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Gifts 3

February 28, 2019

There’s a lot going on in this week’s primary chart, which we included in Gifts 1 several days ago.  It would be better to break out each of the main Patterns or Configurations, but I haven’t had time.  We already discussed the Manifestation and Choice (Makemake-Moira Station) Self-Resolving Challenge (Diamond Star), and next we’ll cover the Searching and Fearless Inventory (Karma-Veritas Station) Diamond Star.  Find a Diamond Star in the chart by looking for a red triangle that’s also the point of a green wedge, like the ones pointing to Makemake and asteroid Karma.

Diamond Stars, or Self-Resolving Challenges, have five Players.  The crux of the Challenge is embedded in the planet at the point of the red triangle (T-Square or Challenge) and green wedge (Finger of God or Pay Attention to This!).

Here that’s asteroid Karma.  We interpret that straightforwardly as Karma, but by that we don’t mean Retribution, we mean Inertia, Habit Patterns.  Yes, we very much bring them with us into each Lifetime.   We ain’t “blank slates” when we’re born, we’re fully developed Personalities, we’re just very Spaced Out from our journey through the Wormhole.

You know how difficult or easy it can be to Change a Habit, depending on how long and how often we’ve used it to make Life Easier.  Our Karmic Patterns are multi-Lifetime by definition, and one of their defining characteristics is that we usually use them to Defend ourself against certain Emotions that our Ego Believes will be Fatal if we Feel them.  You know the second-grade rule, “Sticks and Stone may Break my Bones, but Emotions will Never Hurt me.”  Bullshit.  Emotions can be more Painful than a Broken Bone.

So yes, even in the best of circumstances, Karma is Challenging, but this is a Self-Resolving Challenge, so it’s a tremendous Gift.  We’ll carry into our next Lifetime any Karma that we don’t Let Go Of Now, so Self-Resolving Karma isn’t just Life-Changing, it’s Game-Changing.  I don’t know if you’ve ever had the Experience, or Interpreted it this way, but when you Let Go of a significant chunk of Karma, you can actually see the Movies Changing as they march off into the Infinite Future, like giant multidimensional Dominoes!  It’s Exhilarating!

The second major Player in this Diamond Star is the Stationary (28 February, 11pm PST) asteroid Veritas, which means Truth.  So Facing the Truth of our Karma is what’s going on here, but that doesn’t mean Admitting we were Abusive in Roman days or anything Retributive like that.  It means Being Willing to Experience the Emotions that Scare the Shit out of us.  But remember, this is Self-Resolving! So not only is it, relatively, no Big Deal, it’s Easy, and a Big Relief.  Really it’s the Opportunity of a Lifetime!  No, more like the Opportunity of a Long Span of Lifetimes!!

Be particularly Attentive to Fear.  If it threatens to arise, Kegel it.  Our Karma is hidden beneath layers and layers of Subterfuge, Judgment, and Rationalization.  Ever meet someone who announces that they “Aren’t the kind of person that…”?  Or who “Can’t understand how anyone could like…”?  Or who is Unwaveringly Certain that they Know They’re Right about…?  Those are the kind of tightly sealed Cartons that we pack our Karma into so we can Pretend it’s a Virtue rather than a Limitation.

Then we go around looking for Other people who share our Limitation, to Protect ourself from the hidden underlying Emotions even more.  Once we start opening those Cartons to see what’s inside, we’re likely to find Fear.  If we’ve Trained ourself to be ultrasensitive to the first signs of Fear (which Opportunity our early February Adventures with Sedna Offered to us), then we can catch it Early enough to just Grab it and Hug it.  We Grab and Hug Fear by Kegeling.  If we’re quick enough, we only need one Kegel.  If we let the Fear grow before we Notice it and Respond, we may also need Breathing and Tapping.

The Kegels 5 post is a good quick review of February if you need it –

Asteroid Veritas sits on one side of the Base of the red triangle or T-Square.  The Base of a T-Square is an Opposition, two planets that sit on opposite sides of the Zodiac.  An Opposition is an Apparent Contradiction.  Apparent because there are no Contradictions in the Real World, they exist only in the Dualistic mind.  The Opposition is the Second-Harmonic Angle, and the Second Harmonic is about Ritual.  Ritual gains its considerable Power through Repetition.   We Repeat the hell out of those Cartons we mentioned that we use to obscure our Karma from ourself, the more the merrier!  Or so our Ego Believes.

On the Other side of the Zodiac from Veritas in this Configuration is Mars (Action, Anger).  The suggestion is that we can process this Karma quickly by just Looking For, Admitting, and Embracing all of the Anger we’ve become accustomed to Repressing.  I suspect you’ve already been Re-Experiencing odd snippets of Childhood Anger that have been popping up without apparent provocation.  Look at your Life through the Eyes of Anger.

For instance, all your Life other people have been Rejecting or refusing to acknowledge your Hidden Genius.  You’re used to it.  Like my New Yorker friend said, “There are eleven million people in New York, so if you’re one in a million there are eleven other people here just like you!”  Since our Hidden or Forbidden Genius is usually wrapped tightly in Shame, however, meeting them on friendly terms may not be Easy.  You may even be starting to Acknowledge your Genius as an unappreciated Gift, so you don’t even bother to Judge the Naivete of others, they just don’t know any better.

That’s Great, but turn it around for a moment, just as an exercise.  Shame is Anger turned inward, and it’s Toxic.  It’s probably a major contributor to Cancer, as the Cells attempt to Mirror to the Ego what’s going on deep inside the Organism.  It may be hard to find, but somewhere down there you’re Angry at not being Recognized, Angry at the Blind Spots in your Culture that make you Invisible.  More important, you’re Angry at your Childhood Programmers for making you Ashamed of your Greatest Gift to the Planet.

This is not trivial, because Giving that Gift to the World is a critical piece in the Gigantic Puzzle that will bring the World back into Balance.  Our Mutual Survival depends on it.  That long-buried Anger may be barely Recognizable as Anger, but it was there.  Find it, Poor Sweetheart it, Embrace it, Love it to Death.  This is a rare Get-Out-of-Jail-Free card.  When we Stuffed that Anger we also Stuffed a critical part of Our Self and Soul.  Reach in, pull it out, and give it a Place of Honor on your Altar.

The other two points on a Diamond Star sit at each end of the Base of the green wedge or Finger of God.  These form the Cat’s-Cradle of blue lines that represent the Grace that Allows the Diamond Star to be Self-Resolving.

The first of these two is asteroid Moira.  If we recall from Gifts 1 that Moira is about Fate, which is our Karma when we aren’t Conscious of it, and about Choice, which is Liberated when we become Conscious.  Once we Recognize that we have a Karmic Pattern to Do such-and-such or React to such-and-such, we’re Free to Choose to Change the Habit. This is one element of the Grace making the Dismissal of our Karma Self-Resolving.

The second element of Grace here is the dwarf planet Orcus.  Orcus is about Making and Breaking Oaths.  Oaths, Vows, Promises, Commitments – they represent a big part of the Foundation of the Patriarchy.  Once you make an Oath, you Surrender your Free Will and your Future.  Oaths are not generally considered Revertible.  You will then, if you’re Loyal to your Oath, adjust your Behavior and Speech to reflect it.  These become Habits.  Then you forget that you made the Oath, and your Habits become your Karma, your deep Patterns that lie beyond your ordinary Conscious Control.

Till you Let Go of the KarmaKarma does not Grasp us, we Grasp our Karma.  Letting Go of it is Effortless.  We have only to Recognize that, and Commit ourself to Letting Go of the Old Patterns and Expectations, while Developing New ones.  Notice, though, that this is a new Commitment, another Oath.  The Oath process is a fundamental part of Existence.  We don’t Eliminate it, we Adapt it to What We Want, and we as best we can Remain Conscious of which Commitments Serve us best, while we Jettison the rest.  We can’t Live without Oaths and hence Limitations, but we can Minimize them.

Gifts 2

February 27, 2019

The Moira (Fate and Choice) Station occurred 26 February (3:30 am PST).  We discussed its role as a Player in the Makemake (Manifestation) in the recent Gifts 1 post.

On 27 February (4:30am PST) dwarf planet Asbolus (Intuition) was Stationary, Conjunct asteroid Sappho (Self-Love) at 17 Gemini.  If you’re Noticing that you are NOT Beating Yourself Up in situations where you normally would, Good Work!  If you aren’t Noticing this, or you’re still in Self-Judgment, Shift your Perspective from the Material to the Spiritual (the Asbolus Station Squares Neptune).  How to do that?  Ask what sort of Energy is Active rather than what sort of Matter is Lit Up.

For example, rather than Attending to the Hardcopy Reality that your car won’t start, focus on Where you were going and Why – was your trip associated in any way with Anxiety?  With Giving Away Your Power?  With Serving Others or Serving the Sacred?  With Outrunning your Support Systems?  If some part of you didn’t Want you to take this trip, what part would it be?  Is that a part of yourself that you Admire?  That you Trust?  Oh, and did you remember to depress the clutch pedal or put the automatic transmission in park?

Then Ask yourself, “What’s Karmic about this kink in my plans?”  Your Intuition will be interacting very Gracefully with the End of your Karma (Asbolus-Sappho [Intuitions about Self-Love] Trine [Dumb-Luck Blessings] asteroids Atropos [Endings] and Karma).  There may be important information there.

The real Doozy though is something like Could The Most Important Thing be to Transform Our Codependent Relationship with Respect for All Things?  (Asbolus-Sappho Quincunx Saturn-BeeZed-Hylonome-Hopi.)  There’s a Difference between Sympathy and Compassion, and it’s easy to Confuse Empathy with either.  Of course no two folks will use the words exactly the same way, but in General Sympathy involves Feeling-With, while Compassion is closer to Feeling-For.

As we move from Competing with Nature to Collaborating with Her (ie, 3D to 5D), we have to Surrender Judgment.  Judgment goes both ways – Judging as Bad or Judging as Good.  We achieve Neutrality by moving beyond Judgment.  Neutrality means we don’t have Identity in Outcomes – no Outcome is a blow to our Ego.  When we deeply contemplate Inequality, How do we Feel?  If we Want to Change Inequality (either because we Want More for Ourself, or because we Feel For or Feel With its Victims), a Heavy Emotional Charge will hinder our efforts.  To Manifest most efficiently we need to be Neutral and Passionate.

I know, Neutral and Passionate sounds like an Oxymoron, but it’s we that are the Morons when we assume that what appear to be Contradictions are properties of the World.  They aren’t, they’re properties of the Observing Dualistic Mind.  The Natural Universe includes all Possibilities, Combinations, and Permutations.  Wherever we Perceive an Apparent Contradiction, we find a big Opportunity for Growth in Consciousness.  Without Neutrality we can’t Objectively and Creatively consider All Options.  Without Passion we aren’t Inspired enough to devote our Energy to the issue Consistently.

Asteroid Hopi represents Respect for All Things.  Dwarf planet Hylonome symbolizes Merging.  Hopi-Hylonome then is about Merging with the Universal – we’re Unable to Distinguish between Ourself and the Universe.  How do we Respect Ourself as a member of All Things?  That Relationship is being Transcended (asteroid Bee-Zed), and this Transcending is The Most Important Thing (Saturn) for us now.

These Differences are Subtle but Important.

We mentioned in Gifts 1 that the 26 February Station of Moira and the 28 February (11pm PST) Station of Veritas (Truth) occur only a few Degrees from one another (in different Signs), so we can interpret them as one chart.  We also mentioned that this chart is chock full of Blessings, and we detailed one of them, the Makemake Diamond Star (Self-Resolving Challenge about Manifestation) that involved the Moira Station.  The second Blessing we can consider is the Karma Diamond Star (Self-Resolving Challenge about Our Karma) that involves the Veritas Station.  We’ll take that up next.

Gifts 1b

February 21, 2019

Inability (or, as Healing proceeds, difficulty) to Distinguish the Present Moment from Regression is a prominent feature of PTSD, and Trauma isn’t just for soldiers.  Trauma can have Acute (a Soul-Shaking single event such as an IED) or Chronic (Repeated Abuse that would have less impact as a single event, but has cumulative impact that’s Serious) Sources.  Some Tapping practitioners are trained in dealing with PTSD.  In Self-Judgment and Self-Love ( we introduced Gary Craig’s (Tapping’s Founder) impressive work with PTSD.

Gifts 1a

February 20, 2019

A reader writes…

“The last paragraph [of the Gifts 1 post] points to what I see as an impossible question: how can I have permission to be who I really am?  Certainly I cannot change all of society, that is ridiculous.  Yet, I do see myself as a victim of this scenario.  While interacting with others, I find that if I am to be fully honest, I pour out all of my pain and victimhood in an elaborate and epic story, which then only inevitably leads to more suffering.

“So my only choices are Be an Imposter, or Share my Truth that I am Experiencing as Pain.

“I try to ‘switch the channel’ but I have so much trouble keeping it there.  It makes my mood swings so bad sometimes that I exhaust myself and end up feeling quite hopeless.

“I would like to know how we can remedy this and receive Permission to Be Who we Really Are.  I am PIAVAing the question, and trying not to think about the answer while keeping myself distracted, which has been leading to the Impostor thing.

“At least I know that I am not alone in this and that there are others who are working on these same issues.”

You can say that again (that you aren’t alone in this)!

If there’s a Re-evaluation Counseling (“RC,” often called Co-Counseling) group in your area (, that might be a good place to start; it’s a peer-counseling program that not only tries to give its peers the Opportunity to Practice being Themselves, but also aims to change “all of society.”

The Permission of course comes from yourself, not from outside, but it sounds like you’ve already given yourself this Permission, but you just haven’t found it satisfying, if I’m hearing you okay.  Those of us who never Received that Permission from outside when we were kids, are in the position where part or parts of our Personality are Frozen at the age when our Repression began or peaked.

At their age, there’s no Question that they were Victims, and giving our Inner Little One Permission to Indulge their Victimhood all day long is an important step.  “You Poor Sweetheart, you were seriously Victimized, weren’t you.  Do you want to talk about it?”  You may or may not be able to open a Dialog with your Inner Little One, but Letting them know that you’re Available and Willing to Listen to them is a big step.  This also establishes the Habit of Recognizing that your Little One and your Present Moment Self are not the same, and that’s a very important step.

When we crack open the door to the closet where that Little One still hides, we have to deal with a Personality of that age, which is usually difficult.  You can Practice talking about “Her” or “His” Feelings as distinct from Your Present-Moment Self’s Feelings.  A common syndrome that arises from Child Abuse is that the resulting Adult often Channels the Abused Little One without the Adult Recognizing that they’re Regressed.  If that Energy gets directed at someone who’s not actually Abusing the Adult in the Present Moment, it raises havoc with the Present-Moment Relationship.

I’m not a professional at this practice, but I have some Experience.  The World is a big place, and somewhere, quite possibly somewhere nearby, there are people, maybe more than one, who would Give you Permission to be your True Self, often with the Condition that you Reciprocate.  Hence, RC, as an example.  You could PIAVA to encounter one or more of them.  Non-Violent Communication (“NVC”) is also a possibility (, but its program is more formulaic (though no less valuable) and hence harder to get fluent with.

One of the things that NVC (and Eugene Gendlin, as in Focusing) teaches is that Abuse emphasizes Duality, and we come out of it seeing the World as “black and white.”  So when given the Opportunity to Express our True Self, we hand the mic to our Abused Little One and Let it Go without Abandon.  We don’t see any Alternatives to Complete Repression and Complete Expression.  But there are a thousand stages in between, and we can Practice them.  Carefully distinguishing between the Present Moment and our Little One’s Experience, will Reveal many of them.

The point is, like anyone and especially any Little One, you need Practice.  For the first while you’ll see yourself (as others may or may not) as a babysitter’s Nightmare.  So you need a Safe Place to Let that happen.  Once you do you’ll be Surprised at how fast your Little One matures.  But, you’ll have a huge backlog of Self-Judgment, because that’s probably the only way you could keep your Little One Safe when She or He really was Little.

So you need to PIAVA, and thoroughly Train yourself, to Notice Self-Judgment as soon as possible when it arises – if it ever naps.  Part of Being and Expressing your True Self is Noticing and Expressing your Self-Doubt.  The faster you can Express that, even if just to yourself, the less you’ll Reinforce the Negative Patterns.  The process is about Noticing and Changing Self-Judging Habits, and replacing then with Self-Appreciating Habits.  And simply Noticing (and of course Reverting) a Self-Judgment is a Powerfully Self-Appreciating Habit!

Eventually you’ll stop beating yourself up for repeating a Negative Pattern, and start Congratulating yourself for Noticing that you’re repeating a Negative Habit.  This is a Virtuous Spiral, because each time you Notice, you’re likely to Notice Sooner next time, and the Sooner you Notice, the Easier it becomes.  We can climb out of a Karmic dungeon surprisingly quickly using this strategy.

And of course there’s again Poor Sweetheart.  “You Poor Sweetheart, you’re Judging Yourself, aren’t you.”  Even if you Poor-Sweetheart yourself every three minutes all day long, I don’t think you’ll Regret it.

The best book I’ve ever encountered about Recovery from Abuse is Ellen Bass and Laura Davis’s The Courage to Heal.  It’s old (though since revised), but it arises from the Pluto-in-Scorpio 1980s when The Way Out Was Through and Recovery was at the tip of everyone’s minds.  Everybody who was Anybody anyway.

Ultimately we’re looking at Identity.  Who Am I Right Now? is always a good Question to Ask ourself, and the corollary “How Old Am I?” is even better.  If the Answer you get isn’t your actual current age, then you’ve stumbled into a Goldmine of Information about your Karma and Habits.  Switch your Identity to the Present Moment (for example, grasp any Physical Object) and sit down for a good long Interview with the person who Answered your Question.

As I’ve often suggested, the best book in the World about Identity – and about Ego Death, which is now so, and so Appropriately, Popular – is Steven Levine’s Who Dies? That book should be required reading for Everyone.  Steven’s other books also Explore Identity incisively, but Who Dies? is in a class of its own.  I bawled my eyes out all the way through it.

Plus, with the Ancestors now slithering out of their Dens and roaming the Planet, our Self-Judgments and particularly our Lethal Self-Judgments, are going to be on the tip of their tongues, and if we’re not Skilled on the Boundary issues that are so Lit Up recently, and don’t notice that it’s not our own Inner Tongue speaking, then we’re going to be dumped directly into Ego Death, aka Shame, aka Worthlessness, aka Hopelessness, aka Despair.

The Ancestors could even include the Souls of your historical Abusers, and just because they’re Dead (if they are) doesn’t mean that they’re any more Advanced than when they were Alive.  You could be Hearing their hissed “If you tell anyone I’ll kill your Mother” threats without Realizing that this is what’s Triggering the Present-Moment Feelings that aren’t really your Adult’s, but belong to a full-fledged Regression.  And which never really were your own to begin with.

It occurred to me recently that Shame and Pride would be good synonyms for Abuse and Privilege when Nessus is Lit Up – as it is in next week’s chart that we began discussed in Gifts 1.  But “A whole new (Klotho) and very Deep (Sun) Belief System (Vesta) about Abuse (Nessus)” is an incredible Opportunity.  Have I Inspired any of that here?

I’ll be otherwise engaged for the next few days.  Hang in there!

Gifts 1

February 19, 2019

We’re still working on the 23 February Aletheia Station till Saturday – see Ancestors Full Moon 2 (Boundaries VI) and the rest of the Boundaries series, but we’ve been studying that pretty well for a while now, so without Forgetting that this is All About Boundaries, Truth, and Ancestors, let’s skip ahead to next week, when we add Strong (Stations) doses of Fate and Choice (Moira Station 26 February), Intuition (Asbolus Station 27 February) and more Truth (Veritas Station 28 February).

Since the Stations of Fate/Choice and Truth are within a few Degrees of each other, we can combine them on one chart…

The chart carries a number of Boons.  We can start with the Complete Grand Sextile (blue hexagram).  And both of the Stations are involved in Self-Resolving Challenges (Diamond Stars or T-Squares with Benefits – the heavy red triangles).  And besides that there are two additional Self-Resolving Challenges (Diamond Stars in light red triangles).

Challenges usually turn out to be No Fun At All, so when we encounter a Self-Resolving one it’s a real Gift.  We get to Work the Challenge – which we’d have to do regardless – with the Support of the Universe rather than its Resistance.  Self-Resolving Challenges aren’t that common, and we’ve been getting a lot of them lately!  It’s a Blessing that we’re Aware of them, because we’ll be in our Gratitude while we absorb their Learning Opportunity, rather than letting our Ego Bloat when we see how smooth the sailing is.

Let’s start by getting to know the Players.  The two Stations come first…

Moira is the Greek Goddess of Fate.  Fate is what happens to us (ie, we’re its Victim) when we’re Unconscious of the Patterns involved.  It’s usually Self-Sabotaging, even when it’s Positive, as we often don’t Appreciate Grace, and Suffer when its withdrawn.  We wouldn’t be far off to consider Fate to be a synonym for Karma.  But once we become Conscious, “Fate” reveals itself to actually be Choice.  We can Choose to Repeat our old well-worn Patterns, perhaps because we’ve figured out how to make them pay off for us, or to Trial and perhaps Adopt Brand New Patterns that might work a lot better.

Fate/Choice/Moira is one side of the base of the Challenge (T-Square) part of its Self-Resolving Challenge (Diamond Star).  The two sides of the base of a Challenge can be seen as the (False) Duality in our Thinking which Creates the Challenge.  So here the Duality is between Fate/Choice and…

Trust (asteroid Eurydike).  In this context, Trust probably means Suspending Disbelief.  When our Fate or Karma Victimizes us, we don’t usually see it as the result of our own Beliefs and Actions – that’s almost the definition of Victim.  Even when someone offers us Wisdom about our Patterns, our Initial Response may be “Oh, so you’re Blaming the Victim!”  Just Trusting that our Karma is predictable and that it may be Possible to Learn its Patterns and Change them, is a Big Step – we would be Suspending Disbelief around being a Victim.

We escape Duality by moving to the “Coin” – the Principle that Unifies the two ends of the Duality (like Heads or Tails).  What Unifies Fate and Trust?  Recognition is one possibility – Recognizing that we can Trust our Fate not to Change until we find the Levers behind the curtain, and pull them.  That is, Consciousness, or at least the Striving for Consciousness.  We Immer Strebend as Goethe put it.

So a Challenge or T-Square suggests that we’re Stuck in a Duality.  Or rather, it gives us the Opportunity to Liberate ourself to the extent that we’re Stuck in a Duality.  Most of our Dualities can probably be phrased as Can-Can’t.  “I Can have What I Want” says our Desire for Liberation.  “No you Can’t” says our Programming (aka Karma), or “Not Till You Earn It” or “Don’t try to Punch Above Your Weight,” or however your Programmers Kept you Down.

If you don’t Trust your Ability to Do What You Need to Do, or you aren’t Willing to Do it, you may spend a lot of time in Anxiety about it.  Every time you Imagine What You Don’t Want, you Ask the Universe to Deliver Exactly That – What You Don’t Want.  Those kinds of Habits (Fate, Karma) can be hard to Break, but how much time do you spend Imagining Having What You Do Want?  What’s your Don’t-Want/Do-Want ratio so far today?  Four hours to three minutes?

That’s a nasty Karmic Habit!  What would happen if, every time you caught yourself thinking Don’t-Want, you guessed how long you’d been thinking that way, and then spent three times as much time Imagining Do-Want?  You might Transcend your Fate!

Being Stuck in a Duality has Consequences, usually that we’re Frozen between the two Competing Drives and Can’t get What We, but we also Can’t get rid of the Desire to get It.  The Consequences are reflected in the planet at the focus of the T-Square, in this case…

Manifestation (Makemake).  So whatever you’re trying to Manifest but having Difficulty Letting Yourself Do It, a Makemake T-Square – if you Choose to be Conscious about it rather than Victimized by it – will give you clues about the internal Psychological Tug-of-War that needs to be Unified.

You might even play word games in your PIAVAs – for instance, “I Wonder What Trust and Choice say to one another when they’re in the same bathtub” or “I Affirm my Belief that I Can and Will Transcend my Limitations.”  (Notice that I Can and I Will are very different Energies.)

Lack of Trust in your Ability to Choose may not be your only Inhibition to Manifesting, but it probably impacts you to some degree, and this Challenge gives you the Opportunity for some new Trial-and-Success games around it.  Note that “Error” is a Success in the sense that you’ve Eliminated one more way it Doesn’t work on your journey to finding out how it Does.  If we took this attitude toward our natal T-Squares, it would Transform our Life.

But, this is a Self-Resolving Challenge!  So we may not need to work so hard at Unifying our Dualities.  Maybe we can just Shift our Perspective and get Insight from Seeing things a whole new way.  How might we do that?  Well, the first thing we need to do is Invoke our Curiosity.  What makes a T-Square Self-Resolving is the green wedge that also points at its focal point.  The green lines in these charts represent Curiosity.  When two green lines converge it’s called a Finger of God, and it means Pay Attention! to the planet it’s pointing to.

But that’s an oversimplification.  What it really means is Pay Attention! to (or rather, Be Curious about!) the two planets at the other ends of the green lines, and to What You Don’t Realize about the Relationship between them and the planet that’s being pointed to.  So these two Players are…

Action (Mars) – it may be Asking whether your Action toward Manifesting What You Want is commensurate with your Desire for it.  Mars can also mean Anger.  Is there anyone that you’re trying to Punish by not Manifesting What You Want?  If someone knocked on your door, maybe Ed McMahon, and Offered you What You Want, would you be Willing and Able to Receive it?  Do you Deserve it?  What about those Starving Kids in China?  Maybe you’re in Guilt, which is a kind of Anger at the Self.

These aren’t Questions to be Answered, they’re Curiosities to be PIAVAed and then Change the Subject.  If you let yourself Answer them, the Answers will be coming from your Stuckness, and nothing will Change except maybe the color of the wallpaper.  Dangle the Questions, then duck into the next room.  That leaves your Intuition having to find a way to solve the Riddle, and She’ll solve it by Reframing the Problem.

The end of the other green line is…

A whole new (Klotho) and very Deep (Sun) Belief System (Vesta) about Abuse (Nessus).  We might be able to Shift our Victim Beliefs around our Fate, but it gets a lot trickier when our Fate happens to include Abuse.  Of course Abuse includes a lot more than the Physical or Sexual Abuse that the word usually invokes.  One form of Abuse is not being Recognized for Who You Really Are.  If you grew up with that sort of Abuse and haven’t Healed it yet, your Live your Life as an Imposter.

Any Culture (including Family Culture) that has a lot of Rules or Expectations is going to have a lot of Imposters, because the more Rules there are, the fewer Souls are going to be able to be Who They Really Are in that Culture.  If you don’t have Permission to be Who You Really Are, then you’re unlikely to have Permission to Receive What You Really Want, and that’s going to put a huge dent in your Manifestation Abilities.

To be continued – must Sleep now…


Boundaries VIII

February 18, 2019

The Impact of New and Full Moons is Strongest during the two weeks or more following the event, while the Impact of Stations is maximum just before the Exact Station, plus at and after the Waxing Square following the Station.  For instance, Aletheia (Truth) is Stationary 23 February (the Exact Station occurs at 2:30 am PST), so if we generalize and say that a Station is likely to be felt for a week prior to the Event, then at the 19 February Full Moon we’re already Feeling Strong Truthiness from the Aletheia Station.

How much prior to a Station we Feel the Energy depends mostly on what else is going on, and also on our Sensitivity, and our Sensitivity to the specific Station (the Stationary planet may be Prominent in our natal chart, or the current Station may be Standing On one of our natal planets), and the general Strength of the planet.

If we guess that we might Feel a Station while the planet is within one Degree of its Exact Station, then that’s one day or more for Mercury or Venus, two days or more for Mars, four days or more for asteroids, and longer for the Outers.  The high-fliers like Sedna can take a couple of years to move one Degree.  On the other hand, when they do that they’re a long ways from Earth.  Does that make their Impact more Pervasive because it’s more Unconscious?  I don’t know, but I wouldn’t dismiss the hypothesis.

The Full Moon chart itself also highlights Aletheia, so Truthiness is a double whammy here.  And the Aletheia Station is less than two Degrees from Pallas (Boundaries), so we’re talking about Boundaries that Reflect our Heart and Soul.  Add to that the 18 February Station of Pallas, already Conjunct Aletheia, and our whammy is tripled.  So we have two Stations five days apart and two Degrees apart, occurring at a Strong Angle to the Full Moon, so Truthiness in Boundaries is very whammified.  Then, five days after the Aletheia Station, the 28 February Station of Veritas, which also Symbolizes Truth, happens – another whammy.

If we need a Distinction, we might propose that Aletheia (from Greek) represents the Truth of our Inner Female, and Veritas (from Latin) the Truth of our Inner Male.  Greek Culture is very Female, and they probably proposed the Patriarchy as a Reaction rather than as an Essence.  Roman Culture was very Masculine.  You can feel the Genders just by Saying the Words.  Veritas!  Aletheia!  John!  Marcia!

The 28 February Veritas Station, at 10 Scorpio, occurs quite near (in Degrees, not Signs, though they’re Trine) the 26 February Station of Moira (Choice) at 8 Cancer.  Moira was the Greek Goddess of Fate, and Fate happens to us when we’re Unconscious.  When we Wake Up to our Karmic Patterns, the equivalent of Fate is Choice, as once we’re sufficiently Conscious, we can Choose to Accept the Path of Least Resistance (Karma or Fate), or we can Choose to take a Road Less Traveled (by us at least).

And of course when we’re talking Fate, the Ancestors (ie, the Full Moon) are right in there Punching, as many of them are intimately involved with our Karma.  The result is that our Victim Postures are going to be Lit Up like hickeys for the next few weeks.  Which is fabulous, because the first week of March we get Slammed with Unlimited Potential (Chaos Station) and further Descent of Soul into Flesh (Uranus entering Taurus), so Clearing out all that Karmic Stuff will make much more Room for Soul and Miracle.

And bang in the middle of all the other late-February Action, dwarf planet Asbolus goes Stationary, on 27 February at 17 Gemini.  Asbolus represents Intuition, which means that our Inner Female is going to be right there at the Table checking off when our Ego is Naughty or Nice, and either Patting us on the back or Kicking our Ass as we Knock around like a Pinball from Karmic post to Fateful pillar, either Choosing Soulful and Heartful (and simultaneously Safe of course) Boundaries or Letting our “Head” Renegotiate our Treaties.

Busy Times, and it’s not common that astrology reinforces themes so thoroughly and at such length.  Its a Clear Sign that we need to Pay Attention and keep our eyes on the Truthy Ancestor-Boundary Ball, if for no other reason that we can short-circuit Lifetimes of Karma here, which we need to do if we are to reach 5D before the 3D Earth is vaporized by a Vogon Constructor Fleet.

Oh, and by the way, the Moon will be right in front of Aletheia when it’s Exactly Stationary – yet another whammy.  It’s our 3D Egos that are being Demolished by the Vogon Constructor Fleet!

Ancestors Full Moon 3 (Boundaries VII)

February 18, 2019

A reader asks…

“Now how to come upon that ego death, what is that – and what does that look like?  I know it’s in the ‘literature’; the fine print!  And am I reading between the lines, perhaps, that seem to be about moving up and beyond karmic entanglement?  …it feels so weighted now.”

Yes, I realized last night that I should say more about Ego Death, but I’d already written so much that I didn’t want to stretch it out more.  So I appreciate the Question.

And yes, Ego Death is “in the literature,” at  The essence is Noticing that you’re feeling like “I’d rather die than go through that again,” and a key to becoming Adept with this “ED” is to reframe the Experience from “I’d rather Die than…” to “I would rather die than…”  Making that a PIAVA would also be a boon.  There’s much more “in the literature,” for instance, when you get lost in your own ‘hood or can’t remember your own phone number, those are signs that you’re Newly Reborn.

Ego Death is a Psychological Molt that needs to occur whenever we feel Overwhelmed and Recognize that we have to Change something in order to Enjoy going on with our Life, but we also feel Trapped by our Commitments (or lack thereof if we’re Feeling Isolated) and don’t know what we even can Change.  Making our Ego Death a PIAVA Surrenders all that Change mishmash about What and Why and How and Who to our Intuition, which Knows well What needs to be Changed, and How to do it.

We might PIAVA an Ego Death with something like “I Wonder what I need to be Happy” or “Great Spirit, Please Make My Life Enjoyable (Again)” or Asking yourself “What Do I Really Want?” and then spending some time with the Feeling you would have in your Body if you had the Luxury of Allowing Yourself to Receive Exactly That.  And certainly “You Poor Sweetheart, you Feel at your Wit’s End, don’t you” or “… you feel Anxious, don’t you” would be a quick way to Change the wallpaper.  Of course you’d Change the Subject after each PIAVA.

Folks say that all this “New Agey” stuff is just another excuse for putting off the Action that we need to take, but I differ adamantly about that.  Taking Action from our Dynamic Planning-Doing mindset Changes nothing, as our Inner Male can only perpetuate His Limitations.  We have to Appeal to our Inner Female to Change anything.  She Knows what must be done, and She Knows how to Motivate your Inner Male to Enjoy getting to Work when it’s Time and when it’s Right.

The whole idea behind PIAVA is that, sometime after you Change the Subject, you Wake Up and Notice that You Are Doing What It Takes to Solve the Problem, without even Noticing that you’re Doing it, because once you Changed the Subject you Changed your Perspective, and now the World is running on a whole New engine and transmission, and the words you used to use to describe your Frustration (if you even remember them, which often you won’t) aren’t even Relevant anymore.

Your Inner Lady IS your Heart, She Knows What You Want Intimately, and She Knows How to Get It, because She Knows the World Intuitively.  Your “Head” (really we’re talking about the Third Chakra, not the Sixth, so “Head” is a misnomer – your Inner Male comes out of your Solar Plexus) only Knows What You Think, and you’re Thinking that What You Want is Unreachable, and since He only Knows the World Empirically, He can only Act to Keep On Doing What He’s Been Doing, which Aint Working, or you wouldn’t be in need of an Ego Death.

And yes, Karma has been Dead for a long time now, except for our own Grasping of it.  As for the Weight,

there’s probably an Ego Death in there, and probably a Held Emotion (aka Karmic PTSD).  The quickest way to find out is to make yourself Comfortable, Locate the Heaviness in your Body, Warm It, Soften around It (Fear is Hard and Cold, Love is Soft and Warm), put your Full Attention into the Center of It, and Hold It there until the Heaviness Moves. Then Change the Subject.

Of course it will help to Give your Inner Child Permission to Blubber unashamedly and uncontrollably, and to Complain to friends – but only those who will understand that your Intention is to Let Go rather than to Bitch (a la RC – see or to Accuse anyone of anything.

By the way, do you know how to Complain without putting the load right on your Listeners?  You speak in I statements rather than You or They Statements, and you use Feeling verbs rather than Thinking verbs (“Feel Like” is a Thinking verb – a Feeling verb is always followed by an Emotion word such as Angry or Excited or Bummed).  This way your Listeners can Enjoy your Story, and to the extent they’re able, Empathize, without having to Take Responsibility for your Process.  If you want to study how to do this, see

Ancestors Full Moon 2 (Boundaries VI)

February 18, 2019

The second Self-Resolving Challenge (Diamond Star) in the 19 February Full Moon is Focused on the Life Force (Varuna)…

The Stress that needs to be Resolved (the Opposition in the base of the T-Square or red triangle) is between Whether our Actions Serve our Soul’s Purpose (Mars-Uranus) in the Lifetime, and Whether our Boundaries are True to our Soul’s Purpose (Aletheia-Pallas, both of which are Stationary or Strong).  The Suggestion is that any Limitations in our Vitality will be clues about how our Actions and Boundaries aren’t Serving our Soul’s Purpose.

The Grace which Supports our Efforts and makes the Challenge Self-Resolving, is split between…

The big uptick in participation by the Ancestors (Sun-Klotho-OR10), which we discussed in the previous post, and…

Trusting our Unique and possibly or formerly Forbidden Genius to help us be Fully Responsive to our Survival Instincts (Eurydike-Ixion-Pholus-Quaoar), which we also talked about earlier.

The next Big Configuration in the Full Moon chart is Profound Blessings (a Grand Trine and Almost-Grand-Sextile)…

The Big Dumb-Luck Blessing (Grand Trine) is on the Cusp between Fire and Earth, mirroring the imminent (6 March) movement of Soul (Uranus) into Matter (Taurus).  The Players are an Ego Challenge as our Inner Female steps forward – for any gender (the Moon on the cusp of Virgo), the Genius-Trust-Survival Dance we’ve spoken of (Eurydike-Ixion-Pholus-Quaoar on the Sagittarius-Capricorn Cusp), and the Question about whether our Actions Serve our Soul’s Purpose (Mars in Taurus Conjunct Uranus in Aries).

The two elements in the Almost-Grand-Sextile are the Ancestors (Sun-Klotho-OR10 in early Pisces), and the Changes in our Boundaries (Pallas-Aletheia in late Libra), both of which we’ve discussed.  A Grand Sextile means that all of the elements in it are Operating Cooperatively with one another – sort of the way everything will be in 5D.  So if we can Activate the Almost-Grand-Sextile, we’ll find our Boundaries, the Ancestors, our Survival, our Genius, our Instincts (Moon), and our Actions all in Alignment.

So how do we Activate an Almost-Grand-Trine?  We look at the Energy embedded in the sixth corner, the one that would Complete the Grand Sextile, called the Vacancy, and we Project that Energy Consciously.  Intention is probably Sufficient.  The Vacancy is 2 Cancer, “A man on a magic carpet hovers over a large area of land: The ability to expand one’s consciousness by stabilizing one’s point of view at a higher level.”  Wow, just what the original Self-Resolving Challenge, that we described in the previous post, Creates!  When astrology Repeat itself, we know we’re on the right track.  Remarkable.

The picture above also shows one other feature of the Full Moon – the Finger of God (grey-green wedge) pointing at Chiron (Despair and Miracles), so recently having moved into Aries (1pm PST 18 February).  Despair is one of the defining characteristics of Pisces, as Pisces’s job description is to Embrace All Excess Emotional Baggage, Karmic and otherwise.  So the last eight years, while Chiron has been in Pisces, have been Intense Emotionally for all of us.

By now we’ve hopefully all Learned how to Poor-Sweetheart ourself into Miracles.  By saying to ourself “You Poor Sweetheart, you’re Feeling Bummed, aren’t you,” and then Changing the Subject (Putting our Attention elsewhere), we can instantly Shift our Identity from Bummed to Compassion.  We may have to rinse and repeat, or use Tapping or other PIAVAs, if we Obsess and have difficulty Changing the Subject.  (Leave a comment if these concepts are new to you.)

With Chiron in Aries, we of course could Encounter Spiritual Crises instead of Emotional Crises, and considering the State of the Planet, that may well happen.  And actually, we’re already hearing about just that on the Fake News every evening, aren’t we.  But a Spiritual Crisis is basically an Ego Death, and we’re well practiced at Embracing those, Right?  And now that we’re Adept at Embracing Emotional Crises after studying them for eight years, we won’t have to deal with those complications, Eh?

The Roots of the Chiron Finger of God are our Instincts about Ego Death (the Moon on the Cusp of Virgo), and our True Boundaries (Stationary Pallas and Aletheia).

The next Global Configuration in the Full Moon chart is a hidden Chin-Strap Square Fez, so called because the sides of the Moroccan-hat-shaped trapezium are Squares (red lines), and the blue triangle below the bottom looks like a chin strap…

It also forms a Parasol over the Juno Diamond Star, adding extra Grace to our Consciousness Expansion.  The Challenges (Squares) are real…

  • Genius-Trust-Survival (Ixion-Eurydike-Pholus-Quaoar) Challenging our Ability to Transform Despair into Miracles (Chiron).  Basically, this is about using the Tools we’ve Learned to Avoid being a Victim, for which there are many Opportunities.  We could be Victimized by Threats to our Survival.  All our Life we’ve been Victimized by the Programmers who drove our Forbidden Genius underground.  If we misinterpret Respond-Ability as Blame, we’re Victim there as well.  And Lack of Trust is a perennial source of Victimhood.

But – we know how to convert Despair to Miracles, Right?  Only our Ego can be Victim, not our Soul, and we’re in the process of moving our Ego closer and closer to Soul, Right?  So every trace of Victimhood is a Sign that we need to Surrender to an Ego Death and move into Respond-Ability.  We can do that as simply as saying to ourself, “You Poor Sweetheart, you’ve Feeling Vicimized here, aren’t you” and then Changing the Subject.

  • Our False Boundaries (Stationary Pallas and Aletheia) Challenging our Life Force (Varuna).  This can easily feel like Victimhood again – if our Boundaries aren’t working, we can feel like someone else is Manipulating or Hurting us.  If we don’t Recognize the connection, we can Experience that as a Diminution of our Vitality.  Again, we can Watch for Diminished Vitality, and when we Notice it, Look For places where our Boundaries are too weak or too strong.

But the key to any Fez is the Tricolors (red-green-blue triangles) created by the grey-green diagonals.  A Tricolor is a combination of Challenge (red), Curiosity (grey-green), and Grace (blue lines).  The prescription is to unlock the Grace by remaining in Curiosity about the Challenge, rather than trying to Figure It Out.  We can’t Figure It Out without Limiting ourself to our current concept-set, so by Avoiding that and staying with Curiosity instead, we invite Growth in Consciousness instead.

This is not the kind of Curiosity that inspires Study and Research – that’s the Figure-It-Out kind.  This is more akin to Awe and Wonder, Accepting What Is at Face Value, and Marveling at it.  Like we did very often as a kid, before we were perverted by the Over-Intellectualization of Colonial Society.

By Knowing Cause we can sometimes Manipulate circumstances to our Advantage.  To the Colonial or Capitalist mind, Win-Lose is Success.  We could use Cause for Win-Win, but first we have to Evert our notion of Success.

By Believing we Know Cause, whether we do or not, and by Enjoying the fruits of Manipulating circumstances to our Advantage, we Seduce ourselves into Believing we’re Superior to those we’re Colonizing.  That somehow makes Colonialism okay – we Rationalize that we’re somehow Helping them while we’re robbing them blind.

The problem is that we never do actually Know Cause.  We may Know some Superficial Connections, but like Vale’s recent murderous dam failures in Brazil, Colonialism always ends up Defiling the Planet and the People for the Profit of the few, and the few usually live far away from the Carnage.

So to achieve non-Figuring-It-Out Curiosity-Awe-Wonder requires a Big Ego Death relative to our Lifelong training as children of Colonialists.  Like Racism and Sexism, it takes a big jolt just to Realize that we are Racist and Sexist and Colonialist, and that we don’t know how not to be.

Moving our Perspective from Appreciation – or literally Worship – of Figuring It Out (and of Wealth and Superiority) to Appreciation of Awe and Wonder (and Sustainability and Equality), takes a Searching and Fearless Inventory of everything in our Lives, but if we want to Trust our Unique Genius and Respond Fully to our Survival Instincts, it has to be done.

We can interpret the diagonals of the Fez and their Tricolors as PIAVAs.  Using just the Major Tricolors (those with the long blue lines or Trines), we have…

  • “I Wonder if I can Poor-Sweetheart myself into Allowing Miracles to Adjust my Boundaries so that my Vitality is Improved” (Varuna Square Pallas-Aletheia Quincunx Chiron Trine Varuna – the “Quincunx” or five Signs is the grey-green Curiosity line)

PIAVA is short for Prayer-Intention-Asking-Visualizing-Affirming.  There are other, “silent” letters as well, such as Wondering, Commanding, and Expanding.  These are all Triggers for our Intuition that can Magnetize what we Want to Receive and draw it toward us – the Feminine process of Creating.  It’s an alternative to the Dynamic or Masculine process of Plan-Execute and its corollaries.  Whenever you’re dealing with What You Don’t Know, aka the Unconscious, the Magnetic process is the only one that works – and it works Wonders.

In the above we’ve used Wondering to Trigger our Intuition, and to make it work – which is to say, to Avoid trying to Figure It Out – we need to immediately Change the Subject and put our Attention elsewhere.  See for more details, some of which are important.  In the below we’ll use Prayer.

  • “Ganeshi, Please Remove All Obstacles to my Avoiding Victimhood about my Genius and my Survival, while Supporting my Vitality.”

Then we Change the Subject.  By Surrendering Control over the Relationships between (1) Victimhood (Chiron) and (2) Genius-Survival (Ixion-Quaoar) and (3) Vitality (Varuna), and Delegating them to the Remover of Obstacles Ganesh, we’ve Invited our Intuition to Resolve any Conflicts that may arise between them.

That leaves only what’s usually ignored in astrology – the four “Unxes” in the Full Moon chart.  Unx means one twelfth, and it names the Angle between two planets that are one Sign apart…

These are the short green lines.  This is the Twelfth Harmonic, which is about Pattern-Breaking.  So any Self-Sabotaging Habits you have between the Energies on each end of an Unx, this is a great time to replace these Habits with Self-Supporting Patterns.  The Unxes here are…

  • Do you Sabotage your Vitality, by eating Sugar or other empty calories like White Bread, for instance, or failing to eat enough Green Vegetables or Drink enough Water?  You have Instincts that tell you not to do this – do you Ignore them or not even Recognize them?  Now would be a good time to PIAVA that you Attune yourself to them.  (Moon Unx Varuna)
  • Many of us have Habitual Actions that don’t Serve our Soul.  It’s an excellent time to PIAVA that we become Conscious of them so we can Change them.  (Juno Unx Mars-Uranus)
  • And most of us probably feel like Victims of these non-Soul-Serving Actions, as if someone else made us do them (and indeed, we may have been Programmed to do them by someone else).  “You Poor Sweetheart, you Feel Victimized by those Actions, don’t you.”  (Chiron Unx Mars-Uranus)
  • I’m Worried that these Ancestors are coming to Kick Ass because we’re Screwing Up!  “You Poor Sweetheart, you Feel Scared by this Possibility, don’t you.”  (Chiron Unx Sun-Klotho-OR10)

Ancestors Full Moon (Boundaries V)

February 17, 2019

Better put out a dozen extra place settings.  The Ancestors are coming for dinner, and they’ll be staying for a while.  The 19 February (8am PST) Full-Moon Sun, on the Cusp of Pisces, is joined by the Initiation of Klotho (Beginning a New Timeline) by OR10 (Intrusive Memories) at 4 Pisces, “Heavy car traffic on a narrow isthmus linking two seashore resorts.”  The Klotho-OR10 Cycle runs about four years.  The Initiation itself occurs 18 February (7:30 pm PST).

It would Behoove for us to Welcome the Ancestors.  Even though we may not be able see them, their Vibes are higher than ours, which means that they can play tricks with Matter when Displeased or Misjudged.  It will be excellent Practice anyway, Reverting all of our Judgments about them.  It’s more than likely that they Judged you, since most Ancestors have Expectations for their Spawn, while Spawn tend toward Rebellion.  So we’ll have to Intuit what their Positive Intentions were, and Honor them for that, instead of Judging them.

If that’s Confusing, just Ask them – “Why did you do that, anyway?”  Once we Understand where they were coming from, they might even Ask us how we see things Differently.  If they don’t, no worries, since this is “only” our Imagination  (if you haven’t read Robert Moss’s The Three Only Things,” this would be a good time).  We may as well tell them anyway, since we’ll be Obsessing on it and they can read our mind.  If we ever want to get to Unconditional Love – a Precondition for Peace, Grace, 5D, a rewarding Love Life, and low-interest Credit – we’ll need to Revert all of our Judgments, so we may as well start here.

The Full Moon makes a T-Square (Challenge) to Juno, which represents the Edges of Consciousness, or Growth in Consciousness.  Reverting Judgment is an excellent way to Raise our Consciousness.  In addition to being very useful now, with all of these Ancestors visiting for the next few years, it’s very timely because the Juno T-Square is a Diamond Star, so it’s Self-Resolving.  Self-Resolving Challenges are the best kind – we just need to be careful to Learn from them, rather than taking them for Granted or using them to fluff up our Ego.

A Diamond Star is composed of a T-Square (the red triangle, meaning a “Learning Opportunity,” aka Challenge) and a Finger of God (the grey-green wedge, meaning Pay Attention!) both pointing at the same place.  As you can see in the chart below, this results in a web of blue lines below the long red line (Opposition and base of the T-Square), and blue lines symbolize Grace.  So the Challenge Resolves itself Gracefully.

 Well, usually Gracefully.  In this chart, the base of the Finger of God – the source of the Grace – is very complicated, so we could still screw it up.  The Grace derives from…

Asteroids Aletheia and Pallas, Truth and Boundaries.

Both of which are Stationary, aka Strong.  Pallas’s Station is Exact 18 February (8:30 am PST) in 30 Libra, and Aletheia’s 23 February (3am PST) in 28 Libra.

For Benign Ancestors, we need only relax our Boundaries against things we can’t see.  If they want through and you won’t let them, they’ll just escalate and make it more difficult to ignore them.  Invisible doesn’t mean Not Real.  You may need to Suspend Disbelief, or shift from Either/Or to Both/And, to find this Truth.

For Abusive Ancestors, Boundaries are very tricky.  You can’t let them Walk all over you (or worse) again, but you have to find a way to Meet them as Equals, and there may still be a lot of Emotion in between.  We’ve been practicing this a lot over the last several years, as OR10 has been traveling with Nessus (Abuse, Privilege).  While Ancestors can no longer Abuse you Physically, they can still Abuse you Emotionally.

Poor-Sweethearting, Tapping, Kegels, and various kinds of PIAVAing (leave a comment if any of these terms is new) can be very helpful, but our goal has to be more than Overcoming our Emotions.  At some point we need to Move Into those Emotions.  It may help to Locate them in our Body, and put as much of our Attention as we can muster into that place, and hold it there until it moves on its own.  Eventually we’ll need to Love them into Neutrality.

Trust that it is Possible to set a Boundary that’s fully Non-Judgmental and fully Protective.  But it may take a lot of Trial-and-Partial-Success (discovering what doesn’t work is a significant Success) and a lot of work Self-Loving all manner of our own Emotions to get there.

The Stellium (group of three or more planets) of dwarf planet Ixion (Natural Genius for which we have been Punished), asteroid Eurydike (Trust), and dwarf planets Pholus (Being Fully Responsive without Sacrificing Self-Sovereignty), and Quaoar (Survival Instincts).

We’ve been working with this one already.  It’s easy to dismiss Survival Instincts when Social Convention is more Powerful – we don’t want to be Chicken Little.  That’s how Global Warming gets Denied.  The larger point is that each of us is Endowed with a Unique Genius, and when these many Unique Genii are assembled in a Team, we can accomplish Anything.  But overcoming our Programmed and quite possibly Karmic Resistance to our Genius is one of our most Challenging tasks in Life.

Ixion is still in Sagittarius – the other three Players are in Capricorn.  Sagittarius is about Burning Away Untruths.  Ixion was in Scorpio from 1965-1995; that’s when we were most likely to have been Punished.  It’s been in Sagittarius since 1996, and we’ve been working on Letting Ourself Be Who We Really are ever since.  Slowly at first, then gradually accumulating Self-Trust.  A year from now Ixion moves into Capricorn (Just Fix It) – we’ve got about a year to practice letting our True Genius peek out.

It’s been Locked Up for a long time, so it’ll be clumsy when it Emerges.  We have to be gentle with it, Allowing it to appear Inept at first, till it grows Accustomed to the Light.

As the orange triangle on the chart above maps out, the Moon-Juno Square is the root of a Mjölnir (Epiphany) to the 18 February (3am PST) Saturn-Venus Initiation.  Venus-Saturn Cycles in general are about Reviewing our Values.  The ultimate Source of our Values is the Heart, but we Betray ourself to the extent that we Allow our Mentality or our Programming to direct our Life.  So each Venus-Saturn Cycle brings us the Choice to either Betray our Programming or Thinking and move toward the Heart, or to Betray our Heart again and Revalidate our Programming and Rationalizations.

Any Cycle is very Strong at its Initiation.  This Venus-Saturn Cycle lasts till December.  Its Initiation Degree informs us about its specific nature – 17 Capricorn, “A repressed woman finds a psychological release in nudism.”  Sounds like an excellent adjunct to help us Finish Stripping the artificial Costumes and Masks and Subterfuges that hide our Unique Genius.

One of the things we can do Safely to aid this Coming-Out process for our Ingenue, is to Stop Judging, Doubting, or Punishing Ourselves for our Genius!  If we can do that, She can step forward with more Confidence when She does.  Of course She may be a He, but more likely She’ll be Both/And.  If She’s still in hiding and you’re not sure Who She Is, no worries, just Stop Judging, Doubting, or Punishing Yourself for Anything!  That’s where we have to go eventually anyway!

There’s a whole lot more in this Full Moon chart, including a second Diamond Star!  To be continued…

Boundaries IV

February 13, 2019

I’ve been a little surprised at how useful and Powerful Poor-Sweethearting has been around Boundary issues.  I found myself quite Angry yesterday about being overcharged on a purchase, but more so, Angry at myself for not Speaking Up when the cost was higher than I expected.  At the time I didn’t want to rock any boats, make anybody uncomfortable, or appear Flappable!  (

But hmmm, where’s Hylonome-Codependence?  Waxing Squared by Mars-Agitation!  So what’s this Cycle about?  The Initiation was early April 2018 at 12 Capricorn, “An illustrated lecture on natural science reveals little-known aspects of life.”  An illustration of natural social science I guess, and a useful one.  This Degree was one of the Harmonic Convergence Initiations in 1989, between Saturn and Neptune.

That Cycle is now in its Void phase, nearing a Waning Sextile.  We can think of the Saturn-Neptune Cycle as a commentary on how well our Ego embodies our Spiritual Values.  There’s no question that we’ve been getting ample Insights into little-known aspects of Social Science (or at least, usually-Denied if not little-known) over the last thirty years – about Gender, about Authority, and of course about Sovereignty.

So it occurred to me to Poor-Sweetheart myself, especially about the Anger at myself, and the Emotional charge was immediately reduced.  Not long thereafter I Realized that I really didn’t mind the overcharge, because it was the best grocery store in the Universe that overcharged me, grocery stores have famously low margins, this store consciously tries to keep their prices down because their neighbors don’t have a lot of money, and I’m more than happy to contribute to their continued success.

Now tonight, while I’m questioning myself about having Spoken Up in a meeting, wondering whether I done good or not, I Poor-Sweethearted myself again, and it immediately helps again.  These are both about Speaking Up or not, perhaps related to the 10 February Initiation of Mercury (Communication) by asteroid Klotho (Beginnings) at 30 Aquarius.  This last Degree of Aquarius has a rather unusual and long Sabian Symbol…

Deeply rooted in the past of a very ancient culture, a spiritual brotherhood in which many individual minds are merged into the glowing light of a unanimous consciousness is revealed to one who has emerged successfully from his metamorphosis.”

A bit different from the usual “Bird on a wire” or “Famous Blue Raincoat” Symbols.  I’m not even sure how to understand it grammatically.  I guess it means that someone has just Emerged from an Ancient Trance – or Let Go of their Karma.  Certainly fits the theme of The Other Wind that I was just quoting.  And I guess it could apply to an Ancient Trance of being Ashamed of, or Punished for, Speaking Up.  That would certainly be plausible in my own case.

Since this is a Transit (occurring in the Sky now, rather than in an individual chart), it should impact everyone – has anyone else encountered similar issues this week or last around Speaking Up?  Mercury-Klotho is a one-year Cycle, so if this trend is new starting a few days ago, it bodes well for the political situation.  Yesterday’s Guardian article about social media might be an example…

And of course we’re looking at Juno (the Edges of Consciousness) moving into Gemini (Atomizing), on 10 February (8:30pm PST), which promises to Disassemble all manner of previously-hidden Trances, Ancient or Otherwise, even if it’s only in Gemini for a few months …

This is the same chart we looked at in Boundaries III, but for that version we drew up everything within Sensitivity (3°) of Makemake (6 Degrees); we’re centering this one on 0 Degrees.  The main Configuration in this version is a fine illustration of a Diamond Star (Self-Resolving Challenge), drawn in the heavy lines, though the Configuration excludes Juno and instead focuses on Varuna (Life Force).

A Diamond Star is composed of a T-Square (red triangle) and a Finger of God (green wedge) pointing at the same place, which results in a Double Trine Bridge (blue lines) across the Challenge of the T-Square.

The roots of the Challenge itself are about the Truthiness of our Boundaries (Aletheia-Pallas approaching the Cusp of Scorpio) and Instinctively but Actively Making Space for our Soul to Come Forth (Moon-Mars-Uranus on the Cusp of Taurus).  The Grace or Self-Resolution comes through the Klotho-Mercury Initiation we’ve already Spoken Up about, and a Wonderfully complex Stellium comprising Ixion (Forbidden Genius), Eurydike (Trust), Quaoar (Survival Instincts) and Pholus (Fully Responding).

So it’s our Forbidden Genius that’s been Trapped in a Unanimous (or Indistinguishable from Background noise, aka Unconscious) Trance since Ancient Times, as we Wondered whether it might be.  The Implication is that Speaking Up is not just about Expression, but about Survival, about Fully Responding to our Survival Instincts by Trusting the Native Wisdom that we Channel.  The Wisdom that Speaks Us, our Forbidden Genius.

And Never Looking Back.  Noticing our Self-Doubt or Self-Judgment and Quenching it quickly with, eg, our Poor-Sweethearts.  Eurydike, wife of Orpheus, died at the fangs of one of those Serpents (Dragons) while fleeing from one of those Serial Rapists that the Greek Myths celebrated.  Orpheus’s Grief was so Profound that he was allowed to Retrieve Eurydike from the Other Side, under the Condition that he Did Not Look Back while she followed him out of Hades.  He Distrusted and Looked Back too soon, nullifying the Bargain.

Hence we can’t Second-Guess our Instinctual Speech, lest we kill the Golden Goose – and diminish our own Life Force.  Notice that there are two other Fingers of God (meaning Pay Attention!) in the chart.  One points to Juno – Growth in Consciousness, and the other to Aletheia-Pallas – Let Go of Boundaries Against Your Own Truth.  Truth is in the Heart, not in the Mind or “Facts,” and everyone’s Heart is Different.  If we wish to Grow and Survive we can no more Squelch our own Truth than we can Disallow the Truth of Another.

Cuspal Angles and Configurations hide a secondary Challenge.  Angles and Configurations are Full of Grace when they connect planets that share the same Element – Fire, Earth, Air, Water.  Fire Signs are four Signs apart, for instance, so an Angle connecting two planets four Signs apart is Graceful because the planets share the Element, such as Fire or Water.  Which is to say that they understand one another’s Motivations and Methods, and so Communicate easily.

But when our two planets are on Cusps, they can be Harmoniously Related by Angle, but be in Signs of Different Elements.  Conjunction indicates Merging, so Eurydike/Trust, Ixion/Genius, Quaoar/Survival, and Pholus/Responsibility are Merged here.  They are virtually indistinguishable.  We can attribute our Attention to Global Warming, for instance, to the long span of the Quaoar-Pholus Conjunction (they move slowly, so stay Merged for a long while), especially while they’re in Capricorn (Meaning Just Fix It).

Anyone who Trusts their own Genius (Eurydike-Ixion) will be Paying a lot of Attention to Responding to Threats to the Earth’s Survival (Quaoar-Pholus).  Or Paying a lot of Attention to Responding to Threats to their own Survival on the scale to which they’ve grown accustomed.  One group operates from the General Premise that We Are All One, the other group from the Premise that it’s Us-Against-Them and the ends justify the means because We are Better Than Them.  Since the Trust of Genius and the Threat to Survival are Merged, neither group is open to Debate.

The Disconnect here is that Quaoar and Pholus are in Earth Sign Capricorn (Just Fix It), while Eurydike and Ixion are still in Fire Sign Sagittarius (Just Burn It Off).  So while our Drive is to Ground our Responsiveness to our Survival Instincts and make it Tangible, our Genius is still Burning Off the Chains that have kept it locked in a Trance since Forever.  A Surrogate for that Trance might be our Belief that tomorrow will resemble yesterday.  California, British Columbia, and Scandinavia are doing a Credible job of literally Burning Off that Trance!  Remember that Cold is the Absence of Heat, so Freezing it Off is just the other side of the Coin.

Ixion won’t make its Grand Entrance into Capricorn till December 2020, just as the Digital Age Begins in Earnest.  Ixion sticks a toe into the first Degree of Capricorn earlier, and dangles another into the last Degree of Sagittarius later, but its Primary Entrance is in December 2020.  The Digital Age is Heralded by two centuries of Jupiter-Saturn Conjunctions in Air (Mind) Signs.  Jupiter (Expansion) and Saturn (Focus) are the two primary Social planets.  Among other things, they impact the Economies of the World.

We just finished two centuries of Jupiter-Saturn Conjunctions in Earth Signs, while the Industrial Era Manifested things in hardcopy.  The old joke about Aquarius is that its favorite haunt is the Pub, where it loves to Design new Social Orders.  Aquarius is more than that, but it’s a fitting snapshot for Fixed Air.  It’s hard to imagine Fixed Water (Ice?), but Fixed Air is even harder.  Think Rules, Ideologies, Fixed Ideas.  While the Age of Aquarius is hailed for “Sympathy and Understanding, Harmony and Trust Abounding,” will it all be Conditional on Following the Rules?  Perish the thought.

In Capricorn, Ixion is unlikely to become a lot less Forbidden.  It’s more likely that folks will Divide up into Secret Societies.  If so, at least we won’t need to Bear this Demon Alone any more, assuming we can find our own.  As a friend used to say, “There are eleven million people in New York City – if you’re one in a million there are eleven other people here just like you.”  We will Recognize the Vibes; the only thing that will keep us Alone is our Shame.  The ‘Rumps and the Anti-‘Rumps could be just the warmup – the only thing missing is the Secrecy.