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Only the Echos of My Mind

June 30, 2012

Now even the Wall Street Urinal’s talking about 1965!!7D420101-C848-4A9C-9467-65A06C8F3EDB

I can’t imagine why!  Can you?

Another Great Video

June 28, 2012

This one isn’t nearly as long or complex as the last one, but it’s also highly recommended, for introverts and extraverts alike…

Everybody get through Venus’s Direct Station yesterday (8am PDT) with flying colors?

Not Optional

June 27, 2012

This’ll take ya a few hours, but it’s not optional…

This is the same video, but it’s on a page with a zillion related videos if the first one nabs ya…

Happy 2012!

You Are Here <—-

June 23, 2012

So, here we go.

In the particular flavor of astrology I use, we are at the focal point of 2012, the waxing Uranus-Pluto Square, aka The 60s Become Permanent.  The Uranus-Pluto Conjunction was one of the defining elements of the 1960s, and according to Rudhyar, Energy born in a Conjunction forces it’s way into the mainstream at the waxing Square.  Truth is an individual thing (in the Uranian Worldview at least), Truth resides in the Heart, and to me Rudhyar speaks Truth, so we follow his notions, to see where they lead.  So far, so good, we could do a lot worse.

The first and most important instance of the Square, which repeats until 2015, occurs at quarter past 1am PDT on June 24.  Not that this is a momentary event; with Planets that move as slowly as either Uranus or Pluto, we’d look for their influence over months if not years.  I’ve been noticing particularly strong flashbacks to the 60s over the last several weeks.

Nevertheless, the moment of completion could well be palpable.  In astrology typically there are also “triggers” – relatively minor events that tip over the oxcart, often the Moon.  The Moon triggers Uranus-Pluto on Wednesday mornings – last Wednesday and next Wednesday.  The Moon Occulted (Eclipsed, ie, made blatant by its absence) Pluto on June 5, and will again July 3.  The Moon crossed Uranus on June 12, the day of the Chiron Station, and will again on July 9.  Any or all of these dates are potential markers for this alleged Permanence.

Then there are the concomitant events, the strongest of which is the Station of Saturn 24 hours after the Square is complete; we should feel a Saturn Station for at least a week prior, and we would likely feel it as a sense of overwhelm, as if there were too many demands on us, or as the urge to focus on one or a few of the most important things.  That’s what Saturn is about, the most important things.  The overwhelm is generated by our Fear of releasing the less important things.  If we could let go of our Fear and just concentrate on Priority #1, a Saturn Station would likely generate feelings of Ecstasy.

A Uranus-Pluto Square during a Saturn Station would tone down the event greatly.  Rather than a Celebration of Individual Freedom, it might feel like a Celebration of Individual Responsibility.  Of course Responsibility would include Freedom, because without Freedom we can’t be True to Ourself, and Uranus is nothing if not obedience to our Mission.  Since our Mission in each Lifetime is always the most important thing, there is definitely no conflict between Freedom and Responsibility.  The procession is just more likely to be solemn than exuberant, but no less of a Celebration.

And a Saturn Station during a Uranus-Pluto Square implies that the most important thing would be our Freedom to express our Soul’s purpose in this incarnation.  With Pluto involved, it’s no longer optional.  If we’re feeling anxiety about the possibility of having to abandon any of our Blankies or Bears (you know, money, food, shelter, those kinda pillars of the castle that our Body needs), that wouldn’t be surprising, as most of us believe that in one way or another there’s a contradistinction between Soul and Body, that we have to abandon one to serve the other.

Well, there is no contradistinction; they are one and the same, they serve one another.  Rest those anxieties by giving them to God, since She’s your Soul’s keeper and since your Body is sustained only by Her Grace, anyway.  Sure, someday “you” are likely to graduate from your current Body – most folks do, but “you” (Ego) aren’t in charge of that process, Soul is, so your best strategy is to surrender that to Soul.  Fear of Death is only possible when you don’t have an Exit Strategy.  You have to be in deep Denial about the Soul to lack an Exit Strategy (a general plan for how you’d approach a Life no longer worth Living), so there’s a task for you if you haven’t got one yet.  Hint – it probably has a lot to do with Surrender.

Lotsa folks are writing about Eris, cuz Saturn Stands Still Opposite Eris.  Eric Francis speaks of her, Willow has a wonderful riff on her Grace, and Steve Nelson says that she comes of age only after a Direct Saturn Angle activates her.  Now, if all these prophesies of Feminine Power manifesting in the World were to come true, this would be Good News indeed.  The Corporate Media has been slathering us with stories about how even Women’s Rights are being withdrawn, Rights that were hardwon in the 60s, by the way.  That in itself tells you that the MCPs are on the run.  But we’d like more than just Underground success.

Back during the Harmonic Confusion, I was wondering aloud how long one must hold on to one’s optimism, before one surrendered to the cynicism and just acted to protect oneself against the onslaught as much as possible.  The classic example was the Native American Ghost Dance, which proposed to Dance the White Scourge back out of Paradise.  I asked that question online, and the answer I got shocked me – As long as it takes!  I lean toward cynicism – having a strong and afflicted natal Eris, and at that time I hadn’t yet feathered Both/And deeply enough into my Psyche.  Their answer shocked me into recognizing my cynicism.

Battles are not won or lost in the Corporate Media, Hearts are won or lost to the Corporate Media.  I had surrendered my Heart to their cynical Trance, and As long as it takes! woke me up to it.  If my Heart believes that we are Free, and your Heart does as well, then we are Free, no matter how many slaves tell us “My name is New York T., or Washington P., and I am addicted to Slavery.”  We stop empathizing with them.  That defines our Freedom.  The more of us reach that plateau, the harder it is for the rest of the hundred to fall under the cynical Trance.  It’s not about what Fox News says to its Zombies.  It’s about how many of us are Free in our Hearts, Free to pursue our most important thing.

Now it turns out that Saturn has already Opposed Eris, late last October, and the Opposition does not complete in the current instance.  So if we were talking solely about Saturn and Eris, without the concomitant Uranus-Pluto, we’d have to expect that the major movement would have occurred last Fall.  That was the first major Angle that Saturn had formed to Eris since her “discovery” (kinda like Columbus “discovering” America, really – we should speak of her rising into human Awareness instead), but Rudhyar tells us to look to the preceding Conjunction to discern the Energy of the Opposition, even if the Conjunction occurred in the (Psychic) “darkness” of pre-discovery.

The Conjunction was in late June of 1997, at 20 Aries, “A young girl feeding Birds in winter.”  The same Symbol as next year’s Venus-Mars Conjunction.  Venus-Mars is about our Emotional relationship with our Shadow Self, so that’s a fabulous sign that Eris and her fierce Attention to Justice will be getting embodied in a deep way.  Even more important, to my way of thinking, was the Jupiter-Eris Conjunction that occurred late last April (2011) at 22 Aries –

The gate to the Garden of All Fulfilled Desires.”

That’s pretty intense!  Jupiter amplifying Eris in this fashion for the next dozen years.

Notice that Eris has moved only two degrees in 14 years!  The sense that Pluto is the “force of history,” or the Trance that runs so deep we don’t know it’s a Trance we just think it’s Reality, is partly because it moves so slowly.  So if Pluto represents a Zeitgeist, then Eris is an Urzeitgeist!  Eris entered Aries in 1923, and won’t move into Taurus until 2047!  A century and a quarter.  That’s because Eris is out at apogee, farthest from the Sun in her very eliptical orbit.  For us to discover her when she’s at apogee tells us that her message is Strong!!  And very much needed at this hour.  At perigee her orbit almost touches the orbit of Neptune, and she’s every bit as big as Pluto.  She could be Planet X.

So, if Eris is involved in the Uranus-Pluto Square, where was she hiding when Uranus and Pluto were Conjunct, in 1965?  She did not make a strong Angle to either of them, as she is not doing now at the Square.  Feminine Power is indirect, in case you haven’t noticed.  (Have you picked up on the rise of “Soft Power”?  Another example that’s not on the Corporate Media’s radar screen.)  Vesta was making a waxing Square to Eris, which tells us that Eris’s role in the Uranus-Pluto Cycle is about enforcing the Sacred – Eris is the Priestess here.

That Vesta-Eris Cycle was initiated in late July 1963 at 12 of Aries,

A triangular-shaped flight of wild Geese.”

That Symbol has an unmistakable direction, strong momentum, wild Freedom, inherent Community, ancient rhythms, and deep Mystery in it – quite an omen for Uranus-Pluto!  And let’s not forget the symbol for the entire Uranus-Pluto Cycle –

An Ouija Board.”

Deep Mystery abounds for this Priestess, and she steps into visibility just as her flock is wandering in the Wilderness!

And Saturn?  Why is Saturn so tightly involved in the Uranus-Pluto Square?  At the Conjunction, Saturn weakly Opposed Uranus and Pluto; preparing to finish up some Cycle of Manifestation (Saturn crystallizing Patterns into Form).  Not finishing, but preparing to finish, almost to culmination.  Remind me to look up the deeper meaning of that Cycle!

Saturn was also finishing up an earlier Cycle with Chiron, which was strongly Opposing Uranus and Pluto in 1965.  Chiron and Neptune both Stationed earlier in June, and their Cycle is obviously connected to the Uranus-Pluto Cycle because their timing is so intertwined.  At the Uranus-Pluto Initiation, Chiron was in a waxing Trine to Neptune – another fabulous omen of Grace that emphasizes how important it is for us to wrap our head around the fall of the current economic regime as a cleansing and an opportunity.  More Cycles to look up – remind me!!

Speaking of Curiosity…

June 17, 2012

So, there’s an Angle in astrology that represents Curiosity.  It has a silly name, Quincunx, and it’s when two planets are five signs apart, halfway between a Trine and an Opposition.  Five is the number of Teaching and Learning, and Curiosity is the prerequisite.  So, what planets are Quincunx to one another at the New Moon and the Solstice?

Turns out both events have the same Quincunxes – Vesta-Saturn, and Venus-Pluto.

Vesta-Saturn could be read

I Wonder how our relationship with the Sacred is changing these days!

Like Taurus, Saturn solidifies things – when we think we understand something, we park that understanding in our catalog of metaphors, where we can pull it out and use it when we need it.  It’s efficient to operate from prefab metaphors – we don’t have to spell out S-T-O-P, let’s see now, what does that mean? every time we go driving, we just respond to the red octagon.

On the other hand, Saturn freezes things.  Red octogons have lost their freedom to mean Hey, let’s party! or Wanna make Love?  So, if we’re willing to open up to it, our concepts of the Sacred are likely to be pixelating and reforming themselves.  That’s kinda what we just been talking about – letting our metaphors be useful or not, rather than unfailingly true.

Venus Quincunx Pluto is a Biggie –

I Wonder how the Goddess will Manifest Herself here!

We would normally consider Saturn to be about manifestation – solidifying into form.  But Pluto is about transformation, Trance(re)formation, changing the Trance.  So what’s really going on is not how the Goddess Manifests (She always has!), but how we see Her Manifesting.  If we open to Curiosity, there’s a new Trance available to us, where we see Her in a whole new Light.  If we open to Curiosity.

Mythology, Metaphor, and Fundamentalism

June 17, 2012


A “Fundametalist” is someone who takes their metaphors literally.  The news is that the Universe is a tad larger than yer brainbone, and yer brainbone ain’t near big enough to be able to afford to take any metaphor literally.  As within so without notwithstanding.  On this metric, most of the Scienterrrific types among us are as bad as or worse than the Religios who are famous for investing enormous quantities of Belief and Identity in their metaphors.  It’s all mythology, not a drop of it is True.

Which of course means that they’re all True – all mythologies are useful in one situation or another, just a matter of tuning your metaphors to your situations.  Sciences and Religions both have some very useful and powerful metaphors – doesn’t mean they’re True.  The more metaphors/mythologies we know, the better we’re able to grok what’s going on and respond effectively to it.  If you haven’t noticed your Reality pixelating a bit lately, Mr. Jones, you might want to PIAVA an increase in your span of Awareness.  Used to be, the person whose Ego was strong enough to hold steady in any degree of trauma was considered the most “sane.”  But it’s really the other way around; it’s flexibility that yer Ego needs when Reality is changing rapidly, and you get that by flexing yer metaphors.

Which brings us to why we’re writing this, here on the eye of a Solstice New Moon.  Short of Joseph Campbell, nobody I know of knows as many mythologies as thoroughly as Steve Nelson, so I trust his work enormously…

This is a good one too…

And I want to thank Sherri Burch for pointing out that a Solstice is the latitudinal equivalent of a Station – I had never thought of it that way, but it certainly is, and it’s important.

A Station is when a planet stands still in the sky, because (from our perspective) it’s about to stop moving forward and start moving backward (“Stationary Retrograde”), or stop moving backward and start going forward again (“Stationary Direct”).  But that’s all relative to longitude – that is, a planet will stop moving east and start moving west (“Stationary Retrograde”), or stop moving west and start going east again (“Stationary Direct”).  It’s the rotation of the Earth that makes the planets appear to move always westward; you have to take a snapshot every night at midnight to see the planets themselves move east (Direct) or west (Retrograde) relative to last night’s snapshot.

The Sun, which (we hope) never goes Retrograde longitudinally, moves back and forth from the Tropic of Capricorn (23 and a half degrees south of the equator – near Rio de Janeiro and Brisbane) at the mid-June Solstice to the Tropic of Cancer (23 and a half degrees north of the Equator – near Havana and Hong Kong) at the mid-December Solstice.  So the Sun too is Stationary, exactly so at nine past 4pm PDT on Wednesday, a day andahalf after the New Moon.  And the Sun remains within one minute of arc of the Tropic for two days on either side of the Solstice, so we’d have to consider it Stationary for several days.

The Moon will also be Latitudinally Stationary shortly before the New Moon, as it turns around and heads back south, a few degrees shy of the Tropic of Cancer – recall that the Moon left it’s 11-year Outabounds Cycle last May, and no longer goes norther than Havana or souther than Rio.  The other planets will also have their Latitudinal Stations – for instance, Mercury stood still on June 8-9, two degrees north of the Cancer Tropic.  At the New Moon, it’s just dropping back Inbounds.

In other words, the Sun (which represents our Life Force) is Strong (Stationary), and so is the Moon (which represents our relationship to our Life Force).  And while Mercury (which represents the left brain and the mouth) has been Strong since May 31, it’s now dropping back into a more balanced perspective.

One of the differences you’ll find between the astrology that Steve Nelson usually uses, and the astrology that I usually use, is that Steve often pays close attention to the inner planets (as do most astrologers), while I pay more attention to the outer planets.  I do that because one of the metaphors I find to be often useful, is that our Conscious Ego (inner planets) has little control over our Lives relative to our Unconscious (outer planets).  So I try to use astrology to help interpret what The Boss (the Unconscious) is up to.  Steve uses his extensive catalog of mythologies to do the same.

In the Unconscious, there are no heads or tails, only coins.  That’s because it’s only the human left brain that sees the World dualistically.  To the rest of the Universe (more or less) it’s all one fabric.  In other words, when outer-planet astrology says that the “Sun (Life Force) is Strong,” it doesn’t necessarily mean that we all feel vigorous and athletic.  It means that all of our Life-Force issues are lit up.  So for instance, if our personal history or our past/parallel lives and Karma leave us wondering whether it’s really all worthwhile, or why it’s all so hard, or just whose side our immune system is on, anyway, those potential interruptions to Life Force could be lit up.

If they are, of course, and you been there before, remember the difference between Release and Re-Lease.  Whenever our Karma revisits, our natural reaction is Oh shit, here we go again!  When we allow that reaction to remain center stage, we basically sign up to renew our Lease on that sorta Karma.  But by recognizing that we been there before, and recognizing that each Karmic revisit is also an opportunity to ascend beyond it, it’s possible to actually make a step toward Letting It GoKarma, recall, is inertia – a body in motion tends to continue to move in the same direction until some force causes it to change direction.  That force can be as simple as

I Wonder what it will be like when events evolve differently this time!

There’s nothing quite like Curiosity to banish inertia!  Just ask any Puppy.


June 15, 2012

And here’s an interesting compendium of a few things that are happening in the Rise of Community, as seen from the perspective of a fatcat investment advisor (!)…

There are a few people (Noam Chomsky for one, and probably Howard Zinn, though I’ve never read him) who recognize that the “Industrial Revolution” (and “money”) was not a giant step forward for mankind, but an enslavement.  Of course it was neither; we just been Guinea Pigs in a big experiment, like we have been with Allopathic Medicine.  Now we can assess the results of the experiment, recall what we were up to before it started, merge the best of both worlds, and move on to the next adventure.

Highly Recommended

June 15, 2012

Gary Craig is an engineer who founded the process that is currently called “EFT” – tapping to the cognoscenti – and for many many years basically “gave it away” – sold very extensive VHS and DVD and digital copies of his work for cost, or for free.  Then he retired.  When he did, “EFT” went off in as many different directions as there were practitioners, most of whom are right on, just different, and recommended.  As you well know, I often reference the branch that Nick and Jessica Ortner have nurtured, cuz it’s simple, I use it constantly, and it works for me.  But I personally don’t know of any EFT branch that I’d discount for any reason.

The old standby “EFTUniverse” website has been adopted by others (chiefly Dawson Church and David Feinstein), and they’re doing fine work, for example documenting EFT success in ways that mainstream shrinkology can’t reject cuz it’s written in their language.  But today’s glorious news is that

Gary is back!!

He’s returned from retirement with a new website, and quite a fabulous story to introduce it…

Highly, highly recommended!

Austrian Austerity

June 13, 2012

The Corporate Media tells us that there are two major schools of economic thought out there, the “Keynesians” and the “Austrians.”

The Keynesians believe that when times are hard the government should print a little extra money and hand it out – that’ll prime the pump and get the economy started again.  It’s the velocity of money that’s important to making the economy hum.  If you have twenty Dollars sitting under the mattress, that doesn’t reduce the unemployment rate.  But if you hire someone to mow your lawn, then they will probably spend your twenty on Rutabagas and haircuts, and the barber will rush right out and buy Courgettes or Diamonds… etc etc – that twenty Dollars might get spent and respent a hundred or a thousand times over the next year.  That’s 2,000 or 20,000 Dollars pumped into the economy from your twenty, versus zero for the mattress money.

The other major perspective, the Austrian perspective, says that when times are hard you gotta knuckle down and work a little harder.  When one business fails or an individual goes bankrupt, there’s a domino effect,  because whomever that business or individual owed money to, they don’t get paid.  So there is hardship, and it’s passed down the line.  But the Austrians say, you can’t “bail out” that failed business or bankrupt individual, because failure is the most important part of learning – which is true.  If you bail them out, they’re most likely gonna make the same mistakes again.  It sounds kinda moralistic, but there’s truth to it.  That’s why there’s an old saying about “putting all yer eggs in one basket” – keep yer failures small, so you can recover from them quickly.

Now there’s a third perspective that’s prominent these days, and the most intellectually honest name for it is the Fascist Conspiracy.  Fascism, remember, means that the government and business are in cahoots, while the People are slaves to both.  Never forget that NAZI was short for National Socialism – as Goebbels wrote, if you tell the same lie often enough, the People believe it.  Since Fascist is such an inflammatory word, we’ll just call these folks the “FC,” so you don’t have to wince every time you read it.  The FC is not a formal school of economic thought, but the basic belief is that “what’s mine is mine, and what’s yours is mine.”

The FC owns the Corporate Media, so we’re flooded with FC propaganda.  That propaganda wants us to believe that we have to choose between Keynesian economics and Austrian economics.  They do not conflict.  Keynes did not say to print a little extra money and give it to the businesses that failed or to the people who went bankrupt.  He said to print a little extra money and hand it outto the people who are most likely to spend it, because that’s what increases the velocity of money.  The Great Giveaway – giving the next 50 years worth of tax money to the Wall Street Banksters – was not given to the people who were most likely to spend it, it was given to the people who are most likely to park it under a mattress in Bermuda.

The FC tells us that the Great Giveaway was a failure of Keynesian economics – it was neither a failure nor Keynesian!  It was a success of the FC – they succeeded in making off with the money – that had nothing to do with Keynesian economics.

Probably because the words are similar, and hypnosis therefore easy, the FC also wants us to believe that Austrian and Austerity are the same thing.  They have nothing in common.  Austerity is an FC code word for stop giving any money to anyone who isn’t already wealthy enough to deserve it.

In the Mediterranean countries (the PIIGS – Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Greece, Spain – Ireland is an honorary Mediterranean country), as in Wisconsin, the People are being sold Austerity as a necessity because the government is bankrupt.  But it was not the Greek People who failed, it was the Greek government and the banks that funded it.  So there’s nothing Austrian (or Greek) about Austerity – what’s going on in Greece is simply an attempt by the FC to blame the People for the failure of the existing financial system.  If the Greeks vote to reject this game, it will be a huge victory for human Intuition!  Wisconsin and Ireland have already failed that test.  Iceland didn’t fall for it.

The existing financial system did not actually “fail” – the FC created what appears to be a “failure” by tying itself in knots with fast-multiplying derivatives.  A “derivative” is something that’s based on something else – it’s “derived” from something else.  For instance, life insurance rates are based on your age and other factors; life insurance is an example of a derivative.  It’s a bet.  The insurance company is betting you won’t die before your time, you’re betting that you will.  By selling incomprehensible derivatives to the Mediterranean governments, the banksters fooled them into betting on their own failure – and the banksters won the bet.  In Wisconsin, the FC merely funded a huge propaganda barrage.

Whatever non-Teutonic traits the Greeks have (the FC press commonly blames them for laziness and tax evasion at the very least), cutting off hard-earned pensions, firing public employees, and “privatizing” prize civic assets (selling them to the FC of course) has nothing to do with letting failures fail.  It’s the government and the banksters that “failed” – the Austrian school would keep them after school, not the People.  It’s the FC propaganda mill that pins the failure on the People, and makes it sound like the Austrian school would condemn them to learn the hard way.

The FC knows that civilization as currently structured is unsustainable, and they are moving to corral all of its fruits into their own back yard and lock the gate, closing the People out in the desert of Austerity that they “deserve.”  Any businessperson knows that without customers there is no business, and the FC is not dumb.  By playing games like they’re playing in Greece and elsewhere, they’re eliminating their customers for future business.  So you know the game is not about legitimate business.  The game is about getting to the Ark first and fending off latecomers.

My point is that there is no conflict at all between Keynesian and Austrian, and that Austerity is about neither.  Austerity is not economics, it’s propaganda, and the Media – NPR included – is owned by the FC.  The FC wants permanent Austerity for you, and permanent wealth for themselves.

There’s an interesting parallel between all this and the “New Age” concept of Responsibility.  This idea basically says that your own personal history is the best textbook for understanding your own Karma.  (Remember, Karma is inertia, not retribution.)  To many people who have unpleasant personal histories, or serious medical conditions, that sounds too much like “Blaming the Victim” – they consider themselves the victim of events or disease.  You resolve this apparent contradiction by differentiating Blame from Responsibility.  Blame means you caused that.  Responsibility means being able and willing to take action to change it – being able to respond.  That’s a critically important distinction, but Blame is a universe unto itself, and one which does not have transparent windows.

So some of us are not as Abundant as we’d like to be because of external events.  Others of us, somewhere down there, have a shard of a belief that this can be changed, if we can find the ability and willingness to take right action to change it.  Since it’s Karmic, it’s not Conscious, so decisions and resolutions and analysis probably won’t help.  PIAVA (Pray, Intend, Affirm, Visualize, Ask) probably will, if we succeed in Changing the Subject afterward, so we don’t drown our PIAVAs in our old Karmic worldview.  There’s no better time for this, here while Neptune and Chiron are both newly Retrograde, here in the most pregnant portion of their new Cycle which is so obviously about economics.  Tapping will certainly help, if we find the right anthem to tap out – or sometimes, even if we don’t; just PIAVA and tap!

Of course Abundance is quite different from the Scarcity that leads to the FC.  Abundance is contagious, it’s about receiving, not about taking, so it’s not about taking mine before you take it.  Remember Abundance means having enough to share.  But the FC and the Banksters are obviously populated by people who unconsciously or consciously believe that they deserve it, while the rest of the population doesn’t.  That in itself is a great clue for what to tap on; what comes up when we tap on something like

I don’t feel like I deserve Abundance

I don’t feel like I deserve to have A Lot More

I’m not always Grateful for what I Do Have

I wasn’t born into money

Uranus-Pluto in the Sky with Diamonds

June 12, 2012

Other than an Occultation of Jupiter by the Moon this coming weekend, now that both Neptune and Chiron are Retrograde, we’re kinda sliding “downhill” into the Uranus-Pluto Square.  Jupiter is an Amplifier, the Moon is often a trigger for whatever is brewing, and we regard an Occultation as a growth in Awareness.  So we might find a few cards starting to fall near the base of the global financial system this weekend, or we might find Uranus-Pluto (think Mandatory Yin Integrity) amplified, or maybe just big opportunities to get more in touch with our Gratitude.

Unfortunately, the Occultation occurs at noon over the Australian Outback, so it won’t be visible like Venus Walking was – the Moon is New the following Tuesday, so we won’t even see the Moon.  The Occultation does occur right over one of the Planet’s biggest Diamond mines, though, so get out your Diamonds and watch them sparkle, around 1am PDT on Sunday.

Now, if the next three years – while Uranus and Pluto Retrograde into and out of their Square many times – are like the sixties, what would that suggest for the World economy?  Lets ask the history books.  We’ll use the US as an example.

It took 25 years for the Tao Jones Industrial Average to get back to it’s 1929 peak of 381.  Then, from 1954 to 1964, the Tao climbed fairly steadily to 1000.  The Uranus-Pluto Conjunction occurred in 1965.  The Tao made several attempts to decisively clear 1000 in the following decade, but it wasn’t until 1983 that it succeeded for more than a few days at a time.  Which is to say, the Tao was basically flat for 18 years after the Uranus-Pluto Initiation.  If you price the Tao in Gold rather than Dollars – which removes the effect of price inflation, it was worse; the Tao fell sharply from 1965 till 1983.

Now, the Tao is more of interest to investors than to “working folks,” but it was a good index for whether or not there was optimism in the economy.  Without optimism, the economy doesn’t grow faster than the increase in population, and folks get poorer.  Around 2007, the PowersThatBe began buying stocks to keep prices from crashing, and handing out millions of dollars to anyone who was already rich enough to think they deserved it, so after 2007 the Tao lost its value as the “price” of a nugget of American Industry.  The Tao in Gold has been falling sharply since 2000 (the PowersThatBe have also been ferociously selling Gold derivatives, which deflates Gold).

One good reason for the lack of optimism in the 60s was an expectation of price inflation.

It’s a general rule of elementary economics that a society can either spend its taxes on social improvements, or spend them on foreign wars, but that when there is an attempt to do both, price inflation goes up.  Price inflation means your money is worth less, because it buys fewer Rutabagas and Courgettes than it did yesterday.  Your government takes your money across the table by taxing you; it steals your money under the table by creating price inflation.  Governments can control price inflation fairly well, simply by printing more or less money.  If the money supply grows as quickly or slowly as the economy grows, no inflation.  When the money supply grows more rapidly than the underlying economy, Bingo, inflation.

Besides wearing FlowersInYerHairIfYouGoToSanFrancisco, or getting HalfAMillionStrongByTheTimeYouGotToWoodstock, or homesteading, one of the defining elements of the 60s was the protests against the Vietnam War.  After JFK was assassinated in Texas, President Johnson was enriching the Olde Boys in his home state by expanding the War in Vietnam – the companies that built most of the military facilities in Vietnam were based in Texas – while at the same time increasing spending on social improvements.  Young folks were liking the idea that their government was willing to help support them, and disliking the idea that they were being conscripted to go kill people and poison the Planet and themselves (with Agent Orange) in order to fatten the wallets of the already wealthy.

This is starting to sound familiar, isn’t it.

Since the 60s, Congress has made sure that every state gets the benefit of War spending – exporting bombs is one of the major skills that the American Empire has retained, so nobody votes against War, because if they do it’ll hit them in the pocketbook.  So what can you do, except vote against social improvements.  Obomba didn’t learn the lesson that President Johnson taught the Olde Boys in Congress, he’s too young, and too entranced by the mythology around Abe Lincoln.  Of the two, he seems to be more willing to give up social improvement than to give up his foreign wars.

We haven’t talked a lot lately about how the Planet’s doing, economically.  Here’s an accurate assessment of the present moment economically and politically…

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What then can we do to AvoidGoingThroughAllThisTwice?  Here’s a video essay about a more sustainable process…

We’re part of that process too.  It might behoove us to pay more attention to that one, and less to the money-changers and power-brokers.  That process has a brighter future.