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March 26, 2017

It will behoove us to have a quick Review…

What was different in your Life last week, relative to the week before?

What Feels different today than it Felt in the middle of last week?

Was there anything you had to strongly Resist last week, or that you Regret this week?  Anything you felt Guilty about?  Any free-floating Apprehension?

If there was anything you Felt like you had to strongly Resist or Felt Guilty about, it was probably either an important Latent Talent that you were taught was rude, or Selfishness and Pride, and probably both.  There’s still time for you to Reconsider.  You were doing things last week that you seldom do, and you were doing them with Confidence.  And if you Felt afterward that someone was likely to “cut you down to size,” you’re on the right track.  The more subtle it was, the more important it is.

For instance, I was in an all-day meeting with 60-70 people, and I was much less shy, more talkative, and more Confident than I usually am in groups.  I didn’t speak out of turn or make jokes or otherwise (gently) disrupt, as I can do at times; instead I had many satisfying one-on-one encounters.  Afterward I didn’t Regret anything, but I did Feel a vague sense of unease that I couldn’t “pin” on anything in particular.  It was all very subtle; if I didn’t know what to look for I could easily just disregard it.

This was Ixion (our Latent Genius) and Sappho (Self-Love) at work.  My father grew up during the Depression, where as he often said there were dozens of people waiting to take your place if you weren’t the best at your task.  He often advised us to keep a low profile, work quietly and well, and not give anybody any reason to shoot us down.  One of the worst things we could do was to be “too big for our britches.”  Excellent Self-Protection, but mediocre Self-Love.  Good work Skills, but lousy to absent Self-Promotion.

The subtlety is important because the more low-key the effect, the more Unconscious the material, and the more important it is to Recover, by bringing it fully into Consciousness.  Consciousness means Choice.  When my Self-Respect is Conscious, I can make moment-to-moment Decisions about whether and how to speak up.  I won’t be inspired to clam up, or disrupt, by vague undetermined urges.  I’ll have more Choice over whether and when and how to speak well of myself.

Can you make any sense of the five questions above and how they fit into your own Life?

Big Weeks II

March 23, 2017

This is a very intense story about Soulmates, and this segment deals with Letting Go of our Self-Rejection – obviously timely…

In it the author links to a video, which I’ll repeat just in case you missed it…

Self-Love and Genius

March 17, 2017

As usual, Michael Roads is right in tune with the “Stars,” writing in his “365 steps to a happier more conscious life” email ( as if for the simultaneous Stations (Strengthenings) of Ixion (Forbidden Genius) and Sappho (Self-Love)…

“There is no higher-Self and lower-self; there is only Self

“As I have often written, Self is who you are.  When I refer to self, this is the aspect that relates to separation and identity.  Some people call this the ego-self.  The problem with this is that these people often indulge in attacking their ego, claiming that the ego must die before Self can be realised.  This is nonsense.

“It is Love that brings freedom from the illusion, and Love does not attack any aspect of who you are to achieve this.  Love and accept yourself for who you are, the way you are, right now.  Treat identity-self lovingly, gently, and with great care.  Always, always, always . . . choose Love!”

Ixion was the psychopath of the Greek Pantheon, creating all manner of cultural havoc until Zeus cornered him.  Rather than punish Ixion though, Zeus, liking Libertarian males as the Founder and Archetype of Patriarchy, gave Ixion a second chance.  With that second chance, Ixion set out to seduce Zeus’s wife Hera.  That Zeus didn’t tolerate, so Zeus bound Ixion to the Sun, to forever spin across the Sky in Fire.

Of course the behavior Zeus couldn’t tolerate in others, was exactly the behavior that Zeus perpetrated repeatedly on other women.  Some authors attribute upwards of 150 children to Zeus in the various versions of Greek Iconography.  This is a good example of the “Funhouse Mirror” through which we see our selves.  If it occurred to Zeus that Ixion was simply Mirroring Zeus’s own behavior, then Zeus becomes a bit of a tyrant, reserving those sorts of Adventures only for himself.

More likely, Zeus failed to recognize the Mirroring, as we are wont to do when we Judge others for the behaviors or attitudes that we are unable to Witness in our self because it would conflict with our Limiting Beliefs, or trigger the Held Emotions that we’re unwilling to tolerate.  An illustration of how our Judgments, when exposed to the Light, are doorways into our Stuck places.  Hence the punishment of being strapped to the Sun, to the Light, and hence the burning Pain of Ego Death from Spiritual Fire.

Here is some excellent Perspective on one of the greatest tricks of the Patriarchy and Power-Over in general, a behavior which for some weird reason people are naming “Gaslighting.”  In my day it would simply have been called a Mindfuck, but that may not be polite enough for the DSM…

A picture is worth a thousand words, and Gaslighting is illustrated here…

In the process of Zeus’s punishment of Ixion, Ixion grandfathered the Centaurs, Equine-Huper hybrids – Zeus fashioned a Cloud in the image of Hera, and the father of the Centaurs was the result of Ixion’s tryst with the Cloud.  We’ll let your own imagination play with any Atlantean metaphors about the Cloud that our Computers mate with today.  Of course our most famous Centaur is Chiron, master of Pain and Miracle, and metaphor for Separation.

An interesting and very useful Perspective on Chiron, from…

“…a dream message from a guide who called himself The Hierophant.  His message was to ‘follow the 8 winds’ and he also said, ‘Within a moment you will be changed.’  My research indicated that the Hierophant was a typical part of the tarot deck often also known as the High Priest.  Further, he can also be known as Chiron, the wounded healer.  Further research showed the 8 winds as a reminder to avoid attachment to those things which are very desirous while also not avoiding things that are very painful.”

The Hierophant stands for the Fifth Harmonic – Learning and Teaching, while the Eighth Harmonic is about “alignment and balance” and “piercing the webbed veils of illusion, delusion, and deception” (Angie Arrien, Tarot Handbook, p.55).  The part about “the 8 winds as a reminder to avoid attachment to those things which are very desirous while also not avoiding things that are very painful,” in addition to being the core of Liberation from Archetypes, is for me an intriguing addition to the concept of Rebalancing.  

And “Within a moment you will be changed” is the hallmark of Chiron, as the Leap from Despair to Miracles that results from the successful Shift to a New Perspective that, for instance, Poor-Sweethearting can accomplish.  

It also sheds further Light on the Mjolnir or Thor’s Hammer (a third planet at the Far Midpoint of a Square) as Lightning or Epiphany, since the Mjolnir is a pair of Trioctiles, or the combination of the Third (Love with Wisdom) and Eighth Harmonics.  A Waning Trioctile is after all a Quinoctile, combining the Fifth and Eighth rhythms.

Aries Week: Let It All Hang Out

March 8, 2017

So you can plan your month: a warning that the last few weeks of March will be wild, as five planets are Very Strong (ie, Stationary) in the last two weeks.  The first bolus includes…

  • Our Forbidden Genius (dwarf planet Ixion) 25 March 8pm PST in 27 Sagittarius
  • Self-Love (asteroid Sappho) 26 March 3am PST in 1 Sagittarius

The first week of Aries, 21-25 March, will be a fantastic week for Owning and Embracing our Abandoned Genius, as both Ixion and Sappho are Stationary at the same time.  We can expect to have “ridiculous” Forbidden urges.  It would be good practice to Act them Out, if we can stay Safe and they don’t harm or invade anybody.  Ixion is still in the same Degree as Saturn, making our Lost Genius The Most Important Thing in our Life.  And astrology aside, Self-Love is always the most important thing in Life.

Abandoned-Genius Recovery (Saturn-Ixion) is still the Strongest corner of the Big Picture (the Grace-full Golden Rectangle).  Well, the corner that continues to force us to insist on Honesty in ourselves and others, like it or not, is pretty Strong too (Uranus-Eris) – the News King Mirrors that to us par excellence, just in reverse.  Oh, and the Big Rebirth corner (Jupiter-Haumea) is no slouch either.  And we can’t ignore the End-of-Limitations corner (Aletheia-Chaos).

Golden Rectangles in their own right are very Strong and very Positive Medicine.  It’s all about Healing, but if we’re Ego-Attached to any of our Wounds, the Healing Crisis will have to involve Ego Death.  It wouldn’t be surprising if this is what we Took Birth for.

Sappho has left its Yin Gate Opposition to Sedna (Fear/Anger), but since it’s turning Retrograde, it will recreate the Yin Gate for three weeks in April-May.  Sappho is still Opposing Aletheia (Truth), so it’s not to be Denied in the interim.

We could easily make the case that the primary astroEnergy bathing us in late 2016 and early 2017 is a Struggle between Fear and Self-Love.  Love is Soft and Warm, Fear is Cold and Hard.  Love Heals, Fear is the Foundation for continued Separation and Pain.  “Love” means Unconditional Love.  The sort of Love that Expects something in Return is another category altogether.∞the-9th-dimensional-arcturian-council/