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Auspicious Full Moon

December 5, 2014


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The December 6 Full Moon at half-past 4am PST is very busy and very Auspicious.  It’s particularly Powerful for…

  • Communications with Lasting Effect 
  • Growth in Consciousness
  • Taking advantage of Universal Trends
  • Creating Miracles 
  • Confronting Fear 
  • Rebirth

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Communications with Lasting Effect derive from the Sun’s Conjunction with Mercury and Ceres.  Growth in Consciousness, Going with the Flow, Creating Miracles, and Confronting Fear, respectively, evolve from Yods to Juno, Pluto, Chiron (all in the first chart), and Sedna (second chart).  Rebirth comes out of Haumea’s Exact Opposition to Eris (second chart) the day before the Full Moon.

The Communication, Growth, Trend, and Miracle angles become particularly Auspicious because they’re wrapped in a Grand Sextile along with the Full Moon (first chart).  Confrontation of Fear and Rebirth get their Auspiciousness from the overarching Haumea Kite (second chart).

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The Challenges that offer Certification of Mastery derive from…

  • Discouragement about the effectiveness of our Communication – which is overcome by finding Awe about how our Mission Guides us using our Desires as prompts

A Chiron T-Square based on the Full Moon Opposition is supported by its Yod, which is based on Juno Sextile to the North Node (first chart).

  • Fear of Surrender – which is resolved by genuine Wonder around examples of how Effortless our Life became when we Trusted our Emotions and our Ability to Manifest what we Need

Pluto T-Squares the Nodal Axis, supported by its Yod based on Juno Sextile to the Moon (first chart).

  • Allowing ourselves to Expand so quickly that our Ego becomes Overwhelmed – which can be handled by being Curious about how to be Relentless in Identifying the Elephant in the room

A Stationary Jupiter T-Square is grounded in an Opposition between Pallas and Sedna.  This is supported by the Grand Trine between Jupiter, Eris, and a Stellium of an Out of Bounds Venus, Ixion, and Pholus (second chart).

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The Grand Sextile (first chart) is composed of Sun-Mercury-Ceres, the Full Moon itself, the Nodes (with Uranus Conjunct the South Node), Juno, and a Vacancy filled nicely by two asteroids, Persephone and Urania.  Persephone is the Goddess of Seasonality and Cycles including Death and Rebirth, and Urania is the Muse of Astrology.