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Another Milestone for the Yang Feminine

October 13, 2016

The Patriarchy is Falling… 

Be mindful that this may bring up Memories for you, as we suggested in Portal 13.10 Part IV.  It’s a good time to Share those Emotions with Safe people, people who understand completely because they’ve been through it.  A good way to start a new Community – “We gain critical Leverage by Intuiting what to Keep and what to Discard; there are Jewels here, but there is also dead weight that we can’t afford to carry forward – Fresh Violets in an Ancient Pottery Bowl.”  This is Herstoric.

There is a Finger of God pointing to the Nessus-OR10 Conjunction (Irruption of Memories of Abuse and Privilege) from the Sextile between Varuna (the Life Force) and Makemake (Manifestation). 

Uranus-Eris II+

June 10, 2016

As is often the case, our Chief Asteroid Officer noticed something I missed.  Our second layer of the Eris-Uranus Initiation horrorscope, the one where The Most Important Things are…

  • Embracing Confusion
  • Respect for All Things
  • Being Willing to Stretch
  • Staying Alert for Habits that no longer Serve

(see the previous post), and of course one that applies to the rest of the Century, stays lit up a bit longer.

To whit…

(1)  On 11 June we’re likely to be asked to Stretch a bit more.

(2)  Expect Confusion to remain Strong till 13 June – Embrace it, Wallow in it, don’t try to Change it.

I knocked over a full glass of Water today – twice.  Not wanting to think my Confusion was due to a TIA, I figured I must be Regressed to infancy, to a time before I knew that those wiggly things, on the end of that pink stick-like thing that keeps waving around randomly, were “my” fingers.

Once our CAO enlightened me, I knew instantly that it was a Poltergeist.  We create Poltergeists (seemingly independent actions by Material objects) by thoroughly Repressing an Emotion.  We do everything we can to Avoid some Emotions (like Confusion, often); bringing those into our Embrace will Expand our Emotional range and Open our Awareness to new Blessings.

But we don’t even know we’re Avoiding the Emotions that we’ve thoroughly Repressed.  Those are the Held Emotions that prevent our Awareness of the Lost Skills that are hiding behind our Karmic Limiting Beliefs – the ones that are Unconscious.  Recovering those is a Treasure bigger than Smaug’s, as we won’t achieve our Mission without them.

So be Mindful of anything unusual happening this weekend, especially if Water is involved.  What’s your immediate Reaction to it?  Mine was Irritation.    Call up that Feeling, then PIAVA “I Wonder what that was all about.”

(3)  Through 14 June, be prepared for major Breakthroughs in Innovation and Creativity.  If there’s a major project or hassle you’re working on… 

  • PIAVA a huge leap forward on 10 or 11 June (don’t be too specific, so you can be surprised),
  • Change the Subject on 12 and 13 June, then
  • Pay Attention on 14 June.

Good chance there’s a connection between (2) and (3) – and (1) as well.  In fact it would be surprising if there wasn’t.  What if I was able to Revert an Unconscious Limiting Belief that was installed before I was even Aware of my Physicality, let alone Verbal.  That would have a monumental impact on my Life.  It’s very difficult to approach preverbal Trauma for Healing, because the organization of our Worldview is so organized around our Languaging.


The Astrology

(1)  The Moon lights up Jupiter and the North Node for about eight hours starting around 8am PDT on 11 June.

(2)  Neptune (Material Confusion, Spiritual Clarity, and our Relationship to anything larger than ourself, Emotion, Water), which Squares Saturn and Vesta while Opposing Jupiter and hanging out near the South Node, is Stationary, turning Retrograde around 2pm PDT on 13 June.

(3)  The dwarf planet Makemake (Manifestation) is Standing Still and Waxing Quintile to Saturn.  The Station occurs around 7am PDT 14 June.  The Insights will probably be most Fruitful between the Neptune and Makemake Stations, though the Moon crosses the Stationary Makemake at around 7pm PDT on 12 June.  The current Saturn-Makemake Cycle began in mid-September 2009 in 26 Virgo, a Degree devoted to Learning new, potentially Life-Changing Rituals.

It’s very significant when a Station makes few Angles with other planets.  Besides the Saturn Quintile, the only other close Angle that Makemake makes is a Waxing Unx (one Sign) by Lilith.  The Lilith-Makemake Cycle began at the end of last August, in the same 1 Libra as Makemake’s current Station – virtually the same arcminute!  The Moon crosses Lilith around noon PDT on 15 June.

Libra 1 is about how Observation Stops The Flow.  It’s an apparent fact of Quantum Physics – the Future (or even the Present) is indeterminate until it is Observed.  It’s interesting that 1 Aries, the beginning of the Personal half of the Zodiac, is about Discrete Form emerging from the Background Matrix (ie, Consciousness), while the beginning of the Relational half of the Zodiac is about The Flow, or The Zone, or Time.

Yindependence (Lilith) is of course about The Flow, about Staying in the Present Moment, Staying Present.  Being Here Now, as Ram Dass puts it.  And it’s appropriate that the Relational half of the Zodiac should begin with Yin and the Feminine.  Libra, like Aries, is a Dynamic or Masculine Sign, but it begins with the Yin.  And the Form that is Manifesting at 1 Aries is the Female form.  Like the Dao, or Taijitu, Duality Unfolding from Unity, or Duality Stopping The Flow.

The Unx Angle (one twelfth of the Zodiac) is about Changing Patterns.  Manifesting Yin by Changing Patterns to Cease Stopping the Flow.  This is getting Deep.  And of course, whatever minor or major Trauma befell me as a Newborn (which would be a Mirror for Past-Life Trauma), would have Created an Observer – Manifested Consciousness – and Stopped the Flow.  Changing Patterns – I think that’s a Stephen Stills song.  

“Stop, children, what’s that sound?
Everybody look what’s going down.”

Back to the Ouija Board ’60s!

Another Busy Weekend

April 14, 2016

We have dedicated our Lives to suppressing certain Emotions and Memories and even Thoughts, and for good reason.  They would Overwhelm us, and we have More Important things to do.  Till now.

Thing is, those Emotions and Memories and Thoughts are the doorways to Healing our Limiting Beliefs, making it Safe to Remove our remaining Masks, eliminating Self-Sabotage, uncorking our Forbidden Genius, and to painlessly achieving the Yintegrity and Self-Sovereignty that we so crave, but which we hold back from because we fear it would so Disrupt our Lives and the Lives of those we Love and Depend upon.  That sentence was not approved by the FDA, but I believe it’s True.  And it may even positively impact our Physical Health.

The Universe will bring these Emotions and Memories and Thoughts to us in early June, and the Universe has been, and continues to, give us Opportunities to get a head start.  And every early Opportunity we take advantage of will make June less painful.  If we’re still in Resistance to these Emotions and Memories and Thoughts in June, the process could well be painful.  The Universe is our friend, if we Learn to listen to Her.

As you probably know by now, Eris (Truthtelling) Initiates Uranus (Our Connection to Our Individual Soul) in early June.   We expect this to do a pretty good job of finishing up the Yintegrity work we’ve been doing since 2012.  Well, let’s put it this way – late May and early June will be the Can-Opener phase of this Initiation.  The Initiation occurs at 24 Aries, “Blown inward by the wind, the curtains of an open window take the shape of a cornucopia: Openness to the influx of spiritual energies.

When an Angle between two planets repeats, as is usually the case with outer planets, the first event always catches us off guard.  The last time this event occurred was in 1926, so very few of us have Experienced it in our current Lifetime.  If you know someone in their 90s who’s freaking out, this is probably why.  The less Experience we have with an Energy, the more likely it is to catch us off guard.  Forewarned is forearmed, however, so even if we’re off guard, knowing in general what the Energy is about can help us make sense out of what’s happening, and can help us step out of the Victim Modality we’d otherwise be in.

Let’s take what we hope will be an extreme example – suppose we were sexually abused as a child.  We don’t remember it, we only notice that in some situations we feel Unsafe or Angry or Scared, or maybe we’re uncomfortable with Intimacy.  If those Memories pop up in late May or early June, we’re going to Regress to the age when the abuse occurred, and to the Skillset and Boundaries that we had – or more accurately didn’t have – at that age.  Victim Modality is a foregone conclusion, most especially if those Memories arise as a result of some similar-feeling Unsafety in the then-Present Moment.

If we are somehow reminded that there is likely to be a “100-year” Regression (a Regression on such a scale that it occurs only once in a century) going on, we’re still going to be caught off guard, but we’re likely to be able to Recover our Present-Moment Skillsets much sooner than if we didn’t get the memo, or as the case may be, the blog post.

We’ve talked before about “Sensitivity” – how Sensitive we are to an astrological event, something astrologers can “Orb,” and I sometimes call “Slop.”  When an event is pending, most folks can certainly begin feeling it when it comes within one Degree of being exact.  Of course the Muggles will be in Denial, finding all manner of excuses, thinking it’s Heartburn.  The more Sensitive among us will begin feeling an event when it comes within three Degrees.  The most Sensitive of us will feel it sooner than that.

The Eris-Uranus Initiation reaches one Degree of Sensitivity in Mid-May.  It reached three Degrees of Sensitivity in late March.  Most folks who read this are likely to be at least three-Degrees Sensitive, so most of us are already Feeling it.  We Feel it through pressure to stop hiding or covering up parts of ourself that we’ve thought were less attractive or less Skillful.  Through Vulnerability.  Through Epiphanies about where we’ve been seeing through a glass darkly.  Through old Identities and Ego-Masks and Archetypes that we’re outgrowing.  Through a Desire to stop “Playing Games.”

An Initiation is a Conjunction.  When Angles repeat three times, as the Uranus-Eris Conjunction does, the first occurrence is a Can-Opener.  It opens a “Can of Worms” that we didn’t know was waiting for us.  The second and third occurrences are also Conjunctions, but they aren’t Initiations – only the first event is an Initiation.  We’re almost always in Victim Mode during a Can-Opener.

The second occurrence is an Exposition – the same Energy recurs front and center, but this time it seems to occur in slow motion (Retrograde), so we have a far better chance of understanding what’s happening “to us,” and consequently a far better chance of moving from Victim Mode to Master Mode.  In Victim Mode things happen to us, we have no Control over them.  In Master Mode, even if things happen to us, we have Skills to deal with them adequately.  

If we Master an Energy during the Exposition, then the third occurrence is a Confidence-Builder.  The Energy and Process recurs, but this time we’re ready and able to deal with it using our now-Present-Moment Skillsets, including those we learned in the previous two events, and we sail through it, feeling great about our new Expertise.  If we didn’t Master the Energy during the Exposition, then the third occurrence becomes another Opportunity, another Exposition.

The Uranus-Pluto Square recurred six times after the Can-Opener, giving us an indication of how Important the Universe thought it was for us to Recover our Yintegrity.  As if Pluto didn’t already symbolize what is Mandatory (Adaptable but not Avoidable).  The Can-Opener (June 2012) was followed by five Expositions (October 2012, May and November 2013, May and December 2014) before the Confidence-Builder (March 2015).  

The Uranus-Eris Exposition peaks in late September, while the Confidence-Builder occurs at the Ides of March next year.

In other words, as Uranus approaches Eris, that section of the Zodiac (now 21-23 Aries) gets very Hot.  The Sun (our Essence) crossed that section last weekend (April 9-11), while Varuna (Cellular Wisdom) and Chariklo (Beauty and Charm) were Stationary.  Venus (our Values) crosses that section two weekends hence, April 22-24.  In between, this coming weekend (April 16-17), Mars (Action) and Pluto (Inevitability) are Stationary (Strong).

There’s a joke about two Olde-Boy psychologists trading stories about “Freudian slips.”  One says his attention was drawn to the bosom of a ticket-seller on a recent trip to Pittsburgh, and he accidentally asked for a picket to his destination instead of a ticket.  The other says, “That’s nothing.  The other day I was having dinner with my mother and when I meant to ask her to pass the butter, what came out instead was ‘Mother, you’ve ruined my Life and I hate you!’ ”  

It would be really appropriate to Mars-Pluto – and fortuitous – if such Freudian slips came out this weekend, because they would constitute bright flashing lights pointing us toward clues about what hasn’t come to the surface of Consciousness yet.  Let your tongue be your Guide this weekend.  Same with “slip-ups” of any sort.  Make a wrong turn on the way to the store?  Where did you end up?  Drop a jar of Honey on a hard floor?  What do you suppose that might mean?  PIAVA the question.  Run into someone you haven’t seen in a long time?  A stranger strikes up an interesting conversation?  Pay Attention this weekend.

In particular, in addition to the Retrograde Stations of Pluto (5am PDT 17 April at 18 Capricorn) and Mars (1am PDT 18 April at 9 Sagittarius), Vesta (Unconscious Beliefs) Initiates Mercury (Communication) at 3pm PDT 16 April, in 17 Taurus, “A symbolic battle between ‘swords’ and ‘torches’.”  Fascinating Symbol, as Swords symbolize mentality, as does Mercury.  That leaves Vesta standing in for Torches, indicating that…

Our Unconscious Limiting Beliefs are Burning their way out of Denial now, and will be for the next fifteen months, while this Mercury-Vesta Cycle moves through.  Just long enough to cover the Eris-Uranus Confidence-Builder.

We’ll talk more about the Vesta-Mercury Initiation – with its two Tricolors and Grand Trine – in the next installment, but note that while it’s occurring, the Sun is crossing the asteroid Mnemosyne – Memory.  What a jokester, this Universe!

Portal 13-14.6 – Scorpio and Virgo

June 14, 2015

apon9061bpSagittarius and Scorpio.  Believe it or not, the Sagittarian Wisps are actually Crystals, of Natrolite, sitting on a more recognizable Crystal, Scorpionic Apophyllite.  Nevertheless, things are still not what they seem to be.  The recognizable Crystal is actually a Mica, Apophyllite, even though it looks nothing like a Mica.  And the Wisps are actually a Zeolite, even though they look nothing like any we’d recognize.  A Zeolite is a complex Mineral with pockets.  You wouldn’t think there’d be room in those Wisps for a pocket, let along a complex Mineral.  If you get the right Zeolite, you can dump it into a toxic mess, and the Zeolite will pocket the toxins and bring them out!  I know, She is truly amazing, especially when we forget She’s a Living Entity with many orders of magnitude more cleverness than we’ll ever dream of mustering!

Apophyllite (Potassium Calcium Fluoride Mica) is about Opening our Third Eye, appropriate for Getting to the Bottom of Things.  Green Apophyllite brings Compassion into our Intuition.  As we like to say, Apophyllite was used for Divining by the twelve Apophylls.  Natrolite (Sodium Aluminum Zeolite) is about Opening the Crown Chakra, appropriate for Letting Go of what Limits us.  Like much of the loveliest Apophyllite, this one comes from near Pune, India, a center for many different flavors of Spiritual pursuit.

  Ω    Ω    Ω    Ω    Ω 

Friday the 13th falls on a Saturday this month, as Pogo used to say.  Whatever you’re Grieving, Trust that it was not planning to be part of the next phase of this Gaia-Pi Adventure.  We’re in the process now of Co-Creating what we need for the next phase.

June 13-14…

  • Makemake (Manifestation) is Stationary Direct (Strong)
  • Saturn backs into Scorpio (Did we leave any Emotional Stones unturned?)
  • The Moon Occults Mercury (Beginner’s Mind) at 5 Gemini (“A revolutionary magazine asking for action”)

Mercury and the Balsamic Moon rise ahead of the Sun, so they should make a lovely couple just before Sunrise, whether you’re in the right spot (east central Asia) to see the Moon cover Mercury or not.  The Balsamic Moon is about Letting Go, echoing our other themes.

  Ω    Ω    Ω    Ω    Ω 

Saturn points us to The Most Important Thing, and informs us that all of the other priorities will be just fine playing quietly by themselves while we put all of our Attention on The Most Important Thing.  Scorpio is about Getting to the Bottom of Things, so when…

The Most Important Thing Is Getting to the Bottom of Things,

we can – appropriately – be pretty obsessive.  Another useful key phrase about Scorpio, left over from the Recovery Movement in the 1980s (when Pluto was in Scorpio) is The Way Out Is Through.  Saturn has been in Sagittarius since Christmas 2014, and in Sagittarius The Way Out Is Letting Go.  So we’ve Lightened Up quite a bit since Christmas.  But there are still some bits of Egg clinging to the pan, so we need to go back and scrub a little more.

Till last Christmas, Saturn had been in Scorpio since October 2012 – in other words, The Most Important Thing has been Getting to the Bottom of Things since Time ended and Pi took over.  For the last two and a half years The Most Important Thing has been locating anything and everything that has stood between us and taking Full Responsibility for Everything in our Lives.  Though Pi gave us that first nine months of Grand Trines to ease our Rebirth into the New Era, of course that would feel like being poked with spears and knives by everyone and everything around us, as we were educated about where we weren’t taking Responsibility.

Soooo, what did we not quite finish up?  Responsibility means being able and willing to Respond.  It looks to improve the Future, not assign causality and Blame for anything from the Past.  Anyplace in your Life where you’re still feeling like a Victim, or where you want to Blame someone else for anything?  Those are the bits of Egg we need to work with; keep your eye out for them between now and mid-September, especially toward the end of July, as Saturn turns Direct on August 1.  After mid-September, we’re in the Let-It-Go Stage “for good” – well, for two and a half years anyway.

  Ω    Ω    Ω    Ω    Ω

The Station of Makemake in 29 Virgo (“A seeker after occult knowledge is reading an ancient scroll which illumines her mind”) suggests that…

We should be on the lookout for What We Need to Survive in this New Era.  We first experimented with meeting our new Next-Phase Tribe (Makemake in Libra) from mid-October 2013 to mid-March 2014.  Then last September we renewed this quest.  In mid-July we get serious about it.  In between – March-August of 2014 and mid-May through mid-July of this year, we review our own Blocks to receiving our new Community.  Virgo is about breaking down the Ego so we’re ready to meet Other without prejudice – without Judgment.  Ego is a force for good; it’s primary Mission is to keep us alive. The only problem with Ego is that it’s “sticky.”

Sure, Narcissism can feel like a pain if we’re stuck with having to deal with someone else’s Narcissism, but that’s just about our own unwillingness or inability to set working Boundaries.  Our own Narcissism?  Not to worry; it’s its own best frenemy. 

A caution for Virgo, though.  Since Ego-Recycling and Virgo are so poorly understood in Ego-dominated Western culture, Virgo ends up being seen as nit-picky and critical, and Virgo grows up with a programmed self-hate from introjecting this criticality.  So anyone with strong Virgo will likely worry about their own Narcissism.  But Virgo is the Opposite of Narcissistic.  What’s the Coin?  Self-Love.  Self-Transformation (Virgo) is about Self-Love, for sure.  Transformation isn’t about hating what’s being Transformed, it’s about Transcending what’s being Transformed.

A functioning Ego is flexible enough to Celebrate our own unique Skills fully – without having to compete them with the unique Skills of Others, and to Recognize when and where it would serve our Community better to delegate to the superior unique Skills of Another.  A “normal” Ego, more concerned with how many strokes we get, gets stuck on the last hurt or triumph, and loses track of the Present Moment.

This is what Virgo is about.  Pisces is about making a break from a Community that we’ve outgrown, with all of the Grief and unfulfilled Wishes and lack of Recognition and unexpressed Angers and Fear of Abandonment that’s involved in Letting Go of a Community without the assurance that we’ll be accepted into a new one.  Neptune and Chiron are working us through all that Drama and Trauma.  Virgo is about making a break from a sticky Ego that we’ve outgrown, with all of the Grief and unfulfilled Wishes and lack of Recognition and unexpressed Angers and Fear of Abandonment that’s involved in Letting Go of an Identity without the assurance that a new one will function any better than the old one.  Or, in a word, Ego Death.  Makemake is helping us through this wicket, and it’s an excellent Guide to have, as its focus is always on Co-Creating the new tools we’ll need to Survive in a new Era.

So as we go back into Getting to the Bottom of Things, we’re also back in Ego Death.  With Saturn, we’re just re-entering our last review period (ie, just tiptoeing back into Scorpio and hoping she doesn’t wake up).  With Makemake, we’ve already finished our review (ie, already backtracked into Virgo, and now we’re turning to exit for the final time), so we’re in better shape there.  Between now and mid-July we’ll be making the adjustments that will “fix” the Responsibility shortcomings that we’ve already encountered.

So while there may be a few Surprises awaiting us on the Emotional front, on the Ego front we’ve probably seen that last of them.  Is it any easier to step aside and Witness an Emotion that threatens to overwhelm us, than it is to step aside and Witness an Identity that’s sabotaging us?  You bet.  It’s when the Emotion and the Identity are intertwined, that the greatest difficulties arise.  And as we encounter the last few Emotions that Separate us from Joy and Light, we should already have some degree of Ego Detachment.

  Ω    Ω    Ω    Ω    Ω

Cuspal Saturn and Stationary Makemake are Sextile to one another, sharing the quality of Magnetism.

Sextiles connect two Signs that have either Magnetism or Dynamism in common, so on this basic level they aren’t competing with one another.  It’s the Sixth Harmonic, so the basic Energy is about Partnership – Win-Win. 

It’s a Waxing Sextile, several years into the Saturn-Makemake Cycle that began in September 2009 at 26 Virgo, “A boy with a censer serves the priest near the altar.”  In terms of current events, we could trip into a number of directions on that one, about boy-priest relationships or about “making things smell better.”

In our tradition of focusing on what’s being Healed, we’ll do just that, and propose that the current 33-year Saturn-Makemake Cycle is about Healing the lost art of Apprenticeship.  In pre-Industrial society, as children we “played” at learning the “work” our elders were doing, automatically learning Survival Skills in the process.  Since that link was broken by the various forms of Industrial Slavery (schools that removed children from parents so they could be propagandized into one paradigm, work that separated the workplace from the family so compassion could be removed from working conditions, etc), child-adult relationships have been strained and forced into unfamiliar forms.

A Saturn-Makemake Cycle would be about Building the Structures that Support Survival in the next Paradigm.  So we could see the current Cycle as Restructuring Apprenticeship to reintegrate Spirituality and Survival (“Work”) and Everyday Life.  Industrial and Religious Culture rigidly divided these into separate days of the week.  Remember that what we’re going here (2000-2020) in the Jupiter-Saturn Cycles is, on the Cultural level, deciding what parts of the Industrial Age we want to take with us into the Digital Age.  The Sextile represents Grace after we take the first step.  The Cultural level is assembled from accumulation of Personal levels.  So an appropriate question to ask ourselves might be…

Are there concrete steps I can take right now, to integrate my Spiritual Life with my Everyday Life and What I Do to Survive?  Have I already taken any steps like this?  Can I start to build them into Patterns that can become the infrastructure of Life in the Next Phase?

Show Up, Pay Attention, Speak Truth, Let Go

October 5, 2014

Here’s a nice tribute to one of my most important Teachers…

And another, with a few more details…

That one reminds us that Angie died in April during the Big Mars-Jupiter-Uranus-Pluto Grand Cross (see Everybody Survive?)…

As Uranus prepares to Square Pluto again for the final two episodes, Mars, Jupiter, and Uranus are now making a Grand Trine (Portal 10.1-8, pictured in Uranus-Chiron Total Lunar Eclipse). 

We often follow the Cycles danced by two planets together; it would be a lot more complicated to follow Cycles danced together by three planets!  Selecting a few of the planets most prominent in the global trend, and closely following their dances, would be an interesting pursuit.

The Exopermaculture link above includes the segment…

This emotional drama, in turn, triggered the recurrence of an old set of physical symptoms with my jaw and teeth, going back to my 30s, when I was briefly ‘with’ a decidedly war-wounded man and could not speak truth to him for fear of triggering his rage, and then further than that, back to childhood, when my long-running existential condition was that of C.J. Jung’s definition of ‘lonely:’

‘Loneliness does not come from having no people about one, but from being unable to communicate the things that seem important to oneself, or from holding certain views which others find inadmissible.’

What was the unspeakable?  Nuclear war.  My fear of nuclear war.  A conscious, paralyzing fear that I had carried since August 1947, when I was not even three years old.  No one I knew carried themselves around as if they had already been obliterated by a mushroom cloud.  I was the only one.  All the other kids could play as if they were children.  I had to pretend and clamp my jaw shut.

And then continues with…

(For the astonishing story of how I finally realized that I personally was not responsible for nuclear war, an encounter with the Goddess Sekhmet in a small temple at Karnak that left me, finally, free, see Meeting Sekhmet.)

Which highly recommended “astonishing story” is at…

All of which very graphically describes our current conundrum, where we’re up against all of the Limiting Beliefs and Held Emotions aka Karma that prevent us from fully appreciating the amazing blessings of the larger once-in-beyond-forever September-October Centaurs-Lilith-Eris Grand Trine (see for instance Chaos I – Portal 9.20).

I never met Angie or heard her speak in person.  My experience of her is through her books, particularly her Tarot Handbook, which guides my interpretation of the astrological Angles.  I woke up thinking of writing about how my version of astrology is guided foremost by the Configurations which the Angles compose.  Shortly thereafter a friend mentioned they’d been visited by Angie in a dream, and had been left with the impression that Angie had left because at this time she could work more effectively from the Other Side.  Angie herself said

Some native traditions see ancestor spirits (family members and friends who are no longer living) as important teachers of detachment because they have faced the process of letting go and of experiencing the ultimate unknown, death.  Indigenous peoples believe that these spirits literally stand behind us to support us in our life dream and purpose…  They believe that the ancestor spirits are invested in seeing that the current generations and the generations to come fulfill their dreams or life purpose.

To be continued.

Grace and Discouragement

August 17, 2014


* * * * *

Well, if there’s all this Grace afoot, where’s all the Discouragement coming from?  Is it just local?  Probably not.  Let’s have a look.

When we look closely at the Mercury Kite, we see that it gets more complex.  As the first map in Grace and Discouragement Pictures shows us, there are Squares to each of the upper corners of the Kite, which creates a Finger of Yod pointing at the base of the Kite, Neptune.  That shifts the entire emphasis of the Kite from Mercury to Neptune.

Probably a good bit of advice for any astrologer – don’t lead with the “good news”!

So instead of lots of Communication and intellectual Clarity here, we can expect Confusion.  Of course Confusion is the first stage of Growth in Consciousness, but that only works if we can avoid making decisions that refreeze our Consciousness into some Dualistic box.

The Configuration looks like a Brilliant-Cut Diamond, so that’s what we’ll have to call it, a “Brilliant.”

A “Brilliant” is a Kite, with a Yod pointing at the bottom of the Kite, shifting the focus from the planet at the top of the Kite to the planet at the Bottom.

The Squares are Venus-Jupiter to Ceres-Vesta, and Juno to Pallas.  What do they tell us?

The difficulties here may revolve around Realigning our Values (that which we always respond to Emotionally) with our Sense of what’s Sacred and what isn’t (that which outrages us as true Blasphemy).  We got much of both from our Karma and our Programming, and to the extent that these Consciously or Unconsciously conflict with our True Feelings, we’re likely to be experiencing dissonance. 

How do we know our True Feelings?  Well, our True Feelings may cause quite a bit of dissonance with our family, friends, roles, and jobs, but they don’t cause any dissonance for us internally.  We are at Peace with ourself.  Which doesn’t mean that there won’t be many brutal catfights as our Karma, our Programming (which is often, though not always, aligned with our Karma), and our True Feelings fight one another to the death as they try to exert control over our Ego.

Then there’s Boundaries.  For instance, my neighbors – even the adults – feel compelled to throw footballs, basketballs, beachballs, soccerballs, frisbees, and all manner of other mobile sports apparati, and the shoes that chase them, into my garden, where they can do literally years’ worth of damage, if they knock over a slow-growing plant like my Evergreen Huckleberries, or knock the blossoms off the second Elderberry tree that’s necessary to pollinate the first one.

They have no idea what they’re doing.  To them “food” comes from the freezer cabinet at the supermarket and the microwave.  Why should anything in my yard be any more fragile than a blade of grass, especially when for the moment you’ve transformed into Michael Jordan or Richard Sherman or Mario Götze.  Even if you knew or cared, what’s the Value of that plant compared to the glory of the perfect shot or block or kick.  But it triggers my need to Defend my Boundaries, and Conflicts mightily with my “Don’t-Rock-the-Boat” Programming.

What’s the resolution here?  Well, the focus is on Neptune, the planet of We-Are-All-One.  So would the easiest resolution be to roll over and let the neighbors walk all over my garden and me in their pursuit of self-aggrandizing sports glory?  That may be valid, but it’s probably a little extreme – a recommendation that I PIAVA a solution that meets everyone’s needs may be more appropriate.  Planting those thornbushes (nasty Blackcaps that’ll rip your clothes right off of you if you get too close) around the perimeter immediately jumps to mind, but then, I’m not Changing the Subject, am I.

Both Squares make Tricolors with Neptune, advising us to give it over and let a Higher Power deal with our Boundary and Value-Sacred Conflicts.  That’s a lot different than a Mercury focus, though soon we’d like to post some intersting observations about the Second Harmonic.

The second picture in the Grace and Discouragement Pictures post extends the map of this territory.    It’s a Trine Fez, with a Lilith-Saturn Square for a base, and a Uranus-Chiron Semi-Sextile at the top.  There’s Discouragement afoot, so we’d have had to ask what Chiron was up to in any case.  The short story here is that…

We need to change the Patterns in how our Discouragement interacts with our YintegrityYintegrity recall means our ability and willingness to act from the Soul rather than from the Social Contract.  Good time to run that four-part review of our Manifestation processes that we described in the August Blessing Highlights post.  Do we Believe it’s possible to have Yintegrity and Community both?  Do we Deserve to have both Community and Yintegrity?  Do we Know What It Feels Like to have both Yintegrity and Community?  Are we willing to Try It On?

What about the Lilith-Saturn Square at the base?

Specifically, these Pattern Changes are what we’re likely to stumble into if we Focus on our Yindependence and let our Curiosity take it from there.  Our Yindependence is our willingness and ability to Live our own Life, rather than letting others tell us what to do.

So, what would be a Feel-Good way to educate the neighbors to keep their errant and other disharmonious projectiles out of my garden?  I’d have to patiently explain to them what they’re doing and why it doesn’t work in my yard.  They have a lot to learn, so it will take repetition.  But of course first I’ve had to Tap Out as much as I can of my own dissonance over hating to have to speak out, self-hate over abrogating someone else’s Yindependence by giving them Limits, and Frustration over having to have to explain myself, not to mention the historical/Karmic Abandonment and compensatory Anger that arises for me around it all.

Thank Goodness that Grace dominates here!  I’d be without a paddle otherwise.

The Rest of May

May 27, 2014

topazolite2543bpNew ways of thinking lurking under cover.  Topazolite is the Yellow form of Andradite, a Calcium-Iron Garnet (Garnet is a family of minerals).

Before we get to the foreground, we don’t want to forget the two big ongoing events in the background.  First, our “dumb-luck” Grace continues through the end of May, and second, our Yintegrity work is temporarily winding down a little after a huge peak in April – though there’s some debriefing to do in mid-June.

The foreground also holds two significant events.  We don’t usually put “structure” and “Unconscious” in the same sentence, but that’s what’s happening here, as over the last two and a half years the Dissonance has increased between how we structure our view of Reality, and the “actual” Reality (such as it is) that we keep bumping into.  Dissonance between who we believe ourselves to be (individually and as part of a number of collectives) and how we see ourselves and our Communities acting and speaking, reveals critically important information about our Unconscious Beliefs – it betrays our Denial.  Dissonance represents a fabulous opportunity for Growth in Consciousness.

It’s a crossroads of sorts.  If we’ve been adjusting our sense of self and our sense of belonging as the Dissonance developed, particularly over the last year, then we’re at the point where we can take a fourth-step inventory of the other parts of our Life to see what physical Changes we want to make to integrate our Consciousness Changes.  But if we’ve let the Dissonance build up, without adjusting our self-concepts and our memberships along the way, then we have remedial work to do on our Identity.  Maybe we knew someone at UCSB, and our NRA membership is starting to give us second thoughts – that sort of thing.  Or maybe you aren’t taking enough time to be Consciously Grateful for the services that the Bees provide to us, even though you’ve noticed that the Energy Exchange between your two species is very unequal, perhaps fatally so for both of us.

The other big foreground event is about your Beliefs per se, and how Sustainable they are.  It’s very complementary to the first foreground event, but a little different.  The first event is about the Edges of your Consciousness and how ragged they are; this second one is about how you have to shuffle your deepest Beliefs in order to find the motivation to either keep on keepin’ on, or make some pretty serious changes in your Lifestyle to maintain your sense of internal harmony. 

In the first case you might be learning a lot of new things, and either anxious or excited about putting them to work.  In the second case you might be finding that many of your assumptions about Humanity or God or “those people” are actually dead wrong, and scrambling to figure out how to rebuild your Reality so it doesn’t sabotage you so much.

I’m splitting hairs here, since we’re going to be grokking them both as one set of Experiences.  Remember that part of the Big Grace in the background is the availability of Miracles.  To get to Miracles you have to change the way you think.  Not what you think about, but the way you think about what you think about.  How the devil do we do that? 

With PIAVA.  The most important part is Changing the Subject after you PIAVA.  What to PIAVA isn’t so hard – just Ask or Pray for something you want a lot but that’s not possible.  And don’t forget to Pay Attention after you Change the Subject.  Wait a while between the two steps, though, otherwise you won’t really be Changing the Subject.  Maybe keep a journal, do your PIAVAs on Tuesdays, then forget about them, but check back on Saturday to see what happened.  You’ll probably need to stretch (that is, Change the way you think) in order to find connections between your Prayers and whatever transpired while your Attention was elsewhere.

The first Portal is open for several days on either side of May 28, with the several days prior to May 28 likely to be stronger.  The second Portal has two peaks, one on May 27, and the other on June 1, with the window first opening around mid-May.

In the background, April’s chronologically intense Uranus-Pluto-Jupiter-Mars Grand Cross

The individual Squares and Oppositions in the Grand Cross were exact at almost the same time, hence “chronologically intense.”

has faded, as has the followup Uranus-Jupiter-Vesta T-Square.  We started this Yintegrity business in May 2012, and we won’t be done with it till May 2015, but the heat is off for July, August, and September this year.  June’s a little more complicated, but we’ll get there later.  Our current work here is around 14-17 degrees of the Cardinal Signs, which will light up any of your natal planets in this range.

The Big Grace comes from the Chiron-Saturn-Jupiter Grand Trine, which occurs in 18-20 degrees of the Water Signs, and will especially impact any natal process you have going on there.

The important thing to remember is not to self-congratulate for your brilliance, but to find your Gratitude for the Grace.  Self-confidence (nose points straight ahead) is great; self-adulation (nose points up) misses the point entirely.  If nose points down, get to work PIAVAing your Miracle.

As for the foreground, Juno Opposes Saturn on May 28 (the “first” foreground event), Vesta is Stationary Direct on May 27, and Ceres is Stationary Direct on June 1 (combined, the “second”).

To whit, on May 28 Juno Opposes Saturn.  The Portal will be Open for three of four days on either side.  This Juno-Saturn Cycle is about “Two men placed under arrest: A breakdown in the constructive relationship between the individual and society,” and the Initiation occurred in mid-September 2011 at 18 Libra.

The Opposition is a crisis point of sorts in a Cycle.  Cycles begin at the Conjunction (Initiation), the Music gets loud at the Square, and the Opposition is the point where you either realize you have remedial work to do, or recognize how much you’ve changed and modify the rest of your Life to fit whom you’ve now become. 

You can see the value of Consciousness; if you understand the trend, it’s easy to jump into the remedial work.  If you see Life as a constant, you’re most likely to just rue the lost opportunity to restructure your relationship to your Culture, not realizing that the real opportunity lies in front of you.

The Cycle starts to unwind after the Phitile, which occurs just after the Waning Trine.  The Opportunity to remedy unfinished work or expand results into other arenas occurs between the Opposition and the Phitile.

The Opposition occurs at 19 Taurus-Scorpio, so will ignite any natal hot spots you have at 17-21 of the Fixed Signs, as well as any natalities you have in the neighborhood of 18 Libra.  The Phitile will occur in the first week of August.  If you harmonize your Life between now and then, you’ll be glad you did.

Meanwhile, Vesta is Stationary Direct on May 27, and Ceres on June 1.  Using one degree of Sensitivity, their Stationary periods began about two weeks prior.  They’ve been Retrograde since their simultaneous March 1 Stations.  They’ve both been backing over the last Decanate of Libra, the Gemini Decanate.  Libra is Open to Other.

When a planet Retrogrades, it crosses its “Shadow Period” (the span of its Retrogradation) three times, once forward, then backward, then forward again.  It means that we’re asked to closely re-examine any issues involved with that Shadow Period.  A Decanate is a third of a Sign, or ten degrees.  The Decanates take the qualities of the following Signs of the same Element – here, the Air Signs Libra, Aquarius, and Gemini. 

So the first Decanate of Libra is the Libra Decanate (unrestrained Openness to Other), the second is the Aquarius Decanate (making sense of Other), and the third is the Gemini Decanate (puzzling over the way Other doesn’t make sense).

Each zodiacal Sign is a reaction to the previous Sign. 

Virgo’s spiritual purpose is to break up the self-focus of Leo, and as it is with all Mutable Signs (Mutable as in mutation), the result is in some degree chaos, as the old way self and society were organized breaks down into pieces that must be reassembled in new ways.  The Cardinal Signs react to Mutable chaos by creating a new sense of Order.  Libra’s notion of Order means Creating Community.  The Libra Decanate Reaches Out to Other.  The Aquarius Decanate tries to make sense out of what worked and what didn’t in that effort – though of course “what worked” is dependent on one’s objectives, and everyone has different objectives.

Since Reality is infinitely more complex than Duality, the mind never meets its natural objective of putting everything into neat categories.  So the Gemini Decanate is stuck with trying to fit the pieces together – trying to identify the parts of ideology that seemed to fit Reality and the parts of Reaching Out that seemed to work, trying to put those together, trying to understand why parts of ideology didn’t work and why parts of Reaching Out backfired.  The end result is an intense Curiosity inspired by the need to rectify Confusion (which, recall, is the first stage of Growth).  That takes us to Scorpio and its intense need to “get to the bottom of things.”

Any planets, asteroids, lights, house cusps, or other major symbolic points that you have in the last third of Libra will be triggered for you.

These Stations are only two degrees apart, as these ‘roids are on their way to Communion in early July.  Ceres will then Baptize Vesta at 22 Libra, “A child giving Birds a drink at a fountain: The concern of simple souls for the welfare and happiness of less-evolved Beings who thirst for life renewal.”  We take exception to the part about Birds being “less-evolved” Beings, but at least there is Compassion there, if not a lessening of homocentrism.  The Judgment is Rudhyar’s, and befits the Beliefs of his era.  Rudhyar usually sees Birds as intimating Spirit; we can modernize the reading to “A child giving Birds a drink at a fountain: Manifest form reconnecting itself to its overarching Spirit.”  Gratitude for the Bees made manifest, in other words.

The Vesta-Ceres Cycle runs sixteen to eighteen years; this one will be coloring our lives till early in 2030.  The Waxing Square will occur five times between 2016 and 2019.

Recall that the Energy of a Cycle is strong at its birth to those who are sensitive to it.  Then it appears to fade until the Waxing Square, as it prepares foundations underground.  The Energy “becomes permanent” at the Waxing Square.

We’ll be feeling strong hints of this new two-decade Cycle already – it’s about identifying and eliminating ossified Beliefs that prevent us from centering our Lives around the Heart.  With luck it will crack religious and scientific Fundamentalism wide open.

Venus and Mars

December 27, 2013

vill7359bpVilliaumite – Sodium Fluoride

Take the Chlorine out of Table Salt and put in Fluorine instead, and you have Villiaumite.  Sodium provides Structure, Fluorine the flexibility to break free of old Patterns and create Fresh Violets in  Ancient Pottery.

A couple of folks have asked me to write about the Venus-Mars thing, and while Venus is Retrograde it’s probably a good time.  I think of Venus as a teenage female, and Mars as a teenage male.  Why teenage?  Because that’s when the hormones rage most purely.  In a sustainable Village, teenagerhood is a stage between childhood and adulthood where Play and Consequences dance together to create some mix of Authenticity and Responsibility in Adulthood.

It’s okay to have “some mix” rather than full tilt Maturity because in a Village there’s a lot of redundancy between roles, and when one person cops out of a particular task that needs to get done, others are usually available to fill in – while the copping-out person is usually off doing some other task that needs doing.  In Western Culture, where the “Nuclear Family” reigns in place of the Village, “some mix” produces the nuclear disaster that we live in.

When “some mix” doesn’t do what needs doing, the kids have to fill in as best they can, and the result is that the kids miss critical elements of their childhood and teenagerhood, with the ultimate outcome that in the next generation “some mix” has yet bigger holes in the cumulative Authenticity and Responsibility.  Besides that, since the parents are by norm wage slaves away on the plantation, the kids end up in asylums called “schools,” where they’re treated like machines that need to be programmed, so the opportunities for unstructured Play are constrained, producing even bigger holes.

Then, when someone gets old enough to leave school, the opportunity for communal Play is greatly and suddenly diminished.  Consequently, we’re all left with unlearned Skills which we would have picked up through Play, and no opportunity to learn them remedially.  We can’t usually trot out our inner six-year-old at work so they can finish their lessons.  And trotting out our unfinished inner fifteen-year-old will get us busted for harassment.  So for all of us, there are unfinished elements of our Inner Female and Inner Male in our Psyche, many of them walled off by Shame.

Brené Brown on Shame…

There are a lot of these links in here, and they’re all very worthwhile, so I recommend you watch as many as you can, which may take you several sittings.  I had trouble hearing these, till I discovered the little “loudspeaker” symbol just to the right of the “start-stop” symbol in the lower left corner of the screen.

The antidote for Shame is Privacy – when we have unfinished growing to do that our Urge to Wholeness demands we try to finish, but our Shame and their Norms limit our ability to Learn in Community, we can move forward in Privacy.  Maybe.

Ed Snowden on Privacy…

We all understand on one level or another than Women and Men are different, and vive la différence.  Which is why we prize Androgyny.  Dynamism and Magnetism are very different Skills, and to one degree or another we all need both.  While Specialization has its advantages, so does redundancy.  The degree to which Dynamism (Plan, Do, Review) is associated with Male and Magnetism (PIAVA, Change the Subject, Pay Attention) associated with Female, is unfortunate, because the social pressure to Act out our nominal gender is often very strong.

Amanda Palmer on Asking and Sharing:

And of course, the more we Act out our nominal gender, the more we Project our hunger for Wholeness onto others.

In general, the Angle between our Natal Venus and our Natal Mars tells us how much work we may need to do to achieve Androgyny.  Those fortunate enough to be born with Venus Conjunct Mars are already there – only to spend much of their Life wondering why other people seem to have such strange ideas about Relationship – and/or What’s wrong with me that I’m not like everybody else?

A Square between Venus and Mars can be particularly nasty, because such a person isn’t here to enjoy the kind of external Relationship that Cultures mandate, they came here to explore the Edges of Relationship – only to spend much of their Life wondering why other people seem to have such apparent “success” about it – and/or What’s wrong with me that I’m not like everybody else?

Today we’re working on the complex April 2013 New-Moon Venus-Mars-Eris Cycle – a Cycle that begins a major reboot of our relationship to Dynamism and Magnetism, a reset that Eris will use to blow away a lot of Self-Sabotaging Cultural Mythologies about gender – I expect exponentially more than has already been happening.  It’s an unusually long Cycle, almost two years, as Venus goes Retrograde now, and then Mars on March 1.  That means it’s an important shift for us to Pay Attention to.

The Waxing Square of this Venus-Mars Cycle is triple – another flag advising Attention.  It reached its Can-Opener at the end of September 2013.  The Exposition will arrive at the Ides of January, and the Confidence-Builder just when Mars is Stationary on March 1.  The Venus-Mars Cycle is about “A young girl feeding birds in winter.” The Venus-Eris and Mars-Eris Cycles are developing the theme “A pregnant woman in a light summer dress.

Alisa Vitti on “Lady Parts”…

Familiar themes – unabashed Creativity and Nurturance.  Venus-Eris is also in the middle of a triple Square, this one Waning (in November, January, and February).  Mars-Eris is near Opposition, which will also be triple – in January, April, and July.

When we talk about Venus and Mars, we’re talking about Manifesting Power on the Material level.  Real Power derives from the outer planets, because they symbolize the currents in the all-Powerful Unconscious realms.  But that Power Manifests onto the Planet through Venus and Mars – our Magnetism and Dynamism.

Cameron Russell and The Representation Project on the pitfalls of trusting our Cultural gender programming, and shedding our Masks…

Amy Cuddy and Ivan Joseph on Body Language, Power, and Self-Talk…

Seema Anand and Ingrid Vanderveldt on the Manifestation process…

These videos are about 20 minutes each.  Watch them all, they’re very good and very relevant.  In addition to PIAVA, which is actually a fairly Dynamic form of Magnetism, the Venusian approach to the World emphasizes Unity, Synthesis, Connectedness, Empathy, Collaboration, Cooperation, and Both/And, while the Martian approach focuses more on Reductive Thinking, Either/Or, Analysis, Competition, and Separation.

When our Venus and our Mars don’t operate together, we Self-Sabotage because our Martian Actions don’t align with our Venusian Goals.  As Jung said, people who emphasize Thinking over Feeling are irrational, because they aren’t in touch with their own Values.

The British Royal Society of Arts and Roman Krznaric on Empathy

And finally, putting it all together on the bottom line, Jeremy Rifkin relates it all to the 2007-2010 Chiron-Neptune Fresh Violets in Ancient Pottery Initiation and its New Socioeconomic Paradigm that we’re just starting to Co-Create (this video’s almost an hour long, and worth every minute)…

Think of the “one and only Life” part as a Heuristic.  We still have seven years to go before we reach the final end of the Industrial Era.  The next 200-Year Era begins at 1 degree of Aquarius, “An old adobe mission in California” in December 2020.

2014 Natality and Portals 12.25-1.1

December 24, 2013

AngelWing2132bpAngels and Dragonflies: Wollastonite Crystals

Starting around 3pm PST December 23 and running through the Pluto New Moon at 3am PST on New Years Day 2014 and beyond, the Main Event is Mars Opposing Uranus, making a Pluto T-Square.

So it’s quite reasonable to consider 2014 to be ruled by this Pluto-Uranus-Mars T-Square.  In addition, Mercury joins Pluto, heightening our Awareness of the whole Consciousness process. 

Since there are several planets involved, the Window will be riddled with specific more-Powerful Portals, many overlapping one another.  As always, the time prior will be more Powerful than the time after, and the duration of the Portal will depend on your Sensitivity

  • When Mars is exactly Opposite Uranus, at 12am PST December 25, plus or minus a day or so.
  • When the Moon crosses Mars and Opposes Uranus, at 3pm PST December 25, plus or minus six hours.
  • When Mercury Squares Uranus, at 1pm PST December 29, plus or minus 18 hours.
  • When Mars exactly Squares Pluto, at 5pm PST on December 30, ± a day.
  • When Mercury crosses Pluto, at 3am PST December 31, ± 18 hours.
  • When Mercury Squares Mars, at 7am PST December 31, ± 18 hours.
  • The New Moon itself, at 3am PST on January 1, ± six hours.
  • When the Moon crosses Pluto, at 4am PST January 1, ± six hours.
  • When the Moon crosses Mercury, at 7am PST January 1, ± six hours.

If we settle for these narrow Orbs (a half-degree for Mars, a degree for Mercury, 3 degrees for the Moon) and pool the overlaps, then December 27 is our only “day off.”

Mars Events haven’t in general been as nasty for the last decade or so, as they were prior to that, which is good.  So I would expect the trend toward Peace to continue in 2014, with the obvious exceptions contained.  I would guess the impact of Mars here would be to make our Self-Sabotage a bit more injurious, with side-effects more on the Physical side and maybe less on the Emotional.

So during this Window, and during 2014 in general, I’d recommend viewing every stubbed toe and sliver as a message from the Unconscious about what you may be in Denial about. 

How would we read that message?  Well, we could consider what we were doing at the time.  We could correlate the location of the injury with our Natal planets and their House and Sign positions (eg Pisces for the feet, Aries for the head, etc.).  Suppose, for instance, we banged an elbow on the “crazy-bone.”  What’s in Gemini in our Nativity?  Jupiter?  Are we being inflexible (anti-Gemini) and not making space (Jupiter) for something new?  What House is this in?  The Sixth?  What aren’t we cleaning out and recycling?  What’s our Ego attached to?  We were doing what when it happened?  Getting in the car to go shopping?  To buy more stuff?  Hmmm.

Not that we really want to trust the Mind to give us Guidance of this nature; we’re much better off using PIAVA, because the Mind is usually heavily invested in the status quo.

And of course Eris is Stationary at the New Moon, turning Direct January 10.  On January 1, Eris is less than half of an arcminute from its Station.  And, Stationary Eris is Biseptile to Pluto!  Septile to Neptune, Biseptile to Pluto, and Triseptile to Saturn!  Seventh-Harmonic Angles are about accumulating Power and the Timing of Action.  This Septile Bridge says that

We need to Focus on the Teachable Moment in bringing Cultural and Planetary Denial out into Consciousness.  Global Transformation can, and will, happen in a split second, so fast we may not even notice that Change till we sit down to reminisce later!

2014 The Septile Bridge is in light blue, the Pluto-New Moon T-Square red.

Denial is a healthy psychological process, to protect us from being overwhelmed by personal, cultural, or Planetary Unconscious material that we aren’t ready to deal with yet.  Uranus is in charge of the personal Unconscious and Pluto the Planetary Unconscious, so they’ll be lit up in particular.  But Pluto has also begun its journey across the footprint of the 1993 Uranus-Neptune conjunction, and the Pluto New Moon Septiles Neptune, so the cultural Unconscious will also be illuminated.  For instance…

  • Uranus will continue to rub your nose into any elements of your current Incarnation that you don’t fully Love yet, and any Resistance you have to your own death and rebirth.
  • Neptune will continue to rub our noses into any Beliefs that our Culture has about Intolerance, narrow gender roles, and income inequality, as well as about solving problems with Violence.
  • And Pluto will continue to rub our noses into Climate Change, and our silly Beliefs that Humans are in control on this Planet, and that Humans are the onliest “intelligent” Life.

Is there no Grace in this New-Year chart?  Not much, compared to most of 2013.  Pluto and the gang do make a Trine to Pallas (dark blue), and with Mars makes a Tricolor (green, dark blue, red) to Chiron.  These are clues to ease our path.  The Trine says

We can respond Gracefully to changes in the Global Trance by adjusting our Boundaries and Edges.  By, for instance, Resisting Hate rather than Resisting Cultures with different Traditions than ours.

And the Tricolor tells us

Miracles are available to shift Violence in the World, but to get to them we have to do two things:

  1. Wonder or PIAVA what we can do about it
  2. Make one small and practical Action in that direction

2014 will be a fun year only if you consider it a Mystery Treasure Hunt.  You win if you can identify the Self-Sabotage behind every affront to your Values and Integrity, and PIAVA that you discover how to end the Sabotage.

Venus Station and Solstice

December 20, 2013

topaz4220bpTopaz (“To Peace”), in any color a powerful helper for releasing Limiting Beliefs and the ancient trauma that holds them in place; in pink a gentle cleanser for the Heart

The Solstice occurs at 9am PST on December 21, and Venus turns Retrograde at 2pm.

Then there’s this part…

“Most leadership issues can be boiled down to this one primary contradiction: we have an objective economic reality that works as a global eco-system, and then we have individuals and institutional leaders focused according to their institutional ego-system awareness.  Consequently they consider the concerns of others to be externalities.”

“The world is full of grandiose leadership visions that were beautifully communicated  – before they crashed and burned…  The problem was not a lack of vision.  The problem was that the vision was completely out of touch with reality.  The problem was a lack of listening.  All great leadership starts with listening.  That means listening with a wide-open mind, heart, and will.  It means listening to what is being said as well as to what isn’t being said.”

–Otto Scharmer and Katrin Kaufer, Leading from the Emerging Future, pp.111-113.

So, astrology tells us that Mercury is about the Talking.  But where’s the planet for the Listening?

Short of recasting all of astrology to remove Testosterone Poisoning from it (we’ll get to that later), I guess we’d have to enlist Venus for that purpose – she is Stationary after all, and she’s been within one degree of her Station since December 14.  Uranus’s Station has been claiming the spotlight, but we’ve lost that excuse now.  Venus backs over the second half of Capricorn between now and January 31 – 14 to 29 degrees, in the process making Waxing Squares to Ceres, Vesta, and Mars.

The next few months will likely find us willing to vigorously Defend and Institutionalize the Sacred.  Problem is, the Sacred is something different to each of us – read the fine print before you commit to anything serious.  We could all end up on the Defensive!

The second half of Capricorn is the Cancer half – we’ve scoped out the problems that need fixing, and now we have to consider what sort of influence the fixes we’ve chosen will have on the Conscious Entities that it will impact.  Like how many of them can eat cake, and what kind of frosting they like.  Of course if our Vibration is too dense to understand how widespread Consciousness really is, our impact analysis will be very short-sighted.

Will we have to Choose between slight progress and no progress?  Probably.  Go for Both/And, your dance and theirs – Listening will help.

While the first Venus-Mars Square occurred at the end of September, its recurrence in mid-January and March 1, 2014 tells us we need to look a lot more closely at the Cycle.  As we said earlier,

The Mars-Venus Initiation occurred Conjunct the Sun (this Cycle is of the Essence), and Conjunct Eris (time to reveal what’s been hidden).  It’s in a Sixth-Harmonic relationship (partnership) with Lilith (she who Sacrifices for Community but does not submit to dominance), and forms Twelfth-Harmonic Angles (breaking out of Limitation) with the Nodes (Liberation from Karmic Patterns) and Mercury (moving our Center from Mind to Heart).  In one sentence,  This Cycle represents a very important time to Clearly see the Feminine.  The Angles echo the Symbol, multiplying the significance of the Cycle.

If you haven’t noticed, the relationship between the Dynamic and the Magnetic on the Planet is changing.  You see people becoming more fluid in their Gender Identity because they are being more Authentic about their understanding that our ability and willingness to use Magnetic Feminine Skills (PIAVA-Change the Subject-Pay Attention) and Dynamic Masculine Skills (Plan-Do-Review) with pride doesn’t depend on our plumbing.

The Olde Male backlash, even though they think they’re Institutionalizing their version of the Sacred, won’t last, even in Sochi.  It makes the headlines only because the Olde Male media owners are trying to extend their Trance.  It’ll never work, because they’re swimming upstream against a Pluto-Uranus current that’s far stronger than they are.

When a new planet is discovered, current events mirror the impact of the new planet.  For instance, the rise, use, and abuse of atomic energy coincided with the discovery of Pluto.  Newly-discovered (2003-2005) Eris’s namesake’s main claim to fame was calling out the Greek Goddesses for their undercurrent of Competition – their masculine qualities.  Her role in this Century lies in aiding her partners Lilith and Pi (replacing Gaia as the current incarnation of Mother Nature) in their ascension into self-respect and the respect of all – into pride in the Independence of the Feminine and Her unique ability to Manifest.

The Lilith-Eris-Saturn Tricolor we’ve talked about connects to the Venus Station in two ways – first, Venus Quintiles Saturn – as well as Uranus…

We’ll be Learning to Focus on Walking in Beauty – aka Authenticity.

and second, Venus Trioctiles Pallas, which in turn Septiles Lilith…

If we allow the spontaneity, we will be able to set some surprising and powerful new Boundaries.

At the Venus Station the Moon also Squares Saturn and Trines Eris, forming a second Tricolor…

We can unblock any Manifestation difficulty we are having by PIAVAing what it is that we’re Denying.

Notice that Curiosity – I Wonder – is the same as PIAVA – if we don’t Change the Subject our old Patterns will reject the new information.

In the Old Calendars, the day began at Sunset, and the New Year began on the shortest day.  That would mean we’re entering a 12 year on our calendar, where the dominant theme will be Pattern-Breaking and the subtheme Love with Wisdom, which is the Feminine form of Dominion, or Healthy Control.  Breaking any Pattern that interrupts Self-Love with Wisdom, and nurturing Self-Love that isn’t narcissistic, but has deep roots in Self-Knowledge and Self-Trust, allowing us to acknowledge and project our unique Skills Authentically and Powerfully.  Power-With, not Power-Over, as Starhawk would put it.