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Planets Galore! 2

August 27, 2020

So, how do we make that complicated-looking 29 August (8:40 pm PDT) Converting Fear into Power (Sedna Station) chart…

…easily interpretable?  We just interpret The Most Important Configurations, which in this case are the two Yin Gates.  I know, this is a temporary (“Transit”) chart, so we don’t really have a lot of time to dwell on it, unless it happens to correspond with some Earth-shaking Insight or Trauma, because another Temporary chart is coming down the Time-Pike lickity-split. Of course, these days the Traumas seem to be tailgating each other.  Hopefully the Insights are as well.

If this was your natal or Birth chart, you’d want to know everything about it, even though it would be only a portion of your Psyche, covering 6-8 or so Degrees out of 30.  That’s about a fourth of your Degrees.  And we’d be dealing with 8 of the 44 planets, almost 20% of your planets.  In “Real Life,” folks don’t usually have more than three or four of these Configuration-heavy segments in their natal charts.

If this was part of your natal chart, you’d want to be studying it during the third week of every month.  Why?  Because it covers 26-2 Degrees, and the Sun is in the 1st Degree of one Sign or another on or about the 21st of every month.  So this part of your chart would be Lit Up then.  When I’m doing a reading for someone, I read only the parts of their natal chart that are Lit Up at the time, because we pretty much tune out all of the parts that aren’t Lit Up.  No harm, the other parts will get their turn, and they’re waiting patiently.

But, back to this Sedna Station chart.  Who’s ever heard of a Yin Gate anyway, except loyal readers of this blog.  You’ll notice in this chart that there are two big blue rectangles (“Golden” Rectangles in astrologuese).  If you have a big blue rectangle that’s spit evenly in two on the long axis by a long red line (Opposition), you have a Yin Gate.  If the split is even, you’ll have two green (Quincunxes) Xs, one on each side of the red line.  And most important, you’d have two Fingers of the Goddess (green wedges) pointing to each end of the red line.

A green wedge or Finger of the Goddess admonishes us to Pay Attention! to the planet that it’s pointing to.  A long red line connects two Energies that in some manner Oppose one another.  One of the long red lines in this chart has Fear (Sedna) on one end and Transcendence (Bee-Zed) on the other, so it reinforces the notion that Sedna is about Converting Fear to Power.

But that’s the Intellectual interpretation, in which the Opposition is an Either/or Duality.  That would be a fine interpretation if this Opposition wasn’t the central Axis of a Yin Gate.  A Yin Gate is about Mystery and Paradox, not Intellectual Dualities.  A Yin Gate is about the two Fingers of the Goddess and their Quincunxes.  A Quincunx Asks us to Forget everything we Think we Know, in order to see through the eyes of an Infant and be Open to Entirely New Insights that are not subject to Logic and not Intellectually Defendable.  That’s not Easy…

  • Pay Attention! (Goddess-Finger) to Curiosity (Quincunx) about the Relationship that Fear (Sedna) may have with Rebirth (Haumea) on one hand and Responding to Our Unique Genius (Pholus-Ixion – the Sextile in the base of the Goddess-Finger) on another.  Remember that Expressing our Unique Genius will invariably involve Violating Social Norms (Ixion).
  • Pay Attention! to Curiosity about the Relationship that Transcendence (Bee-Zed) may have with Action (Mars) and Unlimited Potential (Chaos).  Remember that Exploring our Unlimited Potential will invariably involve Ego Death (Chaos) because it’s our Ego that Guards that gate by Defending our Limitations.

To get beyond the Left Brain and reach Deeply into the Unconscious, we’ll probably need to use Magnetic PIAVA techniques.  It’s difficult to give Examples of this sort of process, because a Successful Mystery School, such as a Yin Gate, takes each of us beyond Where and Who we were before hand, so it’s very Individual.  We can maybe provide clues…

  • Are you being Asked or Inspired to Exceed any Limits that usually Govern your Life?  (Bee-Zed, Mars, Chaos)  Does it Feel Scary?  (Sedna)

Personally, I notice that I’m taking much bigger risks than I’m accustomed to taking, even as I’m being quite cautious about when and where and how I take them.  It will probably be a couple of weeks before I know whether they turn out to be Rewarding or Educational.

It would be a special case if someone else was Asking us to Exceed our Limits.  We would have to be very careful to Discern whether their Requests or Demands were Mirroring our Denial, or Serving their Desires at our Expense.  Since none of our Self-Sovereignty planets (Lilith, Hylonome) are involved here, this may not be a serious issue.

  • Are you involved in anything Exciting that could end up Burning Bridges?  (Sedna, Haumea, Pholus-Ixion)  Are you Aware that Bridges could Burn?

Our Unique Genius is usually Hidden behind a wall of Shame or otherwise Forbidden to us (Ixion).  So Responding to it will at least Challenge the prison guards that we grew up with who were in charge of the Shaming and Forbidding.  If these guards are still Alive and still In Our Life, this could trigger Intense Interpersonal Conflict.  If they aren’t still around, we usually Unconsciously appoint people to Act Out their Role for us.  The BLM Protestors and WS Counterprotestors could both be Acting this Drama Out in the streets.

Do you find yourself taking sides and getting Emotionally Involved in the Dramas? – As opposed to having an opinion, even a strong one, but no Attachment to Outcomes?

That’s one of the Yin Gates.  The Central Axis of the second Yin Gate is about Discovering New Landscapes behind our usual Intellectual interpretations around how (1) Responding to Our Unique Genius (Pholus-Ixion) and (2) Staying Safely within Our Accustomed Boundaries (Chaos) Relate to one another.

Here I’ll wager you’ll be working with your Lifelong Fantasies.  What If I’d Have Done This-and-That in Such-and-Such a Circumstance?  Wow!  What Might Have Happened?  What if Someone Responded to Me the Way I Always Wanted Someone to Respond?  How Exciting Would That Have Been!?!?  How Different My Life Could Have Been!

In this Yin Gate, Responding to Our Unique Genius (Pholus-Ixion) is Tied Up In Some Surprising Way with Fear (Sedna) and What Seems to Be Our Fate (asteroid Karma).  Of course we’re using Fear as a shortcut for Converting Fear to Power, which is what Sedna is really all about, even if Fear is how we Experience it before we Breathe or do our Kegels or Tap It Out or Poor-Sweetheart ourself.  And of course Fate and Karma prove to be Paper Tigers when we Become Conscious about them.

And Staying Safely within Our Accustomed Boundaries – Or Not! (Chaos) is In Some Remarkable New Way Related to Transcendence (Bee-Zed) and Realizing that The Most Important Thing in Life is How We Feel About It (Out-of-Bounds Moon and Saturn), where “it” is Anything and Everything.

I mean, how often, when we’re working on Manifesting something, do we devote most of our Attention to How We’ll Feel When It Has Manifested?  How will you Feel when Hupers have Respect For All People and All Things, for instance?  When we Embrace our Viruses Lovingly?  What will it be like to Live in such a World?  Is that where your Thoughts and Emotions automatically move to when you read or hear about Partisan Outrage?  Isn’t that where our Greatest Power for Changing the World lies?