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Busy Weekend II

July 26, 2015

danb2440bp2Pink Danburite, Calcium Borosorosilicate, one of the ultimate Yin Power Tools.

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I was describing our weekend to a friend yesterday and it came out relatively clear; let me see if I can repeat it…

Our Inner Female is undergoing a remake, particularly around how She relates to Others.  She’s learning a bunch of new tools to help us meet our deep Spiritual needs.  Meanwhile we’re strongly pulled to Let Go of things we’ve outgrown on the Soul level but still cling to on the Ego level.

Or something like that.  In a rush yesterday, I forgot to include another important detail or two…

We probably weren’t ready for it till after we Lived through that psychedelic Uranus Station – I should have saved the Cat-and-Dragons picture.  The Uranus Station (which is within three Degrees of Eris) closely Opposes Haumea, with Mars T-Squaring them.

The pull to Let Go of the obsolete is so strong because the resulting Transformation will be huge.  There’s a lot of Energy on both the Soul and the Ego sides of this equation.  We need to avoid Either/Or and work with Both/And.  The business about Tooth and Claw was a Mutual of Omaha advertising gimmick; it’s really about Listening and Hugs.  Of course the Ego will Resist when the Soul pushes (unless the Ego is already at the end of its rope).  But that’s just the first step; the process is supposed to evolve into Collaboration among Equals.  Look beyond your Resistance; imagine or PIAVA the place where both Soul and Ego are Ecstatic.  Use a Rainbow if you want.

This coming week, now that Uranus is Retrograde, features the Station of Saturn; last week was the Soul’s turn to shout, this week it will be the Ego’s turn.  Disparaging the Ego was a Political strategy of the Religions, to make you believe you were dependent on them; it’s not part of a Spiritual Life.

What’s The Most Important Thing you need to keep Everyone Inside Happy?  Focus on that this week, and let it evolve as the week moves on.  You may be asked to set aside secondary Priorities – do it.  We can come back to them in August without any downside.

And the Uranus Station is also one corner of a Mystic Rectangle with Chaos and Ixion-Pholus.  Which means Chaos and Ixion-Pholus both form Trine-Sextile Bridges to the T-Square, offering “easy ways out” of any potential difficulty.  Dwarf planet Chaos is particularly closely related to Uranus and Haumea, implying that we want to put our Focused Saturnian Attention into the long-odds possibilities that will really Elate us.

While Pholus isn’t as closely Trine to Uranus, it is closely related to Eris.  Pholus was blindsided by taking reasonable precautions but not Relentlessly pursuing the satisfaction of his Responsibility.  So this tight waxing Pholus-Eris Trine should give us great opportunities for Epiphanic Insights into Something Really Important that we haven’t been paying Attention to (noting as well that the upcoming Saturn Station is closely Biquintile to the Uranus-Eris Midpoint).

Which sounds important enough that we should look up the Initiation of the current Pholus-Eris Cycle – 22 April 1983 at 16 Aries, “Nature Spirits are seen at work in the Light of Sunset.”  Man, how many times have I seen that and just interpreted it as “Magical” without thinking about “mechanism”!  Magic was certainly afoot for me in the early 1980s, though it was Reagan’s third year in office.  1991 would also have been an important year, at the Waxing Square.

So on the Global level we’ve been Denying our Responsibility to Relentlessly Respect the Nature Spirits, and we now have a profound opportunity to bring that back into Balance.  How does/will this impact you Personally?

During that near-hallucinogenic Uranus Station this morning it became very clear to me that there were several bottom-line Most Important elements in my own Life that were way beyond my ability to Control, and that my only hope was to Surrender into more PIAVAing.

A Mystic or Golden Rectangle consists of two Oppositions, the ends of which are Trine and Sextile to one another.  They’re benefic, and their Energy is driven by the complementarity of the Energies in the two Oppositions.

Of course Ixion is all about Relentlessness.   We’ve talked about the Opposition between Uranus-Eris and Haumea – Rebirth awaits us and the Planet when we break through this Denial.  The other Opposition is from Chaos to Pholus-Ixion – the Potential is Unlimited when we do accept Relentless Responsibility.  If We Are All One that’s a big Responsibility.  But it’s certainly one that will Expand our Ego beyond petty Resistance to our Soul’s chosen Path for us.  Trust seems to be the missing element.

In addition to the Biquintile from the Saturn Station to the Uranus Station, Mars Quintiles the Makemake-North Node Initiation, which is in turn Unx (Twelfth Harmonic) to the Venus Station.  So even our Inner Female’s makeover (which is always likely to involve Surrender into more PIAVAing) and her New Tools are part of this Big Picture.