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Charts of the Portals XV

September 27, 2020

In Charts of the Portals XII we were talking about the chart of the 28-29 September 2020 Saturn-Chaos Stations (The Most Important Thing Is to Look Beyond Your Perceived Limitations – If You Could Do Miracles, What Would They Be?) chart…

and its red-triangle Challenges (T-Squares), particularly the Saturn-Chariklo-Pluto Challenge (The Most Important Thing may be to Remember that any Sign of Self-Doubt will be a Red Alert that our Thoughts are leaning toward the Old Paradigm, just when we need to Remain Conscious that the Paradigm is Shifting and we need to Shift with it).

We were about to talk about the Complicated “base” of that Challenge, the Opposition between Mars-Lilith-Eris (Actively Rooting Out Places Where We Deny to Ourself that We Give Away Our Power) on one side and Sappho-Juno-Haumea (Rebirth into Greater Consciousness about the Unconditionality of Our Self-Love) on the other.  We were suggesting that this Opposition should provide Clues about Why It may be Difficult to Maintain Our Confidence that we can Respond Resiliently to the Big Changes that Are Going On.

It’s really Easy to dwell on the minor details of our Daily Lives and Miss the Big Picture, especially when we’re Enervated, as the Big Changes themselves are likely to do to us.  How many of us Understand after all what Kundalini Rising (Varuna-Karma in the Global Climate Change chart) is Supposed to Feel Like.  We’re Hypnotized by Big Pharma to reach for a Drug whenever we’re Uncomfortable, because they’ve made us Believe that Discomfort is to be Avoided at all costs.

If we looked to Cause rather than Symptom, we’d Know that we’re in the middle of a Huge Ego Death (which is why we sometimes feel like we’re “dying,” and occasionally wishing we were).  Rebirth – into Greater Consciousness about the Unconditionality of Our Self-Love – is the flip side of Ego Death.  Unconditional Self-Love includes always Loving whatever is Going On for us in the Present Moment.

Can we really Love Ourself Unconditionally while Aching All Over?  Well, that’s the Assignment.  Find the place in your Body where your Discomfort is Greatest, and just Focus your Attention on it Intensely.  Attention is kind of Love Step One.  Hold your Attention there.  Fear is Hard and Cold, Love is Soft and Warm.  Put your hand on your Discomfort and Warm it Up.  Imagine Softening around it.  When your Attention Wanders, bring it back.  When your Discomfort moves, which it will do, Follow it.  You’ll be Surprised by the Miracles you Create doing this.

Actively Rooting Out Places Where We Deny to Ourself that We Give Away Our Power isn’t much more Fun than Ego Death.  We have Ego Invested in those Places, often Deeply Invested.  Ego is very often Embedded more Deeply in our Body than our Teeth are, and you know how much Fun it is when someone Roots around Trying to Pull Out your TeethIf we Deny these Places to ourself, unless we’re Graced with Insight (which is entirely possible, given the astrology, but we’ll have to Recognize it), that means they’re Unconscious, so we’ll have to use PIAVAs to reach down into the basement and find them.

Since we’re working with Self-Love, you’ll want to add Lovingly and Gently to your PIAVAs.  For instance, a Theta might be something like…

God/Goddess, Creator of All That Is, I Command that I Lovingly and Gently Begin to Recognize the Places Where I Give Away My Power, and that I Begin to Intuit How to Lovingly and Gently Claim My Power Instead.  It Is Done, It Is Done, It Is Done.  Thank You, God/Goddess.  Show Me!

Yintegrity, Yindependence, and Denial

March 13, 2014

A reader asks,

“When I try to be my True Self, I feel like I’m being blackballed, ostracized, rejected, badmouthed, threatened, resented, mocked, and envied by the people in my town.  I feel like I’m being someone I’m not, trying too hard, and an outright disaster!

“When I try to own my Feminine Power, I feel like people see me as man-hating, a feminist lesbian. an uptight frigid old maid, a ho’, a skank, and a slut!

“Except for younger people hereabouts who get what I`m into, embrace it and want to hear more, I can’t find my tribe.  How do we recognize the Most Important Thing that we’ve been denying about ourself?”

Yep, you got that right!  We didn’t pick up our Masks and adopt our Powerlessness because we though it’d be fun to be in the second-grade class play or because we thought turning the other cheek would be a good idea.  We put on our Masks and put our Power in the closet because the significant adults in our young lives forced us to do so, under threat of punishment.  I think you’ve just described the kinds of punishment you were threatened with as a child.  I know, it’s hard.  Easy to say, hard to do.

Hanging out with those younger people, the ones who came in on a different flight, probably are your Tribe.  You were just an advance scout.

Where Have All the Seeds

February 9, 2014

As we’ve said, in high school civics class I learned that the definition of fascism was when corporations ran the government.  I’ve also seen how in general usage fascism usually means a totalitarian government.  I think that’s because when corporations run the government, totalitarianism is necessary to keep the People from objecting to corporate control that values private profits over human welfare.  In the US, where the primary export is weapons and any decline in the ubiquitous weapons industry means a decline in jobs in most Congressional districts, the connection between fascism and repression of the People is particularly strong.

Here’s some nitty-gritty on one of the latest fronts in the growth of fascism – the chemical industry’s attempt to end-run democracy…

What’s this got to do with astrology?  It’s an excellent example of Resistance to the trend toward individual sovereignty inherent in the Uranus-Pluto Cycle, and to the trend toward greater Yin/Yang Balance inherent in the emergence of Eris and the prominence of Lilith in, for example, the Chiron Mjolnir.  It’s hard to underemphasize the importance of the Mjolnir – the other corner of the base consists of a triple Conjunction of the North Node (Destination), Vesta (the Sacred), and Ceres (Sustainability).  The nascent Chiron-Neptune Cycle provides a context – we’re in the formative stages of Co-Creating a global fresh-violets-in-an-ancient-pottery-bowl New Paradigm for our economic, political, environmental, and Community structures.

Venus Station and Solstice

December 20, 2013

topaz4220bpTopaz (“To Peace”), in any color a powerful helper for releasing Limiting Beliefs and the ancient trauma that holds them in place; in pink a gentle cleanser for the Heart

The Solstice occurs at 9am PST on December 21, and Venus turns Retrograde at 2pm.

Then there’s this part…

“Most leadership issues can be boiled down to this one primary contradiction: we have an objective economic reality that works as a global eco-system, and then we have individuals and institutional leaders focused according to their institutional ego-system awareness.  Consequently they consider the concerns of others to be externalities.”

“The world is full of grandiose leadership visions that were beautifully communicated  – before they crashed and burned…  The problem was not a lack of vision.  The problem was that the vision was completely out of touch with reality.  The problem was a lack of listening.  All great leadership starts with listening.  That means listening with a wide-open mind, heart, and will.  It means listening to what is being said as well as to what isn’t being said.”

–Otto Scharmer and Katrin Kaufer, Leading from the Emerging Future, pp.111-113.

So, astrology tells us that Mercury is about the Talking.  But where’s the planet for the Listening?

Short of recasting all of astrology to remove Testosterone Poisoning from it (we’ll get to that later), I guess we’d have to enlist Venus for that purpose – she is Stationary after all, and she’s been within one degree of her Station since December 14.  Uranus’s Station has been claiming the spotlight, but we’ve lost that excuse now.  Venus backs over the second half of Capricorn between now and January 31 – 14 to 29 degrees, in the process making Waxing Squares to Ceres, Vesta, and Mars.

The next few months will likely find us willing to vigorously Defend and Institutionalize the Sacred.  Problem is, the Sacred is something different to each of us – read the fine print before you commit to anything serious.  We could all end up on the Defensive!

The second half of Capricorn is the Cancer half – we’ve scoped out the problems that need fixing, and now we have to consider what sort of influence the fixes we’ve chosen will have on the Conscious Entities that it will impact.  Like how many of them can eat cake, and what kind of frosting they like.  Of course if our Vibration is too dense to understand how widespread Consciousness really is, our impact analysis will be very short-sighted.

Will we have to Choose between slight progress and no progress?  Probably.  Go for Both/And, your dance and theirs – Listening will help.

While the first Venus-Mars Square occurred at the end of September, its recurrence in mid-January and March 1, 2014 tells us we need to look a lot more closely at the Cycle.  As we said earlier,

The Mars-Venus Initiation occurred Conjunct the Sun (this Cycle is of the Essence), and Conjunct Eris (time to reveal what’s been hidden).  It’s in a Sixth-Harmonic relationship (partnership) with Lilith (she who Sacrifices for Community but does not submit to dominance), and forms Twelfth-Harmonic Angles (breaking out of Limitation) with the Nodes (Liberation from Karmic Patterns) and Mercury (moving our Center from Mind to Heart).  In one sentence,  This Cycle represents a very important time to Clearly see the Feminine.  The Angles echo the Symbol, multiplying the significance of the Cycle.

If you haven’t noticed, the relationship between the Dynamic and the Magnetic on the Planet is changing.  You see people becoming more fluid in their Gender Identity because they are being more Authentic about their understanding that our ability and willingness to use Magnetic Feminine Skills (PIAVA-Change the Subject-Pay Attention) and Dynamic Masculine Skills (Plan-Do-Review) with pride doesn’t depend on our plumbing.

The Olde Male backlash, even though they think they’re Institutionalizing their version of the Sacred, won’t last, even in Sochi.  It makes the headlines only because the Olde Male media owners are trying to extend their Trance.  It’ll never work, because they’re swimming upstream against a Pluto-Uranus current that’s far stronger than they are.

When a new planet is discovered, current events mirror the impact of the new planet.  For instance, the rise, use, and abuse of atomic energy coincided with the discovery of Pluto.  Newly-discovered (2003-2005) Eris’s namesake’s main claim to fame was calling out the Greek Goddesses for their undercurrent of Competition – their masculine qualities.  Her role in this Century lies in aiding her partners Lilith and Pi (replacing Gaia as the current incarnation of Mother Nature) in their ascension into self-respect and the respect of all – into pride in the Independence of the Feminine and Her unique ability to Manifest.

The Lilith-Eris-Saturn Tricolor we’ve talked about connects to the Venus Station in two ways – first, Venus Quintiles Saturn – as well as Uranus…

We’ll be Learning to Focus on Walking in Beauty – aka Authenticity.

and second, Venus Trioctiles Pallas, which in turn Septiles Lilith…

If we allow the spontaneity, we will be able to set some surprising and powerful new Boundaries.

At the Venus Station the Moon also Squares Saturn and Trines Eris, forming a second Tricolor…

We can unblock any Manifestation difficulty we are having by PIAVAing what it is that we’re Denying.

Notice that Curiosity – I Wonder – is the same as PIAVA – if we don’t Change the Subject our old Patterns will reject the new information.

In the Old Calendars, the day began at Sunset, and the New Year began on the shortest day.  That would mean we’re entering a 12 year on our calendar, where the dominant theme will be Pattern-Breaking and the subtheme Love with Wisdom, which is the Feminine form of Dominion, or Healthy Control.  Breaking any Pattern that interrupts Self-Love with Wisdom, and nurturing Self-Love that isn’t narcissistic, but has deep roots in Self-Knowledge and Self-Trust, allowing us to acknowledge and project our unique Skills Authentically and Powerfully.  Power-With, not Power-Over, as Starhawk would put it.