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Bad Link Corrected

November 28, 2010

The Ron Paul link was incorrect in Spot of Tea, Anyone?  It shoulda been

Spot of Tea, Anyone?

November 28, 2010

No fun, eh?

Turns out it’s our old friend Michael Chertoff, former head of Homeland Security, that’s selling these scammers, er, scanners to the government.  Here’s Ron Paul’s reaction.  And a highly recommended perspective from outside the trance.  Did the Koch Brothers not get into the Country Club or something?

So, what’s going on?

I noticed a number of you checked in at the Full Moon last week.  The primary Energy then is the same that’s going on now – the time span for the Energy is roughly November 18 through December 13, but then it gets a bit more intense for a bit, rather than lightening up.  This Energy was actually more understandable at the Full Moon, though it’s strongest between today and December 4.

For me, the Full Moon brought a nasty windstorm that basically destroyed the structures I’d built to try to extend the gardening season, and brought the first frost of the year – at seven degrees F.  A major blow to my number one priority since June 1.  Then I actually got lost driving home from the Post Office this evening.   The same Post Office I’ve driven to several times a week for the last six months, and it wasn’t even raining, so visibility was fine.  Before I got lost I even wondered why that bus was turning down that road, and made a mental note to look up its route when I got home.  For about ten minutes I had no idea where I was – and I’m a geographer.

So there’s a coupla clues.  “A major blow to my number one priority” – well, you don’t do a number one priority without some degree of ego involvement, usually a large degree.  And getting lost is a sure sign of Ego Death.  No need to be alarmed at the notion of Death here – every Ego Death is an Ego Rebirth, just as every Death is merely a Transformation, a New Trance.  So we know Juno’s involved, since She rules Identity, especially Unconscious Identity.  We ask ourself, What are we merged with, and is it really part of our essence?  Can we let it go?

The Energy is a Mars T-Square.  Mars is Conjunct Pallas, Square to Juno, and Square to Jupiter-Uranus.  Well, recall that Jupiter-Uranus symbolizes that massive new Download from our Soul Chord.  Okay, so Mars-Pallas is bringing into consciousness the places where our habitual ego attachments are getting in the way of our new Download.  So far so good!  What’s Mars-Pallas about?

Mars is the God of War, and Pallas the Goddess of War – and Wisdom.  The Conjunction is the First Harmonic, the Magician, a Trickster – Magic is afoot, but don’t be surprised if it backfires.  As we always remind, Mars shoots first, while Pallas asks questions first, then shoots only when necessary.  So we know we’re refining our Boundaries (Pallas) here, and probably refining them through getting agitated (Mars) about something.

Why would Mother Gaia betray my garden with a seven degree first frost?  My thoughts automatically go to How can I protect the garden from the North Wind? – using Matter or Energy, using Resistance or Collaboration.  But of course it’s also about just accepting the fact that Winter is due in this hemisphere, allowing grief, embracing gratitude for growing things as late in the year as we have already, and letting go of Control.  And of course it’s Both/And, as usual, eh?  But Mars is in Sagittarius, so letting go (the essence of Sadge) gets the longer straw.  And the Trickster is here, so I need to hold the question lightly, regarding it as a Koan, not a problem to be engineered.

And of course, you wanna get agitated about something, just focus on government ineptitude and lack of support for the People, or inappropriate government intrusion, or Tea Party idiocy (gotta recommend the movie Idiocracy) or Republican fantasies about how they’ll reduce the budget by lowering taxes on gazillionairs and cutting off unemployment compensation, or the incredulous tendency of the American Sheople to get entranced by Republican fantasies, or the utter ineffectiveness of that other party – Jim Hightower says it better than I can.  It doesn’t sound much better in Europe, if my sources are relevant.  USA Out of North America! as the bumper stickers used to say when folks got tired of their USA Out of Vietnam! or Nicaragua! stickers being ignored.

So the constructive perspective might be asking ourselves, What am I merged with, that I get so upset about [choose one or more: government, gate rape, Sarah P., Mr. O, the Party of No, the Party of Dither, the Sheople, the Chinese, North Korea, Pork Chops, etc etc]? Can I lighten up on that merging, and instead ask my Guides what Values of mine are violated here, and how can I most effectively, and most appropriately, defend them?  There’s a strong distinction between your Values and your Ideas.  Like the bumper sticker says, Hate is Not a Family Value.  Not very many of us, fortunately, have a Value of Hating.  But almost all of us can easily indulge our Hating, and we do it whenever one of our Ideals or Ideas is violated.

Our Ideals and Ideas and Pet Peeves are caricatures of our Values.  Whatever our own personal Soul Chord Download is, you can be assured that it’ll ask you to get conscious of your living, breathing Values more directly, and let go of your outdated allegorical snapshots of them.  Be mindful not to re-lease your old programming; let it go instead.  Let the canvas be blank.  Move toward curiosity.

So, we gotta T-square, the Fourth Harmonic – Mastery through Challenge.  As usual, we look to see how the Third (Love with Wisdom) and Sixth (Collaboration) Harmonics intertwine, because they show us how to use Grace as a martial art, throwing Challenge with its own energy.

First, Jupiter-Uranus Trines (3rd H.) Vesta.  That tells us that we can locate our Download by contemplating that which we hold sacred.  What we hold sacred is a deeper version of our Values, but less personal.  We defend our Values, but we serve that which we hold sacred.  And second, Mars-Pallas Sextiles (6th H.) Chiron-Neptune.  You remember Chiron-Neptune – that’s the edge between Despair and Miracles, the allowing of a whole new paradigm to compost the Impossible into Miracles.

So yes, we recall that everything we’re experiencing here is a Healing Crisis, that the Healing – the Paradigm Shift and the Download – has already occurred, and what we’re feeling is merely Keening about the loss of our Old Friends, the loss of the person we used to be, the loss of the World we used to live in.  Our agitation is an attempt to re-lease our Old Friends, but they’ve already moved on.  The Corporate Media is trying to reprogram us with a new and improved version of the old paradigm; don’t fall for that trance.

Our agitation is heuristic – it’s intention is to remind us to allow grief for our losses, to embrace our Gratitude for the good times we shared, and to invite Curiosity about the Unformed that is taking Form before us.  We influence that Forming strongly, and it’s critical that we hold the Energy of who we’d like to Become, and of the New World we’d like to live in.  Your Reality is a hologram, and you’re the projector.

As with any T-Square, we look to the “Vacancy,” or the location that would complete the Grand Cross and bring things into Balance.  The energy of the Vacancy is energy we need to supply ourself.  In this case it’s “A group of immigrants as they try to earn admission to a new country” – how can we make sense of that?  Well, okay, we are immigants, with the new Download.  We’re new here.  And we don’t even know the customs of the new country, because it’s still mostly Unformed.  The usual immigration experience is about powerlessness, and toggling between submission and rage.  One alternative is hope and ambition.  If we believe that our New World will be a Land of Opportunity for us, and if we have the Ambition of Youth to apply to it, we may be able to see the red tape and hoops and delays as speed bumps more than walls.

Now, we mentioned that once we get to mid-December it could get more intense.  Well, as Mars leaves the current configuration, it moves right into a Conjunction with Pluto, with Mercury, retrograde, joining them.  We’ll talk about that later.  We’ll just finish with a snapshot of your government.  Remember – snapshot = Idea?  What Values correspond?

Tearing Up II

November 14, 2010

Here’s another great test of our Detachment…

Remember, it’s Both/And, or in this case, All of the Above.

Yes, if yer Heart isn’t beating Moral Outrage reading this story (which I haven’t even finished yet), then you may want to consult with your cardiologist, or your produce manager.

And yes, what Disturbance in the Force is creating these PM Emotion vibes and being symbolized in this way?  Hmmm, could this be the cumulative effect of Expectations that the Planet will be vaporized for a bypass in 2012 and we’ll all lose our home?  Of course, if we identify with the Soul rather than the Body, that’s not a worry.  How will the Pod People in the US respond – by pointing at Taibbi with a shrill scream?  Saw a movie about one future for the US recently – Idiocracy.

Too much Truth, it hurts.  That’s the Held Emotions.  Real (PM) Emotions don’t hurt, they just flow through like water inna pipe.  Sure, Fear and Anger about our own personal collection of hundreds or thousands of big and little Abandonments saved through the centuries, and Grief about maybe the loss of our faith or trust in Benevolence?  Lots of fodder here for re-leasing or tearing up our contracts with any number of Hurts to tap out.  In case you’ve forgotten, that’s

Tearing Up (Over) the Mortgage

November 14, 2010

This coming Thursday is when both Venus and Jupiter turn direct, and a few days later Mars crosses Pallas.  While Venus is leaving Retreat, the more meaningful changes are probably when She rises as the Morning Star (last week), and when she finishes crossing the “Shadow Period,” that is, finishes moving forward across the space that she Retreated in.  That’s confusing.  Well, Venus was retrograde from 14 of Scorpio back to 28 of Libra.  That’s the spatial version of the Shadow Period.  But before Venus went retro, it moved forward across this minefield.  Not that there’s anything inherently more dangerous about the first half of Scorpio than any other half sign, but any retrogradation sets up opportunities for us to re-experience and re-lease our Karma.

Which is exactly what we do, we re-lease our Karma every time it comes up, till one day we finally get so tired of the treadmill that we just tear up the lease and move on.  We re-lease it cuz it’s The Devil We Know, but mostly cuz mosta the time we don’t even recognize it as our Karma, cuz we just think it’s somebody else doing something to us againI’m just stuck inside of Mobile with the Memphis Blues again, as Bobby Z put it.  Minefield, in other words.

The temporal version of the Shadow Period is the time Venus takes to tippytoe across the minefield – this is the time when the Universe sets up the circumstances for the lessons that the retrogradation will offer.  In this case, it was September 5 through October 7.  Then the retrogradation spanned October 7 till this coming Thursday.  The retrogradation is actually a healing time – it’s when the issues that arose during the  Shadow Period (Shadow is the Jungian term for Karma, Unfinished Business, Held Emotion, Limiting Beliefs, Unconscious Demons, the contents of our PTSD, our “Shit,” or whatever ya wanna call it) get exposed for the Paper Tigers that they are – nothing Present Moment about it, it’s all just toxic fog steaming up the Emotional Body.

Of course, a lot of us define “Real” by our Emotions, and that’s every bit as valid as defining “Real” by consensus, or worse yet, by our Ideologies and Limiting Beliefs.  Jung used to say that “thinking” people (folks who give Thought more validity than Emotion) are irrational, because they don’t know their own Heart – since Emotion is the language of the Heart.  Without knowing their own Heart, they’re unable to make choices that further their own Values – irrational.  So there’s nothing Unreal about our Karma, it’s just not Present Moment in the Physical, till we make it so with our Expectations.  Never underestimate the power of Expectations.

Don’t wanna leave that thread hanging – divide Emotions into three components: Present Moment Emotions, Held Emotions, and Values.  Values – Meaning – is the language of the Heart.  It speaks through Emotion.  Held Emotions are those which hold us hostage, our Karma, Paper Tigers, as long as we don’t use Expectation (aka Unconscious Intention) to reincarnate them into the physical.  Present Moment Emotions are a whole nother animal.  They’re a  stream-of-consciousness technicolor movie, that have nothing to do with Attachment.  Very informative, a translation of our Intuition, when we can separate them from the other two.  The realm of true Empathy.

Okay, so Venus tiptoes across the soon-to-be-defined-as-a-minefield Shadow Period (Karma is triggered) before it turns retro (Karma is re-leased by our Victim, and/or the lease is torn up by our Master).  Then, once it goes direct again, it has to cross the Shadow Period space again.  So it’ll be the Solstice (more threads! – which we will leave dangling) before Venus shakes off this whole sordid affair, and moves freely again.  But the third crossing of the minefield, from Thursday through the Solstice, is the confidence-building phase.  An issue arises during the first crossing (the canopener) that we don’t know how to handle.  During the second crossing the issue arises again, but this time it happens in slow motion (the exposition), so we can figure it out.  Then during the third crossing, we encounter it again, and this time we know what to do with it (the confidence-builder)!

Now, how is it we avoid re-leasing our Karma and signing up for another two-year (or twenty-lifetime) contract?  Easy to describe, actually not that hard to do, but very difficult to remember to do, cuz our Karma has us hypnotized, and when it arises, we (our Consciousness) are seldom home.  Nature of the animal.  But if we do happen to wake up in the middle of a Karmic process,

focus on the verb.

Erase the prepositional object.  In other words, the usual template is They Didthat to Us. We’re Angry at them.  We’re Grieving about suchandsuch.  We’re Scared of that.  No, it’s not They Didthat to Us, it’s That happened.   It’s not We’re Angry at them, it’s I’m Angry.  Not We’re Scared of that, but I’m Scared.  Not We’re Grieving about that, but I’m Grieving.  Simple grammatical analysis.  I am Angry says, quite simply, I can’t distinguish my Self from the Emotion of Anger. Well, that’s pretty limiting, isn’t it.  We’d have a lot more of our skills available to us if we were also Green, and Tall, and Experienced, and Dressed, and any other adjective you can imagine, in addition to being Angry.  The Karmic part of the whole trance is the prepositional phrase at the end of the sentence – at them.  That’s what kidnaps our Conscious Self.

I’m Angry is simply very limiting, and most of us most of the time would simply choose to be a few other qualities as well.  In fact, most of us would rather have Anger than be it, because that leaves us a lot more space to live in.  But I’m Angry at them is a Karmic trance, and somebody’s gonna hafta tap us on the shoulder to wake us up, cuz otherwise we aint home.

Okay, that’s where Venus is.  The first half of Scorpio is about, from the Victim perspective, all of the Held Emotions that hold us back from enjoying our community and its fruits.  From the Master perspective, the first half of Scorpio is about Fearlessness.  Of course, people get hurt when they’re in trance and Fearless.  So the wakeup part is pretty important.  Then we can be Fearless about facing down the Paper Tigers and tearing up the lease.

The Jupiter?  Well, recall Uranus crossed into Aries recently, initiating a new 84-year cycle, and Jupiter crossed at the same time.  Uranus the Soul Chord, and Jupiter the Amplifier – in other words a huuuuge new download from our Individual Soul.  But then both Jupiter and Uranus went retro and backed back into Pisces.  From the Victim perspective, Pisces symbolizes the Karmic Trance itself.  So these Jupiter-Uranus retro adventures give us an additional opportunity to clean up our Unfinished Business so we can take max advantage of the whole new download.

Uranus doesn’t go direct until November 30.  Jupiter crosses Uranus again, with both planets direct, on January 4.  Jupiter re-enters Aries on January 22, and Uranus does the deed on March 11, 2011.  By then our new mission should be crystal clear.  Folks with birthdays in early March will be slung forward as if from a slingshot.

We also mentioned Mars-Pallas, this coming Sunday.  Mars is the God of War, and Pallas the Goddess of War, and of Wisdom.  Pallas asks questions first and shoots only when necessary.  Good Boundaries, in other words.  We’ll see some Boundaries (Pallas) get violated (Mars), but we’ll also see a lot of people using their Energy (Mars) constructively to create and maintain Good Boundaries (Pallas), on a global scale.

We didn’t mention Pluto-Dragon, on or about November 26.  You can think of Pluto as the inevitable, and Dragon as Karma itself.  Not Fate, by any means, because Fate/FreeWill is an intellectual distinction, and intellectual distinctions, barring excessive Expectation, occur only in the mind of the observer, not in hardcopy Reality.  Another series of Paper Tigers.  This Pluto is crossing the Dragon’s Head, not His Tail.  That means we’ll be dragged into the Future – the Dragon’s Head represents the Future, His Tail the Past.  More or less – they flip a lot, since Linear Time is only mass hypnosis, and All There Is Is Now.  Get ready for another long, emotional trip.  Good thing we know the difference between our Karma and a disturbance in the Force.

But an adventure with the Dragon’s Head is usually a lot more fun than one with the Dragon’s Tail, though the Head can be profoundly disorienting if we end up skipping a coupla years and a lot of transition.  So if you wake up one morning and have no idea where you are, you probably didn’t have a stroke.  You probably just tore up a coupla mortgage contracts on your Limiting Beliefs in yer dreams.  Recognize it, and enjoy the freedom.  If you don’t recognize it, you’ll go looking for ways to re-lease.  Sure, it’s scary out there, but just focus on the verb.  Good time to tap, eh?

A correspondent sent a link to a Martin-Luther-scale (not MLK, but ML hisself) observation about the state of the Planet –

It’s excellent.  He’s recommending continued Attachment, but read it with the Heart, and see if you can distinguish between your Held Emotions from your Present Moment Emotions.  Hint: you know your Held Emotions like the back of your Hand; your PM Emotions feel a little bit strange.  You won’t be graded, it’s just an exercise.  It’s always Both/And, remember.  The author downgrades the Spiritual to “just Magic” (snicker), but otherwise he’s spot on.  It’s not one or the other, it’s Both/And.  Both keep an eye on the erosion of your physical freedoms, and manage your Expectations carefully.

Waiting for Godot, or, Who Farted?

November 3, 2010

Here’s another great perspective:

Are we heading downstream, or what!  I must say, these blogspotters have great graphics!


November 3, 2010

GoldAn anonymous correspondent sends this link on what the author calls the I-virus (not to be confused with product offerings from Apple):

It’s funny, and a valuable perspective.  Viruses are unusual Beings – by the normal definitions of biology, they aren’t “alive.”  (Of course that’s a shortcoming of biology, as anybody who’s talked to a Rock or an Energy well knows.)  A virus is just a chunk of DNA-like molecular material that “lives” in the Wild.  But since they’re DNA-like, they can mingle with the DNA of folks that are biologically alive, like us, and change the genetic character of the folks they mingle with.

So yes, we usually think of a virus as a “disease,” and the link develops that notion in a very constructive way.  We can also think of ourselves as (malignant) cells of the larger being Gaia.  But when we look through the eyes of Responsibility (ability to respond) instead of the eyes of Victim, we can also see “dis-ease” as a growth process, where the “cause” is an imbalance somewhere in the Being and the “symptoms” are information about where the imbalance lies and how the Being can be brought back into balance.  The “Being” that holds the imbalance might be us, or someone we’ve merged with, or a larger Entity (such as Gaia herself, or the American Psyche that’s infected by the T-virus), or a different Entity altogether – like the parasite that alters a Mouse’s programming to eliminate the fear of Cats, because the parasite can replicate itself only inside a Cat.

Our Victim postures result from an infection by the U-virus – “you” did that to “me” – if the iVirus is heads, then the uVirus is tails, and the coin is Separation.  The experience of Separation is how we become conscious of Union.  It’s evolutionary, or as Rudolf Steiner might say, devolutionary – evolution and devolution are always in balance, except when they aren’t.  A healing perspective is the reminder that it’s not about outcomes, it’s about processes.


November 3, 2010


If yer feeling confused, spaced out, not sure what you’re doing or why, yer almost exactly where ya need to be.  I say almost, cuz Who am I anyway? is the the real question.  And it doesn’t have an answer.  That’s the Creative Challenge – to hang loose with that question, let it not have an answer, and let it unfold newly, in it’s own time, through a process of discovery.  That spaced-out, not-sure process, Beginner’s Mind, is exactly what leads you to serendipitously stumble into the next big phase of your life.

There’s a number of darkest-before-the-dawn processes going on.  There’s a New Moon at the end of the week, so the Moon is Balsamic.  The Moon is the timekeeper, and Balsamic means just what we’ve been talking about, Letting Go, Release, Don’t-Know Mind, Who am I anyway? kinda deal.   If you have a clear sky before Dawn, watch for it.  It’s magical.

That’s an every-month kinda timescale.  Then there’s the Direct Station of Neptune this weekend.  This occurs every year, when God-energies, or energies larger than ourSelf, start to move “forward” again after six months of playing with loops and curls.  Dang hard to make “forward” progress when the energies larger than ourSelf are dancing in circles.  Time to release frustration and let the energies flow.  They may flow in a direction different than you expected, but if you stay with it, they’ll surprise and delight you.

And we have another head-in-the-canal just-before-dawn process hatching that’s an 18-month timescale – Venus rises as the Morning Star, Venus Athena, in a few hours.  This is Inanna herself.  Not the symbol, but the referent!  In terms of Power, this is huge.  It’s about allowing oneself to be recreated to be born anew, without losing your perspectives.

So on any count, if yer tapping on yer lifetime traumadramas, yer a lucky lad or lass, because this is the moment when Power is afoot and Transformation – Forming a new Trance – is easier.  And then there’s the Biggie…

We’re in the last few days of the Mayan Sixth Night, the end of Kali Juga!  The timescale on this one?  It happens once in the history of a Universe.  Once!  By far the biggest Rebirth you’ve experienced so far on this plane.

Let there be Light!