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Hard Full Moon 2

May 8, 2023

We’ve added a couple of accidentally-omitted entries to the astroevent table in May 2023 II. My apologies to Pan, and my thanks for helping me make another Mistake/Intuition that draws more Attention to Him! Goddess knows that’s what Huperity needs most of all!


Reader JD offers some great Perspective and Advice on his experience of Gonggong “kicking the snot” out of him…

“As memories fill my mind, the original impulse fills me with what I truly remember. As emotions begin to caulk that reminiscence, I am able to draw in a deep breath and the moment passes. I feel younger and more innocent but am able to say goodbye and turn to the moment.”

Out of Boundses

After 6½ months, Mars finally returned In Bounds on 5 May 2023 UT 8:42 (PDT 1:42 am, BST 9:42 am, IST 2:12 pm, AEST 6:42 pm) in 22 Cancer.

Also on the 7th of May, the Moon goes Out of Bounds over the Southern Hemisphere at UT 2:24 (PDT 7:24 pm 6th, BST 3:24 am 7th, IST 7:54 am 7th, AEST 12:24 pm 7th), in 4 Sagittarius. It returns In Bounds 11 May UT 14:31 (PDT 7:31 am 11th, BST 3:31 pm 11th, IST 8:01 pm 11th, AEST 12:31 am 12th), in 8 Aquarius.

This is an interesting subtheme. I haven’t researched how long the trend will last, but these days people with natal Emotional planets1 between early Sagittarius and early Aquarius will likely be Freaking Out more often in the second week of each month, while folks with natal Emotional planets between early Gemini and early Leo will be more prone to Panic during the fourth week of each month, while in general, everyone will be less Excitable during the first and third weeks of each month.

1 Emotional planets include especially Mars and Venus, but also any other planet that we Invest a lot of Passion into. For instance, Disciplinarians will have probably put a lot of Ego Energy into Saturn, while Libertarians (the few who are really into their own Freedom, rather than Controlling everyone else’s Freedoms or just being Narcissists) will likely be Heavily Invested in Jupiter. Emotional planets would also include any planets in Water Signs, here Cancer.

7 May Station of Ceres

On 7 May, today, dwarf planet Ceres (Sustainability) Stood Still (was Prominent) at UT 19:27 (PDT 12:27 pm 7th, BST 8:27 pm 7th, IST 12:57 am 8th, AEST 5:27 am 8th) in 24 Virgo, Stubbornly Persistent Messenger of the Light, home of Fixed Star Alkes, which doubles down on the same interpretation. Expect this to be most Lit Up for about a week on either side of 7 May. More intense if you have natal planets near 24 Virgo, or if your mantra is “I Hate, therefore I Am.”

In the Station chart, the Cardinal and Mutable Signs featured relatively Self-Resolving Grand Crosses, but in the Fixed Signs,2 Nemesis in Taurus was the Focus of a Fully Self-Resolving Challenge (T-Square). The underlying 2D Argument that we must Transform in order to Let Go of our Guilt Karma is between Icarus (No Way, they really Betrayed Me) and Sisyphus-Samadhi (Gawd, this Enlightenment Shit is so Tedious. Is It Worth It? Is It Even Possible?).

2 The Cardinal or Creative Signs are Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn. The Fixed or Stabilizing Signs are Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius. The Mutable or Transformative Signs are Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces.

So the main theme is about Consistently Loving Your Guilt into Oblivion. Unless we’re hardened Criminals, most of our Guilt is about “Civic Offenses” we made inadvertently because our Programming was Different than someone else’s, and we didn’t even know we were Insulting them. Sure, there were times when we meant to Hurt somebody, usually because they Hurt us first (maybe inadvertently), or because we were Jealous of them, or didn’t like the way they looked or dressed or farted in class or because they were Martins and we were McCoys or other longstanding Family-of-Origin feuds.

If we haven’t Made Amends for those, there’s no time like now to start. If we’re still in touch with them, it’s best to do so in person, but if we aren’t, or if the Relationship isn’t high priority for us, we can use Stephen Levine’s prayers into the Airwaves (paraphrasing)…

Joe Schmoe, I Ask that You Forgive Me for Whatever I may have Said or Done or Thought or Felt, or Failed to Say or Do or Think or Feel, intentionally or unintentionally, that Caused You Pain. Please Forgive Me.

Joe Schmoe, I Forgive You for Whatever You may have Said or Done or Thought or Felt, or Failed to Say or Do or Think or Feel, intentionally or unintentionally, that Caused Me Pain. I Forgive You.

Stephen goes a lot further into the process (Guided Meditations, pp.52-56; Healing, pp.88-101), but this is a good start.

In addition to Sisyphus-Samadhi there are three other Mergers or Stellia, which act as Invitations to Mini-Enlightenments. These three are Venus Out of Bounds-Asbolus OOB-Moira (Intuitive Revisions of the Value of our Fate and our Ability to Change It) in Gemini, Icarus-Tantalus (the Temptation to Overdo and Burn Out) in Aquarius, and Requiem-Varda (Letting Go of our Resistance to Abundance) in Sagittarius. Mergers and Stellia usually imply Initations are nearby. We’ll take these up in a subsequent post.

5 May Full Moon, continued

We Rambled on about this in the previous post, but we Intend to cover it more formally here.

The Fixed Sign2 planets, including the Full Moon itself, are in a Relatively Self-Resolving Grand Cross, where the less-odious Hassles will Resolve one another if we Trust the Process enough to Let Them. If we make 2D Interventions, such as Vowing I’ll never Fall for That Trick again! we can screw up the Cross-Resolution and even Create or Deepen Karma.

The Cardinal Sign planets make only a Naked Square (a Relatively Straightforward Non-Self-Resolving Challenge which is Required Coursework toward your Virtual Degree in Adeptitude) between asteroid Ganesa (Lord God Ganesh, Remover of Obstacles) and the Merger of Chiron (Despair and Miracle) and asteroid Atropos (Expiring Karma). We covered this pretty well in the previous post.

The Mutable Signs sport the Major Challenge (Non-Self-Resolving T-Square) to Pan-Altjira (Planning the New Relationship between Nature and Life) that we discussed in the previous post. A Non-Self-Resolving Challenge is one we have to Sweat Out Ourself, it’s not being taken care of for us at some Higher Frequency. Huperity, Politics aside as just Games, is a Consensual Democracy. That is, the Energy that Huperity Expresses onto Gaia is an amalgam of the True Beliefs of all of its members.

We aren’t talking about Rote Recitation of Parables, the Currency of most Religions and -Isms, we’re talking about what True Values Reside in the Hearts of the People. For instance, a Practitioner of any Religion or other Tribal -Ism based on the Proposition that I’m Right and You’re Wrong and We’re Here to Fix You has Hate in their Heart rather than Love, and Contributes Violence rather than Peace to the Huperity Field. That includes us Condemners of 🦨 and 🦖.

I just stumbled upon Marko Pogačnik’s book Gaia’s Quantum Leap, from 2011, and as is usually Marko’s wont, he dives right in (p.9)…

“The scientific prognostications are based solely on the traditional structures of time and space. At that level it would seem that earth’s catastrophic destruction can no longer be averted. My geomantic work experience, however, has taught me that earth is a multidimensional being that can initiate specific change processes, not only at the physical level, but also at more subtle levels of existence. In theory, if it is impossible to heal our planet’s situation effectively by any means available on the physical level, the possibility may nonetheless exist on other levels of reality, which are know to us from our geomantic experiences. To be more precise, this possibility arises through the interaction between the physical and the so-called subtle levels of reality…

“As an artist, I have been occupied all my life with the concept of space. In my profession as landscape artist I have tried for decades to penetrate more deeply into the invisible spaces of the landscape, those which our physical eyes cannot see. One could call them subtle, perhaps etheric, archetypal, or even fairy-tale dimensions. I have to thank my personal sensitivity for my success in gradually entering these above-mentioned dimensions of space.

“I landed in a world that can scarcely be explained by my intellect. First I discovered that there are power centers and power streams that scoop up the life force from the depths of the earth and distribute it to the natural world and its living beings (including [huperity]). I am always amazed at this world of light when I get the opportunity to attune to its structure and observe its constant movement. On this level, reality is not firm, but flowing.

“Even more fascinating is the dimension of earth’s intelligence! For a long time now I have recognized that the earth is a conscious being with which one can communicate, provided that one is prepared to learn her language. This is no sort of mental language, but a picture-like way of communicating, combined with the transmission of different qualities of feeling. It is related to the language of our dreams and the expressive forms that appear in crop circles worldwide…

“Earth has a quite extraordinary consciousness. It is not lodged anywhere in the depths of the planet but uses for its capacious memory mountains, rivers, trees, all sorts of plants, animals, and lately, humans too – to say nothing of crystals. The intelligence of earth is distributed everywhere in us and around us, working, guiding and creating. Why do we never talk with the earth when her consciousness is distributed so closely among us? We should surely be talking with the Earth Consciousness about the possibilities for saving the wonderful life of Nature and [Huperity] from catastrophic earth changes.

“And look at my experience! Earth Consciousness has of itself begun to contact us, and of her own accord to initiate a process, unnoticed by [huperity], which is know as the process of earth transformation.”

The Debate that fuels the DIY Pan-Altjira Challenge for us Hupers (ie, the Opposition in the base of the T-Square) is between the Beginning of Hope for the Healing of Abuse and Privilege (Klotho-Pandora-Nessus Stellium) and Getting Tough about Eliminating our Patterns of Codependence (Thereus-Orcus-Black Moon Lilith Stellium).

So a great Practice for the next several weeks (the usual duration of a Full Moon’s impact) would be to Monitor your Thoughts about Abuse and Privilege, and about Codependence. When you catch yourself Thinking about how Prevalent and Problematic Abuse and Privilege are, Cancel-Neutralize-Upgrade – Cancel the Thought, Neutralize the Vibration, Upgrade the Thinker.

Then Ask yourself (PIAVA – we want to direct the question to the Unconscious), What’s one simple Step I can take to Reduce Abuse and Privilege, without Believing “I’m Right and They’re Wrong and I’m Here to Fix Them” and without making anyone worse off, especially myself ? Then Change the Subject, and Let the Answer come to you when you least Expect it. If you notice your Mind working on the Question, Change the Subject again (and again…). You don’t want a 2D Answer.

5D Community works when everyone is Expressing the Unique Skills that only they have in the wide world, and Codependence short-circuits that Expression, so Locating, Honoring, and Supporting one’s Self-Sovereignty is an important part of Enlightenment.

Here’s a classic Current-Moment Story about Privilege and Abuse – And another about apparent Wannabe Privilege or “Supremacy” –

While you’re Waiting for a Response, you can also PIAVA, What Patterns of Codependence do I have that I might be Able to Eliminate, Lovingly and Gently? Thereus was famous for Wrestling Bears, but that’s not a particularly Loving way to Eliminate a Pattern. You might see others Getting Tough about Eliminating our Patterns of Codependence. I didn’t see Codependence covered in the Washington Post this morning, but it was certainly all over yesterday’s Guardian…

People, much to their own Detriment, allowing Profiteers to take over government functions – Worse yet, allowing the Profiteers to publicly Celebrate the most blatant form of Crime and Graft – Idolizing External Authority – And one reeking of both Codependence and Privilege/Abuse –!

We covered Pan-Altjira and Chiron-Atropos in the previous post, but we haven’t reviewed the Stellia Klotho-Pandora-Nessus or Thereus-Orcus-BMLilith for Initiations, nor considered the Conjunction Artesian-Hybris (Aid to Manifestation and Hubris) in the Full Moon Grand Cross – we’ll save them for another post.

The Gem Peridot, which to a geologist is an example of the Mineral Forsterite, a Magnesium Nesosilicate. Olivine is the more general name of the Nesosilicates that mix Magnesium and Iron, which substitute for one another readily. The Nesosilicates have their Silicate units pretty much Independent of one another. Lacking a rigid Crystal structure, the Silicate units can pack themselves closer together, making the Crystal Denser but Softer than more structured Silicates like the Beryls or Tourmalines. Because it Crystallizes or Solidifies in Volcanoes at a very high temperature, Peridot “bears the ability to cauterize emotional wounds to allow the strength for deep healing to occur” (Marquist & Frasl p.112), especially from childhood Trauma, Abuse, or Loss.

Guilt that Ain’t

November 30, 2022

Our next Portal is about Guilt and Confusion. Neptune is Stationary till 3 December 2022 at 4:14 pm PST,* and Neptune represents Material Confusion and Spiritual Clarity. Confusion is the first Sign of Growth in Consciousness, because our Unconscious Limitations are Encoded into our Mental Concept Set, the one that Keeps us Safe by Defining the Boundaries of our Reality. When out Rigid Concepts Conflict with one another, or with Possibly Valid Information from Outside of our Rigid Universe, of course we Get Confused. Our normal Reaction is to Run back to the Perceived Safety of our Rigid Concepts. In so doing, we can Deny Outside Information that Conflicts, we can Ignore Contradictions in our Concept Set, or we can Make Up Stories to Mitigate the Contradictions.

* GMT 12:14 am 4th December, IST 5:44 am 4th, AEDT Qld 10:14 am 4th, AEDT NSW 11:14 am 4th.

Better yet, we can Borrow such Stories from the Vast Store of them on the Internet. This is how we get to Rhetoric, or Unexamined Rote Concepts about the World which become Memes for these Stories. This process is so Clearly illustrated for us by Faux News and the Rabid Republicans that Inhabit and Inhale it. If we slip on a Virtual Reality Headset from Meta Inc. and tune it to Believe that the T.rumpian or Pootinian or the DiCostellian or Abbotic Realities are the Real ones, we can see the same process working in the Minds of the “Woke” Liberals as they Groom our Children into every Vile Reality Forbidden by the Old Testament or Sharia Law.

The Spiritual Function of the Prominence on the World Stage of these Parodies of Leadership has been to Demonstrate for us the Limitations of Creating Your Own Reality when it has no solid Connection to the Physical World and no Authentic Connection to the Spiritual World. Next time you see one of these Buffoons on TV or the Internet, Go Meta Ask yourself In the Present Moment, What’s Really Happening Here? How many times have Propaganda artists snagged Civilization on the end of their Hooks and Reeled them In? Is that Karma we wish to Continue? If not, can we No Longer Lend Our Strength to That Which We Wish to Be Free From?

Guilt Arises here because the Neptune Station Conjoins asteroid Nemesis, our astromeme for Guilt. Both sit in 23 Pisces, The Profoundly Impossible Search for Missing Soul Fragments When There Are No Clues, and the Miracle that Occurs When We Persevere with Our Intention to Embrace Them. Can these Unfunny Comedians really be Clues to Our Missing Soul Fragments? If not, why do we even Give them the Time of Day?

But before we move into Discussion of our Guilt about Having Lost Track of Our Soul Fragments…

We didn’t have time to write about the Emphasis on Boundaries over that last several days, but then, our primary goal is to Teach youalls to Monitor your own astrology, since your Experience with yourself is a jillion times every one else’s, and Self-Knowledge is a big prerequisite for Ascension, so no worries. I can just fill you in on what the last couple days have been about astrologically, and you can see how it compares to your Experience.

It hasn’t been Complicated, but it has been a shift. Asteroid Pallas, which is all about Boundaries, Stood Still till 12:36 am PST,* early this morning, 30 November 2022, in 27 Cancer. Any planet’s Impact on Earth is highest when it Stands Still, so you may have found yourself struggling with your Boundaries, or Setting Stronger Boundaries, or Loosening up some, or All of the Above! People may have Angered you, and you Felt Bad about Telling them Off, or Felt Bad about Not Telling them Off. You may have Felt Guilt about one or some of your Relationships, and maybe Let them Into your Private Life a bit more than you usually would have. You may even have Closed a Relationship or two, with or without Talking to them about it. You may just have found yourself really Confused about some of your Relationships.

* GMT 8:36 am, IST 2:06 pm, AEDT Qld 6:36 pm. Sorry about the Red. WordPress in its wisdom, except for Black and Red, offers only Light Colors for text, and every time you use one of them it warns you that it’ll be difficult to read, so you should oughta use a darker color. Brilliant. You probably have to pay extra to get access to darker colors.

We’ll get to the Guilt and Confusion shortly, as they’re about to get Louder, but they’re likely to have been Lit Up already. 27 Cancer is about being Obsessed with the Unmarked Path to Giving Birth to Our Cosmic Twin Soul. Wow, what an Intense and Exciting Degree Reading! Regular readers know that we always recommend looking up these full-page Degree Symbols in Lonsdale’s book (pp.152-3). We only squeeze what we can into a single sentence, and it’s never enough.

The single Challenge/Potential SuperPower in the Pallas Station chart is a Pattern-Breaker! Almost all of the Challenges for months now have been Self-Resolving, but this one isn’t, so we have to do the Work ourself. It’s about Denying our Compulsive Attachment to Expired Karma and Codependent Boundaries.*

* Eris (Revelation of What’s Been Denied ) T-Squared (Challenged ) by the Opposition (Debate) between Pluto-Atropos (Addiction to Expired Karma) and Pallas-Black Moon Lilith (Codependent Boundaries). Of course Black Moon Lilith mostly stands for Self-Sovereignty, so the Dynamic here could well be about Seeking Excessive Privacy to Hide the Symptoms of our Addiction. It may be useful to Think about whether we’re Hiding anything from our Closests.

Hmmm, that sounds suspiciously like Shame. Maybe we should check to see where Phaedra (Shame) is in this chart. Yup, very Meaningful! Phaedra makes a Biquintile to Stationary Pallas – a Teaching about Duality and Separation from Self. It also makes an Angle that’s 7/18th of the Zodiac (a Septununoctile?), Combining the Seventh (Timing) and 18th (Authenticity) Harmonics, so totally fitting for a chart about Denial and Boundaries and Compulsions.

In the Pallas Stationary chart Phaedra is Merged with the Moon (Authenticity, Instinct), Gonggong (Intrusive Memories), and Vesta (Unconscious Limitations), in the Aries Duad of Pisces (Beginning a New Life Cycle with Less Karmic Emotional Baggage). Intense! We can’t make this stuff up, can we?

The Phaedra portion of the Pallas Stationary chart includes two Fully Self-Resolving (Diamond Star plus Grand Trine) Challenges. In one, Phaedra-Moon-Gonggong-Vesta Opposing Samadhi-Sappho (Enlightenment Merged with Self-Love) is T-Squared by Moira (Fate or Choice). Wow. We can Choose between our Karmic Fate of Continuing to Hide our Shame that we’ve Adopted from our Ancestors, or moving into Self-Love and Ascension! What a Choice! But we have to Make it. Moira is in 6 Gemini, Single-Minded Obsession to Making It to the Bright Light that Must Be at the End of the Tunnel.

I don’t interpret that as shouting our Shame from the Rooftops. But I do interpret it as Stopping our Thoughts about it and Asking ourself, What am I Feeling? Where Is It in my Body? What does it Feel Like there? Softening it there, Warming it, Poor-Sweethearting Ourself. Would you have interpreted those Sensations as Shame? Shame is very Adept at Hiding. We need to be Loving and Gentle with those places in our Body. Just Opening this door and looking in is a Huge Ego Death. We wouldn’t have Felt Compelled to Hide it otherwise.

The other Fully Self-Resolving Challenge in the Phaedra portion of the Pallas Station chart Focuses on Narcissus – Big Surprise, and Eurydike (Trusting our Self-Image). Narcissus is in 2 Scorpio, Hard Battles to Overcome Ego. The base of the T-Square is Chariklo (Self-Confidence or Self-Doubt) Opposite Cyllarus-Varuna (Ego Death Merged with the Life Force). We’ve had to Hide this Shame in order to Manifest any sort of Self-Confidence, and the result has been having a Murderous impact on our Health. On the other hand, a Solid Ego Death or several should Restore our Health! While the Pallas Challenge itself is Not Self-Resolving, the Phaedra Challenges are Self-Resolving, and Fully so. That’s a Monster Gift!

So, Shame so well Hidden sounds like a Held Emotion, doesn’t it. We’d rather Die than Share this Secret with anyone. So we Ask, What’s going on with the South Node in the Pallas Station chart? The Mean South Node is in 12 Scorpio, Two Souls in One Body, the Inner Soul on an Essential Crusade in another Galaxy, while the Outer Body-Soul barely Hangs on to Ground the Pair into the Earth. The South Node Merges with Zhulong (Enlightenment ), Ka’epaoka’awela (Transmutation), and Requiem (Respect for Death). The North Node Merges with Uranus (Soul), and Lachesis makes a Diamond Star across the Nodal Axis. Lachesis sits in 14 Aquarius, Testing the Depths of Darkness in order to Let Go of the Shadows of Grandiosity.

A second Diamond Star is T-Squared by the Sun (Essence) in 9 Sagittarius, on the Opposition between Nessus-Juno (Growth in Consciousness around Abuse and Privilege) and Orcus-Thereus (Relentlessness about Breaking Difficult Patterns or Taming Bears). 9 Sagittarius is The Green Man, Serving Mystery and Forever Forbidden from Identifying with Anything on the Surface.

Lachesis symbolizes Unexpired Karma, but All Karma can be Let Go by Choice. While these Challenges are Self-Resolving but not Enhanced by Grand Trines, one side of the base of each T-Square is also one side of the base of the Finger of the Goddess of the other, so they do Complement one another. The second side of the base of each Finger is Ganesa (Remover of Obstacles). So is there Hope that these Two Souls in One Body can ever Integrate with one another? Are we talking about Fragmentation of our own Soul?

The answer to the second question is No. This is a Transit chart, not our Natal chart. We have Empathy because there are parts of our own Souls that are Split Off and waging some Crusade in another Galaxy. An excellent example is the original Shame Tracked out of its Hideout in the Pallas Station chart. So on these circuitous journeys through the distant parts of the Pallas chart, we’ve gained some Appreciation for the travails that this Lost Soul Fragment has been through – and that the Ancestors who passed this Trauma down to us have been through, and are still, in the Etheric Realms.

We Liberate their Soul Fragments as we Liberate Ours, by Stopping our Thoughts about our Shame and Lovingly, Gently Embracing the Sensations in our Body that we’ve been Denying all our Lives, the Sensations that threaten to make our own Body so fragile that it barely Hangs on to Ground our Multifarious and Unitary Lives into the Earth.

Another view of green Ajoite Crystals. Ajoite can help us Let Go of Shame.

Anger & Guilt, or Action & Prudence

October 29, 2022

That’s what we’re living with through at least 2 am PDT 31 October 2022 (10am BST, 7pm AEST). That’s the night or morning before Halloween (except in Oz), so this year’s Halloween may not be too Tricky, though the Moon remains Out of Bounds till 9:36 pm PDT 31 October (5:36 am BST 1st November, 2:36 pm AEST 1st), so Panic-Induced Backlash could get Tricky, especially in the Southern Hemisphere, where the Moon is Out of Bounds Overhead. Also, we’re scheduled for a rash of Ego Deaths next week, till 4:31 pm PDT 4 November (12:31 am BST 5th, 9:31 am AEST 5th), which could begin Early for any one or more of us.

The Anger or Action is Mars, which could also come across as “just” Anxiety. It’s Stationary (Strong) 6:35 am PDT 30 October (2:35 pm BST, 11:35 pm AEST). In your natal chart, the neighborhood of 26 Degrees will be Lit Up by it, especially in Gemini, Virgo, and Pisces. If you spend a lot of time in your Mind, Sagittarius as well. Lonsdale’s take on 26 Gemini is something like “Losing One’s Self in the Infinite Wonder of Inner Worlds.” Letting yourself Contemplate these Wavellite Crystal Clusters might Settle you Down a bit…

The Guilt or Prudence is Nemesis, Stationary 1:49 am PDT 31 October (9:49 am BST, 6:49 pm AEST), in 19 Pisces, which will also Trigger your natal planets close to 19 Gemini and 19 Sagittarius, and again, if you hang out in your Mind a lot, you could find yourself having Arguments with the planets you have near 19 Virgo. 19 Pisces reads “Always in Touch with Paradise,” or the like. If you’re Exercising your Prudence, don’t Judge folks who aren’t. Most non-Muggles these days are working on their Honesty more than their Obedience. Letting yourself get Lost in this Heliodor Beryl Crystal could reduce any Self-Judgement you could be Experiencing…

The Ego Deaths would be a Station of Cyllarus, 4:11 pm PDT 4 November (12:11 am BST and 9:11 am AEST, both 5 November), in 5 Leo (An Old Soul Who Discovers that the Old Rules No Longer Apply). Your natal planets near 5 Taurus and 5 Scorpio will Stand Out, and maybe those near 5 Aquarius as well. This Cacoxinite-Embedded Amethyst Crystal may help you Surrender Egos that aren’t working as well as you’d like and move on to something Better.

Of course the two Energies could, and probably will, Combine, leaving us with something like Discouragement. This Smiling Pink Calcite Crystal could help with that. Try it with a side of Poor-Sweethearting..

The Anger/Action Energy is likely to be Confusing, but Confusion is the First Step toward Expansion of Consciousness, so that’s good. To get there though we need to Forget the misconception that Confusion is a sign that you need to Figure Something Out, and just Enjoy Confusion as a Valid Emotion on its own. All we need to do is Relax into it, and our Intuition will take care of the rest of the Journey. See if this Hyalite Opal will help you do that…

The Mars Station is Waxing Square to Neptune (Material Confusion and Spiritual Clarity). In the 13 June 2020 Neptune-Mars Initiation chart, Mars and Neptune in 21 Pisces (Bouncing between the Compelling Safety of Karma and a Strong Longing to Let It All Hang Out ) are Merged with Requiem (Respect for Death) and the Focus of a T-Square from Hybris (Arrogance) Opposite (Arguing With) Sun-Asbolus OOB-Karma OOB (Clarity about our Karma). The Waxing Square is when a Cycle gets Serious. If you Look Deep into the Eye of this Long-Traveling Morganite Beryl Fellow, He may have some Wisdom for you about where to take your Ascension Journey next…

The Guilt/Prudence Nemesis Station features a Debate (Opposition) between Healing Codependence (Panacea-Hylonome) and Clarifying Boundaries (Veritas-Pallas). It also Lights up another Iteration of the Waning Square between Saturn and Uranus (Ego and Soul ). This Square is a couple of years old, so it’s not a Biggie by itself, but it does Connect us with the 13 February 1988 Initiation that began this Uranus-Saturn Cycle, began the predecessors of this blog, and began what José Argüelles called the Harmonic Convergence, a major Transition in the Mayan Calendar that led to the 2012 End of Time as We Knew It.

The 1988 Uranus-Saturn Initiation, in 30 Sagittarius (Reweaving the Tapestry of the Relationship between Soul and Ego), was the Focus of a T-Square from the Debate (Opposition) between the Truth of the Heart (Aletheia) and Fate (Moira). It Set the Stage for all of the Work we’ve been doing with our Karma since then. The Truth of the Heart speaks to our Unlimited Potential, not to our Limiting Beliefs and Habits. If we need a Reminder of the Essence of Reweaving this Tapestry, gazing at a Celestite Crystal should to the trick…

The Waning Square of the Saturn-Uranus Ego-Soul Cycle that began 17 February 2021 is the Beginning of the End of the Cycle, the point where we Let Go of what we’ve been doing since 1988, and Descend into the Void between Cycles. It doesn’t help us to look ahead and figure out what the next Cycle will be about, because like Inanna we’ll be a Different Person by then. We don’t have the Bandwidth at this point to interpret the next Cycle, till we Bathe in the Void. Starhawk in Truth or Dare defines seven stages to the Descent…

  • Unraveling and Reweaving: Pattern and Ritual – Purging our undesirable Karma
  • Reclaiming Value from the Judge – Transmutation, from Obedience to our Programming, to Self-Love
  • Risking the Boundaries: Dethroning the Conqueror – Building a Self-Reliant Persona
  • Finding A Voice: Breaking the Censor’s Silence – Speaking our Truth
  • Creating Sustainable Culture: Serving No Masters – Trusting the Guidance from Our Own Heart
  • Evoking Mystery: Restoring Organic Order – Surrendering Control and Embracing Collaboration
  • Toward Community: Structure and Leadership

Since 1988 we’ve been Becoming Ready for 5D, Intending it. Now it’s time to Be 5D.


October 27, 2022

It’s probably just me. Mars, which can symbolize Irritability for no Obvious reason, is Lit Up (Stationary 30 October 2022) and it’s messing with my natal chart. Mars doesn’t have to be Irritable, it can just mean Busy-ness. Guilt is also Lit Up (Nemesis Stationary 31 October), so we could well be Feeling Irritable about all the People who’ve Manipulated us into Feeling Guilty, not because we did anything “wrong,” but because they were Powering Over us.

A good Question to Ask ourself is How Old Am I? or How Old Do I Feel? This Question can Illuminate the Regression you may be Unconsciously Experiencing here in the Present. If you do Harvest a Past Scenario with that Trick, don’t Focus on the Scenario or the Actors any longer than it takes to get the general Plot (which may take only an Instant). Focus instead on What You Were Feeling at that Age in those Circumstances, and be very Loving and Gentle with your Historical and Herstorical Selves at that Age. A good “You Poor Sweetheart, You Were Feeling _____, Weren’t You” would probably be useful. If you can actually Change the Subject afterward, you’ll be Surprised at how Quickly that can Shift Your Mood.

If you get hung up on any details, you can always say to yourself, “You Poor Sweetheart, You’re Hung Up on _____, Aren’t You” – then try again to Otherwise Occupy yourself and your Thoughts. We want to work with our Emotions, not our Thoughts about them. The Power lies in your Feelings. Your Thoughts are just a Distraction to keep you from Feeling. You could even Ask yourself, “When Did I Learn to Shift My Attention from My Feelings to My Thoughts about Them? Hold Old was I?” You could get a whole different Collection of Scenarios. Which Feelings were Most Prohibited? By Whom? Again, you don’t want to Dwell on your Thoughts about this, but your Feelings about it, both Then and Now. We could get into Emotions that We’d Rather Die Than Feel – it would be your Ego that would have to be Rebirthed in that case, not your Self.

Before we get lost in this, we should mention that the Moon moves Out of Bounds over the Southern Hemisphere starting 2:52 pm PDT 27 October (BST 10:52 pm 27th, AEST 7:52 am 28th), till 9:36 pm PDT 31 October (BST 5:36 am 1st November, AEST 2:36 pm 1st). Keep that in mind as you set your Boundaries against Tricks if your Culture has Halloween Traditions. Let alone Día de Muertos. Later on we’ll demonstrate a Crystal you can use for your Muertos.

In general, the Feelings that We’d Rather Die than Feel are stuffed into our natal South Node. As we’ll see soon enough, the charts for the Mars and Nemesis Stations (and the other events that are Triggered) are among the Strangest we’ve seen. They’re mostly Strange in their Simplicity, but we can’t let that fool us – Simplicity in astrology means Intensity, as all of the Energy is funneled into a narrow channel. More like a Tornado than a Hurricane. The “Thing” about the Feelings that We’d Rather Die than Feel is that the Tools that we need to Serve our Lifetime Mission are Hiding right behind them. So if we never make the Shift from I’d rather Die over to Omigosh, I Need an Ego Death, then we’ll never make any Progress with our Lifetime Mission. That’s fine for Muggles, but for Aspiring Light Workers, it’s an endless Treadmill.

Emotions are Tricky. You can only shred so many Pillows, and chances are the only result you’ll get is Feathers everywhere. The word Feelings is Ambiguous for a Purpose, however. It also applies to Sensations. So you can Ask yourself, Where in my 3D Body am I Feeling this? The most Efficient way to Resolve Old, Stuck, Slippery Feelings is to Locate them in your Body and Love them to Death there. The Easy Key is Love Is Soft and Warm, Fear Is Hard and Cold. The Energy that is Projected from your Palm is just the right Frequency for Healing (Far Infrared), so you can just put your Palm on the Location you’d Identified.

Can’t Feel the Energy from your Palm? Rub your Palms together gently several times, then hold your Hands, Palms facing each other, several feet apart in front of you. Then slowly bring your Palms closer together. Do you ever get to a distance where you sense something between them? Almost like a light Wind?

If you don’t, No Worries, just Imagine that you did. It’s there, you just haven’t been Trained to Detect it. If we haven’t already Learned it, Know that Imagining something is the first step toward Touching It, Being It, Manifesting It, etc etc. Eventually we’ll Discover that Imagining It Is As Good As those other things, it’s just a little more Ephemeral. But so is your Soul, and it’s Descending into your Body as we Speak. Can you Feel that little Shiver in your Spine?

If you have a natural Crystal, hold it between your Palms, and Imagine this “Wind,” or Energy, blowing down your right arm, through the Crystal, and up your left arm. It makes a Loop. When it gets to your left shoulder, Where does it Cross your back to get back to your right shoulder, and what does it Feel Like on your Back? That might be a start for getting you to Notice the Energy. Our Backs are usually a lot less Calloused than our Palms, so more Sensitive, though Calluses don’t actually Disrupt the Energy, they just make it a little harder to Notice when we haven’t Trained ourself to do so yet.

If you don’t have a Crystal handy, I’ll lend you one. Just Stare at the picture while holding your Palms together loosely and Imagining that the Crystal is between your Palms. Then Run your Energy down your right arm, through the Crystal, up your left arm, across your Back, and down your right arm again, in a Loop. Once you get the Loop started, you don’t need to keep Running it, it’ll Run by itself, so you can just Focus on Where and How you Feel it in your Back…

This cut Crystal is called Eudialyte. It’s a mouthful – Sodium Calcium Cerium Iron Manganese Yttrium Zirconium Cyclosilicate Hydroxide Chloride! You don’t need to remember that, but it’s good to know what Elements are in your Crystals, because it’s a clue to their Metaphysical Properties. For instance, your Body uses Sodium to maintain the right Internal Pressures to make the complex Mechanical processes of its Chemistry work, Balancing it with Potassium. It uses Calcium for a zillion different purposes, including making Bones stiff. Iron carries the Oxygen around in your Blood. Eudialyte is found just north of Vermont, in Quebec. It’s Metaphysical Function is to Allow you to See Through The Veil. You can use it to Talk to your Friends on the Other Side. When I Focus on this picture I Feel a little “Beside Myself.” Feel anything like that? We’re all quite Unique, so you may Experience it very Differently.

Now, if you have a second, different Crystal, try Running Energy through it, and see if it Feels Different on your Back. That can be an Eye-Opener.

This next one is a Demantoid, a variety of Garnet, a Calcium Iron Nesosilicate. Silicon makes an incredible number of different Crystal structures, giving Carbon a run for its money, if it had any. We can think of Silicon as a heavier version of Carbon, as it interacts with other Elements in a similar way. Some even theorize that Life Forms could be based on Silicon, though of course we know that Everything Is Conscious already, so “Life Forms” can be based on anything. So the “Cyclosilicate” and “Nesosilicate” terms just describe how complex the Silicate structure is (the “-ate” ending on a mineral means it’s an Oxide; an “-ide” ending means it’s just the Element).

Imagine cupping this one loosely between your Palms and Running Energy through it. Does it cross your Back at a different place than the Eudialyte? Is your Experience of it different? Demantoid has a reputation as a Painkiller, so try Running this Energy through someplace in your Body where it hurts for several minutes. Once you’ve Imprinted on Dematoid and you know how it Feels, you can Run it anytime anywhere in your Body, without the actual Stone or the picture of it.

More Big Doin’s

September 28, 2022

We’re starting to see why folks from around the Universe – Pleiades, Arcturus, Andromeda, et al, not to mention the more Etheric Realms – have been trying to talk sense into Hupers. Solar Outbursts are increasing in frequency, strength, and unpredictability. They’re more than capable of wiping out Electrical Grids1 and Computing Networks on the Sunward side of the Earth if the Planet doesn’t take precautions to prevent it (mostly shutting down Power to hardware so Surges aren’t routed through the equipment). Keep up with this trend at

A US NASA program just blasted someone else’s asteroid home as casually as Pootin’ blasts a Ukrainian village…

The old Patriarchic adage “All’s Fair in Love and War” obviously still holds, as NASA believes itself to be defending its Home. Hupers may never find Peace till they Accept Death as a natural part of Life, which means Accepting Ego Death as a natural part of Ego. An Ego Death is a Molt.

When a Crab Molts, as he does annually, he has to laboriously wriggle out of his old exoskeleton, pulling each leg and claw out of his old shell as he frees his body. King Crab males molt first, then graciously hold a female’s old shell while she wriggles out. It takes several days for a Crab’s new shell to harden, during which time, as a tasty naked morsel, he’s very vulnerable…

You can see how Ancient our Karmic Fear of Ego Death is. In 3D Linear Time, Crabs have been around for 500 million years, Hupers less than 10. In the 3D Linear view of Evolution, which is based on hardcopy Fossils and intellectual extrapolations from theories about how Genes work, Crabs and Hupers are on different Branches of the Tree. But if you approach it from the Respect-for-All-Things Hopi Perspective, and take into account that we’re still in the Field where many Pantheistic planets are Lit Up,2 and that our Multidimensional Intuition is Lit Up Brilliantly as we speak,3 you’ll quickly Remember that Crabs are our Brothers and Sisters – as are Stingrays. (Continuing on the other side of Purple.)

1 Including destroying transformers in the Electrical Grid that could take months to replace. Transformers are already in short supply because of the “Supply Chain” issues.

2 Dwarf planets Altjira, Pholus, and Quaoar, and asteroids Pan and Arachne all Stationary 18-22 September 2022.

3 Dwarf planet Asbolus both Out of Bounds and Stationary (each of which Amplifies the Impact on us) 8:21 pm PDT 29 September (4:21 am BST and 1:21 pm AEST, both 30 September), in 1 Cancer (Surrendering to Spirit ) and Conjunct dwarf planet Chaos (Our Unlimited Potential ), which is also Out of Bounds and Stationary 4:28 pm PDT 2 October (12:28 am BST and 9:28 am AEST, both 3 October), in 2 Cancer (Doomed to Reject Ego while Retaining Enough Humility to Teach Everyone Else). The Asbolus Station adjoins the Star Betelgeuse (Achievement ) in 30 Gemini (The Hollowness of Being Outer-Directed ).

The chart of the Asbolus-Chaos OOB Stations is basically the same as the New Moon chart in the Still Big Doin’s post. The OOB Moon moves ahead to Conjoin asteroid Karma OOB in Sagittarius for the Asbolus OOB Station, and has moved through the Capricorn-Cusp Stellium (Icarus OOB-Ixion OOB-Quaoar-Pholus) to 10 Capricorn by the time Chaos OOB Stands Still.

The Asbolus-Chaos Stations Oppose the recent Stations of Icarus-Ixion (both Out of Bounds) and Pholus-Quaoar. That Opposition is Squared by the Opposition between Jupiter in 4 Aries (Playful and Exuberant True Self When Liberated – Till then, Nobody) and asteroid Hopi Out of Bounds in 2 Libra (Drawn into the Mysteries, Terrifying to Ego but Exhilarating to Soul, with Potential to Transform the World ), the latter Conjunct the 25 September New Moon in 3 Libra (Passionate yet Detached about a Unitary Future No One Else Can See).

The Moon moves Out of Bounds (Hupers get more Anxious than usual ) over the Southern Hemisphere at 8:46 am PDT 30 September (4:46 pm BST 30th, 1:46 am AEST 1 October), until 3:39 pm PDT 4 October (11:39 pm BST 4th and 8:39 am AEST 5th). The Moon spans 7 Sagittarius to 8 Aquarius while Out of Bounds, crossing many Lit-Up planets in the process.4 (Continuing on the other side of Purple.)

4 Including Pandora OOB (Exaggerated Hope) 4pm PDT 30 September, the Ixion OOB-Icarus OOB-Pholus-Quaoar Stellium (Very Radical Innovations to Adjust to Climate Change et al ) 2-10 am PDT 2 October, Panaceas OOB (Amplified Healing) 11 pm PDT 2 October, Stationary Hylonome (Exaggerrated Sovereignty-Codependence – see below) 9am PDT 3 October, and Pluto (Compulsion) 8pm PDT 3 October. The Moon moves OOB while Conjunct asteroid Karma OOB (Karmic Patterns Exaggerated to Get Our Attention), and returns In Bounds while Conjunct still-Stationary asteroid Arachne (Emphasis on The Web of Life).

In between our Opportunity to Practice our Intuition SuperPower and/or Let Go of Our Resistance to it (Station of OOB Asbolus 29 September) and our Opportunity to Move into our Unlimited Potential and/or Let Go of Our Resistance to it (Chaos Station 2 October), we get a Splendid Opportunity to Adjust the Balance between our Self-Sovereignty and our Codependence and/or Let Go of Any Inertia We Have to Over-Emphasize Either (Station of dwarf planet Hylonome 8:28 am PDT 30 September, which is 4:28 pm BST 30 September and 1:28 am AEST 1 October).

Well, it’s not really “in between,” since all three are Merged into One Experience, though our Sovereignty Challenges and SuperPowers may be a bit more Prominent in between. We should probably refer instead to our Opportunity to Practice our SuperPower of Intuiting the Exact Balance between Self-Sovereignty and Codependence that Will Best Facilitate Our Moving Into Our Unlimited Potential and/or Let Go of Our Resistance to it, Moment to Moment. We could well be Practicing Our SuperPower AND Letting Go of Our Resistance at the same time, if we’re well Practiced at Noticing Our Karmic Patterns.

While what we Learn this coming weekend may be a series of One-Time things, the Boon derives from Exercising these SuperPowers and Letting-Go Skills Moment to Moment into the Future. Bear in mind that Tigger may not always make the best Decisions. We’re always in Danger of Overextending our Growth and end up taking one step forward and three steps backwards. If we Shatter the Ego instead of Stretching it, we have to Stop Everything and Reassemble a Functioning Ego. That’s not Optional, the Ego is not our Enemy, it’s our Protector.

Reassembling a Functioning Ego from scratch is of course an Opportunity, and many of us have that as a SuperPower or we wouldn’t be where we are (for instance, when natal Pluto Strongly Impacts the Nodal Axis), but it’s seldom Fun unless you’re Really Good at Cosmic Humor. In a way, Dr. Joe’s Imagine Yourself as Nothing is a Gentle way to Crack Open the Ego so we can start over with less Karmic Baggage. But if you’ve ever started to Freak Out while doing Heavy Meditations, you want to have a talented Guide not far away. Kesey’s Observation that “You Can Trip Out so Far that You Never Get Back to Know that You’ve Left” is Real, and since Real Growth involves Growing Beyond Social Conventions, the Edge between Enlightenment and Insanity can be as thin as whether or not you “get caught.” Just ask the Salem Witches.

The chart for our Splendid Opportunity to Adjust the Balance between our Self-Sovereignty and our Codependence and/or Let Go of Any Inertia We Have to Over-Emphasize Either (30 September Station of dwarf planet Hylonome) looks like this…

I’m sure the first thing you’ll Notice is the two adjacent light green Xs in the middle of the chart – a Yin Gate or Mystery School, Offering us the Opportunity to Blank Out Everything We Think We Know about the Central Axis, assign it the Status of Paradox, and Open our Mind and Heart to Learning about it. The Paradox? Between Codependence or Self-Sovereignty on one hand (dwarf planet Hylonome in Capricorn) and Self-Sovereignty or Codependence on the other (Black Moon Lilith in Cancer)! Sounds like one of Gollum’s riddles, don’t it. Well, the two symbols are quite different actually, we just shortcut their Interpretation the same way.

Hylonome Killed herself with the same spear that Killed her Lover, the Ultimate in Codependence, or Loyalty, depending on how you look at it. She may have been watching his Soul depart, and Chose to accompany it to their next Adventure together. Lilith on the other hand was Adam’s first wife. When Adam made it clear that he was Da Bossman, she Laughed heartily and Left for the Coast, leaving God to have to make Adam a new Wife from one of his ribs. The Patriarchic Religious Media promptly made Lilith into a Demon that Curses men, and erased her Presence from the Orchard of Eden. So Lilith represents Self-Sovereignty quite strongly, and Codependence only because it could be the other side of her Coin, while Hylonome, if we take a Materialist Western European Psychological view of Relationship, really personifies Codependence, and Sovereignty only because it could be the other side of her Coin.

I don’t think Self-Sovereignty is the only Obverse of Codependence, I’m sure there are many other options, especially when you consider the issue from other Perspectives on Relationship. Those other Obverses could be a major key to the Paradox, so I’ll leave them for you to Conjure and Contemplate. We could also riff on the Signs – Hylonome being Practical and Down to Earth (Capricorn), and Lilith being Nurturing and Emotional (Cancer). The other big Clue to the Paradox is the chart’s most important T-Square, the red triangle pointing at asteroid Narcissus (Self-Obsession or Self-Appreciation). I think the Condition of our Self-Love could be the Crux of the Paradox. Everybody has a natal asteroid Narcissus, but except for the devotees of a certain ex-president, most of us are not Sociopaths or Psychopaths, so we know that asteroid Narcissus means a lot more than DSM-5 NPD. I often interpret the asteroid when it’s Lit Up as a Reminder not to regard Self-Love as Selfish.

The Narcissus T-Square is triply Self-Resolving – (1) Converted by the green-wedge Finger of the Goddess to a Diamond Star, (2) Enhanced by Narcissus being a corner of a blue-equilateral-triangle Grand Trine, and (3) Mutually Complementary with the other two T-Squares because the Grand Trine links Narcissus positively with one side of the base of each of the other two T-Squares. It’s still a T-Square, ie, it will include Challenges, but the Challenges will, if left to their own devices, turn out to balance each other. For instance, you may Encounter a painful Experience that turns out to be the Abolition of a nasty Karmic Self-Sabotage Habit. The SuperPower involves Enhancement of Our Unconditional Self-Love. That is, if you avoid Intervening to “correct” the apparent Challenges, you can end up with Less Judgment and more Self-Acceptance, for both whatever Codependence you Accept as Useful, and for whatever Self-Sovereignty seems Most Desirable or Powerful.

The Key is a Searching and Fearless Inventory of your Self-Judgments. Considering the importance of Compensation in Psychlogy, Tapping would probably be a Powerful Tool to use here, to Align your Ideas about yourself with your Body’s Reality. For instance, a definition of Narcissist includes Inflated Self-Importance with Low Self-Esteem – sounds like a Paradox for sure, but we can see it clearly in our Classical ex-President example – a Blowhard with a strong Compensatory need to Punish those who won’t genuflect. His Belief in his own Power to Punish Compensates for his Low Self-Esteem.

The other two T-Squares are not Self-Resolving (no Finger), but they are Enhanced (by the Grand Trine). The Foci are Uranus (Soul ) and Nemesis (Guilt ). The Challenges to Soul are most profound, from a base of a “My God, I’ll Never Get to Enlightenment, the Krap Just Keeps Coming!” Voice (asteroids Samadhi-Sisyphus) Arguing with a Preacher Reminding us that The Most Important Thing is to Keep Expanding Our Consciousness – it’s not how many times we fall down that counts, it’s how many times we get back up! (Saturn-Stationary Vesta), with the latter on the corner of the Narcissus Grand Trine. The SuperPower is about Counseling the Hupers who are Discouraged and who Focus on the Death Throes of the Patriarchy rather than Focusing on the Bright Light Rising Behind It.

The Guilt Challenges are between Expired Karma (asteroid Atropos) which is hard to Let Go Of because it is so Familiar, and Active and Passionate Support for Gaia’s Mission to Ascend (Mars-Stationary Out of Bounds Altjira). Again its the latter corner that has the Support of the Narcissus Grand Trine. The SuperPower is about Reminding Others that they No Longer Need to Lend Their Strength to That Which They Wish To Be Free From, to quote Jewell…

In addition to all that we’ve mentioned above,5 Mercury goes Direct 2:07 am PDT 2 October (10:07 am BST, 7:07 pm AEST). That should Improve Communication and Travel.

5 The Hylonome Station is in 20 Capricorn (Staying Commited to Clearing the Present when the Future is so Compelling), asteroid Narcissus is at 23 Libra (Compulsion to Let Go of Karmic Habits), Uranus is at 19 Taurus (Giving Up Self-Image), and Nemesis is at 21 Pisces (Bouncing between the Compelling Safety of Karma and a Strong Longing to Let It All Hang Out ).

The four-day fourth and penultimate phase of Aluna Joy Yaxk’in’s 20-Day Core Ascension Portal begins 28 September. This phase will give us access to “higher forms of natural forces” that can be adapted for use on Earth, and will much revise our Relationships and our Communities. The full reading is in the right-hand column of her Facebook Page under September 15, 2022.

Someone Else’s Guilt

August 3, 2022

We’ve still got the Squares in the 31 July 2022 Uranus-Karma-Nodes T-Square to Examine, but in the interim we’re coming up on another important 3 August (4:38 pm PDT1) event about Guilt that we need to cover.2 You’d think after last week we’d get a rest, but the Universe has other plans.

As the Transformation Game says, “The hardest tasks are only given to the best people,” and since our Guilt event is Super Heavy anyway, the Benefit to us of dealing with the two events together is Immense, as we’ll be able to weigh the Scale of our Karmic Guilt against the Truth of our Soul and our Mission. This Guilt Trip is all about Rebirth, so it can also propel us out of our Deep Introspection and into a more Balanced Place.

There are two Big Opportunities for developing our Adeptness (formerly Challenges) in this Guilt Trip. One is our Adeptness at Managing Guilt itself, on a Cosmic level.3 The other is our Potential Adeptitude at Mutational Rebirth.4 Both of these are Triply Self-Resolving,5 so our job is to Watch them Unfold, and not try to “correct” them. A Higher-Dimensional Unfoldment is happening, and it may tap into some of our Least Favorite Stories, many so Least-Favorite that we Chose to Unremember them long ago (see notes 6 and 7 below).

If we’re Tempted to React to the Emotions that Arise, we want to Hold them at the level of Sensation – Where do we Feel this in our Body, and How does it Feel there. By Indulging in Making Up or Remembering Stories about them, or trying to “fix” them, we’ll just prolong the Agony. If you can put your Full Attention squarely into the Center of the Sensation and Hold it there, the Discomfort will diminish pretty rapidly. Once the Sensation Moves, you’ve Won. Follow it, just to see Where it goes next and if its Feeling Tone Changes, but you’ve done the Work now, you can move on to other things whenever you Feel Done or Bored.

The Argument (Opposition) which the Cosmic Guilt Resolves is between the Native Creativity or Greatest Superpower of our Suppressed True Self,6 and Our Intuitive Understanding of Our Limitless Potential.7 This Argument is so Heavy because for many of us The Creativity of our True Self was Suppressed by our Programmers, using Guilt and Shame as their methodology.

This planet (Ixion) in our natal planetheon is in charge of Changing the Moral Order of the Culture, and can only do that Work by Transgressing Social Norms. Since Social Norms are the Cultural Boundaries and Glues that our Programmers taught us to Obey, we have to Work Through and Get Past our Guilt about Betraying these Limits and Quagmires if we are to Change the Moral Order – for instance, Changing from Patriarchy to Equality, from Judgment to Respect, or from War to Peace.

The result was and is a Glorious Mess when 🦖T.rump Transgressed Social Norms about Belief in Consensual Reality. But a Glorious Mess is always the Transitional State between one version of Consensual Reality and another. Women’s Rights today are a Glorious Mess, as is Righteous War – they’re both in Transition. If you’re a Male who’s Earned Power and Expect that the result will be the free use of Women as Objects, as has traditionally been the case under the upper attics of the Patriarchy, the World now looks like a Glorious Mess.

When the Consequences of Actions become Unpredictable, it becomes Riskier to Express Yourself. Yet in the way that Nixon Opened China to trade (now a Glorious Mess), 🦖T.rump has Opened the US to Alternative Consensual Realities. To the extent that we hope to see the World Change – Acting to ameliorate Climate Change for example – we need this.

It’s mostly Fear that keeps us from Stretching into the Superpowers of our Limitless Potential, partly because it seems so Outrageous and Fantastic that we cannot Defend it when Asked Why are you doing this?!? The Expectation that you will be able to Defend yourself is a prominent method of Enforcing Social Norms, as is the Expectation that we will be willing to Give Up Childish Things, like Pretending we have Superpowers.

When we think it through, we see that Everything we think of as Stable and therefore refreshingly Manipulable to our Advantage, is actually a Glorious Mess. Take the Economy, for instance, or the very Concept of Employment or even Health. Or Nature. We were taught that Abe Lincoln Freed the Slaves, but it’s obvious now that it’s still a Glorious Mess a century and a half later, and in some states we aren’t supposed to mention that now, because it might make White Folks Feel Bad.

The second Opportunity in this Guilt Trip for developing our Adeptness is our Potential Adeptitude at Mutational Rebirth.8 We won’t get into Conscious Manipulation of our DNA9 here, because the underlying Argument that the T-Square Resolves seems more Psychological, not that this can’t be Epigenetic. If we were to appoint a subcommittee to Renegotiate our Relationship to our own Mutation and Rebirth, to bend it more toward Collaboration and away from Resistance, we’d have to include Our Compulsions, Our Conceptions of 👻Death, and Our Beliefs about Belief.

Most of us here are Compelled toward Liberation from our Karmic Limitations, or we’d be reading something more Fun. Are we Straight on all Levels about the differences between and the common symptoms of Physical Death, Ego Death, Ascension, Walk-Ins, Walk-Outs, and the Renegotiations of our Inner Menagerie? Do we still Think that Seeing Is Believing, or have we Understood Bruce Lipton’s assertion that Believing Is Seeing?

That’s good, but if it’s Thinking it’s probably still 2D. What does our Heart say about Belief. Have we Examined that on all Levels? Our Expectations tell us a lot more about our Actual Beliefs than our Thoughts or even our Emotions do. We’ll also be Examining our Beliefs about our own Role in all of this – whether it all Revolves around us, or we’re the Prompter behind the curtain, or one of the Extras in the Crowd Scene.

These are the Energies that are Changing this week, and Remember that our Task is to Observe Everything rather than Fix Anything, because the astrology tells us that these Changes are Self-Resolving. Where you see a Glorious Mess this week, Celebrate its Glory. Glorious Mess is to Social Growth as Confusion is to Growth in Consciousness – they’re the First Stages.

This whole Drama is complicated by the event and its Angles being bang on the Cusps. For instance, our Rebirth is in the last Degrees of Libra (Air or Mind, Tentative and New), but our Transmutation is in the first few Degrees of Scorpio (Water or Emotion, Deep and Frozen). These two Energies are Merged, yet their basic Dissimilarities Create Disharmony – that, overall, is Self-Resolving! Similarly, our Intuition is in Gemini (Flibbertigibbet, Dissociated ), but the Unlimited Potential it is Merged with is in Cancer (Nurturing, Involved ) – another Paradox for us to Avoid Anal-yzing, because doing so will turn Sparkling Multidimensional Gems into Flat Brown Cow-patties.

We’ll Learn more about Transmutation next week, when its pet asteroid, Ka’epaoka’awela, is Amplified a day before the Full Moon.10

The Moon moves Out of Bounds (Folks are more Vulnerable) to the South 12:05 am PDT 7 August in 9 Sagittarius (The Green Man, Serving Mystery and Forever Forbidden from Identifying with Anything on the Surface) till 9:47 pm PDT 10 August in 7 Aquarius (Overcoming the Critical Mind ).11

  • 1 12:38 am BST 4 August in London, 9:38 am AEST 4 August in Canberra.
  • 2 Station of asteroid Nemesis (Guilt ) in 1 Aries (Single-Minded, Hard-Working, Opinionated).
  • 3 T-Square to Nemesis from several Heavy planets.
  • 4 T-Square to Haumea (Rebirth) in 28 Libra (Integration of Extremes) and Ka’epaoka’awela (Transmutation) in 2 Scorpio (Hard Battles to Overcome Ego).
  • 5 Firstly because the T-Square is a Diamond Star, which means that the T-Square’s Focus is also the Focus of a Finger of the Goddess, or at the sharp end of Wedge of two Quincunxes. Doubly because this Focus is also one corner of a Grand Trine. And Triply because the two T-Squares Complement one another by virtue of being Quincunx to one another. Again, we’ll have to be Mindful not to Meddle, but a Shift in one T-Square will also Shift the other one.
  • 6 Dwarf planet Ixion (Our Forbidden Genius) Out of Bounds (Exaggerated ) in 2 Capricorn (A Rupture in the Structure).
  • 7 Dwarf planet Chaos (Our Unlimited Potential ) Out of Bounds in 1 Cancer (Surrender to Spirit) sandwiched between dwarf planet Asbolus (Intuition) Out of Bounds in 29 Gemini (Embrace of the Underwhere to Bring Light) and asteroid Hybris (Inappropriately Self-Focused) in 2 Cancer (Doomed to Reject Ego while Retaining Enough Humility to Teach Everyone Else).
  • 8 The Haumea-Ka’epaoka’awela T-Square (note 4) springs from the Opposition between Pluto (Compulsion) in 28 Capricorn (Letting Go of a Lifetime of Negativity) and the Conjunction of dwarf planet Cyllarus (Death) Out of Bounds (Amplified) in 2 Leo (BOTH Fully Engaged AND Fully Detached ) and asteroid Kassandra (to be Disbelieved ) in 3 Leo (Enthusiastic, Tripping on Life, Weak on Details).
  • 9 Partly because Vianna Stibal’s books on it are out of print and the few copies available are selling for three digits. She has many later books that cover and extend that territory, but I’m not familiar with them yet.
  • 10 Ka’ekaopa’awela (Transmutation) Stationary (Strong) 6:15 pm PDT 10 August in 2 Scorpio (Hard Battles to Overcome Ego). 2:15 am BST 11 August in England and 11:15 am AEST 11 August in (Colonizer) Queensland.
  • Full Moon (Illumination of Secrets) 6:36 pm PDT 11 August in 20 Leo (Intense Focus on the Shadow, for Good or Ill ). 2:36 am BST 12 August in the Shire and 11:36 am AEST 12 August in the bush of the Eastern Coast.
  • 11 8:05 am BST 7 August till 5:47 am BST 11 August on Cardigan Bay, and
  • 5:05 pm AEST 7 August through 2:47 pm AEST 11 August on the Great Barrier Reef.


July 26, 2022

Are we still Chopping Water and Carrying Wood?

Brenda Hoffman nicely covers our Soul’s Descent 1 and our Potential Guilt 2 in one Channeling…


“This is a time of great upheaval for the earth and those of the earth. You are feeling that earth turmoil at the same time you are clearing issues that no longer pertain to new you. A combination of unpleasant sensations that are a small indication of your Universal strength.

“Many of you question the concept that you are a god. But because of your actions over the past few months, you are beginning to understand the phrase you learned as a child that God/the Universes ‘knows every hair on your head.’ For you are sensing the pain and fear of others you have not met and never will. Sensitivities beyond what is expected of a 3D human.

“Your responsibilities no longer include sensing everyone and everything. Even though those feelings are a natural skill, that skill is not productive in your new world.

“You are not negating humanity or other earth beings. Instead, you are allowing yourself to focus on you. Your new Rubicon crossing is from caring for everyone and everything to acknowledging your needs. A concept that was touted as selfish in 3D but is a necessary element in your new world…

“In addition to negating the caretaking of those in your 3D circle of friends and relatives, you are now doing so globally. Letting go globally has been extremely difficult for you. Your recent exhaustion and/or bouts of rage indicate how complicated this phase has been.

“You trained for eons to help earth through this transition. And as you did so, you enhanced your caretaking skills beyond what would be expected of a 3D earth being. Not only did you care for family and friends, you felt the weight of the earth and its inhabitants.

” ‘Love thy neighbor’ – especially those who looked and acted like you. ‘Love and caretake your family’ – no matter what your home experiences were. Encouraging you to acknowledge internally that everyone, including the earth, was more important than you.

“Earlier in this transition, you discovered the need to allow family and friends to find their way. You are now doing something similar globally – causing your feelings of being a bad or selfish person to once again surface.

“If someone told you that you were responsible for the well-being and feelings of all earth’s inhabitants, you would ignore them. Yet, you have been enmeshed in that seemingly unattainable concept since your earth’s entrance in this lifetime…

“You are slowly realizing you cannot – and no longer want – to control everyone and everything. You are tired. You are ready to retire from parenting the earth and everyone and everything of the earth. This new earth and new you are topsy-turvy from every other earth life you experienced.

“Caretaking, with ensuing power grabs, was key to a successful 3D earth life. To shift the earth beyond 3D, you needed to play your god role of knowing what was best for the earth. Then you needed to morph again into not caretaking the earth or its inhabitants.

“You initiated that last phase by letting go of family and friends who refused to caretake themselves, and then, doing the same with the earth – a phase you are just ending. Allowing yourself to shine as a self-contained entity, knowing others are more powerful than they believe and that the earth has proved to be the same.

“It is time for you to see and sense the sun. Those following you have accepted their heavy-lifting roles. Yours are over. Relax. Play. Laugh. You have completed your challenging pieces. It is time to be a role model of contentment. No longer do you need to experience sleepless nights worrying that your family member or the earth is incapable of self-care. You are done. You have completed those roles.

“It is time for your new personal role. A role you have not accepted in any previous earth life – but one you experienced in thousands of other frequencies and dimensions. Enjoy. Play. Laugh. Your caretaking roles are over.”

A Shaperson Enlisting the Aid of the Egyptian Goddess Bastet to Restore the Capacity for Joy, Play, and Laughter in someone Suffering from Karmic Guilt

  • 1 26-27 July 2022, Uranus (Soul ) in 19 Taurus (Giving Up Self-Image) Initiating (Beginning a New Cycle with) the Moon’s North Node (Lifetime Mission) while the Moon’s South Node (Held Emotions) in 19 Scorpio (Driven by Spirit but Plagued by Doubt ) Merges with (Conjoins) asteroid Karma (Karma) Out of Bounds (Exaggerated ) in 20 Scorpio (Dedicated to the Path but Challenged by Spiritual Pride till Spiritual Guidance Reigns). 19 Taurus (South Node) is home to (Merged With) the Fixed Star Zuben Eschamali (Social Reform with Corruption or Need for Status by the Reformers).
  • As long as Light-Workers have 2D or 3D Expectations for What 5D Planetary Evolution should Look Like, the Evolution will in their Obstructed view be Corrupted. The Uranus-Karma Nodal Axis is Squared (Annoyed – it’s a Grand Cross, in Earth Signs) by the Opposition (Debate) between asteroid Arachne (Grandmother Spider Who Weaves the Web of Life) in 17 Aquarius (Maintaining Tradition) and Mercury (Awareness) in 15 Leo (Individuation). 15 Leo (Mercury) is adjacent to (Entangled with) the Fixed Star Accubens (Resurrection).
  • The Uranus-North Node Merger chart makes a Grand Unx – 12 planets more or less equally spaced around the Zodiac, or three Grand Crosses and four Grand Trines. An Unx is one twelfth of something; the Twelfth Harmonic is about Pattern-Breaking. A Grand Unx is Self-Resolving, meaning we need to sit back and Observe, and not try to Intervene, because the astroevents are occurring at a Higher Vibration than our Intervention would be, and we’d just Screw it Up.
  • Mars (Action) in 15 Taurus (Iterative Surrender) Conjoins Uranus and North Node, causing many astrologers to worry about Violence and Disruption. Yes, the Lower Vibration of Mars can be Violent; it you Encounter that, Raise your Vibration (try Kegels for starters). And yes, Uranus is Disruptive, but it only Disrupts that which the Soul no long has use for, so it’s Good Riddance. Thank it for its Service while it was Useful, and wish it Goddess-Speed. 15 Taurus is home to the Fixed Star Menkar (Eruption), which may increase the odds of Violent Cleansings.
  • 2 Till 3 August asteroid Nemesis (Guilt ) is Stationary (Exaggerated ) in 1 Aries (Single-Minded, Hard-Working, Opinionated ). The Exaggeration comes with two Big Challenges (T-Squares), first to Nemesis itself from Very Heavy Challengers – OOB Ixion (Forbidden Genius Amplified ), OOB Chaos (Exaggerated Superpowers), OOB Asbolus (Exemplary Intuition), Hybris (Pride, Hubris), and second, to our Transmutational Rebirth (Haumea Conjunct Ka epaoka awela) from Not-Insignificant quarters – Pluto (Compulsion), Cyllarus (Death), Kassandra (Disbelief ). But both are Doubly Self-Resolving, so No Worries if we Stay Out of Their Way. We’ll Flesh these Out in a later post.

Social Guilt

February 2, 2022

Gosh, wouldn’t it be great if more people started Feeling Guilt about how well they’re performing their Roles in Society! Or even if Society started expecting a bit more from the Narcissists, especially the Greedheads and the folks who think they’re being Tread Upon when Society expects them to help keep other people Alive, and who think it’s only Fair that they block residential streets for a week with their 18-wheelers, honking their air horns and belching out toxic Diesel Smoke while the police protect their right to make assholes of themselves and ignore the rights of a million other people to live in Peace.

Though, It Is What It Is, isn’t it. So where’s the Gift? Maybe the idea is that a Pestilence of Ohmicorn and Diesel Smoke, and Famine caused by Hoarding, are better ways to Die than the Wars featured in the average Apocalypse, though more Wars and Genocides seem imminent anyway. Is this Mother Gaia’s way to focus Huperity’s Attention on the fact that it’s Killing all of Her other species as it fouls its own Nest?

While we were looking up the antics of last weekend’s Out of Bounds Moon, we Noticed that asteroid Nemesis (Guilt ) was Changing Signs on 31 January 2022, leaving Capricorn and entering Aquarius. What does a Narcissist do when they Feel what others would call Guilt? They figure out Who wronged them and blow their brains out, of course. Capricorn’s way is the Practical way, and what’s more Practical than that, for a Narcissist? Nemesis has been in Capricorn since 21 November 2021. The senseless Violence has been going on a lot longer than that, but it has seemed more Obvious recently.

So how might a Narcissist React to this Unfamiliar Feeling when Nemesis is in Aquarius? They figure out How they were wronged and make it illegal, I suppose, like all the movements to make Voting illegal if you aren’t pale or rich enough, or if you didn’t think America was Great Again in 2016-2020. While Capricorn stands for Creativity with Material things like Guns, Aquarius stands for Inflexibility with Ideas, as in If you don’t Agree with me you’re my Enemy. Aquarius has this patina of Harmony and Understanding, Sympathy and Trust Abounding, but that’s how Narcissists Expect everyone else to treat them all the time anyway.

Nemesis leaves Aquarius on 11 April 2022, and enters Pisces. Among the features of Pisces, is the Skill of Wallowing in our Emotions. It’s what we all need to do in order to Make Peace with our Emotions so we Learn to stop Projecting or Introjecting them, which is what Pisces is all about. Consciously or Unconsciously, Pisces Strives to Leave Unfinished Karmic Business behind so it’s not dragged over the Threshold into the New Aries Dawn. Immune to Guilt, what will the Narcissists be doing when Nemesis is in Pisces? What else but Wallowing in their Victimhood. If we Pity them we’ll just send them on another Zodiacal Loop as Narcissists. Pass them by and let them Wallow till they figure it out for themselves, as it’s the only way they’ll Learn. I know, they’re Narcissists, they won’t be Learning that in this Lifetime, but once they Graduate they might.

How much Wallowing is enough? Nemesis Changes Signs again and moves into Aries on 20 July. Is that enough Wallowing? No way. It turns about on 4 August, and goes back into Pisces on 18 August, staying there till New Years Eve 2023 (31 December 2022, that is). So we have a reasonable chance to see the Narcissists Wallowing in their Losses in early November. Won’t that be a Blessing.

As is its wont, Nemesis mostly minds its own Guilty Business while it’s in Aquarius, crossing only two other planets…

  • Nemesis Merges with Chariklo (Confidence), in 6 Aquarius, till 11 February. So we can Expect the Narcissists to continue pounding their chests for another week and a half. Chariklo of course can also mean Doubt (another Emotion that Narcissists don’t Feel), so don’t get Discouraged by the continuing Idiocy and Diesel Smoke. They’ll slink back to their caves soon.
  • Nemesis Crosses Saturn (The Most Important Thing) in 21 Aquarius on 19 March, and we’ll likely Experience this for several days prior, longer if we have a natal planet there. Of course for Narcissists, the Most Important Thing is Getting Their Way. But for the rest of us, the Most Important Thing will be Rooting out our own Guilt, so it no longer Inhibits us from moving toward What We Want. I’m betting that the Narcissists will end up being the Minority, while the Majority Roots out their would-be Guilt about Setting Reasonable Boundaries to keep the Narcissists from ruining their Lives even more than they already have. So I’m Hoping to see Society calling a 2-Year-Old a 2-Year-Old, and insisting that they Grow Up or Get Banished. Like all What-Ifs, the counter-arguments are all Spurious.

Ever hear of a Herxheimer Reaction? It’s when you convince a tucked-away Toxin to Leave your Body, and while it’s on its way out the door, you Feel terrible, you Feel the Sensations and Emotions that were the original reason that your Body tucked it away. A Herxheimer needs to be Endured, because when the Toxin is tucked away, you still Feel it, it’s just more Subtle. And while it’s Unconscious, it actually has more Power. To Take Our Power Back, we need to Flush the Toxin and Endure the Herxheimer. Well, on the Social Level, our Experience with Narcissism since 2016 has been a Herxheimer. As a Culture, we need to stop Worshiping Narcissism if we hope to move into Multidimensional Unity and 5D. 19 March may see a Climax of these underlying trends.

  • Speaking of Growing Up and Bringing Certain Things into Consciousness, Nemesis and asteroid Juno (Growth in Consciousness) don’t cross one another while Nemesis is in Aquarius, but they’re less than one Degree apart until 1 February, and less than 3 Degrees apart till 23 March – in other words, they’re still Merged. While it takes Nemesis about a week to cross Saturn, it takes Nemesis a month and a half to cross Juno, because they’re moving at about the same speed.1 Nemesis is slowly accelerating away from Juno, after Juno Initiated Nemesis on 8 January 2022 in 21 Capricorn.2 21 Capricorn means “A relay race: The value of competition in developing group consciousness.”

A Juno-Nemesis Cycle2 is about Growing Beyond Narcissism, so what we as a Culture are Learning here, is that we need to stop Worshiping Greed and Confidence, and start Worshiping Sharing and Competence instead. The reason why the 1% can lead the rest of us around by the rings in our noses, is because the 50% Worship the 1% as if they were Gods to be Emulated. Everyone Wants Abundance, but not everyone Realizes that, as Catherine Ponder averred a long time ago, Abundance is Having Enough to Share. Abundance without Sharing is Greed.

So, since it seems to be the Missing Link in this Drama, just where is asteroid Narcissus3 while Nemesis is doing all this? Well, it left Ego-Death Virgo last August, and it’s been Meeting Other since in Libra, including a long Retrograde in Libra. It doesn’t get out of Libra till 20 November 2022, spending a total of fifteen months in Libra.

  • 1 Using one Degree of slop or “Orb” on either side. If you’re going 100kph, you can pass someone going 10 kph in a few seconds. It takes a lot longer to get past someone going 95kph.
  • 2 Nemesis is the slower planet, with an orbit of 4.56 years. Juno’s orbit spans 4.36 years. So most of the time, Nemesis would be Initiating Juno, with Guilt being the Guru and Growth in Consciousness being the Disciple. That’s kind of a Mystery School in itself. But Juno’s shorter orbit in time is twice as elongated in space as Nemesis’s longer orbit in time. So they take turns being the Guru, crossing and recrossing one another. So together they don’t have complete circular Cycles per se, instead they have Segments where each in turn Rules the Segment. In this case, a Juno-Nemesis Segment, Growth in Consciousness is Teaching Guilt a thing or two. So it’s time for the 2-Year-Olds to Grow Up a bit by Learning to Recognize and Acknowledge the “Golden Rule” or its Cultural equivalents. In a Nemesis-Juno Segment, Guilt would be pushing Consciousness to Learn to Make Amends when it Forgets and Hurts someone. If we take Shame out of the Equation, which we need to do, then Recognizing Guilt or Remorse, and Learning when and how to Make Amends, are two very different Skillsets.
  • 3 Narcissus is a Centaur-like minor planet. Centaurs generally have elliptical orbits between Jupiter and Neptune, and behave to some degree like comets. Narcissus’s orbit spans 3 to 11 AU (earth-distances) from the Sun, max just beyond Saturn, and takes 18 years to complete an orbit. It’s about 11km in diameter. Appropriately, Narcissus was all alone on one side of the Zodiac when Discovered, in 5 Gemini (“A revolutionary magazine asking for action: The explosive tendency of repressed feelings and root emotions.” ), in of course a Grand Trine (with Karma-Haumea in Libra and Sappho-Vesta-Atropos-Neptune in Aquarius, implying that Narcissus is Important to us for Transcending our Karma, but difficult to Escape the Sappho-Neptune Trance, though Atropos is there, indicating that we could do it if we Chose to get Conscious of it) with no other planets in the 8-Sign span between these two Stellia. Also appropriately, it Opposes dwarf planet Ixion, which was named for the quintessential Narcissist among Zeus’s sidekicks. It’s also at the Apex of a Finger of the Goddess, from the Sextile between Moon-Nessus in Capricorn and Mercury-Hylonome-Pholus-Quaoar in Scorpio. As our CAO would say, You can’t make this stuff up!

Scary Lunar Eclipse I

November 16, 2021

This week is all about Sign Changes…

  • Asteroid Juno entered Capricorn Sunday 14 November 2021. Juno is about Growth in Consciousness. Since late December 2020 we’ve been Growing our Awareness of What We Needed to Let Go Of (Juno in Sagittarius). Now, till early March 2022, we get to Plug in Candidates for Refilling those Holes in Our Lives (Juno in Capricorn) that Have Been Created by All That Letting Go. Voids are seldom comfortable, so I suspect that, like me, you’ve been working overtime trying to Fix the Holes Where The Rain Gets In, with less success than you would have liked, because it wasn’t time yet. That should be Changing. Yay!
  • Asteroid Karma entered Scorpio Monday 15 November. Boo! Like Frank said to Ernest, I just get my budget in order, and along comes a big surprise, like rent, or a weekend. So as they so often do, our killjoy Ancient Habits (asteroid Karma) are already pushing and shoving their way into the Holes. But this is not without Purpose. Scorpio is Relentless about Getting to the Bottom of Things. So while Juno in Sadge went home with our marbles, now we get to deal with our Addiction to our Routines. Joe Dispenza’s free series of four short workshops (still available at is about exactly that, and it’s Right On. It’s also an excellent time to reread Gay Hendricks’s The Big Leap. Asteroid Karma (“a.Karma”) has been in Libra – I hope you Deepened your most important Relationships rather than Fleeing them – since only the last few days of August, so at least the torture was short-lived. a.Karma will be done unearthing skeletons by February 20221.
  • Asteroid Vesta enters Sagittarius Tuesday 16 November. Make up yer mind, Universe! Are we Building or Dismantling? It’s always Both/And, isn’t it. If we didn’t have Apoptosis, we’d get even fatter every day than we already do. Vesta is about Our Limiting Beliefs. These days it’s only spending about two months in each Sign. So the last two months we’ve been furiously hammering away at the Beliefs that Most Limit us (Vesta in Scorpio), and we’re probably Frustrated that they seem to still be there! We did Identify them, however, and that will be a great Boon as we Let Them Go over the next few months (Vesta in Sadge). Bear in mind that Life is a lot more complicated than our Dualistic mind can comprehend, so if you think you can actually Name your Limitations, be sure to add …or something like that… to any Descriptions of them.
  • Asteroid Sappho enters Pisces Wednesday 17 November. Sappho (Self-Love and Self-Doubt) has been in Aquarius (Social Idealism) since April, seven months, but it’ll only spend two months in Pisces. I suspect we’ll be glad about that, as we could be spending a lot of time blubbering about the Barrage of Regrets we could be inundated with, as Pisces is about Finishing Unfinished Emotional Business. Whatever you Do or Feel between now and the Ides of February, be hypervigilant about Blame. Blame, whether Self- or Other-, is a total Dead End. No better way to squelch your Growth and stop your Progress toward any Goal, than to hang yourself with the Noose of Blame. Gay Hendricks advises, “that if I could consider, even for a moment, that I was not upset for the reason I thought I was [Thoughts about our Feelings again!], then I could break out of the Trance I was in. Then, I could begin to see what the real reasons were” (op.cit. p.102).
  • Asteroid Nemesis enters Capricorn Sunday 21 November. Nemesis spent three months in Sagittarius (Letting Go Of Guilt) but it’ll only spend two months in Capricorn (Putting Guilt to Work Productively). This Sign Change will be much complicated by its concurrence with the 18-21 November Exaggeration of Intrusive Memories (21 November Station of dwarf planet Gonggong2), and by concurrent Exaggeration of our Instincts (Moon Out of Bounds 20-24 November3). Not to mention the 19 November Scary Lunar Eclipse.4
  • 1 Well, not quite. a.Karma turns Retrograde in March 2022 and backs into Scorpio again in April. It finally moves into Sagittarius “for good” in September 2022. Meanwhile, a.Karma is Out of Bounds (Exaggerated) from late December 2021 in mid-Scorpio, all through 2022, till March 2023 in early Aquarius.
  • 2 Formerly known as “OR10” or “2007 OR10” (or in some ephemerides minor planet number “225088”), the dwarf planet named after the ne’er-do-well Chinese Dragon Gonggong is about Intrusive Memories. It Stands Still at 7:28 am PST November 21, in 4 Pisces. While the connection is fading, Gonggong has been hanging out near dwarf planet Nessus (Abuse and Privilege) for the last several years. This year their Stations are four days and eight Degrees apart, but with Nemesis, an Out-of-Bounds Moon, and a Scary Full Moon Eclipse involved, they’re very likely to Test the progress we’ve been making on Clearing our Abuse Issues. Two key strategies to Remember: (1) That was Then and This is Now and (2) Don’t Trust Your Thoughts about Your Feelings – Keep Coming Back to the Emotion Itself, as a Sensation in Your Body. Sink your Breath and your Attention Deeply into that Sensation, and Persistently Reject the Temptation to Trust Your Ideas and Thoughts More Than You Trust the Sensations in Your Body. If you succeed at quieting the Noise in your Mind, the Sensations will eventually talk to you, but they’ll speak through your Unitary and Multidimensional Intuition, not through your Dualistic Mind. Truth and Healing Reside in Our Bodies, Not in Our Minds. The Nessus Station occurs at 2am PST November 25, in 12 Pisces.
  • 3 Moon Out of Bounds from 9:24 am PST 20 November in 13:14 Gemini till 7:28 pm PST 24 November in 5:49 Leo, Peaking (Stationary) 2:45 pm PST 22 November at 26:21 North Declination and 9:28 Cancer.
  • 4 Virtually (about 95%) Total Eclipse (Illumination) of the Moon 12:58 am PST 19 November in 27:15 Taurus, Conjunct dwarf planet Sedna (Converting Fear to Power) and T-Square to Jupiter and asteroid Damocles (Swords about to Fall, Amplified). More about this in the next installment. The Eclipse is at 28 Degrees, the Sign Changes at 30 = 0 Degrees, and the Gonggong Station at 4 Degrees, all on or near the Cusps, which are the equivalent of the I Ching’s Changing or Moving Lines. We’ll use the Eclipse chart to represent all three.

Fear and Pain

October 17, 2021

This was a surprisingly refreshing perspective from a surprising source…

“It is very hard to loosen the tentacles that dread wraps around the mind, but I’ve found this thought helps: nothing bad will happen to you just because you feel afraid. Suppose you get gripped with the sudden sense that your partner doesn’t care; is lying; will leave. Whatever the burst of dread is about, the feeling alone can’t hurt you.

“Once you realise that, you realise you don’t have to do anything to make it go away. Fear likes to present itself as urgent and agenda-setting; it barges in and takes for granted that you’ll cancel your plans to spend time with it.

“But armed with the knowledge that it can’t hurt you, you can stop responding to it as though it will. You don’t have to soothe it, or run from it, or even think about it at all. You can just … do nothing. For me, this thought was utterly emancipatory: the more I responded to dread by simply not doing anything reassurance-seeking, the more the dread learned it wasn’t needed. The goal isn’t to be free of fear, but to be free despite it.”

That was Thursday. Now this today, Saturday…

“…a new treatment called “pain reprocessing therapy” (PRT). Developed by Alan Gordon, director of the Pain Psychology Center in Los Angeles, the technique teaches patients to reinterpret pain as a neutral sensation coming from the brain rather than as evidence of a dangerous physical condition. As people come to view their pain as uncomfortable but nonthreatening, their brains rewire the neural pathways that were generating the pain signals, and the pain subsides.

“Remarkably, 66 percent of the subjects receiving PRT were nearly or fully pain-free after this purely psychological intervention, compared with just 10 percent of the control group. A whopping 98 percent had at least some improvement, and these outcomes were largely maintained a year later.”

“Warning us of danger is, of course, the proper role of pain. You wouldn’t want to step on a rusty nail and remain oblivious, carrying on with your day. But sometimes our brains misinterpret threats and overreact by causing or prolonging pain when no danger is present. With chronic pain, our nervous system, triggered by fear, gets stuck in fight-or-flight mode, switching on our body’s alarm bells in the form of physical symptoms.”

A decent astrological correlate is the Stations of Jupiter (Expansion) and Mercury (Intellect, Communication) on 17-18 October 2021, Jupiter in 23 Aquarius at 10:30 pm PDT on the 17th, and Mercury in 11 Libra at 8:16 am PDT on the 18th, both Air (Mind) Signs. The Jupiter/Expansion event is about Self-Love in the face of Potentially Startling Revelations that could require Ego Death.1 The Mercury/Communication event is about Manifestation, with Potential for Despair.2 Of course we’d Transform into Miracles any Despair that showed up, by Poor-Sweethearting ourself, right?

For instance, most of us, to some degree or another, Consciously or Unconsciously, are Ego-Attached to Victimhood. If we had to give that up, there could be Social Costs, Explanations required, new Expectations, Relationship turmoil, Boundary Revision, all manner of Difficult Transitions. Think of all the things you’ve told your Boss, or your Sweetheart or your Mom or Kids, that you couldn’t Do because of your Chronic Pain. That could create so much Hassle that you might prefer to keep the Chronic Pain! And what if what you Manifest is so much Change-that-feels-like-Loss, that you Suffer serious Discouragement, even though you know that you’re Giving Up Limitations that have Hobbled you all your Life.

This would probably be a good time to work on converting our Unconscious Belief that Mental, Emotional, Physical, and Spiritual are different Levels or Arenas of Experience, into the Understanding that these adjectives just label different Perspectives on the Singular Entity that is Us. We might even Learn that switching our Perspective is a Powerful Tool to use in many many Conundrums, not just Dread or Chronic Pain.

  • 1 The Jupiter Station is Conjoined by asteroids Sappho (Self-Love) and Hybris (Hubris) and Opposed by asteroid Requiem (Respect for Death). The chart features a Pluto (Compulsion) T-Square (Major Challenge) on the Opposition between Eris (Revelation of What’s Been Denied) in Aries (Rebirth) and a Libra (Others) Stellium (multiple Conjunction) of Mars (Action), asteroid Atlantis (Tragic Hubris), and the Sun (Essence).
  • 2 The Mercury Station Conjoins dwarf planet Makemake (Manifestation) and Opposes Chiron (Despair and Miracles).

We get the benefit of Hindsight to Observe our Experience of Moon Out of Bounds, as it was that between 7am PDT 10 October (in 10 Capricorn) and 10:49 pm PDT 13 October (in 6 Aquarius), culminating in 26:13 North Declination at 2:09 am PDT 12 October (in 10 Capricorn).

The next Moon Out of Bounds will begin 24 October 4:07 am PDT (in 14 Gemini) and end 28 October 12:58 pm PDT (in 6 Leo), peaking at 26:18 South Declination on 26 October 9:06 am PDT (in 10 Cancer).