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Consciousness Expansion II

December 23, 2018

The 23 December (7pm PST) Juno Station (21 Taurus) chart looks like this…

Its main feature is a Grand Cross (the red square), which occurs when four planets are more or less evenly spaced around the Zodiac.  While a Grand Cross is made up of four T-Squares (the four overlapping big red triangles), and a T-Square Challenges us to become Adept at something, a Grand Cross is usually a little easier because, being Balanced, the Lessons usually aren’t as Difficult.  Also, the Challenges are frequent and interrelated, so with additional and more varied practice, we’re likely to become Adept sooner – and particularly Adept at Multi-Tasking.

The four T-Squares here focus on…

  • Eris (Emerging from Denial)
  • Moon-Moira (Learning to Choose our Emotions)
  • Aletheia-Pallas (Accepting the Truth about how well our Boundaries serve us)
  • Pluto-Chariklo (Having to Confront our lack of Self-Confidence)

I’m sure every one of you could write a short play about someone Getting Their Consciousness Expanded (that’s Juno after all) by having to deal with the likes of…

Realizing (Eris) that their Life is being Sabotaged by lack of Self-Confidence (Pluto-Chariklo), Learning to Recognize the Emotions that Trigger their Self-Doubt (Moon-Moira), and Setting Boundaries to Prevent these Emotions from Fragmenting their Personality (Aletheia-Pallas)

…or something like that.  I’m sure most of us could write a short story about when we’ve gone through this process ourselves, which we’ve probably done many times.  Like when the school bully called us names that hurt, and our Mentors encouraged us to find alternatives to running home in tears or taking a swing and getting our ass kicked.

Sticks and stones and all that, pretty fundamental stuff, but I’m sure you can think of far more subtle parallels.  It would Behoove us to think up current situations where Certain Emotions Challenge our Ability to Keep our Act Together, as every astrological adventure is an Opportunity to make Life flow more smoothly, and this one is no exception.  If we could become Conscious of those Emotions and Learn new Responses to them, chances are we wouldn’t just be Expanding our Consciousness, but also Letting Go of our Karma.

For instance, what Triggers Anxiety for us?  Nothing is Manifested into Hardcopy Reality without first being Broadcast as Energy – this is the Power of PIAVAing.  What Anxiety does is Broadcast Fear and Failure.  Without our Conscious Intervention, Fear and Failure could then be Manifest into Form.  We could recast our reading as…

Realizing (Eris) that our Life is being Sabotaged by Anxiety (Pluto-Chariklo), Learning to Recognize the Emotions that Facilitate it (Moon-Moira), and Resolving to Prevent it from Creating our Reality (Aletheia-Pallas)

…by for example, by first Tapping on it ( to Acknowledge it Honestly, and then Focusing on What We Want instead of What We Don’t Want.

Another example…

Suppose we don’t Trust our Instincts (Moon-Moira) to tell us what to Eat, so we set Boundaries against the Truth (Alethiea-Pallas) of our own Instincts (Moon) in order to continue to base our Self-Confidence on our Shoulds (Pluto-Chariklo) – till we Realize (Eris) that it’s not Working

So what would we do next?  We Respond to our Realization and Expand our Consciousness to include new Possibilities.  For instance, if we Lovingly Embrace our Desires when they arise, might we have less Difficulty Moderating them, and perhaps in the process Discover what our Soul Intended to Teach our Ego in the Current Lifetime?

A Trine Bridge (blue lines) shows an Easy Path toward becoming Adept and a Quincunx Bridge (green lines) outlines a Path of Curiosity.  Both are alternatives to following the more-Challenging paths of the Squares (red lines), without abdicating the invaluable Lessons to be Learned from the Challenges.  Same Destination, very Different Routes.

The position of Stationary Juno itself makes a Trine Bridge across the Confidence/Emotion-Choice axis (Pluto/Chariklo-Moon/Moira), and a Quincunx Bridge across the Realizations/Boundaries axis (Eris-(Aletheia/Pallas).  We can Learn faster…

However, most of us are used to thinking of Curiosity as something to Resolve.  “I Wonder What…” or “I Wonder How…” is often an invitation or imperative to do research or to think about what sort of Answer we’d get if it was a Question.  True Curiosity does not seek Satisfaction; it is more than content to remain Curiosity.  Think of it like Awe or Amazement.  Like watching a Bird peck its way out of an Egg, or a Butterfly crawling out of a Chrysalis – literally a Miracle.

You’re wide-eyed and your mouth hangs open, but you don’t try to explain what’s happening or why, or to Generalize it into a Judgment, whether Good or Bad.  What if we Responded with wide eyes and a slack jaw the next time we heard someone insult us.  If they continued to insult us – if we were Safe, of course – we might even have to Laugh.  A friend used to say, “Don’t get Even, get Odd.”

Stationary Juno is also Merged with (Conjunct) asteroid Lachesis, which symbolizes Consciously Changing our Timelines.  For instance, if we were Living a Timeline of being Bullied, and we succeeded in Changing our Response to it, we would be Consciously Ending that Timeline, or at least Beginning to Consciously End it.

There’s another Configuration in the Juno-Station chart, another Mjölnir Kite like we had at the 22 December Full Moon (…

When a planet sits at the Far Midpoint between two other planets that are three Signs apart, a Mjōlnir is formed.  Mjōlnir is Norwegian for “Thor’s Hammer,” the usual name for this Configuration.  We changed it because Thor’s Hammer is often confused with Ultimate Destruction, when actually it’s more about Indestructibility and Instantaneous Precision – not a sledgehammer but Lightning, or Sudden Illumination.  So we associate a Mjōlnir with Epiphanies.  When there’s also a fourth planet at the Near Midpoint, the Mjōlnir becomes a Mjōlnir Kite.

The Mjōlnir Kite reinforces our earlier interpretations of the Juno Station – Epiphanies about our Mission and our Held Emotions (North and South Nodes).  We would normally rather Die than Feel our Held Emotions, as our Experiences in Parallel Lives cause us to strongly associate them with Dying.  But we can’t proceed toward our Mission in the current Lifetime without first Learning to Embrace our Held Emotions.  So the Aletheia-Pallas Conjunction in the Juno-Station Grand Cross is also about Relaxing the Boundaries which keep our Held Emotions at bay.

The Square (red line) in the Mjōlnir is between Neptune (Confusion) and Mercury-Jupiter (Precociousness).  The Juno Station is about Growth in Consciousness, and this Square Illuminates the classic impediment to Growth – regarding Confusion as a sign that we need to struggle mightily to Understand!  Actually, when we Believe we’ve Understood why we’re Confused, we’ve just Quashed our Growth!

Our Concepts about What Is and What Isn’t Possible form a Cage that we’re trapped inside of.  Confusion arises when one of our Limiting Beliefs becomes Open for Questioning.  But if we Intellectualize it (Jupiter-Mercury), we’ll invariably Reinforce our Limiting Concepts, because those are the raw material for our thoughts.  Like Curiosity, we need to Let Confusion Be.  If we regard Confusion as an Emotion, and just Feel it, Embrace it, Enjoy it, our Consciousness will Grow on its own, naturally, without Effort.

Karma-Chariklo-Pluto II

April 16, 2017

It’s been a long time since we saw a relatively straightforward chart, because it’s been a long time since all of the action hasn’t been happening in the last third of the Signs.  This week asteroid Karma’s Stationary at 3 Degrees, Chariklo at 15 Degrees, and Pluto at 20 Degrees – Pluto turning back just as it’s about to enter the 21-26 Degree zone that’s been so busy!

Not that there isn’t still a whole lot of Action in the last third of the Signs, it just happens not to be what’s Lit Up most Strongly this week.  Let’s start with the Station of asteroid Karma in 3 Virgo…

Not even sure what silly name to give to this Configuration.  Maybe we could call it an “Anchored Truss Bridge” or the like, as it’s certainly a Truss Bridge (two Trine Bridges – the blue lines – on the same side of an Opposition) across the Nodal Axis, with Makemake at least sitting on the beach below if not Anchoring the whole Bridge.

A Trine Bridge of course is a Boon, offering as it does an Easy Path across the Opposition.  A Truss Bridge is even better, offering two Easy Paths!  And when the Opposition is the Nodal Axis it’s a Big Boon, as it suggests Easy Paths for our long-sought Psycho-Spiritual Progress.  And having asteroid Karma Stationary on the North Node should be much Easier than having it Stationary on the South Node.

This is especially true with 2007 OR10 (a dwarf planet that hasn’t been officially named yet, so still goes by it’s discovery code – we usually abbreviate it “OR10”) sitting on the South Node, as OR10 is about Irruptions from the Unconscious.  In this case we can expect Irruptions of Karmic Material, so having that occur in the context of a Big Boon with the promise of Easy Growth is Huge.

Remember too that our usual associations of Karma as negative is a misunderstanding.  As Alan Watts famously said, our Good Karma is harder to Let Go Of than our Bad Karma, as we’re accustomed to thinking of Good Karma as, well, Good.  Karma is Inertia, and we can just as easily get stuck on “Good” Habits as “Bad” ones.  The Bane lies in Reacting to everything one way – even if we’re actually Making Love with Stella – rather than having Free Choice about how to Respond.

Habits and Archetypes are incredibly handy – we couldn’t drive a car without them, for instance.  We don’t Judge Habits.  We just Prefer not to let them enslave us, because they keep us from achieving Presence.

Our two Easy Paths are through Atropos – Endings, and through Mercury – Communication, Thought, Analysis.  In this case Analyzing might be useful, though in general whenever we’re dealing with the Unconscious, PIAVA will usually work better.  If we’re Conscious that it is us that grasps Karma rather than the other way around, then Ending Patterns is indeed Easier.

The Finger of God (green arrowhead) pointing to Makemake suggests that we will be able to Manifest What We Want more Easily if we take advantage of the Sextile (short blue line) at its base – between OR10-South Node and Mercury.  That would involve Understanding what the Unconscious Irruptions are all about.  

I know, Understanding is usually inferior to Intuition, but of course it’s ultimately Both/And – and always Responding one way is counterproductive, even if it’s superior in most cases.  Sometimes we want to mix it u just for the sake of mixing it up.

Now, let’s see what happens if we loosen our usual 3-Degree Sensitivity a bit and add asteroid Nemesis to the chart; Nemesis is 3.06 Degrees of Sensitivity from the Degree of asteroid Karma, …

Nemesis symbolizes Ego Death, so we might say that the Finger of God pointing at it tells us that Ending (Atropos) an Archetype (Karma) is Easier if we Pay Attention to facing down (Lovingly of course) the Ego Death.  

It also introduces a Square (red line) to Mercury, suggesting that Analysis could slow us down after all, if it rationalizes our Olde Ego – which Analysis is always likely to do, because it’s logic based on often-unstated Assumptions, and the unstated Assumptions are very likely to be exactly the Limiting Beliefs we’re trying to Liberate ourselves from.

So, are we Contradicting ourself here?  Be mindful that Contradictions are Either/Ors, while Reality is a Both/And.  Contradictions exist only in the mind of the observer, never in observed Reality.  So sure, we can Contradict all day.  We aren’t building a legal argument, we’re charting a Path into the Unconscious, where Paradox abounds and where Dualities are Illusions.

By the way, this second chart is a Square Fez, embellished with the Nodal Opposition across the center of it.  A Fez is shaped like the hat, here on its side.  The Square Fez has Squares (red lines) for sides; we could also have a Trine Fez, with blue lines for sides.  The essence of a Fez is in the diagonal Quincunxes (green lines, or True Curiosity) – Atropos-Nemesis and Mercury-Makemake.

The Quincunx always Asks us to PIAVA

  • “I Wonder what it would be like to End (Atropos) an Archetype with an Effortless Ego Death (Nemesis).”
  • “I Wonder if I can Manifest (Makemake) just by Thinking (Mercury) about What I Want.”

And then Change the Subject.  That’s probably an Easier way to Allow this Great Leap Forward to occur. 

Full Moon Configuration I

April 9, 2017

Okay, after a long bout of techno-obsolescence we’ve achieved visuals again, so we can go back to involving the “right brain” too.  This is how we do what we do.  Let’s temporarily take the 10 April Full Moon chart apart, starting with the 20-26 Degree region that the Full Moon itself occupies…

Focusing for the moment on just the heavier lines, we can see three intertwining Configurations…

  • The Grand Cross or the red box with the red “X” in the middle
  • The Trine Bridge or the blue lines connecting two corners of the red box
  • A Finger of God, which is the green arrowhead, pointing to the same place in the upper right as the blue lines do

The Full Moon is the diagonal red line from upper left to lower right.  The Moon at upper left Conjoins Haumea (Rebirth), and the Sun at lower right Conjoins Uranus and Eris (Honesty about our Soul Self) – more of what we’ve been enduring for the last five years, the Urge to be Forthcoming with our True Self.

Red lines signify Energy (or of course Resistence to same – the Unconscious knows Dimension but not Direction, so Opposites are Equal in its Realm).  The diagonal from lower left to upper right is the Square to the Full Moon, Pluto (Transformation) on the lower left to Vesta (Unconscious Beliefs) on the upper right, which is labeled “oob” or Out of Bounds, which means Strong.

The resulting red Square containing a red “X” is called a Grand Cross, and it signifies Motivation.  It’s like we have four full-time jobs to do here (RebirthHonestyTransformationBeliefs) at the same time, so we’re constantly rushing from one to the other.  We don’t really get a lot of Choice, as this is happening in the Unconscious, so we can’t easily quit or shortchange any of the four, we just have to be an Efficient Multi-tasker.  That’s Motivation.

Basically, in order to be Reborn as our Soul Self in Human form, we have to get our Unconscious Beliefs Transformed.  Our Unconscious Beliefs consist of our Karmic Habituations, our Childhood Programming (which is often a Mirror for our Karma), and the various prejudices we Learn from our Culture.  Archetypes they’re called – Constellations of Energy that are stronger than, and usually invisible to, our Ego.  

That is, they run our Show.  Our Archetypes Enchant or En-Trance us.  We’re Zombies under their Command.  When we refer to Pluto as symbolizing Transformation, what we really mean is Formation of a New Trance.  On the Global scale, this is the nature of a Zeitgeist.

The blue lines represent Grace, the long blue line “Dumb-Luck” Grace (a “Trine”) that happens to us, and the short blue line (a “Sextile”) “Working” Grace, where Grace flows but we have to make the first move to get it started, like a matching grant.  

You can see the “Trine Bridge” across the Full Moon, with Moon-Haumea (Rebirth) Trine Veritas-Chaos (The Truth of Limitlessness), which Sextiles Sun-Uranus-Eris (“I Gotta Be Me”).  A Trine Bridge shows us the “easy way out” of the potential hassles (too much Energy) of the Grand Cross; in this case we see that we can facilitate our Rebirth by Letting Go of our Limitations.

The long green lines are “Quincunxes,” linking Planets that are five Signs apart, or five/twelfths of the way ’round the Zodiac from one another (Quin = 5, Unx=12).  They symbolize Curiosity.  Curiosity is in bed with Love, since they both eschew Judgment, and Judgment is the Opposite of Love.  We don’t mean Curiosity as in “How does that work?”  We mean Curiosity as in “Wow, look at that!  Isn’t that Amazing!” – the kind of Awe and Wonder you see in the face of any Newborn.

Obviously, True Curiosity can be Scary, as many of us crave the false Security provided by Understanding.  The shortcoming of Understanding is that it’s Conditional; even when it’s accurate and relevant, it’s vitally dependent upon the current Zeitgeist.  If we’ve succeeded in Accepting, simultaneously, as many different Perspectives as we can get our hands on, we’ll be less “thrown” when a Zeitgeist Changes, but even in the best case it will be a major Adjustment.

The short green lines are “Unxes,” linking two planets that are one Sign apart, or one twelfth of the way around the Loop.  Unxes are about Pattern-Breaking.  Unxes and Quincunxes are members of the Twelfth Harmonic.  The Fifth Harmonic is about Learning, so a Quin-Unx is about Learning to Break Patterns.  How do we do that?  We drop into Curiosity.

When two long green lines converge – as they do on Veritas-Chaos, it’s called a “Finger of God” – that is, the Universe is saying “Pay Attention to this!” and “Don’t try to Understand it – It Is What It Is.”  and “Accept it as an Assumption, not as a Logical Conclusion.”  Veritas-Chaos is about the Truth of Limitlessness, so this is a request by the Universe that we Loosen up on our Belief that we Understand it All.

So this segment of the New Moon chart tells us that…

  • In order to be Reborn as our Soul Self in Human form, we have to get our Unconscious Beliefs Transformed
  • We can facilitate our Rebirth by Letting Go of our Limitations
  • The Universe has requested that we Loosen up on our Belief that we Understand it All

Pretty straightforward, eh?

Portal 24-29.3 – Saturn et al Stationary II

March 23, 2016

Once we get past all the Stations, it’ll be a great time to Rebalance our Energy with Magic from an hour with Master Healers Donna Eden and David Feinstein – sign up for free here…

Irrespective of the accoutrements that decorate the Saturn Station (discussed in the previous post), it makes a very tight T-Square with Jupiter and Venus.  A T-Square means Mastery through Challenge.  Jupiter and Venus mean Expanding our Values.  So in addition to Taking Full Responsibility for the Survival Value of our Abandoned Genius we want to also Pay Attention to Challenges that Ask us to Expand our Values.  We could even consider it to be The Most Important Thing.

Pluto forms a Trine Bridge across the T-Square.  A Trine Bridge is a Shortcut, showing the Easy way to address the Challenges and arrive at Mastery.  Pluto represents a Mandatory Transformation, usually of Who We Believe Ourselves to Be.  This means that when we move to Expand our Values, there is likely to be an obvious Path of Least Resistance.  It also means that Resistance is futile.

That all happens within one Degree of Sensitivity, so there’s no question that the above will impact all of us, even the Muggles.  What if we Expand our Sensitivity to three Degrees?  Three Degrees is a typical level of Sensitivity for assessing astroevents to see if they’re likely to have a measureable impact on current events.  

At three Degrees, our T-Square evolves into a Grand Cross, as the dwarf planet Chaos Opposes the Stationary Saturn.  Chaos represents Unlimited Potential.  We also gain two more Trine Bridges, to Juno and Uranus, and a Quincunx Bridge to Stationary Klotho.

It’ll behoove us to Allow our Values to Expand without Limit (Chaos), as much as we’re able.  If we do encounter Resistance to Expanding our Values, being Loving and Gentle with it will benefit us.   We have two other Easy Shortcuts (Trine Bridges), which entail Allowing the Edges of our Consciousness to Grow (Juno), and Allowing our True Self to step out from behind any remaining Masks that constrain it (Uranus).  

We’re building the Foundation for a new Ego Identity (Klotho) here, and the appropriate approach to that Identity is Permanent Curiosity (Quincunx Bridge).  Not Curiosity as in seeking Answers, but Curiosity as in Avoiding Answers persistently, Curiosity as in Awe and Wonder.  This is New Territory, and any notions we have about what our New Identity may look like will constrain us to just more of the Old – which will be the wrong Frequency to fit into what the Planet is Becoming.

Pay Loving Attention to any strange Physical symptoms.  Avoid diagnosis if you can, as diagnosis will hypnotize you into a narrow niche in the Allopathic Medical model, a niche where something is Wrong.  What’s going on here is that something is Right, it’s just Right relative to who you’re Becoming (Klotho), not Right relative to who you’ve Been.  Your Foundational New Identity extends to your DNA and your cells, and your Physicality will seem strange until the rest of you catches up to the Changes.

The Stationary-Klotho Quincunx Bridge is also part of a Klotho Finger of God on the Venus-Pluto Sextile, which puts an additional Strong emphasis on the Transformation of the Foundations of our Identity and Biology.

This whole process will probably be much Easier than it could be, as if we stretch a bit beyond three Degrees, we can summarize the whole Configuration as a Chaos Diamond Star coinciding with a Chaos Kite – very auspicious.

From Robert Moss’s Dreamgates, pp.69-70…

“On a visit to Sydney more than two decades after I had left my native Australia, I wandered rapt among the painted worlds of the Aboriginal artists gathered at an extraordinary exhibit at the Museum of Contemporary Art.  The Rainbow Serpent coiled and stretched, shape-shifting into the prizefighter’s bulk of a bull kangaroo, sprouting horns of a water buffalo.  

“Yes, I remember you.  My mind went whirling back to a boyhood dream – a dream more real and more terrifying than anything in my waking life – in which something immense, with the horns of a bull, had ripped me apart, scattering the pieces of my dismembered body to the four quarters.  I was told:

” ‘You were born for this.  I put stakes through your body.  You did not die.  You did not even cry out.’

“In the face of the horned dragon, these thoughts, that had come to me from an intelligence beyond my normal mind, returned to me.

“I moved on around the gallery, and froze in front of a series of ghostly figures.  I seemed to know them too.  I looked at the personal statement by the artist.  He had depicted the lives of the mimi spirits because when he got sick, he went to live with them in the spirit world, and when he got well, he came back to his home in the surface world.  

“I felt giddy.  I was hurled back again into the serial medical emergencies and temporary deaths of my boyhood.  I remembered leaving my body in an operating theater and eventually plunging down through the earth, into a world of beautiful, pale, elongated beings, similar to these mimi spirits, who welcomed me as one of their own.  I grew up among them, forgetting the boy in the Melbourne hospital.  I knew the love of women and became a kind of shaman, a grandfather and an elder.

“When my body in this world-within-the-world was used up, I floated up on the smoke of a cremation fire – and was pulled back into the body of a nine-year-old Australian kid coming back from general anesthesia after an emergency appendectomy.  My mother told me later that the operating staff were worried that I wouldn’t come back, since I lost vital signs for a time.  ‘Poor bloody kid,’ a doctor told her, ‘He died and came back.’ “

Real Time is not Linear.  It’s Energy that’s Real, not Matter.  The Iriquois say that the Edge between Life and Death is exactly the thickness of a Maple Leaf.  So are the Edges between Matter, Emotion, Mind, Spirit, and Consciousness.  Stretch Time.

Holiday Shopping

December 19, 2015

Format reminder…

For Everyone.

Still for Everyone.

For folks who know some astrology, or who want to Learn some by osmosis.

Definitions for folks who are more serious about Learning astrology.

  Ξ    Ξ    Ξ    Ξ    Ξ    Ξ  

Lots coming up here, with the Solstice only a few days away and a Full Moon to guide St. Nicholas on his rounds.  Let’s have a look using December 22 as an anchor, as dwarf planet Haumea – Rebirth – Initiates Mars (Action) that day…

the Initiation takes place at 24 Libra, “A butterfly with a third wing on its left side” – the Yin side…

a Rebirth of Mars as Consort to the Goddess.  Mars Opposes his sister Eris, Revealer of the Denied, who is strongly illuminated.

Eris is the focus of both a Finger of God based on Venus Sextile Jupiter, and a Mjolnir based on Saturn Square Orcus.  Mars is also the focus of a Quintile Yod from the Moon and Chiron.

Mjolnir -Thor’s Hammer in English – symbolizes Lightning, or sudden and irreversible Illumination of the Darkness.   It’s a third planet at the far Midpoint of a Square, so there’s a Trioctile to the third planet from each end of the Square.  The “Tri” is Love with Wisdom; the “Octile” is Adjustment, Rebalancing.  The Square may be Frustrating, but the Mjolnir‘s Epiphany suddenly makes it Miraculously Easy.

It’s about our Discovering the Roots of our Limiting Oaths.  Gently and Lovingly, but Solidly.

I Wonder…  I’ve Wanted so badly to have or be or do THIS, and I’ve been trying forever but I just can’t Create it.  What if I’m Stopping myself.  I Wonder if I swore some sort of Oath a long time ago, that’s still Blocking me.  Something happened, and I reacted by Swearing never to let that happen again.  It’s like trying to remember a Dream – it’s right there, I can taste it, I can almost see it.  What was it?  It’s not about THIS, but it must be related.  There must be a connection between THIS and that, so my Oath against that stymies THIS.  Ganeshi, would you be willing to Lovingly and Gently remove any obstacles to this Revelation and Rebirth?

Orcus Opposes Neptune, with Saturn T-Squaring them both.  That means Mars-Haumea and Eris each make Trioctile Bridges across the T-Square, and together form a Trioctile Rectangle or Box.  

Boxes are driven by the Oppositions between their corners.

Our Oath seems murky because it was an integral part of our Social Programming; if we had or were or did that, we would be ostracized.  And at that age we had no Survival Skills; it would be certain Death, or on earlier Timelines slavery to a rival Tribe.  This is not Child’s Play, we’ve lived many variations of this Pattern on many Timelines, in many Lives.  With the fate of the Planet in our hands, we all need to Let Go of these Limiting Patterns so we can find our Voice to have and be and do what WE need to have and be and do in order to fulfill our Mission.  It seems small, but one missing piece in a thousand-piece jigsaw puzzle makes a glaring hole.  It may be Child’s Play, as your Oath may have resulted from Games that are Innocent to Children, but Impermissible to adults.

Mars-Haumea is also Sextile to Ixion-Pholus, and this Sextile is the base of a Sedna Finger of God.

Actions taken out of Fear often have Unintended Consequences, because we don’t have time, or a clear head, to think through the outcomes.  And the same is true of Actions NOT taken out of Fear.  While our Oath may have prevented “sins” of Commission, it has almost Certainly been Creating “sins” of Omission.  There are important roles in your Community that you shy away from because you Unconsciously Fear Punishment if you defy your ancient Oath.  Roles meant for you, and Communities with missing pieces.  Our Rebirth can allow us to Take Full Responsibility for our Unique Genius that we’ve been hiding because we Fear it will appear Pathological.  We may have to Tap out some Fear along the way.

Which makes a Trine Fez: Jupiter Trine Sedna Unx Eris Trine Pholus-Ixion Square Jupiter.  

Fezes are driven by the Quincunxes between their corners.

So we have two assignments, both requiring Permanent Curiosity.  There are no Answers here, only Questions.  Where there are Insights, they should introduce more Questions.  It’s not an intellectual exercise, where an Answer eases our Anxiety and we can relax.  We want to Surrender to Wonder, and be Awed by how incredible the Universe works when we Witness our Ego and Act from Ongoing Curiosity instead.

Great Spirit, how can I Safely navigate my Fear about Living my Unique Genius?  I Wonder what I will need to discover in order to Grow into my rightful place in my Community and on the Planet.

Mars-Haumea is also the focus of a Quintile Yod from the Moon and Chiron.  Pluto is the focus of a Quintangle from Juno and the South Node.  The Moon and Juno form the base of a Septangle focused on Ceres.

A Quintile Yod is formed when a third planet is at the far Midpoint between two planets that form a Quintile; the third planet is the focus.  A Quintangle is a third planet at the near Midpoint between two planets forming a Biquintile; again, the third planet is the focus.  A Septangle is a third planet at the far Midpoint between two planets that make a Triseptile, with the third planet as the focus.

We’re Learning here to Trust our Instincts, and to recognize Despair as the sign that Miracles await; we need only Witness our Despair.  “You poor Sweetheart, you really feel Discouraged, don’t you.”  It’s not a Choice; we’re Learning how to Choose Growth in the Edges of our Consciousness instead of continuing to Fear the Edges of our Held Emotions.  Business as Usual is not Sustainable.  We have Instincts that tell us where and how we need to Grow.  We need only to stop ignoring them.

Here’s another way to look at it all...

With thanks to Soulspeak for the introduction to Celia.

Asteroid Karma Chapter One

May 10, 2015

catmaWe’ve looked up the “Discovery” (or rather, “coming into human Consciousness” – it was there all along) date for asteroid Karma (“a.Karma” to distinguish it from the concept of Karma), and it’s quite revealing.  It was the 3,811th asteroid recognized (there are currently over a million), on October 13, 1953.  It was not a Friday, a fact worthy of celebration.

a.Karma, recall, was recently Initiated by Chiron, at 21 Pisces, “Under the watchful and kind eye of a Chinese servant, a child fondles a little white lamb.”  For comparison, the four-year Cycle we’ve just completed was Initiated at 2 Pisces, “A squirrel hiding from hunters.”  Chiron is currently lit up by its impending Initiation of Vesta (Beliefs), its Opposition to Lilith (Yindependence), and a T-Square to the dwarf planet Chaos (Unlimited Potential, not Disorder).

An a.Karma-Chiron Cycle would be about Miraculous release from self-sabotaging Patterns, the Miracles brought about by Empathizing with our own Victimhood.  The parts of our True Self that we’ve been hiding because we expected condemnation, need no longer be hidden.  Children Explore.  We should all be so Open.  As Children we were condemned for Exploring beyond the Limiting Beliefs of our older caretakers or taskmasters.  Time to be Loving with our Inner Tykes in all such situations.

At it’s “Discovery” a.Karma was in 26 Aries, “A person possessed of more gifts than they can hold,” betraying the fact that…

Our Held Emotions (the Emotions that we Refuse to Feel, often to the point that we don’t even know it) hide Skills that are truly frightening in their Power.  Our Rage that would destroy Others, for instance, or our Vulnerability that could destroy our Self-Image.

a.Karma was also closely Conjunct dwarf planet Sedna (wouldn’t you know it!), which symbolizes Acts performed out of Fear…

Reread that last paragraph about Held Emotions, but multiply by 100.  Our rage that would destroy our own Children, for instance, or our Vulnerability that could result in our own Death.

Which Conjunction T-Squared the Nodes…

So yes, we can consider Karma and a.Karma to have the same impact – though a.Karma might be the stronger of the two!

And which completed a Grand Cross by Opposing a Saturn-Neptune Conjunction…

So much for Clear Understanding of all this!  Just when we think we’ve got a handle on The Most Important Thing, massive Confusion takes over!  And just when we start to get in touch with the Crux of the issue in Meditation, our need to Define screws it up! 

Meanwhile, Uranus Conjoined the South Node…

To locate our True Self or Yintegrity we’ll need to face down those Held Emotions and Love them into submission.

Which in turn were Conjunct the dwarf planet Makemake…

What we can Manifest once we do that will be shocking.  If there’s anything you’re having difficult Manifesting, just start Exploring any Emotion you distrust or dislike or don’t embrace wholeheartedly.  The grammar isn’t the best, but here’s a list for you – can you Embrace them all?

Any Emotion on the list that you don’t like, that’s the Door to Heaven for you.  Sure, there’s a bed of nails and a hot coal walk between here and there, but sheesh, they’re just Feelings!  Keep reminding yourself of that.

Nothing to sneeze at here – a Grand Cross with

  • Karma Conjunct Sedna
  • Saturn Conjunct Neptune
  • South Node Conjunct Uranus and Makemake
  • North Node

at the corners.  Well, could be worse.

Grand Crosses are a lot easier than T-Squares, because a Grand Cross is Balanced.  To do a T-Square you have to provide the missing Energy yourself, the Energy residing in the Vacancy that would complete the Grand Cross.  Not that it’s a picnic – with a Grand Cross there are so many disturbances that you’re always running from one emergency to the next, so you never have time to fret about it.  Which is the boon, since the essence of a T-Square is fretting about how you don’t measure up to your Perfect Picture.  A Grand Cross is four T-Squares, so you have too many Perfect Pictures to fret over.  Not measuring up?  BFD.

So the asteroid Karma keeps us very busy, which is actually a good thing.  Anything else positive about it?

The Grand Cross is Cardinal, in 23-29 degrees.  So the overall Energy is Creative.  The third Decanate of the Cardinal Signs is the Mutable Signs.  So Karma is not about The Way Out is ThroughKarma – at least as seen through the lens of a.Karma – is about The Way Out is Letting Go.  Our Karma doesn’t hold us, we hold itKarma is Inertia – it’s our Comfort Zone, it’s how we’ve always done things, it’s what we do.  So on the deepest level imaginable, all we need to do, is to do something different that we otherwise would have.  As a friend used to say, Don’t get even, get odd.  Are you brave enough to be unpredictable?

And now that you mention it, both Jupiter and a Conjunction between Pluto and the dwarf planet Haumea make a Trine-Sextile Truss Bridge across the Opposition between a.Karma-Sedna and Saturn-Neptune, with Pluto-Haumea Trine to a.Karma-Sedna and Jupiter Sextile to it; and Pluto-Haumea Sextile to Saturn-Neptune and Trine to a.Karma-Sedna.  The positions of the Trines and Sextiles turn out to be important, because while the Trines provide Dumb-Luck Grace, the Sextiles Ask us to take the first Step.

One planet or Conjunction can make a Trine-Sextile Bridge across an Opposition.  When two planets do so, and the two Sextile one another, the Configuration formed resemble Trusses.

So we’re actually Compelled to be Reborn through Letting Go of our Karma.  And we can do it more easily if we take an Active step toward Expansion – which means Consciously relaxing Judgment.

Which is particularly interesting to me, because I’ve always been curious about whether some folks are “Jungian” (driven toward Wholeness and Integration with the Unconscious, as Jung postulated), others are “Freudian” (driven by Demons in the Subconscious, as Freud postulated), and yet others are driven by other Energies that are reflected in the other major schools of psychology.  I would expect all schools to be useful – Both/And, after all – but are some more useful for some people?  I basically do Jungian astrology, but there are many folks for whom my readings don’t make much sense.  Of course we all grew up with different idioms and metaphors, so language has a great impact.

So I’ve always wondered whether the position of, or planetary relationships to, the Nodes may be influential.  But if a.Karma Gracefully Compels us to Rebirth through Embracing our Karma and our Fears, that would be another indication; folks with a prominent a.Karma in their natality could be prone to the Jungian Perspective.

Now, quiz time.  When you have a Trine-Sextile Truss Bridge across an Opposition that has a T-Square on the other side (we need a picture, but alas, my camera stopped talking to my computer for some reason), what is the Configuration?  A Diamond Star!  (See for pictures.)  Diamond Stars are very auspicious, as they make the otherwise Challenging T-Square Graceful.  The two planets in the Truss also form the base of a Finger of God pointing at the planet at the tip of the T-Square – in this case, Jupiter and Haumea-Pluto pointing to the North Node.

So these Active Steps of Expanding beyond Judgment, and of Recognizing Confusion as the first stage of Growth and Rebirth, Liberate us to meet our Mission and Embrace our Deepest Desires.  How?  Through Surrendering Control and courting Perpetual Curiosity.

The Finger of God also makes the North Node the overall Focus of the Grand Cross…

Informing us that Karma  – at least as seen through the lens of a.Karma – isn’t about Limitation, it’s about Liberation!

 Well, we didn’t really expect a.Karma to have a simple natality, did we.  And of course we’re just beginning.  If we shift our Orb or Sensitivity a bit, we find an almost-Grand Sextile, granting considerable Magical status to the Vacancy.  I haven’t calculated it yet, but this Vacancy is very close to the position of the current Chiron-Karma Initiation – as a friend says, you can’t make this stuff up!  And depending on the Orb we choose, we have at least one more Grand Cross and an additional T-Square to consider, not to mention at least one fascinating Conjunction.  So, more to follow!

One More Extension

January 11, 2015

GRecHopefully this will be the last extension to Portal 1.2-1.9, or 1.2-1.12 as it’s become.  The Moon moves in to intensify the process on January 12, while Venus moves in to help soften it.  However, it’ll take Venus several days to cross this activation zone, and there are other Portals coming up, most of which are related to this one, so we should probably just plan on things being pretty unstable until at least February.

Venus and Juno remain in a Golden Rectangle with the Nodes till January 16-17, though the Energy will begin to fade after January  15.

Not as unstable as this past week, as the Eris Station (the attempts to bring Denial out of the Shadows) is behind us.  However, the media is reporting that literally millions of “first-world” folk are out demonstrating about how THEY think of themselves as the Victims of Colonialism come home, so while on the global level Denial might be out of the Shadows, it’s not getting far into Consciousness.  Hope you’re doing better with whatever Personal material is arising for you.

Venus might help us a little here.

The Moon crosses the North Node at quarter to 9am PST ( January 12, exciting the Main-Effect Pluto-Nodes-Uranus T-Square, which of course is about our Yintegrity, or our Willingness to accept our Soul’s path for us.

Venus moves into position to make a Golden Rectangle with Juno and the Nodal Axis.

A Golden or Mystic Rectangle is a beneficial Configuration comprised of double Trine-Sextile Bridges across each of two Oppositions that are separated by Sextiles.  A Bridge shows us an easier way to approach a Challenging Angle, so a Golden Rectangle is kind of a free tutor.  The Oppositions are Challenges to Let Go of Duality and locate our Intuition instead. 

The Oppositions in the Golden Rectangle are…

  • Moon-North Node (Manifesting our Destiny) to Uranus-South Node (Our Limiting Beliefs Are Obsolete; We Need To Let Them Go Before They Cause Real Trouble For Us!)
  • Venus (Supporting our own Values) to Juno (the Edges of our Consciousness)

Complicated of course by the Square from the Nodes to Pluto.

In a Golden Rectangle, the ends of each Opposition are the Bridging planets for the other Opposition.

So the Nodal Opposition is Bridged by Venus and Juno, and the Venus-Juno Opposition is Bridged by the Nodes, which are hosting visitors Uranus and the Moon.

Venus and Juno Bridging the Nodal Opposition implies that

We may be able to reduce the aerodynamic drag on our Progress that’s created by our Unfinished Business, by Opening our minds and Hearts to reconsidering which of our Values are Most Important to us.

(We didn’t draw it in on the chart, but Saturn is still making an Octile-Trioctile Bridge across the Nodal Axis as well, bringing in Prioritization as an additional Bridging technique.)

Just taking the Global level as an example, “civilized” folks still regard their own personal Security (ie, safety from the Fear of “Terrorism”) as a higher priority than other people’s Security (ie, safety from Drones, Slavery, War on their turf, Sea-level rise, the Poverty resulting from Centuries of Colonial exploitation, etc).  It’s still Us versus Them, or Justice spelled JustUs, instead of “Gee, I wonder how I might be contributing to Insecurity in the World!”

I’m sure there’s a parallel somewhere in your own Personal Life.

What’s the Venus-Juno Opposition about?

There are Conflicts between our Consciousness and our Values.  In other words, we Sabotage ourselves, we act and think in ways that are contrary to our own best interests.

So how can the Moon, the Nodes, and Uranus Bridge those Conflicts?

Whatever difficulties we’ve faced in the last week or two, are Educational.  They illustrate to us how we Sabotage ourself.  Are will still Victim to those events?  We need to leave that posture behind.  How do we go from Victim to Responsibility?  Remember, Responsibility is not Blame, it’s the Ability to Respond.  It doesn’t work to Respond by bashing the alleged Perp.  We eventually all just lose to the biggest Perp.  We need to begin to take Responsibility for our own Victim.

What could we have done differently to avoid being Victimized?  In the Global case, Mutual Respect, instead of self-righteously insisting on our right to Humiliate and Enslave others, would go a long way.  We’d need some Empathy as well.  Some sense of what it’s like to live under real or de facto Colonialism.  The movie 12 Years a Slave might help a few people.  Malidoma Somé’s book Of Water and the Spirit maybe.  It describes the French version of Colonialism.

In general, it’s Fear that feeds Bullies.  Unfortunately, we usually have to get to the place where we have nothing left to lose, before we’re willing to stand up and say no to Bullies.  You might want to look up the Velvet Revolution, Czechoslovakia’s release from Bullying.  We’ll have to stand in Solidarity with the people Bullied by Colonialism, though, and that’s probably not likely anytime soon.

On the personal level, where it all starts, Grounding helps.  You just imagine a cable running from the base of your spine to the center of the Earth.  Food is also Grounding.  Tapping out Fear will help as well.  Of course we’ll have to Witness our Fear before we can Tap it out.  We can PIAVA that we do that. 

Once we’ve Witnessed our Fear we can also Empathize with it; once you get the hang of that (“You poor Sweetheart, you’re really scared, aren’t you”) we can move our Fear even faster than Tapping, and the results are likely to be even more Miraculous.

We didn’t draw the Quincunxes on the chart because we wanted the new element, the Venus-led Golden Rectangle, to stand out.  But there are Fingers of God to both Chiron (from Juno and Moon-North Node) and Juno (from Pluto and Chiron), making Juno (Expanding our Consciousness) and Chiron (Using Empathy to Shift from Despair to Miracle) the most important elements in the chart.

Along with Pluto, of course, as head of the T-Square.  Pluto tells us that the River is in flood, that if our destination isn’t downstream we’re in for a difficult journey (even before Mercury turns Retrograde on January 21).  The key to Pluto is Trust, Trust that outcomes will favor us, even if we don’t see how yet.  Pluto of course is about Transformation, Trance (Re) Formation, including usually Ego Death.

The Galactic Center recently Initiated Hylonome as well as Quaoar.  The Galactic Center is at 28 Sagittarius, “An old bridge over a beautiful stream is still in constant use.”  Maybe it’s time to review our opinion of the River Styx.  How might we see it as a “beautiful stream”?  It might help to understand that we can cross that stream in either direction.

While Fear of Ego Death, especially Unwitnessed Unconscious Fear, never leads to good outcomes, the combination of Overpopulation and Fear of Death is not one that promises a lot of comfort.  Can we cross this River in either direction at Will?  Depends on Who is doing the Willing.  Someone is.  Why not you?  No?  Why not PIAVA it?

That would be a great resolution to these Galactic Conundrums – we’d stay Grounded for all of the Fear-mongering, and we’d resolve the Uranus-Pluto-Nodes T-Square by Expanding our Consciousness to include our Soul!


May 27, 2014

For most of June we’re challenged to vigorously support our Yintegrity (and that of others).  Think of it as a test, which most of us will pass.  If you let someone intimidate you out of being your True Self, it doesn’t mean you’ve lost.  Go back and do it over.  Tell them – calmly – that you don’t appreciate their trying to Shame you for not doing it there way, and you’ll accept an apology.  If they’re bigger than you and prone to violence, tap it out instead, then PIAVA an alternative way to claim your space.  There’s Yintegrity, and then there’s foolhardiness.  If you ignore the Safety First rule, the Ego backlash will just make it worse.

Mars completes its Confidence-Builder (third) Waning Square to Pluto on June 14 (the Portal spans June 1 through 23), and its Confidence-Builder Opposition to Uranus on June 24 (the Portal spans June 14 to July 3).  We’re looking at 13 to 17 degrees of the Cardinal Signs, give or take.


The Sustainability of our Beliefs dominates through June 1.


June 2 should be an interesting day.  If you’re willing to be open and loving with any Emotions and Memories that arise, you may be very surprised by the result – which could be Life-changing.

As the Moon crosses Lilith, it makes a Septangle with Pluto and the South Node, peaking at 3pm PDT, with the Portal open for four hours or so on either side.  See also June 3-7.

The Septangle consists of a Triseptile between two planets (three sevenths of the way ’round the Zodiac) with a third planet at their far Midpoint – that is, Biseptile (two sevenths) to each.  It means that Magic is afoot.


June 3 to 7 could easily bring us a reset of our relationship to Other, including especially our relationship to the Goddess.

With Neptune Stationary (see next paragraph), Mercury slows down to turn Retrograde on June 7.  The Station forms, with Venus, a Bridge across the Lilith-Neptune Opposition.  Mercury’s Shadow Period is draped across the Cancer Cusp, spanning 25 Gemini to 4 Cancer.  The Cancer Cusp basically says “One more time, with Feeling!”  We started something (in early April), made a big effort to complete it, and didn’t get it done to our satisfaction.  So we took it apart, found out what was unsatisfying about it, and now we’re eager to start over.  But we have to wait till July.  That’s okay, we can review the blueprints one more time.  Chances are this “something” has a lot to do with the Goddess – like maybe a whole new way of understanding the World.

A Bridge forms when one or two planets form Trine-Sextiles across an Opposition.  It represents “the easy way out” of the tension created by the apparent dichotomy of the Opposition, particularly if the Opposition is part of a T-Square.

Expect to get pretty spacey June 8 and 9, if you weren’t already deep in Trance since June 2 or thereabouts.  A good guideline to follow is that what is Confusing or foggy (and Emotional) through Material eyes, becomes Clear when viewed through Spiritual eyes.  To locate your Spiritual eyes, look to see what’s the positive function of what appears to be negative.  June 2-9 is about connecting to Spirit.  You’re building something important to you here, and this is a time for breakthroughs about the parts you weren’t sure how to handle.  Not so you can rush to finish, but so you know what to study over the next five months – then you’ll know what needs to be done and how to do it.

Neptune is Stationary Retrograde on June 9 at 8 degrees of Pisces.  It backs up to 5 degrees before turning Direct on October 31.  That’ll make for some Halloween, and an especially lively Dia de Muertos.  Five to 8 degrees of Pisces is the Taurus Duad.  Heavy Emotions first overwhelm us, then inspire us.  In the Taurus Duad of Pisces we get to work Manifesting our Inspiration into Form.  We’ve been through this space once (since February), now we traverse it again more slowly, looking for puzzle pieces that we missed the first time.

A Duad or Dwad is one twelfth of a Sign.  The first two and a half degrees of Pisces is the Pisces Duad, next comes the Aries Duad, then the Taurus Duad, etc. round the Zodialoop.

The likely spaciness we’ll experience June 2-9 will be augmented by some degree of Clarity around Boundaries and Choices.  If you need to make decisions that can’t be postponed, you might find the Awe Shucks post useful. 

We covered the Pallas-Neptune Opposition fairly thoroughly in the Neptune Station II post.  This is the Confidence-Builder, so it shouldn’t bring up too much difficulty.

The same Clarity around Boundaries and Choices will strengthen between June 9 and June 12. 

The actual Pallas-Neptune Opposition occurs on the June 12.  The Portal’s open for about 8 days before and after.

Look to see if we get any major clues or shifts – or technological innovations – toward Cultural Sustainability between June 10 and 12.

We’ll have to find time to analyze the Makemake discovery chart, as Makemake turns Direct on June 12 at 29 degrees of Virgo.  It turned Retro during the last few days of 2013 at 2 of Libra.  This is a very powerful Cusp, signifying the shift from individual effort to exploration of Community.  Our first clue about Makemake’s meaning is that he’s here to help us transition to Sustainability, since he was a Survival God on Rappa Nui.  With Mercury Retrograding into Gemini, we may be looking at technology to help.  The discovery chart will tell us more about Makemake.

Makemake is a dwarf planet about 2/3 the size of Pluto, orbiting in a fairly circular path in the neighborhood of Pluto.

Makemake enters Libra thrice – October 19, 2013; September 7, 2014; and July 13, 2015 – as it stutter-steps across the line.  It takes about 30 years for Makemake to cross a Sign, so we’ll only see a Makemake Sign-change such as this twice or thrice in a Lifetime.  The last time it moved from Virgo into Libra was 1713.  Ben Franklin was 7 years old.  George Washington wasn’t born till 20 years later, Thomas Jefferson 30 years later, James Madison 40 years later.

It’s interesting that the Pallas-Neptune Opposition corresponds with the Makemake Station.  As they say, history doesn’t repeat, but it rhymes.  As it was in Ben Franklin’s youth, remote masters are setting up conditions for possible revolt by overexploiting the People.  Then they were geographically remote; now they’re sociopathically remote – though they were undoubtedly that then too.


Great time to PIAVA Miracles between June 13 and June 19.  The key to knowing when to seek Miracles here, is the sense of an Emotional Ego Death – the feeling that “I’d rather die than go through this again.”  Tap it out, then PIAVA the Miracle.

Chiron turns Retrograde on June 19, at 18 Pisces.  Jupiter has left the building, but Saturn still Trines Chiron.  Chiron’s Shadow Period spans 14-18 Pisces, which is basically the Virgo Decanate.


Then for about four days on either side of June 29, a wide channel will open between Source and the Unconscious.  You want to get in on the act, and open a three-way dialog between your Ego, the Unconscious, and Source.  A few tricks… 

  • If you get Confused, move to seeing the World with Spiritual eyes rather than Material eyes.  PIAVA to know the deeper meaning of any untoward experiences. 
  • Don’t get lost in the Emotions – take a wider perspective.  If there’s conflict, look to see things through the eyes of the overarching Community that encompasses yourself and your antagonists.  If that Community doesn’t seem to exist, imagine it!  You don’t know what it looks like?  What if you did know?  What notions did you just reject?  That’s probably your clue.

The first step toward Win-Win is understanding your antagonist’s goals.  The second step is telling them what you think their goals are, and asking them if you’re right, and if you’re omitting anything.  The third step is checking to see if they understand your goals, or if they’re willing to be open to understanding them.  At this point you have a bifurcation…

  • If they’re open to understanding your goals, pursue it.  Once you’ve gone through these preliminaries, you should be on the same team, with both of you working to meet your common goals, and open to finding ways to at least partially meet one another’s goals where they conflict.
  • If they aren’t open to understanding your goals, or if at any point you find that they’re working to undermine your goals rather than support them as best they can without abandoning their own goals, then disengage if you can.  When you play Win-Win and your antagonist plays Win-Lose, you Lose.  Another bifurcation, but this time it’s Both/And…  
    • If you can’t disengage, you need to play Win-Lose with them and defend your goals as best you can.
    • Whether you can disengage or not, at this point you know enough about the portions of your goals and theirs that overlap.  Work independently of your antagonist to meet those goals.

If Emotionality bogs you down, talk about it as directly as you can.

This is a singular event, a Waxing Square from Juno back to Neptune on June 29.  The Initiation occurred January 9 of this year at 4 Pisces, “Heavy traffic on a narrow isthmus between two seashore resorts.“  Mercury is also Stationary here, getting ready to turn Direct on July 1.


Expect Rebirth as June ends.  We also get to restart our Big Project.

The dwarf planet Haumea turns Direct July 4 at 20 Libra.  Haumea was named after Pele’s mother, the Hawaiian Goddess of Fertility.  It’s about a third as big as Pluto, and orbits in the same region.  More on Haumea later.  Mercury turns Direct again on July 1.

Have a Nice Weekend

October 5, 2013


Here’s a nice configuration to sweeten our weekend and help us make Lemonade from any nemeses or typhoons we might encounter.  The “main event” is the cantilevered “Bridge” across the top of the chart – the blue lines.  The red “roadbed” is the Nodal Axis.

DSCN4613The Bridge, consisting of two Trines and three Sextiles, resolves the Opposition, providing a Grace-Full alternative to confronting the contradistinction directly.  Unless we’re good at “going meta” and teasing out the Coin that unifies heads and tails, confronting an Opposition directly can be frustrating, since it only seems like an intellectual issue.

In this case, the Nodal Opposition, the contradistinction is the apparent argument between our Mission and our Karma.  There’s no Square across this Axis – that would be a T-Square, representing Mastery through Challenge, aka frustration until we honor our willingness to Explore rather than Perfect.  But there is a Bridge!  The three paths across the Bridge show us how to resolve the Opposites.  Traveling from the South Node to the North (left to right),

  • we could take the easy blue ramp (Trine) up to Pluto, and simply recognize that it’s all inevitable and just accept it, and slide down the steep blue slope (Sextile) to the North Node; or
  • we could climb the steeper blue slope (Sextile) to Chiron, PIAVA a new perspective, then slide down the long blue slope (Trine) to our Mission; or
  • after PIAVAing our healing new Worldview at Chiron, we could take the blue catwalk (Sextile) across to Pluto, PIAVA a loving and gentle, rapid and complete Transformation – a new Trance – and then slide into home base.

We could go the other way too – suppose we have an idea about what we Want (our Mission).  Then we could use one of those three Grace-Full routes to discover what’s holding us back and heal it.

You always have to be careful with the Nodal Axis, because Real Life isn’t Binary, and the Nodes can easily swap ends, where it looks or feels like it’s the South Node that represents our Mission (it’s our Mission toolkit after all) and the North Node that represents our Limiting Beliefs.  It’s always Both/And.  The intellect thinks in Binary; the Hologram (“Reality”) is Unitary and Multifarious.

Since the Nodal Axis represents our assignment in the Lifetime, should we choose to accept it – this Bridge deal is pretty slick.

You can see in the chart the other two Configurations – the Mars Mjolnir (purple lines) across the Uranus-Pluto Square, and the Uranus-Nemesis Yod (green lines) with Vesta and Saturn.  As an adjunct to Pluto, the Mjolnir can help us in two ways.  It can introduce frustrations that provide fuel for our Creativity, and it can provide sudden lightning-like Insights to assist our Transformation.  The Yod anchors the other end of the Uranus-Pluto Square into the North Node, reminding us to approach everything with Curiosity rather than Judgement, and Pay Attention! to our Yintegrity – lest we encounter retribution from the Psyche!

We have additional help from the Moon, Mercury, and Saturn on the North Node.  The Moon can directly Manifest our breakthroughs into hardcopy Reality, Mercury can help us increase our Awareness, and Saturn will improve our Focus.