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Making and Breaking Karma III

May 25, 2022

It’s busy, so let’s review…

  • Till 26 May 2022, we’re Invited to become Aware of our Karma and begin the process of Letting It Go (see MBK and MBK II for details).1
  • On 30 May at 5:45 am PDT the Moon goes Out of Bounds2 till 1:29 am 4 June.3 While the Moon is OOB Hupers are very likely to Get Lost in their Thoughts about their Emotions, and often Panic.
  • Till 31 May, we’re Graced with Intrusive Memories that we can use to trap our otherwise-Elusive Karmic Patterns.4
  • For about two weeks after 30 May, the New Moon will Connect the Karma Energy and the Intrusive Memories Energy and Carry them Forward.5

And add this… Between 9pm PDT 5 June and 9pm PDT 6 June, our Soul intervenes to Modify our Fate and our Boundaries, Initiating three new 3½- to 5-year Cycles that will shift the Boundaries between our Soul and our Ego, largely by Modifying our Fate.6 Our Karma and our Fate are the same thing, so this is more of the same, only now our Soul is stepping in to Assist, helping us pull down the Phony Boundaries that we’ve used to Wall Off our True Self from the World, so we can Breathe! 7 This Soul Energy is part of Soul Descending into Physicality (Taurus), AKA Ascension. There will be Challenges, which we’ll Detail soon, but Guidance and Outcomes seem to be Good.

  • 1 Dwarf planet Orcus Stationary in 13 Virgo, peaking 3:45 pm PDT 26 May.
  • 2 Moon OOB North at 10 Gemini (same Degree as the New Moon) 5:45 am PDT (1:45 pm BST in London, 10:45 pm AEST in Sydney), all 30 May.
  • 3 Moon back In Bounds at 7 Leo 1:29 am PDT (9:29 am BST at Heathrow, 6:29 pm AEST in Melbourne), all 4 June.
  • 4 Dwarf planet Gonggong Stationary in 6 Pisces, peaking 11:37 pm PDT 31 May.
  • 5 New Moon in 10 Gemini 4:30 am PDT 30 May, in 10 Gemini. The New Moon T-Squares the Orcus-Gonggong Opposition.
  • 6 Triple Conjunction of asteroids Moira (Fate) and Pallas (Boundaries) with Uranus (Soul), all in 17 Taurus. Kudos to our Chief Asteroid Officer for noticing. 9pm PDT 5 June is 5am 6 June BST and 2pm 6 June AEST, so the Time Frame of the actual Conjunctions is 5am 6 June to 5am 7 June in England, and 2pm 6 June to 2pm 7 June in Eastern Australia. Like Aletheia and Veritas, Moira and Pallas have Orbit lengths so close that they take turns chasing one another ’round the Zodiac. The Moira-Uranus and Pallas-Uranus Cycles reboot May 2027, in 6-7 Gemini. Moira and Pallas next Conjoin January 2026, in 26 Aquarius.
  • 7 The 17 Taurus Chandra Symbol is about “A Pomegranate broken open,” about the Sudden Failure of our Repressive Self-Control, our Masks falling off and the Secret Shame we’ve kept in our Guts Spilling Out everywhere (though everybody knew already – it’s easier to Fool ourself than it is to Fool Other). Sloppy, Ragged, but we Discover how Wonderful it is to Live Openly! (Lonsdale, Star Destiny, p.81).