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Santa’s Elf 2

December 23, 2022

The chart for the 20-21 December 2022 Station of Artesian1 (a Helper for Manifestation) includes two Challenges, but they’re both Fully Self-Resolving. Full Self-Resolution means that in general we’re better off avoiding Intervention if the Challenges bug us, because if we Intervened Consciously we’d probably be sticking a 2D band-aid on an nD issues, whereas if we 🎶 Let It Be, Let It Be, Let It Be, Let It Be, There Will Be An Answer, Let It Be, Let It Be, to quote Paul’s Mum.

1 Station of Artesian in 29 Leo 20-21 December 2022 (PST 1:14 pm 20th, GMT 9:14 pm 20th, IST 2:14 am 21st, AEDT Qld 7:14 am 21st).

In other words, Self-Resolving Challenges will Apply nD Solutions to the nD Issues that arise, though there may be a Gap between the Issue arising and the Resolution being Applied. If we can Stand Still for the intervening Tension, it will Give Us the Opportunity to Lovingly and Gently Embrace the Karma that’s being Let Go in the process. Aka the Opportunity to Feel the Feelings, Lovingly and Gently and without Blame. To quote Genia Pauli Haddon, we don’t want to be “the kind of person who repeatedly opens the oven door while the cake is baking, prematurely exposing what should be left covered, meddling where such ‘help’ is not needed” (Body Metaphors, p.42).

The word Feelings is deliberately Ambiguous – it can refer to either Emotions or Sensations. Emotions (Water) and Sensations (Earth) are Related because both are of the Magnetic or Feminine persuasion. We Live in a Yang Patriarchic World, and as such we’ve been Programmed to switch into Thoughts (Air, which is Dynamic or Masculine) so quickly and automatically that we don’t know that we’re doing it. Do we. If you never Break Free from any other piece of Karma or Programming, Break Free from this one. The Yang Male Patriarchy is Dying, to be replaced by the Age of the Yang Female, and you don’t want to be caught with your knickers down.

One of the two Challenges in the Artesian Station is about Fear of Our Fate.2

2 Fate or Choice (Asteroid Moira) Merged with Converting Fear to Power (dwarf planet Sedna) Challenged by (T-Squaring) the Debate (Opposition) between our Power to Manifest (Artesian) and our Fear of Accountability (asteroid Damocles). We can read Moira-Sedna four ways – our Fearsome Fate, our Inherent Power, our Choice of Fear, or our Choice of Power. Quite a foursome, though I guess we’d have to include the Fear of Choice and the Power of Choice as well.

We go from Fate to Choice by Becoming Conscious of our Karma. We go from Fear to Power by Loving our Fear till it Squeaks. We can Intervene in Fear with Kegels, but eventually we may have to Embrace our Fear as a Sensation if we’re unable to Separate our Fear as an Emotion from our Thoughts about our Fear.

I’m not sure I’d even know what that would “look” like. I have a hard time Describing to myself what it would feel like without resorting to terms of Sensation, like Queasy. We could always just use Intention, and forget about all the other Details. I spent an hour or so working with my Thoughts about my Fear of Accountability immediately before I sat down to write this, so I’m immensely grateful to have a Context for those Thoughts.

Genia Haddon points out that Yang Male Energy Acts Toward a Goal, while Yang Female Energy Acts From a Field of Reference. I’m thinking that perhaps Intervening in a Self-Resolving Situation From a Field of Reference may be less Disruptive of the Self-Resolution than Intervening Toward Stopping the Pain of a Challenge. It’s certainly more Educational, and seems like it may provide Both/And.

The Moira-Sedna Merger crosses the Cusp of Gemini. In the Snapshot View, our Fear remains pretty Solid and Grounded in Taurus while our Fate is beginning to Lose Track of Itself as it moves into Flexible Gemini with its Threat of Flibbertigibbetude. No Judgment there – Gemini’s Flibbertigibbet is just it’s way to Scramble the Puzzle Pieces so they can be Put Back Together to make a different Picture.

Both Moira and Sedna are Retrograde however, so the Video View has both Retreating back into Form to Clean Up some Unfinished Business about Context. Crossing a Cusp is always Tricky. It’s a little like turning Inside Out, as two adjacent Signs are in some sense always Opposites – Taurus gets so Stolid that Gemini’s job is to Tickle it till it Loosens Up.

You can use Epidote (Calcium, Aluminum, Iron, “Sorosilicate,” and Hydroxide; Sorosilicates wear their Silicate Units in pairs) to park your Ego Safely while the rest of you Flibbertigibbets. It’s just a parking lot, so I don’t think it will count as an Intervention.

If we stretch our Artesian-Station Sensitivity or “Orb” to include the near-Simultaneous Zero-Degree Solstice (1 day apart, which ain’t much on this scale), we Merge the Patriarchy’s Hit Man Heracles with Fear-of-Accountability Damocles. No wonder my father was prominent as I was examining My Thoughts about My Fear of Accountability earlier.

Call Me Chicken Little

October 18, 2022

The Sky Isn’t Falling After All. It’s hardly even Sagging. I drew a red line between the 23rd and the 30th on my calendar, but they both got so full of notes about astroevents that the red line got lost, and before I wrote the previous Quiet for a Few Days post, I inadvertently combined the 23rd and the 30th, and combined the 24th and the 31st. I just noticed the red line, and made it a lot thicker! Just a Halloween Fright I guess. Normally I consider Errors to be Intuitions, and of course it could always prove to be so, but from what I see right now, it looks quite Benign. I’ll edit the previous post to make it accurate, and I’ll edit this one to flesh it out, but that won’t happen till tomorrow.

Here’s what’s “Really” going on this coming weekend…

  • 12:53 pm PDT 18 October Moon Returns In Bounds (Less Panic) till 2:52 pm PDT 27 October.
  • 9:07 pm PDT 22 October Saturn (Priorities) Stationary in 19 Aquarius.
  • 6:04 am PDT 23 October Juno (Growth of Consciousness) Stationary in 8 Pisces.
  • 3:49 am PDT 25 October Partial Solar Eclipse (Illumination) and New Moon in 3 Scorpio (this time is a correction; the earlier post said 2:49).
  • 9:43 am PDT 25 October Aletheia (Truth of the Heart ) Stationary in 6 Cancer.

The Mars and Nemesis Stations follow on Halloween, with the Moon Out of Bounds to the South. The charts of the last four events above are Benign. All but one of the Challenges/SuperPowers are Doubly Self-Resolving, and that last one is “only” Self-Resolving.1 Remarkably, all four events share the same chart, just in different Degrees with different planets. In the footnote we talk about how the Distress of a Challenge becomes the Eustress of a SuperPower. Canadian scientist Hans Selye coined the term Eustress when he noticed that some people Responded to Stress by putting the inherent Energy to Work in Positive Ways.

For instance, imagine someone Descending from the Light Workers Lounge with the Skillset to Teach “AOC” (a vocal Greenish American Politician concerned about Global Climate Change) and Joe Mansion (an Oily American Politician who owns a Coal-Burning Power Plant and refuses to give it up because the Oil Industry pays for his re-election campaigns) how to Negotiate Win-Win! Now that would be Eustress.

We Negotiate Win-Win by being willing to Listen to our Adversary carefully enough to Understand their Values and Goals. Then by Trusting but continually Verifying that our Adversary is making an honest Effort to Understand our Values and Goals. Then both of us Commit to Brainstorming and Manifesting Solutions that meet the Values and Goals of both of us. If you play Win-Win and your adversary plays Win-Lose, you Lose. And of course if you can’t Agree on the underlying “Facts,” then an old-fashioned Duel is more effective and involves far less Collateral Damage, though it may not help the Collective Polarity.

The Doubly Self-Resolving Challenges/SuperPowers (the Foci of the Diamond Stars) of the four charts follows. Each chart has two of these, and astrologically, the two neither Compete nor Collaborate with one another – each is an Independent Seminar…

  • The Most Important Thing (Saturn Station)…
    • Soul Descending, aka Ascension (Uranus in Taurus).
    • Awareness of Interpersonal Communication Skills (Mercury in Libra).
  • Growth In Consciousness and Truth of the Heart (Juno and Aletheia Stations)…
    • The Sovereignty of Nature (asteroid Pan, Out of Bounds in Gemini).
    • Mutation into Enlightenment (Zhulong Conjunct Ka’epaoka’awela in Scorpio).
  • Illumination (Solar Eclipse)…
    • Fear of the Sovereignty of Nature (Pan in early Gemini Conjunct Sedna in late Taurus).
    • Rebirth into a Mutated Karma-Free Life (Haumea in late Libra Conjunct Moon, Sun, Venus, and Ka’epaoka’awela in early Scorpio).

The Fear of the Sovereignty of Nature Focus is of course Converting the Fear of the Sovereignty of Nature into Collaborating with the Power of the Sovereignty of Nature, since Sedna means Converting Fear into Power (as always, we Recommend Kegels). This is the Challenge/SuperPower that’s “only” Self-Resolving, though you could make it Doubly Self-Resolving by Exercising the Energy of your natal planet in early Libra.

1 To review Self-Resolution… Challenges are basically T-Squares, two planets Opposing one another with a third planet halfway between them, so that their Relationship is Fourth-Harmonic, Dominion, exactly that which Frightened Damocles out of his wits. The Stress of Conflict between the two Opposing planets falls upon the one in between them, called the “Focus” of the T-Square. When we become Adept with these Challenges and they don’t Scare us any more, they become SuperPowers, because we now have a Skill that few others possess. We’ve Learned how to keep the two Energies of the Opposition in Balance, and how to Convert the Distress on the third planet to Eustress and Harvest the Energy in Productive Ways. When we draw a chart, these planets are connected by red lines.

A Self-Resolving Challenge adds a Finger of the Goddess (meaning Pay Attention! ) to the T-Square. That’s two additional planets each Five Signs from the Focus of the T-Square. Self-Resolving Challenges work out fine on their own, but only if we’re willing to Stand Still for the Discomfort created by the Stress on the Focal planet. If we React and either Act or Make Decisions to Protect ourself from that Discomfort, the Spell Breaks and the Challenge becomes Our Problem. Astrology refers to a Self-Resolving T-Square (a T-Square and a Finger of the Goddess pointing to the same Focal planet) as a Diamond Star. A Finger of the Goddess is drawn as a green wedge.

A Challenge becomes Doubly Self-Resolving when a Grand Trine (meaning Dumb-Luck Grace) is added by mixing in another pair of planets each Four Signs from the Focus.

When a chart has two Doubly Self-Resolving T-Squares, and their Grand Trines connect the two Foci, the Challenge becomes Triply Self-Resolving. In this case, the Challenges do become Complementary. Blue lines connect the three corners of a Grand Trine.


September 1, 2022

The “T-Square” in astrology – a third planet at the Midpoint of two other planets that Oppose one another, without a fourth planet Opposing the third – is the source of some of the most Challenging circumstances for Hupers. Once we realize that every Challenge is also an Opportunity, our natal T-Squares are also the source of some of our greatest SuperPowers, as we come to Understand that we have more Experience with a Complex Challenge than anyone else has. T-Squares are like graduate seminars – there are no Answers, only more Intriguing Questions and Explorations. Our Frustration with them is Created by our a priori Expectations of Relative Perfection rather than Gradual Improvement.

We Feel the Tension in a T-Square through its Focus planet and its Sign and House. We don’t use Houses here because they’re Location-Dependent, and we write for anyone, no matter where they are on the planet. Like the Signs, the Houses divide the Zodiac up into 12 units. Where planets determine what sort of Energy is afoot, Signs determine how we’ll Experience the Energy, and Houses determine which arena of our Life we’ll Experience it in. The Source of the Stress derives from the two planets that Oppose one another and are engaged in an Argument. They usually stand for Values of ours that are Competing with one another in Obvious or Subtle ways, and the Winner of the Argument will get to Deploy the Energy of the Focus, threatening to leave us Grieving the Loss of the Value that won’t Win the Argument.

Once we have some Understanding of what our T-Squares are about, one way to Appreciate them is to Compare our current Frustration with them to our degree of Frustration twenty years back. Chances are we’ll see how much we’ve Learned. We develop Muscles by Exercising them till we huff and puff, then resting them for a day or two, then repeating. We accept a Challenge that Stretches us but does not Exhaust or Injure us, followed by Relaxation. This is true of just about any form of “Muscle” – Physical, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual, Existential.

Lately almost all of our T-Squares have been Self-Resolving, as part of the Descension of Soul into Matter (Uranus in Taurus), aka the Upgrade in the Evolution of Planet Earth and in the Vibratory Frequency of the leading edge of Huperity. Or so we tell ourself, hoping on the one hand to move closer to Enlightenment rather than just Fattening our Ego, and on the other hand to Fatten the Accumulation of Higher Frequencies that Raise the Collective Consciousness of Huperity at least as rapidly as Climate Change et al Collapses Patriarchic Civilization. It’s important to Remember that the first stage of Sustainability is Sustenance, eliminating the unnecessary. As the Patriarchy Collapses, the Suzerainty of everyone’s Inner Female must rise. The Inner Female, aka the Heart or astrological Venus, is the Home of Values. Without Heart, the Inner Male and hence the Outer Male, Serves Mammon, not Huperity or Gaia. American Culture Serves and Worships Mammon, which we need to eliminate in Ourselves, since Ourself is ultimately the only thing we can Change.

In an astrological chart, a T-Square looks like the picture at right. If we had drawn the lines to connect each planet to the center rather than each planet to the others, it would look like a “T,” hence the name. It’s “Square” because the planets make right angles – add a fourth planet Opposite the Focus, and you’d make an actual geometrical Square (which astrology would call a “Grand Cross”). Maybe T-HalfaSquare or T-RightTriangle would be a better name. My First Mentor Dane Rudhyar referred to the T-Square as “the Evolutionary Challenge for [Huper]kind.”

It represents the Fourth Harmonic (360°/4 or 90°), which in Tarot is the Emperor. Literature is full of stories about how the Emperor was either Fair or Corrupt, and how much impact that had on people’s Lives during his Reign. As they say, Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely, and the Evolutionary Challenge for Huperity lies in either Preventing that or Perfecting Communication and Collaboration enough that Outside Authority is unnecessary (think 5D). We need only look to the Terror that Damocles, who after all these Millennia is still Running, Felt when he Realized that he would be Accountable for his Actions and Decisions.

When we draw a chart, red lines represent Tension or Stress. It was Canadian endocrinologist Hans Selye MD that first referred to Constructive Stress as “Eustress.” The Boundary between Eustress and Distress is beyond Comfort, but closer to Comfort than to Severe Discomfort. Severe Discomfort causes Backlash, producing the Opposite of Growth, which is an important consideration around Ego Growth. There is Power in Repetition, till it becomes Karma, which is simply Repetition used indiscriminately, whether it’s appropriate to the circumstance or not. Breathing is very Beneficial, for instance, till we walk into a room full of Carbon Monoxide.

On a chart, green lines represent Curiosity or Mystery. The green lines on the chart at right (they may look blue) are called “Quincunxes” – Quin- because they connect planets that are Five Signs apart, and -Unx for 1/12 or One Sign. The “c” just eases the transition. A Quincunx represents the sort of Curiosity that causes our jaw to drop, as in Awe. If we Allow it to creep into the sort of Curiosity which Inspires a Search for Answers, and Limit ourself to our current Concept Set, we short-circuit the potential Growth. Searching for Answers that Stretch our Concept Set is good, but Accepting Apparent Contradiction as Paradox is better, because it drives a wedge into our Concept Set.

That allows a Higher-Dimensional Tool like Intuition to Heal the Wound in our Concept Set, rather than Letting the Two-Dimensional Mind Cement our Either/Or Judgments into Karma. A rift in our Concept Set often Inspires an Ego Death, so we usually prefer to search for Answers that leave our existing Concept Set intact, often by resorting to Blame in order to do so. We accelerate our Consciousness Expansion by retraining ourself to not just Tolerate Ego Death, but to be Excited by it because like the Emotion of Confusion, it Signifies Growth. We can then Celebrate Temporary or even Permanent Gaps in our Apparent Understanding of how the World works.

When a third planet sits at the Far Midpoint of a Sextile it creates a green wedge, and that third planet is said to be the Focus of a “Finger of the Goddess,” symbolizing the admonition to Pay Attention! We can think of it as parallel to when “God” (or “Sphere”) put their Finger on Flatland in the story from introductory Physics classes…

Blue lines on a chart symbolize Grace or Blessings. When the Focus of a Finger of the Goddess is also the Focus of a T-Square, we naturally Pay Attention to the Focus of our T-Square, increasing the odds that we’ll Embrace it as Eustress and manage to interpret it as a potential SuperPower. After all, Noticing is the first step toward Converting Karma to Expansion of Consciousness.

Once we fill in the Trines (two planets separated by Four Signs) and Sextiles (two planets separated by Two Signs) – the blue lines – the result is what’s called a “Diamond Star,” as pictured above. The “basket of Grace” under the T-Square Resolves the Tension in the T-Square, while the Finger of the Goddess, if we can keep the 2D Mind from Freezing our Growth, Opens us to the possibility of an Expanded Concept Set.

Hence, a Self-Resolving T-Square, namely a First-Order Self-Resolving T-Square. Second-Order Self-Resolution results when the Focus of a T-Square is also one corner of a three-cornered Trine, as in this picture to the right. We can gain additional Orders of Self-Resolution when multiple T-Squares are in Grace-Full Relationship to one another. The Foci of the two T-Squares in the last picture, for instance, Sextile one another, and the ends of the Oppositions Trine-Sextile each other, making the two T-Squares Complement one another. Where one Disrupts, the other Heals. The second T-Square appears to also be a Diamond Star, but it may not be, as Sensitivity may Prevent it. We may be allowing two Degrees of Sensitivity, and the Angles to the Finger of the Goddess may be three Degrees.

With all Self-Resolution, we’re ahead of the game when we Endure and hopefully Embrace any Discomfort that arises, rather than Intervening to Reduce it. The Endurance and Embrace provides the Eustress that maximizes our Growth. When the Configuration itself provides the Resolution, it will be Multidimensional and Unitary, the Paradox typical of Higher-Frequency Reality. When we Intervene, it’ll almost always be 2D or 3D, and usually more Separating than Unifying, and so may well interrupt the Chain of events that the Self-Resolving Configuration Intends.

Self-Resolving Anxiety II

August 30, 2022

In the previous post we suggested several possible Interventions to help Relieve Discomfort if it gets Intense…

  • Asking ourself What Is It I Need to Let Go Of?
  • Let Go of Some Aspect of the Relationship.
  • Stiffen our Boundaries against Pride – our own or theirs.
  • Let It Go – that was obviously Conditional Self-Love.
  • Slather yourself with feeling like Poo.
  • Let yourself wear that Cape whenever you have the Urge.
  • Play-Act with such a Persona.

But the whole chart is Self-Resolving, meaning that our 2D or 3D Interventions run the risk of interrupting the nD Shifts that the Universe is Engineering in our Manifest Entities. So if any of those Interventions Feels Natural, like you’d have done it anyway if you’d thought of it first, then go ahead and Do them. But if you Feel a Strong Reaction to the Intervention Idea, hold off. The Universe is Taking Care of Us, but some of the Medicine could be Bitter, so if we can possibly Stand It, Enduring or Embracing our Reactions will probably be a superior course. Our Discomfort should resolve itself by 11:45 PDT tonight, 30 August 2022 (8am BST 31 August in Cornwall, 4:45 pm AEST 31 August in Tasmania), when the Energy Lightens Up. If you still Feel Intense Discomfort after that, then by all means try the Intervention.

Self-Love and Confusion

June 27, 2022

I try to hide most of the astrologuese in the footnotes because so many folks have complained that it Confuses them. Yes, Confusion is the First Stage of Growth, because it indicates that the Conceptual Bars in our Mental Birdcage have come loose, Granny isn’t home, and we’re expecting Sylvester to notice our Broken Cage any minute. Almost all of the educational systems in Western Civilization are Dictatorial and Dualistic, with a great emphasis on Right and Wrong, and a Strong Multi-Pronged Enforcement System on the Right part, including the liberal application of Shame. Shame is an excellent Enforcer, and many of us grew up under its thumb – or its knee on our neck.

I’m making a frequent exception for Moon Out of Bounds, which makes us more Vulnerable to Freakout, because it so dominates its 22-year Cycle, where for eleven or so years it goes Out of Bounds for several days every two weeks, then for the next ±11 years it stays In Bounds the whole time. Classic examples from the first Moon OOB of the prior and current Cycles – the first Moon OOB of the previous Cycle occurred at 9 am on 11 September 2001, which you may remember. The first Moon OOB of the current Cycle began when “On 16 or 17 March 2020, we find out whether the Coronavirus is the Headliner, or just a Teaser, as the Moon begins going ‘Out-of-Bounds’ (further away from the Equator than the ‘Tropics’ of Cancer and Capricorn at 23:27° N or S of the Ecliptic) in earnest.” (

And it makes sense to make exceptions for the classical planets, which are probably familiar to most everyone, at least by name. Such as Neptune, which signifies Material Confusion and Spiritual Clarity, and which is Lit Up Bigtime (Standing Still in the Sky) until at least 12:54 am PDT 28 June 2022.1 The impact of planets on us Hupers and our Planet, is Greatest when they Stand Still.2 Neptune also symbolizes Everything Bigger Than the Individual Ego, but of course any Recognition that something larger than the Individual Ego Exists is likely to dump a Huper into Confusion about the Nature of Matter, so this is merely a Corollary. Spiritual Clarity moves us Beyond the Ego, but the Ego has to have enough Presence to remember to Request it.

The Neptune Station “features” two Challenges3 (known in the astrovernacular by the quaint geometrical term “T-Square”). They’re both Self-Resolving, but not Doubly so.4

One of them is a Contest between two Rival Compulsions.5 We Crave Rebirth, to Liberate us from our Limitations. But our Limitations are founded in our Security, and the Ego does nothing if not Protect our Security.6 So we Really Want to Clear that Brain Fog, so we can Focus more Intensely on our Enlightenment. But our Limitations are even Stronger, so they Really Want another Cookie, so we can Space Out and Avoid Facing the Sources of our Limitations and Clearing them! Besides, they’re very Deep, and we may not be able to Clear them! What if we’re able to Dredge them up out of the Dungeon, undo all those decades and Lifetimes of Conscious Suppression, forgo all that Hard-Earned Comfort, and they still won’t Leave? Our Life just becomes a Huge, Uniform Bummer again! Right?

Well, Life is Risky. I always suggest appending Lovingly and Gently to our PIAVAs, because if we bite off more than we can chew, it can set us back. Natha Jay advises, “Two coping skills stand out for this passage: remember to rest and be careful what you wish for” ( I’m already violating the first Skill, by exercising (successful) new Denial Skills to push away Brain Fog so I can Strive to finish these essays while the Energy is still Current. I know we’re Eager, but using another of Natha’s Metaphors, we don’t need to “Push the River.” We have All the Time in the World. Linear Time is an Illusion, one we Create.7 The secret door to this My-Own-Time Universe, according to Gay, is to Ask yourself, “What Am I Not Owning? ” I sounds weird, but it works.

The other Self-Resolving Challenge revolves around Neptune itself. As it Stands Still, it’s Merged with Guilt and The Brutality of the Patriarchy.8 If you were raised Catholic or one of the other Autocratic or Guilt-based Religions, you’re probably dealing with a good deal of Ancient Anger these days. Lord Knows there are ample Present-Moment Stories to Focus that on, potentially Losing the Opportunity to Dump a Solid Load of Karma.

Neptune is the Outlet for these Stresses. The complex Source of the Stresses9 Revolve around our Feeling that we’re Stuck with it, that we’re Powerless against the Patriarchy. While that may be True in the short run, it’s not at all True in the long-term TimeLine. Remember that it will be 2081 before the New Pholus-Quaoar Cycle Climate Change Energy reaches its Waxing Square10 and becomes Mainstream, two generations hence. The demise of the Patriarchy will take at least that long as well. Like the Medieval Cathedrals that took generations to build, we’re putting in a foundation here, not a Rose Window. It will be our Great Grandchildren who will Witness the Results. Our job is to Hold the Vision and dig the basement.

  • 1 in 26 Pisces (Letting Go of Limitation). Of course it’s “Coincidence” that Neptune chose this Degree to Stand Still in, just when we’re being Asked to Let Go of Any Limitations We Have in the Quantity and Quality of our Self-Love (Chaos Initiating Sappho; see previous post). The Neptune Station is Exact at that time and date (meaning it’s still moving ever so slightly before and after); the Strength of the Energy usually Builds to a Max at the Exact Station, then Falls Off sharply. If however we Get Lost in Our Stories about the Energy (particularly Easy around Neptune) and make a Decision about it, to counteract it for instance, then we Extend the Energy in our own Lives.
  • I remembered for example that Black Radish and Lemon, with Food and much Water, might reduce the Brain Fog that the Neptune Station (in combination with other things, such as dietary shortcuts) is Triggering for me, so I tried it and it seems to be working. I didn’t want to resort to Caffiend, which only seems to Quicken the Fog, and it’s too late in the afternoon for a large dose of Vitamin B, which would be Healthy but keep me awake longer than I want. It would be better to Meditate on the Fog, that way I may be able to pick up on what it’s trying to Teach me, rather than just Learning how to Suppress it.
  • 2 Fortunately, the Earth doesn’t Stand Still, or we’d Fall Off. It spins at over 1,000 mph on the surface at the Equator, 700 mph at my Latitude (you can Feel the Breeze blowing your hair off your head, right? No wonder Flat-Earthers don’t Believe – think of the haircut money we could save!). So to actually Notice in “Real” Life that a planet is Standing Still, we have to take a dddddsnapshot of the same chunk of Sky every night at the same time. From our Perspective, it’s the fact that a Star stays in the same place in such snapshots, while, usually, planets move. So a Stationary planet is pretending to be a Fixed Star, trying to Fake us Out, pausing to wag a finger at us for ignoring it the rest of the time.
  • The Earth is also whizzing around the sun at 67,000 mph, and the Sun is zooming around the Milky Way at 448,000 mph. Tell your Dog to keep their head in the car, okay? Not to mention that the Dairy Queen is moving around the Local Galaxy Group at 216,000 mph, all of which is moving toward Leo at 1⅓ million mph. These numbers mean nothing of course, they’re just a Story. We all know we Live in a Snow Globe that moves only when Shaken.
  • 3 Known in the astrovernacular by the quaint geometrical term “T-Square” because lines drawn from each of the three planets involved to the center of the Zodiacal circle forms a “T.”
  • 4 Self-Resolving Hassles leave everyone Living Happily Ever After, if Everyone is able to Leave Well Enough Alone and patiently Endure any Discomfort that the Challenge Triggers (it’s still a Hassle, even if it’s Self-Resolving – we just have better odds of Surviving it Enhanced). On the contrary, Doubly Self-Resolving Hassles turn out to be basically Easy. Even if the Hassle itself produces Discomfort, the Self-Resolution process more than makes up for it.
  • The Crux of a T-Square falls on the planet at the base of the stem of the “T,” while the other two planets are three Signs away, a Graduate-Seminar sort of Angle, Teaching Rare Skills, but Asking us to Adjust our Identity in the process (ie, not as Fun). A Self-Resolving T-Square adds two more planets, each five Signs from the Crux planet, making a Wedge that astrologers call a Finger of the Goddess, or, in the case of Muggle astrologer, Finger of God. These Focus our Attention and add Context that makes it Easier for us to Adjust our Identity. A Doubly Self-Resolving T-Square adds two additional planets, each four Signs from the Crux, making an equilateral triangle called a Trine and meaning Dumb-Luck Blessings. The Trine makes both the Learning and the Adjustment Effortless.
  • That’s seven planets all together. We’re really talking about positions rather than planets, because each position can hold several planets. But we’ll continue to imagine that there’s only one planet in each position, as it’s easier. Adding an eighth planet Opposite the Crux planet, called the Vacancy of the T-Square, converts our T-Square into a Grand Cross – four planets more or less equally spaced around the Zodiac. Four is the number of Dominion, and the Grand Cross is Balanced, converting it from a Challenge and a Hassle, to a series of Irritations that Complement one another. We may still have to Endure some Discomfort while we patiently await the Complementary Actions, but a Grand Cross is much easier than a T-Square, as we know that we’re In Charge – we have Dominion over it.
  • Notice that any Natal or Birth planet(s) we have that fill any Vacancy in the T-Square “in the Sky Now” (called Transiting planets in astrologuese, as opposed to Natal or Birth planets) Count! So if we have two natal planets five Signs from the transiting Crux planet, We Are the Self-Resolution. That puts us in an excellent position to help others Expand their Identity and Learn from the T-Square. Similarly, if we have two natal planets four Signs from the transiting Crux planet, We Are the Double Self-Resolution. If we aren’t Arrogant about it, people will come clamoring for our Help.
  • Now suppose we also have two Natal planets that are each two Signs from the Crux. Combine these with the two planets four Signs from the Crux, and we have a Grand Sextile, one of the best Configurations in astrology, because it makes the whole process Full of Grace, and it includes the Crux of the Challenge. There’s only one Caveat with a Grand Sextile – we have to take the first step. If we’re willing to do that, the Goddess will handle the rest.
  • We’ve now filled ten positions. Suppose we happen to also have two Natal planets one Sign from the Crux planet. Added to the other ten, that now fills the Zodiac with a planet in each of the twelve positions, one in each Sign, in more or less the same Degree. Some will be Transiting, some Natal. With twelve planets Aligned and no Vacancies, we have what’s called a Grand Unx, an “Unx” meaning one twelfth of anything. A Grand Unx is like having Two Cats in the Yard, Life Used to Be so Hard, Now Everything Is Easy Cuz of [the Grand Unx]. The Unx Angle, which Muggle astrologers unromantically refer to as a “Semi-Sextile,” is the Twelfth Harmonic, symbolizing Pattern-Breaking. So Adjustments to Identity suddenly become Easy, as the Universe Unlocks all of the Patterns that Connect and Bind the Energies of those twelve planets.
  • 5 The Crux planet is Pluto – Compulsion, in 28 Capricorn (Letting Go of a Lifetime of Negativity). The base of a T-Square is an Opposition, the Second Harmonic, home of Duality and Argument.
  • 6 The Rebirth side of the Argument is dwarf planet Haumea (Rebirth), daughter of Pele, making new Land as her Fiery Lava – molten Stone – hisses into the Sea, in 28 Libra (Integration of Extremes). Rebirth into Ascension, Ego Death Be Damned.
  • On the other side of the table is dwarf planet Eris (Revelation of What’s Been Denied ), she who threw the Golden Apple into the dinner party with For the Fairest of them All written on it, generating a War-making Contest between the Classical Beauties – Aphrodite, Athena, and Hera – to claim the Golden trinket. None of the three Confronted their Vanity (Paris had to Decide, creating the War), so we have to do it for them.
  • Worse, Eris is Merged with Mars (Action, Anger), who’s likely to Struggle mightily to Defend Ego’s Role as Protector, and Keep in place the Subterfuges that we use Unconsciously, Semi-Consciously, and Consciously, to keep our Demons chained to the wall of our Sub-Dungeon. I’m guessing we’ll be working mostly with the Semi-Conscious and Conscious but Actively Resisted Energies in our Psyche.
  • Both are in 26 Aries (Union with All ).
  • Paradoxically, the base of the Self-Resolving Finger of the Goddess is a Sextile (Grace) between Koronis (Coronavirus) in 25 Leo (Discovering Soul Inside Convention and Codependence) and the Out-of-Bounds Moon (Vulnerability to Panic) Merged with asteroid Sisyphus (Perpetual Fruitless Effort ) and dwarf planet Asbolus (Intuition), all in Gemini 28 (Union with Evolving Energies), with Sisyphus and Asbolus also both Out of Bounds.
  • 7 Gay Hendricks, The Big Leap: Conquer Your Hidden Fear and Take Life to the Next Level, pp.159-184. See also O. Fred Donaldson, Playing By Heart: The Vision and Practice of Belonging, pp.192-195.
  • 8 Stationary Neptune Conjunct asteroids Nemesis (Guilt ) in 27 Pisces (Union with the Basic Design of Life) and Herakles (Assassin of the Sacred Symbols of the Matriarchy in Service of Zeus’s Patriarchy) in 28 Pisces (see note 1 above).
  • 9 The base of the Neptune T-Square, which describes the Source of the Challenge, is the OOB Moon-OOB Sisyphus-OOB Asbolus grouping that was part of the Self-Resolution of the first Challenge (see the end of note 6 above) Opposite asteroids Klotho (New Karma) and Atlantis (Demise of a Civilization) in 26-27 Sagittarius (Klotho in 26 – the Prenatal Decision to End All Karma in the Lifetime; Atlantis in 27 – Awareness of Many LifeTimes, Disguised as Everyday Knowledge). Sagittarius 26 is home to the Fixed Star Aculeus (Abuse that Strengthens Us), while 27 Sagittarius is adjacent to the Fixed Star Acumen (Destructive Gossip).
  • 10 See the Getting Wild Again series of posts, starting at, especially Ian Smith’s generous comment in
  • The Self-Resolving Finger of the Goddess in this second Challenge of the Neptune Station is based from the Sextile between asteroid Koronis at 25 Leo and dwarf planet Haumea at 28 Libra (see note 6 above).