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Self-Judgment and Self-Love II

January 15, 2019

Of course the “good news” of a Nemesis Station Square Nessus-OR10 (Ego Death from Embracing or Poor-Sweethearting our Intrusive Abuse Memories), is that it’s an Opportunity to Clear the very Held Emotions that constitute our Unconscious Resistance to migrating into 5D, aka What We Want.  It’s not as complicated as it sounds.  Originally, we set Boundaries against Memories that would Trigger Emotions that would Overwhelm us.

As we got good at this through Repetition, we pushed the Memories and their Emotions out of our Awareness and into Karma.  We made them Unconscious, which means they’re part of Not-Me.  In Real Life we’re Infinite Light Beings Fantasizing a Material Vehicle, and from this Light-Being Perspective nothing is Not-Me.  But when we Identify with our Fantasy Material (/Emotional/Intellectual) Vehicle, then from that Perspective our Not-Me can get Overwhelmingly large, large enough to Take Control of our Vehicle behind its back, without telling us, so to speak – Out of Our Awareness.

This is the Origin of all the Good-Versus-Evil stories you’ve been taught since Birth; “Good” is your Fantasy-Vehicle Identity, and “Bad” is the Not-Me which is the rest of your Light Being, which you don’t recognize as “Me.”  Hence the Classic Warfare Model of HisStory.  His many Stories become Religions or other Group-Thinks like Make-Rome-Great-Again aka Bring-Back-the-Slaves, which the pathologically clever among us exploit for their own Gain.

Moving into Identifying with our Light Body is not a process of Struggle, but a process of Surrender or Allowing or Vulnerability – HerStory.  The Lady Warrior Archetype misses the point, but it’s an intermediate step that might help with our Liberation, if we don’t get Stuck in it.

As we attempt to return our Identity to our Infinite Light Beingness, we find that our Fantasy-Vehicle Identity has to Break Out of a series of Shells, each one Opening us to a “new” (Revealed – Eris) segment of our Not-Me, which Manifests as an Introduction to a Held Emotion (South Node or Karma).  With each Broken Shell our Me Grows toward our 5D Light Being, and our Me Grows in Power – in the sense that we now have greater Healthy Control over our Life Circumstances.

Not the Power-Over which dominates HisStory, but the Power-With that works through Collaboration with the Unseen.  The more we can Delegate Power to the Unseen Energies that actually Carry it, the Easier our Life becomes.  Except of course for the potentially unpleasant “Ego Deaths,” or Molts, or Rebirths, or Embracing/Poor-Sweethearting of our Held Emotions, that occur when one of those Shells Break, because we Experienced those Shells as Security to our Fantasy Vehicle.  Like when Nemesis Acts Out, such as Now through 17 January.

Not to Lament, as Sappho (Self-Love) is also Stationary here, through 20 January.  Unconditional Self-Love is so Central to our Light-Being Self that we’re hardly Aware of it.  While Nemesis can suck out the Air that our Fantasy Vehicle likes to Breathe, nothing can suck out the Light that our Light-Being Self Breathes, though the Illusions of our Fantasy Vehicle like to blind us to that in its misguided attempts to Protect the next Shell.

When we can Experience the Breaking of a Shell as Liberation of a more Power-With-ful Me instead of the demise of a more Limited Power-Over-ful Me, our Growth into Full Collaboration with the Universe has Arrived.  Contrary to the usual Metaphor, there are no Destinations here; there are only More Shells to Break.  5D is not an event, it’s a process, and it’s the process of Enjoying Ego Death.

So let’s have a look at this Opportunity to Experience some serious Ego Deaths in the context of serious Self-Love…

For instance, there’s Marilyn Raffaele’s Channeling for 13 January…

(If you don’t find the 13 January 2019 message there, check

“We are the Arcturian Group, a collective of ascended Arcturian beings from the eighth dimension here to assist Gaia and her people during these times of ascending consciousness.

“Know that these messages as well as others that may resonate with you are in reality your own state of consciousness manifesting as the particular message.  If this were not true, you would not be drawn to or be able to understand them.

“You, who are spiritually prepared to expand beyond the illusion and integrate truth are the forefront of the ascension process.  You chose to be on earth during these times of intense energetic chaos and change in order to complete your own third dimensional spiritual journey and become the first wave of ascension and example for those following.

“You are preparing the way for those of the second wave–individuals spiritually ready to awaken but who until now have resisted doing so.  Know that the Light of so many now awakening out of three dimensional sleep state, is shifting and dissolving the old paradigm, even when things appear to be getting worse.  Try not to give up hope but rather stand back as an observer for you are soon going to see much that will restore the hope you may have lost.

“You serve as living breathing examples of unconditional love for those around you when you realize and begin to live out from a consciousness that knows unconditional love is the only reality and that anything else simply represents conditioned beliefs about love.”

“Unconditional love can only ever be all there is because there is only ONE–one substance, one life, one reality, one law.  Love is the energetic glue connecting everything within this Infinite ONE and those who [naively] continue to believe in and live out from a consciousness of separation and duality create for themselves the illusory forms of these beliefs.

“You can ignore, but never change the reality of Oneness by judging from outer appearances as proof of its nonexistence.  Continuing to hold to the third dimensional belief system after outgrowing it only delays a person’s spiritual evolution because Oneness is the foundation of all reality and must be acknowledged at some point.  For some it may be in a future life, for you it is now.

“There are some who present a very religious face to the public, preaching ideas of love, but who do not practice them when confronted with experiences or opportunities that may result in personal inconvenience or lifestyle discomfort.  Unconditional love cannot continue being flowery words spoken or written, but must become an attained state of consciousness.

“Because Love/oneness is the only reality, all false concepts about love must be allowed to fade away and be replaced by a deeper realization of what love really is.  The third dimensional belief system has created and promoted hundreds of concepts of love, the grandest of them being romantic love.

“Romantic love is based in the belief that everyone is half of a couple.  This concept would be true if humans were simply physical, but they are not and never have been.  Although appearing to be just physical, the reality is that everyone is a whole and complete expression of Divine consciousness having the experience of being in physical form.

“Many, even the very evolved are reluctant to move past their favorite three dimensional concepts of love but as long as an individual continues to seek wholeness, happiness, and fulfillment from another, they remain just that– half of a couple.”

“Let go of concepts proclaiming that things need, should, or must be a certain way in order to be correct.  Most of the world’s ‘shoulds and shouldn’ts’ have been carried in collective consciousness from earlier times when they may have actually made sense for personal safety.  Others are nothing more than rules and regulations given by third dimensional thinkers, governments, and religious leaders often to promote their own agendas.

“You are ready to come out from under the bondage of three dimensional thinking because you have evolved beyond the need for someone to tell you what is right and what is wrong–you already know what is right and wrong.

“Allow yourselves to be who and what you are.  If family or friends think you have become a ‘weirdo’, simply laugh, bless them, and move on.  Does God need outer validation?  Where could it come from since IT is all there is?  …

“For some it takes a great deal of courage to live truth when it begins to unfold from within.  A person may be afraid to speak of these things to those of his old mindset be they family, friends, or church elders.  Living truth is not for the faint hearted especially in the beginning, but continuing to align with some organization or individual out of fear of criticism serves only to keep the person in energy he has outgrown and where he will continue to create experiences reflective of that energy.

“The choice is yours, dear ones.  Do you choose to be what you already are or do you wish to continue with the illusion of being a poor human constantly suffering third dimensional problems and continually seeking a savior, human or Divine, to save you?.

“Stop waiting for someone or something to change the world for you.  Only the awakened consciousness of the collective can and is shifting the three dimensional world out of illusion.

“Allow the real YOU to create your experiences.  You are your own Light should you choose to accept this fact.

“You are Divine Consciousness in expression.  Claim it.”

Or Dan Scranton’s Channeling for 14 January…

“We are more than satisfied with the progress of humanity, and furthermore, we are certain that your progress will continue to impress us.  Now, we know that it is easy to find the faults with where you are as a collective and to focus on them because they are right there in your face, very loud and somewhat destructive.

“So your approach now to helping humanity as the lightworkers you are has to be aimed at changing the way you perceive those noisy, low frequency aspects of the human collective.  We invite you to see that humanity is getting all of this out of its system in preparation for the shift in consciousness.  There are very old disputes that you have on planet Earth, and they actually extend back even further than when human life on Earth began.

“You are there settling very old scores, and you have needed to try the old way of going about it for quite some time.  Again, you need to realize what works by first realizing what does not work.  Seeking to defeat the so-called enemy, no matter how bad they appear to be, will never work for humanity, and there’s a reason for that.  The reason is that you are there to bring together all aspects of you so that you can become your higher selves.

“You cannot bring together all of the parts if any of the parts are eliminated or destroyed.  Again, we invite you to see the attempts to destroy one group of humans by another as the last gasp, the last ditch effort for certain aspects of humanity to cling to the third dimensional ways.

“If you are receiving this transmission, you are not among those who wish to do this.  And so again, we urge you all to be the peace, and the sanity, be the calm at the center of the storm.  And in so doing, you will integrate yourselves, your human collective, and this beautiful galaxy of ours.”

Self-Judgment and Self-Love

January 13, 2019

Well, my apologies.  I finally see why many folks are checking the blog’s home page – when I was cataloging the “first half of 2019” ( I just plain missed a couple of Stations.  I thought we were getting a short break between the 12 January Lachesis Station and the 20 January Full Moon Eclipse, but no such luck!

We have to add…

Self-Judgment and Self-Love, 11-20 January

  • Nemesis (Guilt, Ego Death) Station, 6 Gemini, 17 January (2:30 pm PST)
  • Sappho (Self-Love) Station, 12 Gemini, 20 January (9:30 pm PST)

I’ll amend that earlier post.

In other words, asteroid Nemesis – Ego Death – is Stationary as we speak.  There’s at least one positive about it – it could mean that US federal employees will start getting paid again by 18-20 January, but we’ll get to that.  The other big positive may not Feel so good, but it’s a big Opportunity.  The Nemesis Station Squares (Challenges) our old “friends” OR10 and Nessus, respectively Intrusive Memories and Abuse and Privilege.  Two things to Remember…

  1. A Square seems to be about Repeated and Possibly Infinite Torture, while in fact a Square is about Complete Mastery of a Subject.  We – our Current-Moment Ego – didn’t sign up for Repeated and Possibly Infinite Torture, but actually it’s the quickest and most effective path to Complete Mastery.  Because Master can imply Slave, we’ve abandoned Mastery as a description of the Impact of a Square, however, and substituted AdeptnessA Square is the quickest and most effective path to Becoming Completely Adept at something.
  2. Karma is Dead.  When we Re-Experience a Trauma, our natural Reaction is to Push it Away.  But unfortunately that doesn’t work.  The only way to prevent it from returning Again (and Again and Again) is to Move Into it.  Recovery from Trauma was a major theme in the 1980s when Pluto was in Scorpio (fittingly), and the Anthem we used then was The Way Out Is Through.

Now that isn’t always True.  Once Pluto entered Sagittarius, The Way Out Was Letting Go.  Now Pluto is in Capricorn, so now The Way Out Is to Just Fix It.  So how to do that?  Well, one way is to toggle between Moving Into It and Letting It Go

We apologize for using a song sung by a Barbie-Doll mimic, because that’s just another thing that we need to Let Go of.  No wonder Lasseter’s in trouble with #MeToo…

We’ve all Suffered Abuse in some form; if you aren’t Aware of how you’ve been Abused, Ask for Awareness.  This is an Opportunity to increase your Healthy Control over your own Life.

The Key is that Karma is just Habit, and Habit is Built and Replaced by Repetition.  Every time you Re-Experience Trauma as its Victim you add cement.  But Every time you Let It Go as an Adept, you chip away the mortar.  That’s As An Adept.  That means you first have to dip your toe into it.  You can no longer Run Away from it.  It’s subtle and tricky, to Touch your old Trauma without getting sucked in and drowning in it.  If you have a friend, or a mnemonic, to remind you that it’s no longer Present Moment, that’ll help.

In the 1980s we used “What Color is the Wallpaper?” as our mnemonic, because the walls of the room we’re in now are probably a different color than the walls of the room where our Trauma occurred.  But that may suck you in too deep, if you even remember.  You need to keep at least one hand on the railing so you can pull yourself back out into Now.  Maybe a big


sign?  Or a placard or poster that says something like

Karma is Dead!
(As long as I continue to Let My Bummers Go and Let My Hurting Self into my Own Heart Unconditionally!)”

Let your Inner Artist work on that one.

Poor-Sweethearting yourself can be Powerful too (

Don’t neglect Tapping.  Gary Craig had great success leading Vietnam PTSD Victims through Re-Experiencing the Edges of their Trauma and Tapping with them.  This is heavy…

In order to Move Through and Let Go of Deep Trauma you may need an EFT professional who’s familiar with PTSD.  A workable approach might be to locate one near you (or within telephone distance), connect with them, tell them you want to try EFT on your Trauma first by yourself, and ask them if they’re willing to take your call if you get in over your head.  They may have useful information for you.  The basic EFT technique I use is this one…

Finally, if it’s Painful between now and 17 January, Recognize that the 20 January Sappho Station that follows, which is all about Self-Love, occurs within a few minutes of the Total Lunar Eclipse, which will make Self-Love very Powerful and more Long-Lasting.

The major Configuration of the Nemesis Station chart…

…is a Square Fez – the Moroccan hat with red sides and blue top and bottom.  The red sides (Squares) are…

  • Nemesis Square OR10-Nessus (Abuse/Privilege).  This is a Challenge – consider it an Invitation – to Let Go of our Beliefs that Abuse and Privilege follow us around like a Lost Puppy.

In the Unconscious, Opposites are Equal.  So one way to Approach our Beliefs that we attract or deserve or allowed Abuse (if we don’t bring these Beliefs into Consciousness they’ll Control our Life), is to Examine the ways we are Privileged.  Privilege is actually useful – as long as it doesn’t leave someone else without Privilege.  If you have a friend who likes to buy you lunch, Enjoy it!  And pay it forward, pass it around.  Save half to give to the homeless person on the corner.

But we want to Strive for Balance.  We want to Grant as much Privilege as we Receive.  And we want to Give as little Abuse as possible, and Receive even less.  Having Received Abuse it’s inevitable that we will Give it, Unconsciously if not Consciously.  Stay Safe, but try to steer it toward Abusers…

The Keys to any Fez are the green Diagonals (called “Quincunxes” because they connect planets that are five [Quin] Signs [Unx = 1/12] apart).  They’re part of two interlocking Major Tricolors or red-green-blue triangles, indicating Challenge/red, Question/green, Blessing/blue; the green Question Liberates the blue Blessing to resolve the red Challenge.  By Question we mean Curiosity, of the kind that eschews “Figuring It Out.”

Aka PIAVA – Praying, Intending, Asking, Visualizing or Pre-Feeling, Affirming, Commanding, Expanding, or any other Magnetic approach to Creating; see  We don’t want Answers, we want to Express our Curiosity about How the Result we Want will Manifest – then we want to Let It Be so the Universe can Surprise us.  Resist the Desire to know ahead of time; if you don’t get Surprised, you aren’t Growing.  If we already knew the Answer, we’d have already Manifested it.

The two Major Tricolors are…

  • Nemesis Square OR10/Nessus (the Challenge to gently assist the Molt of our Abused Ego),
    • OR10/Nessus Quincunx Makemake (“I Wonder what that’ll look like when it Manifests!“),
    • Makemake Trine Nemesis (Ego Death is the Open Door to Creating).
  • Makemake Square Hopi/Quaoar (the Challenge to Recognize and Relax our Judgments in order to Allow What We Want to Manifest),
    • Hopi/Quaoar Quincunx to Nemesis (“Ganeshi, Please Remove All Obstacles to Letting Go of my Attachments to my Judgments“),
    • Nemesis Trine Makemake (I’ll be better able to Manifest What I Want once I Let Go of my Inner Blocks to Receiving it).

Many thanks to MSMonotone,, for the art!

Heiros Gamos

January 11, 2019

A reader writes…

“I have Jupiter square my nodes, as well as a T-square that has Venus/Mars at the apex, Squared on the other sides by Uranus and Chiron…”

Since any Square to one’s Nodes is automatically a T-Square, that makes two T-Squares.  But the Kicker here is Venus Conjunct Mars.  Conjunction means Merger – Venus Merged with Mars.  The Goal of Jungian Psychology is the Heiros Gamos – the Marriage of the Inner Female and the Inner Male.  Everybody has an Inner Female and an Inner Male.  Your Inner Female is your Knower/Feeler and your Inner Male is your Doer.  If your Inner Couple isn’t Serving Each Other in Union, your Doing won’t serve your Goals, and your Goals will be Unsatisfied.

Most people work on this for Lifetimes, without even Knowing what they’re working on.  But, if you have natal Venus Conjunct natal Mars, you came into the Lifetime already Embracing Heiros Gamos!  That’s one of the Greatest Gifts your Soul can grant in a Lifetime.  But guess what.  We get to Junior High or Middle School, and everybody’s Pairing Up because without a Heiros Gamos they don’t feel Complete, and we don’t Understand what the Big Deal is.  Why don’t I Crave what they Crave?  What’s Wrong with me?

Whenever I’ve read a natal chart for someone with Venus Conjunct Mars, their jaw just hangs open, the idea is so foreign to them, they’re so convinced that they’re a Relationship Failure, because they’ve always Compared themselves to Others.  And without a Mirror of some kind, it may not even help to Look Inside.  Has anyone ever told them that for them Relationship is extra?  It’s not Necessary, it’s Optional, and then only for Fun or for some specific Goal.  Soulmate Mythology doesn’t apply to the Venus-Mars Conjunction, they’redsd already Fused.

Anybody else here born with Venus Conjunct Mars?  Has anyone ever pointed out to you that you’re already Complete?  Have you ever Felt Complete in yourself?  Is the idea even Believable?  I won’t reveal your Identity if you want to Share anything.

So, as if Venus Conjunct Mars isn’t Tricky enough in our Culture of Craving, it’s a T-Square!  With Uranus and Chiron.  Uranus is the Voice of the Soul.  Our Culture wants us to Believe that it’s the Voice of Disruption.  And of course it is, because the Soul is always calling the Ego up short.  So Uranus Square Venus-Mars Challenges us to Constantly Learn more about how the Soul and the Heiros-Gamos interact.  Of course they’d be Old Friends from many Lifetimes together, but if we haven’t Recognized our Completeness yet we probably won’t Recognize the Soul either.

And then Chiron Square Venus-Mars – the Constant Challenge to Endure our Despair over not Knowing Who We Are because we’ve never encountered a Mirror that Reflected our Truth.  While our parents and teachers may have been “doing the best they could,” if they didn’t use their own Emotional Maturity (if they had any) to try to Understand Who We Are, that’s an insidious form of Abuse.  The Constant Challenge to Covert our Despair into Miracles by for instance Poor-Sweethearting ourself.

The Demise of Karma II

January 10, 2019

Who knows if it has anything to do with the Death of Karma or with what we’ve been discussing about 19-23 January, but Dan Scranton’s Arcturian Friends today suggest that…

“We have been exploring the possibilities that exist for humanity now that you have been working so well with the energies you have been sent.  We can see that new possibilities have opened up for you, and those possibilities involve a greater connection to the roots that you have there on planet Earth.

“We are seeing more of the crystals of Lemuria and Atlantis being excavated.  We are seeing a timeline where you discover the truth of how long there has been human life on your planet, and we are also seeing the possibility that irrefutable evidence of extra-terrestrial life on planet Earth will be discovered, and it will be discovered by someone who will not cover it up.

“Now, what all of this will do for all of you is yet to be determined.  More possibilities will open up for you depending on how you handle all of that information as a collective.  The information stored in the crystals from Lemuria and Atlantis are enough to take humanity to new heights.

“But with those discoveries that you have in your very probable future come the traumas, as many of you have yet to fully process the emotions you’ve experienced from the losses of Atlantis and Lemuria, and also from the experiences that you’ve had with extra-terrestrials.  Of course, not all of them have been good, and we are referring to past life experiences with them as well.

“What you have shown yourselves to be ready for is an intense time, a time of information coming to you that many of us in the higher realms believe you can now handle.  But you are the ones who must take it on and face it, and we are the ones who have faith in your ability to do just that.”

Now, once you get beyond your Pet Peeves and Minor Irritations and work on Choosing Timelines having to do with your Deepest Desires, even though Karma is Dead, it may not always Feel like it, because we still have to deal with our Held Emotions.  In general, Held Emotions are the ones we’d rather Die than Feel.  Which is to say, we have to be Willing to Experience an Ego Death in order to Open to a Held Emotion.  That’s precisely because our Current-Lifetime Ego (or the spawn of Many-Lifetimes Egos) have Walled off Held Emotions quite on purpose.

Held Emotions can be created by any number of processes, but they are sometimes the ones we were Feeling at a Past Death (or several) – we have a Past Death for every Past Life.  Sooner or later we have to Recognize that most of us have Died Physically many many times, and that from our Soul’s Perspective it’s a Significant Transition but not really a Big Deal.  We have tons more Experience with Ego Death than we do with Physical Death, so we’re no Rookie by any means, and we really need to Give Up being so Intimidated by Physical Death, and especially by Ego Death.

Of course that’s a Linear-Time Perspective.  Reframing things in terms of Parallel Lives might seem to shift that, but the Illusion of Linear Time has it’s own Reality.  Check Wikipedia for nine months (less if you were born Caesarean) prior to your Birth in the current Lifetime (type in month and year; it’ll list major events for each day), to see if you Recognize anything.  You may not – you may not have jumped immediately into another Lifetime – but it’s worth a check.

We can’t transfer Linear-Time Perspective into Parallel-Time Perspective without making adjustments – the foundation of Parallel Time is All There Is Is Now, so if we Open to it, we’ll find that our Death in our Current Lifetime is also happening “Now.”  If you think you already Know what your Current-Lifetime Death will be like, you might want to Meditate on it, Lovingly.  It may or may not be your Greatest Fear.

There’s a knife-edge between Lending Your Strength to That Which You Wish to Be Free From and Letting It Go.  To Enjoy the Death of Karma we need to develop Neutrality, so we’re neither Resisting it nor Inviting it.  Tapping it Out is an excellent (often Miraculous, in fact) way to Accept the Current Truth of a Fear, yet Let it Go almost Effortlessly (

There’s a good reason we consent to be Hypnotized into Believing in Linear Time – it can get mind-boggling otherwise.  Of course that mind-boggle is exactly the Confusion we need to Embrace, as is, as the first stage of Growth.  It’s a little hard to operate in Everyday Earth Cultures when we’re that Confused, but we can Choose Curiosity or Wonder instead.

The Demise of Karma

January 9, 2019

The Demise of Karma has been greatly Understated.  Try this yourself.  Pick something that Irritates you, not a Biggie, but something that just makes you kind of Peeved.  A pet Peeve even.  Not a Big Deal like Creeping Fascism or Global Warming or In-Laws.  Something more on the level of people who put Ketchup on their Scrambled Eggs, or folks who wear socks with sandals.

Chances are you haven’t really noticed that whatever this Irritating thing is, it’s been following you around.  Ask a couple of friends – does it Irritate them as much as it Irritates you?  Do you encounter it more often than they do?  This is Karma.  Our “null hypothesis” (which we’re pretending to attempt to Disprove) is that Your Karma grabs You.  What we want to demonstrate, contrariwise, is that You grab Your Karma.

Give your Irritation a score between 1 and 10.  Since we want you to choose a Minor Irritation, assume 1 means “What a Dork,” and 10 means “That makes me upset.”  If 10 is “I want kill them” or “I’m gonna be sick,” forget it.  You don’t want to “start with the 300-pound weight,” as Steven Levine used to say.  Think of something Mildly Irritating.  Onions on a BLT maybe, or getting bored by too much Sunshine.

For a week, every time you think of this Irritation, Reinforce your Outrage.  Tell people that you “hate it when that happens.”  Tell yourself how Dumb it is, how much it makes you Uncomfortable.  At the end of the week, check your score again.  Has it risen, or fallen?  Remember that end-of-week score.

Now, during the second week, every time you think of this Irritation, Dismiss it.  Tell people that you “think that’s kind of Silly.”  Tell yourself how it might be Dumb, but it’s not hurting you, and it’s actually nice that folks can Express their Unique Selves.  At the end of this second week, check your score again.  Compare it to your end-of-week-1 score; has it risen, or fallen?  How does it compare to your beginning score?

As Jewel suggests, if you “no longer lend your Strength to that which you wish to be Free from,” you can Live “a Life Uncommon.”  Karma is actually DeadWe just haven’t Let Go of the Habit yet.  Habits, especially Addictive ones, aren’t Easy to Break, but we can do it.  Start small, build gradually, and give yourself lots of Slack, but Nevertheless, Persist.

The strongest feature of the 10 January Station of Eris (Revelation of What’s Been Denied) chart is a T-Square to the Stellium of Sun (Essence), Pluto (Transformation, aka Trance Re-Formation), and asteroids Atropos (Ending a Timeline) and Karma (Old Habits).  In other words, if you didn’t get the memo earlier, it’s The Death of KarmaAnd as we’ll see soon, the 12 January Lachesis Station (Choosing Our Timelines) chart is closely related.

When a New Cycle between two planets Begins, we usually start Acting it Out before the actual Initiation, as our Intuition gets us ready for the Change.  Then for the first while, the Energy is quite Strong, and the headlines are full of Struggle between those deeply Invested (especially Emotional and Financial Investments) in the Olde Ways, and those of us who are starting to Attune to the New Energy.

Any Stellium (a group of three or more planets in the same Zodiacal place) implies that a number of New Cycles will be Beginning, as each planet intersects with all of the others.  This Stellium hatches in a Big Way 19-21 January, when Mercury (Awareness), Karma, and Atropos all cross the South Node (Karma, Held Emotions) at 27 Capricorn…

  • South Node Initiates asteroid Karma 19 January – Our Karma and our Held Emotions get up in our face.
  • South Node Initiates Mercury 21 January – We become more Aware of our Karma and our Held Emotions.
  • South Node Initiates asteroid Atropos 21 January – The Urge to End our Karma gets Overwhelming.

These Cycles span one to four years.  Once an Initiation occurs, the New Energy slowly becomes less Obvious, as it gets busy Underground, Transforming the Roots of the Issues that the Cycle Relates to.  Then at the Waxing Square, the New Energy Emerges and begins to Actively Alter our everyday Reality and our Perception of same.  So the approximately one-year Mercury-South Node Cycle will take several months to bloom.  The other two Cycles will take around four years to complete, so they’ll be moving out of the basement after the first year or so.

All three of these Cycles Initiate at 27 Capricorn, “A violent storm in a canyon filled with expensive homes.”  In other words, our Biggest Investments in our Karmic Status Quo are likely to get battered.  In the middle of this, on 20 January (9pm PST), the Full Moon Western-Hemisphere Total Lunar Eclipse takes place nearby (1 Leo-Aquarius), on dwarf planet Varuna (Life Force).  So it will definitely be Invigorating, either because we’re so Excited about how we’re going to Replace our Karma, or because we’ll be so busy trying to keep our Olde Investments standing.

Then on 23 January, as we indicated earlier (, asteroid Juno (the Edges of Consciousness) crosses the Fixed Star Capulus (at 25 Taurus), which is the Sword of Perseus, with which he just beheaded Medusa.  This Constellation Celebrates the Birth of the Patriarchy, as its Hero Perseus-with-the-Big-Sword defeats that Horrible Magical Magnetic Feminine Power that so Terrorizes the Boys (related to our Forbidden Genius, perhaps?).

Instant Healing II

January 7, 2019

All this means that we’re in the midst of the Initiation of four New Cycles.  We routinely watch about 40 planets, which means about 750 simultaneous Cycles.  Some are obvious, most much more subtle, and of course our own Sensitivity is more important than the Prominence of the Cycle itself.  In some greater or lesser sense, though, the Vibes do Change as a New Cycle is Initiated.

All four of the New Cycles are asteroid Cycles.  An asteroid Cycle with an Outer planet usually lasts around three to five years, but an asteroid Cycle with another asteroid can last Centuries, as the nearer ‘roid chases the farther one around the Zodiacal Loop.

Vesta-Klotho is the longest New Cycle beginning.  The Cycle is about how Open we are to New Beliefs.  The Initiation occurred 14 December at 6 Aquarius, “A game of cricket,” which means that Australians will be much Entertained for the Duration, while most of the rest of us will have no idea What’s Going On.

This is good, as it could, under the best of circumstances, force us to Recognize that we’ve never had any idea What Was Going On, and our Pretending that we did is what has Destroyed the Planet (  Make sure you have your Towel and your Hitchhiker’s Guide close at hand, and prepare yourself to have all of your Beliefs Challenged or Shattered, and you’ll be fine.

A New Vesta-Lilith Cycle is also starting, today (6 January).  The basic Vesta-Lilith Cycle is about whether or not our Beliefs Promote our Sovereignty.  The Initiation was in 17 Aquarius, “A watchdog stands guard, protecting its owner and their property.”  So the contest will be between Protecting the Sovereignty of our Ego, or Protecting the Sovereignty of our Soul.  You may want to make a Choice, soon, before your watchdog rips your leg off because you shifted your Assemblage Point at the wrong moment and your mutt didn’t recognize you.

Why can’t we do both, and Respect the Sovereignty of both our Ego and our Soul?  Of course that’s what’ll be happening, as there’s actually no third party left to Choose one or the other.  But if it’s your Ego that trains your watchpup by itself, and your Ego Fears your Soul, one of you will Suffer, and it probably won’t be your Soul.  Why would the Ego Fear the Soul?  Just look at traditional astrology – Uranus, our Soul Vector, is considered to mean Disruption, while the only thing that’s ever really Disrupted is what the Soul regards as Obsolete.

How do we Adapt?  We Learn to Relish our Ego Deaths.  They’ll still be Painful, but we may be able to avoid Rabies.  The more we Resist What We Want, the more likely our watchdog will attack us.  To move forward safely, we need to be Willing to Embrace our Held Emotions.  As Dan Scranton’s Arcturian biddies aver today…

“You chose to ascend with your consciousness in your physical body, and you chose to do it through processing your emotions, accessing more unconditional love and compassion, and going within to discover the truth of who you really are.  It is the longer way.  It is the more painstaking approach, but it is the most satisfying one, and ultimately, the most successful way to ascend.”

The Eurydike-Jupiter Cycle was also Rebooted today.  The Initiation occurred at 13 Sagittarius, “A widow’s past is brought to light.”  Interesting counterpoint to the next Initiation.  The Cycle itself concerns Expansion of Trust.  Since we can usually sense on some level when someone is hiding something from us, this bodes well for increasing Communication, Cooperation, and Collaboration, which are all boons for “Ascension.”

The New Klotho-Lilith Cycle begins 13 January in 18 Aquarius, “A man’s secret motives publicly unmasked.”  That’s very suggestive.  Of course, for the rest of us, that means that What We Want comes out into the Open, which is a prerequisite to just about everything else we’d covet.  The Cycle is about Beginning to Trust Our Self in a Whole New Way.  Hooray, hooray!

We can prepare for this by practicing getting a little more Honest every day.  That’ll mean we’ll have to Stand Still for the Abuse that will be heaped upon us by those who are heavily invested in our Servitude to them, or who are deep in Judgment about what we’ve been Denying.  The sooner we cross that necessary Threshold the better, as it’s only the Beginning.  Wait’ll your Forbidden Genius becomes Irrepressible – you’ll be very glad you practiced on your relatively-petty Formerly-Secret Motives.

Oh, and you might want to cancel your Twitter account and close your Facebook page before you become a Pariah.

A fifth Conjunction was not an Initiation, as that occurred back at the September Equinox.  That was the Asbolus-Sappho Initiation, which started a New Cycle about How We Respond to Our Innate Urges to Love Ourself.  It began at 21 Gemini, “”A tumultuous labor demonstration,” which doesn’t promise a quick end to the gilets jaunes or the US arrêt du gouvernement, but which could mean that the new US House of Representatives might begin to make a dent in the Institutionalization of Inequality that we’ve been seeing.

The last president who started a Trade War, and deported a million or two Hispanics (mostly US citizens) while he was at it, lasted only one term – the result of a Wall-Street Crash rather than a Wall-Border Impasse (the Crash is coming, no worries).  The parallel is a bit eerie.  I had no idea that Hoobert Herver blamed the 1929 Crash on Mexicans.

Creating What We Want

January 1, 2019

In an earlier post we talked about the Cluster of Stations that are Embracing us between now and 10 January (  Basically, it’s about Choosing a New Timeline that reaches beyond our Denial, accesses our Soul, and contains What We Want.  Step one: Being Aware that we have the Power to Choose.  Step two: Choosing It.  So, just how does one Choose a Timeline?  Is it like ordering from a menu or a catalog?  Does Amazon carry them?  Walmart?

It’s probably tactically easier to start with What We Don’t Want, especially since that’s where we often start anyway.  Anything in your Young Life that you’d just as soon Leave Behind?  How long has it been bugging you?  That’s a Timeline.  Can you Choose to End that Timeline?  If we see ourself as a Victim of our Timelines, we won’t have the Sovereignty we need to be the Chooser.  But we could certainly Intend, or any other PIAVA term (Pray, Visualize, Ask, Affirm, Command, etc.).  If we Trust the Process and Respond to Setbacks constructively, then Intending Is Choosing.  Creativity often involves one step forward, three sideways, and two back, before we can go four more steps forward.

This week, though, Creativity and Manifestation should be Easier including swapping Timelines – which is a bit like Changing Horses in Midstream.  If it’s not Easier, then rest assured you’re being Taught an important Lesson about Manifestation.  If you Intend to Create What You Want, this week should be invaluable.

The Foreground is the Station of dwarf planet Makemake on 3 January (7pm PST) in 6 Libra.  It’s another “Coincidence” that a planet named Make-Make is about Manifesting – Makemake was the God-figure who evidently taught Easter-Islanders how to Survive after they chopped down all their Trees, and the Makemake Discovery chart positively “reeks” of Manifestation.

We were otherwise engaged, so we’re a bit late, since this Energy has already been prominent for a week or so.  However, that’s useful, because now you can look back on the last several days to see how your Manifestation processes have been working for you.  And how have they?  If you’ve encountered Frustration, have you Responded constructively?

For example, I’ve Learned an important Lesson from trivial examples – if I Want to do anything Easily, I have to first Visualize it.  I already knew that the general rule is that everything forms in Energy first, before it translates into Matter.  But it wasn’t an automatic process, where I Remembered it every time.  Who knows how many Repetitions it’ll take to make it a reliable Habit, and to translate it into every Realm, but for the first time I now understand that I need to Intend to precede every Action with a PIAVA.


This Manifestation Province is abetted by the Stations that are lined up behind it…

  • Endings (Atropos) New Moon/Partial Eclipse on 5 January, which should be handy for Timeline-swapping.
  • Strong Soul Presence (Uranus Station) on 6 January, to keep the Wind behind us.
  • Revelation of What’s Been Denied (Eris Station) on 10 January, to Enlighten any Frustration around inefficient Manifestation.
  • Choosing Timelines (Lachesis Station) 12 January, to Anchor the Curriculum.

For instance, I find myself Intending to End my Old Timeline of Expecting “Inanimate” Objects to behave unpredictably, and Begin a New Timeline where Other Entities follow my Intentions when it’s within their Nature, and Let Me Know when I’m Asking for something that isn’t within their Nature in that Moment, so I can Adjust and Compensate.

For this to work I’ll probably have to become more Aware that All Things have their own Consciousness and Sovereignty, which Awareness would be great, so I can also Intend another New Timeline that includes this.  If I can Apply these Timelines Generally and Thoroughly Enough, that should also End a number of Timelines that are riddled with Anxiety.

While the ambient Strong Manifestation Energy will Dissipate after 3 January, there’s no reason we can’t Hold onto it with our Attention past that date.  To me “5D” means that we Manifest Effortlessly by Enlisting the Energies of the other Animate and “Inanimate” Entities with whom we wish to Collaborate, to our Mutual Advantage.

The Makemake Station chart is pretty straightforward, especially compared to the Ultima Thule Discovery chart we were working with yesterday…

We refer to this Configuration as a “Trine Fez,” because it looks like the silhouette of a trapezoidal hat made from stiff felt, and because it has Trines (Blessings) on the non-parallel sides.  The Challenge in it is the Square or red line between Nemesis (Ego Death) and Nessus-OR10 (Intrusive Memories of Abuse and Privilege).  A Square is formed when two planets are three Signs apart, so named because if you have four of them back to back around the astroloop they literally form a square.

Abuse takes many forms, including not just the Sexual or Physical Abuse we’re familiar with.  For instance, if your parents weren’t very mature (and after all, in many cases they were just teenagers themselves), they may have Projected their unwelcome Emotions onto their Children, accusing you of all manor or ill deeds, yelling at you, or Shaming you for being yourself.  And of course, Karmic Intrusive Memories could well include Past Deaths, many of which were Abusive, and Tortures.  If your parents or other programmers saw you as a “blank slate” that needed to be Programmed, and made no effort to find out who you were as an Individual with many Past Lives, that too was Abusive, as having never been Seen or Heard, you’d end up Expecting to be Discounted by Others.

Then there’s Privilege.  Abuse is Perpetrated by folks who for one reason or another, often Unconsciously or Semi-Consciously, see themselves as Superior and therefore Allowed to or even Required to Abuse, sometimes “for your own good.”  Karma isn’t Retribution, it’s Inertia.  Being stuck in a Pattern of Abuse has two sides, Abuser and Abused.  But it’s one Energy, Abuse.  While the Emotional Experience might be very Different, the Energetic Experience is Unitary.  You see that when many Abused kids grow up to be Abusers.  So Privilege isn’t Balanced by Abuse, it Is Abuse.

Ego Death is necessary for Growth, because our Ego is a cage that surrounds us and prevents us from Growing larger.  We store much of our historical, herstorical, and Karmic Abuse in the Unconscious, where unseen it Controls our Life.  When it Emerges – as it’s done a lot lately while Nessus has been Dancing with OR10, it usually Creates a Big Ego Death as we Realize that the people we thought Loved us actually didn’t.  And once it Emerges, it usually Keeps Coming for a while – if for no other reason that We Are All One, and once we’re in the Energy of Abuse, we can run Other People’s Abuse as easily as our own, and if it’s Karmic, what does it matter whose Ego was involved; Rebirth Scrambles Egos.

So, this is a Big Manifestation Opportunity – why are we messing around with Abuse?  Well, Letting Go of Abuse is actually a huge step toward greater and Easier Manifestation.  For instance, you may suddenly Discover that you Deserve to Receive What You Want after all, after a Lifetime of not Believing that.  It’s very Difficult to Manifest when we Unconsciously Believe that we don’t “Deserve” it.  Since the Ego’s job is to Persevere, Ego Death is seldom welcomed.  We want to change that, and Recognize that Ego Death is our Soul’s best friend, even if its anathema to our Ego.

That’s the Challenge here.  You’ve been Laboring to Manifest something, and it just hasn’t been forthcoming.  That’s often because of Unconscious Internal Resistance to Receiving it, which is in turn often the result of Hesitation to Accept Change.  We aren’t Satisfied with What We Have and we Want More, or Something Else, but we’re Afraid that in order to move forward toward our own Wants, we’ll have to give up What We Have.  Because 3D is the Realm of Duality, we have Difficulty Visualizing getting What We Want and also retaining What We Have.

Which puts us between Fritz Perls’s two chairs, Negotiating Win-Win between What We Want and What We Have.  But our lack of Success at Manifesting this all along testifies that Duality is inadequate to solve this gollumish riddle.  We need to shift to PIAVA, in order to access the Unconscious and Open ourself to Wins that lie beyond our Dualistic mind, in a virtual Ultima Thule.  So, what do we PIAVA?  Can our frozen minds even formulate the Request?

In any Fez, the answer to the Challenges it presents, lie in the diagonal Quincunxes.  A Quincunx (two planets five Signs apart, the green lines) is about Curiosity, and not the sort of Curiosity that sends you to Google or Bing, but the kind of Curiosity that triggers our Awe and Wonderment.  The two diagonal Quincunxes are…

  • Veritas (Truth) Quincunx Nemesis (Ego Death) – What is the Truth about which part of our Ego needs to Molt?  That’s not a Question seeking an Answer.  It stands on its own.  If you can stand to put your mind away in its cigarbox for a time (which in itself may be a major Ego Death), and Change the Subject (see, then the Unconscious, which comprises Everything That’s Not You (your Ego) will provide plenty of Creative Alternatives.
  • Stationary Makemake itself Quincunx Nessus-OR10.  What, are we to Manifest Abuse?  Well, maybe the most Constructive thing we can do is to Manifest Memories of Abuse that have been pulling our strings unnoticed for decades if not Lifetimes.  How would our Ego Respond to that?  But it’s a Quincunx; we don’t even want to go there; it would be too predetermined.

We’d do better to PIAVA “Do Memories of Abuse have anything to do with Manifestation?”  If you have several internal voices piping up being Know-It-Alls, tell them Thanks for Contributing, and ignore them.  That would be a fine Question to Ask or Wonder or Pray about, but we need to Change the Subject if we want to be Open to Perspectives we haven’t already Rejected.

The other three sides of the Fez are also useful to examine.  The Trines tell us that…

  • Ego Death and Manifestation Complement each other Fabulously here.  That may not always be the case, but the Trine says it is this week.  When you review what it is about you that’s Worthy of Admiration, are there any adjectives you’re willing to Surrender in exchange for one that indicates Fulfillment?
  • Truth and Memories of Abuse make very Positive partners.  This is about getting those Held Emotions out of the Dungeon and into the Kitchen.

Then there’s another, final side, the short green line, which is called an “Unx,” which means one-twelfth, or the Angle between two planets that are one Sign apart.  The Twelfth Harmonic is about Pattern-Breaking, and Goddess knows Breaking out of our Pattern of Unfulfillment is one way to Allow What We Have and What We Want to Live in the same house.  Which Pattern is that?

Manifestation Unx Truth.  What are we Learning this week about Manifestation?  What Fake News have we taken as gospel?  Maybe all we need to do is Intend that We Can Have It All, and Let the Universe Show Us How.

Consciousness Expansion II

December 23, 2018

The 23 December (7pm PST) Juno Station (21 Taurus) chart looks like this…

Its main feature is a Grand Cross (the red square), which occurs when four planets are more or less evenly spaced around the Zodiac.  While a Grand Cross is made up of four T-Squares (the four overlapping big red triangles), and a T-Square Challenges us to become Adept at something, a Grand Cross is usually a little easier because, being Balanced, the Lessons usually aren’t as Difficult.  Also, the Challenges are frequent and interrelated, so with additional and more varied practice, we’re likely to become Adept sooner – and particularly Adept at Multi-Tasking.

The four T-Squares here focus on…

  • Eris (Emerging from Denial)
  • Moon-Moira (Learning to Choose our Emotions)
  • Aletheia-Pallas (Accepting the Truth about how well our Boundaries serve us)
  • Pluto-Chariklo (Having to Confront our lack of Self-Confidence)

I’m sure every one of you could write a short play about someone Getting Their Consciousness Expanded (that’s Juno after all) by having to deal with the likes of…

Realizing (Eris) that their Life is being Sabotaged by lack of Self-Confidence (Pluto-Chariklo), Learning to Recognize the Emotions that Trigger their Self-Doubt (Moon-Moira), and Setting Boundaries to Prevent these Emotions from Fragmenting their Personality (Aletheia-Pallas)

…or something like that.  I’m sure most of us could write a short story about when we’ve gone through this process ourselves, which we’ve probably done many times.  Like when the school bully called us names that hurt, and our Mentors encouraged us to find alternatives to running home in tears or taking a swing and getting our ass kicked.

Sticks and stones and all that, pretty fundamental stuff, but I’m sure you can think of far more subtle parallels.  It would Behoove us to think up current situations where Certain Emotions Challenge our Ability to Keep our Act Together, as every astrological adventure is an Opportunity to make Life flow more smoothly, and this one is no exception.  If we could become Conscious of those Emotions and Learn new Responses to them, chances are we wouldn’t just be Expanding our Consciousness, but also Letting Go of our Karma.

For instance, what Triggers Anxiety for us?  Nothing is Manifested into Hardcopy Reality without first being Broadcast as Energy – this is the Power of PIAVAing.  What Anxiety does is Broadcast Fear and Failure.  Without our Conscious Intervention, Fear and Failure could then be Manifest into Form.  We could recast our reading as…

Realizing (Eris) that our Life is being Sabotaged by Anxiety (Pluto-Chariklo), Learning to Recognize the Emotions that Facilitate it (Moon-Moira), and Resolving to Prevent it from Creating our Reality (Aletheia-Pallas)

…by for example, by first Tapping on it ( to Acknowledge it Honestly, and then Focusing on What We Want instead of What We Don’t Want.

Another example…

Suppose we don’t Trust our Instincts (Moon-Moira) to tell us what to Eat, so we set Boundaries against the Truth (Alethiea-Pallas) of our own Instincts (Moon) in order to continue to base our Self-Confidence on our Shoulds (Pluto-Chariklo) – till we Realize (Eris) that it’s not Working

So what would we do next?  We Respond to our Realization and Expand our Consciousness to include new Possibilities.  For instance, if we Lovingly Embrace our Desires when they arise, might we have less Difficulty Moderating them, and perhaps in the process Discover what our Soul Intended to Teach our Ego in the Current Lifetime?

A Trine Bridge (blue lines) shows an Easy Path toward becoming Adept and a Quincunx Bridge (green lines) outlines a Path of Curiosity.  Both are alternatives to following the more-Challenging paths of the Squares (red lines), without abdicating the invaluable Lessons to be Learned from the Challenges.  Same Destination, very Different Routes.

The position of Stationary Juno itself makes a Trine Bridge across the Confidence/Emotion-Choice axis (Pluto/Chariklo-Moon/Moira), and a Quincunx Bridge across the Realizations/Boundaries axis (Eris-(Aletheia/Pallas).  We can Learn faster…

However, most of us are used to thinking of Curiosity as something to Resolve.  “I Wonder What…” or “I Wonder How…” is often an invitation or imperative to do research or to think about what sort of Answer we’d get if it was a Question.  True Curiosity does not seek Satisfaction; it is more than content to remain Curiosity.  Think of it like Awe or Amazement.  Like watching a Bird peck its way out of an Egg, or a Butterfly crawling out of a Chrysalis – literally a Miracle.

You’re wide-eyed and your mouth hangs open, but you don’t try to explain what’s happening or why, or to Generalize it into a Judgment, whether Good or Bad.  What if we Responded with wide eyes and a slack jaw the next time we heard someone insult us.  If they continued to insult us – if we were Safe, of course – we might even have to Laugh.  A friend used to say, “Don’t get Even, get Odd.”

Stationary Juno is also Merged with (Conjunct) asteroid Lachesis, which symbolizes Consciously Changing our Timelines.  For instance, if we were Living a Timeline of being Bullied, and we succeeded in Changing our Response to it, we would be Consciously Ending that Timeline, or at least Beginning to Consciously End it.

There’s another Configuration in the Juno-Station chart, another Mjölnir Kite like we had at the 22 December Full Moon (…

When a planet sits at the Far Midpoint between two other planets that are three Signs apart, a Mjōlnir is formed.  Mjōlnir is Norwegian for “Thor’s Hammer,” the usual name for this Configuration.  We changed it because Thor’s Hammer is often confused with Ultimate Destruction, when actually it’s more about Indestructibility and Instantaneous Precision – not a sledgehammer but Lightning, or Sudden Illumination.  So we associate a Mjōlnir with Epiphanies.  When there’s also a fourth planet at the Near Midpoint, the Mjōlnir becomes a Mjōlnir Kite.

The Mjōlnir Kite reinforces our earlier interpretations of the Juno Station – Epiphanies about our Mission and our Held Emotions (North and South Nodes).  We would normally rather Die than Feel our Held Emotions, as our Experiences in Parallel Lives cause us to strongly associate them with Dying.  But we can’t proceed toward our Mission in the current Lifetime without first Learning to Embrace our Held Emotions.  So the Aletheia-Pallas Conjunction in the Juno-Station Grand Cross is also about Relaxing the Boundaries which keep our Held Emotions at bay.

The Square (red line) in the Mjōlnir is between Neptune (Confusion) and Mercury-Jupiter (Precociousness).  The Juno Station is about Growth in Consciousness, and this Square Illuminates the classic impediment to Growth – regarding Confusion as a sign that we need to struggle mightily to Understand!  Actually, when we Believe we’ve Understood why we’re Confused, we’ve just Quashed our Growth!

Our Concepts about What Is and What Isn’t Possible form a Cage that we’re trapped inside of.  Confusion arises when one of our Limiting Beliefs becomes Open for Questioning.  But if we Intellectualize it (Jupiter-Mercury), we’ll invariably Reinforce our Limiting Concepts, because those are the raw material for our thoughts.  Like Curiosity, we need to Let Confusion Be.  If we regard Confusion as an Emotion, and just Feel it, Embrace it, Enjoy it, our Consciousness will Grow on its own, naturally, without Effort.

Dumpster Fires

December 20, 2018

Pholus and Quaoar (Responding to our Survival Instincts) have been parked on the cusp of Capricorn (Just Fix It) for a while now, and of course the Sun’s annual passage into Capricorn defines the December Solstice, which is widely understood to be the Beginning of the New Year.  So while the Pholus-Quaoar combo isn’t new, we might expect threats to our Survival to increase again as we move into 2019.  Not a big surprise considering the news.

With our usual three Degrees of Sensitivity, Pholus-Quaoar has been prominent in Solstice charts since December 2016, and will continue to be through December 2019 – including the October 2020 US election, but not the 2020 December Solstice.  If we’re optimistic, we might propose that everyone will be scared enough to rekindle their common sense by October 2020, allowing 2021 to be a bit more stable.

Buuutttt, a number of other major Energies shift by the 2020 Solstice, such as Trump’s War-to-Prevent-US-Regime-Change (Saturn Conjunct Pluto, 12 January 2020 in 23 Capricorn, “A soldier receiving two awards for bravery in combat”) and the Beginning of the Digital Age in earnest (Jupiter Conjunct Saturn in Air, 21 December 2020 in 1 Aquarius, “An old adobe mission in California”Mission Santa Clara de Asis no doubt).

It’s an interesting “coincidence” that it was these very Spanish Missions that disrupted the well-managed Sustainable Landscapes that the original Quaoar hisself provided the template for.  Last month at the airport we met a barely-survived Marine veteran of Reagan’s War-to-Prevent-US-Regime-Change, against that Perennial Global Threat Grenada.  Thirty-five years later his war wounds were foremost in his introduction to strangers, and given their extent, that’s not surprising.  Maybe the next Trumped-Up War will be against Andorra or San Marino or Uruguay or some other dastardly threat to Global Peace.

The Guardian Brexit Briefing recently put it this way…

“Certain parts of American society now feel a sort of exhausted solidarity with the UK, a relief that they are not the only ones whose country is a raging dumpster fire.  A new sort of special relationship has been forged between the UK and the US; we are united by the fact that we have become global jokes.”

Beginnings and Endings often occur together.  In the case of the December Solstice chart, the dominant Configuration is a Nodal Grand Cross in 29-30 Degrees of the Cardinal Signs – we’re Finishing Up a Creative phase (Cardinal Signs), and about to Begin a Stabilizing phase (Fixed Signs).  We can productively read this as Finishing Up a Creative Destruction phase, and Beginning to Stabilize what we plan to Build upon the Ruins.  Ms. May and Mr. Antichrist, and their respective MPs and lackeys, have done a bang-up job of Creative Destruction, but their Fun may be coming to an End.

The Solstice chart is shown by the lighter-weight lines below…

Most of the Cusps (Endings/Beginnings) from Scorpio to Aries are occupied, while only one of the other six Cusps is inhabited, which clearly makes Varuna-North Node (Merging of our Mission and our Life Force) at the end of Cancer the Standout Pole.  Thus many other, less Central, segments of our Lives may be Falling Away, as we focus on what’s Most Important.  Varuna-North Node heads a Diamond Star, a Self-Resolving Challenge, so we can sort of Let That Take Care of Itself – where “That” is Allowing the Life Force to Lead our Life rather than our Shoulds and Gottas.

The other corners of the Grand Cross include Uranus, which turns Direct 6 January and returns to Taurus “for good” (for seven years that is) at the Ides of May.  Our Soul will return to the task of Descending into our Physical Vehicle.  If we’re hanging by our heels so we can see the World more clearly, this will look a lot like Ascension.

And Veritas (Truth) enters Scorpio (Fearlessness) just an hour before the Solstice.  This is potentially a Big Deal, as Scorpio is compelled to Get to the Bottom of Things.  Some Fearless Truthiness wouldn’t hurt the Planet at all, though Veritas is only in Scorpio till May, then again from July through November.  But it could start a trend.  And on 3 October next year Veritas Initiates Aletheia (Truth) at 18 Scorpio, “A path through woods brilliant with multicolored splendor.”  So there may be hope.

Of course the Nodes move Retrograde, so they’re really just Beginning their butt-first sashay through Cancer and Capricorn, rather than Ending it.  That’s okay, Degrees in Tropical astrology don’t represent arcminutes in the sky, they represent Days in the Year, Days after the March Equinox that defines the Cusp of Aries.  And most of us most of the time live Time forwards, or at least we think we do.  So 29 Cancer is still the End of Cancer, even if Time in this case is butt-first.

The heavier lines in the chart show the Full Moon that follows the Solstice by less than a Day/Degree.  The orange lines show the Mjōlnir Kite (Epiphanies) that dominates this chart.  Like Varuna-North Node, the Moon is an outlier that focuses the Energy of the crowd on the other side of the Zodiac.  So we can expect from it Significant Insights into how we might Respond to our Survival Instinct most productively.

A strong hint about that resides in the Square (red line) that like a bow holds the Tension for the arrow.  That’s Venus (Values) Square Lilith (Self-Sovereignty).  Our Values are often slanted toward our Heart’s Truth, but usually heavily overlain with Programming from someone else, which was likely to be more their own Programming than their own Heart’s Truth.  In other words our Values can get pretty stilted.  So we’re likely to Discover places where our own Values are Sabotaging our Self-Sovereignty.

It may require some Adjustments to your Lifestyle, but in the long run you won’t regret Letting your Values Change instead of continuing to Compromise your Sovereignty.  Doing that is also very likely to guide you toward the Life Force, help you Respond to your Survival Instincts, and lay the groundwork for your New Life in 5D!

Wow IX

December 10, 2018

The other Yin Gate in the Chiron-Station chart centers on the Opposition between Mercury (Awareness) and Sedna-Lachesis (Reframing Fear).  This is important for many of us because Sedna is Stationary soon (first week of February) at 27 Taurus.  The Star Algol, generally considered the most malign of Stars, sits at 27 Taurus, so a casual reading would likely warn of Catastrophe – and given the state of Humanity’s Relationship to its Home Planet, Catastrophe wouldn’t be a big surprise.

Catastrophe for the Patriarchy, that is.  Algol symbolizes Female Power, Anger, and Sexuality.  Lachesis is about scheduling Timelines, and in the context of Consciousness (Awareness), it represents Choosing to End a Self-Sabotaging Timeline.  This obsolete Timeline could be about Women Living in Fear and subjugation.

The Paradox is that we don’t really Believe that we have the Power to just End our Timelines unilaterally.  As long we perceive ourselves as Victims or potential Victims of large-scale processes and events such as Global Warming or rising Fascism, and we understandably don’t believe we can turn those around by ourselves, we’re stuck.  What we don’t Realize is that we do have the Power to Change how these Patterns impact us Personally – by PIAVAing just that.

See if you don’t grok PIAVAing.

We might feel Selfish to Protect ourself from global Bummers from which many others Suffer greatly.  But the more people refuse to accept those Patterns as “just the way it is,” the faster the Global Energy will Change.  Our Self-Protection is one of the Strongest ways we have to End the Timelines.  And just because we are Protected, doesn’t mean we can’t take Actions to facilitate Ending the Patterns on the Global scale.

We’ve said before that Passion and Neutrality are not mutually exclusive, though they appear to be just that to the Victim Ego.  In fact, when we Act from Neutrality we can be much more Effective than when we Act purely from unbridled Passion.  That may be the primary Paradox that we’re Learning here.

This second Yin Gate is about Awareness that Timelines of Fear can be Ended Consciously.  If we Fear what we don’t Understand, and if we don’t Believe we can Change what we don’t Understand – both common characteristics of the Dualistic mind – then we have no Power over Fear.  But we have demonstrated to ourselves (or can do so right now if we so choose) that…

  • Fear + Breathing = Excitement
  • Fear + Kegels = Power
  • Fear + Vision = Equanimity

…and other similar equations that Convert Fear to Power.  We wnat to be very familiar, even Habitual, with these Practices before February.