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Huge Reboot 6

September 16, 2016

Again, I’ll use Huge Reboot 5 as a template, grey it out, shorten the earlier material, and add new comments in black.

Before we go into more detail about all the weekend Fireworks, I’ll built a Timetable, so we can at least test our Sensitivities.  Take notes, and tell me what you Learn.  The interactions between events will of course be Confusing, but that’s the nature of Real Life.

15 September…

  • 8am PDT – Ixion Initiates Mars 23 Sagittarius (Your Abandoned Orphan begins to Feel that they have Permission to Act Out)

There could be lots of Excitement here, or Guilt, or both…  

  • noon PDT – Varuna enters Leo (Celebrating the Life Force)

Varuna has been in Cancer since 1993; it’s as if the Life Force is graduating from high school…  

  • 7pm PDT – Asbolus Stationary Retrograde 16 Gemini (Opening your Emotional Channel to Receiving Intuitions)

We all have a “preferred” or primary Channel for Receiving (or Ignoring) Intuitions; a Little Voice, a Picture, a Gut Feeling, etc…  

16 September…

  • noon PDT – Full Moon and Penumbral Eclipse 25 Pisces (Busy, Busy, Busy)

The Moon Conjoins Chiron and the Sun takes Jupiter’s place in the Grand Cross… 

When there is one planet on the eastern horizon…

Moon-Chiron heads a Kite with Sedna and asteroid Moira (Fate) on the shoulders, and Venus-Haumea Opposite Uranus-Eris join Mars-Ixion-Pholus Opposite Chaos to form a Golden Rectangle.  Uranus-Eris heads a Kite with Chaos and Pallas on the shoulders.

If one of your Values or Strengths is Achievement, you can’t beat a Grand Cross’s Multi-Tasking and Competence attributes.  By itself though a Grand Cross can be too Driven to produce a great deal of Happiness for the Cross-bearer, or for their associates.  So you want to add some Grace into a Grand Cross chart, and this one has plenty.

We refer to a Grand Trine as “Dumb-Luck Grace,” as it just makes things easy.  In fact, we usually find that a Grand Trine manifests as Arrogance until its bearer Realizes that everyone has their own Special Skills, because someone with a Grand Trine is naturally amazed at how much difficulty Others can have with the activities that are Effortless for them.  If they lean toward Trumpism, they’ll suspect that the Others must be stupid.  

This Full Moon chart has two Grand Trines, so we’re in luck; our Type-A-ness will be much softened.  

Both Grand Trines are stretched into “Kites” – a Grand Trine with a distinct Direction of Impact.  A Grand Trine is just three planets equally spaced around the Zodiac, so it has no “Leader.”  Adding a fourth planet Opposite one of the three makes the Configuration look like a kite, and provides clear Leadership.  The two Kites here are Led by Moon-Chiron (Embracing our Despair) and Uranus-Eris (Choosing Radical Honesty).  

They indicate the qualities that will bring us the most Grace over the next several weeks, as a Full Moon generally shares Suzerainty over the following two to four weeks.  Specifically, we want to be Loving and Gentle with all Self-Doubt that arises (and as we’ll see soon, there could be plenty), and being Honest about our Upper Limits (which as we’ve seen will be triggered Big-Time).  Honest with ourself in the sense of not trying to be inauthentic, and Honest with Others so as to refuse to be Manipulated.

Another very Grace-Full Configuration is a “Golden Rectangle” – two Oppositions separated by 60 and 120 Degrees, which are the friendliest Angles in the Zodiac.  These are generally Leaderless, but bring Grace into two otherwise complicated Either/Or temptations.  For instance, with Chaos Opposing Mars-Ixion-Pholus we could easily beat ourselves up for Risking too much in the name of Expansion, and just as easily beat ourselves up for not Risking enough, in the name of Safety.  The Grace will reduce our Self-Abuse and increase the probability that we’ll strive for Both/And with Expansion and Safety.

The other potential trap that Grace is likely to assuage is that, with our new Values being barely breached, Honesty about who we are will be an iffy proposition – we may not know yet who we’re Becoming.  If you’re in the Habit of saying “I’m one of those People who…”, curb the Habit.  What that statement really means is “I’m one of those People who is trying to make myself Believe that I’m…” as well as “I’m in Judgment about People who don’t…”  Both Inauthenticity and Judgment will greatly hinder your Personal Growth.

Buddhists strive to achieve “Don’t-Know” mind.  That’s a Powerful place to be while our new feathers grow in.

Wow, how many times are we going to revisit this shouting emphasis on 22-27 Degrees…

We’ve been working with this 22-27 Degree span, or close to it, repeatedly, and for a long time now…

17 September…

  • 5am PDT – Haumea Initiates Venus 23 Libra (Beginning again on a new foundation of Values)

Haumea is Pele’s daughter…

  • 10am PDT – Jupiter Initiates Sappho 2 Libra (Expanding Self-Love with Wisdom)

18 September…

  • 8am PDT – Pholus Initiates Mars 25 Sagittarius (Practicing Actions that Betray our Self-Sabotage)
  • 3pm PDT – Makemake Initiates Sappho 3 Libra (Breakthrough in Manifesting Self-Love)

19 September…

  • 4pm PDT – Makemake Initiates Jupiter 3 Libra (Profound New Skills with PIAVA – and PDSA)

Next Portal: 1.9 (Or, 1.2-1.9)

January 7, 2015

ErisSD15Once again, as has happened so many times recently, we have a potentially very disruptive Configuration wrapped in Grace.  We can only assume that this means that, as with the Uranian Main Effect we’re dealing with, what’s being Disrupted is what’s no longer in Alignment with our best interests.

Four things going on in this chart for half-past 2am PST ( January 9…

  • The chart is drawn for the moment when Eris is Stationary and turning Direct
  • Eris is the foot of a Kite focused on Haumea, with Jupiter and Ixion-Pholus on the other corners of the Grand Trine.
  • Eris is also the focus of a Mjolnir with a Square from Moon-Lilith to Pallas as the base.
  • Sedna is the focus of a Finger of Yod with a Sextile from Haumea to Ixion-Pholus as the base.

Busy busy.  Eris has been and will be within one degree of her Station from mid-August of last year to mid-May of this year, but if your Sensitivity is like mine and we can extrapolate from fellow TNO Pluto, a week is a reasonable guess for the span when what’s available and distinguishable to Consciousness is lit up.  This means that

The Revelation of Denial had a significant role in our Emotional adventures of last weekend, and even more so in the aftermath we’re dealing with this week.  That’s a good target for the Curiosity we’ve been feeling, or just for a routine PIAVA:

What is it that we’ve been Denying, which could help us understand more about our Regression out of the Present Moment?

By the way, “TNO,” short for Trans-Neptunian Object, is the common astronomical name for the Plutoids – Pluto and the other dwarf planets that hang out in Pluto’s ‘hood.  These include Eris, Makemake (which itself is still less than an arcminute from the position of its December 30 Station), Chaos, Ixion, Haumea (which will be one arcminute from the position of its January 20 Station), Sedna, Quaoar, and others that we haven’t introduced yet.  Sedna though is more of a WTNO, Waaay-Trans-Neptunian Object, as her orbit spans 11,000 years, versus 250 years for Pluto.

The focus on Haumea (Rebirth) at the head of the Kite implies…

That the dumb-luck Grace embedded in the Grand Trine focuses into a Rebirth, if…

We own up to the Denial (the Opposition to Eris) and if we squarely face Sedna (at the focus of the Yod).

But let’s finish the Kite first.  The two other corners are Jupiter (which Amplifies everything else) and Ixion-Pholus.  Mythologically, Ixion was the sociopath of the Greek Pantheon.  Pholus was a Centaur whose claim to fame was inappropriate Blame.

So, if a Grand Trine is about dumb-luck Grace, how can sociopathic inappropriate Blame be involved?  Are we stumbling into a situation where we have a magic shield that deflects inappropriate Blame?  By inappropriately Blaming someone else, do we “accidentally” avoid a situation where we would have been Blamed?  Good questions.

The downside of a Grand Trine, though, is Arrogance.  If we attribute our dumb-luck Grace to our own Skill, rather than to a Gift from the Universe, then we can easily get into a situation where our own Hubris puts us into Denial.  So the Held Emotion that our Karma may be revealing to us here, may be Smugness or Inflation. 

Where in our lives do we exhibit a degree of sociopathic behavior – meaning we’re capable of easily ignoring or not noticing the difference between Right and Wrong, just because we have the Power to get away with it?  Where in our Lives do we ignore the difference between Success and Compassion?  Do we experience Abundance as having enough to Share, or as padding for our Ego?

Which means we have to check to see what the asteroid Hybris (Hubris) is up to…  Shitodear, it’s Conjunct Pallas, on one foot of the Eris Mjolnir!  So let’s look at the Mjolnir next.

Mjolnirs are about Epiphany.  So there’s great potential here for whatever we’re Denying to be revealed to us in a flash, literally (the Mjolnir represents Lightning).  The Mjolnir provides Insight into the Challenge represented by the Square in its base – which would be Moon-Lilith Square Hybris-Pallas.  Moon-Lilith is about Manifesting Yindependence or Self-Autonomy.  Hybris-Pallas would be about Boundaries that Protect our Ego but which don’t otherwise serve us.  The Ego is responsible for keeping us Alive, but it can easily get stuck on behaviors which would have kept us Alive in very different circumstances than those in the Present Moment.

That’s a big clue!

The Universe may be scheduling us for a blinding flash of Insight about the places where our Ego inhibits our Self-Autonomy, without serving a corresponding positive function.  Intention, yes.  Function, no.  So we PIAVA

Great Spirit, please show me any Patterns that my Ego is using with the Intention of Protecting me, but which don’t in fact Protect me, they instead prevent me from having Healthy Control over my own Life?

The involvement of Lilith provides another clue; we can also PIAVA

Great Spirit, where in my Life am I Living from the Head rather than from the Heart?

If we can get solid answers to questions of this nature, the chart promises Epiphanies big enough to reboot our entire Life.

So finally, what about the Sedna Yod – we should get additional clues there.  The base is a Sextile between Haumea (Rebirth), and Ixion-Pholus (inappropriate blame for sociopathic behavior).  While Ixion may seem evil, there will always be places in our Life where the end seems to justify the means.  Those are the places where apparent sociopathy has a positive function.  A sociopath exhibits a Pattern of sociopathic behavior, not an isolated episode of sociopathy.  For instance, in most cultures it’s considered appropriate to kill someone who’s trying to kill you, even though killing is normally taboo.  War is a prime example, for folks who Believe in Fear, Separation, and not WeBeAllOne.  And then there’s killing animals in order to eat; the end supposedly justifies the means.
But now let’s look at the Sedna myth.  In it, the father is driven by Fear for his own Life, to drown his own daughter.  Not an acceptable choice in most cultures, and even recent news stories from Inuit people show quite the opposite, where folks don’t hesitate at all to risk their own Life to save one of their kin.  I think a valid “moral” (recognizing that indigenous myths aren’t designed to have “morals” but instead designed to spur their audience to self-rumination) is that Fear isn’t the most productive Motivation for Action.  So we could say that the Yod suggests that we…
Be on the lookout for places where we’re driven by Fear rather than Love, especially where we’re driven to behavior which would otherwise betray our own Values.

Despair into Miracle III – the Full Moon Kite

September 6, 2014

We’ve been talking about Despair and Discouragement, and how to kick the habit.  Be mindful that Self-Pity is addictive, and that there is potential Power in Victim postures.  You may not even be motivated to move beyond these phases until you get Discouraged because they aren’t doing what you hoped to accomplish by using them.  Both are self-reinforcing processes that lead only down and in, never up or out.  They won’t do you any favors.  Which suggests a third strategy – Actively seek out Self-Pity and Victims in your mindset and Emotional habits, and process them the same way…

“You poor Sweetheart, are you’re feeling like a loser?”

Which brings us to the Kite that the Full Moon makes from the Grand Trine.

A Kite is formed when a fourth planet sits opposite one of the three equally spaced planets in a Grand Trine.  In general, this fourth planet takes on the leadership role for the Grand Trine.  A Kite is very beneficial, and is more Focused than a Grand Trine.  As with a Grand Trine, you’d like to see a Square or two, or other Motivating Angles, from one of the corners of the Kite, in order to provide Energy to prevent getting lazy from all of the Grace that’s running about.

This Sun is at the top of this Kite, at 17 of Virgo, “A volcanic eruption: The explosive energy of long-repressed contents of the subconscious.”  Oh-oh.

So this Full Moon is about the explosive energy of long-repressed contents of the subconscious.  That’s an ouch, considering everything else we’ve been looking at.  Certainly the emergence of long-repressed contents of the Unconscious can be extraordinarily beneficial, as those contents have been sabotaging us.  The explosive part is concerning, though it can vastly accelerate the process if it’s handled well. 

While much of the World still follows Freud and thinks in terms of the subconscious, we follow Jung and think in terms of the Unconscious.  To Freud the subconscious was a dungeon full of dark and dank Energies,  To Jung, the Unconscious was dark, but full of Treasure, as it held all manner of Abandoned parts of ourselves, which, when recovered and reintegrated, greatly enhance ourSelf and our effectiveness as discerning and pursuing our Wants, Desires, and Mission, and much reduce our self-sabotage.

We have some hope of handling our own individual long-repressed contents, if we can stay in the Present Moment so we can remember our tools.  But on the World stage, I for one don’t have a lot of confidence in the folks who will be handling it – in fact, if they continue to handle it with the recipe that Naomi Klein reveals, we’re in for some rough sledding.

However, successfully handling our own individual long-repressed contents as they emerge from the Unconscious will greatly reduce the impact that the World stage has on our own personal experience, and – by not adding to the overall Sturm und Drang – reduce the impact of the global process.  You might want to past “You poor Sweetheart” on your bathroom mirror for the next several weeks.

August Blessing Highlights

August 15, 2014

diam5528bpDiamond, symbol of One-Pointed Consciousness.  This one’s Brown, which reminds us of mud, but which is really a shade of Orange, Second Chakra – Emotion, Desire.  Are we clear about our Desires, or muddy?  Our Desires are a Mirror for our Sacred Mission on the Planet.  The cleaner the Mirror, the clearer are our Intentions and Actions, and more Ecstatic our Life.  It’s more difficult to Follow Our Joy when the path is muddy.  

 * * * * *

August 15-25 is a particularly good time to align

  • Our relationship to Spirit,
  • Our Beliefs, and
  • Our Consciousness,

three very different arenas.  Misalignment between these three often limit our ability or willingness to Manifest the Life we strive to live.

One caution – don’t let the Grace that’s available here “go to your head,” or get stuck in your Ego.  These are gifts from the Universe, they arise on their own, not because you Created them.  Use them to Create what you Want, use them to Feel Good about yourself and your place in the Universe, but don’t use them to elevate yourself above anyone else or anything else.  Humility is your best friend here.

To review, Juno forms a Grand Trine with Neptune and Vesta-Ceres during these ten days.

I was recently advised by a profound Healer that we can refine our PIAVAs to make sure they are well lubricated using these steps before we get to PIAVAing the actual subject of our Desires… 

  1. Do you actually Believe that what you Want is possible?  Tap out any doubts that arise, and PIAVA to Believe in the possibility.
  2. Do you actually feel like you Deserve what you Want?  Tap out any doubts that arise, and PIAVA to Deserve what you Want.
  3. Do you actually Know what it Feels Like to have or be what you Want?  Spend time with how you would Feel if you received what you Want.  If you have any difficulty with that, use Tapping and PIAVA to refine what you Want.  Let it shift if it wants to.
  4. Try It On.  Go about your Life for a while as if you had already received what you Want.

These work especially well with Theta Healing.

August Blessings will be intensified during these periods…

  • August 15 between 3pm and 9pm PDT should be an excellent time for Manifesting. 

The Moon Opposes Vesta, forming a Kite.

  • From 6am PDT August 17 till 9am PDT August 20, keep a close watch on your Thoughts.  Thoughts are powerful.  Negative Thoughts and Doubt produce a vibration that fills your Aura with Resistance to what you’re trying to do.  Be particularly watchful for Self-Doubt, and Tap it out when it arises.  Be mindful that Confusion is the first stage of Growth, and Let It Be, don’t try to “fix” it.  This is a fantastic time to learn to separate your Thoughts from their Content.  Thought is one thing, What you’re Thinking about is quite another.  Don’t pollute one with the other!!
  • This Energy intensifies between 3am PDT August 18 and 3pm August 19.
  • It intensifies yet again from 8pm till 9pm PDT August 18.
  • If you possibly can, spend from 9am till noon PDT August 20 in Meditation.  The rewards will be profound, especially if you’ve succeeded to any extent in separating the Universe from your Thoughts about it.
  • From noon till 7pm PDT August 20, Expand everything you Do, Feel, Think, Want, Are, and Have.  Watch for Shadows of Doubt, and Tap them out.

Mercury Opposes Neptune to head up a Kite from August 17 till August 20, and on August 20 the Moon Conjoins Juno.

  • August 25 would be another fantastic day to deepen your relationship to the Great Beyond, especially between 3pm and 9pm PDT.

The Moon makes another Kite, Opposing Neptune this time.

We could advance our Mission on the Planet by leaps and bounds by Paying Attention to these Portals.

The Grand Trine, three planets equally spaced around the Zodiac, is the grandaddy of Good Luck, but its Energy can be diffuse, and can easily devolve to arrogance if one does not recognize it as Grace. 

When a fourth planet forms a Kite by Opposing one of the three, the Energy becomes Focused through the fourth planet – Power and Magic Are Afoot.

Makemake III

June 21, 2014

chloriteq2945bpPhantom Quartz would be an excellent companion when Makemake is lit up.  Here Chlorite (green clay) has been deposited on the Crystal face as it was growing, and later enveloped by the Quartz as it resumed its growth.  Chlorite Quartz and Phantom Quartz are both great Healers that speak to us about the layers of unexpressed and condemned Self that are occulted inside of us.  These layers would otherwise speak to us through self-sabotage, having no other practical way to circumvent our Denial of their existence.   

* * * * *

Here’s a proposed glyph for Makemake, though it would be hard to draw as a small symbol, even if you reduced the circles to points…

MakemakeBut I love the symbol, since that’s just how Makemake looks in the Rapanui petroglyphs

makemake* * * * *

Makemake I Illustrated

Here’s first core of the Makemake discovery chart, the Fez and Grand Trine that we’ve already dissected

MMFezWith a cap like that, Oblio could have escaped banishment.  Maybe we’ll call a configuration like this an “Oblio.”  If you don’t know Oblio’s story, it’s a delightful classic Harry Nilsson made-for-TV animation called The Point.  Netflix and Amazon both carry it, and I’m sure one of your favorite video streaming outfits does too.

* * * * *

Makemake III (or Ia)

The second core of the Makemake discovery chart involves many of the same players – in fact, if we weren’t in the process of discussing the Fez, we probably would have chosen this complex for the key process…

The two Squares in the Fez are each one side of a T-Square, which connects both T-Squares to the Grand Trine, which makes for a very fortuitous chart, as the T-Squares provide motivation to spur “the Native” (ie, Makemake) into using the Grand Trine constructively. 

Here’s the dance…

MMTSThe T-Squares are the dark red triangles.

A couple of things pop out.  First, the Grand Trine is actually a Kite, with Makemake hisself at the Focus.  Makemake has a very good agent!

A fourth planet midway along one side of a Grand Trine creates a Kite – as in all of the blue lines in the picture above.  The name should be obvious.  The fourth planet becomes the Focus of the whole Kite.

With such a fortuitous placement…

We have to consider Makemake a great benefic.  Of course to benefit from its Grace we’ll need to Master that Moon-Pluto Stallion. 

* * * * *

The Moon-Pluto T-Square

As we spoke of in the Makemake II post.  So now we don’t just have an Out-of-Bounds Moon sitting on a Stationary Pluto, but it’s also the focus of a T-Square!  Which forces us to conclude that…

Makemake is “here” to help us learn how to Manifest. 

Lord knows we need that, as our reductive Plan-Execute masculine process of making things is beyond bankrupt.  And it appears that Makemake had a similar role on Rapanui.

The base of the Moon-Pluto T-Square is the Juno-Makemake Opposition, the spine of the Kite.  Which tells us that…

The Manifestation processes that Makemake will be teaching us are all about the Edge of our Consciousness.

The Juno-Makemake Opposition, as the spine of the Kite, has two Trine-Sextile Bridges, one with Ceres (Sustainability) and one with Lilith-Saturn (which, as the focus of the second T-Square, we’ll talk about shortly)…

So Makemake will be teaching us how to Manifest Sustainably – another thing we much need!

And two Quincunx Bridges (the green lines), to the Nodes, with Eris Conjunct the North Node…

We need to approach the Edges of our Consciousness and Identity as a Mystery, with Curiosity.  Of course, this is a T-Square, so it won’t all be wine and roses – unless we remember and appreciate the curriculum.

* * * * *

The Lilith-Saturn T-Square

The second T-Square is focused on Lilith-Saturn…

The other major lesson, though much less intense than our Manifestation homework, is Andogyny.  Combining the Yindependence of Lilith with the Discipline of Saturn.  While it’s clear from this Conjunction that The Most Important Thing will be our Yindependence, it’s also clear that Lilith’s wild Yintegrity will be tempered by the fatherly influence of Saturn.

If we’re going to aver this, we should check the status of Venus and Mars.  A Lilith-Saturn form of Androgyny is much more sophisticated and “adult” than the sort of Venus-Mars Androgyny that we’re used to considering.  Venus is in a Waxing Sextile to Mars.  The Cycle that they recently started is about “A woman, fecundated by her own Spirit, is ‘great with child’: A total reliance upon the dictates of the God-within” – 17 degrees of Scorpio.  Intense.

So we’ll be learning to fertilize our own eggs.

The base of this T-Square is the Nodal Opposition, with of course Eris on the North Node.  Which tells us…

That we learn these skills by Letting Go of our dysfunctional Karmic Patterns, and in particular that we take Responsibility for them.  As in Able to Respond, not as in Blame.  It’s not about Retribution, it’s about Inertia.  The key here will be recognizing when we’re playing the part of the Victim in our drama, and rewriting the script.

We don’t have a Trine-Sextile Bridge across the Nodal Axis, but Lilith-Saturn is a corner of the Grand Trine and shoulder of the Kite.

So we get a whole lot of help making our Androgynous Consciousness Sustainable.

That is, dancing with Juno and Ceres.  We do have a Quincunx Bridge across this Opposition, and it’s the same double QBridge that we have for the Moon-Pluto T-Square; the base of each T-Square is the Quincunx Bridge for the other.

We need to approach our Karma and our Mission as Mysteries, with Curiosity.  We will no longer be able to deny our Deepest Desires.  Of course, this is a T-Square, so it won’t all be wine and roses – unless we remember and appreciate the curriculum.

When we Recover an element of our Soul that we repressed earlier, it comes to us at the age when we repressed it.  So our Deepest Desires (which are often forbidden to us to make them more provocative) are often 2 years old, or 14.  Some may even have been repressed when we still lived in caves and scored our dinner by throwing rocks.  So yes, absolutely, there will be chaos at first, as we all go around saying “Goo” or “Ugh.”  But remember too that once we lovingly and gently accept those regressed parts of ourself, they’ll age very quickly, making the chaos short-lived.

* * * * *

The Quincunx Box

A Mystic Rectangle is formed by two parallel Trines separated by Septiles.  When two Squares are parallel you get a Grand Cross.  Two parallel Quintiles would be separated by Trideciles.  Two parallel Trioctiles would be linked by Octiles.  And two parallel Quincunxes have Semisextiles between their ends.  In all cases, the angles add to 360 degrees, filling the circle, and the figure created is symmetrical. 

These comprise the Box family of Configurations.  All of them are Energized by the Oppositions that connect the corners.  All are important, as they add to 360 degrees, completing the Circle.

So the green rectangle in the picture above could stand on its own as a legitimate, important Configuration.  We could call it “Makemake Ib.”  Here the themes are

  • Karma and Mission (the Nodes),
  • Fourth-Step Inventory (Eris on the North Node),
  • the Growing Edge of Consciousness (Juno),
  • Manifestation (Makemake),
  • Forward Progress (the Nodal “Coin”),
  • Overcoming Resistance (as in blocks in Consciousness interrupting the Manifestation process – the Juno-Makemake Coin),
  • Curiosity (the Quincunxes), particularly about
    • Consciousness of our Karma (Juno-South Node) and about how
    • Lying to ourself doesn’t work (Makemake-North Node/Eris)
  • Pattern-Breaking (the Twelfth-Harmonic Semisextiles), especially
    • Bringing our Deepest Desires into Full Consciousness (Juno-North Node/Eris)
    • Manifesting Bummers (as a heuristic showing us what happens when we don’t bring our Karma into Consciousness – South Node-Makemake)

There’s a microcosm of the whole chart, right there.  It lacks the emphasis of that extraordinarily strong Moon-Pluto, and doesn’t introduce directly the Androgyny of the Lilith-Saturn combination, but it summarizes the core issue, which we could consider to be…

Makemake is about taking Responsibility for our own Creations.  As Seth said, our self-sabotaging Patterns are writ large in our Personal History.  All we have to do is read the book.  


April 13, 2014

ika4550bpGlendonite is a “pseudomorph” of Ikaite.  A pseudomorph is the result of one mineral replacing another so that the form is that of the original, but the composition is that of the intruder.  Ikaite is a Calcium Carbonate Hydroxide that forms in very cold water when lots of Carbonate is present – think of it as a cross between an ice cube and a clamshell.  It’s unstable – bring crystals of Ikaite to the surface, and the literally melt.  Glendonite is a more stable form of CaCO.OH, that remains stable at ambient temperatures.  The form is Ikaite, the compositon is Glendonite.  We may be about to see the Oceans as more fragile than we ever imagined possible.  

The April 15 Eclipse of the Moon that will be visible in the Western Hemisphere, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, and the Philippines, will be Total from a few minutes after 12am PDT until half past 1am PDT.  The Eclipse will be partial from 11pm PDT April 14 till Totality, and again for the hour after Totality.  In other words the full show runs from 11pm PDT April 14 till half past 2am PDT April 15.

What means it?  What she said…

As is often the case, Kelley’s right on.  What would I add?  Well, quite a bit, actually.

First, the Sun is Conjunct both Eris and Juno.

The Edges of our Consciousness will shift, as material that we’ve been Denying will – through contrast – be brought into the Light.  In other words, your Shadow will be prominent.  Your task is to be loving and gentle with it, and to avoid intellectualizing it.  That means you won’t be Identifying with any particular adjectives or their opposites.  It means you’ll be doing Both/And, not Either/Or.  It means you won’t be blaming other people for your Feelings, and you won’t be using you-statements, or even they-statements.  I-statements are the order of the day, and it’s always worth noting that “I Feel like you…” is a you-statement, not an I-statement.

Second, in addition to Ceres Conjunct the Moon, Vesta is also there…

In general Vesta symbolizes what we regard as Sacred, but here what is being revealed – again through contrast – is what Ceres regards as Sacred.  Which is serious (no pun intended) business, as Ceres represents Sustenance.  We’ll likely be visiting some bottom-line issues around Human and Planetary Survival – much more on this in a few minutes.

Third, Pallas Trines the Sun and Sextiles the Moon – in other words, provides the “easy way out” of any difficulties that the Full Moon and Eclipse would evoke…

As a friend of mine likes to say, “When do we get out the pitchforks?”  In other words, we have to start saying “NO!” in ways which cannot be ignored.

Fourth, Pallas Squares Sedna, which in turn is Quincunx to Moon-Ceres-Vesta.  We haven’t explored Sedna yet, but she’s an Inuit (Eskimo) Sea Goddess, and Goddess of the Hunt…

The Seas are probably already beyond the point where recovery of their fecundity is possible.  It may be too late to say NO to further destruction of the people who live in the Seas.  Lets hope Fukushima doesn’t get involved here.  When we aren’t sure what we can do to help keep the Seas from further degradation, we need to turn to Curiosity.  I Wonder how we can help Sustain the Seas!  It’s a PIAVA-type Wondering, not rhetorical, and it must be followed by Changing the Subject and Paying Attention.   

Fifth, Chariklo, Quaoar, and the Galactic Center all Trine the Sun and Pallas, yielding not just a Grand Trine, but a Kite with Moon-Ceres-Vesta at the top.  Have we never explained a Kite?  It’s a Grand Trine with a fourth planet halfway across one of the Trines, which is the same as a Grand Trine with the fourth planet Opposite one of the corners.  The fourth planet leads the Configuration, and the dynamic expressed by the Opposition is Graced by the dumb-luck Energy of the Grand Trine.  So we have Moon-Ceres-Vesta leading a dance of Grace with Sun-Eris-Juno, Pallas, and Chariklo-Quaoar-Galactic Center…

The Galactic Energy shines favorably upon us here – we could even see an intervention from off planet.  There’s a hint that we may be reminded what the “rules” are about Maintaining the Balance. 

Sixth, that means that there is Sedna Yod with Moon-Ceres-Vesta as one foot and Charklo-Quaoar-Galactic Center as the other.  That says in bold caps Pay Attention to Sedna

So the bottom line here is that we need to be PIAVAing that the Seas be Healed and their Bounty restored, not just for our sake, but for the sake of All Our Relations – including those we didn’t know we had, for the sake of the Balance, and even the Galactic Balance.  There may be some disastrous news about the Seas which forces us to Pay Attention and strive to restore order.

And finally, we’ve been ignoring so far here the Uranus-Pluto-Jupiter-Mars Grand Cross that rules April.  We’ll bring that in in our next installment.