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Portal 9.29 and the Yin Gate

September 29, 2013

rutileq2236bpPortal 9.29

Portal 9.29 is a repeat of Portal 9.27, but without the Grand Sextile.  On September 27, the Moon completed the Grand Sextile.  On September 29, the Moon comes around to sit on Pallas, exciting the Pallas Diamond Star.  That’s at 9pm PDT, so a good span for the Opportunity to Invoke Miracles and Set Boundaries that will move us toward our Mission would be four hours on either side of that.  The Pallas Diamond Star fades around October 1-2.

The Yin Gate

Then from September 30 to October 3, as our adventures in 8-11-Degree Land continue, we have this unusual Configuration…

DSCN4564Two Fingers of God back to back.  Never seen that in a chart before.  The blue lines (which look black) trace out a Mystic Rectangle, but the Opposition between the Sun and Uranus bisects the two Sextiles on either end.  What will we call this Configuration?  A Cattle Guard?  Do Not Enter?  Wrong Way?  The US Congress?  Fingers of Blame?  Dos Equis?  A Yin Gate?  A Portal of Rebirth?  And what does it imply?

Probably the total failure of the Olde-Boy-Network process for organizing the World.  If a Finger of God means Pay Attention! then we’re certainly being told to look both ways, which is never a bad idea – Both/And, the Chironean Coin, and the like.  Not to mention crossing streets or other borders in Time.  Of course a Mystic Rectangle is very positive, and a Finger of Yod is really about Curiosity.  So we can talk about the Mystic Rectangle as

Miraculous Release of Karma resulting from Focus on what’s most Sacred to each of us (ie, Chiron, South Node, Saturn/North Node, Vesta).

and the Yods as

How can I reframe my conception of what I most Want, so it aligns with my sense of the Sacred and unites my Ego with “my” Soul Self?  (ie, Saturn/North Node, Vesta, Uranus)


Great Spirit, may I please accept Miracles that transform my Limiting Beliefs into Enlightenment, lovingly, gently, rapidly, completely, and with harm to no one?  (ie, PIAVA, Chiron, South Node, Sun)

So it’s not like this Cattle Guard configuration is negative, but it’s shape certainly gives us pause, and suggests that we might reconsider our route planning, and maybe even our destination.  I mean, the downfall of Colonialism is good, but it will certainly inconvenience a lot of people.

The Mystic Questangles

If we tilt the chart a little each way, we can see that it also includes two “Mystic Questangles” – parallel Quincunxes connected by Semi-Sextiles (one Sign apart) – Vesta-Sun-Chiron-Uranus, and Sun-Saturn/North Node-Uranus-South Node.  Wouldn’t hurt us a bit to frame those as Wonderings…

How can I bring Miracles of Light into my Union with my Sacred Soul?  (Chiron-Sun-Vesta-Uranus)

When I Focus on my Deepest Longings, how can I invoke my Soul to bring Light into the dark corners of my Karma?  (Saturn-North node, Uranus, Sun, South Node)

Notice that the Signs imply big transitions – Pisces-Aries-Taurus (endings-beginnings-foundations) and Virgo-Libra-Scorpio (deconstruction-Other-fearlessness).  These are Twelfth-Harmonic Angles – Pattern-Breaking.

The Mushroom Cloud

Notice that Pluto also bisects the upper Trine of the Yin Gate, forming a Grand Trine with the bottom blue (black) line, and a T-Square with the central (red) Opposition.  The Vacant sixth point in the now-faded Grand Sextile, Opposite Pluto, is 10 Cancer, “A large Diamond in the first stages of the cutting process,” which Rudhyar hears as “The arduous training for perfection to fully manifest an ideal.”  If you’ve a natal planet at 9-11 of Cancer, I hope you’re about to step up and take an active role in helping pour the foundations for whatever socio-political edifice Humans build to replace the one that’s collapsing.

Look at the Angles to Pluto in the Yin Gate chart…

DSCN4565What’ll we call this if not a Toadstool Formation!  Maybe a Pagoda?  I’ll let you do your own free-associations about what this one means.  It certainly implies to me that the Changes coming down are Plutonic in scale.  In a Plutonic Change, the Planetary Trance changes, and suddenly everything is different.  What stands out in this view, because of its asymmetry, is the Quincunx to the head of the Pallas Diamond Star.  That Quincunx might inquire…

I wonder, if enough of us set Boundaries to assert our own Missions, how will that change the World Trance?!?

I like the Uranus-Pluto-Pallas Pythagorean Triangle, because it loops from Challenge to Curiosity to Grace.  That’s a formula we would all do well to follow most of the time.

That Other Detail

Oh, then we notice that in the chart above, for September 30, the Moon (Manifestation) is crossing Mars (Action), implying that a good deal of leverage will apply, whatever is going on.  Remember anything else about Mars?  Comet ISON is passing Mars, on its way in to witness whatever it’s planning to herald as it slingshots around the Sun.  So that’s Moon-Mars-ISON there in the Aries section of Leo (new Identities).  And that happens to be closely Trine to Eris in the Sagittarius section of Aries (tossing out extraneous features in order to debug the central function of our new creation).  So we can expect a good deal of hidden information to surface here in the Yin Gate, that will have a significant impact on the downfall of the Old Order.

Rutilated Quartz – Titanium Oxide (Rutile) embedded in Quartz, symbolizing the hard-earned past-life Skills that are hidden beneath our South-Node Emotional Holding, skills that we need to liberate if we are to fulfill our Mission in the Lifetime.

Debriefing 9.27

September 27, 2013

deman6209bpOkay, now that we’re past the giddy optimism of the Lunar Grand Sextile Portal, we’re left with the more sober aspects of the two Diamond Stars – namely the T-Squares and the Fingers of God (Yods).  The Fingers of God are still telling us to Pay Attention! and the T-Squares are still Challenging us to Mastery.

The Uranus Finger of Yod

The Uranus Yod runs through October 7 or so.  It tells us that at this time we Individuate (achieve independence from anxiety) by Focusing (Saturn) on the Sacred (Vesta) and on our deepest Desires (North Node).  If those are contradictory in your Worldview, then you have your work cut out for you – Feel into that conflict, Witness the Feelings, and give yourself Empathy…

You poor Schmuck, they really brainwashed you, didn’t they.  You couldn’t help it, you were just a little kid!  They had the size and the stick, and of course you’re going to believe it when they tell you every day to hate yourself.  Hang in there – we’ll stand by you.  I know you feel awful right now, but working together we can change that.  Imagine what it would be like if we accepted ourselves just the way we are, and didn’t have to change a thing, or pretend to be someone else.

You’re working against centuries of negative quasi-religious political propaganda, and it’s in dire need of Healing, if the Planet is to survive, particularly because it’s the Original Sin Boys who hold the worst Weapons of Mass Destruction.

The Uranus T-Square

The Uranus T-Square and the Uranus Diamond Star continue until October 6 or so.  Part of our ongoing Uranus-Pluto Square (2012-2015) and the End of Time, and in this incarnation T-Squared to Lilith.  Lilith represents our pre-Intellectual Instincts, and the T-Square means we’re likely to encounter all sorts of situations where our Instinct is to do exactly the opposite of what our Shoulds tell us to do.  Well, Shoulds arise from our programming, our false masks.  Our Instincts arise from a level far deeper than our Individual Egos, it’s our cellular compulsion to Survive.

As kids we were taught to control our Instincts.  Our Instincts are telling us we’re on course to achieve non-Survival.  As social Humans at this stage of our collective evolution, we need to Master the dance between our Instincts and our Shoulds.  We can’t yet ignore our Shoulds completely – they’d beat us up if we did anyway, we need to Love them to Death before we can replace them with Wisdom – so we need to sit our Instincts down in one chair and our Shoulds in another, and facilitate a Win-Win strategy between them.  They both want to keep us Safe, but they’re looking at different levels of Reality.  Don’t try to “get it right” – T-Squares are about Exploring the Edges and Extremes, where there is no right and wrong, only courageous and fearful.

The Pallas Finger of God

This one lasts until October 2-3, and gets lit up again during Portal 9.29, which runs from around 5pm PDT September 29 till 1am PDT September 30, when the Moon crosses Pallas.  The Pallas Yod is grounded by the Chiron-Pluto Sextile, which is a big deal.  Pluto Initiated Chiron at the turn of the Century, and the Sextile represents Grace that doesn’t kick in until a little Human effort is applied to prime the pump.  So this Sextile can be a turning point for the Century as a whole.

The Chiron-Pluto Initiation was about “A flag turning into an Eagle which in turn becomes a Rooster crowing up the Sun” (12 Sagittarius) – the Energy that drives the blindness and divisiveness and violence of Tribalism and Nationalism, once it’s seen from a higher perspective, can be transmogrified into Enlightenment.

But as a Sextile it needs a kick-start from us.  The Chiron-Pluto Sextile is with us until next Spring.  The Pallas Yod to it TELLS US, in no uncertain terms (the Finger of God means Pay Attention!), to stand up and refuse to be swept into the Nationalist and Colonialist propaganda machine.

Pallas was the Goddess of War – and of Wisdom.  She was not trigger-happy like Mars.  She was willing to fight when necessary.  The Symbol for the Chiron-Pluto Conjunction tells us to fight against Tribalism, to fight for a higher perspective.  The onus is on us – a Sextile needs our initiative before inertia kicks in and Grace flows from it.

The Pallas T-Square

The Pallas T-Square, and the Pallas Diamond Star with it, continues until around October 1.  Pallas is Squaring the Nodes, along with Saturn at the North Node.  Any planet Square the Nodes is a beacon telling us how to move from the Limitations of our Karma to the Liberation of our Destiny (should, of course, we decide to accept the Mission).  Telling us when and how to Follow Our Joy.  It’s a Square, so we expect some difficulty.  Pallas means setting Boundaries.  Saying No to our old Karmic Patterns, and saying Yes to what we Really Want.

Or at least, saying Maybe to what we Really Want.  With Chiron (Miracles) and Pluto (Transformation) at the foot of the Diamond Star, we have the opportunity to break through doors that we’ve been believing to be walls.  But ask the victims of any Second-Childhood caper – the consequences of Following our Joy without first (or simultaneously) Loving our Limiting Beliefs into submission, can create backlash that makes the walls thicker.  Right now many of us are feeling Disappointment, relative to the giddy optimism of the recent Portal.  Witness those feelings lovingly –

It’s hard, isn’t it, to see those glowing Lights in the distance, bask for a minute in their glory, and then get yanked back into the place where it’s not yours and you can’t have it.  It probably makes you feel like you’re living in a fantasy world.  Let’s just sit with that Grief – it’s appropriate and necessary.  Those Lights weren’t meant for us, but our Lights will be along.  We’ll need a Miracle, but we can PIAVA one of those, can’t we!  What should we PIAVA?

The leverage isn’t quite as great as it was during the 9.27 Portal, but the Energy and the Opportunities are still here.

Demantoid is a green form of Andradite Garnet.  It absorbs pain.

Portal 9.27 On Stage

September 26, 2013

Here’s a picture of our Pallas Diamond Star, a Pallas T-Square (red triangle) and a Pallas Finger of God (green triangle) creating the typical “bowl of Grace” (blue lines) beneath the T-Square…

DSCN4563With the Moon re-completing the (blue) Grand Sextile.  I haven’t filled in the Star of David, but if you imagine drawing the other four lines to connect the corners of the Hexagram, you’ll see it.

So, what’s the Big Deal?

Well, first, we have a Hexagram (Partnership) and a Pentagram (Manifestation) going on at the same time.  And one corner of the Hexagram is the Moon, which is often the trigger for Manifestation of Energy into Form.

Then we have a Pallas T-Square with Saturn and the Nodes, and Saturn on the North Node.  To me this says that we’re Challenged to Master (T-Square) how to set Boundaries (Pallas) that Support our Mission (North Node), our Deepest Desire that we don’t usually even believe is possible – except that we’re now intensely Focused (Saturn) on it, increasing the odds.  Since this is a chart for the Planet, we’re speaking of the Planet’s Mission as well as our own.  Of course any project or child born under this chart will embody it.

Plus a Pallas Finger of God (Pay Attention!) with Pluto (Inevitability) and Chiron (Miracles).  Chiron transforms Despair into Miracles by changing our Perspective.  So it is inevitable that we will resolve our Despair (not believing our Mission is possible), if we Focus on the Boundaries between our Soul’s Purpose and our Negative Beliefs.  Inevitable as individuals, and cumulatively as atoms of the Planetary Field.

Pallas sits at 9 Leo, “Glass blowers shape beautiful vases with their controlled breathing.”  Vases hold Flowers, the symbol of Fruit to be.  If you’re an expert meditator, you understand the controlled breathing part.  If you’ve studied Manifestation, you know how important it is to control your Thought Field and focus your Feelings.  I’m in the middle of a reading for someone who has their North Node at 9 Leo – this should be a life-changing Portal for them!

The Grand Sextile and the Diamond Star range over 8-11 degrees of the Yin Signs.  This span of any Sign is where conceptualizing and Creating is in it’s last stages, and Manifestation has begun.  In the Yin Signs, it’s where we’re putting the finishing touches on our Mandala, and releasing it to the Ethers where it can magnetize to it, and to us, what we want and need.  Our next task is to Change the Subject and occupy ourselves with other issues, so our old limited Patterns and Beliefs don’t intrude and leave a hole in the bottom of our beautiful new vase.

It’s important that we focus on How We Will Feel when Miracles befall us and we receive what we haven’t dared to hope for. 

If we focus on What We Want or How It Might Occur, we’ll manifest our Expectations, and those are based on our personal history of not daring to hope.

The Finger of God and the T-Square stretch in Time beyond the Portal, but during the Portal, while the Moon completes the Grand Sextile, our Power is multiplied.  And look who else completes the Grand Sextile – Vesta, that which we hold to be Sacred.  That should trigger our Best Intentions, with Chiron Opposing and illustrating the hopelessness of Fundamentalism (believing that we hold the patent on what’s Sacred).

And I see that we do also still have a Uranus Diamond Star as well!, lighting up our Authentic Self and providing to each of us the same Pentagram-Hexagram opportunities to let go of our masks.  Two Diamond Stars at once!  Truly a unique moment for Creating, particularly since we are on the verge of losing the Grand Trines and Grand Sextiles that have Graced us for much of 2013.

Really Important

September 25, 2013

The September 26-27 Portal,

is really important.  The post has been revised and expanded, so if you haven’t read it in a while, you may want to re-read it.  I really believe that this is a critical turning point, where our opportunity to impact the Noösphere will be greater here than it has been in a long while, and greater than it will be again for a long while.

Focus on what you want.  If you want World Peace or an End to Hunger, focus on what you will feel like when that happens.  Keep it very personal.  It’s important.

Portal 9.27

September 24, 2013

A different Diamond Star forms now.

Although Lilith still joins Pluto in the Uranus T-Square (trust that your instincts will lead you to your True Self), the other leg of the would-be Uranus Yod no longer connects, so our Uranus Diamond Star has moved on.  And Lilith has moved out of the Grand Sextile, leaving a Vacancy at that corner.

The Portal

But the Moon moves into that Vacancy from about 11pm PDT September 26 to about 11am PDT September 27, so the Grand Trine is reformed during this Portal.  And Pallas has moved into a T-Square with the Nodes and a Yod with Chiron and Pluto in the Grand Sextile, which gives us a Pallas Diamond Star during this window.

The Most Important Thing

With Saturn Conjunct the North Node, a Pallas-Nodes T-Square (which outlives the Lunar Portal) means that we need to do the hard work of setting Boundaries with whomever or whatever or however appears to prevent us from moving toward our Deepest Desires and our Mission.  What do we really want to have or do, if we could “get away” with it?  How would it feel if we got or did that?  Focus on that feeling.

Whoa, does that ever feel sweet!

See how long you can hold it.  When it shifts, bring it back.  Locate it in your Body.  Send Love into it.  Love is warm and soft, Fear is hard and cold.  Spend time with it; it’s the Most Important Thing you’re doing!

The Second-Most Important Thing

We’ll be confronting our Karma (South Node) in the process, but that’s a result, not a cause.  It can be a clue, though.  What Boundaries – with whom or with what – are you most reluctant to set?  What feelings arise when you imagine saying NO to them without justifying yourself?  Those are the very feelings that you need to Witness – step outside of yourself and Empathize with yourself –

You poor Sweetheart (or other loving pet name you have for yourself), you’re really scared about that, aren’t you?  Would it help if I hugged you?

The Pallas T-Square and the Diamond Star lasts through the end of September.  The Most Important Thing we can do between now and then, no matter how busy we are or how important anything else seems, is to focus on those feelings that we’d have if we were able to have or do what we most want, if there were no adverse consequences.

The Second Most Important Thing we can do is to lovingly and gently Witness and Empathize with those feelings we get when we imagine setting a Boundary against whomever or whatever stops us from having or doing what we most want.

And if we do it before and during this 9.27 Portal, we’ll get enormous leverage from the Grace embedded in the Diamond Star.

The Third-Most Important Thing

The essence of the Yod is Curiosity.  So the Third Most Important Thing we can do is ask ourselves,

I wonder how this Despair I feel about being able to have or do what I most want will be turned into Miracles?!?

Of course we could express this Curiosity anytime, but it will have amplified leverage from the Grand Sextile during the Portal.  The Yod itself will gradually weaken into the first few days of October.

Remember that if you don’t believe it’s even possible to have or do it, that’s Unconscious Despair, the worst kind.  Imagine that it could happen.  Don’t imagine how, just that it could.  If you could imagine how already, you wouldn’t need a Miracle.  What if I could have or do that which I most want, without any downside whatsoever?  Maybe we can PIAVA a loving and gentle transition towards it…

Pi, can you help create a Miracle that would lovingly and gently move me toward having or doing what I most want to have or do in the whole World, without any downside for anyone?

We don’t even have to know or specify what it is we most want.  After we PIAVA, then we need to Change the Subject, move on to something else, like maybe the Most Important Thing, or the Second Most Important Thing.  Or just have a little fun.


If what you want most is violence, start with the Second Most Important Thing – Witness and Empathize with your Anger, or the Third Most Important Thing – PIAVA that your frustrations be dissolved.  When we have no effective or legitimate outlet for our Anger, the result is Powerlessness, one of the most frustrating feelings there is, and a nasty form of Despair.

The Moment Is Now

We’re running out of Grand Sextile, and it won’t be long before we’re back to Everyday Reality.  Our efforts to recast our Reality so it’s more to our liking will have much greater Power now than later.  Focus on your own direct Experience, rather than the Experiences of Others out there in the World.  Change your own Life and the World will change by increments.  The World won’t change if you don’t change your own Reality.  The Moment is Now.

BTFR and its Cousins

September 22, 2013

pecto5264bpA long-time reader writes,

“I don’t see the order going Belief => Thought => Feeling => Reality.  I don’t see An Order.  I could start with any one of the three – B, T or F – to lead me to my reality.  it’s like which came first, the chicken or the egg, No?  It’s all mutually instigating/stimulating simultaneously and then plop ~ Reality, as perceived by Me.  Or is this Belief => Thought => Feeling => Reality just a manner to be able to talk about the dismantling?  the transmuting?  the reframing?  That in order to change the R you start with B move through T then F?”

I’m not sure what Eugenia would say, but here’s how I see it.  The “Belief” she refers to in B > T > F > R is the same sort of Unconscious Belief that Seth spoke of in The Nature of Personal Reality – we identify our Unconscious Beliefs by impartially reviewing our Personal History.  For instance, I might consciously “Believe” that I deserve R-E-S-P-E-C-T.  In fact, I might even be a bit indignant (clue) when someone doesn’t treat me with Respect.

But when I sit down to objectively review my Life so far, I might find a lot of examples where people didn’t give me the Respect that I felt that I deserved.  So in spite of my Conscious Certainty, I’d have to conclude that I had an Unconscious Belief that I didn’t deserve Respect.  (The chip on my shoulder would actually be a strong clue, if I was listening.)  I could test that hypothesis with the “Mirror” – ask a few friends who have known me for a long time, in what ways they think I don’t Respect myself enough.  If they have an answer, then I have a lead on an Unconscious Belief, which would engender the T, which would in turn evoke the F.  F is the glue that crystallizes Energy into Matter.  That’s why the Moon often triggers manifest Circumstances.

Now if I followed that lead, I might find a parent who didn’t recognize who I was, or who even actively worked to squelch my best talents.  Or maybe a “past” Life or two as a Slave – Slavery is pretty common in linear history.  Probably both.  “Hiring” someone on the Soul level – such as a parent – to squelch us turns out to be a common paragraph in Soul Contracts, because that’s one way we learn to have confidence in our talents, by constant reaction to our introversion of the squelching – that’s often what we call a T-Square!  So (Unconscious)B > T > F > R isn’t a Healing method, it’s a description of how we develop our R.

Healing the (U)B might take the form of using T to Witness our chronic F – so instead of complaining to friends about how so-and-so didn’t give us any Respect, we’d conjure up how we felt about that, and give ourselves Empathy.  You poor Sweetheart, that felt awful, didn’t it!?!  When I do that sort of thing I don’t even have to “Change the Subject,” it changes by itself.  If it doesn’t Change, or comes up again in a few minutes, a next step might be Tapping.  So maybe a Healing rhythm might be something like

unwanted R > Intentionally evoked F > Empathic T > change in B

change in B > different T > different F > change in R

I would add that the Spiritual Function of T is Separation.  F unifies the Emotional and Physical Bodies; T separates them.  T is Either/Or.  R is Both/And.  The process of Consciousness involves (1) Separation, (2) the Realization of Separation (the Witness), and (3) Reintegration at a more inclusive (“higher”) level.

Bear in mind that I haven’t finished Eugenia’s book yet, so I don’t know what she would say about this!

The reader adds,

I’m giggling and smiling at your words on yourself and your experience with this book and when you say you’re embarrassed that you didn’t think of it that way, or are stunned… because DUDE WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU”VE BEEN TEACHING ME ALL THESE YEARS??????? =)  To see it that way!  Well, that’s what I’ve been getting from you anyway, even if you haven’t!!! =) tee hee hee… No, I know , it’s all old and new again at the same time.  That’s so cool and beautiful.  I loved this post!  I can’t wait to read this book.

You got it!  Spiral Time, and a Psychic World that’s full of pockets of Regression that don’t have nerve connections with the rest of the “brain.”  Several of the Healing processes developed during the Recovery Movement of the 1980s were based on that notion, and endeavored to make new synapses between our Cystic Traumas and our Everyday identity.  You could even look at Tapping that way.

Just this morning I realized that after all these years of preaching about Empathizing with Chironic Despair, it’s never occurred to me to Empathize with Fear!

When I did, the Subject Changed immediately!  Gratitude for the Grace!  That’s the bottom line here astrologically.

Pectolite makes those little Cyst-like 3D fans that end up like partial spheres as they grow.  That’s a matrix of Datolite Crystals that the Pectolite grew on.  Both are Calcium Silicates; the Pectolite pulled the Sodium out of the molten Calcium Silicate that mothered them, while the Datolite pulled out the Boron.  As a Shamanic Borosilicate, Datolite helps Differentiate what in the Unconscious is Undifferentiated.  That’s the nature of the Unconscious; it’s Undifferentiated.  Pectolite focuses Light and Conscious Attention on what’s been Differentiated.  Boron is the Fifth element, the Teacher.  Sodium is the Eleventh element, the Light-Giver.  Silicon, the Fourteenth element, Balances Polarities.

When we’re working on Big “topics” that require multi-Lifetime Healings – like acceptance of Death as Trance Reformation, or recognition of Trance Reformation as Ego Death and the role of Grief, we achieve in one Lifetime the Separation but not the Reintegration.  So the Differentiation appears in later Lifetimes as Cystic, and our process of Discovery to locate (Realization) and Heal (Reintegration) the Cyst constitutes the process of Consciousness.  When we have a Soul Contract to Heal a particular Cyst, it becomes Malignant – it demands more and more of our Energy until it finally gets our Attention (Realization) – or not.  I’m not saying Cancer can necessarily be Healed this way, I’m suggesting that Cancer may be a useful metaphor for Held Emotions.

Awakening to the Universal Hologram

September 22, 2013

Connectedness and Individuality

A third Interview with Eugenia Oganova on her new book Awakening the Harmony Within: How to Create with Spirit

Today I’m thinking about Connectedness and its relationship to Individuality.  Eugenia, can you comment on that?


Jim, perhaps think of it from an expanded conceptual perspective – “we are part of everything” (a fractal of the Universal Hologram), and we are individuals, exploring that Hologram.  Here is an excerpt from the “Is-ness and Illusions” chapter of Awakening the Harmony Within (p.91):

There is one True Reality that is Spirit/Source/Is-ness – All That Is.  Is-ness is Holographic.  Hologram is a condition upon which the information for creating a whole system is stored in each of its parts.  Hologram is a pattern that is whole and complete all to itself, which is part of a pattern, that is whole and complete to itself, and so on.  Every, even the smallest, change made within a hologram, is mirrored throughout the entire hologram.  Our planet, the genetic code in our bodies, our Universe – all are holographic in nature.

“Conceptually Is-ness/Spirit is a Divine Trinity: the ‘Root Cosmic Substance’ (material for creation), the ‘Creator’ (the original spark for creation), and the ‘Light/Word/Code’ (symbiosis of creation).

“Souls are individualized expressions of holographic Is-ness.  Each Soul creates its own reality through its own perception, in order to explore the Source-Code and become God again.  Through this exploratory process Souls gain self-awareness, enriching Source/Spirit/Is-ness with consciousness – an awareness of its own existence.”

What this means is that as individual Souls, we are gaining awareness of the Source/Is-ness that we all are parts of to begin with.


Eugenia, can you talk about negotiating the overlaps between “Merging with the Collective” on the one hand, and Individuality of “Focusing our Intent on our own Lessons” on the other?


Well, Jim, the “merging with the collective” is not really merging… Collective what?  Humans?  Universal entities?  God?  Instead it might be easier to think of it as a balance between “being part of the whole” and “following an individual path” – they are not mutually exclusive!  Most often we have to function within social settings as a part of a group.  Sometimes being alone on one’s path is required, but even then that individual benefits the whole of humanity by providing the point of reference of a particular experience (broadcasting it into the planetary holographic matrix).

If we look at this from a human perspective, this means that even though all humankind is sourced from the same place, each of us doing our part in enriching the whole by honoring our unique perception of reality.  The more we release the veils of our fears, pains and misconceptions, the closer that perception matches the Source.


In my experience we often tune into feral, contagious, “group” Emotions that seem to be escaping from the Cultural or even Universal components of the Unconscious.  How would you put that into perspective?  Would we simply tune in to the degree that the feral Vibrations matched our Karma, and not even notice the rest?  It also seems to me that there is an “impersonal” component of Karma – when we embrace our own, we contribute to cleaning up the Planet’s feral Emotions.  Is that notion at all useful in your view?


There are many Morphogenic Fields on our planet, created by everything on the planet, including us.  Here is an excerpt from the “Morphogenic Fields” chapter of Awakening the Harmony Within (p. 158):

“…The current level of human consciousness is the “training wheels” stage for the formation of Self.  It has created many morphogenic fields separate from Nature, not based on beneficial planetary instinctual intelligence.  The dominant consciousness (‘mass consciousness’) on the planet right now is fear-based, as it has formed from the negative sense of separation, scarcity and war.  Our ‘mass consciousness’ is disharmonic because it includes the actions, thoughts and feelings of humans who are locked inside of the image projections of what a self should be, instead of the true Self.  At the same time that our mass consciousness is fear-based, there are other morphogenic fields that exist based on peace, healing, beauty, and love.  All morphogenic fields in existence change their field strength with every individual feeling, thought, and action that occurs…”

We automatically vibrate as our karma – i.e. we are broadcasting the signal into space that matches our pre-set parameters of issues, fears and pains – unless we become aware, take responsibility for our out-puts, and apply effort to change the broadcast.  If we do that, we vibrate differently, and link with a different, not-karma-based, morphogenic field.

This means that most people on the planet right now are creating unconscious morphogenic fields, based on their karmic issues.  And since we all have similar issues (survival fears, jealousy, embarrassment, guilt, shame, anger, blame, etc.) they all clump together and vibrate as one.

In the “Morphogenic Fields” chapter of Awakening the Harmony Within (p. 159) I said:

“…Individually and collectively we constantly contribute to the development of our Universe with our thoughts and the emotional content behind them.  This is why awakening to the next level of consciousness cannot be possible without responsibility – not only for our actions, but also for our internal environment – thoughts, feelings, senses.

“Morphogenic fields are accessed by generating a particular resonance to match the field’s frequency (fear attracts more fear; anger amplifies anger; compassion brings compassion).  Because higher frequencies are more harmonious, high frequency morphogenic fields can modify/heal lower frequency ones: a field of compassion will resolve hatred; a field of love will resolve war (these are usually the intents of the internet-based intention-setting morphogenic fields)…”

As for contributing to clean up of the planetary karma – really the cumulative human karma – yes, we do, by changing which morphogenic field we choose to amplify (by our out-put contributions).  Here is an excerpt from the “Morphogenic Fields” chapter of Awakening the Harmony Within (p. 159):

“…Embracing our collective responsibility to achieve a level of personal transformation will impact our collective morphogenic field.  Transformation on this collective level is vital for sustainable enlightenment and continuing conscious evolution on both personal and planetary scales…”


Wow!  That’s farther than I’ve read in the book, and really nails it!  I need to get busy and finish the book.

Astrology tells us we’re in a period of Grace – even today we’re bathed in the Blessing of a Grand Sextile – a hexagram circling the whole Zodiac, made up of two Grand Trines (Free Lunches), one in Earth (Matter), the other in Water (Emotion).  When you draw a hexagram and then connect all the points to one another, you get two Grand Trines superimposed into a 6 pointed star.  The Sextile is a Sixth-Harmonic Angle, and the Sixth Harmonic is about Partnership, so our collaborative projects are particularly favored.  A Sextile is about “Creative Grace” – the Universe will smile on your projects once you get them started with your own Initiative.  It’s Creative Grace Galore!

Our Mission in September is to find our Gratitude for the Grace we’re under.  Pi has given us a probationary period, where we have a Free Pass for a while, so we can develop new habits for going without Time.  If we party it away, we may be in for a rude shock later in the year.  By now Pluto is Direct and Saturn is descending toward the South Node.  The latter puts us back into periods similar to 2002-2007, 1991-1997, and 1979-1985.  I’m suspecting that if we haven’t worked out our transitions within a few months, it’s going to get a lot harder to do.

Eugenia, what are your perspectives on this?


This is about being in Connectedness with all Life, vs. being in Separation from Life.  When we are in Separation, we are ‘brewing in our own juices’ – we cannot see straight because of the veils of our issues (misconceptions, pains, fears, and karma). Being in Grace is a point of reference for Connectedness.

The influence of the Comet ISON began to be felt energetically on earth on August 10th and we have been building momentum since then.  This comet, coming into planetary space during the Grand Sextile, is a reminder that we must remain connected to all life in order to become enlightened.  We lived for many thousands of years in Separation from life.  We will need to face that in October.  But to give us a chance to remember the Connectedness, we had a period of Grace before that.


Comet ISON is now at 19 Leo, Sextile to Mercury – speaking to us if we first Ask for an audience.


In the “Desire” chapter of Awakening the Harmony Within I explain the concept of Separation (p.11):

“…Separation is a condition of perceptional limitation, when one’s Self is perceived separate from the Source, and from the rest of life.  We ARE everything even if our perception is focused on a detail of that everything (i.e. a body and a Soul are not separate; your body or someone else’s body, or any other object, are not separate; your Soul and other Souls are not separate; you and every detail of this Universe, in this or other dimensions, are not separate!).   When we forget this, we see ourselves separate from others, and desire something we do not have…”

And this elusive state of enlightment requires us to remember that we are connected to all life at all times.  As I mention in the “Enlightment” chapter of Awakening the Harmony Within (p.59):

Enlightment is a state of conscious Connectedness to all, the opposite of Separation.”

Thank you, Jim, for interviewing me on your blog.  Perhaps we can do it again as more questions arise in your mind, as you read further in my book.  Awakening the Harmony Within: How to Create with Spirit is available on my website, (along with a lot of free information!), and on Amazon as well.


Many thanks, Eugenia!  This has been very helpful.  It’ll take me a little time to digest it all and get that new parlor added to my Birdcage!

Remember the Diamond Star?

September 21, 2013

image_4Back in the Spring – just six months ago Sunday, eh? – we enjoyed several Diamond Stars (see the link for pictures).  That’s the Pentagram formed when a T-Square and a Yod share the same Apex.  The feet of the Yod form a “Bowl of Grace” (Trines and Sextiles) under the T-Square, making the Mastery part of the T-Square more prominent than the Challenge part.  Well, when we pointed out recently that there was a Finger of God (Yod) pointing at Uranus, we didn’t notice that the feet of the Yod were part of the Grand Sextile – which creates a Diamond Star with Uranus as the Star atop the Christmas Tree.

This means that the Grand Sextile serves the T-Square, and it’s a prime Teachable Moment about the issues embedded in the T-Square.  It’s a long Moment, though, as the Diamond Star endures for several more days.  The issues embedded in the T-Square (Uranus-Pluto-Lilith) are fairly straightforward and not news…

Ongoing changes in the Universal Trance (Pluto) demand that we align our Material Identity with our Soul Identity (Yintegrity – Uranus), and in doing so eliminate Codependence (Lilith). 

Codependence means wrapping our Identity around the needs of another, or around control of another.  Eliminating Codependence means focusing on our own needs and letting others sit in their own pews.  With Uranus thrown in, it also means surrendering control to our Soul Self.  Pluto means it’s not optional, but it also means that, with enough skill at reaching into Unconscious realms (such as PIAVA), we can influence the nature of the Trance(Re)Formation, just not the direction.

We could go on for months about Codependence – remember the Recovery Movement in the 1980s, when Pluto was in Scorpio?  We did go on for months then, years even.  Lots of layers.

For now, let’s just look at that gorgeous cluster of Tanzanite crystals.  It’s only an inch big, but what a beauty.  The photo is by my friend Luciana Barbosa…

No one’s bid yet.  This isn’t an ad for Lucy; she doesn’t even know I’m borrowing her photograph.  I’m just sharing on opportunity; I’d snap it up myself if I could afford it and had a place to put it that would honor it properly.  Let me tell you what two of my three favorite Rock authors say about Tanzanite.

Collen Marquist, in Crystalline Communion (p.146) says that it…

“Embodies the highest mineral expression of peace on the planet, and through its power an individual is raised in vibration to the pinnacle of brotherly or agape love.”

Don’t try to find Collen’s (and Jack Frasl’s) book at Amazon, get it directly from the source,  If you have or buy this book, read Collen’s story about Tanzanite, the Dolphins and Lemuria.

Meanwhile Dorothy Roeder, Crystal Co-Creators (p.193), says that…

“Tanzanite represents the ideal of clear use of the Christ Light at the physical level, and for those who have experienced the shame of not living up to their ‘Christian ideals’ in past lives, it can be overwhelming if deep feelings are touched.  Whatever your feelings now about Christianity, you have very likely had lifetimes where you were deeply devoted to ‘the Church’ and its ideals.  These ideals did not always teach that mistakes are necessary in the learning process.  The absolute perfection you strive for need not be attained in any specific time frame for your effort to be worthy.  You have as long as you need to learn to be perfect.  When you learn this, you are closer to perfection.  This is part of self-acceptance.  The Christ Light you seek is perfectly accepting of all your efforts and Tanzanite will help you see this.”

In this passage “Christ” is not an external concept to be Codependent with, but an Essence of connection to your own Soul, the Light within you that animates the Matter you’re embodying.

This talk of past lives and perfection is relevant because the Nodes are involved in the Grand Sextile, and Saturn-North Node is one foot of the Yod.  The other foot is Ceres – Sustainability.  If we are to Sustain (Ceres) connection to our Mission (North Node) and stay True to our Soul (Uranus), we must release self-judgment on all levels, and for the resulting Ego Deaths, Grief is inevitable.

“At Dagara funerals, it is always necessary that the members of the immediate family be accompanied by a group of friends in order that they not injure themselves in the paroxysms of their grief.  And it is these very paroxysms that are necessary if one’s grief is to be purged.  Unlike people in the West, the Dagara believe it is terrible to suppress one’s grief.  Only by passionate expression can loss be tamed and assimilated into a form one can live with.  The Dagara also believe that the dead have a right to collect their share of tears.  A spirit who is not passionately grieved feels anger and disappointment, as if their right to be completely dead has been stolen from them.”

Malidoma Some, Of Water and the Spirit: Ritual, Magic, and Initiation in the Life of an African Shaman (pp.56-57).  The degree of the Saturn-Node Initiation is near the degree of Halloween, and there have been visitors from the Other Side here lately.  They must be made welcome.

Negotiating the New Planetary Conditions

September 19, 2013

From Gaia to Pi – Time and Spiritual Adulthood

A Second Interview with Eugenia Oganova on her new book Awakening the Harmony Within: How to Create with Spirit

As I’ve said, I’m finding Eugenia Oganova’s new book to be a powerful tool for looking at old Patterns in new ways, and she’s been kind enough to grant us a continuation of our earlier interview.

I’m seeing what I think may be parallels.  For instance, when Eugenia says…

Witnessing feelings with our minds, parallel to experiencing them feelingly, is beneficial to our development.  Experiencing feelings without any mental Witness is detrimental to our spiritual growth, because we become limited by the perceptory range of that feeling.

I think she’s saying the same thing as I, when I say (with regard to Chiron)…

First, we need to open up to the Pain.  Then we need to step outside of the body that experiences it.  Then we have to reach back and embrace the part of ourself that’s in Pain.  You poor Dear, that really hurts, doesn’t it!  That act of Compassion is a wormhole that rematerializes you in an alternate Universe where you have more Power. 

Does it sound like I’m on the right track, Eugenia?


You are correct, Jim.  If we look at this from the energy anatomy perspective, it is the Emotional or the Astral body that is experiencing the pain, and it is the Mental or the Truth body that needs to be able to “witness” that emotional experience impartially.   Being able to do so allows the heart chakra to open and compassion occurs.

We can also look at this from the energy-psychology perspective.  The part experiencing the pain is the Lower Self (which is always in pain, due to being in Separation – from the Higher Self).  If Ego is impartial/neutral (does not take sides), i.e. the “witness,” this opens a pathway back to the Higher Self, which is like a parent to the Lower Self, the child.  The “parent” can then be compassionate to the “child,” helping us heal the pain.

All pains we experience come from misconceptions, from not seeing enough of the bigger picture.  But at the same time, pain is also a teacher, showing us that there is something we do not know.  Healing that pain does not mean simply that we “feel better” – instead, the goal is that we awaken!


There is an ongoing anxiety about Time, based on the Mayan-Calendar idea that “Time has been speeding up,” which certainly feels like the case – for me and for others.  Yet I know that Time “has ended” and we’ve entered a new portion of the Now, with different rules.  It feels like the new Saturn-North Node Cycle will represent a fairly momentous change.

Why does Time seem like it’s hanging from a rubber band now, bouncing up and down, and fast and slow?  Sometimes time slows down when I’m “having fun” or doing things that my “True Self” wants me to do, but sometimes it doesn’t.  It’s as if nothing has changed but everything has changed – is that your experience as well?


In 2012 (the Mayan “end year”) we had ended the limited perception of Time as “linear only.”  Moving into the new perception of time as spherical (simultaneous) and linear at the same time, we are experiencing all sort of odd states.

When we are connected to our Soul-Self (the true core part of us), we can experience spherical time – like when we arrive at a solution without having to go through the linear steps to get there, or when we feel it’s been only a moment, but linearly much more time has passed.


I ask myself if my anxiety is just an old pattern left over from the Old World, that just needs to be patiently corrected, or if I’m not understanding all of the parameters here.  Can you talk a bit about how Pi’s realm on the Planet will differ from Gaia’s?


The main difference between Gaia’s World (before 2012) and Pi’s (after 2012) is the human maturity requirements: Gaia was the Mother and we were the Children, while Pi is the Ally/Sister and we are now meant to be Adults.

This means that we have to grow up!  Being a Spiritual Adult means we must build a Self (the unique conscious self-sourced presence), with which come responsibility for what we are creating, freedom, and the expansion of the range of consciousness.

In 2012 we had ended the limitation of perception of reality as material.  We had entered the perception of reality as multidimensional.  It was the end of childhood for the human race.

This of course does not mean that everyone will suddenly experience reality as multidimensional – we are too steeped in materiality for that! – but at least now there is an OPTION of multidimensionality, available to the ones willing to work for it.

The anxiety experienced by many people in relationship to this change is related to the “having to grow up” piece! Pi EXPECTS us to be grown-ups, and this brings up fears like:

“I am not ready, I don’t know what to do!”

“How can I stay in control if I do not understand what is required of me?”

“How do I stay safe without the Mother?”

“My old drives/desires do not work anymore and I do not seem to have new ones!”

“What if I miss something?”

All these fears are human insecurities because we do not self-source, looking for the approval, support, and direction from the outside of ourselves instead. In my blog post New Planetary Formula: How to Create with Pi I further explain how we can modify ourselves in order to be “up to date” with the change.


I’m sure that part of my own anxiety springs from the inevitable Insecurity that envelops Humanity as we undergo the huge changes that are coming down.  I have guilt over the idea of Living Well when so many others are suffering.  Awakening the Harmony Within talks about our Soul Contract and Divine Plan – how do these fit in?


The guilt of “living well” while others are suffering is a very common issue for people who are on the spiritual awakening path. There are two things I can say on this:

  1. Guilt is a waste of time and energy, it is a parasitical emotion, supported by the lower astral beings who use us as energy-food.  When we are in Guilt, we are NOT learning the lesson that our actions/circumstances are teaching us.
  2. Everyone is on a journey and we arrive at particular circumstances in our lives because of our personal energy broadcast (which I explain in detail in Awakening the Harmony Within).  Our beliefs, our karma, our fears and expectations all create what we experience.  And the Soul, before incarnation, places the needed circumstances into one’s Soul Contract, in order for us to learn the lessons – clean up the past karma and build the Soul-Self.  And this means that some people need difficult, uncomfortable, even painful events to awaken them, while others, who do not experience these, had either already went through something like that in their previous lives, or do not require it for further development at that time.  We get EXACTLY the life that we require in order to awaken, always! – that is the Divine Plan.  Pain is the teacher, while suffering is the absence of consciousness when we get stuck in the pain, not learning the lesson – one must repeat this over and over until one learns the lesson.

From the “Earth as a Living Library” chapter of Awakening the Harmony Within (p.106):

“…Combining the open mind, and the trust in our perception, with research and personal experience allows us to choose our path inside this Earth’s library wisely.”

Thank you very much, Jim, for hosting me on your blog.  I hope your readers find this information useful on their spiritual journey, and they can find many more details on all these subjects in the book,

 Awakening the Harmony Within: How to Create with Spirit,

available on my website (along with a lot of free information!) or from Amazon.


Thank you, Eugenia!  You’re adding important perspectives to the understanding of what the Planet is up to, and adding new windows of clarity into it.  And I do highly recommend

Portal Within a Portal 9.19

September 17, 2013


Someone peaked out from behind a cloud yesterday evening to remind me that I forgot to include an important player in our Big Venus-Saturn-Dragon Pluto-Station Grand-Sextile Portal.  When we add the Full Moon to our timeline we get…

  • Already: Venus approaching Saturn-North Node
  • Already: Pluto Stationary
  • Half past 9pm PDT September 16, True Node crosses Saturn
  • 8pm PDT September 17, Moon approaches Chiron
  • 2am PDT September 18, Moon leaves the Grand Sextile
  • 7am PDT September 18, Venus crosses the True Node
  • 2pm PDT September 18, Venus crosses Saturn
  • Quarter after 4am PDT September 19, Full Moon
  • 10am PDT September 19, Venus crosses the Mean Node
  • 1am PDT September 20, Moon Squares Pluto
  • Quarter after 5am PDT September 20, Moon crosses Uranus
  • 6am PDT September 20, Mean Node crosses Saturn 
  • Half past 8am PDT September 20, Pluto Stationary Direct
  • September 21, Venus leaves the Grand Sextile

Which gives us a new potential trigger for whatever external circumstances (events) and internal circumstances (feelings) this whole adventure will evoke.  So

our Full Moon Portal within a Portal will span roughly midnight to 8am PDT on September 19.

The other discovery is that Uranus will be behind the Moon when Pluto turns Direct.  That puts a whole new emphasis on Uranus – which we know to be Squaring Pluto anyway – and on

the period between 11pm PDT September 19 and 9am PDT September 20, when the Moon dances across the two-degree gap between Uranus and Pluto.

Whatever external and internal circumstances don’t arise in the Full Moon Portal-in-a-Portal, are likely to develop a day later.  The more involved is the Moon, the more likely are Circumstances to manifest.  PIAVA that you stay out of harm’s way during these periods, because folks who are already a bit unbalanced can get pretty out-there at the Full Moon, and a Pluto Station can be pretty freaky for folks who aren’t well grounded.

When we look at the Full Moon chart, several other very noteworthy things pop out that tell us more about the whole Portal.

  • First, not only does the Pluto Station trigger Uranus via the Square and the Moon, but a Finger of God points at Uranus. 

A Finger of God, or Yod, says “Pay Attention!”  Pay Attention to your Soul Connection, to your Yintegrity, to Following Your Joy.  The tentstakes for the Yod are Venus and Ceres – Values and Sustainability.  The essence of a Yod is Curiosity – we’ll be Wondering how to Sustain Yintegrity while staying true to our Social Values.  Who will we upset if we’re True to our Real Self?  This isn’t just about calling in Well to avoid a job you hate; it’s about Mom rolling over in the grave because you’re betraying the rules she taught you never to transgress.  It’s about admitting to your Loved Ones that you’ve been “lying” to them as long as you’ve known them because you didn’t believe it was Safe to be your True Self.

  • Second, there’s a Mjolnir pointing at Neptune. 

Mjolnirs are about Lightning, either as in Epiphany, or as in potentially devastating shocks.  The feet are Mercury and Jupiter, which is good, as that increases the odds that the Circumstances that get triggered will occur in the intellectual realm.  In fact, we should Expect Epiphanies.  Remember Neptune stands for Material Confusion and Spiritual Clarity – maybe those Limiting Beliefs about how difficult it is to manifest Abundance will get shocked out of their rut.  For instance, you could be suddenly transported from where Abundance means a bigger house (or a roof over your head!), to where Abundance means Having Enough to Share.  Neptune operates more on the Cultural level than the Personal – so it may be the Collective that gets the Epiphany!

  • Third, there’s an odd configuration which we’ll have to (half-seriously) call a Mystic Questangle. 

A Mystic Rectangle is two parallel Trines separated by Sextiles to form a rectangle.  A Mystic Questangle is two parallel Quincunxes separated by Semi-Sextiles.  A Semi-Sextile is one twelfth of the way ’round the Circle, while a  Quincunx is five twelfths of the way.  The Twelfth Harmonic is about Pattern-Breaking, and the key to Breaking Patterns gently and lovingly is Curiosity.  So a Mystic Questangle would symbolize a circular chain of Wondering that would either turn one to butter, or allow one to Break through and crack open an unwanted or obsolete or self-sabotaging Habit or Limiting Belief.

The Players in the Questangle are Neptune, Pallas, Vesta, and Juno – quite a quartet.  Neptune represents your Cultural Trance, Juno your Unconscious Identity, Vesta your personal sense of the Sacred, and Pallas your Willingness and Ability to set Boundaries.  In other words you’ll be up against the wall Consciously or Unconsciously defending your personal sense of the Sacred against the onslaught of Conformity – or you’ll be in self-betrayal.  But it will be about Curiosity, not Anger or Grief, so it’s likely to create more Epiphanies, or bend the Epiphanies in the direction of Diversity.

So we have

  • Pluto (the Universal Trance – Stationary),
  • Neptune (the Cultural Trance – the Mjolnir),
  • Uranus (the personal Soul Connection – the Finger of God plus the Moon), and
  • Saturn (the Conscious Self – Initiating the North Node)

all lit up at the same time, all in the context of a Pluto-Chiron-Saturn/Dragon-Ceres-Lilith Grand Sextile (Dragon is another name for the Nodes).  Hard to imagine a more fertile Ground for personal and social Change!  It may turn out that She’ll be roight! after all.

This lovely piece of Astrophyllite always reminds me of the Three Wise Dudes presenting gifts to the Christ Child.  Astrophyllite is a complex Silicate that symbolizes making sense from complexity.  Not simplicity, but sense.  As in, where to find Water, or how to navigate on the open Sea, or knowing when to Trust someone.  The Christ Child represents the Spark of Divinity in everyone, and the Wise Men bearing gifts illustrate the respect that the Intellect properly has for the Spark, no matter how diminutive.  Religions are built by Intellect, and Intellect justifies the hubris that perpetrates abuse of the Planet and of one’s mates, even though the hubris is generated by psychopathic mutations in the Emotional Body.  The Wise Dudes were royalty – even Power must bow to the Spark.