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Creating What We Want

January 1, 2019

In an earlier post we talked about the Cluster of Stations that are Embracing us between now and 10 January (  Basically, it’s about Choosing a New Timeline that reaches beyond our Denial, accesses our Soul, and contains What We Want.  Step one: Being Aware that we have the Power to Choose.  Step two: Choosing It.  So, just how does one Choose a Timeline?  Is it like ordering from a menu or a catalog?  Does Amazon carry them?  Walmart?

It’s probably tactically easier to start with What We Don’t Want, especially since that’s where we often start anyway.  Anything in your Young Life that you’d just as soon Leave Behind?  How long has it been bugging you?  That’s a Timeline.  Can you Choose to End that Timeline?  If we see ourself as a Victim of our Timelines, we won’t have the Sovereignty we need to be the Chooser.  But we could certainly Intend, or any other PIAVA term (Pray, Visualize, Ask, Affirm, Command, etc.).  If we Trust the Process and Respond to Setbacks constructively, then Intending Is Choosing.  Creativity often involves one step forward, three sideways, and two back, before we can go four more steps forward.

This week, though, Creativity and Manifestation should be Easier including swapping Timelines – which is a bit like Changing Horses in Midstream.  If it’s not Easier, then rest assured you’re being Taught an important Lesson about Manifestation.  If you Intend to Create What You Want, this week should be invaluable.

The Foreground is the Station of dwarf planet Makemake on 3 January (7pm PST) in 6 Libra.  It’s another “Coincidence” that a planet named Make-Make is about Manifesting – Makemake was the God-figure who evidently taught Easter-Islanders how to Survive after they chopped down all their Trees, and the Makemake Discovery chart positively “reeks” of Manifestation.

We were otherwise engaged, so we’re a bit late, since this Energy has already been prominent for a week or so.  However, that’s useful, because now you can look back on the last several days to see how your Manifestation processes have been working for you.  And how have they?  If you’ve encountered Frustration, have you Responded constructively?

For example, I’ve Learned an important Lesson from trivial examples – if I Want to do anything Easily, I have to first Visualize it.  I already knew that the general rule is that everything forms in Energy first, before it translates into Matter.  But it wasn’t an automatic process, where I Remembered it every time.  Who knows how many Repetitions it’ll take to make it a reliable Habit, and to translate it into every Realm, but for the first time I now understand that I need to Intend to precede every Action with a PIAVA.


This Manifestation Province is abetted by the Stations that are lined up behind it…

  • Endings (Atropos) New Moon/Partial Eclipse on 5 January, which should be handy for Timeline-swapping.
  • Strong Soul Presence (Uranus Station) on 6 January, to keep the Wind behind us.
  • Revelation of What’s Been Denied (Eris Station) on 10 January, to Enlighten any Frustration around inefficient Manifestation.
  • Choosing Timelines (Lachesis Station) 12 January, to Anchor the Curriculum.

For instance, I find myself Intending to End my Old Timeline of Expecting “Inanimate” Objects to behave unpredictably, and Begin a New Timeline where Other Entities follow my Intentions when it’s within their Nature, and Let Me Know when I’m Asking for something that isn’t within their Nature in that Moment, so I can Adjust and Compensate.

For this to work I’ll probably have to become more Aware that All Things have their own Consciousness and Sovereignty, which Awareness would be great, so I can also Intend another New Timeline that includes this.  If I can Apply these Timelines Generally and Thoroughly Enough, that should also End a number of Timelines that are riddled with Anxiety.

While the ambient Strong Manifestation Energy will Dissipate after 3 January, there’s no reason we can’t Hold onto it with our Attention past that date.  To me “5D” means that we Manifest Effortlessly by Enlisting the Energies of the other Animate and “Inanimate” Entities with whom we wish to Collaborate, to our Mutual Advantage.

The Makemake Station chart is pretty straightforward, especially compared to the Ultima Thule Discovery chart we were working with yesterday…

We refer to this Configuration as a “Trine Fez,” because it looks like the silhouette of a trapezoidal hat made from stiff felt, and because it has Trines (Blessings) on the non-parallel sides.  The Challenge in it is the Square or red line between Nemesis (Ego Death) and Nessus-OR10 (Intrusive Memories of Abuse and Privilege).  A Square is formed when two planets are three Signs apart, so named because if you have four of them back to back around the astroloop they literally form a square.

Abuse takes many forms, including not just the Sexual or Physical Abuse we’re familiar with.  For instance, if your parents weren’t very mature (and after all, in many cases they were just teenagers themselves), they may have Projected their unwelcome Emotions onto their Children, accusing you of all manor or ill deeds, yelling at you, or Shaming you for being yourself.  And of course, Karmic Intrusive Memories could well include Past Deaths, many of which were Abusive, and Tortures.  If your parents or other programmers saw you as a “blank slate” that needed to be Programmed, and made no effort to find out who you were as an Individual with many Past Lives, that too was Abusive, as having never been Seen or Heard, you’d end up Expecting to be Discounted by Others.

Then there’s Privilege.  Abuse is Perpetrated by folks who for one reason or another, often Unconsciously or Semi-Consciously, see themselves as Superior and therefore Allowed to or even Required to Abuse, sometimes “for your own good.”  Karma isn’t Retribution, it’s Inertia.  Being stuck in a Pattern of Abuse has two sides, Abuser and Abused.  But it’s one Energy, Abuse.  While the Emotional Experience might be very Different, the Energetic Experience is Unitary.  You see that when many Abused kids grow up to be Abusers.  So Privilege isn’t Balanced by Abuse, it Is Abuse.

Ego Death is necessary for Growth, because our Ego is a cage that surrounds us and prevents us from Growing larger.  We store much of our historical, herstorical, and Karmic Abuse in the Unconscious, where unseen it Controls our Life.  When it Emerges – as it’s done a lot lately while Nessus has been Dancing with OR10, it usually Creates a Big Ego Death as we Realize that the people we thought Loved us actually didn’t.  And once it Emerges, it usually Keeps Coming for a while – if for no other reason that We Are All One, and once we’re in the Energy of Abuse, we can run Other People’s Abuse as easily as our own, and if it’s Karmic, what does it matter whose Ego was involved; Rebirth Scrambles Egos.

So, this is a Big Manifestation Opportunity – why are we messing around with Abuse?  Well, Letting Go of Abuse is actually a huge step toward greater and Easier Manifestation.  For instance, you may suddenly Discover that you Deserve to Receive What You Want after all, after a Lifetime of not Believing that.  It’s very Difficult to Manifest when we Unconsciously Believe that we don’t “Deserve” it.  Since the Ego’s job is to Persevere, Ego Death is seldom welcomed.  We want to change that, and Recognize that Ego Death is our Soul’s best friend, even if its anathema to our Ego.

That’s the Challenge here.  You’ve been Laboring to Manifest something, and it just hasn’t been forthcoming.  That’s often because of Unconscious Internal Resistance to Receiving it, which is in turn often the result of Hesitation to Accept Change.  We aren’t Satisfied with What We Have and we Want More, or Something Else, but we’re Afraid that in order to move forward toward our own Wants, we’ll have to give up What We Have.  Because 3D is the Realm of Duality, we have Difficulty Visualizing getting What We Want and also retaining What We Have.

Which puts us between Fritz Perls’s two chairs, Negotiating Win-Win between What We Want and What We Have.  But our lack of Success at Manifesting this all along testifies that Duality is inadequate to solve this gollumish riddle.  We need to shift to PIAVA, in order to access the Unconscious and Open ourself to Wins that lie beyond our Dualistic mind, in a virtual Ultima Thule.  So, what do we PIAVA?  Can our frozen minds even formulate the Request?

In any Fez, the answer to the Challenges it presents, lie in the diagonal Quincunxes.  A Quincunx (two planets five Signs apart, the green lines) is about Curiosity, and not the sort of Curiosity that sends you to Google or Bing, but the kind of Curiosity that triggers our Awe and Wonderment.  The two diagonal Quincunxes are…

  • Veritas (Truth) Quincunx Nemesis (Ego Death) – What is the Truth about which part of our Ego needs to Molt?  That’s not a Question seeking an Answer.  It stands on its own.  If you can stand to put your mind away in its cigarbox for a time (which in itself may be a major Ego Death), and Change the Subject (see, then the Unconscious, which comprises Everything That’s Not You (your Ego) will provide plenty of Creative Alternatives.
  • Stationary Makemake itself Quincunx Nessus-OR10.  What, are we to Manifest Abuse?  Well, maybe the most Constructive thing we can do is to Manifest Memories of Abuse that have been pulling our strings unnoticed for decades if not Lifetimes.  How would our Ego Respond to that?  But it’s a Quincunx; we don’t even want to go there; it would be too predetermined.

We’d do better to PIAVA “Do Memories of Abuse have anything to do with Manifestation?”  If you have several internal voices piping up being Know-It-Alls, tell them Thanks for Contributing, and ignore them.  That would be a fine Question to Ask or Wonder or Pray about, but we need to Change the Subject if we want to be Open to Perspectives we haven’t already Rejected.

The other three sides of the Fez are also useful to examine.  The Trines tell us that…

  • Ego Death and Manifestation Complement each other Fabulously here.  That may not always be the case, but the Trine says it is this week.  When you review what it is about you that’s Worthy of Admiration, are there any adjectives you’re willing to Surrender in exchange for one that indicates Fulfillment?
  • Truth and Memories of Abuse make very Positive partners.  This is about getting those Held Emotions out of the Dungeon and into the Kitchen.

Then there’s another, final side, the short green line, which is called an “Unx,” which means one-twelfth, or the Angle between two planets that are one Sign apart.  The Twelfth Harmonic is about Pattern-Breaking, and Goddess knows Breaking out of our Pattern of Unfulfillment is one way to Allow What We Have and What We Want to Live in the same house.  Which Pattern is that?

Manifestation Unx Truth.  What are we Learning this week about Manifestation?  What Fake News have we taken as gospel?  Maybe all we need to do is Intend that We Can Have It All, and Let the Universe Show Us How.