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Portal 1.5 II

May 4, 2018

We earlier referred to this 1 Aries Chiron-Juno Initiation as the Opportunity, should we choose to Accept it, to end Suffering.”  But we didn’t mention what Acceptance would look like.  Of course we won’t encounter the End of Suffering without encountering Suffering – that’s not how it works.  We’d encounter the end of Suffering by encountering Suffering and Letting it Go…

Which of course means Tapping, or Mirroring the first Antagonist you think of, or Poor-Sweethearting, or just Laughing at how Ironic the Universe is.  It’s so easy to forget that the Universe just Mirrors our internal state and fall for the Bullshit that it’s Objective.  Under our Programmed Trance, we’re not only Separate from the Universe, but we’re Its Victim.  From that Perspective, Spiritual Truths like “We Are All One” and “As Within So Without” are just campaign slogans. 

This story…

When we Pretend to be Separate from the Rest of the Universe, and particularly when we Imagine ourselves to be a Victim of the Rest of the Universe (when we Suffer, for instance), that’s about Identity as well.  Growth in Consciousness means that More of the Universe becomes part of Us.  As Rachel’s story illustrates, there are a lot of stages to go through, including many heavy Emotional states, before we can Grok how the Perp is part of Us.  But that’s how we Shake Off Suffering.

The chart of the Initiation is intriguing…Every corner is multiple, either a Conjunction or a Stellium (Three or more planets Conjoining).  The First Harmonic (Conjunction) is the Magician.  Conjunctions are about Merging, or Loss of Individual Identity, or Expanding Identity to include More…

  • What happens when Despair (Chiron) and Consciousness (Juno) are Merged?  Miracles (Chiron) and Consciousness?

We can’t forget that the first step in Growth of Consciousness is Confusion.  If we interpret Confusion to mean that we have to Figure It Out, we Lose, because all we’ll do is force ourself back into the old Concept Set that enforces the Limits of our old, narrower Consciousness, our Birdcage. 

We have to Let Confusion Be, Celebrate it.  We also may have to pass through an Ego Death as our old Identity/Consciousness/Ego tries to keep us Safe from the Unknown.  No Blame, that’s just the Ego’s job description.  Give it Gratitude. 

Ultimately our Project is to Befriend the Unconscious.  Since the Unconscious is In Charge, Resistance is not only a waste of time and effort, but also the major Source of Suffering.  Since the major impediment to doing that is Ego Death, which most of us most of the time Resist mightily, we need also to Befriend the Ego.

We can start by Appreciating it’s Efforts to keep us Safe.  “Thanks, Honey, I know you’re trying to Protect me!”  “You Poor Sweetheart, this feels like a Death to you, doesn’t it.”  “Hey, do you suppose we could work out a way for both of us to move to a Higher Level of Protection, Together?!?”  It’s been done before, we can do it again.

  • What happens when the Soul (Uranus) is Merged with Choice (Lachesis)?
  • What happens when Truth (Aletheia) and the Life Force (Varuna) Merge?
  • What happens when our Survival Instincts (Quaoar) and our Ability to Respond (Pholus) feel like One and the Same?
  • What happens when Trust (Eurydike) and Endings (Atropos) are Merged?  And what happens when that is Merged with Manifestation (Makemake)?

Each of these Conjunctions represents either an imminent Initiation itself, or a reiteration of a recent Initiation.  An Initiation means that a Cycle is restarting.  It’s like Changing the Water in your Aquarium, a Change of Timelines.  Think of it as the more Powerful (slower) planet giving the lesser one Shaktipat.

There are other Changes going on as well…

  • Unlimited Potential Initiating Boundaries (dwarf planet Chaos and Pallas)
  • Mission Initiating Sustainability (North Node and Ceres)
  • The Most Important Thing Initiating Letting Go of Codependence (Saturn and Hylonome)
  • New Beginnings Initiating Action (asteroid Klotho and Mars)
  • Fear Initiating Fate or Embracing Fear as Power Initiating Choice, depending on whether the Universe is Perp or Partner to you (Sedna and Moira)
  • Intuition Initiating Values (dwarf planet Asbolus and Venus)

That’s a whole lot of Change happening all at once, too much for me to try to keep up with.  No wonder folks are signifying that this is a Tripping Point!

Portal 1.5

May 2, 2018


Mayday means a lot of different things, from Pagan Rites to military parades to Maypoles to SOS to Bonfires.  This year it also means “A Woman just risen from the Sea, embraced by a Seal”…

As Chiron (Despair, Healing, Empathy) Initiates Juno (the Edges of Consciousness) at 1 of Aries (10am PDT 29 April).  1 of Aries is where it all begins.  This is a Biggie, as the Opportunity, should we choose to accept it, is the end of Suffering.  We wrote about the Juno-Chiron Cycle four years ago, at the previous Initiation…

Thanks to Beautiful Hummingbird for the reminder.

Along these lines, several Channels have proclaimed this Portal to be a major Milestone – Brenda Hoffman for one…

“Today, April 29, 2018, is a day that will go down in history even though you do not know such is so at this time – for you have shifted from fear to joy. 

“You believe such is not necessarily so for you still have thoughts of, “What if this or that happens?”  Neither of which will become your reality.  Today is a full Scorpio moon, and most of you accept that a full moon means confusion, even disaster. So you wait for that which does not happen.

“So it is you are adjusting to new you, one possible 3D calamity at a time.  For you are so comfortable with fear, you cannot imagine that there is nothing left to fear…”

And “Galaxygirl”…

“The Light has won.  It is time for Humanity to be freed of misconceptions, of the pain, of the lie of Separation…”

And our old friend Daniel Scranton…

It is more challenging for you because most of you only access the past and the present, but that is enough.  It is enough to be present and to feel for the vibration of the timeline that you’re on.  You can determine for yourself whether that timeline suits you or not.  What becomes more challenging for you is when you attempt to take the temperature of humanity and determine the vibration that the rest of the collective is offering.

“It can be very challenging for some of you to believe that humanity is headed in a positive direction at all, but that is usually due to the fact that you are tuning in to what the media is emphasizing.  If you want to truly take the temperature of humanity, and access the truth of the collective’s vibration, you need to connect to Mother Earth and feel for the vibration that she is giving off.

“You can also look at the people around you and notice how they are evolving.  You can tell by how a person’s energy feels whether he or she is moving in a positive direction, and although it may be hard at times to notice, we know that you can feel for the progress in the beings that you connect with on a regular basis.  We know that you can, with a little effort, feel for the motion forward that humanity is making, and you can rest assured that this timeline you are on now is one that will lead you to a more joyous journey, and ultimately, to the fifth dimension.”

It feels like profound Changes are afoot to me as well.

November I – Let My Masks Go

October 29, 2015

Another reader points out that…

Juno is moving into place to resurrect the Quincunx Box we saw in early October, this time with Juno Opposite Uranus and Jupiter Opposite Chiron.  None of these are speedsters, so this Configuration will be with us for the next two weeks.  Venus is on Jupiter at the moment, but will move off in a couple of days.

What’ll this Configuration do for us?   More Masks will fall by the wayside (after Halloween of course) as our Soul Self moves further into Consciousness.  To the extent that our Discouragement is Amplified, so also are the Miracles that await when we stop Identifying with Discouragement and Lovingly Witness it instead.  “You poor Sweetheart, you’re feeling pretty Discouraged, aren’t you,” we say to our Emotional Self.  If we’re lucky, She’ll Embrace us back and share some of Her secrets.   Serena Williams, via Wired magazine, suggests that we code our biggest Affirmations into our most-frequently-used passwords, maybe something like “U^poOr}12SH” or “mIanXs?<=1” or “>>$$4Me!!” so they’ll be front and center all the time.  Great idea, since the hardest part is the Noticing! This really does bear repeating, because it’s an effortless way to leap into the Future.  The difficult part is remembering to do it, because when we’re lost in a Held Emotion, we aren’t in the Present Moment, so we forget all of our Present Moment Skills, and our toolbox is limited to whatever tools we had at the age we were when that Emotion got stuck.  In the Recovery Movement from the 1980s, they used the trick question “What color is the wallpaper?”  Since the Present-Moment walls probably aren’t the same color as the walls in our Regressed age, this was often enough to snap part of us back to the Present Moment.  Of course we or an ally still need to remember to Ask the question!  “W1Pap?2grN” The Healing process is as simple as this: you locate or invent a part of yourself that isn’t Identified with whatever Heavy or Negative Emotion you’re Feeling, and you have that part talk back to yourself Lovingly.  “You poor Sweetheart, you’re really Feeling sad, aren’t you.”  You Empathize with yourself.  It’s that simple.  You Witness your Emotion rather than Identifying with it.  As soon as you do this, you no longer are that Emotion, you are Empathy, Compassion.  Then you let your Emotion talk to you.  If “sad” isn’t quite right, She’ll correct you.  She may be able to tell you what was going on with Her then, that gave Her such Grief.  She can probably tell you how old She is.  Even if you hate kids of that age (which isn’t unlikely since She hated that age), you’re going to have to make an exception for Her, since She’s you. We’re using feminine pronouns because Emotion is part of our Magnetic Self – in Western astrology.  Gender roles are reversed and differently organized in many Cultures.  For instance, even in German, the Sun is She (warming, nurturing Mother) and the Moon is He (colder Father, not always There).   If She’s a He in your Body, so be it.  She could be a She at one age and a He at another, depending on who you Identified with at that age.  Notice that it may not actually be the Held Emotion itself that makes you Stuck, but the Helicopter Trips your mind does with the Emotion – “It was my own fault.  No it was their fault,” around and around.  Or even just “It was my own fault.  Why was I so stupid?”  The intellect is part of our Dynamic Self, a He in Western astrology.  Judgment is a He.  Without Judgment, all of your Emotions would be Lovable and you wouldn’t have to get Stuck. Developing a conversation and a Relationship with Her or Him is Powerful, but the act of Witnessing is Powerful in itself.  To Create Miracles you need do nothing else except Witness and then Change the Subject – get your mind busy with something else.  When your Identity shifts from Being a Held Emotion to Witnessing a Held Emotion, you’ve just Changed your position relative to the Universe.  As Einstein said, you can’t solve a problem using the same thinking that postulated the problem.  Your Witness thinks from a different paradigm.  Once you Change the Subject, new approaches to what was formerly Stuck can pop up out of nowhere, because the World is operating under different rules.

All that for Jupiter Opposite Chiron.  In general it’s the Oppositions that animate a Box Configuration.  The Angles on the long side – here Quincunxes – inform us about how the Box is animated.  The Quincunx, five twelfths of the way ’round the Zodiacal loop, represents Curiosity – the Fifth Harmonic symbolizes Learning, and the Twelfth Pattern-Breaking: I Wonder what this Habit might be good for!  

As we’ve said many times, Curiosity is the younger sibling of Love, as they both eschew Judgment.  In overintellectual patriarchal Western Culture, Curiosity is identified with intellect rather than Spirit.  Intellectual curiosity seeks answers.  Spiritual Curiosity is Awe and Wonder, the appreciation of the Mystery that does not have an answer.  With Spiritual Curiosity you don’t have Contradiction, you have Paradox.  As we age we collect Knowledge, confuse it with Wisdom, and lose touch with Awe and Wonder.  It’s not that we need to generate Curiosity; the World around us generates it constantly.  What we need to do, constantly, is reject our programming that Curiosity is the search for an Answer.  We sometimes refer to it as “Permanent Curiosity” to emphasize the difference.

The Quincunxes in this Box are Juno to Chiron and Jupiter to Uranus.  The Waning Juno-Chiron Cycle is about “In the sanctuary of an occult brotherhood, newly initiated members are being examined and their character tested” (12 Pisces, January 2014).  The Waning Quincunx is twelve Degrees shy of the Phitile, the Fruiting of the Cycle.  Twelve Degrees belongs to the Third Harmonic, Love with Wisdom.  The Waning Quincunx is a Gift for us to take beyond the Fruit, into fasting and hunger, like Gollum’s riddles.  The Waxing Jupiter-Uranus Cycle is “A woman just risen from the sea, embraced by a seal” (1 Aries, June 2010).  Uranus is also a Waning Decile from Sedna, deep in the Void.  Heavy-duty stuff.

Our Character has been Tested by the trials of the last several months and the last several years, and we have passed.  Everyone passes.  Everyone passes different parts of the Test, and everyone passes with a different “grade.”  The next Mystery to be revealed to us will depend on our “grade” and which parts of the Test we passed.  The next Mystery will be another Test, but it will also be a Gift.  This will be the last Mystery before we descend into the Void.  The Gift will be our Safety in the Void.  We can’t help but Wonder what it will be.  The Void is all about Wonder.  If we think we know what’s going on, we lose, because we drop back and repeat the previous Cycle while the World moves on without us. The Mythological Sedna was drowned by her own father in a fit of Fear.  She became the Seals.  Without the Seals, the Inuit lose their food and fuel.  It is important when hunting the Seal that Prayers go to Sedna, Prayers that the hunters, as they risk their Lives, be stronger than Fear.  Our Masks protect our Vulnerabilities, the places where we have been Shamed or threatened with Death or worse.  As our True Self pulls us away from our Masks we need the same Prayers, that we be stronger than our Fear.  We don’t Pray that our Masks endure, we Pray that we remain Safe while our Vulnerabilities are exposed, we Pray that our Ego be Transformed Lovingly and Gently, and that we can Let Go of our Resistance.  Then we Surrender to Curiosity about what will follow.

Curiosity happens under a Quincunx, we don’t have to promote it.  It happens whether we’re Conscious of it or not.  If we React to Unconscious Curiosity by indulging our Anxiety about the Future, we end up Consciously pursuing a path that’s unlikely to be the path that the Unconscious is taking.  When Consciousness competes with the Unconscious, Consciousness loses.  We’re far better off Wondering what the Unconscious has in mind for us, and Praying that our journey is Loving and Gentle.

Chiron and Juno

January 24, 2014

mntao7151bpManganotantalite helps us phrase difficult communications in ways that makes them easier to actually hear our intent.  It’s the same Crystal that keeps your cellphone on the right frequency so it can be distinguished from all the other calls on the airwaves.

At 12am PST January 25, Chiron Initiates Juno at 12 Pisces – “In the sanctuary of a Mystery School newly initiated members are examined and their character tested.”  The Greek and Roman Mystery Schools were basically secret societies with complex rituals and rites of initiation that members were forbidden to talk about with non-members.  Of course we’d never know, but testing the character of new members probably involved making sure they could keep secrets.

For most of us these days, our Mystery School or secret society is our family of origin.  We all have a secret list of things that “decent” folks do without fail (make the bed, mow the lawn, etc etc) and a secret list of things that “decent” folks would never do.  As Bonnie Tyler (or Meat Loaf) put it, “I’d do anything for Love, but I won’t do that!”  But since our programmers hypnotized us before we were able to stop them, our families-of-origin aren’t so much secret societies as Unconscious societies.

Which is what Juno is all about – the Edge between Consciousness and the Unconscious.  When we’re merged with someone we can’t tell where we end and they begin.  In fact, it usually doesn’t occur to us to ask the question – it’s Unconscious!  How many relationships have we lost because we or they (or both of us) did or said – or didn’t do or say – things that were in our, or our ex-partner’s, secret catalog of decent and indecent things.  How many wars?  How many Olympic Games even.

Chiron here should snap us into Consciousness about some of these self-sabotaging secrets.  Especially if we PIAVA greater Consciousness, and especially if we PIAVA greater Consciousness about the topics that are giving us grief.  This is an especially powerful Initiation into Consciousness because the Juno-Chiron Conjunction sits at the peak of a Mjolnir which itself symbolizes Epiphany.  The Juno-Chiron Cycle is being born here, so we can use the chart of the Initiation to plot the disposition of the whole four-year Cycle.

MjJCThe other two corners of the Mjolnir are Lilith and Vesta-Ceres.  Lilith says that what we bring into Consciousness here will help us collaborate more fully, and help diminish the subjugation of Women.  Vesta is about what we consider to be Sacred – here we don’t just have a list of what decent folks would do or not.  We have a list of what constitutes blasphemy!  And Ceres is about what’s Sustainable – it’s hardly Sustainable to live in close proximity with folks who blaspheme as a matter of course, who may even blaspheme because they actually believe that’s what decent folks do!

These planets suggest that over the next four years as this Cycle unfolds, there will be a great deal of global reconciliation – probably instigated by a great deal of global conflict, since it’s conflict that will push these secret codes into Consciousness.  If we never met anyone who did anything differently we’d have no reason to suspect that there was any other way to be!

That of course is in addition to our personal work around mutual awareness and tolerance with our neighbors and cohabitees and colleagues – especially around the way Women are treated.  We can safely assume that over the next several years…

Women will become more Conscious of their disempowerment and simply make the decision to be otherwise.

Remember that a new Energy is lit up at the Initiation, then sort of moves underground until the Waxing Square – which in this case occurs rapidly, in mid-July of this year.  The next Cycle is Initiated in 2018 at the Aries Point, the first degree of Aries.  In other words…

This whole business of becoming Conscious of our Judgements and Intolerances is lit up during 2014-2018 so we can clear them in preparation for a whole new orientation toward Planetary Cooperation.

And as we’ve pointed out, the Juno-Chiron Conjunction is also one corner of a Mystic Rectangle.  Pallas, Goddess of War and Wisdom, Opposes the Conjunction.  We regard Pallas as Boundaries and Edges – Goddess, please grant me the Power to Change what can be Changed, the Serenity to accept what cannot, and the Wisdom to know the difference.  Consequently…

We’ll be Changing our Rituals and Patterns to promote and protect our growing Consciousness.

Not only that, but the Juno-Chiron Conjunction sits Trine-Sextile across the second Opposition in the Mystic Rectangle, the Jupiter-Pluto Opposition.

MRJCWhich means…

Our Growth in Consciousness is not optional – it’s part of the shift in the Global Trance.  All these Epiphanies will make out Growth easier.

And we can’t forget that the Jupiter-Pluto Opposition is the base of a Uranus T-Square…

It’s not just about Growing Consciousness and dropping Intolerance; it’s also about dropping our Masks and becoming more Authentic and Vulnerable. 

Do you remember Eris?  Anytime we’re talking about getting more Honest, especially about things we didn’t even know we were Dishonest about because they were Unconscious – you know Eris is going to be involved.  And what do you know, there she is, Opposed by Mars!

3CJCThat means we’ll be confronting people when we can’t stand their Denial any longer.  And vice versa – they’ll be confronting our Denial as well!  But look at those blue lines to Mercury…

We’ll be blessed with skillful communication when we confront and when we’re confronted.

And the Tricolored Triangle – with Moon Conjunct Saturn…

Everybody will be pretty Focused and constrained Emotionally, so we’ll probably be able to confront without everybody freaking out.

Even if it is Square to Mercury…

Yes, there are major challenges here.  How to confront lovingly and gently.  How to be direct and stay true to your purpose.  How to set aside your own intolerance and focus on what’s actually sabotaging your relationships and endeavors.  How to hear what others have to say without getting Defensive.  How to verify whether they’ve heard what you intended to say, so you don’t have to rephrase it.  How to reframe everything that’s going on so it’s about Win-Win.

But look there – Mercury is Sextile to Eris!  Remember that a Sextile needs to be primed before the Grace flows.  How to do that?  The green line (Quincunx – Curiosity) tells us!  Like so…

I Wonder how I can stay Focused on what I need to say and what I need to hear, without getting Emotional about it.  If this adventure can help me break through self-sabotaging Patterns, I’ll be eternally Grateful!  I guess if I approach this as something important for me to Learn, that might help.  But mostly I just need to keep my Ego in my pocket, and Ask the Goddess to lift me over this hurdle!

Astrophyllite will help you pull Clarity out of a large quantity and variety of inputs, many of which are quite fuzzy…



January 21, 2014


As many have reported, there’s an enormous opening to Dreams now, with Juno crossing first Neptune and now Chiron.

We can see Juno as the Edge between Consciousness and the Unconscious, Neptune as the Unconscious itself, and Chiron as a steam shovel or wrecking ball poised just beyond Consciousness, ready at the slightest invitation to smash a hole through any rigidity in the walls that keep the Unconscious Un.

A Huperson that Consciously lives Both/And has a very fluid Boundary between what’s Conscious and what isn’t yet Conscious.  For such a person Chiron is no wrecking ball, but a powerful source of Intuition and Insight.

We want to very highly recommend a book by Eugene Gendlin called Let Your Body Interpret Your Dreams

(or Amazon of course, if you don’t want to donate the extra $6 to the Focusing Institute).

This little book has too many choice jewels to be repeated, but it teaches several easy, fast, effective, and clever techniques to guide you past the mind’s Either/Or bias and the Ego’s bias toward the status quo.  The World status quo is changing fast, and we need to keep up with it.  You can use these techniques not just for Dreams, but also for everyday events and circumstances.

I’ll let you go through the exercise rather than doing it myself, but take Breaking the Shell and apply it to some larger Entity.  Maybe to several larger Entities.  Such as Syria or Ukraine.  Or gay rights.  Or Inequality.  Or the US, or EU, or China.  Imagine that the status quo plays the role of the Ego, and the Real World is changing around it.  We didn’t really talk much in Breaking the Shell about what happens when we don’t lovingly and gently step outside and assist the Ego in its molt.  But as in Syria or Ukraine, imagine that the Ego is heavily armed.  Or as in Inequality, imagine how easily the Greedheads will voluntarily agree to higher taxes.

Our own personal Ego will dig in its heels just as hard, and the techniques in Gendlin’s book will let you lovingly and gently loosen the shell many times a day, in small steps, so you can avoid having to have it cracked wide open like a pinata when the imbalance gets too great and it explodes.

The way our personal Ego responds to larger Entities like Ukraine or Inequality, is a small panel in a composite mirror for the larger Entities.  When we change, the larger Entity has to change to match the mirror.  This is true on the Spiritual/Energetic level even if our only connection to Ukraine is a headline or two – or less.  We are All One.   You saw how the World stopped Obomba from cruisemissiling Syria.  Compared to how we tried and failed to stop George II from nuclear-bunkerbusting Iraq.  We changed the mirror.

Epiphany and January

December 29, 2013

actino4133bpActinolite.  Not to worry, we’ll get January’s rough edges smoothed out soon.

Epiphany has three meanings – a sudden and profound Insight, and a theophany – when a Deity appears to a Human, as the January 6 holiday celebrates.  And it’s the primary keyword we apply to the Mjolnir or Vajra, when a third planet passes the far Midpoint between two planets that are Squaring one another.  We equate it to the Mjolnir because both Thor’s Hammer and Indra’s Thunderbolt carried the impact of Lightning.

I think I’ve mentioned this before, but I certainly haven’t emphasized it.  Since December 10, until December 28, we’ve been working under the influence of a Neptune Mjolnir with Jupiter and Ceres –

Potential for Lightning-like Insights into Permanently Expanding our Relationship with Spirit.

I didn’t pay a lot of attention to it, until a reader asked about a Lifetime-scale Epiphany they had at the Solstice.  I looked for an astrological correlate in their Natal chart that would provide a context for it – no luck.  Then while I was looking up the centaurs and new dwarf planets that I don’t usually pay attention to, I finally noticed this Double Mjolnir in the Transit chart (the sky at the then-present moment) –

AngelWe’ll have to call this Configuration an Angel en Pointe.  The Moon is often a trigger for larger-scale Events, and here it would trigger Lightning from Uranus and Pluto –

Potential for Epiphanies into the relationship between our True Self and the Global Trance.

Added to Potential for Epiphanies into Permanently Expanding our Relationship with Spirit, that’s pretty intense.  Uranus, discovered around the same time as electricity, is associated with Lightning anyway.

We bring this up because, while the Neptune-Jupiter-Ceres Mjolnir ended yesterday (given our usual three degrees of Sensitivity), a whole family of related Mjolnirs hangs around for months.  Look at the New-Year chart…

NeptuneMjolnirVesta has moved in to replace Ceres in the Neptune-Jupiter Mjolnir

Potential for Lightning-like Insights into Expanding our Connection to the Sacred, likely through real Experiences with Spirit that cause us to rethink our Beliefs.

This Mjolnir runs from December 23 until January 7, and, being prominent in the New-Year chart, will be in effect through all of 2014.

Meanwhile, Ceres has moved ahead to create a second Mjolnir with Lilith, focused on Chiron…

Potential for Epiphanies that Permanently shift our relationship with our Instincts to make room for Miracles.

This Mjolnir endures through January – and its indirect impact all year.  And as you can see, Mars and Juno are queued up to join the show!  Well, Mars cops out, as it’s slowing to turn Retrograde on March 1.  But Juno, representing

The Threshold of Consciousness or quite literally, the Veil that occults the Other Side,

jumps in starting January 4, first

  • Joining Neptune in the Neptune-Jupiter-Vesta Mjolnir from January 4-8, underscored by the Moon from 11am till 3pm PST on January 4
    • Potential for Lightning-like and literally mind-blowing Insights into Expanding our Connection to the Sacred, opening a Permanent gap between the bars of our Birdcage or Limiting Beliefs;
  • January 9 brings us a brief Grand Trine between the Moon, Pluto, and Pallas…
    • A good time to begin deciding where we want to put the bulk of our Efforts at helping to Reform the Planetary Trance – we don’t have to do it all ourselves, we can pick a specialty;
  • Starting a new 4-year Juno-Neptune Cycle on January 9 at 4 Pisces, “Heavy traffic on a narrow isthmus between two seashore resorts“…
    • Opening major links between Source and  Consciousness;
  • On January 13-14, the Moon briefly makes a Grand Trine with Neptune and the North Node, and shortly thereafter a Uranus-Pluto-Moon T-Square…
    • New Insight about our Mission, and about how we can enlist help from the Goddess, will trigger our Yintegrity;
  • On January 15, the Moon makes brief Neptune-Moon-Mars, Juno-Moon/Lilith-Vesta, and Chiron-Moon/Lilith-Ceres Mjolnirs in turn;
  • Starting January 15, Vesta joins Ceres in the Chiron Mjolnir with Lilith…
    • Epiphanies that Permanently shift our relationship with our Instincts and our Personal Mythology to make room for Miracles;
  • Starting January 16, Juno forms a Mjolnir with Lilith and Vesta…
    • Our Birdcage suddenly Opens to make space for both raw Instinct and ancient Wisdom;
  • Starting January 18, Juno joins Chiron in a Juno/Chiron-Lilith-Vesta/Ceres Mjolnir…
    • Epiphanies that Permanently shift our relationship with our Instincts and our Personal Mythology to Open our Consciousness and make room for Miracles;
  • Also starting January 18, Jupiter backs into a Mystic Rectangle with Chiron, Pallas, and Pluto…
    • In order to make room in our Lives for the Increasing demand to help shift the Global Trance, we need to stretch our Edges to make room for more Miracles, and set solid Boundaries against Discouragement;
  • On January 18, the Moon briefly creates a Moon-Uranus-Pluto Mjolnir like there was on December 22, creating an even more precise Angel en Pointe with the Juno/Chiron-Lilith-Vesta/Ceres Mjolnir
    • Epiphanies that Permanently shift our relationship with our Instincts and our Personal Mythology to Open our Consciousness and make room for Miracles that align our Yintegrity with the changing Global Trance;
  • That’s intense.
  • On January 22-23 the Moon crosses Vesta and Ceres…
    • Adding an additional layer of Epiphanies to Permanently shift our relationship with our Instincts and Personal Mythology so as to Open our Consciousness and make room for Miracles;
  • After January 23, Juno joins Chiron in the Chiron-Pallas-Pluto-Jupiter Mystic Rectangle…
    • In order to make room in our Lives for the Increasing demand to help shift the Global Trance, we need to stretch the Edges of our Consciousness to allow more Miracles, and respond quickly to avert Discouragement;
  • On January 25 Juno is Initiated by Chiron to begin a new Cycle at 12 Pisces, “In the sanctuary of a Mystery School newly initiated members are examined and their character tested.”  This is getting heavy…
    • Sounds like a good day to separate the Oats from the chaff and compost the chaff;
  • Starting January 31, Juno sweeps the North Node into its influence, so we have a Chiron-Lilith-Vesta/Ceres Mjolnir and a Juno-Lilith-Vesta/Ceres/North Node Mjolnir…
    • Now our Mission gets involved and we begin to realize Why we’re being so Transformed;
  • Starting January 31, Retrograde Jupiter backs into a Uranus-Pluto-Jupiter T-Square…
    • Now we have to start Expanding our Yintegrity into more areas of our Lives;
  • On January 31, Venus Stands Still and goes Direct within spitting distance of Pluto and…
    • We have to start integrating all these Epiphanies into our Everyday Life and Values;
  • And so on into February!

Sounds like it’s time to cut back on our fiddling and get serious about our work Transforming our Planet.  While the Mystic Rectangle is a boon, I think January may find us longing for the persistent Grand Trines and Grand Sextiles of “Good Ol’ 2013.”  When we meet friends we’ll be starting conversations with “Wow, do you remember 2013?  Wasn’t that a great year?”

neph2450bpTheir are few friends better than a smooth Nephrite Jade boulder, which you can make by tumbling Actinolite in the surf on a beach of nice Quartz-Sand polishing grit for several millennia.  You can even use it for Scrying.  Do you remember where you left yours?  Oh well, by the end of January you’ll be able to just call it to you.