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November 4, 2016

Well, the plot thickens again.  After reading an article about how asteroid Psyche, the 16th asteroid discovered, was mostly metal but with water on it, I looked up the asteroid Psyche, to see what she was up to in our Lives.  Lo, she’s sitting right on Orcus and the North Node, and Opposing Neptune.

Psyche’s a very complex figure in Greek Mythology.  She supposedly represents the Heroine’s Journey, but remember, this is Greek Mythology, the story of how the Patriarchy replaces the Matriarchy, subjugating the Feminine.  In most versions of the Story it’s Cupid, or Eros, that Awakens her, as if she couldn’t Awaken on her own without some lad to do it for her.

Asteroid Cupido is just past Pallas (Boundaries), and asteroid Eros is moving towards Saturn, arriving around the 21st or so, a period we’ve already described as very busy.  Psyche’s Two-Spirit counterpart Sappho (Self-Love) crosses Haumea (Rebirth) next week.

In Latin, Psyche’s name is Anima, and in Jung’s view it’s Anima that needs to Awaken in a man’s psyche, not a woman’s.

Cupid was the son of Venus.  He met Psyche when his mom sent him to punish the young lass for being too cute.  No Golden Apples involved, as Psyche, allegedly not having yet been Awakened by Cupid, was too much of a space case, aka Innocent, or Obedient.  Well-behaved, by Patriarchy standards.  Venus of course symbolizes our Values, so here’s a reiteration of our earlier themes of the Life Force overcoming our Shoulds.

In the last few days, Orcus Initiated Psyche at 9 Virgo, a Degree that’s about Self-Expression.  Orcus symbolizes our Vows and their denunciation.  More Life Force overthrowing Moral – intellectual – Conclusions and their Emotional anchors.  The North Node-Psyche Initiation is at 20 Virgo, which is about Cognitive Dissonance.  The NN-Psyche Cycle is about Following our Joy; Cognitive Dissonance is about being Comfortable with Paradox.

“Nature will find its own way through our time of Change in a natural flow.  No intellects to mess it up!  We have a choice.  We can flow with Nature, and with the nature of Change, or we can resist.  It will all play out according to our own personal state of consciousness.

“Without mental or emotional attachments, we can move easily into the new – or by staying attached to our mental and emotional programs, we can stick with more-of-the-same, going nowhere.  The choice will be less intellectual than emotional.  Emotions make the final choices, while the intellect attempts to understand.  

“If we are emotionally free, we will find that our thoughts and actions easily define the newness we are expressing.  If we are emotionally fearful, we will find that we are unable to release the program of our past.  Choice made!”

-Michael Roads, Stepping… Between… Realities, pp.163-4

Beat Until Soft Peaks Form #1

January 9, 2015

MarsNessusAgain the plot thickens.  This chart’s a bit of a mess.  Normally I’d disassemble it into distinctly easier-to-interpret pieces, but all of the pieces here are related to one another, in either the Twelfth Harmonic (Pattern-Breaking) or the Eighth (Rebalancing), or their derivatives.  And I haven’t even drawn in all of the lines.  The chart is for just past midnight PST ( on January 11. 

We can consider it to be an additional unexamined influence in our since-January 2 Portal, and to stretch that Portal on for another week or two.  Recalling that January’s Main Effect is the Uranus-Pluto-Nodes Configuration (which, if we were disposed to crude but more or less accurate expressions, we could describe as “Shape up or ship out”), we point out that the Uranus-Pluto-Nodes T-Square forms a central core of this chart.  The extra details are what enhances our interpretation of the January Zeitgeist.

Apart for some intriguing and fairly rare disagreement among several ephemerides, the chart is drawn for the Initiation of Mars by the Centaur Nessus.  You’d think by now the Ephemerides would agree about the position of Mars, but they don’t.  According to a couple of them (excluding the one that drew the chart), Mars and Nessus convene in 29 Aquarius at half-past midnight on January 11.

Aquarius 29 is “A butterfly emerging from a chrysalis: the capacity to utterly transform the character of one’s consciousness by radically altering the structural patterns of everyday living and the types of relationships one enters upon.”  This begins a four-year Cycle.

Mars represents Action and Physical Energy – Doing.  You can think of Nessus as The 1%, aka the Lizards – folks who suffer from self-assigned Privilege and the Belief that they can take liberties at will with The Rest of Us, we “interchangeable resources” and throwaway types.  Or you can think of Nessus as Ixion’s henchperson, in charge of executing the situationally sociopathic programs where we Believe the Ends justify the Means.

So there are some places where we need to step beyond our own Values to achieve a necessary but unwelcome Transmogrification.  That is, we’re becoming Aware of, and newly Obedient to, Higher Values we didn’t know we had.

To the extent that Nessus is a “bad guy,” we need to ask where Hercules (the asteroid, technically Heracles) is, since it was Hercules that killed Nessus.  Well, Hercules is hot in pursuit, now at 19 Aquarius, and catching up to Nessus on February 9.  Of course, Nessus arranged for Hercules’s own death before he died, so the whole story is a parable for how Good and Evil, while useful for choosing short-term behaviors, are just another Duality.  So there’s a hint that we should be heading for Rumi’s Field out beyond when Nessus is lit up.

To complicate things further, the main-belt (four-year) asteroid Eros (as distinct from the 560-year dwarf planet Eris) sits under the Nessus-Mars Initiation, meaning that

We’re also undergoing a serious Transformation of our Sexuality, and of our psychic relationship to our parents.  We don’t think of Eros (Physicality) without also considering Psyche (Soul).  The story of Psyche and Eros is the (patriarchal) story of the irrepressible “Soulmate” Love and attraction between our Physical form and our Soul, and the ease with which we project this attraction onto other Humans. 

Mars-Nessus is one side of the base of a Saturn T-Square.  The other side of the base is the main-belt asteroid Sisyphus.  Remember Sisyphus?  Representing perpetually repetitive tasks that produce no useful or satisfying result.  We could say about this that…

If we want our Sexuality to be Transformed into something that isn’t Sisyphean, we need to Focus on The Most Important Thing.  Sisyphean Sex wouldn’t be much fun for long.  So then, what’s The Most Important Thing here?

Well, there are several Bridges across the T-Square.

  • Foremost is the Trine-Sextile Bridge formed by a Stellium of the dwarf planet Quaoar, the Centaurs Chariklo and Hylonome, and the Galactic Center.
  • Then there’s the Four-Octile Bridge formed by the North Node at the Sisyphus-Saturn Midpoint and Pluto at the Saturn-Mars Midpoint (not all of these lines are drawn in on the chart).
  • And a Quincunx-Semisextile Bridge formed by the Conjunction of the Moon with Makemake.

So we need to look at that Stellium.  It’s intense.  It’s not really practical to look for Initiations between Centaurs, because they move at speeds that are similar enough that they braid ropes around one another.  And Chariklo (Charm) and Hylonome (Grief) have already been Initiated by Quaoar (Law-Giving).  But it’s worth noticing that the Galactic Center is in the process of Initiating Quaoar!

The Galactic Center (Headquarters) Initiates Quaoar (the Sheriff) on January 12.  This means that we’re in “the Reaches,” and as Ursula Leguin is fond of saying, “Rules change in the Reaches.”  So this isn’t just a personal Transformation of our Sexuality.  This is the promulgation of a whole new set of Rules about how Energy is used.  Quaoar-style Rules aren’t about saying Please and Thankyou.  They’re about what we need to do if we want to Survive.

For instance, it’s interesting that Bill Moyers chose today to tell folks about  this report…

Relative to this, the other two Bridges seem pretty minor, more about implementation than direction.

The Octiles (Adjustments) imply that we need to trust that our Compulsions (Pluto) and our Desires (North Node), irrespective of our Guilt around them, will point us to The Most Important Thing.

The Moon-Makemake Conjunction brings together our two most Powerful Manifestors, meaning two things – “Be careful what you Ask for,” and “There will seldom be a better time to PIAVA what you Want.”

If you’ve been struggling, know that it’s not personal, it’s a tiny slice of the global struggle that’s occurring.  Change is hard, whether it’s Change for the best or not.  Be assured that it’s not just about the Present Moment, it’s about the Present Identity.  It’s not Me, it’s WeBeAllOne.  You’re just phrasing the issue in terms that make sense to your Linear-Time everyday-Life perspective.

Beat Until Soft Peaks Form #2 and #3 will expand on this.