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All of Which Is Now

January 28, 2013


Yes, of course, All There Is Is Now, but what I mean is that ALL of those pictures and Configurations in A Thousand Words are happening NOW.  That’s a  lot of stuff to be going on all at once, and we didn’t even say much about all of the background and foreground that we’ve already discussed.  Wouldn’t it be great if instead of this stream-of-consciousness I did all the research ahead of time and summarized it all together for you, instead of examining and writing about each of the pieces and then not realizing they’re all happening at once until they happen and I have to scramble to figure out why my self-image is disintegrating!  But then, we all react differently anyway.

This seems remarkably relevant – particularly for that Saturn Golden Yod – from Marianne Williamson’s The Law of Divine Compensation: On Work, Money, and Miracles (pp.104-110)…

“No matter what situation brings people together, on the spiritual plane every relationship is an assignment.  We’re brought together by an intentional universe for one reason only: the enlightenment of all concerned.  Whether our connection is through work or family, a casual encounter or a lifelong involvement, the purpose of every relationship is the healing of the world.  The ego would separate our thoughts of work from our thoughts of the sacred, positing that work is material and God is spiritual, and therefore the twain do not meet.”

“Think of your work life not as separate from your spiritual life but as central to your spiritual life.  Whatever your business, it is your ministry.  Every relationship, every activity, every circumstance is part of your ministry…  Such devotion uplifts the vibration of your thinking, thus improving the experience that others have of you and that you have of them.”

“Modern civilization hasn’t scratched the surface of truly liberating our human potential, because an overly secular worldview doesn’t recognize the deepest human potential.  As a consequence, we continue to project onto external sources – money and what it can buy – the idolatrous notion that we need those sources in order to create success.  In fact, it’s the other way around.  It’s when we open the doors to true success – sharing our passion and ideas in service to a higher good, each person invited to express his or her unique contribution to the whole – that any material means necessary to support the work will be miraculously brought forward by a self-organizing universe.”

“How might the leader of the business meeting mentioned above have mined the gold of his employees?  Before he went into the meeting, he might have said a prayer for everyone who was going to be at the meeting, or saluted them internally in whatever way was true for him.  During the meeting, he could have looked at everyone in turn, thinking ‘The love in me salutes the love in you.’  (Obviously, it wouldn’t have been appropriate to say such things aloud!)  No one would have known, on a conscious level, that anything at all had occurred.  But on an invisible, miraculous level, everyone at the table would have been lifted into a higher psychological and emotional alignment.  Having been inwardly saluted, the group members would have felt invited to share their gifts.”

And Lo, by “coincidence,” Marianne is offering a free online seminar on The Law of Divine Compensation tomorrow (January 29) at 6pm PST

She says she will record it, and if you register, she’ll send you the link to the recording, so you can “attend” even if the time doesn’t work for you.

Ah, Manganotantalite, Manganese Tantalum Oxide, just the tool and Jewel for expressing ourselves so that our meaning is carried through.  It’s like the fish in Ford Prefect’s ear.  This one’s great because you can really see the Jewel emerging from the Coal-like depths, perfect in a few spots, emerging to various degrees in others, still raw potential in others.

A Thousand Words

January 28, 2013

I know its almost impossible for non-astrologers to make sense of the circular geometries we’re always babbling about, so let’s draw some pictures.  Here’s the Mjolnir to the Pallas-Uranus Initiation that’s going on just about … now.


A Mjolnir or Vajra or Hammer of Thor or Thunderbolt (the purple and red lines) is composed of an Apex planet at the far Midpoint between two other planets that are three Signs apart (Square – the red line).  The purple lines are the Eighth-Harmonic Angles, or Sesquisquares, connecting planets that are four-and-a-half Signs, or a Square-and-a-half, apart.  A Sesquisquare signifies Realignment, Coming into Balance, and the Mjolnir implies an Epiphany.   Either shakes up the status quo, and one will probably initially experience that as Disruption, and only later as Growth in Consciousness.  We’re deep in a very personal Mjolnir right now – do you concur?

You can compare the Mjolnir to the narrower Yod (the green and blue lines), which is an Apex planet at the far Midpoint between two other planets that are two Signs apart (Sextile, the blue line) – or two Quincunxes to the same Apex planet.  A Quincunx (the green lines) is formed by two planets that are five Signs apart.  The Quincunx symbolizes Curiosity, and the Yod opens a door to new perceptions that can bring previously unrelated phenomena into relationship.  That of course can mean that there is initial Confusion over apparently mismatched Energies, but as we know Confusion is the first step in Growth of Consciousness.  The Quincunx and Yod are Twelfth-Harmonic Angles and Configurations, and the Twelfth Harmonic is about Pattern-Breaking.

A T-Square is, like a Yod and Mjolnir, a triangle, but wider than the Mjolnir.  It’s formed by two planets in Opposition or six Signs apart, with a third planet at their Midpoint.  The third planet Squares both of the other planets.  Like the red lines in this picture…


Which is a picture of a Diamond Star – which occurs when a T-Square and a Yod share the same Apex planet.  You can see the “Bowl of Grace” (the blue lines, Sextiles and Trines) under the T-Square.  A T-Square represents Mastery through Challenge – it’s not a problem to be solved, but an adventure to be lived.  T-Squares are enormously frustrating as long as we strive to succeed at solving the dilemma they present.  And enormously rewarding when we realize that a T-Square is a graduate seminar in exploring all facets of an issue.  When we become Curious about what plot twists our T-Square Hero’s Journey will produce next (which Curiosity can be provoked by the Quincunxes), and are willing to expand our perspectives (as the Yod invites us to do), the result is the Bowl of Grace that resolves the T-Square.

You can also see the Pentagram, or five-pointed Star, symbolizing Manifestation.  The Triple Yod below also shows off a Pentagram – there are Yods pointing at the Apex of this Configuration, and Yods pointing at each of the feet.  I’ve never seen this Configuration named.  Since it looks to me like a big electric transmission tower, I’ve called it an Energy Star, but if you called it a Bat Star or a Standing Grizzly Star instead, I can see why!


While the Energy Star might be less of a Hero’s Journey than the Diamond Star, it’s got more than enough Grace (blue) and Curiosity (green) to ameliorate the Challenges (red) and inspire us to great enthusiasm.

This next and last picture shows two Golden Yods or Quintile Yods (the orange lines) – a Golden Yod Configuration is composed of a planet at the far Midpoint between two other planets that are Quintile to one another.  A Quintile is one fifth of the way ’round the Zodiac, the Fifth Harmonic.  The longer orange lines are Biquintiles – two fifths of the way ’round.


The Fifth Harmonic is about Teaching and Learning.  As with a Quincunx Yod, the planet at the Apex of the Golden Yod is probably not harmonious with the planets at the base – for instance, Aries and Gemini and Leo are Dynamic, while Scorpio and Capricorn are Magnetic.  So a Golden Yod will Teach us about harmonizing contrasts like a Quincunx Yod does – and provide us with a deep skill to Teach others.

Now these two Golden Yods are occurring as we speak, so it may behoove us to have a look at the planets involved – one has Juno at the Apex with Moon and Vesta-Jupiter for feet, and the other has Saturn at the Apex with Pallas-Uranus and Lilith-Ceres at the Base.

For the first we could say that our Emotional response (Moon) to the ongoing Expansion (Jupiter) of our Heart-connection to ourselves (Vesta) is making a profound shift in our Unconscious Identity (Juno).  I can vouch for that, though I was “blaming” other factors and not appreciating the gift!  Remember that both Vesta and Jupiter are Stationary (Strong)!

And for the second we could propose that our budding willingness to stand up for (Pallas) our True Self (Uranus: Pallas is Conjoining Uranus as we speak!) is combining with a process that is giving our Inner Feminine (Lilith) more Power to Sustain us (Ceres), and as these two Energies converge it will be easier for us to Focus (Saturn) on finding the perfect role for ourselves in the New Paradigm.

Here’s an outstanding epic ballad by Kelley Hunter on exactly this subject…

More Big Doin’s – Portal 1.26

January 26, 2013


What’s He Saying?

Whoa, Magic is afoot big-time over the next eight hours!

Why Is He Saying That?

Kelley Hunter’s Cosmic News emails are always full of insights – to sign up, ask her how at  She’s a great advocate of the Ascendance of the Deep Feminine and an honorary She-Bear…

She’s put out a special issue of Cosmic News for today’s Full Moon, and it isn’t on her website yet, so I’ll quote some of it.  Focusing on the Saturn T-Square that it makes, she says that this Full Moon…

“feels like a really important, community unity celebration time…  While Saturn brings a test, it can also be taken up as a time to deeply set intention for outcomes in reality. 

“What can we do with the energy of this Full Moon?  An immense impact can be made with waves of love expressed from the heart – gratitude for the gift of life, appreciation for loved ones, delight in the loveliness of flowers.  This is the stuff of life. Let more and more of us experience this more often.  This Full Moon is an opportune, even magic moment to join together with others to create meaningful manifestations.  It can be a turning point within our circles, groups and communities if we allow it to be.  Scorpio is the sign of fusion.  As we come together and share resources on many levels, our impact is greater.

“LEO is the creative expression of the individual.  Aquarius is the group context.  What is your role in your group or community?  Saturn’s placement suggests that some associations are coming to an end, some organizations disbanding or reforming.  It is time for the next level of engagement, to find a social milieu in which we can be more creative, to feel more in synch with our peers or with our wider community.

“This Full Moon channels a lot of energy, which we feel in our hearts.  As our hearts open, boundaries, defensiveness and judgments dissolve.  Reality shifts with a big smile.  ‘Come on, people, smile on your brother.  Everybody get together, try to love one another right now.’ The Youngbloods sang another good set of Aquarian lyrics –”

Bravo!  Just send a comment if you’d like me to forward the whole email, as it contains much more, as she also relates the Full Moon to the Jupiter-Vesta Yods.

The Moon itself also heads a Yod with Chiron and Pluto forming the legs.  Since the Moon is an Alchemist that congeals Matter out of Energy, what an opportunity to permanently transform (Pluto) our lives (and the Planet, through Co-Creation) with Miracles (Chiron).

Really all we have to do is PIAVA a perspective or two that make all of what we formerly saw as “problems” into opportunities.

Even more remarkable, starting about 8pm PST and running past midnight (12am PST on 1/27), the Moon creates a Triple Yod – the Moon and Vesta-Jupiter form the Base of a Yod with Pluto at the Apex, while the Moon and Vesta-Jupiter are each the Apex of their own Yods!  Wow.

  • The Pluto-Apex Yod will channel Alchemical Emotional Power (Moon) and Sacred Meaning (Vesta-Jupiter) into Trance Formation (Pluto)!  Affirming Kelley’s intuition that our Intentions (and our PAVA too) have great power here.
  • The Moon-Apex Yod, as we said,  creates an opportunity to permanently transform our lives and the Planet with Miracles.
  • The Vesta-Apex Yod can be summarized as the Heart (Vesta) iteratively approving and vetoing trial versions of our Plans (Saturn) for adapting our lives to the Changes that are taking place on the Planet (Pluto).

And they all mesh together without friction, although as we’ll see soon there will be a few minor challenges.

The Big Deal here is that we’re taking Curiosity Cubed –  Curiosity times Curiosity times Curiosity.  And you know what we think about Curiosity, how it’s the spiritual-intellectual equivalent of Love.  And you know well that All there is is Love, Love, Love is all there is.  So our three Yods become…

  • I wonder what sort of wonderful things I’ll be helping to Co-Create!?!
  • I wonder how our lives and the Planet will be Changed!?!
  • I wonder what will happen when I stop thinking about transforming and just transform!?!

and together,

  • Wow, I wonder how the World will be different tomorrow!?!

Challenges!?!  Did you say Challenges?  We don’t need no stinkin’ Challenges!  The Triple-Yod Pattern is like a giant electrical transmission tower, a five-pointed star with a pinhead.  I guess we could call it an Energy Star, that sounds better than a Pinhead Star.  It looks a lot like a Giant, so we could also call it a Giant Star.  But there are Squares from the end of each arm to the corresponding foot – Moon to Saturn (waning) and Vesta to Chiron (waxing).

  • The waning Moon-Saturn Square advises us to just let go of everything we’ve been planning to do and create, and open ourselves up to the Void – to Unlimited Creative Potential.  We don’t need to control this intellectually, our Heart is in control, and Her connections reach very deeply into the Unconscious – in other words, Let Go and Let God.
  • Which is just about exactly what a waxing Vesta-Chiron Square would advise; it would say, Hey, we’re about to make permanent the Miracle of living a Heart-Centered Life, so set your preconceptions aside please!

The Challenges will just be our Resistance to all that – no big deal, right?

What’d He Say?

An Energy Star forms around today’s Full Moon, with Pluto (Transformation) at the head.  Let go of all expectations except your Expectation of Miracles!

Portal 1.24

January 23, 2013


Starting Line

January 24 reveals a much larger influence than we realized.  Larger than the dualistic mind, in fact, so while we can talk around it, we’re better off waiting for it to unfold, than trying to pin it down too much.


Turns out tomorrow is a much Bigger Deal than I’d noticed before.  Here’s what we said in January Then about January 24th…

Both Vesta and Jupiter are Stationary, Vesta till January 26, and Jupiter till January 29.  This puts a very strong emphasis on what your own Heart tells you is bottom-line Sacred.  Vesta was originally Goddess of the Hearth, reinforcing the emphasis on Sustenance, Family, Neighborhood, Community.  Jupiter is the Amplifier.  They’re Conjunct, so even after Vesta is Stationary, the Jupiter Station will continue to emphasize Vesta, and the Vesta Yod.

January 24 stands out prominently.  In addition to the Stations and the Yod…

  • Mars completes a T-Square to the Moon’s Nodes
  • Eris begins a Quincunx to the North Node
  • The Moon makes a T-Square with Uranus and Pluto
  • The Moon makes a Grand Trine to Saturn and Chiron

That’s a whole lot.  How might we say that in English?  Maybe something like

The major Challenge is to break out of a Pattern of hiding our Light under a bushel.  Major Blessings await us if we can remember to Wonder how we can best cooperate with our own Growth in Consciousness.

Can’t argue with any of that.  But, as I was looking up the relevant times I realized that these events are not happening separately.  The most intense time will be around 10am PST to 1pm PST.  But look what else is going on then…

  • The Moon Sesquisquares Mars, putting it at the Apex of a Mjolnir with Mars and the North Node
  • The Moon Quincunxes Mercury, which in turn Trines Stationary Vesta at the Apex of the Yod
  • The Moon Opposes Pluto, making a Kite out of the Grand Trine
  • The two T-Squares are a Semisextile apart
  • All of the other planets make significant Angles to the Star Players

So where do we start to kernelize the essence of such an intertwined chart?  The Yod, the Mjolnir, and the Kite can’t be ignored, but the two related T-Squares stand out like the bell of a Jellyfish, creating three fourths of an octagon or Grand Semisquare.  That is,

  • the Yod or Focusing on the Transformative Power of the Sacred,
  • the Mjolnir or Embracing the Emotional turmoil created by Acting to move toward our Mission, and
  • the Kite or Enjoying the Focus on Inevitable Miracles

can’t be ignored, but the two related T-Squares or

  • Walking the Edge between our Karma and our Mission, and
  • Empathizing with the Vulnerability of our Need to Stand in our Truth

stand out like the bell of a Jellyfish, creating three fourths of an octagon or Grand Semisquare.  As we said in Boundaries and Mjolnars, the Semisquare and the Eighth Harmonic are about Alignment, Balance, Beginnings and Endings, and “the application of creative ideas in tangible, useful ways,” to quote Angie Arrien’s Tarot Handbook (p.55).

The incomplete octagon asks us to examine the Vacancies – the degrees that would complete the pattern.  Those are

  • 6 Libra or “A woman watches her ideals taking a concrete form before her inner vision” and
  • 24 Leo or “Totally concentrated upon inner spiritual attainment, a woman is sitting in a state of complete neglect of bodily appearances and cleanliness.

Sounds like Decision Time – are we going to Ascend and leave the Chaos behind us, or are we going to stick around and manifest some pitch to help patch up the hull?  Or maybe Ascend and come back in a different form where we can help even more.  Careful though, these are the kinds of Decisions that are discovered, not decided, because they’re made at a level far higher than the intellect.  Either way, January 24 is likely to provide major insights.

Record Keeper

We need to quote Dorothy Roeder’s Crystal Co-Creators several times here, starting with p.151,

Record Keeper Quartz Crystals are all encoded with the ancient spiritual knowledge of how humanity can express its creative power at the physical level.  Some, however, give us this information more readily than others.  They bear the “inscriptions” of this knowledge as pyramidal or triangular indentations on their faces.”

This Akashic Record-Keeper, though, isn’t Quartz.  It’s Spodumene, a Lithium Aluminum Silicate that takes itself lightly, which (p.187)

has the ability to unlock, at appropriate times, secrets forgotten in the past but now needed.  It has a specific link into the flow of knowledge that comes from the Galactic Center; the flow of knowledge that is activated there.”

The same Galactic Center that Pluto activated at the recent End-of-Time Solstice.  And this one, despite its pleochroism (showing two colors), is Pink Spodumene, or Kunzite, which (p.114)

helps the heart to open and reach out to interact with others on the CoCreator level…  helps the heart chakra to balance into all levels and serve as a support during the transformation process…  helps you attune to your higher emotional qualities and to bring them to a more focused use through your heart…  smoothes the alignment into those higher energies and makes the process more comfortable for the whole four-body system through support from the heart.”

Sounds like just what we need here.

Finish Line

One way or another we’re starting something Big here.  It’ll behoove to let go of Expectations, and just see what evolves.  Here’s a relevance…

Being open to miracles is a discipline and an art.  We should beware of thinking that we’ll know what a miracle will look like, what shape it will take, or what form it will come in; in fact, the very nature of miracles is that they represent the interruption of a pattern, a discontinuation of the status quo.

–Marianne Williamson, The Law of Divine Compensation: On Work, Money, and Miracles, p.96.

Forgot to Mention the Full Moon

January 22, 2013

The Full Moon, by the way, occurs on January 26 (at twenty of 9pm PST), the same day as the Vesta Station.  I don’t have information accurate enough to know what time Vesta is Stationary, but of course the Stationary Vesta (strong connection to the Sacred) is still conjunct Jupiter (expanded strong connection to the Sacred), which itself Stations in a few days (stronger yet), and still at the Apex of its Saturn-Pluto Yod (signifying that our strongly expanded strong connection to the Sacred will help us define our own role in Co-Creating the Planetary Changes).  The Full Moon itself Sextiles Vesta-Jupiter (watch your seemingly random Emotions; they’ll provide important clues) and Quincunxes Chiron (I wonder what sort of Miracles we’ll see today!).

Since the Moon relates to Vesta and the Moon is a common trigger, it probably doesn’t matter exactly when Vesta Stands Still, as the Full Moon itself will probably time whatever Transcendence (Jupiter-Vesta), Insights (Yod-Full Moon), and Miracles (Moon-Chiron) await us on Saturday.

January Then

January 20, 2013


If This Is the Bun…

After reviewing the major background trends, we try to condense all that recent Astrologuese into a few paragraphs of English.  What do we come up with?  January 24 and 27-30 stand out as Big Days when the major Challenge will be expressing our Truth and not apologizing for it.  Don’t forget to Wonder how you’ll pull that off.

Then Where’s the Beef?

So let’s try to combine “More Transce’nDance” and “Oh My Yod! 2013!,” so you don’t have to, since it’s complex.

Our Place in Herstory

First, the background; we don’t want to forget the background…

1. Our individual Souls are demanding our Attention.

Uranus is Squaring Pluto – “the 1960s” are returning for good, and we’re being asked to express ourselves more directly; aka a Soul Download is underway that will change us completely by 2016.

2. We’re starting over economically, and all earlier bets are “off.”

Chiron has recently been Initiated by Neptune – the “Mortgage Crisis,” which was really a Banking Crisis that hasn’t been resolved at all, signaled the beginning of a social-economic-political New Paradigm that will take a decade or two to develop.  The disruption is astrologically equivalent to the end of WWII (eg transition from bombs to cars), and to the end of the Railroad Boom at the end of the 19th Century (eg transition from steam to electricity).  The fact that the institutional infrastructure (ie, governments and bankers) have not yet faced this Reality could be disastrous, and the recommended strategy for individuals is to attend to Sustenance, Neighborhood, Community, and Family, should the social order disintegrate more than it already has in many parts of the World.  But there are Miracles available to us when we do intuitively adapt to the New Paradigm.

3. As a species, we’ll be less Emotional and more Practical going forward.

We’re finally finished with the 11-year Moon-Out-of-Bounds Cycle that began on 9/11/2001, though of course those who feed on Fear will always try to extend excess Emotionality of that sort.  Pluto in Capricorn can be summarized as “Just Fix It.”

4. The Century promises huge transformations in Consciousness.

The Polarization in the 1/1/2000 chart remains in effect for the Century (Moon-Saturn-Pallas-Uranus Grand Cross), but by now we should be adapting to it.  The intention of the Polarization is Consciousness-Raising.  The other three Big Deals in the 1/1/2000 chart are also still in effect: Loss of the Veil and recovery of Intuition (Neptune-South Node), Awareness of Sustainability and Sustenance (Ceres Rising), and Miraculous Change at a very deep level (Pluto Initiating Chiron at 12 Sadge just as the Century turned).  Eris wasn’t “discovered” yet, but she made a weak Grand Trine to Pallas and the Chiron-Pluto Initiation.  Probably wouldn’t hurt to review this chart.

5. We get tons of help during this Decade as long as we remember we’re in Big Transitions Time and don’t try to grasp the status quo. No need to burn any bridges, but it certainly won’t hurt to repair the hull of that old Ferry that does the job even when the river floods.  We put a bit more detail into Teens Decade Revisited.

6. Collaboration will be more effective than Competition.

Pluto represents a prominent global factor in the Unconscious, the Unconscious runs our lives, and Pluto’s twin sister Eris is forcing her way into our Consciousness; aka there is a major trend toward elevating the principles of Cooperation and Collaboration over the excess of Competition and Control that has been dominant on much of the Planet for a long while.

7. Our Deepest Values are coming into prominence.

We have a Vesta Yod with Pluto and Saturn through most of February , which is and will be “forcing” us to move more into Integrity with what our Hearts hold to be Sacred.

And finally, don’t forget that what the Media tells you about is mostly the Resistance to these trends.

The Foreground

Then we can get down to the rest of January.  The Big Deals…

Both Vesta and Jupiter are Stationary, Vesta till January 26, and Jupiter till January 29.  This puts a very strong emphasis on what your own Heart tells you is bottom-line Sacred.  Vesta was originally Goddess of the Hearth, reinforcing the emphasis on Sustenance, Family, Neighborhood, Community.  Jupiter is the Amplifier.  They’re Conjunct, so even after Vesta is Stationary, the Jupiter Station will continue to emphasize Vesta, and the Vesta Yod.

January 24 stands out prominently.  In addition to the Stations and the Yod…

  • Mars completes a T-Square to the Moon’s Nodes
  • Eris begins a Quincunx to the North Node
  • The Moon makes a T-Square with Uranus and Pluto
  • The Moon makes a Grand Trine to Saturn and Chiron

That’s a whole lot.  How might we say that in English?  Maybe something like

The major Challenge is to break out of a Pattern of hiding our Light under a bushel.  Major Blessings await us if we can remember to Wonder how we can best cooperate with our own Growth in Consciousness.

The last few days of the month are also standing up and waving their arms…

  • The Moon completes a Grand Cross with Mars and the Nodes on 1/27-28
  • Uranus Initiates Pallas on 1/28
  • The Vesta Diamond Star occurs on 1/28-29
  • The Moon and North Node complete an Eris Yod on 1/30

The Diamond Star is the Star of this show, and it behooves to just repeat our earlier interpretation…

The Moon Opposes Chiron to complete a Diamond Star with the Vesta Yod.  This should be very exciting, with Jupiter Stationary and the Moon triggering our Emotional involvement with the Sacred – and Chiron showing the way to Miracles!  This could easily be life-changing for many of us!  A Diamond Star occurs when a Yod (Curiosity) and a T-Square (Mastery through Challenge) share the same Apex, which produces a bowl of Grace under the T-Square.

If we try to convert the supporting players into English, we might say something like…

No longer hiding our Light under a bushel, we are called upon to Defend our New Self against those who preferred the former status quo.  It’s just fine to be defensive when you’re defending a Good Cause, and Your Light is for you the best Cause on the Planet.  But don’t try to Explain Yourself; deflect the other person’s Resistance by gently and lovingly illuminating their lack of flexibility.  Sympathize with them.

You’re very likely to find yourself resisting someone else’s Changes as well, and this will be good practice for sympathizing with yourself when that happens.  There may be Heartache here, and nothing demands Self-Love more than Heartache.  Why be a victim of Eris when you can be her Agent, and help her transform the Noosphere and Astral Spheres of the Planet.  Healing doesn’t happen without Empathy.  Empathy for Ourself first, then for Other.  Empathy is hard, because it demands Presence, and the Nodes usually take us out of Present Time.  Sometimes Sympathy is an acceptable substitute.


As is so often the case, Dorothy Roeder nails it…

So many of you would rather be somewhere else, any planet, any place seems better than Earth.  You remember the perfection of other places, not realizing that you brought that memory to help you create that perfection on Earth.  Peridot would like to help you do that.”  [Crystal Co-Creators, p.138]

A “Nesosilicate” like Peridot or Garnet is the simplest form that Silicates take, where the Silicate ions occur singly in the Crystal.  Peridot is a Magnesium Nesosilicate.  Magnesium is basically a Stress reliever.  Self-expression is easier among friends.

So What Was All That About Then?

Turns out there’s a lot going on in the next two weeks.  Peak days are January 24 and 27-30.  Our Healthy Narcissism will be Challenged.  Do we Love ourselves enough to support ourself when we’re called to express our Deepest Truths?  Can we stand it when Others express their Deepest Truths, without feeling diminished ourselves?  Our greatest weapon is still I Wonder…

More Transce’nDance in January

January 19, 2013


I Wonder What He Really Meant to Say…

Wow, during January and into February we’ve got a whole stable of additional aids to help us transform our lives.  By the time we get to March, when the Jupiter Yod returns, we’ll be very different people.

I Wonder How He’s Going to Convince Us of That!

As we move into the simultaneous Vesta and Jupiter Stations (January 20-29), a few complications assert themselves.

Mission, Karma, and Integrity with the Sacred

First, our commitment to our Mission, and our concomitant determination to “atone for our sins” becomes strong here.  You probably can’t see that my tongue is in my cheek when I say that.  But a suggestion like that is not entirely a parody of religion.

Mars is beginning to work on a Square to the Moon’s Nodes that will be exact on January 24, but gets compounded into a Grand Cross by the Moon on January 27-28.

Simultaneous Vesta and Jupiter Stations will greatly (Station) expand (Jupiter) our need to get into Integrity with our Deepest Heartfelt Beliefs (Vesta), which is to say, atunement with our personal version of the Sacred.  Growing up, or being converted, we may well have internalized somebody else’s ideas about what’s Sacred, and we’re more likely to maintain those if they agree in some important ways with our own natural Heartfelt Beliefs.  Either way, Guilt is the operating principle.  Guilt results when we behave in ways contrary to our own feelings about what’s Sacred.  Guilt can feel like we have dirtied ourselves with “sin,” and we need to seek cleansing.

That’s how Karma, which in truth is just inertia – our natural and useful ability to form habits, patterns, and trances – comes to feel like retribution, when we unable or unwilling to make effective amends for our Guilt.  All of our “past” lives culminated in “past” Deaths, some of which were Painful.  If we lived in a culture similar to current Western culture, Death was also often associated with some sort of “failure” and hence perhaps Shameful.  It’s difficult to seek Forgiveness for a Karmic debt that was not incurred in the current lifetime.

We do not decide to Forgive, we discover that we have Forgiven. 

So while we can assertively seek Forgiveness from others, it’s more difficult to actively Forgive ourselves.  We can however PIAVA Forgiveness for ourself, and that may be our most effective approach.

Karma can arise from Guilt, Shame, Fear, Resentment, or any other strong feeling, and we aren’t even thinking about “Good” Karma here (which can be harder to release than “Bad” Karma).  It can also arise from sheer repetition.  Power corrupts, and Ritual is powerful.  Why do we even care about Karma?  Because Karma hides all of the skills we learned in that other lifetime, or an earlier phase of the current lifetime.  For instance, as a Child we were constantly in Wonder, and still intimately connected to Source.  Then, through repetition, we learned that the World seemed to make sense on other levels – or at least, we learned that adopting their way of making sense of the World pleased the folks we depended on for our Survival, folks we naturally felt a strong sense of Love for, just because we were still in Wonder.

And, recall, the overarching Deva for January and February 2013 is Curiosity.

So for most of us, the “Good Karma” we took on as Children learning our own People’s culture obscures our sense of Wonder and Awe and Curiosity – and our sense of unconditional Love.  Karma is what the Moon’s Nodes are about.  The North Node, aka the Dragon’s Head or Rahu, represents our Mission – what we came into this lifetime for, the direction that our Soul intends for us to move in.  And the South Node (Dragon’s Tail or Ketu) symbolizes the Karma which holds us back from moving toward our Mission.  Hiding behind the South Node is the skillset we need to recover in order to move toward our Mission.

Bear in mind that it’s only the logical mind that does duality.  The rest of the Universe is focused on the Coin, not the heads or the tails.  Especially since most of our Karma is Unconscious, we’re ahead to focus more on the Mission-Limiting Beliefs axis itself, than on either end of it.  So we might PIAVA that we

Lovingly and gently and rapidly and completely let go of all Limiting Beliefs that separate us from our Deepest Desires,

for instance, rather than dwelling on our Karma per se, or fantasizing about our Mission.  Your Deepest Desires are closely related to your Mission – any Guilt arise when you contemplate that?

Hence, it behooves us to Pay Attention to our Limiting Beliefs at any time when our need to get into Integrity with our Deepest Heartfelt Beliefs is greatly expanded – that is, during a Vesta-Jupiter Station, such as most of the rest of January.

And, as is often the case, the “stars” are giving us a push, in the form of a Mars-Nodes T-Square.  A T-Square symbolizes Mastery through Challenge.  We know about the Nodes.  Mars represents Action.  We’re Challenged to take Action to move toward our Mission, and let go of whatever blocks us from that.  It’s a T-Square, so don’t expect success, expect learning.  Like on Wall Street, it’s not what you earn, it’s what you learn that’s important.  I mean, there’s no need to expect lack of success – if you need to have expectations, expect to be surprised.

Guess Who Else Gets Their Golden Apples Involved?

Then, starting on January 23, just in time for the peak of the Mars-Nodes T-Square, Eris begins a Quincunx to the Dragon’s Head.  That’s exact on February 8, and goes out of style on February 24.  It’s amplified on January 30, just after the culmination of the Jupiter Station, when the Moon Trines the Dragon’s Tail and fills the other Leg of an Eris-Moon-North Node Yod.  And also lit up on February 3 when the Moon crosses the North Node, and February 14, when it crosses Eris.  Wow, what’s all this mean?

Eris, recall, has an allergic reaction to Denial, which causes her throwing arm to jerk.  So basically we’re back to Mobile again with the Memphis Blues…

I wonder how we’ll get out of going through all this twice!

In other words, while Mars will be inspiring us to Act, Eris will be throwing us to the Wolves.  But, fortunately for us, it’s all about Curiosity (the Quincunx) and Grace (the Trine), not about Challenge.  As we’ve said before, Karma is dead.  And that it doesn’t grasp us, we grasp it – we believe it keeps us Safe.

When you encounter a situation where it feels as though you’re about to re-experience unpleasant circumstances, let go of your expectations of unpleasantness.

Like fabric softener, when we’re Conscious enough to do that, we’re likely to find that the unpleasantness is really nothing but a memory, no longer subject to static cling.  And those Golden Apples tossed at our feet are almost certain to make us Conscious!

It’s important to remember that Denial is a healthy process that keeps the healthy Ego from getting overwhelmed.  The healthy Ego’s function is to keep us Safe, and we’d have a much more difficult time of that if we were unable to triage the threats to our Safety.  Neither Denial nor Ego present problems here – what can be difficult to overcome is the inertia that Ego develops.  Growth in Consciousness is a process of discrimination – what we’ve seen all along as background, as wallpaper, suddenly becomes something three-dimensional that now demands to be dealt with differently.

We move to a new neighborhood, and suddenly we can trust our neighbors!  It takes us a little while to realize it, because our expectations are based on previous experiences that were less sanguine.  But once we realize it, we discover a whole closet full of thoughts and behaviors and expectations and reactions that have to be reconsidered and reformulated to meet our new Reality.  It goes both ways – we could be moving to a new neighborhood where we can’t trust our neighbors.  When Denial steps out of the closet, there is work to do, and it’s called Growth in Consciousness.  That stunning lady with her hand on the closet door – that’s Eris.

Then There’s Uranus-Pluto Again

And just as the Mars-Nodes T-Square is exact on January 24, the Moon makes a T-Square with the famous Uranus-Pluto Square and a Grand Trine with Saturn and Chiron.  This is powerful.  Just as we’re taking a Giant Step forward (Mars-Nodes), we’re Graced (Grand Trine) with an Emotional (Moon) Focus (Saturn) on Miracles (Chiron) and an Emotional (Moon) Challenge (T-Square) to Act (Mars) from our True Self (Uranus-Pluto).  Again,

Just as we’re taking a Giant Step forward, we’re Graced with an Emotional Focus on Miracles and an Emotional Challenge to Act from our True Self.

It’s important that the Focus on Miracles is Emotional rather than intellectual, because intellectual Focus would prevent Miracles by holding on to obsolete paradigms, while Emotional Focus will make it easier to bring new paradigms into concrete manifestation.  Emotion is the glue that holds Energies into Form.

Then, on January 28, deep in the strength of the Jupiter Station and just as our Vesta Diamond Star forms, Pallas is Initiated by Uranus, beginning a new four-and-a-half-year Cycle.  This occurs at 6 degrees of Aries, with the strange Symbol “A square with one side brilliantly illuminated.”  A square symbolizes Dominion, or healthy control.  The one side brilliantly illuminated is the Soul Download we’ve been working with since last July.  Pallas represents boundaries; after January 28, we won’t just be expressing our True Self more completely, we’ll also be defending our right to do just that.  We could  easily end up changing the people and circumstances in our lives as a result.


Table Salt is Sodium Chloride.  Villiaumite is Sodium Fluoride.  While Chlorine helps relieve Stress, Fluorine promotes Change.  Sodium provides structure and continuity.  The perfect mineral to symbolize Fresh Violets in an Ancient Pottery Bowl.

I Wonder What He Said

Whoa, that’s a lot of Energies coming down – in addition to what we had before.  I think we’re going to have to integrate all this into one calendar.  When we looked at the Vesta Yod that dominates January and February, we were able to summarize a whole lot of material into…

I Wonder how my new Integrity will change as I Focus on this new Trance?

If we had to summarize what we’ve added here, that might be…

I Wonder how my increasing Consciousness will inspire me to Act to support my True Self, move toward my Lifetime Mission, and let go of my Limiting Beliefs?

Busy, busy, busy.

The Good, the Bad, and the Empty Chair

January 9, 2013

Well, the good news is that Eris is now scooting ahead, no longer completely Stationary, and thus not as strong.  I for one am glad to have it behind us.  I experienced it as some irritation for several days prior, plus a day or two of strange feelings and strange snippets of Emotion-laden memories popping up randomly.  Nothing to make me doubt my sense that Karma is dead, as the memories were clearly Paper Tigers.  Not that they wouldn’t be useful to have a conversation with, as long as we have an empty chair sitting around.

The bad news is that Eris is moving at Slug speed and deeply entangled in Friday’s New Moon – very closely Square to it.  That keeps her Energy strong – and challenging – for another month at least.  Well, I mean “bad” news from the perspectives of comfort and the status quo.  From the perspective of moving the Planet back toward Balance and us toward Integrity, it’s great news.

The Jupiter Yod has faded, though it will return in March.  For now, Jupiter has passed the torch to Vesta, and we now have a Vesta-Saturn-Pluto Yod, with Juno now joining Pluto.  That’s kind of humorous, as it implies we’re going to get caught blaspheming against what we hold most sacred.  That’s an Eris trick if I ever saw one!  We’ll be extolling the virtue of Honesty with one tongue, and lying with the other – and we’ll probably notice!  As will other people.  Embarrassing, sure, but we have it coming, and we just need to own up to it.  Wow, good point!  I see that, my bad, I’ll do better next time! would be a good retort.  Denial is futile, Eris said that.

Those are the kind of tricks that bring politicians down, though it’s the dicking around that usually gets them ousted, not the corruption.  Maybe it’ll be different this time, as Eris has no objection to dicking around, but folks who dick around dishonestly will likely have Golden Apples coming their way.  As well as the folks with their fingers in the till, we would hope.  Our anthem at any rate will be

I wonder how I’ll be horrifying myself this month with clashes between my self-concepts and my habitual behaviors, and I wonder how quickly and effectively I’ll be able to overcome them.

Fortunately the other leg of the Yod is Saturn, with its laser focus.  In Scorpio, where getting to the bottom of things is the order of the day.  No unturned Stones this month, which is annoying, but good – trying to Ascend with checked baggage is folly.  Airlines don’t usually lose that kind of baggage, they enjoy triggering it.

There’s also a Quincunx from the New Moon to an Out of Bounds Ceres (which is then Sextile to Eris, to mitigate the Moon-Eris Square).  Which should be pretty close to…

I wonder what it takes to get out of going through all this twice.

Whether we’re in Mobile or Memphis.  We also get help from Mars, which makes a friendly Pythagorean Triangle (Square-Trine-Quincunx) with Saturn and Vesta-Lilith.  Which should make us effective at taking action to make whatever changes we need to bring ourselves back into Balance.


January 5, 2013


The Bottom Line

There are Pretty Big Doin’s scheduled for January 6, and when we interview them they tell us that the prospects for our New-Paradigm Communities are surprisingly good!  We’ve been hindered so far, but we can expect it all to begin coming together in the next few months.  So far we’ve mostly been Dreaming our new digs, but that’s an essential first step.  As with any Change, we walk the Edge between Safety and Growth.  Choose Growth, but with patience.

What’s Going On

Background – Some New Astrologuese

Before we dive into this, there are a number of interruptions, so many that I’m having a hard time following what I’m writing.  So I’m going to put all the interruptions up here in front, where you can read them beforehand, or ignore them for now and use this section like a glossary when you get stuck on some concept later.

1. We haven’t talked about Semi-Squares yet.  A Square is three Signs, and a Semi-Square is half of that, or a sign and a half.  Kind of like Semi-Sweet Chocolate, but not as sweet.  I usually regard a Semi-Square as a sort of irritation or a minor Challenge to Mastery.  On the other hand, as the eighth Harmonic, the Semi-Square symbolizes alignment and balance.  We’ll be dealing with a Waxing Semi-Square, so we’re adjusting to the fact that some of our old Patterns no longer work.  The Paradigm is changing, but it’s still mostly Unconscious.  We have to make adjustments, but we can’t yet see what it is we’re having to adjust to, so we’re kind of flying blind.  That can be irritating.

2. We haven’t talked about Midpoints yet either – a Midpoint is as it sounds, one planet halfway between two others, or Opposite the halfway point between the other two.  It implies that the three are vibrating in the same frequency.

3. When the outer planets dance with each other, they usually do it thrice – once Direct, then Retrograde, then Direct again.  We usually experience the first occurrence as a Canopener – some Unconscious content bursts through the Veil and disrupts our well-ordered life.  Since it’s Unconscious, we usually see it only in the mirror, as in outer life circumstances.  We need to manifest circumstances that match our Consciousness, or we feel all out of whack.  That’s the Earth Game, in case you hadn’t noticed.  So we usually experience a Canopener as something happening to us, and it usually throws us off guard.

The second passing of an astroevent is an Exposition.  Since it’s Retro, everything is as if in slow motion, so we get a better feel for what’s really going down.  That’s what this occurrence is, and Exposition.  The third event is a Confidence-Builder, because now that we better understand the process, we feel competent to handle the Exposed Content, which by now has become part of our Consciousness.  We can now internalize what we previously had to project in order to preserve the role of the healthy Ego (which is keeping us Safe).

4. A Retrogradation is not really an Abandonment, not at all.  But it can feel that way, if we’re in circumstances where we’re expected to perform.  Suppose we’re scheduled to give a speech, and “unexpectedly” the week before, Mercury turns Retrograde.  (I know, it was in the ephemeris, but who looked before scheduling?  Or who had enough healthy control?) Well, we’re thinking things over, reconsidering, during a Mercury Retro.  So if we’re expected to espouse expertise on some subject, we have to stand up and lie, basically.  So yes, from the perspective of our old Birdcage, a Retrogradation is an Abandonment.  From the perspective of the new, under-construction wing on our Birdcage, a Retrogradation is a building permit that allows us to stop traffic and reroute the utilities.

5. An Angle between two planets is “Complete” when it’s Exact.  That usually occurs in a few instants, as from our perspective it doesn’t take long at all for one to pass in front of the other, unless it’s the Moon or the Sun.  However, the influence of an Angle lasts a lot longer than that.  So there is some slop, usually called Orb in astrologuese.  Two planets that are Conjunct in a natal chart, for instance, would be considered so even if they were seven degrees apart, because a natal Conjunction is usually assigned an Orb of 8-10 degrees.

Now the Meat – Sunday January 6

Elizabeth points out that both Mercury and the Moon cross the legs of the Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto Yod on Sunday January 6, aka tomorrow.  I’d regard that as interesting but not momentous (let alone “horrendous”), but Jupiter does Semi-Square the very Eris that’s Stationary and preparing to begin going forward again on Tuesday.  India’s reaction and response to its horrific rape and murder situation shows how Eris will have her way, resistance be damned.  In the US, a junior version of it is playing out in Ohio.  Here’s another example, from another She-Bear…

So if the Yod (which is no longer part of a Diamond Star, but still Squares Chiron) is lit up by Mercury (Communication, Awareness) and the Moon (Variable Emotions), that will intensify both our reactions (Moon) and responses (Mercury) to the Eris Station.  I regard a Yod as a very beneficial configuration, since it’s based on Curiosity, which we regard as akin to Wonder and Awe, and therefore Close to God, so to speak.  If we had to put the Yod in a sentence it might be something like…

We’re wondering (Yod) where we might Focus (Saturn) our Attention to maximize our adaptation (Jupiter) to the Changes (Trance Re-Formations; Pluto) going on. 

With Jupiter Square to Chiron-Neptune (New Paradigm) and Uranus Square to Pluto (Self-Trust), the Yod’s thick in the middle of the pudding.  Not to mention that Saturn’s a good stand-in for our own Birdcage (the Ego attachments which keep us Safe and therefore the Limiting Beliefs which keep us from seeing what we need to adapt to and how).  Jupiter’s now Retrograde, and has been all during the Yod’s lifetime.

Bear in mind that some people use two degrees as the maximum acceptable Orb for a Quincunx, and the gap here is 2:20, so by their standards, the Yod is already old news.  Many use three degrees, but either way the Yod is fading fast.  I would consider it to be reasonably Yoddish here myself, as I would consider the extra planets as providing enough oomph to extend the Orb.

The good news is that the Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto Yod returns in March, when Jupiter is Direct.  We’ll have to look at that more closely, when we get closer to March.  Remind me.


And all this puts Eris at the Midpoint of the Jupiter-Chiron Square, which suggests we should pay attention to the Jupiter-Chiron Cycle here.  And that it probably wouldn’t hurt to have a look at the Jupiter-Neptune Cycle as well, since it’s Chiron-Neptune that governs the New Paradigm that’s budding under the crumbling infrastructure of the Old Monetary Paradigm.  In other words we need to look at all four planets together – Jupiter, Chiron-Neptune, and Eris.  I think it’s pretty clear that this would imply that the Deep Feminine is intimately involved in Expanding into the New Paradigm.

It appears that the simple truth is that, being human as we are, nothing short of a total economic disaster will shake us out of our Competitive, Profit-oriented Trance and inspire a Cooperative, Survival-oriented Trance.  Imagine the glee of the last Bankster – I Won, I Won! – safely locked into his gated manse on top of Pikes Peak while the rest of the US is under 3,ooo feet of water, his Retropublican wife busily cooking up the plentiful longpig for dinner.  It’ll take more than Greenland melting to do that, but the image is pretty apt.


And we need to look closely at the Jupiter-Eris Cycle – that’s a Biggie, especially since Jupiter Opposed Chiron at her Discovery.  Let’s start there.  The Cycle began May 29, 2011 at the same degree as Eris is now Stationary in, 22 Aries – “The gate to the garden of all fulfilled desires.”  Rudhyar adds, “Abundance made possible by human togetherness and cooperation.”  I think we can just stop there, don’t you?  Do we need to say anything more?

Well, maybe one thing.  Jupiter is Retrograde.  That means that this is the second occurence of the Jupiter-Eris Semi-Square.  The Jupiter-Eris Semi-Square Canopener occurred in mid July, just as Uranus and Eris were turning Retrograde.  So both our Self-Expression and Yin Integrity (Uranus), and our skills at Transcending Denial and Cooperating Compassionately (which we’ve learned so far about Eris) were then, as it were, abandoning us.

So we’ve just been through the Exposition of the Jupiter-Eris Semi-Square, which we could read as an irritating challenge to give up some old habits in order to be more open to a space where we can be unabashedly ourselves (Uranus-Pluto) and fit seamlessly into the New Paradigm (Chiron-Neptune) while seeing all of our desires fulfilled (the Jupiter-Eris Cycle), after the Canopener was kind of stillborn.  But we can still to look forward to it!  Jupiter itself turned Retro in early October 2012, and she faces front again at the end of January 2013.  The Confidence-Builder, where we understand that we really can surrender those obsolete self-sabotaging behaviors and still stay Safe, arrives February 14, 2013.

Bear in mind that this is “only” the Semi-Square.  We won’t see the full Jupiter-Eris Waxing Square till mid-June 2014.  That would make a good target date for us have the first iteration of the prototype for our new self-supporting Communities up and running.  In addition to…

here’s another excellent commentary about how these new Communities may evolve as we Co-Create them…

All this sounds very Utopian even to me, but lo, here it is, out there in the Real World already.  Before long, Faux News might even have to cover it.


The Jupiter-Chiron and Jupiter-Neptune Cycles initiated only four days apart in late May of 2009.  You probably don’t recall that Chiron came within inches (well, a quarter of a degree, or about half a Full-Moon’s-width) of crossing Neptune in May 2009, prior to their complete Initiation in February 2010.  All of this occurred in the initiatory degree of 27 Aquarius, ”Fresh Violets in an Ancient Pottery Bowl.”  Both Chiron and Neptune were Stationary in that degree in late May 2009, and Jupiter was right there dancing with them.  Very powerful.  And that’s the same degree as their Complete Conjunction in February 2010.

So the Jupiter-Chiron Square, which was first complete in late July 2012, means that the Gate to that Garden (the one with all fulfilled desires) is now permanently open to anyone willing to experiment with jumping out of their Birdcage and testing new groundrules.  The Jupiter-Neptune Square completed even earlier, in late June 2012.  But again, till Uranus went Direct in December, and till Eris goes Direct on Tuesday, and till Jupiter goes Direct at the end of January, we’re still thinking about making the changes we need to make to adapt to the treasures available to us in the New Paradigm.

You Talking to Me?

That was complicated.  I think the summary is something like this.  Utopian as it sounds, we are in the middle of Co-Creating a garden of delights for our New-Paradigm back yard.  It’s a bit more grounded than pie in the sky, because it’s based on an ancient pottery bowl.  Everybody who wanted to leave Ascended last month, anyway.  We’ve only seen fits and starts, because we’ve only seen glimpses of the blueprint, and only snapshots of all the tools we’ll need.  But that is changing.  By April this project should be moving along nicely.