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April 27, 2011

I fergot to double the radii.  The width of the Moon, should she choose to land gently, would actually be Washington DC to Los Angeles, or Lisbon to St. Petersburg, or Perth to Brisbane, or Cape Town to Brazzaville.  And if Pluto or Eris graced us with a visit, they’d span Los Angeles to St. Louis, or Paris to Moscow, or Melbourne to Cairns, or Cairo to Djibouti.


April 26, 2011

Speaking of “the indicators I don’t happen to watch closely,” Elizabeth sends an interesting comment about the potentially heavy adventures of Eris (not to be confused with Eros) this coming weekend…

Eris is one of several Pluto-like iceballs out there in the darkness.  If the Moon came in for a landing, it would span most of the distance between Melbourne and Brisbane, or between London and Naples, or Boston and Atlanta, Chicago and Houston, or Seattle and Los Angeles.  Pluto’s about two thirds as big.  It would fill up New York to Chicago, or San Francisco to Seattle, or Rome to Paris, or Adelaide to Sydney, or Denver to St. Louis.  Eris is either about the size of Pluto, or a bit bigger, depending on who you ask.

One “astronoical unit,” or AU, is the distance between the Sun and our Home Planet.  Pluto’s orbit varies from 30 to 50 AU and takes 250 years to go ’round once.  Eris covers 40 to 100 AU, taking a bit more than 550 years to make a lap.  That’s a long time, long enough that whatever her influence, most of us won’t notice it changing, when it does.  On the other hand, that puts her deep in the Unconscious, where she could stir things up pretty good.  Eris is also inclined about 45 degrees to the plane of the other planets, so she goes waaaay Outabounds.  Outabounds starts around 23 and a half degrees.

We don’t know what she was up to before 1900, but Eris was Outabounds between 1900 and the end of 1956.  She was in Pisces until her transition into Aries in 1923-24.  If you’re a historian, you can tell us what changed between 1900 and 1950 – did we go from Emotional confusion to Spiritual confusion?  Eris hit her apogee (furthest distance from the Sun) in 1982, and being so far out, it’s taking her 120 years to get through Aries, a full fifth of her total orbit time.  That would mean she absolutely zips through her perigee (closest approach), in Libra, which would have occurred sometime around 1700 AD.

Interesting that the Cascadia Earthquake – the mirror image of the Tohoku (Sendai) Earthquake – occurred in 1700.  Again, we’ll rely on a historian (or several) to identify what Big Transitions were occurring on our own Planet around 1700.  For instance, Pluto’s perigee occurs in Scorpio, and the most recent was in the 1980s, and the Recovery Movement was the perfect Scorpio poster child.  Following that model, and integrating the Identity Confusion theme that Elizabeth mentions (and which seems to thread its way through the mythology), Eris may be about the shock that Identity receives when it discovers that Other is not Self.

Confusion, recall, is the doorway to Growth.  It’s the first thing that the Ego encounters when it discovers that the World is not quite how it had been defined up to that point.  Confusion has an almost immediate secondary reaction, usually Anger if we try to control our Created Reality tightly, or Fear if we hold it loosely.  Either way, it’s about Sylvester prying a bar loose in our Birdcage.

Jupiter crosses Eris at about 9am PDT April 29, Mars at 11am PDT April 30, and the Moon at around 8am PDT on May 1.  Since the Moon usually delivers the actual event trigger, it’s a boon that Jupiter and Mars have already crossed by the time the Moon gets there.

Now, a new planet is like a new word.  It has the potential to change our perception, but it’s unlikely to change the World itself.  So if you encounter Confusion this weekend, celebrate it.  If you run into Anger or Fear, look beneath it to see if there’s Confusion lurking under it.  It’s a huge life change to begin to recognize Confusion as the first step in Personal Growth and celebrate it rather than trying to suppress it or hide from it.

Those gorgeous Magenta Crystals are Erythrite, Cobalt Arsenate.  Themes associated with Cobalt and Arsenic in homeopathy are Guilt and Anxiety.  Arsenic is alloyed with Copper and Lead for strength, and Cobalt with Steel for strength and toughness.  Both can be very colorful, Arsenic grounding in the Reds, and Cobalt implying insight in the Blues.  Cobalt creates both strength (yang) and magnetism (yin).  Erythite is the classical aid to fertility.  Fecundating insight and integration unites Eris with Erythrite.


April 22, 2011

Okay, here’s the story.  It’s not like there are any Big AstroEvents going on for the Planet as a whole at the moment (other than the litany of long-term Big Deals we been talking about all along, and of course all the indicators I don’t happen to watch closely), but most everybody’s dumped into their “Stuff” (aka “Shift”) for their own specific astroreasons.  Venus crosses Uranus Friday evening (US West Coast time), and Mercury is standing still and about to move forward again by well before dawn on Saturday, both in Aries.  Those are meaningful, but don’t stand well as the triggers for the Big Ego Deaths that are going on.

So basically, the Universe is telling us loud and clear that it’s time to dump our attachment to our Stuff, cuz there’s a Whole New Paradimes barreling down on us like an 18-wheeler, and we gotta be light enough to dodge and parry and dance.  So the first message is to TAP IT OUT.  The worse it feels, the more important that is.  When we’re in Grief, in Fear, in Anger, in Shame, in Despair, we aren’t even “Home” – we’re regressed to prior (life)times, and there’s nobody there in the Present Moment to respond to what’s coming down.  And we need to be “Home,” we need to be Present, cuz this is when we all been waiting for, these are the moments of the Turning.

So yes, you bet, we definitely want to feel the Grief, feel the Fear, feel the Anger, feel the Shame, feel the Despair, but that’s just it, when WE are Home to feel our feelings, without being our feelings, that’s Real, Present Moment Us.  Very different from being lost, immersed, in the Goop, and not Home.  So how do we climb up outa the Goop, without Denial or Dumping on Others?  We TAP IT OUT.  We can’t claim our Power till we get outa the Goop.

Yesterday (or so) we, with Jim Sinclair’s help, painted a clear picture of where the Planet is Economically.  Yes, that Greed/Money System we been living under is collapsing, and may it’s Soul rest in peace!  It’s a horribly destructive System, and the sooner we get rid of it the better.  But meanwhile we depend upon it for what we’ve come to believe is our livelihood, our life, so when it collapses, we’re screwed.  That is, the we that is attached to the Old Paradimes is screwed.  That’s why we need a new we.  That’s why we been waving our virtual arms and screaming about IDENTITY forever.

If you still can’t feel it, then think of it this way.  You can’t solve a problem by using the same thinking that describes the problem.  That’s an insight from Einstein hisself, and he’s saying the same thing we’re saying.  Get out of the box yer in, cuz the box is about to get flattened.  How to escape?  Well, if yer feeling yer Goop, you can TAP IT OUT.  If yer stuck in yer thoughts, and yer feelings are buried down there somewhere beneath yesterday’s lunch, use the tools you have.  Whose fault is it?  The thought-equivalent of Grief, Anger, Despair, Fear, Shame, is Blame.  What Inferior Being is trying to screw you over?

That Inferior Being is you, when your de-fences are stripped away.  Now, if it’s you that’s Inferior and so Blameworthy, how does that make you feel?  That’s where your Grief, Anger, Despair, Fear, Shame are hiding.  Somebody hiding down there below yesterday’s lunch is in such pain that it can’t even stand Daylight, so it’s up to you to make a Safe space for it to come out.  See if you can TAP OUT your Blame.  The other side of Blame is Responsibility – the Ability to Respond, the ability to stay in the Present Moment, to see Reality clearly.  Same picture.  We don’t have alotta time left.  Get on it.

We could go through the Birdcage metaphor again, that’s totally apt, but we won’t bother.  If you don’t feel like you’re getting it, lemme know, and I’ll work harder at it.

Now we’re going to have Gerald Clemente help us paint a clear picture of where the Planet is Politically.  Now, Gerald’s from the Bronx, and the Bronx is where Snotty Attitudes were invented, so ya gotta look past that and listen to what he’s saying.

Trigger any feelings?  That’s the whole idea.  TAP THEM OUT.  It’s not like your feelings go away when you tap them out, they just stop being overwhelming.  You won’t have to deny them any more, cuz they won’t regress you back to the Stoned Age – your Goop is a trance, and tapping can bring you out of trance.

Those gorgeous Red Crystals are Crocoite, or Lead Chromate.  When you dye Wool, you soak it in a colorant mixed with a bit of “mordant,” a metallic salt that fixes the color into the Wool.  If you want a bright color, you use a Chromium mordant.  In the sixties they used alotta Chrome to doll up cars.  Same energy – the vibration of Chromium is brightening.  On cars it seems heavy, but it’s actually lighter than Iron.  Brightening and lightening.  Chromium is only (severely) toxic in one, fairly rare, form (hexavalent, as in Erin Brockovich), but probably still not a good idea to use it on teeth.  It does well at mitigating blood sugar excesses, in the picolinate (trivalent) form.  Stainless Steel is Chromium Steel.

We all know Lead, Carbon’s oldest brother, heavier than Gold and without the gleam.  Lead, in simple terms, makes ya stupid.  Lead is our Goop, our Karmic trance.  It’s poison.  Time to dump it into a Volcano, where the Planet can recycle it into pretty Crystals.  Crocoite is also called Red Lead.  Angels can fly cuz they take themselves lightly – cuz they’ve dropped their Goop.  Yer negative feelings are your personal stage door to your own Magic Theatre – they lead directly to LightAlls ya gots ta do, as Harry Nillson’s Rock Man put it in The Point, is tap them out.  If yer feeling miserable, yer a thousand miles ahead of those who think they aren’t – they don’t have a clue where their Magic Doorway is.


April 20, 2011

So the worst of the hoof-in-mouth oughta be past, now that Mercury’s retro-ed, or re-trod, over Mars, which leaves Mercury opposing Saturn.  That’s spelled c-o-n-s-e-q-u-e-n-c-e-s, inna word.  Or amends.  Or seeing Reality more clearly.  But the big news is that inna few hours (1am PST), for twelve hours, the Moon goes Outabounds for the last time until the end of the decade.  Were it not for the fact that we’ll all be more sober now that the Moon will no longer be going Outabounds every few weeks, that’d be cause for celebration.

Since the first Outabounds event of this Lunar Cycle was 10am New York Time on 9/11/2001, there’s a real sense in which George II’s Trauma Drama is now done.  If we all visualize TSA retracting Yellow-Submarine style into it’s own asshole and popping back into the Zero Point Field, we’d be giving the Planet a big blessing.

The Outabounds period begins with Fourth-Harmonic angles to Juno (Identity) and Ceres (Sustainability), so if you aren’t wondering Who the Hell Am I Anyway? you’d be ahead to move out of self-adulation and tune into what the Cosmos is telling you.  Venus provides a small blessing, a few hours ago, by moving out of Pisces and into Aries – which should lighten our tendencies to empathize overly with the Heavies.  And Mercury straightens out and turns direct inna few days (overnight Friday here, 3am PST April 23rd).

Meanwhile, to proceed with the Truth Or … theme, here’s a nice concise summary of where the World Economy stands…

The silver-grey-red-black feathers in the opening picture are crystals of Native Silver, pure Silver as found in one of its natural states.  Thirty days ago, a hundred US Dollars would have got you 2.8 ounces of pure Silver.  A few minutes ago, a hundred US Dollars would buy 2.2 ounces.  Measured in terms of Silver, that’s a 21% decline in the value of the US Dollar in one month.  Now, Silver’s kindofa special case, because several decades of Silver-market manipulation are unwinding, so it’s jumpin’.  Measured in terms of Gold, the US Dollar has only declined 6% in the last month.  Not nearly so bad – why that’s only a 72% annual rate, if we ignore compounding.

I know, it’s no fun to look at these Realities, but that’s what the Germans said in the 1920s and 1930s.  When yer currency goes to shit, it gets real nasty, so it’s getting even more very important to keep up yer PIAVAs (prayers/intentions/askings/visualizations/affirmations).  Goethe said,

Wer immer strebend, den konnen wir erloschen.

Or something like that – it’s been many decades since I’ve read anything in German.  It means something like, We can be saved, but we gotta keep working our asses off to get there.

Foot-in-Mouth Disease

April 17, 2011

Be mindful to try to keep yer feet outa yer mouth for the next coupla days.  Or at the very least, apologize and make amends afterwards.

Rawmeatite, aka Manganotantalite, is a Truthspeaker, but generally facilitates presenting difficult topics in a palatable fashion.  Nowadays, of course we can always use “that statement wasn’t intended to be truthful” as amends,  but I’m not sure that’ll work out quite as we intended.

Which is of course the sameold sameold again again, Identity, again.  Just who is it that was doing the intending?  If you haven’t read Steven Levine’s Who Dies yet, get yer butt in gear – you’ve only got about six months to get this work done, it’s the most important work you’ll ever do, and you’ll seriously regret it if you don’t get it done in time.

The Far Side

April 13, 2011

And of course there’s always (at the very least) two sides to every story, eh? .

Can you hear the fiddle playing?


April 12, 2011

This one says it all…

Tomorrow (Wednesday) begins Day 2 of the Universal Underworld, so this is the end of the First Night.  Day 2 means germination, so it’s time to birth that sense of Balance and Priority.  It’s actually really simple.

Well, do you see the World differently now, or do you even remember how you saw it back on March 19?

And (Finally) Some Peace and Quiet

April 7, 2011

Oh, and Friday is the penultimate Moon Outabounds event in this 10-year Cycle.  In case you fergot, the Moon goes Outabounds (OOB) for a coupla days every two weeks for about 10 years, then for the next 10 years or so it don’t go Outabounds at all.

“Outabounds” means further North or South than the Sun ever goes.  If you think about your Solstices, you know the Sun is high in the Sky on your Summer Solstice, and low in the Sky on your Winter Solstice.  Those are the limits of the Sun’s North-South travel, when the Sun is directly overhead on the “Tropics” of Cancer and Capricorn.  The Moon goes further North and South at times, as do many of the planets, and when they do they’re considered “Out of Bounds,” and their influence is stronger than usual.

Since the Moon is about our “apparently irrational” Emotions (that is, those among our Emotions that aren’t a direct result of our Values – doesn’t mean they aren’t a direct result of other reasonable phenomena), folks are generally more excitable during the Moon-OOB decades.  And just as another reminder, the current Moon-OOB began within the hour of the demise of the World Trade Centers on 9/11/2001 – which got lotsa folks pretty excited.

So the last Moon OOB event of the current decade occurs on April 21, 2011.  After that, there should oughta be a lot less dischord about.  The next one don’t happen till 2020.  The extreme polarization that’s been disrupting things since the days of George II was prominent in the 1/1/2000 horoscope, and it’s missing in the 1/1/2010 chart.  With Boehner trying to emulate Gingrich in the USofA, it’s not obvious that the polarization’s done.  Maybe it’s just waiting for the Moon to stop going Outabounds – you know how hard habits are to break, and this one’s more than ten years old.

Humans tend to do that – act on last year’s Energies as if they were still about.  Like George’s exploitation of 9/11 for the power and glory of his Lizardly pals, as we got further away from the Energetic basis for the event (which was basically Saturn-Pluto), it became more and more difficult to maintain Fear of the Red Alerts that his ex-KGB hires designed for him.  So as we get further away from the Energetic basis of the Polarization and the Excitability, things should get a bit calmer.  Of course, that’s all in the context of the 60s Becoming Permanent, and the End of the World as We Know It.

Chaos, Creativity, and Allium

April 7, 2011

When silicates grow in sheets, with strong bonds within the sheets and week bonds between the sheets, it’s called a Phyllosilicate (Mica), like Baklava or Onion.  Love the name.  This is Biotite, a Potassium Iron Aluminum Phyllosilicate Fluoride.  The Iron is grounding, Aluminium helps us take ourselves lightly, Potassium helps bring us into flowering and fruiting, Fluoride provides stamina and strength, and Onion is an good metaphor for the World, though of course the World is a multidementianal Onion, so the Latin version, Allium, would be better.  But then, you know we’re Allium Oneum anyway, eh?

Hopefully, this will be the second time – and the possibility that a trend may appear – when big Mars-Uranus-Pluto (potentially violent) astroevents prove to be non-events in the Planetary arena.  Of course there’s as much or more potential for action (Mars) to transform (Pluto) the Noösphere creatively (Uranus) as there is for inevitable (Pluto) violent (Mars) chaos (Uranus), but if we actually see the former rather than the latter, that’s an outstanding witness that the Noösphere – and more importantly the Emösphere – is actually ascending, Media propaganda notwithstanding.  Pluto is stationary, so all of the potentials are multiplied.

Keep up the good PIAVAs, they’re working!  And don’t forget the Quantum mythology that Reality is undefined until an observer defines it – there’s more to Water than half-full half-empty.  Homocentric, fer sure, but it’s Both/And, right?  It does count when someone notices – that’s why Fox News is so successful.  They just define things the other way, the way that benefits the few at the expense of the many and acknowledges what’s out of Balance rather than what can restore the Balance.

This is a fascinating talk about how we need to see through a different lens to understand China…

And this is from John’s email newsletter, and I’m not seeing it reproduced on his website ( yet, so I’m copying it verbatim here.  You can sign up for his newsletter on his website.

A Militarized Economy Cannot Balance the Budget

By John Perkins

“Disarmament, with mutual honor and confidence, is a continuing imperative. Together we must learn how to compose differences, not with arms, but with intellect and decent purpose.” Eisenhower, 1961 Military Industrial Speech )

While we send our love and support to those so horribly impacted by the earthquake and tsunami, we must not allow this shock to divert us from the tsunami headed our way. Our business and political leaders will try to use this terrible catastrophe as a diversion to hoodwink us into budgetary reductions that will fatten their wallets and leave us and our children devastated.

It does not matter on what side of the political fence you sit during the current budget debates. The fact is that if our leaders are not willing to take into account our over-dependence on a militarized economy and change it, we will never balance the budget. Our progeny will face an endless struggle to clean up the debris.

Each year the Department of Defense’s tidal wave grows more menacing. We witness countless billions allocated for weapons research and development; nuclear warheads; and the secret and often illegal activities of the CIA, NSA, FBI, Homeland Security, and other “intelligence” agencies. We watch countries that are caught up in natural disasters and political upheavals and see how this “crisis elixir” attracts and profits predatory capitalists. Turmoil in foreign lands encourages U.S. hawks to party on at their military orgies. They stagger out to launch campaigns into new areas of conflict.

And they have the gall to do this under the guise of promoting democracy.

It is time for us to tell them that they are exposed, that we comprehend that what they are really doing is reaping huge profits and making other nations their financial servants for generations to come. Meanwhile, at home, we face severe cutbacks in social services, transportation, health care, the environmental and educational sectors, and other civil services.

Now is the time for us – you and me – to let our leaders know that we are no longer duped by their rhetoric. We understand they cannot bring our financial house to order without significant reductions in military spending. This includes calling our troops back from the Middle East and Afghanistan.

In 1961, President Eisenhower said, “As we peer into society’s future, we — you and I, and our government — must avoid the impulse to live only for today, plundering, for our own ease and convenience, the precious resources of tomorrow. We cannot mortgage the material assets of our grandchildren without risking the loss also of their political and spiritual heritage. We want democracy to survive for all generations to come, not to become the insolvent phantom of tomorrow.” There is a very sad irony in those words. We need to let those who have followed Ike’s footsteps to the halls of power in Washington know that we understand the relevance of those words to today’s economic and military crises.

The United States accounts for almost 50 percent of the world’s total military spending; yet our share of the world’s GDP is less than 25 percent. This official budget does not take into account the money that is secretly allocated in the “black” budgets of the Pentagon, CIA, and other clandestine operations.

We must all ask ourselves:

How can a nation that prides itself on government “of, for, and by the people,” justify hiding these black budget allocations from taxpayer scrutiny? How can a nation continue to prosper by ignoring its own long-term demise at the hands of a militarized economy?

If we truly want a real democracy to survive for generations to come, then we must demand extensive military reductions. We must demand a peaceful and sustainable path for our country and for the world at large. We must bring our soldiers home. We must protect ourselves from the tsunami that is building on Wall Street and in the halls of Washington DC.

John Perkins

Ah, found it on his website,, but it’ll probably only last there till his next issue, so I’ll leave it here.

Here’s a great movie,, and a Charlie-Rose interview with it’s producer/director.

And here’s a great example of an honest fatcat educating the Mediaites…

Love the way he leaves conclusions to the listener, the essence of Story (as opposed to Lecture).

Does the Noise in My Head Bother You?

April 2, 2011

This gorgeous Animal is Eudialyte.  It’s a Cyclosilicate (like Emerald and Tourmaline) of Zirconium, Sodium, Calcium, Cerium, Manganese, and Iron.  It helps us understand what belongs on which side of the Veil, which is all the more important as the Veil falls away.  You’ll recognize Zirconium as the metal they use to clad the Uranium fuel rods in yer local reactor.  Small wonder it’s associated with the Veil, eh?  The wonderful Heart-Blood Reds and High-Cloud Pinks though are probably as much from the Manganese, as many Zirconium minerals tend toward the Red-Brown and Orange.

Lotsa folks checking in yesterday and today, I’m guessing because of Mars moving into Aries on Friday and crossing Uranus on Sunday.  That means our New Soul Download is pushing it’s way into “our” space – that is, the psychic space occupied by our old ego.  Uranus is six degrees away from it’s Fourth-Harmonic angle (or “Square”) to Pluto, Uranus-Pluto being “I gotta be me” (no matter how hard I try not to be and try to deny that’s really me) and the Fourth Dimension being “in yer face.”  When we’re interpreting current-moment interplanetary angles, we usually look for one degree of closeness, or at most three.  But six is close enough to count for many kinds of interpretations.

And with Mars acting as a go-between, six degrees feels a lot smaller.  Mars crosses Pluto on Monday the 11th, but before then, Pluto stands still and turns retrograde, on Saturday the 9th.  So we’re just starting into a Mars-Uranus-Pluto Square, with Pluto Stationary.  If you was looking for a time to shake up the status quo, you’ll hardly find a better one – well, not just a Square but a T-Square (two planets in Opposition, with the third halfway between them) would be “better,” but we’re close.  So yes, unfortunately, those premonitions of violence and intimations of personal (ego) death that you’re feeling, those are alas “real.”

Which is to say that they’re actually occurring in the Planet’s hologram, not just in your own head.  Now the other thing you’re feeling, is Neptune moving into Pisces, which happens on Monday April 4.  Neptune “rules” Pisces (that is, for many purposes you can think of Neptune and Pisces as one and the same), and Pisces can be oversimplified as simply We Are All One, so yes, the Veil (the hypnotic membrane that separates one Hologram or Dimensional Reality from another) has thinned significantly, so it’s a lot easier to see into the Planet’s (and your species’s) Hologram, from the outside.  That can be a little freaky if you aren’t used to it.  We oversimplify Neptune, effectively, as All Is Muddle When Seen through Material Eyes, and All is Clarity When Seen through Spiritual Eyes.  So with Neptune moving into Pisces, that goes exponential.

Which tells us not to bother indulging the premonitions of violence and intimations of death, but rather to use them as a cue to move into a meditative state where you can create your own Reality.  Tap out your reactions to what’s revealed to you, and then move into the Light, in other words, and stay there as much as you can.  By April 12, there’s a good chance that, as Lorraine put it, “The way we view life on this Planet will [be] drastically change[d].” So let’s make the best of it.