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Whom Will Your Soul Inhabit

August 2, 2020

The Big News of this Aquarius/Leo Full Moon is its square to Uranus.  Plan on an accelerating frequency, electric, unexpected, lightning shocks to the system.  Oh yeah.  Could be quite a roller coaster ride.  Keep strong in body and spirit.  Engage your integrity, clarity and higher mind.  The Great Awakener shocks us out of any complacency, laziness, or ignore-ance that has kept us living our lives in the back seat.”

So says Kelley Hunter in her Electric Lion Full Moon post at

Ignore-ance!  Brilliant!  I’ve certainly never thought of Ignorance that way!  How appropriate, when the Primary Energy in most of July and  August is about Revelation of What’s Been Denied (Eris) and Surrendering our Victimhood (Chiron and Uranus).  Before we can Surrender our Victimhood we have to Notice that we’re Choosing to Give Away Our Power.  That would make a fabulous Revelation of What’s Been Denied, wouldn’t it.

A reader last week pointed me toward another place of my own Ignore-ance, the Potential in the phrase “Up Until Now.”  Evidently psychic John Edward and Austrologer Maggie Kerr have been slipping this phrase in between a statement about the Truth of What’s Going On and an Affirmation of What We Want (see 7:33ff of this video for an example).  I’m imagining that this might be useful when we alternate Tapping and Theta Healing to demonstrate to ourself that we’ve Identified and Let Go of Resistance.  For example…

Even though Up Until Now I’ve Felt that My Best Strategy Was to Ignore Abusive Statements, I deeply and completely Love and Accept Myself…”

God/Goddess, Creator of All Things, I Command that I Pleasantly and Diplomatically, but Firmly and Safely, Respond with Integrity in Situations where Up Until Now I Haven’t Responded Honestly.  It Is Done, It Is Done, It Is Done.  Thank You, God/Goddess.  Show Me!

In our process we would Evaluate the result of Show Me! and if it didn’t demonstrate Confidence and Comfort, we’d go back and Tap again, adjusting our Set-Up Statement to address whatever Resistance that Show Me! Identified.

Testing this out just now, I realize that I could stay in the Present Moment, rather than Regressing to Sibling Competition.  Instead of Reacting tartly with “It takes one to know one” or “I’m rubber and you’re glue” or “So’s your Old Man!” I could Respond with “Ouch!  That Hurt!” or even “Am I really Denying that about myself?” or “I’ll consider that possibility.”

So I might change my followup Tapping Set-Up Statement to “Even though Up Until Now I’ve often Regressed when insulted…” and my subsequent Theta Command to “I Command that I Remain in the Present Moment in Situations where Up Until Now I’ve Regressed when Insulted” and see where that takes me.

The nature and purpose of Tapping is to Acknowledge the Truth of what is Happening, in order to align the Emotional/Mental Contents in our Consciousness – and the Unconscious – with the Spiritual Energy in our Meridians.  Once that is accomplished, we’re more Free to Allow What We Want to come through.  So adding Up Until Now isn’t totally necessary.  However, it might be Powerful as a more explicit Invitation to Change.

When we look at the 3 August 2020 (9am) Full Moon (in 12 Aquarius) chart, we’ll see how this is a very relevant example, as the Fixed Star Aldebaran (in 10 Gemini), which is one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse or Royal Stars of Persia, fills a very important Vacancy, and completes several Zodiac-Wide (ie, Overarching and thus Important) Configurations (Dynamic Grand Sextile, Mutable Grand Cross, Hylonome Diamond Star).  Aldebaran signifies Great Success, with the Caveat that a failure of Integrity, or failure to maintain “Purity of Thoughts and Dealings” (Brady’s Book of Fixed Stars, p.233), will result in an equally Great Downfall.

If you want to Commune directly with Aldebaran in the night Sky, it’s the very bright star to the right of Orion.  Orion’s belt points to both Aldebaran and, beyond that, the Pleiades.  (The Antichrist’s birth chart finds Urania, Tantalus, Minerva, and Pandora Channeling Aldebaran.  His Challenger’s birth chart finds Saturn there.)