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Pretty Big Portal Too Two

April 16, 2022

We’re in the thick of this Portal right now, and we will be for at least the rest of April. The immediate catalysts include the Vulnerability of our Health and Vitality today,1 and, tomorrow, the Potential for our Denial to Betray Us,2 plus a Full Moon.3 Both of the latter Trigger an Argument between an Expanded Sense of the Sacred, and our Intuition about our Unlimited Potential.4

  • 1 Planet Energies are at their Strongest when they’re Standing Still in the Sky and Hovering like a quad drone about to drop a bomb. At 10:30 pm 15 April 2022, dwarf planet Varuna, which is about our Life Force, or Health and Vitality, is Hovering at 5 Degrees of Leo. It’s joined by asteroid Koronis, which symbolizes a Crown, including Coronavirus, a Virus with Spikes like a Crown.
  • 2 Dwarf planet Eris (Revelation of What’s Been Denied ) Initiates a New Cycle with asteroid Pallas (Boundaries) 11:40 pm 16 April, in 25 Aries, Walking in Two Worlds Simultaneously.
  • 3 Full Moon noon PDT 16 April, in 27 Libra.
  • 4 The Initiation of Jupiter (Expansion) by Neptune (Our Relationship with Everything Larger than our Ego) 8am PDT 12 April in 24 Pisces (People living in close interaction on a small isolated island ), Squaring (Challenging) the long-lived Conjunction between dwarf planets Asbolus (Intuition) and Chaos (Unrealized Potential ).

The people who don’t realize yet that we Live on a Small Isolated Island will be getting educated during the New 13-year Expanded-Sense-of-the-Sacred Cycle5 that began this last Tuesday. However, now that this Cycle has been Initiated, the people who are Invested in the previous Cycle have three years to get away with Perpetrating their Oily Obsolete Energies.6

  • 5 The New Jupiter-Neptune Cycle we astrologized in note 4 above.
  • 6 The Waxing Square of this New Small-Island Jupiter-Neptune Cycle will occur in June 2025, on the Cusps of Aries and Cancer, which should make Summer 2025 a fairly Big Event, though we Pray that the fracas in Ukraine won’t need to go on that long! The Old Jupiter-Neptune Cycle was about “An ancient pottery bowl filled with fresh Violets” (Neptune Initiated Jupiter in 27 Aquarius on 27 May 2009). I remember wondering then what that might Imply, as Neptune also Initiated a New Cycle with Chiron in the same Degree on 17 February 2010. Who’d have thunk that the ancient pottery bowl would symbolize War and the fresh Violets would represent Cruz Missiles, in the context of Expanding Our Relationship with Everything Larger than Ourself (Jupiter-Neptune), though it certainly makes sense as a rather sardonic Herxheimer! As New Forms in Old Packages, it should have been Obvious to me.
  • The 2010 Chiron-Neptune Cycle is now in its 19th Harmonic (19 Degrees, the Square Root of 360) – “Teamwork, partnership, and collaboration… the Life Force and unlimited Energy that is within us waiting to be used and expressed… the inner dance of Male-Female Energy” (Angeles Arrien, The Tarot Handbook, p.92). The Square Root takes us into a Deeper Dimension, as we’re now moving into the Psyche Exponentially rather than just Multiplicatively. We should Pay Attention to this, as 19 Degrees should be a Power Point in any Cycle, a point where we can apply an afterburner to our New-Cycle Efforts. Using the convention used for preliminary names of new Chemical Elements, we could refer to the 19th Harmonic Angle as a Ununilennile, or name it for it’s function, something like an Ascendile.
  • Unfortunately the Pholus-Quaoar End Times Cycle won’t get to the Waxing 19th Harmonic till 2071. Good news for any great- and great-great-grandchildren that squeak through that far, though. That would be a good End Times Slogan for Planet-Rescuers, Make our Grandchildren Great Again, on an Ocean-blue hat similar to this one, but with the whole globe wrapped around it…
  • The World would be warped, with the backside flattened, but it always has been warped on the flat maps we’re used to anyway. We could make 6 different copies with South America, Africa, India, Southeast Asia, Australia, and Oceania on the bill, for distribution in each region of the World, and maybe one with Russia upside-down on the bill. This version is unavailable on Amazon,, but an enterprising researcher could probably locate the manufacturer with the original screens, or get them from the Whole Earth Catalog. A budding entrepreneur could get the rest of the globe added, the 6 or 7 different orientations projected, the Slogan added, and contract out the manufacturing, marketing, and sales.
  • You could Change the World. With a little prior experience in Lithography or Contract Manufacturing, you’d be way ahead of the game. The Muggles wouldn’t understand the Slogan, so they’d probably even wear it because anybody who’s anybody is wearing it, and they saw it on Faux News and TikTok anyway, without realizing what they were supporting. Planet-Rescuers could collect all 7 versions and wear them on different days of the week to honor different zones of the Planet, or wear the one that matched the headlines. You could even add a game, Hattle. Mother Gaia would be Proud, and maybe Inspired to keep us around a bit longer.
  • If we interpret the Current Chiron-Neptune Cycle as Teamwork Creating New Spiritual Bummers and Miracles in Old Packages, that would probably fit the present World pretty well.

I’m reading Mark Hammond’s The Flaming Cats of Sohan, sort of Douglas Adams meets Whitley Strieber, just crazy enough to fit the current Dualistic World. It’s Disorienting when I look up from the book and forget which version of Earth I’m Living on, the one with the Penguins or not, but it doesn’t take long to Realize that it’s actually a Realistic Commentary on the “Real” World we’re Living in, which Lightens me Up in the process, helping to see the Cosmic Irony in this Herxheimer of the Patriarchy.

Much more Third-Decanate Action to come…

Self-Love New Moon 3

November 15, 2020

The 18 November 2020 Station of Eurydike, meaning an Exaggeration of the Issue of Trust, is 113 Degrees behind the New Moon, on the Cusp of Leo. Leo, when it’s not Devolving to Narcissism, is very “High-Minded,” or Intent on being Worthy of Respect (when Devolved, it’s Intent on appearing so). So Eurydike in Leo should in general give us a good sense of what’s Trustworthy. Eurydike’s Turning Retrograde at only 1 Degree of Leo, however, so it’s obviously Intent on doing some Remedial Work in Cancer.

Cancer is about Nurturance, so this Station and Remediation might suggest that we’ve been putting too much Trust in What Doesn’t Nurture us, and not enough in What Does. When the Issue of Trust is Exaggerated it means that we’re likely to Witness Errors in our Placement of Trust – places where we’ve Under-Trusted or Over-Trusted – so we can make Corrections in our Boundaries, and Amends where needed. Masks come to mind.

Sun Cycles are one year long, and the current Sun-Eurydike Cycle began on 22 May in 3 Gemini, which Degree Symbol is “The Garden of the Tuileries in Paris.” Quite a fascinating Metaphor, as the Palais des Tuileries was the home of French monarchs from Louis XIV to Napoleon III, until it was burned by working-class radicals as the Second French Empire was collapsing, leaving only les Jardins. Not a good omen for an aspiring Emperor methinks.

A Cycle is mostly Underground for it’s first fourth – 3 months in the case of a Sun Cycle, and often Emerges as a Crisis at it’s 90-Degree point (ie, when the Sun is 90 Degrees ahead of where Eurydike has then moved to – it’s “Waxing Square” in astrologuese), which occurred on 20 October, two weeks prior to the election, in 28 Libra, “A person becoming aware of Spiritual Forces surrounding and assisting them.” And two weeks before Gary Craig’s suggestion (Gary is the founder of Tapping) that we enlist our Unseen Therapist not just to Heal our Body, but also to Heal the World We Want To Live In. That was a Profound transition for me, as I followed Gary’s suggestion, and immediately saw Profound results from my Thetas.

The Station of Eurydike is 113 Degrees behind the New Moon. Expressed as a fraction, that’s 6/19th of the 360-Degree Zodiac.

There are several “layers” to “Tropical” astrology (the kind we practice). The “planets” (including the Moon, the Sun, asteroids, symbolic points in the Sky, etc.) contribute various kinds of Energy to the current Reality. For instance, asteroid Eurydike contributes Energies about Trust. The Signs give various “Flavors” to the Energy. So Eurydike in Leo is mostly about Trusting Integrity, while Eurydike in Cancer is more about Trusting Compassion. The Houses project that Flavored Energy into various parts of our Mundane Lives. Since Houses depend on where you Live, and we talk about what’s going on for the Earth in general, we don’t use Houses in this blog.

We put most of our emphasis on The Angles between planets (“Aspects” in astrologuese, but we just call them “Angles”), because that tells us how different Energies are likely to Interact at any given time. The New Moon is in Scorpio, so it’s about Getting to the Bottom of Things, Fearlessly, over the next several weeks. When planets are Stationary (Standing Still because they’re caught in the Act of Reversing their Direction) they’re at their Peak Influence. So the Angle between the Exaggeration of Trust (Eurydike Station) and Getting to the Bottom of what Impedes Trust (Scorpio New Moon) is what interests us.

That Angle here is 113 Degrees, or 6/19th of the Zodiac (6 x 360 / 19 = 113.7). We usually work in 1/2 (Opposition) or 1/3 (Trine) or 1/4 (Square) of the Zodiac, but when an Angle isn’t so tidy we have to resort to weirder fractions. Angles that are multiples of 1/19th of the Zodiac (which is 19 Degrees – the square root of 360 is 18.974) are part of the “19th Harmonic” of the Zodiac.

Traditional or Egoic astrology (which strives to fluff the Egos of its clients) doesn’t delve that deeply into Angles, but we do, because our Mission is to assist the Ego in moving toward Union with the Soul, which involves integrating the Ego with the Unconscious (and Ego Deaths). Fortunately, we discovered a couple of decades ago that there was a very Strong Correspondence between the Harmonics of the Zodiac and the cards of the Tarot Major Arcana. For instance, in the Tarot 4 is the Emperor, or the principle of Power and Leadership. In astrology two planets separated by 1/4 of the Zodiac are “Square.” To Ego-astrology a Square represents a Hassle. Seen through the Eyes of Soul-astrology, the Square – the Fourth Harmonic – represents the Challenges through which We Develop Power and Leadership.

All Angles that are multiples of 19 are members of the 19th Harmonic, symbolized in the Tarot by the Sun, and meaning “The universal principle of teamwork, partnership, and collaboration. The Sun depicts the Life Force and unlimited energy that is within us waiting to be used and expressed… It is the inner dance of male/female energy that is within each of us that taps unlimited reservoirs of creativity. Integrating and applying our creativity in both magnetic and dynamic ways allows us to experience the unlimited aspects of who we are.” –Angeles Arrien, The Tarot Handbook, p.92

113 Degrees is six 19ths. The Sixth Harmonic is symbolized in the Tarot by The Lovers – “the universal principle of the art and craft of Relationship” —op. cit. p.45. In astrology, the Sixth Harmonic (360 / 6 = 60 Degrees, the Sextile) is about Grace, but it’s not automatic – we have to take the first step. So the Angle between Trust (Eurydike Station) and Deep Diving (New Moon in Scorpio) is about Win-Win Negotiations, where each party to a Transaction strives to Learn the Objectives of the Other party, and looks for ways to help the Other meet their Objectives.

It will be quite remarkable if we see any of that in Politics, although it will help that Boris has fired Dominic. Someone will have to find a way to help the Antichrist Save Face, since that’s obviously his Prime Directive when Bullying fails. Many of us Believe we Grok the Earth’s Objectives in Climate Change (Ending Huperity’s Destruction of Nature’s Infrastructure?), and Joe may take steps in that direction. Our Egos think that the Objective of SARS-CoV-19, the virus blamed for the COVID-19 scourge, is just Narcissistic Darwinism, but we won’t get far toward Win-Win with that Judgment (Love Dies when Judgment replaces Curiosity).

It’s important to remember than in a negotiation where one party plays Win-Win and the Other party plays Win-Lose, the Win-Lose player Wins. We hope Joe knows this.

If we look at the Sun-Eurydice Cycle rather than the more-Static but Profound Angle between the Eurydike Station and the New Moon, we see that the Cycle reaches the Trine (120 Degrees, Dumb-Luck Blessings) on 21 November, so the events of that day may be instructive.

However, by then we’ll be in between the Stations of Gonggong (Intrusive Memories) and Nessus (Abuse and Privilege). This will Complicate matters, but on the other hand it’s fabulous that in the middle of that potential Trauma, Win-Win Collaboration (six 19ths) could be Available. We’ll look at the Angles between Gonggong and the New Moon, and between Nessus and the New Moon, in the next post.

Meanwhile, the Moon is Out of Bounds again next week (Expect more Emotionality), from 16 November 8pm PST till 19 November 12:22 pm PST. By the way, we don’t really Experience Moon OOB as more Emotionality, we Experience it as events which Trigger our Strong Emotions. Many, or maybe most, people will interpret that as Those Bastards! rather than Oh, I’m being more Emotional.