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Mars OOB 2 – The Grand Trines

October 10, 2014

flog0403bpAn excellent place for this great picture of a “Book” of the Mica Phlogopite (a Crystal built up of plates of Mica is called a “Book”) perched on a Feldspar matrix and looking over its shoulder at its Shadow of Alexandrite.  The Alexandrite story is complex.  It’s a gem form of Chrysoberyl, which is Corundum with Beryllium substituting for some of the Aluminum.  The black form is low-grade.  It’s associated with Pluto, Scorpio, and the Underworld, but it’s also a Healing stone of the highest order, betraying the secret that our greatest Challenges are our greatest Medicine.  It was first discovered in the Urals on the day the Czar’s son Prince Alexander came of age – named in honor of the consummate Lizard!  Here the Alexandite takes the form of the Creator God Raven.

* * * * *

Mars-Jupiter-South Node

Of course we can’t forget that this evil-looking Ixion-Mars Initiation sits in a Grand Trine – that’ll introduce Grace, right?  Well, it’s a Grand Trine with Jupiter (amplifying it) and the South Node (implying that we’ve “earned” whatever it delivers to us – not because of retribution, but because of unintended consequences of habits we’ve developed).

And of course, if it’s a Grand Trine that includes the South Node that means it’s a Kite with the North Node in the commanding position – with Venus, the Sun, and Haumea all on the North Node.  That’s a lot of positive support!

So the upshot is that all we really need to do is take Responsibility for these habits of ours, and the unintended consequences will disappear in a burst of White Light.  And I don’t think that’s much of an exaggeration.  We can do that, but can you imagine Humanity doing it? 

Can you imagine Humanity suddenly realizing that the Lizards that are oppressing us are really just mirrors for our own admiration of the modern notion of “success” – which means having more than the next guy, which really means taking more from the next guy?  And gloating about it?  That even goes for war, as the folks in the arms trade, and the hyperpoliticians designing the propaganda feeding the intolerance, are also just pursuing “success.”

So maybe we need those sunglasses that we and the dog are wearing to protect our eyes from the Light of Success.  Who do you suppose they’re “borrowed” from?  Probably the Lizards.

The Mars/Ixion-Jupiter-South Node Grand Trine hangs around from October 7 till October 13.

Which also puts Chaos at the peak of another Kite – far better to have Potential leading a parade than psychopathy.  Which mean we have a strong Grand-Sextile Vacancy opposite Jupiter.  Which happens to be filled by the asteroid 26 Proserpina.  Proserpina was the Roman equivalent of the Greek Persephone, and like Persephone was the daughter of Ceres, was abducted to be wife to Pluto, was granted partial release from the Underworld, and “explains” plant life returning in the spring.  399 Persesphone is a different asteroid, however, so we have to look for subtle differences between the Roman and Greek versions of the story.

At a time when Rome needed help from the Gods, they adopted Proserpina from the Greeks who lived on the southern end of the peninsula, and plugged her in sort of next to, and sort of replacing, Libera, Ceres’s earlier Roman daughter.  Libera was a goddess of female fertility, freedom, and wine.  Her father Liber, equivalent to Dionysius, was also guardian of the freedom and fertility of Roman commoners.  So Proserpina carries an implicit protection for the hard-working people, the Salt of the Earth, for democracy.

While hidden, there are strong protections for the Common Folk in this Pattern, so we aren’t far off base to hope for some sort of climax in Greed-worship here.

* * * * *

The Grand Trine that we’ve been suffering with since late August – with all it’s Karmic review and Blessed Release – and which remains till October 20, is between the Centaurs (and dwarf planets) in Sagittarius, Eris in Aries, and Lilith in Leo.  In late October, Lilith moves out of from its Trine to Eris.

However, the asteroid Pandora sits at the end of Aries, ready to fill in for Eris, while Trining Quaoar and Hylonome in the Centaur corral by the time Mars gets there.  By then the Sun and Mercury Oppose Pandora and give us another Kite.  Pandora and her vial have a bad rap, but remember that Hope was the one thing that didn’t fly from her bottle when the adult-proof cap came off.  We’ll avoid drawing any conclusions about Obomba and his Hopey-Changey Thing, as Sarah Palin calls it.

By then the Lilith T-Square with Saturn and Sedna is also developing, so we’ll have to try to tease all this apart more carefully, in addition to trying to follow the Mars Gauntlet.