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More Choice

August 29, 2017

The Arcturians, through Daniel Scranton, advise…

“Even the ability to connect with beings such as ourselves is one that more of you than ever are capable of having and utilizing.  We are meant to be your guides and to serve, and we want to reach as many of you as we can.

“[As for] your fifth dimensional abilities now, we must say that it’s going to be hard for some of you to accept that what you are experiencing is real.  There have been lifetimes for each of you when you’ve tapped in to abilities that others did not have, and you were branded as insane, or a witch, or in some other way ostracized.  And so, as much as you want to have the abilities that you want to have, you also understand that they come with a price.

“For some of you that price will simply be processing the fears that you have of persecution and the fears that you have of simply being weird.  For others you will need to process that branding that can take place, that persecution, and all that you have suffered in your previous lifetimes when you were able to see, and do, and hear things that others could not.”

Held Emotions, in other words.

“It’s time for all of you to step into your power so that you can guide, so that you can lead and so that you can help to awaken those who have no idea that there is a shift happening.  This can be fun for you if you allow it to be.  It does not have to be a burden.  Open yourselves up to receiving those abilities and trust that what you see, and what you hear, and what you feel is really real.”

With asteroid Moira Stationary, the Door to the Unconscious is wide Open, Allowing us to Access all manner of Information, Skills, Entities, Ghosts, Superheros, and most everything that’s Gone Walkabout.  Remember those tennis shoes that disappeared in 1988?  There is no Time or Space in the Unconscious, only Now and Here, as Ram Dass famously suggested.  So you can Choose to contact anyone or anything you like, from any current, past, or future time.  Until you get used to doing this, the results will be very subtle, and you’ll need to practice your “Well, what if it was” mantra.

The Door is Open now, but even after it closes, if you Choose to So Believe, you can take with you what you’re Learning now.  Remember that you’re Living in one corner of the Backwoods of the Galaxy, which is an infinitesimally small portion of the Universe.  So don’t be surprised if you meet Entities that you won’t find in your bathroom mirror, even during your worst hangover.

The folks in the picture Live here; who knows what the folks on Arcturus look like, or the folks who Live in the Center of the Earth.  Of course it’s all Metaphor anyway; in the best of circumstances All of our senses take in such a tiny fraction of what’s going on, and that’s in 3D where Time and Space can be pixellated.  Plus, y’know, we’re All One, so we’re only Seeing or Feeling parts of ourself.

If you’re having trouble finding the Open Door, look for any place where you have any sense of being a Victim, any situation in your Life that you feel like you didn’t Choose, anything you Don’t Want.  Those are the places where you Believe in Fate rather than your own Power.  Remarkable Miracles await you if you dare to step into those closets and Transform their contents.  The Door are Open.

3D and 5D and Choice O My

August 28, 2017

Lots of Convergence this week from the Channelers that I often read.  The message isn’t quite “Shit or get off the pot,” but it’s getting close to that, which is a little alarming.  Marilyn Raffaele even says “life can get very uncomfortable for those who choose to live with one foot in both worlds.”  As if it already long since hasn’t.  We’re past Sedna’s Station, so even as we empathize with Katrina’s, er I mean Harvey’s insults, Fear should be past its peak.  Tap it Out if you encounter it.

This week’s astroevent is the Station of asteroid Moira – Fate.  Fate is what happen to us when we Live from the Unconscious.  Since all but a few modern languages are descendants of Sanskrit, we would guess that Fate came down to us through the Greeks from early Hinduism.  In Hinduism Fate is clearly Political – not only is it an Either/Or (the definition of Politics), but it was clearly designed to keep The People from Taking their Power (another definition of Politics).

From the Perspective of Consciousness, Fate and Choice are Opposites; they Negate one another.  So, Courting Consciousness as we do, when our Heritage says Fate, we hear Choice.  And that’s what these Channelings are all about, your Power to Choose.  If you perceive a Threat in any of the excerpts, Discount it.  Sit on the pot as long as it’s Comfortable for you.  But while you’re there, go ahead and try out some Choices.  I recommend Theta…

“God/Goddess, Creator of All That Is, I Command…  It Is Done, It Is Done, It Is Done.  Thank you, God/Goddess! … (Breath) Show me!

With Theta, on the “Show me” you can See or Feel how well your Command worked.  If you Chose to Command Joy and your Show-me Belly registered Tension, then you know you need to go back and change your Yes-Buts to Yes-Ands.  Maybe “I Command Joy and Peace for me and all of my Loved Ones” would work better.  Or “I Command Joy and Safety” or maybe “I Command Joy and Perfect Grace” or the like.


Excerpts from Brenda Hoffman’s view of today’s Energies…

“At this point in your transition, you are fully capable of shifting your perspective to see the joy or good in any situation or to remove yourself from that situation.  That last statement makes many of you angry because you are working in an unpleasant environment or you are so entangled in situations you cannot sense a different perspective.  Such is your clue that something has to change.  Either the person or situation has to improve, or you have to change your perspective.  And since you cannot change anyone but you, it is time for you to change your perspective or remove yourself from the situation.”

“You can no longer have it both ways – playing the good 3D person with inner 5D or beyond powers.  Something has to give. And it is your decision what that something is.  If you are too frightened to claim yourself, you will reside in anger and fear not only towards yourself but to others you love or care for.  If you claim your new powers of love and joy, you will most likely be frightened at first for such actions are so opposite of what you are used to doing or being.  It is your choice.  Move to joy even if fearful.  Or remain in angst and angry feeling as if you are powerless.

“The recent energies have stoked your inner-power grids.  It is time to test those new grids with either a change in perspective or physical and emotional shifts from those who wish for you to remain in fear or tied to them in ways that encumber your life.”


Excerpts from Marilyn Raffaele’s message yesterday…
(after mid-September…

“This is not to say that the world as a whole will suddenly cease having experiences of duality and separation, but you personally will find your life becoming ever more reflective of the peace and harmony embodied within a consciousness of Oneness.

“For years, and through lifetimes of experiences you have been preparing for these times.  You have been confronted with and have released (physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually) painful stored cellular memories and the fears you have dragged through many lifetimes.

“As you replace these old heavy energies with Light and truth, you make yourselves fit vehicles for truer ways of believing, living, and being.  Even those spiritually ready, but not fully aware of this fact are feeling the intensity of Sacred Light pouring to earth and available for all to accept.

“You have arrived, the time is now.  Be patient, and avoid believing that “Nothing ever changes” or “Things are just getting worse” or “It is all a hoax” because things may look that way.  The integration of new and higher frequencies into the physical must be a process as the human body could not withstand the intense higher frequencies were they to integrate all at once.”

“You are now ready to remember who you really are.  Healers are remembering ancient healing techniques, artists are remembering previously attained creative talents, and all willing souls are beginning to once again experience unconditional love and a sense of Oneness.  Many are starting to question man’s inhumanity to man and the natural world even if they are not fully conscious of why their thinking has changed.”

“Become an observer.  Stand back, resting in your and everyone’s identity as a spiritual being, and observe.  Let go of the belief that you must heal, change, or fix anyone or anything by translating what you see into the truth that underlies all appearances–that the world and everything in it is already perfect and whole.  Recognize outer appearances of both good and bad to be manifestations of concepts and beliefs.  Your realization of the truth helps to dissolve the energy of these miscreations for there is nothing to hold them in place but a belief in them.  This is healing.

“Because you now know that you are creators, you must honestly ask yourselves: ‘What am I choosing to create?’  Do you intend to continue creating images of duality and separation simply because the world says it is the reality or because these things are familiar and comfortable? 

“We do not say to ignore the suffering of others.  Have your hand out and ready to grasp the hand of those seriously seeking answers rather than simply wanting you to do their work for them.  Never act to change another’s path of learning in the belief that it is your duty to ‘save’ them.”


Dan Scranton’s Channeling for today…

“The fastest way for you to enhance your life experience is to stop whatever you are doing and be more present with it.  We have noticed that humans are eager to get to some future moment that will be better than the one they are currently in, and this actually holds you back because there is no way to offer a vibration from the future.

“You can only offer a vibration from the now moment.  The more deeply you connect with the now moment, the more you are able to appreciate about it.  The more you are able to take in with your five senses, the more you can feel yourself moving through that experience.  And that is the way to enhance every moment that you are lining up for yourselves as well.

“This journey is ultimately about you.  It’s not about getting to the perfect life or to the fifth dimension, or to outer space.  It’s not about getting anywhere.  It’s about becoming, and the process of becoming for all of you is anchored in the present moment and it is anchored in experience.

“The only way for you to evolve is through experience, and when you rob yourselves of a large percentage of the experience you are having by not giving it your full attention, you also slow down that process of evolution that you are all so excited about.  So please hear us when we say that the now moment is where it’s at.

“And the quickest way for you to sink more deeply into the now moment is by taking a deep breath.  By taking a deep breath, you immediately align all of your bodies – your physical, emotional, mental, and energetic.  They all align because the breath solidifies your existence in the now moment.

“Be willing to explore what is right in front of you with the curiosity of a child and with no expectation.  Simply be with what is and see how your experience of it transforms right before your eyes.  And as your experience transforms, so do you.”


Excerpts from Suzanne Lie’s latest Channeling…

“We wish to remind you that you do NOT need to ‘go to’ the fifth dimension because you ARE fifth dimensional, just as you also resonate to the sixth, seventh, eighth, and beyond.  However, for many of you, your consciousness has been trapped inside of your third dimensional vessel, which has been the human vessel since of fall of Lemuria.”

“The great inter-dimensional communication that was innate to the Lemurians became lost along with their island home in the Pacific Ocean. … More and more Lemurians are deciding to take an earth vessel within this NOW, as they see that there is a possible reality which would resonate to the fifth dimension, just as Lemurians resonated to the fifth dimension.

“Now, as Gaia is becoming increasingly fifth dimensional, more and more of you are having memories of your life on Lemuria, of your telepathic communications, and of your bodies of Light, which you could alter with your every thought.

“Back in your lives on Lemuria, your language was one of toning and melody, and your vision was based on patterns of light that flowed and altered.  It would be very difficult for a ‘modern day person’ to visit Lemuria, as they could not understand what the Light Waves were saying, nor could they hear the tones which arose from every living tree, plant, lake and drop of rain.

“All of Gaia spoke then, and if you could understand Unconditional Love, you could understand how ALL life spoke to you via the patterns, tones and flashes of images that blurred into pictures and tones.  You likely were not aware that it was your ability to love all life unconditionally that allowed, and guided you, to perceive Gaia in the same manner that Gaia perceived her planetary self.

“Yes, just as you humans can perceive your own human body, Gaia can perceive Her own planetary body.  We invite you all to meditate on remembering your lives on Lemuria, as they were fifth dimensional, just as the life that you will soon be creating and entering.  As you remember your former lives of ‘living as ONE with ALL life,’ the 98% of your brain which has been closed off from you, will begin to come ‘back on line.’

“You forgot these ancient memories because of the many lives on third dimensional Earth that was constantly filled with fighting some country or pushing away some form of indoctrination.  In fact, as you go ‘back to your early beginnings’ it will assist you to move forward to your ‘impending present.’ “

“When you were a child, you still remembered your fifth dimensional creativity. … However, as you ‘grew up’ you were increasingly judged by the concept of ‘authority figures’ who told you not to ‘waste your time’ with your silly imagining. … Someone else would ‘grade’ you on your creativity.  ‘Was it good enough for them to like?’ you asked yourself.  And, each time you asked yourself that question, you moved further and further away from the Core of who YOU are.”

“The list goes on and on until, somewhere along the line, you just give up being YOU to become the ‘better version’ that ‘they’ told you to be.  Now, ‘they’ may feel very happy about this transition, but YOU do NOT feel happy.  You feel like you ‘sold out’ and became who ‘they’ want you to be.  But, too often, by the time you realize that, you also realize that it is ‘too late’ to change.  You have a family, a position, a reputation, etc. etc.  ‘It is too late to go back to who you really are!’ you try to tell your self.

“But your real, deep, inner SELF, won’t have it.  ‘NO!’ you hear yourself yelling as you wake up from that dream you keep having.  ‘NO,’ you tell your self again and again until you can no longer hear yourself saying that.  You finally believe what ‘they’ said over what your own Heart and Mind is still trying to tell you.” …

” ‘Where did you go?’ you ask.  We never left,’ you hear inside your heart.  ‘You just forgot to LOOK inside!’

Eclipsalypse IV

August 27, 2017

Saturn (Focus) and Juno (Insight) down, Sedna (Fear) and Moira (Choice) to go.  We could see these remaining two Stations as a Moira-Sedna event, which would be about Choosing How to Respond to Fear.  We’re so used to our Held Emotions – the Emotions we usually Resist Feeling – that it will be so very Easy to think that whatever is Frightening us is “Real” – Moira means Fate after all.  But Fate is what happens when we aren’t Conscious of our Choices. 

Suppose you just walked by a convenience store without going in to spend that $1 buying the $1M lottery ticket with your name on it in invisible ink, because you were too busy mulling over how you were going to pay your bills.  That’s Fate.  Did the Intuition arise, “Hey, here’s a convenience store; maybe I should buy a lottery ticket!” but you Dismissed it immediately because you’ve never won before?  That’s Karma.  Now, if a Light Lit Up down the block and you went back and bought one, that’d be Free Choice and Consciousness. 

Sure, you’re ticket would not have won $1M, but that would be because you’re still Addicted to your Karma.  If you got Excited about where you were going to spend it all when you bought the ticket, that’s an excellent start.  Now, since Karma is Inertia, just Emotionally Reinforced Habit Patterns, how many times have you Dismissed the notion that someone might give you $1M?  Put those on one side of the Libra Scales, and put your temporary Excitement on the other side.  Also, add your Disappointment at buying a losing ticket to the Dismissal side.  How are your Scales Balanced?  Mine would be approximately ∞ to 10.

We spoke earlier about Learning Sales techniques; each Rejection is a step in the direction of Success.  Could we Respond that way to a losing lottery ticket, rather than with Disappointment and Self-Judgment (“Oh what a Fool I was to think…”)?  Those Responses would add quite a bit of weight to the “Why not me?” side of the Scale.  Since Karma is Dead, we don’t need to add (∞-10) to the “Why not me?” side to bring the Scale to Balance.  All we really need to do is spend a lot of time in Gratitude and a lot of time Enjoying the Feeling State we’d be in if we’d won.

Well, sure, we’d also have to Counterbalance all those thoughts about how the Scammers would descend upon us once we won, and all those thoughts and Feelings about the millions of folks in Poverty, and all the times we worried about how we were going to pay the bills.  So we do have our work cut out for us, but as they say, the longest journey begins with a single step, or whatever it is they say.  It could take several Lifetimes, so we better start now.  Changing Habit Patterns is like Compound Interest. 

If we started saving $5 a week when we were 20, even at today’s criminally paltry interest rates we’d have had more than $6,000 to leave to our heirs when that bus hit us at age 31.  If we waited till we were 25 to start saving, our heirs would have ended up with only $2,400 instead.  In my experience, because it’s a Virtuous Spiral (positive success multiplies future positive success) instead of a Vicious Spiral, the actual “interest rate” on Positive Change is more like hundreds of percent.  At “200% interest” we’d have $4 followed by 152 zeros after six years, and well over $1 followed by 279 zeros in eleven.

Pattern Change works like this.  In the Vicious Cycle we Notice that We Screwed Up again when our “bad” Karma attacks us with “bad luck” or when we “Fail” again.  So already we’ve Bummed Ourself Out.  In a Virtuous Cycle we Begin by Being Conscious of What We Want to Change.  Then when we Notice that the World didn’t bend to our Will again, We Congratulate Ourself for Noticing the Pattern. 

Now we’re facing the World with Neutrality (the Noticing) and some degree of Positivity (the Congratulating) rather than the Expectation of Doom, and we may be Conscious enough to be able to Choose how to Respond, rather than being Victimized by our usual Karmic Reactions.  Any different Response is enough to Shatter the Karmic Pattern, but by trying a variety of Responses and Noticing how the World Reacts, our Navigation tools bulk up quickly.  Now we aren’t just Breaking untoward Karma, we’re building Patterns that Actually Support What We Want.

We could even go Exponential by making this kind of Change to our Pattern of Noticing That We Screwed Up Again itself, rather than our Pattern of Noticing That We Screwed Up Again about That, whatever That is.  Now we’re talking about making significant Changes to our Self-Love.

So our assignment for the next several days is to Be Conscious that Fear may Arise – or its Surrogate, Anger – and Notice when it does.  Having Noticed, we can short-circuit the usual process of complicating events with our Reactions (for instance if we React huffily when someone insults us unintentionally, we’re the one poisoning the Relationship, not them).  Just Noticing-Stopping-Choosing (or Awareness-Breathing-Choosing, “ABC” as Dr. Kim puts it) in itself can make huge Changes in our Lives.  Imagine if the Antichrist started doing that!  Then we start to have real Choices.  For instance, we might Tap Out our Fear or Anger, or Poor-Sweetheart ourself, or even just say to ourself “Oh, there’s Fear again, I know you.”  

Daniel Scranton and the Arcturians have been talking about this for the last several days…

And here’s a Perspective on Fear and the Outer World, from Marianne Williamson…

  ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥ 

Once we get through the Sedna and Moira Stations we sink right into the next Intense Complex, which peaks 5-6 September…

We start with Mercury going Direct again on 5 September (4:30 am PDT) in the same Degree as the Eclipse.

Then the Full Moon on 6 September (12 am PDT), on the Eurydike-Neptune Opposition (Trust Spirit) near the Virgo-Pisces Midpoint, which makes another Flying Squirrel.

Then ten hours later Nemesis (Ego Death) goes Direct, at 22 Capricorn, followed fourteen hours after that by the Station of Ixion (Forbidden Genius) in 24 Sagittarius.  In these Degrees we unleash the same almost-Grand-Unx Pattern that we saw in the Saturn Station at .

Eclipsalypse III

August 24, 2017

Here are the charts for this week’s Post-Eclipse Stations…

25 August, 5:08 am PDT.  Saturn Stationary in 22 Sagittarius

We covered this one pretty well in the first Eclipsalypse post.  We’ve put the major Angles and Configurations to Saturn directly in heavy lines, and other Angles in the same Degrees in lighter lines – otherwise there isn’t much white space left – or pink space.  Not sure why the pinkness, maybe some of the frequencies in my Full-Spectrum light bulb have burnt out, or maybe it’s gotten the not-so-blue bug to make it easier on my eyebones.  I think it is the light bulb, not the camera.

The Grand Unx Vacancy is at the top of the chart, Opposite the focus of the Sappho-Nodes T-Square at the bottom.  Our Karma and our Mission are Challenging our Self-Love.


26 August, 10:13 am PDT.  Juno Stationary in 3 Capricorn

We covered this one pretty well in as well.

27 August, 11:40am.  Sedna Stationary in 27 Taurus

We left some loose ends on this one, especially…

  • The Chiron (Letting Go of Pain) T-Square with Chaos (Unlimited Potential) and Ixion-Pholus-Quaoar-Galactic Center (We have Orders from Headquarters to Recover our Forbidden Genius now; it’s critical if we are to Be Responsible to the Survival of the Planet)We actually covered this pretty well in  The Fire Grand Trine also touches the base of this T-Square, indicating that the Galaxy is sending Reinforcements, as many prominent Channels have been reporting.  It evolves into a Kite focused on the South Node, the ultimate source of much of the Pain we’re Challenged to Embrace.


31 August, 7:40 pm PDT.  Asteroid Moira Stationary in 10 Taurus

Here’s our Flying Squirrel, could well be Rocky, though that’d probably require us to discover a Bullwinkle Configuration.

Eclipsalypse II

August 24, 2017

Dr. Kim shares what I Believe is The fundamental Truth about Healing Disease, Discomfort, Difficulty, and Despair…

A lot like Poor-Sweethearting.  Dan and the Arcs share a parallel Perspective about things like our Frustrating Projects and the Antichrist…

We are sensing your expectation for something big to occur on your world, to initiate large changes.  And we want you to recognize that the path to big changes on your world is through the acknowledgement of the growth and evolution that you can become aware of within yourselves.  It is absolutely important for you to grant yourselves the acknowledgement that you deserve.

“Now, if you are looking for big changes within yourself before you hand out those words of appreciation, you are going to continue to wait.  First you must be willing to see that every small step forward for you is worthy of your own praise.  Then, with that appreciation, you will begin to see bigger changes within yourselves.  And then you can experience a big change in the external world.

“Looking outside of yourselves for the change while looking right past all of the positive changes that you’ve made in your own lives is not the way to get to where you are going.  Remember that the outer world will always be a reflection of what is going on within you, and it is far more important for you to be aware of what is going on within you than it is for you to be looking for evidence outside of you that humanity is evolving.

“You can synchronize yourself with a version of the human collective that is making steady progress, simply by acknowledging the progress that you make, the progress that you see in the ones around you, the ones who are closest to you.  And then the human collective will begin to reflect that to you as well.

“You all collectively co-create this world that you see and that you experience, and we know that you would like to see a much different world outside of yourselves.  And we just want you to know that you’re closer than you think. Trust us when we say that it will always be an inside job.”

If we study Sales, the first thing we learn is that not everyone wants or needs what we’re selling.  But there most likely are some people who want or need it, or even who just take pity on us.  Of course we need to Believe in the utility and value of our product, and it has to have enough utility and value to make the Sales effort worthwhile.  If we’ve established all that then, we can estimate what proportion of our Sales efforts will be successful.  Let’s say it’s ten percent.  That means nine out of ten prospects will turn us down.  So we learn to see each of those Rejections as a step toward the next Sale.

We can take a similar approach to our Frustrating Project that may be the Most Important Thing and probably has something to do with our Forbidden Genius and our Growth in Consciousness and our Free Will – each speed bump along the way to Manifesting it is a step toward Removing the Final Obstacle to its Success.


August 24, 2017

The Eclipse has inspired the Antichrist to drop his never-very-effective disguise.   Considering all the Grand Trines in the Eclipse chart, we have to assume that in the long run, that’s a boon.  Our post-Eclipse week is filled with Stations (when planets Stand Still just before they start to move in the opposite direction), which is when a Planet’s Energy is strongest. 

The typical Pattern is that the Intensity of the Planet’s Energy increases up until the moment the Station is Exact, then falls off rapidly.  If we aren’t aware that this is what’s happening, however, we can easily indulge our Victim in Response to the Energy.  If we do that and then make Decisions to Protect ourself from the Energy, it becomes or reinforces one of our Held Emotions, and can keep us from seeing what’s really going on for Lifetimes.  We’ll include examples.

We’re writing these up as if they were four separate events, which they aren’t; they’re Simultaneous, so what we’ll Experience is the Interaction among all four of them, plus the Eclipse Energy.

Our schedule looks like this…


  • 25 August, 5:08 am PDT.  Saturn Stationary in 22 Sagittarius
    • Turning Direct; Retrograde since 5 April in 28 Sagittarius.
    • 22-28 Sagittarius is about Letting Go of an Obsolete “Spiritual Ego” (your Spiritual Identity) and Opening Up to Mirrors that will show you who you are about to Become, Spiritually (Virgo and Libra Duads).
    • Saturn signifies The Most Important Thing; what have you been Doing that feels “stolen,” or not Doing that you Really Wanted to Do?
    • Conjunct Lilith, which symbolizes Self-Sovereignty.  Have you been Day-Dreaming or Wishing about not having to Do what you don’t Want to Do any longer?  Or about no longer having to Do things for which you have to Pretend to be someone you Aren’t?
    • Conjunct Ixion, which represents our Hidden or Forbidden Genius.  So… that which “feels stolen,” or that you Really Want, or which makes you feel Liberated, or which Allows you to Stop Pretending… those are excellent clues about your Forbidden Genius.
    • So we should point out that The Most Important Thing here is Embracing our Forbidden Genius and moving toward Self-Sovereignty (ie, who we are about to Become, Spiritually).  There’s a reason they’re tearing down statues about Slavery.
    • The Saturn Station chart is incredibly complicated, with…
      • three Grand Crosses (one including Ssturn)
      • a Sappho (Self-Love) T-Square
      • three Grand Trines (one including Saturn)
      • one Grand Sextile (including Saturn)
      • nine Fingers of God (not including Saturn)
      • two Mjölnirs (not including Saturn), which will Open Up Insights about Abuse, Vows, and Trust
      • eleven twelfths of a Grand Unx, which is about Breaking Patterns (an Unx is One Twelfth of something)
    • The Grand Unx Vacancy is 23 Taurus, A jewelry shop filled with valuable gems“; what awaits us when we Embrace our Forbidden Genius and move toward Self-Sovereignty is the Spiritual Substance behind the Sparklies, like Seeing a Faerie instead of a Spinning Leaf.
    • Of special note: a simultaneous close Conjunction between the North Node (Mission in the Lifetime), Mars (Action, Anger), and Atropos (Endings), signifying that it’s Possible here to Stop Sabotaging Ourself.
    • Now, suppose we can’t bear the Guilt about overcoming how awful Mom (or whomever) told us our Genius was, and can’t bear to Break Out of our Codependent Relationship with So-and-So’s Approval.  Then we Betray ourself and bow to the pressure to Conform, Deciding that we Can’t Break Out, adding an additional layer to our Karma and retarding our own Growth.


  • 26 August, 10:13 am PDT.  Juno Stationary in 3 Capricorn
    • Turning Direct; Retrograde since 9 May in 19 Capricorn.
    • 9-19 Capricorn is about taking an Honest look at ourself and Resolving to Change what doesn’t Serve us (Taurus to Cancer Duads).
    • Juno symbolizes The Edges of our Consciousness.  Something is Threatening to Break Into your Identity.  It might be your Forbidden Genius or your Self-Sovereignty.  Will you Let it come in, or will your Ego be too Scared to Accept the Changes?
    • Conjunct Hylonome, which symbolizes our Codependence – who or what we’re Merged with, so that we cannot tell where they End and we Begin, or we cannot tell the Difference between ourself and what we’re Merged with.  An Ideology, for instance, or an untoward Habit or Addiction.
    • In other words, Major Pattern-Breaking is afoot.  If it Frightens you, it’s probably exactly where you need to go.  Tap Out the Fear, Theta What You Want (include Safety – that might be enough to mollify your Olde Ego), and Iterate using your “Show Me’s.”
    • The Juno Station chart is much simpler, lacking a significant Configuration.  Juno-Hylonome Squares Karma-Makemake, implying that part of the Challenge around what’s Coming Into Consciousness is What You’ve Been Having a Difficult Time Creating.  Would the Significant Adults in your Childhood have Approved of your Manifesting that?  Do you Resent or Disdain or Badmouth or Envy the people who Do Manifest it?  Good avenue for more Tapping and Thetaing.
    • Deserving special mention: Varuna Initiates Venus several hours after the Exact Juno Station, at 1 Leo, “Blood rushes to a person’s head as their vital energies are mobilized.”  Powerful, indicating that the Life Force will flow – and Sparkle – through our Values.
    • Now, suppose you get Frustrated, curse your bad luck, and Decide you’re never going to be able to Do that.  That’s a Powerful Intention, isn’t it. 
    • Do you have as much Passion about your Desire to Manifest it?  Passion is the Glue that holds our Hardcopy Reality in place (that Passion is represented by the Moon, which Sextiles the Juno Station – Remember that it was Powerful enough to Blot Out the Sun just a few days ago).  Tap Out the Frustration whenever it arises, and instead PIAVA Excitement about What You’re Wanting to Create.  Spend Time Day-Dreaming about How It Will Feel when you’ve Succeeded.


  • 27 August, 11:40am.  Sedna Stationary in 27 Taurus
    • Turning Retrograde till 7 February 2018 in 26 Taurus.
    • 26-27 Taurus is about Self-Betrayal.
    • Sedna symbolizes Fear, the Anger which occurs when we take it personally and try to set Boundaries against what we Fear, and the Powerlessness that we Feel when we’re Defenseless to it (like the proverbial Deer in the headlights).
    • The established Reactions to Fear are Fight, Flight, or Freeze.  The usually-unacknowledged alternative is PresenceFear, recall, is the Absence of Love, and Being Present, while Emotionally Neutral, is actually very Loving.  We could distinguish the Emotion that we call Love, from the Love which is the Substance of the Universe, by calling the latter Presence.  Presence is also what distinguishes Compassion from Sympathy.
    • Remember that the Unconscious knows Dimension, but not Direction; it does not know Negation.  Therefore we could also Define Sedna as indicating Presence, or the Need for it.
    • Sedna is two orders of Magnitude deeper in the Unconscious than Pluto (as delineated by orbit length).  So the TranceFormations represented by Sedna are exponentially more Profound than those mediated by Pluto.  These are the Transformations that Presence and Neutrality engender.  Neutrality can include Preference and Empathy; it just doesn’t include Attachment.
    • While no other planets Conjoin Sedna, it’s Opposed by Sappho (Self-Love), and Squares the Nodes, with Mars (Action, Anger) and Atropos (Endings) on the North Node (Mission in the Lifetime)Love is the Answer, no matter what the Question.  Self-Love has the Potential to turn Fear into Presence, Transform the Lifetime, and End Self-Sabotage.
    • There’s more; we’ll cover that later.
    • Now, suppose we Chose – Consciously or Otherwise – to indulge our Fear and Allow it to Limit What We Want.  Maybe something about What We’ve Been Trying to Manifest Frightened us, and we made a Decision that it wasn’t Safe to keep trying.  Maybe we were Trying to Manifest a Relationship and we felt Abused by a candidate.  That’s an excellent reason to PIAVA Safety, and an excellent reason to Explore what Abuse might have to do with Why We Don’t Have a Relationship Already.  What stops us from being Present with our Reactions to this Abuse?  Can we Tap that Out and thereby get Clearer about What We Want?


  • 31 August, 7:40 pm PDT.  Asteroid Moira Stationary in 10 Taurus
    • Turning Retrograde until 16 December at 26 Aries.
    • 26 Aries to 10 Taurus is about finishing the Design of a major new Project and building the foundation of a Prototype; we’re at the point where we no longer have to Visualize the Hard Copy; we can See its 3D Form (Aquarius Duad of Aries through Leo Duad of Taurus).
    • Asteroid Moira symbolizes Fate.  Fate is what happens when we Live our Life Unconsciously.  Free Will occurs when we Become Conscious.  Obviously, some areas of our Life are still matters of Fate, while in others we can make Active Choices.  That Project we’ve been Frustrated with, that’s an example of the Edges of Consciousness; we’re trying to exercise Choice, and it’s not working out the way we Want it to.  What to do?  Any time we want to negotiate with the Unconscious, we PIAVA.
    • In the sense that Saturn is about Choosing Where to Focus, Lilith is about Choosing Where in our Life to pursue Yindependence, and Sedna is about Choosing Presence, Moira is about Choosing Free Will.
    • The Moira Station is one forepaw of a Flying Squirrel Configuration.  The Square is to Venus-Veritas, implying that we’ll be Examining whether or not our Values are True to our level of Consciousness.  For instance, do we regard Veracity as important, yet not bother to fact-check anything that agrees with our Ideological Perspective?
    • The Grand Trine is with Orcus-Eurydike in Virgo (We need to review our Past Commitments to see which need Renegotiation) and Moon-Chariklo in Capricorn (Gain Confidence in your Ability to Manifest by checking to see how easily you can Imagine the Feeling you’ll get when you’ve succeeded).  Remember that Time is not Linear in the Unconscious or in 5D, so Cause and Effect does not apply.  For instance, from the Perspective of Logic, we won’t be able to Feel what we will Feel as a result of our Manifestation, until after we’ve Manifested it.  But from the 5D Perspective we won’t be able to Manifest something until we can Feel what it’s like.
    • There’s more; we’ll come back to it.
    • Now, suppose we read something about our natal chart, or as Seth suggests we look back over our Life to see exactly what our Karma is, and we accept it as our Fate.  Bear in mind that Hupers are very Suggestible.  We can easily Unconsciously Accept something as our Fate.  What if your father or other Significant Adult told you repeatedly that you’d “Never amount to anything unless you” Learned to do something that just wasn’t you.  That might be why you’re having difficulty with that Project you’re trying to Create.  No Blame on your father; he was just helping you Get Conscious about your Karma by “rubbing it in.”
    • Don’t forget that Karma is actually Dead.  Our Karma has no grip on us; our Ego clings to it because the Ego prefers Frustration to Change, and Fears the Unknown.  These Stations are “rubbing it in” so we can Get more Conscious about how it works.
    • If you don’t have a Karmic involvement with your Frustrating project, then you wouldn’t be Frustrated by it.  Emotions are very seldom actually Present-Moment.  Most of them are flashbacks to Trauma we’ve long since forgotten.  Act as though your Project is successful (the Egg is fertile, it’s just incubating), but see if you can do it like a professional actor – immerse yourself in the role.  The Antichrist is a good role model here for you to copy; the difference is that no matter how thoroughly you Live the role, you still know you’re Acting.  No Blame on the Antichrist; he’s just helping us Get Conscious of our Collective Karma by rubbing it in.


We’ll add the charts tomorrow.

Big Eclipse IX

August 21, 2017

So far, the Lunar Supremacists are Darkening the Solar Supremacists pretty well, with a sizable piece of the Sun already Eaten.  I saw three Faeries darting about between the trees before the Eclipse even began.  I’m most impressed by how the Sun is so much brighter than usual, even when it’s almost half Occulted, and how the Sky is a slightly darker blue.  It’s subtle, but obvious next to the green of the Trees.  It’s very Silent already.  An Eagle just flew over, heading east (which symbolizes Enlightenment, by the way).  They aren’t rare here, but we don’t see more than one or two a year.

Saturn Station

August 21, 2017

Saturn represents The Most Important Thing.  When Saturn is Lit Up, as it is now because it’s Stationary this week, Guilt often arises about what we are or aren’t doing.  We may actually be Attending to The Most Important Thing, but our Yangtegrity (our Desire to Do What We Said We Would Do When We Said We Would Do It) is making us Feel Guilty because The Most Important Thing is not on the Schedule.  Or, we may Feel Guilty or Anxious or “Off” because we aren’t Attending to the Most Important Thing, and deep down we know we should be.

Fear often accompanies this Dance, because if we are Attending to The Most Important Thing, we’re Afraid that our internal Yangtegrity or our external Puppet-Masters will Punish us.  It’s the Heart, not the mind, that tells us what The Most Important Thing is, moment to moment, and if we aren’t Listening to the Heart, we’re likely to be Feeling either Fear or Grief about how we aren’t Paying Attention to What We Took This Lifetime For.

While Fear might usually help us know whether or not we’re Attending to The Most Important Thing, it won’t help us find out what it is, because Fear is the Absence of Love, and we need Love to find The Most Important Thing.  This week is more Complicated, because dwarf planet Sedna, which symbolizes Fear, is also Stationary and Lit Up.  So this week, it may behoove us to just PIAVA it.  “Ganeshi, Please Remove All Obstacles to my Attending to The Most Important Thing, Moment to Moment, this week.”  Or something like that.

Failing at Priority Number One is a Serious blow to our Self-Esteem, so much so that we often don’t Risk it, so we won’t be Vulnerable to such a Profound Failure.  This Hesitation could be tied up with our Forbidden Genius this week, since Saturn still Conjoins dwarf planet Ixion, which represents our Abandoned Genius. 

Many of us have also been told many times not to “put all our Eggs in one basket,” so we like to keep Options and Fallbacks and Alternatives in the stable.  We may be Afraid to Let Go of these in order to Focus on The Most Important Thing, even if we know what it is.  Priorities two through ninety-nine keep the Ego Feeling Safe.

When Saturn is Lit Up, Do Focus on The Most Important Thing.  All of those Options and Fallbacks and Alternatives will take care of themselves for a while, and when Saturn Cools Off next week, you can go back to them.  They’ll act like you were never gone. 

If you don’t know what The Most Important Thing is, PIAVA to know it.  There’s One Most Important Thing that spans your entire Lifetime, but it’s always Transmuting itself as the Universe Changes, and as you Successfully Attend to some segment of it.  So it’s another Paradox – a Constant that’s always Changing.  You need your Intuition and your Instincts to keep track of it.  If you try to cage it with Certainty or with too many words, it’ll slip out of your hands like a Fish.

Since Saturn’s hanging out with Ixion, you could even PIAVA “God/Goddess, Please Lovingly and Gently Introduce me to my Forbidden Genius.”  Since She’s Forbidden, be sure to include “Lovingly and Gently.”

Big Eclipse VIII

August 20, 2017

Here’s a fascinating Video that doesn’t appear to be Photoshopped…

…though we don’t want to Confuse it with Resentment.

Anyone born between 1955 and 1958 will have their natal Pluto (Transformation, or Trance Re-Formation) under the Eclipse.  Your Voice will be Powerful in this Time Province, so don’t hold back.  The Eclipse Squares (Illuminates) Schwarzenegger’s Nodes (his Path in the Lifetime).

Donna Woodwell, at…

Points out that the Eclipse Opposes the USofA’s natal Moon (Instincts) and Conjoins the Donald’s natal Ascendant (How the Person is Seen by Others), and I’ll add that it Conjoins Steve Bannon’s natal Moon-Vertex (Channel) and Opposes his Vesta (Beliefs).  

We regard an Eclipse as an Enlightenment, because the best way to bring into Consciousness something that we hadn’t Differentiated from Background Noise, is to Remove it and then Restore it – one of those blinking Neon Signs that Jewel spoke of.  If you read Donna’s article, you’ll see that she has a more traditional approach, seeing an Eclipse as as literally Extinguishing.  But read on – she then talks about Jung’s concept of the Shadow, and an Eclipse’s Potential to Reveal it – exactly what we mean when we see an Eclipse as Illuminating.  (The Unconscious doesn’t do Duality – Endarkenment = Enlightenment.)

Here’s an excerpt from Donna’s article…

“Donald Trump was never the ‘enemy of progress.’  He was the right man, in the right place, at the right time.  In this sense, Trump is a man destined from birth to hold the projection of the collective shadow of our nation.  So that we can clean up our shit and move on to the next phase of our history.

“He’s holding up a mirror to see what’s broken within ourselves and within our society.  He’s a proverbial match that lights the bonfire, already stacked long before he arrived.  Now it’s our turn as a nation to ask the crucial questions: who are we as a nation, and what do we want to become?”

So, no Resentment, K?  Donna also points out the next Total Solar Eclipse that spans the US, this time from Texas to Maine, coincides in 2024 to the USofA’s Pluto Return.  When a planet Returns to it’s natal position, it restarts a whole New Adventure in the Life.  When the planet is Pluto, we aren’t likely to Recognize the Newbie as the same Entity.

At the end of Eclipse VI we listed the Stations that characterize the unstable wake turbulence following the Eclipse…

‘Then we need to quickly turn our Attention to the Adventures which follow and Challenge our Infant Self to make Choices it may not be ready for…

“24 August (ie, ~ 17-24 August) – Saturn Stationary turning Direct, informing us that we need to Pay Attention to The Most Important Thing

“26 August (ie, ~ 22-26 August) – Juno Stationary turning Direct, Opening the Gate between Consciousness and the Unconscious

“27 August (ie, ~ 20-27 August) – Sedna Stationary turning Retrograde, Staying Present when we’re in Fear or Anger

I’ve since noticed that we need to add…

1 September (ie, ~ 26 August-1 September) – Moira Stationary turning Retrograde, tapping us on the shoulder and reminding us that Consciousness Behooves

Moira symbolizes Fate, and we know that Fate and Free Will are one of those Dualities that the Unconscious Cancels out; in the Unconscious Fate is Free Will.  Fate is what happens when we Live our Life Unconsciously, as the Victim of our Karmic Archetypes.  The claim that “no one is born hating” isn’t quite True, since Resentful and worse Karmic Archetypes are not at all uncommon.  Probably only Fear Archetypes (aka Limiting Beliefs) are more common than Resentful Archetypes, and Fear devolves into Anger as the Ego Learns to “Defend” itself against what it Fears (in truth it’s Offense).

So we could read the post-Eclipse week as The Most Important Thing (Saturn) is to Become Conscious (Juno) of our Fear (Sedna) so we don’t have to Live it (Moira).

Meanwhile, because we can’t expect everyone to Become Conscious, we should tread cautiously, because those who do “Choose” to Live their Fear on the 3D Hardcopy level, are likely to be armed and dangerous.  It actually is, on the Soul Level, a Choice, and as Donna implies about ‘Rump, Living anything on the 3D Hardcopy level is actually a good way to Bring it into Consciousness.

Big Eclipse VII

August 20, 2017

Dan & the Arcturians add this to the stewpot…

“Yes, you have arrived at an important point in this calendar year.  You are all aware of the celestial bodies, their movement, and the effects that their energies have on those of you living on planet Earth.  The eclipse that is coming is an important event because the moments that the sun will be behind the moon are an opportunity for all of you to recognize that you have the ability to access the power of the sun within you.

“The sun, like everything else in the universe, exists within you.  It also exists outside of you from a certain perspective.  But the sun itself, the energy of it, the power, the wisdom, the higher frequencies, they all exist within you.  In the moments when the moon is blocking the sun from the Earth, we invite you to feel for everything that the sun provides for you as potential energy that exists within you.

“You have the ability to shine light.  You have the ability to offer warmth.  You have the ability to nurture life, to provide insight.  You have the ability to send transmissions of light, transmissions of energy.  You also have your flare-ups, and you also have aspects that when taken to an extreme are unhealthy.  So you see, you are the sun.

“You also have an ability to access the aspects of the sun that you want to access in any given moment.  You can choose to be the version of the sun that you want to be, and when the sun comes back, you will once again benefit from its presence.  It acts as a reminder to all of you of how powerful you are, how much light you have within you, and how much potential there is within each of you for anything and everything under the sun.”