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Mercury Retrograde

March 30, 2011

Remember Tantalus?  He was the guy who was condemned to eternal thirst and hunger amidst abundant fresh water and fine fruit.  Kinda like the Buddhist version of Hell, where everyone sits around a fabulous banquet, but with their elbows locked.  This lovely Crystal is made of Manganotantalite.  Tantalite makes the best capacitors – batteries on steroids – representing our reserves of physical energy.  The gorgeous deep red is the Mangano part – Manganese, a trace element that’s indispensable for the health of your cells, bones, nerves, and thyroid, and helps regulate your blood sugar to boot.  Manganotantalite Crystals drive your cellphone.  Manganotantalite helps you to speak in ways that communicate directly and deeply.  If you’ve got something difficult and important to say, gaze at a MnTaO Crystal first, and hold the image in your mind.

In July a robotic visitor from Earth will arrive at and orbit Vesta for a year.

We said earlier that the machines would be doing all the work soon, and if we didn’t own any machines we’d be SOL.  But the new Wired Magazine has a big section they call “How to Make Stuff,” about the new class of machines that you could actually have in your garage, if you had a garage.  For most of that you’d pretty much have to be an engineer, by training or temperament.  But the last article in the section is about Kickstarter, a website that allows you to tentatively pre-sell ideas/products.  For instance, if you wanted to start a healthy-food restaurant with fast service, or a website for voice lessons, you could post a proposal on Kickstarter, set a target for startup capital, and solicit pre-orders.  If you meet your startup goal, then yer in business, you already have customers lined up, and you probably have a treasure trove of potential co-conspirators as well.  If you don’t meet your goal, then everybody wishes you well and you move on.  Commerce writ small – impressive!

And if yer a Kurzweil fan with an analytical bent looking for signs of the Singularity, some folks have built an equation-fitting software process called Eureqa that uses evolutionary programming to help reduce large quantities of data to more manageable dimensions.  Evolutionary programming starts with a couple of arbitrary guesses, chooses the guess which fits the evidence better, and compares it to another arbitrary guess, making “evolutionary” tweaks along the way.  After a coupla million iterations, who knows what you’ll get, but it’ll probably be intriguing.

I usually look to see who they’re dancing with when a planet goes retro, and Mercury dances with Jupiter during its March 30-April 23 reversal.  It crosses a couple of other planets, but only Jupiter gets crossed three times – once direct, then retrograde, then again direct.  So we should look at the first direct crossing to glean some direction.  That was two weeks ago, at 12 of Aries.  Aries 12 reads “A ‘V’ of wild geese.”  Rudhyar has two interesting comments: “An idealistic reliance upon a mental image of universal order,” and “it symbolizes cosmic order, in contrast with the socio-political order within a nation which is represented by its ruler.”

By now is there anyone left who doesn’t know that a retrograde Mercury complexifies communication and travel?  It’s actually a lot trickier than that, and if you’ve ever been through a when-one-door-closes-another-door-opens kind of experience, where you thought you were losing a gemstone only to discover you were (also) gaining a necklace, you understand that there is a purpose to everything.  Or at least, it’s a useful perspective to add to your repertoire.  Miscommunications and delays under Mercury retro always mean there’s more beneath the surface, and it’s worth looking for.

We know that Jupiter in Aries is opening a New Chapter, of what we of course don’t know, because that’s the nature of Aries nobody ever knows why Aries does anything, till we get at least well into Taurus.  Except through intuition, of course.  We do know there’s a Big New Soul Download involved.  Uranus is just starting back into Aries after it’s retro adventure, but Jupiter has raced ahead to clear a path.  And now comes Mercury, dancing around Jupiter as if he was Matt.  So we can probably expect to discover some hints about the new pathways that Jupiter and Uranus are laying down, since Mercury does translate and communicate.

And we need to be very tentative about what we come to believe about this, because Mercury is Coyote, the Trickster.  Much of what we do over the next three weeks will be heuristic – not about accomplishing anything, but about learning something.  Things will not be what they appear to be.  Those hooded “anarchists” in London, for instance – were they really anti-avarice, or thugs hired by the Glitterati to give the big demonstration a bad name, like the vandals at the Battle in Seattle?

The other handy tool for interpreting retrogradations is a review of the astrological space where the backwardation occurs.  This one spans 13-25 Aries, or the portion of Aries that corresponds to Virgo through Capricorn.  Now Aries is potential, so we’re talking about the Virgo-through-Capricorn portion of the as-yet Unformed.  These phases of the Zodiac are about

Virgo – breaking down the individual ego (ours, not theirs)

Libra – meeting other people without judgment

Scorpio – exploring our deepest reactions

Sagittarius – forgiveness, moving past emotional bias

Capricorn – creating a new phase of evolution

So we have to say that the next three weeks will be about the clandestine evolution of communal energy, not personal energy.  Yet it’s all about us as individuals – Uranus represents the individual Soul.  So I would say we’ll be glimpsing new ways in which We Are All One, a melting of what we believed were inviolable Boundaries between us and Other (our skin for instance – not that our skin will be melting, but our beliefs may be), without loss of our Soul identity.  To me that says we’ll be asked to Blame less and take Responsibility more.

The Jupiter-Saturn Cycle

March 27, 2011

The knife edge of Cerussite – Lead Carbonate – leads the way to your Seventh Chakra.  Carbonate, with Hydrogen, is the basic building block of most Life Forms on this Planet.  Lead can fill in for Carbon, but it’s five octaves higher.  That’s higher than this Planet can sustain.  This particular Crystal is tinted by Iron, grounding, First-Chakra stuff.  But it’s orange, already pulling you up into the Second Chakra, starting the journey toward Seven.  You don’t make the journey with Either/Or, you make it on the knife edge of Both/And.

I notice a buncha folks checked in on Sunday, so youall must be feeling the Jupiter-Saturn Opposition that’s complete at 3pm PDT on Monday.  Of course, you could also be starting April early – April’s very busy, starting with Mercury’s turning retrograde this coming Wednesday, but we’ll talk more about that soon.

The Jupiter-Saturn Cycle correlates with everything social, including economics.  The twelve signs are divided into four Qualities – Fire (Spirit), Earth (Matter), Air (Mind), and Water (Emotion).  Jupiter makes a loop and catches up to Saturn every 20 years or so, when seen from our perspective.  These 20-year Cycles fall into larger Cycles, like so.  Seven Jupiter-Saturn Conjunctions occur in the same Quality, then one Conjunction in the next Quality, then one back in the original quality, then seven in the next.

For example, there were Earth-sign Jupiter-Saturn Conjunctions is 1842, 1861, 1882, 1902, 1922, 1941, and 1961 – seven of them.  Then there was one Air-sign Conjunction in 1981, a final Earth-sign Conjunction in 2000, and starting in 2020, we’ll have seven consecutive Air-sign Jupiter-Saturn Conjunctions.  Earth is about things, Air is about thoughts.  Think First-Chakra for Earth, and Third-Chakra for Air.

That’s probably confusing, but the upshot is that history (when seen through this lens) is divided into 140-year periods, each preceded and followed by a 40-year transition period.  The first half of the 40-year transition period previews the coming century-and-a-half, and the second half of the transition period reviews the previous century-and-a-half.  With Jupiter Opposing Saturn, we’re now entering the last half of the last review of the Age of Colonialism, or the Age of Consumerism.  For the Colonized, of course, it was the Age of Slavery.  The last half of anything is when things start to decay – think Autumn.  So our 140-year Earth-sign Jupiter-Saturn era spanned 1842 to 1981, starting about the time Queen Victoria took over management of the British Empire, and the Age of Industry hit full stride.

That was supposedly a great thing – GDP expanded ten times while population expanded only six times.  Many point out however that most of what you value isn’t included in GDP.  And many others point out that the Industrial Revolution, when seen from the perspective of the average person, was as much about the industrialization of people as it was about making things more efficiently.  It certainly wasn’t about Heart, or Caring.  The feral WSJ Farrell column, if you get a chance to read it, is a suitable obituary.

The preview of the coming Age of Singularity was 1981 to 2000, starting with the introduction of the IBM PC, and ending (to the month) with the Dot-Com Crash.  The review of the Colonial Age began at the turn of the Millennium.  9/11 was an appropriate introductory metaphor, as the formerly-Colonized tossed their sabots into the machinery of Commerce.  The basic idea is that we’ve spent the ten years since 2000 mulling over which elements of the Industrial Age we want to take with us into that Airy Aquarian future.  The new Republican Guvners in the US have a very clear idea about what they want to take with them – industrialization of the people.

It was clear long ago that things would soon no longer be made by people, but by machines, and if you didn’t own any machines, you’d be SOL, as the owners of machines have seldom shared their largesse willingly.  So you see the process happening before your eyes in the Middle East.  All those surplus people starting to notice that they’ve been shut out of the kitchen.  It’s not that the Middle East is much different than Wisconsin or Ohio or where you are, it’s just that there are more folks in the Middle East with nothing left to lose.  So they’re less hesitant to risk it All, cuz the All they have ain’t worth much.

Kurzweil is probably a fitting metaphor for the coming age – his basic position is that we’ll encounter a singularity, where the sum of machine intelligence exceeds the sum of human intelligence.  He acts like he assumes that the humans, or a few of them anyway, will still be in charge.  Recently, I think it was in 2007, the sum of machine intelligence exceeded the computing capability of one human brain (I think they were counting neuron-equivalents, which actually doesn’t mean much), so we have a ways to go.  On the other hand, the expansion of computing power is even more exponential than the expansion of human population.  I don’t think compassion will be the strong suit in an Air Era.

So what about the next ten years, as we wind down Colonialism and Industry and Consumerism?  Well, I think we’re seeing it pretty clearly already.  Oil becomes unaffordable.  Governments become even more obfuscatory and confiscatory (except for the Masters of course).  Business becomes more aggressive, following the Countrywide Model, as they have to Sell Sell Sell into a marketplace that no longer has either the desire or the wherewithall to Buy Buy Buy.  In the Countrywide Model, you tell someone they’re going to be paying X dollars for the fabulous service you’re offering them, and you have them sign the contract.  Only later do they discover that they’re actually going to be paying 2X or more – they just didn’t read the lebendy-seven pages of fine print.

Yesterday we finished the First Day of the Universal Underworld in the Mayan Calendar, according to Calleman‘s calculations at least.  The First Night lasts until April 12.  I’m not sure what that all means, except that the First Day is about planting seeds, and the Second Day is about germinating.  So the First Night would be about moist warm darkness cracking open the hard shell that we’ve used to protect our Essence, so our New Soul Download can begin to emerge.  Between now and April 12, Mars enters Aries (April 1 – we become more impulsive), Mars crosses Uranus (we become really impulsive, and we better trust it!) at the New Moon (rebirth – April 3), Neptune moves into Pisces (material fog and spiritual clarity, starting April 4, for 14 years), Pluto turns retrograde (revising our concepts of Necessity – April 9) while being squared by Mars (look out for violence, as Action meets Necessity – April 11).

By April 12, there’s a good chance that, as Lorraine put it, “The way we view life on this Planet will [be] drastically change[d].”

So whadda we do about it?  Well, we have to get to work manifesting what we want out of this great journey into Potential, that will be evolving into New Creation.  Be careful to stay focused on what you want for you, not what you want for anybody else – since there’s an excellent chance that what they want for themselves looks little like what you want for them, or what you think they want.  Like yours, their Essence is Unborn, it too is still Potential.  Messing around with Control trips over somebody else’s Rebirth is a Karmic grenade.  Choose your weapon – PIAVA – Prayer, Intention, Affirmation, Visualization, Asking.  They’re all the same really, just different Forms.

Don’t PIAVA what you want.  PIAVA what you’ll feel like when you get everything you want.  What you want is a fuzzy snapshot of what your Essence will want when it comes forth.  You don’t want the snapshot, you don’t even want the video – you want the n-dimensional Reality.  You start to get there through your Emotions – Emotion is the psychocosmic glue that binds Energy into Form.  If you’re used to working directly with Energy, go for it, PIAVA the Energy you want to manifest into the rest of your experience on the Planet.  But Energy is too ephemeral for most of us, so we move to Emotion – maybe Joy, or Grace, or Surprise, or Awe, or Curiosity, or Excitement, or Peace, or Safety, or better yet Both/And all of the above, adjusted to your own preferences.  Hold the Energy of combining all of that, as often as you can.

Farrell Again

March 27, 2011

I can’t believe Rupert is letting this guy run this kind of material on the WSJ website – he must have something up his sleeve…

This link is probably going to disappear again by Monday morning, like it did last time.  Maybe the WSJ website is getting hacked.

That’s Not What I Said

March 19, 2011

But it’s sure what I been thinking for the last half a century.  Lorraine says it very clearly and succinctly…

and I couldn’t have said it better myself.  If you get bored with the astrological details, skip the list of which astroevents happen when, but don’t miss her single-line punchline that follows the list.  It’s an anthem.

WeakEnd Times

March 18, 2011

I expect – and hope – that the World will take a breather by Sunday, once we get past the Full Moon and Mars-Juno event.  Beware Google News – they sort their articles by “relevance,” which looks a lot like hype value.  You have to click on the “All 17,827,921 news articles >>” link at the bottom of each story, then on the story’s page click on “sort by date” (lower left of the topmost screen) to get the straight skinny up-to-date.  I mean, that’s one of the glories of the internet, but publishers wanna drag as many eyeballs as possible across their ad-strewn pages, so often they don’t even date the page.  You can search on Tsunami and end up reading about 1993 without realizing it.

Here are supposedly-frequently-updated scorecards on Libya (Qawdawful 8, Rebels 6 at halftime), and on radiation levels in the USofA, should it come to that.  The radiation map is sposta update automatically, but on Firefox you have to “refresh” manually.  The readings vary randomly, so ya gotta watch for trends.  Values over 100 are considered abnormal – that’s 10 CT scans, by the way, if yer a Western Medicine addict.  In the ’50s we were told to stick yer head between yer legs and kiss yer ass g’bye in the event of a nuculur attack, but fortunately it’s the ’60s that are going mainstream next year, not the ’50s.  The ’50s dramas that’re being played are just to keep us on our toes.

Healing the Healer

March 18, 2011

The yellow crystals above are Autunite, or Hydrated Calcium Uranyl Phosphate.  “Uranyl” means Uranium Oxide.  You may be more comfortable gazing at Iodargyrite (below), or Silver Iodide – we’ll be covering both sides of the Healing process.  Silver is also a Healer.  The Iodargyrite photo is borrowed with much appreciation from Stephan Wolfsried.

Minute quantities of radiation are reaching California as we write this, and the World seems just about to execute the modern equivalent of a Serbian Duke, or maybe the modern equivalent of the Liberation of Paris.  So it may be time to dive deeper.

Many of the Healers I know, to one degree or another, complain that their clients (and, God Forbid, patients) can’t carry the Energy through into the fullness of their lives.  There is Healing, but it doesn’t stick.  Sometimes the Healers blame themselves for not being good enough, and sometimes it’s the client’s fault for not carrying through with their proscriptions.  It’s the same with astrology – some clients are introspective, and already know what you’re talking about, you just help them see their skills, and their opportunities for improvement, through new perspectives.  Others just wanna know when He or She is gonna arrive, or when their lottery will finally pay out – nothing wrong with wanting to be prepared.  We all just want acknowledgment, and to be able to see our self-judgments through loving eyes.

You need to read this twice, once as a Healee, and again as a Healer.  We’re all both, no matter how perfect you judge yourself to be already, or how imperfect you judge yourself to be as a Healer.  As Alan Watts said, our Good Karma is a lot harder to move out of our field than our Bad Karma.

One difference between a Healing that sticks, and one that doesn’t, is the Healee’s Identity.  Ask yourself, Who would I be without my afflictions? We aren’t talking about hypochondria, we’re talking about all of us.  I suspect you’ll get at least two different answers, if you’re alert.  One will be a Terrified Little Child, powerless, and bullied by the caregivers they depend upon for their very Life.  And the other will be a Warrior Hero or Heroine left over from the Age of Aries (Ulysses, or Samson, or Cleopatra, or Holmes) or the Age of Pisces (Gandhi, or Mother Teresa, or Martin Luther King, or Watson).  With Mars opposing Juno, this may not be the best time to embrace our Terrified Child, though that’s the most Healing work you’ll ever do.  That may have to wait till November, though you’ll be waaay ahead to start in as soon as this Mars Full Moon Energy calms down.  It’s certainly an ideal time to meditate on your Inner Hero.

The process of letting go of an attachment to an unconscious Identity isn’t about Denial – the process starts with bringing the Identity up into Consciousness, where you have a choice about exercising that Identity’s skills, in any particular circumstances.  As long as the Identity is unconscious, It’s in control, and It makes the decisions about when to play strong and when to play weak.  All of your Identities are skills – think of them as aspects of Wisdom, that operate intuitively – but you don’t want Them to toss you around like a rag doll.  All of your Identities are also Karmic Inertia – and They’ll toss you into your Past Deaths before They do anything else, because They know that’s where you Stop, and They want you to move forward into full Healing.  Both the global New Paradigm, and our New Soul Chord Downloads, demand this.  The Planet is demanding it.  Just ask Sendai, or Madison, or Benghazi or Sana’a or Bahrain.

When you seek Healing from a Healer, and it doesn’t work or doesn’t stick, there’s a good chance it’s because you have an Identity that depends on the affliction that you sought to Heal.  It’s a bar on your Birdcage, and it keeps Sylvester on the other side of the cage.  It’s not something you want to Change lightly, because it keeps you Safe.  When you declare an Intention, or Visualize, or Pray, or Affirm, or Ask for anything, always append, lovingly and gently.  If you don’t Ask to receive your Healings that way, they’re likely to arrive via the No Pain No Gain channel, because it’s faster, and because since most people expect it, it’s the Road More Traveled, and therefore the default option.  It behooves to Ask for [My Healing], lovingly and gently and rapidly and completely.

You could get more information with a bit of two-chairs Gestalt process, but I won’t go into that here, because we’ve talked about it elsewhere (asking yourself, what is it you gain from your limitations, so you appreciate their positive functionality, and negotiate win-win between the part of you that wants Healing and the part of you that Resists), and at this point it’s Healing you want, and more information may just serve as a crutch to keep you in self-judgment, rather than putting you in loving embrace and protection of your Terrified Child, and healthy control of your Hero.

If you’re already a Legend in Your Own Mind, and don’t need Healing from a Healer, then your Hero is in total control, and you are just its puppet.  Rather than asking, Who would I be without my afflictions? you may want to ask, Who would I be without my perfection? You’re already well in touch with your Hero, and your primary work will probably be in embracing your Terrified Child – once you find Her, since she’s probably long since vanished behind the glare of your Star.  But it’s not a good time for that, next week will be far better, so you probably want to practice your own two-chair process, where you put your Hero in one chair, and then see who if anyone is left to occupy the other chair.  No matter how small they may be, you want to shrink yourself into their body, so you can appreciate how imposing your Hero is, and how much work you have to do before the two of you are equals, and before your Hero takes orders from you, instead of the other way around.

Oh, by the way, when you look up at your Hero in the other chair, that’s the way most of your patients/clients unconsciously see you – more as an imposing Giant than as a Healer.  That might have something to do with why they can’t seem to comprehend your proscriptions for them, and can’t seem to translate them into their lives – it’s Empathy that heals, and they haven’t felt your Empathy.  It could even be that, since their lives are so tiny, you have no idea what their lives are really like, and you may never have realized that the proscriptions that work for your Hero may be totally irrelevant to them.  Your Healer may even start to understand how your Hero is a Victim to their perceived imperfections, and start to take more Responsibility for the forgotten skills of Compassion, Empathy, and Communication that are latent in your Terrified Little Child, lost somewhere in that tiny Entity on the second chair.

This isn’t a putdown of some people – it’s a prescription for all of us.  There’s a Legend in Our Own Mind in all of us, and if we aren’t aware of it, we need to bring it up into consciousness all the more.

Everything is actually always in Balance, it’s just that all the rest is unconscious.  A Healer who’s frustrated when it doesn’t seem like their Healings are good enough might Ask or Pray that their clients be able to lovingly and gently and rapidly and completely let go of their need to hold on to the affliction that the client’s Consciousness is asking to be Healed.  Margaret Mead’s suggestion that we Never do nothing because we can’t do enough is just an intellectualization, it’s not a Healing, though it might be useful as a reminder that all of our contributions are minuscule, it’s the sum that matters.  It may be that the Conscious Identity of such a Healer is intimidated by their own Hero, and similar two-chair exercises might be useful.  And somewhere in the unconscious is a Child Identity of not good enough that cries out to be embraced, empathized, protected, and brought up into Consciousness where it’s godly humility can take it’s own adult chair at the head of the table.

Now, this here Mars-Juno event at the Big Full Moon is an Opposition, and Oppositions represent the flowering of Energies born at the preceding Conjunction, so reading the Conjunction can tell us a bit about what’s likely to unfold at the Opposition.  Well, first of all, the Conjunction, in mid-February 2009, was not simple.  It was a quadruple Conjunction, between Juno and Mars and the Moon’s North Node and Jupiter – Jupiter the Amplifier.  The Moon’s North Node represents our Mission in this lifetime.  There was Grace provided by Venus (Loving Kindness) and Pallas (Boundaries).  Along with the Moon’s South Node, the quadruple Conjunction formed a T-Square with Vesta (that which is Sacred).  A T-Square is a Fourth-Harmonic configuration that is not a solvable problem, but a Teaching, a Paradox, a Story that does not lend itself to simple moralization, and needs to be rolled over in the mind and the Heart so it can be seen, lovingly, from many different perspectives.

The “Sabian Symbol,” or reading for the specific degree of major parts of the quadruple Conjunction, 10 degrees of Aquarius, was “A man who had for a time become the embodiment of a popular Ideal is made to realize that as a person he is not this Ideal“!  That’s totally independent of our interpretation of Juno as Unconscious Identities, so it’s almost spooky.

Saturday’s part of the configuration, Mars-Juno, initiated at 13 of Aquarius, “A Barometer,” which Rudhyar expands to “The ability to discover basic natural facts that allow us to plan in advance for action.”  Maybe basic natural facts like, We’re All in This Together, or All Healers are created equal and everybody’s a Healer, or All God’s Children Gots to Have Their Freedom.

Juno comes to it’s Opposition with Jupiter on November 5, 2011.

Big Fat Full Moon

March 18, 2011

Moonstone (Orthoclase Feldspar, Potassium Aluminium Tektosilicate) mirrors Emotion back to you – call it the tapping stone.  The hardest Emotions to release are those that aren’t “our own,” but that we adopted from someone else – if you don’t have permission to set a good boundary, and someone dumps on you, the tradition is to “kick the Dog.”  So if yer the Dog, and somebody kicks you for no apparent reason, whaddaya gonna do, bite ’em?  Well, if it’s the hand the feeds ya, yer probably gonna chase the Cat.  That’s what’s meant by Emotions that aren’t “our own.”  Most of us grew up in households with some degree of Dog-kicking, or worse.  Since tapping wasn’t “discovered” yet, and neither were the more concerted methods for healing from acute or chronic abuse, few of us knew how to prevent the scourge from traveling down the seven-generation road.

Saturday’s Big Fat Full Moon occurs when the Moon in its elliptical orbit is closest to Earth, so it’ll look a lot bigger than usual.  Full Moons, of course, rise at sunset and set at sunrise, and there’s an optical trick that makes Moons look even bigger when they’re on the horizon.  We’re lucky this Full Moon didn’t fall on Thursday.

When you’re having difficulty setting a good boundary with someone in the present moment, either because it’s politically inexpedient or because they’re too fat-headed to “get it,” sometimes it works to set a psychic boundary.  It’s actually a good practice, since it’s our kicked-Dog wounds that stop us from having good psychic boundaries in the first place, and by practicing we can develop better Energy habits.  You set up a psychic boundary by imagining a wardrobe mirror between you and the person who’s invading your space, facing them.  It just mirrors their Energy back to them, and keeps it out of your own field, so yer able to just be yerself more.  Sometimes you need to make the mirror bigger, since particularly unconscious folks will just “come around to the back door.”

While we’re done with the Solstice Eclipse Grand Cross, and all the Identity work it entailed, we aren’t done with our Identity work, as this Full Moon sets up another, temporary, Grand Cross, and more Identity homework, and especially Boundary work.  The global New Paradigm is starting to congeal, and this helps, but a good deal of the work falls on our own shoulders.

It’s actually hard work, holding the mirror, it takes concentration and focus.  When it works, you can feel a flush of peace inside yourself after a minute or two of holding the mirror.  Once you feel that, you know you’re on the right track.  Then you inevitably relax, and of course they invade again as soon as they can – they’re hungry, and they’re feeding on your Energy.  So sometimes you have to keep at it, hold the mirror up again in yer mind’s eye, make it bigger if necessary, hold it a bit longer.  Once you relax, you’re relaxing back into your accustomed Victim space, and many of our Victim spaces are sooo comfortable, because that was the only space that was safe for us as kids.  So it’s actually excellent Energetic practice to wake yourself into being conscious of the wound in your Aura, and getting in the habit of keeping it full of your own Energy, so there’s no vacuum to suck in the other bloke’s Bully Energy.

If instead of a flush of internal peace, you encounter Guilt, then you absolutely know you’re on the right track, but it’s a different track.  Keep holding the mirror as best you can, while you locate the Guilt in your body, and send Love into it.  Love is soft and warm, fear is hard and cold.  You can warm the area with your hand, you can speak to it softly.  You not only have a hole in yer Aura, but you believe you’re sposta! Take time out, make yourself as safe as you can (if nothing else, five minutes in the bathroom), focus on the present moment, and work at being loving and gentle with your Guilt.  Tap it out, but also love it to death.  It served you well, keeping you safe when it was the best tool you had.  You don’t need it any more, but you want to acknowledge it with great gratitude as you send it on to its next assignment.  Then back to your mirroring.  You may need to do this many times.

If you’re seriously, or persistently, angry at or scared of someone, and mirroring doesn’t give you that few seconds of peace inside, no matter how diligently you mirror them, they they’re probably standing in for someone in your personal history.  Who’s the first person that comes into your mind?  Death is not real, any more than Matter is real.  It’s Energy that’s real.  Yes, Energy and Matter are interchangeable (with some effort), so Matter is certainly real in that sense, but all Matter is temporary, only held in place by trance.  Energy is ever-changeable, like it’s primary metaphor Weather, but it’s more persistent than Matter.  So sure, the person who unconsciously tormented you as a child may be long since “dead,” but that doesn’t mean the constellation of Energy that comprised “them” is gone.

You can conjure them up in yer mind’s eye with no effort whatsoever.  So mirror them, mirror that constellation of Energy that used to be “them,” and see if you find a few seconds of peace.  If it feels rude to mirror the dead, that’s because it is, but tough shit, this is important and life-changing work.  You can go back to Love and Forgiveness, more completely, once your Aura is repaired.  If no moment of peace, then take the second person, living or “dead,” that comes to mind, and mirror them.  The folks who told us they’d kill us – or kill someone even more important to us – if we ever told anybody, those folks can be deeply hidden from us, back in the dark recesses, with multiple layers of disguise.  If you’re thinking, that’s not me, think again.  Chronic abuse can be as deadly as acute abuse – if you were told that you’d “never amount to anything” enough times, it can create a psychic wound as large as any major acute event.

Of course you’re tapping all the while, right?  Emotion clouds your intuition, and any reduction in Emotion allows you to see more clearly.  Now, have you remembered Stephen Levine’s perspective, that it’s not our Emotion, it’s the Emotion?  Emotion is a field, and strong Emotions, particularly Emotions that don’t have a permitted avenue for release, can create a field strong enough to move physical objects.  So if you can reduce the intensity of any “negative” Emotion by tapping, you’re healing the Planet.  Never do nothing because you can’t do enough, as Margaret Mead put it.  Negative Emotions have their legit role, but that’s straightforward – if you’re angry with someone, you set a boundary, if you’re scared you protect yourself, if you’re sad you embrace yourself, if you’re in despair you give yourself empathy.  It’s when the straightforward process doesn’t work that we need to resort to magic.

So, we’re about to enter a coupla days with the Moon in perogee and Full, opposite Uranus and square to it’s own Nodes but with trines to Pallas-Vesta and Ceres-Chiron-Neptune, while Mars opposes Juno, and Mercury-Jupiter opposes Saturn.  A mouthful, eh?  What’s it mean?

Well, we’ve been talking about that since the Moonstone.  The Mars-Juno thing is dangerous.  We could be vigorously defending Identities that don’t really belong to us any longer.  It makes a weak trine to Vesta, the Sacred, so the key question is, Am I willing to die for this? If the answer is just No, I’m just pissed off!, then tap it out, mirror your antagonist(s), work on your Boundaries, and do something fun.  If the answer is Yes!! then tap it out, mirror your antagonist(s), work on your Boundaries, and visualize your own Death.  Of course it’s “only” an Ego Death, so it only feels like you’re dying, but that’s what a regression to a Past Death is all about, so go for it.  In most cases, when you martyr yourself, you’re the only one that suffers, so be mindful of the subtle difference between Give me Liberty or Give me Death and I’ll show you, you Bastard!

The Ceres-Chiron-Neptune involvement brings the global New Paradigm into alignment with our New Soul Download, so yes, many folks are preparing to become Martyrs.  Nobody is a Martyr before their physical Death, they’re only fighting for something they passionately believe in.  Or because they don’t have anything to lose.  Nobody martyrs themself, they only give themselves an Oscar for acting out the Ultimate Victim.  When you fight to the Death for something you passionately believe in, you’re most likely to become only fertilizer.  And these days, nobody fights to the Death anyway, they only stand in front of a bullet.

Clarity is important here.  We’ve been letting go of, or re-leasing, Past Deaths for several months now, but there are always more.  When you’re done with yours, you can help others with theirs.  The central issues are (1) setting good Boundaries to make space for our New Soul Download, our New Self that we hardly know yet, that’s still barely ghosting into Form – Uranus is only half a degree into Aries, only 1/720th of the way on it’s journey.  In the metaphor of a 72-year lifetime, that would make our New Soul Download the equivalent of a 5-week-old babe.  Notta lotta self-awareness at 5 weeks – I don’t think we even know that we have arms and legs yet.  It’s not about defending anything except empty space!  Everything else is still Potential.  So there’s a good chance you and the World are both better off with Ego Death than with Martyrdom.

And (2) aligning our Karma with the global New Paradigm.  The global New Paradigm is just over a year old, out of a 65-year span.  It’s crawling around, impatient, easily distracted, beginning to verbalize, just beginning to explore the limits of Emotion, and indefatigable.  It’s easy to mistake a one-year-old for a “blank slate” that we need to manipulate into our own image, but a dangerous mistake to make, because the ultimate pushback will be severe.  Imagine how effective you’d have been preaching against consumerism in 1947.  If we look at attitudes and dates, and consider that the 60s are starting to get permanent, the youth of Egypt and the Unions of Wisconsin look more like a New Paradigm than the stern, uncompromising reactionaries that are funded by the Koch Brothers and the US Defense Department and stolen oil.

The Mercury-Jupiter-Saturn thing means we’re exploring new ground, intellectually and personally, while we’re bringing better definition into our social lives.  With our own personal growth, it’s about Ooh, isn’t this interesting!! With our social interactions it’s more like, Hmm, does this grow corn?

The Full Moon itself is around 11am PDT on Saturday, but the Mars-Juno doesn’t complete until closer to 4pm.  Stay mindful.



Uranus in Aries

March 13, 2011

[Natrochalcite (Hydrated Sodium Copper Sulfate Hydroxide, the brighter green microcrystals) on Khronkite (Hydrated Sodium Copper Sulfate, the forest green base); we provide the chemical formulas so you can relate the Stone’s vibration to how the individual chemicals operate in your body.  For instance, Sodium will raise your blood pressure, making you more alert.  Copper will strengthen your bones, allowing you to stand taller, and preserve your myelin, maintaining your sensuality.  Sulfur adds flexibility and Oxygen (Sulfate is one Sulfur with four Oxygen) provides power.  A great source for information is The World’s Healthiest Foods.  And Water (hydrated) is the Mother Fluid which bathes our connective tissue and carries our instincts and intuitions from our Portals-to-the-Universe to The-Rest-of-Us.  So channeling this Stone may make learning, and operating on that learning, easier, more effective, and more fun.  And then there’s the interaction terms (for instance, Copper Sulfate was the Blue Vitriol of Alchemy, which can powerfully dissolve Identity).  Green, of course, triggers Heart Energy – compassion is essential for self-transformation.  Not that the Stone was chosen analytically; it was chosen intuitively, the above is after-the-fact.  It pays to court both the Intuitive and the Analytical; the combination enhances your Bullshit Meter, which is important these days.]


As we’ve said we’re no longer under the influence of the Solstice Eclipse Grand Cross between Jupiter-Uranus, Juno, and Pluto-Dragon, which has for the last several months been providing us with an enormous opportunity to release impediments to our assisting the Ascension of the Planet.

To review.  Last June, Jupiter (the Amplifier) conjoined Uranus (our individual Soul Chord) bang on the Cusp of Aries (brand new beginnings, new infusions of Spirit).  Either Uranus entering Aries, or Jupiter conjoining Uranus, implies for us as individuals a major New Download from our Soul Chord, or, should we choose to accept it, a revised Mission on the Planet.  Well, as is their wont, both Jupiter and Uranus subsequently backed up into Pisces – which meant that they were seeking out any unfinished business to process, so they could be sure that our Earthly Vehicles were as ready as possible for the New Download.

To assist further in this Eon-scale clearing process, around about the time of the Eclipse that occurred near the December Solstice, the Grand Cross came into focus, and hung around until early March.  The Grand Cross had Jupiter-Uranus on one corner, and Juno on the opposite corner.  Juno represents our Unconscious Identities, most of which we would have adopted through the inertia of prior lifetimes.  Oppositions are about Awareness, so it would be hard to find a more effective consciousness-building process than mirroring our New Soul Chord Download with our Unconscious Identities.  The disparities would glare!

Then, to top it off, the other two corners of the Grand Cross comprised the Moon’s Nodes, which are all about past (South Node) and future (North Node) lives.  So not only would the inadequacies of our Unconscious Identities be illuminated, we’d even have ready access to the traumadramas that attached us to them!  Now, put Pluto on the North Node – Pluto which represents that which is unavoidable but transformable – and you have Pluto pulling us inexorably toward where we gotta go.  You see how readily the folks in North Africa and Wisconsin responded.  Now, what about the rest of us? Where is it that we gotta go?  Or is our inertia too great?

Jupiter moved on into Aries “for good” (that is, till it comes back around in 12 years) on January 22, so since then our lives have been speeding ahead, leaving us still struggling to release our Old Identities, even while we’re asked to confront New Realities.  This is all quite on the personal level, so whatever planetary effects are occurring, are just aggregations of the personal.  (Of course, the Planet is undergoing it’s own New Download, as we’ve been stressing for several years – Chiron-Neptune, or Replacing Despair with Miracles.)  So now, finally, Uranus also moves into Aries “for good” (ie, till the next Cycle begins 84 years out), so our Soul begins to sorta catch up with the more tangible aspects of our life.

That’s the astro-picture.  Here’s a very useful view from off-planet…

Here’s an excerpt:

“22.  Because there is no more time to waste in those respects of development and heeding, you will welcome knowing that in the higher vibrations Earth has reached in her ascension course, discernment is easier to master and intuition is stronger. We mention as well that if you can obtain monatomic gold, it will help to enhance your clarity”

And here’s an anonymous comment…

“I have been a bit depressed reading some of your columns on WordPress, and not always finishing them, because I didn’t want to worry more about the world situation. I have been working so hard on positive visualization, and my positivity is often fragile!”

Yes, yes, yes, the Positive Visualization is essential, probably the most effective and important work we can do right now.  But it’s not the whole story.  Without actively working to detach from the Unconscious Identities that intrude into our Consciousness and make our Positivity so fragile, we’re simply outnumbered.

For all of us, Consciousness is just a tip of an iceberg.  “Our” Unconscious, and “The” Unconscious, are so vast, that We As Conscious Beings have little hope to find the levers of healthy control.  To Freud, the “Subconscious” was a dark, dirty dungeon where we hid our most shameful secrets, but to Jung, the “Unconscious” was a daylight basement with the windows papered over, where our True Mission, our Soul Chord, lived.  Jung postulated three overlapping layers to the Unconscious – the Personal Unconscious, which is ours alone (which we correlate to Uranus); the Cultural Unconscious, which contains the currents that carry the evolution of our Families and Tribes and other Collectives that we are joined to (which we interpret Neptune to connect to); and the Universal Unconscious, which sweeps the Planet in this direction or that (Pluto).

We’ve talked at length about how futile it is to resist the movements of Pluto, which we’ve compared to a River – how easy it is to drift with the current, and steer toward one bank or another when we hear the roar of impending rapids or cataracts, and how much hard work it is to labor upstream.  It’s the same with our Monolithic Unconscious, for to each of us as individuals, the three “levels” of the Unconscious are arbitrary boundaries, and we as individuals constantly skate atop a Megalithic Edifice of personal, cultural, and universal urges and directions and commands.  Each intrusion from our Unconscious, each lurch toward fear or anger or discouragement or grief, is a message that part of the Megalith is ready to boil over into Consciousness.

Jose Silva notwithstanding, if we are able to “program” our Un- or Sub-conscious so that it facilitates our Conscious Desires, it’s not because “we” control “it.”  It’s because “we” are able to negotiate win-win with “it.”  If you want to have any Power over the World, start by re-adjusting your sense of who “you” are, to include your Megalithic Unconscious, so that the intrusions are yours.  They come from deeper layers of you, not from outside of you.  In The Nature of Personal Reality, Seth describes exactly how to discover who all of this you is: you simply take responsibility for all of your personal history.

[Zinc modulates Copper in the body.  So if you start to feel painfully lost, contemplate Sphalerite (Zinc Sulfate, below) for a few minutes, then once you get grounded again, return to the Natrochalcite.]

When you take responsibility for all of your personal history, you abandon the Victim perspective, and move into being able to respond to everything in your Life.  Abandoning the Victim perspective does NOT mean you Blame someone else rather than yourself for whatever you disliked.  It means abandoning Blame entirely.  That’s not easy to do, abandoning Blame is like learning a foreign language.  We’re immersed in it.  It means, rather than thinking, They did that to me and I didn’t like it, you train yourself to think, I didn’t like that, and I’m not sure how I’ll do it yet, but I’m going to change it.  Adding …for the highest good of all, or …or something like that, might be useful.  You don’t do it all at once, that would be overwhelming.  You respond as intrusions and disruptions arise.

That’s where tapping is so incredibly valuable.  Intrusions and disruptions of Emotional material can easily overwhelm us, and tie us up for decades.  They cause us to create new Limiting Beliefs which tighten the noose around our Life and narrow our Scope.  And intrusions from the Unconscious are nothing if not Emotional.  Tapping does not diminish the motivating and navigating powers of Emotion; it diminishes the overwhelm that Emotion can create.  The power of the Emotion to guide us and inspire us remain, but now they are no longer barriers, they are facilitators.  Intrusions need to be celebrated, they are the beginnings of New Life.  Tapping them out expands us into our New Soul Essence.  Then we can Visualize Positivity, and do it with Power rather than Fragility.

The Stones

March 5, 2011


March 4 – Ruby (Aluminum Oxide)

February 24 – Dioptase (Copper Cyclosilicate)

February 23 I Love Irony – Gold

February 23 Pizza, Delivered – Barite (Barium Sulfate)

February 23 Helpless Hopeless – Rose Quartz (Tektosilicate)

February 21 – Cuprite (Copper Oxide)

February 15 – Davidite (Lanthanum Yttrium Titanium Oxide)

February 12 – Serendibite (Calcium Magnesium Aluminum Inoborosilicate) on Phlogopite (Calcium Magnesium Aluminum Phyllosilicate)

February 10 – Clinoclase (Copper Arsenate)

February 3 – Lepidochrosite (Iron Oxide) in Quartz (Tektosilicate)

January 30 Daniel Jacobs – Anhydrite (Calcium Sulfate)

January 30 Shoes – Sugilite (Potassium Sodium Lithium Iron Cyclosilicate)

January 24 – Morganite (Beryllium Aluminum Cyclosilicate)

January 23 – Cerussite (Lead Carbonate) on Dioptase (Copper Cyclosilicate)

January 21 (Contracted) State of the Union – Tiger Iron (Tiger Eye (Crocidolite (Sodium Iron Inosilicate) in Quartz (Tektosilicate)) with Hematite (Iron Oxide))

January 21 The Balance – Wavellite (Aluminum Phosphate)

January 16 Who Are We – Cacoxinated Amethyst (Cacoxinite (Iron Oxide) in Quartz (Tektosilicate)) with Hematite (Iron Oxide)

January 16 Ophiuchus in Uranus – Sapphire (Aluminum Oxide)

January 11 – Lunar Eclipse

January 10 – Kamacite (Iron-Nickel Meteorite)

January 6 Monday – Herkimer Diamond (Quartz (Tektosilicate))

January 6 Friday – Uranocircite (Barium Uranyl Phosphate)

January 2 Partial Solar Eclipse – The Sun

January 2 The Miracles Are Waiting for You – Platinum Crystals



December 30 – Emerald (Beryllium Aluminum Cyclosilicate)

December 21 – Petrified Oak

December 19 – Manganovesuvianite (Calcium Manganese Aluminum Sorosilicate)

December 17 Corner #3 – Rose Quartz (Tektosilicate)

December 17 Opportunity – Wavellite (Aluminum Phosphate)

December 11 – Adamite (Zinc Arsenate)

December 7 – Phlogopite (Potassium Magnesium Aluminum Phyllosilicate) and Alexandrite (Chrysoberyl (Chromium Beryllium Aluminum Oxide))

November 14 – Chalcopyrite (Copper Iron Sulfate) on Quartz (Tektosilicate) on Rhodochrosite (Manganese Carbonate)

November 3 iVirus – Gold

November 3 Rebirth – Sapphire (Aluminum Oxide)

October 23 – Chrysoprase (Nickel Oxide-Rich Chalcedony (Microcrystalline Quartz))

October 7 – Dravite (Tourmaline (Sodium Magnesium Aluminum Cycloborosilicate)

September 21 – Calcite (Calcium Carbonate) on Adamite (Zinc Arsenate)

August 29 – Platinum Crystals

August 22 – Manganotantalite (Manganese Tantalate)

August 16 – Phlogopite (Potassium Magnesium Aluminum Phyllosilicate) and Alexandrite (Chrysoberyl (Chromium Beryllium Aluminum Oxide))

August 8 – Clinochlore (Magnesium Aluminum Phyllosilicate)

June 28 – Astrophyllite (Potassium Sodium Iron Titanium Inosilicate)

June 24 – Sphalerite (Zinc Sulfate)

June 20 – Sunstone (Copper in Feldspar (Sodium Calcium Aluminum Tektosilicate))

June 5 – Cacoxinated Amethyst (Cacoxinite (Iron Oxide) in Quartz (Tektosilicate)) with Hematite (Iron Oxide)

May 27 – Cassiterite (Tin Oxide)

May 22 – Apophyllite (Potassium Sodium Calcium Aluminum Phyllosilicate Fluoride)

May 19 – Seraphinite (Clinochlore (Magnesium Aluminum Phyllosilicate))

May 11 – Native Mercury (the metal)

April 28 – Serendibite (Calcium Magnesium Aluminum Inoborosilicate) on Phlogopite (Calcium Magnesium Aluminum Phyllosilicate)

April 24 – Apophyllite (Potassium Sodium Calcium Aluminum Phyllosilicate Fluoride)

April 21 – Solar Flare

April 16 Portraits of Pluto – Kongsbergite (Amalgam (Silver Mercury))

April 16 Pluto and the Moon – Moonstone (Orthoclase Feldspar (Potassium Aluminum Tektosilicate))

April 6 – Mercury (the planet)

March 16 – Vanadinite (Lead Vanadate Chloride) on Calcite (Calcium Carbonate)

March 1 – Vanadinite (Lead Vanadate Chloride)

February 24 – Manganotantalite (Manganese Tantalate)

February 23 – Baltic Amber (Succinite (Carbohydrate))

February 11 – Lepidolite (Potassium Lithium Aluminum Phyllosilicate Fluoride)

February 5 – Uvarovite (Calcium Chromium Nesosilicate (Garnet))

January 20 – Muscovite (Potassium Aluminum Phyllosilicate Fluoride)

January 18 – Dioptase (Copper Cyclosilicate)

January 15 – Rhodochrosite (Manganese Carbonate)

January 8 – Chiastolite (Andalusite (Aluminum Nesosilicate))

January 1 – Cavansite (Calcium Vanadate Phyllosilicate) on Stilbite (Sodium Calcium Aluminum Tektosilicate)

Rupie Goes Over the Edge

March 5, 2011

Whoa!  This is one of Rupert Murdoch’s websites!

I’ve a copy if they’ve taken it down by the time you get there.  Maybe the Lizards think it’s time for a Big Fear attack, to get the Sheople to calm down and accept their new class status.

You may not know Sam Zell – he’s a billionaire Chicago fatcat biker known as the “Grave Dancer” cuz he buys things that no one else wants (such as office buildings in the 1980s, and newspapers in the 2000s), and since no one else wants it, he sets the price – hence the sellers call him the “Grave Dancer,” though the price that most anybody else is willing to pay is zero.  Here’s Sam’s take…

And by the way, the Chinese announced a few days ago that they will begin allowing their own currency to be used for international trade, and they will have the necessary mechanisms set up before the end of 2011.  Maybe that’s why everyone is rushing to be the first to say “I told you so.”  The Chinese already, a few months back, bilaterally agreed with Russia to cut the US Dollar out of China-Russia trade, in conjunction with the opening of a big new oil pipeline from Russia to China.

Silver hit $35 today, and went well beyond, closing at its high.  Here’s a partial explanation…

The characters quote Silver at $29 – that was a month ago.  The rest of the explanation is that when the US Dollar becomes as worthless as the German Mark became in the 1920s (when if cost several billion Mark to mail a letter, as all stamp collectors well know), Silver and Gold kept their value.

Where there’s Fear, tap it out.  We can’t afford to be paralyzed by Fear, any more than we can afford to stay in Denial.  We need to stay grounded and centered enough to meditate on and pray for Peace and Survival for ourselves and our Communities.  When Lynne McTaggart organized a worldwide meditation on Peace in Sri Lanka, the majority-Sinhalese Sri Lankan government promptly massacred the minority-Tamil rebels.  Like in the Jewish parable, Peace was achieved by killing everybody.  So I can’t say that World Peace is the best thing to meditate on or pray for.  Since we don’t know what’s coming down, we need to be flexible and on our toes.

Using his-story as a guide, and Tea-Party Blaming and fanaticism as a trend, it wouldn’t be surprising to see the German progression repeated – the hyperinflation of the 1920s bred the Nazism of the 1930s which in turn bred the World War of the 1940s.  Recall that Nazi was short for the National Socialist Party, doublethink for Fascism, just as wealthy loudmouths today blame the middle class for Wall Street crimes while ignoring the Corporatism – aka Fascism – that Eisenhower warned against in the 1950s.  Which country today has less than 5% of the World’s population but makes almost 50% of the World’s arms?  Hey, it’s jobs!  O’bummer loves it.  Getting other countries to slaughter one another while selling arms to both sides, is a more likely course for the American Corporatocracy.  Or is that Coprotocracy?

But then, the 1960s are becoming permanent, no?  And Miracles are afoot, no?  And folks have recently received new marching orders from their Soul, no?  So maybe Return of the Light might be a good outcome to meditate on and pray for, no?  Remember the times when you eagerly anticipated the Future, for all of the immense potential it held, potential that could be bent for the Good?  What if we mediated on and prayed for that, for the space where we are excited about the Future! Is that open-ended enough to cover what you want without limiting the opportunity for others to play out whatever kinda karmic traumadramas they wanna play in?