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That New Wise Guy 2

July 17, 2020

Aha, Sherri Burch and Brett Joseph have generously sent us an ephemeris for the NEOWISE Comet… My 10-Leo guess was darn close, surprisingly!  I was aiming for 20 July 2020, to match our Eris-Station chart.  4D spherical geometry isn’t my strong suit.  This means NEOWISE will be crossing…

  • Asteroid Klotho (Beginning New TimeLines) around 22 July,
  • Asteroid Lachesis (Ending TimeLines Consciously around 26 July,
  • Dwarf planet Orcus (Reverting Oaths) around 27 July,
  • Asteroid Nemesis (Ego Death) around 2 August,
  • Dwarf planet Makemake (Manifestation) around 4 August,
  • It’s supposed to disappear around 7 August,
  • Asteroid Sappho (Unconditional Self-Love) shortly after that.

Seems appropriate – I guess Self-Love has to be our own Work!

That New Wise Guy

July 16, 2020

Chris writes…

“Wondering if what you’re forgetting is Comet Neowise – Talk about ancient Karma …

No, not Forgetting, I’m in Denial.  Good article, nice pictures, thanks, Chris!  In picture #6 Neowise is Sharing the stage with “Noctilucent” Clouds (the network of glowing wisps between the Comet and the horizon).  They’re caused by “Meteor Dust” so  high in the Atmosphere that they’re still in Sunlight long after it’s Dark where we are.

Here’s another Sharing, this time with Auroras and “Steve”…

The green dashes are called “Picket Fence” Auroras, and the purple Jet on the left is “Steve.”  How it got that name is so silly that I’ve forgotten.  Unless it’s an acronym, maybe for Strong Thermal Emission Velocity Enhancement.  “STEVE is a recent discovery.  It looks like an aurora, but it is not.  The purple glow is caused by 3000°C ribbons of gas flowing through Earth’s magnetosphere at speeds exceeding 13,000 mph. It appears during some geomagnetic storms” according to…

13,000 mph does sound like a bit of a “velocity enhancement.”

I’ve been hoping to find a Longitude for NEOWISE, so I could look at it’s Relationships with our other Friends, but I haven’t seen one.  So I had to make one up.  These are very difficult to calculate, but I’m guessing it’s around 10 Leo, which means our Visitor from Outer is  Challenging our Soul (Square to Uranus), Providing Grace if we can Dump our Victim Trances (Trine to Chiron), and Willing to Help us Break Olde Patterns (Unx to dwarf planet Orcus), especially Victim Patterns, if we can Avoid Anal-yzing them (Orcus Trine to Uranus and Quincunx to Chiron).  Maybe carrying that Message from Headquarters (NEOWISE Trioctile to Galactic Center-South Node).

Oh Joy, Lovejoy

January 7, 2015

LJ0115“Gerald Rhemann took this picture using a remotely-controlled 12-inch ‘scope in Farm Tivoli, Namibia…  The comet’s blue tail is so long, only 1/3rd of it fits in the [picture] above…  On Jan. 7th, Comet Lovejoy was at its closest to Earth: [about half the distance to the Sun] away.  Although the comet will be moving away from us for the rest of the month, it will continue to” get brighter as it gets closer to the Sun

Θ  Θ  Θ  Θ  Θ

This lovely hedonistic fellow is complicating our Lives even more.

It’s now at 8 degrees of Gemini, Opposing Hybris-Pallas and making a Grand Cross with the Opposition from Moon-Lilith to Neptune.  Our only amelioration is formed by Mercury-Venus, which make a Trine-Sextile Bridge across the Lovejoy-to-Hybris/Pallas Opposition and a Quincunx-Semisextile Bridge across the Moon/Lilith-Neptune Opposition.  That introduces another question for us…

We’re in the process of breaking a Pattern around the way we tend to follow our mind and the way we tend to follow our Heart.  The question to Ask ourself is

What would happen here if we followed our Joy?


October 7, 2013

ery916bpFeels like Samhain around here, with dark Spirits skulking around behind the Beanstalks.  I’ll be very surprised if the Lizards who run the Planet aren’t in the middle of some bleak plan to bake us all into a pie for their culinary entertainment.  Did we really stop WWIII from beginning in Syria, or was that just part of the plan?  Doesn’t really matter, we have to continue to PIAVA what we Want, it’s what we came here to do, pretty much irrespective of what they’re planning.  So we just have to keep on keeping on.

Just so you know, anything that’s not in your hand, is not actually yours.  Financial instruments held by a broker, money in the bank, Stuff in a bank “safe” deposit box, are all technically “owned” by the bank; you’ve signed over real ownership to them when you signed the account documents.  When the bank locks their door, you’re on the outside.  It doesn’t really matter, because your hand isn’t big enough to hold what you need to Survive without Community after deFault, and your arm isn’t strong enough to keep your fist tight around it anyway, when the folks around you get as hungry as Alex was when they got to Madagascar.

One investing adage says to buy when things are undervalued, and sell when things are overvalued.  Another says that when something is undervalued or overvalued, the misvaluation can persist for longer than anyone can imagine.  So the folks who are always predicting dire economic circumstances are wrong more often than they’re right.  They admit that they don’t have a handle on timing, even if they have a handle on how the house of cards will collapse.  When they are right, it’s good to know their opinions on how the collapse might unfold, since they study it full time.

So for the record, I should give you some references to some of the folks who keep their Attention on the unfolding…

And on some of the armwaving from the Banksters…

You’re probably already familiar with the real hardships on real people, and the evil schemes afoot to get Obomba to blink first, as is his wont.

We haven’t had time yet to peruse much beyond the mid-month Eris Eclipse, but we do know that the Uranus-Pluto Square is exact again on November 1.  Comet ISON crosses Vesta (the Sacred) on November 7, Ceres (Sustainability) on November 10, the North Node (Desire) on November 23, and Saturn (Focus) on November 25.

Jupiter makes a T-Square with Uranus and Pluto from early February through early May of 2014.  We did that T-Square already this last August, so we aren’t total rookies on that Energy.  For the last two weeks of April, Mars completes their Grand Cross.  We have an oblique preview of that this week, as Mars sits in Mjolnir with Uranus-Pluto while Jupiter plays in a second Mjolnir.

Just prior to that, Juno Initiates the Sun, too close to Eris for comfort.  But then so far, Eris – personified by Snowden – is turning out to look less like someone kidnapping Helen off to Troy and starting wars, and more like the Chanticleer in the 12-Sagittarius Symbol for the 12/30/1999 Chiron-Pluto Initiation.  Like someone challenging nationalism and colonialism, that is.  The Juno-Sun Initiation is at 22 Aries, “The gate to the garden of all fulfilled desires or, in Rudhyar’s view, “Abundance made possible by Human togetherness and cooperation.” Helen’s mother, by the way, was in some sources none other than Nemesis, our lens to Uranus.

Eris meanwhile – and hence the Eris-Juno and Eris-Sun Initiations – sits at 23 Aries, “A pregnant woman in light summer dress.”  Pregnant with Portent perhaps.  The Juno-Eris Cycle lasts four years, the other two Cycles one year.  Snowden’s chart convinces me that Juno is not just about our Unconscious Identity, but also about what’s coming into Consciousness.  So I see a pregnant Juno-Eris Cycle as quite positive, even as (or because) it disrupts our Planet-destroying “business as usual.”

By the way, Keiron Le Grice’s book Discovering Eris agrees with my take on Eris pretty much 100%, though of course in 150 pages she expands the interpretation far beyond my cryptic snapshots.

While Erythrite, as a Cobalt Arsenate, isn’t the best choice for dessert, the color is certainly appetizing!  It’s traditional meaning is Fecundity, Rudhyar’s single-word interpretation for 23 Aries.

Portal 9.29 and the Yin Gate

September 29, 2013

rutileq2236bpPortal 9.29

Portal 9.29 is a repeat of Portal 9.27, but without the Grand Sextile.  On September 27, the Moon completed the Grand Sextile.  On September 29, the Moon comes around to sit on Pallas, exciting the Pallas Diamond Star.  That’s at 9pm PDT, so a good span for the Opportunity to Invoke Miracles and Set Boundaries that will move us toward our Mission would be four hours on either side of that.  The Pallas Diamond Star fades around October 1-2.

The Yin Gate

Then from September 30 to October 3, as our adventures in 8-11-Degree Land continue, we have this unusual Configuration…

DSCN4564Two Fingers of God back to back.  Never seen that in a chart before.  The blue lines (which look black) trace out a Mystic Rectangle, but the Opposition between the Sun and Uranus bisects the two Sextiles on either end.  What will we call this Configuration?  A Cattle Guard?  Do Not Enter?  Wrong Way?  The US Congress?  Fingers of Blame?  Dos Equis?  A Yin Gate?  A Portal of Rebirth?  And what does it imply?

Probably the total failure of the Olde-Boy-Network process for organizing the World.  If a Finger of God means Pay Attention! then we’re certainly being told to look both ways, which is never a bad idea – Both/And, the Chironean Coin, and the like.  Not to mention crossing streets or other borders in Time.  Of course a Mystic Rectangle is very positive, and a Finger of Yod is really about Curiosity.  So we can talk about the Mystic Rectangle as

Miraculous Release of Karma resulting from Focus on what’s most Sacred to each of us (ie, Chiron, South Node, Saturn/North Node, Vesta).

and the Yods as

How can I reframe my conception of what I most Want, so it aligns with my sense of the Sacred and unites my Ego with “my” Soul Self?  (ie, Saturn/North Node, Vesta, Uranus)


Great Spirit, may I please accept Miracles that transform my Limiting Beliefs into Enlightenment, lovingly, gently, rapidly, completely, and with harm to no one?  (ie, PIAVA, Chiron, South Node, Sun)

So it’s not like this Cattle Guard configuration is negative, but it’s shape certainly gives us pause, and suggests that we might reconsider our route planning, and maybe even our destination.  I mean, the downfall of Colonialism is good, but it will certainly inconvenience a lot of people.

The Mystic Questangles

If we tilt the chart a little each way, we can see that it also includes two “Mystic Questangles” – parallel Quincunxes connected by Semi-Sextiles (one Sign apart) – Vesta-Sun-Chiron-Uranus, and Sun-Saturn/North Node-Uranus-South Node.  Wouldn’t hurt us a bit to frame those as Wonderings…

How can I bring Miracles of Light into my Union with my Sacred Soul?  (Chiron-Sun-Vesta-Uranus)

When I Focus on my Deepest Longings, how can I invoke my Soul to bring Light into the dark corners of my Karma?  (Saturn-North node, Uranus, Sun, South Node)

Notice that the Signs imply big transitions – Pisces-Aries-Taurus (endings-beginnings-foundations) and Virgo-Libra-Scorpio (deconstruction-Other-fearlessness).  These are Twelfth-Harmonic Angles – Pattern-Breaking.

The Mushroom Cloud

Notice that Pluto also bisects the upper Trine of the Yin Gate, forming a Grand Trine with the bottom blue (black) line, and a T-Square with the central (red) Opposition.  The Vacant sixth point in the now-faded Grand Sextile, Opposite Pluto, is 10 Cancer, “A large Diamond in the first stages of the cutting process,” which Rudhyar hears as “The arduous training for perfection to fully manifest an ideal.”  If you’ve a natal planet at 9-11 of Cancer, I hope you’re about to step up and take an active role in helping pour the foundations for whatever socio-political edifice Humans build to replace the one that’s collapsing.

Look at the Angles to Pluto in the Yin Gate chart…

DSCN4565What’ll we call this if not a Toadstool Formation!  Maybe a Pagoda?  I’ll let you do your own free-associations about what this one means.  It certainly implies to me that the Changes coming down are Plutonic in scale.  In a Plutonic Change, the Planetary Trance changes, and suddenly everything is different.  What stands out in this view, because of its asymmetry, is the Quincunx to the head of the Pallas Diamond Star.  That Quincunx might inquire…

I wonder, if enough of us set Boundaries to assert our own Missions, how will that change the World Trance?!?

I like the Uranus-Pluto-Pallas Pythagorean Triangle, because it loops from Challenge to Curiosity to Grace.  That’s a formula we would all do well to follow most of the time.

That Other Detail

Oh, then we notice that in the chart above, for September 30, the Moon (Manifestation) is crossing Mars (Action), implying that a good deal of leverage will apply, whatever is going on.  Remember anything else about Mars?  Comet ISON is passing Mars, on its way in to witness whatever it’s planning to herald as it slingshots around the Sun.  So that’s Moon-Mars-ISON there in the Aries section of Leo (new Identities).  And that happens to be closely Trine to Eris in the Sagittarius section of Aries (tossing out extraneous features in order to debug the central function of our new creation).  So we can expect a good deal of hidden information to surface here in the Yin Gate, that will have a significant impact on the downfall of the Old Order.

Rutilated Quartz – Titanium Oxide (Rutile) embedded in Quartz, symbolizing the hard-earned past-life Skills that are hidden beneath our South-Node Emotional Holding, skills that we need to liberate if we are to fulfill our Mission in the Lifetime.

Hubble Snap of ISON

April 24, 2013


Here’s a nice portrait of Comet ISON, taken by the Hubble Space Telescope – since ISON is still out beyond Jupiter.  ISON joins Ceres (Sustainability/Sustenance) in triggering our ongoing Uranus-Pluto Square (Challenge to be more Authentic) in tomorrow’s Full Moon Partial Eclipse.  Thanks to Big Government (NASA) for the photo (

Portal 4.21 – An ISON Grand Sextile

April 19, 2013


Comet ISON

Comet ISON, meanwhile, is Out of Bounds at 10 degrees of Cancer, joining Ceres in the Grand Trine with Saturn and Neptune, and Opposing Pluto in a T-Square with Mercury-Uranus at its head.  Is there any advance information we can glean about ISON that will help us understand what it may mean for us Earthlings?

Well, it was discovered at an observatory near Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn’s hometown, a town in the shadow of the tallest peak in Europe, Mt. Elbrus, and long famous for its mineral baths.  Solzhenitsyn was kind of an Eridean character, wasn’t he, illuminating Denial as he did.  Mt. Elbrus is a lovely 5600m glaciated twin-peaked stratovolcano overlooking and watering the rich lands of the historical Cossacks, or Khazakhs.  The Cossacks are known for their fierce Uranian independence and democratic traditions.  Mt. Elbrus was where Zeus chained Prometheus for stealing Fire from the Gods.

This is quite a history.  It suggests that the Mercury-Uranus T-Square is Challenging us to embrace Self-Knowledge, Honesty, Clarity, and Self-Determination, celebrate our Positive Emotions (watering the rich lands), and honor the Sanctity of the Body (the mineral spas), as rituals that will accelerate our Transformation (Pluto) and Ascension (stealing Fire).

Cossack territory of course included Chechnya.  If “suspect #1” in the Boston bombing was named after Tamerlane the Great, the 14th-century conquerer that aimed to reassemble the domain of Genghis Khan, massacring five percent of the World’s then-population in the process, that makes the whole Grand-Trine mystery –

Why all the violence when we’re entering a period of Grace?  And what is it that’s being dredged up out of Denial?

– suddenly clear.  Ancient enmity emerging from the Collective Unconscious, a massive global clearing of primal xenophobia, something totally necessary before any hope of Collaboration between all the Peoples and Lizards of the Planet to address their common impending demise.

The conflicts in Bosnia and environs were necessary to clear out a deep complex of conflicts dating from Roman, Ostragoth, and Ottoman days.  This is the next step, taking us further back to our Sumerian roots.

Tamerlane the Great was known for slaughtering the populations of entire cities, tens of thousands of people at a time, and piling up their heads into gigantic towers, while letting witnesses escape to the next city on his campaign, to spread terror before him.  Aside from the implications about propaganda, there are also implications of the kinds of mass die-off that Global Warming is likely to produce.  The message to us is,

Cleanse the ancient held Unconscious Contents so the Planet won’t be forced to cleanse the species instead.

These are Contents in the Universal Unconscious, the realm of Pluto.

An ison is also the background drone in a Byzantine chant, an aid in Trance Formation.  The Byzantine Empire coexisted with Tamerlane the Great.  Sailors from the Byzantine Empire helped the Ottoman Turks escape from his carnage when he attached Anatolia and the Levant.  Fifty years after Tamerlane’s death, the reconstituted Ottomans overran the Byzantine Empire.

And Ison is a cultivar of the Muscadine grape (thanks to Edible Landscaping for the loan of the portrait).  Muscadines still grow wild in the US Southeast, and their cultivars are among the sweetest of grapes, used for making dessert wines, though they have a tough, tart skin.  Maybe the Grand Trines imply that if we can’t steal Fire from the Gods, we can borrow heavenly Grapes from the Goddess.  Muscadines don’t contain Resveratrol, however.

The Sixth Harmonic

Putting a marker there at Cancer 10 gives us five points of a Grand Sextile.  A Grand Sextile is six planets spaced equally around the Zodiac, and generally regarded as an extraordinary benefic.  While a Third-Harmonic Trine represents Grace, a Sixth-Harmonic Sextile symbolizes Creative Grace.  The Third Harmonic symbolizes Love with Wisdom, and a Trine brings the danger of arrogance, should one be tempted to interpret the Grace as a characteristic of their persona rather than a Gift from the Gods.  Until self-knowledge and Other-knowledge are obtained, it’s reasonable to expect arrogance to arise, as most bearers of natal Grand Trines will admit from their youth.  The Trine teaches that wisdom.

The Sixth Harmonic denotes Partnership, and a Sextile implies that the results of Creative work are very beneficial, so the individual Consciousness is directly involved in manifesting the Grace.  A Grand Sextile is composed of six of these end-to-end, so they circle the whole Zodiac, making a six-pointed Star, or Merkaba – the Chariot of Ascension.  When you have six Sextiles aligned, you automatically have two Grand Trines and three Golden Rectangles embedded within – or Great Grace.

In the current incomplete Grand Sextile, besides ISON-Ceres, the other planets involved are Venus-Pallas, Chiron-Neptune, Pluto, and Saturn.  I would expect this to bring some very powerful movement into our Chiron-Neptune New Paradigm, where Cooperation and Mutual Concern trump Competition and Win-Lose.

The 4.21 Grand Sextile

And as we’d expect, on April 21, the Moon fills in the vacant corner of the Merkaba and completes the Grand Sextile…


The blue lines trace out the hexagram, the six-pointed Star, the two Grand Trines, and the three Golden Rectangles.  But in this chart there are not six, but eight planets in or near the same degree.  The Grand Sextile planets occupy Magnetic (Yin) Signs, while the other two  – Juno and Mercury-Uranus – are in Dynamic (Yang) Signs.  That means that the Grand Sextile is joined by two T-Squares (the red lines), pointing at Juno and Mercury-Uranus.

We’ve already been working with the Juno T-Square and its likely revision of our Unconscious Identity.  The other T-Square has been forming, but Ceres is still six degrees from its Opposition to Pluto, so we haven’t brought it up yet.  But ISON brings this T-Square into the open.  Mercury will move away rapidly, so we’re left with Ceres-ISON triggering the Uranus-Pluto Square.

As part of its Sustainable/Sustenance duty, Ceres will be asking us to abandon habits that disrupt our Integrity.  ISON may well steal a little Fire from the Gods and put it under our butts, to motivate us to accelerate that process.  There should be a window open for giving up addictions.  The next (third) Uranus-Pluto Square occurs May 20.  The Ceres T-Square is exact May 5-7.  Slow-moving ISON completes the exact T-Square with Uranus and Pluto from April 27 till May 10.

But the two most important points in the Portal 4.21 chart are probably the Vacancies that would turn the T-Squares into Grand Crosses – the two red dots.  That would neutralize their Challenges though more by providing diversion than by providing ease.  Libra 10, Opposite Uranus, is symbolized by

“Having past safely through narrow rapids, a canoe reaches calm waters.”

Wouldn’t that be a welcome respite.  And Leo 12, Opposite Juno, reads

“An evening party of adults on a lawn, illumined by fancy lanterns.”

While the Angular Energies and Cycles we talk about are perterbations that occur in the Unconscious, the Vacancies are Energies that we have to provide.  In other words, our instructions seem to be to keep cool, stay Present, and Don’t Feed the Fears.


March 3, 2013


Here’s our March Comet over Melbourne at Sunset, Pan-STARRS, courtesy Carl Gruber.  For details see

It’ll skim the Sun in a couple days, and be prominent in the Northern Half next week.  Watch your Sunsets.  Here’s an ephemeris,

Leave a comment if you’d like to know how to read the ephemeris.  If your sleep has been disturbed, this might have something to do with it…

Another Comet, Comet Lemmon (which is green!), will get bright toward the end of March and into April…

None of which should be confused with Comet ISON, due in November 2013…

All of which of course had “nothing to do” with the Big Meteorite,

that nailed Chelyabinsk and upstaged the Big Asteroid as it zinged past on the Ides of February.


Busy busy busy in this neck of the Galaxy.

Here’s a nice story about how we’ll live when The Goddess finishes mopping up the messes that The God has been making of everything…

Not that His goals aren’t positive, it’s just that a lot of people don’t understand His sense of humor and that He’s trying to make things look so ridiculous that they’ll “get it” and swing back toward Compassion.  Like this one –

Or this one,

Maybe folks’ll “get it” soon, eh?  Here’s a viewpoint from Thomas Berry…

“We are here to become integral with all our relations; I have said before that our role and rationale and mission is to be in communion with all living forms, both human and non-human.  Remember that from the beginning the universe has been spiritual as well as physical, it follows that everything and everyone has both a physical and spiritual dimension: there is an intrinsic goodness in all life.  This is what we must keep in mind no matter what an individual is expressing at any given moment.

“There is a spark of divinity to be awakened within each one, a uniqueness that is an aspect of the sacred.  All relationships carry that possibility.  Someone or something must ignite the spark by loving the differences in each of us.  In each meeting there is the mystery of the presence of another with whom one can discover new possibilities for life.  Everyone and everything calls for recognition, the longing to be known for its special presence.  To deprive any being of this sacred quality is to disrupt the total order of the universe.”

Carolyn Tobin, Recovering a Sense of the Sacred: Conversations with Thomas Berry, pp.69-70.