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Empath and Empathy II

June 30, 2018

Many of us are Empaths, and Discovering where our own Emotions, Thoughts, and Sensations end and Others’ begin, has been a Lifelong Adventure – and Struggle – and Learning Opportunity for us.  It’s fine to understand that We Are All One Spirit, but trying to use that Ideal (ie, thought) as an operating principle before we’ve Let Go Of enough Held Emotions to be able to Achieve Neutrality and Compassion toward All, just gets us deeper into the Swamp.

My First Teacher taught that it is not possible to Let Go Of Other People’s Feelings in the same way that we need to Let Go Of our own Held Emotions or KarmaKarma does not Grasp us, we Grasp it, but Other People’s Feelings can Grasp us very Persistently.  That includes Other People’s Expectations of us and Other People’s Goals for us.

We’ve talked many times about Mirrors as our preferred (because it works) tool for Reverting Other People’s Feelings, most fully in Gauntlet VIII – Chiron,  It would be an excellent time to reread or read all of that one, since the major Energy we’re dealing with right now is the 4 July Station of Chiron.

We also suggested, in Snakes and Ladders I (…

Close your Eyes and Look around for any Cables, Chains, or Dark Spots, particularly behind you.  One at a time, Gently remove the Barbed Hooks at your end of each Cable or Chain, and hand it back to its Source.  If its Source won’t take it, feed it to an Alligator.  Alligators are very Skilled at this Work.

[If they occasionally bite the hand at the other end of the Cable, that’s an occupational hazard for folks who try to Manipulate Others]. 

“One at a time, put a Mirror between you and any Dark Spots, facing the Dark Spot, then switch on the Bright Light that aims into the Darkness from the top of the Mirror.

“Scan your Body for any Foreign Feelings – crawling or goosebumps or raised hackles (but not just your neck).  Put your Attention into that Hole in your Aura, and PIAVA that your Self-Sovereignty and your Essence Lovingly and Gently and Rapidly and Completely patch the Hole, Permanently, with your own Energy. 

“You’re likely to feel Vulnerable there for a couple of days; consider the fact that you can now Feel your Vulnerability as evidence that you’re Healing – till now you were Unconscious of the Wound.  Like a Tick or Mosquito, your Programmers distracted your Attention before they installed the Hooks.  Whenever you’re Conscious of Feeling the Vulnerability, Fill it with your own Heart Energy.”

The Chiron Station chart is very complex, but it’s a good time to begin breaking it down into digestible pieces…

The red triangle is called a “T-Square” (if you drew lines from the center of the circle to each of the three planet you’d draw a “T”).  It means a major Challenge to our Expertise at dealing with the planet at the point of the triangle, in this case asteroid Karma.  And yes, asteroid Karma is indeed a symbol for our Karma, so yes, our Expertise at dealing with our Karma – namely our Held Emotions – is being Challenged. 

Karma is what happens to us when we’re Unconscious.  When we’re Conscious of our Karma, it represents moment-to-moment Choices about how to Respond to the exhausting and exhausted repeating Patterns that attempt to govern our Lives, just beyond our Control.  Pick an area of your Life where you’ve been Compelled to try over and over again – and you’re still trying – to “fix” something in your Life that’s not working, where you’ve never been satisfied with the results.

Often that reflects a T-Square in your natal chart, and we always advise folks to Reframe your…

Frustration at never getting it “Right,”

to a…

Lifetime Commitment to Learning about this Issue on every possible level, from every possible angle

That “Commitment to Learning about the Issue” behind your natal T-Square, is another way of describing your Numinous Compulsion to “Get Conscious of your Karma.”

At least that’s how Jung saw our Unconscious Compulsions.  Other shrinkologists saw them differently, less optimistically, and it’s entirely possible that it’s not so much about Reframing, as it is about different Tribes of people.  Perhaps there’s a Jungian Tribe with Compulsions to Self-Heal, and other Tribes that have Unconscious Compulsions to, say, Shop, or Watch TV, or put Children in cages.  We’re confident though, that anyone reading this is a member of such a Jungian Tribe.

The base of a T-Square informs us about it’s Purpose, here to make our Response to Intrusive Karmic Memories (OR10) Sustainable (Ceres). We don’t just want to Optimize our Response to our Karmic Patterns once, we want to Create the Habit of Optimizing our Response to our Karma (Ceres).

We can also find how to make the T-Square Easier to deal with by looking for “Bridges” across the base (the longer red line).  There are two “Trine Bridges” (blue lines spanning the base), meaning Gifts of Grace…

  • Ease of Paying Attention to our Survival Instincts (Saturn-Pholus-Quaoar, near asteroid Karma)
  • Ease of Allowing our Soul’s Purpose to Come into Consciousness (Juno-Uranus, nearly Opposite to Karma)

And there are three “Quincunx Bridges” (green lines spanning the T-Square’s base) meaning places where we can Ease the Challenge by maintaining our Curiosity rather than Concluding that we know what’s going on…

  • “I Wonder how I can best Trust my Creativity” (Eurydike-Makemake)
  • “I Wonder how I might best make Choices that Support my Life Force” (Varuna)
  • “I Wonder how I can best Let Go Of Despair” (Moon-Chiron)

Which brings us to the Chiron Station, which is the Fresh Vegetables (aka the “Meat”) in the Energy that we’re dealing with through 4 July.

As we’ve indicated many times, Chiron represents our Unhealable Wounds – that’s how our T-Squares and our Karma Feel to us, since we’ve failed so many times to Resolve them.  But it turns out that there is one thing that Heals the Unhealable, and it’s Empathy.  That’s why we suggest “Poor-Sweethearting” ourself – “You Poor Sweetheart, you’re Feeling Discouraged, aren’t you.”

We’re more likely to be saying to ourself, “I’m Discouraged,” than saying “I Feel Discouraged.”  Those two sentences are like Night and Day, because you’re talking about your Identity – “I AM Discouraged” versus “I AM Feeling (Discouraged).”  That in itself is a huge step out of Discouragement, even though what you’re Feeling may still be Discouraged.  When you “Poor-Sweetheart” yourself, though, your Identity moves to “I AM Compassion (for the Discouragement I was Feeling).”

Just as “You can’t really Love Another till you Love Yourself,” you can’t really have Compassion for Another till you have Compassion for Yourself.  Duterte notwithstanding, if there is an Overriding Purpose for Huperity, at least from the Perspective of the Jungian Tribe, it’s to Develop Compassion for All Things.  Which isn’t too far from the concept of 5D.

“I’m Blocking You!” — SHEILA RENEE PARKER (aka Empath & Empathy I)

June 30, 2018

Nah… not really. Don’t worry, I would never do that to any of you because you all rock and I love you guys!! But… the reason for my crazy, abrupt title is…. Being an empath is not always an easy thing to be. And for those of us who have this ability, we must learn […]

via “I’m Blocking You!” — SHEILA RENEE PARKER

July I

June 28, 2018

July begins with a Station of Chiron.  Stations are a planet’s Strongest times, and Chiron can be about Discouragement.  Discouragement is actually easily Healed, though, with Empathy.  We recommend Self-Empathy, in the form of what we call a “Poor-Sweetheart” – say to yourself, “You Poor Sweetheart, you’re Feeling [Discouraged] [whatever else], aren’t you.”  Then Change the Subject – put your mind on something else.  Empathy makes Miracles.

The Chiron Station is 4 July (10pm PDT) in 3 Aries.  As it Stations, the Moon approaches, so we can expect the Peak Experience to stretch until 2:30 am PDT or so, when the Moon crosses Chiron.  Stay well away from fireworks, ok?

The Chiron Station chart features two Challenges (T-Squares) and two Big Blessings (Grand Trines).  The peak of each T-Square is a corner of a Grand Trine, indicating that the Challenges should be Easy, if we Allow them to be.  We’ll call these combination T-Square-and-Grand-Trine Configurations “Magic Mushrooms.”

The first Challenge is to Accept that The Most Important Thing is Being Fully Responsive to your Survival Instincts.  If you pay attention to the “news” at all you know that the 3D World is rapidly Collapsing.  Tap Out your Fears till you’re Neutral, and Theta your Wants till you’re fully Confident in them, but after that, Follow your Instincts.

Moon-Chiron Opposes Eurydike-Makemake (Trust that you can Manifest What You Want) Square to Saturn-Pholus-Quaoar.  The corresponding Earth Grand Trine (Big Blessing) is Saturn-et al to Ceres (Sustainability) to Juno-Uranus (your Soul’s Wisdom Coming into your Consciousness).  It’s a Kite with OR10 (Intrusive Memories), so you’re likely to be Remembering Parallel Lives where you are Living at a Higher Level.

Tapping –

Thetaing –

The second Challenge is kind of the Opposite – our Intrusive Memories will be about the Lifetime(s) inhabited by Heavy Emotions and Self-Sabotaging Patterns.  This is a Boon, as it gives us the Opportunity to Recognize that they aren’t Present Moment (Tap them Out) and Liberate ourself from their Yoke.  You well know what you would Prefer – Theta exactly that, iteratively, until you’re Confident you can Manifest it.  Contradicts the first Challenge?  It’s Both/And, isn’t it.

The accompanying Grace is Restoration of the Life Force.  If you’ve been wrestling with Autoimmune Bummers, this is an Opportunity to Poor-Sweetheart them into oblivion.

Asteroid Karma at 2 Sagittarius is the focus of a T-Square on the Opposition between OR10 and Ceres.  The Fire Grand Trine connects Karma, Varuna, and Moon-Chiron.  Eurydike-Makemake is the head of a Kite on the Grand Trine.

We’ll talk about it in a few minutes, but on 3 July (peak 11pm PDT) we have the Opportunity to Choose to replace our Painful Ego-Death Patterns with Graceful Transitions.

Having thus Survived and Thrived through these Tests and Blessings, 5-10 July is about a Major Rebirth. 

On 8 July (peaking at 7:30 am PDT) we’re Lifted into Transcendence, as our hard work over the years Recovering our Abandoned Genius pays off.

Stationary Haumea (Rebirth) Opposes Eris (Revelation of what was Denied), T-Squared by Pluto (Compulsion), Lilith (Self-Sovereignty), Klotho (Start of a New Timeline), and BZ509 (Transcendence).  There are Trine Bridges (Easy Paths) from Moira-Chaos (Choosing to Let Go of our Limitations) and from Vesta-Ixion (Letting Go of the Limiting Beliefs we’ve used to squelch our Hidden Genius).

There is also a Quincunx Bridge (another Easy Path if we can Hold our Curiosity as Curiosity and not try to “Figure It Out”) from Lachesis-Nemesis-Sedna (Letting Go of our Fear of Ego Death).

Lachesis (Choosing to Alter Timelines) Initiates Nemesis (Ego Deaths) 3 July (11pm PDT) at 21 Taurus, “A finger pointing to a line in an open book.”  Lachesis is about the Length of Timelines – Fated when we’re Unconscious, and Chosen when we’re Conscious.  Point at the line (Timeline) that you Want to Change, and you’ll write your own Autobio book.

Sedna (Embracing Fear as Power) Initiates Nemesis 21 July (5am PDT).  Embrace Fear as Power by training yourself to Respond to Fear with Breathing, Kegels, Tapping, and Thetas.

Sedna Initiates Lachesis 30 July (1:30 pm PDT).  Both Sedna Initiations occur at 28 Taurus, “A post-menopausal woman experiences a new love.”  Once you’ve Befriended Fear and Learned to maneuver your own Life by pointing at the Timelines you Want, your only Limits are the ones you Choose.

Meanwhile, Jupiter – Expansion – is Stationary till 10 July (10 am PDT) at 14 Scorpio, which will jet-propel our Rebirth.  Its major feature will be Letting Go our Judgment.  There are two keys to maneuvering through this…

  • “I Wonder what I will Feel if I Let Go of this Judgment.”  That needs to be Genuine Curiosity.  It’s about Discovery, not Figuring Out what to Expect.
  • “I Wonder how my Life will Change if I Let Go of this Limiting Thought Pattern.”  Again, Avoid Expectations and be Willing to be Surprised and Delighted.

The Jupiter Station Conjoins asteroid Hopi – Respect for All Things.  In the resulting Square Fez, Jupiter-Hopi Quincunxes (Curiosity) the Moon (Authentic Emotions) and Mercury (mind) Quincunxes Neptune (Growing beyond the Ego).

12 July (8pm PDT) features a partial Solar Eclipse in 21 Cancer.

Then Hopi itself is Stationary on 15 July at 17 Scorpio, so the whole notion of being Reborn into Non-Judgment occupies 5-15 July.  The Midpoint of Scorpio is one of the major Power Points of the Zodiac, one of the Four Horsepersons.  Go for it!  Allow yourself to be Surprised and Delighted by Persistently Dismissing your mind’s repeated attempts to Anticipate and Expect. 

Living through Expectation prevents you from ever leaving the Past, since our Expectations are based on our Past Experiences.  If you Want to Experience Life As It Is, Moment to Moment, you have to “Cancel, Neutralize, Upgrade,” thank the mind for attempting to Contribute, chuckle at it, and Open to an Blank Slate.

Heating Up III

June 26, 2018

The 26 June Mars Station (2pm PDT) at 10 Aquarius is most notable for Conjoining the South Node, which is very endearing to us all, as it brings up all of the Emotional Baggage that we haven’t yet sent on down the River.  Just in case you’ve been too busy to notice.

The South Node Initiated Mars June 13 (5pm PDT) at 9 Aquarius, “A flag turning into an Eagle,” which is to say, Broadening Perspectives.  Of course our Perspectives will Broaden when we Let Go of our Limiting Beliefs.  It’s reminiscent of the turn-of-the-Millennium Pluto-Chiron Initiation in 12 Sagittarius, “A flag turning into an Eagle turning into a Rooster saluting the Dawn” – of Enlightenment or Ascension.

Mars is turning Retrograde, so it will be chasing the South Node back across Aquarius, catching up on 18 July (10am PDT), so we’ll have more Opportunities to Embrace our Traumas Lovingly, as we would with any lost child. 

A trick I find useful is to Locate the Emotion or Pain in my Body (if it’s in many places, pick one to start) and put my Hand on it.  Fear is Cold and Hard; Love is Soft and Warm.  My Hand will Warm the Location while I imagine Softening around it.  Keep your Attention in the center of the Location until it Moves.  When your mind wanders, no worries, just bring it back.  Once the Affliction Moves, Change the Subject.  If we can Heal physical wounds this way (which with Practice and Intention we can), we can Heal Banished Emotions.

Just to demonstrate again that “You can’t make this stuff up,” the Mars Station advises exactly that, as Sappho/Self-Love Squares the Nodal Axis – a Challenge to become Adept at Self-Love.  What better place to Practice than with our Held, “I’d-rather-Die-than Feel” Emotions.

We get a lot of help from the Universe, as said Sappho is also a corner of a Grand Trine, signifying “Dumb-Luck” Blessings – Gifts that don’t require Reciprocation.  The Gift is the Realization that we Gave Our Power Away somewhere along the line.  Probably not in the current Lifetime, since the Nodes are involved. 

Somewhere, sometime, we swore Obedience to someone who was Abusive to us, probably because it was the least worst of our options (though we could have been Exploring Masochism).  Now we get to Recant, and if we can stay out of our own way, it will just “happen to us.”  Yes, you’re Allowed to be a Victim of Good Luck. 

Hylonome/Self-Sovereignty and Orcus/Oaths are the other corners of the Grand Trine with Sappho, and Nessus/Abuse Opposes Orcus, creating a Nessus Kite.  Meanwhile Atropos/Endings makes a Trine Bridge to the Nodal Axis, signifying the End of this Timeline unless we Resist the Gift.  Yods/Pay-Attention point to both Atropos and Nessus.

So why would we Resist such a Gift?  Well, Karma is Sticky.  It doesn’t actually cling to us, we cling to it, because it’s What We Know, and the Familiar is more Comfortable than the Unfamiliar.  So we have to Endure some Discomfort if we want to step out from under our Karmic Raincloud into the Sunshine.  I mean, don’t they tell us that Sunshine causes Cancer?  Who are we supposed to Believe?

Heating Up II

June 24, 2018

In the 21 June Solstice chart, a Critical Issue is Trusting our Ability to Manifest.  Rather than lamenting that Politicians or Climate Change or Elimination of Environmental Protection or Immigration or Trade Wars will Destroy our World or our Ability to Survive, Focus your Attention on What You Want to Experience instead.  That’s your greatest Power for positive Change, and your Vibrations are needed by the Collective (the Solstice Sun is one corner of the base of a T-Square focused on Makemake-Eurydike, with Pholus-Quaoar on the other corner of the base).

Focus your Attention on what is Life-Affirming.  Replace your Judgments of Others with Honest Self-Inventory of the roots of your Karma – we Judge in Others what we can’t Tolerate in ourself.  Allow – and PIAVA – Transcendence into your Life.  (Varuna, asteroid Karma, and Klotho-BZ509 are at Angles of Grace and Curiosity to the focus of the T-Square; see for an introduction to BZ509.)

Heating Up I

June 24, 2018

There’s a lot more to write about than there will be time to write, and I can tell that folks are eager for Perspective, so I’ll be cryptic to try to cover the Big Points, then see how much time we have to fill in details as we go…

The 27 June Full Moon tells us that The Most Important Thing is that we Realize how we’ve Merged with another Person (or People), and PIAVA to Find Our Own Center Again (The Full Moon Conjoins Saturn and Hylonome).  We need to Trust that it is possible to Manifest the End of our Despair over the Pain caused by trying to Live through someone else (The Full Moon Squares the Opposition from Chiron to Makemake-Eurydike-Atropos). 

This is not something we “Figure Out.”  We have to Intuit or Channel it, because the Merging, the Trust, the Pain, and the Despair are laced together in a complex knot of Paradoxes (The Full Moon Grand Cross is embedded with two Yin Gates) around barely identifiable Anger from Past Lives (one Yin Gate is centered on Mars Conjunct the South Node), and Breaking the Ancient Oath or Oaths that have Committed us to Abuse (the other Yin Gate is centered on Orcus-Veritas Opposite Nessus-OR10).

We are stuck in a Timeline that we Want very much to End soon, but we’ve been unable to find the exit.  The Insights are elusive, but there may be some variation on a White Dove leading you down a hidden Sacred Pathway to Pray to the Sun (Lachesis is the focus of a Mjölnir from the Hylonome-Atropos T-Square; the Vacancies that would complete the other three T-Squares are at 20 Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius).

Wants, Mission, Compromise 9

June 24, 2018

Today’s Channeling from Daniel Scranton…

“We have a wide array of experiences in our collective past, and these experiences have informed us as to what we would think would benefit the human collective.  When we were physical beings, we traveled throughout thegalaxy, and at times outside of the galaxy, in search of new philosophies, new ways of looking at existence.  We have not stopped looking just because we no longer inhabit physical bodies, but when we were physical, we had experiences similar to what you are experiencing.

“But of course, ours were different because we have been on a different path.  Now, each of you draws from your own experiences in developing your philosophies, your approaches to life there on planet Earth, and most humans tend to cling to those philosophies.  We are talking about something here that is bigger than a belief.  We are talking about a world view or a galactic view, something that you put a tremendous amount of time, thought, and energy into.

“And it would stand to reason that if you had more experiences, or different experiences, you would develop a different worldview.  But what if you could only create experiences for yourself that fit in that worldview?  What if you were only allowing yourselves to experience that which you or someone else had experienced previously?  How could you remedy that?

“Well, the first thing to recognize is that we are all one, and the next thing that you want to take note of is that if we experience something, then so do you.  And that is true because we are all one.  Therefore, we encourage you to stretch yourselves out beyond your normal scope of what you consider to be ‘real.’  Don’t just think in terms of what you or someone else has been able to experience there on planet Earth.

“Expand out to include all beings in the galaxy, all beings in all dimensions, or even all beings in existence, and recognize that you can widen that scope.  You can allow in more experiences than you can imagine, and it is as easy as letting go of the basis for that worldview.  Anything you can imagine and so much more. That is what is available to you in this now moment.”

Wants, Mission, Compromise 8

June 23, 2018

Uranus Initiated Sappho June 7 at 5pm PDT in 2 Taurus, “An electrical storm.”  We just had a Volcano, now more Lightning and Thunder.  The four-year-plus Sappho-Uranus Cycle is about the Soul’s Urge for us to Love Ourself.  Think we’ll be struck by Lightning if we Criticize ourself?  Probably not literally, but we might find the World Mirroring our Critiques back to us more Vividly than usual, as the Ego has more difficulty keeping us in the Dark about our justifications for them.

Jupiter Initiated Hopi November 16 of last year at 3pm PST, starting a new ten-year Cycle in 8 Scorpio, “A calm lake bathed in moonlight.”  The Hopi-Jupiter Cycle would be about reducing our Judgments of Other Entities.  A calm Lake reflects Moonlight, and Moonlight reflects Authenticity. 

As kids we used to return a taunt with “It takes one to know one,” implying that whatever they were accusing us of must apply to them as well.  But what if, next time someone Projected their Shadow on you, you replied, “It takes one to know one, so I must be one.”  Then you could Ask yourself, “I Wonder what this has to Teach me,” and Change the Subject.  You don’t want an Answer, you want to Inspire Curiosity.

Wants, Mission, Compromise 7

June 18, 2018

The three prominent Conjunctions in today’s Neptune Station chart…

Nemesis-Lachesis – Altering Ego Death Timelines.  If we’re Conscious, we can do this.  If we operate primarily from the Unconscious (as all but a very few of us do), then our Ego Deaths arrive on their own Karmic Timelines.  Of course, we can still Recognize their imminent arrival and Respond to them Constructively (mostly by Enjoying the Feeling of Confusion or Anticipation that we get by focusing our Attention on the Unknown beyond the Ego Death, while Avoiding Expectations).

And if we are Conscious, to the extent that we’re Conscious around the Content-Field of our Ego Death (ie, it could be triggered by, say, Relationship, Scarcity, etc etc), Altering the Timelines may not be Easy.  Since it’s an Ego Transition, the mind (whose Concept-Set and Limiting Beliefs anchor the Ego) may not be much help.  Since we’re Dancing with the Unconscious (otherwise we’d just Experience it as a Shift rather than an Ego Death), PIAVAs are your tool of Choice.

Basically, the more you…

  • Have “Owned” your issues
  • Regard them as Education You have (on one level or several) Chosen when they Act Out, rather than Torture that Victimizes your Innocence
  • Are in the Habit of Actively Responding to their recurrence rather than Reacting to them
  • Have replaced Frustration and Analysis with Curiosity

…the Easier it will be for you to Alter the Timelines.  Consider the Issue or Issues that arose for you over the last week.  How do you stand relative to these criteria?

Of course our first Choice for Altering the Timelines of our Issues will be to Accelerate the Arrival of What We’ve Always Wanted and Pined for All Our Life.  That’s called Attachment, and actually Discourages such Arrivals – you’re more likely to Alter your Timeline by slowing it down.  It’s Neutrality that will Accelerate your Desires.  I know, that’s Crazy-Making till we get there, but so be it.  Till we do get there, Desire is a cousin to Addiction. 

Go back the the list above.  Or PIAVA.  This would be an excellent place for our Theta-Tapping Strategy.  Desire is Good, yes?  But it can start to look like Expectation, which can cause us to jump at what looks like What We Want before we vet it thoroughly.  If you’re good at saying “Oops” and “No,” you can dip your toe in a lot of different waters, then back out.  That might be what you need to Learn.  But the Theta-Tapping Process…

Start with either.  Suppose that What You’ve Always Wanted is a Consistent Income Stream that’s Ample Enough to Share Generously.  Theta that (

“God/Goddess, Creator of All That Is, I Command that a Consistent and Joyful Income Stream that’s Ample Enough to Share Generously Be Manifested for me.  It Is Done, It Is Done, It Is Done.  Thank you, God/Goddess… (Deep Breath or two)… Show Me.”

Usually, if you have Conflicting Goals or Beliefs, you’ll start to feel a bit “off” long before you get to Show me, so you can stop and Tap anytime (…

“Even though I’ve never enjoyed a Consistent and Joyful Income Stream that’s Big Enough to Share Generously, I Deeply and Completely Love and Accept myself…” etc.

You could always say “Enough Money” as a shortcut, but since that’s an Oxymoron, according to a friend at least, you want to spell it out more carefully at first, till God/Goddess and your Meridians get the full idea of What You Really Want before you get glib.

Tap till you feel more Clear and Neutral about it, then go back and redo your Theta, stirring occasionally.  Iterate as necessary.

Lachesis will Initiate Nemesis on 3 July at 11pm PDT in 21 Taurus, “A finger pointing to a line in an open book.”  Interesting theme.  It’s a 28-year Cycle, so it’s not trivial.  My first thought is that the Open Book is our Authenticity, and the finger pointing to a line could be for now What We Really Want.  That’ll Change often in 28 years of course, as it Evolves.  With a 28-year Cycle we’re likely to spend the first seven years Clearing out old detritus that blocks our access to the Treasure.

But, even though the Essence of any Cycle goes underground after the Initiation, it’s very much Live at the Initiation, ie, Now.  Especially with Makemake and Neptune Stationary and your Consciousness Wide Open to What’s Been Previously Denied.  Makemake Stationary is a Magic Wand, and Neptune Stationary means that the Door to Heaven is Open if you can find it.  So don’t waste any Energy on Doubt this week, especially with Thursday’s Solstice (at 0 Degrees of course) close enough to Makemake’s 3-Degree Station to keep it well Lit Up.

Wants, Mission, Compromise 6

June 18, 2018

The Neptune Station (18 June 4:30 pm PDT) chart is less complicated – and less straightforward – than the others…

The first thing we have to notice is the Grand Trine and Kites (Fabulous Blessings – blue lines), because all three of our Big Three charts this extended weekend have included this feature, even though they’re in different Degrees…

  • Saturday’s Makemake Station (Manifestation) chart featured two Grand Trines, both Kites, one in Earth and one in Fire!
    • The Kite on the Fire Grand Trine focused on Makemake itself, lending Spiritual Cred to what we’re Manifesting
    • The Kite on the Earth Grand Trine focused on OR10 in Pisces, reinforcing the notion that we have to Clear our Held Emotions in order to find enough Authenticity to Manifest What We Really Want
  • Sunday’s Eris-Juno Initiation (the Coming into Consciousness of What Was Previously Denied) held a Fire Grand Trine and Double Kite (ie, Almost-Grand-Sextile), with the foci of the Kites on Rebirth Haumea and Unlimited Potential Chaos
  • Today’s Neptune Station chart’s Grand Trine is in Water, again with a Double Kite, focused on Self-Confidence Chariklo and a Conjunction which we’ll discuss more, that should Shift our approach to Ego Death

That omits Air, or Mentality, which on some levels is appropriate, as one of Western Culture’s most serious Self-Sabotage is overfocus on Mentality.  On the other hand, three of the Kites focus on planets in Air Signs.

And veteran readers will already be wondering where the Vacancy is, in today’s Neptune-Station chart Almost-Grand-Sextile. 

A Sextile occurs when two planets are two Signs apart, and it signifies Grace, but “the Native” (that’s what astrologers call the person whose natal chart we’re discussing – in this case since we’re speaking of what’s going on the Sky just now, all of us are “the Native”) has to take the first step to get the Grace flowing.  Co-Creativity, in other words.

A Grand Sextile consists of six planets equally spaced around the Zodiacal Loop, all two Signs apart; it symbolizes Great Symbiotic Grace – but again, us Natives have to Initiate the Projects that we want to Fly.  An Almost-Grand-Sextile is five of these six, leaving a “Vacancy” in the Grand-Sextile. 

As with any Vacancy, it’s up to us to supply the Missing Energy to complete the Configuration and enable the Energy to Flow.  For an Almost-Grand-Sextile, we have two assignments – supply the Initiatory Energy for each of the five Sextiles, and also supply the Missing Energy that will complete the Grand Sextile and remove impediments to Flow.

The Vacancy here is 17 Virgo, “A Volcanic Eruption” – Intense!  Not how we’re used to thinking about Neptune, but then Tsunamis are Neptunian too.  In other words, the Neptune chart is advising that we Don’t Hold Anything Back, even if (or especially if) we have to Express it more violently than we would prefer.

That’s a pretty strong hint that we should talk about the “Shift in our approach to Ego Death” that we mentioned earlier.  This is a Conjunction between asteroids Nemesis (Ego Death) and Lachesis (Conscious Manipulation of Timelines) – Conscious Manipulation of our Timelines around Ego Death in other words. We may be accelerating some, delaying others, and/or Changing the ground rules of the whole ball game.

This Opposes another Conjunction, between Jupiter (Expansion) and asteroid Hopi (Respect for All Things), suggesting that we may be removing Judgment, including Self-Judgment, from our processing of Ego Death.  That would compliment the Conjunction between Sappho (Self-Love) and Uranus (Soul) in the Makemake-Station chart.  That chart is still in effect, as we have to remember to see the weekend’s three events as one, since they’re so close in Linear Time.

So, if an Explosion Destroys Your Ego, Go with it, to see where it leads.  You’ll be Delighted, though wear your shoes and take a broom, as there may be some broken glass to cross first.

Lots left to look at, including the Nemesis-Lachesis Cycle, the Hopi-Jupiter Cycle, and the Sappho-Uranus Cycle, to see what they’re about and what sort of Changes they have in store for us.  We’ll save all that for later today.