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Shades of Hoobert Heever

April 30, 2013

Some folks are finally starting to remember why FDR got elected, after Herbert “Tea Party” Hoover managed to turn the 1929 stock market collapse into a worldwide Depression by 1933…

Oschman in Phoenix in August

April 30, 2013

If I lived in Phoenix, I’d be all over this!   This is how medicine will work in the next Century, once all of the closed minds and turf protectors die off…

Why Energy Medicine Works
By James Oschman

James Oschman This class by well-known biophysicist and author James Oschman will explain how Energy Medicine works as described in his popular book, Energy Medicine: The Scientific Basis (Churchill Livingstone, 2000). It will also explore the incredible progress that has taken place in understanding the mechanics of Energy Medicine since the book was published. Of particular interest will be an understandable description of the basic physics involved in Energy Medicine, a description that can be used to explain the nature of energetic interactions to anyone, including health professionals, clients, family, and friends.

Another important topic covered by this class will be the role of inflammation in chronic illness. Currently one of the major topics in modern medical research, Mr. Oschman believes that inflammation is an energetic condition that is best treated energetically. This important understanding is one of the core reasons for the success of Energy Medicine in treating chronic diseases and pain.

Mr. Oschman will also address energetic sensation and how it is that you can know consciously (or unconsciously) the main focus of a client’s condition. The six-hour class will include a wealth of both theoretical information and experiential applications and is a must for anyone interested in Energy Medicine. Don’t miss it!

Dates: Monday, August 5, 2013, 2:00 – 5:00 p.m.
And Tuesday, August 6, 2013, 8:00 – 11:00 a.m.

Cost: $90
Location: Wigwam Resort, Phoenix, AZ

If you’re lucky enough to be nearby, register at

Wizard of Earth, Sky, Fire, and Ice

April 27, 2013

Some rather incredible photos of a Solar Flair’s Aurora as a backdrop for an active Volcanic Earth Flair, on a Mountaintop in Iceland…–203885341.html?tab=gallery&c=y&img=9

There’s a “Read the Story” link in the upper right that’s well worth it.  Apt symbols for the Juno T-Square and its Vacancy.  The Aurora is an electromagnetic reaction to the Sun’s Flair.

Beltane Approaching

April 27, 2013


Our three major Configurations remain:

  • A Uranus T-Square that’s about more Soul and less Ego,
  • A Grand Trine that’s about Grace and Hubris, and
  • A Juno T-Square that’s about our changing Unconscious Identity.

The Uranus T-Square

Uranus T-Square with Pluto and Ceres/ISON.  The ongoing 2012-2015 Uranus-Pluto Square, which makes it mandatory for us to figure out how to do what we Love, first because the Chiron-Neptune New Paradigm is likely to take away our opportunity to continue to do what we think we need to do, and second because doing what we Love will draw Abundance to us, though it will be a very different kind of Abundance than we’re used to.  Abundance, recall, is having enough to share.  The rest is Avarice.  Ceres will move us into Sustenance, in order to create a World where doing what we Love will be Sustainable.  The rest is Avarice; Let It Go while we still can.

This T-Square will be with us through the Ides of May.  After that, Vesta moves into Ceres’s place, till the end of May.  In mid-May we’ll be shifting from having to Transform our Lives so we can do what we Love, to having to Transform our Lives so that we can do what we’re willing to die for without martyring ourselves.  Think about Kent State for a moment.  Yes, a few people did have to die before their Voices were heard.  But they were a tiny fraction of the people who were shouting.  As one banner said at the time, They Can’t Kill Us All!  But it’s a better strategy to live to fight another day.

For those of you too young to remember, “Kent State” is a University in Ohio where in 1970 the Ohio National Guard murdered four unarmed students, two of whom were protesting the Vietnam War.  The other two were simply walking from one class to the next when the National Guard began shooting.  Kent State was one of the Tipping Points that ended the Vietnam War, as suddenly Archie Bunker had cause to distinguish the war movie on TV from the possibility that his own people could be gunned down in cold blood by the very paramilitary that he so admired.

It’s a different World today.  The US government is no longer conscripting young people, it’s simply abandoning them, along with old people and minorities.  The government has learned to suppress TV coverage of its ongoing war movies.  And the government has become orders of magnitude more sophisticated at crowd control and propaganda.  By and large, the people of Boston have not much objected to the undeclared martial law that they endured, probably because they felt that their own lives and safety were at stake, and to some extent they were.  The invading army was celebrated, on many counts appropriately so.  It’s remarkable and very positive that such a huge police action was deployed in a densely populated area with no injuries to residents – in vivid contrast to February’s events in Los Angeles.

Glenn Greenwald has some wisdom for us on these subjects…

There’s little blatant outrage in the US about drone murders, frankenfoods, industrial crimes against humanity or the Planet, increasing inequality, takeover of government by corporations, religious and scienterrific fundamentalism, denial of the sacred in Nature, global balming, congressional dysfunction, or even predatory banking.  Comparing the bombing in Boston to the massacre in West, Texas, for instance, few people are outraged by an industrial “accident,” even though negligent homicide is certainly an appropriate concept to apply.  It will be an army of insurance agents that invade West.  Most folks in America today are only willing to die for their toys or their indulgences – they’re very willing to die for their cars or their booze, and to kill with them.  They’re very willing to die for their “healthcare.”  It’s not as sanguine in the rest of the World.

This T-Square revolves around the cusp of the second Decanate (10 to 20 degrees) of the Cardinal Signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn).  This stage in the Zodiac is when we shift from brainstorming, to beginning to sift our bold ideas looking for those with legs.  The Vacancy (the Power Point necessary to make a T-Square into a more balanced Grand Cross) would start at “The self-control and poise necessary to reach a steady state of inner stability” (Rudhyar, 10 Libra).  The Vacancy symbolizes the Energy we need to provide Consciously.

The Grand Trine

By now the Grand Trine is very tight, between Saturn, Ceres, and the Chiron-Neptune Midpoint.  Which is to say, Grace flows when we as individuals Focus on creating a role for ourselves in the New Paradigm, and when we as a culture Focus on creating Sustainable institutions.  I don’t think there’s any doubt that Grace is NOT flowing to Western culture simply because there is a huge Focus on propping up the Unsustainable institutions.  The Grand Trine sits near the end of the first Decanate of the Water Signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces).  This is where we begin to wrap up our Emotional reactions and attachments to events, and prepare to seek the Spiritual meaning of our Emotions.

By around May 7, though, the Grand Trine morphs into Trines between Saturn, Vesta, and Neptune.  That will be very different.  We might say that Grace will flow when we render unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s, or more directly, when we Focus very strongly on the Spiritual.  A little later in May, that will have interesting interactions with the Uranus-Pluto-Vesta T-Square.  Challenge plus Grace equals Great Power, and with Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto all revolving around Vesta, woe be to anyone who isn’t in harmony with the Unconscious!  We’ll have more to say about that when we get to the Juno T-Square.

As May wears on, the Grand Trine bifurcates into this Saturn-Vesta-Neptune Sacred Grand Trine, and a separate but close-by Grand Trine between the North Node, Ceres, and Chiron.  The latter will Challenge us to Let Go of our attachment to Despair, in very powerful ways, as it puts the South Node – Unfinished Business and Unclaimed Skills – at the head of a Kite.  (A Kite is a Grand Trine with a fourth planet opposite one of the three.)  In addiction terms, that would be a good time to “hit bottom” with our Unsustainables.  It also sits in the second Decanate of Water, where we witness the Spiritual content of our Emotions.

The Juno T-Square

In the I Ching, it is the “moving” lines that are particularly portentous, and here at the end of April, it’s the Juno T-Square that’s “moving.”  Juno of course symbolizes our Unconscious Identity – the part of us that pulls our strings from behind the curtain.  We’ve been working with Juno-Saturn-Pallas; Focusing on setting Boundaries against our own self-sabotage.  That of course won’t work; nothing changes until we accept it completely as it is and love it to death.  But it’s a quick way to say that we’ve been gaining Wisdom about our self-sabotage, Wisdom that would allow us to eliminate self-sabotage if we’re motivated to do so.

Starting about tomorrow, Juno will be Squaring the Moon’s Nodes instead of Saturn-Pallas, though Pallas and Venus will be very near the South Node.  The Juno-Nodes T-Square will last about four months, as just about the time when Juno would move away, it turns Retrograde and comes back through the gauntlet.  This is pretty profound, as few of us take full Responsibility for the external and internal circumstances that the Unconscious stages for us.  By internal circumstances I mean our feelings and beliefs.  In a word, we’ll be getting our faces rubbed in it.

There are many misconceptions about “New Age Guilt,” as people who have not left Blame like to call it.  Blame is a Universe unto itself that’s not easy to exit.  Let’s untangle some of the misunderstandings.  Our language doesn’t help us, giving us paint-by-numbers clauses like “You made me feel such-and-such” and “I hate it when that happens!”  There are two components to “New Age Guilt” – the subject, and the verb.  Say something untoward happens to you.  Looking backward, you can find out who’s to Blame for it (yourself is an option), or looking forward, you can Respond to it, or Take Responsibility for it.  Taking Responsibility means recognizing current Reality and making the best Lemonade you can from it.  That’s the verb part – Blame or Respond.

The subject part is about how you define “I.”  If I is the Ego, then of course you had nothing to do with that Meteorite that vaporized your barbeque.  But if I is the Whole of you – your feelings, your beliefs, and the events that befall you, the whole hologram – then you’ve just gotten a homework assignment.  First, what was wrong with my barbie that it met such an ignominious end?  Second, what am I magnetizing to me, that it arrives in the form of a Meteorite?!?  Third, how grateful am I that I wasn’t grilling a Courgette when the Thunder hit?  And in general, what is it that this Space Rock has to teach me?

Since the Unconscious is in charge much more than the Ego, it behooves to try to befriend the Unconscious and become its ally.  Resistance, after all, is futile.  How to do that?  Seth used to say that it’s easy to understand who the larger I is – we just catalog our personal history.  Everything that’s happened “to” us, all of our motivations and Emotions and Thoughts and Habits and Actions, well-guided and otherwise.  Anything in the catalog we don’t like?  How will we Respond to that?  Anything in our catalog that still carries heavy Emotions?  Better embrace those, eh?  What do we have a real hard time “owning”?  What can’t we stand to look at?

It does help to know our natal horoscope.  For instance, knowing we have a T-Square can absolve us from a million self-condemnations and second guesses, because we aren’t here to succeed at the material around our T-Square, we’re here to explore all of the ways we can address it!  Knowing we have a Square means we need to start setting aside our perfectionism and honoring how much more we know about that arena than other people do.  Knowing we have a Grand Trine, or even a Trine or two, allows us to forgive ourselves for those times in our youth when we thought we were God’s Gift and abused other people accordingly.

Juno T-Squaring the Nodes is a triple whammy.  It’s a Challenge (Square) to embrace our unexamined Emotional Baggage (South Node) and claim the Treasures that are hidden underneath.  And a Challenge to accept our Mission (North Node) in the lifetime and any interference that may cause with our comforts.  But Who is being Challenged?  It’s our Unconscious Identity, Juno, our larger Self, the one behind the curtain who’s pulling the ropes.  So what’s likely to happen is that our self-sabotage will be front and center.  We may be put in situations where we need the skills that our Emotional Baggage covers.  We could find our Mission intruding into our “normal” Lives in inconvenient ways.

From the Blame perspective, The Devil made me do it! could be apt.  The Juno T-Squares take place at the midpoints of the Fixed Signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius).  These are the Zodiacal points of maximum Power – the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.  Make that a quadruple whammy.  The Vacancy starts at “The surge of life and love after a major crisis” (Rudhyar, 16 Leo).

All Together Now…

When you put these three Configurations into the same chart, it’s kind of overwhelming.  While Uranus-Pluto-Ceres/Vesta insist that we find greater Yintegrity, Juno-Nodes may take any out-of-Integrity life habits that we have and cut them off at the knees.  Meanwhile the Saturn/North Node to Chiron/Neptune to Ceres/Vesta Grand Trines will bring Grace, but only when we move in the direction of Surrendering to Sustaining Sacred Miracles.  The role of the Ego here is that of priest or priestess, not of duchess or duke.  Yintegrity, if you’ve forgotten, is doing what your Intuitions and Instincts tell you to do, not what your Mind or your Emotions or your Commitments recommend (which would be Yangtegrity).

It’s the Ego that stands a good chance of being overwhelmed.  Psychology has names for what happens when Unconscious contents overwhelm the Ego, and such situations are often considered contrary to civilization.  When some part of our psychological development is arrested, the only way we can grow that part is to return to the age where it stopped, and go on from there.  If the development of our interpersonal skills was aborted at age 12, it doesn’t matter what our calendar age is when we try to move forward, we have to start by acting out age 13.

Let’s hope that some major Tipping Points tilt us into another Paradigm before Communal Regression and Mass Psychosis meet the Police State – Tipping Points are at least as likely as civil war.  Consider the ages that the Police are likely to be regressing into.  In the ongoing unfoldment of World History and Social Evolution, the role of the US is to explore the outer edges of unrestrained self-interest.  There is a point where this pendulum will reach apogee and turn its back on sociopathic behavior.  Are we there yet?

Getting to Inevitable

April 25, 2013

“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot,
Nothing is going to get better. It’s not.”
Dr. Seuss, The Lorax

Here’s some of the Once-ler’s current work…


April 25, 2013

Phew!  Glad that Full Moon is over!  Here’s a message to believe in…

Sounds good to me!


April 25, 2013


This isn’t a “real” picture of the Sun – it’s a composite of 25 Sunspot images taken by the Solar Dynamics Observatory.  The composite is courtesy of NASA, and they’ve put together a time-lapse movie of the Sun during the three years that SDO has been flying…

Great movie, and great music with it.  Notice how the Sunspots start off slow and then accelerate as the current Sunspot Cycle advances.

Here’s another movie, a close-up of one of those Flairs…

Coincidentally, that was the day that Eris turned Retrograde.  About a minute in they show you how big our Home digs are in comparison.  Can’t recommend the music in this one.

Hubble Snap of ISON

April 24, 2013


Here’s a nice portrait of Comet ISON, taken by the Hubble Space Telescope – since ISON is still out beyond Jupiter.  ISON joins Ceres (Sustainability/Sustenance) in triggering our ongoing Uranus-Pluto Square (Challenge to be more Authentic) in tomorrow’s Full Moon Partial Eclipse.  Thanks to Big Government (NASA) for the photo (

Full Moon Partial Eclipse

April 21, 2013


No more Grand Sextile, as the Moon moves out of position fairly quickly.  For a while though we keep the two T-Squares,

Uranus-Pluto-ISON/Ceres (further alignment of our Soul-orientation – or more disruption of the Obsoletes we’re hanging on to) and

Juno-Saturn-Venus/Pallas (adjustments to our Unconscious Identity as we become conscious of our self-sabotaging Patterns),

and the Saturn-Ceres/ISON-Chiron/Neptune Grand Trine (Great Grace flows when we align with the New Paradigm).

On Monday there’s an additional opportunity to better understand our Mission on the Planet, as Mercury and Jupiter form a Yod with the North Node.  Your most productive approach will be to follow your Curiosity.

On Tuesday there’s different kind of opportunity, as the Moon completes a Grand Cross with the Uranus-Pluto-ISON/Ceres T-Square – a Challenge to further align with our Soul-orientation and reorganize the Obsoletes we’re still hanging on to.


Then Thursday we have a flesh-wound Partial Eclipse – the Earth’s Shadow barely grazes the Moon, at 1pm PDT.  Even if you were looking straight at the Full Moon (in Europe, Africa, Asia, or Australia only) you’ll probably have a hard time seeing the faint dimming on the edge – or for that matter noticing that Saturn is right behind the Full Moon.  That’s the same Saturn that’s a corner of the Grand Trine and a corner of the Juno T-Square.

In general, any Eclipse is about growth in Consciousness, as what was formerly part of the background now stands out because it is suddenly absent.  That’s the nature of Consciousness – it grows by differentiating new Patterns out of the background tapestry.  Like suddenly noticing that Deer that’s the same color as the Bushes behind it.  The Full Moon is at Scorpio 6, “The passionate search for new values which, at any level, promise a more abundant life.”

And of course the Eclipsed Full Moon represents the flowering of the Energies birthed at the prior New Moon…

Or, to get more information, we can look back to the previous Scorpio New Moon – which was the Total Eclipse a week after Obama’s election, the one when Chiron was Stationary.  We wrote quite a bit about that…

Here’s an excerpt from one of them…

“In the US, there is a significant cohort of old white men, some young even, with sanguine body parts between their ears and their collarbones, who firmly believe that Obama’s gonna take their guns away from them, especially the AK-47s that they use for hunting and proof of gender.  The image of Men Killing Things is deeply Primordial.  The astrological function of Scorpio is to root out any Unconscious content – bars on our birdcage – that inhibit collaboration and ascension.  At 22 degrees, the Eclipse occupies the Cancer Dwad of Scorpio – nurturance.  Motherhood.  Sounds to me like more basic shifts in The Balance.”

The Bottom Line here is that we have to turn our usual Worldview upside down.  What seems bad or nasty is likely to be a Release of something Obsolete.  The worse it seems, the bigger the Release.  Don’t try to analyze it; if you feel the need to understand, PIAVA understanding.  But don’t Re-Lease the Obsolete.  The attraction is the Emotion.  Tap it out, embrace it, Love it to death, but cut the connection between the Emotion and the Event that triggered the Emotion.  If it’s not easy, Let It Go.  If it’s hard, or complicated, or heavily weighted with Emotion, Let It Go. 

That’s the Challenge.  The Challenge that we must Master is not the material that triggers our Emotions or our Perseverance.  The Challenge is to accept that, at this time on this Planet, if it’s not effortless, it’s the wrong path.

Golden Eagle

Scorpio has three levels – the Scorpion, the Snake, and the Eagle.  The Scorpion is the stage of Protection, the place where we need to Make Space for ourselves to be ourselves, where we need to hide to stay safe, where we need to keep secrets.  The Snake is the stage where we are able to shed our skin, where we are able to be vulnerable, where we are reborn as a new being.  And the Eagle is the stage where we no longer need Judgment, where we see far enough to understand, where we can be Compassionately Present.

If Scorpio is heads, Pluto is tails; they’re the same coin.  You can see from the three levels of Scorpio how Pluto implies Transformation, Trance Reformation.  The Eagle is the intermediate stage in the essence of the Energy inherent in the Century-birthing Chiron-Pluto Initiation – “A Flag turning into an Eagle that turns into a Rooster heralding the Dawn.”

Another She-Bear

April 19, 2013

More Eris. 

Listen to both segments all the way through, they get better as they go…

The sections on “Dig Deeper” (scroll down a bit) and “Take Action” are also well worth your time.