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Portal 13.10 Part II

October 10, 2016

If you were reading closely you noticed in Part I that we referred to the Chiron T-Square.  We’ve talked about Chiron, so what’s a T-Square?  Geometrically, it’s two planets that Oppose one another, with a third planet at their Midpoint.  It puts a lot of Stress on the third planet – in this case, Chiron.

If you have a shred of Perfectionism in you, or even just want to get your Needs met, a T-Square will Frustrate you no end.  It’s a problem without a solution.  That’s in fact an oxymoron.  If there is no solution, then there is no problem.  Case closed.  It’s like Chiron, you have to Change your Perspective.  A T-Square is not a problem, it’s a Practice.  You don’t Solve or even Resolve a T-Square, you Study it.  No matter how thoroughly you Explore it, there will always be more to Discover.  Life is like that, if you aren’t Dead to it.

We refer to a T-Square as Mastery through Challenge, because even though it Feels Frustrating, it’s the Essence of our Lifetime Study, and not only are we an Expert on it, but we Explore more subtleties about it every day, whether we recognize it or not.  Very few of us Acknowledge ourself for this, but it’s never too late to start.

So a Chiron T-Square is a double whammy.  Fortunately, we’ve been practicing Changing the Subject and Paying Attention a lot as we do our PIAVAs.  And that’s all we need to do.  When we detect the beginning of Chironean Despair, we Change the Subject with a quick “You poor Sweetheart…” and then go about our business.  We may not even notice that Miracles have occurred, because “we” are no longer Identifying with the person who was beginning to Feel Despair.

When we start to perceive another dead end with a T-Square, we Pay Attention.  Oh, right, this is a graduate seminar.  There aren’t any Right Answers, only Creative Questions.  What’s familiar about this Frustration?  How is it different from the last one?  Am I doing the same thing and expecting a different outcome (I think that was another Einsteinism)?  Or am I Exploring a slightly different level or angle this time?  When it feels like we’re in a rut, all we need to do is tweak one of the variables, Study it from a different angle.

The Chiron T-Square has been in effect (within three Degrees of Sensitivity) since the end of July, and it will be with us till late November.  Unfortunately (from the Perspective of Ease – Fortunately from the Perspective of Learning, and this is an important Learning for a Huper), it peaked at the September Equinox, which means it’ll be with us for a year.

While in a T-Square the third planet gets the juice, the two planets in Opposition give us hints about what we’re Learning.  At the September Equinox, one of these original two planets was Stationary – at its Strongest, temporarily rivaling Chiron for the Juiciest Award.  That planet was the dwarf Chaos – which signifies Unlimitedness.  

So we get a triple whammy – remember we said the worst kind of Despair was Unconscious Despair, when we just didn’t Believe something was even Possible?  So now we’re staring into an Infinite Abyss of Possibility, virtually Douglas Adams and Zaphod Beeblebrox’s Infinite Improbability Drive.  Talk about Frustration!  Thank the Goddesses that the Equinox is behind us – though the impact isn’t, is it.  What we “always” thought were Limits suddenly aren’t.

Unless of course we’re still in Denial, which most of us are.  How do I know that?  Well, the third planet in our triumvirate is Ixion, our Abandoned Genius.  We’ve a pretty good wall around our Hidden Genius, and that wall keeps us Safe, so we aren’t going to give it up just because someone built a glass-bottomed bridge across a bottomless canyon.  Even if they hung bungee chords from it.

“You poor Sweetheart, you’re dangling over a bottomless canyon that you’d never survive a fall into, aren’t you.  And you poor poor Sweetheart, a very precious part of you is at the bottom of the canyon beckoning to you, pleading for your help, aren’t they.  Woe Is Us!  You poor Sweetheart, you’re in a pickle with no escape, aren’t you.”

Think about that.  This is going on in your Life on some level.  What is it about for you?  You don’t have to tell anybody else, just admit it to yourself.  Don’t worry about it making “sense” – it won’t.  Not to the mind anyway, so don’t even try.  Your Belly and your Heart know all about it, though, and they understand it completely.  Don’t they.

And yes, You would never survive a fall, because the Dangling You would reunite with the Abandoned You at the bottom, and a whole new You would be born.

Haumea (Rebirth) makes a Trine Bridge (Free Pass) across the Chaos-Ixion Opposition.  So does Uranus-Eris (Yintegrity, Authenticity), and together they form a Golden Rectangle (Lifetime Free Pass).  What a Temptation!!  And just to add another exclamation point, asteroid Veritas (Truth) is sitting on Chaos!

Just to rub it in, Pholus (Full Responsibility To) sits with Ixion, Asking us to be Fully Responsible To our Brilliant, Georgeous, Talented, Fabulous, Unique Genius.  No two of us are alike, and the jigsaw puzzle doesn’t fit together without ALL of us, in ALL of our Goddess-Given Glory.  Remember how smug Zaphod was?  Try it on; it suits you.  Try it on in the Mirror, see how you Light Up the room?

Once again, The Donald is our role model.  No, we wouldn’t want to be him, or be like him.  But he’s Donald.  Look at the flack he’s taking for being unabashedly Himself.  That’s why we Abandoned our Genius in the first place – because Other People couldn’t stand to see it when their own Genius was so beaten down.  Yes, he’d make an awful president, and yes, we can Embrace our Genius without being pathologically Narcissistic about it, and yes, he’s making a Shameful punching bag for the Patriarchy (which needs it badly), but he makes a Perfect Donald.  


August 30, 2016

(1) We’re in the midst of a very unusual and very Strong episode of Hyperlearning, which you may be experiencing as a restless dissatisfaction with many or all of your old standby pleasurable Activities.  More isn’t Better in these circumstances; we need to relax into Nothing instead, as new Impulses and Openness to new Experiences turn into new Excitements and Motivations.  Settle into it; it’ll take a while.

(2) For now we need to find and focus on The Most Important Thing, as once we locate that our Enthusiasm will be boundless.  The Collective Psyche on the Planet has come loose from its old moorings, and that too will Create a sense of restlessness.  

It’s an extension of our Mask Removal adventures; Fearing Isolation, we adopted Values and Habits that were aimed at insuring our Popularity.  As the Collective Psyche Changes they may not work any more.  But since we’ve Grown, we may no longer need them.  And since we’re now more oriented to the Truth in our Individual Hearts, we’ll be rejecting what no longer fits anyway.

(3) The Bottom Line is that we need to be Present with our Emotions, Lovingly Embrace them as they are, and avoid trying to attribute them to our Metaphors about Reality.  The Transition from here to 2021 will be rough, and eliminating as much Self-Sabotage as we can will make it easier.  Our Metaphors are useful as Maps, but they only Symbolize the Landscape.  An error in our Map will have us walking off a cliff if we aren’t Conscious that the Map is not the Territory.

Truth is in the Heart, not the mind, and we find our True Values through our Emotions.  We might find our Idealism through the mind, but Idealism is nothing but a Treasure Map.  Our True Values are quite different.  Idealism strives to avoid Contradiction; True Values thrive on it, but it’s called Paradox instead.  

(4) We have two Mandates from “Headquarters” (the Galactic Center).  First, get Sustainable.  And second, Recover your Abandoned Genius.  Our Unique Genius was like as not suppressed so that we wouldn’t attract undue Attention and “rock the boat.”  Well, the boat is now already rocking, and it’s full of Genies who don’t acknowledge their own Magical Skills.  If no one steps forward, it will sink.

If we address our Genius through our Competitive Egos, chaos (disorder) will indeed result.  That’d be like putting Ginger Baker on Guitar and Eric Clapton on Drums, if Guitar and Drums were the essential Tools for “Saving the World.”  Funky fun for a few minutes, but why waste all that Mastery?  We need to address our Genius through our Community Egos, through Collaboration.

(5) Don’t neglect your Gratitude for the Blessings Full Moon that we’re still Enjoying.  It would be a lot harder without it.

(1) At 6am PDT today Mercury was Stationary while Conjunct Jupiter, Venus, and Makemake, though Makemake won’t be Initiating Mercury till it returns from vacation.  That’s a lot, but only a beginning, as this Stellium heads up a Grand Quintile – which is about Hyperlearning as well.  The other corners of the GQ are Mars-Saturn, Vesta, Pallas, and Ceres, with Mars Out of Bounds.

(2) Of course Mars Out of Bounds while Conjunct Saturn will be very frustrating anyway, but look at those other poles – Unconscious Beliefs, Boundaries, Sustainability – all realigning themselves and one another.  Sappho (Self-Love) is being sucked into the Stellium, and Quincunxes Uranus-Eris in the process.

(3) Jupiter and the Stellium, including Sappho, Oppose Chiron,  The Jupiter-Chiron Cycle is tightly bound the the Chiron-Neptune Cycle, both Initiated as Fresh Violets in an Ancient Pottery Bowl.  They’re about adapting to a new social and economic order on the Planet as we make our final exit from the Industrial Era and enter the Digital Age.  The Jupiter-Chiron portion is about being Relentlessly Compassionate with ALL of our Emotions.  As in “You poor Sweetheart…” stuff.

(4) The Grand Cross includes the Sappho-Chiron Opposition (aka Jupiter-Stellium Opposite Chiron) and the Ixion-Chaos Opposition (aka Ixion-Pholus-Quaoar-GC Opposite to Chaos).  In a real sense, dwarf planet Chaos is the other side of the Chiron Coin.  Where Chiron identifies the places where we’re Blind to Possibility and see ourselves as Unhealable, Chaos represents the Unlimited Potential of the Real Universe.

(5) See .


August 26, 2016

(1) If you, like me, have been wondering why there seems to be such a Disturbance in the Force lately, I just noticed – Sedna is Stationary!

Sedna is about regrettable Actions taken – or not taken – out of Fear of Anger.  This could take the form of Hesitation to accept and Act Out our own Anger because we Fear we won’t be able to do it Responsibly, or Fear of Other People’s Anger.  

That would include the Oaths we made to ourself in order to avoid the Anger of our historical parents, and the resulting Unconscious Limitations we face daily.  And the Karmic roots or Esoteric Purpose underlying our Soul’s Choice of those parents and programming.

It’s obvious that someone seems to have had a Purpose in mind when a birth time was chosen for – or by – us.  While some folks say that we as a Soul had been burdened with Inertia from Habits (enforced by avoidance of certain “Held” Emotions) in Previous or Parallel Lives, others say that our Free Soul Chose to come to this planet to help shift a particular facet of the Planet’s Inertia.

The latter folks suggest that our Free Souls then used a Simulator to set the equivalent of our Karma in place.  I’m not sure that step is necessary, as our Birth chart provides plenty of raw material, and Resonance with extant Earth Energies provides the rest.  

It’s all Metaphor anyway, so it doesn’t really matter.  However, having more Perspectives gives us greater Resilience.  The six blind men all had different notions about the Elephant, but we approach “Reality” itself more closely when we see through the hands of all six blind men.  You can easily imagine that Relating to the Elephant will be a lot more effective than Relating to the Snake, the pillar, the fan, the spear, the rope, or the wall.

Sedna turns Retrograde around 8pm PST on 26 August, so now that we know what’s going on, the Energy should Lighten Up after that.  

With all the Blessings in the recent Full Moon chart, I assumed that the Disturbance was “just” Upper Limits.

  ϖ    ϖ    ϖ    ϖ    ϖ    ϖ    ϖ  

(2) And now that I look at the rest of the Sedna-Station chart, hmmm, I guess it is Upper Limits!

Of course now that we know the Timing, between now and 8pm PST 26 August we’ll be taking full Advantage of this Opportunity to Learn more about how we Sabotage ourself, right?  It’s easier to Transcend our Unconscious Limits if we can manage to bring them into Consciousness.

  ϖ    ϖ    ϖ    ϖ    ϖ    ϖ    ϖ  

(3) I’ll skip right to the Bottom Line.  You know those “random” ancient but oh-so crystal clear and emotionally loaded Memories you’ve been having?  Well, this is a direct Challenge for you to Manifest a different Outcome this time, one more in keeping with what you Want.

  ϖ    ϖ    ϖ    ϖ    ϖ    ϖ    ϖ  

(4) It’s actually bigger than that, but that’s your Microscopic view of the Macrocosm – like the six blind men and the elephant, we all see the Universe through our own particular lens.  Chances are, the Memories you’ve been encountering have a lot to do with your Deepest Desire, hence with your Mission.  And of course your Mission is all about the Macrocosm, because the Macrocosm is a humongous jigsaw puzzle in Time and your Mission is one of the pieces.

  ϖ    ϖ    ϖ    ϖ    ϖ    ϖ    ϖ  

(5) And it’s about how our place in the World will evolve over the next four hard years, as the old social and economic order falls away and is replaced (or not) by a wide range of new Opportunities – Opportunities which we ourselves ultimately Create.

Among the 1%, “Crisis Investing” is a popular trend.  The idea is to take any given Crisis – especially including the ones they helped to Create – and figure out how to make a fortune from it.  Imagine for instance if you’d cornered the market for Soup Kettles in 1929.  Or Epi Pens in 2008.  Or bombs in 1937.  We can translate this into taking any given Crisis, and figuring out how to use it to Transform the Planet and Her Denizens.

  ϖ    ϖ    ϖ    ϖ    ϖ    ϖ    ϖ  

(1) Sedna is Stationary at 27 Taurus, Square (Mastery through Challenge) to Pallas (Boundaries).  

Also, Saturn Initiated Mars yesterday, at 10 Sagittarius, which represents the Symbols of Opportunity and Privilege – for females.  That should bode well for our PIAVAs over the next 19 months.  Mars-Saturn is about Focusing our Energy into The Most Important Thing, which can involve temporarily giving up what we Want to Focus on.

And, Mars went Out of Bounds (Strong) in early August, till the end of October.

Sedna’s Station makes a Trine Bridge across the Opposition between a Mercury-Venus-Jupiter Stellium and Chiron, which Opposition is T-Squared by Pholus-Quaoar and Lachesis-Ixion.  

That deserves a separate post.  

What it basically means is that the easiest way to Thrive over the next four years is to Lovingly Embrace your Fear and Anger now.

Along with the Mercury-Venus-Jupiter Stellium, the Sedna Station anchors the base of a Square Fez with Pallas and Pholus-Quaoar-Galactic Center (a Clear Dictate from HQ to Take Full Responsibility for the Survival of the Planet).  Meaning that the two primary Quincunxes are Sedna to Pholus-Quaoar (I Wonder if I’m ready to Surrender what’s not Necessary) and Pallas to Mercury-Venus-Jupiter (I Wonder if I’m prepared to Set Boundaries against my old Ego?) in Virgo (Ego Death).

(2) This isn’t the only reason, but the Saturn-Mars Initiation and a Mercury-Venus-Jupiter Stellium form the base of a Ceres (Sustainability) Quintile Yod (big Learning Opportunity).  If we expand our Sensitivity a little and add Pallas and Vesta (Unconscious Beliefs), we approach a Grand Quintile (Openness to Learning).  The Waning Jupiter-Saturn Quintile invites us to Learn about the Jupiter-Saturn Cycle (see #5 below).

(3) Mnemosyne (Memory) is also Stationary, turning Retrograde at 11am PDT on 30 August.  It’s Sextile to the ongoing Nessus-OR10 Conjunction (Eruption of Memories of Privilege or Abuse), which Sextile forms the base of a Makemake (Manifestation) Finger of God (Pay Attention!).

Mnemosyne also forms a Trine Bridge (the Easy Way) across the Opposition between the Sun and Nessus-OR10.  In other words the Memories will probably be a relatively easy way to Let Go of our PTSD, if we remember to Let them Go instead of Grasping them again.  Hint – Empathize with your Victim.  

(4) Mars and Saturn are just coming within Sensitivity for Squaring the Nodes.  Mars exactly Squares the Nodes on 29 August; Saturn crosses into 3-Degree Sensitivity on 27 August.

(5) We’ll get into the nitty-gritty of this soon.  It’s about Mercury Retrograding over Jupiter at the end of Virgo Opposing Chiron at the end of Pisces.  The Jupiter-Chiron Cycle is another Fresh Violets in an Ancient Pottery Bowl Cycle, like the Chiron-Neptune Cycle, as their respective Initiations Danced together.  So the Jupiter-Chiron Cycle serves the Chiron-Neptune Cycle, and the latter is about New Economic Paradigms.

We’ve talked about that a lot – see Chiron-Neptune in the list of Categories at right.  The Jupiter-Saturn Cycle puts us at the end of the Debriefing of the Industrial Era, where we’re descending into Disorder so the cauldron can be stirred and the New Social and Economic Order can emerge.

  ϖ    ϖ    ϖ    ϖ    ϖ    ϖ    ϖ  

Several embellishments:

On 22 August Sappho (Self-Love) Initiated Venus (Heart, Values) at 22 Virgo, which is about Claiming One’s Royalty and Wealth.

On 26 August (3pm PDT) Orcus (Oath-Breaking and Guilt) Initiates Hopi (Respect for All Things) in 8 Virgo, which is about Opening to Learning/Remembering New Skills.

On 27 August Lachesis crosses Ixion (Changing the Timetable for the Liberation of our Repressed Genius); it’s a Confidence-Builder.  The Initiation occurred in February 2016 at 25 Sagittarius, which is about Playing at Competence.

On 16 September Jupiter (Expansion) Initiates Sappho (Self-Love) at 2 Libra, which is about Wisdom.  On 18 September Makemake Initiates Sappho, and on 19 September Makemake Initiates Jupiter, both at 3 Libra, which is about A New Day Dawning, with Everything Changed.  The Harvest Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on Chiron in Pisces will be held on 16 September.  On that day Varuna (the Life Force) moves into Leo, meaning perhaps the end of 23 years of concern about Health, and the beginning of 23 years of Playful Self-Love.

Blessings Full Moon II

August 19, 2016

Lots of Grief, sobs coming up for no apparent reason for many hereabouts.  It’s important NOT to intellectualize Emotions.  I know, it’s a huge temptation when we’re programmed by an Atlantean overHead Culture.  But attempting to apply CauseanDeffect to Emotions makes as much sense as applying Catfur to Pasta; they belong in different realms, and besides, you’ll gag on it.

This is Pisces homework, the ultimate Life Lesson that Pisces takes a Lifetime for, and Neptune (Confusion and Clarity) and Chiron (Despair and Miracle) are both in Pisces for the long haul, Chiron till 2019 and Neptune till 2026.  They’re both prominent in the Blessings Full Moon.

From the Perspective of Pisces, an unpleasant Emotion arising from the Depths for Letting-Go (as opposed to “Re-Leasing”) is indeed the ultimate of Blessing.  As long as It resides in the Deeps It rules us; when It arises, we can rule It.  But not if we give It to that great Dog Mind to chew on.  Then we serve Mind, the Dog, and we become compelled to feed it.  It howls and wakes the neighbors when we don’t.

When It arises, we have to let It Be what It is, Emotion.  No Cause, no Effect, just Emotion.  No more Caused than a Heartbeat or a full Bladder.  Sure, you can rue the Beer, but it makes a lot more sense to just pee and be done with it.  It help to find where It Lives in our Body.  Grief often dwells in the Heart, but not always.  It can Live somewhere different in the next hour, than It Lived in the preceding one.  We have to follow It.

Follow It with Love.  No other approach to Emotion works.  All There Is Is Love, Love.  Love Is All There Is.  Embracing Emotion with Emotion.  The only process that works.  Letting the great Dog Mind Imagine a Cause is like trying to assuage a full Bladder by driving a nail into your Foot.  

Love is soft and warm, Fear is cold and hard.  Soften around Emotion, warm it.  Resistance is cold and hard.  Attribution is liquid nitrogen.  Who can Live in liquid nitrogen?  To Live you need Oxygen.  Locate your Emotions in your Body and Breathe into Them.  Let Them Live and Dance, let Them Be who they Really Are.  You haven’t really Met Them yet, and they’re You.  They’re a lot more You than your Dog Mind.  A whole lot more.

All around I see people being more Real, too.  Like Fernanda says…

Reminiscent of when I said I’d take one apartment then found another, and went back to tell the first folks only to find (later) that my Double had replaced me.

Or Lauren Oster…

“I visited a friend at the hospital yesterday.   He whistled when he saw me, and I trilled back.  He’s a northern cardinal, you see.  I volunteer at the Wild Bird Fund, New York City’s only dedicated rehabilitation center for sick and injured wildlife.  The boundary between the life I live as a middle-aged Manhattanite and the fairy tales I gobbled up as a girl grows more porous each time I visit.”

“My favorite patient was a rat.  The WBF doesn’t usually admit rats, but someone brought one in and we named her.  Seeing her cage card –

Dehydrated, Disoriented, Wound on Arm

broke my heart.  Virginia sounds like a character from a fable, but such intimacy with wild animals reminded me that they aren’t feathered or furred metaphors.  They’re real,  They’re part of our community, and we’re part of theirs.”

From “Creature Comforts,” Rodale’s Organic Life, September/October 2016, p.112.

Each one of those Emotions is a Wild Animal.  Cardinals and Rats don’t have Reasons and Causes.  They each have Their own Account, and that ruthless hunting Dog Mind and his Atlantean pack are exactly why They’re all going Extinct, as We are if we follow our current Canine path.  It’s Heart that Endures, not Head.

Blessings Full Moon

August 14, 2016

The next several weeks are all about Blessings, tons of them.  There’s a “catch,” of course.  We’re settling into a new Province (in Time), deciding which wall gets the couch.  But there’s a nagging Feeling that we Left something Behind in the old Province, and we Fear that we may need it.

No Worries.  What we’ve Left Behind is our Olde Ego, the one who had to fight for everything.  It’s not so easy to Receive a ton of Blessings.  We’re suspicious.  Are they trying to Manipulate us?  Has anyone asked about the Cost?

Sit down.  Breathe.  Imagine that it’s Summer Time and the Living is easy.  Fish are jumping and the Cotton is high.  Your Momma’s oh so rich, and your Daddy’s good lookin’.  Just Let it In.  Find your Worries and Tap them Out.  PIAVA no difficulties.  Life isn’t always a Struggle.  There are Times when Blessings fall from the Sky, Abundantly.  Let them In.

The 17-18 August Full Moon features four – count ’em, four – Grand Trines.  They’re all Kites.  One Grand Trine is great.  Four?  Incredible.  Plus, there are Motivating Angles as well.  So what’s not to Love?  Well, okay, there’s that one thing…

Dwarf planet Sedna (Actions Taken out of Fear) makes a T-Square with the Full Moon.  The Vacancy that would complete the Grand Cross – and a Grand Sextile! – and therefore the fulcrum for the whole Blessed chart, is 26 Scorpio, which is about Making Camp in New Territory.

The Fixed Star Agena, or Beta Centauri, is there in the Vacancy.  Agena may represent “the sacrifices required for growth to occur” (Bernadette Brady, Brady’s Book of Fixed Stars, p.102).  There’s more to the story – this is the Constellation Centaur – which we’ll cover later.  

The Arabic name, Hadar, means On the Ground, Settled, echoing the symbol for the Degree.  Interesting “Coincidence” that a few days ago the discovery was announced of the most Earth-like exoplanet yet, circling a star in Agena’s twin Alpha Centauri (both Alpha Centauri and Beta Centauri are triplets that appear to us as one Star).  No other Star is closer to the Sun than Alpha Centauri.

The four Grand Trines are…

(1) 24-26 of the Fire Signs, Uranus-Eris (Truth-Speaking), Sun, and Pholus (Full Responsibility).  Pholus is part of the “more to the story” about the Centaurs.  Quaoar (Survival) is Conjunct Pholus and within three Degrees of an exact Sextile to the Full Moon.  The Full Moon is at the head of a Kite at the Uranus-Pholus Midpoint.  The Asteroid Atropos (Endings) makes a second Kite at the Sun-Uranus Midpoint.

The Full-Moon and Sedna-Agena Oppositions form the Grand Cross.

(2) 24-27 of the Earth Signs, Mercury-Jupiter (Mind-Blowing), Sedna, and the asteroid Moira (Fate).  Chiron heads the Kite, at the Sedna-Moira Midpoint.  There’s that Centaur Connection again.

Moira is the collective representation of the three Fates – Klotho (Grandmother Spider), Lachesis (Measuring the Length of a Lifetime), and Atropos (Cutting the Chord).  Atropos is in the incipient Grand Sextile.  Lachesis is Conjunct Pholus, four Degrees from Sextiling the Full Moon.  And Klotho sits between Mercury and Jupiter.

The Chiron-Jupiter and Atropos-Pholus Oppositions form a second Grand Cross, with Lachesis Conjunct Pholus and Klotho Conjunct Jupiter.  Ixion (our Abandoned Genius) by the way, also Conjoins Pholus-Lachesis.

So we’re due for some mind-bending Learning here that will Cut the Cloth for a whole new reboot of our Identity, in the process Healing our Unhealable Wounds.  Intense.

(3) 5-8 of the Earth Signs, Ceres (Sustainability), Centaur Chariklo (Charm), and dwarf planet Orcus (Oaths), with asteroid Hopi (Respect for All Things) Conjunct Orcus.  Note that Ceres Conjoins the Fixed Star Schedar (Shakti Leadership).

 Centaur Nessus (Privilege and Abuse) at the Ceres-Chariklo Midpoint heads one Kite, while Juno (the Edges of Consciousness) at the Chariklo-Orcus Midpoint heads another.  The Fixed Star Mirfak (Young Male Energy, not open to Wisdom or Caution – Brady p.187) fills the 6-Cancer Vacancy to complete the Grand Sextile.

The Nessus-Orcus Opposition Squares a Mars-Aletheia (Truth) Opposition to create the complimentary Grand Cross.

(4) 10-12 of the Water Signs, Neptune (Cultural Trance), Lilith (Yindependence), Vesta (Unconscious Beliefs).  Orcus at the Vesta-Lilith Midpoint heads the Kite.

We’ll look at some of the Configurations on this remarkable list in future installments.



Saturn III

August 12, 2016

I Forgot to mention the Spiders.  Last several weeks I’ve had several very clear Visions of Spiders, some as big as a Kitten, walking busily across the floor.  

It started with a Vision of a medium-size Spider perched on my thigh, under the covers, while I was in bed.  Not imagining that a Spider of that size would actually be in my bed, I got lost thinking about that big Tarantula on James Bond’s chest in one of those movies, and what I might do if I were in that situation, then fell asleep.  In the morning I had three good-size, very itchy bites where  the Imaginary Spider had perched.

Then a good friend found literally hundreds of thousands of Spiders in their cabin, so many that they had to call an exterminator.  So many that afterwards it took them two full days to clean out gallons of sticky Spiderpoo.

So naturally I turn to the definitive work on Grandmother Spider, Ursula Le Guin’s Buffalo Gals, Won’t You Come Out Tonight.  A particularly juicy extract…

“Coyote sat down and began patting her hands on the dirt in a soft four-four rhythm and singing under her breath, one of the endless tuneless songs that kept time from running too fast, that wove the roots of trees and bushes and ferns and grass in the web that held the stream in the streambed and the rock in the rock’s place and the earth together.” (p.48 in Buffalo Gals and Other Animal Presences)

” ‘Go on, little one, Granddaughter,’ Spider said.  ‘Don’t be afraid.  You can live well there.  I’ll be there too, you know, in your dreams, in your ideas, in dark corners in the basement.  Don’t kill me, or I’ll make it rain.’  

” ‘I’ll come around,’ Chickadee said, ‘Make gardens for me.’ ”  (p.51)

To see all these “Imaginary” Spiders busy in their tasks, tells me in no uncertain terms that the fabric of the Planet is being rewoven.  Hints about how it’s being rewoven?

Another excerpt from Saturn 

(3) Some of our Values are Truth in our Heart.  Those won’t Change.  But others (faux Values really) are the result of Vows that we swore in this Lifetime or another, or that we adopted from our Ancestors.  These latter Values are Changing, which will require some Adjustment in our Lives.

(3) Orcus Initiating Venus August 10 at 8 Virgo, Learning new old Skills as if naive.

As we try new things, old Memories will come flooding back, Changing everything.

And yet another…

(7) four Octiles (Rebalancings): Saturn Waxing Octile Haumea, Venus-Orcus Octile Haumea, Neptune Octile Uranus-Eris, and Veritas Waxing Octile Uranus-Eris.

Some of these are “ancient.”  Neptune Waning Octile to Eris Initiated in 1848 at 2 Pisces (Self-Protection), and has another twenty or so years to run.  The Neptune-Eris Cycle would be about being able to Speak your Truth in public and be Listened to.  The next Cycle begins in 2037 at 29 Aries, “The Music of the Spheres.”

So the hard Mask-Removing work of the last four years hasn’t been wasted; we’re just laying the groundwork for a huge Social Transformation that will begin to evolve in twenty years or so.  At least according to this Cycle – though it’s a very important Cycle.  This Changes the Spin on a couple of trends.  

It tells us why youngsters are more fearless – from the Perspective of us oldsters, careless – on Social Media.  Yes, there is backlash, as there is around the beginnings of any Change.  Being a Victim of backlash is optional; we just need to carefully weigh our Deep Feelings (so we aren’t Unconsciously Creating exactly what we don’t Want), and tailor our PIAVAs.

And it casts a Light on The Donald.  While the World would go somewhere conceptually familiar in a handbasket if he were CEO of the USofA (actually, be might mercifully accelerate the process), he makes a fantastic role model for unabashedly Speaking your Truth.

Another “ancient” trend is Orcus Waning Octile to Haumea.  These two, which both have orbits similar to Pluto’s in duration, travel at speeds that are only about 15% different.  So they can chase each other around the Zodiac almost indefinitely.  This Waning Octile is in effect from around 1990 till about 2040.

The Orcus-Haumea Cycle would be about Cleaning Up our Act – the need to Let Go of obsolete Oaths (which limit our Experience to Either/Or) before we can Manifest Rebirth.  Or alternatively, taking Birth for a specific Purpose.  We don’t know the Initiation or duration of the current cycle; the orbits aren’t defined enough yet to extrapolate that far – assuming their orbits are stable.

We can see two sides of this Coin – with Saturn in Sagittarius (the Way Out is Letting Go) and Pluto in Capricorn (Just Fix It), it’s a fifty-year exercise in Letting Go and Moving On.  And it speaks to the Importance of moving toward our Mission (if we Chose a Purpose-Directed Lifetime).  What Coin would that Be?  Maybe Intention?

The next longest Cycle would be Uranus-Neptune, Initiated in 1993, the last stone in the Harmonic Convergence.  That one we remember well – appropriately. in my then-neighborhood, it welcomed a huge storm that blew down 100-foot Walnut trees.  Uranus-Neptune is about the Relationship between the Individual and the Culture, so this one should be interesting.

The Uranus-Neptune Cycle runs about 170 years.  This one began at 20 Capricorn, “A hidden choir singing during a religious service: Fulfillment of the individual’s creative function through participation in a group consecrated to a transcendent realization of unity.”  The Octile is Waxing.  

“Fulfillment of the individual’s creative function through participation in a group consecrated to a transcendent realization of unity” – that’s good news.  A typical Cycle blows Strong at Initiation (as this Energy did in the early 1990s), then wafts conspiratorily underground till the Waxing Square, when it becomes Mainstream.  The Waxing Octile, halfway to the Square, is the place where the Energy first surfaces again, tentatively, testing the air.

The Octile in general is about Adjustment, Rebalancing.  You can see this one in our thirst for Community.

Next, in terms of Hypnotic Power or Cyclic Duration, is the Waxing Octile of Saturn to Haumea.  The Cycle began in September 2011 at 18 Libra, which in contrast to the Uranus-Neptune Cycle, is about a breakdown in Individual-Culture Relationships.  Pretty easy to find signs of this Energy, even though it’s still mostly underground.

In Western Culture a breakdown is a medicable problem.  In Eastern Culture it’s a normal part of the process of Rebuilding.  This Cycle, which in and of itself is about how Rebirth is Defined, spans about 35 years.  So yes, from the Perspective of Western Culture, this is a long, ongoing Ego Death.  Fun!  Much more constructive to see it through Eastern eyes, as a Liberation from Cultural constraints that no longer serve.

The other three Cycles are shorter-term, starting with Veritas-Uranus and Veritas-Eris.  These Cycles span a little more than four years.  Veritas-Uranus began in March 2016 at 20 Aries, “A young girl feeding birds in winter.”  The Eris-Veritas Initiation followed in April at 23 Aries, “A pregnant woman in light summer dress.”  Both of these Octiles are Waxing, and both are about being True to Ourself.

So in the shorter term, we’re Nurturing our Spirit and refusing to hide our preparations to Rebirth a new kind of Culture, where what’s Valued is Integrity, even Yintegrity, rather than Conformity and Greed.

Finally, on the one-year scale, Venus is Waning Octile to Haumea.  The Cycle begsn in December 2015 at 24 Libra, which is basically about Yintegrity and PIAVA.  

By now we’ve integrated Yintegrity and PIAVA into our Values and our Skillset, and it’s time to Let Go of what we’ve Learned, in order to Open Space for the next stage of our Growth.  We want these Skills to be Living processes, not rote scripts.  “I Wonder what will come next.”


Portals 13.8 and 22.8.16

August 2, 2016

Three August is probably our last excellent day for taking Action to start a big new Project, though the odds remain strongly in our favor till around 22 August, particularly if our Actions include being willing to take calculated risks to “show off” our Unique Genius. 

Venus is moving out of the Grand Sextile, but it’s replaced by the Moon on 3 August.  After that, we have five of the six points of a Grand Sextile until around 11 August, with the Vacancy in Leo.  From then till about 15 August, while asteroid Beatles remains in the band, the Sun fills the Vacancy.  

From the 15th till about the 22nd, while the Sun holds the Leo position and Beatles strolls away down Abbey Road, we’re back to five points, with the Vacancy in Aquarius.  Both Vacancies are about showing off our Unique Skills, complementing Ixion’s place in the Grand Sextile.

Meanwhile, the Grand Cross, which supplies the Motive Force to Activate the Grand Sextile (remember what Stephen Buhner said about Love and Will? – we’re going to count that as a new addition to our PIAVA playbook), is long-Lived, lasting from late July into early September.

Around the same 22 August, Jupiter moves out of 3-Degree Sensitivity, so the Grand Cross will then Motivate Projects begun over the two weeks after that, but won’t Excite the Present Moment as much.  After 22 August, when the Grand Sextile goes away, the Golden Rectangle formed by Ixion-Pholus Opposite Chaos Trine to Haumea Opposite Uranus-Eris remains within 3-Degree Orb for most of the rest of the year.

Golden Rectangles are Inspired by their Oppositions, so…

The Planet is very fecund for the rest of the year, for Enjoying the Rebirth of our True Self and the Unlimited Fruits of our formerly Orphaned Genius.  Don’t hold back!

Meanwhile, most of the next two weeks is about Focus, as Saturn, which signifies The Most Important Thing, is very Strong.  Saturn has a reputation for Limitation, but that’s a bad rap.  Our secondary Priorities are Important to us, because they’re our fallbacks should we fail at The Most Important Thing.  If our fallbacks fall flat, we still have other options.  

If our First Priority falls on its face, it’s a blow to our Ego and our Identity.  So we’re loathe to give up our fallbacks.  But that’s exactly what Saturn Asks us to do.  In no uncertain terms, Saturn says…

It’s Time to Focus on The Most Important Thing.  Let Go of your secondary Priorities for now; they’ll still be there when you get back.  And obviously, The Most Important Thing right now is to Make Space for your Orphaned Genius.

It’s a very strong Prescription.

Saturn  turns Direct 13 August at 3am PDT, in 10 Sagittarius.  It’s been Retrograde since late March, and has backed over 17-10 Degrees of Sagittarius.  If you have natal planets in that zone, the message is to Stop Ignoring Them!  This is the Aries, Taurus, and Gemini Duads of Sagittarius, and…

This is about Letting Go of all Baggage from the Past, and accepting a new Spark that will Ignite your Future.

We first hit this space on 25 December last year.  Something wore out its welcome for you then.  You ran out of Patience for Struggling with someone or something.  It’s not Important what you Let Go of then; what’s Important is the Spark that Inspired you to seek Freedom instead of Struggle. Remember that moment of Relief when you first knew that you would be able to Surrender this Burden.

If you can’t remember it, imagine it.  You’ve been Struggling with something for Centuries, and something just snapped, and you just Cut the Chord and Floated Free.  It was like this…

There’s actually a third element in Stephen Buhner’s Love-and-Will process (see ); it’s the Moment of First Contact.  Buhner’s talking about plants, but we’re generalizing the process to work as a PIAVA on anything.  I’ve been playing with it, and it works.

So last 25 December, or just now in your Imagination, you Felt a Spark of Inspiration.  It was Lovely – you Loved it.  You’ve probably been dwelling more on what you Left Behind then, maybe with some Guilt.  Shift your Attention to the Spark of Freedom instead.

You want to make that a permanent part of You.  Open your Heart and Will it to be so.  It may Feel or “Look” like little double doors Opening in the center of your chest, as if a Cuckoo was going to come out and sing.  Will this Spark into all Projects you will Initiate in August.

In the video, which character did you naturally Empathize with?  Watch it again, switching roles.  If you can.  Try it full screen.

Lughnasadh New Moon

August 2, 2016

There are eight Natural or Wiccan Holydays – the Solstices and Equinoxes, and the Cross-Quarter Days that fall halfway between them.  Lughnasadh – Celebration of Light – falls halfway between the June Solstice and the September Equinox.  It’s pronounced as it looks, with emphasis on the “nas.”

The Leo New Moon (1:45pm 2 August), representing Illumination by rendering absent what is usually taken for granted, falls on Lughnasad.

The Eighth Harmonic is about Returning to Balance, by Illuminating Illusion, Delusion, and Deception.  Specifically, what’s being Illuminated is a path toward the elimination of Discouragement, through Action to Defend our new-found Yintegrity, Masklessness, and Yindependence.

We remain in that Space of relative calm and effectiveness that we’ve been in for a week or so now.  There’s a lot going on, but it’s mostly in Balance.  The exceptions or “dangers” are…

  • The unfamiliar territory of the Growth we’re encountering as we adapt to Unconscious Beliefs that have been Changed so much that in some cases we won’t recognize ourself.
  • The Temptation to get Discouraged that we mentioned, which is open for Healing here.
  • The Temptation to Fear that we’ll be left behind because we’re too “ordinary” – we can Feel the Planet Shifting, and we Expect that to Shift with it we need to be Exceptional, not Realizing that our personal Exceptionalism Feels Ordinary to us.
  • Our Hesitation or Fear to accept that the time has come for us to Betray our Oath to Suppress our Unique Genius, and Open to our Unlimited Potential.
  • The Temptation toward Inertia, toward not Choosing the open doorway to Rebirth because it’s not what we Expect it to be, or because it’s not on the itinerary Mom left for us.

There are several things for us to remember here…

  • Fear plus Breathing Equals Excitement.
  • Confusion is the first stage of Growth, as long as we don’t try to mentalize ourself into some Delusion, Illusion, or Deception in order to avoid the Sensation of Confusion.  Confusion is an Emotion; don’t seek reasons for it!  Instead, Feel it!
  • Spirituality is Both/And; Mentality is Either/Or.  “Political” is the adjectival form of Ego, or the Urge to Power.  Either/Or is always Political.  Notice that most non-mystical Religions are strongly Either/Or.
  • If we were propagandized into seeing the Religious as Spiritual, we can fall prey to the Illusion that our Either/Or Oaths are somehow Spiritual, and that Betraying them is somehow Betraying Spirit.  Nothing could be further from Truth.  Obeying them is a Betrayal of Spirit.
  • When Suffering arises and it reminds you of something you’ve Experienced in the Past, take that as evidence that it’s not Present-Moment, rather than taking it as evidence that it’s difficult to avoid.  You avoid its recurrence simply by recognizing its recurrence as its departure – if you Let Go of it.

The Grand Cross in 22-25 Mutable persists – Chaos Opposite Ixion-Lachesis-Pholus Square to Jupiter Opposite Chiron.  Uranus-Eris, Ixion-et al, and Venus form the persisting Grand Trine, while Chaos, Haumea, and asteroid Beatles complete the Grand Sextile, all within 22-25 Degrees of the Dynamic Signs. except that Venus has slipped forward to 27 Degrees.  

The Opposition between Chaos and Ixion-Pholus-Lachesis is the locus of Power, as it’s the Angle shared by the Grand Cross and the Grand Sextile.

While we may be stretching it for Current Moment advice, it’s well within Sensitivity for any Projects we’re Initiating, and that’s exactly what we’re doing in the Present Moment, Initiating Actions to implement our new Self, whether we know that’s what we’re doing or not.

For extra credit, Haumea Opposite Uranus-Eris forms the base of a T-Square to asteroid Karma, and Venus Opposite Beatles forms the base of a T-Square focused on Sedna.  Mars is the focus of a Quintile Yod from Vesta and Uranus-Eris.

In addition, to Celebrate the Eighth Harmonic, the New Moon in 11 Leo joins Lilith in 9 Scorpio in forming the base of a Mjolnir focused on Chiron.  The Mjolnir or Thor’s Hammer represents the Illumination of Lightning, or Epiphany.  Lughnasadh can also be interpreted as Lightning.

In yet another Celebration of the Eighth Harmonic, if we stretch Orb a bit, we can come up with an Eight-Pointed Star or Grand Octile.  Starting with the Grand Cross, Lilith is on the Midpoint between Jupiter and Ixion et al, the New Moon is four Degrees from the Chaos-Jupiter Midpoint, Ceres is five Degrees from the Chiron-Chaos Midpoint, and the Pallas-Pluto Midpoint is on the Midpoint between Chiron and Ixion et al.

Asteroid Atropos, signifying Endings, is Conjunct Chaos, suggesting the End of Limitations on your Unique Genius.  Asteroid Lachesis, which is Conjoining Ixion and Pholus, turns Retrograde on 8 August, meaning it’s Stationary now.

Sappho Conjoins the North Node on 4 August, and Varuna Initiates asteroid Karma on 12 August.  Orcus Initiates Mercury on 5 August, Venus on 12 August, and asteroid Hopi on 27 August.  Sedna turns Retrograde on 27 August, and Mnemosyne on 30 August.

Lifespan of an Ego

April 26, 2016

The big event here is a Retrograde Station of asteroid Lachesis (Lak’-e-sis) on 28 April.  The Mythological Lachesis was one of the three Fates, the one who measured the span of a Life.  I’m guessing you’ve recently been busy revising your estimates of how long you may Live.

In this Shadow Period (the span of a Retrogradation) between 22 Sagittarius and 4 Capricorn that lasts until early August, Lachesis backs over Quaoar (Law-Giver), Pholus (Responsibility), the Galactic Center (Headquarters) and Ixion (Abandoned Genius).  It’s already crossed them once, and it will cross them thrice before we’re done.  The first crossing is called a “Can-Opener” because it often opens a Can of Worms you hadn’t been thinking about.

  • The Lachesis-Ixion Can-Opener occurred on 27 February.  We were probably looking at Limitations in our Lives and Wondering how to Overcome them.
  • The Lachesis-Pholus Can-Opener happened on 11 March, and was probably about Realizations that we can no longer ignore certain Self-Sabotaging elements in our approach to Life.
  • The Lachesis-Quaoar Can-Opener was 18 March.  That was probably about revising our estimations of how long we can Survive on this Planet – collectively and individually – without extreme Changes to our Lifestyle and to our basic attitude toward the Soul of the Planet,

Check your journals.  The involvement of the Galactic Center makes these reconsiderations a great deal more consequential than they otherwise would be.  This section of the Zodiac – the end of Sagittarius – has been lit up strongly for several years, and not by accident.  This is the Scorpio zone (“Duad” in astrologuese) of Sagittarius, and the message is very clearly

What is it that I need to Let Go of, but which I’m clinging to so tightly?

It’s past time, Change is afoot, and your old approach won’t work any more, no matter how well it’s served you over the years.  Ask yourself that question, and reconsider the answer you’ve already rejected.  Or, if that’s not clear as a bell, omit the question mark and make it a Wondering, surrendering the question to your Intuition.  That’s a better approach anyway.

The Bottom Line is that it IS possible for us to reboot our Civilizations.  But we have to Listen to what’s really going on instead of gripping our Denial, we need to be Proactive about the Changes we need to make, and we need to Respect one another’s Unique Contributions, Trusting that their Intuition is correct for them, no matter how dumb it looks to us.  We look just as dumb to them, and ALL Contributions are necessary.

We could easily encounter major Ego Deaths here.  Remember to translate “It feels like I’m DYING!” to  “It feels like I’M dying.”  We cannot differentiate between “us” and our Ego – Ego Are Us.  So of course an Ego Death feels like a Physical Death.  But you’ll have thousands of Ego Deaths for every Physical Death, and the faster you can recognize that happening, the sooner you can begin constructively building a new Ego.  They aren’t optional.

When we talk about Ego we aren’t talking about being Selfish or Self-Absorbed.  We’re talking about our basic Survival Instinct.  We need enough Selfishness and Self-Absorption to keep ourself Safe, and to make sure that we always see ourselves as Worthy of Safety and Survival.  Those are critical distinctions; whenever you sense any Unworthiness in yourself around Safety and Survival, it’s a red flag to get Selfish and Self-Absorbed.  It’s not optional.

Lachesis has been within one Degree of its Station – in other words, basically Standing Still and therefore Strong – since 10 April.  If you aren’t a different person now than you were on 9 April, you will be soon.  Take it as an Opportunity.

Mercury is also turning Retrograde on 28 April.  It backs over asteroid Vesta (Unconscious Beliefs), giving us the opportunity to become Aware of our Limiting Beliefs.  Awareness is a prerequisite to Change.  Mercury’s Shadow Period is 15-24 Taurus and 28 April-22 May.  This section of Taurus (Scorpio through Aquarius Duads) is about re-examining what we’ve been Creating, and adapting it to the Good of All.  We can no longer afford Competition, lest we All go down fighting with one another.  Everything we do must now be Collaborative, and directed toward Sustainability.