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Beginning of the End Times

May 13, 2023

We aren’t quite through the full Altjira-Pan-Chiron-Atropos Fandango yet, but the Next Energy is pushing through pretty Strongly, so I’ll write it down. In short, to misquote Robert Plant, “Does Anybody Remember 6 Pisces?” aka Gonggong Initiates Saturn, 3-4 May 2023…

As JD put it, it “kicked the snot” out of him, and left my Sinuses pretty clear as well. Well, it’s returned, in the form of everyone and their cousin Lighting Up 6 Degrees of Everything – in brief…

  • 14 May, Gonggong Initiates Magdalena in 6 Pisces,1 Valuable Irreplaceable Karmic Frequencies that don’t fit the Current Lifetime. The overriding theme for me lately has been Surrender, and that’s exactly what this New 6-year-minus-2-months Cycle Suggests – Throwing our Egos at the Foot of Mary Magdalene and PIAVAing that She Help Us Surrender Our Striving. Anything we can Figure Out Intellectually will just Lock Us more Deeply into our Karma (see the 17 Capricorn Vacancy in the previous post). Intuition Rules here. Gonggong is about Intrusive Memories.
  • 15 May, Mercury Stationary Direct in 6 Taurus,2 Persistence at Opening the Heart. At least now Communication should be a lot Easier, as should Travel. Thank Goodness! Communication with all of our Other Selves should be Easier now too!
  • 16 May, Varuna Out of Bounds Initiates Pallas at 6 Leo,3 Torn between Experiencing and Observing. This New 4¼-year Cycle is about Exploring where we set our Boundaries between our Ego and Dis-Ease. If one Accepts a Diagnosis, that’s tantamount to Accepting the remainder of the Expected course of the Dis-Ease. If you think you might have the flu, there’s a lot you can do about it (starting perhaps with PIAVAing or Tapping). Getting Diagnosed with the flu can take Ownership of it out of your own hands. It’s not about the “Body-Mind Connection,” it’s about the Complete Inseparable Union between the Body and the Mind. If you aren’t even in our Body, you’re probably not in your Right Mind either – Pun intended. Varuna represents the Life Force.
  • 22 May, Gonggong Initiates asteroid Karma in 6 Pisces,4 which we’ve encountered before, eh? Beginning a New 4½-year Cycle about Being likely Inundated with Whispered Conversations that our Ego knows aught about, but we may be able to make them Bloom Out into more complete pictures of Karma that’s been Hidden – we know the Pattern, but we haven’t Located any Meaningful Leverage yet that we can use to Shift it. We’ll probably need PIAVAs like God/Goddess, May I Please find Easy clues about What This Is About? If you’re around Psychologists during this Cycle, don’t tell them about this – the last thing you need is a DSM-5 Diagnosis!! (See 16 May above.) Seeking Enlightenment is plenty Weird already.
  • 26 May, Saturn Initiates asteroid Karma in 7 Pisces,5 Commitment to Follow Your Own Inner Path No Matter What, with the Universe Providing Grace and Miracles Proportional to Your Commitment. As if we haven’t been getting our Noses rubbed in our Karma already. But, the sooner we can Shit this stuff Out, the sooner we can Enjoy the relative Ease of 5D. 7 Pisces is also the home of Royal Star Formalhaut, meaning Dreams – and it’s our Dreams that we need to Commit to. Since Saturn means The Most Important Thing, Letting Go of Our Karma is Priority Number One here.
  • 29 May, Damocles Stationary in 4 Pisces,6 Massive Confusion, Running in All Directions, Getting Nowhere, Overwhelmed. The Need to Expand into This New Force Field, to Surrender into It, as it’s the Multidimensionality We’re Only Just Now Starting to Witness. To Accept 5D we need to Accept that the Soul and the Source are Unlimited. Damocles is about Accountability.
  • 1 June, Station of Gonggong in 6 Pisces,7 in case you’ve forgotten, that’s Valuable Irreplaceable Karmic Frequencies that don’t fit the Current Lifetime. More of the Karmic Torture Chamber Portal – All you can do is Praise the Razor, for the Fineness of the Slash

If you’re at all still stuck in the old Saturn-as-Downer paradigm, Immediately start Tapping on something like Even though I Expect and Fear that my Karma’s going to Be Bumming me Out, I Deeply and Completely Love and Accept Myself… Saturn symbolizes Priorities. If we Resist Our Most Important Priority, of course Saturn’s going to come across as a Bummer.

If you’ll allow me to get Cognitive for a moment, Isn’t Our Most Important Priority Enlightenment, and doesn’t that require Letting Go of Our Karma? And isn’t Noticing it when it Recurs where we Start that Process? Then Recurrence is Good, eh? A good time to Recommit. Our Resistance is itself a Fabulous piece of Information about our supposedly Hidden Karma – Hidden in plain sight with RESIST written across its forehead in big letters. Since Resistance is always rooted in the Unconscious, we’ll need to use some form of PIAVA to make our Recommitment Hold.

1 Gonggong Initiates Magdalena, 14 May, UT 7:31 (PDT 12:31 am, BST 8:31 am, IST 1:01 pm, AEST 5:31 pm). We’ll Learn more about this Cycle in late August and early December, as two additional Exposition Conjunctions occur.
2 Mercury Stationary Direct, 15 May, UT 3:16 (PDT 8:16 pm 14th, BST 3:16 am 15th, IST 8:46 am 15th, AEST 1:16 pm 15th).
3 Varuna Initiates Pallas, 16 May, UT 9:20 (PDT 2:20 am, BST 10:20 am, IST 2:50 pm, AEST 7:20 pm).
4 Gonggong Initiates Karma, 22 May, UT 11:44 (PDT 4:44 pm 22nd, BST 12:44 am 23rd, IST 5:14 am 23rd, AEST 9:44 am 23rd).
5 Saturn Initiates Karma, 26 May, UT 16:17 (PDT 9:17 am 26th, BST 5:17 pm 26th, IST 9:47 pm 26th, AEST 2:17 am 27th). We’ll also be Learning more about this 5-year Cycle between late September and late October of 2023, when they Retrograde together back to an Exposition Conjunction, then travel Merged together for a month before Karma zips ahead.
6 Station of Damocles, 29 May, UT 17:50 (PDT 10:50 am 29th, BST 6:50 pm 29th, IST 11:20 pm 29th, AEST 3:50 am 30th).
7 Station of Gonggong, 1 June, UT 14:54 (PDT 7:54 am 1st, BST 3:54 pm 1st, IST 8:24 pm 1st, AEST 12:54 am 2nd).

If everybody on the Planet is less than “6 Degrees” away from us, there’s going to be a whole Helluva Lotta Whispering going on, so we might consider starting this whole Extended Portal with a PIAVA something like, God/Goddess, may I please Hear and Choose only those Intrusive Memories and Karmic Habits that are Most Mine and Most Available to Let Go Of!

Meanwhile, …

While all these Players are Partying in 6 Degrees, we’re being Flooded with the growing Energy of three other Stations in the mid-Degrees, and what a Portal this is!!…

  • 17 May, Chariklo Stationary in 14 Aquarius,8 The Darkest Depths of Despair. Playing Out Fears and Doubts, Old Heavy Feelings, and the Mind’s Most Negative Concepts and Ideas. Choosing between Projection and Redemption. Redemption may not be Easy, but Projection tends to hard to Revert. Since Chariklo is about Self-Confidence and Self-Doubt, we can use this to clear a Load of Doubt Karma. It’s always More Powerful to Lovingly and Gently Embrace Our Bummers, FOR A FEW MINUTES, before we Let Them Go. That can be Permanent; Avoidance is always a Band-Aid – it might Stop the Bleeding, but it won’t Heal the Wound.
  • 17 May, Thereus Stationary in 12 Virgo,9 Hyperaware of Potential Sabotage and Working Hard to Prevent it. The Huge Shadow Cast by a Belief that Life Should Be a Certain Way. One Side of the Mind is Traumatized and the Other Side Exhausts Itself Trying to Rescue Ourself from the Trauma. The Way Out Is to Give Up Our Perfect Pictures and Accept that Life IS WHAT IT IS, while Honoring the Skills of the Former Rescuer. Home of the Fixed Star Zosma, meaning Victimhood. Thereus was Tough but Fair. He was known for Wrestling Bears, then bringing them Home still snarling but unhurt, and training them to keep Order in his Courts. It’s possible to do Both/And with Tough and Loving and Gentle, but it takes Skill, and that take Practice. Never too late to start Practicing.
  • 28 May, Orcus Stationary in 14 Virgo,10 Waking Up to Karma. Sounds like Noticing, doesn’t it! The more Hupers do Wake Up here, and with the Simultaneous Station of Damocles (Accountability) take Ownership of it, the faster we can help Mom Dirt Ascend. While that’s True, it behooves us to ignore the Big Picture, and Accept Accountability for our own Contribution to Resisting the Change to the Aquarian Age, no matter how small it seems relative to Their Contribution. Ultimately, We Are All One and We Are Alone are the same thing, aren’t they. It’s Both/And, so we may as well Work on What We Can Change, which is Only Ourself. Orcus is about Pattern-Breaking, so it’s an Ideal time to Dump Unwanted Karma.

8 Station of Chariklo, 17 May, UT 14:04 (PDT 7:04 am 17th, BST 3:04 pm 17th, IST 7:34 pm 17th, AEST 12:04 am 18th).
9 Station of Thereus, 17 May, UT 18:45 (PDT 11:45 am 17th, BST 7:45 pm 17th, IST 12:15 am 18th, AEST 4:45 am 18th).
10 Station of Orcus, 28 May, UT 4:54 (PDT 9:54 pm 27th, BST 5:54 am 28th, IST 10:24 am 28th, AEST 2:54 pm 28th).

As me Mum used to say, Bless her Soul, Why James, it’s the End Times! Sounds quite ominous, especially with US Speaker of the House McCarthy trying to Crash the US Economy and a good part of the rest of the World as well, since US Treasury Securities are a core holding of the Central Banks of most countries. If the Treasury Secretary’s Yellen’ about cutting Social Security is more than a feint to rile us “Seniors,” I’ll be living on Cedar Bark Soup for the duration, at least as long as I have a way to cook it. If I can find any Cedars that haven’t been Clear-Cut.

Bruce Lipton avers that the Collapse of Western Civilization is an essential First Step toward Rescuing Huperity from Extinction, because Western Civilization shows little Sign that it’s Recognizing that its Extreme Left-Brain Worldview is what’s Killing the Planet. Are we there yet?

The Pholus-Quaoar Cycle, recall, is the Primary Timing Indicator for the Climate Crisis. Pholus came within a Degree of Quaoar around the time Greta began her Protests, and the two of them Conjoined and Initiated their New Cycle in the same week that Pootin’ invaded Ukraine – War is one of the symptoms of Revelations-Level Climate Change, as everyone goes into Scarcity and Scapegoats their neighbors. But a Cycle really Arrives in the Mainstream when it reaches its Waxing Square, which for Pholus-Quaoar occurs in 2081.11

And we have to add another entry to our table of May astroevents near 6 Degrees…

  • 22 May, Pholus Merges with Quaoar in 9 Capricorn,12 Fire and Earth Energies United and Exposed, and the Home of Fixed Star Facies, which symbolizes Combativeness. This is the third of their 21 Exposition Conjunctions, implying that we’re still Early in the Fall-of-the-Empire process.

So we’re probably looking at another Dress Rehearsal for us, though it sounds as though many more People will be Shaken out of their Complacency during the last half or May.

11 See Ian Smith’s comment in

12 Pholus Conjunct Quaoar, 22 May, UT 10:44 (PDT 3:44 am, BST 11:44 am, IST 4:14 pm, AEST 8:44 pm). The two previous Exposition Conjunctions occurred 6 May 2022 in 8 Capricorn, Correlated with the “Derecho” (a Land Hurricane) in the most populous zone of Canada; and 8 February 2023 in 9 Capricorn, Celebrated by the Devastating Turkey-Syria earthquake. Earthquakes and Severe Storms are also Symptoms of Climate Change.

There’s more detail, but we’ll save that for another post.

BTW, have we mentioned that, at least for me, Spanish Black Radish – either the Radish itself, or the capsules – works well to Neutralize Brainfog?

Community and Accountability

November 23, 2022

Excerpts from Aluna Joy Yaxkin’s Newsletter from today…

“First, it’s clear that what is arriving for us now cannot be assessed alone. The monk-like sojourn experience is no longer valid, not for long term. This new world we are entering is inter-connected, but not dependent, and is fueled by community, and this community is to be connected to the earth and the cosmos… Secondly, we are being asked to hold a unique balanced presence and it was clear we do not understand what this is. . . Not yet anyway…

“I may not be totally clear about what this presence actually is, because it’s not something that can come from the mind, or can be explained with words. It radiates from the heart. There is no pretense or specialness emanating from this presence. In fact it’s anything but. It is an egoless quiet power, a presence. It is easy. It is simple. It is truth. It is love. It is about showing up authentically all the way.”

Her full message is at, right-hand column, scroll down.

Jupiter, whose Energy is Lit Up by Standing Still in the Sky till 3:02 pm PST 23 November 2022 (GMT 11:02 pm 23rd; IST 4:32 am 24th; AEDT Qld 9:02 am 24th), Expands Everything, including the Karmic Blocks that we’re Working on. That’s actually a Blessing, though it’s likely to Feel quite the opposite. One of quickest ways we have to Reject Emotions we don’t like, is to Blame them on someone else. “You make me Angry!” “It makes me so Sad when you say that.” “You’ve Made my Day!” Our favorite Emotions to Reject are our Abandonment and our Suffocation.

We Feel Our Abandonment when we Feel Lonely and “Miss” someone, when we Feel Ignored or Discounted, especially while Sharing Vulnerable Emotions, or when we’re Disrespected or Discriminated against. We Feel Our Suffocation when someone “crowds” us, Intrudes upon the Physical Space we want around us in the Moment, asks questions that are Uncomfortable for us in Moment, or when we feel like someone is “Interrogating” us about a Sensitive Issue, with little or no Empathy. When our Abandonment or Suffocation is Triggered, it is so Easy to Judge and Blame the other person and make them Accountable for Our Feelings, which is a Dead End Growth-Wise.

Most of Our Abandonment and Suffocation is Karmic. While every Child will Encounter Abandonment and Suffocation, it’s not likely to become much of an Issue for anyone if it isn’t Karmic. However, when we look at how much Abandonment and Suffocation influence History and Politics, we have to conclude that it’s a Big Issue for Huperity. How many Wars can be traced to Insults? Certainly All of the Religious Wars. Abuse is the epitome of Suffocation. “Feminism” is all about Abandonment (Lack of Respect) and Suffocation (Abuse). Abandonment is a major Enforcement tool for the Patriarchy, as in “You’re Fired!” So we’re dealing with Karma that’s more than Personal. Culturally Approved Karma is always harder to Let Go.

Abandonment and Suffocation are things that We Feel, and All of our Emotions Are Our Own. No one else ever makes us Feel Angry or Sad or Loved or Excited or Scared. What they say or do may Trigger Our Feelings, but those Feelings Are Ours, and if we ever want to be Free or Enlightened or 5D’d, we have to Own Them as Ours and Ours Alone. Failing to Own our Emotions can dump us out of having Control Over Time, and always Separates us from the Reality of Interpersonal Dynamics.

Marshall Rosenberg, a Rogerian psychologist, developed a way of Speaking and Hearing that he called “Non-Violent Communication,” or “NVC,” that shifts our Orientation toward our Feelings into Ownership. It’s simple to describe, but very difficult to adhere to in practice. Regardless, it teaches us about Ownership of our Emotions, so it’s very useful even if we never get it right. For instance, “You make me Angry!” becomes…

“When you called me an Asshole, I Felt Angry, which Feels Imbalanced to me. I Need to Feel Balanced, so I’m wondering if you could tell me what it was that struck you as Asinine.”

Or, these days, “I Need to Feel Safe, so are you willing to tell me whether or not you have a gun or a knife or a hammer?”

No guarantee that it will keep your Nose unbroken, but at least it Avoids Blame and Judgment, whether the other person recognizes that or not. Your aim isn’t to Own being an Asshole, or to get even, it’s to Create or Continue Connection with the other person, though Marshall always emphasized that how long or hard you want to Work at Creating or Continuing Connection is totally about your own Pleasure! Outside of practicing NVC or some other external Goal (like keeping a job or avoiding Injury or Death), you may have absolutely no Pleasure in Pursuing Connection with someone who calls you an Asshole. In which case, you back away, Carefully.

The Formula is a Neutral Observation about what occurred, followed by a Description of the Feeling it Triggered in us, followed by our Preference or Need to Feel or Be otherwise, and finished with a Request of the other person. Finishing with a Request keeps the Conversation Flowing, so you aren’t just making Proclamations. Here’s a super-simple introduction, with links to more detail…

If you click on the “Watch on =>YouTube” button, you’ll get a column of additional ‘Tubes, including several by Marshall himself. Like I say, it is very difficult to adhere to in practice. Here’s another ‘Tube on what it’s like when we’re Triggered…

NVC is especially useful in Cleaning Up our Self-Talk. For instance, replacing “You Idiot, there you go Doing That Again” with “Wow, I just Noticed How Self-Abusive I Can Be! Terrific! Now I can start to Change that Self-Sabotaging Habit!” There’s a Powerful article on this at, about psychologist and neuroscientist Ethan Kross’s Emotion and Self Control Lab at Michigan University.

Dr. Kross’s book Chatter: The Voice in Our Head and How to Harness It sounds like an excellent source for someone who gets stuck inside their head in what I used to call Helicopter Trips – eternal arguments between different points of view – before I Learned how to quell the rotors by moving from Heads-versus-Tails to the Coin between them.

In the 23 November Jupiter and New Moon chart, you may not have noticed that Damocles is still Lit Up. It Unxes (1 Sign or Pattern-Breaking) Jupiter (the Exaggerated Expansion of our Acceptance of Emotionality SuperPower), Squares (3 Signs or Challenges) the New Moon, and Trines (4 Signs or Dumb-Luck Blessings) the Rebirth into Unconditional Love SuperPower. Not only is it tightly entangled with the Jupiter-New Moon Meat of the week, it’s also tied up in a Deep Knot of other planets – Herakles (Zeus’s Hit Man for the Patriarchy), Vesta (Growth of Consciousness), Phaedra (Shame), and Gonggong (Intrusive Memories). What a mess!

The Stellium (Group of 3 or more planets) – the Deep Knot – is about Taking Ownership of Our Shame and Our Own Role in the Perpetuation of the Patriarchy. We may be dealing with Shame so Deep that we don’t even consider it to be Shame – we just don’t talk about it because we Fear it would Estrange everyone we know. Shame that isn’t even Ours, but was passed down to us from previous generations. It wasn’t that long ago that Men Believed that they Owned their Daughters and it was their Right and Privilege or even Obligation to “Teach” them about Sex. And not that long ago that Women had no Choice but to buy into that Regime if they wanted to continue Eating, and perhaps had no Choice because the Shame would have been Unbearable if it was out in the Open. Who among us are Immune from those sorts of Ancestors? Would we even Know?

We don’t have to Open Up to others about our Fears around these kinds of Shame, but it will be Powerful to Acknowledge this kind of Shame to ourself, and Accept Ownership of it – Very Carefully, as we have to be meticulous about Avoiding Blame, especially Self-Blame. This Energy is embedded in the very Core of Western European Colonialism and its cousin White Supremacy. We’re obviously already Feeling the next astroevent after Jupiter-New Moon – a Station of Nessus (Emphasis on Abuse and Privilege) at 3:01 am PST (GMT 11:01 am, IST 4:31 pm, AEDT Qld 9:01 pm) 27 November.

We aren’t going back to the Painful days of 2015-2017, when Nessus and Gonggong were traveling together in early Pisces, both Out of Bounds, Lighting Up everyone who was already Aware of their own childhood Abuse and Opening many others to theirs, in very Emotional (Pisces) circumstances. In the Jupiter-New Moon chart, Nessus has moved nine Degrees beyond Gonggong, far enough that our November adventures aren’t about Abuse per se, but about the Shame around it. The Degree Symbol for the Initiation of the new Nessus-Gonggong Cycle on 19 May 2015 in 4 Pisces was Total Chaos Of Time, Space, Emotion, Direction, Boundaries, Lifetimes, etc etc, with the Jewel in the Heart of Lotus Not Easy to Find, Requiring Union with the Soul.

Crazy-Making, in other words. This is a Journey we’re Stuck with for at least another century. Both planets have very elongated orbits, so Cycle times are not consistent. The previous Cycle was 150 years, but our estimates of their orbits from current knowledge runs only to 2100. Those of us who Remember those days in 2015-2017, are very Grateful that Reality has Settled Down quite a bit since then, even as Chaotic as it currently is. We’ve had a lot of on- and off-planet Allies helping us Seek the Jewel. Ajoite, a hydrated Potassium-Sodium-Copper-Aluminum Mica, often occurring as a subtle Aqua tint in Quartz Crystals, is one of those Allies that Mother Earth has given us, an Ally that’s Reputed to Power our Resurrection. Aho! – So Be It!…

Accountability, Denial, and Time III

November 18, 2022

In the first post in this series, we averred that “Since no Huper is Whole when they’re in Denial, that’s Damocles’s Job, isn’t it, to Introduce us to the Lost Fragments of our Soul.” Well, in today’s Download, Natalie Glasson Channels the Andromedans on what else but Soul Retrieval, at The Andromedans hail from the Andromeda Galaxy, and are not, to my knowledge, Camels, though ya never know. I’ve spoken with Camels, and their Presence is Impressive, but at the time I wasn’t able to Translate their Comments. It wouldn’t be Surprising if they Carry the Perennial Wisdom. Natalie’s Channelings are much less garbled than Barbara Hand Clow’s were, and in fact Natalie’s are very Clear.

For example, “When we, the Andromedans, speak of Soul Retrieval, we are speaking of aspects of your energy field that have become fragmented, that have been hidden from view, separated or even contained within a barrier so you can no longer access it or its energy.” Sounds like a bedmate of Denial. More of Natalie’s Download…

“It can be very easy to call back soul aspects that have been lost, separate and so forth. However, this does not serve your being because it can be hard to process these all at once. It is far safer and easier to allow what is needed for this moment to be returned to you and for you to be reminded of. When you work with your energy, call forth the Healing Andromedan Team, the Soul Retrieval Andromedan Team, and the Unity Andromedan Team. Each of these teams you can call forth to surround you to work with you, and they will make the process very easy. You might be reminded of a painful memory, you might feel separated, you might feel sad, you might feel angry, you might have a colour, a symbol, or a sound.  Whatever comes into your awareness, invite the Healing Andromedan Team, the Soul Retrieval Andromedan Team, and the Unity Andromedan Team to serve you.

“Call all forth to send energy into, whatever you receive, or whatever awareness you receive. Imagine, sense or acknowledge that you are sending your love, your unconditional love, to any awareness you receive or your purpose of allowing what is needed in this moment to be returned to you. Allow love to pour into it until you feel a shift, the energy may dissolve, you may find it becomes brighter in light, you may feel that you are accepting it, or you may simply feel that there is no need to concentrate anymore. Whatever shift you experience, allow yourself to express gratitude and welcome this aspect into your being. Some aspects may be challenging when you become aware of them. If they are challenging, painful or feel overwhelming, you know that you have the three teams with you from the Andromedans as well as your guides. Try to keep a clear focus as much as you can, bringing your attention back to your purpose and to the light and love of your being. Allow any healing and transformation to this aspect, thus accepting this aspect into your being.”

I tried this to Work more with the Revelations I Received over the Damocles-Veritas Weekend, and the result was Marvelous.

Meanwhile, the Webb Telescope, photographing the Fishkissing Galaxy, continues to demonstrate the follies of Cosmological theories based on Linear Time…


No Blame, they’re doing the best they can with the tools they’re permitted to use, which are just very limited.

Referring back to the Damocles Discovery chart in the earlier post, you can see how the green wedge (Finger of the Goddess), across the center of the chart from upper left to lower right, makes the red Pattern-Breaker (Orcus) triangle (T-Square or SuperPower) Self-Resolving, by creating the “Web of Grace” (blue “bowl”) under the T-Square (since the T-Square is oriented toward the lower right, “under” in this case is the upper left). The “blue bowl” fills up the Zodiac and Balances the otherwise tipsy red triangle. The big blue equilateral triangle (Grand Trine or Unearned Blessings) also pointing to Orcus adds a tonne of Grace to the whole Configuration. In the face of a Self-Resolving SuperPower, our Task is to resist any Temptation to Intervene to try to Eliminate the Temporary Discomforts or Herxheimer reaction that can occur before all of the Angles in the chart have finished Balancing one another, and while we Re-Experience what we’ve Repressed while it’s being Jettisoned.

A note on the role of Emotion is important. We have to clarify whether we’re we talking about Physical Issues here, or Emotional Issues. Contrary to what most people Believe – and it’s incredibly Difficult to get otherwise Intelligent and Rational and Well-Balanced People to Understand this in any way that becomes Sustainable for them no matter how often you repeat it – There Is No Difference Between Physical and Emotional Issues. Like all non-Dual Reality, Issues are Unitary and Multifarious. Yes, we may Experience them Differently, but that’s a matter of our Conditioning and Thinking, and Timing. In a nutshell, Unconstructive or Negative Emotions like Anxiety or Judgment Create Physical Cortisols in the Body, and Cortisols create Discomfort and eventually Dis-ease. Constructive or Positive Emotions like Gratitude or Love Create Physical Endorphins in the Body, and Endorphins contribute mightily to Constructive Manifestations, which usually Create more Positive Emotions.

Here’s a nice Strolling-on-the-Beach Rock that may be Capable of Relaxing Anxiety when we Gaze at it. It’s called, logically enough, “Ocean Picture Stone.” It’s a Chalcedony – Chalcedonies are fine-textured Quartzes that are called “Agates” when transparent or translucent, and “Jaspers” when opaque. Since there are so many of them of so many different descriptions, they get named after the Location where they’re found or some other characteristic, such as what they look like. This one is from the British Columbia Coast and Mirrors its Source…

The Emotional and the Physical are not Different Levels or Properties or Characteristics of the Body and of Reality. They are Different Perspectives on the Body and on Reality.

The Emotional and the Physical are not Different Levels or Properties or Characteristics of the Body and of Reality. They are Different Perspectives on the Body and on Reality.

The Emotional and the Physical are not Different Levels or Properties or Characteristics of the Body and of Reality. They are Different Perspectives on the Body and on Reality.

If I say it three times in a row, maybe more people will begin to Register the Information. Our MisBelief that the Body is Divisible is an extension of our MisBelief that the Ego makes us Separate from Huperity and from other Egos. We move toward Enlightenment not by assembling a set of Concepts that Keep Us Safe from Sylvester and Wiley Coyote and Marlin Perkins without Limiting Us Too Much, but by Accepting the Perennial Wisdom as Basic, and Refining all of the other Ideas in our Concept Set to Match the Perennial Wisdom. So How do we Match the Separateness of the Ego with one of the most basic of propositions in the Perennial Wisdom – We Are All One? Which Proposition better fits Reality? We Are All One, or I Am Me and You are You?

Yes, Your Separate Ego seems Real to you. But have you ever noticed that you Change it more often than you change your Costume? So yes, Ego matches the Multifarious criteria of Reality. If we seek any kind of Continuity, we have to cast the Ego as some sort of Container, rather than the Contents of the Container, because the Contents are Mush one minute and Steak the next. Can we make Ego match the Unitary criteria of Reality? Sure, everybody has an Ego. We could probably even extend that to suggest that everyone has the Same kind of Container for their Ego. If you have even a smidgen of Empathy, you often Experience situations where someone pours the contents of their Container into yours. If you’ve ever Experienced real two-way Communication, which is rare, you’ve each poured the Contents of your Containers into the Other’s. That can get Confusing – till you Remember that Confusion is the First Sign of Growth.

If we’re so Separate from the Ukrainians whose apartment block has just been incinerated by a Russian Missile, how is it that we Feel such Empathy for them? Or from the Floridian or Pakistani or Marshall Islander whose Home is waist-deep in Water? Or the Californian or Australian or Greek or Anyone whose Home has Burned to the Ground? Here’s a Global view of all the grid cells where Satellites have detected Fires…

The Ego has an Essential Purpose, but the notion that having one makes us an Individual is a Fantasy. The Ego’s job is to keep us Alive. As with the Unconscious, the Ego has Individual, Cultural, and Global Zones to it. For instance, the Western Civilization whose Demise Bruce Lipton Celebrates, has been trained to Believe that Competition is the only way to Assure Survival. How’s that Working Out for us? Indigenous Cultures had their share of Competition, but they Rely more on Cooperation, especially Cooperation rather than Competition with their Environment.

The Root of the green-wedge Finger of the Goddess in the Damocles Discovery chart is the Cooperation (Sextile) between Nature (asteroid Pan) and The Soul’s Realization that Consciousness Grows through Respect for All Things (Uranus-Juno-Hopi). While we usually interpret dwarf planet Orcus as Pattern-Breaking, it’s also about Pattern-Making. When we Break an Olde Pattern, we can’t help but make New Habits to replace it. We wouldn’t Survive for ten minutes if we weren’t “Creatures of Habit” and we had to solve every minute Issue we face through Innovation.

The long green lines in the Finger are called QuincunxesQuin for five and unx for Signs (1/12th or the Zodiac), with the c to make it roll off the tongue a little more easily than Quinunx, which sounds more like a kind of Wild Ox. A Quincunx is a Mystery School, which tells us that the Relationship between Our Habits, Old and New both and Nature is a Mystery, and attempting to Reduce it into terms that we can Understand with the 2D Mind, is doomed to Failure. And the Relationship between Our Habits and Our Soul’s Realization that Consciousness Grows through Respect is also Mysterious. If we can’t Engineer the Relationships between Our Patterns (Civilization or Karma), Nature, and Our Growth, what else can we do?

We need to PIAVA these Relationships. PIAVA is our shortcut term for Prayer, Intention, Affirmation, Visualization, Asking, and many other techniques that Magnetize to us things that we Want but have no idea how to Create. In crude terms, Engineering is the “Masculine” way of Creating, while Magnetizing is the “Feminine” way of Creating. Western Patriarchic Civilization specializes in the Engineering method of Creating – and again, How Is That Working Out For Us? As the Patriarchy exhausts it Run and Dies Out, Magnetizing Replaces it.

Our First Step is to move toward Clarity about What We Want. It’s an Iterative process – since our Values and our Wants derive more from our Hearts than our Minds, in order to assign 2D Words to them, we start with a Guess or an Estimate. Maybe What We Want from our Patterns might be something like Improving Our Odds of Survival. Maybe What We Want from Nature is more like What We Want from Ourselves with Regard to Nature, such as Collaboration with Nature, or something like that. Personally, I think that’s Mandatory if we Want to approach 5D. Maybe What We Want from Growth is more Improving Our Survival Odds or something like that.

Adding “…or something like that” is Eugene Gendlin’s very useful suggestion from his book Let Your Body Interpret Your Dreams, which is a fabulous primer for Supporting PIAVA. So a typical PIAVA might look like “I Wonder How I Can Improve My Odds of Surviving Well and Maybe Even Thriving.” We aren’t looking for a Solution or an Answer, in fact, once we PIAVA anything, we need to Change the Subject as soon as possible. We’re looking instead to Program the Unconscious to Reveal Suggestions and even Actions to us. If you want to be a bit more Assertive, you can Choose something like “I Intend to Improve My Odds of Surviving Well and Even Thriving.”

If we Fail to Change the Subject, then our 2D Mind will continue to crank away on all of its Old Thoughts that have long since Proven to be Failures – else we wouldn’t still Want this, we’d Have it. We list many different techniques for PIAVAing elsewhere. Dr. Joe Dispenza points out that when we Want, we’re Affirming our Lack, and therefor it’s better to Affirm Our Gratitude for What We Do Have, whether we Have it Now or not. Remember that our Aspiration is to Leave Linear Time in exchange for 5D, where, in the Perennial Wisdom, All There Is Is Now! Dr. Joe has Powerful techniques for moving our Identity into Nothingness, in order to Provide Space in our Life for the New – otherwise, our current Identity and Patterns already Overfill our Life. I recommend those, but I haven’t become Adept at them yet, so I can’t describe Success with them.

What I have had Success with is PIAVAs like “I Love My Odds of Survival and I Intend to Improve Them Even More.” Another factor that Dr. Joe and others point out, is that Manifestation only Works when it’s done from a posture of Positive Emotion. When we PIAVA anything from Anger or Fear or Scarcity, all we’ll Manifest is more Anger or Fear or Scarcity. We can be even more Specific – as you PIAVA anything, Imagine that You Already Feel the Way You Expect to Feel When Your Manifestation is Successful and Sustainable. It’s not always Easy to Imagine Feeling what you Aren’t, but with Practice you can become Adept. Gary Craig’s Powerful Unseen Therapist technique uses the process of first Focusing on something that you Love or that you Love to Remember.

The Practice of closing your Mouth and Breathing both Inhale and Exhale through the Nose triggers your Vagus Nerve and shuts down your Sympathetic Nervous System (Fight, Flight, Compete, etc.), opening your Parasympathetic Nervous System (Feed, Breed, Rest, Digest, Collaborate, etc.) instead. Practicing gradually lengthening your Inhale to Fill Up your Torso all the way from your Pelvis to your Brainstem can Trigger Joy and Excitement, and perhaps even Raise your Kundalini. That’s an Excellent Practice for Priming your Manifestation Circuits before and during your PIAVAs.

Big blue equilateral triangles (Grand Trines), like the one in the Damocles Discovery chart, connect three Energies in such a way that they Complement one another to a Great Extent, often to such the Extent that our Ego takes Ownership of the Cosmic Grace, and we substitute Arrogance for Gratitude, which is hardly conducive to Self-Resolution, or Manifesting other than Greed. If we Avoid that though, the additional blue triangle greatly Enhances the Self-Resolution of the SuperPower – which we could otherwise Experience as a Challenge.

In this chart, the Grace-Fully Connected Energies are Our Pattern Replacement (Orcus), Our Self-Appreciation (Narcissus), and Our Sense of Propriety (Nemesis). These are three usually quite-Negative notions – Orcus was originally a man-eating Monster who Punished Oath-Breakers, Nemesis a Punisher of Thieves, and Narcissus who missed out on the rest of Life because he was obsessed with his own Image. Since everyone has these three planets natally, and not everyone is Evil, we have to Render them at least Neutral in order to use them Honestly in astrology. We’ve Rendered Orcus primarily as a Pattern-Breaker, especially Karmic Patterns. So how do we Render Nemesis and Narcissus as Neutral or Constructive? I’ll leave that up to you!

Accountability, Denial, and Time

November 17, 2022

What a Portal that was! My Nervous System was Stressed to the Max, and the major Project I was working on had everything go Wrong that possibly could, and then over again, a couple of times! I Learned a heck of a lot about Damocles in the process – Damocles isn’t about “just” Fear of Accountability, it’s about Having to Be Accountable for That which we Prefer to Deny! Since Shame is almost always our Least Favorite Feeling, we’ve Repressed it so well that we often no longer Know when we Feel it – we just know that something is Way Off. We’re often Semi-Conscious of what we Deny, but sometimes we have no Idea.

I don’t claim to have finished my education on the subject of “Luck,” but I’ve Learned enough from Gay Hendricks and Carol Kline’s book on Conscious Luck (Subtitled Eight Secrets to Intentionally Change Your Fortune) to be able to fairly reliably measure my degree of Energetic Coherence from the degree that “Inanimate Objects” Cooperate with my Intentions for them, and by my Ease at winning a game of Solitaire. After Suffering through my repetitive 3-steps-forward-2-steps-back for two days on my Project and finally finishing it, my Energy was more Coherent than it’s ever been. So I have to say, the Rewards are Worth the Struggle. As we’ll see, the Damocles Discovery chart ratifies this.

In Gay’s other indispensable (to 5D Aspirations) book The Big Leap, he provides a couple of very useful clues for working with Damocles. Since Shame so Easily Disguises itself, his Question “Would You Be Willing to Consider that Your Conflict [or Difficulty or Discomfort] Is Not What You Think It’s About?” (p.102) can Shock us Awake and Open us to Insight. And his other Question, “Where in My Life Am I Not Taking Full Ownership?” (p.177) applies not just to “Einstein Time,” but to Discomfort and Difficulty as well. What he calls Einstein Time is when we Realize that in Non-Linear (5D) Reality, We Create All the Time We Want. When we’re having trouble getting back to that from the Limitations and Anxieties of Linear Clock Time, the Answer to this Ownership Question is what return us to it. It helped me escape Damoclean Dysfunction as well.

While it’s always been one of my favorite Crystals, I haven’t explicitly tested it to see if it does what Collen Marquist and Jack Frasl say it does in Crystalline Communion 2000 – cut through Obfuscation, Deception, Dishonesty, and Denial. I trust what Collen and Jack have to say because they’re so accurate for me every time that I do explicitly test their interpretations. It may or may not work that way for you – we’re all different – but here’s a favorite that you can test – even though we’re past the Station, Damocles is still moving very slowly. Without the extra Pressure of the Exact Station and the Simultaneous Station of Veritas/Truth, Opening to our Denial in useful ways might be Easier Now…

Scheelite is a Calcium Tungstate – Tungsten Oxide. An “adult” version of Chromium, Tungsten is only a little Lighter than Gold, so Scheelite is Surprisingly weighty.

When Damocles was Discovered, it was so unusual that they had to create a whole new Category for it, the Damocloids. They have the orbit of a Comet but no Tail, and it’s Speculated that they may be cores of ancient Comets whose Volatiles have all been Boiled Away by previous approaches to the Sun. It has a 41-year Orbit, far too long to be considered an asteroid. It’s Perigee is between Mars and Earth, and its Apogee just beyond Uranus. In that regard it doesn’t fit the mold of the “Centaurs” like Chiron, who “only” shuttle back and forth between Uranus and Saturn. Like mychorrhizal hyphae, Chiron is the Messenger that Connects Soul (Uranus) to Ego (Saturn). Damocles is the Messenger that Connects Soul to the Whole Huper (Earth).

Since no Huper is Whole when they’re in Denial, that’s Damocles’s Job, isn’t it, to Introduce us to the Lost Fragments of our Soul. In the Damocles Discovery chart…

…you can see that the only T-Square SuperPower/Challenge (the red triangle) is Focused on Pattern-Breaking (Orcus). The root of the Challenge (base of the T-Square) is a Discussion (Opposition) between Insistence on Clarity and Coherence (Damocles) and a Debate Team consisting of Our Instincts (Moon), Our Fate and Our Choices (Moira), Our Fears and Our Power (Sedna), and The Matrix of Life (Altjira). That’s one Heavy Discussion! If you put your ear to the screen, you can pick up snippets of it. Yes, you have to use your Imagination. It takes a good deal of Practice to be able to Shut Down our a Priori Beliefs so we can hear what these Scholars are Asking one another, but What If We Did Hear What They Were Saying? That’s how my First Teacher taught us to Open up to our Intuition – Ask Ourself, What If We Did Know?

I’m fading, so I’ll have to continue this after a good long Nap. I’m way behind on my Correspondence, but I haven’t Forgotten!

The Truth about Accountability

November 11, 2022

I couldn’t help being struck by the Musk and Zuckerberg headlines this week while our most prominent Energy is about Fear of Accountability (asteroid Damocles) and Truth of the Mind (asteroid Veritas), both of which are Amplified (Stationary) in 14 November 2022, which means we’re in the thick of the Energy already. The Eclipse and the Moon Out of Bounds are still very relevant, but now The Truth about Accountability takes center stage, with two of the Least Accountable, and Most Loosey-Goosey with Truth, Captains of Industry strut their stuff. Musk digs a deeper hole with just about everyone daily, and Zuckerberg apologizes for what seems like the first time ever, and it’s not for his Always-Iffy Professional Performance, but for his first-ever declining Financial Performance. I couldn’t help but check their charts.

The Accountability Drama (Damocles Station) peaks at 27 Aquarius. Musk has his natal Trust symbol (asteroid Eurydike) there, and celebrated the great Mutual Trust between himself and his fans by declaring that he would send an army of his rabid not-quite-all-there Libertarian followers to raise havoc at the premises of any company that quit advertising on Twitter because they didn’t want their ads appearing next to Hate Speech and Violence. He condemned them as being “Against Free Speech” while failing to notice his own behavior being blatantly Against Free Choice. Obviously Hate ranks higher than Choice in his T.rumpian Values. Oh Wait! Maybe it’s Money.

The Truth Drama (Veritas Station) occurs in 21 Cancer. That’s where Musks natal Oath-Breaker symbol (dwarf planet Orcus) sits. The US Federal Trade Commission has made it clear that the “Consent Decrees” (negotiated contracts between the government and the company that promise improved performance in lieu of fines) that Musk has already violated “aren’t suggestions,” but legal requirements. He bellyaches righteously about loss of revenue now – wait’ll the FTC shuts Twitter down cold and/or fines the company (that is, Musk, since he and Twitter are now One) more billions.

Not Surprisingly, Zuckerberg has no natal planets near the Accountability Station – Accountability just ain’t his Forte. But you’ll never guess what he has under the Truth astroevent! Remember our Newly Discovered asteroid Ganesa, Remover of Obstacles? The Veritas Station sits right on Zuck’s natal Remover of Obstacles. No wonder he chops down all the Cherry Trees and Gets Away with it over and over again!

The Veritas Station is Strongest at 2:12 am PST (10:12 am GMT, 3:12 pm IST, 8:12 pm AEDT Qld), all on 14 November, while the Damocles Station Peaks at 7:07 am PST on the 14th (3:07 pm GMT 14th, 8:37 pm IST 14th, 1:07 am AEDT Qld 15th).

The Stations are close enough in Time and close enough in Degrees that they should be charted together, even though their respective 3-Degree Sensitivity spans barely overlap, so we end up stretching across 11 Degrees. And rather than try to find a Midpoint between Aquarius and Cancer, it makes more sense to chart the time when the Out of Bounds Moon crosses Veritas in 21 Cancer, even though that’s 16 hours before the Veritas Station, and most of a day prior to the Midpoint in Time between the two Stations. But since the Moon is most often the Trigger of What We Feel from the astroevent, so be it.

When we draw up that chart, it has only one Challenge/SuperPower, and it’s Fully Self-Resolving. It’s about Denial (the T-Square focuses on Eris), which really is a SuperPower, even though it’s more often an Insult. Remember that next time someone Accuses you of being In Denial – Flex your Muscles, Flap your Cape, and retort, “I Resemble that Remark, and I’m Proud of It!” Of course the Challenge and SuperPower could be about the Revelation of Denial instead, which is always a Consciousness-Expander. Why, even Musk and Zuck could have Epiphanies here! Nah, probably not. But ya never know.

Speaking of Moon Out of Bounds, even though we were ready for the “usual” (or at least “frequent”) 1000-point drop in the DJIA, we got a huge 1200-point FOMO Rally instead, as everyone Panicked to get into the Market before everyone else, after relatively good news about Inflation, implying that interest rates may moderate sooner than expected. You couldn’t even buy a CD longer than two years this afternoon, as everyone rushed to grab their higher yields while they still could. That’ll prove to be premature of course, but for now it is good news. After prices go up they never go back down, but at least they may not go up as fast now! Maybe.

The Moon will return In-Bounds at 8:11 pm PST 14 November (4:11 am GMT, 9:41 am IST, 2:11 pm AEDT Qld, all on the 15th), and by then the Truth about Accountability will be passé, Musk and Zuck and their genuflectors will revert to their old tricks, the Market could turn Bearish again, and we’ll move on to our next Portals, which will be Increased Awareness and Expansion (Mercury Out of Bounds, Jupiter Stationary) till 23 November, more Work on Abuse and Privilege (Nessus Stationary) till 27 November, and Finessing our Boundaries (Pallas Stationary) till 30 November.

Scary Lunar Eclipse II

November 18, 2021

Sandwiched between the Storm of Sign Changes 14-21 November 2021 (previous post) and the Gonggong-Nessus Abuse Review 20-25 November, all of which tickle the Sign Cusps, the 19 November (12:58 am PST) Dang-Near Total Lunar Eclipse Full Moon chart does a good job of summarizing the whole Pickle1

💥 The first thing to notice is the Moon-Sedna Merger. Sedna is the Star of a complex Inuit story, Goddess of the Sea and of the marine Critters that have always fed the Inuit. The dwarf planet Sedna has an orbit of over eleven thousand years, compared to Pluto’s two hundred fifty years. It takes eight minutes for Light to travel from the Sun to Earth. In the far reaches of Sedna’s orbit, it takes five and a half years for the Sun’s Light to arrive. It’s quite cold out there, and our anthem that Fear is Cold and Hard while Love is Soft and Warm fits here.

A powerful Shaman disguised himself as an everyday Inuit guy, and asked Her father for Sedna’s hand in marriage. But once her father realized that Her suitor was really a Giant Bird, the father tried to rescue Her from his nest. Enraged, the Bird-Shaman rose a storm and attacked their fleeing boat. In his Terror, the father threw Sedna overboard, and when She clung to the side of the boat, cut off Her fingers. Her fingers became the Seals, and She sank to the bottom, where She still Lives, commanding the Sea Critters. Before each hunt, a Shaman is sent into the Sea to comb Her hair, placating Her rage so She’ll send some of Her Critters to be hunted. A Mermaid representing Feminine Rage and Masculine Terror.

We interpret Sedna as Converting Fear to Power, and we could equally consider it Converting Rage to Power. We usually advise Kegels as a mechanical process that will Convert Fear to Power. Kegels slow down Time, and that could also Convert Rate to Power.

💥 The second thing to notice (though it’s not in the chart) is that the Eclipsed Moon is also Merged with the Fixed Star Algol, in the Constellation Perseus. Algol is the Eye of the Gorgon, in Perseus’s hand after he has cut off Her head, as part of the destruction perpetrated by Zeus of the symbols of the Matriarchy so he can replace them with the Patriarchy. Bernadette says (Brady’s Book of Fixed Stars, p.188), “All writers agree that this is the most malefic star in the heavens and causes hangings, death by the loss of one’s head, and any other foul, demonic deed that could befall the human race.” The Chinese referred to Algol as “Piled Up Corpses.” Algol too represents Feminine Rage and Masculine Terror.

💥 The third thing to notice is the Major Challenge2 that asteroid Damocles presents to our management of these immense Energies. Damocles was a courtier to King Dionysius who flattered the opulence of the King’s Life so much that Dionysius offered to trade places with Damocles for a day. But to emphasize to Damocles that a King’s opulence comes at the price of constant danger from the King’s enemies, Dioysius hung a sword over the throne by a single horsehair. Damocles withdrew in Fear. Damocles in the chart is Larger than Life (Conjunct Jupiter).

Damocles is in the Gonggong corner of the chart, indicating that the Threat of Danger arrives through our Intrusive Memories which in the larger picture3 may well be Intrusive Memories of Abuse. However, between Damocles and Gonggong we have a Boon, in the form of asteroid Sappho, representing Self-Love. When we have our head on backwards, Sappho can also mean Self-Doubt, but Self-Doubt is never Real, it’s always just Thoughts about our Feelings.

When we Feel Self-Doubt about our Behavior or Goals, we can easily rectify that, deciding whether the Relationship merits making Amends for untoward Behavior, or running our Goals through our Heart to verify that they’re really Ours and not Someone Else’s. Self-Doubt about Our Self is Self-Abandonment. We probably need an Ego Death, but we know we can do that, don’t we, so No Worries. Usually when we Doubt Our Self, it’s because we’re trying to Judge ourself by someone else’s standards. We need to Ask ourself Who? and Why? and When did we start that? but beyond that, this is a strategy with no Winners, only Abuse.

I understand that this is can be a Dilemma if you’re trying to keep up with Amazon’s Performance Metrics and Fearing that you and/or your Family will starve if you don’t, or if Long COVID confines you to bed most of the day, but Recognize that this is about Behavior, not Self-Worth, and probably also Abusive. After a Lifetime of Abuse from others in our environs, it’s no wonder we’ve developed Habits of Self-Abuse, without even Realizing it. We feel like it’s just the Way the World Works. Many of us Bounce around from one attempt to another for the better part of our Life before we Find the place in the World where we Fit, if we ever do. Better to Bounce again than to Self-Abandon.

When we come to what feels like a Dead End, where we feel like we’re out of Bounces, we’re in the same situation as an Addict “hitting bottom.” A good way to cope with any Dead End, is to Poor-Sweetheart ourself for feeling like we’re at a Dead End. It’s a concise way to Surrender Control, to Let Go and Let God. Keep in mind that it’s not about how often we Fall Down, but how often we Get Up. If you have trouble Changing the Subject after Poor-Sweethearting yourself, Poor-Sweetheart yourself for having trouble Changing the Subject. Rinse and repeat as often as you need to. As your high-school coach used to say, “Sticktoitedness is Important.”

💥 The other two corners of the Famous Red Triangle also have their Boons. On the Moon-Sedna corner, the Moon’s North Node is nearby.4 That symbolizes our Lifetime Mission. It’s no Surprise that we’d encounter our “Upper Limits” (Gay Hendricks, The Big Leap) when we’re making major advances toward our Lifetime Mission.

💥 On the Sun corner, the Moon’s South Node5 (our Held Emotions, the ones we’d rather Die than Feel, aka our Karma) is Merged with asteroid Vesta, which symbolizes our Unconscious Limitations. That’s a tremendous Blessing, as it represents an Opportunity to Clear Out the Deepest of our Unconscious Limitations, the one’s that feel like Life or Death to us. If you Feel Deathly Ill or like Death would be a Relief, Celebrate it! That’s what it will feel like when you’re successfully Confronting Unconscious Limitations.

But the Big Boon on this corner is the asteroid Klotho, which symbolizes New Beginnings. In the midst of your Worst Feelings, you may find surges of Ecstasy climbing up your Spine – that’s what happens when you’re Willing to actually Feel those Feelings, though it’s always a Surprising “What the Devil is That about?” when it occurs. Honor it, it means Success! It means you can stop obsessing about those Bummers.

  • 1 The 25 November Station of Nessus (Abuse and Privilege) is at 12 Degrees, so it’s not Cuspal, and we’ll consider it separately later. But taking the 21 November Gonggong (Intrusive Memories) Station as an introduction is warranted because Gonggong and Nessus have been traveling together for several years, so we’re accustomed to Enduring Intrusive Memories about Abuse and Privilege, so the Intrusive Memories on their own may well feel like Abuse Memories.
  • The major impact of Stations (when a planet Stands Still in the Sky) is usually felt over the week or so prior to the Station, so we’re highly likely to notice the Exaggeration (Station) of Nessus entangled with the Exaggeration of Intrusive Memories, beginning as soon as now. I’m already (on 17 November) noticing Strong Trances of Intrusive Memories, not about what I would usually consider Abuse per se, but now that I’m thinking about it, they’re revealing to me how Abusive some everyday Behaviors actually are.
  • 2 The red triangle or T-Square that Damocles and Jupiter make to the Full Moon Opposition.
  • 3 Gonggong and Nessus Stationary in the same week – see previous post and note 1 above.
  • 4 That’s the “headphones” or “earmuffs” symbol, in early Gemini. The Nodes move backwards, so from their Perspective it’s actually Late Gemini, but few Degrees.
  • 5 The “stethoscope” symbol.

There’s more – a second Famous Red Triangle T-Square Challenge that also symbolizes rising from the Ashes of your Karma, and a very Strong naked Opposition that’s actually the primary access of a Yin Gate Mystery School. After the Misery Schools we’ve been working with, that’ll be Delightful, though also not without its Frictions. We’ll deal with those in our next installment. It’s a Daunting Time, but if it doesn’t Kill us, it’ll catapult us to a much Higher level, one that we need to Aspire to if we want to Survive, and want our Species to survive, these End Times.

Scary Lunar Eclipse I

November 16, 2021

This week is all about Sign Changes…

  • Asteroid Juno entered Capricorn Sunday 14 November 2021. Juno is about Growth in Consciousness. Since late December 2020 we’ve been Growing our Awareness of What We Needed to Let Go Of (Juno in Sagittarius). Now, till early March 2022, we get to Plug in Candidates for Refilling those Holes in Our Lives (Juno in Capricorn) that Have Been Created by All That Letting Go. Voids are seldom comfortable, so I suspect that, like me, you’ve been working overtime trying to Fix the Holes Where The Rain Gets In, with less success than you would have liked, because it wasn’t time yet. That should be Changing. Yay!
  • Asteroid Karma entered Scorpio Monday 15 November. Boo! Like Frank said to Ernest, I just get my budget in order, and along comes a big surprise, like rent, or a weekend. So as they so often do, our killjoy Ancient Habits (asteroid Karma) are already pushing and shoving their way into the Holes. But this is not without Purpose. Scorpio is Relentless about Getting to the Bottom of Things. So while Juno in Sadge went home with our marbles, now we get to deal with our Addiction to our Routines. Joe Dispenza’s free series of four short workshops (still available at is about exactly that, and it’s Right On. It’s also an excellent time to reread Gay Hendricks’s The Big Leap. Asteroid Karma (“a.Karma”) has been in Libra – I hope you Deepened your most important Relationships rather than Fleeing them – since only the last few days of August, so at least the torture was short-lived. a.Karma will be done unearthing skeletons by February 20221.
  • Asteroid Vesta enters Sagittarius Tuesday 16 November. Make up yer mind, Universe! Are we Building or Dismantling? It’s always Both/And, isn’t it. If we didn’t have Apoptosis, we’d get even fatter every day than we already do. Vesta is about Our Limiting Beliefs. These days it’s only spending about two months in each Sign. So the last two months we’ve been furiously hammering away at the Beliefs that Most Limit us (Vesta in Scorpio), and we’re probably Frustrated that they seem to still be there! We did Identify them, however, and that will be a great Boon as we Let Them Go over the next few months (Vesta in Sadge). Bear in mind that Life is a lot more complicated than our Dualistic mind can comprehend, so if you think you can actually Name your Limitations, be sure to add …or something like that… to any Descriptions of them.
  • Asteroid Sappho enters Pisces Wednesday 17 November. Sappho (Self-Love and Self-Doubt) has been in Aquarius (Social Idealism) since April, seven months, but it’ll only spend two months in Pisces. I suspect we’ll be glad about that, as we could be spending a lot of time blubbering about the Barrage of Regrets we could be inundated with, as Pisces is about Finishing Unfinished Emotional Business. Whatever you Do or Feel between now and the Ides of February, be hypervigilant about Blame. Blame, whether Self- or Other-, is a total Dead End. No better way to squelch your Growth and stop your Progress toward any Goal, than to hang yourself with the Noose of Blame. Gay Hendricks advises, “that if I could consider, even for a moment, that I was not upset for the reason I thought I was [Thoughts about our Feelings again!], then I could break out of the Trance I was in. Then, I could begin to see what the real reasons were” (op.cit. p.102).
  • Asteroid Nemesis enters Capricorn Sunday 21 November. Nemesis spent three months in Sagittarius (Letting Go Of Guilt) but it’ll only spend two months in Capricorn (Putting Guilt to Work Productively). This Sign Change will be much complicated by its concurrence with the 18-21 November Exaggeration of Intrusive Memories (21 November Station of dwarf planet Gonggong2), and by concurrent Exaggeration of our Instincts (Moon Out of Bounds 20-24 November3). Not to mention the 19 November Scary Lunar Eclipse.4
  • 1 Well, not quite. a.Karma turns Retrograde in March 2022 and backs into Scorpio again in April. It finally moves into Sagittarius “for good” in September 2022. Meanwhile, a.Karma is Out of Bounds (Exaggerated) from late December 2021 in mid-Scorpio, all through 2022, till March 2023 in early Aquarius.
  • 2 Formerly known as “OR10” or “2007 OR10” (or in some ephemerides minor planet number “225088”), the dwarf planet named after the ne’er-do-well Chinese Dragon Gonggong is about Intrusive Memories. It Stands Still at 7:28 am PST November 21, in 4 Pisces. While the connection is fading, Gonggong has been hanging out near dwarf planet Nessus (Abuse and Privilege) for the last several years. This year their Stations are four days and eight Degrees apart, but with Nemesis, an Out-of-Bounds Moon, and a Scary Full Moon Eclipse involved, they’re very likely to Test the progress we’ve been making on Clearing our Abuse Issues. Two key strategies to Remember: (1) That was Then and This is Now and (2) Don’t Trust Your Thoughts about Your Feelings – Keep Coming Back to the Emotion Itself, as a Sensation in Your Body. Sink your Breath and your Attention Deeply into that Sensation, and Persistently Reject the Temptation to Trust Your Ideas and Thoughts More Than You Trust the Sensations in Your Body. If you succeed at quieting the Noise in your Mind, the Sensations will eventually talk to you, but they’ll speak through your Unitary and Multidimensional Intuition, not through your Dualistic Mind. Truth and Healing Reside in Our Bodies, Not in Our Minds. The Nessus Station occurs at 2am PST November 25, in 12 Pisces.
  • 3 Moon Out of Bounds from 9:24 am PST 20 November in 13:14 Gemini till 7:28 pm PST 24 November in 5:49 Leo, Peaking (Stationary) 2:45 pm PST 22 November at 26:21 North Declination and 9:28 Cancer.
  • 4 Virtually (about 95%) Total Eclipse (Illumination) of the Moon 12:58 am PST 19 November in 27:15 Taurus, Conjunct dwarf planet Sedna (Converting Fear to Power) and T-Square to Jupiter and asteroid Damocles (Swords about to Fall, Amplified). More about this in the next installment. The Eclipse is at 28 Degrees, the Sign Changes at 30 = 0 Degrees, and the Gonggong Station at 4 Degrees, all on or near the Cusps, which are the equivalent of the I Ching’s Changing or Moving Lines. We’ll use the Eclipse chart to represent all three.

Self-Love New Moon 2

November 14, 2020

In the 14 November 2020 New Moon chart, the planets in the “Basket of Grace” (blue upside-down Truss Bridge) under the red triangle are an interesting pair. They tell us How the Nasty Challenge (T-Square red triangle) will Self-Resolve. First there’s dwarf planet Eris, which is about Revelation of What’s Been Denied, and second there’s dwarf planet Asbolus, meaning Intuition, Merged With (Conjunct) the North Node, which indicates our Lifetime Mission.

Our Life Mission is way too multidimensional for the Dualistic Mind to be able to do more than get an occasional glimpse of it from one angle, so if our Life Mission were an Elephant, we’d be the seven Blind Men trying to figure out what it is. Our Intuition, though, is able to handle many more Dimensions, as long as we don’t constantly Diminish it by squeezing it into Words. So our Intuition has been giving us Videos of our Life Mission in the form of Skits from our Childhood and Past Lives (Eris).

Asbolus and the North Node are three and a half Degrees apart and separating, so the Connection is weakening, but both of them are well within three Degrees of the New Moon, so they’re Reconnected and Re-Energized by the New Moon. (Three Degrees is the Limit of Connection that we use in this blog; it and one Degree are the most common Limits of Connection that astrologers use. The less Difference between the Locations, the Stronger the Connection.) The Asbolus-North Node Connection was Exact at the end of August, within one Degree between mid-August and mid-September, and within three Degrees between late July and late September, so we’ve been Experiencing this Connection for a while.

Intuition can be illusive. My Intuition Teacher advised me to Ask myself “What If I Did Know?” and tentatively Believe the Answer I got. Translating an Intuition into Words is like pinning a Butterfly to a block of styrofoam – it might look good, but you’ve just Killed it. So Word Pictures of Intuitions are always tentatively or “…Or Something Like That,” as Eugene Gendlin liked to say. But the point is that the Information is Available. We can try retrieving it with a Theta such as “God/Goddess, Creator of All That Is, I Command that I Grok the Intuitions about my Life Mission that I Received over the Summer (North) or Winter (South) so they will Help Me Let Go of Karmic Impediments to Unconditional Self-Love. It Is Done, It Is Done, It Is Done. Thank You God/Goddess. Show Me!

In case you haven’t read Heinlein, Grok means “to drink in all available aspects of reality or to become one with the observed,” the multidimensional equivalent of “Understanding,” which is what the Limited Dualistic Mind does. You may or may not Notice any lightbulbs over your head, but it may be better if you don’t, because then you’ll be less Tempted to Wordify it. Just Trust that you’ve Received and Grokked the Download, and that it has Changed you accordingly.

We need this because the next week plus will be Challenging. Our Ability to Trust, and to Grok what’s Trustable so we can Trust it, is Lit Up through 17 November, as asteroid Eurydike, which symbolizes Trust, is increasingly Exaggerated until 1am PST on 18 November. As usual with astrology, that’s for Good or Ill, as our Trust will be Challenged so we can Witness the places where we OverTrust and UnderTrust and Adjust accordingly.

In the New Moon chart asteroid Veritas, the Truth of the Mind, is Merged with Pluto, Compulsion. We may or may not Believe Facts, depending on whether or not they Align with our current Concept Set. For instance, many people Reject the Fact that the Earth is Flat (when seen from the center of a plain, for instance) because they’ve been Hypnotized by “Science” to Believe that it’s Round. It might Look Round from the Moon, but we don’t Live on the Moon. It might Look Curved from an airplane, but there are lots of Curves that aren’t Round. The Dualistic Mind will always Delude you unless you always specify the conditions under which each “Fact” is “True” – and what a Headache that would be.

It’s a lot Easier if we just recognize that like Loki or Coyote, the Mind is a Trickster, simply because it usually thinks in Either/Or, while the Universe is Both/And. “Figures don’t Lie, but Liars sure can Figure,” is a general rule that Statisticians use, if they know what they’re doing. The Truth of the Mind is always Relative to usually-unspecified and often-unknown Assumptions and Conditions, and it’s Dual, so it usually Flips rather than Adjusts. Goddess Knows we’re getting a graduate seminar in Exactly This in our Political Dramas these days. This is Grade-School Bullshit, and we need to see through it so we can instead Focus on The Most Important Thing – Climate Change, as the Dali Lama reminds us. If we don’t, Death by COVID might turn out to be the more Merciful Choice.

In the New Moon chart, Pluto-Veritas (Compulsive Belief in “Facts”) is Challenged (Squared) by Eris, or Revelation of What’s Been Denied. Compulsive Belief in “Facts” is also Contrasted (Opposed) to Respect for All Things (asteroid Hopi) – we will never see Peace and Collaboration and 5D and Sustainability as long as we invest our Trust in Either/Or. Reality is always Both/And.

Besides Compulsive Belief in “Facts” (Pluto-Veritas), Revelation of What’s Been Denied (Eris) and Respect for All Things (Hopi), the fourth corner of the big red square (a “Grand Cross” in astrologuese) in the New Moon chart is The Heart (Venus). It’s the Heart that Groks. The Truth of the Heart is symbolized by asteroid Aletheia. For any given Person, the Truth of the Heart is not Relative like “Facts” are, but Absolute. What we have to Remember about the Heart is that Everyone’s Truth of the Heart is Different. You can, if you’re clever, convince someone to Believe in the “Truth” of your “Facts.” Shame on you, but you can do it.

You’ll never convince anyone to Believe in the Truth of your Heart, if their Heart has a Different Truth. They might pretend to Believe to get you off their back, but our Heart-Truths are Permanent and Inviolable. We Recognize them Intuitively, not Intellectually. Heart-Truths are multidimensional, and suffer Wordification poorly. As long as Hupers fail to Recognize the Difference between Mind-“Facts” and Heart-Truths, and fail to Realize that Everyone’s Heart-Truths are Different, there will never be Peace on the Planet.

How does asteroid Aletheia relate to the New Moon chart? Like so…

That’s a “Grand Quintile,” Grand because it fills the whole chart, and Quintile because it features five planets more or less equally space around the Zodiac. Quintiles are about Teaching and Learning, and a Grand Quintile is about Multidimensional Teaching and Learning. There are twenty-six Relationships we’re being Taught to Grok

  • Truth of the Heart (Aletheia) to Self-Love (Sappho-New Moon)
  • Heart-Truth to Pattern-Breaking (dwarf planet Orcus)
  • Heart-Truth to Unlimited Potential (dwarf planet Chaos)
  • Heart-Truth to Freedom (Fixed Star Alpheratz)
  • Self-Love to Pattern-Breaking
  • Self-Love to Unlimited Potential
  • Self-Love to Freedom
  • Pattern-Breaking to Unlimited Potential
  • Pattern-Breaking to Freedom
  • Unlimited Potential to Freedom

Then there are the sixteen Interaction terms…

  • Heart-Truth to Self-Love to Pattern-Breaking etc (10)
  • Self-Love to Pattern-Breaking to Unlimited Potential to Freedom etc (5)
  • Pattern-Breaking to Unlimited Potential to Freedom to Heart-Truth to Self-Love (1)

That’s a lot to Learn. It’s a good thing it’s Intuitive, as it’d boggle the Mind. These apply to the New Moon chart, ie, the next two weeks. Meanwhile we’re Dealing with Trust until 18 November, as Eurydike Stands Still. So we’ll be Learning how Trust Relates to each of those twenty-six Relationships. Busy Busy Busy.

Then the Real Teaching takes center stage, as Intrusive Memories (dwarf planet Gonggong) are Lit Up till 20 November and Abuse and Privilege (dwarf planet Nessus) are Lit Up till 22 November. The Poster Child for Abuse and Privilege is the Antagonist of the Big Political Drama, and it’s our own Intrusive Memories of all of our own Karmic Abuse and Privilege Experiences and Patterns that will be Triggered. How many of us will be able to Differentiate the Present Moment from our Regressions?

And the Mind-Truths of Privilege for the White Supremacists? The Heart-Truths of Privilege for the Narcissists? I doubt that many of them will Know the Difference between Reality and their Projections, but we can always pray for Miracles. There are Intriguing Possibilities in the Angle between the New Moon and each of the three Stations – Eurydike, Gonggong, Nessus. We’ll talk about those in the next post.

Original Blessing 7

July 9, 2020

Oops, forgot to mention those lighter lines in the Rebirth (9 July Haumea Station) chart…

I put them in as lighter lines because they’re Angles to new asteroids that we don’t usually use, though they’re easily interpreted.  Damocles is just that “Other Shoe” that’s waiting to drop, and Panacea is “just” a Heal-All.  Note that they very tidily Complete the Grand Sextile (Fabulous Grace, as long as we Take the First Step).  No harm in that!  And they also Challenge (T-Square) our Ability to Convert Fear into Power (Sedna).  Isn’t that Informative (probably that colorful Energy Ball that the Adromedans dropped into my Fifth Chakra)!  The Wisdom arises from the Other Shoe.

What’s the Worst Case?  The Payolavirus maybe?  Well, How will you Feel if that happens?  I know, you’ll Feel Sicker’n you’ve ever Felt, according to the reports I’ve heard.  But, What Is It about That, that’s needling you Now, when you don’t have it?  What Does it Remind you of?  If you can Get Present with that Feeling, it will take you to the Heal-All you need, and probably Close whatever Hole in your Aura that the Garudavirus might have used to get past your Immune System.

Here’s a Reply to our Quest…