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Even though the Global is Warming…

January 31, 2012

Here’s a report on the sorts of climate averages and anomalies that 2011 produced…

As if the turbulence Humanity’s undergoing isn’t enough of a challenge.  Of course it’s all the same, as within so without, it’s all just mirrors – and of course smoke, now that Neptune’s halfway between the diving board and the pool, and the Maserati logo he always carries is already in the Water.

I stumbled onto an interesting trick the other day.  As is obvious from reading Starhawk’s Truth or Dare (and any number of other sources), the Dragon’s firey breath is a lot less painful if yer already nekkid.  So any process you can use to identify and clear old baggage gently lovingly rapidly and completely, is a huge gift right now.  Well, I was tapping away on a variety of things the other day, when I encountered a burst of Excitement.  Excitement was frowned on in my FOO, cuz it made a person too vulnerable, but I still experience Excitement as fabulous, as long as nobody’s watching (lest they either bring ya down or attack yer vulnerability).

But I was tapping away, so I went right on tapping, but on Even though I’m Excited, I deeply and completely love and accept myself…  As I tapped, I was thinking about how tapping seems to reliably manifest the virtual opposite of what you’re tapping on, so I wondered if that would also be true when I tapped on something positive.  Well, within a few minutes, my belly was tight as a drum, like a vise around my midriff.  I could easily have associated it with any number of old programs, but I didn’t even bother, I just tapped it out, Even though my belly is tight as a drum, I deeply and completely love and accept myself

It took several tapping cycles to relax those muscles – but y’know what, those muscles have probably been tight all my life, and it was such second nature that I never even noticed.  And Excitement has been no stranger since.

Don’t let the mean-looking jaws fool ya – Ambligonite’s a pussycat.  It smoothes out the rough patches and gives the nerves a chance to rest.  Great for an Accountant or Lawyer’s office, or anywhere stressful.  It’s a Lithium Aluminum Phosphate.  We know about Lithium, but Phosphate is a Miracle-worker.  Calcium can’t make Bone or Tooth without it, and it’s bottom-line stuff in DNA, Cell Walls, Nerves, Muscles, the Brain, Energy Metabolism, and Sensation.  Without it, you wouldn’t be even be Toast.  Like Lithium, Phosphate also calms the Nerves while enhancing Consciousness and Intuition.  Phosphorus’s nickname is the Bringer of Light.


January 29, 2012

First, here’s some quick background on the ongoing negotiations around liability and settlement and reparations for the Great Housing Fraud…

And here’s a very detailed and honest – and potentially guardedly optimistic? – look at the inside of the issue…

It’s a bit long, but at least skim the whole thing, to get a good feel for the scope.  Interesting political angle.  Could be that Neptune in Pisces will generate some sloshing after all.

Moyers #3

January 29, 2012

What I particularly like about Bill Moyer’s approach, is that he interviews the people who were involved in the roots of the meltdown, so he can show the history evolving, in addition to showing what’s really going on now.  Great stuff.  This interview’s with John Reed, the Chairman of Citicorp when it merged with Traveler’s to become Citigroup.  If you don’t follow the history of business institutions, you’d probably never know that it was Citicorp that triggered the demise of the Glass-Steagall Act, and with it the protection taxpayers had from having to pay for the bum gambles that the Banksters made while pulling down humongous taxpayer-funded bonuses.

Reed’s either ingenuous or unbelievably naive, pulling a “Greenspan” (“I had no idea people would ever act in their own self-interest at the expense of society as a whole!  I’m dumbfounded!”)…

Probably he’s just revising history to protect his Ego, like we all do.

City of Angels II

January 29, 2012

Evidently the “massive military exercise” in Los Angeles was five helicopters, though I don’t know what all occurred on the ground.  The “inside story” is that these are exercises to prepare for possible situations where large numbers of people are injured.  Here’s a synopsis,

and here’s the full interview with Gerald…

and the Corporate Media’s coverage…

Even if Gerald sounds angry and waxes sensationalist about it all, history wouldn’t argue much with his conclusions.

Thanks to everyone who sent background information.

I’m still looking for more information about “riots in the neighborhood,” which seem so far to be unconnected to the helicopters.

City of Angels

January 28, 2012

Anybody know what’s going on in Los Angeles?  I know of an office in LA that closed the other day because of “riots near the office,” and Gerald Clemente has mentioned “a massive military exercise in the streets of Los Angeles,” but I can’t find any reference on Google News or Bing News.


January 28, 2012

Coupla more snapshots…


January 28, 2012

Here’s an interesting and incisive e-parable…

“This rather brilliantly cuts thru all the political double speak we get.  It puts it into a much better perspective and is the same for many countries in Europe.

“Why the U.S. was downgraded:

“* U.S. Tax revenue: $2,170,000,000,000
“* Fed budget: $3,820,000,000,000
“* New debt: $ 1,650,000,000,000
“* National debt: $14,271,000,000,000
“* Recent budget cuts: $ 38,500,000,000

“Let’s now remove 8 zeros and pretend it’s a household budget:

“* Annual family income: $21,700
“* Money the family spent: $38,200
“* New debt on the credit card: $16,500
“* Outstanding balance on the credit card: $142,710
“* Total budget cuts: $385”

But it’s actually political double-speak.

First, it’s true.  Second, it’s irrelevant.  If the “household budget” was for someone in their fourth year of medical school, and medicine had a future, and the future doctor had a passion for the sport, it would be perfectly defensible.  And the parable doesn’t consider “Other Assets” – for instance this household could have investments of three million dollars, and they’re getting and reinvesting 15% on their investments, and only paying 3% on their credit card debt because of the way banks aggressively market credit card debt.  In that situation (which is totally realistic, by the way, even today), while it appears that their “income” is $22,000, their net worth would actually be increasing by over $440,000 per year, and they’d be paying less in taxes to boot.

The problem with the e-parable is that it’s a snapshot, and you need to see the movie – or better yet, see the reality that surrounds the narrow scope of the camera’s lens.  If these were “normal” times, that sort of budget would be defensible for a government during the usual economic “bust,” because the following “boom” would produce excess revenue to compensate.  Economies are cyclical, and taking a snapshot at one point of a cycle and pretending that it’s “normal” is a fantastic way to do propaganda, and you can read it in the Corporate Media every day.

But these aren’t normal times.  The movie looks like this…

The Empire is in decline.  Future booms will continue to be smaller and smaller, and future busts larger and larger.  So this “household budget” is for someone who’s about to retire and doesn’t have any additional assets.  That’s a problem which will continue to get bigger until the bank cuts off the credit card.  A good example of a non-linear progression – everything looks fine till you suddenly fall offa cliff.

But let’s zoom out a little.  The “household” does have additional assets – it owns and lives on a very large Farm.  It’s not producing Food for sale at the moment, so there’s no income from it.  But when the bank cuts off the credit, or when the householder dies, there’s no bankruptcy issue, there’s just a major change of lifestyle.  The US is actually not only a huge Farm, it’s also a huge industrial complex, and a huge Forest, and has enormous Mineral potential, not to mention a vast pool of Human resources.  So there’s actually no bankruptcy issue with the US either, it’s just politically expedient to take snapshots that make it look dire.

Then we zoom out a little further.  Farms, factories, Forests, Mines, and Humans can be enormously productive – if they’re well managed.  And the US is actually very well managed, but it’s being managed for the benefit of the very few, at the expense of not just the rest of the People, but the Land as well.  We don’t even have to consider the competence or willingness of politicians to create positive and workable policies, because the politicians are all just serfs to the very few who are managing and milking the process.  The American and European Empires are in decline largely because a New Empire is replacing them, the Multinational Empire.

So how do we as Peasants respond?  Martial law has already been declared in the US, with only a few folks dissenting (and that’s Forbes, not Daily Kos), and most folks are not even aware of it, because the Corporate Media doesn’t talk about it – they work for the New Emperor, the Banksters.

The New Emperor wants us to believe that because our “household” is in such trouble, we need to cut Social Security, lay off the teachers and road crews, and tighten our belts, so they can still afford their foreign wars – guns and bombs are the major US export these days, and as Eisenhower predicted a long time ago, the guns and bombs are made in every US state, so there’s no one in Congress who would vote to kill those jobs.

Don’t forget this: Clinton left the US with a budget surplus.  GW Bush and Obomba have created the deficit with two processes – their foreign wars, and their monstrous, ongoing giveaway to the Banksters, including the European Banksters.  The deficit contribution of the giveaway is actually bigger by far than that of the wars.

Dr. Goebbels said that if you tell the same lie often enough, people will believe it, and the New Emperor knows that book by heart.  We are drowning in a sea of anti-Peasant propaganda, and the attack on your “Entitlements” (which YOU have paid for, all your life) is an important part of it.  By forcing you to spend more time fighting to “survive” (that is, to try to maintain a standard of living many times higher than that of the average Human alive now, let alone that of the average Human over the course of history), they leave you with less time to find out what’s really going on, and less time to try to counter it.

But that’s all just Noise.  Pull the camera back further, and you can see how small their little money-changing game is.  We need to render unto the Banksters the things which are the Banksters’, and render unto the Goddess the things which are the Goddess’s.  That’s the Big Picture here.  The real task is to reanimate the Earth.  Every thing on the Planet is Alive, and we need to respect it as Alive.  The abuse of us Peasants by the Banksters is simply a parable for the abuse of the Planet by European notions that Reality is mechanical.

The Banksters are calling in their loans, circling their wagons, and upping the propaganda war at this point because they know the game is finished.  From the mechanistic point of view, the growth rate of Planetary economic assets has become miniscule relative to the growth rate of consumers of Planetary economic assets.  Even without Global Balming and Sea Level Rise, the Planet is about to move through a very narrow doorway.  The Banksters know that, and they’re making sure they get through first.

Well, you know what Einstein said – you can’t solve a problem by using the same thinking that postulated the problem.  So we need to look at this issue again, not through mechanistic (material) eyes, but through spiritual eyes – we need to reanimate the Planet.  And everything on the Planet.  If you aren’t sure what spiritual eyes are, just switch to Gratitude.

Thank you, Toaster, for heating my daily Bread!  Thank you, Dirt, for growing the non-gluten Grains it was made from!  Thank you, Earth and Plants, for purifying the Water I’m blessed to be able to drink!  Thank you, Natural Gas, for heating the Water so I can enjoy a hot Shower!  Thank you, House, for keeping me warm and dry!  Thank you, Car, for taking me to the Grocery store, and if I’m lucky enough, to Work and back!  Thank you, Tapping, for easing my anxiety about the rapidly-arriving Future so I can get the Sleep I need!  Thank you, Dreams, for helping me know where to go and what to do next!

Ah, Rutilated Quartz!  Rutile is Titanium Oxide, and it often forms into long thin needles that embed themselves into Quartz, as the Titanium and Silicon differentiate themselves while the raw mix is cooling and Crystallizing.  The Rutile needles can appear red, or orange, or gold, or black, or silver, often depending only on the angle of the Light.  Rutilated Quartz is so energizing that you want to wear or hold it only while you’re resting or feeling sluggish, lest it burn out your nerve endings.  It’s not just the Caffeine of Minerals, it’s more the Resveratrol, restoring your metabolic processes to their Original Template.  It takes you into the Heart and can help relieve “claustrophobia, fear, and oppression.”  The strawberry (color, not shape) form is particularly supportive of Gratitude.

The Death of Money

January 25, 2012

Hard to find any analysis that casts the Industrial Revolution in a negative light.  There’s one book, I bought it once, but it was hard to read because it was so full of profanity – even though the subject matter is totally profane.  The author was very angry.  It’s basically the story of our enslavement to mechanization and to money.  I think it was recommended by Chomsky.  I’m not finding it in his book, but I do find a similar reference, to Norman Ware’s The Industrial Worker, 1840-1860. The publisher’s comment for this book reads…

“Besides the slavery issue, one of the major notes of American life in the years preceding the Civil War was created by the Industrial Revolution. It produced remarkable social and industrial upheavals which were repugnant to an astonishingly large numbers of Americans. Despite national prosperity, industrial workers suffered severe losses of economic status and independence; in protests grounded in religion and politics, they sought to hold on to what they had, and later to win material gains. Mr. Ware s illuminating book analyzes the conditions which brought on the Industrial Revolution, and traces and interprets the labor struggles that developed in response to the factory system.”

Which is curious because 1840-1860 is very close to the span of the previous Neptune in Pisces.

Noam also refers to David Noble’s Progress Without People: New Technology, Unemployment, and the Message of Resistance that seems to cover the same ground, but I don’t think that’s the one I was thinking of – I think I bought that one too and as I recall it bored me to death.

But the whole reason I bring this up is cuzza an interview in Seattle’s homeless paper, Real Change, with Charles Eisenstein on “Life After Money.”  Here’s a quick video summary.  Eisenstein’s book, Sacred Economics: Money, Gift, and Society in the Age of Transition, is serialized at

Here’s an excerpt, from chapter 5

“When I ask people what is missing most from their lives, the most common answer is ‘community.’  But how can we build community when its building blocks-the things we do for each other-have all been converted into money?  Community is woven from gifts.  Unlike money or barter transactions, in which there are no obligations remaining after the transaction, gifts always imply future gifts.  When we receive, we owe; gratitude is the knowledge of having received and the desire to give in turn.  But what is there now to give?  Not the necessities of life, not food, shelter, or clothing, not entertainment, not stories, not health care: everyone buys these.  Hence the urge to get away from it all, to return to a more self-sufficient life where we build our own houses and grow our own food and make our own clothes, in community.  Yet while there is value in this movement, I doubt that many people will start doing things the hard way again just in order to have community.  There is another solution besides reversing the specialization of labor and the machine-based efficiency of the modern age, and it springs from the fact that money does not meet many of our needs at all.  Very important needs go unmet today, and money, because of its impersonal nature, is incapable of meeting them.  The community of the future will arise from the needs that money inherently cannot meet.

“You can see now why I call money ‘the corpse of the commons.’  The conversion of natural, cultural, social, and spiritual capital into money is the fulfillment of its power, described by Richard Seaford, to homogenize all that it touches.  ‘In reducing individuality to homogeneous impersonality,’ he writes, ‘the power of money resembles the power of death.’  Indeed, when every forest has been converted into board feet, when every ecosystem has been paved over, when every human relationship has been replaced by a service, the very processes of planetary and social life will cease.  All that will be left is cold, dead money, as forewarned by the myth of King Midas so many centuries ago.  We will be dead – but very, very rich.”

Some of us, anyway.

The Angel of Helichrysum heals bruises of all kinds, including bruises inflicted by money.  Like Citrine, she can help release old angers.  She detoxifies heavy metals, and stimulates the Liver, the Pancrease, and Lymph drainage.  She can even dispel Sciatica.  She’s “generally regarded as safe” for adults in dilution of one drop of her essence to a half-cup of liquids, or you can use her topically.  You may know her better as Strawflower, or Everlasting.  When you grow her (she’s easy), don’t forget to clip the Flower before the Bud opens, cuz she’ll continue to open after she’s picked.

Aquarius and Uranus

January 23, 2012

My friend Alice Miller has some wonderful insights about Aquarius and Uranus in her latest email newsletter, Spirit and StarsSpirit and Stars is free, just email Alice at astrominister1<AT> and ask nicely if you’d like to get on her emailing list.  Of course you’d replace the “<AT>” with the usual “at” sign – it’s polite to express email addresses this way on the internet because it (hopefully) fools the automatic email-harvesting “spyders” that spammers run across the internet.  Alice’s website is  I learn a lot from her books.

Here are some of the tidbits in Spirit and Stars that jumped out at me…

“Uranus is, most obviously, the Planet of Change.”

Uranus “rules” Aquarius.  That means that Uranus and Aquarius share a lot of implications and meanings.  In other words, Aquarius can be thought of as the Sign of Change, in addition of course to  sympathy and understanding, harmony and trust abounding.

“A major function of astrology is to follow the cyclic movement of planets, for these are the clocks and calendars of change–both personal and general.  Life is that which grows, changes, becomes.  It evolves in an upward spiral.
“Uranus and Aquarius are heightened at this time.  Uranus’s passage into Aries, approximately a year ago, heralded the seeding of a new cycle of change.  We are being lifted up into an ever-greater awareness of our Universal and Cosmic connections.
“Traditionally, Aquarius has been called the sign of sudden change, of the unexpected, of chaos.  Today we understand that Aquarian changes are cyclic, but the cycles are long ones.  Evolution is one such change.
“Another is linked to weak-energy ideas which accumulate over long periods, until a day when they suddenly become strong enough to manifest.  Aquarius is also linked to group-consciousness, another means of compounding weak-energy ideas.”

I love that notion of “weak-energy ideas” or phenomena that grow slowly, and may appear to be sudden because they’ve just reached the threshold of visibility, even though they’ve been growing for a long time.  Every new astrological Cycle becomes as it were a weak-energy idea in between the time when it’s new, at Conjunction, and when it “becomes permanent,” at the Waxing Square.  If I had to pin down the 1960s in a few words, I’d probably chose freedom of expression, tolerance, and peace.  Is there a sense in which those principles became weak-energy ideas since the 60s, as the Cycle went underground between the Uranus-Pluto Conjunction and Waxing Square?  I believe so.

Today there’s a major backlash against freedom of expression, tolerance, and peace.  When yer Ego’s back is against the wall, you resort to bullying and yelling and insulting before you (hopefully) cave in and admit you were wrong all along.  I believe that’s what the loud backlash is all about – that repression, intolerance, and war have their back against the wall as the rising tide of contrary weak-energy ideas climbs above their knees.  The next US election, remember, takes place after the Uranus-Pluto Waxing Square.  I fully expect to see a plethora of “sudden” changes between now and November.

“Uranus remodels what it touches.  It may change the look and function of the areas transited, but the original foundation and bearing walls will be retained.
“When there is a simultaneous Neptune transit, while our attention is on the Uranus position, attention is withdrawn from the Neptune position and something just fades away from lack of attention.  This has been particularly strong for the last 20-30 years [since] the two planets first conjoined and [while they] have since been in mutual reception.
“Pluto’s changes are quite different from Uranus.  He does not try to remodel the old, but simply removes it and replaces it with something new.”

The Uranus-Neptune Cycle began in 1993; we spoke of it in Hitting the Fan, the 170-year A hidden Choir sings during a religious service Cycle that “becomes permanent” in 2040.  Since the Uranus-Neptune initiation was the culmination of the Harmonic Convergence, we could justifiably say that the Harmonic Convergence becomes permanent in 2040.  Mutual reception means that two planets are each in the Sign ruled by the other – Neptune rules Pisces, and Uranus has till recently been in Pisces.  Meanwhile Uranus rules Aquarius, and Neptune is just finishing its sojourn in Aquarius.

But now while Uranus remodels, Pluto transforms, and this is a Uranus-Pluto event that approaches us in mid-2012.  When Pluto “removes it and replaces it with something new,” the mechanism is Trance-formation – Pluto changes the Trance, changes the Hologram.  Like putting a new slide in the ViewMaster.  In the 60s, Uranus-Pluto changed the Trance from Lawn Order to I Gotta Be Me.  Pluto replaced the Saturnian, convention-oriented Trance of the 50s with a Uranian, individual-creative Trance.  We see too that Uranus remodeled the process of Trance-formation, as Bandler and Grinder decoded the magic that Fritz and Virginia and Milton practiced intuitively.  Now too, Kepler is beginning to dispel the Trance that Humans are unique in the Universe for those who weren’t convinced by Crop Circles.

“In physics, chaos is a phase that occurs during transformation.  You can resonate a container of water with sound waves that generate a balanced, symmetrical pattern on the surface of the water.  Then, if you turn up the frequency a little, chaos will ensue.  The neat pattern on the surface of the water will become choppy and discordant.  However, when you turn the frequency up still more, a new pattern emerges, one which is even more complex and beautiful.  The chaos was a temporary phase between one natural state of harmony and its transformation into a higher form.
“It is much the same with the transformation of humanity through any major shift.  Today the frequency associated with the Old Reality has already been increased.  The old pattern has been disturbed and is beginning to go away.  In its place is a choppy pattern which is searching for its new form.  Discords abound at a personal and social level as old wounds arise, seeking attention and resolution.  As the frequency rises even more, the chaotic outbreaks upon the surface of life will decrease.  Life will settle into a new norm at the next higher plane of existence.
“This may or may not comfort readers who are dealing with the transiting Uranus-Pluto square in a very personal way.  Pluto represents the driving force of higher mind, now taking over your life, reminding you of any pre-incarnational commitments you made, or whatever calling you have.  You, dear readers, are in the vanguard of Global/Species change.  You have stepped back in time to be the Elder Brothers and Sisters who help to lead the general population into an ever-greater awareness of the potential within all humanity.  It is as though you came back from the next age, to help your younger siblings to find their way into it.
“Most of you came into an area of space-time where you were parented and taught by people who had no real concept of what you are about.  You are a type of being thought to be impossible, or immoral, or simply nuts!
“Early in life, you tried to live according to their patterns, but that has not worked well for you.  Life often became chaotic, simply because the rules and methods learned in childhood were, for you, obsolete.  Gradually, that has (or will) become apparent.  You realize that you are designed to live in new ways and to model the future.
“Most of us have felt that we did not fit in.  We didn’t.  We were neither designed nor intended to fit in.  We are not the sheep, but the Shepherd, the one who leads (not drives) the sheep.  This is the message of Uranus in Aquarius.  It is also the underlying theme of all those with strong placements in Aquarius.  You are different for a reason.  You are tomorrow, and without your light, the all-human dawn will not come.”

Beautifully put, Alice, thanks!

Chrysocolla, the Green mineral, is a Copper-Aluminum Mica.  Chrysocolla is the master of self-acceptance, on all levels.  Here it overlays a “botryoidal” Black Oxide of Cobalt called Heterogenite.  Cobalt was name after a Germanic Trickster figure, Kobold, because it has the power to change the Trance and open our vision to Spirit.  Botryoidal is your word for the week – it means “shaped like a cluster of grapes.”  Leave it to the Greeks.

Sorry, but I can’t mention Bandler and Grinder without a footnote.  I recommend NLP to NO ONE, because it’s very powerful, and in my experience, usually misused as more of a Power Trip than a Healing.  However, the insights in Bandler and Grinder’s books are invaluable.  They gleaned their insights by observing Fritz Perls (master of Gestalt Therapy, or Seeing the Whole, or understanding how our self-sabotage patterns actually serve us so we can negotiate win-win with them) and Virginia Satir (master of Group Dynamics, or understanding how much of our behavior is determined by how we fit into a group) and Milton Erickson (master of Hypnotherapy) at work, and writing down what they did that others didn’t.

SemiAutomatic Sun

January 23, 2012

The Sun is peppering us with another big Flare…

including another remarkable Aurora photo.