Relationship Reset

October 2, 2017

Every couple years Venus zips around and catches Mars from behind, in what we call a Mars-Venus Initiation, the beginning of a new Venus-Mars Cycle.  It introduces a new Time Province in the Relationship between our Inner Female (Values, Guidance) and Inner Male (Action, Effort), which of course is the template that all of our external Relationships Mirror. 

Our new Shift in Gender Balance occurs 5 October (9:30 am PDT), at 20 Virgo, “A caravan of cars headed to the West Coast: The need of cooperative effort in reaching any ‘New World’ of experience.”  The way we usually draw our maps, the West Coast is on the Left, in a general way the Receptive or Feminine side.

The Cycle that we’re finishing began February 2015 at 2 Aries, “A comedian reveals human nature” – has that ever been true!  We’ve just been forgetting to Laugh.  Maybe this West-Coast Change of Water will help matters become a little less hilarious. 

The new Cycle begins Conjunct Eurydike (Trust).  It’s the focus of a T-Square (Challenge to Mastery) across the Opposition between Asbolus (Intuition) and Saturn-Ixion (The Most Important Thing Is to Recover Our Forbidden Genius).  In this Configuration Asbolus represents the Feminine, and Saturn-Ixion the Masculine. 

The Message is that we need to Embrace whatever remaining Guilt or Shame we have about the Forbidden part of our Genius-in-Hiding, and Trust our Intuition about how to Be in ways we haven’t Been since we were Punished for Being that way as a Child.  We need to get Conscious of our Fear that we’ll be Punished again (the Universe is likely to help by bringing it up), Poor-Sweetheart it, Tap it Out, and Trust its Urges. 

Yes, they’ll be juvenile.  If we Repressed our Genius at age 4, when They start to emerge again They’ll behave like a 4- or 5-year-old.  Go ahead and let Them Act Out – it’s the only way They’ll Grow.  And Grow They will, very quickly.  Even though They’ve been in Hiding, They’ve been watching.  Their first words and Actions will be young, but then They’ll remember what They’ve seen while Hiding, and Grow Up fast.  Trust them, says the chart…There are three Trine Bridges (Easy Alternative Paths) across the T-Square, two of which form a Air Grand Trine (Great Grace) with Asbolus.  This is fortuitous, since the two Graced Bridges are asteroid Karma (Archetypal Habits) and the South Node (Held Emotions).  Add the North Node Bridge, and we have five points of a Grand Sextile (Effortlessness – once we take the first step).  That makes the sixth point – Energy we have to add Consciously – the most Powerful in the chart.

That Vacant sixth point is 21 Aries, “A pugilist enters the ring.”  Which makes sense.  Our Genius-In-Hiding has little practice at Social Intercourse, and will be easily Intimidated.  Their residual Guilt will attract Bullying.  So we need to Defend Them.  As long as you aren’t in a bar, most Bullies will back down if you Stand Up to them.  Not to Challenge them or “return fire,” but to keep your chin horizontal and respectfully Assert your Right to Exist.  Let them have the last word.  Look them in the eye and Mirror them, borrowing their Bravado and trying it on as your own, without being bigger than your britches.

If we allow four Degrees of Sensitivity instead of three, which we can very legitimately do when looking at any Birth or Initiation, Eris (Opening to Important New Information that you sort of knew all along but never admitted to yourself) fills the Vacancy.  This suggests that the Bully will probably be the Messenger.  If a Bully insults you and rather then getting Angry, you think about it a minute and then say, “Wow, I never thought of it that way!  That makes sense!  Thanks, you’ve just helped me solve a Big Problem!” your Bully will probably be caught off guard.  

There are two other Initiations falling a few hours prior to the Mars-Venus Initiation, which Time-Coincidence will make them part of the Relationship Reset and color the next two years…

  • Varuna Initiating Aletheia in 2 Leo on 5 October (3am PDT).
  • Haumea Initiating Hopi in 24 Libra on 5 October (7am PDT).

These are six and five-year Cycles, respectively… 

  • The Aletheia-Varuna Cycle is literally about “The Truth shall set you Free” – it’s about the way Truth amps up your Energy level and your Effectiveness at meeting the World (and of course Collaborating with it). 
  • Leo 2 is about “An epidemic of mumps,” suggesting that Truth will spread through the population like a Virus, accompanied by Ego Deaths as it goes.  Most folks don’t do Ego Death as Gracefully as we’ve Learned to, so we can expect some grinding of teeth as we move through this.
  • The Hopi-Haumea Cycle is about Epiphanies of Respect for Entities whom you’ve never considered Respecting as Equals.  These sound like very positive Energies to paint onto the 3D World we’re Enduring.
  • Libra 24 is “A butterfly with a third wing on its left side,” or a Strengthening of our Intuitive Nature.  As we come to Respect Entities we’ve never considered Worthy, the impetus is likely to be sudden, possibly saving us from the embarrassment of having to explain why we haven’t been there before.  This will further the downfall of the now-so-obviously-Hollow Patriarchy.

These Cycles carry us across a major Threshold that would be useful to review.  From 1800 to 1980, the Saturn-Jupiter Initiations were in Earth Signs.  The Jupiter-Saturn Cycle governs the political economy of your Culture, and 1840-1980 approximates the Industrial Age.  From 2021 till 2160, Saturn-Jupiter Initiations will be in Air Signs – the Digital Age. 

Between 1980 and 2020, the Saturn-Jupiter Initiations stuttered…

  • 1980-2000 was the first of the Air-Sign Jupiter-Saturn Cycles and a preview of the Digital Age – 1980 when Bill Gates contracted with IBM to begin mass-producing the Personal Computer, and 2000 (almost to the day) of “Dot-Com Crash” fame. 
  • 2000-2020, home of the last Earth-Sign Cycle, has been the Debriefing for the Industrial Age.  Knowingly or not we’ve been Deciding which elements of the Industrial Era we want to carry with us into the Digital Age.  Patriarchy?  Nah.  Wage Slavery?  No thanks.  Competition?  Ummm, Collaboration is better.

Before 2021 and the full-blown Digital Age, we’ll have another Venus-Mars Cycle following the one we’re now beginning, when our Gender Balance and all it implies will Shift again.  The August 2019 Mars-Venus Initiation will be in 5 Virgo, “The opening of new levels of Consciousness.”

Back to the current Time Province, the Full Moon follows the current Mars-Venus Initiation by only a few hours, giving a big kick-start to this Community movement to the Left Coast.

Manifestation 7

October 1, 2017

The Mercury-Makemake Cycle is absolutely about Manifestation, as that’s exactly what Makemake does for a living, so to speak, and at its best Mercury can provide Insight.  4 Libra is “Around a campfire a group of young people sit in spiritual communion.”  That complements our assignment to Learn to Manifest by Collaborating with All That Is rather than moving Dualities around a game board.

The Makemake-Mercury Initiation Conjoins Vesta (Unconscious Beliefs), which bodes well for our becoming Conscious of our Limiting Beliefs so we can Choose alternatives.  It Squares Hylonome (Letting Go of Archetypes), Challenging us to Embrace as Education Opportunities the perceived Roadblocks to our Projects.  By Asking other people what they would do about our Roadblocks we may be able to see what invisible Archetypes may be Limiting us.

This Initiation is also one side of the base of a Finger of God pointing at OR10 and Nessus (Memories of Abuse), with Aletheia-Mnemosyne-Varuna-Ceres (Memories of what it was like to Sustain the Life Force) on the other side of the base.  The message is that we can Restore Breath and Life to Hidden parts of ourself by Paying Attention to Abuse – our own or that of others.  If it holds our Attention, it’s ours, even if someone else is acting our role or its reverse. 

I was Graced by two big Insights early this morning.

First, Time.  This sounds really obvious now that I’ve realized it, but those of us who have spent our Lives as Wage Slaves, selling our Time, are without a Horse in 5D, because there is no Time.  What are the alternatives?  Buy Low Sell High?  Magic, PIAVA.  Community.  Worthiness.  Receiving.  Giving.  Both Money and Wages are really artifacts of the Mercantile and Industrial Ages, both of which are water under the Linear Time bridge.  Our thinking (Mercury) will have to Change radically.  By hoarding all the Money, the 1% are actually just setting the stage for us to Learn to Manifest Directly.

Second, Shame.  What part is Shame playing in the stuckness of our Projects?  What are we Ashamed to Ask for or Demand?  Labor isn’t complete, but welcome to Catalan, Kurdistan, and Puerto Rico, the Planet’s three newest Independent countries.

Tomorrow’s (2 October) new 4-year Atropos-Orcus Cycle will be about “Two heads looking out and beyond the shadows,” which Rudhyar proposes to be about the Collapse of Duality.  Atropos symbolizes Endings and Orcus stands for Oaths that become Archetypes, a very promising combination.  The Initiation forms an Earth Grand Trine (Great Material Blessing) with Chariklo (Confidence) and Moira (Choice), and a Square to (Challenge to Master) Sappho (Self-Love), plus a Brilliant Configuration (like a cut Diamond) focusing the Energy Strongly on Choice (Moira)

The complementary Square in the face of the Brilliant spans Sun-Vesta (Unconscious Beliefs that we dedicated the Current Lifetime to Breaking) and Juno-Chariklo (Confidence in our Enlightenment or Full Consciousness).  This Square could suggest a very deep Ego Death, as in order to achieve Enlightenment in this picture we need to Break Through Archetypes that we have regarded as part of our Essence (Sun-Vesta), though I don’t think many Saints would be surprised by that price.  On the other hand, it could easily suggest a Walk-In-like Experience, where someone deep in our Psyche whom we Trust implicitly shows up and we gladly hand over the reins.  If we’ve done our Self-Love and Poor-Sweetheart Homework, this could be our Forbidden Genius.

Dan’s Arcturian message for today talks about this process…

An Atropos-Orcus Mjolnir on the Square from Nemesis (Ego Death) to Uranus (True Self) reinforces this picture and re-emphasizes Archetype-Extinguishing, though whether we arrive via a Dark Night of the Soul or a Sudden Flash of Grace remains a little ambiguous…

The first part of the chart does suggest that The Choice is Ours, so we may want to just PIAVA a Loving and Gentle Transition.

This is a very Strong chart leading us in exactly the Direction we Want to go – yet another “Coincidence.”


Manifestation 6

October 1, 2017

We’ll call this post Manifestation 6 because five of the previous six posts have been about Manifestation (Surrendering … IX through Surrendering … Debriefing except Surrendering … XIII).  That series was called Surrendering to the Unknown because it was about the Chaos-Station/Pluto-Station Time Province.  We consider that Province to be finished.

Pluto and Chaos are still technically virtually Stationary – Chaos and Pluto are still in the same arcminutes as when they stood still, and while they’re beginning to accelerate, it’ll still be taking several days for them to move one arcminute.  For comparison, by the end of the year Chaos will be moving 8 arcminutes per week and Pluto 2 arcminutes per day.

We assume or aspire to Consciousness.  Once an astroevent is Complete or Exact, if we are Conscious that the Energy is occurring, it’s impact fades quickly.  So in this sense, in Linear Time, we consider the Station, or Strengthening of the impact of the planet’s Energy, to last only up until it’s Exact.  Once it’s started moving again, even though it’s speed is glacial, we’re now in a new Time/Energy Province.

We can, and usually do, drag Energy forward from one astroprovince to the next, by making Decisions to Defend ourself against our Vulnerability to the Energy of the old Province.

In general, dwarf planet Chaos is about that which lies beyond what we consider Possible.  The Universe is “infinite,” so it follows that our personal Limits of What’s Possible are infinitesimal by comparison.  A shortcut for Pluto is something like “that which we can’t Avoid” (though we can steer).  So a Pluto-Chaos Time Province is going to push us pretty hard up against our Limits, sort of like scraping our Identity across a cheese grater.

We get to Manifestation from having our “Face” grated simply because we’re all Learning entirely new processes for Manifestation.  Not just about the Demise of the Patriarchy and the rise of Yang Female Energy in its stead, but we now need to Learn to Manifest by Collaborating with All That Is rather than moving Dualities around a game board.  The new Time/Energy Province that we’ve entered, through October 5 (and beyond), is a Relationship Reset, and Relationship is just another Perspective on Manifestation (and vice versa of course).

Our new schedule is like this…

  • North Node Initiating Veritas at 22 Leo on 1 October (1am PDT).
  • Makemake Initiating Mercury at 4 Libra on 1 October (4pm PDT).
  • Orcus Initiating Atropos at 10 Virgo on 2 October (9am PDT).
  • Varuna Initiating Aletheia in 2 Leo on 5 October (3am PDT).
  • Haumea Initiating Hopi in 24 Libra on 5 October (7am PDT).
  • Mars Initiating Venus in 20 Virgo on 5 October (9:30 am PDT).
  • Full Moon in 13 Aries on 5 October (11:40 am PDT).

Let’s start with today’s and tomorrow’s Initiations before we move on to our Relationship Reset.  The Veritas-North Node Cycle is about facing the Truth of our Mission in the Lifetime, and 22 Leo is about “A carrier pigeon fulfilling its mission” which is a rather ironic “coincidence” since the North Node symbolizes our Mission.  Which makes us the Pigeon.  Pigeon applies to a Huper has many connotations, none of which is particularly complementary.  Victim isn’t far off. 

And yes, from the Perspective of our Ego and its Desires, we are indeed Victims of our Mission.  “You Poor Sweetheart, you’d like to go out and play, but you’re stuck with this Mission, like it or not, aren’t you.”  We’ve often phrased our Mission as our “Deepest Desires.”  You wouldn’t think we’d be Victimized by that, but it’s a bit more Complex.  As Spock said, “Wanting feels better to [Hupers] than Having.”  Desire is a treadmill.  The Power to run the treadmill comes from our Deepest Desires. 

We can tread forever without ever getting to our Deepest Desire.  But as we tread, our (Ego’s) Desires get closer and closer to our Deepest (Soul’s) Desire.  Each step takes us halfway there, which means we get closer and closer without ever actually getting there.  In 3D.  It’s a Syntropic Perpetual Motion Machine.  It’s quite literally Sisyphean.

There is an asteroid Sisyphus, the largest of the known Earth-Crossing and potentially Earth-Colliding-With asteroids.  It’s about half the size of the asteroid that wiped out the Dinosaurs.  And it turns out to be in Virgo, Conjunct the budding Orcus-Atropos Initiation.  Ouch.  More on that in a minute.

But it’s not an ordinary “flying rat” that’s visiting us, it’s a Carrier Pigeon.  It Carries a Message, just as our Deepest Desire has a Message for our Ego, if we’re willing to step off the Treadmill to Receive it.

The information here is that whatever Project we’re stuck on is kind of a treadmill.  We’re on the right track, but there’s some aspect of the Project that’s being forever reduced by half, rather than converging to a point.  That’s like a T-Square, our Challenge to Mastery.  Our Expectations of Perfection or Completion are doomed to Frustration, because it’s not about Answers, it’s about Exploring the Edges and Subleties.  Are we trying to “Solve” one of our T-Squares, or even just one of our Squares (a less Complex Challenge-to-Mastery), through this stuck Project?

We recognize 22 Degrees as the nexus of heavy traffic we’ve been seeing for a long while now, and the North Node-Veritas Initiation fits right in, making a complete Grand Sextile with…

  • The 5 October Haumea-Hopi Initiation (Grokking “Respect for All Things” in a whole new way)
  • The busy Saturn-Ixion-Lilith Sellium (Our Hidden Genius Demands Sovereignty)
  • The South Node (Our Collective Past-Life Experience)
  • Eris (What We Haven’t Realized Yet)
  • Chaos (the “Impossible”)

And making “green lines” (Quincunx/Curiosity and Unx/Pattern-Breaker) to…

  • Nemesis (Ego Death)
  • Eurydike (Trust)

This bodes very well for the next 3 years and 8 months or so, the span of a Veritas-North Node Cycle.

Surrendering to the Unknown Debriefing

September 29, 2017

While the Pluto Station occurred at 12:30 pm PDT 28 September, I didn’t feel the Energy Letting Go till around 10:30 am PDT today (29 September).  There’s an excellent astrological excuse for part of that extension, as the Moon crossed Pluto at 7:30 pm PST on the 28th, and the Moon often times the impact of an astroevent more accurately than the event itself. 

The other common reason for extending an astroenergy, is Decisions.  When we’re Conscious that an Energy is occurring we can just Attend to it directly, without Personalizing it.  When we forget that we’re “under the influence,” we can get suckered into the contents of whatever Anxiety the Energy Triggers for us, with the real possibility that we’ll make Decisions intellectually that will take on the role of Oaths and Limiting Beliefs.  That leads us to ask, what was Orcus, Lord of Oaths, doing while Pluto was Stationary.

I don’t recall making Conscious Decisions that would warrant dragging the heavy Pluto Energy around behind me, but now that I think about it, I did succumb to some Discouragement around a couple of Projects.  Regular readers will know well that we’ve been dissecting Manifestation pretty thoroughly over the last few days, and Pluto is in an Earth Sign, so Hardcopy “Reality” is on our radar.  As a result of our dissection I also saw some new ways of Potential Progress on my Projects.  So, what was Orcus up to?

Orcus (Oath-Making and -Breaking) Conjoined (Merged with) Venus (Values) and Atropos (Endings) in an Earth (Matter) Grand Trine (Great Grace) with Chariklo (Confidence) and Moira (Consciousness of Choice).  Neptune (Material Confusion and Spiritual Clarity) Opposed (Highlighted a Duality) Orcus, creating a Neptune Kite (Directed Grace).

That makes enormous sense to me.  We can translate from astrologuese to something like…

“Yes, we were quite Conflicted about Matter, but we were likely, Consciously or otherwise, to use the Energy embedded in the Conflict to make considerable Spiritual Progress on whatever Matters we were Focused on.”

Since Neptune “rules” (symbolically) the Collective, we can quite reasonably hope that the Planet Received the same Blessing, though I imagine that Gaia’s Consciousness is huge enough to have just been Consciously taking a big Energetic Krap, which we (or at least I) interpreted as Conflict.


Orcus was the focus of a Mjölnir (Epiphany) across the Square (Challenge) from Nemesis (Ego Death) to Eris (Revelation of what’s been Denied).

Which, if we interpret it Optimistically (why would we do it any other way?), means that whether we were Conscious of the Breakthrough or not, our (or at least my) struggle with the Conflict actually brought Unconscious Negative material up into Consciousness (which in at least my case is literally true) where it can be Reverted.

Which would in turn suggest we look to see what OR10 (Intrusion of Unconscious Material) was up to, which is drawn in the lighter lines on the chart below, and which very much concurs.  I won’t interpret it in detail, but suffice it to say that Manifestation, Beliefs, our Essence, (Self-)Abuse, Self-Love, Coming into Consciousness, Letting Go of Archetypes, Truth, Sustainability, Memories, and the Life Force (respectively Makemake, Vesta, Sun, Nessus, Sappho, Juno, Hylonome, Aletheia, Ceres, Mnemosyne, Varuna) were all involved.

To continue the same theme – Manifestation – on yet another wavelength, and one with sparkling (Varuna) Spiritual Clarity, Dr. Kim is unusually Excited today, and rightly so…

I highly recommend watching the full video (13 minutes), but I know many don’t like detours, so here’s its skeleton…

Inner Alignment Exercise to Heal Naturally

“Our inner alignment creates our life and everything we experience.  It directly affects our health AND our outer world.  We go through life thinking we can create the outer first, by ‘going’ and ‘doing’ and then when that’s done, we will feel good…

“…but it is the exact opposite.

“We must create inner alignment first, and that will be reflected in our outer world.  A great way to come into that inner alignment is to start with your physical alignment.  Straighten your spine and elongate the body.  Align the spine and the neck and open the chest.  Relax your shoulders and BREATHE in this posture…

“When you are focused on things outside of yourself, your energetic alignment becomes unbalanced.  You become misaligned mentally and emotionally.  “There are four influences that can get your alignment off kilter.

  • Focusing on the future
  • Ruminating on the past
  • Focusing on other people
  • Being stuck in your identity

“These disconnect you from SELF, so you lose center, and disconnect from guidance.  Release that by connecting with your physical body and bringing the energy back to your heart.

“This will open you to compassion and receiving.  As you relax the body, it opens you up to greater compassion.  You must experience compassion in order to feel your purpose and to contribute to others and the world around you.

“There is a creative power that comes through you when you are in alignment, and that will serve you and bring you all kinds of gifts.  It generates changes in your electromagnetic field that will create change all around you.”

And today’s Arcturian Channeling from Daniel Scranton corroborates…

“We have awakened within you a tendency to seek more from life than what you tended to believe was possible before getting activated by our energy.  This awakening has brought you to a point in your evolution where you can begin to sense that there are energies all around you waiting to become manifest in the physical.

“The experience of creating with energy, using vibration, is the fifth dimensional way.  Right now, you can see yourselves as being in a practice round because there is still a distance between what you create and what you experience in the physical.  But you do have access to a timeline once you create something that will bring you to it, and bring it to you, in record time.

“This type of creation requires tremendous faith on your part because you have no indicators that tell you how close your creation is.  It is the closest thing to instant manifestation that you’re ready to experience at this point.  One of the ways in which you will accelerate this process of creating will be to stay very present in the moment.  As soon as you start to think in terms of time and timeframes, you remove yourself from the vibration that is required to merge with that timeline, to put yourself on the fast track.

“These are exciting times, and they are times of exploration because each of you is in control of your destiny, like never before.  You are activating more of your higher self within you, and your higher self is a magnificent creator.  So whatever you have come to expect from reality in the past can be set aside as you enter into this new phase of your evolution.  This is a time where conscious creator beings like yourselves are being summoned by the energies that want to co-create with you.”

The multidimensional Convergence is rather remarkable.  The Orcus (heavy lines) and OR10 (light lines) Configurations in the Pluto Station chart… Speaking of instant Manifestation, one of the most powerful Healing Crystals I know of is straight Germanium (it’s an Element, a semiconducting metalloid, atomic number 32, between Silicon and Tin in the Carbon column, column 14, of the Peridoic Table)…

It looks mostly black in the picture, but in Real Life (3D that is) it’s very shiny, like Mercury or polished Silver.  You can purchase Crystals of pure Elements at…

It’s worth a try to see if anything happens when you sit up straight, close your eyes, take a deep breath, and Focus your Attention on some place of Discomfort in your body for a few minutes.  Then slowly open your eyes and gaze at the Crystal, without Focusing your eyes if you can.  Imagine waves of Energy moving from the Crystal (picture) into the place of Discomfort in your Body. 

If your Discomfort Changes (more so or less so), it’s working.  If it gets more Discomfortable, it means that your Discomfort still has things to Teach you, and it’s giving you an Opportunity to increase your Loving Consciousness of it.  Project Loving Energy from your Heart to the place of Discomfort.  Does this give you an “irrational” surge of Joy?  This whole process is a metaphor for the times when we try to Manifest something and “Fail.”  Send Love from your Heart into your “Failure” and look for the surge of Joy. 

Let me know if this works for you, or not.

Surrendering to the Unknown XIII

September 28, 2017

Here’s a viewpoint that we can compare to our own, to see how much of what we’ve been Experiencing is “only” our Imagination…


Surrendering to the Unknown XII

September 28, 2017

Here’s another, entirely different-sounding Perspective on what we’ve been talking about in the last several posts – Manifesting a different Reality.  We know that it’s all basically Energy that’s subject to Transformation, and we know that Matter is sticky, and we want to be able to exercise as much Choice as possible.  We know some “tricks” for making incremental Changes, but when it comes to “jumping Timelines” to make big Changes, we have more Curiosity than Answers – which is good, right?  We know Curiosity to be akin to Love.  “I Wonder…”

This is Daniel Scranton’s Channeling for today from the Arcturians…

“You have begun to exercise your right to harmonize with any timeline that you want to be on.  You have much more freedom now than you have ever had to find a timeline that suits you and that brings you the most joy.  Being a part of a collective doesn’t mean that you are stuck on the same timeline with the same version of that collective forevermore.  When you jump timelines as individuals, you then find yourself harmonizing with different versions of the human collective.

“This gives you free will, and yet you still maintain your part in a version of the human collective.  This is why you sometimes will have glitches in your memories, or you will remember something differently than someone who is quite close to you who experienced the exact same thing.  But your memories will be different because you will have been on different timelines at the time of that event.

“So how then should you exercise your right to harmonize with the best possible timeline?  Well, a timeline where everyone is free and gets the respect and acknowledgement that they deserve is a timeline that is best for the individual as well.  The needs of the individual and the needs of the many are the same.

“You will never escape your interconnectedness with all other humans, no matter what timeline you find yourself on.  And that serves you very well, because the more you see yourself as a collective, the higher you vibrate.  And the higher you vibrate, the better the timeline is that you find yourself on, and it will be better for all, not just a few.

“When you discover how to harmonize with that best possible timeline for everyone, you will also want to share with others how you did it.  You will want to empower others because you will understand that by doing so you are empowering yourself.

“You are taking the entire collective to the best possible timeline for all of humanity, and there is no better feeling than that.  The way that you harmonize is by feeling for that reality, the reality where all humans are equal, respected, acknowledged, and free.”

One element of the sense of Difficulty that some of us are Feeling, is an almost-panicky reaction to the way Time seems to be collapsing.  Suzanne Lie’s Channel suggests…

“First off, help others to remember who they are.  And then they will remember that they are not just a physical person who lives on the physical planet with all of the physical restraints, fears, responsibilities and duties.

“When they remember their Higher SELF, they will remember that their Higher Self is not some higher being.  Their higher self is just their own self, their very own self, who chose to volunteer to come to 3D Earth to take this physical vessel to assist with planetary ascension.  The connection with that higher self will activate the memory of why they chose and what exactly was the Mission that they chose to fulfill while they were still in their fifth dimensional SELF…”

“Frightened people are easily controlled.  If people refuse to be afraid, it’s very difficult to control them.  Having people connected to their higher self – that is the Illuminati’s greatest fear.  Once people are connected to their Higher Self, or to an Ascended Being, even if they are not able yet to believe that they are also a fifth dimensional self, if they connect to whatever their religion presents to them as an ascended being, then they are under the protective love of that ascended being.  Then they will be able to stay in the higher astral until they are ready to transmute that energy field into their own individual SELF who is NOW ready to accept their Fifth Dimensional SELF.

“So in terms of the darkness, we speak of and how the planetary Now will be rushed.  Therefore, is there an importance to have a message of urgency?  If the efforts of the dark ones being amped up, will we have a sense of being rushed?

“Yes, there may be that feeling … like the fire alarm has gone off: ‘Wait, wait, we have to go outside. we have to go someplace else, something is wrong, maybe it’s not a fire, but we need to get out of here now.’  Therefore, some people may say: ‘Wait there’s something wrong. There’s something that I don’t know!  I can’t figure it out what it is, but there’s something different.  I need to leave.  I need to move on.’

“[Suzanne] has been talking to more people who are getting to that place.  They’re getting to that place where they are saying: ‘Wait, this isn’t quite right.  I’m not supposed to be here.  This isn’t my space.  I’m more than this.  I’m more loving than this, I’m kinder than this.  This is not my space.’  What is happening is that these people realizing that their ‘brainwashing’ is falling off.

“The brain washing WAS telling them that they were not nearly ‘good enough.’  So they needed to suffer longer, and to work harder!  The brainwashing was also telling them that their authority figures telling them that, ‘You are NOT Good Enough.  If you do what we say, then you may be better…’ “

“The fifth dimension has been flirting and trying to encircle the planet for quite a while now.  There are still some people that have come in to represent the darkness because humanity has to move beyond polarities of the light and the dark.  In order to release those polarities of light and dark, humanity has to move into Unconditional Love and Unconditional Forgiveness.

“From this perspective of being encircled by Unconditional Love and Unconditional Forgiveness, humanity can look at someone who is of the dark, and realize that this someone needed love and guidance at a very young age.  However, they did not get it.  Hence, their consciousness became trapped in fear.  Therefore, all they could perceive was fear…”

“The people that [have been] entrenched in and ruled by darkness for many incarnations…  They will likely not be able to ascend with the planet until they have studied in all the Astral Mystery Schools.  Also, they will not be able to move with the planet because they do NOT live on the planet.  Instead, they live on the 3D Matrix.  When the higher Light starts absorbing itself around and into the planet, then this 3D Matrix will dis-articulate, leave Gaia and wrap around a lower frequency planet.

“Those dark ones will have lost that opportunity to move into the higher frequencies of reality, and they will have to just start all over again.  It’s a reset.  They will have a reset.  The eclipse was also a reset and actually a warning to everyone that it is the Now to reset your consciousness.  It is the Now to catch yourself when your consciousness is dipping, because it will, it absolutely will.  It’s a difficult world.  And, when your consciousness is dipping – if you can remember to connect to some higher dimensional expression of yourself and/or with Nature, or with Gaia [then] YOU will be able to ‘hold on to your OWN Multidimensional Self.’ ”

The Chinese supposedly say that it’s a curse to “be born in interesting times,” but all we can do is “Be Here Now.”

Surrendering to the Unknown XI

September 27, 2017

A reader sent me this link a while ago, and just today I’ve finally found time to look it over.  Here’s an excerpt…

“In this podcast on Systems Thinking and the Illusion of Cause-and-Effect you’ll find:

  • “There is no such thing as Cause and Effect but only ‘Emergent Properties of Systems’
  • “Systems Thinking is a way of thinking or interacting with reality that is different from basic Cause and Effect
  • “When we try to create influenced results, we end up having limited influence over it because we are not seeing the other Influencers or Nodes in the system
  • “To have a desired result, recognize that nodes have to work in a certain way to have an ’emergent’ (thing that emerges from all things working together)
  • “We turn to Cause and Effect thinking because things are too complex to understand and because it is easier to fuse Sequential events
  • “A System is a cluster of themes working together influencing each other; doing things synchronously and asynchronously and bringing about an inevitable emergent
  • “Two things to keep in mind about systems:
    • “Initial Condition (starting condition of a system)
    • “How the nodes in the system interact with each other”

What a coincidence that I’d look at it today, eh?  I’ve read some about Systems Theory, but I’ve never actually studied it.  I’m surprised to find that it can be formulated to eschew Cause and Effect!  Of course themes “working together influencing each other” can be seen as a set of Cause and Effect Relationships if the System encompasses Linear Time, but we don’t usually include feedback and mutual influence when we think of the Cartesian God Causean Defect.

The point is that our Antagonist and Identity from the previous post are two Nodes in a complex Conscious-Subconscious System, Pluto and Capricorn are two more Nodes, while Self and Other are two additional Nodes, which incorporate a Codependence-Sovereign axis into the System – if the System incorporates Duality and thus can be said to have axes.  We may instead just have a cluster of Nodes – Sovereignty, Interdependence, YintegrityYangtegrity, Codependence, and however else we want to differentiate Relationship.

When I look through this lens at the Frequencies I’m trying to Manifest, while “I” am at least several Nodes in these Systems, it’s as if this “I” is outside of the System looking in.  That partial Separation might be useful for locating the Resistance Nodes (like my Abandonment and my overfocus on Mechanism), the Persistence and Discouragement Nodes, the Outcome Nodes, the Emotion Nodes (especially including the Passion that glues Energy into Form), the Self-Worth Nodes, the 3D-Trap Nodes (like Linear Time and Causan Defect and Analysis – like this one).  But we hammer in our pitons as we climb.

Without Intending it, I pick up a book and open it at random.  Interesting…

“One of the problems with the spiritual quest is that it can become so intellectual that the one quality that will help you the most is lost.  That quality is the ability to love.  Many come to me and say they want to love but don’t know how, so I would now like to share with you some of my observations of [huper]kind.  In this time of mentalization, of concepts and ideas, [hupers are] forgetting something very simple. 

“What you are forgetting is that the basic quality of [huper] consciousness is love.  The ever-shifting shadows that play upon the surface of that love are really nothing more than shadows, but since you have taken them to be reality, the play engrosses you and the love eludes you…

“The first thing needed is to see yourself differently.  Do not view yourself as some little worm scrambling for love but as a full-blown, wondrously open being, filled with abiding love…  When you meditate…  I think it important that you concentrate on the center which you call the heart center.”  –Bartholomew, I Come as a Brother, p.126-7

Michael Roads is always talking about Choosing Love, but this sort of puts it in a new Light.  So I’ll fill my little Node-filled Manifestation pinball machine with Heart Energy, and see where the marble flies to.

Surrendering to the Unknown X

September 27, 2017

Don’t know about youalls, but I can sure feel that “Walking through Jello” Pluto-Stationary sensation!  It’s not my favorite.

A reader writes…

“WTF is happening??  Do I really not want the things I really want and actually get excited about in my belly???  Spins me into depression.  I cant seem to move the fu#% forward.  I just feel even more determined now.”

True for many of us I fear; an Unconscious part of us plays the “Do I really not want” Antagonist part while Consciously we play the “Want the things I really want and actually get excited about in my belly” Protagonist.

That’s why we need to Change the Subject, then a bit later, Pay Attention.  What did we Ask for, and what did we get?  It’s actually a Blessing, because our Unconscious Self-Saboteur is out of the closet.  Without this “Blessing” they’d just be quietly remaining invisible while tripping us.

Feeling “even more determined” is important, but it has to be “even more determined” to Pay Attention, rather than “even more determined” to “move the fu#% forward,” because declaring War on our Mirrors is dangerous – we’d end up miming the Antichrist. 

Fritz would advise that we Ask our “Do I really not want” Antagonist to pull up a chair and have a chat with our “Want the things I really want and actually get excited about in my belly” Persona.  We need to find out what our Antagonist wants for us that we’d also want for ourself if it was expressed as a Positive rather than an Impediment.

Suppose the Antagonist put roadblocks in the way of selling our house.  Do they think that the house creates Safety or Security?  Do they think that the market will be friendlier next year?  Do they think that selling is good but we’re missing something important, like the gold buried in the back yard?  Do they want us to have a better post-house plan, or do they want us to Expand our pictures of what’s Possible?

We don’t know; we have to Ask.  We have our suspicions, but those are mostly just our Protagonist’s Guilt or Fear.  We should React to our Antagonist’s answer with a surprised “Oh!” rather than a patient “Ok” or a sardonic “Uh-huh.”  The answer should be as unanticipated as the roadblocks.

That’s not always easy.  So we accept a trial answer and try it out.  Suppose that what we most hope to gain by selling is Freedom, and we think maybe Safety is what our Antagonist might want for us.  Then we might use Theta…

God/Goddess, Creator of All That Is, I Command a rapid and lucrative sale of my house that gives me both Freedom and Safety.  It Is Done, It Is Done, It Is Done!  Thank you, God/Goddess! … Show me!

What do we See or Feel?  Free and Safe?  Liberated but Scared?  Safe but still Enchained? 

We may have discovered something else; an underlying Anxiety for instance.  We may have to Tap that Out, then try our Theta PIAVA again.  Or maybe we’ve been reminded that we don’t trust banks, and we’re worried about being able to keep the proceeds Safe after we sell.  We may have to add that to our Command list.

These are heavy times, with Stationary Chaos Asking us to up the ante, while Pluto is “threatening” us with new Trances that are Asking our old Identity to move aside.

Another reader writes…

“Pluto has been hanging out going over my Capricorn Ascendant, plus this recent solar eclipse was near my natal Pluto.  Certainly a Trance Re-formation, but I’m curious about all that Pluto– Do we just call it all a Giant Reset or what?  Maybe like snaking a clogged drain? 

“And where might that leave the effect of my Ascendant on my Reset personality?  In some ways I’m feeling less like following the Capricorn ethic, but maybe that’s something that always stays, but also gets Reformed…?

Yes, Pluto is deep in the Unconscious, and while it impacts us very Personally, its operation is totally Impersonal.  If Pluto was the Antichrist, we would be the Puerto Ricans.  We have the ability to manipulate details, but we’re Powerless to Control where Pluto is going.  The Capricorn Mantra is “Just Fix It, Ok?  We don’t have time to mess around.”  Look at the Antichrist and all the difficulties he’s having trying to “Just Fix It.”  As if he was selling his house.

It’s the same issue, really, but we have a good guess about who the Antagonist is.  The antipole or Unconscious side of Capricorn is Cancer – Nurturance.  For it to work it has to be “Just Fix It Compassionately, Ok?”  Then maybe we can “move the fu#% forward.” 

The Pluto Shadow Period (span of its Retrogradation) is 17-20 Capricorn.  It crossed this territory between 29 December 2016 and 20 April 2017, then backed over it, and now it’s set to cross it again for the third time.  An astrological triple-cross says, “Give this a good hard look, ok?”  17-20 Capricorn is the tail end of the Cancer Duad and all of the Leo Duad of Capricorn. 

We’ve been in the Cancer Duad since early August, and we’ll be there till 21 October, so the primary issue is explicitly Lack of Compassion.  So far The People have won.  Once we get to 21 October we’ll be crossing the Leo Duad, and Lack of Integrity will be primary.  Go, Mueller!

Yes, a Giant Reset is always a Possibility with Pluto.  The upcoming (5 October) Mars-Venus Initiation is Conjoined by Eurydike, so for the next year and a half the overarching theme in our Relationships will be Trust.  The Eurydike story is about escape from Pluto’s Underworld; her husband Orpheus has permission to bring her back from Death, but only if he doesn’t look back to see if she’s still following him.  He does.  Giant Reset. 

The Ascendant is mostly Reflexive; it’s more about how others see us than about who we really are.  If we see ourself as our Ascendant, we may be seeing ourself through the eyes of Other.  That’s a fabulous Skill, but if it’s an Archetype (a dominant Pattern), it needs to be one of many Skills at seeing, not the only Skill. 

Which brings us to a third reader, who writes…

“Watching myself twisting and accommodating and cheering and – Wait!  Will that even work for MEEEE?  I do not know how to just think of me first.  I do not believe in space for me – I’m compromising and accommodating before its even necessary.”

Another “Esoteric Purpose” for our being Abused by the US Antagonizer In Chief, is showing us how to do Me First and even Me Only.  We find it Disgusting – but that’s our Unconscious Self-Sovereignty that we’re Rejecting with Disgust.  Time for some Poor-Sweethearts.

“You poor Sweetheart, you feel Disgusted by that, don’t you.”  But this is a double-edged sword.  Yes, your Conscious Protagonist is Disgusted, but your Unconscious Antagonist is being Rejected.  So close your eyes, hold your nose, and Imagine yourself into that Disgusting Me-Firster.  How does your Heart Feel?  We may need to do this more often.

Immature parents (I mean, how old were they, anyway) will often inject deep Abandonment into kids at a very early age.  The earlier we picked up our Archetypes, the harder they are to identify, bring into Consciousness, and complement them with a full quiver of Skill Options.  That’s especially true if we were Abandoned before we were Verbal, since while Consciousness doesn’t depend completely on Language, there’s a close relationship. 

Healing ancient wounds requires that we constantly Congratulate ourself for Noticing the Unconscious Pattern rather than Condemning ourself for Executing it again.  Once we can develop that Habit, we’ve converted the vicious cycle of Self-Condemnation to a virtuous cycle of Self-Loving.  From that Perspective, it’s much easier to Choose an Option and break the Archetype’s hold on us, and Choosing gets easier and easier each time we Notice.

Surrendering to the Unknown IX

September 26, 2017

Both Daniel Scranton’s Arcturian friends, and Michael Roads give us wisdom today on the Unknown…

“There is an advantage to not knowing what you are creating.  The advantage lies in the fact that you are actually co-creating with beings who have the ability to see what you cannot.  Everything is a co-creation, because you do not exist within a vacuum.  Everything that you create affects every other individual in the universe, throughout all time and space.

“And so when you co-create with higher frequency beings, which you are always doing by the way, you have the advantage of their vision, their ability to create that which you could not possibly imagine.  And when you co-create with the greatest and highest good of all beings as a part of your intention, you are supported by more of these high frequency beings of light and love.

“You can and you do summon higher frequency beings when you have good intentions for all, but you summon more when you have the entire collective in mind for your creation.  In other words, if you want to create wealth for yourself, you are still supported in that because your creation of wealth can benefit others in a number of ways.  But when you intend to create wealth for all beings on the planet, you not only summon more energy, but you also summon more helpers.

“Now, when it comes to creating that which is unknown to you, remember that you are always creating an experience so that you can feel something.  And as the frequencies are getting higher and higher that you have access to, so will be the creations and the experiences.  Therefore, you have yet to discover how good you can feel, just as you have yet to discover how much you can create.

“But the higher frequency beings that you are summoning for help know.  They can see beyond what the human mind can comprehend.  They can see the energies that are going to be most helpful in your creative process, and they can see how much your creation will impact the whole of humanity.

“There is strength in numbers, and you are a powerful collective with even more powerful friends in the higher realms.  Remember that the next time you set out to create anything at all.”

And From Michael’s “365 Steps”…

“When I close my eyes exchanging seeing out for seeing in, I see not only that which is possible, but also that which possibly IS.

“A forward vision sees the possibilities of life.  Even though it is simple enough to achieve,  even this is not common.  It was once the measure of a great statesman, but today this ability seems to be sadly lacking in our current crop of world leaders.  An inward vision is far more rare.  When the mind is quiet, an inner vision sees beyond the physical possibilities that are held as a potential, to a place where that which IS holds as yet undefined possibilities of creation.  This is something that cannot be taught.  A direction can be indicated, but once launched, you are required to find your own way.  The paradox is; if you look for the way, you cannot find it, but when you know that you and the way are One . . . it is done.  The way, of course, is by . . . choosing Love!”

Dynamic or Masculine Creativity Focuses on Methods and Mechanism, how to get there.  Magnetic or Feminine Creativity Focuses on Outcomes, or where to get to.  The Magnetic invites “Miracles.”

Surrendering to the Unknown VIII

September 24, 2017

This week’s Calendar contains one more astroevent we haven’t considered yet…

Jupiter Opposes Uranus in 28 Libra-Aries on 27 September (9:30 pm PDT).

Jupiter-Uranus is a 14-year Cycle.  It began June 2010 at 1 Aries, “A woman just risen from the sea, embraced by a seal: Emergence of new forms, and of the potentiality of consciousness.”  A Cycle Blooms at its Opposition, which for this Jupiter-Uranus Cycle spans December 2016 to October 2017. 

The Can-Opener, when we were first confronted with the Blooming of these New Forms, occurred in late December 2016.  In early March we got to have a closer look, and a better Opportunity to see how they fit us.  The current repetition is a Confidence-Builder, where we get to wear these New Forms with more Confidence.  Can you Identify, in Feelings and Domains more than nouns and adjectives, your own New Forms?  We want to keep our description general so we don’t pin them down like a dead Moth.  Sit with those Feelings and Domains for a few minutes, so you can Anchor them into your Life and Identity more.

We didn’t write specifically about the Jupiter-Uranus Can-Opener when it occurred, but we did write about it at length in March…

If we stretch the Limits of our Sensitivity to four Degrees (Stretching any Limits is absolutely appropriate with Chaos Stationary, but we can freely stretch Sensitivity to at least six Degrees whenever we consider long-term impacts), we’re currently Experiencing not just…

Jupiter Opposite Uranus, which will Expand our Ego’s Relationship to our Soul,


Jupiter-Haumea Opposite Uranus-Eris, which implies a Major Rebirth of our Awareness of the Truth of our Multidimensional Selves. 

Perhaps Rebirth of 5D and more, in other words.

We consider the Opposition to be the Blooming of a Cycle, not the Fruiting.  The Fruiting waits until the Phitile, 222:30 Degrees.  The Phitile Angle is the Golden Angle of Sacred Geometry, the Angle most prominent in the Geometry of Nature (  The Phitile isn’t used much in astrology because it’s even more difficult to detect than the other “minor” Angles (Fifth, Seventh, Ninth, etc. Harmonics) that aren’t divisible by 30.  There’s a table of Phitiles at .

The Jupiter-Uranus Phitile will be reached in late December 2018.  At this point we will begin to Let Go of our New Forms, in order to Set Seed for our subsequent Jupiter-Uranus Adventure, which won’t begin until 2024 on the 3D manifold.  If we’re still stuck on the 3D-5D fence by then, we may get another chance to drag our hind foot across, as the next Jupiter-Uranus Cycle begins at 22 Taurus, “White dove flying over troubled waters: The spiritual inspiration that comes to the individual in the overcoming of crisis.”  Of course that’s just the view from 3Dsville.