at a Celestite Crystal should to the trick…

The Waning Square of the Saturn-Uranus Ego-Soul Cycle that began 17 February 2021 is the Beginning of the End of the Cycle, the point where we Let Go of what we’ve been doing since 1988, and Descend into the Void between Cycles. It doesn’t help us to look ahead and figure out what the next Cycle will be about, because like Inanna we’ll be a Different Person by then. We don’t have the Bandwidth at this point to interpret the next Cycle, till we Bathe in the Void. Starhawk in Truth or Dare defines seven stages to the Descent…

  • Unraveling and Reweaving: Pattern and Ritual – Purging our undesirable Karma
  • Reclaiming Value from the Judge – Transmutation, from Obedience to our Programming, to Self-Love
  • Risking the Boundaries: Dethroning the Conqueror – Building a Self-Reliant Persona
  • Finding A Voice: Breaking the Censor’s Silence – Speaking our Truth
  • Creating Sustainable Culture: Serving No Masters – Trusting the Guidance from Our Own Heart
  • Evoking Mystery: Restoring Organic Order – Surrendering Control and Embracing Collaboration
  • Toward Community: Structure and Leadership

Since 1988 we’ve been Becoming Ready for 5D, Intending it. Now it’s time to Be 5D.

Enlightenment and Awareness

September 7, 2022

Our Awareness will be Enhanced through Friday 9 September 2022.1 The SuperPower that’s Lit Up is an Ornery-Looking Enlightenment.2 At the end of this post we include a Channeling from Brenda Hoffman that may be too relevant for Comfort.

We usually look in this blog at the sort of Challenges which hinder our Adeptitude3 at our Many Endeavors on all Levels, which astrologers refer to as “T-Squares.” But now we’ll add a more subtle Challenge to the fray, those which hinder our Ability to be Grokked by Other People. Like our Challenges to Adeptitude, our Challenges to Grokability 4 have to do with combining Concepts or Actions in ways that, as Gracie put it, Break All the Rules You Learned in School. And like our Challenges to Adeptitude, our Challenges to Grokability are SuperPowers that are so easily Confused with Disabilities and Personality Deficits – since we’re so seldom Grokked, we lack friendly Mirrors, and Feel Flawed. And like our Challenges to Adeptitude, we’ve probably spent a good part of our Lifetime Effort trying to “correct” our Challenges to Grokability – misguidedly trying to erase a SuperPower!

How does this work? In the current example, there are People among us who do not have the Ability to Discern any Difference between Manifesting, Trusting, Experiencing Ego Death, and Being Consciously Aware. Probably not many, the odds of its recurrence are vanishingly small, but Think Sathya Sai Baba – he Trusted that he could Manifest virtually Anything that he was Consciously Aware of, and he probably Experienced many many Ego Deaths to get to that place – unless he was born under similar “stars.”5 There’s actually nothing really New in this Combination – we can’t Consciously Manifest what we aren’t Aware Of, or if we don’t Trust our own Ability to do so, and Ego Death is probably necessary to Get There. But this sort of Instant Karma is rare, or we’d be fresh out of Unfulfilled Desires – Perish the Thought!

At any rate, it’s this Instant Manifestation that’s the SuperPower afoot here till at least 9pm PDT Friday, which is not to say that you might not Suffer or Enjoy many Ego Deaths to pull it off. Sort of like Micky in the Hall of the Mountain King…

Or something like that, as Gene Gendlin would have us say. Have Fun with it, but don’t get Greedy, and Remember that You Get What You Ask For, and above all Remember that whatever remains of Your Shadow that you haven’t sent away, is right there Asking with you. The real point is that it might not be a bad time to PIAVA that we Lovingly and Gently Increase our Trust in Our Adeptitude at Manifesting What We Need.

Now, if you encountered someone with these Skills, would you be able to Understand Who They Really Are and Empathize with Them? To Grok them? Or would you be too busy asking them for a Boon? Most if not All of us have these “Stelliums” that give us SuperPowers that Other People have no way of Grokking, and when we do, it Inhibits our Communication. For instance, our Culture Recognizes Blue and Red and Purple, but unless you studied Art or Politics, School may never have taught you that you could make any shade of Purple by combining Red and Blue. What if you were unable to Distinguish Red from Blue from Purple? You’d frequently be asking others what they were talking about, and you’d be wondering if your Eyes were wired wrong.

This seems like a trivial example in some ways, but what if you had a Stellium of Mars (Action, Masculine), Venus (Values, Feminine), Neptune (Confusion), and Ka’epaoka’awela (Transmutation), and had little or no hardwired Ability to Distinguish between those four Concepts and their Referents? You’d be in big trouble in Florida or Texas these days, because your Concept Set and its Emotional and Physical Manifestations would contravene the Rigid Boundaries in many people’s view of the World. When they try to fit you into their Worldview they’d have to make you a “Groomer,” or worse. You wouldn’t get much Grokking, especially now that it’s been heavily Politicized – you’d have moved from “Weird” to near “Criminal” in their Conceptual Syntax.

  • As is frequently the case with WordPress, we can’t tell if this is a Bug or a Feature (Features are different in their Home Galaxy than they are in my Home Galaxy), but I no longer seem to have the ability to make lists Purple, or anything but Black. So pretend like these next many lines are Purple – it’ll be good practice for your Imagination. Brenda’s quote follows these Faux-Purple lines.
  • 1 Mercury Stationary 8:37 pm PDT 9 September 2022, which is 4:37 am BST and 1:37 pm AEST, both 10 September, in 9 Libra (Profound Thirst for Experiencing and Appreciating The New), wherein Lives Fixed Star Diadem (Self-Sacrifice Motivated by Love).
  • 2 There is a single T-Square that’s Self-Resolving (a Diamond Star), Focused on minor planet Zhulong (The Chinese Red Dragon of Enlightenment ) in 7 Scorpio (Banished for Dedication to Embracing and Letting Go of All Masks; We Can barely Stand It but We Know It’s Our Path and Wouldn’t Have It Any Other Way).
  • The Base is Chariklo (Self-Confidence) in 5 Aquarius (Surrender to Merging the Chthonic with the Cosmic) and Arachne (Grandmother Spider Who Weaves the Web of Life) in 9 Aquarius (Totally Spaced Out into a Richly Evolving Inner Ascension while Patiently Dealing with Constant Trouble in the “Real” World, on the Path to the Union of Opposites) Opposite Samadhi (Enlightenment ) in 10 Leo (Compelled to Resist any Resistence to Who I Must Be while Knowing It’s My Path), Varuna (The Life Force) in 7 Leo (Ready for Enlightenment ), and Sappho (Self-Love) in 5 Leo (An Old Soul Who Discovers that the Old Rules No Longer Apply).
  • The Finger of the Goddess (Self-Resolution) is Jupiter (Expansion) in 6 Aries (Passion Unconstrained by Social Conventions) and Salacia Out of Bounds (Exaggerated Competition between Our Programming and our True Self ) in 8 Aries (Willingness and Ability to Play-Act Constantly) Sextile Mars (Action) and Moira (Fate and Choice) in 12 Gemini (Great Charisma and the Danger of Ego-Attachment ), which is adjacent to the Royal Star Aldebaran (Integrity).
  • 3 That is, our T-Squares. I know Adeptitude is a made-up word, but it sounds so much better than the official word Adeptness that I can’t resist using it. Think of it as Having or Growing an Aptitude for Being Adept or Skilled. If you run into Webster on the street or happen by Oxford, suggest the word to them, so they can catch up.
  • 4 Sorry, I’m on a roll. We’re referring to what astrologers call a Stellium, or three or more planets close to one another.
  • 5 Sathya Sai Baba didn’t have a natal Stationary Mercury-Makemake-Eurydike-Requiem (respectively, Enhanced Conscious Awareness, Manifestation, Trust, and Respect for Death) Stellium like we have here in Friday’s Mercury Station chart, but he did have meaningful Relationships between those planets. His natal Requiem Opposed his Makemake, his Requiem Septiled (Timing) his Eurydike, and the Angle between his Requiem and his Mercury was between the 15th Harmonic (Pan, the Overlighting Diva of Nature) and the 16th (Renovation). Of course, any Guru of his Stature would have been Conscious of Bringing in any Adeptitudes he wanted from any number of LifeTimes.

Brenda Hoffman’s latest Life-Tapestry-Creations Channeling Illuminates some Observations that seem relevant to our current astroadventure…


“You helped shift the earth and personally transitioned far beyond 3D. Yet, you feel small instead of powerful or commanding.

“You feel you have given up so much of your life – and for what?

“Such is to be expected. A 3D infant does not feel powerful once birthed to 3D earth. Someone needs to feed, bathe, and change them. Even if that infant cries in emotional or physical pain, they do so hoping someone will care for their needs. ThreeD infants have little power other than their dependency.

“As a 3D adult, you also had minimum power without the assistance of others. No matter how creative your art, inventions, activities, or actions were, you depended on others to purchase, observe, or participate. Even though some of you became hermits, you relied on others for necessities such as food, gas, hunting equipment, tools, etc.

“You are now shifting in reverse. You have the power of your life but do not yet understand how to use that power. It is as if you are crying for someone to feed you or change your diaper even though you are qualified to do so yourself.

“You are no longer beholden to anyone or anything. A concept that is freeing but also frightening. For it means you are, in a sense, an isolated being. A concept you have fought against for 3D eons. Even though you no longer need to follow shoulds, you do not know what or who to follow.

“The answer to that last statement is very simple; you are to follow yourself.

“Following yourself does not mean you are stuck without interactions or companionship, but instead that you are more discerning than you were in 3D. For if you feel uncomfortable in a situation, that situation is no longer part of your being.

“That last sentence means activities, people, and places you once held dear are no longer. A concept you have acted upon many times in the past few years, in preparation for now.

“With emotional pain, you shed family and friends who no longer felt comfortable, fully expecting those empty slots to be filled with more compatible beings. Instead, you are once again deep within a shedding process.

“The difference now is you cannot comprehend how you will replace those pieces of your heart that once seemed full. You are tired, empty, and beginning to believe this is your new life. A new life with as many do-not and cannot feelings as was true when you first started shedding friends and relatives years or months ago.

“So it is you are frightened and angry at yourself and the Universes with an inner cry of “Where’s my stuff, where are my people?”

“This shedding process has been and likely continues to be quite painful, because a large part of your 3D worth was based on your human connections and interactions. You now feel as if no one wants to play with you, or stated a bit differently, no one wants to play like you.

“This shedding, this gutting of your 3D being, is more difficult than you anticipated before entering the earth in this lifetime. The first shedding wave that happened years or months ago was relatively easy compared to now. Those you first sent on their way were part of you, but not as deeply ingrained as those you are currently shedding. So you feel as if you have nothing or no one left. As if you are by yourself on a desert island.

“Even if you maintain some relationships, those relationships are not the intense relationships you once had. As if they are beings swimming around your heart, but not necessarily within your heart. You are lonely and alone. And despite this time being a prelude to your new life with new interactions, you are having difficulties believing such is so.

“You are now ready for new interactions, for you have emptied your vessel of those beings and actions that are no longer part of your current life. By doing so, you are slowly discovering new interests that do not require interactions with 3D beings.

“Even though you purchase food and clothing and likely remain in the same or similar physical community, your needs no longer include pretending to accept statements or actions to feel accepted.

“Not playing that 3D exchange game is your discomfort, for you have yet to discover that you can exist on the earth without doing so. That you do not have to pander to or condone to maintain a friendship or action that no longer holds much interest. You are new and fresh, looking for new interactions in which you do not need to trade your inner being needs for companionship or any activity you once held dear.

“You are new, finally allowing yourself to interact between dimensions, frequencies, and the rightness of being within you. You no longer have to wear the right clothes, say the right things, or live in the right environment to be part of a community you are partially comfortable with.

“You are you. And the more you project that independence of being, the more easily you will adapt to new you – and find others of similar interests.

“This shift is not rocket science; it is merely claiming yourself no matter how unlike 3D you it feels. You are no longer of 3D, and neither is the earth. So be it.”

Embracing Fear II

July 6, 2022

It’s Logical that the Grand Dukes of the Patriarchy are Attacking Women at this point in Herstory, because the Growth of Female Power is the greatest Threat to the Patriarchy. From the Male Perspective, Female Power (PIAVA) is Invisible. Science is able to Describe what happens to Matter when Magnetism does its Magic, but it’s Clueless about How and Why Magnetism does what it does. So to the Machiavellian Patriarch, their best Strategy is to Pretend that invisible Female Power doesn’t Exist, and get Women riled up, so their primary Focus is on the 3D World (the Faceplant Strategy). The Patriarchy Understands Power in the 3D World.

There are many reasons for Not Owning our Power. One of the most Prominent is Feeling Powerless in 3D. The US Subprime Political Court just subjugated Women’s Rights to the approximate level of the 17th Century.1 Since in the Civil World they’re the Ultimate Law of the (US) Land, if we regard that Heavy Thumb to have Power over us, we’re Powerless, unless we want to Admit that we’ve just been Raped in the Butt, and everyone mails the resulting full-term Turd to the Subprime Court. Their address is 1-1st St NE, Washington, DC 20543.

You’ll just get it back if you send it COD, so you’ll have to use stamps And gloves – who knows what sort of 13th-Century law they might drag out of the Anglican Archives to make Turd-mailing a capital crime. It probably already violates some postal code or other, so I’m not recommending it, just using it as a What-If Illustration to suggest that we aren’t Totally Powerless. Yes-Men-like Street Theater Feels Fun and feels like we’re making an educational difference, but really, the Muggles have amply demonstrated that they aren’t smart enough to understand the satire, and if they do, they’re too deeply invested in their crimes to Own Up to it.

But, Face Facts. We’re all Souls disguised as Powerless 3D Huper Livestock waiting here till Whomever Left Us Here Returns to Harvest the Biomass, so if we bother to step out of 3D for a minute – it’s good Practice for the Real Thing anyway – it should be instantly Obvious that we have just as much Power as the next Pretender, er, Contender. We’ve just been Programmed to Believe that it’s naughty to Own that Power, because the Patriarchy has Claimed it all. Santa will block us from the Gates of Heaven. I mean, what if a million people PIAVAed that the Subprimes all upchucked their breakfast on “the Bench,” in unison, on Live TV. 13th-Century here we come! We were Invited, weren’t we.

Seriously, I wanted to have a brief look at the Pallas-Sedna (Boundaries around Converting Fear to Power) Cycle that just ended, for comparison to the one that’s just beginning, which we described in the Embracing Fear post. This is Important because the Energy of a New Cycle is Prominent around its Initiation, but then it goes Underground for a while, as those who are Invested in the Old Cycle continue to get away with Milking the Old Energy until the New Cycle has completed about ¼ of its Loop.2 That’ll be 10 July 2023. So I expect that our Fear/Power Boundaries will look more like the Old Cycle for the next year or so.

In the Real Life Multidimensional Tapestry, everything is Woven Together, so attributing such-and-such Activity to this astroevent and so-and-so Action to that astroevent is kind of like taking pinking shears to the whole fabric. We should be able to pretty easily see the parallel between the Subprimes’ Swollen-Headed Big Not-Funny Time-Travel Joke, and Der Führer Herr 🦨Pootin’s Swollen-Headed Big Not-Funny Time-Travel Joke. Hopefully you’re seeing Both as Invitations to Let Go of All that 13th-Century and 17th-Century and 20th-Century Karma, so you can, at least for a few minutes, Identify with the God/Goddess-Power of your 5D Soul instead of Identifying with the Powerlessness of your 3D Stuck-In-Time Karmic Ego.

That was then, this is now. If you see only 13th, 17th, 20th-Century, you’re looking at your Karma in the Kaleidoscope, not Current-Moment Reality. Hold your Karmic Kaleidoscope steady in the same place that it was, and move your head a foot to the side. What do you see now? Your back yard? What Century is it in? Seeing the World through the News Minia is entertaining, but it’s like seeing our Emotions through the Stories we’ve wrapped around them. Go into your back yard and Experience the Sensations in your Body. Where in your Body do you Feel your Gratitude that your back yard isn’t in Eastern Ukraine, your Gratitude that you aren’t Pregnant in Missouri this year? What Sensations do you Experience when you Experience that Gratitude Deeply? Now you’re looking at Reality.

Yes, we have Compassion and Values and may be Committed to working to Improve the Lives of Others who aren’t as Fortunate as we are. That’s Wonderful. We have to Decide whether our Mission is to Connect Others to their Soul Power and their Sensations of Gratitude, or to make them more Comfortable in their Karmic Ego Bodies, in their Christian Licorice wardrobe for their Dramatic Performance. Both are Honorable, we need only Decide which to Choose. Can we do Both? Sure, give it a try. Make up your own Process. There are no Mistakes or Losses. To our Souls it’s all just Celluloid. Your Invention could be the one to Save the Planet. The Mind lives in Either/Or, the Soul in Both/And.

And, can we see how Herr 🦨Pootin’s Big Not-Funny Time-Travel Joke is just another version of Fear/Power Boundaries? Could our Sense of Powerlessness mean that our Ego is Projecting our Real Power onto Others that are playing Power Games in their 3D Drama? Maybe our Projections are a critical but Unconscious part of our Boundaries. A Projection is when someone else Acts Out our own Unconscious Forbidden Desires. We Despise them in proportion to the Strength of our Programmed and Karmic Resistance to our Forbidden Desires. Following this Thread is a Reliable Path to Reclaiming our Forbidden Desires.

We might Summarize the New Boundaries-with-Fear-and-Power Cycle as

Healing our Guilt about not Owning our True Power as Spiritual Entities who Carry the Full Power of Source.3

In The Findhorn Garden: Pioneering a New Vision of Man and Nature in Cooperation, the Artemesia Diva tells the Hupers, You’re Shocked by our Power. To you Power is Dangerous. To us Power Allows us to Serve the Goddess More Fully. Healing our Guilt allows us to Open Up to our True Power.

As we averred, in the first ¼ of a New Cycle, which in this case is about a year, the 3D Energy Mirrors the Old Cycle, as folks Attempt to Milk their Investment in the Old Cycle by amping up the PR and hoping to make everyone Forget the New Cycle Energy. We can Summarize the Old Boundaries-with-Fear-and-Power Cycle as

Healing our Unconscious Limitations by Resolving our Ambivalence about our Power.4

In the Old 3D World, we Survived through Codependent Relationships with Movers and Shakers above us in the Patriarchy Hierarchy, and Yangtegrity – Doing What We Said We Would When We Said We’d Do It. In the New 5D World, we’ll Survive through Total Moment-to-Moment Trust in our Intuition and Guidance, or Yintegrity.5 As you can Imagine, the Transition will be, as Bugs would say, Very In-ter-est-ing.

It will be useful to Remember Poor-Sweethearting. Whenever we want to Change our State of Mind and Emotional State, we can say to ourself, “You Poor Sweetheart, you’re Feeling Bummed, aren’t you.” It’s not a question, but it’s not an exclamation either, it’s just a run-of-the-mill sentence. Substitute anything for the Bummed, and use it as a PIAVA if you like. Grammar is Important – Compare how it Feels in your Body to say “I Am Angry,” with your Sensations when you say “I Feel Anger,” for instance – you’re talking about your Identity in the first case, and your Emotions in the second. But Poor Sweethearting Changes your Identity.

First of all, you’re Stepping Outside yourself, talking to yourself as “You.” That gives you Separation from your Bummer already. Then your Alter Ego, which is now You, is being Compassionate with your Suddenly-Former Self. So you’ve Shifted your Identity from Bummed to Compassion. In the sense that You can’t Solve a Problem using the Same Thinking that Postulated the Problem, you’re now in a position to Manifest what would a few minutes ago have been Miraculous or Impossible.

You do have to be Alert to Avoid slipping back into your “old” You’s Same Thinking, and if you do, Change the Subject after you Poor-Sweetheart yourself. This works best if you Change the Subject anyway. Do something that absorbs your Attention pretty fully, like watching something engaging on YouTube, or watching It’s Cool to Be Weird again. In many cases you’ll just go ahead and do what would have been Impossible, and not even Notice that it wouldn’t have been Possible in your Previous Bummed condition.

  • 1
  • 2 Till the Waxing Square, that is, the equivalent of the First-Quarter Moon. It’s seldom exactly equal to ¼ of the Cycle in Time, because the orbits are often more Oval than Circular.
  • 3 The Initiation of the New Pallas-Sedna Cycle (Fear-Power Boundaries) features a Doubly Self-Resolving T-Square Focused on Nemesis (Guilt ), from the base of <<OOB Sisyphus-Sappho-OOB Chaos-OOB Asbolus-Mercury>> (Persistently Loving our As-Yet-Unrealized Ultimate Potential, as Seen through both Intuition and Analysis) Opposite <<Magdalena-OOB Ixion>> (Rebirthing the True Power of our Uninhibited Actions).
  • We need a post on the Magdalena Discovery Chart. I’m abbreviating Her Energy as Rebirthing because Her T-Square focuses on <<Haumea-Moira-OOB Zhulong>> (Enlightened Rebirth into Free Choice) from the base of OOB Eris (Revelation of what’s been Denied ) Opposite Saturn (The Most Important Thing). Note that Planetary Energies are Multidimensional, so they encompass both ends of the Spectrum that they Represent. So Moira symbolizes Fate and Choice, Eris represent Revelation and Denial, and (in the next paragraph) Sisyphus stands for Unquenchable Hunger and Persistence.
  • The T-Square is Non-Self-Resolving but abetted by a “Tricolor” Configuration, which is a Square-Quincunx-Trine, Balanced because it covers the whole Zodiac, but Magical because it defies 2D Analysis. The Tricolor is <<Magdalena-OOB Ceres-Juno-OOb Hopi-Damocles>> (Growing into Sustainable Respect for All Things through Consciousness of the Downside of Falling Out of 5D) Square <<Sisyphus-Aletheia>> (Persistence Toward Truth of the Heart ) Quincunx <<Haumea-Moira-OOB Zhulong>> Trine <<Magdalena et al >>. In a Tricolor Configuration, we Unlock the Grace of the Trine by Appreciating the Quincunx as a Mystery School, as a Relationship that Blooms on a Higher Vibration than the 2D Mind Understands. So we Enjoy Grace between our Sustainable Respect and our Enlightened Rebirth, by Forgetting Everything We Think We Know about how Persistence Relates to Enlightened Rebirth, and PIAVAing that we come to Appreciate the Higher Relationship by Opening to Awe and Wonder. A Unique quality of PIAVA is that it Opens to Non-Linear Multidimensional Intuition, unlike Linear Dualistic Analysis.
  • 4 The single Hassle in the Ending Pallas-Sedna Cycle (22 March 2018 through 3 July 2022, Initiated in 26 Taurus), was a Naked Square between <<Magdalena-Heracles-Chiron>> (3D-5D Ambivalence or Confusion or Depression) and <<Vesta-Ixion>> (Our Unconscious Limitations and our Suppressed Weird). Heracles was the Enforcer for the Patriarchy. Magdalena is about Enlightened Rebirth into Choice. Chiron implies Despair and Miracles, Despair about our Powerlessness and the Miracles which Occur when we Change Our Perspective.
  • 5 In order to Survive in a Yangtegrity World using Yintegrity, we’ll need to Minimize Our Commitments (aka Slow Down), Renegotiate Whenever Possible, and When Renegotiation Isn’t Possible (such as Sudden Guidance) and The Relationship Is Worth Keeping, Make Amends.

Embracing Fear

July 4, 2022

We drop a lot of threads, because they come so fast and furious at times and I don’t want to get too far behind. Be sure to let me know via Comment if there’s a dropped stitch that you want me to be sure to write about. One of the loose threads I do want to cover, from the Happy Birthday Canada post, is…

  • “We’re also coming up to a Shift in the nature of our Boundaries around Fear and Power, peaking at 11:16 pm PDT 3 July, beginning a New 5-year Cycle. It includes one complex Challenge, but it’s Doubly Self-Resolving.” 1

The Details make it sound like a Loosening of Our Boundaries with Fear, for the sake of Healing, of Bringing Light. The Easiest way to Convert Fear to Power is to Kegel the Fear to Death. The greater the Fear, the more Kegels we want. Kegels show down Time, so what’s Scary moves in slow motion. Like an Aikido-ka, when Time slows enough, we’re able to sidestep the Difficulty and throw it past using its own Momentum. They may not literally do Kegels, but it’s also how, when they’re “in the Zone,” Sluggers hit 100-mph-plus fastballs with a skinny wooden stick.

And don’t forget Tapping. Tapping works as well when you Imagine doing it, as when you Physically Tap. If you have enough Bandwidth, you can literally Kegel and Imagine Tapping while confronting a Tragedy, let alone a Scary Thought. Wouldn’t hurt to Practice Kegeling while Tapping – it’ll prove useful even without Tragedies.

It’s still a useful Practice to Cancel-Neutralize-Upgrade our Scary Thoughts as soon as we Notice them in our Field – Cancel the Thought, Neutralize the Vibrations, and Upgrade the Thinker. Some shorten the name to CNU, if they use it a lot.

Our fourth recommendation, when it’s not an Emergency, is that we practice the more Universal Skill of Locating the Fear in our Bodies and Exploring it as a Sensation, setting aside our Stories about it. Developing this Skill will allow us to Convert just about any Emotion to Power, as it will Connect us Directly to our Intuition. Focusing on the Stories will Connect us Directly to some other Times and Places, where we’ll be able to Practice our Druthers and Indulge our Woulda-Shoulda-Coudas, but those are much less likely to Enlighten the current situation, and will probably Deepen our Karma.

Our primary Opponent will be Fear of Reprisal, or Guilt. If that Arises, it’s doubly Important to Work with it as a Sensation, though of course Kegels and Tapping are fine helpmates to get us Grounded again. Even if Guilt doesn’t arise, Sensation Work is recommended, because our Emotions are likely to be Unconscious Guilt in Disguise. The next five years will be a Terrible time to get lost in our Stories, because they’re likely to be Convoluted and involve many Dark snagged threads from many Lifetimes.3

The Final Outcome of this Cycle, though, will be Sublime, as the Challenge is Doubly Self-Resolving.4 That means our best course is to Endure what we Encounter, rather than trying to “Fix” it, because our “Fix” may screw up the Synergy in the reweaving. Often we Bring the Greatest Light to a Drama by Accepting it Exactly As It Is, with Compassion, without Judgment, and without Attachment.

  • 1 Dwarf planet Sedna (Converting Fear to Power) Initiates asteroid Pallas (Boundaries) in 30 Taurus (Guided to Explore the Underwhere). Sounds like a Loosening of our Boundaries with Fear.
  • 2 Which is 4 July in most of the World, 7:16 am BST in London, and 4:15 pm AEST in Brisbane.
  • 3 Asteroid Nemesis in 29 Pisces (Obsessive Dedication to Sacred Tradition) sits at the Focus of the single T-Square, and the Opposition at its base stretches from
    • Dwarf planet Ixion Out of Bounds (Exaggerated Need to Express our True Unmasked Self ) in 2 Capricorn (A Rupture in the Structure) Merged with asteroid Magdalena (Healing through Wonder) in 28 Sagittarius (Victory of the Light Despite Great Distraction),
  • to the Stellium of…
    • Chaos Out of Bounds (Unlimited Potential Amplified ) in 30 Gemini (The Hollowness of Being Outer-Directed ), home of the Great Star Betelgeuse (Achievement ),
    • Sisyphus Out of Bounds (Impossible Task Iterated Forever) in 2 Cancer (Doomed to Reject Ego while Retaining Enough Humility to Teach Everyone Else How),
    • Asbolus Out of Bounds (Consumate Intuition) in 28 Gemini (Union with Evolving Energies),
    • Sappho (Self-Love) in 3 Cancer (Prince or Princess of Darkness, Bringing Light ),
    • Mercury (Mind, Communication) in 29 Gemini (Embrace of the Underwhere to Bring Light).
  • Struggling through the Darkest Darkness, Bringing Light.
  • 4 The Grand Trine links to asteroid Pandora (Hope) Out of Bounds (Exaggerated ) at 29 Scorpio (Pulled into Suffering by the Attachments We Came to Heal), and Cyllarus (Death ) Out of Bounds (Glorified ) at 1 Leo (Choosing to cast off Karma).

Loving Ourselves Too

June 25, 2022

Welcome to the 18th Century. That’ll Trigger our Self-Love, won’t it, as a substitute for our perceived Powerlessness, Felt as Anger. I can’t find the quote, or remember who said it, but it went something like “Don’t try to Fix the Patriarchy, Just Replace it.” Sorta like this…

As we averred in the last post, the Edges of Self-Love Energy that dominates the Plot through 28 June 2022 is composed of four Energies that we’ll Experience as One Energy, simply because they’re simultaneous. If we’re Conscious about each of them, we may be able to Separate them. If we aren’t, we’re just likely to be Confused. For instance, we might logically wonder if Self-Love only applies to Power-Drunk White Male Sexual Predators and their Moll. The four Energies are…

  • Focusing on our Thoughts About Our Feelings, often accompanied by Panic.1
  • Self-Love and its Obverse Self-Doubt, in Extreme Circumstances, as distinct from Narcissism and Masochism, Initiating a New 4-year Cycle.2
  • Massive Cultural Confusion, abetted by Escapism, and Escaped through Seeking Inner Direction.3
  • Another New Cycle, this one lasting only a month, about Self-Sovereignty, Enlightenment, and the Complex World of Desire.4

These Energies feature Challenges, but the Challenges are Self-Resolving,5 meaning we’re better off Letting them Be, because our 2D and 3D interventions could skew up their Multidimensional and Unitary Self-Resolutions. In the New Self-Love in the Reaches Energy,6 and in the next four years or so of the New Cycle it Initiates, there are two Major Challenges. Fortunately, both are Doubly Self-Resolving.7 Plus an additional detail…

We have a number of sources of Confusion here. There’s the Massive Cultural Confusion we mentioned as the third of the four Energies above. There’s the even-greater Confusion likely to be Triggered by having four different Energies happening at once.8 And the Self-Love in the Reaches Energy carries its own source of Confusion, generated by Prominence of the Feeling that the Task is Not Achievable.9 Our Unlimited Potential is so far beyond our usual Self-Expectations, that we feel like we’re Fantasizing when we start to Imagine it. Let yourself drop into your most All-Absorbing Fantasy about yourself and your World, where you’re Loved the way you Want to be Loved, you Feel Good about yourself, you Feel Self-Confident, you Do what you’re Very Good at and what you Love Doing – fill in the rest of the “blanks.”

When you come to, give your Fantasy a number, where Ten is the Best of All Worlds and Where You Are Now, and Zero is Completely Impossible. Then Relax your Yes-Buts a bit, and let your Fantasy score drift up a few points. From a 3 to a 5 maybe, or a 6 to an 8. Does that Excite you, or Terrify you, or just make you Laugh?

Even if the Challenges are Doubly Self-Resolving, Resolution is where they’re likely to End Up. Doesn’t mean they’ll be super Comfortable or Exciting in the interim. One of them is about our Rebirth. Do we Focus on the Death more than the Rebirth? Do we Respect the Death as an Integral part of the Rebirth, or do we Rue it? Do we worry about Our Addictions and how they Limit us? Like our Addiction to Food and Comfort and the Fear that we may not be able to Afford Food and Shelter if we really Follow our Dreams? 10

The other Challenge is about Building a New Culture Guided by the Feminine, Without Guilt, Without Psychopathic Male Dominance, and Without Civilization-Destroying Technology. 11

  • 1 Moon Out of Bounds starting 11:31 am PDT 26 June, in 10 Gemini (Through the Dark Side to Wholeness – how appropriate), adjacent to the Royal Star Aldebaran (Integrity) in 11 Gemini (Maintaining Clarity in Darkness). That’s 7:31 pm BST 26 June In England and 4:31 am AEST 27 June in Eastern Australia. Until 6:39 am PDT 1 July in 7 Leo (Ready for Enlightenment ), which is 12:31 pm BST in England and 11:39 pm AEST in Eastern Australia.
  • 2 Dwarf planet Chaos (Unlimited Potential ), which is Out of Bounds (Amplified ) Initiates asteroid Sappho (Self-Love) 10:42 am PDT 27 June, in 30 Gemini (The hollowness of being Outer-Directed ), on the Great Star Betelgeuse (Achievement ), starting a New 4-year Cycle about Extending our Self-Love into the Areas of our True Self which have been Forbidden to us by our Programming – see note 1 of the previous post for more details, along with the rest of this post. England 6:42 pm BST 27 June, Eastern Australia 3:42 am AEST 28 June.
  • 3 Neptune (Our Relationship with Everything Larger than our Ego) Stationary (Exaggerated) 12:54 am PDT 28 June, in 26 Pisces (Letting Go of Limitation), Merged with (Conjunct) asteroids Nemesis (Guilt ) and Herakles (Enforcer for the Patriarchy). We can see the Massive Cultural Confusion operating in the Power-Drunk White Male Sexual Predators and their Molls, who sincerely Believe they’re doing the rest of us a Favor by acting on behalf of Hercules (Herakles) to Rectify Wrongdoing (Nemesis) without realizing in their Confusion that it will accelerate their downfall. England 8:54 am BST, Eastern Australia 5:54 pm AEST, both 28 June. We’ll cover the Neptune Station Challenges in a subsequent post.
  • 4 New Moon (Change of Dominant Energy) 7:52 pm PDT 28 June, in 8 Cancer (Obsession with the Mysterious), home of Fixed Star Mirzam (An Embodied Message), focusing on Self-Sovereignty and Self-Abandonment (Conjunct Lilith). England 3:52 am BST 29 June, Eastern Australia 12:52 pm AEST 29 June. We’ll cover the New Moon Challenges in a later post.
  • 5 The Challenges are T-Squares. A Self-Resolving T-Square is a Diamond Star – the focus of a T-Square pointing to the same planet as a Finger of the Goddess.
  • 6 I.e., the second Energy of the four above. As Ursula Le Guin liked to frequently remind us in The Wizard of Earthsea series, Rules Change in the Reaches.
  • 7 A Doubly Self-Resolving Challenge not only adds a Finger of the Goddess to the T-Square, but also a Grand Trine, meaning Dumb-Luck Blessings. Grand Trines are so Advantageous that they’re easily mistaken for Skill on our part, leading to Arrogance.
  • 8 Multidimensional Reality is Unitary, so there is actually no Separation – all the Distinctions are Arbitrary. It’s the Mind that Divides everything up into Dimensions and Dualities and Different Energies. It’s the astrology that’s Dividing our Experience of This Moment up into four Different Energies, and astrology’s Divisions may not be the same as ours. So astrology may make our Experience of Reality less Confusing or more Confusing, depending on whether we’re using symbols that match the way we usually Divide Reality, bearing in mind that our Divisions of Reality represent the Cage that keeps us from Ascending. Confusion is the first stage of Growth, because it means that our Limiting Beliefs have Cracked Open.
  • The astrological divisions I use are based loosely on Western Traditions and Science and Literature. For instance, if we had to choose single words to Identify the potential downside of each of the astrological Energies based on common Psychology, they’d probably be Panic, Terror, Confusion, and Redirection. The upside memes, based on our presumed similar Enlightenment Goals, might be Elaboration, Glory, Samadhi, and Ascension.
  • 9 The Chaos-Sappho Initiation is Merged With (Conjunct) dwarf planets Asbolus (Clear Intuition) and Sisyphus (Driven by Unquenchable Thirst for the Unattainable). Chaos, Asbolus, and Sisyphus are all Out of Bounds (Exaggerated ).
  • 10 In the chart of the Chaos-Sappho Conjunction and the Initiation of the New Chaos-Sappho Cycle, Haumea (Rebirth) in 28 Libra (Integration of Extremes) is T-Squared by the Opposition between dwarf planet Cyllarus Out of Bounds (Respect for Death) in 1 Leo (Choosing to cast off Karma) and Pluto (Compulsion) in 29 Capricorn (Surpassing Negative Bias).
  • 11 Chaos-Sappho-Sisyphus-Asbolus, (Acute Awareness of the Ongoing Challenge of Loving Oneself beyond the Edges) Opposes Ixion-Klotho-Atlantis-Magdalena (Mother Mary Opening a New Civilization beyond the Limits of the Old Ones) in 29 Sagittarius to 2 Capricorn (Dancing between Surrender and Tradition), T-Squared by Stationary Neptune (Material Confusion and Spiritual Clarity), Nemesis (Guilt ), and Herakles (Enforcer of the Patriarchy) in 26-27 Pisces (Union with the Basic Design of Life, Without the Thumb of the Patriarch on our back ).

Loving Ourselves

June 22, 2022

Four different Energies coming up over the next six days, till at least 2:52 am PDT 29 January 2022, any one of which could be a Bother for us, as Pooh would put it. That’s 10:52 am BST in London, and 7:52 pm AEST in Sydney. The upside is that all of the astrological Challenges are Self-Resolving, many Doubly so. That means we can Expect the final result to be Great, even if there may be iffy moments along the way. It also means we’ll be far better off if we Chuckle and Wink at the iffy moments, rather than Freaking Out about them. Some of the Native American tribes Believe in Elvish Folk called “Puk-Wudgies” who like to play mischievous tricks on Hupers, like spilling their paint bucket when they aren’t looking, just because they think it’s hilarious the way Hupers Lose the Plot when Irritated. You may have seen some of their YouTube channels.

It was last week when we were dealing Intensely with Intrusive Memories, but the Stories that come up for us when our paint bucket spills, can be like that. A good essay was published yesterday on this…


You might recognize this as Focusing on our Thoughts About Our Feelings.

The Major Theme over the next six days is Self-Love, and it’s a Doozy.1 When Self-Doubt comes up for you, use that as the Cue that tells you “Oh, this isn’t about Me, this is just the astrology!” Of course it’ll be your own Karmic Self-Doubt (or Narcissistic Certainty) that’s Triggered, and you definitely want to use it to Notice your Karmic Patterns – what Triggers your Self-Doubt or Narcissistic Certainty, what Stories you Habitually use to try to Justify it, where you Feel it in your Body, what does that Sensation feel like when you strip away the Stories – but you don’t need to Personalize it. You Are Not Your Karma. You are a Miraculous Soul who’s Brash enough to Toy with this Ridiculous but Fascinating Experiment where Spirit Inhabits Matter, as Flesh.2

The Major Downside of the Experiment is the Amnesia – Flesh has a very difficult time Remembering that it’s really Spirit. All those Captivating Stories and Dramas snag and hold Flesh’s Attention so tightly that it Forgets all about its Passenger. If Flesh was an airline, no one would fly on it twice, because the staff is so absent-minded, totally Ignoring the customers! As a Soul, you studied up on a whole catalog of Stories, hoping to find one that’s just fishy enough that you’d notice the Puk-Wudgie ruse and finally understand how Karma snags our Attention and Collaborates with the Amnesia instead of Cuing our Ascension. Once we get the Cosmic Joke and realize it’s “on us,” we can Ascend in a Flash.

The other three Energies, that Carry and Extend the Self-Love Issues? First there’s Moon Out of Bounds again, to the North this time (Possible Panic from Abandoning one’s Emotions for the Stories), starting 11:31 am PDT 26 June in 10 Gemini (Through the Dark Side to Wholeness), and lasting till 6:39 am PDT 1 July in 7 Leo (Ready for Enlightenment ).

Second there’s the Exaggeration of the Cultural Realm,3 till 12:54 am PDT 28 June, in 26 Pisces (Letting Go of Limitation) and which may well Trigger our Guilt about Not Fitting in to the Patriarchy. Obviously we should be Honoring ourself greatly for this, but we may feel quite otherwise. Be Gentle with your Real Emotions, and if you feel this as a Failure, Tap It Out, repeatedly if necessary, and Substitute a more Self-Loving Attitude toward yourself.

Third, There’s a New Moon (New Beginnings) at 7:52 pm PDT 28 June, whiich brings Self-Sovereignty into the Drama.4

  • 1 Dwarf planet Chaos (Unlimited Potential ) Initiates asteroid Sappho (Self-Love), 10:42 am PDT 27 June 2022, in 30 Gemini (The Hollowness of Being Outer-Directed ), home of the Great Star Betelgeuse (Achievement ). That’s 6:42 pm BST 27 June in Salisbury and 3:42 am AEST 28 June in Gold Coast. Chaos symbolizes not Disorder but the Potential that Anything could Happen, though our natural Insecurity as Hupers often Reacts to both the same way. Try to Imagine Living in a Reality without Cause and Effect – we’d have no idea what might happen next. It would be both Terrifying and Exhilarating. It’s like crossing an Elephant with a Rhinoceros – what do we get? ‘EllifIKnow.
  • But that’s where we were earlier this week, in Manifestation. If we knew how to Create What We Want in 3D, we’d have Created it long ago. In order to really Manifest What We Want but haven’t Yet, we need to PIAVA and then Change the Subject. From the Perspective of Not Having Created It Yet, Manifesting is Beyond Cause and Effect, because we couldn’t have Imagined Creating it That Way. Does that put a new Cause in our Quiver, or does it Liberate us from that 3D Cause-and-Effect Prison? If we’ve been Creating Magnetically () all our Life, rather than Dynamically (), it would be routine.
  • It’s the same with Poor-Sweethearting. When we Change our Identity, Everything Else Changes with it. Psychology focuses on Defining Normal – the Thought Police. It’s useful socially, but if Multiple Personalities was more common, and recognized for the incredible Skill that it is, and if we could switch on Purpose, Psychology would use Multiple Personalities to Explore how Identity works, rather than locking up its Practitioners. As Hal and Sidra Stone, and many others, demonstrated, we all have Subpersonalities that we can employ to our Advantage.
  • Sappho-Chaos is a 3-4-year Cycle. The prior Cycle began 10 October 2018 in 26 Gemini (Losing One’s Outer Self in the Infinite Wonder of Inner Worlds – read Ellias’s full Channeling on pp.120-121; sounds a whole lot like the last several years!). This New Cycle lasts until 9 April 2026. There are two fascinating Doubly Self-Resolving Challenges, which we’ll Break Out in a separate post.
  • 2 Of course, it’s only Huper Hubris that disregards the fact that every other Entity in the Universe, Animate or Inanimate, is Conscious, and most of them aren’t Hung Up on being Locked in 3D.
  • 3 Station of Neptune 12:54 am PDT 28 June, in 26 Pisces (Letting Go of Limitation). There are two Self-Resolving Challenges, including Neptune Conjunct Nemesis (Guilt ) and Herakles (Enforcer for the Patriarchy) at the Focus of one of the Challenges (T-Squares). Details to follow.
  • 4 New Moon Conjunct Lilith (Self-Sovereignty) with Moon Out of Bounds, 7:52 pm PDT 28 June, in 8 Cancer (Obsession with the Mysterious), home of Fixed Planet Mirzam (An Embodied Message). There are two Challenges, both Self-Resolving and one Doubly so. Details to follow in separate post.