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The Rest of May

May 27, 2014

topazolite2543bpNew ways of thinking lurking under cover.  Topazolite is the Yellow form of Andradite, a Calcium-Iron Garnet (Garnet is a family of minerals).

Before we get to the foreground, we don’t want to forget the two big ongoing events in the background.  First, our “dumb-luck” Grace continues through the end of May, and second, our Yintegrity work is temporarily winding down a little after a huge peak in April – though there’s some debriefing to do in mid-June.

The foreground also holds two significant events.  We don’t usually put “structure” and “Unconscious” in the same sentence, but that’s what’s happening here, as over the last two and a half years the Dissonance has increased between how we structure our view of Reality, and the “actual” Reality (such as it is) that we keep bumping into.  Dissonance between who we believe ourselves to be (individually and as part of a number of collectives) and how we see ourselves and our Communities acting and speaking, reveals critically important information about our Unconscious Beliefs – it betrays our Denial.  Dissonance represents a fabulous opportunity for Growth in Consciousness.

It’s a crossroads of sorts.  If we’ve been adjusting our sense of self and our sense of belonging as the Dissonance developed, particularly over the last year, then we’re at the point where we can take a fourth-step inventory of the other parts of our Life to see what physical Changes we want to make to integrate our Consciousness Changes.  But if we’ve let the Dissonance build up, without adjusting our self-concepts and our memberships along the way, then we have remedial work to do on our Identity.  Maybe we knew someone at UCSB, and our NRA membership is starting to give us second thoughts – that sort of thing.  Or maybe you aren’t taking enough time to be Consciously Grateful for the services that the Bees provide to us, even though you’ve noticed that the Energy Exchange between your two species is very unequal, perhaps fatally so for both of us.

The other big foreground event is about your Beliefs per se, and how Sustainable they are.  It’s very complementary to the first foreground event, but a little different.  The first event is about the Edges of your Consciousness and how ragged they are; this second one is about how you have to shuffle your deepest Beliefs in order to find the motivation to either keep on keepin’ on, or make some pretty serious changes in your Lifestyle to maintain your sense of internal harmony. 

In the first case you might be learning a lot of new things, and either anxious or excited about putting them to work.  In the second case you might be finding that many of your assumptions about Humanity or God or “those people” are actually dead wrong, and scrambling to figure out how to rebuild your Reality so it doesn’t sabotage you so much.

I’m splitting hairs here, since we’re going to be grokking them both as one set of Experiences.  Remember that part of the Big Grace in the background is the availability of Miracles.  To get to Miracles you have to change the way you think.  Not what you think about, but the way you think about what you think about.  How the devil do we do that? 

With PIAVA.  The most important part is Changing the Subject after you PIAVA.  What to PIAVA isn’t so hard – just Ask or Pray for something you want a lot but that’s not possible.  And don’t forget to Pay Attention after you Change the Subject.  Wait a while between the two steps, though, otherwise you won’t really be Changing the Subject.  Maybe keep a journal, do your PIAVAs on Tuesdays, then forget about them, but check back on Saturday to see what happened.  You’ll probably need to stretch (that is, Change the way you think) in order to find connections between your Prayers and whatever transpired while your Attention was elsewhere.

The first Portal is open for several days on either side of May 28, with the several days prior to May 28 likely to be stronger.  The second Portal has two peaks, one on May 27, and the other on June 1, with the window first opening around mid-May.

In the background, April’s chronologically intense Uranus-Pluto-Jupiter-Mars Grand Cross

The individual Squares and Oppositions in the Grand Cross were exact at almost the same time, hence “chronologically intense.”

has faded, as has the followup Uranus-Jupiter-Vesta T-Square.  We started this Yintegrity business in May 2012, and we won’t be done with it till May 2015, but the heat is off for July, August, and September this year.  June’s a little more complicated, but we’ll get there later.  Our current work here is around 14-17 degrees of the Cardinal Signs, which will light up any of your natal planets in this range.

The Big Grace comes from the Chiron-Saturn-Jupiter Grand Trine, which occurs in 18-20 degrees of the Water Signs, and will especially impact any natal process you have going on there.

The important thing to remember is not to self-congratulate for your brilliance, but to find your Gratitude for the Grace.  Self-confidence (nose points straight ahead) is great; self-adulation (nose points up) misses the point entirely.  If nose points down, get to work PIAVAing your Miracle.

As for the foreground, Juno Opposes Saturn on May 28 (the “first” foreground event), Vesta is Stationary Direct on May 27, and Ceres is Stationary Direct on June 1 (combined, the “second”).

To whit, on May 28 Juno Opposes Saturn.  The Portal will be Open for three of four days on either side.  This Juno-Saturn Cycle is about “Two men placed under arrest: A breakdown in the constructive relationship between the individual and society,” and the Initiation occurred in mid-September 2011 at 18 Libra.

The Opposition is a crisis point of sorts in a Cycle.  Cycles begin at the Conjunction (Initiation), the Music gets loud at the Square, and the Opposition is the point where you either realize you have remedial work to do, or recognize how much you’ve changed and modify the rest of your Life to fit whom you’ve now become. 

You can see the value of Consciousness; if you understand the trend, it’s easy to jump into the remedial work.  If you see Life as a constant, you’re most likely to just rue the lost opportunity to restructure your relationship to your Culture, not realizing that the real opportunity lies in front of you.

The Cycle starts to unwind after the Phitile, which occurs just after the Waning Trine.  The Opportunity to remedy unfinished work or expand results into other arenas occurs between the Opposition and the Phitile.

The Opposition occurs at 19 Taurus-Scorpio, so will ignite any natal hot spots you have at 17-21 of the Fixed Signs, as well as any natalities you have in the neighborhood of 18 Libra.  The Phitile will occur in the first week of August.  If you harmonize your Life between now and then, you’ll be glad you did.

Meanwhile, Vesta is Stationary Direct on May 27, and Ceres on June 1.  Using one degree of Sensitivity, their Stationary periods began about two weeks prior.  They’ve been Retrograde since their simultaneous March 1 Stations.  They’ve both been backing over the last Decanate of Libra, the Gemini Decanate.  Libra is Open to Other.

When a planet Retrogrades, it crosses its “Shadow Period” (the span of its Retrogradation) three times, once forward, then backward, then forward again.  It means that we’re asked to closely re-examine any issues involved with that Shadow Period.  A Decanate is a third of a Sign, or ten degrees.  The Decanates take the qualities of the following Signs of the same Element – here, the Air Signs Libra, Aquarius, and Gemini. 

So the first Decanate of Libra is the Libra Decanate (unrestrained Openness to Other), the second is the Aquarius Decanate (making sense of Other), and the third is the Gemini Decanate (puzzling over the way Other doesn’t make sense).

Each zodiacal Sign is a reaction to the previous Sign. 

Virgo’s spiritual purpose is to break up the self-focus of Leo, and as it is with all Mutable Signs (Mutable as in mutation), the result is in some degree chaos, as the old way self and society were organized breaks down into pieces that must be reassembled in new ways.  The Cardinal Signs react to Mutable chaos by creating a new sense of Order.  Libra’s notion of Order means Creating Community.  The Libra Decanate Reaches Out to Other.  The Aquarius Decanate tries to make sense out of what worked and what didn’t in that effort – though of course “what worked” is dependent on one’s objectives, and everyone has different objectives.

Since Reality is infinitely more complex than Duality, the mind never meets its natural objective of putting everything into neat categories.  So the Gemini Decanate is stuck with trying to fit the pieces together – trying to identify the parts of ideology that seemed to fit Reality and the parts of Reaching Out that seemed to work, trying to put those together, trying to understand why parts of ideology didn’t work and why parts of Reaching Out backfired.  The end result is an intense Curiosity inspired by the need to rectify Confusion (which, recall, is the first stage of Growth).  That takes us to Scorpio and its intense need to “get to the bottom of things.”

Any planets, asteroids, lights, house cusps, or other major symbolic points that you have in the last third of Libra will be triggered for you.

These Stations are only two degrees apart, as these ‘roids are on their way to Communion in early July.  Ceres will then Baptize Vesta at 22 Libra, “A child giving Birds a drink at a fountain: The concern of simple souls for the welfare and happiness of less-evolved Beings who thirst for life renewal.”  We take exception to the part about Birds being “less-evolved” Beings, but at least there is Compassion there, if not a lessening of homocentrism.  The Judgment is Rudhyar’s, and befits the Beliefs of his era.  Rudhyar usually sees Birds as intimating Spirit; we can modernize the reading to “A child giving Birds a drink at a fountain: Manifest form reconnecting itself to its overarching Spirit.”  Gratitude for the Bees made manifest, in other words.

The Vesta-Ceres Cycle runs sixteen to eighteen years; this one will be coloring our lives till early in 2030.  The Waxing Square will occur five times between 2016 and 2019.

Recall that the Energy of a Cycle is strong at its birth to those who are sensitive to it.  Then it appears to fade until the Waxing Square, as it prepares foundations underground.  The Energy “becomes permanent” at the Waxing Square.

We’ll be feeling strong hints of this new two-decade Cycle already – it’s about identifying and eliminating ossified Beliefs that prevent us from centering our Lives around the Heart.  With luck it will crack religious and scientific Fundamentalism wide open.

Past the Ring

May 31, 2013

Rocky1By the way, that near-Earth asteroid that’s passing today (Friday May 31), 1998 QE2, is Conjunct Saturn when it’s at it’s closest approach.  Whatever Energy it’s carrying, it’s clearly asking us to Pay Attention!  It’s about 20 Moon-distances from the Earth, so not a worry on the Apocalypse front.  I believe QE is just an ordinal (ie, between QD and QF), not short for Queen Elizabeth.

So Where Are We Now?

Now that we’re past the most current Ring-Pass-Not, or Through the Ringer if that fits better, shall we…

slide into an alternate universe where every word has a new definition?”

Or shall we stretch our minds into new perspectives?  Or maybe both?

Having as many perspectives as possible is the Survival equivalent of biodiversity.  It’s dangerous to stretch the Limiting-Belief bars on our Worldview Birdcage, because our Birdcage not only helps us make sense of our Limitless Universe, it also keeps us feeling Safe.  While the feeling of Safety isn’t all we need to stay Safe, it is helpful, as a feeling of Unsafety can draw danger to us.  Like the molt of the Cancer Crab and the Scorpio Serpent, we’re vulnerable when we first demolish a Birdcage wall, till we get the foundation expanded and the new bars and roof in place.  It’s better to do this while Granny is home or Sylvester is otherwise engaged, just not always possible.

We still have four major astro-indications tickling the ivories –

  • The Learning Opportunity about Our Mission,
  • Reorientation of Our Unconscious Mission,
  • Our Yintegrity Exercises, and
  • Reorientation of Our Conscious Mission.

In case we’ve forgotten, Yintegrity means being Authentic with what we feel in each moment, as opposed to managing other people’s impressions of us or seeking (Consciously or Unconsciously) to meet other people’s expectations.  We’ve talked about all these indications before, but review won’t hurt.  Plus there’s one more new process coming on strong toward the end of next week

  • Cultural Realignment.

Let’s take them one by one…

1. The Learning Opportunity about Our Mission

We’re learning how our Soul Chord and our Mission are related, and we’re learning it in a Big way.

That is, the North-Node-focused Quintile Yod with Uranus and Jupiter, which endures through the first few days of June.  Mercury and Venus are joining Jupiter.  We can call a Quintile Yod a Learning Opportunity, with all of the positive and negative implications we usually associate with that phrase.  Uranus and Jupiter are about expanding our connection with our own Soul.  The North Node is the Treasure we seek at the end of the rainbow, aka our Mission in the Lifetime.  Mercury and Venus will make the process more available to our Consciousness, and both are Out of Bounds, which means, Strong.  In other words we’re…

Learning Big things that bring us more into alignment with our Purpose on the Planet.

A Quintile Yod can be irritating, as it may disrupt our routines.  If it does, surrender into the disruption – Resistance is futile.

2. Reorientation of Our Unconscious Mission

Just who the devil do we think we are?  Get an acquaintance to go around and ask all of your friends and enemies who you really are, and see what kind of book they write. 

This is Juno T-Squaring the Moon’s Nodes.  Note that the North Node of the previous indication is one of the Moon’s Nodes; these four indications are entangled.  A T-Square means Mastery through Challenge.  T-Squares rarely feel good, but there’s no better teacher, as we’re driven to keep trying and be creative.  Juno is our Unconscious Identity.  Often that’s about who we’re merged with (often Mom or Dad), without knowing it.  When we’re trying to live Mom’s life instead of our own, it can introduce all sorts of misalignments, especially when Mom may well have been merged with Grandma.

We could easily be out of synch by a couple of generations, and when we simultaneously act out past-life Karma, just plain living in the wrong century.  If we can get out of Blame long enough to notice a Pattern, we may be able to get Conscious enough to realign our life into the current century.  There are a lot of the people who seem to be living in the wrong century and Blaming others for it these days – let’s pray that they receive some Enlightenment from this astroEnergy and start becoming part of the solution instead of a big part of the problem.

One of the difficulties with acting from our Unconscious Identity – rather than acting from our Instincts or our Emotions or our Soul Connection or our Ideals or our Values or even our Ego – is self-sabotage and lack of Choice.  So any reorientation of our Unconscious Identity is a boon.  The third corner of the T-Square triangle is the Moon’s South Node.  While the North Node represents where we’re going, the South Node symbolizes where we’ve been.  Typically the South Node is a repertoire of Held Emotions, Unfinished Business, and old past-life Patterns.  And hidden beneath those Limitations are skills – everything we learned in those past lives – that we need to execute our Mission.  So basically this is about…

Getting Conscious about the Patterns that no longer serve us or the Planet, and developing alternatives that are more constructive to our Desires.

Our Desires being key signposts leading to our Mission.

3. Our Yintegrity Exercises

Getting caught in places where we are not aligned with our Soul’s Intention and what our Heart regards as Sacred.

You well know that we’re in the midst of Uranus Squaring Pluto, from 2012 to 2015 – return of the 1960s, I gotta be me, Don’t Tread on Me, and that sort of thing.  Pluto represents compulsory change of Trance, and Uranus a deeper connection to our Individual Soul.  And we have an Out of Bounds Vesta Opposing Pluto, making a T-Square focused on Uranus.  Vesta stands for that which we personally hold Sacred, so while the T-Square means Mastery through Challenge, the players are mutually reinforcing.

The Challenge arrives because Uranus disrupts old Patterns that are no longer constructive, and Patterns which no longer serve that which we hold Sacred.  Combined with the North Node-Uranus-Jupiter Quintile Yod, the North Node-Chiron-Vesta Grand Trine, and the Juno-Nodes T-Square…

In a few months we will hardly recognize ourselves – if we even remember who we used to be.

Expect a lot of Tipping Points, where long-simmering trends erupt into full-blown shifts in Consciousness – like the recent wholesale collapse of sanctified homophobia in the USofA.

4. Reorientation of Our Conscious Mission

Grace flows when we PIAVA Miracles to heal dysfunction in our lives.

The Grand Trine between the North Node, Chiron, and Vesta-ISON persists.  In addition, since April 9 (several days before the Boston Marathon), Vesta has been Out of Bounds, or Stronger than usual.  It’s Out of Bounds until June 13.  Vesta symbolizes that which we hold Sacred, Chiron stands for converting Despair into Miracles by changing the underlying Paradigm, and ISON is way too new to be well-defined, but one justifiable representation could be reaching for the Stars, or stealing Fire.  That’s certainly a game-changer worthy of a Waxing Vesta-Chiron Trine.

We’ll have to write more about that.  Just as a hypothetical, assuming the Out of Bounds Vesta is heightening the conflict between the various shades of Fundamentalism (which means taking your metaphors literally) that run feral on the Planet, what if the underlying Paradigms of the perennial combatants changed to

Whoa, that’s a mirror!

What an epiphany that would be.  The downside of a Grand Trine is the ease with which Grace can be confused with Confidence.  The Ego is so hungry for validation that it easily mistakes every example of Grace for its own cleverness.  I’ve actually met folks who believe that Wealth is the measure of Spiritual progress!  Can you believe that!?!

5. Cultural Realignment

Hmmm, I guess I was wrong about that!

As if it’s not enough for the Collective Consciousness to be shifting one individual Consciousness at a time, next Friday (June 7) Neptune Stands Still and turns Retrograde.  When a planet Stations (Stands Still), its Energy is at its Strongest.  We’ll write more about all this as we get closer to the portal, but Neptune represents the Cultural layer of the Collective Unconscious.  It’s not cumulative, it’s exogenous to the individual, an Energy in its own right.  Like Pluto (the Universal Unconscious or Planetary Consciousness), we as individuals don’t Co-Create it, we experience it as an Energy approaching us from outside of ourselves.

For instance, the global clash between “conservative” and “progressive” Worldviews isn’t just a clash of individual Values, it’s a confrontation between two autonomous Cultural Energies.  The point is that both Energies are obsolete as we enter the Age of Aquarius.  Aborning Energies are usually invisible to all except those sensitive to them, as they don’t fit into the preconception of the prior Ages’ Muggles.  It’s the keening of dying Energies that scream in the headlines.

Neptune symbolizes Confusion when seeing the World through Material Eyes, and Clarity when looking through Spiritual Eyes.  Confusion, recall, is the first step in personal Growth.  Confusion results when one of the bars of our Birdcage comes loose, and information leaks in that we would otherwise reject as incompatible with our preconceptions.  It means we need to surrender to the inevitable search for broader perspectives, and the sooner the better.  Meanwhile, Pallas Initiates Mars (with the Moon close by) on the same day, closely Square to the Stationary Neptune.  Lots to write about there.

All Together Now…

When we line up these five different Energies side by side, the picture they paint is remarkably consistent – it’s all about Humanity starting to “grow up” a little, in the sense of no longer hitting back, and beginning to treat Other as worthy of some respect.

You don’t find Five-Symmetry in the Stone World, you have to talk to the Plants, like this ready-to-be-realigned Rock Rose, or an Apple.  The Fifth Harmonic is about Learning, so maybe that’s why the Stone World is so stable.  It’s not an accident that the Serpent gave an Apple to Adam’s second choice, and not a Cherimoya – which would have been much more appropriate.

Oxymoron and Paradox

May 24, 2013


The completely appropriate question arises from The Next Ring-Pass-Not,

A clear perception of Unconscious factors?!  Isn’t that a sort of oxymoron?! 

Intellectually, yes.  Wholistically, not so much an oxymoron as a Paradox, and one of the basic Paradoxes of Spiritual Growth.  Paradox occurs when Dualistic Thinking can’t reconcile two (or more) parameters; it just means we need a new Paradigm – aka Chiron.  A simplistic view of “new Paradigm” is that we need new Assumptions upon which to base our Logic.  But that assumes that Cause and Effect rules the Universe, which isn’t true.  In some religions, you encounter three principles instead – Cause, Effect, and Redemption – which is an improvement.  But the Truth is that there are other ways to view the Universe than through the myopic lens of Cause and Effect.

It makes more sense to see “new Paradigm” as a whole new Worldview (or Universeview), where we become able to Think outside of the shackles of Logic, or outside the shackles of our usual Patterns.  That’s not nearly as radical as it sounds – folks you know with Mercury in Air (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) are likely to be fantastic Logical Thinkers (with a caveat), while folks with Mercury in Water (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) are likely to be Emotional Thinkers, folks with Mercury in Earth (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) are likely to be Practical Thinkers (don’t bother me with the facts), and folks with Mercury in Fire (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) are likely to be Associative Thinkers (Relationship, not Logic).

Actually, two caveats are appropriate.  First, if you have, say, Mercury in Gemini but both of your parents had Mercury in Pisces, they may have been horrified by your rigorous Logic, and Programmed (trained) you to think Empathetically “instead.”  Our Programming is never actually “instead,” it’s always in addition, splitting us in two – a big part of our Uranus-Pluto and Juno-Nodes adventures is about recognizing those splits and restoring our Natural Talents to their rightful place.  The Programmed Talents become secondary, but still important.  After all, the process of Growing in Consciousness (literally by clearer perception of Unconscious factors) involves learning new ways to consider Material “Reality.”  The difficulty is not our Obverse Programming, it’s the alienation and enmity between our Natural Self and our Programmed Self, which Programming often introduces.  The Programming itself is just a perverted form of Growth in Consciousness.

The second caveat is that other planets can and will shift the meanings of your planet-Sign pairs.  For instance, Jupiter (ruler of Sagittarius) parked near your Mercury in Gemini will shift your natural Logical mode of Thinking far toward the Associative.  You could then end up with a combination of Logical and Associative Thinking, or one could override the other, depending a lot on your childhood Programming.  You would probably appear to others to be scattered and volatile (Mercury-Jupiter in Gemini – which recurs on Monday) because you would jump to (appropriate) conclusions far faster than their minds travel.  Don’t blame your parents or other significant adults for your Programming, by the way, as it’s your own Karma (that is, what you as a Soul chooses to learn in the Lifetime) that chose your Programmers.

All of which is an excellent example of a clearer perception of Unconscious factors, also known as a Ring-Pass-Not.  Our Spiritual Growth (of which Growth in Consciousness is a fairly large part) is limited by our Ring-Pass-Nots.  Our Ring-Pass-Nots are the Spiritual equivalent of the bars on our Birdcage – they keep us safe, but they limit us.  Today’s Invisible Eclipse is about moving through a Ring-Pass-Not.  And lo, here we are!




Your Mission, Should You Choose to Accept It

May 22, 2013

The ongoing North-Node Quintile Yod (Learning Opportunity re our Mission) with Uranus (Yintegrity) and Jupiter (Expansion), which is lit up by Friday’s Invisible Eclipse, gets additional impetus in the days following the Eclipse, as the Expansion foot of the QYod is joined by several powerful actors…

  • The Moon crosses Jupiter on Sunday May 26 at half-past 3am PDT,
  • Mercury crosses Jupiter on Monday May 27 at 1am PDT, and
  • Venus crosses Jupiter on Tuesday May 28 at half-past noon PDT.

The impact of these events will be several hours for the Moon, and one to several days for Mercury and Venus, depending on your sensitivity.  If you pick up on the Energy, the impact of the event will rise gradually as you approach the event time then fade rapidly.  If you Resist the Energy, it will persist beyond the event time.  It’s always better to Surrender to the Energy rather than Resist it, as Resistance simply creates more Karma and makes it more complex, and you’ll just have to Surrender to that on some later day when it’ll be much harder than Surrendering now.

In this blahg we focus mostly on the outer planets, because we know that most of us are driven more by our Unconscious Patterns than by our Conscious Choices, and the outers have more impact in the Unconscious realm.  But the inner planets have a much greater impact on the visible World, which is why most astrologers give them the most attention.  Consequently,

  • When the Moon crosses Jupiter it’s likely to trigger important parts of our Learning Opportunity,
  • When Mercury crosses Jupiter it’s likely to increase our Awareness of how we might Expand into our Mission, and
  • When Venus crosses Jupiter it’s likely to open our Heart to our Yintegrity (so we can have Compassion for how much we’ve been abusing ourselves by pretending to be someone we aren’t) and open our Compassion for the Entities likely to receive our Service when we move toward our Mission.

Quite amazing how focused and persistent “The Stars” are prodding us toward ReForming the Planet Trance.  If you get clear evening skies where you are,

gives a nice summary of your opportunity to appreciate their glory “in the flesh.”

By the way, when we were writing about the Invisible Eclipse we forgot to mention that Comet ISON is still hanging out quite close to Vesta, at the focus of its Quintile Yod with Juno and the Moon.

The Next Ring-Pass-Not

May 21, 2013


The next Portal is an invisible Lunar Eclipse, at half-past 9pm PDT on Friday May 24.  Well, it may not be completely invisible if you’re a Cat, but the Earth’s shadow makes only the faintest of glancing blows on the edge of the Moon’s disk.  It occurs at 5 of Sagittarius, “An old Owl sits alone on the branch of a large Tree.”  Rudhyar’s take is a giggle: “A poised and wise approach to existence based on a clear perception of Unconscious factors and their operation” – as if we were doing our Juno-Nodes T-Square homework!  And of course it’s the Blooming of the Lunar Cycle that began at the Annular Eclipse two weeks ago.

More important, though, is that the Full Moon (Eclipse) makes a close T-Square (Mastery through Challenge) with Neptune (our Relationship with the GodHead and the GoddessHeart).  The most important part of any T-Square is the Vacancy that would make it into a Grand Cross, because this is the part that we have to Consciously provide in order to complete the Circle and bring it into Balance.  The Vacancy is 5 degrees of Virgo, “A person becoming aware of Nature Spirits and normally unseen spiritual agencies,” which Rudhyar extends as “The opening of new levels of consciousness.”  The 5-Virgo reading is independent of the fact that it’s a Neptune T-Square – which amounts to an affirmation.  In other words, keep your (third) eye open for Awareness of any New Patterns!

Related Eclipses recur in an 18-year “Saros” Cycle.  The first and last Eclipses in a Cycle are glancing blows like this one.  Eighteen years later a related Eclipse will be slightly more visible, and so on and so on, until one or more of the Eclipses is finally Total, or at least Annular.  For instance, the Cycle that the recent Annular Solar Eclipse occupies saw it’s first, glancing-blow Eclipse in 1472, twenty years before the Taino People of the Bahamas, much to their later chagrin, discovered European Colonists.  That Cycle doesn’t finish until the year 2716.

The newsworthy thing about Portal 5.24 is that it Initiates a new Saros Cycle!  Initiation of a new Eclipse Cycle hasn’t occurred in 30 years, and it’ll be 47 years hence before it occurs again – most of us will witness only a few of these Initiations in a lifetime, at least until the Singularity.  This new Cycle will see related Eclipses every 18 years until the year 3275 – a millennium and a quarter of another!  The first Total Lunar Eclipse in the Cycle won’t happen until 2572.

All of which is to say, this Eclipse…

  • Is virtually Invisible (as is, for most of us most of the time, Spirit),
  • Is the blossoming of a Lunar Cycle about The awareness of spiritual forces at work (see The Next Eclipse),
  • Occurs in a degree representing a poised and wise approach to existence based on a clear perception of Unconscious factors and their operation,
  • Makes a T-Square with Neptune, aka our Relationship with Spirit,
  • Triggers a Vacancy with a degree symbolizing the opening of new levels of consciousness,
  • Initiates a brand new 1,262-year Eclipse Cycle!

Uh, sounds like kind of a Big Deal, eh?

And there’s more.  Remember those two other T-Squares?  Juno with the Nodes, and Uranus with Pluto and Vesta?  At the Full Moon/Invisible Eclipse, there are two Quintile Yods (Learning Opportunities) formed.  One we know about already, the ongoing North-Node QYod with Uranus and Jupiter (expanding and aligning our Soul Connection, our Mission, and our Lifestyle).  The second one is transitory – a Vesta QYod with Juno and the Moon (triggering a realignment of our Unconscious Identity to concur with our Heart’s view of what’s Sacred).

This second Quintile Yod makes a good map for the span of Portal 5.24 – the QYod will be in effect for about nine hours beginning about 7pm PDT on Friday May 24.

In other words, the two Quintile Yods link the focus of each of the T-Squares to a corner of the other – Juno to Vesta, and Uranus to North Node.  So each T-Square is a heuristic for the other – our rededication to the Sacred facilitates the transformation of our Unconscious Identity, as our rededication to our Yintegrity takes us to our Mission!  While it might seem like these connections are obvious, they’re otherwise-independent Energies.  The fact that the astrological alignment reinforces their natural affinities amplifies their Power and Significance.

Personally, I regard Eclipses as “simply” enhanced Oppositions – Angles of Awareness that illuminate by absence Patterns that otherwise blend with the background, hence expanding our Consciousness.  Consciousness grows by exactly that process – differentiation, not be discovery.  Critically important to the evolution of the Species in other words.  But most of the Fear and Loathing that surrounds Eclipses is political – when someone tries to impress you with Eclipse tales, they’re mostly trying to manipulate you.  It works because until Humans knew that Columbus would get found by the Taino before he fell off the Edge, Eclipses were simply terrifying – imagine a Total Solar Eclipse occurring if you had no idea what it was all about!

The ability to predict Eclipses came long before the general understanding of how Planetary and Lunar Shadows moved around.  During the intervening span astrologers collaborated with despotic manipulation of the resulting Terror.  This particular Eclipse seems like a Big Deal because it assembles a long list of meaningful correlates, not because it’s an Eclipse.  Tapping Out or lovingly Sitting With any general Fear that Eclipses generate for you would be an excellent way to help the whole Spiritual Consciousness process that’s going on.

If you’d like to explore Eclipses further, and would be good places to start.

Charoite would be an appropriate Crystal to contemplate during any bootstrapping of Consciousness and Spiritual Awareness.

Trance Reformation

May 19, 2013

Elizabeth tells us…

“Wow, these portals are the gift that keeps on giving, however challenging.  I just had the startling realization that I want the healing that would get me the thing that I want even more than the thing I want, which I may or may not get.  The fulfillment of the desire slipped quietly into second place today.  Does that fit with the menu for the weekend?”

Sure does.  A great example of the Juno-Nodes T-Square that’ll keep providing Epiphanies and Trance Reformations for the rest of May and beyond, of course with help from Uranus-Pluto and Vesta.  And what we’re able to witness is only the tip of the iceberg, as the vast majority of the Big Shift will be occurring in the Unconscious, and we won’t even notice till one day we just respond to something so differently than we expected that we’ll wonder who the devil we are!  Which is precisely what a Shift in our Unconscious Identity – Juno – means.

And while we’re on the subject, its always a better idea to

PIAVA the feeling we would have in our Body if we had what we want

than to PIAVA what we want.  It’s exponentially more powerful.

Big Weekend III (Portal 5.21)

May 18, 2013


As we’ve said, the third of seven Uranus-Pluto Squares (Mandatory Yintegrity) is exact on Monday May 20, at half past 3pm PDT.  I’m guessing that most of us have been feeling this for at least several days now, whether we know it or not.  Symptoms might include

  • Fear of Loss,
  • Compulsion to Rock and Roll,
  • Being Surprised to find yourself liking things you didn’t expect yourself to like,
  • Saying things you didn’t expect to say,
  • Planning changes in your life,
  • Letting go of people and projects that don’t seem to belong in your inner circle any more,
  • Apparent Conflicts (you just need to PIAVA Both/And, lovingly and gently),

and things like that.  Often we’ll find what feels like Disruption from the Material Perspective, but Integration from the Spiritual Perspective.  I almost said “Material Level” and “Spiritual Level,” but it’s All One, y’know.  Material and Spiritual and Emotional and Mental and Physical and Magnetic and Dynamic and Separated and Merged and Abundant and Scarce and Rich and Poor and Introverted and Extroverted and any other adjectives you can muster, are all just Perspectives on the One.  Which we could well come to witness in Portal 5.21, because…

Even though the Uranus-Pluto Square itself is exact on Monday, about 15 hours later, just after 6am PDT on Tuesday May 21, the Moon comes around to complete a Grand Cross from the Uranus-Pluto-Vesta T-Square.  While 15 hours might seem like a lot, it’s not, as the Moon is usually the trigger that makes Material Reality align with the Energies that are about.  Moon is the Great Manifestor; without Her we’d probably all still be Lemurian.  The Moon is all about Yintegrity and Authenticity, and any Moon-Uranus Opposition is huge, as it’s always a demonstration (Opposition as Awareness) of How to find alignment between the Soul and the persona, as well as the Soul the Lifetime, not to mention the Ego.

So here on Tuesday we have a Pluto-Vesta Opposition – Awareness of How we must align with what our Heart regards as Sacred – Squaring the Moon-Uranus Opposition.  What an remarkable opportunity this is!  In a Grand Cross, the four Squares, rather than frustrating us, complement and support one another.  The four Squares (Mastery through Challenge) are…

  • Uranus Square Vesta – Mastering Integrity with what our Heart knows to be Sacred
  • Uranus Square Pluto – Modifying all areas of our Life where we aren’t in Yintegrity (which means doing what we Love, all of the time, without guise)
  • Moon Square Pluto – Bringing our Lifetime into alignment with the future of the Planet
  • Moon Square Vesta – Bringing our Lifetime into alignment with what our Heart knows to be Sacred

Since we honor our Mission and Transform the Planet by each of us exercising our Yintegrity as much as possible, you can see how these Challenges complement one another.  Notice that the Nodes (our Unfinished Business and our Mission) aren’t in this Grand Cross – the Moon triggered the Juno-Nodes T-Square on Friday in Portal 5.17.  But the impact is the same – Making Amends and Getting on with our Mission!

Another brightening Light – Comet ISON is still very close to Vesta.  When we recall that ISON’s discovery (birth, from our Perspective) was made in the valley below the mountain where Zeus chained Prometheus to punish him for stealing Fire from the Gods, it puts a new emphasis on Vesta here.

The Lunar Grand Cross in Portal 5.17 was also complemented by one of the two ongoing Grand Trines – recall that we asserted that the “best” chart one could have would be one with both Big Motivation (such as a Grand Cross or T-Square) and Big Grace (such as a Grand Trine).  While the double Grand Trines are still ongoing, the Grand Cross itself in Portal 5.21 does not share corners with them.  So while the twin Grand Trines will certainly provide Grace to help with our Challenges, it won’t be applied to them directly.

But what we do have, is two Sextiles to corners of the Uranus-Pluto-Vesta-Moon Grand Cross, and recall that we also averred that Sextiles were an even better source of Grace than Trines, because they require our personal involvement.  So the two planets on the other end of the Sextiles become important players in the Portal 5.21 drama.  What are these sources of Grace?

  • First, we have Mercury (Voice) and Venus (Personal Integrity) Sextiling Uranus – with only a little effort we will be Speaking our Truth and Walking in Beauty (Yintegrity)!
  • And second, we have Chiron (Miracles) Sextiling Pluto (Trance ReFormation) – with only a little effort we can eliminate negative Beliefs!

This is what we hinted at earlier – Chiron facilitates Miracles by changing Perspectives.  Conceptualizing Reality as divided into various Levels cements Separation in place.  Conceptualizing Reality as Unitary and viewed by us from various Perspectives, is very useful for facilitating witness to the Unity of All.  It’s a stretch for most of us, to view the Physical as a manifestation of the Emotional, the Physical as a manifestation of the Spiritual, the Intellectual as a manifestation of the Emotional, and all of the other Transformations that occur when one apparently isolated Reality morphs into another apparently isolated Reality.

Reality as Perspectives allows Healings that Reality as Levels does not, and the opportunity that awaits us in Portal 5.21 is Healing beyond our Wildest Dreams.

The lovely Indicolite, or Blue Tourmaline, Crystal that greeted us is a good choice for Healing our Perspective and eliminating negative Beliefs, as it’s strong in the Indigo Intuitive-Truth Ray while also presenting a nice spectrum of Blue-Greens that connect us to our Heart (Vesta) and Voice (Mercury).  Tourmaline is particularly Healing when combined with Germanium…


like this chunk of pure Germanium metal perched on a matrix of Kyanite (blue-green Aluminum Nesosilicate – Integrating Perspectives and Receiving the Divine Blueprint) and Schorl (Black Tourmaline – Grounding).  You can find pure Germanium metal at


May 18, 2013

Here’s a nice shot of the last, Annular, Eclipse, taken by Tony O’Brien and brought to us courtesy of NASA


Of course any shift in our Unconscious Identity, as the ongoing Juno T-Square brings, is likely to include breaking down Patterns of Denial.  On the national scale, here’s an example…

And an interesting article about the ongoing Collapse of Empires…

If we believe the mainstream media, everything is getting pretty sanguine.  It wouldn’t hurt any of us to practice our skills at being butlers and maids and gardeners and drivers for the Important People.  Never hurts to play both sides.

On the other (Real) side, where we’re Creating Our Own Reality, here’s a big collection of free and helpful seminars…

And this wisdom – from

–  is very relevant to our Yintegrity and our Mission…

“Rabbi Jonathan Sacks teaches that society is bound together not by contract, but by covenant.  While an individual can leave a contract when it is no longer in their interest to pursue the contractual relationship, a covenant binds people together even in difficult times.  Covenants are not rooted in self-interest, but in loyalty and love.  Contracts lead to the growth of political and economic institutions – governments, political parties, businesses.  Covenants, on the other hand, create very different institutions – families, communities, and traditions.

“Tonight, our voices have risen together in song, led by our very talented musicians, Steve, Sarah, and Hillary.  Each of our voices, each of our unique instruments, is needed to help our songs and our prayers ascend to heaven.  No voice is too young or too old, too out of tune, to be excluded.”

Big Weekend II (Portal 5.19)

May 16, 2013


In addition to everything else we’ve discussed (see Big Weekend I), on Sunday (from around 12am till about 4pm PDT), the Moon makes a rough Grand Sextile with

  • The Nodes (Unfinished Business and our Mission in the Lifetime)
  • Pluto (Trance ReFormation)
  • Chiron (Despair and Miracles)
  • Ceres-ISON (Sustainability)

The span is five degrees (it’d be a lot more interesting if it was one degree), so it’s not likely to Tip the Planet into World Peace all by itself – though we wouldn’t want to eliminate the possibility! – but any project you Initiate during this period will definitely be Graced by it.  I mean, we ourselves could Initiate a World Peace and Universal Collaboration Project, by for example dedicating five minutes a day to PIAVAing a World where everyone pitched in to make life better for everyone else.

The Sextile represents Creative Grace – that is, Grace is available, but it’s not automatic (like a Trine provides).  The Grace flows once we add our own Creative Energy to an endeavor.  While the Trine carries a strong danger of Arrogance, until we learn that it’s a gift that we’ve been given and not a shortcoming that others have, the Sextile has no such downside.  All we need is a gentle kick in the butt to get us started, and Success follows.

Given that impressive list of planets in the Grand Sextile, we could well use it to permanently (Ceres) eliminate (Moon as trigger) our Belief (Pluto-Nodes) that anything is impossible (Chiron)!  Not that it will be something we Do, as the Grand Sextile is in Magnetic or Feminine Signs.  We could certainly PIAVA to permanently eliminate our Belief that anything is impossible, and we should at the very least Surrender to the opportunity to permanently eliminate our Belief that anything is impossible.

There are also three additional planets in the same degree range but in Dynamic or Masculine Signs…

  • Uranus (our Soul Connection)
  • Juno (our Unconscious Identity)
  • Venus (our Values and Self-Trust)

All of which are Magnetic planets!  So whatever our Deepest Desires are, it’s absolutely time to PIAVA them, while also PIAVAing a gentle and loving and rapid and complete release of all impediments to their manifestation.  Since we’re in the middle of facing down our Greatest Fears.  There’s a very strong correlation between our Deepest Desires and our Greatest Fears, and it’s all about our Birdcage.  It’s a good time to remember that Confusion is the first sign of Growth.

Ah, Ruby, the classic hexagonal Crystal, symbolizing Heart, Self-Trust, the Courage to be uncompromisingly Oneself.  No better way to heal the Planet, because that’s how we all follow our Mission.

Big Weekend I (Portal 5.16)

May 15, 2013



The third (of seven) exact Uranus-Pluto Square occurs on Monday, so we can expect that to dominate.  In general, the Uranus-Pluto Square dominates 2012-2015, but during that span, the intensity of the Uranus-Pluto Energy will rise and fall.  When the Angle is exact, it means that the Energy is at maximum rise.  When a major planetary Angle gets exact, we’ll be feeling the Energy for at least a week ahead of time – that is, Now.  So what do we expect Uranus-Pluto-Square Energy to be like?

  • Return of the 1960s (when the current Uranus-Pluto Cycle Initiated).
  • The urge to Yintegrity (and Resistance thereto).
  • Disruption of processes and projects that don’t align with the Soul’s new intentions.
  • Change is mandatory, but negotiable – that is, we needn’t be victims of it.  We need to recognize that we are moving in new directions (that do align with the Soul’s intentions), but burning bridges is optional.  It behooves to PIAVA a transition that’s Loving and Gentle and promotes the highest possible outcomes for all involved, or something like that.

Yintegrity means trusting ourselves to do exactly what we’re called to do, even when (or especially when) we have no idea Why we’re called to it.   We live in a Yangtegrity World, where we’re expected to do what we said we were going to do, and to live Yintegrity in that World we may have to reduce our Commitments and do a lot of renegotiating.  Of course, to some extent, all of us still live in a Codependent World, where we expect ourselves to do what other people expect us to do.  Frequently those are expectations of folks who aren’t even still alive.

Uranus-Pluto will challenge the hell out of our Codependence.  Keep an eye out for places where you expect one thing, but something else happens – that’s a sign your programmed Emotions are not resonating with the Present Moment.  Get Conscious of those Emotions, catalog what triggers them, and Tap them out.  If someone else gives you grief for not doing what they expect you to do, or not doing it the way they expect you to do it, stand still for it.  Standing still means not Reacting.  Depending on how important the person is to you, you may want to try to straighten them out, but if they’re habitually Reacting when the World doesn’t meet their expectations – rather than taking notes – they may just not be ready for the Changes.

In other words, take notes on your own expectations about how they might respond!

The Background

We’re still in the thick of the Energies we described in More of the Same and Beltane Approaching –  namely the dual Saturn and North Node Grand Trines, plus the Juno and Uranus T-Squares.

Thursday Night: Portal 5.16

Speaking of which, starting around 9pm PDT Thursday night and lasting for around four hours, the Moon completes the Juno T-Square, making a Grand Cross of it.  This will start earlier and last longer if you’re sensitive, or if it happens to be pushing your buttons (which would probably mean you have natal planets near the middle of the Fixed Signs).  This would be Big on its own, as it marks a peak in the ongoing reorganization of our Unconscious Identity.  But it’s bigger than that, as Juno is Squaring the Nodes.  So it triggers the North Node-Chiron-Ceres Grand Trine.

As we’ve said, a combination of  Big Motivation (T-Square or Grand Cross) and Big Grace (Grand Trine) raises the bar a lot; we’re likely to meet Big Circumstances, and meet them with Enhanced Performance.  We’ve already been working with the Juno T-Square and North Node Grand Trine – meaning our Unconscious Identity is being shifted to serve our Mission.  Or not; some of us will of course fight such a shift with all our might, as it requires facing down our Karma and our greatest fears.

Which means that whatever triggers our Anxieties these days represents a vortex of Great Power for us, if we’re willing to recognize that we’re Anxious, and Stand Still for it.  In simple terms, that means cutting the connection between the Anxiety and the content we usually blame it on.  Major major Life Changes await us if we can do this.  Suppose for instance we’re worried about cash flow.  Set aside the cash flow, and focus on the worried.  Where is it in your body?  Embrace it, put all of your Attention into the center of it and hold it there until it changes.  Then look again at the cash flow.  Has your attitude toward it changed yet?  Rinse and repeat, adding Tapping if you want, till you get closer to Excitement about it than worry.

And that’s not all.  The North Node is also the focus of the Quintile Yod that we introduced in Another Learning Opportunity, with Uranus and Jupiter.  Jupiter is another amplifier, creating Bigger Circumstances, and More Enhanced Performance.  We’ve already talked about what Uranus is up to this weekend.  The Plot Thickens, as our Mission gets intermingled with our Yintegrity.  Not that it wasn’t all along!  But now it gets very explicit.  By itself, a Uranus-North Node Quintile would be very strong, but we’ve got Jupiter amping it up, the Juno T-Square pushing our face in our Karma, and the Moon flipping the switch (as the Moon is often wont to do) to increase the volume by many notches.

Meanwhile, the Moon simultaneously Quintiles Pluto, implying that we’ll also be encountering lessons on not swimming upstream.  And, Mercury aligns to complete a Pluto Quintile Yod.  With Mercury involved, that should make this arm of the complex enhance our Awareness of how all these Patterns dance together.

We’d be hard-pressed to find a better friend for all this than Nephrite Jade.  Jade Cove, on the Big Sur Coast of central California, doesn’t have any Jade any more, because folks picked up every last one of these gorgeous Jade Boulders that once covered the beach.  That could be seen as a terrible affront to Mother Gaia under Her watch, but on the other hand, She may have passed them out to all comers on purpose in the hope (or plan) that it would ease the transformation of Her human guests from parasites and abusers to respectful collaborators with Her successor Pi.  At least, we can hope.

We have very different Big Events coming up on Sunday and Tuesday; we’ll talk about those tomorrow, if it’s in Yintegrity.