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Uh Oh 2

March 29, 2019

As Iconoclast said in response to the previous post (which now has the alias Uh Oh 1).

Let’s talk more about when an Irresistible Force (Pluto) meets an (otherwise) Immovable Object (the South Node, aka Karma, Held Emotions, etc).  Our Karma is Immovable because it’s our Fate.  We’re Stuck with it, right?  It’s Fate!

But we know that Fate is what happens to us when we’re Unconscious, and we know that by Becoming Conscious we can swap out Fate and swap in Choice.  That Rolls the Stone aside, so it’s Immovable no more.  So – if we’re Skillful and Lucky and Persistent – the Irresistible Force ends up Moving the Obstacle.  Pluto is of course the Ruler of the Underwhere.  No one gets out of there Alive!

But Pluto is also Micky’s everlovable Pup.  Notice how Honest and Straightforward Pluto is with his Emotions…

When Emotions are working right, they come and go in a flash.

The Pluto-South Node event occured on 28 March (11:30 am PDT), but the Moon crosses these two on 29 March (3:30 pm PDT).  Pluto-Moon is one of the most Difficult astroevents that people face, because it Demands that we be Present and Loving with ALL of our Emotions, including the Karmic Held Emotions that the South Node represents.

A “Held” Emotion is one that we’d rather Die than Feel.  As we’ve said many times, the accent in that sentence is usually on the wrong syl-able – it’s not “I’d rather Die than Feel that,” it’s “I’d rather Die than Feel that” – Held Emotions Demand Ego Death, and there’s nothing the Ego hates more than Death.  The Ego’s very job is to keep us Alive, and the Ego doesn’t know the Difference between Itself and Us.  Or rather, when we Identify with the Ego, We don’t know the Difference between It and Us.

So of course we recommend Identifying with Soul rather than Ego, but of course that’s Easier Said Than Done.  We could even say that, for all of us, our Mission (North Node) is to Identify with Soul in some fashion.  And our South Node represents our Impediments to Identifying with Soul.  The latest (April 2019) Wired Magazine includes an article on the Doomsday Clock (pp.13-15)…

“I get random reminders of my own mortality from WeCroak [], an app with notifications that don’t mince words.  ‘Don’t forget, you’re going to die.’  Recently it served up E. M. Forster, ‘Death destroys a [person], but the idea of death saves [them].’  Holding an idea of human extinction [ie, the Doomsday Clock] doubles as an extended confession of awe at the splendor and devastation we have wrought on Earth.”

Can we help but Identify with the Ego?  Is Identifying elsewhere even Possible?  Yes and No.  As a former president famously said to Congress, “It depends on how you define ‘Is’.”  Most of us do it all the time, whenever we Regress into a Memory, Merge with Other, or get lost in a thought or Emotion and lose track of the Bigger Picture.  Ego is a very fuzzy word to most people; here I’m using “Identity” as the locus or focus of our Moment-to-Moment Consciousness, and “Ego” as a collage of how that unfolds over longer time periods, with a probably-greater emphasis on Survival – when our Moment-to-Moment Identity is Unrecognized Anxiety, our Ego and our Identity Merge.

In the chart of the Pluto-South Node Initiation…

In this picture, the North Node/Our Mission is the Focus of a Self-Resolving Conflict (Diamond Star), indicating that all of this Sturm und Drang around the South Node is just a narrow trail through a thicket that leads us to Liberation.  Yes, we will need to consider all those other planets clustering around Pluto-South Node!

But besides the Self-Resolving Conflict, we also have Great Grace in the chart, in the form of the Almost-Grand-Sextile.  The missing corner of that (22 Leo) is occupied by the Fixed Star Pherkad.  Pherkad is one of the Guardians of the Pole Star, important to Celestial Navigation and used to tell the Hour of the Night!

Isn’t that Portentous!  While we struggle through a Dark Night of Karmic Regression, in the depths of our Intuition we know how long yet we have to Endure before the Dawn arrives!

Some remarkable accompaniments to all this…


No Limits III

March 3, 2019

Speaking of the Heart (as we were at the end of the first No Limits post), Dan Scranton’s Arcturian Channel has this to say today…

“We are excited to introduce all of you to a side of yourselves that you may not have known existed.  We are referring to the side of yourselves that knows everything.  There is a part of you, and it is inside of you, that understands the consequences of every action.  There is a side of you that knows what you are moving towards in every moment.  There is a side of you that knows about the entirety of your history in all of your lifetimes, and that part of you does not exist anywhere near your physical mind.

“Now, many of you use your physical minds to try to understand where you are going, what a choice will lead to, and where you have been, but your minds are much better off focusing you on the present moment.  This is why the meditation is so valuable.  In meditation, you are focusing on the here and now.  You are focusing on what you are doing in the moment, which is breathing.

“We know that some of you already tap in to this side of yourselves that knows everything that you could ever possibly know.  We are talking about the area of your heart that is right in the center of it.  Now, you have often been pushed away from your feelings by others.  Others have diminished the importance of your feelings, and most of your lives, there has been an emphasis on your intelligence, your ability to recall information, and your ability to figure things out.  But that all keeps you in a state of perpetual limitation.

“In order to truly tap in to what it is that you have access to, you need to feel into that place in the center of your heart where all is known.  So we recommend that you focus there more often.  We recommend that you shift your consciousness from your head to your heart, and we certainly recommend that you follow the advice that comes from that very wise part of who you are, not just in matters of the heart, not just when it comes to your emotions and your relationships.

“We are talking about listening to your heart no matter what the circumstance and trusting in that part of yourselves that is infinite and eternal.  At the center of your hearts lies a portal that connects you directly to Source, and that’s what we want you to feel for from now on whenever you are curious about something, you want to know something, or you are about to make a decision in your lives.”

We usually think of other parts of ourself as our Channel for Intuition – our Third Eye, our Belly, our Vision, our Hearing, etc.  But the Heart is the center of it all, and a Focus on the Heart Embraces many other Values, Compassion chief among them.  It’s not just the Heart that has access to All The Information in the Universe, all of our Mitochondria also do, if they aren’t blocked by Toxic Chemicals or Held Emotions.

The South Node, seat of our Held Emotions, is about to be Cleansed in a major way by Pluto.  The Exact Initiation doesn’t occur till 6 April, but they’re less than two Degrees apart as we speak, and they’re very Lit Up by the 5 March Station of Chaos (chart in the previous post).  This Initiation will occur at 24 Capricorn, “A woman entering a convent.”  Dwarf planet Chariklo (Confidence) is in that Degree now, and approaching their Midpoint (which will Activate them both).

A key to Intuition is Certainty.  In the Psychic classes I took, an assignment was to Ask ourself, “What If I Did Know?”  But it’s also Critical to Remember that Certainty is a Heuristic – a Learning Tool.  Our actual Intuition is never Certain, because it’s Constrained by our own Experience and Consciousness, and because the Present and Future are always still being Co-Created.  Certainty as an Absolute is an Either/Or – Political.  We always See through a glass darkly.  As a Heuristic for Temporary use, Certainty is very handy.

Developing Confidence in our Intuition is Powerful.  The mind Lives in Duality, so it tends toward “Black and White.”  It’s up to the Other Parts of us to distinguish the Greys – and to Enjoy the Colors!  Confidence and Certainty are Different.  Confidence Trusts but Verifies, while Certainty simply makes Judgments.  Confidence is Situational, Certainty is often Absolute.  And of course if we’re talking about our own Life, Certainty about What We Want In This Moment is simply Discernment.  Just not to be Confused with What We May Want In The Next Moment.

By the way, as we age, our Mitochondria degrade and decline.  Our Mitochondria are the source of our Energy.  They’re genetically different from our DNA, as our Paternal Unit (as Frank Zappa might have said) makes no contribution to them, they’re solely provided by our Mother.  Loss of Mitochondria and Adrenal Fatigue are wicked companions.  The supplement PQQ (Pyrrhoquinoline Quinone Disodium Salt) is said to be one of the only known ways for us to Create new Mitochondria in our Bodies.

The 6 March New Moon also Lights Up our Intuition in very interesting ways.  Here’s the chart…

As we said in No Limits, the New Moon “Dances cheek-to-cheek with Ego-Bending Confusion about our Beliefs (Conjunct Neptune and asteroid Vesta, and Square Nemesis-Asbolus-Sappho).”  Neptune represents Material Confusion and Spiritual Clarity, and Vesta our Beliefs, often our Unconscious Limiting Beliefs.  So be on the Lookout for Material situations that seem to Contradict your Pet Peeves and other entrenched Judgment-type Beliefs.  Our Ego uses those kinds of Beliefs to Define ourself – “I’m not one of those people who…” or “I’m the kind of person who…” Our Judgments are likely to be very loosey-goosey over the next couple of weeks.

The Challenge (Square) to Nemesis-Asbolus-Sappho is also particularly interesting.  Asteroid Nemesis of course symbolizes Ego Death, which often feels Threatening to us.  Yet Sappho stands for Self-Love, so we may Realize that it’s Self-Loving to Let Go of some of our Self-Limiting Judgments.  Recently Stationary and still Strong Asbolus – meaning our Intuition – sits right between them!

Speaking of Either/Or (as we were recently, and at the end of the previous post, No Limits II), for anyone who’s interested in the Intersection of politics and technology, there’s a fascinating article in the March 2019 issue of Wired Magazine (it’s not online yet) on this Intersection in Italy, touching on Brexit and Cambridge Analytica.  The article is called “Careful What You Wish For.”  Since the Digital Age will be upon us in full “Glory” next year, the article is very useful homework.  Just be watchful to hold Certainty Lightly, as an Elephant has many appendages, and you know why Angels can fly.

Mission and Desire

February 13, 2015

How timely…

“The most dangerous risk of all: the risk of spending your life not doing what you want on the bet you can buy yourself the freedom to do it later.”

It may be important to realize that we don’t intend to speak about Absolutes here.  We intend to speak about Perspectives that are more or less useful in various circumstances.  In order to equate Mission and Desire we need to make a couple of assumptions.  For instance, we assume Original Blessing rather than Original Sin.  If we assumed Original Sin, Desire would be nasty and Mission would be suspect.  We assume the existence of some sort of individual “Soul” that chooses a Purpose (Mission) for a Lifetime and programs it in via choice of birth time and parents.  We assume a Jungian approach to Life; Freud averred that our primary purpose is to rectify some childhood sexual abberation; Jung based his approach on the notion that we’re driven by an Unconscious urge toward Wholeness.

The whole topic arises because we’ve been dealing with the South Node crossing Uranus just when Pluto Squares the Nodes and Uranus.  It doesn’t take a lot of astrological experience to notice that when Pluto dances with the Nodes, you find people who are driven, who feel they have a Purpose in Life, whether they know the details of it or not.  So in some ways, folks with a Pluto-Node relationship will resonate with this sort of discussion, while folks without such a relationship will be non-plussed by it.  Since it’s lit up right now, everyone will be experiencing it.  Pluto-Node folks will recognize it, others not so much.  One of our most basic assumptions is that the more often we experience a given Energy, the easier it will be for us to deal with it.  Since Pluto dances with the Nodes every five years or so, it won’t be a stranger.  A simultaneous Square to Uranus occurs a lot less frequently – about a hundred times less.


February 11, 2015

A little history… 

I didn’t work directly with Bill Black in the 1980s, but we were on the same team.  My job was to teach the Federal Savings and Loan Insurance Corporation (“FSLIC”) how to use a then-new technology – the “microcomputer,” later known as a “desktop” computer.  His job was as lawyer for the Federal Home Loan Bank (“FHLB”) of San Francisco.   “Savings and Loan” Institutions (“S&Ls”) were then how most people got mortgages to buy homes.  “Banks” did mostly commercial lending.  As the Federal Reserve was to Banks, FHLB was the equivalent for S&Ls.  As the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (“FDIC”) was to bank deposits, FSLIC was the equivalent for deposits in S&Ls. 

The Federal Reserve is both the wholesale bank and the regulator for US Banks.  The FHLB was both the wholesale bank and the regulator for S&Ls.  As regulator, Bill Black was a prime mover in exposing and prosecuting the fraudsters in what was then prominently known as the “Savings and Loan Crisis.”  In FSLIC at the time, the fraud was well known, as they were closing down several S&Ls a week because fraud made them insolvent.  FSLIC hoped that by using microcomputers they might be able to postpone the height of the Crisis until US President Ronald Reagan was out of office, so they wouldn’t sully his reputation, and he could continue to be the front man for what Naomi Klein has very well described in Shock Doctrine

If anybody doesn’t know Bill Moyers, he was US President Lyndon Johnson’s fight-hand person till they disagreed over the Vietnam War.  Since then he has been prominent in the “liberal media” as conservatives like to call it.  Here’s Bill Moyers interviewing Bill Black about the most recent World economic crisis in 2006-7…

If you’ve been reading this rag for a while, you know that we consider that economic crisis to be a major impact of the Initiation of Chiron by Neptune and the beginning of a new ~60-year Cycle built upon “Fresh Violets in an ancient pottery bowl.”  Our consistent advice for surviving this Cycle is to rely on local Community and growing your own fresh organically-raised food, as much as possible. 

Meanwhile, the Uranus-Pluto Square, which develops a Cycle built upon “A Ouija Board,” advises us to trust our Yintegrity to find the path to Survival.  Shock Doctrine shows how Crises are manipulated (and sometimes caused) by a segment of our kind, or a semblance of our kind, to move wealth out of public hands and into private hands.  In public school I learned that when government and business were in bed together it was called fascism.  It takes an enormous amount of naivete or denial to avoid seeing how government and business are in bed together in the US today.

However, we’ve also been conditioned to see “fascism” as a violent, repressive, controlling sort of government – a lot like what we’ve been conditioned to see “communism” as.  So unless we live in Ferguson Missouri or the like, or understand what the hassles there are about, we’re also conditioned to see the US as a “democracy,” and certainly not violent, repressive, or controlling.  Here in the US we’re also conditioned to believe that the best defense is a good offense.  However, if we look at history it’s not difficult to see how a successful offense always leads to dictatorship.  Of course that could never happen here.  Could it.

Jim Rickards and others have pointed out that in the next financial crisis, there will be no government with enough excess credit to “bail out” the World economy, and that it will likely be the World Bank that does it, sowing the seeds of a World government.

If nationalism shifted from us-against-them to all-of-us-defending-the-Planet (assuming we don’t ascend into Star Wars), that could be positive.  But more likely, what will follow is a real or de facto World dictatorship.  Dictatorships have winners and losers, with Yintegrity generally implying losing.  If we can live Yindependence without making a fuss and drawing attention to our nonconformity, then local Community and growing our own food could mean that we find a niche of relative peace.

Dolores Cannon and others talk a great deal about Earth “splitting in two.”  If you don’t understand what Larry Dossey was talking about in our previous post, you’ll probably join most other folks in failing to understand how the Earth could “split in two” in anything other than Physical “Reality.”  If you understand the concept of Living Yindependently, you can probably glimpse the idea anyway, as sort of a parallel Reality co-existing in the same space-time.

We have one more Uranus-Pluto Square, the seventh since 2012, at the Ides of March.  While it’s a Confidence-Builder, it will probably be an adventure, based on what else is going on at the time.  We’re finished with Uranus-South Node and Pluto Squaring the Nodes, so that Karmic part of the process is mostly behind us.  What’s next?  When are we likely to see the next Global Crisis?  There are many threads today that could easily unravel international stability, such as it is.  We need to spend some time with the new dwarf planets and their Cycles, to try to better understand the deep Unconscious currents that are churning.  The discovery of these dwarf planets represents a huge advance in Consciousness; we just have to grok it.

Otherwise, on the scale of Physical, Linear-Time Global “Reality,” our next Big Deal isn’t till 2020, when we Initiate new Saturn-Pluto and Jupiter-Saturn Cycles, in January and December respectively.  Saturn-Pluto has always been associated with Shock-Doctrine-like adventures, like “9/11.”  Jupiter-Saturn is associated with major shifts in the nature of economic activity. 

So, without input from the new dwarfs, and relying on the likelihood that little will actually change, we’d guess that the World economy will continue to limp along till late 2019, when someone will manufacture the next major Crisis that throws us into the hands of an EU-like World government, where a few voices will try to engineer a more “humane” treatment of the Planet while the major thrust is to engineer a well-funded safe “bubble” for the Elite to escape to.  Like the Medieval castle on the hilltop.  While the rest of us descend into serfdom.  The equivalent of the Medieval knights will be writing software to sustain the Elites’ bubble – or defend it against rival Elites and incarnations of Strider, Hans Solo, Edward Snowden, and Hervé Falciani.

Meanwhile a few folks will escape the Dominant Paradigm and co-exist in some degree of Yintegrity and Yindependence.  If enough folks move into that space, the “hundredth monkey” or the “hundred thousandth monkey,” or some equivalent of the “Maharishi effect” or “tipping point” or the “last snowflake” could easily descend on the Planet, any day.  It’s undeniable that this Energy is building, and could overtake us very rapidly.  Consciousness works that way; the Status Quo will be defended heartily till enough of our neighbors start to shift, and suddenly the whole neighborhood will Conform to a whole different way of being.

Initially I’d guess it will be more of a Descension – the Devolution of Spirit into Matter, than an Ascension or Rapture-like Evolution of Matter into Spirit.  But it could go either way, and the two courses may not be distinguishable.  Both/And after all.  The Elites could have their bubble, while everyone else lives in some equivalent to Buddhist Heaven – our elbows are locked at the feast, but we’re hip enough to feed one another.  We could share a time-space, or each Co-Create our own.

In the short term, Uranus-Pluto is still alive enough to be lighting up our weekends, when the Moon dances with it, and that will continue through mid-March. 

And a Blessing is forming as Ceres prepares to be Initiated by Pluto, forming with Chiron a Jupiter Yod.  We’ll document the timing of that in our next post.

This is a very strong Energy, inviting us to Expand into the newfound Freedom we’ve earned by battling our Karma into submission.  Miracles await in that Freedom.

Uranus-South Node Diamond Star

January 31, 2015

UKetu15As the South Node crosses Uranus on January 31 at 9pm PST (, the Moon Opposes Pluto to complete the Grand Cross.  The Moon is also the focus of a Yod with Pallas and the Sun, creating a Diamond Star.  The Diamond Star will hang around from about 7pm January 31 through 7am PST February 1 ( to

When a planet is the focus of a Yod and also the focus of a T-Square (or a corner of a Grand Cross), a Diamond Star is formed.  The base of the Yod becomes part of a Trine-Sextile Bridge or “bowl” under the T-Square.  The result is a T-Square (or Grand Cross) with Benefits.

In this case it’s the Pallas-Sun Bridge that provides the Grace.

I’m guessing that you’re already feeling how the current astroevent is a lot easier than the mid-January event, even though the two are very astrosimilar.  The February 3 Full Moon should feel even easier.

Heads, Tails, and Coins

January 23, 2015

Einstein never could figure out how to make the Universe run only forward.  In his paradigm it could run backwards just as well.  As often as we regress to earlier ages (and forget everything we’ve learned since!), we know that’s true.  One-directional Linear Time is just a mass Trance enforced by One-dimensional clocks.   So it is with the Nodes.  We label the North Node as our Mission or Desires, and the South Node as our Karma or Habits.  We think of it as a big arrow pointing from South to North.  And there’s some physical relevance to that analogy, since in some sense Magnetic Energy does flow from South to North.

But Life Energy runs the other way too.  We probably just don’t know yet how to measure the Antimagnetic Energy that runs from North to South. It would make sense if that was just Dynamic Energy, or Dominance Energy, as in Patriarchal Colonialism.  We don’t see it because it’s an integral part of our Programming.  We just think Exploitation is “normal.”

The South Node represents our Held Emotions.  Held Emotions act in the body like heavy metals or other toxins – they slow us down and cloud our Vision and Clarity.  We pick up Held Emotions from Trauma, especially Death.  Since we usually Identify with the Current Lifetime rather than the Spectrum of Lifetimes or even our Spectrum of Lifetimes, we’re very Attached to what seems to be our Current Vehicle.  If we were driving through the Serengeti we’d hate to see our Land Rover Demanifest in the middle of a pack of Lions or Hyenas.

The Invisible part of our Held Emotions – the Energy we don’t usually see that runs from the North Node to the South – is our Hidden Skills.  Think Mozart, who started composing at age 5, or any of the remarkably precocious Indigo Tykes or whatever they’re called now.  Their “Past-Life” Skills aren’t even Hidden.  The modern understanding of Epigenetics makes it feasible to encode current Learning into our internal Chemistry.  On the Psychic side, it works the same way from one Lifetime to another.

We usually think of the North Node as sort of a puzzle to be solved – not being very Clear about our Mission per se, we have to depend on following our Desires or our Joy as approximations gradually approaching Mission, like differential equations if you’re a math whiz.  So we have a set of Habits (South Node) that slow us down in our pursuit of our Mission (North Node).  But we also have Consternation (our sense of “puzzle” or Responsibility – North Node) slowing us down in our pursuit of our Hidden Skills (South Node).  The Hero’s Journey casts our Hidden Skills as what need to be found in order to achieve our Mission.

So if we turn that around we have our Performance Anxiety as what needs to be Let Go of, in order for us to find our Hidden Skills.  We need to exchange our Performance Anxiety for Curiosity to make the whole loop easy.  We could call that the Heroine’s Journey – from Anxiety to Curiosity, and from Responsibility to Surrender.  After all, it’s only our Ego (which as we know is in Makeover as we speak) that makes us Overresponsible for our Karma.  If we were content to Witness our Life rather than Execute it, what would happen?

We don’t subscribe to the concept of “Fate” because Fate-Free Will, as a Duality, is obviously a property of the observing mind rather than a property of what’s being observed.  But if we think about how hard we work to keep ourselves out of situations we don’t covet or enjoy, we can see our Resistance to Surrender.  We don’t think of Resistance and Surrender as a Duality because while they’re disparate, they’re ends of a Spectrum, they aren’t black and white Either/Or like Fate and Free Will are.

So that’s an alternative to trying to overcome our Resistance to Following Our Joy as a means to pursue our Mission.  We can Surrender a little to what we Dislike as a means of seeking our Hidden Skills.  We can do that a little at a time, so it doesn’t have to be painful.  In fact, we need to do it a little at a time, very gently, so we don’t Retraumatize ourself and cement our Karma in place more strongly.

Humpty Dumpty Was Here

January 21, 2015

mgrieb3018bpMagnesioriebeckite, an asbestos (which is a mineral form rather than a mineral per se) and Sodium-Magnesium-Iron Silicate.  Jack Rosenburg, in his excellent book Body, Self, & Soul: Sustaining Integration, advises us to stop everything else we’re doing when our Personality fragments – because we’ll just make everything worse – and put our full Attention into reconstituting a new Personality.  That’s exactly where we are astrologically, and it’s excellent advice.

 Ö    Ö   Ö   Ö   Ö

That was a serious gauntlet, but we aren’t done with our Identity adventures yet.  Lest we forget, the Dramas that we’re in the middle of are about shifting our notion of Who We Are – from our Patterns and Masks (aka Karma) on one hand, to our True Self and Desires (aka Mission) on the other.  While this last week was intense, we still have two more episodes of similar Energy over the next few weeks – specifically, January 24-25, and January 30-February 1.  Those are just the peaks, so for most of us the Portals will open sooner and close later – if they close at all between now and early February.  This whole 2012-2015 Egoic Makeover process finishes up in March.

January 25: the Moon Occults Uranus.

An Occultation is a Conjunction where the two bodies are the same distance above the southern horizon, so one Eclipses the other.  It’s a Conjunction on steroids.

January 31: Chiron Initiates Mars (Unx to Uranus) and Uranus crosses the South Node.

Duodecile (for one twelfth) doesn’t seem like such a good name for the Semisextile; it sounds a little too much like two Deciles or 72 Degrees.  So let’s take it back to the original Latin; a Quincunx is five twelfths, so let’s just make one twelfth an Unx.

February 1: The Moon Opposes Pluto, making a Grand Cross with the Nodes and Uranus, and a Diamond Star with Pallas and the Sun.

February 5: Sedna Stationary Direct at 24 Taurus.

Since Sedna deals with Fear and Rebirth, our Identity issues could well continue till February 5 and beyond – and Sedna being Stationary could make our February 1 adventures scarier.

 Ö    Ö   Ö   Ö   Ö

I read yesterday about a collaboration between Big Pharma and Big Farma to help doctors define a new disease – Orthorexia.  It’s a Belief that we have to “eat right” to survive, including such anticapitalistic and antipatriotic practices as organic gardening and preferring healthy, nutritious food.  Not sure what the treatment of choice will be – probably Roundup suppositories.  Here’s a fitting tribute to Orthorexia…

Tray Tables to the Upright Position

January 14, 2015

schee3405bpScheelite – Calcium Tungstate, your Crystalline path to Clarity.

ε  ε  ε  ε  ε

I know, it’s been very busy so far this year, but it’s about to get heavier, as we begin the final stage of our “descent” into the exact Square between Pluto and the Nodes on January 19-20. 

  • Square means Mastery through Challenge
  • Pluto means it’s happening like it or not
  • The Nodes mean the Stress between an unfinished Past and a mostly but still-not-completely programmed Future

Can you kinda see where that leads us?  We’ll be making some very important Decisions that will have a huge impact on our Future, and the danger is that we’ll make them from a posture of Distress.  Distressed Decisions tend to be Protective, and Protective means Limiting.

But the opportunity is immense.  If we can direct the Power of Pluto into

  • What we Want in our Future

rather than into

  • How can we Protect ourselves from our Fear of seeing the Past repeat,

then we’re Golden.  How?  Some basic “rules”:

The Past Is a Paper Tiger

In general, the “North” Node represents the Future, and the “South” Node the Past.  The Past includes our Karma, which isn’t about Retribution, but about Inertia – the Power of Repetition.  You want to develop a Habit, you do it with Repetitions.  The problem of Karma is how do you undo a Habit that you’ve forgotten you developed.  Such as Fear of Death.

There is only one kind of negative Karma, and it is Fear.  Whenever the South Node is lit up – as it is now, there is Fear.  But it’s not “Real” – it’s an Emotion.  If you’re Alert enough to recognize it and Witness it, so you don’t have to Live it, then you’ll see that all of the Demons and Disastrous Consequences that the Fear would like you to imagine, are just Shadow Puppets, just Paper Tigers. 

  • Witnessing your Fear means your Self-Talk is saying “I Feel Scared,” not “I Am Scared.”

That’s damn hard to achieve and maintain, but it’s mandatory.  Every time you “Believe” the Fear, you add another layer of brick around your Karma.  Every time you Witness your Fear, you make it easier to do the next time.

The Future Is Unlimited

There is only one kind of positive Karma, and it is Love.  Whenever the North Node is lit up – as it is now, there is the Potential to Manifest the sort of Life you’d Love to Live.  If you can wrest any Free Attention away from your Fear, invest it in Imagining, PIAVAing (see, or Wondering what you would really really really Love to be doing with your Life in the near and far Future.

When you do this, it’ll be scary.  If it wasn’t, you’d be Living the Life you Love already!  So Witness that Fear too.  And Imagine, PIAVA, or Wonder how you might Live the Life you Love AND be Safe from whatever evils your YesButs are trying to throw under your bus.

Don’t Try to Swim Upstream

Go with the Flow.  Pluto represents the current in a large River.  If you’re going downstream, all you have to do is listen for the Rapids so you can pull out and portage.  If you’re trying to paddle upstream, you’re dooming yourself to exhaustion.  You can’t tack in a canoe, like you can in a sailboat. 

One way to Go with the Flow is to Surrender completely to the Fear – but as the Witness.  Locate the Fear in your Body and put all of your Attention there.  That’s a Powerful practice.

Recognize that there’s an easy path from Where You Are to Living the Life you Love, and a hard path.  Imagine or PIAVA or Wonder what it will be like taking the easy path, the downstream path.  When you’re Imagining and PIAVAing and Wondering, and you encounter an obstacle, just Imagine or PIAVA or Wonder where the easy detour is.  The easy path usually involves Changing your own Beliefs and Expectations and Actions, rather than trying to convince anyone else to Change theirs.

The most recent Pluto Initiation of the North Node was November 2009 at 5 Capricorn, “Indians on the warpath; while some men row a well-filled canoe, others in it perform a war dance.”

As the recent mass demonstrations show us, at this time it is not a downstream course to Resist War.  Instead, Pray for Peace.

Beat Until Soft Peaks Form #3

January 9, 2015


α  α  α  α  α 

The other T-Square in the January 11 chart in Beat Until Soft Peaks Form #1, is one we’re quite familiar with by now, Pluto Square to the Nodes, with Uranus Conjunct the South Node.

Pluto Squaring the Nodes (which, by the way, is Perfect on January 21 – implying that it gets Stronger till then) means that we’re on a Mission.  Our Mission.  Doesn’t matter if you have an notion about what your Mission in the Lifetime is.  Doesn’t matter if you feel like your plugged into it or not.  You are on your Mission.  If you aren’t sure what that means, just Ask yourself, What am I doing now, that I wasn’t doing six months ago?

And of course the part of our Mission that we’re working on between 2012 and 2015 is the part about allowing our True Self to come out from behind our Masks. 

As there are with the Saturn T-Square, there are several Bridges across the Pluto T-Square…

  • Juno forms a Trine-Sextile Bridge, and a Major Tricolor with the Uranus-Pluto Square, and a Minor Tricolor with the Pluto-North Node Square.
  • Chiron forms a Quincunx-Semisextile Bridge.
  • Saturn and Mars-Nessus form an Octile Bridge.

Juno and its Tricolors is the major key…

When we’re Stressed between our Need to Preserve the Status Quo, our Compulsion to Be True to Ourself, and the Pain we Expect from Standing Up, we unleash Grace by Asking, “How is it that my Consciousness is Expanding?”  It doesn’t matter so much whether you choose the status quo or Truth, or how much Pain you’re willing to endure (as long as you’re Loving with it); what matters more is that you Witness your Feelings about the Edge you’re on – with Genuine Curiosity.

When we’re Frightened by the speed at which we’re being pulled into our Future, we can make our Life easier by Asking, “What small step can I take to move toward Believing that Change can actually be Easy?”

It may help to remind ourself that Miracles Are Available.  We need to be Curious about them; it’s Curiosity that brings them into fruition.  “If there was a Miracle that resolved this Difficulty, what might it be?”  But don’t Answer the question!!  Wait until it Manifests on its own; if you try to second-guess it, you’ll kill it.

A large part of our Transformation will be gradual Adjustments and Rebalancings.  While it’s good to Pay Attention to what’s The Most Important Thing, these aren’t Changes that “you” are making; by and large they’re Changes that are Being Made in your Life by a part of “you” that’s much larger than the “you” that you usually think of as “you.”

Since that “person” is your Unconscious, it’d be a great step to watch those Changes happen, and connect with the Mystery that’s Making them.  That’s the Consciousness you’re growing into, so you may a well start to get to know your New Self!

Portals 1.2-1.6

January 2, 2015

apach7100bpTransparent Obsidian (Volcanic Glass) is called Apache Tears.  It protects the psyche by bringing illumination into the Root Chakra Staying Grounded this week is an excellent idea!

π  π  π  π  π

On a long-term project that I’m working on with several other people, I’ve been having to argue in favor of an unpopular position.  Always makes me feel disgruntled when that happens.  It feels good to get along.  My position is solidly based in half a century of professional Wisdom.  But the others would rather take a course that they think will look better.  Earlier today I had to choose, one way or another, my way or their way.  It was uncomfortable to have to choose, and I was a little short on sleep, so I napitated on it – sort of a cross between napping and meditating. 

When I was done napitating, I felt clear.  It wasn’t that important.  Yes, my position was definitely better, but the issue wasn’t that big a deal.  It was a choice I’d made over the years, and a choice I still defend as the best course, but it just wasn’t a life-or-death issue.  At least not in all but a very small percentage of situations.  So I committed to doing it their way.  I noticed when I went back to work on the project though that I felt less ownership and less enthusiasm.  I was proud of it the other way; when I did it their way, it was just okay.  But then, it was like the carvings on top of the Medieval cathedrals, that no one but the Gods, the Birds, and the Witches would ever see.  Not worth the stress.

Earlier, I’d mapped out what the Moon was doing this week, relative to my natal chart, just to kind of take inventory, and get to know better the new dwarf planets and Centaurs, and how they work in my own chart.  So after working for several hours converting the project to their way, it occurred to me to look at my Moon chart and see what was up. 

Well, the Moon was on my natal Uranus.  Ominous.

Uranus dominates the next several months, as it Initiates the South Node (which likely means that any uncleared Held Emotions may well become Disruptive) and Squares Pluto (which likely means that embracing those Emotions won’t be optional).  Uranus symbolizes Yintegrity, Self-Trust.  And here I am Abandoning myself as the Moon lights up Uranus, ranking my Value of Getting Along more highly than my Value of Trusting Myself.  And witnessing some Self-Hate as a result.

What a Karmic Pattern to Witness – Hating my own Creativity.  This is by no means a new discovery, as I’ve always encountered this kind of Rejection, but it’s a new way of looking at it, a different way of Feeling it.  It’s discouraging (the Moon has moved over my Chiron).  I don’t have any choice, except to be Loving and Gentle with my Self-Hate.  Time for more napitating, and sitting my Self-Hate down in one chair and my Creativity in another, and working out some kind of Win-Win. 

Clearly my Self-Hate’s “positive function” is to Get Along.  I’ve always just withdrawn and reminded myself not to “throw my Pearls before Swine.”  Are there better ways I can Get Along and still Live my Yintegrity?  That’s a very active conversation; at this point it’s mostly “Yes Buts” rather than “How can I helps” – work still to be done.  Fear of Isolation arises.  I used to have a Frank & Earnest cartoon showing one one of them sitting with his feet on the blotter that would have covered a desk, but which now sat on the ground.  He’s saying “I stepped back to get some perspective, and now I’m out of the picture altogether.”  I always thought it was funny first, then after a while, ominous.

The Big Events of January are…

  • The Full Moon Opposes Pluto, and Squares Uranus and the Nodes, January 3-5
  • Eris is Stationary Direct on January 9
  • The Moon crosses the Nodes and Squares Pluto on January 12
  • Haumea is Stationary Retrograde and Pluto Squares the Nodes at the New Moon on January 20, while the Moon crosses Pluto and Squares Uranus on January 19, and Mercury turns Retrograde on January 21
  • The Moon Occults Uranus and Squares Pluto on January 25
  • Uranus Initiates the South Node on January 31, as the Moon makes a Grand Cross with Pluto and the Nodes, and a Diamond Star with Pallas and the Sun, while Chiron Initiates Mars and Sedna is Stationary and turning Direct – this is a Big One

We need to include the Moon’s Uranus-Pluto adventures because Uranus-Pluto-Nodes is well within Sensitivity (within two degrees as we speak).  And we clearly need to look more closely at this upcoming Full Moon!

The Full Moon-Uranus-Pluto-Nodes Portal opens early on January 2, and closes early on January 6.

Here’s the timeline…

We need at least a day on either side of the whole span for Sensitivity.  What means it all?

Our adventures with our Karmic Patterns are just beginning; expect them to get very intense over the next four or five days.  This means that whenever you Feel recurring or strong Emotions,

Pay Attention!

It’s critically important to play Witness to these Emotions rather than getting lost in their supposed content, and to be Loving and Gentle with all parties involved – your current-moment Feeler, your Witness, and your Historical Self.  While we’ve singled out recurring and strong Emotions, Karmic Emotions can also be very subtle and well rationalized.

You saw how my Self-Rejection was very carefully entombed by making light of it intellectually – “Oh, it wasn’t very important in the grand scheme of things.”  That may have been true of the intellectual content of the scenario that I was projecting my Self-Abandonment on (and it may not have been true – this is how Intuition often arrives!).  But my Self-Abandonment itself is critically important in the grand scheme of things!  It’s part of my Mission in the Lifetime.  Your Patterns will be different, but just as important!

And by the way, let yourself sleep (or not) crazy hours this month.  When Uranus is lit up we often need less sleep (or a lot more!).  If you aren’t sleepy, get up and do something Creative.  And if you get sleepy at an inconvenient time, excuse yourself and take a nap.  You may well do surprisingly well on only a few short naps.  Have Fun with the extra time.  Above all, don’t lay in bed fretting about not being able to get enough sleep, and don’t eschew napping when you need it.  And if you want to sleep twelve hours a day, do it if you can, you just need the extra Dream time.