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Ultima Thule II

January 1, 2019

The Ultima Thule Discovery chart isn’t a simple one.  There are major Configurations in four different Degree Zones, in pairs…

  • 11-14, the heavy lines on the first picture
  • 24-28, the light lines on the first picture
  • 1-7, the heavy lines on the second picture
  • 17-20, the light lines on the second picture

The 11-14 Degree Zone, the heavy lines on the first picture, includes Ultima Thule itself, Opposite Moira (Choice), with Atropos-Pallas (Ending Inappropriate Boundaries),  BZ509-Lilith (Transcending Resistance to Sovereignty), and Sedna (Fear/Power) serving as Bridges.

Sedna sits on the Fixed Star Capulus, in the Constellation Perseus, representing the sword that severed Medusa’s head, and suggesting that Ultima Thule will be very Instructive in our Shift from the Patriarchal Yang Male to the New Yang Female Era that’s replacing it, just as the Destruction (Perseus) of the outer symbols of the Yin Female Era (Medusa) accompanied the dawn of the Patriarchy.  We’ll Learn more when Juno (Consciousness Expansion) crosses Capulus on 23 January.

The 24-28 Degree Zone, the light lines on the first picture, features a Jupiter-Varuna T-Square (Challenge to Increase our Vitality) on the Nodal Axis, with Eurydike on the North Node (Trust the Process) and Hopi-Eris on the South Node (Judgments Reveal Held Emotions).

These two Zones are Octile-Trioctile to one another (the orange lines), indicating that each provides Insight on the other…

The 1-7 Degree Zone, the heavy lines on the second picture, include a Venus-Juno-Asbolus T-Square (Challenge to Intuitively Review and Revise our Values) based upon the Opposition between Orcus (Oaths) and Klotho-Nessus-OR10 (either Beginning to Open Up to Intrusive Abuse Memories, or Beginning to Finish Processing them).  In general, Oaths produce Limiting Beliefs, and the Intrusive Memories can lead us to those, so we can Disavow them.

The 17-20 Degree Zone, the light lines on the second picture, featuring a Square between Saturn and Stationary Sappho (Can you Hold on to the proposition that The Most Important Thing is Self-Love?), and an Opposition between Uranus and Mars-Vesta (Can you Allow your Soul to Revise your Beliefs, rather than Condemning your Beliefs because they weren’t Manifesting What You Want?), Bridged by Chiron (Miracles) and Sappho-Saturn.

These two Zones are also Octile-Trioctile to one another, again indicating that each provides Insights about the other.  Mars-Vesta and Uranus make a Mjölnir Kite (Epiphanies) across the Square between Venus-Juno-Asbolus and Klotho-Nessus-OR10 (Expanding Consciousness to encompass Abuse and Privilege)…

Lots of Action here, for a rock or iceball 42-47 times as far from the Sun as our Home Planet, only 20 miles long, that takes 300 years to complete one orbit.

Happy Yew Near – Ultima Thule

December 31, 2018

Couple of quick Yew Near notes while we finish writing about this week’s Big Burst of Creativity (that is, do be Careful what you Ask For, and Watchful for Negative Thoughts)…

Another big whole in the Sun’s Corona…

is peppering our Home Planet with high-frequency vibes, creating Auroras like this one…

…To Celebrate Goddess Pi’s Ascension into Stewardship over our Planet of Residence (with thanks to and

The spacecraft that flew by Pluto in 2015 will fly past an asteroid or iceball in the Kuiper Belt tonight.  They call it “Ultima Thule” (pronounced Tool-ee) meaning “Waaay Out in the Sticks and then some.”  It’s official names include “2014 MU69” and “486958” – use those identifiers if you ever want to look up its ephemeris.  As you can imagine (since that’s where the spacecraft still is), it’s near the Longitude of Pluto, in 17 Capricorn.

Today it’s Conjunct (Merged With) Chariklo (Confidence) and asteroids Karma (Self-Sabotaging Patterns) and Atropos (Endings); Opposite asteroid Moira (Fate/Choice); and Quincunx (Curiosity) to Asbolus (Intuition) and asteroid Sappho (Self-Love).  That is, in 2019 and particularly now at New Year, if we have an Open Mind, we’ll likely Realize that we can Choose to End Self-Sabotage.

In its June 2014 Discovery chart, Ultima Thule also Opposes Moira, Trines (Blessings) Atropos and Pallas (Ending Inappropriate Boundaries), Quincunxes Lilith and Bee-Zed (Transcending Self-Sovereignty or Resistance to it), and Trioctiles (Insight about) Sedna (Fear/Power).  That is, Ultima Thule Illuminates Choice, Blesses the Ending of Inappropriate Boundaries, invokes Curiosity about Transcendence of (Resistance to) Self-Sovereignty, and provides Insight into the Conversion of Fear to Power.  Busy Busy Busy!

If we’re Ready to Let Go of Protection and Allow Vulnerability to keep us Safe (which Readiness requires a good deal of Fear-to-Power Conversion), Ultima Thule will hold our hand as we do.  Of course a fundamental part of Vulnerability is the Ability to Allow Confusion and Curiosity to Exist without trying to Squeeze them into the little boxes of our Current Concept Set.  We could probably use Vulnerability as our synonym-of-convenience for Ultima Thule.

Most of us though, will more likely be Delighted – if trepidatious – to find that Ultima Thule helps us Let Go of our Codependence and Transcend our Resistance to Claiming Our Self-Sovereignty.

Which is “coincidentally” a rather profound comment on this week’s primary theme, Manifestation.  There’s a very subtle Edge between Fake It Till You Make It (or Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway) and Trust The ProcessWhen we Trust the Process we’ll Respond to Setbacks by PIAVAing Clarity, Tapping Out our Resistance, and Revising our Theta Command or other Intention. 

The more we can Own our Sovereign Right to Command What We Want from Reality with Complete Confidence, the faster we’ll Manifest it.  We’ll be Excited about Setbacks because they Illustrate Resistance that was heretofore Unconscious.  Unconscious Resistance is Exactly what Limits our Ability to Create Our Own Reality, and getting Resistance into Consciousness, where we can work with it, is the Path to Sovereignty over Matter.  If we’re Discouraged about Setbacks, we need to Poor-Sweetheart ourself, Tap Out our Discouragement, and Revise our Theta Command or other Intention accordingly.

Resources if you need them…
Theta –
Tapping –
Poor-Sweetheart –

A few other salient Configurations in the Ultima Thule Discovery chart…

  • Sappho (Self-Love) Stationary (Strong) Square Saturn (The Most Important Thing).  In the current Flyby chart, Sappho Conjoins Asbolus (Intuition) Quincunx (Curiosity) to Ultima Thule itself.  Self-Love is a Critical component of Vulnerability.
  • Klotho (Beginnings) Conjoins both OR10 (Invasive Memories) and Nessus (Abuse and Privilege) Opposite Orcus (Oath-Making and -Breaking) T-Square (Challenge) to Venus (Values), Juno (Consciousness Growth), and Asbolus.  Being Willing to Respond To our Soul’s Choice (Orcus) to Experience Abuse and Privilege isn’t about Blaming the Victim; it’s about moving our Identity from Ego to Soul.
  • Eurydike Conjoins the North Node (Trust the Process) while Eris (Revelation) and Hopi (Judgment) Conjoin the South Node (Prohibited Emotions); the Opposition is T-Squared (Challenged) by Jupiter-Varuna (Expanding the Life Force) and Trine-Bridged (Assisted) by Mercury-Nemesis (Awareness of our Ego Deaths).  Taking the Opportunity, which Ultima Thule Offers, to Examine the Original Judgments and Guilt that Created our Karma, will Expand our Vitality and Liberate our Vulnerability.

Find out more about our species’s New-Year visit to Ultima Thule, including flyby snapshots starting 2 January, at

I’ll add the Ultima Thule Discovery chart soon.