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Ending Limitation

April 2, 2017

Curious that both Daniel and Michael focused on Letting Go of our old baggage today.  Daniel…∞the-9th-dimensional-arcturian-council/

What we really want you to recognize is that you created something in your past that was meant to serve you in some way, and until you see it that way, it cannot.  You cannot receive the benefit of what you have created until you accept that you created it and that you created it for a very specific reason.  The reason is always that you have something to gain from the experience.

And Michael (2 April “365 Steps” email, )…

“With the mind full of the detritus of life, it can literally ferment, causing a type of mental inebriation.  This is the person who, addicted to thinking, is regurgitating continually their endless negative mental clutter.  When we surrender the mind, discarding our burden of thought, letting go all attachment to our thoughts, to the ‘rights and wrongs’ of the ‘this and that’ of life, we become mindless.  It is quite a paradox when you consider that we need to be mindless to be more mindful!”

And the emphasis on Expanding beyond Limitation of the last few days – we wouldn’t normally see either of these as particularly Saturnian, though it makes total sense that they would be The Most Important Thing in this day and age.

Well, as is often the case, turns out there are good astological correlates.  What a coincidence!  Among other things, there are two Sign Changes, and a budding Initiation, that are all very relevant.

First, at 4pm PDT on 31 March, asteroid Atropos moved out of Gemini and into Cancer.  Atropos, which symbolizes Endings, has been anchoring one corner of the long-standing and now broken Golden Rectangle that we’ve been discussing for a long while, and which has provided the nest for our profound Yin Gates.

Gemini is good at Letting Go, but it has a short Attention Span; it’s just as likely to Grab It Back as it is to Let It Go permanently.  Letting Go is incidental to Gemini.  It’s primary job is to Disassemble a new Creation in order to find what is and isn’t working and what could be improved.  If the Creation stops working or fails to improve when Gemini Lets Go of a part, Gemini will Put It Back and move on to the next part.

Cancer on the other hand has a definite exogenous Purpose – Nurturing.  So it doesn’t matter if a part of our Creation works (to prop up an obsolete Identity for instance!) or not; if it doesn’t Nurture, Out It Goes.  That explains a lot of the background for Daniel’s and Michael’s readings.

Second, at 12am PDT on 1 April, asteroid Moira left Pisces and entered Aries.  Moira is about “Fate” – that which follows us faithfully till we Get Conscious about it so we can exercise Choice about whether or not we want to keep it and when we might want to use or disuse it.  Pisces is about Finishing Emotional Business.  And Aries is about Intuitively Creating a New Endeavor.

That makes it glaringly obvious that Holding On to what doesn’t work is just silly.  Who needs it!  Aries is completely non-intellectual about its Creation.  Aries has a quick mind, but it won’t have any idea what it’s Building till five years later.  It’s all seat-of-the-pants.

So Moira entering Aries will make us much more Willing to Accept the Unknown.  Normally we reject what we don’t Understand, but here we’ll be very Willing to walk undefended into unknown territory, and very Willing to drop our Defenses to do it.

And third, at 6am on 3 April, dwarf planet Chaos Initiates asteroid Veritas.  Chaos represents the Zero Point Field, or Unlimited Potential.  And Veritas means Truth.  So while previously we shied away from the relative Freedom of our Forbidden Genius because we Feared the Unknown, now we’ll understand the Truth of our Limitlessness, and recognize our former Limits as the Fake News that they were.

The Initiation occurs at 21 Gemini, “A tumultuous labor demonstration.”  This is a 64-month Cycle, so for the next five years we can expect those parts of our Selves that actually do the work – our Identities – to revolt against low wages (Lack of Self-Love), poor working conditions (unnecessary Limitation), and the absence of Respect and Safety (Self-Criticism).

Wizard’s Hat

December 7, 2015

A reader asks…

“What would a pattern of

  • Sun biseptile Jupiter biseptile Chiron triseptile Sun

be called, particularly with

  • Jupiter at the focus of a yod with Mars and Juno,
  • a golden yod with Venus and Lilith, and a
  • Thor’s hammer with Neptune and Moon/Pholus …

particularly in the context of recognizing that astrology of half a century ago would not have seen natal Jupiter in Cancer un-(major)-aspected as terribly relevant to a double Libra  — ha!  … and this one having been ignoring Jupiter for 50 years  — double ha!  So curiosity and responsibility about consciously integrating that principle makes a lot of sense, and the conceptual framework you offer of PIAVA in service of conscious responsibility of dynamic balance of Yintegrity and Yangtegrity seems entirely appropriate to that exploration.”

Well, I’d call it a Wizard’s Hat…

Defined as a Yod, a Quintile or Golden Yod, a Septile Yod, and a Mjolnir, all focusing on the same planet.

And my jaw would still be flapping in the wind!  What a Focus!  

I’ve been looking for a calendar year with Jupiter in Cancer, Sun in Libra, Neptune in Scorpio-Sagittarius, and Chiron in Pisces-Aries, though, and I’m not finding any – granted that my search capabilities are fairly primitive.  Would you be willing to add another comment with a birth year (which I won’t publish), so I can look at an estimate of the whole chart?

With a Jupiter Wizard’s Hat I’d look first for a very strong Saturn in the chart, or many Earth Signs (by my reckoning none of the planets in the list above would be in Earth Signs), to facilitate Grounding; a Jupiter Wizard’s Hat by itself would encourage Expansion to an extreme degree.  And I’d look for planets in Fixed Signs, and the positions of Pluto and Pallas, to help provide some sense of Self, because such a Strong Jupiter in Cancer, abetted by Sun in Libra and possibly Moon in Pisces (and Squaring Neptune), would by itself create a crippling degree of Empathy.  Without Grounding and a strong sense of Self, candidacy for Sainthood or Martyrdom might be more likely than healthy Self-Care.

As for the astrology of fifty years ago, you’re right, I don’t know of anyone who was paying much Attention then to the “minor” Angles, or to the likes of Juno, Lilith, Pholus, or even Chiron.  The first Ephemeris of the four major asteroids that I encountered was copyrighted in 1977, and the first Tables of Chiron’s path in 1989 by Al Morrison.  To my knowledge the first Ephemeris of Lilith didn’t appear till Demetra George’s book in 1994.  And the first Tables of Pholus that I know of, by Robert von Heeren, was copyrighted in 2001.  Rudhyar was paying Attention to interplanetary Cycles and Angles fifty years ago, but without the “minor” planets the only Configuration that would have been visible then would have been the Mjolnir or Thor’s Hammer, and not many folks would have been paying much nevermind to those.

Jupiter, Uranus, and Pluto

November 3, 2013

Remember our discussion of what’s called the Shadow Period?  When a planet turns Retrograde, it backs up over a segment of the Zodiac.  Before it does that, though, it must cross that same segment going forward.  And when it’s done with it’s Retrogradation, it’ll cross the same segment a third time.  There are no alternate routes.  That segment of the Zodiac, and the time required for the planet to cross it thrice, is called the planet’s Shadow Period.

Jupiter stands still and turns Retrograde on November 6, at 9pm PST.  Once we look at its Shadow Period, we’ll see how intimately involved it is with the Uranus-Pluto Square.  Jupiter’s in Cancer, by Sign Opposite Pluto and Square to Uranus.  At its Retrograde Station, Jupiter is 12 degrees from making these Angles by Degree, to distant to recreate the T-Square.  But the timing is there – The Uranus-Pluto Square occurred only five days before the Jupiter Station.

Here’s the full timetable…

  • August 12, 2013 – Jupiter enters Shadow Period at 11 Cancer
  • August 17 – Jupiter Opposes Pluto from 12 Cancer
  • August 20 – Jupiter Squares Uranus from 13 Cancer
  • August 7 to August 30 – Jupiter-Uranus-Pluto T-Square (3-degree orb)
  • September 19 – Pluto Stations Retrograde at 9 Capricorn
  • October 10 – Jupiter turns Stationary (1 degree from Station)
  • November 1 – Uranus Squares Pluto from 10 Aries
  • November 6 – Jupiter Stations Retrograde at 21 Cancer
  • December 17 – Uranus Stations Direct at 9 Aries
  • January 31, 2014 – Jupiter Opposes Pluto from 13 Cancer
  • February 9 – Jupiter turns Stationary (1 degree from Station)
  • February 25 – Jupiter Squares Uranus from 11 Cancer
  • March 5 – Jupiter Stations Direct at 11 Cancer
  • April 15 – Pluto Stations Retrograde at 14 Capricorn
  • April 20 – Jupiter Squares Uranus and Opposes Pluto from 14 Cancer
  • April 21 – Uranus Squares Pluto at 14 Aries
  • January 30 through May 9Jupiter-Uranus-Pluto T-Square (3-degree orb)
  • April 16 to 29 – Mars-Jupiter-Uranus-Pluto Grand Cross (3-degree orb)
  • June 1, 2014 – Jupiter leaves Shadow Period at 21 Cancer

Pallas (Boundaries and Edges), Vesta (the Sacred), and Mars (Action) also Square Jupiter three times as they execute their own Shadow Periods – Pallas and Vesta in December and May, and Mars in January and April.  Hence the Grand Cross in the last half of April in the table above.

So the 2013-2014 Jupiter Shadow Period spans 11-21 Cancer and mid-August through May.  Cancer 11-21 is the Scorpio Decanate of Cancer – Signs are also divided into 10-degree segments called Decanates.  The Scorpio Decanate of Cancer is the stage between knee-Jerk Nurturance and true Compassion.  Knee-Jerk Nurturance is our natural and positive, but indiscriminate, response to need.  Nothing wrong with that, other than the possibility of burnout.  And maybe a missed opportunity for raising Consciousness, for whatever that’s worth.

Knee-Jerk Nurturance is often a response to Introjection – Introjection is in some ways the opposite of Projection.  In Projection, we assume that another’s experience is similar in source, quality, and quantity, to our own.  In Introjection, we take on another’s experience as if it was our own.  So when we encounter Scarcity, it triggers our own Scarcity.  We could respond to that with Fear, and close down (which is an option for the first Decanate of Cancer).  Or with Sympathy, and attempt to Nurture.

In the Scorpio Decanate of Cancer we start to examine our automatic reactions, our Patterns of Nurturance.  This might be an appropriate response to burnout, to an observation that our Patterns don’t always produce the best result – or to a planet changing Decanates!  We ask ourself if our Nurturance Patterns derive from Lack, or from genuine Abundance, which is Having Enough to Share.  Folks say that it’s impossible to Love Another until one learns to Love Oneself.  Where do our Nurturance Patterns sit with regard to that?  Are we really just responding to our own Unconscious needs?

The Pisces Decanate of Cancer brings us to one of two places – Emotional Overwhelm or Compassion.  If we don’t break through into Self-Nurturance in the Scorpio Decanate, then the Pisces Decanate can bring full burnout and victimhood.  If we do break through, at least to some degree, then we Nurture not because we need to, but because it’s the Compassionate thing to do.  Compassion requires Neutrality – no attachment to outcomes.  In the full course of Cancer, we’ve gone from Nurturing indiscriminately, to wondering and exploring if we can use our limited resources to serve our Fellows more effectively, to trusting our Instinct and Intuition that any given act of Nurturance is appropriate in the moment.

So in the current August-through-May Jupiter adventures, we’re reconsidering whether or not our attempts to Nurture are serving or hindering our Planet and its denizens.  Actually, This is Exciting is very much a part of that, isn’t it!

Breaking Free

July 4, 2013


I am not entirely sure where time has gone this year, or perhaps more accurately, where any sense of time-space orientation has disappeared to.  Things seem to have been moving at a rapid pace with an intensity that feels rather like being in a whirlwind of change and constant readjustment.  Just as well we are in a Mercury Retrograde period now as this is a good time to focus on all things beginning with RE – after the first half of this very challenging year, we are all being called to redefine, re-evaluate, re-align and re-orientate.

Much of this year has felt like a high speed process of ups and downs, highs and lows, joys and sorrows.  It has been intensely difficult for so many of us, involving a brutal process of stripping away of all that is inessential and laying bare of everything to reveal and confront Truth.  It…

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To Portal 6.26 and Beyond

June 25, 2013



Have you gained a sense of your Sensitivity?  Around here there was a definite shift at around four degrees, then a huge change at about two degrees, as the Grand Trine reformed.

Chiron Retrospective

As Mercury Stands Still and turns Backwards under a Solstice SuperMoon with Jupiter entering Cancer, it would be an excellent time to list every event, circumstance, drama, Emotion, or Pattern that Challenged you during the first half of 2013.   Then over the next three weeks take at least an hour a week to flesh out some details about each Challenge –

  • What happened,
  • What you were doing before it happened,
  • What you felt,
  • Who if anyone (or any thing) you felt like blaming for it,
  • What you did about it,
  • Whether you can detect any likely warning signs that could provide advance notice in the future,
  • What you might do differently next time,
  • How you might handle it if you were fully competent to do so.

No question that we’re going to be re-experiencing these Challenges over the next six months, and the purpose of the whole adventure is for you to become competent at dealing with them.  So a little directed Attention while Mercury is in a contemplative mood will be very powerful.

The difference between Karma and Consciousness is Choice.  When something sneaks up on us and we aren’t prepared to deal with it, we react from Habit, and it’s usually a Habit that fits the situation poorly, if not catastrophically.  We don’t have the opportunity to Choose – largely because, since it’s Unconscious, we don’t see it coming.  When the same Pattern approaches and we know it’s coming, we’ve dealt with it successfully before, we have some degree of confidence, and we have an array of strategies for dealing with it, then we have time to assess how the drama is unfolding, Choose a response, stay attuned to whether or not it’s working, and if not try an alternate response.

Keep your list handy, and Pay Attention when any of the Challenges repeat.  It’s going to happen anyway, but if you’re Paying Attention, you can make the process of ditching self-sabotage much easier and more powerful.

Gemini and Cancer

As we write this, Jupiter is crossing from Gemini into Cancer.  Jupiter represents Amplification, Expansion, Extension, Extroversion, Openness.  It’s not all that Signs are about, but each Sign is a reaction to excesses of the previous Sign.  Gemini is flibbertigibbet, to quote Sally.  Aries creates something brand new, then casts it in concrete in Taurus (in reaction to everyone’s complaint that they don’t know what it is – since Aries is all Intuitive, there’s no explaining and justifying), till it’s suddenly realized that it’s only a half-baked prototype, probably won’t work, and could be done a lot more effectively.  So Gemini tears it apart.

Nothing amiss there; Gemini is performing a very useful service – scienterrific types would call it reverse engineering, with improvement in mind.  The Gemini stage is equivalent to brainstorming – collecting ideas without prejudgment, as a first step toward version 2.0.  Ranking  and vetting the ideas comes later, but in the brainstorming stage no critique is allowed, in order to assure that no idea is intimidated before it gets onto the whiteboard.

Can you correlate any of these timespans with events or processes in your own life, or on any larger stages?

  • Jupiter in Aries (Intuitive Creativity) – June 2010 to June 2011
  • Jupiter in Taurus (Casting in Concrete) – June 2011 to June 2012
  • Jupiter in Gemini (Disassembly) – June 2012 to June 2013

The US Supreme Court is certainly disassembling voting rights, for instance.  Of course the US Congress has been Disassembling democracy for far longer than a year, but has it stepped up its efforts since June 2012?

Now Jupiter is in Cancer.  By the time we get to Cancer, folks are quite sick of indecision, apparent disregard for consequences (Gemini can be very impersonal), and apparent obstructiveness.  They want to see something built rather than torn apart, they want to see some consistency, and they want to see some compassion.  It will be easier to go back to Creating, but with some knowledge about what we’re building and why, and with some experience under our belt about what might work and what apparently won’t.

Think It Over

It’s several hours before Mercury turns Retrograde, at 6am PDT on June 26.  Mercury asks us to review our Rhetoric three times a year, for three weeks at a shot.  Of course by the time Mercury – or any other planet – goes Retrograde, it has already crossed the area of review, and by the time it turns Direct again and then recrosses the same territory for the third time, it’s an eight-week process.  This time around, Mercury is asking us to review the Scorpio-through-Pisces zones of Cancer.

Just as each day has a morning that resembles Spring, an afternoon that’s like Summer, an evening that parallels Autumn, and a night that reminds us of Winter, each Sign contains a miniature version of the entire Zodiac.  The Sign of Cancer starts with the Cancer segment (pure Creative Compassion), moves to the Leo zone (Compassion for the Self), Virgo (Recognition of Hubris), Libra (Compassion for Other), and so on.  The Scorpio through Pisces zones of Cancer are about Understanding Compassion (Scorpio), Releasing Attachment (Sadge), Balancing Self-Care with Compassion for Other (Capricorn), Codifying Compassion (Aqua), and Opening the Heart (Pisces).

Starting June 26, we walk through this process backwards, starting with Opening the Heart (Pisces), then moving on to rewriting the “rules” for what Compassion is and isn’t (Aqua), and so on.  As you can imagine, a Retrograde period is an intense learning experience, as we, for instance, have to rewrite our conceptualizations about Compassion three times.  Keep in mind that this is Mercury – Intellectuality, Communication, and Trickster Magic.  So in the Pisces zone of Cancer we’re reviewing how our thoughts and words, and unseen Intentions and Prayers and Wishes, influence the way we nurture ourselves and others, and to what degree we do.

So all in all this Review, starting June 9, then backward till July 21, then forward again through August 8, is about how our thoughts and words put Compassion into our day-to-day lives, and impact other people.

Now that we understand Orb and Sensitivity, we can make sense of the fact that one degree of Orb around a Mercury Station lasts about a week prior to the Station, and half a week after the Station.  In other words, we spend one and a half of the eight weeks exploring the degree of the Retrograde Station, and one and a half weeks exploring the degree of the Direct Station – and the other five weeks reviewing the space in between.

Tomorrow’s Retro Station occurs at 24 Cancer, “A woman and two men castaways on a small island of the South Seas.”  While the span of the Retrogradation covers Scorpio through Pisces, the Station degree itself is actually within the Aries zone of Cancer – in the Aries zone we open to Accepting an entirely new way to live and express Compassion.  It’s not something we do, it’s something we Accept or Resist, though of course Resistance is futile.  So on balance, it sounds like we’re getting Conscious about how Competition and Manipulation impact our ability to be Compassionate and Collaborative.

The Wide Septile Yod

We first encountered the Wide Septile Yod in Midsummer Night’s Portal.  This “Yod” is still here, and dominates the Mercury Station chart, as all three of its corners are involved in the Big Configurations of the day.

  • One corner is the Mercury Station itself, tightly Square to Eris.
  • A second corner is Saturn, which is also a corner of the Grand Trine with Neptune and Sun-Lilith.
  • The third corner is Moon-Juno, which is still the apex of a T-Square with the Nodes.

The tight Square from Mercury to Eris (confronting Denial) means that the Mercury Retro period will be bringing a good quantity of the clandestine into the light of day.  This revelation will feed the Septile Yod, which is about Occult Power.  In other words, expect the revealed information to have impact far beyond how it appears.

Saturn is tails when Jupiter is heads – as Jupiter represents Expansion, Saturn symbolizes Contraction.  But not in any negative sense – Saturn means Focus Your Attention on the First Priority, just as Cancer reigns in Gemini’s intellectual wanderlust.  While the Grand Trine (using three degrees of Orb) includes Neptune (Spiritual Clarity) and Sun-Lilith (pre-intellectual Instincts) along with Saturn (Focus), Jupiter is within five degrees of its impending Trine to Saturn, and Jupiter Trine Saturn means that Expansion and Contraction work together (contradiction occurs only in the Mind, not in Reality), Gracefully.  What’s the Jupiter-Saturn CoinGrowth in Social Consciousness.

At the moment when Mercury is Stationary, the Moon is only a fourth of a degree shy of being Initiated by Juno.  Juno’s ongoing T-Square with the Nodes implies that our Unconscious Identity (Juno), through no overt action of our own, is shifting in such a way to bring us into clarity about our Karma and our Mission (the Nodes).  The Moon is a trigger-finger.  In other words, this Mercury Station could be a major Tipping Point for our adventures in Consciousness.

So the Septile “Yod” (Occult Power) unifies all three of the Big Events that are on tap astrologically – our

  • Consciousness Growth and Activation of our Mission (Moon-Juno T-Square),
  • The effortlessness (Grand Trine) of our Focus (Saturn) on Collaboration (Sun-Lilith-Jupiter) and Spirit (Neptune), and
  • Revelation of hidden Manipulation and Competition (Mercury Stationary Square to Eris)

Such a unification could represent a great leap forward, personally, culturally, and Planetarily.

And Beyond

From June 28 till August 2, Mars steps Out of Bounds.  A planet has a stronger impact when it’s Out of Bounds (beyond the Tropic of Cancer or Capricorn, in this case the Tropic of Cancer).  Mars represents Action.  While it’s Out of Bounds it traverses 21 Gemini to 14 Cancer – once again emphasis on the transition from hunting broadly for new Ideas, to focusing on Nurturance.  For a week or so around July 20, Mars joins Lilith and Jupiter in the Saturn-Neptune Grand Trine.  That will be very dynamic.  We should see major changes happening in our Lives and in the World in mid-July.

Saturn, Lord of our Grand Trine, takes its own Station on July 7, turning Direct at 5 degrees of Scorpio, “A massive rocky shore resists the pounding of the Sea.”  Just to provide another lesson in Orb and Sensitivity, as we write this, Saturn is only seven arcminutes (less than one eighth of one degree) from the location of its Station.  Which is to say, Saturn is really Stationary (very Strong) as we speak.   Saturn has been within one degree of its Station since June 2.  If you’re wondering why you’ve been feeling like you need to Focus on The Most Important Thing (or figure out what that is!), this is why!

So the Saturn Station is Septile to the Mercury Station, meaning that getting Conscious about how Competition and Manipulation impact our ability to be Compassionate and Collaborative (Mercury) and Focusing on what will withstand the assault of extreme Emotion (Saturn) reinforce one another in unseen ways that are more powerful than we know.


Love the name, Uvarovite!  Garnet isn’t a Mineral, it’s a fairly large family of Minerals.  Uvarovite fills up one branch of the Garnet family, the Calcium-Chromium branch.  It’s not only a Heart-Opening Mineral, but a Crystal that invites Magic.  It’s a yang version of Dioptase, the favored Crystal of the Faerie Kingdom.  Like Chiron and Miracles, Magic is just action that we don’t understand.  The less Conscious we are, the more we have to disallow Magic because we don’t know how it works.  Much Magic and Miracle occur in Dimensions that Muggles Deny the existence of.  Just because we don’t see it, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.