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Yintegrity Guilt 3

August 2, 2021

Who knows if it was the only thing that caused WordPress to Disappear my first Yintegrity Guilt Post, but Dragging-and-Dropping my Images does seem to Disappear my entire Post. When I Upload them instead, the Post doesn’t Disappear. Of course it could have just been Karma, and Goddess Knows, these days it could have been straight Censorship, though I haven’t heard otherwise that they’re censoring bits about 5D yet. Wouldn’t Surprise me.

After this Portal, we may be more Cryptic, in order to squeeze out more information in less time. If we’re too Cryptic, Ask Questions.

One thing that was in the Lost Post was a review of Yintegrity

Yangtegrity is when we do what we said we were going to do, when we said we were going to do it.

Yintegrity is when we do what we damn well feel like doing, Moment to Moment.

In 5D we’ll basically have to stay in Yintegrity, or we’ll drop right back into the 3D Patriarchy. To Live in Yintegrity and Survive in a Yangtegrity World, we may have to Minimize our Commitments, Renegotiate Often, and Make Amends when Renegotiation isn’t possible and the Relationship Is Worth Keeping.

Since the 3D World has gone Hyperkinetic, we may also have to move into Sustainability. The first step toward Sustainability is Giving Up what’s Unnecessary, so Sustenance may also be Required. If we’re Reacting to the escalating Electromagnetic Hyperpollution with Neurasthenia and the Inability to continue to Live Hyperkinetically, we may also have to Pool our Resources while we Adapt to the Microwave Death Rays.

Another thing that was lost, was a bit about the Uranus-Neptune Waxing Septile. The 172-year Uranus-Neptune Cycle is about the Relationship between the Individual Soul (Uranus) and the Collective Soul (Neptune). The Septile is about Being in the Right Place at the Right Time (7th Harmonic, the Chariot). The Chariot is At Rest (meaning Relaxed), but always Poised for Action when Needed. There is no Space-Out Lag, no Shoulda Coulda Woulda, only a Seamless and Constant Connection between Goals and Actions, and Readiness to Take Advantage of Opportunities.

The Waxing Septile is a particularly Potent time for Injecting Consciousness-Expanding Action into the Collective Experience, as the first quarter of any Cycle is a Struggle for the New Cycle Energy to keep it’s head above water while the Diehards of the Old Cycle do everything they can (especially propaganda) to keep their obsolete Old-Cycle Investments growing corn when it’s no longer Natural. Your Consciousness-Expanding Action could be Foundational Investments in your New-Cycle Survival or Exploitation Endeavors, or Political Action to furthur Promote New-Cycle Energy, or of course both.

The New Uranus-Neptune Cycle began in February 1993 at 20 Capricorn, “A hidden choir sings during a religious service.” The Old Cycle began in March 1821 at 3 Capricorn, “A Huper soul, in its eagerness for new experience, seeks embodiment.”

Seems like there’s a persondate (Patriarchy-Speak: mandate) in the New Cycle to Collaborate. Use Zoom, as choirs make particularly good Superspreader Events, as everyone labors to Project their various oral exudations. There’s a persistent rumor that all these new Souls that incarnated on Gaia recently, are craving the Planetary Ascension Experience. You probably know people who have moved on to the Other Side already, many because they knew they could Act more Powerfully from that Side as the Veils thinned, which the Veils have certainly been doing.

Invite Dialog with these ex-people, especially your Twig-Mates (our multiple Soulmates) and FOO-Mates, they have a lot to Teach us, and can Help us immensely with our own Survival Struggles. Don’t be Fooled by Appearances; many of the most “Ordinary” people are Manifestations of Extraordinary Souls, as if they all aren’t. And don’t be Fooled by your own Doubt. Your programmers taught you that “it was only your Imagination” in order to keep you pinned down under the Patriarchy’s Tsunami of Bullshit. You can have as many Invisible “Imaginary Friends” as you want now. If Appearances are still important to you, don’t tell anybody else. But keep up your end of the Dialog whether or not you detect any Response from the Other Side, as the Response is likely to come through Unexpected Channels – such as Healing.

The current Emphasis on Growth in Consciousness (the 2 August 2021 Station of Juno), which is our Big astroDeal at the moment, is situated in a Waning Biseptile to Neptune, and a Waning Triseptile to Uranus. Waning Angles in general are about Letting Go. The smaller the Angle, the greater the Admonition that it’s Time to Let Go. Bi-Angles in general are about Traditions, Rules, the substantial Power of Repetition (the Second Harmonic, the Priestess). Tri-Angles in general are about Compassion, Love with Wisdom (Third Harmonic, the Empress).

So the Waning Juno-Uranus Triseptile might be about Letting Go of all Concepts we have about the Soul and all Concepts we have about the Relationship between the Ego and the Soul. Even though we all always seamlessly Identify with our Ego – by definition (think about that please) – most of us are Unaware of this moment-to-moment. And even though we are all always seamlessly Merged with our Soul, many of us are Unaware of this moment-to-moment as well. Identification is Different from Merging. “I Am…” is Different from “We Are…” Percolate this with your Morning Coffee or whatever Upper you use, whenever your “Morning” is. In particular, investigate whether your Understanding of Ego and Soul, and of Ego-and-Soul as a Couple, are Uncompromisingly Loving and Wise.

The Waning Juno-Neptune Biseptile might be about Letting Go of any Rules you ever Learned about the Collective Soul, the Godhead, the Goddessheart, Source, and the Head Cheese by any other name. As Ursula LeGuin so aptly put it in her five-book Wizard of Earthsea trilogy, “Rules Change in the Reaches” (ie, the Edges of things) and Goddess knows we’re in the Reaches! And of course any two- or three-dimensional “Rules” you learned about the Unitary and n-Dimensional Godhead or Goddessheart were Bullshit Political Propaganda to begin with. The Power of Repetition is useful, but it’s about What Works, not what’s “the Right Way.”

We had a question about Septiles a while back, that I haven’t had time to answer yet. I think we’ve spoken a lot in the above about the Septile in general, but this person was asking about a Venus-Juno Septile specifically, and that’s oh so timely now that Juno is Lit Up (Stationary). The main keyword we use for Venus is Values. So a natal Venus-Juno Septile would suggest a Lifetime where one was Constantly Learning more (or Growing in Consciousness) about one’s own Values. That could be a real pain in the you-know-what, as Errors and Failures in Applying our Values to Real-Life situations can be Painful, even as Errors and Failures are the most Powerful Curriculum for Growing in Consciousness.

Like the car I once saw with “O Shit Another Learning Opportunity” written over the big dent in it. Or the Errors in Applying my Values that I made as a young child, that I still vividly Remember, and seventy years later still Regret Alienating that person for Life. Astrology, like Psychology, prefers either Heads or Tails or both, but seldom Edges. So depending on the other Angles, one’s Karma, one’s Programming and Education, and one’s general state of Enlightenment, a Venus-Juno Septile could suggest a person whose Timing about Applying their Values was impeccable, never quite right, or Painfully Inept. What’s assured is that Timing about Applying one’s Values would be a Lifetime issue of one sort or another, and most likely that if one took inventory, they’d find that their Skill at their Timing vastly Improved over the course of their Lifetime.

Ego Death and Insomnia

December 5, 2020

A reader writes…

Your posts have been immensely helpful with this transition. Really lining up with what I’m experiencing. Curious about why insomnia happens with big ego death. Is there any literature or understanding you can point me to understand it better? It has passed since I’ve allowed myself to feel, move, integrate, draw, accept, forgive, and do a composting ceremony, but I still had to use rhodiola and GABA to help my nervous system not go bonkers into oblivion.

My first thought when reading this was Yintegrity. Yangtegrity is when we Do what we said we were going to Do, and Do it when we said we were going to Do it. Yintegrity is when we Do what we feel like Doing, moment to moment. Living Yintegrity in a Yangtegrity World, however, requires that we minimize our Commitments, Renegotiate when we’re able to, and Make Amends when Renegotiation isn’t possible and the Relationship is worth Keeping, Yintegrity is associated with Uranus, as Living in Yintegrity is the Soul’s Preference because being more Multidimensional than Yangtegrity, it’s more likely to put us where we Need to be when we Need to be there, to move toward our Goals and our Life Mission.

And, Uranus is all about Sleep Disruption. When Uranus is Lit Up, we need to Sleep when we’re tired, and Create when we aren’t. Uranus don’t much cotton to Clocks and Calenders and Yangtegrities. But it’s not Uranus that’s Lit Up, it’s Neptune. So what gives? What’s the Angle between them in the Sky now? Well, Uranus is in a Waxing Septile (49 Degrees ahead, Seventh Harmonic, about Timing – what a Coincidence!) to Neptune.

The Cycle began on 2 February 1993. a day I remember well. As is often the case with Uranus, there was a huge Windstorm, and it blew over an ancient 200-foot Walnut tree near where I was Living. The Cycle is about “A hidden choir sings during a religious service.” It’s a 157-year Cycle, so it’s still warming up.

How does the Uranus-Neptune Septile map out? Like so…

(Pretend those lines are Lavender, not Grey.)

We had to add a Star or two and get a bit Erotic, but a very reasonable Grand Septile emerges. The Septile family of Angles are about Timing – putting us where we Need to be when we Need to be there. Doesn’t matter what we’re Doing, Timing is critical, and sometimes referred to, appropriately, as “Everything.” I hadn’t connected the two words before for some reason, but the Synchronicity that Dr. Dispenza talked about in his video, is exactly that, Timing!

We don’t have any problem adding Betelgeuse, it’s a major Star and means Joy and Success (in spite of the movie). The Star Pherkad is more of a stretch, but as the Little Bear’s right paw, it’s one of the Guardians of the North Pole, and used by Navigators to tell the Time at night. It’s known as a Jovial, Expressive, Creative Crown Prince. Minor planet (TNO) Praamzius is also a stretch, but the Mythic Praamzius was The Lithuanian God of Time, and the chief God of the Lithuanian Pantheon. The Lithuanians once ran an Empire stretching across the Breadbasket of Europe from the Baltic Sea to the Black Sea. We haven’t included asteroid Eros before, but who would ever want to exclude Eros except some tightass Religionist who’s trying to cover their own perversity by Shaming others. Sappho/Self-Love and Pluto/Trance round out our Septemvirate.

Notice that Neptune is also making a Waxxing Septile to Pluto. That Cycle began 2 August 1891 in 9 Gemini, “A quiver full of arrows.” Cupid’s, undoubtedly. We’re familiar with the “Ouija board” Uranus-Pluto Cycle from it’s Waxing Square in 2012. A lot of folks were skeptical that 2012 signified The End of the World as We Knew It. Little did they know that they were just Impatient – the Earth moves on a Geological time scale. Eight years is a twitch of an eyelash. Uranus is Biseptile to Pluto, combining the Seventh and Second Harmonics – Timing with Rules! PIAVA is sort of a set of Guidelines for Timing Magnetic Manifestation – Rules in a sense, and so is Dr. Joe’s Work.

Is Uranus involved in our Correspondent’s nativity? Well, the current Neptune Station is very closely and auspiciously placed relative to their Mission in the Lifetime (North Node), which in turn closely Relates to their own natal Neptune, which in turn close Relates to their own natal Uranus. The Suggestion is that this is a Gift that they would greatly Enjoy if they stopped Resisting it. Psychologist Gay Hendricks talks about Upper Limits – having Too Much Fun, or Too Much Good Fortune, so we have to Manifest something, usually Unconsciously, to bring us back into the range of Emotions we’re Comfortable with.

Big Ego Deaths are associated with the South Node (Held Emotions) more than the North Node. That Religionist we mentioned is a good example – they try to Hold their Erotic Emotions back by tightening their Sphincter. Held Emotions are Emotions that we’d rather Die than Feel, and they Hide Skills we need in order to Achieve our Mission in the current Lifetime, Skills which we developed to a high Degree in other Lifetimes, but which eventually became associated with some serious Trauma (like William Tell sneezing and missing the Apple on the low side), leading to a Never Again Vow that must be Reverted in the present Lifetime.

So I suspect that our Correspondent has recently Broken Through an immense wad of Karma, and the Vast Void of Limitless Potential that follows such a Feat, is Frightening. Not sure what Gay recommends today (I’ll be reading his The Big Leap next week), but R&R is what he once Suggested as a remedy for Upper Limits, and being very gentle with our New Self, treating ourself like the Newborn that we are. Our Held Emotions are usually Held just outside of our Consciousness for Self-Protection, so it’s common for us to be Unaware of them. We can often get a hint about them from our favorite Criticisms of Others.

Let me back up a step and talk a bit about Ego Death, as I’m not sure the average person on the street would know what the term means, and might be intimidated by the second half of the phrase, if not insulted by the first half – Ego in popular language usually means either Narcissism or Selfishness. We use it in a quasi-psychological sense, as our Identity or Sense of Self. The verb “am” signifies Identity. I Work because I am an Employee or Entrepreneur. I Eat because I am Hungry. I Sleep because I am Tired. Or because I am Enslaved by Clocks. I Write because I am Inspired to Share.

By the end of a week I am a lot of different Word Pictures. Our Ego is Complex and Constantly Changing, yet it carries a Consistent Flavor. Our Friends and Associates will easily Identify what we do or say that’s “Out of Character” or not, based on their familiarity with Who I am in their Experience. Our Ego is quite Vague, but at the same time Curiously Distinct. In any given moment, whatever I am not in that moment is The Unconscious. Whatever I am never is my Karma. Those are very simplified definitions, as “Reality” is much more Complex, but they’re the Core of it.

Hupers are Thinkers and Communicators, which Chains them to Words. Words are Symbols, but too easily Confused with their Referents – with what they Symbolize. If someone calls me an Asshole, that’s just silly, because I know that I am a lot more than my Anus. If I Respond to that moniker with Anger, which would not be unusual, that’s a whole ‘nother story, and an example of Confusing the Map with the Territory. Confusion though, is Good; it’s the first stage of Growth in Consciousness – as long as we Recognize it and Eschew Anal-ysis.

That never business we mentioned as our Karma is important, because we line the Cage that it represents with Words, and we Understand that venturing beyond the walls of our Cage is Dangerous. We Feel the Danger in our Guts. When we’re Forced to, or Decide to, step out of our Karmic Cage, we have to Confront our Physiological Reactions to that Danger. We have some Tools for that – Fear plus Breathing equals Excitement, Fear plus Kegels can equal Power (if we do enough of them), Fear plus Reframing can equal many things. We’ve talked several times about alternating Thetas and Tapping to distinguish Flushbacks from Intuitions. Being Aware of the Fear – rather than the alleged Danger – is a critical first step.

I just finished reading Annie Hopper’s Wired for Healing: Rewiring the Brain to Recover from Chronic and Mysterious Illnesses – any of the Alphabet Soups that the Medical Cartel is finally beginning to Recognize but has no idea what to do with except to ring their cash register. The book is an introduction to Annie’s techniques for using neuroplasticity to rewire the Limbric Brain so we Recognize false positives in the Fight/Flight/Freeze department, and Reframe them. Injuries of various kinds – including environmental toxicity and Trauma, can create miswirings there that give us little respite from the Ghosts of the Lions and Tigers that we used to be in Competition with.

Annie’s miswirings started from a “minor” traffic accident, and accelerated into debilitating after she moved her counseling office into a toxic moldy building. I haven’t done any of her formal rewiring exercises (they aren’t in the book, they’re on her DVDs), but I’ve been playing with the idea that some of my Anxieties may be false positives. I believe because of this, and because of watching Joe Dispenza’s video a few days ago (I know Joe is a Powerful Healer who would give me “my money’s worth” for my $50, and his video covered the same ground in a very different way), I had a very unusual Experience yesterday.

I had an errand in another town an hour’s drive away, and it was a bright sunny day. As the road turned southbound with the sun in my eyes I noticed how difficult it was to see into the parts of the road that were shaded by trees. I squinted into the road a ways in front of me, and, talking to myself silently, I decided that I could see well enough to tell that there were no bicycles or other obstacles lurking there.

I was very surprised when someone answered me! The Voice was from the back of my head, but in my spontaneous imagination it was in a Body, as if it was in the back seat. It said, “Well, it’s Clear now, but it may not be by the time you get there.” Neither the Voice nor the Body were any person I knew, but the Body was like a cartoon character that was familiar, though I couldn’t place it. Maybe reminiscent of Humpty Dumpty. I Realized that the Voice was mine and was always there, but for some reason in this moment, it was distinctly Separate from me. “My own” Consciousness was Dual – part still focused on the road, and the other part in the back “seat” talking to this Entity.

There was no animosity between us, more like camaraderie. I asked him if he was able and willing to fly on ahead and tell me if the road was clear so I could relax and focus on the immediate future, and he was delighted to be of Service – Service has obviously always been his Intent, but too often Conscious-I Felt him as a mild paranoia. When another car or truck in front of me obscured the road ahead, I was able to ask him if it was clear in front of them. I was able to ask him if traffic lights up ahead were going to turn yellow before I got to them. Judged by my Belly, his answers were trustworthy. His Separate Existence is no longer so clear, but I’m still able to ask him to extend my Second Sight.

Today as I’m reading, I see that Dr. Joe has turned the concept of Ego Death inside out. We can call it Thaed Oge – sounds Irish, don’t it. From Dr. Dispenza’s Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself (p.22)…

Our routine, known thoughts and feelings perpetuate the same state of being, which creates the same behaviors, and creates the same reality. So if we want to change some aspect of our reality, we have to think, feel, and act in new ways; we have to ‘be’ different in terms of our responses to experiences. We have to ‘become’ someone else. We have to create a new state of mind … we need to observe a new outcome with that new mind.

From a quantum standpoint, we have to create a different state of being as an observer and generate a new electromagnetic signature When we do, we will match a potential reality in the field that exists only as an electromagnetic potential. Once that match exists between who are being/what we are broadcasting and the electromagnetic potential in the field, we will be pulled toward that potential reality, or it will find us.”

If you want a new outcome, you will have to break the habit of being yourself, and reinvent a new self.”

As Gary Craig does with his Unseen Therapist, Joe points out that to Manifest a new Reality we need to both, at the same time, Focus our Intention, and Raise our Vibration by generating Feelings of Love or Gratitude or Joy, perhaps by recalling positive Experiences. Experiments have shown that neither, by itself, is sufficient, and both are necessary.

AsBolus 1

February 24, 2018

Not that many folks checking the blog home page yesterday, so maybe the Station of dwarf planet Asbolus felt more like it had a double-ess here than it did elsewhere.  It is pretty Strong in my natal chart.  It’s still Lit Up in the upcoming Full Moon chart, however, so I’ll share my further investigations into why it felt a lot more serious than just being about our Intuition.  The Mythology about it’s namesake is pretty skimpy, other than to say that she was a Fortune-Teller.

The more often we Experience an Energy, the more familiar it is to us.  When two planets Conjoin, their Energies Merge, yielding an Energy that we aren’t prepared for.  When three or more planets converge (a “Stellium”), it gets downright Strange, because it gets less likely that we’ve ever Experienced the Energy.  Let’s look at a couple of the Stellia in the 5 April 1995 Asbolus Discovery chart.

For instance, Abuse, Forbidden Genius, Compulsion, and Survival (respectively Nessus, Ixion, Pluto, and Quaoar) make up one Stellium in the Discovery Chart.  That sounds like it could be a pretty toxic combination.  The latter three planets all have about the same orbital period as Pluto (250 or so years), and Nessus about half that.  A quick back-of-the-envelope calculation of how often all four of these folks might hang out in the same time zone gives us once in over 2,160 million years. 

That means, if we believe the cosmologists’ current guesses about the age of our Solar System, that 1995 would have been only the second time ever that these four converged.  Since our Solar System may not have been Created in one instant on a Saturday afternoon, the planets may not have been in the same orbits 2,000 million years before 1995, and even if they were, who knows what sort of Form our Consciousness may have occupied then.

So for all intents and purposes, given current conjectures about our cosmology, 1995 was really the first time we’ve Experienced this Energy everEver.  Did we Discover in 1995 that it may have been Abuse that caused our Genius to get Compulsive about going Underground to assure our Survival?  Or perhaps we Discovered that all these years we mistakenly Believed that other People thought that our Genius was Compulsively Abusive, so we thought it best for our Survival to Suppress it. 

This Energy in the Asbolus Discovery chart tells us that this is part of the nature of the impact of Asbolus upon the Huper Psyche – that the cross-contamination of Abuse, Forbidden Genius (Forbidding Genius is itself Abuse), Compulsion, and Survival is becoming Conscious on the Planet. 

We’re seeing that in the Abuse and Shaming that the assault-rifle-toting “adults” have been attempting to heap upon the Traumatized Third Wave kids (who were born a few years after Asbolus was Discovered) in Florida , and whose Bullying is being called out by the Forces That Be, namely the Corporations that actually run the US.  The government is too corrupt to respond to the People, but many of the Corporations know better than to blow off their customers in public too many times, and the Media is beginning to follow, in the effort to keep the few advertisers that haven’t been captured by Facebook and Google.

Of course there may be other Solar Systems where we’ve hung out that have faster planets which symbolize Abuse, Compulsion, Survival, and Dangerous Genius, if those concepts exist beyond our own home planetarium.  In those Realms we’d have more Experience with this mix of Energies.  Maybe some of those 1995 babies will recall some of their Lifetimes in those Galaxies.  Or maybe the Lizards we already know and “Love” are from there.  It’s probably a coincidence, but Trump Hotels and Casino Resorts was founded in 1995.

Or maybe we should look at Nessus in this context not as the Abuse suffered by the Victims, but as the Privilege enjoyed by the Perps.  Many of them appear to be quite Compulsive about it, and the events of the last week show them to be shaky about their Survival, and more transparent about their perverted Genius.  The NRA has been Acting Out in a very Ixionic manner.  Or Idiotic, either one.  Probably time to do a review of Ixion’s Discovery chart as well.

At any rate, this Stellium helps to explain how Asbolus has seemed to influence our Planet for the last week or two.  Briefly, other Stellia in the Asbolus Discovery chart…

  • Chaos-Eris-Sun, Revelation of our Unlimitedness
  • Lilith-Pallas-Mnemosyne, Remembering the Boundaries necessary for our Self-Sovereignty
  • Veritas-Sappho-Eurydike, Trusting the Truth of our Self-Love

And there are some pretty hot Conjunctions as well…

  • Saturn-Nemesis, The Most Important Thing is our Ego Deaths
  • Karma-Moira, The Fate of our Ancient Habits is that we’ll replace them with Choice
  • Moon-Aletheia, Our Authenticity Revealed
  • Varuna-Vesta, The Life Force must become our most Revered Belief
  • Mars-Orcus, Tearing up our Obsolete Contracts
  • Chiron-Hopi, Embracing the Pain in All Things
  • Haumea-Hylonome, Rebirth of Recovery from Codependence
  • Uranus-Neptune, Merging of the Individual and Group Souls

Many of these concepts are consistent with the demise of the Patriarchy and the rise of the Yang Feminine, where Individual and Group are equally Respected.  Neptune Initiated Uranus in 1993 for instance, at 20 Capricorn, “A hidden choir sings during a religious service” – Obsolete Rituals co-opted by secret undercurrents.

Each of the Stellia and Conjunctions would likely have indicated recent or incipient Initiations of a lot of new Cycles, indicating major shifts in the Zeitgeist in preparation for a new Century focused on replacing Nationalism and Competition (Flag) with broad Vision (Eagle) and Enlightenment (Chanticleer Heralding the Dawn) – the Pluto-Chiron Initiation at the Cusp of the new Century.


Saturn III

August 12, 2016

I Forgot to mention the Spiders.  Last several weeks I’ve had several very clear Visions of Spiders, some as big as a Kitten, walking busily across the floor.  

It started with a Vision of a medium-size Spider perched on my thigh, under the covers, while I was in bed.  Not imagining that a Spider of that size would actually be in my bed, I got lost thinking about that big Tarantula on James Bond’s chest in one of those movies, and what I might do if I were in that situation, then fell asleep.  In the morning I had three good-size, very itchy bites where  the Imaginary Spider had perched.

Then a good friend found literally hundreds of thousands of Spiders in their cabin, so many that they had to call an exterminator.  So many that afterwards it took them two full days to clean out gallons of sticky Spiderpoo.

So naturally I turn to the definitive work on Grandmother Spider, Ursula Le Guin’s Buffalo Gals, Won’t You Come Out Tonight.  A particularly juicy extract…

“Coyote sat down and began patting her hands on the dirt in a soft four-four rhythm and singing under her breath, one of the endless tuneless songs that kept time from running too fast, that wove the roots of trees and bushes and ferns and grass in the web that held the stream in the streambed and the rock in the rock’s place and the earth together.” (p.48 in Buffalo Gals and Other Animal Presences)

” ‘Go on, little one, Granddaughter,’ Spider said.  ‘Don’t be afraid.  You can live well there.  I’ll be there too, you know, in your dreams, in your ideas, in dark corners in the basement.  Don’t kill me, or I’ll make it rain.’  

” ‘I’ll come around,’ Chickadee said, ‘Make gardens for me.’ ”  (p.51)

To see all these “Imaginary” Spiders busy in their tasks, tells me in no uncertain terms that the fabric of the Planet is being rewoven.  Hints about how it’s being rewoven?

Another excerpt from Saturn 

(3) Some of our Values are Truth in our Heart.  Those won’t Change.  But others (faux Values really) are the result of Vows that we swore in this Lifetime or another, or that we adopted from our Ancestors.  These latter Values are Changing, which will require some Adjustment in our Lives.

(3) Orcus Initiating Venus August 10 at 8 Virgo, Learning new old Skills as if naive.

As we try new things, old Memories will come flooding back, Changing everything.

And yet another…

(7) four Octiles (Rebalancings): Saturn Waxing Octile Haumea, Venus-Orcus Octile Haumea, Neptune Octile Uranus-Eris, and Veritas Waxing Octile Uranus-Eris.

Some of these are “ancient.”  Neptune Waning Octile to Eris Initiated in 1848 at 2 Pisces (Self-Protection), and has another twenty or so years to run.  The Neptune-Eris Cycle would be about being able to Speak your Truth in public and be Listened to.  The next Cycle begins in 2037 at 29 Aries, “The Music of the Spheres.”

So the hard Mask-Removing work of the last four years hasn’t been wasted; we’re just laying the groundwork for a huge Social Transformation that will begin to evolve in twenty years or so.  At least according to this Cycle – though it’s a very important Cycle.  This Changes the Spin on a couple of trends.  

It tells us why youngsters are more fearless – from the Perspective of us oldsters, careless – on Social Media.  Yes, there is backlash, as there is around the beginnings of any Change.  Being a Victim of backlash is optional; we just need to carefully weigh our Deep Feelings (so we aren’t Unconsciously Creating exactly what we don’t Want), and tailor our PIAVAs.

And it casts a Light on The Donald.  While the World would go somewhere conceptually familiar in a handbasket if he were CEO of the USofA (actually, be might mercifully accelerate the process), he makes a fantastic role model for unabashedly Speaking your Truth.

Another “ancient” trend is Orcus Waning Octile to Haumea.  These two, which both have orbits similar to Pluto’s in duration, travel at speeds that are only about 15% different.  So they can chase each other around the Zodiac almost indefinitely.  This Waning Octile is in effect from around 1990 till about 2040.

The Orcus-Haumea Cycle would be about Cleaning Up our Act – the need to Let Go of obsolete Oaths (which limit our Experience to Either/Or) before we can Manifest Rebirth.  Or alternatively, taking Birth for a specific Purpose.  We don’t know the Initiation or duration of the current cycle; the orbits aren’t defined enough yet to extrapolate that far – assuming their orbits are stable.

We can see two sides of this Coin – with Saturn in Sagittarius (the Way Out is Letting Go) and Pluto in Capricorn (Just Fix It), it’s a fifty-year exercise in Letting Go and Moving On.  And it speaks to the Importance of moving toward our Mission (if we Chose a Purpose-Directed Lifetime).  What Coin would that Be?  Maybe Intention?

The next longest Cycle would be Uranus-Neptune, Initiated in 1993, the last stone in the Harmonic Convergence.  That one we remember well – appropriately. in my then-neighborhood, it welcomed a huge storm that blew down 100-foot Walnut trees.  Uranus-Neptune is about the Relationship between the Individual and the Culture, so this one should be interesting.

The Uranus-Neptune Cycle runs about 170 years.  This one began at 20 Capricorn, “A hidden choir singing during a religious service: Fulfillment of the individual’s creative function through participation in a group consecrated to a transcendent realization of unity.”  The Octile is Waxing.  

“Fulfillment of the individual’s creative function through participation in a group consecrated to a transcendent realization of unity” – that’s good news.  A typical Cycle blows Strong at Initiation (as this Energy did in the early 1990s), then wafts conspiratorily underground till the Waxing Square, when it becomes Mainstream.  The Waxing Octile, halfway to the Square, is the place where the Energy first surfaces again, tentatively, testing the air.

The Octile in general is about Adjustment, Rebalancing.  You can see this one in our thirst for Community.

Next, in terms of Hypnotic Power or Cyclic Duration, is the Waxing Octile of Saturn to Haumea.  The Cycle began in September 2011 at 18 Libra, which in contrast to the Uranus-Neptune Cycle, is about a breakdown in Individual-Culture Relationships.  Pretty easy to find signs of this Energy, even though it’s still mostly underground.

In Western Culture a breakdown is a medicable problem.  In Eastern Culture it’s a normal part of the process of Rebuilding.  This Cycle, which in and of itself is about how Rebirth is Defined, spans about 35 years.  So yes, from the Perspective of Western Culture, this is a long, ongoing Ego Death.  Fun!  Much more constructive to see it through Eastern eyes, as a Liberation from Cultural constraints that no longer serve.

The other three Cycles are shorter-term, starting with Veritas-Uranus and Veritas-Eris.  These Cycles span a little more than four years.  Veritas-Uranus began in March 2016 at 20 Aries, “A young girl feeding birds in winter.”  The Eris-Veritas Initiation followed in April at 23 Aries, “A pregnant woman in light summer dress.”  Both of these Octiles are Waxing, and both are about being True to Ourself.

So in the shorter term, we’re Nurturing our Spirit and refusing to hide our preparations to Rebirth a new kind of Culture, where what’s Valued is Integrity, even Yintegrity, rather than Conformity and Greed.

Finally, on the one-year scale, Venus is Waning Octile to Haumea.  The Cycle begsn in December 2015 at 24 Libra, which is basically about Yintegrity and PIAVA.  

By now we’ve integrated Yintegrity and PIAVA into our Values and our Skillset, and it’s time to Let Go of what we’ve Learned, in order to Open Space for the next stage of our Growth.  We want these Skills to be Living processes, not rote scripts.  “I Wonder what will come next.”


Yintegrity in Public

May 29, 2016

A reader comments… 

“We agree that the current astrology is encouraging us all to increasing Yintegrity (love that my spellcheck knows that word and to even capitalize it!).  However, I’ve been reading tons of Brian Browne Walker’s I Ching and the entire premise of that ancient book is all about control in dealing with the exterior world.  Perhaps it’s just what I’m asking about these days, but every answer seems to be about non-action, and it feels like the I Ching’s recommendation is to Hide Truth More. 

“Now that interpretation by me could just be my Inner Child – having moved from shy, scared five year old to angry ‘I will cut your head off’ seven year old – sadly protesting ‘What’s the use of knowing Inner Truth if I can’t express it?’ but the balancing of Inner Truth and Outer Power in the World feels nearly contradictory.  That’s Either/Or I suppose.  Maybe it’s knowing your Inner Truth and then acting skillfully to achieve the results you want in the Outer World?  Rather than the interpretation of Stuffing My True Self?
“I’d really like you to say more about the Virgoan ‘Who, Me?’  I’m guessing that any time I say ‘I’d never do that!’ it’s a clue.  And believe me, I’ve encountered some very angry, vengeful Inner bits lately.  I am working hard to send Major Love Streams when I recognize them (either as Voices or in the Body), and generally they then fade, but it must be grooved neural pathways that keep lighting them up.”

  ♥    ♥    ♥    ♥    ♥    ♥    ♥  

Yintegrity and Expression

You bet.  The Yangtegrity Patriarchy is fading, but it’s still by far the dominant paradigm.  Yangtegrity, by the way, for newbies, means doing what you said you were going to do, while Yintegrity means doing what you Feel like doing, moment to moment – that is, Trusting your Instincts.  Yangtegrity does Plan-Execute, while Yintegrity does PIAVA-Change the Subject.  To Live Yintegrity in a Yangtegrity World, in general we need to minimize our Commitments, be willing to Renegotiate often, and to Make Amends when Renegotiation isn’t possible and the Relationship is Important.  

Scary, eh?  Stretching our Yintegrity is a huge Risk, and one we’ve been warned against since we were infants.  Many of us were programmed to control even our most basic bodily functions, and many of us are sick from doing it.  So yes, of course the Olde Ego is going to come up with every excuse it can – from ancient Fears to manifesting coaches and friends and books, to literally disease – to warn us away from Yintegrity.  

In my limited experience the I Ching is oriented toward “success,” which is an important term in the Competition playbook, so the I Ching may be, like Greek Mythology, a handbook for enlisting in the then-new Patriarchy.  It sounds like you have a lot more experience with it than I – do you think that may be relevant?  If so, then yes, it would not encourage Yintegrity, it would more likely encourage social and economic success over Self-Trust.  Even its covert emphasis on morality is an Idealism, a spinoff of the Patriarchal mindset.

I’m definitely not advocating that we alienate a lot of people with our version of “Radical Honesty,” by any means.  The bottom line about removing our Masks is about getting Honest with Ourself.  So, for instance, if there’s a particular element of Pleasing that we’re programmed to perform for “success,” which creates a Reaction within our own Psyche – for instance, one of our Epiphanies might be to connect those headaches or indigestion that we get, with choosing to overlook the behavior of a particular client or co-worker or partner, which behavior we’d never tolerate in a close friend – then we might “Wonder how we can Change our Response to that person to eliminate the negative personal consequences, without losing an account or a job or a partnership.”

That’s a very complex sentence, but it says what I want it to say, so let me re-say it.  Suppose we get headaches or indigestion once in while.  And suppose we have a client or co-worker or partner whose behavior we tolerate in order not to rock the boat, but whose behavior we would never tolerate from a close friend.  And suppose one day we notice that there’s a connection here – our headaches or indigestion are often preceded by interactions with this client or co-worker or partner, or initiated by thoughts about these interactions.  

That would be the sort of Epiphany that wouldn’t surprise us here in this astrological province.  In Response to our Epiphany we might “Wonder how we can Change our Response to that person to eliminate the negative personal consequences, without alienating the person.”  Our interactions with people, or rather, the interactions between our Archetypes or Masks and their Archetypes or Masks, can literally make us sick.  But if we can step outside the Archetype we can immediately see that there are a million ways to Change the dynamics of any relationship that are a lot easier than “Just get on the bus, Gus.”

Before we can step outside the Mask, we need to become Conscious that we’re under the Spell (or Curse) of the Archetype.  A Pluto Mjolnir under an Eris-Uranus Initiation sets up very fertile conditions for that sort of Insight, especially with Nessus (Abuse/Privilege) and OR10 (Upwellings from the Deeps) Initiating Pallas (Boundaries).  Wherever in our Lives we don’t Live in constant Ecstasy, that’s an neon candidate for a PIAVA like “I Wonder what sort of Archetype or Mask I’m not Conscious of here,” or “Ganeshi, please remove all Obstacles to complete Freedom of Action for me around this.”  

I don’t expect to wake up in a Yintegrity World in mid-June.  I’ll be delighted if I’m living my own Yintegrity ten percent more of the time, and that my close relationships have increased in Yintegrity.  Once we replace Money with Community again (which the next four years of hard times may promote, and which the end of the Industrial Age may permit), then we’ll find that Yintegrity has begun to spread into what under Yangtegrity we consider “Livelihood.”  Working on a Community task because it promotes the “wealth” of the whole Community may Feel a lot more Yintegrous than working for Money.

The breaking up of Society into opposing rhetorical armies, and the Internet’s role in it, which we usually see as a product of the Polarization in the 1/1/2000 chart, is actually a step toward social Yintegrity.  We just haven’t done it long enough yet to notice that while someone might share my Reaction to The Donald, they definitely don’t share my Reactions to Freedom of Speech or Infidelity or Broccoli or Freedom to Exploit or Immigration or Uncle Milty or Abhortion or Capitalism or Glyphosate or the Color Puce or the Patriarchy.  

Once we figure out that we actually have no control over other people’s Reactions to us, we suddenly get Permission to just be Effortlessly Honest.  We’re able to maintain the illusion that we can successfully manipulate other people’s Reactions only because they were programmed in the same language that we were programmed in.  When we move beyond Rhetoric to Communication, the World Changes.  Much of our Lives will still run on Rhetoric, because it’s so much more efficient, but without the Masks we can be a lot more flexible.

The I Ching dates from the first several centuries of the third Millennium behind us, in the last half of the Age of Aries – the Age of Heroes.   I doubt that we can date the Patriarchy to this era; more likely we can date the advent of written justifications for the Patriarchy to this era.  Some folks assume the Patriarchy arose as a result of Agriculture, because it allowed the accumulation of surpluses and hence Greed and Inequality.  That would date it as far back as the Age of Leo or before, though it may have taken a millennium or two to develop.  Following Icke and Sitchin, we could make a case for the Anunnaki fostering the birth of the Patriarchy in its current form at the beginning of the Age of Aries.

The Age of Heroes would certainly have been a fertile time for Patriarchy to bloom.  The quarter-millennium around the development of the I Ching was a very busy time.  It would have been between the Phitile and the Waning Square of the Age of Aries, the time of its culmination.  Confucius, Lao Tzu, Zarathustra, Gautama Buddha, and Homer (author or transcriber of the most germinal of the Greek Myths about the defeat of the Matriarchy) all lived in this era, and the earliest version of the Old Testament was written.  

Between 575 and 577 BCE, a Triple Initiation occurred, between Pluto, Neptune, and Uranus.  That would have symbolized a huge shift in the Unconscious Psyche of Huperity, hence the birth of all the Patriarchal heroes.  

The three Initiations occurred in 10-15 Taurus…

  • Pluto Initiated Neptune in 577 BCE at 10 Taurus, “A Red Cross nurse.”
  • Pluto Initiated Uranus in 576 BCE at 12 Taurus, “A young couple window-shopping.
  • Neptune Initiated Uranus in 575 BCE at 15 Taurus, “Head covered with a rakish silk hat, muffled against the cold, a man braves a storm: The courage needed to meet the crises precipitated by social ambition.

The Neptune-Uranus (relationship of collective to individual) symbol reeks of Inequality; Pluto-Neptune’s (transformation of culture) nurse, while having perhaps some autonomy working for the Red Cross, would in general be constrained by their hierarchical superior, the doctor; Pluto-Uranus (transformation of the individual) is about material acquisitiveness that probably serves the Individuals more than their Community. 

A Triple Initiation of Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto will occurs every 4,000 years or so, the next one occurring around 3370, in Gemini, in the Age of Aquarius.  Pluto has an eliptical orbit, so the span would vary.


  ♥    ♥    ♥    ♥    ♥    ♥    ♥  

Yintegrity and “Who, Me?”

Yes, any comment with an “I” or “me” in it is a doorway to Consciousness of our Masks.  

  • I’d never do that!
  • I’m one of those people who…
  • I hate it when…
  • How could they do that to me!
  • I’d do anything for Love, but I won’t do that!

The only exception might be “I Feel <adverb>, or other statements about the present moment.  And of course any “I sometimes…” statements.  Anytime you’re labeling or implying that you or someone else is always a certain way, you’re looking at a Mask.

Remember though that Patterns – Habits – make Life possible.  If we had to stop and think about which muscle to contract and which one to extend every time we needed to raise a hand to scratch our nose, we wouldn’t get much done.  Some of us may have experienced something on that order while stoned – it makes you appreciate programming.  It’s when one program always fires, or a program fires inappropriately, that we get in trouble.  

Like that co-worker or client or partner that “makes us sick.”  We always have an infinite number of options in the Present Moment; it’s when we aren’t in the Present Moment that we know we’re stuck in an Archetype.  How can we recognize this?  Well, any time we don’t have an infinite number of options, we’re not Present.  So if we’re stewing about something, without imagining a hundred different alternative ways we could have responded, we just PIAVA, “I Wonder why I feel Limited here.”  

Nessus Stationary

November 8, 2015

Nessus the Mythical Centaur was a rapist who got caught and killed, but not before he arranged the death of his killer.  It’s an interesting twist, because Nessus certainly represents the self-appointed Privilege of the Patriarchy, yet he was killed by, and indirectly killed, Hercules, whose “God-Given” Assignment was to kill the pre-existing Matriarchy.  Reminds me of all the politicians who are so skillfully shooting themselves in the foot with their tirades against Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité as they defend their favorite Corruption.  So we’ve been interpreting the Cosmological Centaur and minor planet Nessus as dealing with Privilege, especially Masculine Privilege, and the other side of its Coin, Abuse.

But looking at the chart of Nessus’s “Discovery,” we find that there’s a lot more going on here.  

To begin with, Nessus was “Discovered” during the 1993 Uranus-Neptune Conjunction, which we consider to be the final and pinnacle event of the Harmonic Convergence.  Neptune had already Initiated Uranus, and a few months later, when they were both Stationary turning Retrograde, Nessus was “Discovered.”  The Initation occurred at 20 Capricorn, “A hidden choir is singing during a religious service,” hidden meaning occult, and implying Unconscious.  Since the Uranus-Neptune Cycle is about the relationship between the Individual and Society, and between the Individual Soul and the Group Soul, Liberté, Égalité, Fraternitéavec la bénédiction de Dieu (Neptune representing anything larger than ourSelf, including the concept of God/Goddess) – is an excellent motto for the 170-year Cycle.  While the Unconscious sings hymns to us.

  • Which sort of makes Nessus a lad in the choir.  And lo, as is so often the case, a “malevolent” planet turns out to be “just” a Teacher.  As usual, it’s not the external World that harms us, it’s our Resistance to the external World.

So let’s start with the Quintile Patterns in the Nessus “Discovery” chart.  A Quintile is the Angle formed when two planets are one fifth of the way around the chart from one another, and it signifies Teaching and Learning.

The Discovery chart includes four fifths of a Grand Quintile, between Juno (the Edges of Consciousness), the Sun (Essence), a Conjunction between Vesta and 2007 OR10 (Bringing Unconscious Beliefs into Consciousness), and the North Node (Our Mission).  The Vacancy is 1 Libra, “In a collection of perfect specimens of many biological forms, a butterfly displays the beauty of its wings, its body impaled on a fine dart.”  Normally we’d be horrified by this Symbol, as it indicates Death enjoying the beauty of Life.  But in this case, its our Unconscious Beliefs that are frozen and revealed for all to see – and Makemake (Manifestation of New Survival Skills) has just crossed this Degree.

  • So we can expect Nessus to be associated with our Learning how to Liberate ourselves from Archetypes, Self-Sabotage, and Limitation.

The chart also includes a “Quintangle” – two Quintiles end-to-end, with a Biquintile connecting the two planets on the ends, forming a triangle.  The Quintangle is focused on a Conjunction between Ceres and a Stationary Venus (Learning to Trust our Heart Consistently).  The ends are the South Node (Our Hidden Skills) and the Uranus-Neptune Conjunction, with both Stationary (We Are All One).

  • And we can expect Nessus to Teach us about our Separation.

Next we can look at the segment of the Discovery chart that includes Nessus itself.

The major Configuration in this segment of the chart is five sixths of a Grand Sextile, between Nessus (Liberation), Makemake (Manifestation), Chariklo (Beauty and Charm), The Sun (Essence), and a Conjunction between Pallas and Saturn (Solid Boundaries).  The Vacancy is 7 Capricorn, “A veiled prophet speaks, seized by the power of a god.”  

Here we also have both a Star and an asteroid completing the Grand Sextile.  The Star is Facies –

“War as a concept in the human way of life.  It has no mercy and is ruthless in its aggression and its attitudes.  [It can imply] a person who loves the combative way of life, loves the military, and may even be sadistically inclined,” according to Bernadette Brady (Brady’s Book of Fixed Stars, p.39).  


The asteroid is Kassandra, a prophet who was condemned never to be believed, and who therefore was unable to save Troy from the invading Greeks.  She even set fire to the Trojan Horse, but the Trojans put it out.  The Trojan War was the result of Paris and the rest of the Gods trying to appease the Ladies who were competing to be “the Fairest of them All” and lay claim to Eris’s Golden Apple – we can see it as the complexities and “unintended” consequences we create by failing to Acknowledge and Trust our Intuition.

  • So we can also expect Nessus to Teach us to set Solid Boundaries against Denying our Intuition.  Since many of us have worked hard most of our Lives to suppress our Intuition, this is a Lesson we really need.

Next let’s look at the chart segment that includes the Stationary Uranus-Neptune Conjunction, which is an extraordinarily Strong indication.  This segment is extraordinarily busy.

It includes ten twelfths of a Grand Unx, which is twelve planets equally distributed around the Zodiac (an “Unx” is one twelfth of something).  A Grand Unx yields three Grand Crosses, two Grand Sextiles, and handfuls of Fingers of God and Diamond Stars.  With the two Vacancies, we have one Grand Cross, two T-Squares, one Grand Sextile, and the T-Squares are both Diamond Stars.  The Vacancies are 22 Libra “A child giving birds a drink at a fountain,” and 22 Sagittarius, “A Chinese Laundry,”  The participants are Pluto Conjunct Ixion (Mandatory Expression of our Hidden Genius), Hylonome Conjunct Asbolus (Intuitions about Yindependence), Chiron (Despair, Empathy, and Miracle), Juno (Edges of Consciousness), the Moon (Instincts), Chaos (Unlimited Potential), Mercury Conjunct Eris (Revelation of Denial), Lilith (Yindependence), Vesta Conjunct 2007 OR10 (Revelation of Unconscious Beliefs), and Uranus-Neptune (We Are All One).  Whew!

Since an Unx is about Pattern-Breaking, Karma doesn’t stand a chance against a Grand Unx.  We need only add Compassion (drinks for the birds) and appreciation of our role in and contribution to the larger Culture (Chinese Laundry), since Vacancies show what the Universe expects us to provide Consciously.

  • So we can expect Nessus to introduce Complexity into our Lives, because when Unconscious Complexes erupt into our Conscious Lives, it blows all of our Organizing Beliefs, and we have to start from scratch to Reorganize our Life.  That Feels like a Gordian Knot.  Empathize with your Hopelessness.  “You poor Sweetheart, you’re Feeling trapped, aren’t you.”  Then Change the Subject.  You want to look for your overriding Goals, and the simplest ways to start working toward them.  The Complexity is overwhelming because it needs to be replaced by Simplicity.

The last segment of the Nessus Discovery chart is a lot simpler than the others.  It’s salient feature is a Stationary (Strong) dwarf planet Orcus.  We haven’t examined Orcus yet, but the Mythical Orcus was a son of Eris whose job was to punish oath-breakers with Death.  Orcus is Conjunct both Pholus (Taking Full Responsibility) and Chiron (Despair, Empathy, Miracles).  So this week while Nessus is Stationary, “You better watch out / You better not shout” might be a good idea.

Orcus and friends Trine Orcus’s mom Eris, and they both Trine the North Node – which, however, forms a Kite focused on the South Node.  Orcus-Pholus-Chiron Square a Conjunction of Sedna and Chaos (Fear of the Unknown, and ill-advised Actions taken to Prevent it).

  • So finally, we can expect Nessus to reveal to us the Oaths we swore at some point in this or another Lifetime in order to prevent some unappreciated event or process from recurring.  Swearing an Oath (which can be as simple as “God Damn It!”) is how we Vow “never to do that again,” which unfortunately can prevent us from doing that precisely when we need to do that.  Remember that Archetypes, Karma, Addictions, and other untoward Patterns are not  inherently negative.  They become negative when they’re our only Reaction to certain stimuli, in situations where other Responses would be more productive.  Reacting to criticism with Anger whether or not the criticism would be useful for us to hear, is an example.  More relevant are the places where we go into Fear and Anxiety – or Panic or Shutdown – in the very situations where we most need to be Grounded and Present.  Our Oaths get ossified into our Limiting Beliefs, which in a fundamental sense are anti-Life, so there is a Death there.  Each Limiting Belief is a Loss of Soul.

All told, our best strategy for the coming week is probably to be uncompromisingly Self-Loving, and to PIAVA that we Learn oodles of new useful Skills for just that.  If we start to get into Overwhelm, get ourself Safe and work on getting Grounded and Present again, before we attend to whatever triggered our Overwhelm.  Don’t hesitate to scream for Help if you need to.  Unless the Sky is Falling, a false alarm is far better than a Traumatic Experience.

Harmonic Climax

October 3, 2015

Elizabeth points out that over the last several days Saturn has reached the Phitile position in its Cycle with Uranus.  The 44-year Saturn-Uranus Cycle is about the Ego carrying out instructions received from the Soul.  

The Phitile, 222 and a half Degrees (360/1.61803), is the Golden Angle of Sacred Geometry.  You can also see it as 137 and a half Degrees (360-222.5).  Treelimbs branch at that angle.  Flower petals form that angle.  You can read more about it, and play with it, at… 

It’s not so easy to calculate, so we’ve provided a table of Phitiles, at… 

Cycles have several culmination points.  The Opposition (180 Degrees) is where a Cycle Blooms.  The Phitile is where it Fruits.  And the Waning Square (270 Degrees) is where it collapses in on itself and drops into the Void or Zero Point Field, where the deck is shuffled before the subsequent Cycle is dealt. 

This Saturn-Uranus Cycle’s Initiation was an integral part of the Harmonic Convergence in 1988.  The predecessor newsletters of this blog began in 1988, at the time in an effort to help people avoid personalizing the non-personal Big Events occurring in the Unconscious during the Convergence.  Now we try to help people TO personalize the Big Events occurring here after the End of Time as We Knew It, because if we don’t Take Ownership of the Planet we won’t work to rescue it as a viable home for our Physical Vehicles.  The Uranus-Saturn Initiation occurred in the last Degree of Sagittarius, near where the Galactic-Center Stellium sits now.  The last Degree of Sagittarius means “The Pope blessing the faithful.”  In other words, a substantial portion of the Harmonic Convergence has come to Fruition.  Who knew in 1988 that it would be the Pope to rescue the Planet from the ravages of Predatory Capitalism!

This is good news to me.  It tells me we’ve reached a significant milestone in the reorganization of our approach to Life.  The Saturn-Uranus Cycle wasn’t the only Cycle Initiated during the Harmonic Convergence, just the first.  There was also Jupiter-Chiron, Saturn-Neptune, and Uranus-Neptune, all Powrful harbingers of Change.  Because Neptune move much more slowly than Uranus, the Saturn-Neptune Cycle (“An illustrated lecture on natural science“) reached Phitile in 2010.  That Cycle, which governs the Relationship between the Ego and the Collective, drops into the Void in late November of this year.  We can expect increasing disorder, as the Collective and the Ego try to dance in the darkness and step all over each other’s feet.

Authenticity and Community

December 20, 2013

aquamusco4813bpAquamarine Crystals on a bed of Muscovite

Vandana Shiva,

gives us an Eris-inspired lesson on Venus and Lilith and their contrast with the Old Male World.  A few excerpts…

“The notion of growth is the one big thing that must be questioned in our times.  The second big thing is the mechanistic idea of the world as a machine.  The idea of growth was created during the wars.  It was deliberately created to move the resources of society out of homes and communities into financing armaments and militaries.  Therefore, the way they defined growth was by creating a fictitious production boundary which said, If you produce what you consume, you don’t produce.”
“On the one hand, that means that the amazing work of reproduction that nature does is not counted as producing anything, though there is so much work being done now on the ecological services of nature showing that honey bees, for example, contribute $150 billion worth to the agriculture sector through pollination.  The work of communities who live lives of self-reliance, self-provisioning are not counted. 

“They’re producing amazing food.  Some of the best clothing in the world is in the hands of communities who produce for themselves, because they don’t produce a commodity, they’re producing beauty.  They are producing and creating art, whether it’s food or clothing or shelter.  In self-provisioning economies, it is not a product.  It is part of reproducing the richness of culture, the richness of identity, the richness of our embeddedness in a larger creative world.”

“You are not just mining a mountain.  You are destroying our world, our entire cosmology.  Even the farmers around Delhi who have resisted, and five farmers were killed, why are they resisting?  For them that land is sacred.  It’s their mother.  They say, You will not separate us forcefully from our mother.  Five of them gave their lives, right in the national capital region.  So, yes, the fact that this is the basis of life and livelihood.  But even more important, these resources are the basis of living in another world, a sacred world, where everything has value, a deep sacred value, and nothing has a price.  There is no price in the market that could ever be able to buy it.”

“It’s time for those who promote hazardous technologies like GMOs, just for the sake of monopolizing seed, to take responsibility for the implications, for the bees that die, for the farmers that die, the 284,694, more than a quarter million, farmers who have committed suicide.  I think this irresponsible use of power to rearrange the earth, her resources, the wealth of society and think there is no consequence and you don’t have to bear that consequence, that huge irresponsibility, for me it’s power in the ultimate crude, patriarchal form.  And it has to end.  That’s why I’m so happy movements are growing around
the world to say enough is enough.”

“What is demanded at this point is a shift in world view.  What is demanded is a shift from thinking of ourselves as consumers and tweaking within our role as consumers to realizing we are earth citizens and exercising our duties as citizens of the earth, recognizing the rights of others, who also are citizens of the earth, other species as well as human beings.  The problem with extending the idea of consumerism and individuals with money buying their way out is wrong because it makes us assume we are individuals.  But we are not.  We are embedded in community — the human community and the earth community.”

In 2012-2015 the primary theme in the ongoing Planetary horoscope is the Square of Uranus to Pluto, the “coming out” of the Authenticity that Pluto demands as part of its redesign of the Planetary Trance.  And the rebirth of Mysticism foretold in the Initiatory Symbol, “An Ouija Board.”  But there’s another, more subtle process starting.  When I looked it up to find the exact parameters I was very surprised to see that, if we stick with our very-reasonable three degrees of Sensitivity, the influence begins tomorrow.

When we try to dissect the Planetary Trance and its constituent components, we look first at the dynamic relationships between the outer planets – such as the many Waxing (Building) Angles, including…

  • The current Uranus-Pluto Square (Mandatory Authenticity and Mysticism) about “the 1960s becoming permanent”
  • The nascent (7 degrees) Fresh Violets in an ancient pottery bowl Chiron-Neptune Cycle (the New Paradigm that recycles ancient ideas)
  • The turn-of-the-Century Flag turning into an Eagle morphing into a Rooster Chiron-Pluto Cycle (in a nutshell, “Adapt or Die” – the Symbol tells us to stop with the nationalism and tribalism, view the World with a wide perspective, and herald the Dawn of the Light) that’s currently in a very friendly Sextile
  • The venerable Quiver full of arrows (Cupid?  Robin Hood?) 1891 Neptune-Pluto Cycle that even after 120 years is still only a Septile along

The 12th-Harmonic Chiron-Uranus Cycle is Waning (dropping into the Void), as are all of the Eris Cycles.

Which leaves the culmination of the Harmonic Convergence of the late 1980s and early 1990s –

the 1993 Initiation of Uranus by Neptune. 

Uranus-Neptune unifies the Soul of the Individual with the Soul of their Culture – from the Warrior Cultures stuck in the Age of Aries to the Keening Cultures stuck in the Age of Pisces, to the nascent Co-Creative Cultures that are reverse-engineering the Age of Aquarius, starting from What We Want and working backwards to figure out how to create a structure for it from the Emerging Future.  These Ages regress after all, they run widdershins to our usual view of Time.  We start at the “end” and work backwards.  If someone brings a complete package out and we think, no, we need transitions first – revise your thinking.  There will be a lot of sudden transitions and big leaps.

The Initiatory Symbol (Capricorn 20) was “A hidden choir singing during a religious ceremony” – in Rudhyar’s view “The fulfillment of the individual’s creative function through their participation in a group performance consecrated to a transcendent realization of Unity.”  Not only is Venus crossing this still-warm degree thrice, but starting tomorrow Pluto begins a five-year adventure crossing the three-degree span leading up to this degree.

You may not recall that the period before an exact astroevent is the time when the Energy is strongest, growing to a peak when the event is exact.  Like the recent Uranus Station – the pressure to be Authentic increased up to the hour of the Station (subject to assists from the Moon), then fell off rapidly.

There are exceptions – for the Muggles who continue to resist their Authenticity with an increasingly stiff upper lip on their Mask, there’s no such respite.  For them the pressure continues unabated.  And if, despite our most cooperative intentions, we misinterpreted the pressure and made inappropriate decisions, then those decisions will haunt us after the event has passed.

For example, if our programming made us think the pressure to be Authentic was pressure to be Nasty (which would happen if we were programmed to reject our True Self – this often arises from a simple Cultural preference among our childhood Significant Adults; they may have thought tidiness was next to godliness, which could have crimped our Creativity so we ended up believing that Messy was Nasty), then we may have renewed our vows to be Good, especially with Santa packing the sled as we speak!

Of course, since on the Soul Level “you” chose your programmers, they wouldn’t have had negative beliefs about Messiness unless it was an issue “you” wanted to explore in this Lifetime.  In other words, there’s probably a Past Death or other trauma involved there somewhere.  Maybe you Messed your pants and caused a stink that the Nazis detected or something.

The point is, we PIAVAed something somewhere, and Changed the Subject so well that we forgot all about it.  We do that all the time, don’t we.  So we also forget to come back and Pay Attention.  When we PIAVA anything, the first thing the Universe gives us is an illustration of why we haven’t had that all along.  So we may have PIAVAed to eliminate our Self-Sabotage, but then when the Uranian Energy felt like pressure to be Nasty, we didn’t make the connection.

Basically, if we reprogram ourself to interpret all Self-Judgment as a signal to review our recent PIAVAs (which actually includes I Wish and I Wonder) and look for the hidden message, that’ll supercharge our Chironic Miracles and help reframe us into Yintegrity.

So, no matter what the Angle between Uranus and Neptune in our nativity, as Pluto crosses this 20-Capricorn hot spot over the next five years, it’s going to light up our own Uranus-Neptune issues.  Namely, Do we belong here?  Is this my Tribe?  Who am I to criticize my Culture, but it sure seems to be bent on self-destruction!  And any other friction between the Self and the Culture.

But for people born around 1993, Pluto will be directly triggering their natal Uranus-Neptune Conjunction!  Unfortunately, some of those people who don’t get the memo, will feel and act a bit “crazy” by social standards, and some will end up medicated.  That’s a bummer, but it’s better than medicated and incarcerated, or lobotomized like they did not so many years ago.  It’s particularly a bummer because the medication will dampen and disfigure the natural Spiritual Crisis that Pluto over Uranus-Neptune is bound to create.

Uranus and Neptune only come together every 170 or so years – that’s once in about six generations!  So the folks with natal Uranus-Neptune are storm troopers here for a special Mission.  Basically, Uranus-Neptune paints a picture of a Culture where the Community performs best when everyone is unabashed about letting their True Self out.  Like a well-oiled sports team, but without the practice, and without defined positions, all Serendipity.  The “practice” is everyone being their Authentic Self.  It’s hard to even imagine.

Pluto crossing this space for the next five years (and the five years after the actual astroevent, since even though the Energy drops off, it does continue) will light these people up like pinball machines.  The rest of us are going to be hard-pressed to contain our Judgments that they’re out of bounds.  Like an audience with a Saint, once we see that Energy in action, our Energy Bodies will try to imitate it.  It will frighten us, even as it exhilarates us.  We won’t have their finesse about merging Self and Culture – we’ll have to depend on their Guidance for that – but we will certainly have a lot of practice at our own Yintegrity, won’t we, and some good beginning ideas for the New-Paradigm Culture we Want to live in.

Give these Angels your support.  Help them stay grounded.  Remind them who they are, so they don’t go thinking they’re the strange one, rather than us self-sabotaging Earthlings.  You may need to intercede, translate, negotiate for them if they have trouble lifting the rest of us out of our rut.  Remind them if necessary that it’s not just they that need to run at a higher Vibration – they need to help bring the rest of us up a notch or several too.  We won’t be able to match them, but if they are to lay the foundation for the Age of Aquarius (Sympathy and Understanding, Harmony and Trust Abounding), they have to lift us up out of our rut as well.