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December 19, 2015

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Lots coming up here, with the Solstice only a few days away and a Full Moon to guide St. Nicholas on his rounds.  Let’s have a look using December 22 as an anchor, as dwarf planet Haumea – Rebirth – Initiates Mars (Action) that day…

the Initiation takes place at 24 Libra, “A butterfly with a third wing on its left side” – the Yin side…

a Rebirth of Mars as Consort to the Goddess.  Mars Opposes his sister Eris, Revealer of the Denied, who is strongly illuminated.

Eris is the focus of both a Finger of God based on Venus Sextile Jupiter, and a Mjolnir based on Saturn Square Orcus.  Mars is also the focus of a Quintile Yod from the Moon and Chiron.

Mjolnir -Thor’s Hammer in English – symbolizes Lightning, or sudden and irreversible Illumination of the Darkness.   It’s a third planet at the far Midpoint of a Square, so there’s a Trioctile to the third planet from each end of the Square.  The “Tri” is Love with Wisdom; the “Octile” is Adjustment, Rebalancing.  The Square may be Frustrating, but the Mjolnir‘s Epiphany suddenly makes it Miraculously Easy.

It’s about our Discovering the Roots of our Limiting Oaths.  Gently and Lovingly, but Solidly.

I Wonder…  I’ve Wanted so badly to have or be or do THIS, and I’ve been trying forever but I just can’t Create it.  What if I’m Stopping myself.  I Wonder if I swore some sort of Oath a long time ago, that’s still Blocking me.  Something happened, and I reacted by Swearing never to let that happen again.  It’s like trying to remember a Dream – it’s right there, I can taste it, I can almost see it.  What was it?  It’s not about THIS, but it must be related.  There must be a connection between THIS and that, so my Oath against that stymies THIS.  Ganeshi, would you be willing to Lovingly and Gently remove any obstacles to this Revelation and Rebirth?

Orcus Opposes Neptune, with Saturn T-Squaring them both.  That means Mars-Haumea and Eris each make Trioctile Bridges across the T-Square, and together form a Trioctile Rectangle or Box.  

Boxes are driven by the Oppositions between their corners.

Our Oath seems murky because it was an integral part of our Social Programming; if we had or were or did that, we would be ostracized.  And at that age we had no Survival Skills; it would be certain Death, or on earlier Timelines slavery to a rival Tribe.  This is not Child’s Play, we’ve lived many variations of this Pattern on many Timelines, in many Lives.  With the fate of the Planet in our hands, we all need to Let Go of these Limiting Patterns so we can find our Voice to have and be and do what WE need to have and be and do in order to fulfill our Mission.  It seems small, but one missing piece in a thousand-piece jigsaw puzzle makes a glaring hole.  It may be Child’s Play, as your Oath may have resulted from Games that are Innocent to Children, but Impermissible to adults.

Mars-Haumea is also Sextile to Ixion-Pholus, and this Sextile is the base of a Sedna Finger of God.

Actions taken out of Fear often have Unintended Consequences, because we don’t have time, or a clear head, to think through the outcomes.  And the same is true of Actions NOT taken out of Fear.  While our Oath may have prevented “sins” of Commission, it has almost Certainly been Creating “sins” of Omission.  There are important roles in your Community that you shy away from because you Unconsciously Fear Punishment if you defy your ancient Oath.  Roles meant for you, and Communities with missing pieces.  Our Rebirth can allow us to Take Full Responsibility for our Unique Genius that we’ve been hiding because we Fear it will appear Pathological.  We may have to Tap out some Fear along the way.

Which makes a Trine Fez: Jupiter Trine Sedna Unx Eris Trine Pholus-Ixion Square Jupiter.  

Fezes are driven by the Quincunxes between their corners.

So we have two assignments, both requiring Permanent Curiosity.  There are no Answers here, only Questions.  Where there are Insights, they should introduce more Questions.  It’s not an intellectual exercise, where an Answer eases our Anxiety and we can relax.  We want to Surrender to Wonder, and be Awed by how incredible the Universe works when we Witness our Ego and Act from Ongoing Curiosity instead.

Great Spirit, how can I Safely navigate my Fear about Living my Unique Genius?  I Wonder what I will need to discover in order to Grow into my rightful place in my Community and on the Planet.

Mars-Haumea is also the focus of a Quintile Yod from the Moon and Chiron.  Pluto is the focus of a Quintangle from Juno and the South Node.  The Moon and Juno form the base of a Septangle focused on Ceres.

A Quintile Yod is formed when a third planet is at the far Midpoint between two planets that form a Quintile; the third planet is the focus.  A Quintangle is a third planet at the near Midpoint between two planets forming a Biquintile; again, the third planet is the focus.  A Septangle is a third planet at the far Midpoint between two planets that make a Triseptile, with the third planet as the focus.

We’re Learning here to Trust our Instincts, and to recognize Despair as the sign that Miracles await; we need only Witness our Despair.  “You poor Sweetheart, you really feel Discouraged, don’t you.”  It’s not a Choice; we’re Learning how to Choose Growth in the Edges of our Consciousness instead of continuing to Fear the Edges of our Held Emotions.  Business as Usual is not Sustainable.  We have Instincts that tell us where and how we need to Grow.  We need only to stop ignoring them.

Here’s another way to look at it all...

With thanks to Soulspeak for the introduction to Celia.


May 27, 2014

For most of June we’re challenged to vigorously support our Yintegrity (and that of others).  Think of it as a test, which most of us will pass.  If you let someone intimidate you out of being your True Self, it doesn’t mean you’ve lost.  Go back and do it over.  Tell them – calmly – that you don’t appreciate their trying to Shame you for not doing it there way, and you’ll accept an apology.  If they’re bigger than you and prone to violence, tap it out instead, then PIAVA an alternative way to claim your space.  There’s Yintegrity, and then there’s foolhardiness.  If you ignore the Safety First rule, the Ego backlash will just make it worse.

Mars completes its Confidence-Builder (third) Waning Square to Pluto on June 14 (the Portal spans June 1 through 23), and its Confidence-Builder Opposition to Uranus on June 24 (the Portal spans June 14 to July 3).  We’re looking at 13 to 17 degrees of the Cardinal Signs, give or take.


The Sustainability of our Beliefs dominates through June 1.


June 2 should be an interesting day.  If you’re willing to be open and loving with any Emotions and Memories that arise, you may be very surprised by the result – which could be Life-changing.

As the Moon crosses Lilith, it makes a Septangle with Pluto and the South Node, peaking at 3pm PDT, with the Portal open for four hours or so on either side.  See also June 3-7.

The Septangle consists of a Triseptile between two planets (three sevenths of the way ’round the Zodiac) with a third planet at their far Midpoint – that is, Biseptile (two sevenths) to each.  It means that Magic is afoot.


June 3 to 7 could easily bring us a reset of our relationship to Other, including especially our relationship to the Goddess.

With Neptune Stationary (see next paragraph), Mercury slows down to turn Retrograde on June 7.  The Station forms, with Venus, a Bridge across the Lilith-Neptune Opposition.  Mercury’s Shadow Period is draped across the Cancer Cusp, spanning 25 Gemini to 4 Cancer.  The Cancer Cusp basically says “One more time, with Feeling!”  We started something (in early April), made a big effort to complete it, and didn’t get it done to our satisfaction.  So we took it apart, found out what was unsatisfying about it, and now we’re eager to start over.  But we have to wait till July.  That’s okay, we can review the blueprints one more time.  Chances are this “something” has a lot to do with the Goddess – like maybe a whole new way of understanding the World.

A Bridge forms when one or two planets form Trine-Sextiles across an Opposition.  It represents “the easy way out” of the tension created by the apparent dichotomy of the Opposition, particularly if the Opposition is part of a T-Square.

Expect to get pretty spacey June 8 and 9, if you weren’t already deep in Trance since June 2 or thereabouts.  A good guideline to follow is that what is Confusing or foggy (and Emotional) through Material eyes, becomes Clear when viewed through Spiritual eyes.  To locate your Spiritual eyes, look to see what’s the positive function of what appears to be negative.  June 2-9 is about connecting to Spirit.  You’re building something important to you here, and this is a time for breakthroughs about the parts you weren’t sure how to handle.  Not so you can rush to finish, but so you know what to study over the next five months – then you’ll know what needs to be done and how to do it.

Neptune is Stationary Retrograde on June 9 at 8 degrees of Pisces.  It backs up to 5 degrees before turning Direct on October 31.  That’ll make for some Halloween, and an especially lively Dia de Muertos.  Five to 8 degrees of Pisces is the Taurus Duad.  Heavy Emotions first overwhelm us, then inspire us.  In the Taurus Duad of Pisces we get to work Manifesting our Inspiration into Form.  We’ve been through this space once (since February), now we traverse it again more slowly, looking for puzzle pieces that we missed the first time.

A Duad or Dwad is one twelfth of a Sign.  The first two and a half degrees of Pisces is the Pisces Duad, next comes the Aries Duad, then the Taurus Duad, etc. round the Zodialoop.

The likely spaciness we’ll experience June 2-9 will be augmented by some degree of Clarity around Boundaries and Choices.  If you need to make decisions that can’t be postponed, you might find the Awe Shucks post useful. 

We covered the Pallas-Neptune Opposition fairly thoroughly in the Neptune Station II post.  This is the Confidence-Builder, so it shouldn’t bring up too much difficulty.

The same Clarity around Boundaries and Choices will strengthen between June 9 and June 12. 

The actual Pallas-Neptune Opposition occurs on the June 12.  The Portal’s open for about 8 days before and after.

Look to see if we get any major clues or shifts – or technological innovations – toward Cultural Sustainability between June 10 and 12.

We’ll have to find time to analyze the Makemake discovery chart, as Makemake turns Direct on June 12 at 29 degrees of Virgo.  It turned Retro during the last few days of 2013 at 2 of Libra.  This is a very powerful Cusp, signifying the shift from individual effort to exploration of Community.  Our first clue about Makemake’s meaning is that he’s here to help us transition to Sustainability, since he was a Survival God on Rappa Nui.  With Mercury Retrograding into Gemini, we may be looking at technology to help.  The discovery chart will tell us more about Makemake.

Makemake is a dwarf planet about 2/3 the size of Pluto, orbiting in a fairly circular path in the neighborhood of Pluto.

Makemake enters Libra thrice – October 19, 2013; September 7, 2014; and July 13, 2015 – as it stutter-steps across the line.  It takes about 30 years for Makemake to cross a Sign, so we’ll only see a Makemake Sign-change such as this twice or thrice in a Lifetime.  The last time it moved from Virgo into Libra was 1713.  Ben Franklin was 7 years old.  George Washington wasn’t born till 20 years later, Thomas Jefferson 30 years later, James Madison 40 years later.

It’s interesting that the Pallas-Neptune Opposition corresponds with the Makemake Station.  As they say, history doesn’t repeat, but it rhymes.  As it was in Ben Franklin’s youth, remote masters are setting up conditions for possible revolt by overexploiting the People.  Then they were geographically remote; now they’re sociopathically remote – though they were undoubtedly that then too.


Great time to PIAVA Miracles between June 13 and June 19.  The key to knowing when to seek Miracles here, is the sense of an Emotional Ego Death – the feeling that “I’d rather die than go through this again.”  Tap it out, then PIAVA the Miracle.

Chiron turns Retrograde on June 19, at 18 Pisces.  Jupiter has left the building, but Saturn still Trines Chiron.  Chiron’s Shadow Period spans 14-18 Pisces, which is basically the Virgo Decanate.


Then for about four days on either side of June 29, a wide channel will open between Source and the Unconscious.  You want to get in on the act, and open a three-way dialog between your Ego, the Unconscious, and Source.  A few tricks… 

  • If you get Confused, move to seeing the World with Spiritual eyes rather than Material eyes.  PIAVA to know the deeper meaning of any untoward experiences. 
  • Don’t get lost in the Emotions – take a wider perspective.  If there’s conflict, look to see things through the eyes of the overarching Community that encompasses yourself and your antagonists.  If that Community doesn’t seem to exist, imagine it!  You don’t know what it looks like?  What if you did know?  What notions did you just reject?  That’s probably your clue.

The first step toward Win-Win is understanding your antagonist’s goals.  The second step is telling them what you think their goals are, and asking them if you’re right, and if you’re omitting anything.  The third step is checking to see if they understand your goals, or if they’re willing to be open to understanding them.  At this point you have a bifurcation…

  • If they’re open to understanding your goals, pursue it.  Once you’ve gone through these preliminaries, you should be on the same team, with both of you working to meet your common goals, and open to finding ways to at least partially meet one another’s goals where they conflict.
  • If they aren’t open to understanding your goals, or if at any point you find that they’re working to undermine your goals rather than support them as best they can without abandoning their own goals, then disengage if you can.  When you play Win-Win and your antagonist plays Win-Lose, you Lose.  Another bifurcation, but this time it’s Both/And…  
    • If you can’t disengage, you need to play Win-Lose with them and defend your goals as best you can.
    • Whether you can disengage or not, at this point you know enough about the portions of your goals and theirs that overlap.  Work independently of your antagonist to meet those goals.

If Emotionality bogs you down, talk about it as directly as you can.

This is a singular event, a Waxing Square from Juno back to Neptune on June 29.  The Initiation occurred January 9 of this year at 4 Pisces, “Heavy traffic on a narrow isthmus between two seashore resorts.“  Mercury is also Stationary here, getting ready to turn Direct on July 1.


Expect Rebirth as June ends.  We also get to restart our Big Project.

The dwarf planet Haumea turns Direct July 4 at 20 Libra.  Haumea was named after Pele’s mother, the Hawaiian Goddess of Fertility.  It’s about a third as big as Pluto, and orbits in the same region.  More on Haumea later.  Mercury turns Direct again on July 1.

Foggy Groggy Woggy (Portal 11.13)

November 12, 2013

fluog2812abp11What else do we know about this here Neptune Station that’s due at 11am PST on November 13?  As Pogo would have said, Friday the 13th falls on Wednesday this month.

Uranus Quintile Yod

I think the most prominent subplot is the Uranus Quintile Yod that’s supported by Pallas and Saturn.

During this suspension of the normal rules (that is, Neptune Stationary), we’ll be downloading important information about how Focusing on (Saturn) expanding specific Edges and beefing up specific Boundaries (Pallas) will help us improve our Yintegrity (Uranus).

The Moon crosses Uranus at 4pm PST on November 13, so this Portal will be open from Neptune’s Station (the fog should clear a bit after 11am PST) until about 10pm PST, though this Learning Opportunity will probably be most intense between 11am and 4pm.


Lilith Initiated Jupiter in mid July (Cancer 4, “A Cat arguing with a Mouse“), and now that Jupiter has turned Retro, Jupiter is heading back for an Expository review with Lilith, which occurs at the end of November.  For now, starting today, Jupiter and Lilith are Conjunct (using our normal three degrees of Sensitivity).

Which is the Cat, and which the Mouse?  What comes to mind, since Lilith represents independent Feminine Energy, is the White Olde Male Cat passing all these new misogynistic laws in a vain attempt to try to keep the disorderly Minority Feminist Mouse in line.  Minority aligns with Feminist, at least to some degree, because most non-European cultures are far more Yin than is Whitey.  It’ll be interesting to see how much of their Power Women and Minorities reclaim for themselves during the rest of November.

At the Neptune Station, the impending Jupiter-Lilith Conjunction – which is barely within Orb now, so we wouldn’t otherwise emphasize it – makes a Septangle with Mercury and Moon-Uranus, and a Short Quintangle with Vesta and the South Node.

A Septangle is three planets all in Seventh-Harmonic Relations (Magic, Timing) with one another, and a Quintangle is three planets all in Fifth-Harmonic Relationship (Learning) to each other.  While a full Quintangle is two Biquintiles (2 x 360/5 = 144 degrees) and a Triquintile (3 x 360/5 = 216 degrees), filling most of the Zodiac, a Short Quintangle is two Quintiles (360/5 = 72 degrees) and a Biquintile, occupying a much smaller segment of the pie.

The Septangle should mean something like…

By liberating our Yintegrity (Moon-Uranus) to Speak Her Truth (Mercury) when the moment is ripe (Septangle), we liberate our Independent Self (Jupiter-Lilith). 

We could also say that…

Our work on our Edges and Boundaries (Moon-Uranus – see above) will increase our Awareness (Mercury) of the parameters of our Independence (Jupiter-Lilith) and our ability to find and move through the Portals (Septangle) that lead to our Liberation.

While the Short Quintangle may manifest as…

We’re up for Learning (Biquintile) how our concepts of the Sacred (Vesta) and our Limiting Beliefs and Emotions (South Node) interact with one another, and how our Liberation (Jupiter-Lilith) can inspire us to transcend both.

In many cases, our Karmic Limiting Beliefs result from our having gotten stuck on particular Fundamentalist religious Patterns in a previous life.  So while our concept of the Sacred is powerful, it may need to be transcended if we are to Liberate ourself from our Karma.  Bear in mind that this is not just individual work – our cultures and other Entities larger than ourselves (which Neptune after all symbolizes) are also working to release their own Karma.  Not just as accumulated collectives of individual Karma, but also as Archetypal Entities in their own right.


Which brings us back to Pallas-Neptune – our Spiritual Edges and Social Boundaries.  While Pallas makes Fifth-Harmonic Angles to Moon-Uranus and Saturn, it also makes a Second-Harmonic Angle (Opposition) to Neptune.

While the Second Harmonic indicates a Blooming, or Completion of the work required to (in this case) set Boundaries and stretch Edges enough to establish a Marketplace, the Second Harmonic also represents the Intuitive Wisdom, Independence, Self-Trust, and Self-Resourcefulness (Angeles Arrien, Tarot Handbook, p.30) we have gained in that process.

But as the Priestess, the Second Harmonic is also tied to Ritual, Tradition, Followership, and defense of rigid rules.  Studying under a great Master, one follows the instruction closely, in order to internalize the Wisdom of the Master.  But there is a thin edge between following instructions and Fundamentalism.  If one never clicks in to the Wisdom itself, one gets stuck on the rules.  So the Second Harmonic can represent either or both – rigid adherence to Tradition and Ritual, and/or the Intuitive Wisdom, Independence, Self-Trust, and Self-Resourcefulness gained by clicking into the Wisdom behind the Tradition.

So one of our Edges here involves examination of what we consider to be Sacred, to uncover how much of our zeal is rigid adherence, and how much is Intuitive Wisdom.


Which brings us a step further, to Venus-Pluto.  Pluto Initiates Venus on November 15th.  In the Neptune Station chart, they’re Conjunct, Square to Moon-Uranus, Sextile to Chiron and the North Node, and Trine to the South Node.  Without working through the “logic,” we can just say that…

Our Addictions are likely to be up for some very Graceful Healing here, including the places where we aren’t really addicted, but fear that we may be.

Venus-Pluto has another role to play here as well.


The Neptune Station makes a Triseptile Angle (3 x 360/7 = 154 degrees) to Vesta.  So there is…

Opportunity for windows to open around which of our bottom-line Sacred tenets have served us well up to the present, but are now obsolete with regard to our Spiritual progress, and must be respectfully closed.  We may also find some Sacred tenets that have been sabotaging us – those are literally begging to be closed.

And there is a Septile Bridge across this Triseptile – Vesta Septiles the Sun which in turn Septiles Pluto, which makes yet another Septile on to the Neptune Station.  So…

By connecting to Source (Sun), our Addictions (Venus-Pluto) and obsolete Sacred tenets (Vesta) are, at the proper time (Septile), brought into our Consciousness (Neptune) for release.  Take notes, as these windows could open only briefly.

The Neptune Station closely Trines (Grace) Mercury (Awareness).

Then There’s Eris

Given the thick layer of Olde Male pomade that obscures our Clarity about the avaricious predatory capitalism and its perps that rule Western culture in the places where Community should have hegemony, whenever Lilith Acts Out, Eris is probably not far away.  And lo, adding Eris we find that she’s Septile to the Neptune Station, Biseptile to Pluto, and Triseptile to Vesta.  That creates two additional Configurations – A Vesta Septile Yod with Eris and Stationary Neptune at the base, and a Pluto Septangle with Vesta and Eris.  As well as five sevenths of a Grand Septile.

It turns out that our Revelatory adventures (Eris) with our Sacred Cows and Golden Calves (Vesta) aren’t optional (Pluto) after all.  If they aren’t optional, and their timing is important (Septile), then there’s a good chance they’ll catch us off guard (Neptune).  If any uninvited Energies nudge their way into your space during this Portal, open up to them, as they’re likely to carry important messages.

Lots going on, eh?

While Fluoride stiffens bones and teeth, it’s the poster-child Mineral for Liberation from behavioral, intellectual, emotional, and Spiritual rigidity.

Waiting For Eris

September 5, 2013

You probably won’t be able to get either video or audio of this for a while, as Amy’s servers are obviously overloaded.  As I write this, the transcript is a partial draft, but as the day goes on and the transcript is completed, that’ll probably be your best bet, as it requires the least bandwidth…

Grayson points out more holes in Obomba’s case for rushing to War, and Grayson’s point that it’s a matter of weeks before the US Government closes down for lack of budget ceiling authorization is timely.  He calls it attention-deficit disorder; it sounds more like a desperate diversionary propaganda tactic – just the time when Eris should be stepping in to comment dramatically on the Emperor’s fashions.

And sure enough.  You have to dig for it, but Eris is at the focus of a Septangle with Mars and Pluto. 

It would be easy to read that as the Angel of Death with their scythe raised and ready to swing at the right moment.  If your orientation is toward a punishing Original-Sin kind of God Energy, you can stop there.  If you’re more oriented toward a guiding Original-Blessing sort of Goddess, then we have some explaining to do.  How might a benevolent Unconscious be guiding us toward Peace here?  Of course we could be steering toward War as the least miserable of the three Lizard-certified routes out of overpopulation – Famine, War, and Pestilence.  Of the three, War might involve less suffering overall.  Kind of a Heyoka reading of I Corinthians 13.  Well, we definitely know that the Unconscious is Heyoka!

As I’ve said, we need to hugely focus on our Gratitude for the current Grand Trines and Grand Sextiles, because once we blow through this opportunity, it may not matter how much we immer strebend, erlösen may no longer be available to us.

Whither the Century? A 7th-Harmonic Portal

August 30, 2013

CharioteerThe Seventh Harmonic is symbolized by the Charioteer, or Stillness and Action – Energy applied at the right moment, without waste or counterproductive harassment.  Sort of the opposite of the way the United States of Thag has used its primary export (violence) since at least 2001.  The Brits are starting to think about whether bullying is the appropriate answer for every insult, but it’s less likely that the UST will come around, since every Congressional district relies on those exports for jobs, and if they aren’t used in Syria, then where?  I think of the Seventh Harmonic as Shamanic, because knowing when to Act, and when not, is a subtle but critically important element of Power.

There’s a compelling Configuration in the sky, in place from around 10am PDT August 29, to about 9am PDT September 3, where Pallas, Uranus, and Saturn form what for lack of a better word I’m going to call a Septangle.  Saturn makes a Triseptile to Uranus, while Pallas sits at the far Midpoint Biseptiling both of them.  The Triseptile is three sevenths of the way round the loop, while the Biseptile is two sevenths of the way.  The result is a fat Triangle, a little off center but otherwise looking quite like a Grand Trine or T-Square.  It’s not symmetrical, but neither is Shamanic Energy.

SeptangleOf course we know that Saturn making any Angle to Uranus is a request of some type to Focus on Who You Really Are.  If Obomba can find a way to punish Assodd without killing and maiming a lot more mostly-innocent people, maybe it will signify a turning point for Who the US Really Believes Itself to Be.  And Pallas is the Goddess of War, so her involvement is particularly keen here.  As we often say, Mars shoots first and asks questions later, while Pallas asks questions first and shoots only if necessary.  We think of Pallas as symbolizing Boundaries, and these really are Boundary issues, notwithstanding all of the “line in the sand” metaphors.

The Waning Triseptile is about pollination, occurring as it does between the Bloom (Opposition) and the Fruit (Phitile).  Without properly-timed pollination, you can have lovely Flowers, but you won’t get Fruit.  Will the Thags in the UST stand up and say no, we don’t want another War?  This Saturn-Uranus Cycle is one of many that were born during the Harmonic Convergence, in February 1988, “The Pope blessing the faithful” (30 Sagittarius).   The Blooming was in November 2008, as Obomba was elected.  The Waxing Square, when the Pope’s Blessing would “become permanent,” occurred in July 1999, and was a part of the 1/1/2000 Grand Cross that brought us the extreme Polarization that we’ve been seeing since.  July 1999 gave us the Woodstock 1999 disaster that made Altamont look like your third-grade birthday party.

Some people say that Altamont “ended” the 1960s.  The essence of the 60s was Vulnerability – and the Exploitation of Vulnerability.  Experience with the Vulnerability part is essential for anyone to align with their Soul (Uranus).  And a crude first reading of Pluto (the Pluto-Uranus Ouija-Board Initiation characterized the 60s) would make the Exploitation part sound appropriate.  The Transformation of Vulnerability would be a more meaningful reading.  While the 60s may have ended at Altamont for concert fans, it certainly didn’t end for everyone else.  Now that we’re at the Waxing Uranus-Pluto Square, it’s clear that setting Boundaries to make Vulnerability safe is important in any Fear-based scenario, and there is a deep connection between Fear and Exploitation.

Pallas (Boundaries) and the Moon (Authenticity) were the other two members of the 1/1/2000 Grand Cross.  Now the Moon comes around to join Pallas at the apex of the Septangle at half past 5am PDT on September 1.  It will be within the two-degree Orb usually used for the Seventh Harmonic, for about eight hours centered on that time, the first four hours being probably more potent.  Pallas and the Moon sit at 25 Cancer, “A will-full man is overshadowed by a descent of superior power.”  Intense.

So the 1/1/2000 Grand Cross, certainly the largest if not the deepest Configuration of the Century’s birth chart (Chiron-Pluto and Neptune-South Node would be deeper), is this weekend folded into a Moon-Pallas-Saturn-Uranus Septangle.  That certainly makes this weekend a critical turning point for the evolution of the Century.

Will Obomba, with a premeditated attack on an ally of Russia-China-Iran, within earshot of a nuclear-armed Israel, start WWIII this weekend?  It’s the easiest way out of his ongoing economic dilemma.   Or will the Bees of Sympathy and Understanding, Harmony and Grace Abounding come to our rescue and pollinate a different kind of Fruit?  We are Graced with a complete Grand Sextile.  The Sun has moved in to replace Mercury in position #6, and will stay there until September 4.  The Sun represents Essence or Source, and it joins the Nodes (Destiny and Choice), Pluto (Transformation), Chiron (Miracles), and Lilith (Collaboration) in the Grand Sextile.  Surely that will help.  The Sextile is a Human-Goddess Collaboration, though, and Human Effort is required to Initiate Grace, lest we wallow in Fate, Ego Death, Despair, and Abandonment instead.

So it may be a good time to let your Voice be heard for Peace, and to devote the four hours prior to 5am PDT September 1 to PIAVAs for Peace.  The dashed lines on the horoscope picture are more Seventh-Harmonic Angles.  Mercury Septiles both Saturn and Pallas from their Midpoint, while it Triseptiles Uranus.  Mercury is about Communication and Awareness, signifying that it’s an even more important moment (remember the Septile is about how Power interacts with Time) to Speak Out, and an important Portal for Epiphanies.  The Moon is frequently the Trigger for Manifestation.  It certainly indicates that Power is Afoot!  It’s a Balsamic Moon, symbolizing Endings.

Pallas, and the Moon when it’s there (and during the 8-12 hours prior to that), makes a Waxing Square to Eris (Exposing Denial) – all the more impetus to Speak Out.  Eris Initiated Pallas back in March at 22 Aries, “The gate to the garden of all fulfilled desires.”  If you desire Peace more than War, the next few days would be an excellent time to say so.