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Beginning of the End Times

May 13, 2023

We aren’t quite through the full Altjira-Pan-Chiron-Atropos Fandango yet, but the Next Energy is pushing through pretty Strongly, so I’ll write it down. In short, to misquote Robert Plant, “Does Anybody Remember 6 Pisces?” aka Gonggong Initiates Saturn, 3-4 May 2023…

As JD put it, it “kicked the snot” out of him, and left my Sinuses pretty clear as well. Well, it’s returned, in the form of everyone and their cousin Lighting Up 6 Degrees of Everything – in brief…

  • 14 May, Gonggong Initiates Magdalena in 6 Pisces,1 Valuable Irreplaceable Karmic Frequencies that don’t fit the Current Lifetime. The overriding theme for me lately has been Surrender, and that’s exactly what this New 6-year-minus-2-months Cycle Suggests – Throwing our Egos at the Foot of Mary Magdalene and PIAVAing that She Help Us Surrender Our Striving. Anything we can Figure Out Intellectually will just Lock Us more Deeply into our Karma (see the 17 Capricorn Vacancy in the previous post). Intuition Rules here. Gonggong is about Intrusive Memories.
  • 15 May, Mercury Stationary Direct in 6 Taurus,2 Persistence at Opening the Heart. At least now Communication should be a lot Easier, as should Travel. Thank Goodness! Communication with all of our Other Selves should be Easier now too!
  • 16 May, Varuna Out of Bounds Initiates Pallas at 6 Leo,3 Torn between Experiencing and Observing. This New 4¼-year Cycle is about Exploring where we set our Boundaries between our Ego and Dis-Ease. If one Accepts a Diagnosis, that’s tantamount to Accepting the remainder of the Expected course of the Dis-Ease. If you think you might have the flu, there’s a lot you can do about it (starting perhaps with PIAVAing or Tapping). Getting Diagnosed with the flu can take Ownership of it out of your own hands. It’s not about the “Body-Mind Connection,” it’s about the Complete Inseparable Union between the Body and the Mind. If you aren’t even in our Body, you’re probably not in your Right Mind either – Pun intended. Varuna represents the Life Force.
  • 22 May, Gonggong Initiates asteroid Karma in 6 Pisces,4 which we’ve encountered before, eh? Beginning a New 4½-year Cycle about Being likely Inundated with Whispered Conversations that our Ego knows aught about, but we may be able to make them Bloom Out into more complete pictures of Karma that’s been Hidden – we know the Pattern, but we haven’t Located any Meaningful Leverage yet that we can use to Shift it. We’ll probably need PIAVAs like God/Goddess, May I Please find Easy clues about What This Is About? If you’re around Psychologists during this Cycle, don’t tell them about this – the last thing you need is a DSM-5 Diagnosis!! (See 16 May above.) Seeking Enlightenment is plenty Weird already.
  • 26 May, Saturn Initiates asteroid Karma in 7 Pisces,5 Commitment to Follow Your Own Inner Path No Matter What, with the Universe Providing Grace and Miracles Proportional to Your Commitment. As if we haven’t been getting our Noses rubbed in our Karma already. But, the sooner we can Shit this stuff Out, the sooner we can Enjoy the relative Ease of 5D. 7 Pisces is also the home of Royal Star Formalhaut, meaning Dreams – and it’s our Dreams that we need to Commit to. Since Saturn means The Most Important Thing, Letting Go of Our Karma is Priority Number One here.
  • 29 May, Damocles Stationary in 4 Pisces,6 Massive Confusion, Running in All Directions, Getting Nowhere, Overwhelmed. The Need to Expand into This New Force Field, to Surrender into It, as it’s the Multidimensionality We’re Only Just Now Starting to Witness. To Accept 5D we need to Accept that the Soul and the Source are Unlimited. Damocles is about Accountability.
  • 1 June, Station of Gonggong in 6 Pisces,7 in case you’ve forgotten, that’s Valuable Irreplaceable Karmic Frequencies that don’t fit the Current Lifetime. More of the Karmic Torture Chamber Portal – All you can do is Praise the Razor, for the Fineness of the Slash

If you’re at all still stuck in the old Saturn-as-Downer paradigm, Immediately start Tapping on something like Even though I Expect and Fear that my Karma’s going to Be Bumming me Out, I Deeply and Completely Love and Accept Myself… Saturn symbolizes Priorities. If we Resist Our Most Important Priority, of course Saturn’s going to come across as a Bummer.

If you’ll allow me to get Cognitive for a moment, Isn’t Our Most Important Priority Enlightenment, and doesn’t that require Letting Go of Our Karma? And isn’t Noticing it when it Recurs where we Start that Process? Then Recurrence is Good, eh? A good time to Recommit. Our Resistance is itself a Fabulous piece of Information about our supposedly Hidden Karma – Hidden in plain sight with RESIST written across its forehead in big letters. Since Resistance is always rooted in the Unconscious, we’ll need to use some form of PIAVA to make our Recommitment Hold.

1 Gonggong Initiates Magdalena, 14 May, UT 7:31 (PDT 12:31 am, BST 8:31 am, IST 1:01 pm, AEST 5:31 pm). We’ll Learn more about this Cycle in late August and early December, as two additional Exposition Conjunctions occur.
2 Mercury Stationary Direct, 15 May, UT 3:16 (PDT 8:16 pm 14th, BST 3:16 am 15th, IST 8:46 am 15th, AEST 1:16 pm 15th).
3 Varuna Initiates Pallas, 16 May, UT 9:20 (PDT 2:20 am, BST 10:20 am, IST 2:50 pm, AEST 7:20 pm).
4 Gonggong Initiates Karma, 22 May, UT 11:44 (PDT 4:44 pm 22nd, BST 12:44 am 23rd, IST 5:14 am 23rd, AEST 9:44 am 23rd).
5 Saturn Initiates Karma, 26 May, UT 16:17 (PDT 9:17 am 26th, BST 5:17 pm 26th, IST 9:47 pm 26th, AEST 2:17 am 27th). We’ll also be Learning more about this 5-year Cycle between late September and late October of 2023, when they Retrograde together back to an Exposition Conjunction, then travel Merged together for a month before Karma zips ahead.
6 Station of Damocles, 29 May, UT 17:50 (PDT 10:50 am 29th, BST 6:50 pm 29th, IST 11:20 pm 29th, AEST 3:50 am 30th).
7 Station of Gonggong, 1 June, UT 14:54 (PDT 7:54 am 1st, BST 3:54 pm 1st, IST 8:24 pm 1st, AEST 12:54 am 2nd).

If everybody on the Planet is less than “6 Degrees” away from us, there’s going to be a whole Helluva Lotta Whispering going on, so we might consider starting this whole Extended Portal with a PIAVA something like, God/Goddess, may I please Hear and Choose only those Intrusive Memories and Karmic Habits that are Most Mine and Most Available to Let Go Of!

Meanwhile, …

While all these Players are Partying in 6 Degrees, we’re being Flooded with the growing Energy of three other Stations in the mid-Degrees, and what a Portal this is!!…

  • 17 May, Chariklo Stationary in 14 Aquarius,8 The Darkest Depths of Despair. Playing Out Fears and Doubts, Old Heavy Feelings, and the Mind’s Most Negative Concepts and Ideas. Choosing between Projection and Redemption. Redemption may not be Easy, but Projection tends to hard to Revert. Since Chariklo is about Self-Confidence and Self-Doubt, we can use this to clear a Load of Doubt Karma. It’s always More Powerful to Lovingly and Gently Embrace Our Bummers, FOR A FEW MINUTES, before we Let Them Go. That can be Permanent; Avoidance is always a Band-Aid – it might Stop the Bleeding, but it won’t Heal the Wound.
  • 17 May, Thereus Stationary in 12 Virgo,9 Hyperaware of Potential Sabotage and Working Hard to Prevent it. The Huge Shadow Cast by a Belief that Life Should Be a Certain Way. One Side of the Mind is Traumatized and the Other Side Exhausts Itself Trying to Rescue Ourself from the Trauma. The Way Out Is to Give Up Our Perfect Pictures and Accept that Life IS WHAT IT IS, while Honoring the Skills of the Former Rescuer. Home of the Fixed Star Zosma, meaning Victimhood. Thereus was Tough but Fair. He was known for Wrestling Bears, then bringing them Home still snarling but unhurt, and training them to keep Order in his Courts. It’s possible to do Both/And with Tough and Loving and Gentle, but it takes Skill, and that take Practice. Never too late to start Practicing.
  • 28 May, Orcus Stationary in 14 Virgo,10 Waking Up to Karma. Sounds like Noticing, doesn’t it! The more Hupers do Wake Up here, and with the Simultaneous Station of Damocles (Accountability) take Ownership of it, the faster we can help Mom Dirt Ascend. While that’s True, it behooves us to ignore the Big Picture, and Accept Accountability for our own Contribution to Resisting the Change to the Aquarian Age, no matter how small it seems relative to Their Contribution. Ultimately, We Are All One and We Are Alone are the same thing, aren’t they. It’s Both/And, so we may as well Work on What We Can Change, which is Only Ourself. Orcus is about Pattern-Breaking, so it’s an Ideal time to Dump Unwanted Karma.

8 Station of Chariklo, 17 May, UT 14:04 (PDT 7:04 am 17th, BST 3:04 pm 17th, IST 7:34 pm 17th, AEST 12:04 am 18th).
9 Station of Thereus, 17 May, UT 18:45 (PDT 11:45 am 17th, BST 7:45 pm 17th, IST 12:15 am 18th, AEST 4:45 am 18th).
10 Station of Orcus, 28 May, UT 4:54 (PDT 9:54 pm 27th, BST 5:54 am 28th, IST 10:24 am 28th, AEST 2:54 pm 28th).

As me Mum used to say, Bless her Soul, Why James, it’s the End Times! Sounds quite ominous, especially with US Speaker of the House McCarthy trying to Crash the US Economy and a good part of the rest of the World as well, since US Treasury Securities are a core holding of the Central Banks of most countries. If the Treasury Secretary’s Yellen’ about cutting Social Security is more than a feint to rile us “Seniors,” I’ll be living on Cedar Bark Soup for the duration, at least as long as I have a way to cook it. If I can find any Cedars that haven’t been Clear-Cut.

Bruce Lipton avers that the Collapse of Western Civilization is an essential First Step toward Rescuing Huperity from Extinction, because Western Civilization shows little Sign that it’s Recognizing that its Extreme Left-Brain Worldview is what’s Killing the Planet. Are we there yet?

The Pholus-Quaoar Cycle, recall, is the Primary Timing Indicator for the Climate Crisis. Pholus came within a Degree of Quaoar around the time Greta began her Protests, and the two of them Conjoined and Initiated their New Cycle in the same week that Pootin’ invaded Ukraine – War is one of the symptoms of Revelations-Level Climate Change, as everyone goes into Scarcity and Scapegoats their neighbors. But a Cycle really Arrives in the Mainstream when it reaches its Waxing Square, which for Pholus-Quaoar occurs in 2081.11

And we have to add another entry to our table of May astroevents near 6 Degrees…

  • 22 May, Pholus Merges with Quaoar in 9 Capricorn,12 Fire and Earth Energies United and Exposed, and the Home of Fixed Star Facies, which symbolizes Combativeness. This is the third of their 21 Exposition Conjunctions, implying that we’re still Early in the Fall-of-the-Empire process.

So we’re probably looking at another Dress Rehearsal for us, though it sounds as though many more People will be Shaken out of their Complacency during the last half or May.

11 See Ian Smith’s comment in

12 Pholus Conjunct Quaoar, 22 May, UT 10:44 (PDT 3:44 am, BST 11:44 am, IST 4:14 pm, AEST 8:44 pm). The two previous Exposition Conjunctions occurred 6 May 2022 in 8 Capricorn, Correlated with the “Derecho” (a Land Hurricane) in the most populous zone of Canada; and 8 February 2023 in 9 Capricorn, Celebrated by the Devastating Turkey-Syria earthquake. Earthquakes and Severe Storms are also Symptoms of Climate Change.

There’s more detail, but we’ll save that for another post.

BTW, have we mentioned that, at least for me, Spanish Black Radish – either the Radish itself, or the capsules – works well to Neutralize Brainfog?

Wow VI

December 8, 2018

The other simple Conjunction in the Orcus-Station chart is the 4 December (2pm PST) Initiation of Pallas (Boundaries) by Aletheia (Truth) at 13 Libra, “Children blowing soap bubbles.”  Since Pallas (4.6 years) and Aletheia (5.6 years) have similar orbital lengths, Pallas can chase Aletheia around the Zodiac for about 23 years before they Initiate a New Cycle.  We’ve been in the Old Cycle since 1995.

The basic Pallas-Aletheia Cycle is about how well our Boundaries serve us.  Do they keep us Safe while Letting In the Lessons we need to Expand our Consciousness?  Do they Eliminate Threats to our Life while Allowing our Ego Deaths?  Are our Boundaries True, in other words.  Since 1995 we’ve been judging our Boundaries by “A gardener trimming large Palm Trees” (25 Gemini) – a True Boundary has been one that looked presentable to polite company.

Now we’ll get to Play with them instead, and if we get bored with them, we’ll just pop it or send it away, and blow another one.  One of the implications of wearing Boundaries like hats, is that we could end up pretty Vulnerable.  How do we stay Safe?  One way is to recognize that our Core Identity is actually neither Ego nor Matter, but Energy.  I’ve seen kids using the Wind to blow hula hoop-size soap bubbles.  They’re as big as the kids, they take on all manner of shapes, and they can be pretty durable.  Identifying ourselves as indestructible and infinitely flexible Energy Fields is a big step toward 5D.


The Stellium at 9-10 Capricorn in the Orcas-Station chart Initiates six Cycles.

Capricorn 8, “In a Sun-lit home Domesticated Birds sing joyously” is where the 12 September (4pm PDT) Initiation of BZ509 (Transcendence, 12 years) by Hylonome (Self-Sovereignty, 128 years) occurs.  This would be a Cycle of about 13-14 years.  It’s easy to imagine ourselves Singing Joyously in Sunshine after we’ve Transcended all Obstacles to our Self-Sovereignty, though the Domestication is worrisome.

Domesticated Self-Sovereignty is a bit of an oxymoron, even if we may not want to be feral.  Perhaps we can think of the Birds as “Tame” instead.  If we’re living Collaboratively with Nature, we’d all be Tame to one another.

Three Cycles Initiate in 9 Capricorn, “An Angel carrying a Harp.”  That’s a Symbol we can accept without much argument.  These three are…

  • The 5 December (12am PST) Initiation of BZ509 (Transcendence, 12 years) by Saturn (The Most Important Thing, 28 years), starting a new 15-16 year Cycle.  This bodes well; the next 15-16 years could be difficult, so if Angels will be facilitating our Attention to Transcendence, sign me up.
  • The 6 December (9pm PST) Initiation of asteroid Karma (Self-Sabotaging Habits, 4.1 years) by BZ509 (Transcendence, 12 years), a 5-6 year Cycle.  Again, no objection at all to Angels helping me Transcend my Karma, even if it’s only for half a decade.
  • The 7 December (3am PST) Initiation of Karma by Saturn (The Most Important Thing), also a Cycle of about five years.  And I don’t mind if The Most Important Thing is Attending to my Karma (what else is new?) when I have Angels helping out!

Capricorn 10, “An Albatross feeding from the hand of a sailor,” is the home of the 11 December (7am PST) Initiation of Karma by Hylonome (Self-Sovereignty), a five-year Cycle.  Another Tame Bird, this one helping us blow away Karmic impediments to our Liberation.

We don’t incur the last of our six Cycles until 25 December (11am PST), at 11 Capricorn, “A large group of Pheasant on a private estate.  It’s the Initiation of Saturn by Hylonome, at about 35 years the longest Cycle of the bunch.  Birds again, not Domesticated, but unless the private estate is a hunting club, Living in relative Safety.  The Cycle is about The Most Important Thing being Transcending Codependence.  It wouldn’t hurt us a bit to Transcend the perceived need for private estates and return to the Commons.