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Portal 13.10 Part II

October 10, 2016

If you were reading closely you noticed in Part I that we referred to the Chiron T-Square.  We’ve talked about Chiron, so what’s a T-Square?  Geometrically, it’s two planets that Oppose one another, with a third planet at their Midpoint.  It puts a lot of Stress on the third planet – in this case, Chiron.

If you have a shred of Perfectionism in you, or even just want to get your Needs met, a T-Square will Frustrate you no end.  It’s a problem without a solution.  That’s in fact an oxymoron.  If there is no solution, then there is no problem.  Case closed.  It’s like Chiron, you have to Change your Perspective.  A T-Square is not a problem, it’s a Practice.  You don’t Solve or even Resolve a T-Square, you Study it.  No matter how thoroughly you Explore it, there will always be more to Discover.  Life is like that, if you aren’t Dead to it.

We refer to a T-Square as Mastery through Challenge, because even though it Feels Frustrating, it’s the Essence of our Lifetime Study, and not only are we an Expert on it, but we Explore more subtleties about it every day, whether we recognize it or not.  Very few of us Acknowledge ourself for this, but it’s never too late to start.

So a Chiron T-Square is a double whammy.  Fortunately, we’ve been practicing Changing the Subject and Paying Attention a lot as we do our PIAVAs.  And that’s all we need to do.  When we detect the beginning of Chironean Despair, we Change the Subject with a quick “You poor Sweetheart…” and then go about our business.  We may not even notice that Miracles have occurred, because “we” are no longer Identifying with the person who was beginning to Feel Despair.

When we start to perceive another dead end with a T-Square, we Pay Attention.  Oh, right, this is a graduate seminar.  There aren’t any Right Answers, only Creative Questions.  What’s familiar about this Frustration?  How is it different from the last one?  Am I doing the same thing and expecting a different outcome (I think that was another Einsteinism)?  Or am I Exploring a slightly different level or angle this time?  When it feels like we’re in a rut, all we need to do is tweak one of the variables, Study it from a different angle.

The Chiron T-Square has been in effect (within three Degrees of Sensitivity) since the end of July, and it will be with us till late November.  Unfortunately (from the Perspective of Ease – Fortunately from the Perspective of Learning, and this is an important Learning for a Huper), it peaked at the September Equinox, which means it’ll be with us for a year.

While in a T-Square the third planet gets the juice, the two planets in Opposition give us hints about what we’re Learning.  At the September Equinox, one of these original two planets was Stationary – at its Strongest, temporarily rivaling Chiron for the Juiciest Award.  That planet was the dwarf Chaos – which signifies Unlimitedness.  

So we get a triple whammy – remember we said the worst kind of Despair was Unconscious Despair, when we just didn’t Believe something was even Possible?  So now we’re staring into an Infinite Abyss of Possibility, virtually Douglas Adams and Zaphod Beeblebrox’s Infinite Improbability Drive.  Talk about Frustration!  Thank the Goddesses that the Equinox is behind us – though the impact isn’t, is it.  What we “always” thought were Limits suddenly aren’t.

Unless of course we’re still in Denial, which most of us are.  How do I know that?  Well, the third planet in our triumvirate is Ixion, our Abandoned Genius.  We’ve a pretty good wall around our Hidden Genius, and that wall keeps us Safe, so we aren’t going to give it up just because someone built a glass-bottomed bridge across a bottomless canyon.  Even if they hung bungee chords from it.

“You poor Sweetheart, you’re dangling over a bottomless canyon that you’d never survive a fall into, aren’t you.  And you poor poor Sweetheart, a very precious part of you is at the bottom of the canyon beckoning to you, pleading for your help, aren’t they.  Woe Is Us!  You poor Sweetheart, you’re in a pickle with no escape, aren’t you.”

Think about that.  This is going on in your Life on some level.  What is it about for you?  You don’t have to tell anybody else, just admit it to yourself.  Don’t worry about it making “sense” – it won’t.  Not to the mind anyway, so don’t even try.  Your Belly and your Heart know all about it, though, and they understand it completely.  Don’t they.

And yes, You would never survive a fall, because the Dangling You would reunite with the Abandoned You at the bottom, and a whole new You would be born.

Haumea (Rebirth) makes a Trine Bridge (Free Pass) across the Chaos-Ixion Opposition.  So does Uranus-Eris (Yintegrity, Authenticity), and together they form a Golden Rectangle (Lifetime Free Pass).  What a Temptation!!  And just to add another exclamation point, asteroid Veritas (Truth) is sitting on Chaos!

Just to rub it in, Pholus (Full Responsibility To) sits with Ixion, Asking us to be Fully Responsible To our Brilliant, Georgeous, Talented, Fabulous, Unique Genius.  No two of us are alike, and the jigsaw puzzle doesn’t fit together without ALL of us, in ALL of our Goddess-Given Glory.  Remember how smug Zaphod was?  Try it on; it suits you.  Try it on in the Mirror, see how you Light Up the room?

Once again, The Donald is our role model.  No, we wouldn’t want to be him, or be like him.  But he’s Donald.  Look at the flack he’s taking for being unabashedly Himself.  That’s why we Abandoned our Genius in the first place – because Other People couldn’t stand to see it when their own Genius was so beaten down.  Yes, he’d make an awful president, and yes, we can Embrace our Genius without being pathologically Narcissistic about it, and yes, he’s making a Shameful punching bag for the Patriarchy (which needs it badly), but he makes a Perfect Donald.  

Self-Love New Moon

September 29, 2016

The 30 September New Moon (5pm PDT) Conjoins asteroid Sappho, signifying Self-Love.  Of course we’ve just finished a Self-Lovefest, with Makemake and Jupiter both Initiating Sappho last weekend, so this is just frosting.  The downside is that we’ll be looking in the Mirror at our Self-Hate, because we have to Embrace our Self-Hate, and our Self-Meh, to find our Self-Love.

It’s at 9 Degrees of Libra. which means “Three ‘Old Masters’ hang on the wall of a special room in an art gallery” – good analogy for finding your Self-Love hidden away among the other works of Art in your Psyche.  Stay alert – your Abandoned Genius might even be hanging behind that pillar in this special room!

The four Epiphanies (Mjolnirs) of our Insight Forest are all pretty long-lived, so they’re still around for the next several weeks on their own merit.  The fifth Mjolnir that our Magic Storm added is still present for the New Moon, but fades in a couple of days.  The influence of all five, though, will be carried forward for the next two to four weeks by their presence in the New Moon chart.

Here’s an exercise that could prove to be Powerful.

Try not to edit your Tongue for the next few weeks.

Where you would usually have stopped yourself from saying something for any reason, spit it out.  There’s an excellent chance that your “random” Jungian Slips could lead you directly to your Hidden Genius.  Plus, as we’ll see soon, we need to practice making Amends. And, it’ll feed your Self-Love (or evoke your Self-Hate for Clearing).

Asteroid Karma (Inertial Habits) has edged into position to complete a Grand Trine (Big Grace) and Kite (Directed Grace) with Ixion-Pholus (Responsibility to our Genius and our Spontaneous Intuition) and Uranus-Eris (Truth-Speaking), with Haumea (Rebirth) at the head of the Kite.

The New Moon chart also includes a couple of extra beneficial Gifts for us.

The New Moon itself makes a Quincunx Bridge, and Venus, the focus of Mjolnir #5, makes a Trine Bridge, across the Nodal Axis, which is of course Lit Up by Orcus (Oath-Breaking) on the Deepest Desire/Mission end, and Neptune (Material Confusion and Spiritual Clarity) on the Held Emotion/Hidden Skills end.

Muffins 1

September 28, 2016

We might have named this Configuration already, but it looks too much like a Muffin to not rename it.  It’s basically a five-pointed Star in a box, and it’s primary implication is that our PIAVAs should work exceptionally well, as four of the lines in the Star symbolize Curiosity (Quincunxes) and the fifth Major Grace (Trine).

It’s an upside-down Square Fez with a fifth planet at the near Midpoint of the Trine.  You would create one by taking a Finger of God and putting two additional planets on either side of the point, each Sextile to the lead planet.  This makes the shoulders of the Muffin Square to the ends of the base of the Yod.

The Quincunxes, Trine, and three Sextiles would greatly ease the Challenge part of the Squares, accelerating the Mastery part.

We bring this up because this Muffin is the container for two new Initiations…

  • Hylonome Initiates Mars 9:30am PDT 29 September at 2 Capricorn
  • Chariklo Initiates Mars 5pm PDT 2 October at 4 Capricorn

These Initiate eighteen-month Cycles.

Hylonome-Mars will give us a choice – waste a lot of Energy wrestling with an Archetype, which btw are gargantuan, or use the Energy to break free from the Archetype.  Capricorn 2 is about the often-violent contest between Ritual and Intuition, between Tradition and Creativity.  Lots of Leverage here for enhancing Freedom.

Similarly, the Chariklo-Mars Cycle is about how much Energy we use Pleasing Other (other people, our Programming, our Ideals), and how much Energy we use Pleasing Ourself (our Values, our Heart, our Yintegrity).  Capricorn 4 is about gathering and inventorying our Tools in preparation for a significant Emotional Adventure.

A few folks are naturally Charismatic; for them this Cycle would be about How they invest their Charisma, How they put it to work, for what Purpose, and their Commitment to it.

In this particular Mars-Chariklo Cycle, we’re dealing with our Attachment to the Archetype of Pleasing.  As with the Mars-Hylonome Cycle, we will Choose – Consciously or Unconsciously – to Use our Energy to wrestle with the Archetype, or to Liberate ourself from it.

We’ll look at how the rest of the Muffin will steer these Energies in Muffins 2.  I think we can place our bets on Liberation.

Magic Storm 2

September 26, 2016

Continuing from Magic Storm 1…

(3) Things are in flux here.  Boundaries are due for revision, as we discover that as our Unconscious Beliefs and our Values are Changing – more than we Realize, the Rhetoric we’ve been sharing with what we thought were Tribemates has relied too much on Assumption and not enough on Communication.  

We could just as well discover that someone we haven’t been Sharing much with actually may be a Tribemate, worthy of testing to see if greater Intimacy is Safe.  These Changes are not in general a hassle; it’s just Time for Change – we Adjust our Boundaries with folks constantly.

In fact, it’s an Opportunity.  If we let our degree of Intimacy (Social Intimacy, not Sexual Intimacy, though that may be in flux as well) ebb and flow, without Burning any Bridges, we’ll be moving toward the All-One-Tribe-But-With-Different-Rituals model that we need eventually to Embrace in order to have some degree of Social Harmony on the Planet.  All these Changes are more likely to be Discoveries (if you Notice) than Decisions.

(4) Hanging out as we are all week in the Insight Forest, we probably will Notice.  In addition to the four Big Epiphanies we talked about in the Insight Forest series, a fifth one arises in the second half of the week, having mostly to do with our Values.  

While in the Past we’ve endeavored to keep ourself Safe by skirting the Edges of Pits of Despair, and avoiding the places that would require Wings, we may discover that our Values have Shifted.  We might find ourself PIAVAing Wings, and Dancing cautiously – or Bravely – into the Edges of Despair to see what Treasures may be Hidden there.  We could even find ourself on the trail of our Abandoned Genius.

(3) Separately, Vesta, Pallas, and Venus form a Septangle – a Triseptile between Vesta and Pallas, both pointing Biseptiles toward Venus.

(4) Venus moves into position to become the focus of a fifth Mjolnir, based on the Square from Chiron to Veritas-Chaos.  The Chiron-Veritas/Chaos Square, along with Ixion-Pholus, is part of the Chiron T-Square.

Magic Storm 1

September 26, 2016

Of course one arena where we understand Magic – events with no apparent causal or mechanical antecedent – to occur is PIAVA.  When our car keys fall into our hand as soon as we Change the Subject, for example.  Another is the Miracles that can occur when we Change our Perspective; how rapidly our Distress can disappear, for instance, when we Empathize with it using a “Poor Sweetheart” or the equivalent.  Einstein’s “Can’t solve problem using same thinking that postulated it” theorem.  How quickly Lifetimes of Karma can melt away when we Realize that we’re grasping it rather than vice versa.

The third place where Magic occurs is around Timing.  If the Timing isn’t right we can try to brute-force something forever, and nothing happens.  But if, Consciously or Unconsciously, we can get the Timing just right, we can move a Mountain with our little finger.  Tolkien’s “When the Thrush knocks twice” notion as the Hobbit is looking for the secret doorway to Smaug’s lair.  In the Tarot, this is the Chariot – Stillness and Action.  In astrology, it’s the Seventh Harmonic, or the Septile series of Angles between planets.  If you’re frequently Frustrated by poor Timing in your Life, look to see what the Septiles in your natal chart might Teach you.  This week we have a Storm of Septiles occurring in the Sky.

(1) Primary among the Timing Energies this week is the Great Leap Forward available to us by Paying Attention to the Power embedded in our Most Persistent Bummers.  After all, if an Energy has the Strength to Bum us Out, when we know our Light is Powerful Beyond Measure, that’s some serious Magic.  We just need to turn the barrel around and use it to Change the World for the better, rather than using it to Deflate our Brilliance, Gorgeousness, Talent, and Fabulosity.

How to do that?  Well, it’s a Mystery, it’s Magic, there is no recognized cause or mechanism.  To the Patriarchal eye that is.  We know there’s PIAVA, to start.  And astrology gives us clues.  It has something to do with Memory, Sustainability or Sustenance, Held Emotions, Hidden Skills, and our Relationship to the Great Whomever.  

Who Are You in your Fantasies?  When your Spine is straight and your Chin level, do you Feel like you could Do Miracles?  I know, we aren’t ready for all the Complexities that would follow, let alone the Ego trips and Fan Deluge.  But, y’know, if the Timing is right, we don’t need no stinkin’ Complexities.  Nobody even needs to know it was us that Changed the World.  

Oh.  You Wanted the Credit?  Okay, if that’s true then we’ve just discovered that our Need for Recognition hasn’t been met.  That happens a lot in a Competitive arena like the Patriarchy.  Without a Mirror, it’s difficult to tell How We Look.  “You Poor Sweetheart, you wanted Recognition, didn’t you.”  That’s where it ultimately has to come from; you can Change the Subject, then in a while Pay Attention to see if it was enough.

But hmmm, “How We Look.”  Are we focused on Appearances more than Substance?  That happens a lot in the Patriarchy too, where we Believe we have to meet other people’s Expectations in order to be okay.  Worse, we may Believe we have to meet our own Expectations to be okay.  Expectations mostly come from the Either/Or mind, though, and we’re Both/And Infinite Light Beings, so those mental boxes are really prisons, aren’t they.  Like Aladdin’s Lamp.  I Wonder what would happen if I rubbed my Expectations three times.

These might seem trivial, but they aren’t.  They are, however, only the Beginning.  The point is that our Hidden Skills are ours, they’re Sustainable, they’re Native Skills that we trained hard to develop, successfully, in other Lifetimes.  They’re us – once we Remember them.  To do that we may have a face down a Demon or two, but they’re Emotional Demons – Paper Tigers.  Nothing we can’t disempower with a series of Poor Sweethearts, tears, pillow-pounding, Fear-Tapping, Kegels, posture and attitude adjustments, and PIAVAs.

(2) While all that is huge enough, it’s still Potential.  An additional element puts it into Motion.  The Destination is Permanently Remembering our Brilliance, Gorgeousness, Talent, and Fabulosity, without wasting any Energy on getting Inflated about it.  Why should we be Inflated about it, when it just is, no reason to Question it, no need to Doubt.  The Tension that’s being held for Release is the Energy embedded in the contrast between the Recognized Truth of our Infinite Possibilities and the Irrepressible Creative Urge of our explosive Held Emotions.  And the Power that’s stretching this Tension is our rapidly Expanding Self-Love and the Knowledge that we can Manifest exactly What We Want.  Lots of superlatives there, but they’re in the Stars and the Timing, not in the text.

What?  You aren’t overcome with Excitement?  Of course not, we can’t forget our Upper Limits!  We were Punished for being Overexuberant.  These days they’d pump us dull of Ritalin or kick us out of school if we threatened anything like this sort of TranceEndDance.  Pull in some of that Self-Love for your Punished Little One, Change the Subject, and rest a bit.  This Energy ain’t going anywhere.

(3-4). We’ll do these after Sunset.  Don’t forget, though, that our Insight Forest is with us all week, and actually Expands mid-week.

(1) The most powerful is a Septile Yod focused on Sun-Sappho-Jupiter-Makemake near the Super-Galactic Center, formed by Triseptiles from both ends of the Waxing Septile between Mnemosyne-Ceres in Taurus and Neptune-South Node in Pisces.  It’s Strongest 27-29 September.

(2) Dwarf planet Chaos, with asteroid Veritas, is Septile to Mnemosyne-Ceres, and Biseptile to both Neptune-South Node and Sun-Sappho-Jupiter-Makemake.  This creates a Septile Kite, with Veritas-Chaos and Neptune-South Node forming the bow, Sun-Sappho-Jupiter-Makemake the fletchings, and Mnemosyne-Ceres the arrowhead.

(3) Separately, Vesta, Pallas, and Venus form a Septangle – a Triseptile between Vesta and Pallas, both pointing Biseptiles toward Venus.

(4) Venus moves into position to become the focus of a fifth Mjolnir, based on the Square from Chiron to Veritas-Chaos.


Insight Forest V

September 25, 2016

Well, isn’t this intriguing.  A “Nova,” which could become a Supernova, has appeared over the last few days at – if my conversion from Right Ascension to Tropical Zodiac is correct – 23 Scorpio, “A rabbit metamorphoses into a nature spirit.”  Wouldn’t that blow open more of the Limiting Beliefs that have (quite unsuccessfully!) Banished Mother Nature to the Darkness.

It’s RA 15:29; see .  

It’s at the focus of a Finger of God based on the Sextile between Veritas-Chaos and Uranus-Eris, Lighting up Marianne Williamson’s Greatest Fear postulate superbly.  That would be quite remarkable if it became a daylight-visible Supernova.  It also Trine-Bridges the Nodal Opposition, and creates a Grand Trine with Vesta and Chiron, adding a strong twist of Grace to the whole Pluto-Station/Septile Storm/New Moon Affair.

However, I don’t think my conversion from RA to Tropical is correct.  Based on the RA and Tropical Degree of Arcturus, the Nova would Conjoin Lilith and Juno.  If it becomes a Supernova, we’d have to consider it the Harbinger of the Era of the Yang Feminine, which would be even more remarkable.

And another off-planet Validation from the Arcturians… 

Arcturus is behind, or Conjunct, Haumea.

Insight Forest IV

September 25, 2016

“She felt strange.  The feeling was so unsettling…” 

Don’t know about you; it’s very abstract, but the combination of this possibly-wet-pavement image and the snippet of text really brings up ancient Memories for me – Willingness to Compromise mySelf to try to Compensate for Loneliness – no Gene Kelly there!  Very fitting for our Insight Forest Adventure.

Insight Forest III

September 25, 2016

Again, we’ll continue where Insight Forest II left off…

(5) In the process of all these Changes, we’ll be getting Clearer about Who We Are, now that we’ve loosened our Masks and are more Conscious of our Authenticity, and more Conscious about when and why we get diverted from it.  In particular, we’re likely to be Discovering the Promises we made to ourself, and to others, which still Limit us even though they’re long since obsolete.  There is no downside to disavowing these Oaths, other than temporarily staggering under a blow to our Identity.

(6) One of the things that are likely to become Clear here, is the fuzzy, sticky Relationship between Who We Believe Ourself to Be and our Culture.  We’ve been Believing that it’s our Culture that has been Limiting us; now we’re Discovering that it’s as much or more Us that’s Limiting us, and that our Culture is a panorama to which we directly contribute snapshots.  When We Change, other people Change, and the World around us Changes.  The World is not an Objective Entity outside of ourself; we are a cell in its Body, and our Weltanschauung and its Weltanschauung are intimately connected and in some ways tautologically – though of course Mirrors are involved.

(7) Rebirth is nether Easy nor Simple.  As we become younger and revert to near zero in age, we will Lose track of a lot of Skills.  PIAVA becomes our primary mode of Survival, as PDSA is generally not available to Infants.  Panic and Despair will be great temptations, till we Realize that our species have been in the same situation for at least millions of years.  Sure, a few things have Changed, but the basic premise – Survival – has not.  Breathe, seek Food when hungry, seek a Safe place to Rest when sleepy.  It comes down to Richard Brautigan’s Karma Repair Kit – .

(8) The ultimate Esoteric Purpose behind this Adventure is to bring us to our Abandoned Genius, the “Brilliant, Gorgeous, Talented, and Fabulous Light within us that Most Frightens Us.”  

(7) The Chiron-Veritas/Chaos Square’s Tricolor is Veritas-Chaos Square Chiron Quincunx Haumea Trine Veritas-Chaos; we need to PIAVA or Wonder about how our Rebirth will impact our ability to escape Despair into Miracle, it we are to evoke the fat Trine between Veritas-Chaos and Haumea and Expand our Rebirth into more of What We Really Want.

Insight Forest II

September 25, 2016

We’ll pick up where we left off at the end of Insight Forest I…

(4) What happens when our Unconscious Limiting Beliefs get blown away, and how can we prepare for that?  

Rhetoric is the Language style we use when we assume that whomever we’re talking to has the same Unconscious Beliefs as we do.  I use it a lot, so does Trump.  It’s the Language we use when we’re talking to our Tribe, and it saves us a lot of words.  One of its effect is to make someone from a rival Tribe either Angry or Intimidated.  Since Anger is a Sin in polite society, that ends up being the same as Intimidated.  Problem is, part of the Essence of our Changes is the Insight that we’re All One Tribe.

While some of us may be somewhat Conscious of the basis for our Rhetoric, much of it based on our Unconscious Beliefs, and the Unconscious Belief that someone with different Unconscious Beliefs is Corrupt, Ignorant, Degenerate, Deplorable, or all of the above.  Even if they are all that, our Attitude toward them would be different if they were part of our own Tribe.  We would probably be inspired to educate them – which of course would be received as insulting and condescending, just as we’re insulted when they try to “educate” or brainwash us.

So one of the impacts of Changes in our Unconscious Beliefs, is that we may begin to doubt our own Rhetoric, which could be a serious blow to our Identity.  Most of us to one degree or another Ego-Identify with our Tribe.  We could also just find ourselves more Disturbed than usual by Rhetoric, ours or theirs.  Eventually we’ll have to work out ways to tolerate different Unconscious Beliefs, and communicate Honestly with folks whose Unconscious Beliefs are all screwed up.

At the very least we could Learn to become Conscious of how the Lizards (Rhetoric Alert) use Rhetoric to Manipulate us.  If you have the misfortune of watching the US Unpresidential Debates on 26 September, you’ll get a good Teaching on Rhetoric, and how your Attitude towards it is Changing.  Basically, any Insecurity you Feel could well be linked to Changes in your Unconscious Beliefs and your Unconscious Identity.  Any Discomfort you encounter, it would behoove to Wonder if it might be related to Changes in your Unconscious Beliefs.  You might discover a gap between yourself and old friends or family.

There are three major corollaries to the Collapse of our Unconscious Beliefs, and to our resulting Insecurity.  The first is the impending collapse of our Cultures and Economies (the Waning Saturn-Neptune Square).  The second is the need to Review Who We Believe We Are and Why We Do What We Do, and whether the latter serves the former (Saturn Square to the Nodes).  The third is the Potential or Actual Disruption in our Lives resulting from the Loss of our Masks (Haumea Opposite Uranus-Eris).  Are we indulging Business As Usual and pretending that these Changes may not impact us, or waiting till the last minute to prepare for them?

In the US, September is “Emergency Preparedness Month.”  Are we prepared to see our Cultural, Egoic, and Habitual Foundations disrupted, without resorting to gang violence?

Insight Forest I

September 25, 2016

(1) The primary feature of the 26 September Pluto Station chart is a forest of potential Epiphanies – which forest grows larger into the 28 September Magic Storm and the 30 September New Moon.  With this rush of Insight, many of the recent (and backlog of) Big Unconscious Changes will come into Awareness, accelerating our sense of Progress toward Healing the Planet and shifting our Cultures toward more Cooperation and less Competition.

(2) One of the more important issues here will be…

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.  It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us.  We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, and fabulous?  Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God.  Your playing small does not serve the world.  There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people will not feel insecure around you.  We are all meant to shine, as children do.  We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us.  It is not just in some of us; it is in everyone and as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give others permission to do the same.  As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others. ”  — 

(3) Keep your Attention focused on your Deepest Desires, your Mission, your Held Emotions, and your Hidden Skills.  Since your Mission and Hidden Skills aren’t front and center, you can accelerate the process by PIAVAing Insights about both.  Your Held Emotions are probably also covered by layers of “excuses” why you can’t Open up to them, often to the point of complete Obfuscation, so you’ll also gain from PIAVAing that you Lovingly and Gently Learn Important Things about the Emotions you regard as Untouchable.

(4) Many of our Limiting and Unconscious Beliefs will be getting blown open here.  It’s important to prepare for this.  We’ll explain why and how in Insight Forest II, coming soon to a computer screen near you.

(5-8) We’ll also finish translating the other four major elements of the chart in Insight Forest II.

(1) The Pluto Station chart features two T-Squares whose foci are separated by a Trioctile, Creating four Mjolnirs.

A Mjolnir (which is Norwegian for Thor’s Hammer) is a Square with a fourth planet at the Far Midpoint, making two Trioctiles pointing at the fourth planet.  You could think of it, very appropriately, as a Trioctile Yod.  While it’s common for folks to think of Thor’s Hammer as a paragon of Destructiveness, in fact it’s more appropriately seen as an Irresistable Force.  Like the Artemesia Deva says in The Findhorn Garden, you Hupers shy away from Power, but to us, more Power means we can better serve God. 

More about Power when we consider the upcoming Magic Storm, which will follow from a chart packed with Seventh-Harmonic Angles.

The Octile or Eighth Harmonic is about Adjustment and Rebalancing, while the Third Harmonic is about Compassion or Love with Wisdom.  Putting those two principles together we interpret the Trioctile as Making Adjustments toward Balance and Wholeness.

The Trioctile Yod or Mjolnir then says Pay Attention to Making Adjustments toward Balance and Wholeness, which often unfolds as Insights or Epiphanies.

The four Mjolnirs point to…

  • (2) The Saturn Mjolnir is based on a Square between Chiron and Veritas-Chaos, which we can read very directly as…

(3) Saturn also T-Squares the Nodes, with Orcus on the South Node and Neptune on the North Node.  

While the T-Square implies Mastery through Challenge, the Mjolnir shows us a Path through the Challenge.

Which in this case is…

  • (4) The Vesta Mjolnir is based on the Square between Saturn and the Neptune-South Node Conjunction.  Vesta is also the focus of the T-Square based on the Opposition between Haumea and Uranus-Eris…
  • (5) The Uranus-Eris Mjolnir, which is based on the Square from Saturn to Orcus-North Node.  Uranus-Eris, recall, was Exact again today.
  • (6) The Neptune-South Node Mjolnir, based on the Vesta-Haumea Square.

(7) The Square from Chiron to Veritas-Chaos is not part of a T-Square.  However, with Haumea, it’s part of a Tricolor.

(8) The Tricolor and the Vesta T-Square are connected by a Golden Rectangle, formed by the Haumea-Uranus/Eris Opposition, and an Opposition between Veritas-Chaos and Ixion-Pholus