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Portal 15-17.6 – Altjira and Asbolus

June 16, 2015

black-sheepIs this the “B” elevator?

I’m starting from the assumption – correct or otherwise – that Altjira, the Creator God of several Native Australian Peoples, is Open-Minded and Curious.  Any information you might have and be willing to share about that would be appreciated.

Thanks to reader Φ for locating the asteroid Altjira.

The Creator God’s asteroid Doppel is a type of Trans-Neptunian Object (or “TNO”) called a “Cubewano.”  It sounds esoteric, but it’s just a way of saying “QB-1-Oh!” as QB1 was the first such animal discovered.  It’s probably not big enough to be a dwarf planet, but we don’t really know yet.  The unique thing about Cubewanos is that they are not, as many other TNOs are, locked into an orbit that’s closely related to the orbit of Neptune.  Neptune’s the 800-pound Gorilla of the Outer Realms, and when any of these stray iceballs gets too close to it, Neptune’s gravity “captures” it and synchronizes its orbit to Neptune’s own.

A TNO that’s captured by Neptune’s gravity is going to maintain a constant relationship of some kind to Neptune, so it’s impact upon us planetary microbes will be controlled by Neptune.  Among other things, Neptune symbolizes the human craving for Belonging that’s greater than the craving for Truth.  Not that Truth is the End-All and Be-All (that’s Charity), but Truth does eliminate self-sabotage, so it has great advantage when we’re trying to Manifest and Co-Create.  So Cubewanos are more interesting to us because they suggest an independent Energy that may help us Expand our Consciousness.

All this matters because on June 15-17, bracketing the New Moon, the cubewano Altjira makes a major astroevent with the Centaur Asbolus.

Centaurs orbit between Jupiter and Neptune and usually have irregular, unstable orbits that may eventually decay into quite a different shape. They’re called “Centaurs” because they seem to behave half like an asteroid and half like a comet, as Mythological Centaurs were half horse and half human.  Asbolus is a Centaur, and most likely also too small to be a dwarf planet.  As a Mythical dude, Asbolus was a seer, so the cosmic Asbolus is associated with Intuition.  The name may be a good mnemonic, as a Bolus up there could indeed awaken our Intuition.

Altjira Initiates Asbolus on June 17, at 10 Gemini, “An airplane performing a nose dive.”  Altjira takes about 300 years to complete one loop of the Zodiac, and Asbolus 78 years.  Their previous Cycle ran about 90 years in length.  The Moon crossed both Asbolus and Altjira on June 15, before the New Moon.

An Asbolus-Altjira Cycle would be about Opening us up to New Perspectives through our Intuition.  In this new Cycle it appears that we’ll be pushing our Intuition to the max, in order to test its Limits.  Sometimes we’ll crash and burn from trusting our Intuition too much, but what’s important is that we’ll be Learning to know and understand where and when we can Trust our own Truth.  Truth lies in the Heart, and everyone’s Truth is different.  My First Teacher used to say “Your own Truth goes right through you,” meaning that we recognize it when we hear it or speak it, but we don’t  easily remember it or explain it when it’s not in the Moment.

Our Intuition is Alive, Open to Curiosity, always ready to be proven wrong. But at the same time, it’s our Guide, so we have to Trust it.  Rather than Doubt our Intuition, we Trust it but proceed cautiously, back out when we sense that we’ve gone in the wrong direction, but recognize that it may position us to Learn what we need to Learn to accomplish something, rather than accomplishing it for us.  At least, that’s what we could be Learning, now and over the next 90 years.

We’ll look at Altjira’s discovery chart soon. We know to start with, that the asteroid Karma (thanks to reader Elizabeth for scoping Karma out) Opposed Altjira when it was first observed to be a non-Star, both T-Square to Uranus.

We know that Altjira is about sifting through our Personal and Karmic history to find Programming that’s not really Us, and can therefore be jettisoned in favor of greater Yintegrity.

Mars makes a Trine-Sextile Bridge across the T-Square, telling us that the key to this process is Action. Like 10 Gemini, this means that…

Taking Risks that reveal our Programming and differentiate our Yintegrity is part of the program.  So it’s not about being cool or right or charming.  It’s about being Present.  Not Present to someone else’s Reality, but Present to our Own.  If we aren’t Present to our own Reality, we can only fake being Present for someone else’s.  Like Brautigan said, “First I must be Who I Am. Then I must know Who You Are. Then I must be Who I Am.”  Or something like that.  I’m pretty sure it was Brautigan.

It’s a fascinating parallel that at the Mars New Moon, the dwarf planet Sedna makes a Trine-Sextile Bridge across the New Moon T-Square, repeating the primary Altjira-discovery-chart Configuration but with different planets.  And in the New Moon chart Sedna sits near the position where Altjira was at its discovery, 24 Taurus.  That Degree is “An Indian warrior riding fiercely, human scalps hanging from his belt,” suggesting that while it may always be a good idea to exercise Compassion, we need to do it after we Intuit, rather than letting it color our Truth itself.  That is, Forgiveness doesn’t mean exposing yourself to continuing Abuse from those you Forgive; it requires Clarity, Honesty, and solid Boundaries.  The base of the current Mars-New-Moon T-Square is Lilith Opposite Chiron.  What does all this tell us?

In seeking the Miracle of Yindependence, might we be killing what we Love?   No, it’s more like, The “Effortless” path to our Sovereignty lies through Confronting our Greatest Fears.  Oxymoronic, as Confronting our Greatest Fears hardly sounds Effortless.  But our Karma is a Paper Tiger.  We can Confront Fear with as little Effort as Breathing.  “Oh, there’s that Demon again!  I recognize them!  They’ve been here all my Life – and I’m still Alive!  So they must not be nearly as Scary as they’ve made themselves out to be.”  All that takes is Awareness.

The other chart that may be insightful is the chart of the Altjira-Asbolus Initiation itself.  Asbolus-Altjira in that chart sits in an almost-Grand-Sextile.  The Vacancy is Opposite Asbolus-Altjira at 9 Sagittarius, “A mother leads her small child step by step up a steep stairway” – not something you’d want to have to say six times fast.  The other two Polarities of the Grand Sextile are the Nodal Axis and Venus Opposite Ceres – Permanently Walking in Beauty.

So we can Learn to be True to Ourself and Permanently Walk in Beauty by tirelessly nurturing our Intuition – our own Inner Initiate.

We’re wandering into very obscure aisles and alleys here, exploring these lonely little space rocks.  Does it grow Corn?  Being pretty much a slack-jawed Newborn at the moment, I’m not in a position to judge.  I guess the question would be answered by asking ourselves several questions…

Do we happen to be questioning our Intuitio? Or Trusting it to an unusual extent?  Are we contemplating or taking Risks that will test it?

Do we feel as if we’re breaking through core issues that have bedeviled us all our Life?  Or up against them again?  Are we more Conscious this time?

 Are we coveting a Community where we aren’t asked to surrender our Self-Sovereignty?

Let me know.

Portals 11-16.6.15

June 10, 2015

croco982bp Crocoite, a Lead Chromate from Tasmania.  As the Male half of Kundalini, complementing Proustite.  Lead and Chrome and Oxygen here, Silver and Arsenic and Sulfur in Proustite; the Alchemists were right on. 

  Φ    Φ    Φ    Φ    Φ 

Sorry about the radio silence; I’ve been flat on my back for the last week with the “gift” of a wicked flu.  I know, it’ll make me stronger if it doesn’t drown me first.  I’d be rich beyond imagination if the snot market wasn’t down.  I was trying to run my priorities in order (ie, compensated commitments first) with the little Energy I have, but it’s a busy week and it’s Wednesday already.  I’m behind on correspondence, so please have patience.  Then I ran across this, on a subject dear to our Hearts…

Congratulations, Soulspeak!!  Global Balming is giving Western Washington a lot more Sunshine, but Eastern Washington is where the Sun really shines.  The only problem with Eastern Washington is that they have winters there.  But Walla Walla!  Just about the lowest elevation in Eastern Washington – which means: warmer winters!  Record winter lows there are continental-rude, but average winter lows are barely freezing.  Your tender perennials will be most vulnerable in November, when it can get very cold before there’s any snow cover.  Good Manifesting!!

When I compare Soulspeak’s beautiful pictures of Desire with what I mean when I speak of our Deepest Desire as a snapshot of our Mission, it’s clarifying for me.  For instance, one of my Deepest Conscious Desires is about completing my almost-Grand-Sextile, more than about my North Node per se – but my Nodes are part of the almost-Grand-Sextile, so that’s confounded.  Another of my Deepest Conscious Desires is about putting the planet on my Midheaven to work in a receptive Community, but that history is beginning to make sense.  As for my North Node, I’d have to say that the Deep Desire there is Semi-Conscious to Unconscious.  Which is to say, I’d do that anyway, no matter what the Consequences.  For those who didn’t understand, it’d be their loss.  Thanks for the Inspiration, Soulspeak!

  Φ    Φ    Φ    Φ    Φ 

As for the week, here’s the outline…

  • 11 June: Mercury Stationary Direct (probably already feeling this deepening of thought processes – the paragrapah above is probably an example for me), and Moon Occulting Uranus (some things just aren’t optional, like reorganizing my priorities to write this)
  • 12 June: Neptune Stationary Retrograde (definitely feeling this already; anything in your Young Life Confusing?  That’s what needs to be embraced)
  • 14 June: Makemake Stationary Direct (and definitely feeling this already too; Makemake is about Manifesting what we actually need to Survive, more than Manifesting what we think we need, or Want; if all this catarrh washes away my tendency to overthink, you’ll hear me shouting YOO HOO clear over there, wherever that is!)
  • 15 June: Moon crosses Asbolus and Altjira (Big shifts in our Intuition, as Asbolus was a seer and Altjira is just Big)
  • 16 June: Mars New Moon, and Altjira Initiates Asbolus (It’s going to be a very Powerful Lunar Month)

We haven’t had a chance to finish our research on Trans-Neptunian Object Altjira yet, since Φ found it for us.  It’s one fourth the size of dwarf planet Chaos, so may not be big enough to be a dwarf planet, but it orbits near Chaos (Altjira 42-47 AU, Chaos 41-50 AU – an AU is the distance from the Sun to Earth; orbits Altjira 297 years, Chaos 309 years; they’re currently separated by ten Degrees of Longitude and two Degrees of Declination, and I wouldn’t worry about their colliding).  What we do know is that Altjira was the Creator God of several of the Australian First Peoples, and that in its discovery chart it was Opposed by Karma and T-Squared by Uranus, with Mars Trine-Sextile Bridging the T-Square and Chiron Quincunx-Unx Bridging it.

To the folks who believe that what you can see defines what is Real, Altjira will represent shocking new Perspectives.  To the Western mind, the Dreamtime is mythological.  In the view of the Australian First Peoples, it’s no less Real than any other experience.  What part of your Reality do you joke about, referring to it as if it were Material, while giving it separate status from Objective Reality?  For instance, when you have a disturbing dream do you tell your people you had an “Abduction?”  Do you really consider Rocks and Plants to be Alive, or just talk about them as if?  What about the Critters?  Do you suppose they’re equal, less than, or superior to your own species?  These might be the first wake-up calls you get to Expand your Consciousness. 

What little we know so far about Altjira is that, if we want to know where our Yintegrity lies, we probably need to go Walkabout and see what we React to.  These Reaction won’t tell us where our Yintegrity is, they’ll tell us what we need to clear in order to find our Yintegrity.   With good luck we’ll recover quickly enough to do more research and write more about Altjira before 15 June.

The New Moon promises a Transformative Lunar Month (New Moon to New Moon), and not just because it occurs a half-Degree from Mars. 

 The Altjira-Asbolus Initiation is at 10 Gemini, “An airplane performing a nose dive.”  Rudhyar assumes that the dive is an on-purpose performance, but that’s not the way I usually think of a nose dive.  While the New Moon is half a Sign beyond the Altjira-Asbolus Initiation, it’s bracketed by the Initiation in Time.  When the Moon tickles an astroevent, it often triggers the event’s impact, and the Moon crosses Asbolus and Altjira the day before the New Moon.  The Initiation occurs five hours after the New Moon, so the Energy of the Initiation will permeate the New Moon Time.  By our own perverse logic we could actually consider this to be an Asbolus-Altjira New Moon.

That would mean that the month to follow the New Moon will be filled with eye-opening revelations.   Revelations big enough to represent a shift in the General Trance.  Could even be a Tripping Point.

The New Moon chart itself is very busy.  The Mars-New Moon Stellium Opposes an Ixion-Pholus-Quaoar Stellium, with Quaoar on the Galactic Center

Someone or something could be “laying down the law” with little ambiguity around our Responsibility. 

Which makes a Grand Cross with a Chiron-Lilith Opposition…

Expect to encounter Discouragement about your self-Sovereignty, and Open to Miracle breakthroughs around it. 

And while Chaos is not part of the New Moon Stellium via our usual Sensitivity, it’s well within range to make its own Grand Cross with Chiron, Lilith, and the Ixion Stellium…

There are no Limits here; you may as well PIAVA that you maintain a shred of sanity as the top of your head explodes.

The Mars-New Moon Stellium is also the head of a Kite with Eris and Juno…

There will be shocking secrets revealed, but the overall result will be quite positive. 

And Sedna rounds out the gang in the 25-Degree range, making a Tricolor with Lilith and the Ixion Stellium…

If, when someone or something “lays down the law” it frightens you or threatens the Security of your family, the productive Response will be Curiosity about how it will all unfold.  Maintain your Curiosity as long as you can, without seeking Answers.  This is a small step in a huge process, so avoid jumping to any conclusions about dystopian or utopian outcomes that you’ve outpictured or ingested from someone else’s outpicturing.  It’s an ongoing Co-Creation, and by assuming it’s finished you just opt out of the Creative process and leave the rest of us to wrestle your Fantasy to the ground.